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"zeke elliott curtis samuel" Discussed on WTVN

"That's in the room. But what really jumped out to me was the throwing officiency from the quarterback. You know? That's he's going to be the topic of conversation, obviously with his performance, but you know, the the speed at which the ball was coming out of his hands. Given the receivers time to make plays. It was awesome. And then bringing it all kind of together with Michael Jordan, the center know, having that big athletic presence in the middle of the, you know, the offensive line in in the lowering us to just play free from there was awesome to watch. You know, obviously the opponent was who it was. But you know, we we at least got to see some things from the standpoint of us moving forward is progressing and and getting the play free. Really? Yeah. You can only play who you play in Oregon state's bad. But you gotta take advantage of that. And they get in and the ball. I mean, Dave we talked about it the ball out of the hand of Dwayne Haskins was electric on Saturday. Well, you talk about what jumped out of me the first touchdown of the season came through the air. It wasn't as long as I wanted to see Bill Conley. But it was a nice test out. Terry MacLaurin is that? Remember what the first play of the game was was a run. I two. Took place to put the ball out. But the other thing that jumped out at me was Mike Weber and how hard he ran. Yeah. He really did. And I talked about it with you the other day. His first touchdown was put your head down and get to the end zone. No matter what kind of a run I loved the effort for Mike Weber. And I love the fact that he was kind of flash in that. Okay. JK dobbins. It's on. Last year. I had it the year before it's on. Let's go. Let's see the competition the internal competition between those two guys Evan when you guys won the national title in two thousand fourteen the depth and even the next year the depth of offense skill. I was like man, I I'm not seat Zeke Elliott Curtis Samuel all you guys at receiver. Mike for heaven's sakes. You went through three quarterbacks this year won a national title. But I'm looking at this roster. They have so much depth everywhere. I mean, Mike Weber JK Dobbins, by the way, you bring in to freshman running back who both scored late the receivers we've talked about the death deaf. This is good as you've seen here. I mean, probably yes, you.

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