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"barkat cynthia" Discussed on Advertising Is Dead

"This really helps us talk to advertisers about the kinds of people listening to the shows. Really do appreciate your help. And we're going to be doing a random drawing and we'll be sending out some. Ibm shrek hope you enjoy. That have had a unique role in defining humanity's mindset this year because twenty twenty has been in europe and content consumption and social media interactions have been gateway to human connections and y imitators at after one wheel other. Oh it's the ones who've spread positivity unhappy life stall of us that have seen the most growth so as we close out the zero. I'm soup to have three big creators who astronomical growth this year across instagram guns. On the show this week the common thread that connects them. As i see it is their focus on manifesting happiness and positively against their shots done that through his funny relate to blend sometimes thought provoking radios upper mulberry predicted how unique routes To showcase an amplified multiculture through community building content android. The sunny has made a grim smile with every done deal. Just like anything she puts out bringing out the inner dissidence molin. All of us truly broken out doesn't And in doing so have made everyone who's watching interact with them. Feel the positivity we've all needed around us to steel. I'm under get allah right back with this very special episode of advertising state but have shown modern high. I am sudduth. And i'm much connick. Guy at the hus- economics policy psychology somehow menu but only on the noncolored lv veggie since if ibm podcast app. Yup site booth. John phoebe up near barkat cynthia. Welcome back to dead. This is an interesting episode. I call it the arizona. Christmas appraise because when i got to know the tweets that have for this episode And i got to know that they were going to be my guess for the christmas episode of other I was like I'm not going to have to do nothing because for anyone. Who consumes gordon. They put out there. This is like a is an all-star also cast of of twenty twenty two guys that happen to fall under ability to throw stuff at each of you. But i'm i gonna start off by saying okay Louis it'll come up on welcome augusta event in order in which i can see you guys in the secondary acknowledges that in of welcome to the show and And how many people have done a podcast before never never never done both believers. Yeah thank you. Thanks for having so couple things about this show. This show allows guests to go rogue so you can fully going on on on You can start talking about anything and everything under the sun. birkat kick it off. I thought i'll ask each of you At the start of the year was is now. How has twenty twenty being for you as a creator. i'm gonna just start with sandwich review At start being a creator wasn't even on my mind at all because i was at midwest born exempt. So you can imagine a hundred and they're all gonna happen. And that's when. I kind of know picked up fashion for radio. Creating and the last smolder six months every night life jin relate my wildest dreams through so up on overdue for me was similar. I mean i was planning on going to india in march. And that's like when the lockdown happened so we couldn't go so it was kind of like a. Oh i'm i really wanna be there. I miss my people. I miss speaking my language. I'm forgetting like at that point. When i would call my friends up like i was losing my malone. Like i had to think i couldn't express myself like damn. I have to do something about this so literally. Four o'clock in the morning this day. I was like okay. it's time i'm creating this account. I chose inverted coconut. Because that's kind of how i describe myself and yeah the rest is history like i had no idea it. The whole point was for me to connect with my roots basically and just like keep practising the language key pricing money on them and like it. Just i don't know how i'm it's my growth has been kind of more gradual throughout the has been like a boom like you guys It's been taking a still not used to it. Though like creating the content everything is brand new for all of us. It's insane. I agree i shouldn't feed and i was like okay. One second i have to really ask my friends. Who maly florida stuff that you see Thank treaty my best friend. Who lives upstairs is so he was kinda like what is happening ever not. I got new a new set of followers that We able to view. A real was interesting to a very very interesting. It's it's like okay. I wasn't india and phone And go back vocal view. So i was a. I've been doing videos being a social media like digital creator. I was like. I never thought about it. I'll gadgets do it for fine. I actually used to make fun of my friends who are like doing like chance. And now you're gonna put something you're gonna take four now. They're gonna do this. But i think after the one boys while video especially the biggest issue that i mean my friends are like so you got famous on a big issue with wearing okay. Okay nyc that video enviro. I think i've got so much positive. Feedback and i was not expecting that like people loved it via dancing. They're like looking idea and just doing what we like to do. And this is literally what i used to do in india back into these legal but not like on a video like club. I dan saying it's like you know. I'm not showing something i would. I'm not but lake. Opponents said it's very new to us. They creating aucoin sometimes pressure. But i think it has been crazier like amber started the. Let me.

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