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057 - Hot Girl Summer Ends, A New Regime Begins


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057 - Hot Girl Summer Ends, A New Regime Begins

"Welcome to the end of hot girls all summer and the good Muslim bad Muslim podcast. I'm TASR. I'm Zara and it's out so why is the end of hot girl summer. It's La fat girl fall that girl. I don't yeah we're going from hot girl summer too fat girl fall but that's fat-phobic it was lizard that that set it so. I feel like whatever always here then Liz. Oh conceive do whatever it is is my goddess and I will do whatever Lonzo says she's amazing. I can't wait to go see her show. She's performing. Yes sneer US yes. She's on national tour. She's I mean I mean we can make this like a girl by cast but I'm such a fan of her music. It's so empowering positive and yeah. That's basically explains my summer. I'm just been like listening to zo now. Losing Lana Del Rey causes. Ah Album just came out and I feel like that's sad girl music. Louisa was like happy music shifting into fall and sacraments sake since like blue meantime. I'm is gloomy summertime said nece gut that Zuma Tom some sound just like a right no interesting that's kind of what I say to myself in the shower. How was your Summer Ball Ring. Really I was in post production for my comedy special the whole time sitting there staring at myself at at at at it not at that side and not that's at at at it yeah. That's it. That's it yeah we did go to Mexico together. Yes and from that excitement for my whole hot girl summer. I was traveling a lot so I'm actually really excited to enter into fall and not travel anymore. I feel like all the conference it. I have to do our finally all coming to. La some dislike okay. That's it come to me conferences in that means. I'm GonNa Cook Doc. Finally unlike have regular workout regime regime regime. I like that this is another word I can't say no. You're saying right regime KAZEEM. Were just like that. It's a workout regime okay in Iran. What is it regimen regimen. Tell me this is because yours. Yours should be the right one. Why because it is like a regime. It's like a dictatorial regime imposed upon us. I I mean that's what I thought it out. You know it's Funny Guy Jamin speaking fat phobias for Persians if you're ear at a dinner table and they're passing food there's still so many who abide by the tradition of shoving food on a woman's plate as other version of asserting you you do not have control of your body. Here's another place where I'm going to tell you that they'll say regime money. was that mean like. Are you on a diet it it. The literal translation is do you have a regime yeah well. That's GonNa be my workout and then I'm going eh entering to the girl Christmas. I don't know that doesn't there's no liberation there. My summer yeah was celebrating my birthday uh-huh all summer and now I'm just GonNa like chill and do nothing. I have one thing performing at Tuesday night project. We're going to do poetry there on October. First so you're around. Please come out and then I'll be coming. I heard you're gonna be doing other things snow to your poetry reading because you're you're busy no because I'm not coming your your choice just WanNa troll. It's fine trolling on twitter. I'M GONNA troll mood chair. I mean like whatever empowers you go for. Help it. Stop It. Stop it with your supportive shit. It's so oppressive. If that's what you feel that is what you I will not deny your emotions. I'm on a support regime. Would he have coming out my period. This is going to really explain a lot of where I'm coming from right. Now started my period yesterday. That's coming out also also I finally have my pop culture collaborative report on comedy coming out. It's coming up. It's happening nice. I feel like it's taken a bit. Ah Time One year one year one full year and it's come and and it's GonNa Change comedy forever and the way we talk about it it. I don't ever hear anyone say ever again. Those political correctness that will be new framing. 's for conversations forever cool cool. Yeah that's awesome. Oh I have one more not humble brag. I've been on a journey if you've been following my instagram and you've been listening to the podcast you know I have a January twenty twenty goal to do a handstand have vertebrae in my sitter impacted being able to do a handstand autonomously supports might disc health okay and I'm close why I feel like when you're hanging firm upside down all the time that that help a little bit yeah but I wanted the ability to like beyond beyond my laptop pause go to the door and do a Hanson by myself an it's going well. I'm halfway there the Hanson Christmas. No we'll figure or something out. We got some interesting things to talk about Zaire Bill. Our friend was invited onto the board of the women's March. She was so happy. Ah I was so happy so happy and then forty eight hours later they kicked off. This is not Zara measor. This is our friends are Balu. Executive Director of the Council of American Islamic Relations in San Francisco's chapter and forty eight hours later woman's March W T.F. You're were instagram and what were your feelings that the woman's March is apparently not for me yeah. The woman's March is saying that we can't advocate for the lives of Palestinians anymore. That's why she was kicked off. I mean like the women's March always has these ridiculous right wing trolls around them that are manipulating all the women that are involved with this but basically what they were doing was they dug into his Arab News Archive of tweets from many many years and Zari Stu tweet extensively and they pulled up all of her Palestinian tweets and they use that as a reason to kick her off the board just so terrible I think like we're just like a we're. We're in this age of culture where people are digging up all these things from past in like you're being held responsible for something that you said a long time ago but it also be like everything's are said is facts you just there was nothing she said that was wrong but because we're in this day and age where it's all about like colliding people's tweets on fire in calling out people. There's no room for reasonable discourse. I mean this goes beyond reasonable discourse of course to me. This is telling me what discourse is period yeah because you're telling me that I can now no longer talk about apartheid existing in Israel which does yeah there are apartheid supporters yeah. You're telling me that I can't talk about that by. Wouldn't you want that kind of diverse perspective on on aboard anyway. That's the whole point of the women's. March is bring together so many radical voices and then have a dialogue and you just kicked a person off the board who is so ready and capable to do that. It's the white women's March. You know that's basically we all know. That's what the subtext is yeah yeah but you know what. I'M NOT GONNA. Give white people that I don't know something about that feels like you don't get to have that. You don't get to like well. I liked about what direction Raja was saying was was that she on her twitter account. You know how they were using the American flag hit job woman as the poster at the women's March okay so you know how on the poster it it said we the people and this is our greater than fear and then one of directions followers edited the bottom and it said submit to fear which is so oh well done well done okay. Here's my beef. There are a lot of women who are white woman who I like an are my friends. I would preferred a label it as the Nancy Pelosi March. It's not the woman's march anymore. It's the Nancy Pelosi March because to me Nancy Pelosi stands as that older generation and that old way of thinking period regardless of what generation you're from that is like moderate conservative trying trying to be Democrat saying things like I'm not GonNa try to impeach Brett Cavanaugh like to me. That's the same person I don't know I think for me. The women's March just seeing everything the taxing hell into starts tour had to leave the women's march on July fifteenth along with two of her supporters Bob Bland and to make a Maori like just the Lynch mob rightly. There's like Internet mob mentality to attack them on the Internet. Get them kicked out of the women's March now they're trying to lake reframe themselves and finally other people to replace them with in Zaire. Bill would have been like amazing perfect there and then they they don't want her because her whatever so it's just like. Zion is being kicked out of the women's. March is like a reason for me to see this movement and say like this isn't for me. This is not a space for me. This isn't a space for Muslim women. Stop fucking using our Muslim women images in your protests. If so clear that you don't want us for our values are if feels like that's what they want. They just want to like a vision of us. They want the symbol of his job and to protect US and save us but they don't actually want us to actually have a voice. I think they want our voice along as it sounds like a moderate conservative would've voice that doesn't support black lives matter that doesn't work against the moderate conservative movement. That's trying to normalize what trump's doing yeah because here's the quote that's making me feel that way. The same article wrote unfortunately Belu's racist tweets do not stand alone. They seem to reflect the views of of most prominent Muslims in America on the left. What the fuck does that mean that human rights violations by Israel against Palestinians Finian's is not okay. That's a left idea. That's a left idea yeah. Apparently that was a stupid article. I mean when you say that like apparently it's not for us. It sounds like that's exactly what they're fine with saying. I don't think that the women's March can really recover from this which is unfortunate because I think like I think about this a lot. In movements we do do so much work to like move people. They really feel like at some point like the women's march was a movement right like everyone showed up on the capital not because of an organization but because they wanted women to be there I think about this about black lives matter and I think about this about the civil rights movement. There's always like you know Oh. Maybe an informant that's like making this shit like fall apart and there's always like government and FBI NCAA and like. I don't want to be conspiracy theorist but there are like it's not a conspiracy when it's like real movements are always being brought down because they don't WanNa see us rise up in. I feel like that's kind of what's happening here and like ah I think we have to deal with that in a real way. Yeah you know because that is of course going to be there tactic. Why wouldn't it? I feel like that's where we are in the women's. March like this is like it's so so clear this organization has fallen victim to this tactic and like I hope that feeling that people had on election day or inauguration day of showing up. I hope people don't like field. He'll dismissed by that feeling that power of being at the protest these are the splits that they're going to continue to try to create is like the question of like split loyalties and you know. Who Do you stand with you know. Are you one of us all the way until they've moved toward fascism yeah dictatorship. This is their job up. This is what they're trying to do. I think we have to be really blunt about that and know that and work really consciously up against it yeah also are we infiltrating in their meetings and like being like saying as they in these this conversation like when you say they the unified dark money right are we going to. They're like men's activist meetings men's rights activists meetings and like being like yeah men's rights and also I wanNA listen to women's sometimes. I don't feel feel like that's my role in this movement but I'm hoping that you know I'm for hire to infiltrate. I don't know if you'll be able to pass us in these spaces. I'll just go with my white husband. Oh yeah well. I mean like literally like you send your husband and your good. No I want to be there. I just don't I don't know you think you won't work. Get Veronica Mars it somehow I've been watching the commercials like that verb support that Balu please contact the women's March however you WanNa do that tweet them. I G them posted about it. Tell your friends about it. Call them right to them. Tell the representatives that are involved. Tell the board best there that you are not okay with this. That should not have been taken off the board part please so next on our agenda is Dakota fanning what happened. She is in a movie called sweetness in the belly. Eh what it sounds like a food movie right in the belly. It's not it is a movie about a refugee. Muslim Somalian Somalian girl a refugee Muslim mullion girl played by Dakota fanning. Yeah please go. What's what's weird about that? She blaming well so what happened is that in the story which the fiction narrative by the way and is based on a book. TUCK is a fiction book is about a orphan a white orphan that was dropped off in an orphanage in Somalia by her white parents and she lake doc is raised in this Somalian Muslim culture and then she goes to England yet. That is the narrative there which is a little problematic well. She gave a clarification right dumb clarification. I saw I saw her. Provide clarification just to clarify. She says is just to clarify in the new film. I'm not playing an Ethiopian. Women play a British woman abandoned by her parents at seven years old in Africa and raise Muslim which I I feel like is not a good enough explanation like fine like this is like the story of this particular narrative but my whole point is that like in Hollywood there are so many Muslim female email narratives out there that don't involve whiteness. Why is this the one that gets picked up in like made into this big time movie because it's the accidental dental y Mas loan yeah. That's what they want. This is like this is a Hollywood's way of saying like Oh. We'll have diversity because it's a Muslim woman but she's as white so we'll be able to get star energy right because that's what I always here in. The entertainment industry is that you need to attach some big name to it and of course like default. Big Name is always like wait actresses. Oh interesting. I think something else that's happening. What do you think is happening. Okay well. I think is happening is I think they're playing on the quote. Unquote accidental Muslim trope which I'm sure many converts can speak to this experience a family and friends saying Oh my God what's happened. No you're confused and that Muslim slimness is this dangerous cult religion that she has fallen victim to because she was dropped off on a stoop and it's not her fault and will we see her triumph and become the good kind of Muslim despite it oh or will we see her triumph and leave Islam. Yes as we did Lindsay Lohan Yeah. This movie definitely plays into that but I don't think it's necessary. Oh you feel like they could have gone a different direction. I think we could live. Maybe just picked it for movie. Yeah like a ROM COM. Setting Christmas. Yeah celebrates Islam yeah well. It doesn't celebrate Islamicist is about a Muslim girl like we don't have to celebrate religion all the time and like Muslim entertainment ray like we can just be I think is everyone else gets to. Byu muscled all of a sudden have to like be in like spiritual crisis constantly but celebration is not a spiritual crisis but Muslim. This isn't like a part of Christmas Smith so it's really celebrating. Christ basically is what the whole purpose of my movies were mind blown so oh yeah don't find this and if you don't know about houses Muslim because everyone knows about my Muslim Christmas around Congress listen to this podcast. We always have new listeners TASR. I'm trying China. They all know everyone knows and you know. Dr Rates to like like there's other we have so many. Muslim friends is that are like writing scripts and movies and there's so much content out there. We don't need to just like get Hollywood to pay for stuff like this. Don't do it so dumb Dakota. Why all right worse news worst news ready guys even worse here comes Hashtag healthy mody. Eh mody is coming to Houston because he's being celebrated by the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. How like ridiculous says that Hashtag so this howdy mode is like a Hashtag used by the local Indian activist very clever yeah because they're I'm trying to make it in Texas. Yes is how the US so so annoying. They sold out so the amphitheater where moldy is. GonNa be speaking seat thirty thousand people and it sold out. Did they use the word sold out. Yeah okay trump uses this rhetoric to of selling out L. like selling out houses yeah yeah this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard to say in relation to a politician they sell out the stadium not entertainers the you're not supposed to be selling out theaters. They're supposed to be building a followership and the fact that Modi has a giant Fascist followership in Houston Texas is a surprise but should be a concern should be concerned should also be a concern that trump is going down to Houston to welcome mody into this is the Melinda Gates Foundation celebrating anybody. That trump is celebrating. I know it doesn't make any sense and I like okay. You don't like Fine Dylan. Gates is doing this whatever but where all these like Brown American celebrating moldy when they're seeing trump celebrate mody like like that's also the other thing is that I feel like what's going on here with Brown America about like there's some South Asian activists out there who are like you know so progressive on so many different issues but they're just totally totally like being like oh we like mody and yeah trump's. GonNa celebrate him because he's the president's so so ridiculous any tire where y'all anytime that trump celebrates anybody and that person doesn't immediately go. Oh Ho said tweet in all caps saying no thinks like the soccer player fire Megan happen. No you would pull Megan Rappeneau and you would say no. Thanks you know what else we need to say. No thanks to is Betty Devos who is doing doing bad things yeah. I think that's a job. Her job is to suck it or job so the dismantles the entire education system. Why don't you tell me what she's doing. The United States Department of Education run by Betsy Devos is now threatening a Duke program that it claims portrays Islam to positively and is telling them that they're gonNA lose their grants for for portraying Muslims in a positive light so to summarize our hot topics right now the Muslim women's marches telling us that we can't cite human rights violations against Muslims Salem's and removing people from their board for doing that. We've got mody who is committing genocide now being celebrated in the United States and by quote Unquote Progressives and now the United States Department of Education is saying your portrayal of Muslims to positive yeah but if it was Dakota fanning adding those being portrayed. I think they'd be okay with it. Maybe Hollywood can save us. Maybe this is so ridiculous I think like for me I just after all of this countering violent extremism is rejection of Department of Homeland Security money work that we've been doing the idea of any. It's Yutian taking money from a federal institution. Can I just feel like of course we don't want money from the United States government if they're gonNA hold these kinds of per strings but you brought up a good point earlier off the show that like this is only bad kids like of our current regime carrying regime that like before diet sucks because like before like you were saying like the Department of the what was the institution of art the National Endowment for the arts they would give money to all kinds of art projects which is just like Oh. That's Eh like a good thing back then back then back from three years ago. These kinds of funding of public institutions funding of public services ervices was seen as a act not as a Oh my gosh like tied to white supremacists offices and tied to like behaviors like they're expecting like behavior change but also like it's an academic institution. They're not like and it's do. It's not like some like it's like a private institution to add others. It's it's just there's so many people that have come out of the Duke Program to Islamic Studies that we know in the community it's just all of it is just like us not to be confused with. Dr Smith Myth not to be confused with darted with something we'll have done up in the northeast and this school is down in the south. I totally know that. I don't know who tweeted that. I don't know not me yeah me either I hope this isn't like I hope this doesn't happen. This was in the news as this week. I hope this is like something that disappears also. I hope that rich de steps in for this school like it d- he had yes and Melinda French and Tim Cook. There's not there and so like if you're a duke alum. Please reach out. Tell them that is sucks. You're anyone reach out. Show your support to Duke University and Muslims and Muslims slums and our portrayal as humans in regard to break. Hey this is ARA money. Antennas the money and we're here to ask you for money. Give us a gift of a couple of dollars just a couple we really count on your donations to to get our show through the year we do have some ads as you've probably heard and some of past episodes in some of the episodes we don't have ads so for those months or you don't have ads your donation is really what carries through to the next episode so we could really use your support those episodes we also used to highlight other podcasts and advertised for them uh-huh and connect you guys to other podcasts. Ariza so help us do that. Help US keep doing that. We don't have a subscribership model. You just go on our website. Go over to the little menu bar and contribute. Yeah thank you we appreciate you. If you like what we do. Please like us on. I tunes like us on all the platforms give us money shine China life. We appreciate you and we're like okay. We're going to our short segments. First one creeping sharia and all the ways were winning. You get a cute one Zara. Are you think it's cute kip. I don't think it's cute. It's I think it's hot kill kilty. Kill Kill will kill cute kilty kit Scottish Muslim killed Scotland officially created a Tartan to honor its Muslim citizens back in two thousand twelve but twitter has made. This news again feeds a lot this past month. It's literally just gone viral like the way that things on twitter go viral like when everyone is like my Angelou passed away this year all the time. She passes away every two years when I liked about it was like it just looks like a flannel that screen I mean that's what kills are but like but they also have on this explanation of what it would all those lines in squares mean hello six goldline's the six articles of faith the Black Square represents the cabinet and I'm pronouncing it the Persian way on purpose the five white lines the five pillars of Islam Green for Islam blew the Scottish flag. I'm really digging this. I wonder if we can buy the material and use it for other. Things like you know in Bangladeshi the culture all the men were loonies plaid skirt thing that you like tight. You're always I feel like the Scottish. Muslim killed print would make a really Nice Luigi. Oh yeah that'd be cute. You know you had like what else can we try to like. You wear flannel shirts all the time. What can we turn the hell you print into flannel shirt. I'm working on a final jumpsuit. There you go you should make it in the Scottish. Muslim kilt design also wanted and tow sacks yeah too yeah. I also would like to tell hull socks walks yet again. Please create grip socks for adults not for toddlers who might want to be upside down on aerial bloodies doing in pilot CEO. I need Muslim grip socks for real and I want them. Kill style. Mike Creeping Sharia is of course rom com related 'cause Uh let's me is four weddings and a funeral the remix the series on Hulu that mindy carrying executive produced and it's so good. I watched the movie last night the movie from longtime ago. I don't even was from that. The series is based on and there isn't that much related accept both I have four weddings and a funeral but what is great about the new remix is that this might have some spoiler spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler alert so there's four weddings and a funeral. That's I mean that's the title so I feel that's not a spoiler and one of the weddings is a Muslim wedding okay between but what is Muslim winning today. See People in like one of the main character. It's an unsolvable casting. One of the main characters is Muslim Pakistani. The Guy who I think the opening of the first show is like this is Muslim Pakistani guy who's like marrying the white girl in a church and then like they ended up leaving her at the altar. I mean that was an actual spoiler but then it goes to for the rest of the episodes like this guy is on his journey of like trying to find someone else to date so ah oh gosh there's so many spoiler okay this last spoiler so one of the people that he tries to date after he goes from this process he starts he goes to the mosque and finds goes through the lake. Super religious like booklet of women's Dilemma Imams had some up with this girl and then he starts dating this girl but they go on like these chaperoned dates and it was just I don't know is like it was so like normal like they didn't make it seem like it had to be like oh my gosh he like had to grow a beard become super conservative the day you know what. I mean like you just like I did awake grow and now I'm dating this Muslim girl and yes. Her chaperone is walking around with us and that's cool like the different kinds of normals yeah. They didn't finish is it now and there was like even like one part in the script. Were someone else asks him there at a bar and she's like Oh. Oh do you want a drink and he's like known okay and she's like. Oh is it because you're Muslim and now I drink. I just don't want to right now and you're like oh like it wasn't just like little tiny thing it was so just normal like didn't have to be a big thing. I loved it. I loved this also like have really high expectations of Mindy because she's dropped the ball on Muslim characters so many times in the past oh like in the past. She hasn't done Brown characters very well that I think she just did really fantastic on this one and I don't know Oh and there's like one more shot out. I'M GONNA give to Goose Khan who plays can like the he's a comedian in England and he plays the really funny character in the series and he kinda stole the whole series. He's really funny. He's so good to go watch it. I know people were tweeting at me to talk about it on the podcast. I'm so glad what I did. I loved it. Go Watch it on Hulu about it. What I like it. I don't know is that like there's no shooting in it so I don't think like that. I don't like shooting. There's no conspiracies in it. Do there's no sharks sharks. There's a lot of like lying and cheating though so maybe ooh maybe that'll be and there's there is a funeral family gossip and conspiracy good enough yeah. It's actually like well ridden so home. That's my I loved it. Yeah speaking of congratulations yeah and movies okay. You have a really good awkward ask ask. I don't know if it's good but it's very awkward so we're okay. We're in our awkward asking Muslim segment and I have an awkward ask I'm taking a screenwriting class as you do when you're in. La Yeah it's a great way to keep you accountable to projects that are you're like fun. Projects Wchs that you need some kind of structure around right. You don't like stop writing that pilot that you've been meaning to write so the teacher is white guy who so he doesn't have a Hulu Password okay any has watched. This is what he said. He's watched some net flicks and obviously hasn't watched for ratings on a a funeral I would say probably not definitely not and all the references he gives are like Super Old. It's funny and I like Hugh asking about like six structure five act structure but he keeps teaching us about like the basic three extra show that I learned like twenty years ago I see and it's kind of funny because it's like a time capsule the movie references and so like one of the movie references gave us three hundred okay. We haven't seen he was only got what you know. I wouldn't have watched that movie. No you would is. They're like romantic comedy in it. No there's just gorgeous gorgeous men. there's a lot of. AB- action is a lot of hot hot. Hot Girl Needs in a summer okay yeah. I can't believe you haven't seen it. I'm so excited to show to you okay so the movie has no plot what the plot is a bunch of dudes go and they get slaughtered and the guy has no arc arc starts at we are Sparta and then it ends with him. I'm saying that until he's dead he was saying. I don't understand how people were held in suspense because there's no plot and I said well. That's why my my mom loved it. My Mom loves that movie yeah in the movie. There's this guy whose name I forget and he's like this is Sparta Sparta's up against the Persians and the Persians for no reason whatsoever look like gargoyles and the whole thing is based off of for no reason ever for no reason like the bigger goes and it's kind of red and and it's based off of graphic novel and it's beautifully shot and it's just a very stylistic like Phil and I don't even know if that's a word people use if you on that Kinda Shit Listeners Akis podcast. It's awesome and my mom loves action movies and she came back and she was like. Oh my God you have to go see this film. It's red. We're GARGOYLES goals but it's red and trying to tell my screenwriting teacher I know it doesn't really have much of a plot but my mom loved it and she was holding suspense the entire time because she it was just waiting for more violence but he stopped listening and he just went wait so she loved it because she was just rooting for the Persians even though they get slaughtered and I ah ha ha no she was rooting as a spar too and he cut me off and he said because she's just like oh the Persians she even though they're losing. I think she's just like yeah. Even though they're like gargoyles she's like yeah and I was like well actually like pretty damn hot also know she was rooting like she was the Spartan 'cause she was is a normal audience member watching a movie yeah putting yourself in the mind of the protagonist also people of color were used to not seeing ourselves represented ever yeah also like why anyway people think that like even when we see Persian on any place like all of a sudden. That's like our person like do we like Brown. People only see ourselves as terrorists in Hollywood so does is that like default me like that's my people. I'm rooting for the terrorists. Apparently this is what this is. What men think screenwriters this is. Why Dakota Fanning's movie is happening running basically yeah my accurate. Ask is can a twofold because I was traveling this week. I was flying back from Houston. I was at the airport and my computer has all these cool stickers that represent my identity. I'm like night-time at the Phoenix Airport and eating at this cafe may laptops open and I hear this. This man walked by and like right when he's like my state. He says to his friend he says I'm not worried I might Bible with me and just like announced house. I turn around and I like that about it. Was that directed to me like are do people just naturally just talk about carrying bibles in the airports. No I'm pretty sure he like meant that for me. Because of you know like who I am and then like I was like do I turn around and I was like no. I'M NOT GONNA turn around quickly glance back once a month. There's two guys and then I glanced back and there were two guys. They're they're gone so this is my laptop so I'm just like all right this. Is You know microaggressions right. Like how do you read these like casual microaggressions. Where you're you're just like was that something wasn't that something that's literally. What the whole point of a micro aggression. Is this discomfort of like feeling like you're feared society in the world yeah. Also I have my Bible with me. Don't worry yeah like when like what's like. It was like one of those things where it wasn't like directed like it listen. I hate comment but like also like. Is it Sunday. I don't know like I don't know okay wouldn't go down where then his Bible able would save the day. I don't know scripture I maybe it's like magical and you just opened up the pages and rainbows. Come out of it or something. I don't know I mean that is is what happens when I opened up my I know I mean. Maybe that's an so I'm at this cafe yesterday and this guy comments on my sticker and just like than he keeps talking to me. Oh he's kind of hot like maybe there's something here and he's like he's attractive when he starts talking to me about like he's like Oh. I like you're sticker. I'll look oh you know I got this from artist and I was like he's like are you must love. That's why have the sticker on my laptop and then we started timeout about fusion music fusion food because of the food that was those cafe and then he starts talking about like you shouldn't food is really great like in. La There's this like upswing of fusion Israeli food in like there's all kinds of like Middle Eastern flavors coming together underneath this like Israeli umbrella of flavors like I I have a meeting. I gotta go because no one can be that hot like I was like. Can I still no I can't I can't he's talking about how great it was. I can't I was just at dinner with our friend. Rima sale who Owens's Palestinian restaurant in Oakland Classrooms California and she was talking about like how this is a thing that's happening where Israel is kind of this manufactured nation and their Columbus all these flavors of the Middle East and saying that they own it so now Israeli couscous thing but it's not a thing it's just couscous. Use can't just add is really to it anyways so I stuck to the BBS and I did not say anything what's BS boycott divest sanctions and so I avoid him and some Dick and some potential Dick B. S. media. I wish has like we're out of good. Muslim bad Muslim sticker so they wish they had stick to give to him. Mealy gives us out. y'All your Israeli restaurant friends. Please too nice. This reminds me of that time I was watching a cooking show and the guy brought out curry yeah and it was as white British guy any said this is a the classic British he said it's influenced by Indian spice but English ingredients dumb and I was like so ridiculous. Are The in English ingredients just carrots. I know it was just again. The I forget the best part about this so because I was in this meeting. The guy just continued to sit next to me. While I was at this meeting. He was reading the book of Mormon and a book about Kabbalah Ella like Oh I just I'm really confused with this guy and I think like I don't know if I want to talk to a guy who is really food is reading the book of Mormon and a Cafe rainy-day rainy-day anti reading about like magic in the Kabbalah. I know it was so random anyways awkward ask. I felt like that was very awkward. Yeah I skied it out of that one. I am still single and trying to meet people not going to meet it that way stupid. You would've fit his oriental. I know I felt like I was like. I wish hot guys were just like not speak. You know like they're supposed to do not supposed to speak until like I can like workshop through political education program and be like this is what you need. You need this leg training program because it was just like I said as he started speaking. He was just like not attractive anymore. I hear grant in the making I know a political education of of extraordinarily hot guys was the acronym I feel like it should be penis but we should figure political education of northerly attractive with G. All right when we can spell we'll come back to America. This help us out on twitter. Tell us what is the penis grant for extraordinarily hot man who need a political education fatwa I would like to the while I'm not GonNa Justin Trudeau pseudo by am going to brown face and I do want to say that like when I heard that just trudeau was doing brown face. I thought he was like he he got spray. Tan put on a turban and like went to this Arabian night party but now when you look at the pictures he likes Black Shoe Polish himself for this and you know it. It was saying that he was like it was like a young kid and like a long time ago but he's twenty nine years old. That's not young that's just like an adult regular adult and and it was in two thousand one that was like around the time that September eleventh happened like we had political consciousness of what it meant to be Brown in America down. Oh just I keep saying dumb. I know I shouldn't say Dumbo just like You don't even have words stupid. What's left anyways ridiculous words. I mean I think was the term yes by the way that I fought to a student debt. Yes please fight the why my student debt. Please and let's talk about how has on Menashe was called in to give a testimony to Congress how school them on student debt. Finding is that though like he's like. I'm a celebrity and now I get to be invited to Congress. Talk about fought to a funny is funny. It's five to a funny I mean of course he's not the first celebrity to come talk to Congress but Congress response to celebrity. Yes and that's fantastic antastic. That's why we have that also. Why is he schooling you on your government program. Yes exactly what I loved about that clip that we're gonNA play right now is just like the Deadpan of silence everytime he dropped a joke. Yes why aren't landing now. We recently did an episode on the student loan crisis crisis and it really hit home with our audience because forty four million Americans own more than one point six trillion dollars of student loan debt in fact the day we shot are episode. We pulled our studio. Audience was only about two hundred people in that room alone had over six million dollars of student. Loan debt now granted our audiences. This is mainly unemployed policymakers but that's still a lot of money now. This issue is sidelining. Millions of Americans. People are putting off marriage kids homeownership and retirement especially my generation so I'm thirty three and growing up. It was drilled into our heads. You GotTa go to college. If if you want a middle class job and even tell kids today look if you don't go to college you might as well get a face tattoo and then they point to post Malone and we're like like okay. That's one guy he's a very popular musician so thanks for speaking out for us that was great and it's time for some good. Muslim awards. I am still going to talk about mody 'cause trash. The Gates Foundation is giving an award to mody which is really ridiculous. Please write to the Gates Foundation till to do that and raise. Ahmed Jamila Jameel. We're supposed to show up to this event attendees of if the dinner me and we have a lot of dope political activists that convinced them not to show up and now Jamila Jalen rose amid are not going to dinner which I'm so I'm grateful for us so I'm going to give an Award Jamila and risks for listening to their community and not showing up but also tangentially an award to everyone that made this happen pink because it's really important that not that our folks are speaking to celebrities but we're in conversation with people in power and we're in conversation that are representing us in these places and they're not not showing up is sending a message to bill and Melinda Gates that this award should not be given speaking of shining a light on the folks and social impact work who are connecting getting the dots and reaching out to Hollywood. I WanNa give my good Muslim award to someone who's already getting an Award Maria Banji Executive Director of harness. She's receiving the connector award by Muslim A. R. C. and the connector award goes to people dedicated to protecting marginalized communities reminding us we are are all deserving of respect love and education connecting folks institutions and silos and that's what Murray is doing. I Love Mario. Mario works for this group called harness which is a social impact organization that works in Hollywood and was founded by America Ferrera and Wilmer Valderrama and they just just like are doing all this work to connect artists and activists in actors and people in the entertainment industry together and everything she's been doing has had such an amazing rippling effect in our lovely town of Los Angeles has been beautiful to see so translates in real time like she's helping folks like me better understand this business and how I can also be a part of doing that integration so I like that award or tomorrow good Muslim award to you on that note doc. That's the end of our episode. What you got coming up. I am going to be shopping my comedy special but I'm also going to be performing in Louisville Kentucky with define American yeah our friends at define American. I love that along with felonious monk apartment and chair and more I'm so excited are tickets available for people to come to that tickets are available. Go to define American dot org what you got going on to as I will be at the work. Get Festival just hanging out not speaking on a panel and on the aboard yes. I'm on an advisory board. Yes and I don't know I think I'm like just chilling this month. Yeah I have a performance October first and then I've been having some like really intense nightmares. I'm going to be like China. Get healthy and make sure these nightmares happening. That's my month. I want that for you too. I oh I do too no nightmares and then we'll talk to y'all in October. Help us with that penis acronym folks being Sacramento help us figure out how to get that D. and hit up the women's March and tell them we don't want a Priyanka March. This is not a Priyanka Chopra. March may may stop embarrassing yourself girl. Thanks for listening to the good Muslim bad Muslim podcast hosted by TAZA MED is our rush. He and followed has on twitter at Tassie. Has He star that's T. as E. S. T. A. R. in Zara at sorry comedy. That's Z. A. H. R. A. Comedy and the show is produced an edited by Concert Smith and you'd find us on the web at good Muslim bad Muslim dot com to follow the conversation. 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