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"zubi allen yardley" Discussed on I Think You're Interesting

"What I do know is that Lisa Simpson was my number of the Simpson family. The one that I felt the strongest kinship with which is weird because again, I'd never seen it. I didn't know what her voice sounded like. I didn't know anything like that. I just knew that she was roughly the same age as me when the show debuted and that she played the saxophone. The also played and that she no felt sort of out of place as I frequently did. And of course, that's like the archetype of the character. I think that everybody who sort of fish tortured brooding writer from very young age identifies with Lisa Simpson by. That's why I'm excited that this week on the show, we have early Smith. She's the voice of Lisa Simpson. And of course, we talked about Lisa, but we also talked about her true crime podcast, small town Dick's, which is a lot of fun. And we talked about like true crime in general. What draws her to it? What she thinks other people to it. And if you've ever wanted to hear. The voice of Lisa Simpson describing like horrific, bloody things, my friends, this is the episode for you. We're not just going to talk about crime. We're gonna talk about Simpson's. We're gonna talk about her other projects and they're gonna just talk about being one of the most famous people on earth and yet, no, not necessarily being one of the most famous people on earth the same time. It's a lot of fun if you're Simpsons fan or just a person who knows what the Simpsons look like, which is everybody on earth, including eight year old me stick around. You can have a good time. My guest today is Yardley Smith. You may know her as the voice of Lisa Simpson. You also might know her from her podcast town Dick's which she hosts with zippy Smith. Did I get that with zippy Alan? I knew it was a common last. Zubi Allen Yardley, welcome to the program. Thank you so much. So small index is a true crime thing. There's, you know, there's a lot of interest in true crime, and I'd like to ask you where your interest comes from, but then also maybe speculate as to like why we, as a culture seemed like really into this perpetually. It's not like a new thing. We've been doing this for fifty years. You know, true. I think on a broader scale, I think as healing beings, we love heroes. We really want the good guys to win for the most part. A lot of our movies are predicated on that superhero movies couldn't be bigger than they are right now. You know, for me personally, and I think this actually plays in perhaps to the global interest in true crime is every crime is about a breach of trust your. And so I was a really good kid. And I never broken rules. I was very Lisa Simpson. Like I was gonna, say, not nearly as smart, but definitely as well behaved and. I'm sort of at this later point my life. Certainly not when I was sort of eight or nine, but I was fascinated by the kids who had the balls to play hooky. And then you take that to the obvious extreme, you know, to murder or rape or any of the other horrific things that people do to each other. And I think there's a a great fascination about what is it about those people who do those things that leads them from. I wish I could. You know, I've been done wrong. I wanna hurt the person who did that to me. There's a great distance between that thought on the actual action. Not always, and those are the people I think who end up on the news? Do you use your well behaved child? I was also a well behaved child to you. Recognize those impulses within yourself, like you recognize that there there because I have very rarely in my life felt that like, oh, I could do something really terrible right now if I didn't have you know myself holding. Me back, you know? Yes. I think I'd never had the thought that I could do something terrible to somebody else. But I think when the very core level of trust is broken society can't function without some level of trust, and there is a really interesting article about a month ago or a couple months ago in the Wall Street Journal or New York Times or something..

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