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"andre ron" Discussed on Jeff Goodman Basketball Podcast

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"andre ron" Discussed on Jeff Goodman Basketball Podcast

"A player to says you can't we can put first basin out there with two percent frank. Hey don't get your third get stirred next one just as competitive chocolate. But i think it has a lot to do with personnel. You play but that that's a good point. We think we always think the guy's gonna get it. That's the interesting thing very interesting. An mba guys are. Let me guys rock with files. So so it's like yeah like. Hey because you can't have frank at three thousand first half y'all s right so but in the same sense i mean. What if we think that he's gonna get it but maybe maybe we can actually trust them more than we think knows. I have a question for the veteran coaches here. That have been around. You know andre ron among them The biggie stuff gets referenced in how it was a failed experiment thirty years ago but do we think that the modern college game the way it's played the way that it has been changed in a fishy in the weights beneficiary. The past five years remember. We're talking six seven years ago about how you know we needed to clean up the game and make it more. Fluid more cosmetically appealing right. It feels like there has been good gains on that. So is there the potential that with this rule which again will just be done at the nit level just to see how it goes. I think that's actually the right process here but do you believe that. The division one men's basketball is a cleaner game in two thousand and twenty one By small margins major margins margins at all versus what. The biggest was in the late eighties. Early nineties matt here like for me personally out could give help offensively with screen and stuff like an nba. They call they get away with dolphins so screen and a lot more in the college game. I'll post gaza sometimes scared that screens. Because they're scared to out that way. So most faust one of the deepest saw the ball seems so by allowance six. Maybe we could get. Our post is or something better screening. Get those guys scream. More not being having a concern of getting files that way. So that'd be one reason why i think the six made may help you know. Matt i agree with you saying that like i mean i think the officiating has gotten better. We've tried to call the first thousand pant checking out. I think we've improved that. But i you know. I just feel sometimes though especially in the acc. Move on and see. Why tested this. I i just feel like it gets more physical as we get into conference play. You know it really does. And and then it gets it gets corralled back in the nc double a. term 'cause those guys wanted to advance so Because we're seeing the guys night in a night out in the acc. So you know. I do agree. You know because those were bloodbath man. Some of those files were..

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