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"zoe boise" Discussed on Who? Weekly

"From a WHO to them scale? Where do you go Joe Joe Blow Joe Joe Trader Joe's Joe Joe. Cookies. And Joe Joe Rabbit Fall. I might have just done it for you, but love to hear your take. Thanks French. Got So we have to rank the Joe Joe's. I think you were right Joe, Joe Rabbits. The new was number four four. Is that the ranger rabbits last Georgia Rabbit I'm sorry you. Okay. But like WHO's in the list of Joe Joe Again Boho go Joe Trader Joe's and Joe Rapid. This is not a fair. I'm a niche cookie, a youtube star, and of Eleni icon. weirdly the millennial icon is to me is going to be last like barely above trader Joe's. But trade deals love trader Joe's and they love traderjoes. So what are you gonNA put Josie Wa then Joe Joe Rabbit I'm just saying loved trader Joe's as much as they like Joe the millennial icon. That's true. Go from one to four. I'm probably just going to agree with you to make this easy. Number one is number. One is Josie Wa number two is. Joe Joe Rabbit number three is Joe Joe. Millennials love her and number four is trader Joe's I. You know what? Honestly? That's already wrong. And then this one, this freak me out this call I'm I'm still lost after this call. Halen being Bobby some calling just because I wanted to provide some information that I, thought was interesting So about the to go joe, you kind of talked about how they went on different paths and how Joe Joe the. Singer of too little too late kind of looks at Joko See Wah in a different light and Mike how? Stop would have been. Different Path but I think it's interesting because a Joe Joe the leave presidencies get out there actually was offered role of Hannah Montana I'm pretty sure Disney channel made that show with her in mind and Joko. Turned it down and she didn't want to be down because she didn't want to go down that path and I really think that she did go down that path she would've been super. Joe Go see Africa and Yeah I. think that's really interesting. Anyway. By, well, you know when the execs came to her and offered her Montana you know what she said she's good out. Thank. You you know. You know the other funny thing caller called and told us that the original Hannah Montana was supposed to be Alexis. Texas. I more hand Montana before Hannah Montana, they were considering other names and one was Alexis Texas and then our friends Stephen said Emerald Nevada and that like. To Hell. Nevada is so funny. There are no other good ones, and then also it says in that article that they were GonNa, call her either Zoe your Khloe and what rhymes with that what rhymes with Zoe Khloe. She wouldn't have had a state name. Then, what's the concept? I don't know I don't know. Idaho that's all I could think of unless it's a city Zoe Idaho is actually pretty good. Zoe Idaho is pretty good by guest the question the question that the call the thing that the caller is positing I totally understand, but I will say Look at Miley Cyrus she's actually broken out of the Hannah Montana think pretty effectively I would say miley Cyrus Y-yeah so like that like. Like. Joe Joe go joe would have ended up kind of like more like Boho, maybe in terms of like fame and attention because Miley got a lot of fame and attention from that. But. Miley was able to like go beyond that teen image like though it was probably traumatic and it took a lot but like she did breakthrough and she's now totally. Kind of her own entity although you know there's also an argument that forget somebody made that maybe Hannah Montana been a successful without without Miley Cyrus as its lead maybe go JOE would've been. Whatever but like different Disney shows have different modicum of success in different Disney stars have different variables of success like Hannah's big one mile is a big one. And it's arguable that maybe Hannah Montana was only successful as it was because Miley Cyrus even though she herself was famous billy Ray Cyrus was sort of a draw there like it was like, oh, she's nepotism like she's coming she's from a country family even though ray I wasn't even a tremendous them. He was sort of a one hit one not even your non even like she kind of did but I'm thinking about like Demi Levato and I'm thinking about like other Disney stars that did do break good breakout but then there are some Disney stars they didn't hey. But I do think that Joe Joe go Joe looks at Bo Joe and says Oh God you know like in a way. That's why the interview was. So she sees. If you. If you could sit through it that interviews interesting because you see Joe Looking at Bo seen sliding doors you know like what we? Could have done or what she would have done ten years later in her career she was slightly younger. You know when what a career like hers looks like. Now, I was trying to think of city with a long e-. Since like you have to give a state long you voice Khloe Boise. Doesn't doesn't rhyme. It's not it's not the it's not the exact rhyme. Zoe Boise. It's harder than you think to do the name running with the state. Think I mean send us some of them but like it's hard when someone came up with Hannah Montana they probably like left work for the day they were like, Oh, my God it's Up On. What's the opposite of I am laws like play I am lost backwards and that's how that person felt..

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