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"zion national park service" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Star. He tried to do the right thing. The other day on the social media on Twitter after nine we got injured and he tweeted get well soon at Zion NPS, and then basically National Park Service replaced him says thanks in anticipation of heavy snow. Several roads at at Zion NPS have closed be careful out there. Visit NPS dot gov slash Zion for updates. So you see what happened to be careful with the Twitter handle at Zion NPS Zion Williams, God he tagged the park, which is by the way, the Zion national park is in Utah for booze a good job by them the seat and right back in so. Well, yeah. Salk has like we were talking about earlier. Maybe they didn't know that. They didn't know who's Zion Williams who Bouza was because it's just been that. They just didn't know that. I mean, my default is as you've complained about is sarcasm. Echo. I I'm sorry. Crazy car accident on our TV right now. Locked into the show. Title. Reaching down the sidewalk I hope that they knew what was going on. And that's why they wrote back. But if they legitimately thought that was a thoughts and prayers for them. Disappointed in Zion National Park Service department. So I brought you remember you. Remember, Don, Nelson, right? Yes. I kinda through to break and talking about those system called the hawk in the business. Right. So Don Nelson. Former warriors coach Knicks called hall of fame guy believes no fan. Legendary man he's enjoying life right now. Let's take a listen right here. What Don Nelson Nellie what he's been up to can each of. You talked briefly about what you've been doing after basketball coach. I know you live in Hawaii. Right. So I've been smoking some pot. I never smoked would I played goats. But anyway. I'm having a pretty good time is this more legal now than it's ever been. And so I've been doing that. And then. I personally am involved with red in the rental business. We have a lot of invested my fortunate Maui, and so we rent out our structures that we now we. A good living. There joint waiting for me. You got. He's got a big spliff waiting for kitchen. We have a giant spliff visine grandson. I'm available that how about that on Nelson man, this guy seventy eight years old, dude. And he's living in Hawaii. He is live in life. He's got his own. We'd called Nellie Kush. Yes. Well, I mean, if you're gonna do what you gotta do it all in Logan some. And I'll tell you you guys, I think I don't know if Mikey bees in the send out a link wherever today, he looks like he's been smoking pot. He's got this was the warriors. I guess are bringing back like people from their history throughout the year and Steven Jackson and a third person yesterday at this press conference and Nellie is in a black blazer a black T shirt. He's got well looks like a beaded necklace on beard long white hair pulled back in a pony tail a you-know-what eating grin on his face. And he might have smoked weed on his way into the room. I don't know. But he. I'm jealous. Jealousy looks. I'm looking at a fall right now at a poker table big polka guy plays poker games. He's light up a cigar. And. And and he's got a bunch of chips around him at the poker table, and he looks seasoned. That's one way to put it seasoned. And that's how you retire. I'm telling you, bro career all that money and the Hawaii I'm gonna smoke some weed. I'm gonna play some poker. He's got that that Willie Nelson. Look so big we guy will now. So right. So and he plays these big time polka games against guys like Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson old Wilson. So yeah, he's living a life, man. I mean, it's like unbelieveab- good for him. He's earned it. He's earned it. Then the league fourteen fifteen years in the NBA. And then all of a sudden he finds out I guess that marijuana is going to help them with the oth- rightous does do that. I've never smoked a joint my life. That's God never street. Bond guy, aren't ya? Oh, no. Late. I don't think he's supposed to do that with that doesn't matter. Oh, I do. I've never smoked marijuana my life and I have protein Slava. Good morning. I never wanna in my body. Is there any other way? He'll put this. Pancakes. Blue he'd if I was a big wheat guy. I'd be a lot calmer. You kidding me? I wouldn't be Mike. Mike wants me to smoke weed on my own time. Moose would love to fight. It just went and smoked weed. It doesn't it's not necessarily guaranteed to mellow you out. I mean, it could make you even more locked into a some of your emotions that. Yeah. Take in the other direction. Joel has done Nelson would tell you. There's not just one kind. Yeah. Well, this Hindu Kush is really good. Apparently. That's and he's like the OG of that the Hindu Kush. That's his thing. Don, Nelson is my research shows. So it is. But as we called Nellie Kush after him, you know, I went to high school in east York, Brooklyn, right? And I went to high school with a lot of kids from different parts of different races and different parts of the world. And a lot of kids from Jamaica queens, by the way. Nope. Jamaica, LBJ the. Gotcha. Now, somebody's kids believe it or not at times would have marijuana. Yeah. I saw they would have some marijuana and a lot of marijuana. And it was like just in Jamaica. It's Jamaica, I've been two different aisles never jumped sure you've been to Jamaica Jamaica. I think it's a huge thing there for decades. And now it's become illegal like everywhere here in the states just about right? I mean, I I don't know. I don't know the law of it. I mean, it's the rule rule was kind of everywhere. Right. I mean, isn't it? Yes. No someone help you sound like you're an expert on. I don't know if we've tipped into the majority if states. Yep. The list is growing right where it's growing illegal or fully. Unintended plumbing amount. That's. So. Yeah. So so Dan, Nelson is live in lies the coolest old man ever. He really is dude. I mean, these who's got it better than him. And I appreciate him being all in about it. I mean, he looks like a dude he's got a little he looks a little like Ray Donovan's dad, Jon Voight, a little like that kind swagger thing going on social media team tweeted out the photo, right? He's got a little like old school the dude from the big lebowski like he's grown into that. Like, just I'm all in the chain. The pony tail. The beer. He's completely in the eighties in Hawaii on the be our shirt, coconut drinks. I mean, he's just maxed it out. And I, you know at a research team just informing ten states right now. Marijuana's legal. Okay. So ten states, and as far as to why I really feel like soon, I told my wife this I'm going to move to Hawaii. So I'm gonna have to talk to a program director here and inform him that I'm going to be doing the show from Hawaii. Okay, going forward. Yes. That's that's one AM to four AM. And I'll be locked in Taza moose, dang, right? Yup. I'm probably over the why of next couple of years. So I'm here for a long one, bro. You guys can get rid of me. That's how this goes all if I Don Nelson just sitting there on a huge beard, gray hair, bald spots, tattoos everywhere. Blow my weight up probably four hundred pounds eating as much sushi as possible great sushi in Hawaii. So I'll just just just life. I'm not saying I'm going to be a big we'd head Don Nelson. Just talking on a joint test the kids call it been smoke. Some pot. Joint the kids hall of Connor. Yes. Khanna's? I got no comment. Yeah. So anyway. Listen, I'm all in on the idea of you doing a show from Hawaii one AM and just. That'd be great. Chernoff, go for that. I think so I don't think I would either think he's all in on that. I really believe that think about it. You can watch football at ten thirty in the morning. Thirty in the morning, Mike, I'm seriously considering doing this, and I'm not jokin. So I'm just letting him know chances out I've been moosh it either. So I'm not saying just her next year. It's going to happen. He's even sicker. He's on. He's on a bowl. Listen to the show. Also, these feeling better hearing that weight has going to be in Hawaii, and I'll be okay. Right. Yeah. I'm feeling better. No. It's all good. So yeah, we'll go for Dan Nelson. I mean, really it's a it's a big deal at that. He's enjoying his life selling Cush. So it's just I looked at the amount of pressure to guys probably had them all the years coaching. And playing and his body's probably not one hundred percent. So now, he's just living on cloud nine. Joe? That's the way we should all go out. Do it doing absolutely nothing with a fun hobby? Like that you might pick up golf you could knit. You could do whatever. Obvious. Tweeden good. Sublime online. Actually, love sublime. The band submitted us at all. Course, I'm a smoke two joints. That would have been a great play on.

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