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"zhang tobias" Discussed on The HoopsHype Podcast With Alex Kennedy

The HoopsHype Podcast With Alex Kennedy

03:27 min | 1 year ago

"zhang tobias" Discussed on The HoopsHype Podcast With Alex Kennedy

"Welcome to hoops hype podcast. My name is Alex Kennedy and joining me today to break down a trade that actually just happened as well. As some other trade deadline news at rumors is my hoops hype colleague franker Beena, Frank what's being great Alex almost during in the morning, but I got a freaking jolts advantage. And like I chunked a coffee after I check my phone for one last time tonight. I see back to back bombs from shops and from wool Zhang Tobias. Harris freaking traded Tobias Harris. This is I love this leak so much it can be three in the morning. And then, you know, NBA nerds like you. And I just rushed our laptops to record a podcast. This league is the best for anyone who missed the trade. The Los Angeles Clippers are trading to bias areas. Bo-bottle Ianovich and Mike Scott to the Sixers for Landry. Shamet Wilson Chandler, Mike Scala and a two thousand twenty first rounder and a two thousand twenty one unprotected first rounder via Miami and then to second rounders. So that's the whole deal. Whenever I saw Tobias Harris is the first jumps out, obviously. Because I mean, the is having a monster year he has been useful about as a possible all stars have because he's playing so well, he's averaging twenty point seven points seven point, nine rebounds, two point seven assists, two threes per game. He's been very efficient to he shooting. Forty nine point three percent from the field for a two point two percent from three point range. He's in the seventy third percentile in isolation scoring and actually this is interesting to me. I tweeted this out because whenever Jimmy Butler got traded to the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers I and cover the team and spent two days around them. It was ballers first time, you know, getting into Philly meeting everyone and all of that. And one thing that to me was dwelling beat said, we have something now that we never had before someone to create their own shots and make shots off the dribble. And that was right. You know, he was talking about Butler's ability to create for himself, and now with Tobias Harris a guy that has I mentioned is so good ice. Oh situations. And really hasn't been doing this whole career. He's always been a guy that can score for himself, and you know, create buckets. I cover him in Orlando for a while. So I got to know Tobias pretty well. He's the kind of guy that really can carry an offense. But on top of that he's also a guy that knows his role and is a really good locker room guy. You know, you look at Jimmy Butler, and some of the issues that have popped up there where you have a number of these alpha males in Philly and everyone wants the ball. Everyone wants attention in that kind of thing to buys the exact opposite of that to by a quiet guy. He's he's going to be absolutely fine being the third or fourth star on this team. But I think he still such an underrated talent. So this is kind of move that people like you, and I freak out over because we see how good this team could be, you know, whereas a casual fan may here Tobias Harris and think oh, I don't really know what drives game. But how excited are you for this move because I look at it. And I'm wondering, okay, first of all how can the Sixers team be Tobias areas is a perfect fit because he cannot not only score the ball off the dribble. But he is so great at catching shooting opportunities. You shooting forty two point two. Percent from three which is already three points. He was a huge refill already. You add to things that they absolutely needed. He's only twenty six years old. So don't expect any kind of declined. They could resign him the summer. He's at unrestricted free agent this summer. So they could resign him. This is a very very interesting move. And if I'm the if I'm a team like the Toronto Raptors or Milwaukee Bucks Indiana Pacers that was competing with Philly and near the top of the Eastern Conference. I hate this right now. Absolutely. I mean, what a train like just I don't know where to land the guy like Tobias hairs..

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