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"abby box" Discussed on Road Trippin': Richard vs. Channing

Road Trippin': Richard vs. Channing

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"abby box" Discussed on Road Trippin': Richard vs. Channing

"So that was just a line where it was like, even though it sounds a possible size. I won't be able to do that. I'm still shooting for the highest thing. And I'm still going for that even if it doesn't happen. So that's kind of what I like came from Dell. All right, number number two says into deal with all these things that I'm saying, I make music, oh to do all these things and seeing I'll make music that's pretty much, you know, just in my life. No different experiences that have been through on according. Off the court losing family members lose friends that I thought were or close down where my friends, but you know, really weren't just different things that I've been through. So that's kind of you know, when I say down to make music is kind of my way to kind of get everything out telling my story and kind of get it off my chest. I know breath and fill at peace. Whatever whatever's going on. So that's that's what that line is no doubt line three. That's why I'm texting I don't like phone call. Say I'm Texan. Okay. I I go that far, but that was another lower. I'll just talk about talk Oz. The I talk on the phone takes I'll talk I'd be with all your favorite emoji, which favorite remote having moldy. I do. Those are two of my two. My wife used to love is. But all the rest of them is like. If someone say some stupid. I'll say something, and they don't like you like those my top two emojis laughing face. Yeah. That's that's right here. I I don't hear back from him. Sometimes fax that'd be like, oh that somebody to work onto to me. I'm taking back. No. You don't it takes to head at that? That'd be like, look he got he got two phones. This. You're more. Oh, that's why why he looking at the other phone. Last even you know, the number eight B boxes. Say you got to be box over the happy box or do. I buy. Yeah. Do do you do you gotta be bugs? I mean, everyone how the box it's like little facts Everglade, I've done in a minute. Oh, phil. Minute. We just go daddy's doing dot com. Instrumental. You have to say. Go look it up, and you got it. But it is Abby boxing. It'd be funny. Killing the create. What I'm saying? So on the most on the most recent road tripping with the blazers because there's a few teams that do it. Now the kings to blazers Golden State the Lakers there, there's a few that have Evan Turner told a story about Drake bringing him on stage when he was at Ohio State. I I can remember when we were playing really well forty would be at the gay and I'm like, listen. Is it a violation? Oh, say. Saw me go say. We're the love baby. The click in the whole deal. He's killing me right now Barry Bonds te'o a lot of those guys used to come out. I mean 'cause you at Kentucky you at Duke any any stars that you guys met just like man, you know. Freeman was that again. No. Play at ole miss. What Morgan Freeman was in an affront row creek. I know it was everybody was to everybody went over his hand. Now, I don't know how much how much more legendary you could get. Alice this if this is true. But I heard that the guy that that created Facebook soccer Berg paid him to be the voice on his phone. Like, I don't know how much free. Yes. So, you know, when you'd be like Siri Siri be.

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