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The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You, by Jessica Alba

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The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You, by Jessica Alba

"Hey by the book listeners. Kristen here did you know that you can receive a weekly by the book. Affirmation minnie's owed plus the rules every book that we've lived by. It's easy all you have to do is become a member of our patriotic community to learn more go to patriotdepot dot com slash. Listen to buy the book again. That's patriot dot com slash. Listened to buy the book or just look at the episode description from today's show. The following. Podcasts contains barnyard language and some adult content. So maybe listen on headphones if you're at work or around small children now here's a show jolanta. Can i be honest with you about something. Yes you can. I love honesty. I am worried that some of the self help books we live by are how can i put this nicely. A very fake. Yeah like the advice in the books lack sincerity and it's not always that down to earth. Exactly yeah honestly. I've noticed to clo- you know what. Fortunately there's at least one celebrity self help author who claims to have a message but a little more honest and you're about to tell me where living by aren't you honestly i am because i'm minds her and i'm greenberg and this is by the book soon in each episode of by the book we choose a different self. Help book to live by. Follow it to the letter and weigh in on whether or not it actually changed our lives and for this hour eighth season of by the book we are living exclusively by self help guides written by celebrities. And today we're tackling the honest life living naturally and true to you by jessica alba jessica. Alba is an actor activist and founder of the honest company. Born in california. She was raised in her words in a very conservative traditional catholic latin american family but considers herself a very liberal feminist. After graduating high school at age sixteen she studied at the atlantic theater company in new york aka joe lettuce former place of employment then quickly rose to international fame at one thousand nine hundred playing the lead role on. James cameron's show dark angel. A prolific film career followed as did activism for causes like voter registration child protection and women's health in two thousand eight. After having her first child alba became passionate about product safety when she struggled to find baby products. That were eco friendly affordable and the actually got the job done. She learned that there were more than eighty thousand chemicals on the market. That had not been fully studied for toxicity. She also learned that. The european union had banned over eleven hundred chemicals. They considered unsafe while the us had banned only five and so in two thousand eleven she lobbied for the safe chemicals act in two thousand twelve. She launched the honest company which makes nontoxic personal care and home cleaning products and in two thousand thirteen. She released her new york times bestseller. Honest life living naturally and true to you. In the honest life album shares or experiences creating a natural nontoxic life for her family and offer suggestions for other people wanting to do the same. The book includes lists of topics that ingredients to look out for strategies. She swears by and honest. Confessions of the not so natural compromises. She makes when she's too busy or can't find an eco friendly option that works for her role in writing it to create a fun practical eco-friendly handbook. That's free of lectures judgement and guilt so her readers can live a more organized healthy and honest life. That's true to them. Here's how you do it. Step one honest. Food aim for organic local seasonal whole foods. Ideally made with love at home. Avoid processed or packaged food unpronounceable ingredients. Gmo's and counting calories even mostly plant-based diet but the mindful of certain vehicle in products as many are packaged or processed in ways. That are bad for the environment. Wash all your produce. Don't microwave food and plastic as you could be leaking. Epa's into your food. And don't get to obsessive. Start slow have fun and just do the best. You can stop to honest. Clean aim for products that are gentle plant based nontoxic avoid strong fragrances. Petrochemicals parabens and products. That are two-term phobic. Behind full of words. Like hypoallergenic and natural as these terms aren't actually regulated by the government. Wash your face every night to remove pollutants and moisturizes. Consider going no poo and wearing your hair natural and be honest with yourself about what products you just can't part with that might still be toxic in all husband's case it's three dollars drugstore soap and in hers it is rutten. All's step three honest. Beauty aim for clean uncomplicated products. Don't fret over every line in blemish of white towel lead ballads acrylic nails carrington harrison and tanning beds invest in quality brushes and applicators put on a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen every morning with a minimum of thirty. Spf apply blush or bronze or only were. You'd naturally flusher tan other than that. There aren't any hard or fast rules. Just have fun. Try to be safe and don't feel bad. If you need to put makeup performance over purity at times step four honest style focus on quality not care about fit and comfort not size experiment embrace vintage where closed that make you feel good on the inside have closed that can flexibly go from dade evening and bags that are actually functional. Avoid disposable clothes. Don't fall victim to every trend or get obsessed with every brand name. Don't overdo the dry cleaning and don't forget your hats. Scarves and sunglasses for sheikh looks and sun production step five honest home aim for natural materials secondhand decor and furnishings. That are easy to clean. Check for existing festus mold and lead paint hazards avoid vinyl shower. Curtains furniture with flame retardants and pvc citing. Keep your house cleaned by taking off your shoes. Leading in some fresh air and sunshine growing plants to clean the air and aiming for one great nontoxic all purpose cleaner as opposed to a whole cupboard full of products and bleaches. And if you're not doing it already air dry close. No there's also a section on natural babycare and child rearing but alba says to ignore it if you don't have babies so that's what we did. That's what the book says. And so that's what we did for two weeks. Straight brass did lease. Tell me about your first week of living by the honest life by jessica alba. Did you lie well jolanta. I'll be honest with you. Nope no more of those jokes have her again. Li i cannot help it. get it misleads. It's easy but seriously seriously dean. And i already do most of the things jessica alba says to do on this book to some degree or another. There were a few things that you know. We knew we could do better. And so. I decided to dive in with one of the big ones via step. Two step two is honest. Clean yes and for this. I decided i would try going no pool. That means no liquid shampoos. No shampoo bars. Nothing in my hair that could be considered a cleanser for the occasional water and that is following the most extreme. Nope poo method. Just to be clear a right people have various ways they do but the original purist method is to use no cleansers only water. So i'm like. I'm going to go with the original. Why not yes kristin. I love it. That is the purest way to do. Who has someone who's experimented with many ways. I'm very impressed. You went like the full lag hardcore way. How did it go for you while rather than tell you i'll let you listen so honey. Did you notice anything different about me in the past few days. New t-shirt the whole no. It's not a new t shirt. I've had this golden girls t shirt for years now. Where did you do something with your hair or go to. Jakarta banks didn't notice. Sorry i cut my bangs like four weeks ago. No they looked great for weeks. You're end today. Thank you know but you're getting closer. It is about my hair. Oh using a new project some kind of product does it look some different. No no but what are you getting at. Well it's just it's definitely looks kind of sleek on top bit kinda wilder the bottom preston. That is very cute Look i'll be real dean lonzo and things. You're a gorgeous beautiful vision no matter what but i saw you in week one during a zoo when we were reporting a mini episode and your hair looked wet. Yeah it's bad. I feel like the top of your face also started looking. Went as the grease travel down. And this isn't like you're not unique. I have met like. I have very dry hair but i have many a friend who are like. I washed my bangs three times a day. Otherwise my face. Oil pit. And i break out everywhere and my bangs are way. Yes but you look wet. Yeah i looked very greasy. And i looked bad and jolanta. You're not the only person who thought. I looked bad fronts. Who ran into me. I look bad and brandon. Our beloved producer just smiled and nodded. When we were talking about how bad i looked. He's polite he kept his mouth shut. But even brando's i looked terrible right now either actually does it noda's slash caraway. Look like or is a really good liar What did you do after you got greasy. Honest clean. i did what. I considered the next logical. Step step three and that is honest beauty. Yes and for the step. I looked at all my beauty products. And i realized that while most of my makeup items are what jessica alba would call ford honest some of them. Including my mascara. Lipstick and sunscreen are filled with chemicals. You do like that lipstick. That is like also superglue or a lack of lack hermanez in ways that i've never experienced in in the natural world. Yeah it's like so. What did you do about those less honest beauty products. Well i mostly went makeup free. And i switched over to a barrier method. Sunscreen rather than a chemical method sunscreen and As you know dilemma. I'm a super. Spf like a person. I always between sixty and one hundred. Spf i'm hardcore about it. And unfortunately with some of these barrier sunscreens specifically the zinc. One that i got they can look at very very katie But i put some on. I rubbed in the best i could and then i met up with my friend sam at an outdoor neighborhood bar on a hot humid evening for a glass of jessica alba approved local. Biodynamic wine. And this is what happened. Do you mind if i take off my mask our drinks. They'll be here soon. Anyway all right you have served on your face. I can't quite tell what it is here yet. But it's kind of all over here. Yeah i have a mirror in bag. I think you might want. Just just look. Oh god it looks like me. He's been seeing sunscreen. Oh my god yeah. That stuff doesn't work. Does it not work or does it. Just look stupid. Actually don't know the answer to that. Maybe just makes you look so stupid that you don't go in the sun anymore. Maybe i i. You're like one of those old-timey beach movies with the person that has like zinc knows. Oh god but it was my whole face and yeah. I'm just warning everyone else out there. You're putting on a bunch of zinc sunscreen. The mask makes it worse. I believe in mass game. But i mean breathing heavily into your mask on a hot day when that mask comes off i really did look like i had just made out with. It was not good right and it is like truly less breathable. It's a barrier on your skin. Likely like stays there as the barrier. Yeah absolutely did you take any photos. Just out of curiosity from you put on instagram. Did your friend. Sam snap any obviously no look next time. Please for the graham do. It's it's for work mine. Say what did you do after not taking photos of your zinc face. I decided that. Maybe i should stop focusing on my own appearance and maybe focus on my house instead so. I jumped ahead to stop five. I yes the honest home. Yes and for this being the opposite of a housekeeper. I figured the best and easiest things i could do. Were to throw open the windows like all the says bring some fresh air and sunlight and also bring in some local flowers from the great outdoors. And before you know it. This was happening your eyes. Oh god white surf under your nose in is my son. Sorry oh my tears in mucous are look creamy again. Oh maybe maybe you should take a shower tom. No pulling you can never shower no show without putin i. I've been skipping showers altogether. Didn't you notice of afraid that. If i shower i'll get soap in my hair accident. You need to watch the pollen off like we are. In the middle of policies in your entire body is reacting to the pollen and there flowers all over our house you covered in pollen. You need to take shower. Can you think. I looked terrible. No you look amazing. Honey please take shower please. My god kristen. Come on this hour the sopo getting your hair accidentally yes. It's because i do things like wash my face. You know in the shower but come on. It's not like there's a police year. Jessica elvis to have fun and let go easy on yourself as well as being clean but i also understand the sheer disappointment of being like this will make by house beautiful and then being and it's making me sick immediately in my case often it'll all have spent money on it. Oh god but like jessica alba's right. I think when it comes to sense As well as allergens slake maybe you need to stick to like rowing non flowering plants that you know you're okay with as opposed to bring implants sin. Yeah from from. And they're blossoms and during like allergy paul linney season but like it. Sounds like you're fucking mass housing just not wetter and wetter out week. One actually it was really really bad but fortunately that was also the first week right there and that means we can all sit back now we can forget about my greasy had and we can hear about your first week. Joe went to of living by the honest life. By jessica alba. How did it start out. Be honest with me. Honestly i'm gonna freak out. We make jokes like that. But i will tell you none the less as you mentioned in the end I have to start with some honest disclosure. I two studied at the atlantic avenue school in new york. We were not there at the same time. She was also not there when i worked there Technically i believe if i remember correctly. She only did their six week summer. Program not to have your conservatory. Nearly that doesn't matter because she's a famous actor. And i am not your famous. We by that book jolanta not an actor that was discovered in nineteen once. Put it that way. It was still in regular college not even add atlantic at nine gene anyway. Just just thought. I needed to put it out there. Yes yes it's always good for us to point out. Do we have a connection with the author. If we do we should just be honest honestly. Honestly let's move on. So how did you start off. Living by jessica alba's book. I started with honest beauty. that is step three I started with this one because it seemed easy for me christon. There's a list. That's very involved. Lots of ingredients. You should avoid sunscreen rules. But you know i'm a lot like jessica alba's we already established only be go to the same acting but over the past i'd say year and change. I have had to become obsessed with replacing all of my beauty products Before i knew. I had lupus. All i did know is that my skin was a mess eating itself alive. I didn't know. And i basically spent months with doctors and dermatologists telling me doctors are dermatologists. Basically i spent months with lots of doctors telling me to eliminate every possible allergy in in my beauty products aka. Just avoid all the shit that's listed in the books. I've literally replaced everything quite recently So i basically did a kristen where i'm like. I already do this. But i can do. More i can up the ante. So i didn't quit showering though i just replace all makeup rushes because mine are old and from a billion places. I don't know if they like were made you know cleanly away way. That's good for the environment. Krahn sleep honestly. I didn't know So i bought a makeup brush sat from echo tools which is album recommends in the book. It was surprisingly affordable I really liked the brushes. They are very soft. They come in good shape. Lots of a variety. They don't shed which i love and the packaging was super minimal recyclable and included a surprise. He's woo by surprise. Well take a less said to me showing the surprise to my partner. Brad i got these makeup oceans that jessica alba says to get these tools look at it has a little thing on it. That says plant me. Okay so where should we plant this. This is a piece of paper. No their seeds in it. See the little dots dot dot hookah jessica homeland five degradable paper packaging with the seeded sticker into the swail. It's gotta be good she. She told us We have a little pot actually right outside the window. It needs some. There's some soil limit. Miami's seats right now. Plus we have all these measures. They've you need an angled foundation breath. I've been eating blurring brush because mine totally fell apart. What i do without cica. Oh my gosh. While i am on harvesting plants from the wild you are planting new life on your balkany jolanta. That is beautiful. I love it from a makeup brush on but so much. And basically i think when i planted that seed pack. I had started doing step. Five right ooh stop five. That is the honest home His does galveston not lance aram. Hopefully those seats will grow something you ask but to keep the stop five lives. Go away. I decided to get honest about our current household needs which have changed a lot since quarantine started like like everyone's but we did make most of those major changes you know at the beginning of warranty and not as it's sort of winding down But while i was sitting on the toilet one day by drugged of struck with an idea. Let's hear hey question. What would you think Compost isn't getting picked up right. What would you think if. I made the bathroom compost paper. Recycling bathroom paper is summer. Because like i know. I've got lazy about langman. I like take products out of their boxes. Or whatever unlinked the toilet paper rolls. So alex look like let's just make it easier to recycle. Waters compost move harpist review. I'm gonna play the toilet paper roll in minute paper recycling. 'cause there's literally nothing in it right now. Oh nice making use of your benz. But i just got to tell you. Most of the local gardens are composting. Now including in a block from you so you can go back to it now also full like. Don't worry we still have our kitchen. Composts oh god is a permanent thing that has not changed good. This is just the little bathroom section. I mostly it's because like i haven't been shedding a lot of hair which is mostly what that was god at got the empty unless brag trims his beard once in a while hot it so i it made it into recycling but we do still compass over all good worry. Good good. Glad glad to hear that makes me feel so much better. Oh my gosh original lente after that. So after that. Since i was spending so much time in the bathroom i decided to do step to please. Not number two. Yeah you caught me joel until you knew i was going to make. That joke is just do it. At this point it's illness to is honest clean and not unlike honest beauty. I do on his clean very very well. Yeah is do it so well. It's basically another job of mine Has like not only. Did i have to eliminate all the allergens in my beauty products when we were figuring out. What was wrong with me. Before i knew i had lupus. We basically had to eliminate every single allergen. I could possibly come in contact. With from like soaps and detergents and floor clinging aaronson vacuums and frigging everything like different fibers leg. I even have made my own apple cider hair. Rents and avocado hair mask very similar recipes to was in her book to the point. Where i'm like good out of my head jessica. Oh my god yes. I you use avocados for that. Are you sure that you didn't actually write the stolen to you. And jessica alba are the same person. Maybe i wrote this. We've found the same shit through research and doctors in my case don't have on hers But as you always like president we can do more we can. We can do mom. So i did more for someone else and i threw out. Brad's motion. Who oh my god. Joe lente. But he has face lotion. That is so honest clean. It is honestly talk sic. It is shitty although from a stocking from like a billion christmas no basically only made of like sulfur impair events or whatever. Oh my god. I would be so mad if dean throughout my lotions. I would be so so mad. Please please say you replace this lotion. Yes of course. I am not a monster Christon i introduced to the joys of sierra metabolism. it's it's paraphrase favorite mineral oil petroleum free silicon free cruelty free. Not sleep free on. The dog is very easy to the dog. Yeah seriously you'll being don't eat at. Were exceeding their okay right anyway. I agree above your mustache. Yeah the feels the angel cool cool need it feels cool to the touch is not feel like the semi. A cool person does know yet like cooling sensation jolanta. I got to say. I love serums. I was really late to the game. I only really got into them in the last few years. But oh my god. They are soothing. their wonder zeros right. Nice not days. Radin nice like very natural very clean blue tans against using serum and he has never looked back love it. And what did you do after that. After that i hit up step for that is honest style And honestly sense. We live by the curated clause this like what a few seasons ago i said honestly not even meaning to. You can't hope on now. I can't help it back to where i was when we live by the curator klaus at not too long ago. I thought i was very good to know. I've been very satisfied with my wardrobe. Ever since but the more. I look at stop them where i was like shit. A lot of my clothes no longer meet my needs. And what do you mean by that. I mean mainly my summer and spring. Wardrobes don't meet my needs Once i got diagnosed with lupus it was made very clear to me by like every single doctor. I've seen that direct exposure to sunlight is not good for me. I am now a vampire. One of my doctor is even said. Like i need you to think great gatsby. Like light lay long slowing things that cover all your body and like a parasol so I don't know if you remember when i dress like in the summer and spring. But i don't do much greg big ads the i do pretty much. Let like most of us do hoang york summers which is like as little as possible but still like professional. Oh yeah usually have those cute highways little tiny shorts. You wear that off your cute legs. Oh my god yeah you were. Yeah it's hot in new york. It's like being inside a person's mouth on some days. And yeah it's yucky. But i did need some more full coverage close so i found a shop that offers a variety of like pretty affordable non fast fashion Like full coverage garments and. I got a few summer dress. Nice nice and i gotta say this is the right time to do it. The sister wife prairie look is very hot true. Yeah and how did your new dresses were out for ya. Well i did get some prairie look dresses because they are quite poll coverage and and made of light fabric and i did a little fashion show for brad. Take a listen very them. It's very cool. I think it's really cool. i would not take. Should you ever picking you liked it. If i pick out you does not mean. I'd be like wait. You maintain what he's trying to make. What what are you trying to tell me yet. Flowers my service like this. Because i mean i like it enough and it's like a my i can't wear the summer of things to wear with so light yes in needs to be more full coverage and i guess this is happening through sexy house. Crispin would love that loves fairy. That's right oh my god i love it. I do a little house on the prairie. I am wearing a gingham maxi dress right now. Check it out. my gosh. I am wearing a potato sack. That's striped Well i got to say. I think that sounds like a success. Even though you don't sound super confident in that kind of look. I mean an the dresses staying. It was on clearance. It has non-returnable. So i'm gonna make it work. Plus it does literally meet my needs and look fine on me will put a picture on instagram. I'm sure everyone would be like it's fine. What are you complaining about but it just. It just didn't feel quite natural if i'm being honest Well it doesn't sound like the best note to end week one on. Hopefully things will get better in week. Two i don't wanna give anything away. So i'm just gonna say let's take a break and you'll find out later. Yes but before we do. Have you lived by the honest life. Did it work for you. Share your story at facebook dot com slash groups slash btv pod or at kristen angelina dot com. Of course you can. Also leave us a voicemail. That's three zero. Two four nine books went. What is that number. Three zero two four nine. Two six six five cents. This podcast is sponsored by better help and dilemma. And i are so happy to have them on board better help will assess your needs and match you with your own licensed professional therapist and as anyone who listens to buy the book knows joe lent an. I love our professional licensed therapist. We've gone too many over the years and it with better help you can start communicating and under forty eight hours with yours were ever. You are in the world. It's not a crisis. Line is professional counseling done securely online offering a broad range of expertise which may not be locally available in your area. Otherwise you can log into your account anytime and send a message to your counselor. And you'll get a timely amphora. Paul response plus you can schedule. Weekly video or phone sessions. It's easy and free to change counselors if needed and of course financial aid is available which we love so many people have been using better help that they are recruiting additional counselors in all fifty states. Go to better help dot com slash reviews to hear what people have to say. Then join over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional our listeners. Get ten percent off the first month of online therapy at better help dot com slash bt. Be that's better. H e l p dot com slash. Bt be okay. kristen. I need to hear more. About how your honest life lands When we ended your first week living by the honest life by won. Miss jessica alba. You were mass you were getting wetter and wetter. You had greasy hair had zinc face. You had snotty nose. Drippy is dean realized. You hadn't been showering. Things were bleak. How did you start week to. What did you do to raise yourself from that. Like sad wet hell. I took a shower. Thank oh my gosh. Did it help your allergies date your hair except water or did it beat off like a duck. It was crazy yes on all of the above. I guess i will say this. I think dean was right. There was a ton of pollen collecting in my hair and on my skin and stuck between my victory. Strands of my pollen everywhere. And you know. I do want to make clear. Though when i took the shower. I still did not use any sudden anything near my hair. As a matter of fact. I only kind of washed the bottom half of my face because i was afraid so would get near my hair so You know i still was no poo shaking my head shaking my head but i stuck with it. I stuck with it. Welcome to creston nothing. I can say how she read the book Great rate What do you do after that shower. I did step one okay. And that is honest food indeed and for this. I did an assessment of all the food in our house in the fridge in the pantry. And i realize that the only things that were really and truly and organic were produce items are wild. Rice is from a reservation in minnesota are pasta is from a factory in northbrook. Illinois are vegetarian. Meats are shipped in from seattle. But i wanted to do the book all the way. And that meant i essentially had to put us on an all produce diet. So i made soups. I made a salads. I made us more salads. I made us more salads but partway through the week. Dean revolted any you you made weenie roll ups but did you make peace with these. I guess i mean is that tells break. don't but that's made with ingredients that are not local organic. And that's what we've been talking all this week. We're making my own dr. I said i would make dinner tonight. Three zero do not dinner. Mate by tired of eighteen trees are put colesberg krizan dr around away and baked it and it's going to be delicious you don't have to eat. I know you're living by this book. I can't do it. Can't do it tonight tonight. i need something else. I mean creston. I don't blame dean. This is a very narrow view of local foods. Yeah dare are there are rices and pastas that that are made in new york that you could get and cheeses and all sorts of things that are beyond fruits and vegetables granted. I think things manufactured in the us kind of camp cow. What's say they count jessica. Alba does not live as extremely as you. But i know that you need to be extreme. If i'm going to do what. I'm gonna do it all the way. okay. That's what i'm gonna do except maybe i did cave eat that weenie. Roll up all. I either do not are like the ultimate snack. Yeah who does. I don't care that we're not plant. Mace no no. I will say this. We use a vegetarian weenies. Most of the time in our house so it was plant. Based burkini was seattle it was a vegetarian seattle weenie but come on kristen. You're you're making the book not fun when it's your week. Ho am i to judge. Just tell me what you did next sir. I moved ahead to step four. Okay that is on a style indeed. It is and for this stop. I decided i was gonna ditch that zinc oxide sunscreen was using and instead kind of do the same thing you were i was going to cover myself instead with a maxi dress. A giant hat. A scarf and sunglasses the way jessica alba suggests in that fashion section in her book and of course since we're still masking against cova in new york that meant i was covered head to toe including the mask and totally protected from the sun. But when i ran into a friend this happened that hello hello. Well adviser christen. Don't you here let me take off my sunglasses. see you. you look just like a beekeeper. Why thank you now note. This happened more than once to me. While i was wearing this. Get up. I also ran into our old music director. Casey holford and his brand new baby girl in street and he did not out to babies and cases and your wife joanna charlotte. Doing us very cool. Yeah she is but yeah. Pc didn't recognize me. Either he was actually scared. Because i kind of came up behind. Timothy was pushing a stroller. Que se. Oh i mean. I think it's awesome. I love the invisible person. Look doing all the time brought. Always jokes he like. I can't tell if you're hiding or a celebrity war one. And i'm like thank you. I want to never see people. I know or say hi diverge so like added bonus s like i just found out one of my good college friends lives half a block away from me and she's like why haven't i seen you on like probably 'cause y'all can't see me 'cause i'm an invisible woman yes So i love that one. But i can understand how you would be troubled by scaring your friend see. I don't want to scare people. Just want to say hi to them. When i see all right. So how did you end your week than well. My friend lives invite be out for dinner to a restaurant that claims to source most of their food locally. And i gotta say the food was great but unfortunately there was one topic that she could not stop laughing about. Are you laughing arrogant. My god looks better than it did a couple of days ago. Okay was that a week ago. It's now been Tomorrow it'll be a full two weeks with out championing. Yes okay so would say that. It looks better than it did a week. I really would love to shampoo and not a hairdresser. Less terrible looks less terrible wearing a beanie part of the night. I think because you were not loving. Look yeah and ends are still drying very very dry on the bottom and on the top still. Yeah it's really hasn't changed the like it's just insistence of your hair. It's just as bad as it was a week ago except without the beanie. Imprint is what you're saying. Yeah i mean. I think jessica alba doesn't wash your own hair. She has others to it. So the reason lashes like wash your hair like no i would say overall. The back looks worse than i have to say. Christon i do know there is something about like purging period where your scalp hostile like reacclimated to itself and like. It's not like you're almost there. Maybe i also think you fully bastardize Not washing your hair for two weeks because most people say like do it once a week twice a week. Nope not the purest. I was going for the huge. You're not a purist because you weren't having fun and hated it verdict. So did someone shampoo your hair for you. You know what that would be the perfect arc for my story right to end with me. Getting my hair shampooed but no. That's not what i did. And as of today jolanta brandon listeners. It has now been almost three weeks since i last shampooed my hair. And you're about to get a treat my friend you'll want to because i am going to take my hair down now so you can see what it looks like and maybe we can even do a screen. Grab and put it on instagram. So you can see how terrible i look on his. It looks it looks better than the first week one hundred percent. I'm serious the first week. It was really bad though. Let's be real but it looks way better. Those are great. You look really good the screen. I'll take another. I just took one spring. I'll take another but it looks good. You look around and do you know what just happened. When i took my to linda i caught a whiff of it and it smells terrible. Hair hair is like a fabric like it holds and so many smells only go. Your hair will smell like a campfire for a week. If you that's true so true holds in a lot of it does it. Smells really really bad right now. Okay so. I took a picture for the world and for the instagram honestly. It looks pretty good right. I don't think you think you pushed all the way through. And your scalp is reacclimated. And you're thinking you. Oh well that's very sweet of you to say we'll see what the listeners say when they see the photo but enough about me and my hair celente. I need to hear all about your second week of living. By the honest life by jessica alba when we left off. You were dressed as a little house on the prairie character. Sexy one though the sexy low prairie girl i yeah. I'll be out of a hint disappointed with my my new look but i was like you know what never disappoints me. The yes and food. Honest food is stop one in the book so we try to eat whole foods. We try to eat local foods. I'm not a strict about local. As creston i consider like the region or like the united states that enough. I know it still travels to me. I'm sorry i don't have. A car cannot equal out my carbon footprint. So i was like. We're pretty good on food. But i started noticing. Something about the fruit. Brad would prepare me when i asked him for like a little quick snack. Hey brian these are delightful man. Did you rent them. Know jessica alba's you always have to rinse fruit. Also told you that for a while now to just like it's not that hard. I will do it because you want me to. But the that jessica alba makes like wants to make me makes me want to not do one thing my orders from her. Oh my god. Brad does not take orders from jessica alba and i gotta tell you joe. Linda neither does dean. He doesn't believe in washing produce. I put this. is this a dude thing. No and it's not like i like brunswick or to build your immune system. Whatever i'm like. We did not grow this ourselves on our smart with our fertilizer at like we're building immune system because local pollens and shit like you know. He doesn't always buy organic even if he tells me he does. I swear an like you. Rinse off the garbage and like the detritus from travel like an getting there and other people touching it with like poop on their hands at the store anyway and like for what is worth brad. Dustin orders from jessica alba because he for years has not rinse fruit. When i've asked him to but he started doing it in the second week so orders from her nice. I'm glad to hear that. Nice but i have to say the next day. Brad prepared more fruit for me and it got worse not better. What listen suggest galvez says. We should be eating whole foods as much as possible and like wow on-line no fruit loops has the word fruit emmett like to family size. Things of fruit loops is not what we're none for one. You can just get one without giving the other. I mean you could but you wanna be on sale them. I'm just saying that's for you know it's for you frills added. Why would they because it seems like. What's donors would eat. Well i'm a whole foods. Downer the leave news licenses. It makes no sense but clearly a grad wanted to throw me under the bus. I think a little bit with both fruitless and the stoner comment Yeah i smoke a lot of weed as of late vest because of lupus and also we'd is what a whole food at a honest clean like. It's just a alba proofed in my opinion. So it's not like. I stopped smoking recreationally in the evenings while we live by this book. Well there are a lot of dispensaries that are local. I will say that. I've mentioned on the show before. There's one two blocks from my house. I know i need to go there so local that is local right there So while brad was clearly fucking with me with fruit loops and then sang. I was a stoner when i was trying to record for work. His comment dead. Remind me of one more thing i could do before my second week ended and it was revisiting step five step five reminder. Everyone that is honest home and what does that have to do with being a store owner. Okay so jessica. Alba talks about loving labels and how they help. Keep her honest home organized. So i've labeled some very important things that have not been very organized since you think. I'm such a stunner jessica. Alba says that you should leave every thing and i thought like a label. These organizers salau. It's says gardening tools an herb garden. And it's like you see his in. You know my antique vintage if you see a tucked in like what is that like. Oh this is like we're rolling. Gabriel but this is where like the actual product really improving your life throughout well done jolanta turning joke into one last silly stop. That is a great way to end your second week. Thank you thank you. And i use. Antique colored pencil. Transmit storage box only got anti. They're just repurpose anti all right. Well i guess that means its verdict time but not quite yet because we need to take a break but before we do reminder we love it when you rate envious apple podcasts and stitcher and spotify wherever you listen to the show. Just be honest about how you feel about us as long as you honestly want us. If you're around in the nineties jolanta and i were you remember. Hooked on phonics commercials. It's a brand you grew up with or maybe even used to learn to read thirty five years later. 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But of course being kristen minds right the opposite of that But you know dean. And i felt we had to because we were already doing most of the things she said so the only thing we could think to do was to go extreme as oh yeah. So that's what we did. We went extreme. And of course going. Extreme means i looked hideous and i felt terrible. Dean can't live on just vegetables. He's just not that guy and as we discovered. My hair smells terrible. I smell awful. Right now But i didn't dislike the advice in the book. I really didn't and i'm sure if you were just starting out with a lot of these things would be a good way to do it. It doesn't feel stressful in the same way. That zero waste home does where i know. A lot of people who zero waste home. Start freaking out this way too much. This is a more gentle easy way to get into it. So i think it's going to work for a lot of people but i do want to point out something that my friend lives said toward the end of my week to she said you know jessica alba a reliable source. She can tell us not to shampoo our own hair because she probably doesn't shampoo on hair she probably has a staff. That does that when she's on a movie set. People are probably doing that for her and she does not work in an honest industry. Let's be real. The film industry is one of the most wasteful industries in the whole world. So to listen to somebody who is in you know environmentally hostile industry. Tell us how to be equal friendly. If sometimes kind of feels disingenuous. But at the same time i can also see what she's doing trying to get people to do the best they can with what they have and right in in one sense. I think that's great. It might bring people on board who are reluctant to be equal friendly but on the flip side. I also think that maybe it's a little too forgiving. Some things and overlooks certain things that she's very much a part of yeah. Yeah totally You remind me of when. I was reading the book and she was talking about makeup. And like sometimes you have to pick performance over like cleanliness. Only i wonder if she has any idea half the stuff that people put on her face like for work. Oh there's no way she's keeping tabs on that so it's easier to be like at home when i like. Put nothing on. Because i'm naturally obscenely beautiful. like sure. yeah anyway. yeah. I mean overall. I'm still going to recommend the book though. Because i think a lot of people it will be an easy way to like dip your toe in the waters. If this is what you wanna do it it is easy. It's not intimidating it's not scary But i also think that maybe if you wanna do more than dip your toe in the water. This is not the book for you. Yeah yeah but what about you. Joe went to. What is your verdict on. The honest life by jessica alba well my verdict It starts similar to yours. Yeah like it's very pleasant read. It has lots of good information. Like perhaps too much in. Burmese owns a lot of lists of chemical. Who is going to say just the list. I found a bit overwhelming. Especially like the cam make gold list. They're listed the interview chapter. Where it's like sort of do's and don'ts but then at the end of the book where it's like very involved. Avoid all of this. And it's like i'd have to destroy my house to get rid of all of this. Oh yeah i guess. My is a bit opposite from you. Where i feel like. It's nice advice but also you can't take it all in less. Your life is very much geared around health. I'm like clean Leg the reason. I've done so much of these steps is because i had to not because i wanted to and like i would not be as strict about what goes into my body and home and laundry like health hadn't been rapidly declining in the past year and a half And like it's hard to live this. Lean world is not geared around sustainability yet or long term health like it revolves around things that are faster and easier and and cheaper to make and cheaper to buy and leg. We often choose you now. Want to t- over craftsmanship and quality and like it takes being obsessed with this shit and like making it almost not fun to do it all the way so. I just found her advice. Tubby a little like not hypocritical. But just like you when you have fun with it means. You're not taking the advice. Kind of what. I mean which is like have fun with it. Meaning you don't have to do it all but it's like if you want to do it all we can't And this book. I feel like she makes. It seem like you almost can if you just like trial little harder but like you can't. Maybe i'm just jaded because i feel like i think about this shit so much. Or maybe you just live in the world and the systems that are in place for manufacturing to government regulation. Just aren't what they should be like it. Be this hard to live clean or to live by this advice but it is in the real world and it's like frustrating so what is your verdict pendulum to. Who's gonna say personally. Even though i do a lot of what she doesn't smoke. And i liked looking at it. I think i would like i feel like i have trouble trusting the advice like your friend lives said like you have to consider the source and if i hadn't found all of these things on my own or with the help of like many doctors dealing with me personally i would not be making apple cider. Vinegar scalp rinses and like i don't think if i saw it in a book i would trust it without talking to my doctors. Ooh a mixed verdict from the two of us this week. Jolanta very mixed you go. And that's it for this episode of by the book huge. Thanks to our fabulous production team hat stitcher brandon next aaron wallace and daisy rosario and our engineer andy kristen's thanks also to nate whiter who composed our theme song ended the reasons for performing it in touch with us. Let us know what you think of the honest life. You live by the honest life are you on. Its are you on liar. How hard is it for you to live clean lean. I've changed her life and make it all he. Do you only buy pasta. Made in your state or city tile us. You can email us at kristen. Linda gmail.com plead at us at gillette to g and kristen minds or at find the book on human up on instagram. At at the book yes at too many times old lady yes definitely gonna instance you can see how great jolanta looks in her prairie dress and how shiny i am i am so freaking shiny and please rate and review us an apple podcasts or stitcher. It helps other people to find the show. And if you haven't already tell a friend about the show tell person who makes your address about the show. How the person who grows the produce next door to you about the show until next time i'm going to greenberg and i'm christa. Thank you for listening. Honest life honor like just bang my drawer sorry stitcher.

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