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"becky lynn stone" Discussed on Busted Open

"The Aachen Barack show oh the show reflects on the life and legacy of different influential African American athletes such icons as Mohammed Ali. Toby Bryant always be my heart. I love you guys. Jackie Robinson Robinson Dash the plate and more will be recognized for the impact. They made both in and out of sports. The Baruch show weekdays weekdays noon eastern on Siriusxm fire nation. Becky Lynn. You would say bully over the last eighteen months. There's been nobody more polarizing rising than becky lynch especially in the world of the wwe even outside the world of the wwe and what she's done you know for women's wrestling what she's done for pro wrestling. We talk a lot about Ronda. Rousey and she was the reason why we had the main event at Wrestlemania thirty five but Becky speculates a huge part of that and the winter coming out of Wrestlemainia thirty five. And we're seeing a different type of Becky Lynch as we get closer to Wrestlemainia mania thirty six and let me explain why I think it's judged by that last caller I think that main event match and especially what we've seen from from Becky Lynn. The last couple of months. She's really kind of generated a lot of what we saw pulley in the attitude era and I know that that stone cold said she needs to be becky lynch and not like stone cold and I know a lot of people compared becky Lynn Stone. Cold Steve Austin. And whether you saw her like that or not. I think you can really compare a lot of what we're seeing from. Becky Lynn's now to Stone Cold Steve Austin Eighteen nineteen twenty years ago. I've been saying it from day. One I mean she's the she's the female version of Austin and then everybody wanted to chime. Go No you're wrong. She's really Conor McGregor. Now we got the night night last phone call caller saying oh no it's more of the Rock. I actually see a little bit of everything thrown in but what I've seen the most of is stone cold. Okay so yes she won the rock bottom okay. She's calling people dopes as opposed to rocky Cole and everybody brownies stealing the ambulance and coming back doc. Very Steve Ask. The way she talks about people reminds me of Connor. These are all mega stars. So you can borrow a little from this one a little from this one and a little from this one you know. That's a good thing when it comes to Becky. There are times where I absolutely love Becky. And what she's saying. And then sometimes it's not necessarily cringe-worthy because I think that's wrong it just I'm just like oh no. The only only person that should be producing becky lynch in the WWE is Paul. Heyman and of story. Paul understands becky better than anybody else in that company and how to make and bring out the best in a character like becky if they would just leave her alone to him. I can tell when his fingerprints are on and when his fingerprints are off of Becky Lynch and I think when you talk about Paul Heyman your days. I can't think of anybody else I would want near. Becky Lynch creatively then Paul Heyman. Do you really think that Paul Heyman told Becky Lynch to say I have superpowers. And I have is in the back of my head. No now and if he did Paul call me so I can chew your ass out. Yeah and this is where and I love Becky Lynch. Everybody thinks I'm not becky Lynch fan based on some of the things is that we talk about here but I always liked by baby faces to be relatable stone. Cold was relatable because everybody hated their boss and he was given giving the middle finger to the boss. Everybody wanted to do that. Becky Lynch right now for me is not relatable now. I know with a lot of female. Well a lot of women. This is somebody that they look up to. Because she's ultra-confident she doesn't take shit she's dominating she's she's taken what she wants. She's taking what she deserves. But as a character and a personality to me when there's no sympathetic figure in her and also you couple that with the fact that that she doesn't really give a shit about anybody but herself it's hard for me to relate to somebody like that. Am I off base here. Am I wrong. Because I'm I'm willing to listen if I am. How could you be wrong? When you're using the number one word that I always use when it comes to successful pro wrestling characters relate relatable relate ability if you can relate to something you're going to be able to sink your teeth into it? Take any storyline that you ever were able to invest into it. It becomes relatable a love triangle. We listen why are we enjoying Otis and Mandy so much everybody has had a woman Um and they they loved and they didn't think that they measured up and they doubted themselves and didn't have confidence enough. Everybody's been in that position and if you haven't having been in that position you at least know somebody that's been in that possess yes so when we got stories like that that relatable it's easy to get into so right now you find yourself in a situation where you were on the Becky bandwagon back in the day but now not so much. Because she's not relatable anymore right. Yeah and people are GonNa kill me on this which is fine fine but I'm just I'm just they kill me about my power rankings. To the point that people want to be fired yesterday. Because I had cody at number one. But I digress that we have people so stirred third up yesterday. They they weren't deleting their twitter accounts. Yes amazing amazing. I guess so. I guess we're doing something right but a wrong. However you want to relate to but this reminds me a little bit of Hogan back in the day one one of the things I didn't like about Hogan his reign as WWF? Champion is that he beat everybody and nobody could come close to to him. He was the champion for a long time and it became unrelatable. He didn't become that guy that was like. Hey your vitamin say your prayers. Let's be this guy. Am I even talking about the goody Eddie goody two shoes that a lot of people said that he was it. Was that the point. That Hogan to me wasn't relatable anymore because at first it was like all right. He's doing doing it for the fans he's doing it for these ohka maniacs. That's what he would always say right. You know he wanted to beat the iron sheik because he was doing his Oga maniacs. You know he wanted to be you know King Kong Bundy and destroy that whole Heenan family because they were evil and he was doing his for his OCA- maniacs. I mean Becky Lynch isn't doing it for anybody ourself like I don't really talk about you know I. I don't really hear her talking about her fans and that she's doing it for her fans she's doing it just just for herself. Which is fine? I'm not begrudging that at all but that's where you kind of lose that emotional element if hey if I'm not not included in this because hey we are in this together you know we were the ones that were cheering for you. When you weren't getting those opportunities? We were the ones that you you know turned our backs on Charlotte flair. Because you said hey she was the chosen one and she was you know ric flair's daughter so she was getting the opportunities that she we didn't deserve that. I deserve we were with you during that period. You know we were with you. And we were the ones that were killing bullying La- Greco whenever saying that. Hey you tapped out to Oscar and you you force your way into the rumbold and maybe it wasn't a three count against Ron drowsy. In that main event we were behind you. We stood next to you and we said No. She's the one she's the one that we love. But who does becky love because judging from the character and personality I see on DVD each and every week. She's in love anyone but herself. She's not relating to the people as she wants did it. Now it's more about her than about us. I wouldn't you say day. I would say and again if anyone has an opposing opinion. That's fine. I WanNa hear about it because I'm struggling bullied because I want to cheer for Becky Lynch. But she's not giving me a reason to cheer for Beckett as a matter of fact that I was having this conversation with Gabby before the show and Gabby agreed with. Ah We've found ourselves cheering for Oscar last night. Then we were Becky Lynch 'cause we all love Oscar and if they're trying to present becky Becky as cool and cocky at times like a couple of weeks ago we were. We were comparing her to the rock because she called everybody hopes and rocky called Everybody Jubran. There's nothing inclusive about Becky's entire act. No matter how big rocky became all all he had to do is sit in the middle of the Ringo the millions and the crowd chant and millions right then and there bang in that second second in time the Rock and his fan base where one because I say something and you say something back and we're in this together Steve. Steve could say something. What and the people say what what what what was interaction? They felt like they were a part of it with Steve. If you're a becky fan what do you feel like. You're a part of right now with becky. I don't know I don't have an answer for you. I don't see how a Steve or Iraq to people that were kind of comparing her to because the wwe is forcing us to compare her to them via her her actions. You see how there's a big difference between those two megastars and her being collusive nece is missing. Well let's let's rewind to when this all started where you know. Don't forget that in that feud with back in Charlotte at the start bully and we were on the bandwagon that we didn't want it this way a is they wanted Charlotte to be the one that everyone loved and Becky to one the be hated. And we're like man. They're missing the boat on this. And you know everyone's everyone one loves becky. They don't love Charlotte because Charlotte's the one that's already one been on top and his getting opportunities that she'd deserve because at the time. Becky was entre present right so so she reminded me a lot of Daniel Bryan because Daniel Bryan was somebody that we wanted to see in the main event picture and wasn't getting the opportunities and they were giving it to you. You know triple H or they were giving it to a returning Batista. You know. And he wasn't getting it and you talk about getting something that was inclusive. I mean my God those yes chance that you heard everywhere from those crowds Dan. O'Brien and then Daniel Bryan won that championship. Unfortunate we'd never really got to see where that was going to go. Because then he got injured and altogether the other at one point he was out of pro wrestling. But with becky right now. It's almost like you know and again. Maybe maybe it is like to. I'm dominant. I don't need to take shit from anybody. I don't need anybody else. I'm an independent person and I don't need anyone and that's fine. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong along with that if that's who you are that's great but when you do that and you're saying I don't need anybody else it's just me it's I what there's no I in team now. We're no longer a team. It's it's not all of us against the world now it's just you and God bless you good luck but I don't feel like I'm a part of it anymore. You're and wrestling fans WANNA feel like they are a part of somebody's success. There are superstar correct. Yes and Becky is the one on who basically told everybody years ago. That if it wasn't for all you guys I wouldn't have got to the top stress. No it's no. It's true so so I don't mind somebody going out there on their own and saying I as long as they've been saying I from the beginning thing becky has been saying we and us from the beginning and now it sounds like it's too much I and that's why I think she's losing a couple of people and this is where I go back to. WHO's producing her? Whoever is with with her knee needs to realize? I think everybody knows that that Becky is a diamond in the rough over there she truly is. I wonder if there's is too many cooks in the kitchen with her. I would've signed her to one person. And One person only and that is probably and that's the one person who in my opinion understands characters and personalities and how to bring the best out of somebody's natural personality and natural actual character and that's Hayman I mean it's like not even a to me. It's not even like I don't even have to give it a second thought.

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