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"zina balans" Discussed on WINS 1010

"The writer justin schrager is at the editor's desk i'm susan richard bloomberg larry coffee lose the closing bell honor mostly lower they've car hey totally push left the dow was a gain of about eight points could for another record the nasdaq closed a nineteen point loss new terms you'll give us twenty two members of the world it is thursday october nineteen 2007 zina balans and here's what's happening and president trump himself maria down in puerto rico contrast to what he said earlier about katrina being a real stormy now says maria was the bigger salads invented himself on the back we'll tell you what critics are saying about it roosevelt this afternoon over cops are literally beating the is looking for the body of a gang member which has them calming a wooded area we'll be here with more drawn advice bikes used by delivery guys are not only legal but dangerous as it's just a matter of time before somebody gives flattened by of teens a guy flying through an intersection these looking at levying von and boy i wouldn't be caught dead in those shoes before you say that make sure that person is dead would you believe us studied suggesting that a newly disease person might still be able to hear you talk about some serious afterthought meantime europe do no nunes begins were right now sunny breezy and warm today with a high of 74 degrees down vips zebit tonight and in sports hearst leads jeremy lives dented his season with a ruptured patella tendon the nets are off the next open up against former teammate aci lu anthony in oklahoma city the rangers host the islanders the devil's gate in ottawa the new liz news time 401 from the dodge traffic center here is jailed nicolini yes votes are.

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