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"billy stewart campbell" Discussed on Motorsport Radio

"Corner the one four the maverick the top gun fired head of yesterday's one winner billy stewart campbell before the bag only walker's coming under pressure from hitchcock on gomez to the tracks it just don't want to slip off the slippery and wet conditions well known as slippery remelt their circuit. The wilsonville say could end the wet g._t. The amounts of other on the circuit it's great and fast when you're fighting wound in the joint when it gets to the way conditions like this is so difficult to go around the second left hand on the infield of the circuit basically after comes to stop at the apex search as the standing water on sack doc id is by no means having a great stars torres gomez getting past point hitchcock for full place heading into the final few corners and as they make their way to start another. This is the completion of race number of latin much. Hey overlay woman at thirteen point. Seven is the fastest lab. That's about twenty second slow going around yesterday. Eddie say though seven tenths of a second ahead of baillie stewart campbell is second only could thomas gomez is two fold all had joined hitchcock brown considering his great starts in sixth place with a couple of seconds behind right haze. Kalkin house calls me seventh finally get belfort belfort down tonight. Ten had brown owen matter in twelfth ahead of jamie willcox james cook vince martin in fifteenth. There is no in this race we we do not have johnny ghana's doco pain affidavits had no sophomore lee harrison mckee so suddenly no conditions at the moment they thought well what's better uh-huh joint foster later or going on trying to be a bit of a hair making a mistake and damaging the by james cook surf with south device device came off at turn number one but the vibe is out that just surveying what's happening every other competitive in this championship will be looking at the second think he wears a grip where where are the best survived to say around because many different is no big friends of <hes> the second in the wet shade say i'm asking to start not yet another lap second-place under attack jewett campbell and only walk out he worked with the fastest lap woman at twelve point six nine five rarely seems to have a side bye bye side measure up quite as sino babies shirt campbell and second blaze so he's feeling competently needs commission to babies campbell yesterday's yesterday's winner in the first mid ep seventy race so the number forty eight taking to the circuit pretty well conditions pretty well at the moment so ochej walker nice job campbell's utah three with goes hitchcock in the mix as well representation of how much are struggling in these conditions. The twenty two point seven seconds slower than yesterday's new lap record saw the fastest lap of the race. I wanted to appoint sex only walkers on the move. He's the one who set the fastest lap last. He's already won a race so far this year the number four to eight and he's going to be trying to close down the green bay the one one four of eighty eight yoshi picked torres when last-minute number three to hedge fourth win of the season is it comes to complete another lobby number four. We'll be covering the final corner crossed facing the goal here the wheel spin up ever so slightly. Is it going through the puddles wade's is one point one point nine one nine seconds of gap between fox's seconds to a._d._h._d. Fainting the grip. He's no one point nine seconds. Hey so is about one tenth of a second quicker than all walker las sex accident half lobster meaning thomas gomez bill campbell and to christmas corner neil doing just yet neil talking about all the raider just in front feeling the way round circuit tech off the raiders welfare the best grip and attract the best we take the coroner and they'll be pushing more and going to lubbock quicker but ryan and has coke closing up to the back of hodgson crosby hodson crosby greet start starting from fourteenth undergrads up to second possessions gained eight places from the star and thomas gomez ruined. The double left handled sizing up bill campbell. Yes it is risk..

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