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"zhao felix antoine" Discussed on Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

"Where does Antoine degrees in name or end up at the beginning of August? What color is will they be wearing? I think Grease woman is going to Barcelona Nay more kind of uncertain about he'll. I think he'll still be at P._S.. Gee I don't know if if they're really willing to sell them after everything they paid again in the first place <hes> but I think Greenspan minutes gone 'cause if I if I'm thinking about if I'm remembering correctly I think the joyal Felix I think he plays the same position as greenman right so I I think Athletico Madrid already found the replacement for him and he's already said he's leaving Athletico Madrid so I think Barcelona's GonNa end up being his destination. They also took they also they gave Zhao Felix Antoine agreements number so even if you go back he would have to pick a different number so he's good as gone what does confirm on the s now confirmed Grysman is gone yeah and they've found his successor the gave him a Shitload of money like one hundred twenty six. You know nothing that's yes. This makes me WANNA for an eighteen year old kid who's played eighteen seventy games. He's played twenty seven games. Can you imagine for Benfica Yeah I mean great players have come out of the Portuguese league. I mean don't get me wrong Renaldo but God. T._M.. When I think about that it makes me sad I what am I? What am I doing with my life that I let you down? Sorry mom into the next question comes from Gunar Neal. He says will arsenal sign a player. Eh Will they <hes> I'm going to say yes and it's probably going to be Zaha for ridiculous fee. I will start with Kyle. This time does Arsenal get the job done and if so who will it be could see I think they really need to sign defender or midfielder though because there are tax fine with with block boming they just they just need to <hes> flush out midfield and defence but Zohar would be a terrible signing at all yeah I think uh-huh definitely a be perfect for that trio of front and then like you just they look behind them in there like who are these fucking schmucks behind me. You know I I don't what are you. What are we doing here arsenal of what I've been asking myself my entire life Alex <hes> what what what does arsenal do do they get the job done? Do they pay the ridiculous fevers. I Ha I I would pay the ridiculous a high. He's a great player. They really need him. <hes> I think I think they need him and they need to sign one more player. I think they need to find. They need to build something out of the back that that defense is just not working for them and I think that once I I'd probably say they could probably sneak by the first two I are actually not the first to probably like the first four five weeks of the Premier League but after that they're like teams are going to find out exactly how they play exactly what their weaknesses are and they're not very deep in the defense so I think if they don't fix something if they don't shape something up than I it's going to look really hard for arsenal yeah God. I mean that that back line. I'm just dreading ready it. Just you know like you were saying it's going to be the first four word six weeks and then you know arsenal November comes around is my favorite time of the year <hes>. I'm just not excited whatsoever all right next question comes from the soccer swap they say what are the top three transfers in this current window in why <hes> I'll go first time time I would say hazard Kovic. I really like that and I mean I can't. I can't say grysman right. We it's not confirmed government confirmed it. Oh Fuck Yeah. We did confirm it on the show. Sorry we reconfirmed it. Reconfirmed Grossman did sign Barcelona. I'll make another one. I'll say Ramsey for free transfer event as those great business event is unreal business. <hes> I'll start with Alex's Alex this time Alex..

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