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"assistant professor pediatrics" Discussed on 790 KABC

"Maybe I don't know. So, you know, generally, minimal. Okay. All right. To me. It sounds like I can't like I'm like, but you sound fine to me in my. Feedback. We are going to we are obviously as the whole world is preoccupied going on in the Tam Paris where Notre Dame has been engulfed in flames. And we have Jim Roope of before we go to our guest. David bell assistant, professor pediatrics talk about adolescent, young adolescent, males and their behavior. But Jim, please give us a some update on Paris. Jim. I think he's going to call it actually looks like he's calling their I'm gonna bit. That's Jim Jim is at you. Hey. Because the comics dropped on me. All right. So go right ahead with what do you got? What do you got for us? Oh, there you go. Hi, how are you? Just talking with my daughter who lives in works in Paris. Oh, wow. She says, it's amazing. How small Harris is compared to LA when something like this happens because the entire city is paralyzed at this point because in the night sky there because it's in the evening of the entire area is either smokey or glowing. You could see the flow. Right now, you're talking about something that has been standing complete since about thirteen forty two two hundred years to build and around the late seventeen hundreds they replaced at original spiral that iconic spiral that you saw collapsed on television. If you're watching that she said that had been replaced in the round the eighteen hundreds. But for the most part that thing has been standing there for a long time about thirteen million people a year. Visit Notre Dame more than visit the Eiffel tower every year. I'm going next month. I was hoping to celebrate mass there, but apparently not going to be able to do that now. But it is really something that has paralyzed that entire city. And do we know any reports on this the sort of containment and the extent of the damage, for instance, the kind of questions I have are what's going on with the integrity of the walls or any of the windows surviving? You know what? I mean, there's a lot of questions. Yeah. It's very old would and that's part of the problem with you might not if you're watching television, you might not see water dropping helicopters. And I think the president tweeted out something about that's what they should be using or something. I came out of my mouth. Just. Weird. In fact, Megan said that some of the first responders there are responding to the president's tweets saying, this is such an old structure, and they don't have the kind of water dropping aircraft that would be gentle enough to drop water on on that facility without knocking a lot of it down. That's not burning. So there's that whole urban aspect to it that can't be used. It's very tight. There's access to it from the send riverside of the cathedral. Then there's access to it from the streets, which are very narrow in Paris. But she said most of those have been blocked off the good news is that this appeared to start about six fifty pm local time. So the crowds is already pretty much dispersed the it closes around six o'clock. So as far as she knows. There has been any reports of anybody injured or any tourists or visitors trapped inside there, but to get back to your original point, the as far as she knows. Does there have been no reports of windows busting out? This is pretty much and the rear of the cathedral that part where the renovation is going on now. And it's believed I'm sure you probably have reported this. They believe that the construction the renovation project. That's going on there. Now, it may have been the origin of the fire not necessarily. They do they know how it was caused yet. But that's what they believe or where they believe the fire began. Now, I do you know if they're removed. They're trying to remove some of the artifacts. And things anything that they can from the building. That's what I've heard on a report are they getting that done. That's that's my daughter said that she said, I hope they're going in there and taking things out is what she said to me. But there have been no reports at least that she has heard about that to a friend of hers named Charlotte. Who said she was going by scooter after work when all of this was going on. I thought at first that the shield on her helmet was was dirty. She stopped to clean it. And she realized how smokey the air was raining ash. Then she realize everybody around here was stopping and staring, and that's pretty much what everybody was saying. They're talking about the things that are on the inside the statues. The paintings the altar the the other furniture in artifacts that might be in there. And so people are very concerned about that. That may be a there may be some good news with that. Because the fire seemed to have started on the roof. So as they were trying to access the roof, maybe the things on the lower level or able to be taken out. I don't know that for sure that's just the speculation from what I've heard from people there. All right, Jim. Well, thanks for the update. And I love you. If you keep us informed sort of hour by hour. We'll give chicken with you again. You bet. Jim roope. ABC news. Correspondent giving us a little update on what's going on. No paris. Where if you're not aware Notre Dame as in golf in play is there. Oh, my air force pilot friend. Oh my gosh on clothes. He just you look at this picture that Krista sent me of my friend Tyler. He was on the city. I find that. My husband. Oh my gosh. Maybe we can get him on the line. Yeah. Let me try. Switch topics and we're going to go out to assistant, professor pediatrics David bell. And we're going to talk about developing adolescent, males and their sexuality. Welcome the program. Thank you. Bill professor at Columbia, University Irving medical center, and I think would an invite you also Paul him who is that right mail, man. Pop. Bam. The school's name and mailman school of public health and mostly in the department PG pediatrics and the department of population and family health is my department in the school at Columbia M S P H is Twitter handle. So there was some data that came out about males. And it prompted some conversation. The it was interesting to me some of the ink that was spilled on it to me seems sort of backwards. Then I'll get your take on it. I okay. So what what questions did you have for me? I give us the data. Okay. So so my just to be clear, I wrote the editorial for the paper. And so two of my colleagues, Laura Lindberg, Dr Laura Lindberg and Aric Marcel sort of wrote this paper and looked at two different data sets the youth risk behavior survey and the national survey for family growth, and one is the CDC survey and the other is sort of a national sample across the board of reproductive health. That started in the seventies that just included men starting in two thousand and two and what they did was looked at young men to to see their report of sexual initiation before the age of thirteen and in the school eight study, though, youth risk behavior survey they found that. Eight percent of males in grades nine to ten reported that they had started having sex before age thirteen interrupted for Greg second is that a change from previous. Or is this the first time they've asked this question. So no, it's actually something that we've been looking at for quite some time. And so in perspective, we know that overall the initiation before h thirteen has usually has decreased from ten percent at three percent overall. You saw bounce bounce back up again a little bit. Well, this is one specific survey. So over looking at the wire Bs the I'm sorry, the national survey for family growth, it's four percent. And so so it's a round the same amount. And so the national survey for family growth looks at guys from ages fourteen to twenty four which is a, you know, a little the wire Bs is nine to twelve twelfth grade. So it's a little bit young. Younger from like thirteen. I'm trying to figure out why this is news. Well, part of it is news because we are always citizens nationalizing sex for one and early sexual initiation. So he's been no crease. Right. It's decreasing. And so I that was my first take on the study was like this is this is probably a little improvement number one. And then number two the conversations that came out of it were oh my God. We're generating these young males that are overly sexual, and I thought no the problem is we are. We're not containing them. The way we age and the. The the usual kinds of regulatory systems, whether they're family or school or whatever external resources that are containing this very powerful biology are not as you -ffective are not as present for these kids as opposed to as generating this kind of thing where does not containing it as well. Would you agree? Like, well, I think we have society. There have been many things that have happened that we have contained it to certain degree this. This study actually pulls out and separates two different groups. And there's even though there's no indication this is true. And this is true speculation on my part that wire BS because it's a school age kids sometimes with males. They may over report sexual initiation masculinity. Right. Well, did they make specific what they meant by sexual initiation. Do they describe the kids what they were? Answering. Yes. So both both days really look at it's about vaginal sex. Okay. All right. There's the down. I got it. Now, I'm on the page. So it's generally good news. But we could do better. Right. Correct. And how will you pull out the rural and urban spaces there some of the urban spaces? We could do much better than we are. And I I think some of the press has pulled out the racial ethnic divide or in the differences. But I'd say it's important for us not to and to understand that this is a male issue across the board that we need to look at. And if you even if you look at all, the group, racial, and ethnic groups across you understand that we need to pay attention to early sexual initiation for young men regardless and sort of helped them navigate this sort of new territory, especially hopefully delay it at an early age says no sociation with no father. They did not look at sort of presence of other. They looked maybe. Maybe you can look at populations that have that problem. And then go, I wonder if there's a correlation there, right? They did look at mother's education and the higher the mothers education level was that the less likely young men were to initiate sex early. And just curious, you know, if you're afraid that maybe you're young male son is going to have sex sooner on your you should have that talk with him. You know, even if you think maybe I'm I'm, you know, having a healthy relationship with my son, and I'm teaching them all the right things. Without actually having that talk in that you think maybe he's going to wait until that average age of seventeen. Should you still have that talk with them?.

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