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"zen gonzalez" Discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast

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"zen gonzalez" Discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast

"And you asked me point blank last week. Would you rather play the rams or the forty-niners and this is before the rams look, yeah, really good against the cards Monday night. And I said the forty-niners, I wouldn't want to play, I'd rather play Arizona at if I had to pick one of those three teams right now I'd rather play them. I think I'd rather play Arizona too. Well, right now it's Green Bay in the top seed. Tampa Dallas, Arizona, I'll tend for rams are dining for saint Franz 8 and 6. So San Francisco is guaranteed a 60, basically, but they do play the rams. We have some teams. Yeah. Tennessee home Houston at ramps. I won the Houston game. And 9 will be enough to get an NFC 7 seat, I think. But I think that could be ten. Well, we'll talk about that line, which was surprising to me anyway. Well, the point is there are going to be there are 5 seater succeed. And the question I ask you, you might see them in round one. And that you're going to be bummed out. I know, I don't want to play them. I want to play one Arizona to keep sliding. And just by accident, get a 7 seat. But back to zen Gonzalez, if we learned one thing this year, it's that nobody has like a backup kicker. Right. Like, how did that happen? That a punter can't make an extra point, essentially. I got 32 yard field goal. Does that surprise you? I thought everybody had one other player who could or did they have to bring in another whole other kicker if this happens. I would be so bummed out at my punter if he didn't have the ability or at least kick like 30 yard field goals. It's like, what the fuck? All you do is kick. Yeah. It would be like if Kyle could only do sports podcast, but pop culture is like we had Johnny hacker on because he was an old state grad and with the whole thing with on against all odds and I was like, wow, you really could socially distance yourself from everybody. You could go the whole season, aside from touching the same ball that the snapper gets to you, you could be 12 yards away from everybody. The entire year and I was thinking like further, like, you have a lot of downtime. Why not make yourself into a good field goal kicker or a bad fail, go kicker, but a good extra point kicker. So what do you say? Oh, I didn't ask them that. Well, a lot of.

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