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I'm A Celeb: Week 2, Your Questions and Christopher Biggins

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I'm A Celeb: Week 2, Your Questions and Christopher Biggins

"Hello and welcome to help. Thanks sexton my boss says. I'm a celebrity. Get me out of here. Usually this is the podcast. Where jordan and i help you navigate input challenges of modern life win on normal times as you should know by. Now i'm with you every day with a special edition of our podcast. Keeping you up to date with what's going on in the jordan his life. He's currently on the ninety. The reality show having to go through all sorts of trials and extreme conditions. All in the name of light entertainment. I'm william hansen etiquette coach by day. I'm more delicious. Fruit cake jordan's more venomous grass snake snake's venomous book guy with it. Well what a couple of weeks. It has been viper votes. Clifftops policemen happy places public votes. Jeff then there were those hideous eating trials where all sorts of fatty gelatinous rubbish had to be digested. Yes well down to the davison ben who did picky tease each friday. Now indeed speaking of which scuttling up to the microphone like an overeager cockroach with a questionable moustache. Producer ben guys. I'd like to see that cockroach. Yes comedy cockroach. Sounds like a cockroach so maybe I'm imagining a credit. One of those. So horrible plastic massages. You get in christmas crackers or maybe you don't go because you probably get some sort of like car in your christmas crackers or something but not an faberge hundred masons deluxe range coming up later in. Today's episode. I'm going to be challenging to the actor and former king of the jungle the winner of serous seven of i'm a celebrity christopher biggins i think the moment he threw up on the cliffs he was my widow. He's been absolutely charming. I think he's just handled it brilliantly. As bad people love he laughs at excels and where people come to me for advice. If they're going into the jungle and my advice always be yourself and he is see on the script you've written. Icg age which i feel some some points acronyms become more than that was. You could just misled like you said out loud eddie foot. Gmo age. Which i was bored helps me. Fill the time wasting for jordan. Come out to the also and we should just say if you are listening to this podcast. Contemporaneously have only got five more episodes of celebrity. The final is on friday coming up. Which means ben potentially depending on now. The voting has happened and we're voting to to keep our favorites in the camp. If jordan makes it to the final gene divas. You got five more episodes of this. If jordan comes out before. I get an early night. It's win win win really. I'm i'm fairly relaxed about about everything. Well i had a good old lion yesterday. So i'm feeling refreshed and ready to go for the final five days and looking back. It's been two weeks now jordan on our television screens. He's been in a car. So i don i which is more of a challenge watching it for two weeks or being in the castle but yeah i guess it's time for a bit of reflection. How'd you think jordan has changed since he got into the castle because well it seems long ago now but when we first saw him on that cliff was he was in a very different place to where he is now literally. And metaphorically yes he. It was all downhill from there I or india naught it was actually uphill for jordan. Because he has he has really developed as a person. We love him obviously very much. But i think he has. I want to say he's matured. I thought about saying matured. But then i remembered jeff say pulling finger so maybe matured isn't the way isn't the word but i think he has sort of the way. He looks at obstacles or challenges in his life and what he has learned within in these first two weeks and he he may go no further. Who knows i think he will then when he has. You know a lesser challenge in life. Because i mean. I doubt very much. There are going to be many more opportunities in his life where he's locked in a box with snakes calling him although we have got to do in the spring. So we implant that yet. I think he will go well. I've done that actually. This is a because jordan said on the podcast before jordan sometimes when he's going through sort of difficult life career social decisions sometimes. I do the same with him. We'll we'll phone each other of talk it through jordan perhaps needs needs more talking through. Because he's he's a talker and his job. But i actually think probably. Although he'll i would hope he's still finds me for advice. I think actually he'll be a lot. More self assured and confident as he goes about every aspect of life. Yeah it is is a funny thing. Isn't it because. I think a lot of people and this is getting for the software now which is an we often. Don't get so serious on help us. that's my boss. But we have our moments. I'd say we'll we'll do a penis joke in a minute. Stay with us change. But i think a lot of people say. Oh they'll consider. Change is a bad thing of developing always change. But i think i completely disagree with that. As a as a as a thought process i think changing is what we can order to combat people and i think not only as jordan so of developed himself. I think just being in that environment he as this podcast proves for both of you for for everyone involved we get along with people that aren't always exact like us and i think jordan has once again been flung into a situation where he's with eleven other people probably most of whom are nothing like him on paper. They wouldn't normally go for pint with my our or i mean he'd be making. Tv victoria daba shit but actually big on a level with them and just having hopefully a nice time as well as being starving and being forced to or for awful trials He he'll have learned so much about himself. And i it does make me i often. I'm in the last few days of sort of talk about a preemptive criers when it's over which again is out. Sounds quite weird. But i'm thinking about the end and it's going to be emotional. Isn't it when when they saw sort of wraps up. I think that's the sleep deprivation joke. It'll it'll italy that for you. Yeah i i think he'll. It'll be very interesting if nothing else. It's a good chapter of the inevitable autobiography in kennel. Twenty years so is there. An autobiography called unbroken. Is that the name of oh. Is someone that aim of barack obama's new automobiles or or is that michelle obama's no she's becoming. Oh my god. Can you imagine becoming coming noth. I sweat well. I was gonna say broken jordan. Break them but maybe the Jones autobiography is going to be called. Happy place i mean come on oh yeah of course well in another world the second one might be broken when or happy place colon picky completely nonsense echo which makes sense now this time last week. What we did was chatted through a few of the questions. So i think there's an opportunity to onto some more. Some more of those. I put it out on inscribed the other day to go through chaos. I what do you think jordan. More say when he discovers. Ben has taken his place. Well jordan should we let them into a secret so when when we knew this was going to be happening a few weeks fort was announced when it was definitely confirmed he he was going. We you and me start as a plot what we were going to do. And we decided that we wouldn't tell jordan because we didn't concern him. He had enough on his plate. Worry about so we wouldn't. We wouldn't worry him once he's gone. We can do what we like basically but he did manage to emotionally blackmail us before he went to tell him what we were going to do. And so he he is aware but on. I ain't think he is aware off is and i say these words reluctantly. It's a sunday some unfailing. He wasn't aware of how good you would be in his shoes while compliment. I mean i'm. I struggled to skip back a bit. Because when it was are off to tell jordan. This offer news that i be switzerland. The microbes first time. Who was it down to. It was down to me one of those situations where there's this awkward thing that everyone knows needs to be said. There's a group you know they need to say something to someone in the room silent and you just know that everyone's looking at you wasting you'd say something and as you'll know if you listen to the podcast regularly. I don't say so difficult for me but no here we are. I mean i haven't taken his place. Let's make that very clear jordan. Very much be back on the mike fame monies back from the cost. So don't worry about that. it's been good fun. Hasn't it william. And i like to think that maybe jordan more laugh at least one in my jokes. Probably the bush one when he listens to these. Yes the the crew district james. We've had another question here from sarah. What has been jordan moment of the series so far. Well i think you may have different. Thoughts is is is the vine volt happy place chanting that he did not so much. Anything jordan is that that was his moment of the series so far because obviously those celebrities have no idea what is being broadcast mean. Look at the the show. Is that of ninety minutes. Maximum per night. I'm sure there's all sorts of comedy gold and things that have gone on that we haven't seen but the fact that he is he plays happy. Place has inspired in the news. The other day it's raised over twenty thousand pounds for Burnley f c t shirts that you can buy if you by the way. Jd was want to to buy them. There's a lincoln all bio on twitter or on instagram. Click on national. Tv you to the right page. The proceeds from it go to among others pedals hospice course. We interviewed bethann sammy a few days ago. I think when jordan comes out regardless of anything else that will be his proudest achievement. I think back to when we saw anson deck talking about that trial on instagram stories. Saying this is one of the best trials we have done. And i think we were both quite nervous about that because it was audio jordan but he got in volts and i can say stole the hearts of the nation. He has been on sky sports. He has had bernie players talking about. He's raised thousands and thousands of pounds of charity. Just because he was really scared and he got taken to a took himself to his happy place so when he discovers that he's going to i think as you as you've mentioned yourself i think before he is going to well up and i have cried himself in the most nice way as possible because what impact. He's had and i think that would be a highlight for most liberties that step foot in the car struggle. And he did it on the source. Second day or something like that. So yeah tough debate. So many other things come to mind. I mean scarf between the legs also but for the impact. It has to be happy place. Happy place to have more. I think third question just before we go to the break. Which celebrity in the car. So would you like as a guest on the podcast. When this all snow more from rob jordan guest yes a regular feature maybe once every month and we just yeah maybe on the bonus friday episodes he could take a come on. Yeah who would i like. I don't know probably roussy henshaw new. You're gonna say iraq know beverly. I think it's got to be. Beverly get get better leone. We've had. We've had her stepdaughter much as well. Have the woman sound. Book still has arrived. Actually that reminds me so as soon as the book. I'm just gonna have to take the day off. Work out probably forget to book. A guest again. Read kim on sits and then i cannot listeners that day key moments in beverly council life does that sound okay to been as long as you're happy i'm happy identifies true and talking happy. I know something that's going to make you. Happy me family despondent. It's another look into the archive from jordan's joke of the week. My boss exit shortlist name to dick especially 'cause they've come from and remember. Jean divas every day. You can vote as to who you would like to keep in the castle we would like you to for jordan. We would love you to vote for jordan at all. The information is on i. Two dot com search for. I'm a celebrity. And the information is there or it's on any celebrities social media as well. Remember you're voting to keep people in the castle. Not vote out so few like jordan. If you want jordan to stay vote for jordan. We'll be back after this today. Sponsor is brought to you by nature. 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Only so you need to book before. I december to make the most of them but the good news is that you'll have the flexibility to travel any time in twenty twenty one head to booking dot com forward slash blackfriday to book your next big adventure. Fishes an introduction to the podcast gets a flavor for your neighbor parent over the fence when things have got sense with the most outrageous tales of your next door fails. The time has come for you to listen to score next dole. My name's rich williams. I'm joan school next. Door is our brand new podcast. They got at hopefully a bit more than you love. Your neighbors says the new episode every wednesday sits for us wherever you listen to podcasts defined that will older fluffy tobacco neighbors. You might as well listen to the people that hate us. Our guest today is someone who is perhaps even more at home in a pair of high heels than our to jordan the actor former king of the jungle and renowned pantomime dame christopher biggins. Hello christopher we're doing very well thank you won't do you make all of our children. In the castle. I say the moment he threw up on the cliffs he was my widow iphone vulnerability of him. And i know what it's like that i initial thing i mean i was very lucky i was. I came in three days late. Into and i have to fly in. I didn't have to be jumped in. I didn't have to. I did not think. All i did was walk. It's act and i won't enjoy an is the alive challenge Which was very terrifying serapheim. Because i was behind a bush to go on. And i could hear this. American voice of a woman called janice dickinson to be the most hideous woman. I've ever been in my life and she She then proceeded to do that. She was charming but anyway she. We did the challenge and she didn't do one single thing. I did everything. And i want all the south side. This is interesting. Then i found out what a vile woman she was. So and of course we were down to the last two in the jungle and i was convinced she wanted. She was convicted. When it was announced that i'd shaved got up literally got up. Went to a car. Go to which the apple was very funny. You keep in touch on every day when you're in the jungle you're on the edge of y'all wooden stool oil log Anticipation the fact that antagonise say your victims but joan. Wait we out tonight. Joel is without doubt my winner from day. One i as i say for the throughout my widow not some. He'll be thrilled to hear that. He's been absolutely charming I i think he's just handled it brilliantly. He's bay people love. He loves it excels and where people come to me for advice. If they're going into the jungle and my advice always be yourself and he is. I of course i. I've never heard of it before this show. And i but i sincerely believe is being himself. He could not make that up. yeah he is. He is being as charming and lovely. Thanks for eleven years the listeners. Listen to this for three years. And i was at the whether you detected this with any of the other series christopher it sort of is a little bit in the hands of those registering interests to how much of your personality is. Put out there while editing is the key to this show and in fact you. You can't win or lose by the editing. I mean you look at someone like eight who i've met. Who's a charming young man and a very good set. But apparently he's just coming over his dallas ditch water. And i think he's not being given his chance. I mean i may be wrong. That she really is does ditch water and nobody wants to. He certainly not being given shops. And that was when he and At the east end the guy Chain ritchie shane. Richie had a moment about washing out. And they will wonderful look scary back since always that it was a knox ever gonna do the challenge. That hasn't other than that. And actually the chain has been such a positive of the tiny bit attention that has been in this series. But it hasn't it hasn't been very tense camp really sort of gone now. I think i think that's very unfortunate one of the things. I put it down to the council because i think the cost is too big to spread like finish. They will sleeping area. They've got a sitting area. They've got a washington. We never had any of that. I mean we did have a. We have to go down to the pool in wash so that that that was that. But you they're all over the place you there's not one place saint consequently no one's gone on top of each other and of course at the end of the day it's all very nice to everybody will take it all but it's not fun fun for the audience point of view they to see browns. They want to see you. Jillian mckee's saints and all that sorta thing go on. I mean it's hysterical. When that happens and you want someone to really hate if you possibly can. We're entering the the final week intention. Is this sort of the point where it all does as you get rid of a few personalities as well as this more tension could come. Yes i think. I think tension could stop build in a in a very big way. I mean it was evident with aj at the top business which has been that befall because shade obviously doesn't like to wash up and there's the state of those patents. He left stand disgusting. You put that his law maxi the queen which navy in it would not. You wouldn't put it in front of a trump and he didn't like being pulled up on entity there. He did not. I mean he's he's clever shane. He's not putting the business so he's very funny. I mean he's very funny deed. But i mean i think it's the council is being great but i hope they go back there. I mean if i was going to the jungle this year i would have been very disappointed to go into the castle. I must say because speech freezing in that. Yeah i think that's why they give them wolves because otherwise they don't get pneumonia. That's been great. Tv a distant for death. Now i you. When you were that in the jungle in australia you joined in your hammock by a rent when you were sleeping now as listeners will know i was petrified of rats. I had hypnotherapy before i watched this this series so i could just cope with watching jordan potentially do things with rents. How was rationed hammock. How did you we. You sched- well i tell you what 'cause we we Rich self. we had a chat. I to go breakfast. And we had to go to an underground room and we got down. We walked down into the underground room and the dole slammed behind us. And we were in that that was just too from six very tight hammocks and we looked around. That was a poll to in the cold and there was nothing else and out. Where we suddenly saw a rat arise we we screamed we jumped onto the the hammocks which was very precarious. And you'd full off immediately as we jumped onto them. We were aware they've letted two hundred. Rats oh my go into this area now. It was nighttime so they had a night camera office. Which was that was brilliant. Actually because we did manage to fall asleep at night but we decided if one got on top of us that would be we'd say So anyway time goes on. And i fall asleep and then i wake up and i'm sure that somebody instead i in the dark. I'm convinced it's my water bottle fact. It's iraq which. I really got my hands on. And the ranch's won't be around my crotch And then what i do. I cover a sheet with the rats of the rack now covered and and i lay back again. I sort of go back to sleep. And then the rat comes out from underneath the cover and a night touch it and ice cream and i threw it against the wool where we can confined of the cell. And that's where history was made is one of the funniest moments i think they've ever had and ice cream. Oh my god gated off me. Get off me and it was. It was perfect. Mean wasn't passing inside but it was a you okay with rents now has exposure therapy. You'll you'll find with the now. When i did one the jungle that year the following year i went back to documentary for it about the making of the series. And i met man who deals with all the animals all the critters and he has his own area of the of set the six months before had he breeds everything and And i think the cleverness of the including the rats is the fact that all clean that not. The cockroaches are dirty i mean. Can you imagine if something happened to one of the celebrities and we laugh about people dying have nothing is going to kill you in as the fault of which will kill you off all that. That's yeah okay. Well interesting nine nine they. They breed all that cockroaches and maggots and rents and very nice young man. You've just that nice to have a hobby. Did you also going back into the sleeping bear whether you're in a hammock. All it was part of a task or somewhere else did you mind being filmed sleeping. Because i think it's a bit voyeuristic for friday to be to be filming people sleeping. It's bit weird. Isn't it very interesting to say that the first night Read to see in the oakland underneath the sky underneath the stars. I did think to myself about what's going to crawl over me during the night and i did fall asleep and fat. I set the best. I've ever snapped by life every single night so much say that i think they might have been putting bro bite in the water because we had no. I mean there was thought one sexual fault. And i checked with olbermann. We never know caught with a you do a direction in the morning. It's all very solar say anal. But i didn't mean it was the lack of that exactly all about fold and but we didn't have any and it was it was fascinating. I remember one voting waking up with a stops because there was a sound guy literally two inches away from my face hooting you. Backfield's and my mic. That frightened me. Because i wasn't expecting but it was very funny. And of course. It's is one of the cleverest televisions because nobody backstage at new cameraman. Their sound guy out whatever producer nobody's And even that watches a covered over us. They didn't even know what time it is. I mean it's really at gay. Jordan has at the other the other day shaved off his beard his almost treatment bid on you pro or anti jordan's new. Look i love is new. Look i think it's i think it's great. I think he looks nice. And fresh. yes and You know. I think people with beers have very castle because they can look very odd tape and raffled But i think he's he looks fantastic now. I mean i really be peaks. I suspect he went to get it. Stopped growing it again. He's he looks wonderful. I think is about newly good. And i loved it when he was in the shower the other day and they would tweet each other's nipples. That was very the yes. Can you see can you see on. Produce abedin's yes. I can't i can't i. Yes now that should that should be shaved off good that yeah when we finish this interview please go go get rid of it thank you i i tell him that. Dieting but what is not believing. no no he he will. We'll make recalled this regardless on tape now with less than a week to go. Who is your prediction for. King or queen of the cost well. Jody has to be nice by fate. As i said my favorite. I think he will definitely with it because i think he's. He's proved himself to be the a really nice nomo guy and i think that's the public won't i also Love the coronation street woman. Seventy cannot beverley callard. who i think has been. She has had some of the funniest lines i mean. I really became a vegan vegan of by favorite like so much of the country as a yes exactly regretting it already. She's she's a. Don't you call it. A husband shack something. Make a shank mega shag. That old man And i think she is described as a king or queen of the could be of those. I think the other a very good to us. But i think it's ready cleaned somehow. Who's going to win this year already. Well we shall see fingers crossed. I'm i'm very word we might as well be jinxing it over no dirt. Say that i'm sure will be fine. Obviously jordan can't hear us but let's pretend he can. Can you share a good luck. Message for jordan jordan. I think you've been absolutely wonderful in the jungle. Two thousand twenty two thousand and twenty is going to go down as one of the anus ramblas. We is is seen and you have given us all light at a freshness to this year. You've made it very special and we all love you for that. You thank you for being yourself. Thank you for going back and thank you for winning. Which i hope you will do in a week's time he's made all of our amos's let's christopher thank you so much indeed. It's a pleasure. I very great own. Tomorrow's episode where we trashing jordan's friend and see bbc presented. Joe tosca domas too much. There's another episode with you tomorrow until then by hello there. This message is coming to you from the history. Extra podcast from bbc history magazine a collection of fascinating conversations with leading historians. Giving you the low down on these big characters hidden stories and greatest adventures speaking of great adventures. This week. The history extra podcast is brought to you by booking dot com. Whether you're looking for a culture filled city break a local away or a flung adventure you can save at least thirty percent with booking dot com black friday deals these deals for a limited time. Only so you need to book before. I december to make the most of them. But the good news is they go. Have the flexibility to travel any time in twenty twenty one head to booking dot com forward slash blackfriday to book your next big adventure.

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