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"zemun bob" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

"Starting to busy themselves across the net here. I I'M NOT GONNA lie. There is something that's so funny about watching people fall over over just makes me happy like I know it's juvenile but I don't care watching them spin and fall down was really great. I really liked Elaine. Being like go and then she just like stepped up. You know what I realized. I don't know if you guys watch Bob's Burgers but Elaine is essentially Zemun Bob's burgers just in a different. Yeah exactly we have was that when she was trying to go up on the balance beam. Yeah just got gopher then. She rented and stepped back off laughter. So Yeah Well congratulations to both of you. These seem like really great survivor pads to the end. I don't know how your dream management must have been looks like Julia had a smidge better better than Liana Liana. I guess you could put on your resume that you did steal a crock pot for survivor. Which is pretty good? I would say and it provided you fish rush when you went to the island of the idol. So you're welcome it did it did. I'm pretty sure I held my spatulas a trophy when yeah and I think I think when it makes sense that honest gets the antichrist underwood sentiment of being like. She just got passed in the finale. She didn't do anything the entire time. itsel Liana sort of resting on her. Her laurels here as well as your Logan that one immunity challenge I gotTA. I don't WanNa do that now. I wonder how I could balance on my ear. Love Love. It's like reminds me of you know those birds that where you put the beak on your finger and then it balances when you take your parakeet out of its cage new balance it when your balancing on. Yeah No. There's there's these toys these like plastic toys that somehow are concentrated like the center of gravity in the head and so you can balance the beacon. Essential Point on your finger and the bird will somehow balance itself. Toy is a loose description but yeah what do you do with it because I had one and I remember like balancing on my finger. And that's all you do. I would say I would defined defined toy as anything that makes you smile. La Geyser toys because you make.

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