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"zine vote magazine" Discussed on Awards Chatter

"And she had done the photo session for Richard Avedon in the dress. And nobody paid that much attention. It was in vogue, and it was black and white, and all of a sudden and so we send her off. I with her to, to the met ball in both of us real looking pretty good. We were young and whatever, and people were like, oh, oh, visit photographers all of a sudden appeared just if somebody has if they if they're trying to visualize what we're talking about. It's a nude colored. But also there's quite a bit. That's visible very sheer dress, right? All beaded. And then with little little feathers vulture feathers. Everybody thinks they're all mulcher feathers stripped, vulture. And so was that address that you were particularly or not drilling is one that I did that I wanted to, to make a little bit of noise? When we when we invoke bags, Zine vote magazine layout, was interesting. It started at turn of the century and worked its way up through the through the decades to the nineteen I wasn't nineteen seventies, I guess, you know is futuristic what? Ever. Anyway, anyway, she wa-. She is what he what do you think we should wear to the to the metropolitan? And she's all my wanna wear that new dress. Well, of course it was new. It was, it was so see-through and all these kind of divas of a moment. Ribeiro. Dressed up. But not that good. Bianca jagger. Orissa Berenson's in all these ladies that were that moment in time, they were the Hutsi dot CS, and we sat down freelance table, and she had poet guarded forties movies there. And and I just had the best time that night. And of course, I had stuff in the exhibit and she got photographed by million. I mean, share every, every photographer there when omega now we can really do something. And it was in every paper the next day..

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