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"zoe chloe" Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"Guys who helped create the image. Las Vegas being the entertainment capital of the world, and hopefully will remind everybody that we are still the entertainment capital of young Frankie should to Chris. Filip, Zoe Chloe. And of course, Vinnie. I've been all feel from the bronc water. What do you do it? You know what? That's an interesting question. I because I think it's time that maybe maybe you should want to go. Oh, yeah. There were going Yeah. Here we go. My wife ran for governor. I said the only reason she didn't win is nobody wanted me is the first lady would've created a trip. I would have you do what you gotta do is Vegas baby. Just shows your inaugural ball E got to tell you, Um you know, we're reminiscing, and we're laughing about the rules that all of us have played. And I really do think that all of us have made a major contribution. And I think that the guys the original rat pack guys. Sammy and Frank and Dean and all those guys would appreciate the fact that we're having this conversation about keeping this this image alive because you know what? You can't let people forget. I had somebody tell me one time I played golf for a guy, so I didn't know Paul McCartney was in a group before winks. I'm going next. I'm serious and that and that's when you have to say we have a responsibility here. The three of us as much as we bust each other's chops, and we have a great time. We have a responsibility. I think we all recognize it. And we haven't recognized to remind everybody why this town was the entertainment capital of the world and will be again No big deal. No big stars like the red Big for yourself is always, you know, Let's not TV. No. Yes. Good day and then audience all.

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