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"bo hartman" Discussed on FinTech Insider

FinTech Insider

03:07 min | 10 months ago

"bo hartman" Discussed on FinTech Insider

"It'll still make matera. Europe has no clue what we're talking about. No actually biggest i was in. I was in kissing in germany in nineteen ninety four ninety five at a festival in this giant beer tent ten thirty at night packed with people and all the sudden country roads being played by the band and every single person in the tent was was singing at the top of their lungs and it was one of those moments where you just go. Wow you know that is that that transcends everything so when you look at the young talent at this coming out right now i'll i'll we continually hear about is the the brain drain going out to the big tech and you live in austin so you see it right austin in quotable bull town when it comes to tech talent and going there but for several years that's all we heard from stages the danger of losing this talent to the technology companies and not into banking. What would you tell these folks coming right out of school about actually looking like a goldman for example he actually last year. I actually did a small article and entrepreneur procure dot com around just this topic right and it's it's what we were talking about. One time i tell folks if you really want to have an impact on people's daily lives actually matter banking is the place to do it right in banking needs the talent the needs the innovation needs the energy and passion to come and be a part of that some for some reason along the way banking at this this reputation as boring sleep be you know organizations and i go no if you really wanna know how to help customers really changed. Reveal is banking is the easiest way to do. It and that's what i tell folks is that if you wanna have impact this is the place to come. Do it and goldman going to be honest with goldman's an incredible place to be the talent is off the charts and some of the leaders. I've been able to interact interact with i've learned so much and it makes it back and go wow. I thought it was okay before but man. I got a lot to learn. Let's one of those you know for me. I've got several real news feeds. I i have and i've got keywords that are tagged and marcus would actually obviously being one of them. I would highly recommend you follow good places on twitter because it's pretty darn funny earnings bo hartman never call them carl. Never call your call your wife mother and now actually really funny well <hes> when i know someone calls me carl i know they don't know me eh for the first thing and then the only time my my mother of her called me carl apartment. The second is when i was in trouble and so it it's always a good reason well. Both hartman on twitter is a great account one worth following. Everyone thank you for joining us today. You wanna find out more about as follows infantile insider take a look at the site released a foul follow me on twitter interim samuel. That's pretty easy. Thank you for listening. If you like what you heard subscribe to the podcast reviews on i tunes we love reading. Those reviews pass podcast longer friends. I think that's one of the best thing you can do do pass. It's like a good book. Okay pass the podcast. If you know someone who lives fintech and it wasn't listening fintech insider. Tell them to hurry up. Start listening to the show and subscribe. Thanks for listening everybody. Nobody talk to you next time..

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