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"zero one percent" Discussed on Dr Ron Unfiltered Uncensored

"But most often sleep apnea is caused by what obesity. So let's get to the cause. Let's get to the splinter so we can get rid of the dangers linked to this apnea heart disease dementia and even death and also how about the danger of hauling around too much fat drop those extra pounds ladies and gentlemen even dropping. Some of that excess weight can have a dramatic. Make a dramatic difference. There are studies out there that show that you can be the easier just by losing ten percent of your body weight. Who knows if you lose a lot. More maybe can cure the condition completely. So let's look into c-pap machines made by phillips us. Thank dr allen's spring for bringing this to our attention But i think is really important that you know this two million of you that could be affected by this. Okay so let's go one and let's just mention. Have you heard of dr j. buddha korea. Dr bata correa entered stanford at age eighteen and stayed there. He has lots of degrees and he had. He has taken a stance on this whole coded chinese virus and the experimental vaccines along with epidemiologist Martin corridor of harvard and suny tra- gupta of oxford they. Authored co-authored the great barrington declaration. Which argued for protecting the vulnerable while allowing those with little risk to go about their business. He was not for the lockdowns. That were precipitated by false model. Learn neil from great britain doc. Buta tire correa is a research associate at the national bureau of economic research in stanford center for democracy the demography economics of health and ageing. He says a few things all summarize here early in the pandemic the world health organization warned of an affection fatality rate of three to four percent. And that's why they locked us all down. And they use other drastic measures to taken away our rights and our constitutional rights. Dr buddha kara in march twenty twenty postulated the rate was only about point zero one percent. And he's right even phony foul she said in the new england journal of medicine in watch twenty twenty. The rate was probably less than one percent and it could turn out to be point zero.

apnea heart disease dementia dr allen Dr bata correa Martin corridor apnea obesity dr j Buta tire correa phillips stanford center for democracy stanford korea national bureau of economic re harvard oxford neil Dr buddha kara britain
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The LeftOut Podcast.

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"zero one percent" Discussed on The LeftOut Podcast.

"Real. I wasn't lost. I've met one test that i've met one guy who said he'd continue that relationship. Plenty of guts not always say plenty book. It depends like obviously for me context because of culture religion the sorts of something. I could sit mum. No she's top zero zero one percent like not without a push for myself. But i think for it's weird i. I've actually asked like workmates. And stuff sometimes even me. I'm surprised like putting like religion of stuff aside. And i'm cool with it like some guys. Some guys on. I find interesting. I personally wouldn't be one. I guess it's different like lifestyle different like preference personal perspective but i. I wouldn't be the same like i think. Like what's that chick anna paul. She does okay. she's a talk. She's this ticked because she's making a lot of money from any fans following. You know what may get back. Way outta t. Hey when we were hanging out like a date a makeup.

anna paul
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"I was just kind of sitting there being firewall. You gotta be like. What am i going to say. It's not like you know you're just a regular person hanging out with seemingly even though they're the best players best people in the world what they do. They're super humble super nice and they were just relaxing on a saturday watching football. It's like pretty much what you all do so Yeah i mean say after about just the generosity of those guys like yeah you guys can come over. You can shown so very cool. That's not so it was going to do and yet a crazy weekend. So that was colts. A huge scottsdale. So i know cold very well. He's around all the time. Like if i need a dinner reservation at a sweet spot like i text colt and he fucking hooks me up or josh. Who also cooks it up or todd martin. Who are all on this trip. Who are great but colt is. The man coach. Also very plugged in and his biggest angle against us is that like we're fucking idiots. Who don't know the ins and outs of golf. And he's absolutely right about that. What he's wrong about. Is that thinking that that in any way matters we are like ninety five percent of people that love golf exactly like us. They play the courses that we play. They play them like we play them. They struggle with the swing the same way that we struggle the only people that are like cold colquhoun one. Us ambassador colt played on the pga tour. You know how many people that actually pick up golf club. Colton host fucking zero point zero one percent of payroll like in the world that play golf so i get that. If you're really deepen the sauce you could be like. How the fuck are these guys doing. Well when they don't have the experience of the know with all that i have but golf is different sport brother where so many people play it that they have way more of an experience and a relationship to the game that we have whereas if you tuned into like football coverage and obviously like takes a little bit different but for the most part of you tune into like football coverage you want people that are fucking experts at football because you just watch football. You don't necessarily play it what we benefit from as we play golf like everyone else plays golf all the time and it allows our voice to resonate make a lot more sense with people and we watch golf similar to how other people watch golf and cultures doesn't he can't wrap his brain around that and that he thinks that story is like the most damning thing of all time to lurch where it's like i was even a couple other people like i think. Ninety five percent of people watch golf pry would have been like who the fuck is this guy what he wanted and i hope it gets back to call. I don't want to know who. Bud kalias okay. I don't care about who had colleagues. We went on a trip to bandon dunes. We talk about our golf experiences. Like you're saying zero point zero zero one percent experience. The things that happened on the pga tour we watch. Cbs watch nbc..

golf football ambassador colt todd martin colts scottsdale colquhoun ins josh Colton pga Us Bud kalias bandon dunes Cbs nbc
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Real Estate Rookie

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"Earning point zero one percent interest in that savings account right and as a rookie investor. You've got to change that perspective that you're not asking for handout. You're not asking for a favor. You're presenting the opportunity to invest. Yeah one student. I mentor. His name is bosco. First of all really quick. I love this kid. Like i was talking to him last year during cove it and he was sitting in his car. I hope he doesn't get mad but he was sitting in his car like brady underwater financially like credit card debt..

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Medical Device Success - Your Success is Our Mission!

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"zero one percent" Discussed on Medical Device Success - Your Success is Our Mission!

"Good. You know i came up through medtronic new vases spiffing nephew during the distinct silo. Difference between marketing. Does this sales. Does this the lines are blurred. So i believe that. And the reason why i talk so much on sales even though point. Zero zero zero. One percent of our revenue is sales. Related is because i remember what it felt like when i was a sales consultant being told by boss. Just make more calls. It's a numbers game right. it's knock on more doors. just drop off more. You know subway subs. I remember that mentality thinking. Yeah it. it's not going to continue to work. So i i have a heart for sales people because i think it's worthy actions at when when when i look at where transformation is taking place and you see me talking on lincoln. I'm kinda using the gretzky approach of skate to where the puck is going so for me if it's surgeon related. I spend my time focused on how to follow the migration of patients to an outpatient surgery center how to maintain your free agent independence and how to not fall victim to become in quote unquote yet. Another full-service surgeon and on the sale side. I am focusing on the transformation of what i would call the modern day distributor. If you notice..

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BiggerPockets Money Podcast

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"zero one percent" Discussed on BiggerPockets Money Podcast

"One deal every month plus a week every five weeks that i would purchase on therefore my opportunity fund should definitely be used up in five six seven weeks with these types of things. But if i think if you're with the way you're approaching it philosophically scares me a little bit because it could be very long time and it could literally mean anything. So i'd write down a specific set of actions that you're going to take and have a very reasonable timeline to act on that. Otherwise you're gonna lose to inflation with that for an opportunity that is very ill defined. So it'd be my only advice in response to what you're describing there i guess. Also what do you guys think of the idea of investing that those funds in something that is semi liquid in has a higher return specifically there's a local hard money lender. That has a fun that pays nine percent. They ask a year commitment blood. They're flexible with that. And essentially with a thirty day notice you can get funds out safer a down payment when i find a property or something like that. This is a good question. I don't like that because they want a year commitment and just because they say you can have your money back doesn't mean that they haven't lent money out to everyone and they don't have money to give you back with regards to your down payment right now like the the the responsibility isn't to grow it as much as you can. The responsibility is to protect the value that it is right now and it's so counter. Intuitive to you know all. I want to invest in the stock market. And make it grow and you put it in a high yield savings account and it's like point zero zero zero one percent actually getting three percent on that right now. They're aware h bradley. are so popular that now they are invitation only and it gets a little confusing and complicated because it's a tear structure so every quarter. They look at the amount of money that you put in there. What your savings rate is and if you maintain over twenty percent.

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"Those are some very very interesting statistics. And if you don't believe those headlines let's go right to their actual data summary of the mortality in the report here. And if you look to the right you have two columns one at the very far right percents percent of child cases resulting in death and the one right next to that says percent children of total deaths. You can see on the far right. The percent of child cases resulting in death has been point zero one percent from basically almost the start of twenty twenty one until this most recent report. That has not changed. Yeah we're rise. Sent me seeing it right there right. We should be seeing this rise coming into april of of the delta variant. And there's nothing there i mean. It is zero point zero one the whole time exactly if the delta variant was really that deadly for kids we should have been seeing some effects there in about mid june by about june nineteenth june twentieth by the data. From the cdc. Because that's one about a third of reported cases in the us all cases worse we're finding delta so we're not seeing that we see with with all due respect to that data down here we do see in the percentage children of total debts. We see it go from point. Zero six percent two point zero seven percent so small small number. But i guess i wanna make a note of that but now let's go to the summary of hospitalizations because the question is why not dying are they are they. What's the hospitalization rate. Is there some number here. We should really worry about same thing. Far to write columns percent children of total hospitalizations. Two point three percent can see. It goes from two point zero at the bottom again. This is an april. Two two point one to point two two point three but again on the far right were hospitalization rate. We're seeing point. Eight percent point nine percent. It's not really these astronomical rises and just for just for understanding hospitalization is basically means being admitted to the hospital providing treatment of any kind to a person that is been admitted to hospital inpatient in the hospital. So we're talking. When we say hospitalization this could be a vast array of things from allow serious to an iv drip little. Yep right maybe talking oxygen. It's really sobering to see these numbers and this is why we wanted to do this. Because it really comes at a data. I mean i don't care what new york times washington post want to say about the high wire spreading misinformation or cnn or msnbc. But you people. Are you know a tragedy when it comes to news. You're not giving people today. Do you think they could scare people if they said you know that. The risk of dying is zero point zero one percent. You better get on it. I think people like wait a minute. That's ridiculous but they won't they. This is what. I'm so brushing with with the mainstream media. Give people the facts. It's been a year and a half stop just like blue. V aiding at them with your hypochondria matt walls puts it and start seeing some data. We have the data. this isn't a mystery one. You let me decide. If i think that that's a high death rate if you liked that clip and be sure to check out our live broadcast of the high wire every thursday morning at at eleven. Am pacific time. You can watch it on. I tunes and twitter. We'll see you there..

cdc us washington post msnbc new york times matt walls cnn twitter
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The Win-Win Effect

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"zero one percent" Discussed on The Win-Win Effect

"Because i don't feel motivated enough to do all be that woman or do those things my partner. Because i'm essentially settling for something that i'm comfortable with the now sir. The reason why reform as well in my personal life is because i'm not motivated enough to same thing is a career what it's like. Why are you not performing. It's because your employees employees a plea whatever whatever it is. They don't motivate passionate within the product. The company all the stoffel. Whatever it is. You don't write abated to without action. Really is nothing in a long piece of string. That will lost sir. I think yeah just not enough motivation. Not enough passion. Not enough not enough that i want to stick around or do things full okay. Is it because of gas. Don't see the gratification. Saad of it enough of on and not saying personal or business because i know we in related to business is fine because here thing if you're in business and i'm putting in all this work right and move that needle just a little bit but here's the thing and we both know about success in about the grind you get to a certain point in that tipping point and all that momentum just food you might point zero one percent point zero one percent and that's the frequent grind right. There is working at one hundred percent towards something. You're so passionate about that. You feel inside of your soul and everyone else around. You is telling you. Europe moron pretty much the only move that needle just a little bit and you get guess what you get back up tomorrow and you're putting in an effort an effort attitude things. You can't buy the store so that tipping point but if you're not seeing that return because you're not it's about faith right that's the symbol of faith this believing something inside of your soul. The you know to be true. Is it no faith in that part because you don't see enough to return on that investment of time and effort you're putting in a lot of things right a super high. You're like my expectations are just through the roof not to be like you know jacob added that i just think i've gone through so much in my life to get to that point. I think you know as a woman i really been through the stakes to the mod to the to the stars. And if i were hoffa's my personal alcoho- foss anything that comes towards may I'm i'm really just lying to myself. And i just think i've been through To to take something on. Vicki why can't we have all like people like all you can't have it all you got to compromise. Should i mean. I don't know if i really believed like a used to believe it but i'm like i don't know if i want to because he can't have it also Obviously this is compromising along the way. But i wanna at least nine percent. This is something i speak a lot about. 'cause i'm i'm really passionate about people say that you can't have it all but it's not about their all what they perceived.

stoffel Saad Europe hoffa jacob foss Vicki
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"Of the stuff around us. We can see some colors. We can't see everything. You don't see know ultra-violet i don't see infrared none of that. Your dog cannot see rainbow it cannot sense it so there are things that we can sense as well but if you really look at it you know what is the entire universe of dark matter but you know everything we can comprehend zero point zero one percent of that or zero zero one percent huge difference but it's hard to think about and so what is out there that we cannot see is what all of this is about if you were born and raised in and They were showing you the energy that it's a normal thing then it would be a normal thing that if you were you know raised that. Hey every day. We stop at mcdonald's and that's a normal thing. We play soccer every day. That's a normal thing so things become normal with with some habit so this is also very Shape would this is part of of every nation every population on this from the beginning of time but it was not something that they pushed in commercial If you look at evening news Six thirty national news all medication. Everything is That's the advertisement not how to heal. How do you know love each other out the hug. And so so. Bio-energy itself describes the human energy. It's snowing in china's chee and japan is key in china and so on so this is just a different method of of Working with with this energy my teacher has has healed about a million half people up to allow yes amazing so you know after about one hundred thousand you kind of figure out what works. And what doesn't and he put that into into his system. I took over that system. And i and i adjusted to to my own liking and my own persona and the inexperience and that's what i what i pass on so i added to assist them some lessons on how feel the energy and how to see the energy literally anybody can learn either one of those ten minutes. It's it's not a big deal. It's like those three dimensional pictures you know you tried to see you try and try and once you see you your your mind figured it out and you pick it up. Yeah so in the in the The idea is basically that since everything is energy we also have an energy field now. This desk that. I'm sitting by this. Energy will always be the same until i burn this desk. My energy changes your energy. And everybody's energy changes all the time it changes with your thoughts changes with your food. The changes it with the environment and on and on and on and these things we can talk about days.

mcdonald china chee soccer japan
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The Erick Erickson Show

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"zero one percent" Discussed on The Erick Erickson Show

"Facts to say the centers for disease control and prevention has screwed. Up is well i i. You can't overstate the panic. The rush to max masks. You've got school districts. Now fretting about shutting back down school districts not even reopening. You've got school districts around the country demanding that all students wear masks. You've got cities around the country now imposing mass mandates Here in georgia. I i would really love to see the governor of the state Go fight the mayor of atlanta and the mayor of savannah. Who have demanded mask. Mandates in florida governor raimondo. santa's has banned mask mandate statewide. Greg abbott in texas as banned them unfortunately enjoyed. Our constitution is different. You know state laws do matter and our constitution is different. You may have to have a special session. Legislature governor ought to call it. I wanna give you the real world. Data the rate of breakthrough cases. What is the raiders breakthrough cases. What is a breakthrough case. A breakthrough case is someone who's fully vaccinated against cova gets the delta variant. Here's the range point. Zero one percent in connecticut two point nine zero percent in oklahoma the rate of breakthrough cases among fully vaccinated ranges from point zero one percent of vaccinated people in connecticut..

centers for disease control an raimondo Greg abbott savannah georgia atlanta santa florida texas Legislature raiders cova connecticut oklahoma
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That's a Thing?!

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"zero one percent" Discussed on That's a Thing?!

"This is clearly like an interest for her that she spends a lot of time delving into and i would say the degree of protection. She put surround herself in order to mimic that. That would also have to be an interest of yours like a hobby of yours is making his otherwise just the hate to quality of life. I would take followed every piece of advice. You've if all seems sound would just be crushing. No i forgot to switch out. The boots were fake. I have to a whole new pair. Create like an elaborate trail of break up on my social media in case somebody is watching me and wonders what happened or whatever. yeah an my other thing is that The odds of a lot of the things she talks about happening or super laos reducing already. Low odds so i'm not sure A lot of these things. Reduce the risk of something happening to you enough that it's meaningfully different because the chance of something happening to you all already super low. Obviously that depends on a lot of things like where you live and who you are and who you've met in your life who may always be following you but you need your compact for but for a lot of people it's like and there was a zero point zero zero two percent chance of this happening and zero point zero zero one percent chance of this happening. So you've reduced your risk by fifty percent. But it wasn't gonna write. Meanwhile you have increased your anxiety and you're like there's a cost.

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The Ben Shapiro Show

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"zero one percent" Discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show

"Vaccinated but they have supplied zero data. No transparency no information. I have a debate. Why is that. Because i don't think they don't really have the date or the date or a week. Dr wolinsky said in rare circumstances vaccinated person may transmit. Well if it's one percent point one percent point zero one percent. There's no reason for the mask recommendations but we don't know because they won't tell us that dr gerard is of course former assistant secretary for health in the trump administration meanwhile another doctrine msnbc. And this really. Does i summarize the conflict in the country. This this doctor on. Msnbc dr patel. She says that we have to believe we'll linski and fallacy. We have to write or alternatively we could check out the data they present whether it is weak or strong and then determine whether they're even recommending anything remotely resembling sensical public policy. But really this what it's come down to. We have to trust them. We have we must. There's no question. The cdc is one of the premier authorities on top of data and science than we have to believe. Exactly what dr linski. Dr filed cheek set when they're seeing concerning signs that people who are fully vaccinated are at risk of transmitting. this virus. Not getting sick and dying but transmitting this especially to half the country that's unvaccinated. This is just all they want is continuation as the only rationale here. They what they must like the control they must love it. it's it's all paternalistic by the way. I don't think it's any coincidence. That joe biden has announced that he wishes to congress to extend the federal eviction moratorium. The cdc more the cdc put what is probably an illegal moratorium on vision of tenants. I was not aware that the cdc is anywhere granted legislative power to prevent people from victim. Tenant you don't pay the rent and the vaccines have now been widely available since march april..

Dr wolinsky dr gerard trump administration dr patel msnbc dr linski cdc Dr joe biden congress
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The Ben Shapiro Show

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"zero one percent" Discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show

"Is what i would rely upon if god forbid my family or my more nature coming over to bravo company. Mfg dot com. You can discover more about their products special offers upcoming news. That's bravo company. Mfg dot com. If you need more convincing find out even more about bcm and the people who make their products at youtube dot com slash bravo company u s. A okay so on the back of all of this jabirjabir about how everyone is going to die of the delta marion's again let me remind you he's actually it's amazing i'm like the opposite of quote unquote acting tonight. I think these vaccines are incredibly effective. In fact according to shirt research square and put together a really cool chart showing how much risk is lowered from cove in nineteen. After taking the vaccine he basically number one. If you are below the age of thirty you are less likely to die of ovid. Unvaccinated than every other age group in the united states vaccinated is. We should start with that. We're talking about like at a rate of point. Zero zero zero one. Eight zero zero point. Zero zero zero one percent people or unvaccinated under the age of thirty will die of. Kobe was a very very low numbers. Nobody stops there life to prevent the chance of a point. Zero zero zero one percents. Nobody that but halifax vaccines if you are at the age of thirty then your risk from death of covert nineteen goes from point zero zero one percent which is one in about. Let's see one hundred one thousand one in ten thousand one hundred thousand spell one in one hundred thousand if you are at the age of thirty blake below the age of thirty five hate. It goes from that. Two point zero zero zero one percent. If you're thirty five it goes from like point. Zero zero five percents all the way down to close to zero. And now if you go the higher you go the more. The the risk is higher at the baseline. And then the more. The risk is reduced. Madame percentage basis of your fifty five euro nearly point one percent chance of death from cove in nineteen before vaccination. And now you're downs. Lake a point zero zero five.

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The 443 - Security Simplified

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"zero one percent" Discussed on The 443 - Security Simplified

"But why pull out the big guns when the freaking nerf gun can knock down the victim. I mean while we just kind of joked about the lincoln password breached probably not leaking too much sensitive data all the password breaches before that you know led to this type of thing and we already know password reuse is pretty decent still to spent despite us all telling people not to do it so yeah not sophisticated but hey it doesn't take much apparent and and all we joke at it but like this. These passard spraying brute force attacks. This is literally just like step one of several hundred steps when it comes to a bigger breached like the solar winds one probably started with passard spraying brute force or something's fishing tactic at credentials and then from there. But but you may get a tiny little target. I mean the one thing. We're we're minimizing that article. I don't remember the exact. The article of this dispute forcing a tiny fraction succeed like they saw it across a lot of customers but the the blog post mentioned only a couple. Was it three. I only three of them actually worked. But that's the thing. I mean if you're when it's the easy method if you can find three that's good enough to start and maybe the three is even the low privileged computer in a more segmented part of the network but your point. That's only the start now. You have a slightly privileged bastion host in your target. Then you get lateral movement. There you might need a little more sophisticated techniques but usually that little elevated place of privilege is usually the start to a slow breakdown in the entire chain and like as we've talked about previously like even getting a foothold from there. It's pretty easy to elevate privileges on a like a microsoft network for example through many different. Yeah i forget the. It was a couple of black hats ago but even getting like a guest privilege on internal windows machine. There's a group of pen testers that was able to get domain credentials. Every time it might have been a number of hops but there's literally a tool they had where they played network sniffing to to capture hashes and then played. Pass the hash tricks. And it might have taken a few hops of privileged. Get to where they needed to where they could finally find a domain credential but in every single ca you know action. They took our operation. they did they. They eventually got to domain admin. So it doesn't take much it you know once you get a little bit of privileged and even though it was only three successful hits for this one. I'm going to do some pretty complex math here but three is more than zero which means for such a low effort attack it has worthwhile for them to continue the same of method. That's why people still do basic phishing and spam right there's hundreds of billions of failed spam emails. It's probably only point. Zero one percent where people click on them but when you're talking hundreds of millions of people receive in them point. Zero one percent is enough of a retail exactly also interesting in their disclosure though Microsoft noted that during their investigation they found some information stealing our on a machine belonging to one of their customer support agents Who had access to some basic account information for a small number of customers as well So it's interesting where they're investigating these state-sponsored actors and now they're finding our under tech sport machines to me. I'd seen the story about the tech support machine before i read their blog. Post talking about this too and to me..

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Doug Miles Media

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"zero one percent" Discussed on Doug Miles Media

"At a diagnosis and even then the treatment is not the first course of treatment is not drugs it's interventions in the family. Is the child feeling stressed at home or interventions at the school is the child maybe too young for the class or having problems with the teacher. So they don't immediately go to Prescription medication for childhood problems in finland. It's the adhd almost non-existent zero point zero one percent one. One hundred percent of children are diagnosed.

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ACG - The Best Gaming Podcast

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"zero one percent" Discussed on ACG - The Best Gaming Podcast

"World books. Like the lord tab in a video game few people go to it. That's just the honest truth. That's just the honest truth. How many times have you got an encyclopedia in a game. And you. don't go to that tab. Most of us. Don't that's just the honest truth guys. Most people don't click the pedia tab and read two pages of shit they just don't i mean there's been video games where they tracked that and there were like less than zero point. Zero one percent of people fucking looked at that stuff. That's just the way it is. And it's okay and only certain gamers are going to click that tab and that's what happens with dandy gamers is. There's that extra tab of of interest they they wanna take a step into a more difficult zone because even the easiest roleplaying game is de facto. Most likely more difficult than jumping into a game because most games have a tutorial of some kind even if they suck they do but a lot of d. and d. games. Just go and look at online tutorials and people be like i mean geyser so bad men. They're so bad in this. If anybody's listening who's made one. I apologize so i just want to make sure but if you see if you see role playing ones are so bad. They're like susan says there's an e cloven front of you and you know the fucking shadows are long and blah blah blah blah blah blah. And then. what do you do. And it's like okay seriously. Seriously what do you first of all what do you do. I guess that could be normally said. He usually at least in all the groups. I've ever played. It's a conversation to where the gm and admittedly. I can talk like a motherfucker. But i'm gonna say admittedly usually what happens is the. Gm is giving constant data and they know their character's skills and strengths. And what is there. They give constant data until somebody interrupts them. That's pretty much what happens now..

susan two pages Zero less than zero point pedia one percent one first
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Radicalize Me

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"zero one percent" Discussed on Radicalize Me

"Did a show that i don't label as comedy necessarily because it's not not always gonna be. Yeah yeah so it's the day after the fucking Coup attempt because that's what it is like the co like the trump speech like he. He just told them to go there and do that. Yeah i mean they've been saying it's like a one level it's not surprising grameen anyone's is big For four years knows this was possible but it's also just so a usual in so novel that it is really shocking to see. Yeah i think anyone. That's acting surprised is either part of the problem is like a trump supporter covering their ass or just extremely ignorant not paying attention but like right from the from the day. He announced his campaign. You knew this possible right. Yeah those before we won those yeah he can do anything and the sport him when i was telling someone. It's like well you know they were saying what's so crazy to this. People are like that. I'm like you know there's what almost four million people in the country you need. Point zero zero zero zero zero zero one percent. You know like you need the craziest of the crazy people and you're still get like a few thousand of them do you like. That's why it's dangerous now but it's Yeah i feel like. I'm still sort of in shock about it. Yeah i thought. I thought i was in a different universe like i woke up from a nap and a great mood like personal had like a humor piece published that morning. This is a great day. The dams one the senate i was like this is great. Everything's looking up. I took a nap. I woke up..

The Lazy Man Build Strategy For Display Campaigns

The Paid Search Podcast

04:10 min | 2 years ago

The Lazy Man Build Strategy For Display Campaigns

"We've been talking a lot about display. I think one reason display so popular and let me know if you agree with this. Chris is because was searched. We kind of know what's realistic. We know what to expect on a good campaign on an okay campaign and then we know kind of when it came pains not working. It's pretty obvious But the the possibilities are fairly defined in in kind of our minds is but with display There's so many ways to go about it. The network is so huge. There's so much inventory That the the outcomes i think are spread across such a wide range that display success can mean so many things so many different people That the possibilities are very inspiring. And so do you kind of get the vibe from people when they talked about the display network like hey we're only scratching the surface. Let's figure out what's there is that do you think that's why it's kind of very popular these days among our audience. I think more personally. My thought. And from what i've heard from our patrons is the lure is because cpc on a search campaign can be so restrictive especially for small budget campaigns. And i think the fact that you can get clicks at five times the rate ten times the rate depends on whatever your search. Cpc is if you're paying ten dollars a click on google dot com and you can get stuff for thirty five cents on display. You know even if the quality is kinda crappy. It's still worth the investment to try things like that. That's what that's what. I assume most people because that's what i'm interested in is a large volume and if i can get point zero one percent of those to be a success. I'm still ahead. You know it's another fun thing about it from just to use her manager perspective is you can do a lot with it. You can get a lot of data you can test ideas and find out if they work quickly and cheaply because is usually so much Inventory And you don't have to bid ally and it just leads to a lot of like a lot of idea generation so you've come up with a very particular strategy that you're saying yes is both cheap and effective and so i guess let's start off your what. What is the goal of this strategy. What kind of situation that you find yourself in maybe for a client when you would recommend this con- strategy okay. So i wanted to find effective when i say effective. I want to lower the bar a bit. Because i don't necessarily mean conversions and phone calls and form fills and lead generation. Not talking about tons and tons of that. Okay if anything on this show. We are very practical down to earth. We're not gonna. We're not going to blow your mind with these high in the pie in the sky type of ideas that that are totally ridiculous. Get your hopes up. And you're gonna fail your campaign for your clients and lose your business. I want you guys to be successful and what you do to help your businesses and your clients. So i'm gonna tell you this. The first goal is it's going to avoid the crap of the display campaign. And i said that i don't. I don't know jason. There might be that you know what. I'm checking my mailbox. Just like you said for saying that for saying that. There is crap on the display network. I may get that same. Are you saying for one business. You would not want to show up on all three million opportunities out there gonna be a good fit for your business. It's a very good way of saying it. Yes there are some places in claimed brother debt cleaned. Yeah i know. I know maybe my dog grooming business that i'm advertising doesn't belong on all three million sites. So the idea is to get real clicks from people that have a small degree of interest in your service or product. Okay say that again. This is real people real clicks with a small degree of interest in your service or product.

CPC Chris Google Jason
Kanye West Says He Wants Taylor Swift's Masters Returned to Her

Crystal's Nightcap

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Kanye West Says He Wants Taylor Swift's Masters Returned to Her

"West. Conney. Let's I don't know if he's listening to crystals nightcap the chances are point zero, zero, zero, one percent, but he's out here. What we need him to do I don't know if he's all talk right now I'm really hoping he'll walk the walk but today he tweeted something that I have personally been hoping that he would tweet for the past few years. So he tweeted that he is going to personally see it that Taylor swift gets her masters back from Scooter Braun. He says Scooter Braun is a close family friend and that he believes Taylor should own her masters. So either Connie seeing my tweets or he's listening to our podcast or he seeing the swift that are attacking him on twitter or he's just. A good guy. No I do think he's a good guy. You guys know that I've been. Back and forth with Connie, it's been really hard to be a a loyal fan to him because of his past. But as of recent watching his interviews and stuff I feel like. What he saying makes sense I admire his passion and his perseverance. I think he is a genius I think sometimes geniuses. Think, way ahead of their time and I think that's where Connie's been stuck at because he did address the whole him wearing a make America. Great again, make America great again hat and He said that with that whole thing, he was just trying to show that just because you're I'm black just because you're black doesn't mean that you have to be a Democrat or follow the status quo like he wants to show that he can do whatever he wanted to do, and in that he did hurt people. He didn't really acknowledge that or apologize for hurting his fans that way and that was years ago. That was four years ago however I do understand and see where he's coming from in that aspect and now that he's saying that he wants. To help Taylor swift with her masters. Dare I say that I'm becoming a Connie Stan again like dare I he's also been tweeting about drake lot and Not. Going to lie. It does make him look a little bitter like it makes him look kind of like a hater. And I think. Maybe it's just because drake hasn't been responding publicly and I've been saying that like one here. Drake's going to say but drinking say nothing drake. He's a man of very little words drake. He'll put it all in his music. You know he told US exactly how he felt about too cautious with his latest song, which is called laugh now cry later right And I think the same is going to happen with this situation I. think that we're going to go new song from Drake and he's going to be subliminally addressing these things. Because It's just hard to stay silent for so long when you are. In the middle of. The biggest artists. Twitter outbursts, thoughts. This is what kind of an episode but not really again, I don't want to discredit him because I feel like he's saying facts saying what's true and I've said this and I started tweeting. A few days ago or was it weeks ago? So I just really WANNA. See what Drake's going to say I am happy that Kanye got his twitter back definitely gives us something to talk to and look forward to I'm happy that he's tweeting positively about Taylor Swift I'm happy that he's scooter bronze family friend. You know what I think about Scooter Braun. I think he's awful. I really. Think he's off for. I, think that he likes to play the victim I think that he likes to play innocent He knows that he has Justin Bieber on his back. He knows that he has day when Lavar. That's got his back and I just think it's really wrong what he did to Taylor buying her masters when. He knew that she couldn't do it herself I think it was really wrong i. think it was dirty that he was posting stuff on his social media saying you know high bought Taylor swift or his friend posted that like imagine his friend posted ella when your friend buys Taylor swift and it was like the article of him buying her masters and then Scooter Braun reposted that I thought that was very tasteless and kind of like rubbing it in Taylor's face and. Do, I think Kanye West is going to persuade Braun to give Taylor her masters no I I don't think that Scooter Braun is. An undercover narcissist

Taylor Swift Scooter Braun Drake Connie Stan Twitter Kanye West Justin Bieber America Lavar
Is Universal Basic Income Being Applied Today?


07:41 min | 2 years ago

Is Universal Basic Income Being Applied Today?

"I just wanted to briefly mention that though I've brought up a number of technologies that are fighting the corona virus. Few Times on this podcast of course as this fits into the main theme of this podcast. I absolutely wanted to say that. It's obviously the medical professionals that are putting themselves on the line and working incredibly hard to battle this pandemic. I think that technology is really cool. But it's clearly in this case the real work that's being done by humans but maybe to look at things a little bit more. Positively here Along with Italy here in Spain you may have heard that every night at eight or ten PM. We all go to our roofs or balconies and cheer on and support the staff in hospitals and clinics. I really hope that. This trend continues As well as starts in other countries as this global problem continues. I really think that the acts of solidarity like this along with seen innovative community actions like a free fitness class given by a personal trainer on his rooftop to his surrounding neighbors or a saxophone and guitar. Gem applauded by surrounding neighbors has been really great to see shared all over social media. But I think that this is also a very interesting time for different reasons so two episodes ago. I started talking of universal basic income or you. Bi as one of the first solutions to a future where automation eliminates a large proportion of jobs yet. Only in this last week did this future solution get thrust into the present or at least parts of it did so for today's episode. We will look at a few things surrounding. Ub I I the main criticisms of it secondly some alternatives and thirdly the current manifestations of it that are possibly starting to come about across the world in response to the economic crisis that we are so perhaps the most frequently used point against you is the laziness argument so it comes in many forms but ultimately says something to the effect of if you give people free money. They won't be incentivized to work but rather to be lazy as well as losing the meaning in their lives that were provides so this would appear to be almost common sense. I think that the examples provided in the previous episode on New Guy Really. Show a different story. There have also been studies that look at the results of several basic income programs together and they answered this question specifically one of these studies in particular found overall. The program's analyzed suggest either. No effect on labor market supply or a slight reduction in work and earnings so the evidence does not suggest an average worker will drop out of the labor force when provided with unconditional cash. Even when the transfer is large so they'll of course all pilot programs that have had some form of UPI have not been permanent and are thus not perfect examples. The findings do tend to lead one to think that the first critique doesn't necessarily hold up so the second main argument against you. Bi is usually connected to the price tag of such policy for this point. I have confess that I'm actually on the fence about it. There are really several arguments reports on both sides that I think I won't be able to make a solid argument for one case or the other in this podcast I will definitely have to invite people In the future who have more expertise in myself on the subject but this is also why there is so much debate around this issue and why there are so many alternative programs presented so as mentioned previously one of the main propose alternatives is for a UB I program that replaces all social welfare programs like food stamps housing subsidies etc. The argument typically made for this is that doing otherwise would be too expensive and that a nation couldn't absorb all the extra costs so the usual price tag is that a universal basic income or a guaranteed minimum income would require some thousand dollars per month to essentially end poverty so if we use America as an example. Some two hundred ten million people are above the age of eighteen and thus eligible for most forms proposed. Which would cost the American government two hundred ten billion dollars per month so this is about two and a half trillion? Us dollars a year which is really no minor some so whereas on the other side of the argument with a UB. I in place. Many societal expenses would be reduced or even eliminated like those connected to petty theft The prison in justice systems mental as well as physical health care costs talked about in the previous episode homelessness etc. Poverty has also been shown to be one of the most expensive things in our modern society so their across different Western countries that show that he's single homeless person cost the taxpayer an average of some twenty to thirty five thousand dollars per year. It's really no wonder. Then why those who promote UPI claim that the estimated costs are usually not very accurate. So the thousand dollars per month example also happens to be the amount proposed by the recent presidential candidate. Andrew Yang who I would argue really has been one of the main people pushing you. Bi into the public awareness at least in the US so Andrew. Yang's UB program better known as the Freedom Dividend was going to be mainly financed through new taxes on the wealth. Generating large corporations like Amazon facebook and Google as well as a value added tax and consolidating some welfare programs and I think that he did a great job pushing the idea that it was financially feasible to implement such a program but moving on with the other critiques of one of the more obvious points. I think against it is that it is in part wasteful in its approach so if everyone over the age of eighteen for example is to receive these payments then this includes people absolutely do not need it. Think of for instance Bill Gates who has an estimated net worth of some ninety six billion. Us dollars so an extra thousand dollars. A month amounts two point zero zero zero zero zero one percent game which is absolutely unnecessary and should be distributed to those who actually need it or so it is argued at least by those who propose a UPI so of course those who do not need a you guy could refuse it but in principle this can be seen as a valid argument against such a policy and finally one of the main arguments against you be. I is the dependency on a government for your survival can really bring along with it. Many connected problems so we might not even know the psychological impact of having an entire nation completely dependent on government. It might create a less innovative or more complacent society and one as well who would be unwilling or even unable to stand up to corruption for fear of being cut off from their main means of survival. I think that is something that is really worth keeping in mind especially as conversations about implementing. Ub Take place over the next couple of

UPI United States Andrew Yang American Government Bill Gates Theft America Spain Italy Amazon Google Facebook
Bombardier Shed Snowmobiles for Jets, Trains. Now, It's Giving Up Both.

Airplane Geeks Podcast

05:42 min | 3 years ago

Bombardier Shed Snowmobiles for Jets, Trains. Now, It's Giving Up Both.

"First story comes from Forbes. Airbus buys bombard. Ea Out of Commercial Aviation for five hundred ninety one million dollars so this is by Marisa Garcia one of my favorites aviation journalists in with this deal bombarded is fully exited the series slash a two twenty program. I think Eh everyone knows that. Airbus took fifty point zero one percent ownership of the program in two thousand seventeen but now with this deal bombarded gets five hundred ninety one million dollars with five hundred. Thirty one million of dollars paid at closing and then the The balanced the remaining sixty million dollars is to be paid in installments through Twenty Twenty One Bombarded says with his deal they avoid a roughly seven hundred million dollar payment that it would have to make to fund production expansion so I think that's That's some serious motivation to to sell the rest to two Airbus an individual era. I guess if absolutely it is but it it gets better because today to A. They announced that they're not getting rid of their business. Aviation a division in that. They've decided to sell their their rail Rail meaning cars with steel wheels. That travel on the ground but So it's been it's been pretty Pretty volatile for the from the bombard employees. A bet you they're well they're probably breathing somewhat easier but they don't breathe completely easier until this is all closed. But it's a good place to start. I was Kinda surprised on the move to sell the the rail part of the business. And and keep the the business aviation but I thought the plane was going to be just the opposite but I don't know maybe I'm the only one that got surprised by that. Well just kind of odd because they had already sold several other portions of their aviation business so it kind of looked like they were getting out of that. So you're right. This does seem like a reversal of sorts. Okay but don't you guys don't understand bombarded by you really don't all right David Hillis? Tell us about bombarded. It's all about the snowmobile. I think he's right. I mean nothing else matters to bombard ebay. But they're Canadian snowmobiles. I mean I think that I think we should recognize that. There's nothing more important to Canadians than maybe Snowmobiles and snow and whatever that sport is where they brushed the puck down the ice and all letters can be sent directly to David Dot Com. All the Canadian listeners may not be happy but hear about this. I bought bombard. Ea problem with Bombardier was they ended up diversifying way. Way Too much. And I joke about snowmobiles but they do make snowmobiles and trains and airplanes. And you can't have that sort of conglomeration of manufacturing and and keep it together for any length of time. I mean without without government. Subsidy so I I just a little bit. But there's some truth in jest that you know they might actually eventually only be down to snowmobiles. Even though I believe the rail division was still profitable. That's what I what I don't understand. Well they did matter of choosing I mean because they owes serious money to the financial institutions. Up there Although I don't know that they're all in Canada I'm sure they most of them are but I think I saw something today. That when the Rail Sector Deal closes they're they're going to get something like six billion dollars or or something to put up against the nine billion that they oh so to them it was again. I. I don't know that they would have gotten that kind of money for the For the business side. Yeah 'cause the are one that would probably want. It is is textron. Well funny should mention that David. I was just going to bring up. I agree with your comments about conglomerates getting into too many different businesses so I brought up the textron homepage just to see what other kinds of businesses they have. Besides aviation and they make the The cushman vehicles. They make easy. Go Golf Carts. They make Arctic cat snowmobiles. They've got Jacobson specialized TURF CARA vehicles for cutting grass In the list goes on and on and on so it is kind of interesting parallel that You know textron has a kind of a similarly diverse group of products and they are leader in the aviation industry. That being said. I don't know how we're doing how well they're doing. I'm sure it's probably varies by by business unit. But it's interesting. I mean. I have a helicopter in my restoration facility that was built by Kelvinator. The washing machine company. Okay so I get diversification Does your laundry for you as well right. The spin cycle really kind of interesting. Is that what they mean by spends now I know

Airbus Textron Canada David Hillis Twenty Twenty One Commercial Aviation Marisa Garcia Kelvinator Bombardier Ebay David Dot Com Golf David Arctic Jacobson
A Wrestling Fan's Guide To Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

Tha Boxing Voice

02:06 min | 4 years ago

A Wrestling Fan's Guide To Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

"And I'll admit I've been critical of his boxing ability at times, but that man has always got a chance with the best in the world because he has got this free. Freak of nature power. That is just I mean, it is like watching Vince Carter dunk. It's like watching Barry Bonds hit a woman. I shouldn't use very it's like watching a Ken Griffey hit home runs out. That was when I could come up with you know, it's like watching Michael Jordan play like LeBron play Koby play like the it is a leak a leak. I'm talking about in the world. There is no one else that could do what he does or earliest very very few a meantime, what he say point zero one percent of the world probably lesson that in. So I'm glad that got cleared up because while size can definitely add power with some people when you have that God given ability to knock a man clean out. His but knock is so out his body. It don't really matter. If you're if you're five even ten pounds less it, it's you know, you got that power, man. Yeah. Man. Look interesting to see that back in the ring. That's what we're all excited for this woman a little bit over don't forget to participate on our axe ceres accessories, basically is acts whatever fighter today will be seeing Eddie Hearn and Tevin pharma, and we're we're heading on this road. It's snowing out here in the east coast, Ron is on the train over to my neck of the woods. We're going to jump on the road and be out. And get you guys. The best interviews possible that we can get don't forget the hit that helps with the visibility of the show helps us grow. And let's snow your pre she ate the hard work that Monday through Friday morning show. Don't forget the tune in on our flagship show Thursday at seven pm Sunday at seven pm.

RON Vince Carter Barry Bonds Ken Griffey Eddie Hearn Tevin Pharma Michael Jordan Lebron Zero One Percent Ten Pounds
Dow up more than 400 points as stocks aim to end an ugly October on an upbeat note

Bloomberg Businessweek

02:01 min | 4 years ago

Dow up more than 400 points as stocks aim to end an ugly October on an upbeat note

"Points up by one percent, NASDAQ up one hundred forty four points and advanced today of just about two point two point zero one percent. So stocks rallied for a second day to close out one of the worst months of the bull market on an upbeat note for the month S and P five hundred index lost about six point nine percent. But a move higher. Sean crews as manager of trading strategy at TD Ameritrade a. He was our guest right here on Bloomberg BusinessWeek and ahead of next week's election. He offered up this advice for clients right now. I think if you look at the Mitcham election be it any sort of trade policy discussions view, these as did some of those bigger macro risks that sometimes the best way to prepare for those is and make sure you are aware of where all the risk is in your portfolio and making sure that your balancing, you're comfortable with the very exposures you have and among today's stock standouts General Motors. It surge nine percent. Following a strong quarterly earnings report with a plan to keep cutting costs by starting voluntary severance program for some employees, sprint and T mobile mobile. US soaring after executives of both companies expressed optimism that they're twenty six point five billion dollar merger is headed for approval. Sprint shares up. Seven point eight percent t mobile up by seven point two percent. Recapping stocks higher SNP up Twenty-nine up one point one. One percent. The Dow up two hundred forty two up one percent. Nasdaq up two percent gold down five tenths of one percent. And west Texas intermediate crude down one point seven percent. I'm Charlie pelletan. That is a Bloomberg business flash.

Sprint Bloomberg Businessweek United States Td Ameritrade Bloomberg Charlie Pelletan Mitcham General Motors West Texas One Percent Nine Percent Two Percent Five Billion Dollar Zero One Percent Eight Percent Seven Percent
Dow Jones Industrial Average

Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure

00:51 sec | 4 years ago

Dow Jones Industrial Average

"Update the Dow dropped today is the United States and Canada could not resolve the trade agreement before. The deadline the Dow Jones industrial average fell twenty two points with Boeing and Chevron Corp is the biggest declines in. The index the s. and p. five hundred rose. Point zero one percent with beauty Inc is the best performing stock and the NASDAQ Composite rose point two six percent today, Mark, the, US, imposed, deadline, for a, new, trade, deal, to, be, secured by the US and Canada Canada's top trade negotiator Christie. Freeland said today that the country's delegation in American officials have not yet reached consensus on, a, new, North, American, Free, trade agreement as they. Reach the key deadline heading into another round of. Talks in Washington this afternoon the Canadian minister of foreign affairs. Said the two sides continue to negotiate shares of Coca Cola fell today after the company said it agreed. To buy coffee chain Costa for five point one billion dollars including debt to further its venture into healthier drink options. Coca Cola ended the day down point eight five.

Wisconsin Coca Cola United States Brad Allen American Red Cross Red Cross Drake Canada Canada Chevron Corp Freeland Boeing Advisor Washington Beauty Inc Christie Mark One Billion Dollars
Kevin Durant of Golden State Warriors wishes he had late transition play back after Game 4 loss


01:53 min | 4 years ago

Kevin Durant of Golden State Warriors wishes he had late transition play back after Game 4 loss

"The sports the bloomberg nbc sports report which stashower john we finally got a close game in the nba conference finals golden state led the rockets twelve nothing then trail by ten before halftime warriors rallied reclaimed a twelve point lead within used it a big fourth quarter held the warriors only twelve points in the rockets one ninety five ninety two james harden thirty points chris paul with twenty seven steph curry lead golden state with twenty eight points kevin durant twentyseven the warriors first home playoff loss dropping game seven of the two thousand sixteen finals they tied the record with sixteen wins in a row the series is tied at two there's a new mac the longtime bluejays slugger jose bautista signed and then played so it was a wild day one of my while listen based sitting at home on the couch two o'clock and six thirty hours doubled and scored his first mets at that but it was the mets only wrong they lost the marlins five to one in their four game winning streak rare loss for the yankees dirksen pro three one home in the first half domingo's vermont texas one six four zero three more yankee owner's the laws that seventeen homers in the last four games two years after the jets drafted quarterback christian hackenberg in the second round they treated him to oakland for a seventh round taking never took a snap as a jet with the bloomberg nbc sports update i'm jon stashower john john stashower thank you even the sports news here's the price action this wednesday futures negative sixteen on the sp down one eighty one on the dow risk aversion driving a bit into treasuries iota by four or five basis points through the morning three point zero one percent is your yield on a ten year and in the fx market against the bulk of g ten dollar strength eurodollar dance six tenths of one percent to one seventeen flat from new york for audience worldwide you're listening to bloomberg surveillance you are listening to linda radio alongside myself jonathan farrow this morning and through the next couple of is a lisa abramowicz.

Jonathan Farrow Linda DOW Jon Stashower Oakland Texas Steph Curry Chris Paul NBA NBC Bloomberg Lisa Abramowicz Kevin Durant New York John John Stashower Christian Hackenberg Jets Vermont Domingo Yankees
World stocks edgy as rising bond yields raise fears for growth and profits

02:08 min | 5 years ago

World stocks edgy as rising bond yields raise fears for growth and profits

"The markets for you every fifteen minutes now european stocks edging lower well they were leather slightly higher she'd been looking at my bloomberg terminal up almost two tenths of one percent so he says the fifty one hundred is down a tenth of one percents style to their gains two tenths of one percent so you have some swings and roundabouts in the markets today ready as investors are digesting a deluge of european cool put updates today in terms of the us market open we're looking ahead to that it's love for dow jones features slightly higher for s and p five hundred features korean and japanese says overnight raise those in china and hong kong they pushed lois they you really have the theme of the day mixed picture bond traders will be keen to look at of course the ten year treasury yield this morning three point zero one percent on the us benchmark yield no point six one eight percent for germany is heading down by one half basis points but the two year no is also interesting to track two point four eight percents so that's a strong yield for us two year paper down a basis point right now is for the fx space the donna coming off the three month high that we saw dollar spot index ninetyone spot eighteen and the euro trades at one spot twenty one so a gain of a tenth of one percent as wti is above sixty eight dollars about gaining two tenths of one percents a very stolen oil okay redheads plenty this time from the rick spank on the central bank decision no change that's not the the news and currency strengthens episode saudi so they leave rates unchanged at negative one half of one percent the rick spike delays the beginning of the tightening cycle towards year end current this is important because it was back in let me just scroll backwards i think it was february yes it was february time when they guided us they said expect a slow repo rate rise towards the start of the second half so they are pushing rate rises into the long grass pressing really when you think about what comes next from the bank of england in terms of the rest of the news flow carolina under that you've got.

United States Dow Jones China Donna WTI Rick Spike Bloomberg Germany Bank Of England One Percent Two Year Six One Eight Percent Sixty Eight Dollars Zero One Percent Fifteen Minutes Three Month Ten Year