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"zoological society london" Discussed on I Know Dino: The Big Dinosaur Podcast

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"zoological society london" Discussed on I Know Dino: The Big Dinosaur Podcast

"That's my guess after watching the show. Lego masters so this exhibit has a model of machine zoro's which is a small theropod found in madagascar similar to a human. It's made of thirty thousand lego bricks. Okay yeah that sounds about right. So that means there's probably quite a few dinosaurs among those five hundred thousand bricks. Yeah apparently took four to five months to build these models. That was after the time it took to design them. That's not so bad. Yeah it was. Unclear was forty five models for all of them or each. I don't know how gotcha depends. What yeah you got to build them brick-by-brick though on the show that we watched they build some amazing things with only eight or ten hours. Yup that's true i think. Sometimes they do they start out by like putting a whole bunch of bricks together into sorta like units. Almost like. you're making an igloo. You start with like a big chunk. I put that in. I'm not sure how come that is though i don't know either. I have not good with the lego's lego plural of lego's lego. Oh her plural of lego's lego that is how unskilled i am with the waco. The lego people the lego fan say the plural of lego is lego bricks where you put the scat it. So this article about the exhibit also says that it pays homage to dippy. Didn't see any pictures though but it'd be really cool if there's a lego version of dippy especially this is too much too much. You could use those clear bricks as the supports. Sometimes i've seen that they use those. Because you can't really have a tail as long as a sewer pods out of maybe with the technic. I don't know if they could save enough structural rigidity to handle that. Somebody's going to try it. So also in england this is in bedfordshire the zoological society. London's esl whipsnade. Zoo has a new zoo. Ask park like jurassic yet with zoo aspect You're like that. It's not really low. I thought it was fun. So from now until september fifth they've got animatronic dinosaurs around there. Six hundred acres zoo which they said has more than ten thousand animals. Slaughtered animals is. I just realized that it should have been mizzou's oik wick. That's probably happened in the past. Have you better than zoo. Aspic classic sounds like zoo tastic and jurassic out but anyway so the zookeepers as part of this exhibit. They built a dinosaur with replica dinosaur eggs and they put them on their squirrel monkeys island home for the monkeys to poke around and there's pictures of them investigating apparently like to push them around and sometimes like take them off to the side to investigate their actually are squirrel monkeys. Last time the zoo. I was joking that a squirrel in the monkey exhibit was squirrel monkey. And you're like wait there it is. That's just a regular squirrel. Yeah these don't look like squirrels. Okay they look like monkeys to me. Kyoto monkeys so the zookeepers also put something with the penguins. They got a t rex footprint next to their pool. And there's some cute pictures of the penguins looking at the print and kind of poking at it and nudging stones around it with the dinosaurs with the dinosaurs and with the mammals..

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