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"beaver dylan" Discussed on The Ralph Report

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05:29 min | 8 months ago

"beaver dylan" Discussed on The Ralph Report

"Eddie Yeah you are the topic of conversation since you've been so picky about what you'll take up your ass people still talking about that including our favorite caller from Canada uh-huh Dylan from London Ontario Canada he was he was blown away paraphernalia long on -Tario gotta say all Mackie's he's what again with Eddie's whole also being picky Lee she's taking it from both ends that's true now at least he's consistent picky going fifty on well you're doing it again I guess I mean you were wrapped in a child beaver Dylan thank you so much for calling and you are picky go on your specific set of rules about that whole has to meet a certain criteria and guidelines indeed Janine called in a lot of people ask this because you know right after Halloween words just it's a Toboggan down the hill toil into the holiday straight people are thinking about gift I did unique called him with this one hi Raoul Hi Eddie this is Janie longtime listener I wish winning I wanted to gift a membership to friends mine and I wasn't sure how to do that if you could walk me through that that would be great thanks so much and have a great day thank you so much for calling today this is something we started this year it's become really popular people giving each other the gift of the Ralph report if you've got a friend maybe who doesn't listen you think would enjoy it this is a great way to get them hooked like the rest of us are on the show it is a year membership that you can buy for a friend and here's how you do it you go to our website which we don't really talk about op of it and there's a selection of different things you can do there you can get merchandise there click on merchandise if you WANNA get t shirts and phone cases and stuff like that you can also hire me if you want to go to the Ralph voice emporium where I can do a voice message for friend of yours or I can do a a voicemail greetings any number of things you can choose from there and one of the other options is gift me there at the top of the screen and just click on that and that'll take you to the application page where you can subscribe for a friend and we take your your credit card information and we get all that stuff squared away so all that stuff can be found at the row report dot Com right there on the landing page right at the top you can peruse through there and find out all the different goodies that we offer here at the Ralph Report speaking of goodies I'm glad we brought this up because today and tomorrow as so are the last two days available for these special offer that we're running for a brand new four star generals and also upgrading four-star general from the two three and the one two and three star levels if you upgrade this month in October then you get an autographed picture of course of okay but more importantly you will get access to the Batman that cave tore that I give Kevin Smith Kevin Smith and I made video that runs about an hour we broke it into two parts as well over an hour actually broke it up into two parts part one will be delivered to you at the beginning of November if you are a four star general joining this month so you may want to take advantage of that as well all right and then last Cristiana called you know it is I don't know yeah and so she I think she burned her house to the ground should have have reacted Christiana called and also with a watching the exorcist story it is terrifying for the holiday season high ratty this is Cristiano and I also had a who he exercises story I wanted to share that I think you both might enjoy when I was a child about ten or so I decided to watch the exorcist home alone which was a brilliant idea and I was in my parent's bedroom in the middle of their bed and if you remember there the seen the exorcist where her bed starts jumping up and down shaking all over the place and I watched that scene was kinda creepy but it didn't think anything of it until about ten minutes later when my parents bed started aching and I lost my mind I immediately shut off the TV and turned on spongebob. Now this would freak me out enough so I wouldn't watch it in for another fifteen years but here's the catch I live in southern California and we have earthquakes away although it is terrifying accidents I don't think that my bed would actually haunted or possess but it did scare the crap out of me for fifteen years i WanNa thank you got everything do and Ralph it is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside of an enigma al-Hindi thank you Christiane there you go science once again wins I wouldn't discount as CI- was it. VHS Tape of the ex- no she was just watching the movie the bed starts to move she the power suggestion led her to believe that it was some sort of.

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