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"zion rj duke" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

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"zion rj duke" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

"That's none of my business brought in his age thirty four season K do LeBron was h thirty four last year. Michaels aged thirty four season. He made I team all NBA defend my team at age thirty four. How do you do that as thirty four? Lebron play twenty thousand more minutes. Oh, so he's running out of gas how many excuses do we need? I thought he was iron man. I thought he was miles ahead of Michael Jordan, in understanding, fitness and nutrition. Right. You know, already know fourteen at thirty four LeBron. I mean sixteen at thirty four for Ron and thirty four will Michael only. So the guy you just made a case. We'll be better than Zion is going to night after night have to face the Westbrook's and the staffs, and dare I say the Mike, Conley juniors and he's will have to. He's going to get terrorized by those point guards in part because what did he refer to himself as I love joy? I think he's a good called himself a point. God, I'm the remember Chris as excuse me. Kris Haines said your point. No. I'm on the point. God. And Chris had asked him like what point God head? Oh, okay. You don't think the westbrooks of that haven't made a little mental note of God's oh has LeBron James? Anthony Davis auto, does what he got to go again against Paul Georgia's. So you still sticking with that better than Zion. Okay, let's do RJ, shall we? Yes. RJ Barrett is being dramatically overrated by Knicks fans because I'll give you this. He's a Carmelo Anthony type. But he's a poor. Man's carmelo. And I don't even know what to make of Carmelo's career at this point, because RJ Barrett is a ball hogging ball stopper. He is a high volume shooter who makes a low percentage of his shots, you love that because I don't love that again. I have a fairly small sample size but I watched very closely Zion RJ Duke, big stage big game. Right. Starting off the Kentucky on opening night who took over the Kentucky game Zion. What happened in all three big games that I watch big games, gun zag at Maui happen to watch this one, because I did. I watched very carefully. Zion has the clutch, gene. I'm not so sure about RJ. I see zero gene him. So he'll shoot it. He's. He will jacket but I don't know about making these shots because every times I had the ball in his hands in key situation such as one forty one left against Gonzaga. He made a jump shot is like a twelve foot jump shot. He can't shoot. I don't know. He made that one twelve that tied the game at eighty seven and that was the only shot that Zion took down the stretch against a very good Gonzaga team in a big stage game at Maui in the early part of the season, last four thirty less shot that he took RJ in the final one forty one of that game took four shots and missed all four of those shots and Gonzaga hung on to win that game. How she Moore who went pretty last night made a shot. And in that game RJ was nine of twenty five one of four from three four eight from the free throw line. I don't know then how about the UNC game it costs. You another case a diet do but in the tournament what happened down the stretch of that game. You remember that one? Put back. Oh, he put it right back. Didn't he but it was a big put back because it put them up one in down the stretch RJ took two shots and miss bolt of them. And then with twelve seconds, left Carolina, intentionally felled RJ, and send him to the freezing line. And at that point Carolina was down only one point and RJ bricked, both of he missed both of that killed you. They found it Michigan state. He had a chance to tout ballgame. You're going to get there. The third. What happened Ziya one forty one. That's the magic number here, too. And made his last shot. He drove it and banked at home and that put Duke up three points at that point and down the stretch..

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