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Confronting Your Podcast's Avatar From The Inside [S3E15]

Podcast Pontifications

09:57 min | 6 months ago

Confronting Your Podcast's Avatar From The Inside [S3E15]

"If you make a podcast for everyone you've made it for no one. So you might focus and carefully define your Avatar. But in your refinement, you might have left out an important voice by mistake. Hello and welcome to another podcast pontiff occasions with me ego. Tara. Now. One of the pleasures of being an independent podcast creator is that you are in control. Of course that assumes you're an independent creator if you're part of some larger podcast making machine. May Be less so but I think podcasting ZANU enough. That with enough interesting people playing in the field that. Those members who are inside still have a lot of say in the direction of the shows they work on I honestly believe that's the case not always, but but it certainly, it certainly can be. Now want you to think about your Avatar and the audience for your show. Don't you think about it in two different ways because your podcast, your podcasts, the shows you work on they really serve. To different audiences. One is is the Avatar. Avatar is a representation of one single person who is a stand in for the entire audience right? We don't talk to everybody in a podcast as I mentioned, we talked to one person and that actual one person. The attributes of that one person shared across lots of other people really helps you refine and focused down, but it's your audience the end of the day you're on it, you know who you're making this show for preference is defined an Avatar. If not get together, you know a high level like my high level is working podcasters listening to my show that simply I've got a more defined Avatar but that's the idea. So one is your audience itself. That's audience number one. Audience Number two. Is You. Write. Your the podcast you're, you're the creator or I suppose a cog in the machine that's got to work for you. Everything you produce has to work for you. We get this inherently, you know this even if you've not really thought about it, you know I've got my audience and got me and I have to serve both of these masters. The problem is or the troubles arise when we see those two different audiences as well just that. Two, distinctly. Different audiences. There's what you want as the Creator. And there's what your audience wants. As the listener. But. The real power comes when those two like Vin diagrams overlap. Because there has to be some overlap. There's really a lot of overlap in fact, the true power in I'm talking about now comes when there's a large amount of overlap. Between what you want and what your audience wants less overlap. The chances are the less successful. The show is going to be at least speaking from. The point of view of an independent creator. There's another option adopt get toured towards the in perhaps. So when I talk about the overlap between these two, the more overlap the better on these VIN diagrams. I'm not just talking about content the things that you say or allowed to be said. On your program. Yeah. That's part of it. Clearly, the content has to be interesting to you and to your your own audience. But I'm thinking about things beyond content. Beyond onto and the reason I'm thinking about these things that are beyond content is you WanNa make sure that you're serving your audiences you and the Avatar itself. Well, you want to give them every reason to start listening, stay listening and share with other people and the more of that overlap the more you're serving their needs and your needs together. The better and yes content as I said is a part of that but there's so much more. Format. What. Is the format of your show and is it a format? That your audience. Wants or. Is it a format. That you want. We make a lot of decisions as podcasts based on things we can. And cannot do. and. Things we have been exposed to and things we have not been exposed to. So I would suggest taking look at the format of the show you are making, which clearly you're probably making because it works for you and ask yourself works for the audience. Now, that's hard to do, which is why I say we got overlap. You need to look at this from the inside if you are an audience member if you were downloading and listening to this episode of the podcast your making right now. Is it the format you're looking for is it a format that works are there better formats? Out there have there been new developments, new innovation people being creative, doing something new that would work really well on your show. Or using the same format that you used for years ago when you got started and said, that's it I know how to do this thing and I'm done. Your audience might want more and what you're gonNA know that. Is If you can set yourself inside from the audience perspective. So. Listen. Are you listening to your show? Are you listening to other shows similar to yours have you gone to apple podcasts search for your show found your show and went down to the people listened to your show also listen to these other shows and listened to figure out what their format is. You should. You should do that. Also, there's cadence. When does new Windu new episodes of your show come out on what cadence now the standard as weekly. But look I know that you just like me sometimes get a little busy and have ideas that maybe well, maybe I should do something more I mean if they're liking an episode a week what defied did like maybe occasionally two episodes a week but I just gotTa have a wild hair to do this one episode and throw it out there that might work for you really well because you've got things going on but does it work for your audience? Does the cadence of your show that you've set that you might want to be changing work for your audience? Is it haphazard as it really scheduled? What works for them? When should this thing release for them? It's very difficult to ask yourself that question if you're on the outside, but if you good in. And you think about from the point of view of your being a part of the audience serving your needs as well. What cadence should you be on? Are you on the right right now? Should you change it up? You try different things maybe. The think about the audience you have become a member of the to think about them become a member of the audience and see what works for you. and. Then there's all the non audio stuff. What else could you be doing with your podcast other than recording an episode and pushing it out on your podcast feed? There's a lot more to it. There's a lot more to. Maybe your audience doesn't have the time to listen. Without. Can you do something for the people who can't listen, but still want to get your content Sounds weird to be a podcast or and encourage people to not listen or enable people to not listen. But so what? Being a podcast or doesn't necessarily mean talking into a microphone Yeah Kinda means that today, but there's so much more people can do, why are you limiting yourself? Just simply to that? What other forms of content could you produce that? Your audience wants to get sure it could be video. This shows recorded on video, but it also could be you know a lot of text a well written well-defined crafted articles might actually like that's an pushed out in a newsletter format talking about myself here because I also, the audience I liked consume things in a variety of formats not just audio. So the big takeaway. Of this is be an advocate for your audience by being a member of your audience. Don't forget to put yourself in their shoes quite literally or put their headphones in your ears if that's not a little weird. But do it. And if you're not doing that. If you're not willing to do that. Then you really probably should stop doing the show you're doing or or or he should insist on getting paid. True efforts there's a lot of things you might be produce. You don't WanNA listen to it's fine long as you paid. Now three things before I. Go away one by me coffee dot com slash Yvo Tara is still therefore you to buy me virtual coffee and I remind you once again that if you sign up for a recurring membership, it's like five bucks you'll get access to some special perks. Special. Perks. If you know podcasters in your life who need to hear this episode or maybe haven't even been aware podcast pontificate. It is really helpful when you pick up the phone or send a text or direct message someone who knows a podcast or and say checkout podcast quantifications and give them a link to the show. I would really appreciate it and it helps make the show grow. I Take Fridays off. So I will be back on Monday with yet another podcast on vacations. Cheers.

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theblerdgurl podcast: David Ajala On Nightflyers, Supergirl and Drunken Prawns


56:31 min | 2 years ago

theblerdgurl podcast: David Ajala On Nightflyers, Supergirl and Drunken Prawns

"Your Mom's watching the show that they could see me fantastic job. Your mother would be very proud. You're very moisturised. What's up everybody? I'm Karema Aka. The blur girl and this is the blue girl podcast. It's the holidays I'm presenting to be way happier than I am about this not because I hate the holidays but because there's so much going on even if you take out like the shopping and the traveling in the family members and all the people that you have to get gifts for that you just don't like we've got tons and tons of movies eh comics and all kinds of everything happened at the beginning of the year is doesn't seem strange. That Black Panther was the beginning of this year solo was earlier also but it it's kind of been quiet since but now all of the movies are coming out and all the comics are dropping so so we've got bumblebee. Mary poppins moral engines Spiderman into the spider verse and by the way I'm super excited about Peter Parker. If you don't know who he is Google please you will not be sorry there's also a ton of Spiderman comics coming out to and and speaking of comics livewire is coming out. <hes> iron heart is here and there's a few more indie gems so there's a bunch of shows that are coming back. We've got premieres including the runaways on the twenty-first life-sized too. I did not know oh I forgot about lifestyle one ENTIRA. That's just I'm confused but it's happening. The ZANU show starting this Sunday December second the sci-fi Thriller Night Flyers Based on George R R Martin's Novella of the same name and I got a chance to talk to actor David David Agila who stars as Captain Rarest so welcome to the Blur podcast holiday edition. Today's show is brought to you by audible. Now audible is offering listeners a free audiobook with a thirty thirty day trial membership. Just listen to Berg robot guests are you going to do is go to audible trial dot com slash the blurred girl that's honorable trial dot com slash the blurred girl and browse the unmatched selection of audio programs that they have to offer you can download a title for free and just start listening. It's that easy go to audible dot com slash though blurred girl T. H.. E. P. L. E. R. G. G. U.. R. L. How to get started today now. Why audible audible content includes an unmatched collection of audiobooks original audio shows news comedy and more from them leaving audiobook publishers broadcasters and entertainers and if you're anything like me you're busy audible makes it incredibly easy to catch up on books while I'm commuting cleaning the House working out driving whatever it just makes multitasking easy now? If I were you I would totally take advantage of a thirty day free trial and download a book or two that you've been meaning to read looking for suggestions well I would definitely check out shadow shaper by Daniel Jose older and the followup to that book shadow house false both are incredible fantasy books and they are narrated by actress and singer. I'm Nika could not rose and she sounds amazing. It's really really good. I listened to both of those books on an out of state road trip and it may the time just fly by get started with audible today. They've got a really simple APP to use so you can literally listen from anywhere download load your free audiobook today at audible trial dot com slash the blurred girl again. That's audible child dot com slash the blurred girl for your free audiobook as well as usual. We're going get start talking tech real quick but I'll keep it short so according to tech crunch on Black Friday. That's the day after Thanksgiving where a lot of us go shopping here in the states for those of you. International listeners stores and companies made a lot of money that day but not retail stores it was big for APPs meaning more people bought items through APPs read Amazon than in any previous black Friday sales year or cyber Monday sales year so according to censor tower the combined consumer spending across the U._S. apple APP store and Google play on Black Friday twenty eighteen reached seventy five point nine million dollars a record for the most ever spent in a single day on both doors. That's kind of epic. It's also the other reason why I don't leave my house. Next up is facebook now. Did you know you could actually watch original scripted content T._v.. On facebook I did but I watched nothing yet anyway. FACEBOOK is now going to start streaming the weeden verse so basically all all of Josh Weeden shows from like the nineties so buffy the vampire slayer angel and the original firefly in the proper order dammit so for all of you tired of hearing your parents talk about buffy rally people like who sought missed it like me creep back over to facebook and get caught up now in not so amazing Tech News. <hes> Marriott revealed this week it starwood reservation system was breached. Basically this left more than five hundred million <unk> guests information vulnerable to hackers hospitality giant said guests personal information including payment information name address phone number and date of birth have potentially been exposed and it's rumored that parts of the reservation system might have been vulnerable since two thousand fourteen ouch chat out to Africa for that story not a good look Marriott. Now shifting gears a little bit too entertainment. There's like I don't know twenty thirty movies coming out the season and I'm not sure how I'm GonNa Review you see them all but here's my list really quick so get a pen. You'RE GONNA WANNA jot some of these down. First up on the fourteenth December fourteenth here in the States Spiderman into the spider verse and Mortal Engines dropped so spider man despite adverse is got. If you haven't seen the trailer yet you have to go check it out. It's got all the Spiderman and it's got Peter Miles gwen Peter Poker I mean he's got so many different versions and they're all coming from different realities basically that's that's when you WANNA see. Mortal engines comes out that same day now I've seen to this movie. I still don't know what's about. It seems it's really weird. It looks like Lord of the Rings Meets Terry Prescott but I will let you guys tell me what you think I think on the nineteenth is Mary poppins which okay Mary poppins. There's a reason you see this movie. Okay and Lin Manuel. Miranda is one of those reasons but I heard it's also fantastic and very very fun now the twenty-first twenty-first because it's the last Friday before Christmas there's a lot of stuff going on but I I will start with the movies so of course is coming. This is whatever the DC movie of the year that waiting for I'm excited I've stopped looking trailers and reading about it because now I want to be surprised I don't WANNA keep trying to learn too much about this movie. The other movie that's coming out on the twenty-first is Bumblebee and I am super excited for this movie because I have never been thrilled with Michael Bay's version of the transformers. This is a reboot. It looks like it's going to be amazing and they are going back to the for those of you who remember the toys they are going back through the Gen one versions of transformers the really boxy boxy looking optimus prime and also and the original animated series autoparts role to Septa cons fly and they are sticking to that and I know that something that's small but it makes my little twelve year old Gig Girl Carl Hart thing because it's little things like that but you know what else makes my geek girl heart sing Angela Bassett because Angela Bassett is transformer. I got to see Angela Bassett as the Queen Mother of Kanda at the beginning of the year at the end of the year. I get to see her as a transformer. I know she says this. After con- I do not care <hes> and for those of you who are confused. She is one of the new deceptive cons called shatter at what you hear her voice in the trailer. She's the Red Plymouth and I'm telling you I am telling you. Angela Bassett is goals okay besides acting besides writing besides being an amazing speaker an amazing person. This woman looks better at sixty than most people do at thirty two okay so that is my moment for Angela Bassett. Thank you very much. Hey folks is jumping in a real quick to see if you know about the blur girls shop on Tepa in their i-it-it's towed Rhode sweatshirts mugs even onesies and some really great sayings and quotes all proceeds purchases go towards support of this podcast as well as operation fee so please if you support this podcast the site and the poor girl channel. Please purchase them store. There's two ways to get affair. One is to go to the girl dot com slash store on my website and you can also check us out on instagram by following the blur girl shop. I had an APP set up right inside of INSTAGRAM's. You can shop right from the APP itself and. We'll take you to the store and you buy whatever you want so I appreciate the support now back to the show next up. I'm going to slide on over to comics real quick because there's a lot of comics. There's always annuals that come out at the end of the year dizzy New Miles Morales comic that is coming out the first week of December written by Sally Ahmed. I love Halloween. He's very sweet person. I got to interview him for Scifi for his Indie Book Abbott which if you haven't picked it up it's available Glenn Trade. Go get it. There's also a spider get incoming any ghosts spider spider gwen marvel is not playing with the marketing around Spiderman other comics that you need to pick up are the new iron heart featuring re Williams uh-huh and that one is written by viewing. She's done an amazing job with that comic and it's so funny how many people she's a poet which acute could she possibly know about geeked them. It is very clear from her writing that she's a girl at heart and she is a star Trek Fan and there's all all kinds of things in this book they were so amazing. I'm also the art by Kevin Lybrand up and Luciana Vecchio. I'm sorry if I'm not pronouncing those right. It's amazing as well you gotTa pick up Sherri by Nettie core for honestly just pick up everything manetti record for like all of her books busy all of those and then while you're at it if you're looking for some other Scifi to read somebody else who should obviously pick up is an K. Jemison and K Jemison keeps winning. She's winning in three hugos were in a row and all the books are part of her broken. Earth series all of them the fifth season Obelisk Gate Stone Sky but I also just got a book from her literally just came in the mail <hes> called how long till black future each month and it's an anthology and I cannot wait to read that either. There's a lot of things that you can buy the season and get your hands on the season to take your mind off the fact that you have to buy all these gifts for all these people that you don't necessarily like now TV is a few more things happening in some cancellations daredevil now joins Luke cage and iron fist being cancelled. I'm just going to call it. I Know Jessica Jones is GonNa be next on care which I'll say an obviously punisher it could be that Netflix wants all their own original content. It could be because Disney Disney wants all of their stuff back. They want all their toys back but never really making big moves like they had a very successful with castle Vania. They've got several successful anime animated series the are bringing neon genesis evangeline Gillian too and if you're not anime fan that's okay you can look that up but they're bringing that to the streaming service in two thousand nineteen. They're bringing a live action cowboy bebop to the service in two thousand nineteen now. I'm excited but I'm nervous. I'm excited in that. The live action version of bleach was great because on that flips it was produce it ever release it that directed. They didn't put put their fingers in it. They didn't let anybody American touch it not so much the case for death note which it's I'm just GONNA act like didn't happen because that is one of my favorite mangas in animals and they destroyed it. I'M GONNA wait till this comes out. I'm excited that they're putting money behind it but I wanna see who's directing. I WanNa see who starring no doctor who Christmas special this year. There's going to be New Year special which is weird. The runaway season to return on the twenty first told you twenty four is going to be a busy day that Friday. Don't call me and then starting this weekend this this very weekend like literally after you've listened to this podcast. You're probably GONNA go. Watch watch this on Sunday. December second is Scifis new show night flyers which is based on the Nineteen Eighty George R R Martin. Yes the guy who game of thrones novella of the same name it's communist I fi- now full L. disclosure. I've read the Novella and have seen the debut episode and I think it's really good. I have not seen six or seven episodes in I've seen the first one and I and I like it. No scifis not paying me to talk about this show but I have the pleasure measure of meeting and talking with the cast in fact I hosted the debut panel of the show at San Diego comecon this year and I'll put the link in the show notes to that because there's a lot of fun and while I was saying Comecon I asked one of the stars of the show the actor who plays the Captain David David Asala who also happens to currently playing Manchester Black on supergirl the season if I could talk to him more about his role and just about what he does so coming up after the break not only did we talk every was apparently very hungry after a long day of shooting so the sound mound you're going to hear is going to give him cooking and banging around the kitchen while we're having this conversation so up next after this break we my interview slash cooking show with actor David Ginola to give a hosted website on wordpress or is your site really slow. Have you gotten hacked in the past and just didn't know what to do well. If so you need site ground now I am aside ground affiliate. I'm I am also a customer. In fact I switched the BLUR DOT com over to them and never looked back in fact I've put other people onto them for two reasons for liability and customer service. You can try it yourself at site ground dot com slash go slash the blur girl that's dot com slash go slash though blur girl now unlike some other hosting sites that have really great affiliate program and seemed to be really popular. Many of them don't have customer service cyclone has correct customer service. They don't talk like an idiot. If you can't find something to help you work through it. They have a really easy control panel. Inside ground is really the truth. You can start hosting your site today for as low as three ninety five a month. What's you can run a store a blog anything really and they could even move your whole existing site over for you from another hosting service and you don't have to worry about a bunch code and stuff so if you've been blogging running a website for a while now it's it's time to take your site and it security seriously? I've move up to site ground sign up today at sites ground dot com that's S.. I T. E. G. R. O. U.. N. D. dot com slash the blurred girl aw you've been doing an amazing job on supergirl as Manchester Black but you were not born in Manchester you we want to warn car and then did you go up there. Did your parents go there. The owner raised on London's came of parents from Nigeria to London a seventy six kids SIS Kadam had a dream which was provided the children. Give them things that had no so that was started. Had you know that was buffs. My all brothers and genius system six my sister's youngest wait wait. She's the only girl the only seasonally one girl I relate to that really yeah. I mean not being the August for being the only girl I have two brothers. They're twins yeah. They're twins and the Juggle Yeah No. They are younger and it. This is my job to hate. The enact. One of them is getting married in it's like but he asked me once like is it. Do we like any girlfriend. I bring you and I'm like no. It's my job ABC's. He's married and he was asking me if I'd like to say I told him irrelevance relatives like her. It's as bad as the other teas that also figure Oh that's a diplomatic knows to look after your younger brother you. We know we give you less but I just want to know you know a million but like irrelevance Sir I swear I did not just have I like she's lovely. She's lovely. She's so where are you in the oldest the second oldest I'm in the middle so you gotTa Win. Everything you Adelaide absolutely every night. High also got stuck in the middle with everything I was always like a reason just keeping amicable between all civilins young sibbon's symbolism parents but I feel that you have made the myself younger brother young system. We got away a little bit more than my older. Three brothers just different than Iraqis are tired. It got away from where they started. They have hanes Gupta. Go high on the discipline just on C. on it. In by time I young by the is that they relax. Relax <unk> a whistle day has how much how much age difference is it busy you and your oldest brother a so what is out all the eight years and then there's a whole generation yet it doesn't or then we will close on. We'll actually Joan quite well talking now now where you're playing minister glad life. Did you have to figure out how to Manchester Accent. Did you just do regular accent because as Americans are not going to know any which is not going to know the difference so basically a win speaking with Jessica rubble who show runners unsafe ago fages told me some the origins of the Carrots Manchester Black on whether the story may spend some time London but he is from Manchester so I kind of familiarize myself with the accident offense entirely Manchester and I have a few friends you all from Manchester so that really helps just in terms of getting a feel <music>. The accent is on me. I'm a among Kenyan anti hero yeah in in the narrow roads yeah about especially in this last episode Tarasov and having a my girl he's lying <music>. I don't listen to him. not this into cab and you just oh my God so everybody up in that episode it was there's so many different ways imparts humorous got was him. They've really <hes> you did a great job yeah but there's so many different ways complained that so so many different avenues nine goals like twit up an all round. I know that your invested in this show the obese I hear stuff like Manchester. How could you do the house Rootin- human? You'll counseled boss still love you. I love you man made Martian manhunter cry come on. I know a lot of flack for that space that fickle don't mind to you let him you heard space aghast that was and it was really dark. You did a really really good job with the because even in the duplicitous nece he had to show some type of emotion even when he was making it and I really think that tape drive but I can tell with carrot like that scene where she gives you that device as like her superhero multivitamin secured hold this girl. Don't give him arts. He's GonNa mess with that loaded. She headed girl you done you. You can give a grown man your wallet no now. This is why there's no like women on this show. 'cause we were now. We are not shift he handing you my stuff. you nervous now absolutely not now also doctor who grew and I I you're in doctor who I was leave you out veteran thousand eight years ago gas so that's that's crazy it is it is why I think of the current iteration of doctor who will do you think of another. I don't think he's from London being on the show even as a companion wholesome also I mean I've always been up for the doctor. Being a woman not just a woman but talented woman lead Jodi with Asia is this is really cool and then you look at companions and it just <hes> and then three companions you look and they just reflects the wells that I will see to see off on the T._v.. Screen is really excited. It's Ed and jody starting in British TV with a lot of Americans are not familiar with she issues on <unk> also movies attack. The black is at the same for you you did also start in British television was always movies for you. Did you get your start only in movies I think for myself it was movies. I mean those couple of British films that did I wanNA mainly. I wanted was killed and then off to that <unk> to do with the Dot night with Heath Ledger and social. That's amazing movie to say hey that's my second movie was as you know Dark Dank deep laser Kinda ridiculous what you amend movie and just just being in the present moment and just being so oh thank you for welcoming something so special and I really had a what was David genres breakout role. I don't think I've ever had a breakout role level. which is kind of plugging away by tell you whoa no matter where I go in the world's even dog night is the one we recognized full consistently the most Rossellini flex units Gabbard see evidence because it says a classic and People Watch it over and over and over guessing knows service do yeah now what are movies or comic books or T._V.? Shows that affected you like that. What did you watch over and over and over again because you just love them? It was something about him that drew you to them. <hes> definitely think movies wise <hes> other. There's a few you know my Chi- childhood shake around jubilees. This cross kids comes America come into way coming to America comedy nerds onto percent of Velvety. I'LL AH love consumer. Okay wait but the thing about coming to America is that it's not accurately representing Africans though you're African with the three problem but you don't even say that money's out so sequiturs. I know I'm upset. A lot of people out day. Peres love this filming and <unk> heavy as but did they find it silly. Why is that what he is because maybe at that time it was carry mid eighties of the van there wasn't that many movies depicting African worlds and inhabited someone like Eddie Murphy? WHO's a global stock has the leading the show you know Hello James Jones Hughes serve for for them news of massive massive deal and <hes> <unk> many times anytime you call most most recent black now? Isn't it interesting how like in the eighties you've had to wait since the eighties evaluates twenty eighteen to see another Africa in king represented onscreen right right right the mole as racial representation of Africa. What was your favorite scene? What was what was <music>? You're feeling seeing the movie I will suss the full. Most I was so excited to be in the movie theater was so many people in <hes> England get into watches for the first time the premier and member in the opening credits and then you know the fast opening scenes the movie before the credits in just watching it in just feed him so excited so proud and <hes> it was made me with how pull the is to have accurate representation onscreen yeah and you did it for me when they first flew into conduct when they first saw through through those trees and everything I was tripping when I heard the talk job it's actually talking join and I remember grabbing. Remember rallying the person next to me going. I think to say his name that do do I think that such <unk> like I think it was his name and then later I did research and I was a all to go and talk to people who aren't serious. Injury ended is talking. Can jump of his name and just it was just so fantastic and even talking to the costume designer with Carter. She was amazing too because she broke down like all these people that she was working with. She kept what's she said beat the Lion King Adam every every year to look for life. You know that was our only representation. But where does the coulter would spend like hundreds. Maybe thousands of years back also have an Africa which some independent which is so I'm in tune with technology they transcended with Jesus. He is in the present date and they take its new heights so when you combine that with the culture and the aesthetics at essence of being African yeah I'd have on the T._v.. Screen with these great <unk> talented people off Matt Yeah <unk> Info so problems by night you do realize that you're part of that story right like you were in Black Panther but you are playing someone in the future tonight flyers you've been you're in two per sending you are also you know even though he is an anti hero Manchester Black like you are an African Superhero in space in many of your evolves it is I mean just being reminded about the area for voice with me. Sorry is kind of humble as souls webs. I was speaking of the show runners on us about you know be imposed sith ago. They made it so important that they wanted this character to be someone real. Who's who just happens to be a victim of unfortunate circumstances but maybe it on the Lions Develops these POWs my character has the mind maps said yesterday when super belted? How could you do this to me her? Why would you betray me? A mantra says pain is a great motivator. I don't think anyone's bowling evil by this guy destroyed seek justice and these driven by vengeance and I'm not okay and actions but I hope he it goes from being lost sheets found out he just peace because he sees is not enough man school and he's he's on a mission of revenge yeah and I mean I hope in the comics does come full circle so I hope they allowed you to come back and do that <hes> because you're doing a great job in because right now. He's in the pain portion of his program. He's he's writing that out right now now in terms of night flyers. When did you finish shooting? Shooting like wasn't a wild house. I know you're I know you were so happy to show his five ma'am. We finish shooting the night could June this year that wasn't too far as going to say like a year ago a year ago and it was imposed Cinem- The MSCI the ninth of June this year the Michael G okay. I know it was right before right before I met you at San Diego Comic Con van. Do you just fry next layers. Yes that's right. Okay cell thus right. Tell us a little bit about for the people out there in doubt now tell us about nine flyers and what this show is about. This is Mike. Fleiss is a need five secure show will be on the SCIFI channel a I made money on Netflix. It's set in the Ad Twenty Ninety three southbound group of very talented steeled scientists who lost off into space make contacts within Etienne Lifelong Mum as Vogel Okay. This is like a reading poll mission. I think they've had to do this choice because I've is in such bad state climate be they make contact with vote. boobs understands some things that will contribute towards self preservation of humanity sealed off so long the trip on the said eight scientists. We also have ten path yeah very gifted to the plan would use him yeah went to assess half is not like star Trek. This is not Deanna Troi Nice Sweet del Bass on this is like a path that could easily the incitement yes. It's it's horrid face painting yeah it's horns but these guys have the best intentions to fly out but lose they know feed on people will die and drum before from anywhere close to the vote. I read the Novella and then I actually saw the whole first episode you think I thought it was amazing but but I the way it started in the way it was created. This is not going to be like the book so it was interesting why she sees George likes killing people. Oh yes and a lot of bodies at the foreign itself I was struck by the storyline and vis Motley crue characters felt a like a very ensemble crew as a thriller definitely horror elements of it but it's the epic scandal gamma which is shot is is so beautiful straightaway. I just fascinated storyline in where we're GONNA go since it's different from the but David David what is happening in this kitchen. What did you take it from the oven? What as I didn't realize himself up three this thing down? I took tempore prone guy very don't mind <unk> so anyway what the thing that struck me about this show that I that I love the first thing I saw when know who what I know about the book and no one will lead to drills character and were eras character. which is your our character? I was so exciting when I saw casting because then I was like Oh my God we got black people in space very far by this vase your best believe there's GonNa be some chocolates base ace chocolates inspect. That's the name of the next episode but but at one point the two of you are like literally the only thing I believe that can save this ship so I found fast <hes> now captain. Oh my captain your characters very interesting because he spends the majority of the show is a Hologram. He's a Hologram re would so what is that the act or portray a character that can't touch any figures what Wendy I getting a brief conversation with the guys behinds grace's behind the show they would explain to me beyond the idea the concept of what have you evaluated expanse me <unk> adjourning for air stocks as Holliger introduces himself as a Hologram into his what the scientists so what I understand resigned is why this guy used presents himself as a Hologram. What is he hiding announced that he understanding of that I now that shape all my physicality but in terms of being Hologram it's not I don't walk around Alabama? I literally woke rounds Abbas like I'm hoping I can present myself well so the Mike crew would only take it seriously but they will trust me on this journey which whereabouts in buffalo so you're actually ship is physically on the show settling. He's not unlike an outline that ship knows deaf is very whitsunday should been on ships touch. Anything is a really really disconcerting. I mean you can't touch anything but he can see everything and these voyeur have now say say that I didn't say I didn't say it said that I say that I did not say her. I have proof wasn't big kill. It was true scraping. Why does he take this crew on is this? His Shit is his mother ship for his his mother's ship by Richard is muggy. He now is in charge of the vessel like why did he allow them to passages. He cares about earth. That's right. He's the one that's been able to facilitate this to happen because ordinary called Brian has the idea and the vision to make contact with eighty a celestial being but no one really is backing his. I did when I say knowing is money people. Who have the politic happen so grey areas is coming at he's like hey look I could ship? I'm interested in your idea. I you're a talented guy out about you driving together. I I won't even charge us much it. That's the deal he's physically on the ship but he's a Hologram is really care about earth. What is this is their alternative motive? I think for Roy heiress selfish as it may seem I think he's is using this. Johnny do something monumental on a global level of the welcome C. which will allow him to force his own identity. Step out shadow model models VIDERI. Mary varies accessible powerful woman so we're talking about the heiress cooperation of Arras Brandon. The ship is a legacy left behind by his mother is the boy feels that now's the time says sister shuttle de something big so that's why he decided to do so. This mission is is so old team if they put off it will validate now Bernie told me that you got kind of emotional one of the recording morning out of these yes. What was this even happened I was we thought the scene that saves the second off of a day and it was Gretchen using the scene congratulations was feeling anxious about it and I'm the director mocked underwriters fantastic? He got gases together six of us to rewrite the scene by something completely different to it's a trust in each other and we ended up doing this scene and I won't spoil his in the last two episodes and I'm watching Gretchen Ananias. I'm Miranda at aw man man it was it was it was raised special. They was also off skipped like did was your nose gifting you. It was definitely scripted but it's like I. I just found this so you Lord <unk>. What are you making besides these primes? I'm hearing kitchens in ovens dishes at all kinds of things. Are you cooking. Oh agai. You're making me on your own. I mean I was at seventy five to say nothing tonight anything fancy. If I was thinking a couple of days ago I could have said all I must be cooking's fried rice would salmon plonked him aw Avocados like that's what I would have said which was Dennis now is let's just temple combs and then as washing up a cup missing that sounds so confirms the move now to now. No you'RE GONNA make it sound better than the Mug has to be a ceramic dish that was given a mother and you've been like you know you're sitting thing in your smoking jacket by the fire. He's got a lot of tests brings us up. Bring up your little you know you have to. I know that one meeting now but in one side speaking with the up says shop I'M GONNA come out says I'm GONNA put them in. The microwave was amazing suit. I would tell you that you put the counting of the Mayo River real real talk. I'll be in trouble for that status. That might be the microwave. Is Your Dow by Nigerian <unk> daily Love La lassie recipe with my mom. She's a very calm. You know something spoken mainly but when about women gets angry rewards annoyance I'm teddy the pits of Nigeria comes out of her mouth. Strengthen my mother's from Bermuda and it's the same thing it's like everybody early says she's the sweetest don't make mad oh my God gross and what is with our mothers with this ability to pick up any inanimate objects anywhere near them in turn it into a weapon like considered an Olympic sport. My mom would be typical journey brother the other day token about back in the day be mysterious in the monkey picks up a slip up throwing cash is don't even because he had the most strength is her level of accuracy. I`Ma Ganges yes yes and there's hand by this rhyme you figured out what he turned around the shoes back on her foot on how and my mother had the ability to take off shoot while driving hit. All three of us in the back seat. Ed never stopped driving. It was the name that's how we never avenue among picking up over Botham's throwing you'll talk <unk> driving. I'm using the slipper disciplined three kids at the same time while still driving a grocery store smiling. That's a mix of multitasking. Yes against humanity the semifinals okay so for Netflix. Have you guys shot the entire season. Okay okay mechanic can sell what is the one thing that you want people that are going to start watching the show next week to take away from highflyers Phosa full. Most anyone who is a science fiction or sign of horror overcomes. I I would want them to watch so at this because not only is that a wonderful ready interested provocative T._v.. Show so fans of different genres and so many any movies in science fiction journal. They're going to be so many little Easter eggs touchstones of huge <unk> movies took my head. I can think of five records all <hes> the shooting <hes> one st to see <hes> Terminator of it and I won't say the rest house for a few I was GONNA say event horizon but was like I'm no better ending vaporizing then arising in that in the way it was shot in the hallways almost felt claustrophobic like that movie. I I remember you saying that you shot a lot of this. Practically I mean aside from screens and things like that. You shot a lot of this practically correct it. They spent a lot of money. I wanted to private primary. Primary reasons are even why spend so much money. They WANNA make sure may one in a US a lot of C._G._I.. D._V._I.. They wanted to build as much as possible so we ended up having practical almost scale life-size buttons of the ship while possibly like the <unk> Central Command. I'm corridors along. It was built scale. It was massively upbeat films in two different stages. I lost count. How many times ago lost out huge huge the <unk> disease? I think you'll be given little maps. Find a way round or at least G._P._S.. Tracking devices you can find each other and where were these located where in Europe in Ireland's Limerick okay we'll places I mean Georgia mountains game with phones films at Belfoff which is the five <unk> hour drive from where we shooting so maybe just made sense the since <unk> Jewish Moslem T._v.. Show we'll shoot it read. They should <unk> you've worked. worked on shows movies there's a lot of green screen and things like that it must be easier for you to save hector when everything is right there practically for you as opposed to of course you know acting to a green screen acting to a ball ninety eight hundred is so helpful because it's it's a little van you don't have to imagine it i mean there was some things that we had to find out to imagine the okay this thing was chasing you all these things can explode for the most part which is probably nineteen percent i would say <hes> old school stuff okay ten percent c._g._i. implements the method differs themselves performance yes in products l._t._v. <hes> <hes> and can i just say that your dp you're directed director of photography should win a war because all of a a lot of science fiction shows like this that are on ships shot very dark especially south that genre especially stuff that is is har- it's all shot very dark but you and jolie yes looked amazing you both your skin tones everything looked amazing and this man is to teach on sleaze <unk> alipio figures i'm so happy you mentioned that because jodi carter smith as melania trump kindred spirit show i we may shoulder begins the therapy of different g._o._p.'s that was very important that they made sure our chocolates giving silent good your mom's moms watching the show today they could see me citing fantastic job your mother would be very proud you're very love moisturised swearing okay i wanted to ask you a specific question about the show that you probably can't answer it driving <hes> what was one of your favorite episodes to shoot this season on one of yup on what episode three and foles okay those no elaboration don't know those episodes i'll tell you episode three what was so cool about is it's always a joy when a character can suck the audience shock the audience and so that other characters in the scene okay when you simultaneously have the t- things happening it's just something really special about that all the episodes full i believe is what we really start let's see where we areas on rocky really falling apart l. k. all right we'll have to check those out so now george r r martin states killing characters off in general so did you <music> go to good readings in like sit there and like flip to the back of to make sure you sound shout while it was the most seemed like every episode of reffing the dog us as we go through to make sure wherever still him so him so i mean you read the loss line and as long as they're told and not gurgling or dying or falling or exactly exactly right well that's stress because they're just watching to see in this hope and letting your region you see you is it kind of gives executed its office decides atta venue inside your happy because you're not the character that died of dollars until you the story either my ten poor parole and hang out speaking of character deaths in the show's what they've been very bold with is <hes> let if account is taken out killed they don't try do this sliding contrived way bring the character back in cardis dot go okay so not shown up in a dream sequence or memory or something the dream within the dream notice out the airlock that's it you're done in an animal that is the abyss that is that gough freddie's dramatic brussels scary one of sense that what was really cool was when the show is <hes> definitely is very much so unsolvable base our show love jeff beulah it's just a wonderful guy to work with i love his passionate enthusiasm he sell exams on that it's always great oh that's jeff he's swiftly anything on that is that is just jefferson lobby really cold guys with finals you know science fiction coming folks are yeah yeah the one i was like okay so your baseline is just happy this is just where you live and so he's what with are definitely feel quite clever actually jeff told me that the entire novella avella is the entire first season so i i'll turn and how they're going to get a second season like i'm wrapping i'm really wrap by rain around how they're gonna make of small yeah either way so oh i don't wait episode ten ends i it's jeff is very clever because the way episode ten ends up something else seven added the premier you're gonna like live sweet in everything so that you know and and play along with the fans and see it as as yet seen much ado for i mean we're sup- ago mental like three the first episodes are already cizek of i made good with a major lice do you think i should i think they're going to do what captain roy ayers do eh voyeur gonna be like a pervert just watch everybody else oh close say now i'm gonna tweet at you like i'm going to do my best to make you but i know oh you just gonna watch don't you may just make it happen i'll try you may just make that happen if i don't respond i will be in the spirit what what's in the holiday i'll be the a pervy hologram thank you so much for talking to david i enjoy your your prawns and you and you wind depend thing is i think they'd been out vote in those moments because obviously gear and talk it's still my west larry little and even woken by the sound wide there's some room in the rooms there's nothing wrong with that is at the wrong but maybe was the wine i swear you're gonna lie i'm trying to lie down right now i'm trying to end greasy because of these simple prose white house up yeah when i come to england i need to find this restaurant that has these prone crohn's something amazing when you hear you as long as the country and you'll be here at i'll make these support proactively without taking out weight no no there needs to be okay with the the although so i'm taking you up on that thank you so much i told you he was eating right at best will be angry i'm looking up front was that made him drunk anyway i promise i promise he was fine when i hung up with him he really was don't forget to check out knife flyers starring david ayala gretchen mol jody turner smith and the rest of the fabulous cast on the show's premiere this sunday december second at ten pm on sci fi you can watch it ahead of time if you can't sit down at ten pm and watch it then you can also stream it online at scifi dot com but i'm going to probably be live tweeting at ten because i wanna see if we can get david to say anything so thanks for listening and please don't forget to comment and subscribe and check out my podcast sponsor

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SUSCAST - #011 Interprofissionalidade


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SUSCAST - #011 Interprofissionalidade

"Mugabe thrown. Teddy will unique through video success, mind, deck suit, but. Though is not something to drink Stephen installed hence bone them. Okay, significantly sue. Carl Mostly Auditing dodgy stomas. His concert O'CONNELL's passing she soza. Zanu Dodge. Mattie Michiko, Kapoor Damon Sink travelocity former called Cuba was heroes was key bed, getting moons pershing device Miami gnomes. Say was thrown was not Jiffy data. DO KACI WILL Dodge study strange You show straight Income! despond Gustavo Ramon disobeys. Ain't dome, thanks. Cone Ceuta those but of senator fat interacting animism passage as it as a necessity comfort of Sunol cyberthreat Balladur through Ireland into the passage. Winston Lemus. Say See increased village passes to start of Ducatis as you may know. IAGO Parrella. Convinced community. Also saw Mojo's. We say nicotine shopping. Dame donor! Dodge. Day She Joe Biden's bowl novel. Along. I should come to some non the Sunday. Could famines compliment she? These as some Lemme Don McNair news. E olya cabbage Queens. Ball kid all Wayne. Meyers me one more. Dog. Spelled lefties personally? They won't Sean don't Familia. Jones Saka Quiz. Intake also sausage full get a Soviet. Dodge Catch Calloway Loboda. Book in equally logical don't assume commodity. Sacchi had been so inched eastward most. Rasmus Skopje's. Ano- as Veliky was shown, contemplate inch Bella Judaic of. Out on Folk Mogae. To sit dodge boys. Anti Personnel Dodge no services. Yourself Orgy key almost team. In Contra Motors Republican in my line. Unabashed Club. You so as muddy. Yes, a behaving deja Lawson's. Have you see podcasts with Yovich for sequence to tap vase, Info. She saw Jeff. Mosaic which yelling tre in conservatory, contrasting physical. optionality Lucas some fees considering changed to out, salvage will see I. Shall yet issues thrown? Sarah's does seem voted, should I? Don't take peripherally. WHAT BOOK ALUM! This notion Jewish, sabbatical, currency also audio AS Roma's commerce on sue sketch. Food. Linda's grants. was discussing. I decide what we wanted you mean. Two dozen assist is the passage nausea follows. Episode cast. How would you ellen today to those the village? Todd, you're These do not sustain when you could tell Jr.. Saban's domain Kimball SPENC- pursues. Dodge heff also data would developing data daughters assisted is doing. Give you walk down to. Don't I'm take us out to Austin. Lose proposition I saw. What would you say we support? Revolt Domain Pocono. More, practical achiever by city has done she. Boy Does Luke assume deputy now ostriches coach, most mice I the casting of now get memos. All Winston was involved don spider disco Sunday's system. Call Oh quality fighting said you most show now. Tip Of. Bengal may keep him much, but of soon now at compostable of Niger defendants for my songs all seizure. Jessica much professor now, nausea inefficacious Yonder. Balakot BORAT chief. John McKee in Thep Rasul. Now think Komo Phone Amanda. Christian you. Fighting's argues most by laughed Comb Jazz House passage. EPOCH COMPLETE MY S-. Some bookings Caserio. On, castle interdisciplinary. At, Culebra sewn leanness Jim. Waldo associate, Vita Zinc, but oh drew miserable dame objective. Was Zeynep? Blow Ecuador Physical that much. But I cast was thirty. Is All sage Lsu also seal? Qualms should split cat on that bus won't. Also music, wise muskie thing focal danger. Fighting's especially DAD's. I go to Ultimo. It'll castle that perhaps your now thing is the Phoenix Soy's. Muslims concept miser Sheila's no more. At, although sane through Para Avalon so that look at some interpret soon now calc type grenade. I look assuming capital now he do us on my spurt of swings happening in Greasy COMB is nobody else. Older is better Mirada Culebra. Dash looks that's. Changed Kumasi Sustaining Bam Malaria Basma spatchcock, pushing shifting the quizzes amazement. At Bolsa Beija Goma's quizzing using Boston's. Segundo Macro Potter Sony Lucas on Capitol Soon Now achieve. Ellington the CUOMO travel fall effort of co now will still Dunstan transparent analog by Komo member that keep itchy practical. Achieve Ole, Sasia. Assuming off so now David Coma Sandra Dawson says mowing Cuanto, also tortoise, national, fast, and the faculty dodgy, Cheapo activists fell are good. Mothers doesn't vote on Syria Oma Cacao about achiever. So this miserable Monaco Apparatchik Lebron, Sheva about say definitive Komo Cuando person I just saw. Nothing so. But I don't say visas combat not. Dodge that's how. Evolving, those passages was for Familias, could daughters community? That's parenting. Some our Zhang that might. Dodgy Intel's Livas Why simply a patch could call about achiever impact of soon. How far that it's? Would you Ecuador? Mapa saw giving you boom, but as soon as you data fabric. Up as agitating for Soyuz you fighting's was. Published on our Balan. Komo's Malaysia Chievo cal I out Barclay, inch. Ole Thrusday in mosquito-borne was just cheat at Culebra, assume. keep some quizzes feting Spoi- site up. I should actually is you read this? CULEBRA doors relish. Those needs such. Famous. Cook are valuing o.`Neil mice profundity, traveling tap of. Boys, or call he quantum defending professor. Nice about under former in Baghdad calling things that. Just was sowings. Compassion among evening should project. A call, but as soon elmo former youth rebounding off Sunni Shia men no intercepting. Yanked. I does sowings including sort of still nice. AM I. Flex Jackie no unnecessary eventually compassionate other, Jacob. Also Asia ammo main to excuse professor. Nice noche don't thereby limiting through. To kind of say the only thing more whom Walton. D April don't. Ya Is JACCI. Vamos was wounded as a hill. Assume I got some difficult to now mas I. The moon using Travis Nice. He told maintenance professors added which. was came to some his genesis dodgers beneath feces Dang. tip-offs in dodge. Could you took it rabbi IOTA tonight. But I. Don't Save. Be So mellow enough temple anthem to. Duties Sinisa Jacques Cousteau Fat. Intake assume if Audi. You communicate soon in disruption. Is You vessel That's how would you a my zone at Alva? I wish todd. He might wish to pass change within the might staple in housekeeper detail more half the. But his. You. Know have. We Daddy? Don't nobody Asian as Would you deem skip US apple virus Russian ice skin has mittens bitten through. At his budget bid, you think if I kill mill problem, also problematic geography would execution team. No cinema. you'll madge just basic bestselling Daij you move. Threaten me for Spanish output zinc soon to. Commute Booker Tomato, Pasha, Pasta. This process Easter Thinking sequiturs change, you support your our foul CIOCCI. died at a salvage. Nobody back wise MAS, Saddam. Ski Busy She. Yaakob Hippie who Chino Super. Ballot is awesome. John East sobe. Are, Awesome Job No equity. OUT GIVE DASA profits. Your now am is impossibility outbound to get a superficial guy prop chanel? Joe Tried. Being, are so job specific digest. Do you want Mazembe Appropriate dotres East Week of Ezekiel one, but production is the me. Now died Amino sprays. Them easily should go through pacelle badge difficult down a Communica, so infrastructure is I- halley assumed as Chevy died. Isn't the diplomat Itis? ICKE influence me. So Tame into. Profess only. Does Sal DADS? Won't be any Japanese his advocacy. ACHIEVE WITH MY, he said. Do I feel myself to. Outer loop out salvage. If Principal Maecha spicy Saint Falaki's yet a main schools to. He had gotten staple cleaning Nice. You. Almost. Almost props tonight saw brad causing tonight I didn't only stop bench. Your Stomach Mitch Podesta Why don't you wound up bonuses salvage? As streaming does toys using Chievo. now commissioner do says St. Yoga. Maters? So former so Gentleman consequences negative was. which immune absurdity! Could ask some diploma Djing resume dosing Justice Xiao. We'd Edna Up. itchy kicked out Buni. Shadow salvage don't within. Was Albums who made this program photo? He said he'd lose ninety numb. Doesn't malting touchy, which by licensed Professional Dodge Body you. Will. Get a plane ticket. Go Moon to as you saw. The questioning Walter you Coca Cola also Asia I. Duke Rupture now people are. Disease Ya indulge me today's Oklahoman. Goon Javelin Stone Luthra by you that. Also? Acquitted as you the. Extra ticket that if we city unleashed soon has movie me to do police 'cause you form, assume production our JR won't. BE ACHIEVED UMEDA who whose? Mass, so mention to meets the sage oil companies. Won't change below do. Wicked Alu, anthem in these media, sage or plan on US analogy plumbing assume they look at something Rocha now. Give. Would dating to Jabil diets achievers coma to shabby. Padre abiding ICKY. Not Produce some said visas you saw. What would you keep? It also dodd. I E A Quando. Do. Mice, Brophy sowings upending June to deform their achiever call mobility. Would you call about? Akwa Melodia not quite dash dot the. Age I told me the main themes who program Doodoo abide by para salvage bitch. Which is program Integra you should don't, but officials Nice. The salvage movie son Volt added but ago. Somebody's thing is you see. Nations don't prefer nuys. Val has had a principal meech manage on used by any keep voting eastern guys stains. Zone to throw by you unique his dot I sup- it at a data Jim from. Scott Up to now we sell dodge both ownership. Z snowshoe feek for these actual Outta boys. Now Socio nonconsecutive societies, but as you fed into dwellings both down to S. Boston's Notre Body is. He still says you don't really tap away Ho-. Seizure Chaumont Siegler so is bleaker here with a few. Different to now that's how. Biting thing, the most major is a stone. Arch they shabby. In those me as well I thought that I wish the chief delone set foul sobia former us on the Niger solitaire throws. The GRENZ Jews are few. I'm compatibility dodged as competitive squash necessity buffalo. Lou Methodist compacting spotting a isssue. Compass exchange does also and she. Starts Allergies would you? Amazon as I believe that technicals difficult gadgets analysis e competent songs problem match because my samples do contain. Rabbis fossilized. Apache Jacome Sater's spot articles. Invasion does my school chain. For, myself predominant, Shantha Bill Lauch Kospi Cala in remain to that thing somebody, might you? Farraj Capacity Julie Darren? CINECITTA Jamila out of being in the system. What salvage yeah I shall keep Jesuit that Lauren of professional dodge savings, comment quench belgian-dutch. Law Says Lamborghini Sergio about below Shayeji. I think my lodges in a half like somebody say. Shopping Solna Nepal. Cata. Jessica Lynch settings, but of so nice. That's our G Echemende. Isn't that cool? Sued the Issing Eloquent Tyson all souls nausea SOC. You Semis Hail capital. Mice set our KIA sink. Of passing no defense, main Shetty I'm moved to his which might decision was keep Desma achieve of going Deborah Allergy. Will, seizure, move! He sent. You look gay for that. I Call A. Will see was wide Yellowstone I. Just saw dumping. Yet got. Him Suzhou. PUSSIES. In which resulted to follow him, so we don't be skis, a commission of antiques as Mutesi visit before. Tabs Concordia Cuny Rock scored AKINA. Barring! estimated. This public either use sommes was outdoor space. You know headed up. To backload Okina. Dangerous catchy was operas. ishtaq is outdoors party. Mice got in China. That acid is Daba Zaba spot a full data fiske's caveat, taboo. He's old. gone through Nova Enter. Our aggies gangbusters. No significance now beige by was the other. Addicott okay hit the most excuses. Enormous Biscuit, Saint, fetus bias have Akina it Khorkina in passing. B.J. Helming trump being you social paradores, woman died Did. Aim for decimalisation. My Ski bonkers you death scenes. You follow boom boom. Shutdown wave now now stabs. You said get opposite. vessel. Not Nothing because some only law and also injured castles, so, but of course all I needed Lukasz Oita. Sammy, savage civil SIP, insecure success of Roberson of San is the idea. Is that Inga do at bat a thoughtless Pablo's? Zaza this services, the Sousse Komis in Alabama. We bought thank. Saint, Paul. I can feel nervous against ecology three dollars you my logic total. Educate US zetter saints. Will school system disappointing. That platform versus Lonzo, same controversy yield through schools Gamal to Cuidado Quality Manta sound as physical among to mice. Just so sad that Simona Nice Tim. Whiskey pajamas are sewn. Levonne. OUGHTA, Viggo two balloons a competition when he is outside pies's bobbies, SC group Ogilvy King for merger Oval in Dos fungible vans and praises Nice Philanthropic Casino Seattle's. At that those moving sink. Hamilton laundries or juicy capital message Dawson so bad. I don't advocate edgy such Google cloud that will be two dollars Yvonne showed him when he was present as Malaysia Koreans says no spices, mice dome new competences Komo's Saddam portfolio millage Egypt. NEOM SEO Ramona she might ivy coach. Open, but I suppose by Ski Attanasio Mopus Sore. Thing total has space dieke to sketch poyser lawson massage public. A Minority Gas Ibo CEO VINCI YOU AKIMBO COM foods closing box. Get by them. But as long as well as I'll eat. Boost got up. There might somebody by me. services national. I've got assume that so gene simple level Monday sea-going was each to a Hobo schedule. Won't. You, a Hobo seuss on the headline cash gape speaking Gaza, is he? Was Muscular. But Isis they keep it esclation yet. delbra movies are.

Dodge Komo US Ski Zanu Dodge professor Winston Lemus Ecuador Boston Jessica Lynch Asia Todd David Coma Sandra Dawson Jim AKINA Joe Biden Stephen Fighting nicotine IAGO Parrella
Caring Is Sharing with Ilene Meckley

A Balanced Life For You

33:00 min | 2 years ago

Caring Is Sharing with Ilene Meckley

"Everyone I'm here today. With a very very special guest her name is Eileen medically and Eileen and I have a kind of known each other on and off for probably fifteen years really and I just. I just adore I lean. She has she had both have many children which I love that. She comes from a place of that. Mom preneurs ship working from home around those children and today we're GonNa talk to Eileen and get some perspective of what she's doing now and can we go back a little in time with what it was like working with. The children has okay while I am really enjoying helping. Other people have a successful business. I really love helping people understand that. It's important to be a hard worker. Not a hard worker and I love helping people learn to work alongside family and other activities and I always feel that the most important thing I can do with my profession of helping people start. Businesses is really to help them be imbalance. I think Pharma that's so important. I always say it's your stressed around with subsidy. Judy knew word. And let's be sure that you're doing included in positives. So I love doing back. I love the share. That because as you not with name of the show is a balanced life for you where you design the life of your dreams which is why I invited you on this show because you have done that and so tell me tell us a little bit more what you mean by heart worker. Not Hard worker. I would love to run win. You were from the heart. I feel that you're really eager to share any of the services. You offer anything that you can do to make someone's life better and so when I say that your heart worker what it needs as that I could call fifty people and tell them that. I'd love to share my services and no I need my services and still be happy. That's a hard worker when you're a hard worker. I believe this year with few people as you possibly feel you can and pray and hope that you everything that you need and you become a needy work so I always say it's better to share in case someone has a need your happy with whatever they choose to say for that next person can help walk. That many people are going to wonder here. What is your background? That makes you so knowledgeable about sharing information from the heart. Well I actually have five children I have one stepson. Who's sixteen? I'm back into the motion of working with kids around and I have seven grandchildren and the reason that I'm able to teach this is because of my philosophy about sharing in the five kids Analysis I really believe that it's important that we teach children manners and that you teach people just share at a young age you don't allow child off the hook from sharing if they're cranky if they're tired of their hungry don't say okay. That's okay you don't have to share with your sister. We still expect them to share. So when I teach in work with people to share I want them to come from the same premise. That you would with a child and so you offer and if not interested you still feel good about them and I always teach people got crying when your heart worker? Your main goal is to share what you have to offer with Your Business Community. However the main achievement dog will call. It is to be sure that the person you're sharing Mansell's cared about valued whether they're interested or not and that's truly a hard worker Janine so my background with teaching children how to share helping them feel that you don't allow themselves all move from sharing. I think that's where it comes from in Lucca. Now if I'm not mistaken I don't think I am because this is how I met you years ago you worked with many Direct sales businesses multi-level businesses. Is that correct? I only had one business myself. I was in direct sales for thirteen years and I had one business. I was with discovery toys educational twice and I thought that for thirteen years. I actually sponsored fifty people year after year after year for thirteen years and I did it alongside by children and at the time when I started they were ten years of age and so I have worked with all companies because I realized that my heart was not just the product. My heart was the business. The idea of being among the aura really wanted to help other women. I'm not just MOMS but other people who are really choosing to have a business community macron. That's one thing I really like to focus on us at the company. They work with or people work with their really. The supplier person is the community. Absolutely I could not agree with you more. Let me ask you because you did mention that you worked with a company and you had five children at home now. I know you're twenty five now twenty. Eight years ago when I started working direct sales company with children in tow there was a turning point in my life that made me go out and look for that. Was there a point in your life? That happened where you said I want something to do. I want extra money or what. What led you in that direction at the time. Well this is a funny story Rhonda. I was working traditional job and I said I was missing my kid's life and at the time I called my ex-husband now and I said honey anyway. We can afford for me to quit work. And he said yes. I said okay. Great so I went in and I told the supervisor than I was out of there in a couple of weeks and then went home that night and lie has read the Times that honey math to find some time to talk about. How could soared to work this weekend? We'll find some time. I said we don't need any time. I've already DOT S. I've thought so then. I realized I was playing the van payment with my work. There were things that I was paying and I'm sure my assessment. That's not why were asked by the time she. Just what are we gonNA do so I decided I had to find something to do and Wanda actually person was caring for my children suggested that I go into direct sales. I was so insulted. I thought how would you think I'd be good at sales? I'm not I'm not aggressive and I went home and mentioned it and might Honey you would be good at this great. He thinks I'm pushy too. And so I really had that same feeling so many people did but I thought you really do need something to to replace of incomes payments the man so I did decide to do it and I taught myself when I call my own sharing and caring language. I teach people very soft caring approach. I not the kind of person who has an agenda. I don't people to have an agenda when they talk okay. We'll do this. We'll do this will. This will do this. My as you share that you have a business you assume if they'd like to hear about the services you offer the new share with the person the services you offer and you don't even have them out you share helping people start businesses. If you're in party plan. The party ZANU share the products. And then you let them pick and choose. I always say also to be a hard worker. You're not picking and choosing your an equal opportunity. Share who shares all services equal. I think I went on a little bit about how we got it. But that's really what I did is. I really wanted to teach myself once. I decided to have this business. I wanted to teach myself how to talk with people so that they never felt like I was manipulating them. Handling Objection I really want them to share. Feel my sharing that. I was here if they had a need. You hit so many things right on the mail because so many people look at party planning or direct sales with being pushy and I think sometimes that's really what holds a lot of those amazing women back from really succeeding With their own successes supporting their families and pay in Band Payment Panther ballet lessons because they have that sick of being pushy. I love that you actually have crazed program to help. We're GONNA talk more about that. One if I may I would love to go back those years because many of my listeners are still indus throes of babies and toddlers and teenagers and how they juggle it all and I know it's been a while for you but would you share with us a little bit what it was like to run your business from home and still have that balance family. Oh yes. Impacted hasn't been that long because this past summer we had camped grandma and I had my eight year old granddaughter. Who is with me every day per week and we really had fun and she was so good at grasping exactly what I used to do with her mother. I told her and her aunts and uncles so I created what's sometimes fun time so I had ordered her watercraft and when I was on doing coaching call. She would work on her craft in. I would hang up. Its own exactly what I did with my young children to. Okay honey. What are you? GonNa do with grandma. Now let's do something fun. Thanks for being so good in helping grandma with your business so just think about saying that five times a day to a child great job. Thanks for helping me. What do you WANNA do now? And I recommend to MOMS. They have seen days. Crafty Day. Will you can have you know is activity and so after you hang up the phone you turn to them and say okay what you're GONNA do now. And they've worked on whatever that day is perhaps it's a craft that can be right next to you while you're making a phone call the key. Rhonda is son Moms. I think our little guilty of children are being quiet. Nick another CAU- quietly make another call and they keep working and working. So how do they finally get him off the phone? So my thought is. It's better to say five times a day. Okay here's something on free to do next. Mom Mom makes call hangs up. The phone immediately sets great job. Thanks for helping me when I do. Now can you imagine? The self-esteem of child came out from mom five times a day. And you can find contacts me you know. I can remember when my youngest. She's now almost thirteen and I can remember when she was a small child and it would be the hustle and I always related to that Chevy chase movie. You know where he's hanging out again and I would do the same thing you know. It was age appropriate time whether it be five minutes. Ten minutes or fifteen minutes and we'd be working on something and should go. I would rush and make whatever phone call. I could come back. What do you want to do now? I I think you'll agree with this. Eileen it's really about the quality of time not so much the quantity of time because kids need to feel importance. I agree I think you in the packing a lot of time. I think I always teach people that you work your business along side family and other activities so for the working mom who's working traditional job outsmarted minute high would approach or for the mom. Who's just among from day long? You know you can really say between nine and twelve. What am I want to accomplish personally? And where fitted to contacts professionally and then B twelve three. What when accomplished I might. Where DO I fit into context professionally? And then you know three eight. Maybe someone at night yet the context of war. And you've had plenty of time to do things. I I got real creative Rhonda. I would you park tours. My kids love parks. Were days where I would say to the three and five year old little boy at the time in my one year old. Gary was just along for the right. He didn't understand the tour but the three and five year old did and I would say to them. We're going to go to three parks today. So in Mommy says it's time to League. Don't get unhappy because we're GONNA go to another work so I would go to sweep parts human. Our you know twenty minutes at each have an opportunity. I would only share with my mom in each park. Closer to play with the kids. I knew that there would be a mom to share and so it was really natural to come home with three context that day and have had a lot of time with them. Are Girls Room Elementary? I love it so you said something else that the mom who has the other traditional outside the home job telescope was held. Now yes I always recommend you take a break. You get home at five thirty for one hour. You don't think about your traditional job about your business and you do whatever you can to involve your children and making dinner homework at times. Avenue still announced. Okay tonight scrap night or day might or book night and so maybe six o'clock six thirty finished dinner and you. Dow To you reach one person. You comment enough. It's both night. Maybe junk children they reach you. If they're older children you read something. Clouds gathered talk about it. Set a timer for twenty minutes than going. Undoubtedly reach one first. Then come right back afternoons configured that one contract so then again between six eight thirty spent some time with. Your children indies make four hundred contracts. That is great great advice. I love that well I would love to take a shift for a moment now and let's kind of talk about a little bit more of that balance. We talked about what you're doing now what it was like to have children the. Let's take a moment. And what does Eileen do or? Eileen time for that downtime to unplug Ma. I love to do lots of things. I loved dancing on my facebook page. You'll see me from time to time. His always doing these live videos and we go out dancing. We like to do that. We spend a lot of time with grandchildren. I have really started becoming healthier and healthier and we work out together. We actually have to house now rundown so say we have a kind of that. We own Beach and we love Orlando's so we actually now I'm in my apartment. Orlando on Disney world property two miles from the entrance to Disneyworld so we love that we go to water parks. Here have a lot of fun. I'm I really believe it's important that you have to charge your batteries because when you chartered your batteries. You're able to help other people when you don't stay charge yourself. It's very draining to help other people. So as long as you're charge you got plenty of juice there. We have a lot of what I love. The and I couldn't agree more I. That's what I talked to moms about all the time. Is You have to take care of you because if you don't really will it's up it's up to us to take your put our own oxygen mask on first right and you know. I've got to share something with you a long time ago. My daughters were teenagers and we were having dinner. thanksgiving dinner and my favorite cousin in the world. She's passed away unfortunately Unacceptably of cancer the young age but she was at our house and I said something to her. Run out and your nails are gorgeous. I wish I had pretty nailed and I remember looking at me. Why don't you and they excuse me? And I became the Ardor Rhonda. I have no time working at business. I have five children. It is that you know. She said you've got two girls in the other room and that's why you take the time and find the time to do something for yourself. You want them to grow up feeling. They never deserved time. Because you deserve it and teach them to deserve to so. After that day Friday after Thanksgiving I made a nail appointment. The night took the girls once a month and I came up with an acronym for deserve. Which I love myself I have to say An acronym deserve is d stands for dreams. You have to have dreams. Dreams lead to e the experiences experiences help you feel success. Okay that's the ASS. Then when you have success Rhonda next deserve stands for energy. You know how people do a happy dance right after success. Naba yelling behalf so you have more energy. So Dis Dreams ease experiences. `success is for energy. And then you start to feel the rewards and then he is. You're seeing the value of what you're doing an offerings total last e enjoyment. To Your Life and enhancement. Either one. You can substitute enjoyment. So I think that when you have this feeling of deserves you wonder passing that on to other people to feel safe. Feel that feeling of deserve so I always think my cousin lives within me. And she doesn't know it she does she does. I should say she didn't get to hear me talk about it but that it's really that feeling of back then when wow find the time. I may do something to these girls at you do take time so I think mom Lasted fortunate that they can do things you know. They don't have to be settlers. I'd say to people all the time. It's important to be an explorer and a discoverer and that's why you were card at your business as our worker versus hard work right. We'll have more. I'm sorry and your cousin had such an impact on you with that. Deserve actor mark. And you're right so many women don't have the deserve. I love that acronym so I'm going to share that with the show notes so everybody knows what your acronyms that they can deserve to take them. Excuse me and the other thing I heard you talk about has to do with what I really believe as women working from home we are leading by example for our children whether that be. We deserve to be pampered in taking care of and some downtime they're learning mannerisms they're learning how to be heartfelt not hard workers so they learn so much from us and I think a lot of times moms don't realize what they're teaching their children just by being their best. I would watch moreland. Listen you know I was just coaching earlier? Rhonda I was thinking about how I could help. This will not understand that what she does now with their teenagers will impact their entire life. And you know not using excuses. Stop being excused. Ridden become success. Driven as always my motto stop Become success driven and so I said you know she had a teenager and I said well let me ask you a question when that teenager was learning to drive. Did you find yourself doing what I did? I was the best driver during those times. I reject my mirrors because everything they were learning in class. Iras will be really good at because I knew they would look and see if I was doing it. And so when people are watching you ten to be your best you know and so to me. Growing a business setting goals is one thing building a business setting goals in being gold. Jeter physical center is another and what better way to teach children life about that than to have them watch you at home set goals and be that goal getter. So there's so much you know. Mom preneurs could really really do for their children. They just have to expect of themselves what they do of their children. Mrs Show up even when they're uncomfortable to do things even when they don't feel like it and watch what happens. Well you said something very key. Which is my other question to ask you. Because of time tour setting goals it we can get distracted or better more often. We can have a speed bump come up in the road. We can have that wrench thrown in. Have you ever experienced any kind of I? Don't know wrench in your road. Which ones should we discuss? I was married for twenty nine years found myself in a situation where I needed to get a divorce. I was motivational. Speaking in training at the time Manda had to continue to be motivating and train. And do everything walk going through the process Then in two thousand five. I was at a workshop in after workshop. Eighteen real attraction on a highway and I spent a month in a trauma center and right into Rehab immediately. How did you know from an ambulance from one place to the other For five and a half months to walk again I had a broken neck broken back. I have my business re put on. Hold which is really a challenge with my were. I didn't know if I would again. They thought that might have to amputate leg foot. I mean it was one of those things where there's a lot of not knowing and I have a very strong faith the Rhonda and so you know I just continue to believe things would work out and I would get back to normal now. I'm happily married. I just celebrated my anniversary with a wonderful man and have my sixteen year old stepson. And you know just things have done really gone and progressed on. I sort of look at life so as when you have one of those things it helps you to feel more grateful for everything round to you and so even though I would lie in that bed in the trauma center not sidewalk again for people who had worse things happening to them than me when I would go eight operations type and Matz and you know what you wait for surgery you'd see people Arou- I'm blessed and so i. I just believe that when you live your life feeling grateful and you take whatever. Is that bump in the road? Detour that challenge. It's almost a way to feel better because you get through it and you go. Wow look where I am now. Look what I went through many people. Ask me all the time. How did you stand being in Oslo five months and I think myself I have no idea how I got that I just knew that I had to and I can remember being in so much pain looking at a clock of the okay for sixty seconds off? Think about this for sixty seconds times. I guess from geography from sixty seconds. All think about this and I will just come up with as many things that were positive that I can think of Jimmy any negative. Because I always say I'm sure you're this way too optimistic. People are not people. Don't have thoughts of the brain. You know people think you're always optimistic. You just don't think about stuff. I always say optimistic. People saying negative things they just choose to think differently about them and move forward. They have things happen she had to get rid of that thought. Mccain foster. I've had my well. Thank you so much for sharing because I know other people other women can get a little hung up on sometimes the small things and I love that you're willing to share some of the bigger things that have happened in to give others hope because it is a choice and it's your choice and nobody can make it but you unknown. I always say I want to bring this up because I want people to understand as people say to me on unite. Shouldn't complain after what you go through and I still live in pain and have challenges and I always great a minute. Don't feel that way a paper Cup really smarts. It doesn't matter. It's smarts what I will share. The differences is how you handle it and what you do with your avid. And just recently a couple of days ago I haven't experienced. It was very uncomfortable for me that I should share. May also help people to what sort of brought me back to? Why people need to be careful what they say. I mentioned we have this place now are Landau. And we're we exit to go to the parking lot. We didn't notice. There's not a what we call a handicapped way to get down to curb you know. It's just a high curb so we went in to ask them if they could do something to naked less steep because of my accident on the woman said to me. I'm sorry but we should have thought about this before you moved in here and I looked at her. I'm sorry when I was looking at it was there. I was excited. I used his harm to go up and down curves think about it. Is there anything you make it easier for me? And she said well by law we don't have to and I said Oh. I'm sorry that you just WanNa fall the law. Thank you very much. I walked out and I said to Bob Okay. So what are you GonNa do to make it easier for me to go down here when I do exercising I walk? I always use a walker because that's the only wreck. Aw and I earned a little bit hearing what she said. I think that's the word burn and then I thought about really too bad that that woman has no idea. I pray that she doesn't like to have to have certain things to be able to do things. She takes for granted. Good point so you know. I like sharing that because you know one of the things I love about helping women in businesses that sometimes they'll say it's uncomfortable for them to do something or it's hard for them to do something. I always say was uncomfortable with his viewers. Hard as it is you. You'll be making someone's life easier. So what do you WANNA do? You WANNA ask. Everyone may help you in not hind anyone who needs how are to me. It would be worse to not have asked someone and then find out. There was someone I could have helped. And that sort of just brought home to me with that incident instead of saying out. It's my team. We don't have to legally or whatever is disabled. What can we do? Let us figuring out what we can do what we can afford us. The property here manager to do that for you but I hope that people will take what. I'm sharing first time I've ever shared this story. I'm sure I will remind you workshops I hope anyone here's your podcast will really think you know it's not about doing it by law in gotTA guidelines. When I'm sharing my business how can I help somewhat when I pick up the Sloan to provide a customer service whether they need something or not? How can I help them? Feel good an actual was supposed to be here for so on. Anyway Louder about story. I just wanted to share that with you because I think it makes a difference with your attitude in our with your choices of thoughts in accepting that you choose every thought no one chooses it for you Rhonda you choose every thought. Choose to be happy you choose to be. I always sat rugby. Happy and pain versus saddened big. I'd rather choose to do something that's difficult to think about the fact that I'm meet this challenge versus this is hard. I don't WanNa do it? I agree I agree with you. Thank you so much for sharing that story and I know for my listeners. Who've been with me many of them have actually picked up my book that I wrote last year and I do go into more of that. It's your choice. It's your decision and what we think about an. It's really as you said how we respond to the situation. It's really choice so thank you. Well I WANNA respect your time and I just want to wrap it up with Let's see here. What kind of question do I want to ask you? Now you shared so many great things. Do you have any last minute Goodies or tidbits. That you would like to share with the listeners. Sure I really to understand that life is not a race building. Business is not a race. It's really not sending the pace and I think that the most important thing that we can do as long preneurs grammar preneurs now too is to really to really do that to find our pace and to keep that pace Again I was talking to someone who is coaching today about the equity. Think about a marathon Boston. Marathon you'll hear about the male winner and the female winner You don't hear about the thousands who completed that race were so excited. Who HAVE PEOPLE WAITING FOR THEM TO COMPLETE IT? And the reason they completed it is they did pace themselves and it doesn't matter they're one of those slower ones is a matter of the third or fourth one. It's still a feeling of Shin so Mike would be for every person listening to this to think about kind of pace join said how do I move all my pieces Ford? It's like tiny game if you're playing chess or checkers you move in all your pieces bore and you understand that when there's a detour on it's just that when there's a bump in the road it's just that now. I think that sometimes what happens is people will have a detour and instead of going on and getting back on the main path Nikko. Back home stay. There would be no. I love that I just had this visual because our on my route to my other house there is a detour. And if you follow the detour you're gonNA continue on to get to your destination. However if I took the other road it takes me right back to a game for so you. Don't walk. No I WANNA go over there by the water and see the dolphins again. Allan thank you so much for sharing so much of your winstone and wants to find you or know more about you and your your work. How would they locate you? Yes well first of all they can find on facebook. My name is l. e. n. e. e. M. E. C. K. L. E. Y. On their tips all the time so they can be replaced for friend. I have a website. That is my name. I l. e. In E. M. E. C. K. L. E. Y. dot com so. They can contact numerous rental For Two meeting some of your mom preneurs while I lean. Thank you so much everyone. Thanks again for listening. I hope you got some great tips from Eileen today and if you did please please please share it with everybody and give us a five star rating and we'll see you next week.

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Adobe's Andrea Rosen on creativity and the future of work


48:53 min | 2 years ago

Adobe's Andrea Rosen on creativity and the future of work

"The companies and organizations and erase of government that bring creatives in. I think they make responsible decisions. I think they bring more empathy to the people that they serve or the users that they serve and I think that they put more good out into the world. They don't add noise. And I hope that the people who leave the conference in two thousand nineteen feel empowered to to take that seat into bring their opinion that their opinion in their work is valuable from the outset of projects from the outset of policy development from the outset of companies as they're being created. And a big part of empowering them to do that is is to give them the skills that they need to be able to be in those rooms on and have those conversations with people who are maybe not on the creative side of the fence. Go. Listen to tickets a cost series, featuring the visionaries produces operators behind some of the world's most exciting and innovative life experiences. Joining the dos between disciplines ticket seeks to find out. What goes into bringing amazing ideas companies and concepts of life in this second season. We're exploring the future of education, and how merging forms of technology and entertainment are changing the ways we interact my name's Howard, gray. And I'm your host. Over the last ten years adobe Zanu ninety nine year conferences, captured the imagination of creative thinkers from around the world through its two day program of talks workshops and collaborations featuring a who's who of both industry leaders and rising talents and alongside the Neo conference. Ninety nine years now grown into a year round online resource of building great career today. All tickets, I'm joined by diabetes, head of ninety nine you. Andrea Rosen in this conversation. We talk about the future of work how anybody can tap into their creativity. And went to find some hidden opportunities for creative innovation enjoyed. And you could after noon, it's a lovely freezing cold, Friday and New York City. We are in the studio in flower. Thank you for joining me today. Great to have you. Thanks for having me. Maybe it's just start off with them. Maybe people who don't know what is ninety nine you. Sure, I can give you the launch Bill which I think I have pretty down. Now, I have ten coffee meetings per day, right? Where I repeat this so ninety nine you actually started as a sister brand chew the Bahamas platform recruiters can publish their portfolios freely available to find work to find collaborators to promote themselves and the original intent behind it was as fascination point that our founder, Scott Belsky had Scott has now chief product officer at adobe also the founder of beheads both were acquired by Dobie, creative cloud in two thousand twelve and the original idea behind ninety nine it was actually then called ninety nine percent, which was pulled from the Thomas, Edison. Quote. A genius is what is it? One percent. Inspiration ninety nine percent, perspiration. He was really interested in not just, you know, this kind of final product which was really the trend among thought leaders at that time, but how ideas? Or executed how people generate them. How these stay productive? How these motivated how they bring things to fruition how they work with clients and collaborators and stakeholders to get by in how they measure success how they go through an acquisition. He actually just wrote a book on the topical messy middle. I have a copy of the book halfway through phase. Really good move. So many good Belsky 'isms in it. So he actually wrote a book at that point time called making ideas happen, which was a bestseller really interesting book, but very focused on this this topic of you know, how does an idea go from an idea to something? Whether it's physical or realize in some other way in the world. So ninety nine percent at the time. I was very focused on now they looked a lot at the process and philosophy of people who are working on businesses or creative projects research projects. And since then the it's the only way it's really evolved past that is that we're just more focused on exclusively creative audience now. And that's because we're we're part of the adobe creative cloud family. You can probably guess why? The name change, though, the as legend has it. Our founding editor Jocelyn cake lie was working under the SoHo office that Behan us to occupy. And it was when Occupy Wall street was going on. So she heard people marching down Broadway saying we are the ninety nine percent and realize we may have to change the name. So and main you is kind of like been lost a history with that. You actually means there was a period where the tagline was the missing curriculum. So we carry that spirit a little bit with us. It's almost like an academic endeavor. All the stuff that you may not learn in design school or when you're getting your NBA or even on the job. But all those little. Eh things in between the work that you're doing help you do that work go to so let's dive into the kind of components that make up the organization. Now, there's always the conference which is every may number eleven coming up until nineteen. But there's also a bunch of other things going on. Maybe kind of explain what else is happening throughout the year started as the conference at south and quickly thereafter expanded into content. We still publish a weekly ninety nine you dot adobe dot com, free articles, resources and interviews all about the creative career. The conference is still a big big focal point for us. We now have a thousand people who join us every year at Lincoln center. It always sells out which is such an honor for us and my job having just taken it over about three years ago is just not to screw up. There's a lot of brand love for nine thousand nine you. And it's a really helpful resource to the people who attend. It's something they look forward to every year as a way to recharge refresh remotivate themselves and focus on the work. They want. Want to do in the year ahead. So. Yeah. Beyond the conference on the content. We produce we also just developed a series of events called ninety nine new salons us. We piloted a couple of versions of that last year. And what we do with the salons is rather than the way the conference runs where we focused on a lot of different topics from a lot of different people across disciplines, we focus on a singular topic relevant to the creative career. So last year, we hosted a really wonderful conversation with the straighter John Burgerman in the artists, loosen banjo. Who's best known for getting to paint beyond say and her dancers in the lemonade video about how they maintain their point of view as artists as creators when they work with big brands and that include Starbucks, a really apple stores some museum institutions as well. They've got a pretty impressive client list, but they've got this very very specific way that they approach their work in this very unique aesthetic between the two of them. So we had a really candid conversation with them about. How how they go about doing that when they say not clients when they say yes to clients when they make concessions how they decide to do that all the intricacies of billing and had to ask for money. You know money can be kind of a dirty word with creatives. I think what we've found over the course of ninety nine used life is these topics that, you know, very purist greatest used to not want to discuss in a public fashion. They're getting a lot more candid about and a lot more comfortable with we won't take credit for that. But we're happy to to help enable that conversation just yesterday. I had lunch with a friend, and he was flicking through Joe Bergemann book a hundred creative days for everybody already phones. He just went out at children's book as Lao which sue my niece's aren't listening to podcast, but I'm going to get one of them for for coach. Let's hope this make surprise let's jump into the conference. Maybe a little bit more. I'd love to kind of him more about how does it also shape up like the production of it? Wendy's stop putting it together. Well, it's the kind of creative process and the production process of bringing this. Life. Every may the thing that I think always the prices people that nine thousand nine hundred was really tiny team. We sit alongside behalf. They're still our sister brand on our partner for a lot of what we do. But we're just three full time staff members. It's myself, our creative director Mark Brooks, and our editor Matt McHugh, and that's it. We have wonderful deputy editor Emily Ludolf who comes in and collaborates with us. But our secret weapon is our production company preview events in their a studio based out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. And they've been working with us since long before I joined the team their founder, Nikki Frankel is just such a pro. And so great a pulling all the pieces together. And you know, we sometimes do a bad cop. Good cop thing where you know. She's really great with working with venues, and budgets and vendors and all of that. So I have the luxurious position where I get to, you know, think about the curation in partnerships, but preview events really brings a lot of the pieces together. So that's that's our secret sauce, and I hope no other event. Organizers offer them a contracts of big it takes them away from us because we really could not do what we do without them. But we really a year round job for us. It's a big endeavor because we're a small team. It's something we're always always focused on. So as soon as one year wraps. I take a weekend to recover. I take a week to put everything in storage. And then we start again. So it's a lot of conversations with different people. It's a lot of coffee meetings and lunch meetings. I try to attend as many events as possible I do have some downtime. Listen to a lot of podcasts and putting design matters ninety nine percent invisible. And just try to get out there and figure out what's next what are people thinking about and talking about? So there's a little bit of future predicting involved at that point where we've got imagine what people are going to be thinking about and, you know, eleven ten nine months from that point. But yeah, with that I think our team for twenty nineteen is really appropriate. It's all about the creative future on how we're going to be envisioning that so with this next additional maybe previous editions wash. What would someone expect? If they were attending the conference voted. What does it kind of looked like? And what does the experience fill like? We try to make it feel very intimate. Even though it's thousand people our creative directors really big part of that. He creates a new visual identity of year, he sequester himself usually in Barcelona. He's a Spaniard and put something together based on the theme that he and I work on together. So next year is going to be all black and gold, for example, this past year, we had this really interesting gradient in these intersecting shapes that reflected the theme of challenge everything which was our twenty eighteen focus. So yeah, I think what nine thousand nine you brings is a level of attention to detail, especially visual detail, especially, you know, the the candor among our speakers, and how we curate them for that element that I don't think you can get in a lot of other places we know that if we go to general, we don't really provide much value to our audience. These are people who are incredibly busy. They're often incredibly important within their organizations so to take time away often to three days away from the office we've from clients away from their team to travel about eighty percent of our audience comes from outside of New York City to spend the money to be with us. We take that really seriously. So for us the experience is really paramount. You know, the relationship does not end when they buy a ticket. We really do. Continually have a feedback loop with our audience to figure out you know, what are their needs. What are their interests? How do we continue to improve to make that happen? So with that. Yeah. I knew we really do focus on those details. The curation of the speakers on our main stage is very high. We've a series of keynote talks that are all just twenty minutes a piece of their hyper focused on individual creative, topics. We host an array of breakout session. The things are going to be about two dozen next year, not a small amount that are, you know, an opportunity for ten days to get a little bit more hands on in depth with specific frameworks processes philosophies of their host organizations, we host a few networking events, including our kickoff party and are closing party. Which is always at the museum of modern art lobbying sculpture garden that allow attend east it to get to know one another so big focus for me is how we better develop the community that it hints ninety nine you and keep them connected throughout the year and figure out more ways for them to connect to win. They're here with us in New York that to me is what's really special about the conferences? I really loved to attend or the people I meet in the can. Actions. I mean tain, especially when I just happens, really organically. We've all been to really uncomfortable networking events that feel very transactional. So a goal for us is to set the tone and create the environment where people can make those connections. So it's not just about with on the stage, in many cases, the people sitting in the audience are just as qualified and just as interesting and just as creative as the people we have speaking. So we really try to make sure we maximize. You know, the time that we have with them. So that they feel like they get a lot out of all elements of the experience. Well, some of the common themes you've made maybe in the last two or three years, the the community of particularly interested in all kinds of gravitating to things that are kind of coming out the people of God are kind of a keen interest in Israel, look at my notes on actually our editor Matt McHugh, I did some indepth thinking about the content. We had produced and what people are most interested in. What seem really resonant over the past few years. And yeah, those are, you know, the ability to do fulfilling work, do you feel good about the work that you do do you feel like represents you do you feel like it utilizes your skills and abilities and talents to their maximum potential? The ability to do meaningful work, I think increasingly people especially creatives want to make some kind of impact we interviewed to user experience designers recently who are rethinking what the voter ballot. Will look like if you have voted. In an American election recently. I don't know if you're registered able to. But I have plenty of friends who who do New York had this funny to page ballot with perforation this year and people didn't notice separated people missed, you know, certain, you know, areas of the valid. They were supposed to fill out broke the scanners. I mean, the experience is broken so veal to fly that conceit to you know, that skill set to something as important as people's ability and right to vote with us in speed. And is so interesting. So, you know, we talked to people who are thinking about sustainability we talked to people who were thinking about social impact we talked to people who are thinking about policy design of cities. So that ability do meaningful work comes up for us a lot as well. Beyond that making a fair little boy, just huge. Like, I said money is no longer a dirty word for a lot of creatives on there being a lot more upfront about speaking about it sharing information with one another about how they negotiate how they ask for money. What rate should be set at we really believe ourselves in pain creatives for their work. So often we do have to make concessions about what we can and cannot do at the conference. If we go over budget because I never want to offer exposure in exchange for for someone's creative energy and time. Having helping relationship between work and non work lives. This is a debate that we see constantly there are some people who live in brief their work never walk away from it. I'm one of those people, but there's some people who who want to have a dividing line. There was a great debate on Twitter recently within the design community currently airs or IRAs. I'm sorry, if I'm pronouncing her name wrong, stoked it by saying, you know, stop telling young designers that they have to have a side hustle for some people. They want to have a division between their work lives in their personal lives, and people cannot work all the time and a lot of people cannot afford to do any work for free because they, you know, have commitments to their family or home. They just cannot take time away from or they may be you know, so burnt out by their work that they just don't want to go home and do something without pay. So it stoked interesting debate. You know, should we be thinking about goes time our side hustles necessary. I think there's room for all perspectives. You know, not every. Nobody needs to have the same work schedule. But it's an interesting concept to keep exploring, and I don't think there's an end to answer, especially with all the ways that that were reachable now by clients by our partners by our colleagues. I'm wondering that comes up a lot too is how creatives collaborate with one another whether it's with their teams their managers their founders in clients as well, so fruitful collaborations is something that comes up a lot. We see more and more creatives who have a seat of the table design is not an afterthought in the way. I think it used to be a especially in the tech industry, especially in the marketing industry creatives or there as part of the strategy process. And we see that with firms like pentagram and read antler and local projects we're very very involved in strategy for the clients that they worked for their voices are valued in heard and they're brought in for that unique perspective. So yeah, collaboration becomes evermore important. We talk about topics as granular as to have an effective meeting. We also talk about how to provide and receive feedback. So all these little things, I think we we all know we need to think about, but we don't necessarily feel comfortable. Speaking with one another about it. We're trying to just open more doors to to have those conversations especially with Creative's because often it's not what we all want to focus on. We want to focus on the work. I think this is so much stuff in the end. Quite a few of those things you mentioned, I think kind of connected to the broader sort of future work because things are changing so quickly. Maybe some of those things you brought up maybe one surfacing maybe ten years ago. Let alone maybe even two or three years ago. And now, they seem to be kind of real things that people need to be seriously thinking about and talking about this kind of conversation points now, and I think they're going to become more and more prevalent as kind of the collective model grows. People look at what life bounds in different ways. It's people start working remotely more as creative. Get more of see the table going to strategic conversations all these kind of thing. So is fascinating. I'd love to kind of switch up just a little bit. I think for some people the creative industries may maybe designed particularly with the creative industries more broadly can feel like a bit intimidating or a bit confusing. Like, if you're if you're not a creative. How do you guys think about that? How do you think about kind of creativity? And and who is creative. Broadly. And this isn't just you know, to to be all things all people. I do think that we're seeing creativity and morals and ever before anyone who approaches their work creatively. We consider part of a ninety nine you audience, and we're here to serve in a big reason for that is creativity is uniquely human even people working on, you know, new technology, even people working in say, banking or accounting or something. We may not classifies capital C creative can approach there were creatively. And what's more interesting is they've got something to offer people who may define themselves as capital secretive. So we believe a lot in lateral inspiration. You know, I, you know, ev- reticent to consider myself a creative. I am you know, a marketer by background? But I can learn a lot from practice of design thinking, which came out of the design industry. How do I organize new ideas and new projects how do I make sure I'm serving, you know, my my end user my audience in the best way possible and not getting caught up in. You know, what's new and sexy and exciting or what I really want to do myself as a passion project. So a lot of the conceits of creative industries. I think our applicable to people who may not consider themselves creative. So there's a little leterel inspiration going that way. And then there's a lot of lateral inspiration going the other way to you know, someone who is a designer by trade and decides to start their own firm as an independent creative. Can learn a lot from someone who started a business before? Even if it's not a creative firm. They can learn a lot from the client side of things they can learn a lot from someone about managing their finances and marketing their work clearing in a firing and managing teams. There's a lot there. And we hope that that conversation, you know, becomes a two way street more and more people start to share these ideas. A big piece of what we're looking at with next year's conference theme that create a future is what happens when creatives are empowered to do these things when they have. The table when they're taken seriously, and I really believe that the companies and organizations and of government that bring creatives in. I think they make more responsible decisions. I think they bring more empathy to the people that they serve or the users that they serve and I think that they put more good out into the world. They don't add noise. And I hope that the people who leave the conference in two thousand nineteen feel empowered to to take that seat in to bring their opinion that their opinion in their work is valuable from the outset of projects from the outset of policy development from the outset of companies as they're being created. And a big part of empowering them to do that is is to give them the skills that they need to be able to be in those rooms and have those conversations with people who are maybe not on the creative side of the fence. I really loved the case C and lower Casey, I had a conversation with a friend of around that moves about designed specifically, and and she mentioned in the upper case. D comfortable kind love Casey designer. I really liked that way of thinking about things maybe for somebody who's maybe in the lower case or the upper case there what recommendations would you have for some or maybe who's lower case who wants to get star or doesn't even think they operate. If it's all how how could they get started kind of flexing their creative muscles. What have you noticed the things that are good ways? Someone's going to dip that toe in starting to think about how they can utilize creativity and their work or maybe inside projects or all collaboration. I think one thing that is commonly known is that good writers read a lot. And I think the same can be true of people who work in other creative spaces to good visual designers, people who think about experience the expose themselves to a lot all day long. I mean, the the field of reference for some great of that we interview or have speak at the conference, and I would count our creative director among them is so broad and so interesting and the points of reference that they, you know, have to share things I would never think to uncover places. I would never think to look so just giving yourself permission to explore until look at more things. I think fuels you and inspires you and gets you to start to see patterns to. I mean, we're all kind of barring from one another, you know, certainly in the user experience field definitely in the graphic design field or trends, and designed for a reason somebody does something and somebody else borrows an element somebody else's inspired by that. And it's not a bad thing. It's a great thing. I think it gives us all. In language to to consider our choices around. Whether it's what we read or what we consume or how we interact with things and that competition between designers to make things better to make experiences smoother. I think has led to a much better experience. I know that I'm having the world. I remember when you know websites were a lot less navigable and mobile apps for a lot more clunky. I remember when a lot of packaging design was really hideous. I think the pressure to to bring design more to the forefront has, you know, change the way we all experience the world, and I'm looking at this room, which is full of mid century modern furniture, which is a trend, which you know, who knows who started. It certainly, you know, something that UC springing up in a lot of different areas of interior design and architecture right now, that's that's changed so much when you think about the trends in different industries. It's because everybody's borrowing from one another, and if you're not, you know, a capital C create. I think exposing yourself to the things we'll kind of put these things together it'll help you make sense of of the world. And why things look the way they look, and why things feel the way they feel so just looking at more looking around and asking other creatives what they're looking out what they're reading is a good starting point. And beyond that, I think just expose yourself to the creative processes are really interesting way to kind of demystify it my first job. I say like, you know, really firmly in a creative industry was that. They're now ninety year old design publication called interior design magazine, really venerable title in the architecture and interior design space, and before I worked there I felt like crate and barrel was like the height of luxury. I was in my early twenties. And I had no concept. I you know was so unwilling to make any like aesthetic choices from my home. Like everything was beige in crude Burrows. Okay. But just being exposed that was so interesting, I couldn't fathom why someone would spend twenty thousand dollars on a couch, and then I started to bear witness to the creative process how things are design. What a CAD drawing is. You know, how things come together why, you know, the design of a room that design of a building is so important, you know, the qualifications in the work and the passion of the people behind it and the same can be said of user experience lime same can be said of graphic designs and can be said of photography and music and film making and writing that process, and once you expose yourself to it. I think gives you more respect for it. And I think really demystify it, you know, getting to work at adobe has been really spectacular the people who worked there. Literal magician's. I mean, the things that they just previewed at this past adobe max WSB began you'll convention where I like nothing short of magic. We. Have a mobile app coming out next year called project. Gemini, I which was previewed on stage job max, and you could simulate a watercolor brush. It's unbelievable. So getting to see the actual work behind it rather than just the finished product as someone who does not identify creative. And makes me want to be more creative. And it makes me have Murphy for the people who create and it just it kind of breaks down. I think that barrier that we have between people who we think have talent people who we think are the creative and everybody on the other side of the fence. I think is a little afraid to to breach it or thinks it's inaccessible to them. So just watching that process is amazing, and there are videos everywhere twitch YouTube, but it'll be live as well where you can watch people create inaction you can watch them do it in real time. You're going to do it in time lapse I like to time sit behind our creative director and watch him work on his screen. He gets a little annoyed by it. But it's just it's hypnotize ING, and it really does make it seem a little bit less. Intimidating to. Democratization is really interesting. So you mentioned you mentioned twitch and a bunch of the new products that kind of enabling that with your live streaming something or just making something complex simple, but the watercolor brushes amazing, Mike, I would not speaking of watercolour painter at all. But maybe using those tools I can suddenly stop playing around with it. And it leads me potentially in two different directions. That I may not thought about before. Absolutely. I mean, my big New Year's resolution for twenty nine thousand nine is to create more, myself and expose myself to more tools and learn more. So let it will take the form of a hand lettering class or knitting or trying to get more comfortable with adobe illustrator. I don't know yet. But I find myself jealous of all the people who get to to make that that sit around me at my office speak at the conference, they inspire me to to want to be able to make more myself, and maybe start to think of myself as a creative so sticks. Posing yourself is is really all that it takes two to catch that spark. So kind of want to relate to know, you mentioned the the Neal voting as a pretty good example where else have you seen some of interesting surprising places that some some great work has come from Peter interest kind of maybe from the community of for the conference. Oh, oh somewhere else. More broadly. Oh, I'm always really interested in what lift is doing. We had one of their product designers speak at nine nine u this past year. Audrey Lou we've interviewed on their VP of design Katie till before as well through doing. So fascinating. They're not just thinking about an app on your phone. They're thinking about design of cities in this way. That's just it's mind blowing. I mean, you know, the New York City taxi limousine commission was never really that thoughtful about the way that they structured things, you know, if you've ever had to get mccown from LaGuardia JFK, you know, it's strange in process. Percents, but they're actually having conversations with, you know, city planners with what's the term for it. I don't know they're having conversations with city planners are having conversations with people who structure the traffic around airports with transportation officials to figure out how to best serve those cities because each city is so different, and it changes, and it needs to be served in a unique way. So that that never occurred to me until we delved into this conversation with Katie in particular, which is that they're not just thinking about you using that app, and then the driver's side of the ABA when that looks like and leaving unit that they're they're really looking at all the ways in which you engage with the brand with the service and that extends so far beyond probably what she was able to disclose at that point. So that's a company I'm really excited to watch. Because I think they're thinking about design and thinking about experience in this really really wonderful enthrone. Away. I love that. That's making me think about the Clayton christianson from Harvard. The concept came up with jobs to be done the jobs. We Donald lift is arguably to get you from a to b but I guess if you kind of zoom out and suddenly walls, the job to be done for a driver whilst the job to be done for a fleet of cars. What's the job to be done for the environment for the city? Suddenly when you zoom out this kind of enormous holistic ecosystem that they're working in it. It suddenly becomes something way. Way beyond an apple my phone that gets me home after nights something. So let's be such an exciting time to be a designer in space because I think, you know, the work you probably thought you would do, you know, while you're in university or in your first job is so different now. And the way they get to stretch it so fascinating. And I I mentioned a design firms that do a lot of strategy work. I think what red antler does. It's just absolutely brilliant as well. And that. They made brands, you know, they, you know, I think could be pigeonholed as a design firm, but when it comes to brands like all birds and casper, I mean without their strategic where without their thinking without the aesthetic, you know, who knows if those brands would be where they are right now. And who knows if they'd be so top of mind. So it's really interesting to watch my boyfriend is actually an art director himself and graphic designer. So I'm jealous. I'm so jealous because the things he gets to shape, and the avenues he gets to explore and the conversations he gets to be a part of those are expanding and expanding and expanding. So, you know, no promises in terms of what the market holes. But I think it's a pretty exciting time to be a designer, especially if you're thinking about experience, especially if you're thinking about broader strategy on how design impacts that because it's becoming ever more important conversation with someone else about download she. And we were we will maybe pull to is the is that are kind of an accelerator program building with it or an incubator where they could always. Incubate their own brands eventually into that then known forbidding kind of design where combranch strategy for working with entrepreneurs have already go to brand, but will Libya point where they're kind of incubating their own or kind of running kind of programs that are kind of y combinator or textiles for kind of direct to consumer brands. And he was really really fascinating. I'm interested to see kind of what happens there in the next is. And like you say with design is getting more involved in broader brand strategy. It sounds like that's likely that could manifest in the near future. So I'm really interested to see whether that that all goes, the notion of crave incubators accelerators, I think is something that we we see in New York a lot. Now, I'm sure it's on the rise and other cities to New York when silicon alley kind of I came up, very tech product focused. I loved having conversations wins seeing the work of the folks that come out of incubators like new Inc. And you lab Ideo, which is a BMW mini run space out of green points. Also as an incubator onsite fascinating work. And it's. So excited to see people support creativity and celebrated and help any bullet to make money. So people can make a living off of it. So that's been really refreshing and wonderful to see, and it's especially wonderful to see big companies backing these these incubators and allowing for that that growth to happen that exploration happen. So I hope we keep seeing more of that. And I hope you know, there are more and more ways for us to to do the work. They do without a lot of constraints. Let's zoom buttons the conference. I'd love to hear maybe a few of your favorite ninety-nine, you talks whether keynote so from breakout sessions, or maybe even just conversations that have kind of occurred through your time at the conference of there. There are a few highlights that come to mind, I can't pick one. Can pick a few picking a favorite child? I I love them all everyone brings such a different element. And everyone is such unique story, and I think what makes you special is that they are very much about the people delivering no one is there speaking on behalf of a brand or on behalf of a client. You know, these are personal stories. This is how these individuals approach their work and the insights that they have to to convey to the audience. So because of that, I think the all feel very unique. But I can tell you that resonated with a really brought audience over the past few years. And I would put Natasha jen's talk at the top of that list. I'm she's a partner at pentagram. She gave a fabulous talk called design thinking as bullshit, which I love because it stoked so much debate and conversation, and I love someone who comes in with a very specific perspective that might be a little controversial. And she absolutely did that with design thinking, and her thesis was that the definition has become so broad all it really means to a lot of people now is post its. And she was arguing for a return of the design school style. Critique rather than the design thinking process because at its core. You know, she's arguing that all it really is is just empathy. It's just empathy, and you know, that's not really a framework to build strategy around. And she approaches her work and has brought that element to pentagram in a very different way than than a lot of people who who tout design thinking like be. So that was fantastic just in. It's, you know, resolute attitude, and it's really interesting perspective. I learned so much from hearing her speak moso, really interested in creatives, who, you know, very honest about the work that they do, and you know, taking away that the the gloss of perfection, Adam j Kurtz, the illustrator and author give fantastic talk. This pastor and twenty eighteen called perfect isn't better which interested in being very funny was also just so refreshingly Frank about the business of being creative. Now, he. Texas IP how he thinks about his work how he produces at the scale that he does he's had such a unique path into what he does now unique path to success. But it's something I took so much away from someone who, you know, isn't. I'm not an independent creative. I work in house at adobe. It's a big public company, but it was really special to hear him speak about his work. And how he approaches it by the same term, Debbie millman, the the host of sign matters mature at a spe-. I'll give a wonderful talk about her creative career and a lot of you know, starts and stops. And how it's gone on the journey. It's called everything worthwhile takes time. And it's nice to hear is someone who never made a three hundred thirty list. It's nice to hear that. You know? My best work doesn't have to come when I'm young. I don't have to achieve certain level success at a certain point. In fact, some of the best work is probably ahead of me. And I think everyone really took away a lot from that. No matter their role. And on the business end of things we've had some great talks from different leaders one that was really special from this past year in two thousand eighteen was one from the VP of product at at flex Todd Yellen. It was called create a culture of iconoclasm, and it's all about Todd's management style. Which is so unique and so special he makes everybody raised their hand in meetings. So that the loudest voice in the room can't control the conversation. He believes that good ideas, come from everywhere. But in a genuine way, not in a bullshit way. And really brings that to the way that he manages and structures the organization net flex, and it gives you know designers, a big voice within the company and gives creatives a big voice when the company and as a leader, you know, his theory in CHU said up the structure and then get out of their way. And I think that's really good message for for anyone to hear whether you are yourself leading a team or you hope to some day or you're just managing yourself. It's a really nice way to frame the way that we work together. I love I love willows examples. And I think what I was hearing as kind of theme coming out is that kind of maybe demystifying and people being Frank and open vulnerable and sharing the process and sharing the struggles. Kind of reminds me of Scott's talk which became a book, I didn't realize at the time. But I went to creative mornings few blocks down the street from here back in February. I think it was and it was the talk called the messy middle, and it was him being very open about, you know, all the screw ups. He made running beyond the things that went wrong and the challenges and the pain that's involved in the middle of project. And I love that talk because it was so honest, and so Franken nicotine let's fill in the audience saying, oh, not just me. Then I can actually happen to anybody. And I think I suppose that inside led to the led to the book, and I think lots more people being far more open about that process opened about how they feel about things the challenges of trying to do group work or just not having to make stuff perfect. No doing it. Good enough and getting it out of the door and getting people a look at stuff. So I feel like that. Demystification is is great that it's happening a little while ago, for whatever reason, we we more broadly just didn't want to share this kind of stuff, and it means that things get democratized become more open and more collaborative. And I think that's where more good work and come from that are toughest speakers are artists and marketers actually very used to presenting a certain kind of talk. There's the artist talk, which is here's a tour of some work that I've done. It's all great. It all means this. That's all I have to say about that. And the market are talk, which is very, you know, challenge solution results oriented, everything came together every failure. You know was so for to it's and we learned from it. And we came out with this perfect results that, you know, had this kind of impact on the market, and it was effective in this way. And here's the ROI, and I'll collect my can lion now. And I think from our perspective we wind up doing coaching with artists marketers. Because it is a challenge to get them to be a little bit more vulnerable on the stage, and to be a little bit more personal is well and talk about process and talk about doubt and talk about what happens when things don't work out and isn't for the best. You know, it's back or it becomes a real challenge. Or a real issue. Certainly every mistake we make gets us to where we are. There's this unfortunate. You know, tech, bro. Phenomenon of thinking about failure as this like, you know, cool rockstar thing that gets us where we need to go. And I think that's really repellent to a lot of people. I think it's really respond to people who, you know, want to put on a certain kind of face in the work that they do or you really four to to fail or, you know, to not make an income for a period, it's alienating I and I liked the idea of having more conversations and having more perspective there is no right way to work is no right way to go about your career. Everyone's situation's different. Everyone's conditions are different. You know, I was very lucky to have parents that supported me when I started out. So I was able to do the unpaid internship circuit in New York media as I was starting out my career, not everybody has that opportunity. So when we think about we bring to the stage, we're not just looking for, you know, diversity on a surface level when it comes to gender race. We are thinking about that. We're also thinking about you know, are people coming from different backgrounds and different pathways. And what insights might they have that somebody else can pull from or what, you know insights might they have it someone who identifies with them very closely can pull from so, you know, for us that that's pretty paramount as well. It's not one-size-fits-all. Everybody has a different approach to their career. There is no one definition of success agree. If it was if it was like, a nice time to kind of move into Allston about this year's theme until whether it a little bit more you mentioned it was the beginning. Can you maybe explain a little bit more behind that kind of what why now what was the reason for thinking about this theme as being the thing that would hold? The conference for twenty nine hundred. So there are two things that inspired at one was a medium post that Scott Belsky wrote when he returned to adobe as chief product officer. He spent a few years working in the venture capital world and still consulting for for the company, but he came back in a fulltime capacity this year, which I'm thrilled about it's like, you know, having having our dad, he's such a wonderful advocate for the brand within the company and brings so many great ideas, he wrote a medium post about why he made the decision, you know, he really he can do whatever he wants, you know, he had a company that was acquired he's respected as an author and investor, but he chose to come back because he believes that creativity is uniquely human, and he believes that it's future proof, and he believes that adobe can create wills to just able people to be able to do more and promote their work better and do things more fluidly inefficiently, and that was his reasoning for coming back. So the piece I took. That was was that creativity is future proof, and that is human. I've I've been to a lot of events and panels, and, you know, downloaded white papers about the future of creativity huger of business, and it's kind of scary. It's you know, if you're not on the VR train, you're going to be out of a job in three years, and then the are kind of fades into the background or if you're not thinking about crypto currency right now. And how you do your ecommerce, you know, your company's gonna fail and then that kind of fades back in poco subside without crypto getting mentioned. But we we come up. I still don't really understand how it works. But yeah, I'm often I feel like it scare tactics. So the second thing that inspired at was I was in upstate New York. And I went to like one of those like antique shops caters to New Yorkers who are in upstate New York. And I didn't really want to buy anything big say was traveling in small Saab, not a lot of trunk space. But I wanted to get something. So I bought a little pin from the nineteen thirty nine world's fair. You've probably seen this before since I've seen the future. And I just really love that. And I was thinking a lot about retro-futurism and this optimism people used to have for the future and this excitement for what was to come. And we're at this place. Now, that's kind of been bubbling up and probably hitting its its peak. Now, where I think we're all afraid of the future, you know, the world feels like it's it's literally on fire it sometimes feels like there's no adults in charge and these. Companies that at once seemed like kind of cool renegade firms that were going to change the way, we think and work and socialize have made decisions that feel irresponsible and have endangered us in the don't seem to be taking accountability for it. And it's upsetting. And it makes me nervous because I don't feel like I've got any power. And I think a lot of creatives feel that way especially it doesn't feel like there are enough creatives who are central to decisions are being made or they're not being heard when they do voice their concerns. But as I said, I think the companies that bring creatives in earlier as they develop and take their opinion. Seriously, think they show, more empathy? I think they show more consideration for humans. Not just users not just audience on just readers, but humans, and I think that they make the world literally a more beautiful place rather than uglier place with more noise. So that's what we're hoping. Little lofty. But I think the specifics will really come into place with the incredible speakers that we have will be on the main stage and breakout sessions, and the people in the room to who are just so special and thoughtful and talented on their own to to really think about what does the future we wanna see and how can creatives hope help shape that? That's what I really hope to to have happened is an optimism not not fear for the future coming out of one thousand nine hundred twenty nine thousand nine so if we think about maybe other ideas, more broadly for next year, we're recording this right at the end of November so coming up with holiday season. So thinking about next year. Well, well, though, the kind of technologies ideas events all anything that's kind of whether it's in the adobe rail more further, what was you excited, or what are you? What are you fascinated by right now? Like, I said, I'm really excited about a lot of creative incubators who are in neighboring independent artists are firms to to do the work that they do and helping them make the connections to make that business or. Get it off the ground. So without that. Yeah. I'm looking a lot to new Inc. New lab. Ideo a lot of folks in New York were making that possible. I'm also really interested in how you know, independent makers are being empowered. Now, certainly we saw a lot of that probably in the early outs with Oetzi. But I think we're seeing that in different ways. Now, independent creators a really able to make a business out of their work and in different way. And I would put out I'm Jay Kurtz in that campus. Someone who I really admire in the way that he defenses intellectual property and thinks about business and one event that I always look to to get a sense of who's making exciting work and has a cool perspective on it is exothermic civil out in Portland. They just have a really interesting community and really interesting curation, and the people they bring together in the stories that they get out of them is fascinating. And I'm always looking to them and always jealous at the lineup that they have heard from now like you said new technology is something that I'm always a little reticent. To jump onto. I think we seem things come and go. I think often we're being told that something is very very important. And then it just gets used for you know, a soap commercial. It's just happens to be an in virtual reality. So I never want to hook onto any one thing to too much. But I would say one thing that I am interested in is augmented reality, simply because I think it doesn't isolate you in the same way that technology like VR does you're still part of your environment and factor interacting with it even more, and it still feels like there's a very human touch to what goes on there. So I'm really interested in the artists that are leveraging at right now one is a friend of mine. Gabe Garcia, Colombo who's just featured at an exhibition adobe did in San Francisco called festival the impossible these when working with new technology for a long time. But what he does with a is just so cool and bazaar and dream like and just has I think open my eyes to to what's possible with with that. Technology in a way that doesn't pull you away from the real world. And in a way that doesn't pull you away from from other people. Got next time with another edition of tickets. If you enjoy this episode, please review or writing voluble preferred provider just had a friend. And if you have any questions on this episode of suggestions for new owns, please. Join me a line just that I've it's a Howard grade on net. That's great within a Ford slash cost. Thanks for this thing.

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Brigham's Bust - 143

The How-To Heretic

1:29:11 hr | 7 months ago

Brigham's Bust - 143

"Fred so the how to heretic I'm uncle mark an I'm Dan. Dog. This is your users, I to life on the outside. That's right leaving. Religion is the first step into a larger better world the, but it can also be a scary world. Things were different. Now never veer. That's why we're here. We're your audio. And would help from good friends and experts and all sorts of fields. We're GONNA, share the stories in knowledge to build a great life after all only get the one that we know of. Better make yes, and. Hello guys hello. Hello. Here we kind of stooges. We we very stingy. It makes sense. Yeah, the three the three punches. That, what is? What does that have to do with a stooge? Just, kind of all ends in. A stooges kind of a ship. Thoughts new somewhere in between a chair and a stool. I think three ships equals a stage. Yeah, that was it anyway long conversions. I'll tell this story and other time here. We are episode one forty three guys, it's. Who It's a lot of fun before we get to that. Though holy smokes, we had a meet up. We record on Sundays. We had a meet up. Yesterday is zoom it. Yes, right? It was Super Fun. Yeah it was great. It was amazing to see everybody's faces It was a lot of fun. We did it noon, so we could give our international listeners a bit of a chance to to not be up to in the morning. At least one of them was though right, somebody was up yet. Paul Freeland was he because he's in Hong Kong. Yeah, so it was like thirty in the morning for him. Can't we can't do it. We can't make it easy for everybody. In Finland and how dare Dr This. Time yeah that was my fault. In Israel were able to join us, and as well as a lot of our listeners here in the US and Canada and it was really really really. Sorry the U K, New Zealand Australia. It was great to have everybody there and see everybody's shining faces, and it was a lot of fun. Yeah, thanks so much for for for dialing in. Will for sure do it again. When Doug comes up with some more jokes, which. For a while. And Aunt Andrea administered it. Instead of me, so it was a technical success, so people were allowed in. which is awesome, but thanks so much. We're GONNA. Do it again love you guys so much But, but but but before that we got another show. It's. It's fun one this one. This one has some twists and turns. You'RE GONNA. Call it fun. We'll go with fun. We'll go middle Doug bits. Exactly I because we're starting out with me. My my whole thing there is a trigger warning it it. It doesn't end well. Look whenever we talk about cults. You you know by now. Yeah terrible shit is going to go down so so Dan's gotTa. Dad's got a classic of the form yeah, and then I'm going to break down the life and Times of Lords Zanu see we can learn from. Doug. stiles eighty. And and and that includes el-arraj there will be math, and then I'm GonNa. Talk about symbols and I'm GonNa talk about why we decide to venerate terrible people and that we should probably not do that anymore. Indeed now that's weird. Just just let them all be yeah well. Let Bird Shit on him. Whatever so there's a there's a there's a crappy statue of Parley P. Pratt about three blocks from here with my name on it. Go. Get it done so in the river without further ado, let us do the Voodoo. We do tally. Uncle Mark. Yeah what's up? What would this show be without cults? Shorter, it would be happier shorter. Would need trigger warnings. But not totally eliminate them, yeah. I just will there ever be a day when we're like well, that was that. was that there was the last cult? I. Don't forsee that day by it could happen. It's not today. I know that today's not now. Today's not that day, although the cult that we're GONNA be talking about gentlemen is. Extinct, it is gone. Thank God so. We don't have to worry about it. Bring it on. But but it is interesting and of interest to us, because we three were all raised in the warmth and righteousness of God's true, obvious church, the Church of Jesus Christ latter-day Saints. I've never heard. It described as obvious but. It's a long title for a church to be sure and one that seems to promise a lot, and while some might say that our church has fallen. Short of sainthood. at least they followed through by making sure that church attendance the experience of attending church there was as long and tedious and confusing as its name. Well many of our listeners might not know that ours was only one faction of the Mormon Movement Watson incidentally a Mormon. Movement is where you poop with the door open so that your companions concede. No so you? Can See your milk has a Dick. Deep Cut. Okay so no, there are other Mormons out there and it's actually lots of them. In fact, Joseph Smith Juniors rhapsodic Eighteen Thirties Jacobean. 'cause play novel the Book of Mormon. has spawned well over one hundred offshoots and offshoots of offshoots each claiming to be the true word of God and the real heir to Smith's legacy, and why not? Who wouldn't want to be the keeper of the keys to one of the dopey s theologies of represented to mankind The largest schism in Mormon history happened right after Joseph Smith died though a few happened while he was alive. It was entirely unclear who was supposed to take over as Prophet of the Church. Joseph's. First Wife Emma contended that it was supposed to be Joseph son and namesake who should take over never never mind the fact that he was only twelve at the time. Yeah? J. S. three right right exactly also, there was never any polygamy, and I'm the only wife okay. Can we all agree to that? Yeah? Anyway. It is from that Mormon offshoot, which is now known as the the well was then known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter, Day saints, or are Elliot's because they were not into the brevity of the original church. And wanted to add a word. It was from that Mormon offshoot, which is the Shia to our Brigham Sunnis that today's protagonist springs. Fast forward to nine, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, and the birth of Jeffrey, Lundgren when America was when America was great back in those days, correct. Jeffrey was born in Independence Missouri which is where the LDS church is headquartered. He was beaten and abused by his peach of a Dad He became quite a loner throughout his schooling years, and his dad was obsessed with the boy, becoming Manley, and not showing weakness. They spent time hunting and learning about guns. Because there's one thing you want in society, it's self conscious loners with steam problems who are who are trained in weaponry. Yeah, it's American America so far. What could go wrong? Yeah? Lundgren and enrolled at the central Missouri State University. Go Mules. and. Mules yeah well actually since you ask, the mules are the men and the women are known as the genie's. They fee. Is that a female mu? Yeah and they have two different mascots. The guy in the suit is known as Mold Modem. You'll, and they have a live me all named Mankato. So, he puts the acid mascot. Somebody levels. No just the one. Anyway. There's an important fact about all of Mormonism that folks need to know for any of the story to make sense and that is that Mormons believe prophecy yes. And not just from their head Prophet, they believe in personal revelations so theoretically any worthy member might hear directly from God. He where the member with a penis. Yeah mostly. Yeah, it's very American in that way. We're all extremely important here, so yeah, there you go! That's kind of a problem so. When somebody in a minor position of authority in the Early Church told Alice Keeler that God had impressed upon him that she would marry a great leader of the church. When she was young, she took that Shit to heart. She watched every guy she dated wondering. Could this be the one? Does he seem like he'll be a great church leader? When she met Jeffrey. She felt like she had found her leader. He was everything you look for in a religious big shot. He had a strange look in his eye, a domineering demeanor lots of big opinions, and he studied the scriptures a lot, so she was in your checks all the boxes. Pretty, Oh yeah! Unless. You're going to tell me. He was not a sex past. It'll get there, okay. But yes, he was actually he. Was Hovering over that bucks. Just call Bingo. You're fine. The two got married in nineteen seventy. Alice got pregnant and Jeffrey in order to avoid the draft, or maybe to avoid parenthood enlisted in the navy and was sent off to Vietnam. Alice was left to take care of the kid and then a second one alone. I assume the second one came when he was on furlough or something anyway, I'm going to skip their early marriage, except except to note that he was not an awesome husband, he controlled every aspect of her life, citing scripture about women, being subservient and shutting out shutting the hell up, he was abusive, and like all the great abusers made sure that she knew that it was her fault that he hit her because she wasn't following Jesus as commandments always make her man happy, but don't worry religions. Religions a tool for good right. He seems pretty brand. Yep, so far so good we're. We're going down trodden a well trodden path. Alice readily submitted to Jeffrey's rebukes, believing that he was in fact just following the scripture, and after all he was going to be a great leader in the church so. Textbook narcissist had found someone easy to manipulate. It truly was a match made in Mormon Heaven. And this and thus began a career of religious manipulations while he was in the Navy, a fellow seaman had taken an interest in Jeffries, constant scripture study, and before you knew it, Geoffrey had converted the guy. This gave Jeffrey a lovely sense of how easily he would convince. He could convince certain minds of his religious rectitude and Alice had told him about the prophecy of her husband, being the great leader, which he took deeply to heart. WHAT NARCIS! What narcissist doesn't love a narrative of grandeur. The locker rooms. With all of all of this grandeur in mind moved themselves to Kirtland Ohio. which is a place of huge importance in Mormon history as one of Joseph, Smith's early Church headquarters, it's also the site of the First Mormon temple which is now owned and run by the are LDS Church, much of the shock and Chagrin of many Utah Mormons who take their family vacations to important church locations? That's usually the first time they've ever heard anything about divisions in the Church's system. Kirtland, that is that because when they swipe their temple recommend MAG card. It doesn't accept right exactly or just because they go. They're thinking they're going to have to do that. And carrying their temple clothes in a little suitcase, and then they're just waved. Right in without any problems so. It it's shocking either way. In Kirtland, the Lundgren's lived in a church owned house next door to the temple and Jeffrey started working as a tour guide there, he also became treasurer for the tourist attraction. Jeff had also become a teacher within the church where he often clashed with higher ups on matters of doctrine. And that is because all. Jeff had discovered a new way of interpreting the scriptures, which he called Qisas Mus or key asthma interpretation. Now Jeffrey didn't make up the word key asthma's He wasn't even the first to apply it to scripture. He was the first however to wildly misunderstand what the concept was, and and turn it into something. That's nothing like what that word means so kiosk is a rhetorical term it just refers to. Mirrored parallel phrases, so a scriptural example would be he that find his life shall lose it, and he that loses his life for my sake shall find it. That's in Matthew. Okay, now it's too so it's just to repeated concept, but the order is reversed in the second one boom chaos. That is not what Jeff was talking about Near as I can figure it. His idea was that he would look for places in the scripture where there were two similar sentences on either side of a middle sentence, and those similar sentences would prove that the middle sentences was God's true word because God loves mirrors. So, or something like that. It was a concept that was just it was just convoluted enough that only he could really understand it, which is perfect for anyone interested in self aggrandizement and a great way to get a cult going. Before you know it. Jeff was getting followers. He's started convincing our LDS members that he had the latest and greatest word of God and this key Asmus was the key to it all. Meanwhile he was bumping heads with Church leadership. He eventually lost his job at the temple with discovered that over a few years he had embezzled over forty thousand dollars from them. But eager to avoid a scandal and probably fearful of growing power in the area. The church didn't press charges they. Fired him. Jeffrey moved his family to a farm house outside of town, and brought most of his followers to live there with him, he had amassed a congregation of around twenty people, including individuals, couples, and even families families like Dennis and Cheryl Avery and their three daughters Trina becky Karen. Here's the thing though. Remember how Jeffrey's Dad had beaten an obsession with weakness into Jeffrey. Remember Jeffrey was an epoch misogynist. Well, the aviaries were all kind of backwards to that Cheryl was the forceful one in the family. It was she not Dennis who liked Jeffries. Message and convinced the family join the group in Jeffries is Dennis was a week. Man and Cheryl war the pants so even though they followed his teachings faithfully. Jeffrey was not at all pleased with Avery's. So much so that he didn't cult them up very well at all. The apiaries didn't live on the compound. And Jeffrey only had them come in to one or two tortuous scripture study sessions a week whereas everybody else had to go daily of. These sessions could last hours especially, if anybody dared to push back against their leaders teachings, then he would take extended periods of time to harangue them for their apostasy classic called stuff Nevertheless. The avery's like all members of the cult gave all their money to London and he promised to pay all their bills and whatnot. Oddly trusting guy with a history of theft and embezzlement as well as a frivolous as well as frivolous spending to pay your bills for. You doesn't always turn out well. Eventually car payments and such started to be missed. But what do you need with a good credit rating in the Kingdom of Heaven, so all was Hein. Anyway eventually as all cult leaders do Jeffrey started to get bored and needed something to do with this tiny amount of power that he had amassed so he did what all co-leaders do. He found ways to have sex with more people and commit violence, check and check. yeah, exactly. He told the group that the scriptures were telling him things about all of their specific lives. They were the only group with the fullest truest knowledge of these in these final days after all I mean what good is a cult. If they're not going to be the only worthy survivors of the apocalypse, so of course, the scriptures were talking about them personally. And look the scriptures say who's supposed to be married to whom Jeffrey started telling single members, which other single members they were supposed to marry. Isn't that fun? then. The scriptures secretly told him that he was bored with his wife, and that he was supposed to be married to that other guy's wife, which he told her about, and they started righteously fucking. That is so on Brand Mormon I don't even know what to say about it exactly. It's just tradition. Folks you know. I knew it was foretold by the Prophets. Anyway eventually, he also started a thing with another guy's wife. It's good to be the leader. But, that wasn't. All the scriptures were telling. Jeff Ono the scriptures had some other very exciting news. Jesus was coming back like super soon, and they were going to be well, and they were going to be the welcoming committee so in order to prepare for Jesus's return. they were going to have to take control of the place where he was going to show up the Kirtland Temple. And how do you take control of a temple? You don't own which is in a residential neighborhood well by killing everybody in a few block radius silly. They began preparing for this endeavor by amassing an arsenal of firearms and doing military type training on the compound. This alarmed the shit out of at least one member who bolted and went to federal authorities to warn them, but his story sounded so nutty that the feds really didn't believe him. What you're what you're about was this. We're in the nineteen eighties now, if the seventies and eighties and you know you know how. How everything works is when you kill a bunch of people, and you just kind of concentrated in one area. Then nothing happens. Nothing happens, and you're saying if you stop at some point and don't kill the people beyond that area, then they just leave you alone. Yeah, yeah, also Jesus will come and put a bio dome over you, so nobody can get through perfect. So yeah. It's all gonna come up roses. Nothing could go wrong here. But the yeah, the story was told to the feds didn't ring true to them, but as a precaution. They contacted the local police who called longer and infra chat. Wait a minute. They talked that the feds were told. Hey. There's a religious group over there on a compound with weapons training for the apocalypse and they're like. I don't know I don't see it. Know what they were like as yet. There's one all everywhere that happens everywhere it was it was the seventies and eighties like cult. Violence goes kind of. Call me the opened fire and let. Yeah exactly. Let me know when they get some sarin gas. But. They did contact the local police and. They went and talked to Lundgren who they told him that they'd heard complaints about little militia farming in the woods, and that the and they let him know that they sure appreciate it if he makes sure to keep obeying the law and whatnot, right. that apparently spooked Jeffrey enough that he called off the operation for that year. So Operation Temple topple was over. and. He would told the members that. It was their fault because they weren't pure enough and. Jesus was very disappointed in all of them, and if they were lucky, they try again next year. But. He was pretty worried about that because now. He knew that they were being watched, so he needed a new focus for his violent rage, and that needed to be something that nobody outside of the cult would know about. And that's when the scriptures told him something new. Suddenly it was God's. Will that the group cleanse themselves through a sacrifice? That sacrifice would be human, and it would be from within the group, and it would be those Goddamn Avery's. Just hate him so much. So in April of one, thousand, nine, hundred and nine. Jeffey ordered some followers to dig a pit in the Big Barn. Big enough for five bodies. Then! To the group that he was going that they were all going to go live in the wilderness for a good long while so everybody should. Prepare for that. A few days later, Jeff booked a hotel room at a nearby red roof in in the every name. That way if the authorities went sniffing around, there would be a paper trail of the family. Not being at their house, I guess so real real clever. Then on April seventeenth at a group dinner, he called all the men to come and meet in his room. Except you Dennis Avery, you just stay right here. In that meeting he made sure that all the men were up to the task, and they all assured him that they were ready to go so operation murderer, a whole family, the constituted like fifteen to twenty percent of your followers. Go Lundgren and another man were like. Hey, Dennis, why don't you just come out to the barn with us? And when they got there, the other men were waiting with guns. They tried to knock him out with stun gun, but it malfunctioned, so they gagged him and dragged him to the whole day Doug they started a chainsaw which must have been terrifying. But turned out to just be there to cover the sound of the gun which they used to shoot him. After that! They went for Sheryl every. They told her that she needed to comply to prove her devotion to the church. They bound and gagged her and put tape over her eyes. and She submitted willingly all of this. Then they led her to the whole where she had no idea. Her husband was lying dead. There Jeffrey shot her three times twice in the breasts and once in the abdomen. Then one by one. They killed each of the three avery girls school. fucking went through with it. They did it. Oh, did. The group. The avery's and covered the site with garbage to hide the newly dug up dirt. Then the day after those murders police came to the longer compound why because they were still concerned about the takeover of the temple. So they questioned Jeffrey and poked around a bit, but never had any inkling about the murders and left none the wiser. After the police left. The group decided to get the fuck out of dodge and went to live in the outback of West Virginia where they stayed for months. That big tents generators and Lundgren had even bought a brought a TV and VCR, so he could watch his favorite movies including I shit. You're not the highlander. Okay eventually nine months after the killing a tip from an informant led police who again initially didn't believe it to inspect the barn. They cleared the garbage away, and after taking incredibly short shifts digging because the smell was outrageous, they found the bodies. Long and the short of it is that a manhunt ensued and Lundgren was eventually caught as where the other members of the cult who Jeffrey had abandoned in the woods. In all thirteen people were convicted of various crimes from obstruction of justice for three who were determined not to have been not to have participated directly in the murders themselves. To lundgren himself, who was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to execution. Cheese and that is the end of one of the smallest and shortest lived Mormon churches. Jesus Christ. Amen how did I not know this story? I didn't know about this at all. I didn't either until I did yeah One of those weird things that happened in our lifetimes. And you'll know if the fact that we didn't know about. This speaks to either. You know in order to breakthrough as a cult. You gotTA. You know you really have to make some noise. You gotta put some points on the board. Growing up here. There was always in the seventies and eighties. There was always. A fair amount of Mormon especially POLYGAMIST CL- clan. Islands that was just kind of always going on you know the lebarons, and the and the laugher -ties and the The singer swap clan were always blowing things up killing one of the other members you know, tell so. This must have just got lost in the static of of. Of violence, and and it was, it was an offshoot not of not of our LDS church, but of the are LDS, church and that's that's a totally different thing that doesn't even count. That doesn't count. That doesn't count against. US Right Right? Sure cool so there you go one of the. One of the many Mormon offshoots that all seem to have decided that violence was the way the well. All's well that ends well. Yeah, right all right well, thank suckled, and let's let's skedaddle. Well. Dan. You know it's. It's always good to meet someone new. Yeah, you know and and. I think it doesn't matter. Look. It doesn't matter where they're from or how far away? I. Don't know sometimes you go to a party and you meet somebody and you're like. Hey, tell me about what you do and they're like. I'm Middle Management for Blah Blah. Blah and it's just like come on, yeah! Yeah took the wrong guy. So, it just depends on on like who it is that you're meeting. But even somebody who's in middle management sometimes has some exciting stories to tell from work so generally. The Guy I talked to at the party. It turns out to be Colin Robinson from. Shadows the. Vampire. Yes, exactly so, do you have an energy vampire for today? I have I? Am someone who I think. A party would be pretty fascinating to talk to actually okay, we'll do your uncles. As is our wont on this Podcast, we often discussed the context and actions of various religious leaders in the religions. They founded. We are particularly hard on mormonism mostly because we are broadcasting far from inside Mormon Lines I would say firm but fair I don't think. FERMO fair I'm going to say that you both said hard on. Did we. Well. Yeah, of course. Every other word. We also make fun of mormonism because it's very very easy. another favorite punching bag has been mormonism younger siblings. Scientology indeed. There are a lot of similarities between these two silly sax. Both are American. Born faiths founded by a flamboyant flimflam fanatic with a pension for underage Poontang. And as night follows day, Paul follows Jesus. And Stalin follows Lennon both religions visionary quote. Unquote founders were followed immediately by authorities in monster. The rain of Brigham Young ended long ago, but the Modern Mormon church is more his than it ever was Joseph's. I'm betting that when David miscarriage finally has a heart attack from power, fucking sex doll. That looks a lot like Tom Cruise. The same will be set of Hammond Scientology. Both religions are based on works of fiction so stupendous. That millions of human hours have been dedicated to making fun of them. dianetics in the book of Mormon don't have a lot in common plot wise except in their abilities to unify disparate scientific fields and laughing at them. In the case of the book more minutes, Historians Archaeologists Anthropologists Linguists Biologists. In, the case of Scientology, psychiatrists, cycle, cycle, psychologists and medical doctors. Sorry Tamala. Just I guess you're stuck with the gain. Millions of dollars spent trying at least in the case of the book of Mormon to bring this story to the silver screen, most notably in two thousand, three's the Book of Mormon Movie, Volume One, the journey. This film led to one of the funniest nights of my life. Don't go mark Uncle Dan. Joined the game cast boys for life show here in Salt Lake City, and the introduction to my favorite recurring game cast character fat Campbell. Although dianetics does not really have much of a plot. We're lucky enough to have several other works by works of fiction by Ron, Hubbard to draw from. In fact as most of our list, listeners are surely aware. Hubbard still holds the record for the most published author with one thousand eighty four published works. The vast majority being schlocky science fiction. Terrible. It's most impressive though Yeah, I mean it's impressive in the volume. The quality is a different story. No, no, we're talking about volume. Quantity yeah, it's not daddy and most prominent in these schlocky science fiction works is the nineteen eighty-two Space Saga Battlefield Earth. which was turned into an epic movie event in two thousand, starring none other than John Travolta and forest whitaker your uncle Doug. May have been adjacent to marijuana once or twice in his past. And eared here to. Maybe during the late nineties. Quite adjacent, and I remember who is in a bit of a phase and I saw the trailer for battlefield, Earth and I'm like fuck yeah. There I wasn't my girlfriend at the time, the two of us on opening day the only people in the theater. Doug went through this. Be Doug. Listen you guys. Don't go ever see a movie with Uncle Doug because he wants to go and be first in line on opening day. Sit in the front row for every movie. That's right. God, I is! That is battlefield earth. The one where we're Travolta had lake. He looked kind of like the Predator. He had yet read locks or whatever coming out of him. They made a conscious choice to make the bad guys look like Jamaicans essentially space. Jamaicans so in addition to being L. Ron Hubbard scientology garbage. It's it's. Kind of jaw-dropping Lee Racist. And astoundingly terrible like Yup it's it's good bad. It's so bad it's hilarious. It's in the running for the worst movie ever made foreshore truthfully loving after all the Mormon movies movies we've done with the game cast boys. I think need to demand that we get to do that one as jess. Yup I'm going to put him on blast all right. The factory everybody right into them. Hashtag. Whatever we are, we. Come through. We have done more than any other guest guest coasts. We've done more shows with them. Than any other guests. Those we fucking deserve battlefield earth. That's right more mormon garbage I was so depressed after our last. You depressed. I was I was sleeping on top of a chair. Wouldn't touch the floor. okay, so the fact that millions of dollars that were have been poured in to the desperate attempt to bring the the fictional works of Chelsea. Smith and L Ron Hubbard to life have resulted in two films that make showgirls look like citizen Kane. Says all you really need to know about the source material and I know uncle big? Fan showgirls, oh another an excellent bad movie. But these particular gold mines are far from spent, and until they are, or until either of these cults no longer hold sway on the minds of humans. Your uncles GONNA put on their overall. Sharpen their picks and get to dig in. So With that in mind, there is one aspect of scientology that I've been thinking a lot about. It is the life and times of Lord Zeno Now? Go. Mark did a dive in an earlier episode until or ZANU, but mostly in the context of the scientology practice of auditing. And the progression along the path towards clear and towards operating faint levels etc.. But today I'd really like to take a good look at ZANU himself. The problems he confronted in the solutions he came with came up with the solve those problems. And what if anything we can learn from his example, I'm sorry I hate to correct you. On the Air Doug but I believe it's pronounced. He knew like hot air. Right, the are yeah. The XS is kind of. I feel like that would require. That would require L. R. H. to have been aware of Mexicans in a in a win in a way other than just a place to park his boat. Yeah, exactly well in a lot of the early accounts he, he spelled Z., Mu, x x Yelm. You. That's right, yeah! So. Let's recap. See New and how scientologist come to learn about him. The whole point scientology is to ring every possible penny from here, and it's and the main vehicle to do. This is to manipulate the followers through the aforementioned auditing to move level by level up to the you know removing those Pesky Satan's from your soul. and. We'll definitely talk about that. So after going clear, people are encouraged to continue towards the OT levels. which every every time someone achieve. The religion discovers quote, unquote a new one. Every step along this path costs money and those that hit the upper ot. Levels often end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for the privilege. This helps explain why. When scientologists hit ot level, three commonly called the wall of fire. They don't walk away laughing like they should. By that time they spent buco bucks and have all in having all likelihood ruined family relationships to get there, so it's a bit of a sunk cost fallacy. It's this stage where scientologists learn about. Lord Zanu in the form of a supposedly handwritten letter by l Ron Hubbard himself. We'll discuss this letter in a minute, but this belief by scientology is similar to the temple, rituals and mormonism. Devout members of both face will not talk about them, but former members have given us all the details we need. Scientology denies this and has spent an unknown amount of money, certainly a lot to keep the secret and smear those who revealed it. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that l Ron Hubbard had written a screenplay about ZANU and the events described in the wall of fire, and for years was trying to shop it in Hollywood, our love it yeah, so the nineteen hundred ad. Yeah I didn't know that I don't tell you reading into the I had no idea. the nineteen seventy seven screenplay was called revolt in the stove. And it was clearly a response to star wars that had come out earlier that year. Oh my God he was GonNa try to take ten star wars. What Jump On that bandwagon! Baby I was the only Lucas can destroy star wars. He did a good job to me. Did so? it's not a screenplay. It's actually a treatment, but I'm going to call it a screenplay. But. It's written in narrative form. Now disclaimer here the fact that Hubbard wrote the screenplay and tried to shop it in in Hollywood is generally accepted, but because the screenplay would be the scientology equivalent of a screenplay written by Joseph Smith called how me and the boys made up the book of Mormon. Has Been working very hard to catch and kill any copies. So the plot of the screenplay is that forced the forces that finally defeated ZANU after his atrocities here on earth left a capsule for future intelligent life defined explaining what had happened. So that's Kinda the plot. Humans. Find this capsule and it tells them of a long ago. Space Saga that ended on Earth. Yeah Yeah So It goes into great detail about ZANU. His allies and his enemies the most prominent of which is clearly meant to be a gallant and presumably less paunchy version of l Ron Hubbard. So. The seventy one page version that I found online may or may not be authentic i. read it anyway I mean I skimmed it and it sure sounds like the crap. That Hubbard was turning out at the time, but I can't be sure. And in any case, it's not nearly as fun as the summation. He wrote for Scientology, so we're going to stick with that. One thing that I think is noteworthy at this point and I didn't know this nowhere in the wallow fire document the screenplay or any of the other writings of Hubbard. Is there any description of ZANU his people or the myriad alien races that inhabit the narrative as anything but holy humanoid? So I know in the South Park and other popular skewering of this Shit, the aliens are very tentacled but but it does not appear that this is what Hubbard intended I don't know if this was laziness or lack of imagination. But like an old twilight zone, episodes or old star trek episodes. Just, look like us well, you know. He was so un-imaginative that he said the. Spaceships and you? Maybe you're going to get two get to this. That flew from wherever to earth and looked like DC. or DC, hence. Deviates right right right, which was the most common passenger jet at the time he looked out the window and said spaceship done John. In the screen play. Zina's home. Planet is called Home Planet. It's it really was a struggle to get through it and it didn't really give us anything to play with. It was just. It's a very bad episode of the twilight. Zone. Yeah Okay so just as we progress to the narrative try not to think of squids or bears, insects these jokers just like the moon, quakers were familiar, although perhaps with the strangely tailored jacket This informs one of my favorite moments in any science fiction story when one enemy says to the other after doing battle. We are not so different, you and I. It another time I called you friend yeah. Every time that happens at a science fiction story I get up here. So. We're GONNA. Take as a given that everything described below actually happened today we're simply going to analyze the decisions and consequences of the story of Zanu and what we can offer about the culture. He lived in so. we're to the heat of the meet. The document that has shown scientologists is not long, and it did paints this story the this tale. Some seventy five million years ago, Lord Zeno was that. What was the ruler of Galactic confederacy of planets which consisted of Twenty six stars and Seventy six planets? Of which are star and our planet were apart. So here we get our first glimpse into the culture of these creatures. There are between one hundred and fifty, two hundred and fifty billion stars in our galaxy. So twenty-six Stars makes up between point zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero two. Point Zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero one percent of the galaxy. Calling that Galactic confederacy speaks to a bloated and unchecked PR department within the confederacy, which was surely coupled with a bloated HR, department, which speaks to a runaway bureaucracy in general so. This confederacy was founded ninety five million years ago, so you can imagine that an institution that was twenty million years old might have some institutional drift. Yeah, sure bloated. Loaded the bureaucracy is. Entrenched and ossified truly so since Earth the time called TEAC back, which is t. e., G. E. A. K.. Had No intelligent life at the time, but was claimed by the confederacy is one of its planets reconfirmed that these creatures were colonialists. Hubbard wrote this in nineteen, Sixty, seven and as I mentioned above described creatures that look very much like us. Who in fact, clothing drove cars and use trains that looked remarkably like their earthly counterparts in the nineteen sixties. Sherri yeah, so we can from. Right we can infer from this. The confederacy had achieved quarter, Roy and polyester technology. This would, of course mean that, at least, at least some of the plants oil had been discovered. This also means that the civilization had crossed the technological threshold into PREDISPO-, electric acid funk, a major milestone in any civilizations progress. Now. It's unclear if XENA was elected, appointed took power in some coup, or if the confederacy had some sort of electoral college busy news, hold on power was being threatened. It seems the source of this turmoil. Wasn't overpopulation problem across the confederacy now? Maybe maybe it's like a rotating chair like on the security. Council New York, not a lot to go off of there right now. An overpopulation problem seems to be a self limiting problem between planets right It just seems like a planet would hit its maximum population, and then that would be the problem of that planet. But this was a confederacy wide problem. 'CAUSE 'cause one-year planets fucked you move to another planet. That's right. Therefore we can infer there was a robust and affordable mass transit system between planets. And Very Liberalized, immigration? Laws This speaks to at least a period of extensive public works, projects and social welfare programs at some point in the history of the confederacy. We have to assume a fairly high level of taxation to maintain the system, which again necessitates extensive extensive governmental bureaucracy. However, the population problem came a however, the population problem came about it had become acute. Okay according to Hubbard population of each planet was two hundred and fifty billion, or so with the average, being one, hundred, seventy, eight billion. How I can hear you, asking could the average twenty nine percent lower than the average. Will. We don't know. Don't don't inject maths into this. It's alien technology. You don't know the solution. The solution that Zeno did device was. Let's call it unique because it sure wasn't elegant. He employed psychiatrist to help him trick billions of his subjects to gather for mass income tax inspections. Late like like all great stories of religion, they begin with the census for taxation, exactly exactly like the census in Matthew requiring everyone to go to the the hometown of their ancestor to be counted. This is not how things are supposed to work. Yeah, so the Z. New then paralyze these poor souls and frozen with mixture of Glycol and alcohol now. Let's make some assumptions here. Let's assume that the optimal population of a planet the size of earth is ten billion. I know that's a big assumption. And that if the average of the seventy five planets that confederacy was one hundred and seventy, eight billion per planet, that's an excess in population of one, hundred and sixty, eight, billion per planet or confederacy, wide twelve point six trillion beings. If each of these beings was about our size that would require about a bath tubs volume of glycol and alcohol to freeze them in. The average volume of a bathtub is fifty gallons that means new would need six hundred thirty trillion gallons of glycol glycol alcohol mixture. So as mark was. What a hell of a day at the glycol alcohol store right right so we're going on vacation. Yeah, that salesman got the commission was outrageous. That's right. The ship come in. So uncle mark mentioned of the main mode of hauling freight at the time. We're spaceships. That looked remarkably like DC eight's. When Hubbard wrote all this down, it was like the biggest passenger plane at the time. And as everyone knows obviously, the D. C. Eight had a maximum takeoff weight of two hundred seventy six thousand pounds. This included the plane itself as well as the fuel, but let's assume the confederacies deviates were not limited by fuel or the planes operating empty weight. Fair because IRT. Spaceships so the weight only matters for a second right. I feel like when we started this podcast I was promised there would be no math. Strap in. A Gallon of alcohol is just shy of seven pounds, so each DC eight can carry about thirty, nine, thousand, four, hundred and twenty nine gallons of alcohol glycol, which means that to procure the needed amount of alcohol. There needed to be about fifteen point nine billion sorties. This liquid would then need to be distributed to the seventy five planets. So what we can learn from this about Zeno is that he was a big picture Kinda guy. Told them vicious right. And and he could make stuff happen. You gotta done like and you know as is typical of people who get shit done. More complicated needlessly complicated. You make your plan. They hired degree of possibility. You'RE GONNA. Pull it off right absolutely. Okay so once frozen, each of these blocks of ice now containing a body were sent to Earth, again called Gee Jack again in. These blocks of ice were placed next volcanoes in Loa. Vesuvius Shasta Fujiyama and AETNA now. Here's where I think I can identify a flaw in Zina's thinking. How not so far? It has been flawless. And it's not what you think. It's not that none of those volcanoes existed seventy five million years ago. Although that's a good point, no, I think the flaw. Here is leaving ice cubes next to active volcano seems. Counterproductive and yet. And just for context, if each of these blocks was six feet long long enough for an average creature to be completely encased in ice. Have you laid those end to end the twelve point six trillion of them that would stretch fourteen billion miles. Pluto by the way it's just over three billion miles away. Okay, so. You're not stacking like you gotTa do it. Sort of in a in a Chevron pattern right exactly. You know sorry. Doug I just gotTA. Jump back. He is officially called Lords Zanu Right. He's called. Lords Zena okay well, so he he inherited his title. So that's all. I don't know if that's their version of president or comptroller sort of baron sure. Yeah. So the. Finished the task of killing these creatures by exploding hydrogen bombs inside the volcanoes, causing them to erupt. Now this clearly speaks to a runaway military industrial complex within the confederacy. Does I, also volcanoes are great, but they're not nearly as fucking destructive as a hydrogen bomb. Right so just the. Why did you need the volcano? If you've got the bombs just like, put them out in space and blow them up well. Why don't you freeze these fucking people? Harry them all this way just to blow them up with hydrogen bomb. Now here's a that's a great point, and here's what I think. It'd be happening at this point. Yeah, it could be that the confederates, the confederacies economy was in a depression or recession. And that this was kind of a intragalactic version of the CCC the Civilian Conservation Corps where the the Roosevelt Administration paid guys to dig a hole, and then paid someone else to fill it in. So I think this might have been an attempt to boost the economy. So now the fact that this insane amount of alcohol and glycol or any trace of the myriad hydrogen bombs have not been found in our fossil record while the remains of the meteor that killed off the dinosaurs, which happened only ten million years later must mean that has not been discovered yet, right? How else could you explain it? Yeah, however. The suffering of these creatures was far from over now from their mortal coils. The souls of these creatures floated free why this was a problem for Zeno to solve is not clear, but it seems that Xena was not a half-measure Kinda ruler. He had these souls head. The souls of these creatures called phaetons gathered in an electronic ribbon, think of it as a kind of a giant vacuum cleaner. They were then forced to watch three D motion pictures for thirty six days. What yes, we talked I talked about this when I talked about. Like nine billion people in each theater or something, yeah, and even nine billion people. Would I mean nine billion won twelve point six trillion divided by nine billion as a hell of a lot of theaters. Well, no, there were only like two or three, and one was in the Canary Islands, which was important. I'm serious. I. Know I know. And as you talked about mark these these these films they watched were kind of previews of the religions of Man of hearings, okay. So it dealt with the God the devil. Catholicism's specifically. The crucifixion of Christ was pre previewed Yep and it was meant to confuse these Dayton's I. Guess wouldn't leave the earth I go problems. and. GIANT SPOILER! You just told them everything. That's going to happen, right? Do you think. Maybe it was more of a blood on the highway sort of thing like it was. How a warning! Warning or like just all the rules. Yeah, I don't know. Well the one thing we know for sure is that speaks to a robust and thriving entertainment and film industry in the confederacy. As well as very impressive religious studies program so. All of this seems to have been not enough to allow you to hold power. And he was deposed by a group called the loyal officers, yeah! He he was locked away in an electric mountain trap. which is what he called it. is to this day life, so some people say it's in the Pyrenees other sates in different places, but ZANU is still in prison seventy five million years later here on our planet. You're on Earth Oh. Man Find that guy. So. What are the lessons of this story? And is there anything that applies to us? I don't think so At Heart. It's the story of an unpopular power-hungry leader of an aging superpower with bloated bureaucracy in and out of out of control, military industrial contact complex, attempting to distract his disaffected subjects with economic issues. We'll plotting to have him killed I. Just don't see how it applies to. It is there's the life and times of our Lord. Zeno I love that you have given Z new twenty times the thought that l Ron Hubbard everyday exactly yeah, so. That was great I'm going to go. Freeze myself in Glycol, alcohol and. Of Okay no I'M GONNA. Go look for ZANU. I'm going to find that guy. Loan up Mount Aetna with a hydrogen bomb. It wouldn't be there anymore. Biden Biden Z. New twenty twenty. All Right? Let's get the fuck out. FELLAS. Hello Hi. Are you still there? Are we still doing a show? That's good Listen We're not the only people involved in the show I. Don't know if you know this but after we record all this, we send it out into the ether, and it goes through a series of tubes. and gets to listeners people who choose. Of their own free will without us forcing them at all for. To stand no mysterious reasons that we would never even be able to comprehend people who des have not discovered. netflix's yet. Doug quiet. What are you doing? Asked but with pictures. ixnay on the flicks. Pictures. Anyway some people even like our show so much that they are or at least the appreciate something about it enough that they're willing to part with a little bit of their money, and they're the best people in the world, so we need to thank them. Yes, so thanks so much to Bruce to Jack. To Jonathan To George. And Uncle Mark. You are going to give a saint improvised on the spot for Joshua. Joshua! That's you know that's a solid saint name. Just right there yet. Well, it's Jesus's name yeah. It's by spelled another way or Josh Josh. Jr Christ means anointed one which means he was anointed with oil, so so he's. Being extremely rude to our new patriot and I wasn't going to stand for it. I have no idea how oily Joshua is. We'll find out eventually, so he's Joshua oil aside. Your Saint of course is ultimately the big book here. Carry the four your saint. Is Saint. Man Pants Of SAUSALITO. Who is of course, the patron saint of? Thermonuclear haircare. Dade County Florida of course and Those, who mourn the deaths of fictional characters just just a little too much. So. Let's find another reference than J.. K. Rowling showy right well now we have to mourn the loss of the entire series because. She's so fucking grounded she is. And then Uncle Doug I'M GONNA. I'm going to give you. The job of saint tting Dave and Shea Oh fuck. Dave Shea Mark. You have the book I. I'll have to just do this from memory. Dave Shea. Your this is as much art as science. You know what I mean like. Feel it. Much a Fart as a seance Your saint is Saint. Jalapeno, popper. Of Oaxaca Mexico. Saints Jalapeno is the patron saint of and of Green Gables? Brad of the Blue Angels and Flea of the Red Hot, Chili peppers. All right. Out of the Blue Angels. I don't know any of the members of the Blue Angels I. Assume One of them is named Brad probably a Brad. There are probably multiple Brad's or goose or Maverick iceman I don't know. I saw volleyball movie about that once. If anybody at any listeners know any of the blue angels. Please tell them to make their call sign brad from now on. The Brad Angels Anyway Thank you all so much David Shea thank you. Congratulations on your saint in Joshua also, if you dear listener who isn't one of them, people would like to become one of them people. You may do so. By by going to how to heretic dot com, you click on the little support tab, and then that takes you to our Patriot on page, and then you just sign up at whatever level you want to use. Show us that you love us. We show you that we love you backed by saying your name on the air. It's back and forth. There's other things that you get you get. You might get access to to to our patron. Only content this stuff you get to be a Monday person instead of a Wednesday person here US I. It's it's. It's all upside for you. It's it's all upside and listen I. Don't know if you guys know this. Because I i. Am the keeper of the Saints. We are very close to our one hundred saint. Joe You and I'm not gonNA. Say how far we are very close, so there's an incentive if you. If you draw the lucky one hundred, we'll send you a poster. Cow Very close. We're very close. That's exciting. Yeah, so there you go if you can't afford to give us money, certainly we understand that and we're not going to be bitter bitter at all, but if you, but if you don't go and give us five stars on itunes or something of the like, then we will be better, and and we'll be mad at you, and even even odd numbers are better than even, and what numbers better than five, so let's do it. We're together. Moving forward forever. Hurry. Let's move on. Uncle in Hey. We're going through weird moment right now in the world. I'm going through a weird moment right now. Just in this chair change. Chang! On top of the global pandemic and the protests over police, brutality and everything else, that seems to be falling on our heads right now. One of those things is some statues that never should have been there in the first place. Oh my goodness. Yeah, so we. We got a few of those. Too Many Southern Co. marks gonNA give us I. Think there's just too many fucking statues. It's not. It's that they're racists. It's just that there's too numerous. How dare you? Love Statuary I I do. It like sculpture is one of my favorite art form, so I love statuary, but let's get into it okay. So you guys know that I work in the visual arts and I have a great appreciation lies. Dan was saying if of all things art and and creativity and I was on my way to a fine arts degree before I dropped out because I wanted to just start making money rather than. Going to seven thirty, a M, a pen and ink classes so. Today I wanNA talk about symbols, and as we all know, and we've talked about plenty of them on the show, the world of religious saturated with symbols whether the Crucifix The Star of David Whatever the new nip slip Mormon thing is. It's etcetera. Symbols are a signifier of belonging of membership, but they can also be warnings so for me. Swastika or an F. S death heads symbol. Comes to mind immediately or say the biohazard symbol, which is very out Karan's at the moment. And, while the argument never stops raging about whether or not America's Christian nation, and by design, it is not. Our national identity landscape are awash and symbols as well whether it's old glory, or the curse had stars and bars of the confederacy. But it's ABSO fucking Luke! Luke Abso fucking lutely critical. We understand that symbols don't mean. The same thing to all Americans bullet had a new orleans. Saints quarterback drew brees drew fire from his black teammates for a insisting colored Colin. Kaepernick kneeling fell, protest was intended as disrespect for the US flag, it was not and Kaepernick only said so himself twelve million times, and that be because the flag means so fucking much to him drew brees that everybody else was God damned obliged to feel and act the same way about it. Right there was such a massive pushback from breezes, teammates and other black voices, including sports caster Shannon Sharpe that breeze, actually apologized, seeming to of let new information penetrators, thick skull and caused them to reflect. Downright un-american right there. Can I just interject another possible motive for him apologizing? That, that the the line of men who protect him from like. Skull injury every day. Our Party wants all black yeah, and and he's a quarterback of beloved team in one of America's most celebrated black cities right, so what an idiot, so it seems like it did cause them to reflect sharps comments. You should look them up. He was kind of amazing. Challenge breeze to understand that the stars and stripes maybe don't mean the same thing to all Americans, so he can fuck off with insisting it has to. So let's talk about another flag. The Stars and bars of the racist theocratic United States of the confederacy. It was the battle flag of a republic that chose to March to national suicide and annihilation against the more populous more industrialized North for the express purpose of defending their God given right to own own and exploit other human beings. There's a fact that is not in dispute. As. Not In dispute by historians. Who actually know things? So as I've tried to pound new information through my own thick skull these past few weeks I took killer Mike's Advice and read the cornerstone speech. This was a speech given by Alexander Stevens, the vice president of the confederacy just weeks before the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter. It. It leaves no doubt that the confederacy would die defending a certain God ordained institution and I quote. The comments, the new constitution has put to rest forever. All the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institution African slavery as it exists exists amongst. US, the proper status of the Negro in our form of civilization. this was the immediate cause of the late rupture and the present revolution meaning the moment. In! The, coming war, right, our new government is founded upon a in the Just had our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea. Its foundations are laid. Its cornerstone rests upon the Great Truth that the Negro is not equal to the white man that slavery subordination to the Superior Race is his natural and normal condition. This our new government is the first in the history of the world based upon this great, physical, philosophical and moral truth. So. The founding and defining principle of the confederacy was their God given right to practice slavery forever. Miss me with the state's rights. Bullshit states rights to do what exactly right to fucking own people and expand their lives in the service of your money, so despite getting roundly defeated. I apologize that my cat is is interrupting such. Waving my arms editor together to stop. She's very adamant about the black black lives matter movement. Yeah. She's hearing it. She's got something to say and I welcome it so despite getting roundly defeated and even Robert e Lee himself. Saying it was all over so knuckle that shit off. The battle flag of the confederacy started popping up in the decades after the war and emancipation. It took extremely open racist Dylann roof, murdering nine human beings who had welcomed him into their. Bible Study Group in South, Carolina. And Activists Breen newsome, climbing the flagpole, and pulling it down in a guerrilla move to finally get that fucking symbol of hate removed from the capitol grounds in South Carolina for good. where it had been placed not in eighteen, sixty one, but in nineteen, sixty one as a reaction to the budding civil rights, movement and desegregation. And Remember? The flag question is not the national flag of the confederacy, but the standard. It flew expressly for war. It has it has a totally different flag for it had a different national flag. Seven southern states still have a version of the stars and bars, and or the confederate national flag incorporated into their flags. Some created just after the state in question lost in its attempted insurrection for the purpose of owning human beings. Some perhaps worse were adopted much later including Alabama. In Eighteen, ninety five Arkansas in nineteen, thirteen. Florida in Eighteen, ninety seven and most insidiously Georgia which added the confederate battle flag to its design in nineteen, fucking six. It's only recently been modified again so one third of black Americans live in states where the symbol of theocratic and slaving evil was added after the country it represented was pounded into sand. Why. And it's not just the confederate battle flag, which I think should rightly be viewed as the American swastika. Not just in its original use, but by those who continue to use it as a signal of their hatred, and means of terrorizing black people. The South, but weirdly not exclusively the south is with monuments and statuary defeated pro slavery insurrectionist. I've personally spent quite a bit of time. In parts of the South Dan. You came to visit me there couple years. I've seen black kids playing frisbee in the shadow of the John C. Calhoun statue in Charleston and for those that don't know, he may have been the fiercest defender of slavery since the God of the Old Testament. I caught my breath a bit walking onto the Texas state capitol grounds, and seeing a monument to quote our glorious confederate war dead. Yeah, it's the biggest monument on the grounds and yes shocking. It's a bit shocking in New Orleans, on my walk to work. Included a stroll through circle where the treasonous warlord until recently stood atop a grant column. But the city of New Orleans has taken it down and every time I would brush the dissonance by thinking. This is super fucked up, but I'm not from here so maybe. I just don't get it well. It turns out the vast majority of these regal monuments to the glorious lost cause were not put up by grieving widows and communities, still echoing with the Cannon Fire, so recently silenced the bulk of them were put up between one, thousand, nine, hundred and the nineteen fifties. Forty to ninety years after the beautiful dream of owning people forever as God intended as laid out with Diamond Lake clarity by confederate vice president Alexander Stevens was blown to Smithereens, by Union artillery again. Why Yeah? So, like the rebel battle flag being added to state flags as late as Nineteen fifty-six, these monuments were put up with violent intent. It was a psychological warfare operation mostly carried out by the genteel daytime version of the Ku Klux Klan. The daughters of the confederacy these symbols were as deliberate an act of terrorism as a cross in families front yard, but maybe even worse, because they weren't put up by mass cowards under the cover of darkness, but by mayors and city councils and chambers of commerce and Ladies Auxiliary Committees. These were erected in the light of day by the government and business classes of the white power structures to make sure they're black neighbors. Exactly how things were going to be right heritage and culture my ass. They were reminder of who in charge, and what values and ideals. Those people still maintained. So. We recently saw the statue of the hideous slave trader Edward Colston torn down, and wrote to the river for an afternoon of water sport by the good people of Bristol in the UK Y-yeah and Christopher Columbus statues were torn down in both Virginia and Minnesota as well as one being decapitated in Boston this past week, and did you see that great where a bunch of the map APPs in those systems relocated possession of those statues to the river? Now I'm not necessarily advocating violence or destruction, however, the goodly white citizens of newly statute municipalities mustn't linger too long on the fainting couch without considering that if they're precious, symbols were erected with violent intent, removing them with violent intent is kind of fair play. No Right. Why should so true? People these symbols were designed to oppress planning nicer than your grandpappy did when he used taxpayer money to put them up. Against people that's violence against a big piece. Of Metal, Zimba okay, it's like it's like flag burning. Right now it's a it's a symbol and you can put it in your front yard, or you can burn it. That's what you do with symbols right. So that brings US BACK HERE TO UTAH. We were not meant to be a state, but rather a theocratic empire very much like the confederacy. When in eighteen, forty seven, the Mormons occupied this pilot. Go shoot and Shoshoni land. That was outside. The United States at the time because Mexico laid claim to it. The would be emperor of the stolen territory was an imperious piece of shit by the name Brigham Young. Who are friend Brice Blanc Nagel describes as the Mormon Hitler. I would say Stalin. But what's a little argument about mustache with between friends? To be absolutely clear wait. He was the one who didn't have a moustache. He appeared without moustache, so he can't be either of those guys you're both of you are ridiculous. Dictatorial facial hair can be very incoherent. Is that kind of how like if you become a dictator, you have to go to the clubhouse and select facial hair that has not been done before. I think that's true. I've still never understood the choice of Hitler's Moustache. Like how do you? How do you arrive at that I don't. Fan. Exactly! Pointed out of his is exactly is Michael Jordan's version of Hitler. Moustache which. I think Hitler. Kinda ruined that mustache for a while. Michael Jordan did that, too. That was so bizarre. So to be absolutely clear. And not only the Non Mormon historical record backs me up on this, but so do the official writings of the church. Brigham young was a man of consummate evil, not just by today's standards, but his own as well he was deeply hateful of black people and robustly pro slavery. He owned the man who entered the Salt Lake. Valley one second before he did, and enslaved black person called green flake because he was driving the wagon Brigham sick ample rump was laying. He made the Utah Territory. The only American slave territory outside of the south he was a mass murderer who ordered the massacres of of at least hundreds likely far more far more indigenous people the order for the tip massacre, being just one example where probably died. And likely even gave the order that took the lives of over a thousand, or I'm sorry. Over one hundred California bound white. Arkansas settlers at the mountain meadows massacre, which Doug disgusted in episode, Fifty One. As experience he had an intestinal thing that made him grumpy. He was grumpy man and he looked like it. As he was both civil ecclesiastical master of his people, he was basically responsible for everything that happened in the territory where a fairly common practice was capturing or buying indigenous children to be slaves in white households. Most of whom only live to be about twenty. There's record of hundreds of these cases. He had no less than three dedicated assassins, whom he directed to commit an unknown number of blood atonement, which were just extrajudicial murders of people he hated. You can listen to our segment about that and episode fifty. Here are some quotes, and there are many more from my friend. Brigham young pertaining to slavery and black people generally. You must think from what I say that I'm opposed to slavery. No exclamation point the Negro is damned and is is to serve his master till God chooses to remove the curse of Ham. Another one is shall I tell you the love God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain. The penalty under the Law of God is death on the spot. This will always be so. Any man having one drop of the seat of Canaan him cannot hold the priesthood. I will say it now. In the name of Jesus Christ. I know it's true and they know it's true. Jesus Christ, who probably had more than a drop of black blood at him, but let's to you. I know I know it is true and they know it. The Negro cannot hold one particle of government. If any man mingles his seed with the seed of Cain, the only way he could get rid of it, or have salvation would be to come forward and have his head cut off as bill his blood upon the ground it would. It would also take the life of his children. That is him saying that the God babies of mixed race relationships should be decapitated. and. Here's the thing is. Is You know we know these quotes a lot of them? We know quite well, and there's there's many more. But these are not these things were not said or thought in a vacuum. No Right. There was an entire cultural architecture. Within which these were acceptable things to say, yeah, and so you know you you. We're not cherry picking. I guess is the point I'm trying front as like. This guy was to his core. A fucking evil racist and he ran an evil racist institution. Yes. HOW GREAT! How great is it? Though when when one of these assholes? especially the the the leader of a religion says, and that will be the way it is forever 'cause I. It's just what just a beautiful way to trap yourself into proving at your that you were I think in baseball. They call that calling your shot. Move you know it's one thing to call your shot. It's one thing to call your shot when you're Oh and ten billion. And as Doug said, it's despicable, racist institution that took a century a hundred fucking years after he said these things. To begin to do away with it right? Priesthood band was done away with nineteen, seventy, eight, almost one hundred. One hundred fifty years. Or I'm sorry one hundred twenty years after he said some of this stuff. Here's another quote. As now remember he was, he was the religious. Authority God's Greatest Religious Authority on Earth, but he was also. The ruler of this territory, so he was also the civic leader, and here he is speaking. A as as the his civic leader in at a joint session of the Utah Legislature. I have this section in my hand headed an act in relation to African slavery. have read it over and made a few alterations. I will remark with regard to slavery, inasmuch as we believe in the Bible as much as believe in the ordinances of God. In the priesthood and order and decrees of God, we must believe in slavery. This colored race has been subjected to severe curses, which they have in their families and their classes, and in their various capacities brought upon themselves move, and until the curses removed by him, who placed it upon them? They must suffer under its consequences. I am not I am not authorized to remove it. I am a firm believer in slavery. And remember again, you know He wasn't just the ruler of this religion and this territory for a short period of time he was, he was that guy for forty fucking years. Does an emperor imagine any institution bears the marks of its leadership, Yup, and any institution that's led for forty years by a guy with this mindset is not gonNA. Come out of that. Awoke Institution he he is the skeleton on which the body of Morgan ISM is built, and they are inseparable, so he continues in that same speech. I would like masters to behave well to their servants. and to see that every person in this territory is well used when a master has a Negro and uses him well. He is much better off than if he was free. As for masters, knocking them down and whipping them and breaking limbs of their servants. I have as little opinion of that as any person can have. But good wholesome servitude. I know there is nothing better than that. Oh, it's wholesome. Yeah, THAT'S A. fucking monster, so Brigham young was, and is garbage, a frothing racist, a criminal and a mass murderer. He was also the Second Prophet of the Mormon Church and the founder and first governor of the State of Utah. He is revered in Mormonism a church that has decided to go so whole fucking hog with this extra mental anti-american Monster to the extent that they've named their most prestigious institution Brigham Young University after him. As well as three other air quotes, universities these are simply the facts, and this is the actual history. But here in sleepy salt, Lake City there are at least two taxpayer-funded heroically rendered. Brigham Young Statues on public land. There's yet another one that was bought by tax payers that twenty years ago, declared sanctuary inches from public property. Church? Owned Park I'm using air. That used to be a public street before the city sold it to them for some magic beans. That's a story for another day. But I. I think it's high time we decide. If that's something we fellow salt. Lakers and UTAHNS are willing to put up with. A public monument is not how we record history. It's a statement of community values. The mayor and the City Council and the Utah Legislature had meetings kept minutes appropriated funds in order to declare our civic values in the form of expensive public monuments in the shape of Brigham Young. But, as I've demonstrated Brigham, Young, was a fucking monster and a disgrace in the shadow of his the shadow, his bronzes cast over. Our community is a stain I. Think we should refuse to tolerate. So you might say Okay Ullmark Utah's ninety three percent white, just under two percent of the population is black. Okay, sure that doesn't seem like much, but that's nearly fifty thousand black fellow Utahns, and despite Brigham Young's best efforts, the number of indigenous Utah is about the same, so we're telling one hundred thousand of our neighbors to just fucking deal with our choice to blemish the landscape with the image of a man who use all his dictatorial powers to enslave and murder, their great great grandparents. You may be okay with that I, certainly not not. But why should we only give us shit about this awful man's crimes? And Psychopathy in the presence of our blackened indigenous countrymen right does his evil only exist in their presence. Let's pretend Utah was as Brigham Young. Brigham Young Dreamt of it. With only Lily White Mormons from vernal to Wendover. And from Logan, television excuse me. Are we off the hook then. I'M GONNA go with no these monuments to the murderous, theocratic, confederate, self-styled Old Testament Pharaoh Brigham Young. Are Not really about him? Their about us to my fellow salt, Lakers, and fellow utahns are his values and ideals what we want to be known and understood for. We can do nothing to change that. He stole this land to found a racist misogynist, theocratic empire and ended up having to settle for this stupid square state. But we can, we can do nothing to change the fact that because of this pretentious would be emperor. The origins of Church and state were inseparable. And the Mormon Church can cling to this evil hideous fuck and his name and his works until White Jesus comes back. But, we the tax paying public don't have to, and we should shit this insidious motherfuckers poison out like a bad oysters. Lest we forget every state has two statues in the in the US capital in DC. One of ours is file Farnsworth the inventor of television among a million other modern things, so that's pretty cool. The other is the aforementioned evil Shit Bag Brigham Young. We have chosen to tell the whole country that Brigham Young represents who and what we are. And the great irony is he's on display in the seat of power of a nation. He fucking despised. Flee and make war against what a train wreck of a simple so this makes me a little, fucking crazy. It's an embarrassment, but that's. That's my take on. On the power of symbols. For good and. And I think this is a conversation that utahns need to have. Yeah Yeah I could not agree more in an end. Up at the capital in here in Utah are capitol grounds are beautiful. It's a beautiful capital. Yeah, granted gets position on a Beautiful Hill above the city, and unlike many US capitals not built by so we do have that. That's. I, I, do have a little update for you because you mentioned not Farnsworth. Statue, in in the nation's capital, it's been replaced, or it's or or at least it's being replaced. So that one's being that one's is the one that's already coming down, but it's being replaced by Martha q cannon, which is, she's amazing and I love. Or Martha Hughes Cannon Sorry Right, so she. That's actually a really cool thing. That's a great story. We need to tell some time because it's yes, it is it goes all the grain of the Mormon Patriarch. It's wonderful. It is wonderful and feminist awesome. They just replaced the wrong fucking statue. It's proof that statues can be replaced. Right? Yeah, totally so you know there's there's the one at this is the place monument. One inside our Capitol building right. Brigham Young Statue, and then the the one that was moved is just onto church property, so that's their business and I. You know they can do what they want with that and I think making them defend him. We'll show their true colors. Right I think we. As a community forced them into that position well and we. We were talking about this in the patrons only content, but it's. You know the point of this is not to erase history in fact. We all are believers, I think in the in the axiom that people who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. We don't want Brigham young stricken from the history books. We just want the fucking true history to be told. And and like and there's a difference between telling history and as you pointed out. Doug venerating venerating certain figures, there's difference between remembering in venerating, and we've put people like Brigham Young. And Robert E, Lee at you know Nathan Bedford? Forrest, et Cetera, yeah, on pedestals with where they do not fucking belong, and the point of them of doing that was to terrorize people, even if they did a few amazing things, get what atrocities cancel out those things yeah, so you don't like yeah. Maybe Brigham deserved a lot of props for a lot of stuff. I think that that's a that's an arguable position, but who the fuck cares. He was also a monster, so you don't get to have a statue up with the three of us. US Go to sleep at night in a city that if stranger drove into the city and looked at our monuments, they would say hot. This is the guy they revere. Yep Right and I. Don't think that's okay well. Also I think a lot of those quotes. In fact, a couple of the quotes you read mark. I had not heard before. Ya Mo- most of them, I had but I I venture to bet that most true believing Mormons have not thrown. None of them have the version of Brigham young in fact I have a DVD. That was given to me as a joke gift. That was a one man play Alah kind like mark. Twain Play Com brother Brigham. Analog. And, he's this these this. You know kind of salt of the Earth Guy. GRANDFATHERLY And I think that's how most Mormons conceive of Brigham Young as this right, they venerate him because they do not know who he truly was. They are ignorant of the character of Brigham Young as he really was. Yeah, well as we said before in the show to be a true believing. Mormon is an exercise in knowing little about your churches histories go. And they do and they do great with it. They do a really good job. So what are we gonNA, do here? I mean it is going to be AN UPHILL BATTLE TO GET UTAH to to you know. Take this man statue down so. Grabbing the river may never happen but I. Think it's a conversation that needs to be had. down. Donald Trump was the other day. This was actually back during the CHARLOTTESVILLE those. Heady Days! couple of years ago and he was saying something like well I notice. They're tearing down confederate statues. I wonder is the Washington Monument next. You know and it's this fear on particularly the right about the tearing down the statues. that. You know like where does it end? Where does the like I? Don't? It doesn't matter where it ends. It matters that it starts like totally. We need to get this shit going. Bad So. Let's do nothing right exactly exactly. What a what if they turned down the wrong statue? Then what will you? Just you know for people who re Republicans in the right wing that have funded the arts for years right? It's interesting to see them. Rush to its defense. Because it was you know for people who own slaves and murdered people. So that's at Brigham. Get the fuck out. All, right well. Thanks for that. We're all grumpy now. Let's move on move on. We'll friends. That's it for this week's Xavi show. Hey, we'd love to hear from you if you know more things about ZANU that you'd like to send in tells about it at how to how to heretic dot, com, exactly right, and if you just got a rather staggering contract for glycol alcohol. And alcohol shop to call and leave us a voicemail about nine, three, eight, hundred, two, which is ninety, three, eighty, four to twenty, six I am also on a alcohol and glycol on twitter at to heretic. Fix always to amazing patrons and thank you for cody later and once again for editing shoe. And thanks to all of you brands for tuning in by friends turning a statue.

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Walter Isaacson Interviews Michael Dell

Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson

13:52 min | 9 months ago

Walter Isaacson Interviews Michael Dell

"Hello Walter Isaacson here with a special episode of Trailblazers. We're going through a unique and difficult time right now physically distancing when we leave the house and many of us including myself a working from home. No one is sure when things will get back to normal and it's quite likely they'll be a brand new normal when all of this is over in this time of so many unknowns the only thing we do know for certain is that innovation in all of its many forms is the only way out of this today on the show. We're talking to Michael. Dell CEO and founder of Dell Technologies. I've known Michael for thirty years. I've watched them form a company. Then step aside ZANU leaders could take over and then return in order to save it when our new wave of innovation threatened to disrupt it and have admired as he and his wife. Susan created a foundation focusing on education and health that reflects the values instilled in him by his parents. Lorraine and Alex del Orig- Michael at his home in Texas. Walter how you doing Michael. I'm doing fine. How are you pretty good? Pretty good has a family. Has Susan Good? How about your family learn New Orleans? We're doing fine. What hunker down a bit understand? Yup while we're we're hunkered down here in Austin so Michael explained to me what you do each day doing in this crisis. Well you know I get up in the morning and and obviously working at home go throughout my normal meetings and I would have. They're all online. They're all video meetings trying to get outside and go for long walks and reflect on what's going on Check in with people more frequently staying close to my family. My loved ones and making sure everyone knows that you know. We're here for them. And that sort of thing do you. Miss Me Interactions. That used to come when you traveled so much. I guess I don't really missed the travel that much I'm not. I miss the interaction with people around the country and around around the world. But I have to say. I don't really miss getting on the airplanes as much. You know this is like nothing we've ever experienced in health is our biggest concern now but I'm also worried about people losing their jobs and I'm worried about the toll on folks that comes from having to stay isolated. How of you and your colleagues been adapting. Well first of all. I think you know the full impact of this is uncertain and it certainly has far reaching effects on almost every person every family every community. And like you said there's a concern that it's left us isolated and the emotional effects of that. I actually think in some ways were emotionally more united. We've ever been that. There's no denying the detrimental effects since having on the economy. But I think there is another story. That is actually quite inspiring. I'm very impressed. With the way our team has adapted to the new realities and I think we might be experiencing a kind of human transformation with empathy generosity and gratefulness and selflessness humility. Our companies are becoming more human. We've got children and dogs popping up in our conference calls and even more remote or more connected In ways than we've ever been yesterday was the traditional. Take your kids to work day and did it online. We add coating classes and arts and crafts and I was reading a story story time to the kids and answering questions. And so you know. We're we're over communicating and trying to keep everybody connected and also reminding them of important work that they're doing to keep running in now. We love the physical presence of people being around them. And I know we're all missing that but what are some of the upsides that you see of the way of doing business remotely being able to do things quickly and efficiently as we've had interactions with customers. I think what we found is that we probably didn't need all the travel that we were doing and online meetings can be super productive. And so I think that's a a big upside. It does get old after a while sitting in a room and just having meeting after meeting by video chat you know as as we think about the flexibility that we provide our teams and we started work from home at Dell over a decade ago. And we did that. Really to provide flexibility for our workforce as a good thing. We did now when we turned it on over a weekend and said one hundred sixty thousand people work from home. It action worked surprisingly well so I think that's going to create all kinds of new opportunities. How's the situation changed the way you act as a raider well over tuning occasion is super important and we started gone from quarterly meetings to weekly meetings and sharing the stories with our team of how our technology is helping to address the crisis on the front lines. And I think you know when you're in a crisis you've really got to do three things. I you gotTa make your team feel safe and protected and ensure they have the resources to be productive. And as I said I'm inspired by the where teams are able to deal with this and adapted their juggling the various responsibilities of their lives. Whether it's taking care of kids or elderly parents that are that are vulnerable. I think the second thing is customers will remember how you help them during a crisis. And they'll remember that forever. And so you know. We're certainly over communicating with our customers reaching out to them more often. I find the conversations with customers are at one level very personal while at the same time. We're focused on how we can help them. Keep businesses running and keep society moving. And then you you've got to make sure that your business financially strong are able to navigate the environment stay focused on the future and I think the companies that can do both of those things will come out of the stronger. The the effects are going to be very different. Obviously by industry by company size even location. But you've gotta get out in front of it over communicate with empathy. Explain what you're doing why you're doing it and the quicker than you communicate. The better in our country was definitely not prepared for this. What cracks or inefficiencies has situation exposed in our society I think is certainly exposed and exacerbated gaps in access to technology infrastructure education care and economic security in. And we do it. Right could be a chance to address those challenges as we look to come out on the other side of this. You know. There's no playbook for anybody in this and one of the common themes that we've seen is the credible speed at which digital transformation is now occurring. What companies fight if done in two or three years doing in two or three months and just imagine for a second if this had happened ten or fifteen years ago without all the connectivity and the technology that we have today and so while there's certainly a story about the horrible economic effects of this? I think there's another story about the incredible amount of economic activity that we've been able to continue and you sort of asked the question. What happens if everybody works for all while we're finding out? Organizations are able to adapt pretty well. It successfully transition. Most of their workforce to working from home. We're seeing all kinds of organizations from small to large public sector. Schools are being redefined grocery stores or adding to restructure their workflow and it's inspiring to see the resourcefulness in the innovation. And Look I think. Technology is going to continue to reinvent the way we work at learn conduct business and find solutions to the problems out there and I think technology will accelerate the way we address those gaps in society resets. My Hope Dell Technologies as well as the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation have been very involved in education. How do you think this may change education? Well certainly in a remote learning. We got a great experiment right now with all of the students in a giant remote learning experiment. I think the ability to access the highest volley resources online. It certainly changes the whole dynamic of access to education at look. There's kind of a focus from doing it fast to doing it right in all these domains and we have to put the right tools in place to be able to do. Efficiently make sure nursing gauge mind. I again I'm optimistic. I think there will be incredible. Things that come out of this I think. Many of the institutions of higher education will adapt and have to change as a result of this. The idea of doing things over over four years on on a set schedule sort of goes out the window. When everything is online you can chaotic moments in history often breed disruption and they often breed innovation as. Well what do you see as the biggest changes in society coming out covert nineteen? Well so many I mean to your point. Is You look back in previous crises. You know it was a time of incredible and many new companies were created. I think somebody wants said we went into World War Two on horseback when we came out your splitting the atom or something like that. The focus of of the world is starting to move to. How do we recover? You know it's A. It's a delicate dance obviously. I think I'm inspired that. Medical Science is hot on the trail. Here with seventy plus vaccines in development all kinds of therapeutics being tested. And you know another interesting aspect of this. I think we're finding environmental benefits. Certainly all the vehicles and airplanes that were used to move people around those were large sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Businesses are finding that they didn't need all those things and we can. I realize more travel interaction. Collaboration and become cleaner greener a society. And I think now's the time to reflect on all the things that we learned during the crisis we're finding we can be quite productive and we're actively planning to say how can we have. Can we take a number of these lessons? Going forward? I many companies are are doing that. So we'll see how much this we carry forward but I believe there will be lasting. Positive results should mess and I believe there will be many new innovative companies innovations that come out of this also think you know. It will accelerate a lot of the technology trends that were going on digital transformation. Five G. The Internet of things and will use this as an opportunity to embrace the things that were already happening. And I'm I'm an optimist I think There will be great things. Come out of this and were learning as we go and at believe we put people first. The world's can emerge stronger fingers crisis. Thank you Michael and Stay Healthy Sandy. You thank you very much. Thanks for listening. We'll be back in June with all new episodes of trailblazers until then stay safe.

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David Foster Is Prince Harry's "Father Figure," Skeet Ulrich Leaves "Riverdale" & More  Daily Pop 05/22/2020

Daily Pop

21:02 min | 8 months ago

David Foster Is Prince Harry's "Father Figure," Skeet Ulrich Leaves "Riverdale" & More Daily Pop 05/22/2020

"It's it's a holiday weekend we've got drinks and most importantly is Morgan. Stewart's Scott is dressed up. What is going on over there by God very happy birthday? I'm so having to spend it with you saw this day while you're just flow these out in three two one blow that way and I'll go with ready to God and my way of you. You're the opposite totally filled with that. You guys this is weird. Is Celebrating you all day today? Jackets for you. Go to flower for you on the whole Shebang laundry that yes and it is a fraud dress up but this is weird. I by the way after I made fun of him and said he looked like Carrie Bradshaw before we started now retract statement. Because you have the big flower but I will say this very sweet I we have to start with an actual news. Laurie Law Clinton and her husband Massimo. They finally admitted they are guilty. In the college admissions scandal they reached a plea deal which significantly reduces their sentence. I was shocked when I saw this headlines. Were you guys? Surprised at all honestly. I'm just so relieved that this has happened. And that we finally have some closure on this debacle because it is been going on for feels like four adver and I also. I was very surprised. I didn't think that they were going to have such low sentences but ultimately I just don't care. I'm just happy that it's done. They're going to serve their time. They're going to pay their fine and we can just move on from this. We'll see in. Moore's ZANU extensive experience with studying to law subjects in College. Back in two thousand six. It wasn't looking good for these guys. I think this plea is the best case scenario for them now. The varney plead guilty to one of the counts each so the whole entire bundle but I think it is what Morgan said. It's the best thing for everybody in the especially the kids I mean. Did we see those fight is once again to remember the rowing fight? Don't remind us of the photos. They are a crime from seeing those photos. What's crazy to me is that there have been people who have had similar if not less offensive offenses. And there's I remember. There is a mom who received a five year sentence for falsifying her son's address so he can get into a better school district and she got five years locked up for that and these two. They're going to be doing a couple of months and they're gonNA have maybe two hundred hours of community service and You know luckily for them. They're not doing the forty or sixty years whatever originally was supposed to be But yeah very interesting to see that they actually said we're guilty doesn't surprise me at old. We have a bit of a flawed system. I feel like in this instance with them. I do think that bit and everything has sort of affected things and by the way. I think that it's Laurie. Serving two months in Montana supposed to survive. I don't think either of them are going to serve their sentences to full-term there's no way there's there's a possibility that they could get house arrest because of the Kovin situation. There's a possibility they won't actually do the time in jail. I don't know but the question is will. Laurie repair her image. I feel like all she's got to do is go on dancing with the stars and everyone's just going to forget about all of this because that is celebrity image. Rehab Redemption story works really well when someone has done something bad and committed a crime and then they lock all of a sudden. It's going to be great. Pr TO IN. A COUPLE OF YEARS DOWN THE TRACK. Bring them back up again. Audit will that to happen. It can't happen like that. I completely disagree with that. This is all this business on in its image. It's always about how you can. People are forgiving and I think that Lori is dead than going to be forgiven by the public. I think people again are so over this or this to be a two month sentence after all of the HOOPLA and all of the research we've done over what Aaron said sixty fifty one hundred years that they were gonNA spend vibrators. She's GonNa do one episode of dancing with the stars like Aaron said and she's going to do one lifetime movie and then I'm going to see her shouldn't say hi and everyone's GonNa keep it big put on walk. That's how it works. Welcome to the world of white privilege. Hollywood privilege me to work on that truth. Let's just YEP SIPS SIPS to that lots of stars in Hollywood are calling it quits. Because Morgan Stewart started that trend but are they really good. Are they really over for good? Of course the decision is up to us. So we're GONNA play a little game. We like to call make up or break up car de Levin and Ashley Benson. We've been talking about them. They split after two years together. Should they make or break up because WHO's going to take custody over that sex bench? It's going to be missing. Paulo Gosh I forgot that. Thank you for reminding me I'm GonNa go with breakups stay broken up on that. They've had their time. And it's time to part ways next up. Kristen Cavalier Ian Jay Cutler. They announced divorce after being together for ten years. Do we see them getting back together? Or is this split final? I mean I'm really kind of bummed about these two. I felt like you know after watching the show I really did feel like they had a long relationship and they had three kids and obviously everyone has ups and downs. But I I felt like they were going to kind of go the long haul. I've thumbed their broken up. I think that they're going to stay. Broke enough so I'm going to say great. Thought I want them to make up again. We're going to break up. You just love break-up don't you all get back together love it? I want another seasonal very Capilari for the fans that out to us. It'd be a great season if mansion seeing all this go down then them getting back together again be correct. Viewing I think that her priority For three children and I think she's GonNa focus on that. I don't think she cheat. She hasn't been the reality bug at this point in her life. I don't think I don't think it's going to happen. Yeah I think there's just a lot of damage that was done so unfortunately I don't think they're getting back. Okay Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler. They shared the news of their split in January. They dated for almost nine years. I was so hurt by this one. I want them to make up now. We're talking. He is playing the role of Elvis coming up so I think when she sees his hips swinging on the big screen shoe on a page the king. So I'm GONNA say nightcap. He's the king. I love when you speak in thousand by my favorite thing about you I really. You're such a sweetie. I oh my gosh sky that were. How does that work on me? Holy Baby ooh okay. I I didn't know that Vanessa Hutchinson Austin Butler broke up. I don't know how but I that they were. They I knew she existed. I didn't know existed so break up. Oh my gosh okay. All right and Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. They recently split again. Do we see them getting back together? Or is it for good on the counter? Thracian we all just say together one. Two three brain needs the music video with todd called chick hardcore of boss Lady. Someone that's GonNa make him look awesome. That's what needs I could see that. I love when working goes into her ozzy accent. It's usually when she has about wandered to sips of alcohol. Whatever it was it was great. We we will but we will try We got one more with a little bit of a twist. Would you make up or break up with this person? I look like a very powerful lesbian and I'm fine with that. I don't under an honestly. Whoever did like my nose conjuring there were good. I've got a partner for fifteen years there. We have kids. One is academic and I've been in the music business for a while so love. Is it going to drill when we go down on that you need to head that everyone? Okay we're going down. I will stay up top guys. The famous father figure and Prince. Harry's life could hurt the royals plus. Would you quit a job if you were bored? That's all next. Oh pull that photo again. Kim Kardashian West just dropped some sexy on us in a white bikini and chaps shape put on a whole photo shoot posing in front of a car and showing off that skin. I mean have you guys reached this level of boredom yet? Morgan unsupportive. Because you stolen my idea again you'll spoil on you know you. I I have to say I don't know I've gone to another birthday and I don't have one photo of myself in a pair of was trapped. Think we all should get a pair and we all debut them on the show got you include it so what I love about this. The most is even when Kim says that she's GonNa stop and she's GonNa be be less sexy on the Graham. She never stops in for that. I'm grateful it is hot here in. La Speaking of being hot in La The royals there in L. A. Meghan markle's close friend cat mcphee. She just set her husband. David foster is like a father to prince. Harry and I don't know about you guys but I had no idea they were that close if you Prince Charles. Would you be hurt by comment like that? I would if Charles I wouldn't be hit when he left the royal family. Yes this scenario shells really cares about Hollywood thing. I think he really cares. People famous through Hollywood. He's GonNa stuff going on. He's GonNa Pretty Shame Potter. Ron The run around the world and Harry has been a loose cannon. Since the day he was legally able to drink so Charles really care. Yeah I mean. I think it's still hurtful no matter what I think when you have a child and you know you have a relationship with them. Obviously things have become a little bit. More strained allegedly between The friends and the other because they're both Princeton. It's always a little bit hurtful when somebody else is. You know kind of a father figure to them because you guys are in a bad place so I disagree. I think it probably does hurt Charles feelings a little bit. I think probably transpired over. The past year has hurt his feelings. Yeah I don't think Charles is reading these tablets. Also don't you guys have other people in Your Life? Who are kind of mentors to you. People you look up to. They could be called your father figure. Also this is Katharine. Mcphee saying this about her husband's relationship with Harry and apparently David is helping them find homes here in La and they're just close friends so I don't think it's anything too serious to the point. Where Harry's like no I don't have a father just have David foster offing. It's that big of a deal. All right moving onto riverdale starsky ski. All Rick. He is leaving the show and says it's because he got bored creatively day. You believe him because this show is pretty outlandish and wild. And I can't imagine it being bored all work in a position to decide if he's creative fell like I know shades him but like he's GonNa Teen Heartthrob and he sucked working for a little. Now he's back on like a huge hit show so I respect him. If that's really the decision I just I mean. We all get bored some days. You don't just up and leave your successful paying job right. It's very involved. Which makes me think this is true. Because who says they're bored from show? It's very rare that we see stars. Come out of this Morgan. I'm with you the very ball. Just got onboard amount of when you're working and getting paid very good money as an actor. Morgan. I'm glad you said that you are not bored yet because we have a little more entertainment for you. I'll sentenced to your birthday. We put a little something together for you watch this. What is Morgan? Just wanted to send me this private birthday message. I am currently wearing a little more than Stewart's for underwear that you sent me. It's a little you know the size you said. Can you think of that? Anyway we'RE NOT GONNA get into a great year because you are the kindest you're the sweetest you are the funniest. You are a person that I know so happy birthday. Congratulations on your new baby. So happy for you and I miss you so much. When they logan speed such a bitch we need you back on that set quickly look woman just getting ready for your Shannon. The rocks here works. Know you're one of my best friends in the entire world more than friends. We've talked about it but we're not gonNA let visit private and we're not GONNA go into detail happy but I really have a good week. You are goddess. You've Gemini Queen You. I know that we're not doing this. Huge Birthday Bash. Like he wanted but we are still drinking in your on. I am just pouring my second cup of coffee of the day you know. I just wanted to wish you a happy fortieth birthday and I hope you have a good day while starbucks is really getting good happy. Happy Birthday booed you know. You are one of my favorite people that just want to let me know that I got two tickets of close to Dr Phil Taping when they resume production and miss you. I love you and I can't imagine life without you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday back and by the way I just want to take a second Melanie's acting skills really have sharpened in for indeed. Oh yeah all right you guys of next Simon Cowl is with us and isn't holding back anything about having more kids plus what it's like working with Sofia Vergara welcome back to Daly. Pop are so excited today because we have the most feared judge in America. Actually a little bit talked to him. Please welcome Sivan cowl. Hello I wanNA clap for you. I feel like when we're in studio usually. There's some uproar. There's some noise and what we do these sort of digital interviews. There's no energy. So I'm I'M GONNA intertwined with that right now. I love it all right. I have to ask how is quarantine going for you? How are you managing working parenting? And all of the things are just you know stick to very very strict routine. I managed to get my calls to London. Staying cold with the staff currently working on these shows preparing the t you know. You just suddenly adapt right. And how is how is it? Been parenting during the time for you. Have you had any struggles with that? Or that's just been smooth sailing. I've got to be honest with you. The plus side is be that I've been able to spend more time with Eric and Lawrence. We don't normally have that because I travel so much A. He's been phenomenal. I mean he's only six years old but he's adapted incredibly. Well I I feel like you're my corentin goals right now. So America's got talent is back next. Tuesday has the pandemic affected any of the production on that or we is just flying by wealth. We did the of the audition shows. We started to lose the audience for obvious reasons. And then we have to do two days which we've never done before with literally no audience whatsoever which was read creating jobs for the contest and without giving too much away they have done an outstanding job. I mean full credit to them. Oh my God and you guys are joined by so Dr this season. How did she handle everything? How was she? I mean you're the king judge. How do you feel like she did as a judge? I think she did really well. I think the one thing this applies to any judge the on any year who comes on to. Adt The one thing you don't expect how amazing people stories off on this first episode. There is one story which I think all of America's got to be talking about what you see it in. My opinion is one of the most extraordinary stories we've ever had on any of these shows. Oh can you give us a little hint a little tease about what might be? It's well okay. I'll could be a little bit. It's about a guy who was wrongfully convicted. Thirty seven years ago. Thirty seven years. He was in prison knowing he was an innocent man. The innocence project cleared him through. Dna evidence and he was released last November and what he was locked up. East watch-americas go talent and in Kinda gave him hope and inspiration so he came on the show of. He's one of the most incredible people live of the mets. I don't WanNa get away. Mean they're all my you one story out of ten amazing stories and there's much more down the line but this one in particular really resonated with me. Well it sounds like it really moved you. I think everybody's GonNa be tuning in on Tuesday. We are going to play a little game right now. Are you up for that? Definitely Eh called. Sivan's thought that was very clever so basically we're going to ask you a series of rapid fire questions and you're GonNa let us know if it's something you would do or you would not do so. Simon sets sight with another judge while I fight with. How will the time? This season returned to American idol. No in a million years have more kids. Yes I would go up to about six now. I think if I had another five Eric's Kale's but it will be fun. Okay and last one ever get married. Never rule anything out right. Never say never. Those are also very wide worse. But wasn't a proposal was well thank you so so so much. This was such a pleasure for guys. Thank you be sure to watch. America's got talent. It is on Tuesday next week. May Twenty six on NBC. All right before we go. Let's continue to let everybody up with a little feel-good day. Yeah let's do it okay. Well everyone is doing their part and social distancing this furry duo can't get enough of each other so this is Henry the Colorado dog and his cat. Bff below alcohol. I thought I this is why I love not researching the Sebok cute so hang onto the hawk. These backs is. They're actually a purpose made backpack all as they can quote long show. Yeah yeah the best friends okay? We've got another one. Elaine Walter Roth and Jonathan Single Terry. Didn't let the pandemic. Stop Them from having their dream wedding. The couple from Brooklyn told vogue dot com that they insisted on tying the knot on May tenth and invited those who could make it including their neighbors to witness them exchange their vows on their stoop cried. When I saw all of these photos and videos. Elaine she contributes to all the time. She's constantly on the network. I adore her them. They were dancing. It was an epic block party You can see the restaurant. Vogue DOT COM. But do you guys love this because I feel like I want to get married and handed because this is this is their wedding inoculation and a thousand times. Cool the my wedding will ever be to that. You guys and cheers Morgan. Stewart's twenty-first birthday. Thank you thank you guys have a great weekend tune in next week because we are going to solve all of your relationship drama and so much more goodbye.

Morgan Stewart America Prince Charles Harry Laurie Law Clinton Hollywood David foster Aaron Simon Cowl fraud rowing ZANU Carrie Bradshaw Eric varney NBC Moore Elaine Walter Roth Paulo Gosh
Liam Payne Explains Why His Baby Mama Didn't Give Him A Standing Ovation During His X Factor Audition

Direct from Hollywood

03:37 min | 5 months ago

Liam Payne Explains Why His Baby Mama Didn't Give Him A Standing Ovation During His X Factor Audition

"The Gold Club was the top strip club in Atlanta in the nineteen nineties with patrons like Dennis, Rodman Michael Jordan Madonna, the king of Sweden. But in two thousand, one, the club was put on trial charges a prostitution extortion credit card fraud racketeering, and an affiliation with the MOM. I'm journalist Christina Lee, and I'll be taking you behind the scenes of the gold clubs scandal from the booty and bubbly to the courtroom drama. Listen to racket inside the gold club on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. With pandemic a revolution happening at the same time we get to choose what kind of society we want to build and who we want to be together. I'm Baritone daters, author activist and comedian, and I've got a new podcast. How To citizen with Barry Day, our democratic experiment is at a tipping point but which way we tip is up to us. iheartradio is number one for podcast but don't take our word for it. Find How to citizen with Tareyton Day on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcast. Direct from Hollywood with seacrest. Competes on a singing competition like American idol or x factor you have to accept that the judges won't always like your performances. It comes with the territory Liam pains audition for x factor way back in nine different because the only judge that didn't give standing ovation was the woman who would eventually go on to be the mother of his child. Cheryl fans have long held theories as to why but Liam just revealed there's A judge to blame Simon Cowe Liam tells Roman camp share on I eventually spoke about it. There was another act earlier in the day Simon didn't stand up for and she thought he should have someone came to be my turn. She didn't stand up for me to make a point soon, reality. Cheryl. Did like the performance and clearly the guy behind it as well. Liam's latest live forever is out now. Direct from Hollywood. Let them the tracks ZANU podcast about legendary music producer. Phil Spector in the murder of Lana Clarkson. This podcast is hosted by me Jake Brennan Creator and host of the award winning music in true crime podcast is graceland season. One features ten episodes told from the perspective of those who knew Phil Spector best his so called friends just like Phil Spector this podcast sounds like nothing you've heard before blood on the tracks contains adult content and explicit language listen to blood on the tracks of the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts and wherever you get your podcasts. WHO Des. Hi I'm Heidi Merkava host of what to expect a new podcast from iheartradio when I first wrote what to expect when you're expecting I was pregnant with my daughter Emma and my Nisshin was simple to help parents know what to expect every step of the way that mission has grown a lot would it hasn't changed fast forward now Amazon Com hey, guys we're teaming up to answer your biggest pregnancy and parenting questions from breastfeeding to sleep to tackling tantrums. Motherhood is the ultimate sisterhood, but it can be overwhelming if you don't know what to expect. Listen to what to expect on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Ama-. Are you ready mom I was born ready.

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A Castle In San Francisco

True Mysteries of the Pacific Northwest

04:28 min | 1 year ago

A Castle In San Francisco

"Welcome to kids myths and mysteries. I've your host kid chrome today. A Castle and San Francisco despite despite his long history and six stories stone tower most residents of San Francisco even those that pass by daily. How no idea that Albion Albion Castle exists. It was built in eighteen seventy by John. Hamed Brunell young English emigrant with plans for a brewery to supplied. Why the over eight hundred saloons. Serving the growing city beer was Aria popular choice. In San Francisco a several local breweries already competing Pity for business but Burnell. Zanu property had a secret advantage. An underground aquifer the provided pure coal water. Perfect Rick for brewing. Not to mention that it was free. He built himself not only the workspaces for the album porter ale brewery but also sore castle home although relatively petite built into a hillside features a distinctive tower built from stones poll from cargo ships ballots. laughter Norman Fortifications Brunell love back home under the Castle Brunell dug out to stone cisterns each each capturing eight thousand ten thousand gallons of spring water per day the two hundred foot pools are accessed by cave entrance and still provide provide fresh clean. Water today burnell built is unusual. Brewery on land on the outskirts of the city then managed by the hunter brothers. I now known as hunters point. It was a side of a huge naval shipbuilding yard for decades now rough edged neighborhood. The property has changed hands many times and has had several incarnations over the years after the Eighteenth Amendment prohibition forced the brewery to close down in nineteen nineteen the property was reborn as the. I'll be in water company provided bottled drinking water from the underground cisterns from nineteen. Twenty the eight to nine thousand nine hundred forty seven in nineteen thirty eight. The castle was bought by sculptor. Adrian voicing who remodeled the living area adding much much of the woodwork in medieval inspired interior. There's there today. He lived and worked there for some twenty years in one thousand nine hundred sixty one. The castle astle was nearly the victim of a highway construction scheme that plan to bulldoze the building but it was saved based on the argument that the fresh water source under under the building could be the only non-contaminated source of fresh water in the event of a nuclear attack. According to the San Francisco Chronicle at the time that is has over the years the nearby naval shipyards complained about the inconvenience proximity of a fresh water source so close to their highly hazardous undertakings undertakings in nineteen ninety eight. The property was sold to another artist. This time sculptor Eric. Higgs also known as one of the founders of city search until two thousand five. The castle was used as a residence art studio and occasional party location than it was sold at auction for two point. Point one billion dollars. The purchasers local brewers and castle financers from Napa County intended to revitalize the space and relaunched this historic Alegrian brewery. Although some renovations to the property interior have been made. Rory never materialized. I as of January twenty ten. The property is once again listed for sale. Ready for its next incarnation yours. For just two point nine nine million dollars but the property did sell this property. Sold for under one million in late twenty eleven. So your chances chances. Pass to buy that castle. A Castle had San Francisco was produced here. Night owl sounds studio and brought to you by the Rhode Ballot Metaphysical Physical Library. You Know Creek Cabin AL CREEK CABIN DOT com. Check it out. You can listen to hidden histories. Every Tuesday Thursday in kits. BISA mysteries every Monday Wednesday and Friday. I could chrome thanks for listening.

San Francisco Albion Albion Castle Castle Brunell San Francisco Chronicle Hamed Brunell Rick Norman Fortifications Brunell Alegrian brewery Burnell Aria John Rhode Ballot Metaphysical Phys Napa County Zanu Higgs Adrian Rory Eric eight thousand ten thousand ga nine nine million dollars
RED 254: Book Launch - (Almost) Final Manuscript Is Back!

RED - The Marketing Podcast For Experts

15:47 min | 2 years ago

RED 254: Book Launch - (Almost) Final Manuscript Is Back!

"This red podcast episode two fifty four. The manuscript is back in my hands going into the final edit until you all about that. That's coming up. This is the red podcast. Here's your host. David Cooper Burn manuscript is back to talk about that talk about the final editing. Pass also have a Ford update talk about where it is now. Ninety three thousand words this is the note that the editor sent me. This looks really good. It's very clean. The last thing I did was sweep through it it for inconsistencies like em dashes and hyphens. There's some fawn spacing inconsistencies but whoever formats this should be able to manage that with the settings. They use great job on this. I think you're good to go. I was surprised at how done it was. I was surprised about the note first of all. I thought I was going to have to give a good couple of weeks going through. This also didn't seem that she did a whole lot to I mean she did. But we're talking about. Maybe the fourth revision with these two editors to content editors they worked as a team. They looked over this version. Not a ton of correction due at this point a more worried about making gene at worse than better thought that medical sane first do no harm because the next step is align at it a light line at it. Maybe have you proofread even it. I've been interviewing editors more than a second but bottom line is that you can make this thing a lot worse than it is right now if you've got the wrong editor here's what the status means to go back and looks good that means quicker to the actual proofing to the line line at it. That's really been my focus for the last few days I mentioned it in the last episode by normal guy. This is the Guy I've done. Probably I don't know half a dozen projects with He. He couldn't do it. He gave me a specific recommendation of somebody who could do it but he did. Give me a site on where I could find good people which was a society the American Society of editors something like that aces and That was fine. That was fine but the interesting thing about it was and I. I think it was kind of like a a life coaching site. If you've been like a General Life Coaching site and abby and it's like I'm coach and I'm a life coach and sometimes the people on that side. They weren't real specific about what they could do. They were editors. I wanted somebody that I knew if I handed over ninety three thousand words to them I guess do no harm. They're not gonNA make it worse and I talked to a few people on that site and didn't really leave there feeling. I mean like I knew the process and how many of them worked so what I ended up doing is I ended up on up. Work Upward. Dot Com is the domain name. It's a freelancer sight outta question of what was needed. That was another thing that brought me to up work because they're different types types of editing. The mentioned I wanted a light line at it. meaning that the content editing all the content of the book and what goes where and doesn't need to be moved around. That was already done. That's what I'd had an initial editor. Help me with. And then my editing team Paulin. Cindy helped me with. I wanted to line team more of a proof freezing. There are some slight differences there. I don't know what they are. I think there's the dictionary definition of the stuff. What other people call it? 'cause I've worked with people. Oh that would say I needed a line at it and other people that would say that what I'm getting is a proof read so there was a little bit of confusion on who I needed to get to the job and how I needed to post a job That was an interesting issue with finding somebody. The other thing is that every manuscript especially one this long is different and needs or not black and white. So you're not going to the widget factory saying I need one thousand widgets. You've got ninety three thousand words and you're ninety. Three thousand words are different than the other guys. Ninety three thousand words Lord. I put a lot of time and effort into this other. People have put a lot of time enough for this. This thing was pretty good in fact. Here's a comment. I'm at that I got from an editor. She said this is incredibly clean is well written. Well formatted if you're shooting for traditional publishing any editor would be happy to get a manuscript this clean that made me feel good and I'd various comments like that. What I did is I took the first three chapters and took the last chapter and a handed him office? What's it here's a sample of the rioting here's begins? Here's how it ends and I wasn't looking for anybody. Who's you any kind of sample at it? But I did have people hand those sample at its back to me with their markups and that was kind of a double edged sword because on one hand got to see how they would work but on the other hand it gets you questioning. And what is that you've done and there was some edits that I liked and some at it's that I didn't like from the same person so it made me wonder like how did I ever get through this before. I don't think I've ever really cared about a book manuscript like this and I've been through this process. A few times talked about it here on previous episode in that. This is the longest book that I've done. This is the longest time period that I've spent working on a book. And this is a new market for me. This is a brand new markets. Something that I'm not known for so feel a lot of pressure wanting to get this thing Out Making it the most perfect manuscript that it can be books are not perfect any published book you find is going to have some. I'm kind of Typo some kind of misinformation even if you put it out today and the information is perfect information changes so it's perfect. Today may not be perfect in a week or two that brings up the issue of. How much editing is needed? I tend to over at it not out of perfection but out of past experience my very first book. Nineteen ninety nine. Didn't have a pro editor a couple of people looking could over culpable. That were maybe good at English. If you've ever done any riding maybe you've had that kind of experience. Yeah I look at books all the time. That's what they'll tell you. Oh ars just pop out to me I I can help you have your friends look it over. That was a huge mistake. Since then and the work of professional editors but even then our previous book. It's been about five years ago now. I use an editor that I've worked with dozens of times. I got the Galley copy rough print. If you're not familiar with that term. I thought it was ready to go. Hand handed off to a friend. Hey just double check this really several obvious errors within the first ten or twenty pages. I flipped man. I needed to get this thing out already. Had it laid out I got nervous brought in three proofreaders. Sent that version each of them each came back with different things up all the fixes together. So you can see you want a bit nervous had three proofreaders. Read the same thing three good proofreaders. They'll come back with different south. It's never going to be perfect but still I needed to be good. Never perfect but when is good enough. That's the thing that I struggle with. There's a lot of pressure on me now no better. This isn't ninety-nine nine. I'm not going to just throw it out there and trust it's not a blog post something I can go back to fairly permanet fa find something wrong I can go back in and edit it laid out again. reissue it the bottom line I think is that I just have to press through. It's not going to be perfect. What I ended up doing and this is kind of funny because I was thinking? This intuitively when I went postage the jobs you know what I need is I need somebody from a newspaper. Somebody who can go through a ton of text make sure that it's easy to understand and make sure there are big obvious major Asia air. Something that nobody would disagree about. That's why I ended up going with. She's got that final ninety three thousand words from me. She is working on it now. I'll have an update on that soon. Soon let me give you a Ford Update talked about getting turned down Ford request. I guess I've been turned down on a few of them. Just this is the one who actually wrote back and and that was frustrating. If you're more information on that listen to the previous episode. I've got one more guy that I think would be a perfect match. A reached out to him. I have not heard back. I'm not sure the people that I'm not hearing back from are actually getting my messages. I I don't know there's no way to tell. This is a guy that I've connected to actually grew up with him of known of a long long time and I don't have a phone number. Form Co look it up. Yeah but I'm not gonNA talk. He's busy he's a professional guy. I emailed him with email address. I think is accurate for it to be weird strained relationship. I mean I know this guy. He'll know me have several stories if you ask him about me but I don't know him that well this guy that I went to school with corrupt with him but we haven't kept in touch has been several several years since I've seen him where I'm thinking about doing now. No forward something that I learned from our work in the music industry. Is that if you sell albums on your own so you do independently then you get attention for your album. Then you get attention for your music with your band. Then the record deal comes works with books to you see that sometimes with independent books somebody puts out a release on his own sells a ton of 'em then book publishers. Come in the movie film television deals they start to emerge people get interested in something that has momentum. Same thing with this book so one of the things that I'm considering doing is putting the book out with no forward being to people who want to come in and do afford later and if that happens happens great great. This book doesn't need a Ford. I talked to Buddhism the last episode. I think it will help me to get maybe some credibility social proof if you want to call it that within in this new market. But it's not it's not gonNA kill the book. The content of the book stands on. Its own I don't need a Ford to sell this book. It's more important for me to get this book out than to have a Ford in it. That is the bottom line I personally would help. But it's not a deal breaker for me. So wrap this up. Let me tell you the general feeling man. This feels good. This historian to feel real of surprised at how great it feels. I'm actually surprised at how relaxed I was when I got this. File edit back man because this thing's been going on for for four years. I thought I was going to be done and three or four months. I thought it was going to be a quick book. I think the original plan was may twenty thousand words who's going to be a quick and dirty manual which is some lessons Zanu about marketing. And how they would work for podcasting. See that that's interesting thing with my background just to share with you real quick. Being in the music industry we were are the ones that had online content as far as selling online content. I we're selling music online back in the late nineties nineties you could go to a store like EMUSIC DOT COM. You could give me a dollar download a song and eventually put it on. MP Three Player ipod whatever apple came in with it store we're the first people to get involved with. ITN's that eventually of course they started doing books on the apple store. They've got apps they've got film. They've got television. We were the first industry to do digital content. So I know a lot about it. I've worked in all these industries because of my work in the music industry. That's what got me into broadcasting which got me into podcasting is what got me into books because the book people started coming to me. Hey man what what's working for music. What have you learned with the arrows in on your back going through this thing and being the pioneers of online distribution? What can we learn from you so we don't have to make the same mistakes that got me into books that got me into film and TV? V once like the bandwidth and compression and all those things started coming around where we can actually download these huge huge files you see that was the progression we have music. We listen to online through computer speakers. We had these mobile players that could play music. Those are the first mobile players the compression and the video formats. That was stories. Come up we could play movies on computers we can maybe burn them to DVD. That wasn't worked out yet while that was happening the book appliances came along talking about things like kindle Kobo of course eventually podcasting. That was very complicated at first. These days you've a mobile phone. You download it you play hit you subscribe to it. You Review it you all this things from one device so much easier than it used to be back in the day in case you new podcast used to have have to have an ipod and plug it into your I tunes software on your computer in the thing would sync up. You'd mainly move podcast that you hadn't listened to from in your computer over to the IPOD. It only whole maybe thirty minutes. You wouldn't be able to listen to a podcast like this with a lot of different episodes very easily because you have to go back plug it in download it sink it. UNPLUG IT listen to it. It's so much easier than it used to be having that perspective. Got Me into all this so I was going to talk talk about that perspective. The things that I've learned that a lot of people have forgotten but that still work when it comes to getting people to your content because you can imagine if it's tough to access access your content and it was very very tough for a long time we get really good about driving people to that content and making them interested and now that it's easier these are kind. The long lost secrets I was GONNA share some of those in that original twenty thousand word book. Well what you start not what you finish ended up writing about one hundred twenty one hundred thirty two thousand words on this thing. Of course the edit mentioned ninety three thousand words I had to go in there. Make sure everything's clean Chris. Clear something that you actually won read and that was a lot of work work and I'm surprised how good it feels to be done now because I don't like the work but I'm excited to bring this to you. It's been a long time coming. I believe in this. I'M GONNA hitting the road in the upcoming year and doing a lot more content. Like this as one of the reasons that you haven't heard from me here on building a podcast because I'm working on to the stuff man. I'm excited actually. Get back into podcasting podcasting. I don't want to be one of those guys at talks about podcasting but never does it. I'm a pastor and a marketer I and want to get out and market this book and I want to do that via podcasting which is what the book is about to. It is a huge relief because almost done it should be out in one. Two three months probably have of it on a pre release special on that in about a month so I will keep you updated on that and we'll keep you updated on the process as we go along so got a few more of these to do if you want to be. Updated subscribed read. podcast go to read. PODCAST DOT COM. You'll see three links. There's one to Google podcast. There's one to apple podcasts. There is an RSS feed if you want to be old school about it. Wherever you get your podcast I will get a podcast? Go to read. PODCAST DOT COM. If you're interested in podcast in we'll see what I'm doing in that area got a website at big PODCAST DOT com. In fact I've got another podcast that talk salie about podcast marketing. So if you're interested in expanding what you're doing lame people know about your expertise through podcasting. I can help you. They're big podcast. Dot Com got some podcast episode templates available to you there as well as some other resources to check that out red podcasts dot com or PODCAST DOT COM. I don't care but go to one of them. Let's get connected and I'll see you on the next episode. You've been listening to read podcasts. Never this episode subscribe now with your Iphone Android or be R._S._S.. At Red PODCASTS DOT com.

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Gordon Dobbs - More Than Bigfoot

MinddogTV Your Mind's Best Friend

1:07:18 hr | 6 months ago

Gordon Dobbs - More Than Bigfoot

"What's the real deal with big but we'll talk about it on this episode of the mind on TV podcast. And welcome I facing yet another episode of the Mind Dog TV podcasts odd time for a Sunday afternoon podcasts for me. But my guest today is in the UK and because of the time differences and what's convenient and and normal for somebody in that part of the world where doing this at three pm on a Sunday I do not have A. Show tonight at eight PM. So this will take the place of that My sponsor for this broadcast is audiobooks. Now Dot Com you know all about audio books Dot Com don't make me go through the whole convenience of audio books in how the world is so busy that people can't find the time to read. So audio books make a nice compliment to. The actual reading of book We don't need to discuss all that but audiobooks now dot com what makes them special? You can get audiobooks just about anywhere. The difference is price point folks less expensive than any other service provider of audiobooks It's A. By far. Less expensive than all the services out there and you don't need me to mention them by them. So what makes a back got a great offer or can we make it even better? Yes we can make it even better. Click the link that'll be in the description after the program, you'll get fifty percent off your first order whether that's one book single book or a book club membership fabulous deal, and I can even make better than that. If you click that link today, you're GonNa get a seven day free trial meaning you pay absolutely method for seven days and if you're not happy with you just cancel and you pay nothing so you're going to get seven. Days of listening to audio books absolutely free can't be at the and audiobooks. Now Dot Com with Lincoln description. Thank you for patronizing my sponsors Today's show might be a bit of a short one. We have just some things that I wanted to discuss because if you're a regular listener of this program, you know a couple of weeks ago I had a fellow named Ron, Moore head on and he is the author of quantum bigfoot. And his theories about bigfoot having relationships, UFO's and being very advanced in the of quantum physics knowing how to Transcend parallel universes, multi, versus time all of that stuff to become keep itself cloaked in mystery and keep itself hidden from or basically hard to find. From humanity so that was an interesting program and I took some clips of that and posted in some bigfoot groups and my guest today actually So those Clinton remarked to me that there were other animals like that I'm not sure if you use the word animals I'm maybe he's at creatures whatever that I was not aware of, and so I asked him to be on the program to help educate me in some of this stuff and generally I thought of the bigfoot phenomenon phenomenon. As a North American thing, but he's new case. So I'm really curious to to find out about some of the things that he knows about or is interested in heard about their. So pleased without further ado, please open your ears and most importantly open your minds and helped me welcoming Gordon Dot from all from the UK. Gordon. Welcome to the mind TV podcast. Thanks for coming. Hi, thanks for having me on your show. I really appreciate it. So you made a comment and I'm not sure whether. Animals creatures though there were things that I did not know about can you elaborate on that? Yeah. I can I just say I, forgive me I don't follow your show us. No. Surprise, it's a worldwide phenomenon or anything. Wrong moorhead was on I hadn't realized you've been on your show, but I had communications going moorhead the quantum bigfoot and I can add more to that late if you want. Specifically what I was saying to you that was them. On just. Bad with Colin of minutes while I set your. Bihari short introduction, but it goes back a long way I'm going back to the Big Bang. Fourteen billion years ago all the planets and solar systems being established if I think newer, Sola. Or galaxies five billion years new. Not Sense but planets and star systems and everything. The has to be more alien forms than just. Humans yeah. I would agree with. Pat. And not all going to look like us. Yeah. Right and not going to be all tall and good luck to my other. They're gonNA look like anything we don't know. Yeah and some of them are gonNA be maybe at early stage of development going to be caveman maybe or whatever the caveman looks like on a foreign planet. So GonNa behind intelligent way headed what we haven't technology. We think we've done well in fifty sixty years expo exploring space. We haven't even gone boss solar system yet. Right there being here that had been visiting this planet for years. That come from these star systems, billions of years away from boom light years away from us. If you look at A. Eric von Daniken is Bruecke. Chariots of the Gods in was gonNA national. He's clearly sets out three, four, five, ten, thousand years ago. All signs of. Sudden burst of any. Education in in some withdrawn or something that is way beyond what would have happened to normal development. So this things happen things. have been don't having done. So for thousands of years. I'm still continue to do now. We all know that the Roswell at eight fifty one. Some of you have heard or seen Paul helius beacon the Canadian Defence Minister talk very openly about Aliens Tokes rang Otani bad. Different types of creatures being shall we say? He Drives A. Small Short Gray. The toll whites you know like man my on getting ill whites or whites. Token ones yeah yeah. And what you find is A. Full support for what he said in front the Coffee Congressional. I think don't understand your systems ever. We set a hero's something. Explained what was happening and as far as I'm no, I'm not aware of any. Government. Body or whatever shooting him down in flames and saying, no, that's not true. Right away anybody saying that's not true. Actually. The apathy in. What you get now is retired people from the forces on the military. Scientists to be involved in Roswell near fifty one main deathbed confessions whatever insane is absolute true and if and if I may interrupt even beyond that just last week the. Pentagon put out official report that they have. So this is not retired people they have an alien craft. I. Forget the word they use a craft not of this earth vehicle not of this earth that they've been working on. So that's an official government report, but continued me new rapid I I saw I was actually reading watching the videos a day of some American. Officer talking to a group of people looking at Osaman all and he said exactly that he's describing what he'd seen and he was describing the grays tore whites describing the in order spacecraft's I could be false video but all the interaction, the discussion all seem very genuine. So and so that's what we have. We have all sorts of being sold place and and what you got understand. Yes. Quite small place and scientists now are saying the on earth that could be as many as ten twelve, thirteen dimensions. Dimension wearing but this dimensions And Ron Moorhead is is is quite sensibly. Gone from thinking big Dome Mountain hip to be in some sort quantum. Understands quantum physics paranormal being and he's he's correct in that. Yeah. something. I think I said Rona bigfoot itself we'll talk the different beans Make clear straightaway bigfoot is a paranormal being cam. Here is one of these alien forces millions of years ago. and. How do we know that I mean who just got preface that by saying I am absolutely with you on the fact that The likelihood that there is intelligent life. The Universe is extremely high to say it actually has to be and that alien have according to or even government have visit us. But how do we make the connection? That bigfoot is definitely part of that? They. As a as a Being right that crop name is the proper name is John Spent accent annual jump rights as for they call themselves. On the our intelligence, they can communicate they have amazing abilities and when I sent communicate cumin, it can't my mind speak generally yeah and people who communicate with them. Dr Matthew Johnson for example, who has registered who has constant dialogue with the senior people right and me and my associates in England. We have we. Meet them. A. Chance we have mine speak with them. We see them. More. Thorny militiamen, images ideal. smokey grey soaps, dogs, silhouette, Clemson, solid phones. We see them all the time when we speak them went off crackers. And and in America, you got exactly the same. As I say. This small place that they're all over the planet I've every country. They have they've told us to being here longtime. That's how we know how being to say that being here long time, right? And what they're concerned about and it fits in with just about everybody else they are fed up with the way we mess this planet about. fell. Away. Live in the they lived in the forests and all the the the ferry religious believe in. Yes. They WANNA keep the keene and unlivable for them. It came to us because. It was punished from as that's why they came here and we're messed it up. That's happened. something. Really. In the last Fifty Years Sixty S. I would agree probably expand that to probably a hundred years but. Dan with. Agree on that number but you know the industrial revolution is a long time ago now and we continue to even today I mean deal with call with the dirty fuel and showing him and all that stuff. So I I'm with you on all this stuff. I'm not sure I'm still as I understand the connection between. Higher, intelligent beings and bigfoot, but you're saying. Gave, telepathically communicated with somebody have have you had that experience yourself? Yes, you have months biggest. Wow. Okay describe that encounter fourth. It's when we're out. Where with a? In the woods, listen to them. My mind speak isn't as good as this rights I sat straight away. Two of US may not icon we gotta get. He's got back Elaine's big I a few words. He gets more this sentences in in the structure what the same. So we tend to go out in the woods we ask questions and the answer questions for us. They have video visual contact with the animal at at the the same time that this is going on. I. I don't know what it is A. We're we're animals. So that's why you know they. yeah, Yeah I mean visual incense what you tend to seem. Orchestra. The Life Foam isn't as a big Dome Harry mountainair that is the format they can take. The form that the the main foam, the energy light being. So the man foam is as old or A. Flash of light that, doesn't disappear. Trying to fly stays as a flashlight but doesn't disappear. That that's a new one I mean. That's the first time that I've heard that orbs are connected to bigfoot and I've been kind of I've been fascinated with this and I keep going bigfoot because that's that we use. But I've been fascinated with restoring patterson film came out in nineteen, sixty, seven, sixty, eight, whatever. So a long time. Be. In sixty seven. Yeah. So. Straight. But I've never. You kind of commented to me. I've never heard about it happening in. England. Before or in the UK Orrin anywhere in Europe. So I'm kind of fascinated by this idea because why is it that we hear so many stories out of north, America but not not so many out of Europe. I think it's mainly because on the passing Gamblin. That is way people. So way as seen them, that's where they all. So with people have started going out looking for them and that's where you get a lot of signs and a lot of stories. But the passing GAME LYNN WAS NOT A. They they're worried about planet the passing Gamblin film was not accidental. It was deliberate this sent out. One of that kind won't confront the passing gambling to say we're here. We're telling you where here out you need to take no of us. Now one that do things very simple. I very very gotta work doing even now when the town of stuff do things we some extent of what does that mean we get out but not? They're concerned. Love this like. Roswell. The the mole, the alien stories big passing its own star more. You said about hundred years I'm thinking more sense nuclear weapons since the two bombs and. Not as way the that's how Roswell occurred after the I think they will come. Look Stop Messing about with nuclear weapons. In nineteen ninety, fifth, nineteen, sixty, I think literally. Had, one of these moments when ESPECI- landed to I think to to go out who looked very human walked the two police officers said Tammy Jo, your leader. So thing that story's important America and those way. To have worked with the government and gone, sue their agenda, what they want and what the American what. Not to do. That's. As somebody who who asked a lot of questions because they think it's it's. A healthy thing to do i. Let's suppose you're you're correct in your assumption that Nuclear Weapons of what what prompted this new awareness or them coming out and being noticed why they had to have known. We were testing nuclear weapons and watch if they are more intelligent than US widened they stop us before we actually started using them. I don't know I've never top one, right The one. If you're talking about the new, the big ZANU wouldn't stop that they don't interfere with us. Unless. They can see we will actually don't saw. Now, the agreeance may be monitoring and could not could be the case just as you said, just because you've got some, it doesn't mean necessarily us. Now. Possibly using it was the wisdom saying right Gog on sort out. Yeah. So I understand it. But I. I don't deal with the Raelians deal with one type. I and and it's hard because we hard to not think like a human and we we. We can only think like the people we are and we can't put logic. Or alien logic into our own minds and understand how another being might actor or react. But that's all we have to try to figure some of this stuff out. So it you know leaves a lot of questions like for instance, you said the Patterson thing was intentional. They wanted to be seen if they wanted to be seen why? Why are they still so allusive why not be seen? No no that's now what you'll find since the number of citations has increased. Significantly, since through absolutely might stay more people out in the woods. But at the same time, the they don't have to be seen. They have they. Their main st stage is not as a dominate there in a in a sort office type of Like Schumer damage or or or an old form that can convince contract. Yeah. So if you see one, it's not an accident he see one because the one. That's why. In the last fifty. That's interesting. How do they? In and I know you can't think for them and and this is my mic my real issue trying to figure some of this stuff out we can't. We can't think for them but any ideas on why they might pick the why they picked Patterson at of all people. I. Don't know I mean yeah. Just he was the one with a camera who was out there may okay he? Plans to have an advantage on short people but I I. I would think you know again because he had such A. Reputation for being a hoax there that that would be the wrong guy one percent yourself to be were trying to make yourself own. That's why I bring him up and because the you know if I was going to do it, I would try to go to somebody who everybody trusted in new was was not going to be pulling your leg not pattison well in terms of I don't know that unser either. said that being on for a few weeks knitted signed signed to to jump out and undo it. That's why they said. If you just think the numbers site and since then but I was probably their objective, right? I. Feel a lot of forest in England that these things could hide from in the. UK 'cause here I knowed fire fire station is getting smaller and our forest areas and wilderness are shrinking a lot and I am sure that goes into plays into this why they are more sightings and stuff are they still a lot of forest and places they can hide in? Obscene not as many as to, and so there are some larger forest but not as many. But what you got understand these beans in the main states could one at one could fit into a and match matchbox right I get it. If you can be an ORB, you can be anywhere, right anyway. Yeah. I just signed context of you think of dark matter. For example, I don't matter a small dogmatic and way like ton. This morning dot Matt. Away. Tunes on it. Yeah. Yeah. It's a bit late and I would sink in the hopeful Ben's very powerful but one expand they become what you say is a big eventually on just copying a bigfoot, the go through stages, right? So I'm sorry I had a set a lot of people want to see them and take photographs of them. So we ask the question why pictures of big for always blurry. Right. Yeah. That said, yes. Plenty of time because a lot of is actually Malkin from being solid into the normal states and it becomes very blurry solve type of. Massive lighten. Shapes and shadows. Blogs out. Well That's one theory I and I guess it's as good as any. I really I would love to talk to somebody with an advanced degree in quantum physics to kind of address. Some of this stuff because I don't have that kind of knowledge I am and I've read on quantum physics and you say may be as many thirteen dimension I have read even more than add likes. Depending on what part of m theory you buy into what sector of empty it could be over a hundred dimensions and all that kind of stuff. It's very confusing to the lay person is thinking I mean I was talking about black arose Nevada. Tying whoops in. Like and then you know the thing about the genre they can I mean net can tell future. Net travel instantly from one place to another. When we asked how do? You. See you say time and distances a straight line which we do. Yeah. Right they say the circle. Right right. Time isn't necessary linear and Iran had brought up that kind of idea where. We're where we we understand the concept of wormholes for space travel and the same might be true for time travel, which is. An interesting. Idea that I don't think most people can really wrap their dad around because we can. And Sons Zanu whip the big foot and terms one saying how it changed everything else. Is. So do with them frequency and nobody's, and they can control the out there which we humans conned. If you give it for example, a few the at block of ice, it's solid and cold you call insert. If you speed up the the ice right? It becomes water. You can put your hand in it. Yeah. Yeah I'm here he further so could steam you. Took and you can barely see it. You can walk right through it. Absolutely. Yeah. Exactly and that's exactly actually what what genre in a big foot like you could. If Warm Stein next year Shimmer Image School, which I've not had done this forest. Next to Shimmer is. If I go on both direction, you walk through it. Shimin image you don't I'm sorry. Sorry I didn't see. Walks. I love that analogy and that useful when they the ice and water and steam. So yeah, that's a very useful analogy. Thank you for that. Front. The face you know you you you can. Put for, famous seeming. Right. But I can see me let bit at the time. Yeah younger fast, you can say time. Speed Nicholas Testa the great physician physics scientists. A century he said, if you want to stand unit this, you have to understand and energy frequency and vibration. might ness exactly what the genre do. That's how they move around and everything. and then. Yes in seconds by in the secular. Time and distance not Belania. So my first contact with you with you. Again, a come back to this. You said there were other creatures that I and I don't know what where do us again now but other beings that I wasn't aware of they related to what I know is big foot in some way or are they separate completely? There's something completely reason I when by fourteen and a half billion years just a stall the story and some of the some of the alien forces that have been here before came here to get the mineralised. There one capable of. Books on the ground and digging holes and getting minerals. Yeah. They needed soldiers do that. So one of them brought and know that being with that very similar, very, very similar to bigfoot unfortunately, and they are the bad guys you. They'll call trink. And they live in North America, south, America, and Australia. That's the place where the aliens used to go. If you go if you google. Or. The American Indians call. Genus Joscka. Have you heard Gina. Scrub know I. Have Not if you Google Genus Kwa G. E. N.. O. S. K. W. A. Jean Oscar. What it says is its coldly the. Big Foot's. Aggressive cousin but she got nothing to do with big for whatever. Wow. I'm paying interrupt go ahead. At bigfoot John New of friendly people they here to help us. That's why the one votes. You know saying up, please change your ways and not forcing kill us that the help us whereas unfortunate trained on are evil they. Just got. Michelle stated policies missing for one one of you read that's now I, have not but I. Put It on a list and you know who the author is. Did. Police. Colleague next. THINK CISCO POLICEMAN, asked. He talks about all people who've gone missing American the forests. And someone England but that's just that's not great. But the ones one America and in the forest and. A lot of them have gone missing some exact percentage somewhere this form than ravine be found, but the ones a have gone and disappeared some being carried off by the trank on being killed and eaten. If you Gina Square. That's what it says they they do. You know what? Go right back to the start of this program One of our top fans of the program wrote in about trae Con, but he he was talking in the. Realm of you, it's a particle that used in therapy. So it's it's it's confusing. Yes and basically when I looked it up, it said a hypothetical particle with some physicists claim it's part of the Eh but it hasn't been proven. But this now you're saying it's an actual being which kind of. The confuses me on the subject and trying to find somebody WHO's a real expert in that has been a daunting task for me. So you spell it T. R. E. Y.. Yes. Okay. Drink on you. Well, that's what designing. Tell us. That's what they called. But if if you, if you look at Gina Square, that is what the Indians Americans, Cohen right engine Americans have grads connection with with big which January right respect and treatment look at the forest corden forest, the forest people or something down in Houston on that. But the square they say is a the aggressive madryn cousin of the bigfoot but that's maclear. There's absolutely no connection between bigfoot ZANU and drank on Gotcha so. If I can't I want to bring in an image that you had sent to me Tear it is. Can you see that on the screen? Yeah. Yeah can you tell me what that is? As one of our friends looking offense at one of our researches the when you say friends, what do you? What do you think it is? For your new. Oh, that's the big foot. Okay. Ahead in the two is just look. I can see what Sakho Day I just didn't know if that was a different being that you were talking about or. Asked what I did send you another picture of. Why I think as as a trade trait, nut was killed at Manson Helen's. I don't think I got that if I did. I. Don't I don't have it now I would love to see what an those are. The bad guys. Those are the guys who are. Not Our friends there's one David Police Buca. There's one very interesting story. Not What makes you think the? Government do normal rights because in this unforced as one unfortunately, Elida hangs seven eight your Latte disappeared playing with friends in the forest with his family disappeared is. In short one one is not just very quickly and people start looking and. Those another family conference down the mountain sore light bigfoot carrying something over the shoulder and Scream before I, think said the screen before that in a minute later, the source this carry thing Warren off with the summit row the showed. Some blue in the boy blue at blue. Jacket on I think. So. and. The thing that ask story is it a data Lanta there was suddenly. Twenty thirty military. Personnel on the mountain look for the boy is very quickly after that happened. because. There had been told about this Harry thing carrying the boy. And I think they knew then it was sonic on. Wanted to try and catch knowing makes someone goes missing. You don't get the military. By. you get jazz mountain rescue you do not get the military. And the same goes where whereas plane crashes and things like that there was a crash. You don't generally see lots of military vehicles coming in it. It's you generally organizations like the FAA and stuff, but it's not military based and all that stuff. So when you do see that it kind of raised some red flags about what's going on, what do you think the government would would keep all this stuff. So Hush Hush for. American Goldman's don't trust the people be told the truth about anything right. I agree with that when You remember awesome wells when he did that radio show of course, he's one of my greatest inspiration. It was just might be a radio show somebody. Awesome. FEMME. Are. Outlawed in the said we rope is to tell you that the aliens of land and they're gonNA take the. Extreme. And panicked so many people everybody thought it was real. Yeah. I don't know what the goal now but of course, mass panic of people running out in the street screaming stocking up for food and everything else. Right Right rollicking for is. Also. But. I think not demonstrate to the American Goldman not. It's like Jack. Nicholson says, you want the truth you call. They will not. The Truth and Cordelia at the congress where he was saying, look the the American right to know. In government response that was just twenty ignore in Sampson. Right so I I it kind of boggles my mind that if all these theories are correct that D- things seem to have it in for Americans for some reason because a lot more. A happens here with with that stuff especially when it comes to government intervention area fifty one and all that stuff are you and I know Nick Pope was very active in and kind of making this well known from the UK but you don't hear about it so much in in a lot of you know he and I know there is an active. Move on according to them. There's a lot of ufo activity and all that kind of stuff in Russia and China but we don't hear about a guess 'cause it's secret societies. There are lots of lots countries why why not be everywhere and why pick on a USO I them while it I think it's I mean it's started means mostly after the exposure in the war, the atomic explosions and the Roswell and America has been a focal point of it. It's the biggest military. Organization in the world that being as strong as military in the world, and we have where the only went to be used nuclear weapons on anybody so that that would lend to area about that. Absolutely I mean the. The. As the aliens who I've all here have been communication with Russia on China's world the. Powers in bitcoin moved palace nuclear powers. Or. You're saying there's a lot of bluster and. possibly. Russia and the Cold War and China Russia America another nuke each other nobody's going to. If it soon as they did that, then the people watching. Would be down on his land. It's ungracious. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I'm they our as far more grandiose. Right one story I read about the Vietnam. War. When a mortal of what was going on the Song River whatever congress. Congo. Mai. Mai. Cong calmer than it was. The source spaceship saucepans. So the launch, the missile at it and it disappeared the the Dawson disappeared, and then about two minutes later they look oak. In Msi was going back to. I know I read that in the military talknet. Now, some some soldiers like released source remain. That's what I'm saying that these beans most grip panels analysis they on. The problem for most skeptics and I want I should say Synnex people who don't want to believe in any of his stuff people closed their minds to that it's all when we start talking about so many different things. It becomes a hard to follow any kind of logical read wall stuff like we start talking about you photos connected to bigfoot to. Now this new thing that I'm just letting about taking on goes I never knew about them before but then we'll talk about grays and Greens, and those are two different kinds of aliens that people were and then we talk about us. which are different from UFO's because they are. It becomes really hard for the average person to wrap their head around all this stuff in and just kind of confuses everybody. Now I understand and especially Santa America. Watch. You talked about other animals. A lot of these beans including one in England just as many citations on bigfoot science fine. No Arenas I know about six thousand in England six, thousand big funding invite. Different signs of them. But at the same time, the sightings of visit man don't man. Right, Fishman and all s you know whatever. But they're all different forms of aliens at different and Soma more advanced largest animal types of beans that A. Kurbanov intelligence hours maybe. Some. Of these on. Appear on disappearing not appearing light up Loch Ness Monster, for example. They are the author that they can move from on dementia another in a lot of it. It's not intentional. Lot of it's not intentional slight at portal. And should stay. One time. Jimmy Suport I think so when you say that Then, you open the idea that it can happen to anybody or anything. Right. So I can actually I could definitely step to a portal into another dimension. Her. Do. So in the midst info eleven may would what I would welcome it According to Zanu told us if you if a human goes to appoint, they would not be comeback. Oh well, I wouldn't welcome it then I wanNA come back when. A. Freeze is missing four. One one could well be some of them in the mountains rainy nights, Sunday nights, electrodes in year. Your lightning at important could on the could maybe just be consumed in the gun you know sort right. So what is your idea on if these taking on our enemies and they are superior to us intellectually and and have knowledge that we don't have what's keeping them from really taking over this planet de ZANU, Janu the trae, the Dome, all the Dome Mountain apes that of real flesh blood attached to aliens who did the mine and for the aliens that's the on Oh okay. I'm getting confused bigfoot agenda who got nothing to do with aliens right. It's the. The very similar to each other. It's actually thank on that kill people and give A. Big Forget all the bad press. Oh. Yeah Yeah. You know you're the first president ever Kinda give give that a take on it to me in thirty five years of as an adult research. This stuff I'm kind of curious to learn more about it because I had never even heard again, I heard the word taking up for the first time like six months ago and one of the fans of the program but it up and then I looked up and there is actually product is taking on infused of medicine or something like this they take for for so. People have seen this said the scene big for commando spaceship. Seen a trend CON. Version train cone. And so on an agenda Hacia I mean 'cause the general good and help humans and the traffic on him. To quit the question I have now because the guy was on yesterday brought up North, Mothman who is seen in North Carolina. It's Kinda by a a missile legendary sightings in a part of North Carolina. Is there anything that you would just reject outright with any of the stuff? Lee. Yeah. Look we since last I mean I I was in. America for. Three years ago I spent four nights in the woods with Johnson and failed as living in a forest with ZANU, and in that time. John bigfoot. Bigfoot Jenner in that time I soul also everything I saw MS is. Solid shadows. Shimmeran. Images little juvenile to the red on ice look like devils but only the only let ones. I. Haven't seen that it just. You have a different take on things I. Understand that if I saw one, my my my attitude would probably be a hundred different than it is and I'm not I'm not ascetic. Who dismisses any of this stuff I I say probably fit probably something to all of it because so many people who have seen things of firmly believe in what they've seen. So and when I hear that much testimony from people, I am tend to believe there's probably something to it but I'm not sure what and I would love to know what what keeps me curious but what I brought up with Ron and and what got me curious when you? Said there are other beings that I was unaware of I had started down this road of asking him are because I'm not sure that the phenomenon that we call bigfoot is all the same creature because people have seen different things all over the world and I said it skunk ape bigfoot is Yeti bigfoot are they all the same thing and he really didn't want to even kind of really address that but I'm gathering from what you said they they do. You believe there's a strong possibility they are individual different being. The on definitely individuals I mean even engine legend. If you look at College Square, it says and Legend says is the Kind Forest Lovin. Big squash. As its which is not related, but that's what they described as bigfoot so because Usually it's and that's the genus Januska kills needs people to. Totally different beans two totally different beans. The problem is you can't. Look very similar. The Genus Kwa Tricon Ugly. Right. To say the a short inaugural as what they're saying. It's like me like me One night during the day in the forest, we see some heavy. Any think is that a big for as a traffic on if you say if you say, hello, my Zanu Oh bigfoot friend I want to connect with you rights 'cause the one at connect with us to fight these walk down funded you means you want to connect with you. He should probably locked in smile you might wave back there. Wasn't he combs on kills needs you drank on. That's good to know a little too late right Put this idea of the not pin all same and I I. I'm not sure if you probably are. Aware of the. LEGEND OF SKUNK APE. Out The South East of America, a Florida Tennessee now that Kinda and dead the legend about that if the stink hits you before you even see the beef you can yeah, it will sell it. Is that? Do you think that's trae Kahn. Or is that something completely different as well? I could find out but I haven't actually asked the question my south the one thing I would say on the description of the genus Ker. It says do release grank smell right that. Yeah. So because I asked that because he's had a lot of bigfoot sightings and he said he'd never smelled anything like Strong odor and so that lent tends to make me believe it's not the same as what these people in Florida are experiencing Tennessee or wherever in the southeast. United, states by. Executive Order, but I would have thought it. would be more in mining areas. That's what they were they. In the mountains when people go in the mountains day of the ones that disappear and never be seen again, all right and and they look Dylan for precious minerals if that, what they're looking for your for spaceships whatever the one. But they? Come. Back to the to the economic because I've had a lot of economics on here and why we why? Why why we put such a value on gold and I never understood that. It's that part of this this theory that gold is part of some universal Because why why is gold so important and why are they looking? Just. Got To be plenty of planets that they could find these minerals on WII. Yeah. Well. Look you say I don't know you would think so I mean somebody Been said that the some of the comments was round not we say every hundred years link of got millions of tons of the precious metals and. So. The the all the metals all over the place. But I'm not an expert on methods. All I I know is what they've said trank on being he has to help the. Alliens to get met the minerals. The atmosphere on earth not bad body shapes and whatever would be different constand, the atmosphere or whatever is. and. You Yourself. You talk about this in public office. You have. You have a general group of people. You talk to this stuff about in the reaction to you personally when you Groups I am. ZANU accent in new, rights is John. CanNot expel exit annually. So the GENUCEL DOT COM, which is Matt Johnston Sites on there he's got. Is GonNa David, all his witnesses not have been. Him might get in the next the send exactly what I'm saying. So what he says than what I'm saying might get in the neck from everybody sees a hoax is Eliah everything else writes On ZANU DOT COM is main site there vigils, hundreds of people saying sound people doctors, nurses, politicians fiszman act does an actor how we how we go within the reality TV star give me how we listen how go with reality based on American happening. And just hundreds of people who've been with match like I was with my on the mountain and I've seen walk around touch me. Yes. because. Electric. Energy beans the handout and you get a tingling hand touch you. It's really. makes. You tingle all that so In England, I'm saying I've got Zainy UK groups. is about hundred dollars altogether and I keep it reserved for people who? Interact declines in England he will contact a we find say where they live souvenirs would saucy wit- witness try and get them out to connect in victim an as. Done that. And the the invite him back to the House said, you can come live with me. Happy. We lived in a house. And in the House say Sherman images in the corner in all and stuff last you don't don't come in solid form of Harry knocks the door frame it when the walk sewage. They just combing. The in the old phone, but they can heal people. That's one of the strengths why I went to America either bad leg and Am about this medicine mock, you say. Supply America in Bab. When I was there, they can't heal me. I was lying in bed to to bigfoot to general walk down by side of my bed lift my blank is installed. Massage. My feet. and. Me Made me jump. In the sent electric current came on my body to my chest And then the. custom-made Jones must've? must've thought we can't find him could frighten humans the constant frightened them. Trying to heal may some jobs and the next thing didn't not the thing is I just? Saw blinked. I woke up. I denied been asleep I will four hours late that was full Immonen was getting lights. Being Hof when it came saw my feet and I just. Like you and you shouldn't be four five hours old underneath were. As Idea of lost time is very common in every single one of these stories where people kind of just lose time for a period. They can't account for the time difference and seem like a minute went by and it's hours or days or something. I mean in terms of. Aspects of the genre. Content coatless thing sentenced stores. I've read in America, Back Hunter. who had them in the sites with a gun? The famed fired looked up on it's gone. In. Not Time Run away. It's just disappear going. On this gone too it's a shimmering. Power normal shape and the bullets probably gone through it. Mind the some way some guys I watched the video, this these guys chaikin these big feet. Steps into. Admitted Field Snowfield middle of Snowfield in. The start. Stop Looks like the bigfoot don't in the air but to be honest, that's probably what is done. For me this often with shape and just disappeared and floated away, and just the do that to tease people if a grant since Jim did you ever watch finding big for? Yeah. Yeah Record as we call it not finding bigfoot yeah. Yeah Right. Tell Joe Rogan WHO's the most popular podcast in the whole world? Actually has a theory on that. You never see a black guy out there on on finding bigfoot and he says. bigfoot enthusiasts are generally guys white guys who can't get laid and he said you're more likely to find bigfoot before it before you find a black guy who's looking for. What they do not program as soon as banging on on trees and power in. John New just. They will just go from the side the valley will your logo whatever? Move on Matt's maker make match is used should be called. Goes running off the side volley soon as get the gender. A hillside. Just have a bit fun. I think all those history channel shows take away from any serious research into this stuff because people see them as you know just sensationalizing and what they do is they only give you like thirty seconds of of useful information and then they go to a commercial and they come back and recap and take forever, and then they give you maybe ten seconds more and go to another commercial and at the end of the day they found nothing and you really no useful information but. And that's a successful formula for keeping people and the ratings somehow. Got The name moneymaker. Right. You anything about not program which I. Did start watching it and stop when I went after going to America. If you listen to the witness testimonies people who've seen them right I. don't recall anyone saying that felt frightened or terrified or or the fouts and. Big aggressive towards him I don't remember any I never heard any of the about aggression I have heard a couple of people say they were frightened when they first encountered it in. That but. The big never anything about bigfoot Bain aggressive or do anything because. Right. When you say some acid foot toll, right? When you weren't expected. Training. So then that would mean none of them have ever in candidate a tracheotomy taking on. Trickling. knoll. would be aggressive now or. The trump the tendency to understand that. They tend to take long hikers. On their own, the wouldn't trank on a bit cowardly although the big and strong cowardly I believe. They'll take long hike. Is Two or three people they wouldn't They would the sole in just back off from going. Right but that was one story I read it by any nineties of somebody that in a guy. To The forest news type by Wimsatt sounds like drink on but he had caned Wilkins Ken. How to sword. In. Communist the exact story, but they managed to find Fi- Danilov. But again he. Describes it as a big foot, but in in all honesty, it would have been a on right big for womanhood. Right people and. That's the hard bit. Digress. Hard to get across the people. Don't the one thing I want to because you you pointed out earlier but kind of might have glossed over it because you you said it clinic quickly and we didn't really talk about it is this idea. That a lot most of went witnesses and that crazy people, mon- majority of the people who with stories in the stuff on not attention seekers necessarily or a crazy people. A lot of them are every day saying people which lends some credibility to but I think the tendency for people is whenever here Oh, he's just crazy cook attention seeker and that kind of stuff. and that's generally the perception when you hear these stories from people who are annex. Yeah and look. Because people. Look at. If. You said, look think of all your good friends, right? Oriole, good friends have Nonni for years yours you. You went Sankoh tomorrow at one said actually a weekend I was out woods. I sold as bigfoot. Komo Cup me talk in front of me and it just disappeared in mine is. Immaterial just disappeared in front of my eyes right? Right. My my question would be where where did you get the drugs can get them see. If your friend would your friend believe you if you sold in to? Would they believe now? Absolutely, NOT YORK? If you just saw was in the woods. So man shoot a woman at bottom of the woods with the leader but maybe they asked me questions about it but if it's handed. If I if I had some evidence of it, sure they probably would. It's only it's only cost mind con cope with it. On. Handle the truth. That's that's the problem with it they. Are Two types of people that are made it three types of people but the two most prominent types of people people who WanNa believe and people just don't WanNa believe and so that both of those can be king standard away of legitimate analysis of a subject when you have an agenda whether you wanna believe or don't want to believe that can get in the way of your looking at it. Objectively. Understand the thing about the ZANU. They are more interested in meeting people individually people say bring me amount in my study here. On Telia whether bring me Poof I want proof yet they want people going individually. They have said that this trump by their side is. A kind person with a warm heart, an open mind which is out to them, they will reach back to the. Forest. See them wave and say I want to connect with you and they will reach maximum. That's what isn't. That's interesting. So I'm GONNA do a blog post on his as posted a video. Would you be so kind as to send me any relevant links that you think you know like the extended groups or I know you mentioned Matt Johnson I'm GonNa look at look at up but any relevant relevant links that you would like me to kind of let people know about where they can learn more about the stuff I would I would really appreciate that. Keeling cy were Stephanie signed most it's to do with Matt Johnson mostly he's the main guy who's done it. I'm just someone WHO's lead from him coming and Hopley met with the genre of a Piece of met with Maria. So at excellent, Gordon, thank you so much for your time and insight today and I really appreciate you coming on and sharing this stuff with me. It's a fascinating subject and I'm always curious to learn more about it, and so you were the first person that really even mentioned some of this stuff to me. So now we even more curious I got. The I can assure you. It's just a big. Okay. Well, I only have so many years to kind of do this research so I hope. Probably so yeah. Well, thank you enjoy the rest of your night over there and again, thanks for coming on stretch speeches. Okay. Thanks just like. This episode is brought to you by put me in the story. Put me in the story creates personalized books for kids by taking bestselling children's picture books and well up characters and allowing you to create personalized books that make your child the star of the story alongside their favorite characters. Save twenty, five, percent storewide. Click the link on my dog TV DOT COM and use the code save. Twenty. Five We're also sponsored by the lovely lovely Asia online stop for modern irresistible and affordable women's clothing. Never before has dressing yourself been so easy. Lovely. Carefully curated selection of apparel accessories an adult where are always on channing always available at the web best prices. Lovely is dedicated to delivering high quality clothing to women that will make them look and feel their best may believe. Every woman has the right to dress well, and shouldn't have to spend a lot to love how she looks. They make it easy to wear outfits. You love every day giving you the confidence to take on the world. Lovely. Dot Com summit fashion trends are now forty percent off dotting at just five, ninety nine. Get an extra eighteen percent off when you click the link on mine dog TV DOT COM and use the code J. F. Eighteen. We're also sponsored by Vapor DNA founded in twenty thirteen vapor DNA is the premier line store offering an industry leading selection of electronic cigarettes, illiquid and accessories. They're friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is ready to provide the best customer service experience to ensure you find what you're looking for. They guarantee their products to be one hundred percent genuine and at the lowest possible price. They're so confident in this election and customer service they offer their customers eight, forty, five day refund housing. Twenty percent when you click the link on mine dog pva Dot Com and use the Code Orion Q. Gordon Dabs K. folks like to know what your thoughts on all that stuff were my big takeaway from this and it's it's pretty simple here. I had mentioned this to Ron with the idea about bigfoot and that we assume. That all these animals sasquatch bigfoot Yeti and always skunk ape no matter. What would the general assumption by the public when we hear these stories is to it's all the same thing and that's a logical conclusion from or to make a jump to make for for people to think well, they saw a big ape like Huger it similar in description maybe we're all talking about the same thing and I approached around that maybe it will. How do we know they're all same could be different animals that could be different beasts could be not related at all and Yeti. Most of the descriptions on the stories told about Yeti it's eight foot tall in and bigfoot is also that lends me to think maybe we're not talking about the same thing here and I think that part of the discussion Kinda gets lost because people think Oh, skunk ape that's just a southern bigfoot and we don't know that and that's when as exit shredded mystery I tend to believe that with the number of stories, a number of credible people who have claimed to have seen things. There are things out there that we don't know about and I just keep going back to the same the one that makes logical sense it nobody can deny. African gorillas. Jungle grills were not an unknown species to one hundred twenty years ago we never knew they existed we found out about them and people were skeptical about them and so now but in today's Day and age guerillas are commonly known animal. So we know about them so there could be lots of lots of animals and creatures whatever you WANNA call beings out there that we don't know about, and so I keep an open mind about that and I'm always Curious, always wanting to learn more curious your thoughts, please email me comments and questions. Here we go your wrapping this thing up My big takeaway is we don't know enough to to say that everything is the same intently Gordon Sat hypotheses have some some truthful. So we'll let's keep an open mind and put some real scientific research behind some of this stuff instead of just kind of just dismissing it as a bunch of crazy people seek attention. That's my big takeaway. Hope you enjoyed this program help you got something out of it and hope you tell your friends about it. subscribe go to my Youtube Channel and subscribe there with the mind. TV DOT COM get on my mailing list comments and questions Emma. Email me at Info at mine. Dog TB DOT COM look forward to talking to or talking with you tomorrow at one PM when my guest will be Ryan Stanley Ryan is. An entrepreneur with going to talk about business stuff. That's a interesting program and tomorrow night at Eight PM Jeff Burnt Gangster Patriot X., counter-terrorism expert who also an expert in outlaw biker clubs. So we're GONNA talk about his new book that Serta dish in of gangster Patriot that is out now, and hopefully that will be interesting discussion join me then until then I'm napa the mind bogg- TV podcast. Thanks for joining me on this Sunday afternoon and. A. Don't judge. Election. News. Aero. Hits here's. My concern. Here. Sad He's Don. Reject. that. Arrow. Is a children's. Sake. You. Knocking. Okay Up Oh. Pat. You. DOC IN. Blue. Care? Pat.

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1950: 17 Years Down

The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast

1:46:14 hr | 1 year ago

1950: 17 Years Down

"I listened to the black guy who tips podcast because rod and karen are hot. Get a drum assam pipe down. Get a plumber som- you're gacek and not the number one assassinated of lame ducks. Nigga got the game lack accompanied by yossi. We got a number one giving these niggers. Another run run for their money. Are the crap table when dice que hot finally do shot. Could you buy money on the spot. People wanna ask hey. Why are you so mad. I say because because of because comfortable niggers like you mad enough sire. Did there's a bunch of time in this guy's the war miser testifies. We got bigger mega fish to fry nigger so bad a rope we on the battlefield with the mazda man pretty soon your own thoughts contraband. They can't harass abuse. Try to knock us as longest breathe man. They can't stop us. Hey welcome to the blackout says podcast your host rod and hearing or live on what appears to to be a monday monday monday also labor day yes it is and there's also the day that seventeen years ago we walked to the justice peace nigga seventeen years we all seventeen years ago and got married thousand two and wait the mccormack instrument. Did your mom your dad and momma <hes>. We tried to get married before but it was like nigga witnesses. Oh desio was i just let like people watching them and stuff so it was i know can't beat him nickel behind you. We need somebody else so we your yeah man seventeen years ago tired tonight. <hes> you know is also the kind of thing where some people paying off they went in seventeen years from the the data got married so we got married for the cost that we could afford at the moment yeah zanu anyway. I actually worked at they. I went to work that day and the next day and i continue to work. It was a hilarious because people have their own guests. The way weightings marriages stuff is pushed to most people miss. You have the wedding and i'm not knocking people that won't that if that's what you won't find his push like if you don't do these things you're you're wearing or your marriage is less than that's the problem i have. I don't care if you have a win and not y'all brielle thing but i was set up by with this kind of what i wanted a couldn't afford it and then <hes> b also we're low key people like we just always been like karadzic radic more than me but we been low key people so this kind of federal style i actually wore escort oath goose court it was a wipe top and white bodies purdy flowers they got after flowers all around and i was open told <hes> flat let standards there was flexible all on my feet and i was comfortable and we were happy and when i didn't even tell my coworkers because they looked on my hands on what's what's going on hand. I said rang so you got married. I say yeah that's a union. Nobody i was like nah. I'm not like like like i i was fine. I think in this other people's more disappointed that they didn't want to get married. They did the point here at ten. Nobody you didn't make a big deal out. I love but there's a lot of things in life that mean roger don't really make a big deal out of did our big deals are the people which is fine but that's we just like to do a lot of things loki okay yeah same thing. I went to work and they were like when they noticed what somebody came over to me like. I don't no no almost noon or something so what's over the ring and i was. I got married this weekend. They're like you didn't tell us that'd be offended and i was like nah. I didn't think it was you know something would really care about is not really a big deal. That's what they nobody cared and there was like well. You should have told us. We got your car or something. I was like i don't have to do that. You know <hes> and then they were and actually took up like money <hes> and got me a gift. Got us a gift car and we use that to get our first vacuum. Come out. I back you know we i remember getting our i watched the dry said that was that was on the weekend that type fifteen years ears yeah we kept that shit was like nah and they just gave up the ghost. Now we got rid of it. When we moved to a place i think that are we had to have them eat like like years ago. Wash and dry your wouldn't include it with apartments but eventually they light wheel including which means we can actually raise the rent foot washing dryer but before we didn't and do that and it was a it was hilarious because <hes> that they looked and me being woman is hilarious do the personnel. I think it was like you wash undrivable match. I was like wasser dragged. The daily me like me for that won't be a matching set. Yes so i was like i'm dan by them bitches. How much does it calls the match. A one is a is seven fifty and this is is one hundred fifty a piece three hundred dollars. Please yeah we also just eh time. Didn't have you know that kind of money i think i think that's not that different from a lotta people. I think a lot of people you know if you get married young. That's why a lot of people don't get married young. You know 'cause you don't have all the options and all the stuff that you might have have later in life and now we're kids carrying so much coming out of college probably even worse and at the time you know we didn't want to go into more that i i get. It opened up credit cards to pay for getting a loan to pay for a wedding and stuff like that. We have some pressure from charissa assata family day. Was this opponent 'cause. I think i'm not talking about down just saying we because it was like we moved. We moved in together right. Let's go ahead and just make it official and liked. It was a timetable on that because before it was like oh save up money. We got playing time domino's like okay your home situation getting a little too volatile. We gotta we gotta make this thing official like don't come stay. Let's get an apartment together and it and figure it out and and the roddick booked up. He promised me he was gonna ma'am. You promised i wouldn't mm sapphires but maybe other people would feel that way but i never really had a attachment to this idea of like <hes> like oh no. I'm getting being married. I love that i'd never i dunno. I didn't mean like that yeah. I never was thinking of it as a thing to put off the only thing to me. The only thing that was like put off worthy about marriage was like okay well. If you wanna have a nice wedding you want to like have a more stable living situation stuff but i think we already here so many of the negatives for people getting married young you know and and i and i understand those i'm not trying to knock those what i i would like to add a little balanced equation right because we all know why you shouldn't get married young because everyone will tell you everyone. Will you know they'll fucking. Cut you off. I have to tell you but wanna benefits. I think to get married was the fact that we hadn't had a whole lot of experience with a a bunch of other people. I think that did help you know and it's just depends on personality but i love is one of those things where you need to be a little a bit naive. You need to be a little bit corny to believe in like like the more cynical you get the harder it is to do to make something like love work because agreed the enterprise of what we consider in america anyway like monogamous heterosexual love forever for the rest of your life. It is a crap shoot and you know for everybody. Yeah and it's a crapshoot luggage is not is like a lot of it is look <hes> he would like to hear that but you know oh you can control how you feel about things but searched his luck man. Some i get sick. Somebody yeah financial straights. You have people change eight people. Cheat people do a bunch of shit you know <hes> and <hes> jobs and stuff like that. You just never know all the things that can affect you outside out of your house. Yes sir you think doing fine because me and roger get both been unemployed at some period of time yeah so we've gone through things that you know i would say a are less than ideal but almost every marriage is gonna go through it. At some point you know and then it's kind of like what are you going to sacrifice. You can like you can gain all this wisdom experience and get your own independence over you know over the years and hopefully that works for you as you come into the marriage with more of a like. Even if it doesn't work i know who i am already and i and i and i completely get the benefits of that. Oh yeah you know what you want like a yes. I completely understand that but we like learned together who we are and who individually and together we like mature together you know we've <hes> gone through the ups and downs of different you know health and and wealth breath and all the things that come along with it and you know i think part of that was being able to be young and resilient and have some hope nope that right work out. You know that you know certain situations happen. I mean we've all done. I experienced friendship is <hes> because now obviously romantically is me care but <hes> i experience a lot of people's heart through friendship while my oh you've been hurt before s._o._u. S._o. Your fires reflexive eighth instinct is to cut people off or your your first instinct is like have a blow up and cut somebody out and all all that stuff so those are things experience while i'm like oh man like there's like there's other ways to navigate this stuff and you just never know how it's gonna turn out but yeah man <hes> we really been very fortunate you know and it's really awesome to be able to celebrate our anniversary with in our fans because we also made it the blackout fibs day and so many people today we're taking pictures out and abou- meany savings even channels social media channels social media says this is labor day people are being sharing their pictures and <hes> <hes>. I forgot that this time the labor day like it was seventeen years ago so you got people. That actually got today. There's a lot of people take pictures of the day in the house is like landon back at the beach watching netflix with the blackout tips notre beaches outside how scare people it's vacation. I'm ought to be yet as a lot of people that actually what i'm trying to say is normally people be out and about on the blackout day walking around with their stuff. Maybe they run into a person today. We're going to have a little bit less than that because you've got people. That's really like oh. I'm staying at the crew yeah. That's maybe cookout later but i'm rocking the shirt sal vienna mirror. I i have a good one. You know like i represented so like i wouldn't be shocked. If we have a little bit less of the you know hey man i was wearing my shirt and then i just ran into somebody but yeah we have been trying to share and re tweets and boost all the like people that are taking pictures a gear and send it to us on social media stuff auto ones i c. I can't get airbus. Yeah couple people email me pictures but i don't know if that's not social the media and you know what social media you can kind of. Tell like like a if they don't have their account private or something okay. I re tweet you know share this right right. What would the emails. I don't know those are people that don't wanna share so i just haven't shared the email ones no offense to anybody read. It might be just us yeah but if you re tweet us this or you send us to tag or something on facebook and instagram. We are sharing it. Do just signal boost it so other fans no like oh. Here's another cool fan and you. You know meet each other online. You know so. I really do appreciate everybody that took the time to send us those pictures in to let us know how they felt and stuff. Man is really is really cool so yeah. Today has been a really good day all right <hes> you had random thoughts from yesterday. You didn't get to yes. I did <hes> these these random dr congo going to be all over the place but this is just my mind is that's why i i. I hold out now before you get going. I would like you to do one then. I'll do one and then we'll go through until done okay so you got i. I was randomly. Well not randomly. <hes> i i go around building boom breaks and stuff and cited last day. I was at work. I was going around the building and i looked up and i see a flock of birds and it was a bunch like twenty. Bears are going around the building. Do you mean last running around to building okay for exercise for work for for exercise and i looked up and it was a bond burs a. flock of them. I think that's what you call them just over my head and it was scaring me because i was like birds. Don't do that unless you know <hes>. Something is dead or maybe <hes> <hes> the young birds have been born or something like that so. I got scared because i was like either. They're going to attack me. <hes> aw either. They're going to wait for me. Pass out and then attacking me. I don't know <hes> but i was kind of frightened. Does ran afoul headed sir this. I thought to myself. I have sales. Get yourself together and get the hell away from here. I don't know what these brazil doing. It's time to go pretty sure that's only birds like condors and and voters. I don't think that's like the kind of birds that we have around here that would i don't wait. No you drop dead. How would you run. It was running that messed up. No no i did but that's that's why my mind takes that way because i was like i come from what in calling you is is is is prompting you to be over here in this direction above my head and it may as probably was not me but i should. I didn't know all i know too many birds in the area and my burnt races now. I don't think so i think we need a i think i think i might need <hes> maybe maybe they look delicious issues and they had heard of the popeye's you know chicken sandwich and looking for revenge on just random black people that have been here killing cousins because a lot how people got carried away that week and they let bears what we think about them. So made is trying to catch you catch us. Living can't me right away to fisher weaponized. Show is today's boulevard boulevard extreme the n._f._l. Shoulda partner pop is on the halftime shows then we got out of black you you bet that's fucked up. They try to partner with jay z and thereby. I'll capitalism kooning south shoes. You know all that shit. They would a pardon ardennes papa's. Y'all wouldn't say god damn thing every time i watch n._f._l. Game guess what i see for a commercial that god damn andy from popeye's that's what they should have had that table know hello if she would have been there with her fake new orleans excellent. I feel like we've moved past. Neil y'all would've been like we have. <hes> delicious karate would have been fine but nope the add a partner jay z who only makes music and alcohol and it wasn't strong enough. You need some loyalty from the black community. Y'all stand in line for chicken sandwich which i won't chicken his danforth line which think about can't go hit. What's the next one and it's not a random doubt but isn't it is random dot com. I was thinking about because <hes> you never know the time or the hour or the second that <hes> <hes> in in this year of our lord beyond say when she's gone to come out in tellers that she has another album more no the tour or something like that and so i've never seen beyond saying and so my thing is i'm actually having a beyond say tour <hes> account <hes> that i have dropped a few coins in there because everybody say like if you won't do good rent money solid like you know if i set the money money to decide and and and be able to really good seats and we'll have to compromise okay yeah. I'll hear about that all the time. People people say put the money to the side 'cause scorecard satellite. Yes oh that's my thing and is our <hes>. Probably me and you me yulia mamo. All three of those was product are going to be the ones going anyway so i was like i'm gonna say my koren's up so when i get home and get him off like going in the day and i don't have to compromise on it 'cause i wanna be able to see her. I don't wanders to this might be bush is being i don't wanna see on screen because when in your mom and went to go see mary j. blige that was the closest i had ever been to a cancer in that book for me. I was like oh i'll khimik. I'm not going back. I understand what beyond sadism tickets sell out fast too so correct. That's why am i black. It'd be okay. I'll say how 'bout <hes> <hes>. I was on twitter the other day and i saw somebody who was upset because they were saying that black people don't support but i- businesses but they would ago everybody popeye's chicken and she said she had a picture up of any the black actress woman the character from the commercials for pop is the black woman i always comes along and tells you to chicken <hes> as she said y'all do realize that this woman is not to see and i was like that's so stupid but not because not just because you said you thought black. The people thought she was the c._e._o. Of the company not fucking actress but walmart's the motherfucker doesn't say she all. She says she cooks out of food. She says she's the cook in the commercials. She never says i own popeye's so even if you were stupid enough to believe that's not an actress. She's the shelf f- is that that's it like it was it. Was you know she didn't even own the company. Is these people as a picture as and why people are someone's like what what do you think burger king really has a dude as decaying burgers the away of walk around with a crown right <hes> uh sir this land in the name of burgers so you think ronald mcdonalds mcdonalds yeah like male what what is happening. I also disappointed. I people have worked themselves to death to. Both you know what baby i one hundred percent agree. I think some people are so woke. I won't get him benadryl as they go back to sleep and take enough to go to salih why you've thought of that like you. You didn't just tweet that you thought of that for a while right and was like wait till i hit these over the head with that one <music>. I'll your critical thinking skills wrong right way too young. I'm about to hear good when y'all wait. Wait till you hear wait. Till you hear what i say to these next day so i was i was like i know y'all think any owned murphy again <hes> pop. I know she don't she is these white people just like you. Don't never see them into commercial. Also i just discovered that <hes> k._f._c. does not run about colonel anymore. Yeah a lot of people don't know that it was was about a cardinal problem. He dado dato care. What's next one. My next thing is that old idea demoralized. I i'm getting eating hairier is far as noggin chin hair in hairs up and down my neck and for some reason it's peaceful is vast back around and forget to cut it so i i liked the robe on the pizzas therefore cut it and after like i'm like a team wolf because the because the sheet actually just keep coming back and cut it indian three days later she comes back that women amihai to deal with that was like god damn you please growing <hes> yeah definitely in some to me i had to do to shave with the bebel like every day or so so <hes> and if not you start to feel it on your face and stuff <hes>. I don't know you can get it lays it off. I don't know how much it cost but you know i didn't. Some people get where they call that shit wax like i dunno if they wax faces but so i don't know beauty is pain. Hey so <hes> it sure is but i never get waxed again. I got my eyebrows waxed one time that she had hurt so bad. It took everything aiming at the woman in her goddamn pace. I was like never again. Bitch dobbs is going to have to be <hes> harry as beecham eyebrows because you not putting that sheet in groping it off my face no ma'am you can tell how expensive a drug is out and you see the commercial on t._v. Like i don't know how much this yet caused a a if you hear the word these four words. I'm on the pail. You already know the commercials don't you you need to hear you only need to know the rest of i'm on the pill. I'm on the field. I see this commercial every show. I watch regardless of station. Even when i'm watching shows that don't have commercials they pop papa netflix. I'm on the field what i pay fifteen dollars. It is debris commercial-free h._b._o. Now you for years over. I'm on the pill. I'm on the pill. I feel like i don't know how much you gotta calls but it got to be the most expensive drug on the market because very expensive because they got doing the ads. I mean shit. They probably just stopped doing as it cut down on the cost of the month drug like probably that's probably like ninety. Nine percent of the budget is fucking ads being on every every three seconds on every fucking channels yet and then the people that actually really need need to vodka can't afford tomato so high. It makes sense. It's i knew i didn't even look at this. You gotta be <hes> what else on this is my last one <hes> because madaba training and stuff stuff i've been getting behind on like lily all pious caz but one of my favorite plaque has three guys i mean we behind on them and so oh man i'm getting behind you know after kind of bad by getting and stuff like that and i thought about it i was like is this high on his field. We are riding us talking about y'all fourteen hours behind and a few bad because you behind trying to catch up. That's i feel like i won't catch up couldn't get at your peril behind so what i did kind of make a ford. I've been having three guy three guys on weeks. Just listen to block get through get caught up. Nope and i emailed them and i told them that i'll hear this again in three weeks probably might be longer than that but you know people email us on my. I hate his next month. After i feel y'all y'all pain we i belie- yeah i list to a lot of podcasts. I don't really when i get behind on them or whatever. I don't really feel bad. Sometimes you get behind about how much you like it or whatever life changes ages and ride different stuff. You get interested in other stuff. Let me drove. I have hundreds of high cast on my thing so there's no way i'm gonna catch up on all of them anyway. So so you know is it just happens and we put out a lot of content so i know a lot of people get behind on us routinely and then they benjamin and catch up and then get behind again and and whatever you know i just try to remember that the the main thing is that we need to just make a good show and <hes> these mustangs get behind or whatever desk ask the guy to catch up on it if not some people just check in every once in a while like you would a t._v. Show do some podcasts like none of it. That's interesting. I would never feel good because i'm not bothered by with our show. It's only tells me they don't listen to it all the time. I'm like what the fuck you and that's the thing i'm not buying. Yes yeah so you know. People are trying to tell me that as an insult and i wasn't bothered like what that's not an insult to me. I don't listen to your show okay blue. I was walking around with my whole life like i know everybody on this shit nigga. I know i can tell not everybody lives because i'm not rich yeah that and everybody was listening to my life would be totally different. Come out and we got down to members live here in the city of charlotte douglas bit. You ain't special. Will you also be hurt but yeah. I just laugh at the intent. 'cause i know the antennas to hurt me. Speaking of speaking of stuff i was thinking what about jay z and dave chapelle this week how a lot of people was very hurt by day's pills <hes> stand up and his his refusal to like come around on certain topics that people you know. They wish you advocate for on his with his voice because he has a large platform. He seems to get waited on other things and they feel bad but you can't make anybody feel away. Don't wanna feel <hes> and then with jay z. People people you know which is one of the reasons. I just said i'm await rather than the west in the russian nasdaq are defending out shed or speculating that he going to do all these things okay and then when they don't come true you look stupid which a lot of people do look stupid right now but there were so many rumors about going to own a team and i'm like he may or may not. I don't know what's true. You know at this point. We we have less information than we did anything. You know we're a bunch of guesses he on a team he gonna get cabinets is he on leverage that into some type of deal and he knows like all these different things that people kept saying i'm like all i know is i can wait before sorry. It ticked me off and traveling must've back. Oh okay yes on a black screen on my side for you <hes> mm-hmm right now <hes> but yeah but anyway morrow point being like it was a lot of speculation and so people were like going now and defending him on like wing in a prayer like oh i show he say he going to blue and it's like well now he and didn't the deal that they have so far is selling pero and organizing music. <hes> acts for like events for the n._f._l. People will be debuting new songs and stuff the n._f._l. Games in the immediately be available for streaming on different platforms and stuff like that so you know it's not this groundbreaking deal that people thought it was going to you know people were defending senate as y'all see. This was wrong crabs in a barrel. It's like we'll see. Maybe you're not gonna like it. Maybe some and some people might still like whatever it is. I i've seen a few people that was like you know not just ready gifts but i've seen a few people that was made for capri. Nick and nessa. Don't get to decide everybody. Else's activism visit them and and business deals which you know that that's how you feel but life the the main point. I took away from it. Though is if you never put people on pedestal. You don't have to worry about them. Falling off of it agreed and i think that's why i get a lot less. I dunno hurt by the idea of a celebrity that i like low like their their their products or image or whatever i think i get a lot less hurt in a lot of people. A lot of people seem very like like personally betrayed when these people let them down quote unquote put an investment in them that they didn't ask for you know people always try to say staying culture and stuff but i don't the thing is about being a stand like it's not gonna be hive type of behaviors just people like i don't know i guess a human emotion but i don't know i don't share it in that way where i will be like. I don't know personally hurt to the level of light anger or rage about about some of these people because like what when was i ever gonna put them. Above you know i guess the where they was where they already already was staying at and also included. I don't know them. I you know i'm okay because a lot of people argue about online on my okay. I don't don't care like like like my passion and the intensity people have. I don't have done on certain. She and i'm like okay. I'll keep a truck because it was like shit. Don't mean much to me. <hes> and i know i'm kinda weirdo on that in that that's not at least from what i've been seeing. Maybe it's just that there's a lot of people like me but they also aren't on twitter talking a lot so so i don't see those people so it could not a weirdo and most people feel the way i feel but they're just not but because we feel how we feel. There's no reason to be engaging. Everybody about got it right so maybe that's what it is but it just seems i there's every year i guess continually looking at you know when someone fucks up and how angry angry people get like damn. I really thought this fuck it was like like like flawless thought that they were gonna go through life. Never making a decision and you didn't agree with but i don't know that's so unrealistic so you should be prepared for that at all times so don't put them on a pedestal perfection like they gonna make make some decisions that don't you know and me personally the way my whole value system is set up is not even a belief in like this person did this thing and is wrong or bad. Sometimes it's like this person did this pain i wouldn't have done and that's that's the extent of it. I don't have a lot of morality to add to the shape because it's just like well people. Some some people think this is the thing to do and i don't so i wouldn't do it for me but if that thing some positives can come out of that for them cool but but it feels like a lot of people can't i dunno they can't like think of it that way then lonzo some of them in chat room which i don't agree with that but i only argument to the older people gay people and like the fuck is this real life he'd happening and i'll give a fuck about this this this shit right here yeah yeah so i so just don't know how many people at least was following stuff realize that their political and social views are on a french. They're not mainstream view note or not. Cut it out like this so many times where i see people get mad about certain things and i'm like oh. You say that like this is the way it's supposed to be and like you didn't have any <hes> clue that the fucked up part of this can happen because the fucked up fire has been happening which you just had. I'm no you just delude yourself and being like no because this really progressive place with all these great ideas like no fuck does not <hes> e._a. Should bring n._c. Double a college football and basketball games back. Now i know what you're saying. They don't pay the athletes ride using us nay nay likenesses and stuff and that's not fair and that's why they had to get rid of because i almost lost the lawsuit i but i think they should bring it back and they should bring it back exclusively for the fans that thank you shouldn't pay the athletes should be donald people that can buy it and all the proceeds go to athletes <music> but the way the game should be set up in addition to simulate like a season and playing games and stuff like that on saturdays as every body gets the n._c. Double a. ganesha to be forced to enroll their online college and you can't ah beat the game unless you pass the classes and then at the end of the game which takes for at least four years you get a diploma. You know like just call up everest phoenix. Whatever you need to do ya electronic arts. Y'all get on top of that and we can get some brands energy going here. Okay okay we get a lot more people coming out of college and then they will respect the work that the athletes had to do. They'll be like oh damn. Maybe i should get paid for this. I shouldn't be paying the and the play this game right. I should be paid to play this game and then it will whatever they had that realization would be like you wanna gay. Okay now. Shut the fuck all right. We got all kinds of news again to. Let's see what we got going on here. <hes> we start. I guess we didn't get into this. I just kinda got into the details but yeah so j. D. reveals his new clothing line and i. I feel like i did it yesterday. Oh that's because i have this list on the wrong thing. That'll fix that all right so now. Let's get into black capitalism. Y'all <hes> you know we hate that. It won't save us hate a black capitalist the worst unless you liked him disadvantage the white man my opinion even worse than a white man <hes> but try your own kind you black capitalist motherfuckers riano savage fantasy brand secure seven million dollars from investors will help black capital ads over castled. We are durling riana. No one will we buy any of this guy my right nuke. I haven't tried the savage yet but i look mapping lipstick. I think to make up all power to the people okay. I cabinet was was out there putting them screen shots up and the capitalism is bad and wrong and i don't wanna see nobody should be a billionaire billionaire. Nobody should be rich. Okay go ahead and i can't believe it. I really can't turn back on the blanket. Come at either just turned back on the black community that that is so sad. Everybody knows only people should be able to be rich if you blacking. Can you rich you come. You'll sell out okay racist for white. People resources is for white people will pay she needed to cooperative economics and start going down out to the swap meet and give fancy away face sandwiches and shit like that i don't i don't appreciate it needed break out every billion to i uneven billion as it exists in the world think about people ain't got nothing. It's over. We've done on okay so say we all. That's not a true statement at all or now. This is funny. Will you like somebody. Nobody says it right like you said as she banged the reality of that yes so funny because i mad they don't like you. Capitalists pain like damn well. You really don't fuck with over on then. We also killed a bag. Since this we would you like is they money. They'll get mad. Ho ghetto banco beat better have my money like it was like okay okay. This is my favorite jam from her. I guess it's different for different people. <hes> authorities argued. I released audio of a nine one one call between join an operator and a panicking woman who was moments away from dine in a flash flood in a record is the dispatcher can be heard at times chastising the collar forgetting her vehicle vehicle stuck in fast rising waters and even at another point to operator can be heard telling her to shut up debbie stevens forty seven four smith. We've gotten trapped by the floodwaters inside of an apartment complex parking lot and frantically called nine one one for help on thursday authorities released the i of course have a conversation with the emergency emergency operator. Donna renew renault renault. <hes> police officials <hes> confirmed that they have launched an investigation senator renault's actions to see a proper caesar followed coordinate c._b._s. News renault had turned in her two weeks notice and was our very last shift. Oh jesus oh jesus jesus. You just got the wrong way. Oh you got the wrong. She didn't give no fucked this job. You can't have give no right because i've i've been in situations where the where had to call nine one operator i was talking into. She really helped me deal with somebody. I was already deal with them. I have an asthma attack and stuff like that that walk you through the staff. They actually the process. She was patient. It was times house where she was telling me to get people out. The room like like this is your job. I'm not a fucking professional. Ma'am you are to aim yeah. The call lasted twenty two minutes between the women <hes>. It happened around and the phone. I'm cut out of around five a._m. At one point a columnist stevens panic renault tells a you're not going to die. I don't know why you frigging now. It's okay. I know the water level is high. I'm scared i'm sorry ari says stephen apologetically. I understand that but you freaking out doing nothing but losing oxygen up in their so calm down day on what we're here to be off the roadway again on put it over here on the windows and i can't get out and i'm scared to death man down and you tell you where you are down here by your department barbeque on what they're called on the auto apartment and park blue car is what i'm asking you. What color is your vehicle. My window okay hold on is is why because you do want your i i want to call it a have a calm demeanor like the other nine one one person who answer it. You don't want them to be panicking like you're paying like oh my god you know but also the thing is talking to a person that ended up merging situation fucking call you know life isn't like they're not gonna be able to be but so fuck and colleagues in danger. You know there's a white woman calling nine one one because a black girl was selling lemonade street but this flood flash flood could be a life and death situation poison woman. She readopt row and ended up in there. It's not like she purposely rolled through. Even if she did bucket is still your job right. Hi wow so yes. I'm scared. I'm sorry i understand that what you frigging out doing nothing but losing your oxygen up there up there up in there so combat now now at another point renou rudely chastises stevens for getting ourselves caught in a flash flood in the first place telling the dying woman. This will teach you next time. Don't drive in the water. Oh along with the fuck out him a mad an estimate last whereas one of your love was here's may end up dying yeah yeah yeah <hes> forcement police chief. Danny baker believes he's that even though the incident as investgated renou would have likely been able to keep her job. I don't think the dispatcher realize understood severity of the situation. I guess you just oh guess it gets. You had a bad day just chocolate up back. How can get them all right. I guess it's like any other job right off days. Yes off calls and <hes> <hes> you know she would have been to keep a job and maybe maybe just taking the conference room. Talk it out bacon. Is this lady's family sewing because i don't get the fuck. No dude do job now. Beggar continues. I understand the listening to a person gone through the panic. That mississippi stevens was in those final moments air life if we all hope that we will get a little bit better response than perhaps was she was giving. I don't want us to interact with anyone in that way. Whether it's life and death situation or not baker contains that continues contains no matter how outrageous were knows the meat on the call saudi she did nothing criminally wrong. I'm not even going to go so far. Let's say she violated policy. Damn also you'll pilots needs to be rude to be looking at you in the goddamn panic not to de-escalate the situation. How will you trying man. I'm a need you to calm down. Okay you sound a little too excited over there about this phone call and it's not that serious alright data teaching listen to blackout his diet aimed. Thank maybe next time. You'll learn okay. It must have been a white woman because he's a black woman day day day date had problems with i don't know the way i was reading something ed dickson. The sound like a black woman writer been to call the person. <hes> gift ended it. I can't tell i couldn't tell from the quotes anyway. Maybe it was a white woman. Everybody i know the white woman was the one who drowned. I don't know what color the person who <hes> who was on the cowers but hale now. That's all right nightmare. I and like i said that yeah. That's really really jacked up all the way round and stole what you're telling. People is that you didn't even. I make that you can't control the person dying. Don't get me wrong but at least you will ma'am. I need need for you to stick to slowly. Slow you down because you use it is a way you're trying to deal with stress when people call you. They call you a lot of time to panicked. Sometimes it's screaming sometimes getting solved it like on the phone talking to you actually of job. Yes basically the way i quit. Mcdonald's put in my two week notice notice and then on our last house. I'm sitting in a break on holiday so good luck. There's i bust on a lot. I was like <hes> that's a shame. I feel mbeki. Chicken nuggets various slowly watching maury then you walk out. The door. Just never came back yeah. I clocked out and said r._h. All i uneven matter of fact i don't even i didn't even say like this is my last day or nothing i was like peace in walked out and waited on my mom to get there and we left and then <hes> came back. A couple of weeks later got my check. That was like what the fuck happened to you now. It's like oh. That was my last day. You ain't nobody. I'm line now but you wanna know else. Nobody wasn't life or death situation for nobody for me so yeah. That's crazy man. I but i guess technically she didn't violate any laws and i expect the police to defend her because i mean it's probably a huge lawsuit if they don't so of course that's great. Oh yeah you're gonna lawsuit. Regardless fuck you know she in quote unquote custody out the god damn the whole job is fucking customer service. That's the job is customer. Service george orders pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson to pay five hundred seventy two million dollars. The judge has ruled on a landmark opioid. Kate lawsuit suitcase demanding that he pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson give give five hundred seventy two million dollars to the state of oklahoma in the first ever court ruling learn how to company responsible for audio crisis. <hes> judge bachmann handed down this ruling on monday after two months long. Wow i wonder what wonder how many companies or corporations or government agencies went to jail for autocrat crisis. Any trials guys know of no trial no okay. He said the company was possible. For ravaging the state oklahoma by mislead customers with his marketing and creating the opioid crisis <unk> resulted in more than six thousand deaths over nearly two decades six dow's deaths over twenty years defining beacon all there were five anise seventy two million dollars then be yeah i guarantee you. They more money from also from that far then. They lost her net fine. Yes why state need to be a beep. We need to let you know stop this bullshit they did so by sponsoring medical journals and creating unbranded marketing campaigns which made their drugs out safer than actually where he said the finish marketing and promotional opioids created a new said those action is compromised the health and safety a thousand oklahoma's specifically. They caused no buick crisis that is evidenced by increasing rates of addiction overdose. Oh steph and neonatal absence syndrome in oklahoma <hes> the opioid crisis in imminent danger and menace to oklahoma's. This temporary basis uses that can be abated the opioid crisis ravin state oklahoma. It must be abated immediately said <hes> yeah so oh. That's crazy said it says nine hundred ninety seven to company had embarked on a major marketing campaign at the beginning of fire buys rival purdue pharma which is responsible for bringing cotton the the market and was crazy. You're is that the orig- the like the request from the <hes> <hes> that the stay at for for the settlement is actually seventeen billion dollars yes now that sounds more unreasonable right so they settle for. They probably won't take the trowel that that's probably what they was asking for. Gonna try well. <hes> i mean they word to trial and they got far less than that. For the state i would ask for seventeen billion and then the judge did rule that the johnson and johnson was guilty but they are but then i mean i was a lot of money but i mean only five hundred seventy two million. It was the fine which is nothing compared to what they plan for. <hes> that that that's so that's crazy to think about how much money that is gossiping johnson's wife over three hundred billion dollar so yes ain't got the money right. That's seventeen billion would have been a nothing yeah three hundred and forty billion. The company is estimated to be worth fighting. They would allow that suit. They would allow all seventeen billion. They probably would just fire or some people probably got back c._e._o. Would have did a parachute deal. They would have fired a bunch of. I'm not talking about fires ars the c._e._o.'s. I'm talking about just firing regular people with jobs by well with none of the people at the top pay. No one's going to jail imagine selling billions of dollars worth of drugs and nobody goes to jail 'cause y'all got lab coats and and stethoscopes shit. Oh wow that's so out all right. Let's see anything else. I want to talk about on this side. Oh doc door dash announces updating updated tipping policy while it's the car at the cart as perks for drivers i heard too i think the public to inside the car <hes> the online delivery services sector is relatively new insta- car was found in two thousand twelve endured in two thousand thirteen <hes> last month at the door dash co founder and c._e._o. Tony zoo a knowledge their customers happy with his company's tipping policy. He said it changes will be announced in the days to come despite taking more days than that phrase usually implies zoo has finally revealed. The solution in a blog post to the company's is website zoo. Promise the most important detail most customers probably wanted to hear every dollar customers will be an extra dollar in dash pocket. The issue issue previously was at the base pay and tips off the intermingle additionally zoo rice. We have been testing the new model. This month refined details based on feedback. We received from ashes ashes additionally was c._n._n. Knows is the change in policy the door door dash will apparently be alternative tips can be added to customers will be able to tip either before before or after delivery. That's smart. How did they had to before <hes> though drivers get all of that money either way explains the drivers will be able to see the before portales as part of their guaranteed pay which was seeing the impact whether or not they might take certain job right so it was like oh i know i'm getting five dollars on his tip <hes> and as other one i got this. Other order says you get ten dollars on this okay. I'm gonna take that one. Meanwhile for is to car was changes. His tip policy almost immediately after the controversy arose company appears appears interested in trying to move on to bigger and better things for one hundred thirty thousand independent contract workers. Oh my god because you have to remember a you back in the day. Companies have drivers but now with these things like you have hundreds and thousands of drivers come into these restaurants audit a bill from our particular largest cities all over the city people ordering from all across town. You know sort of lily now the what you don't even have to be in your area. No motive look is gonna take forty five minutes versus team but if you wouldn't wait we'll get it to you. In so happy you have hundreds of thousands of people that have to get this done and and the thing is the pinot howard the how how many hours you know. We're not that be compared to other people. Some people probably or twenty hours a day all day long so you have to have people to ah bottles hours yeah one hundred thirty thousand independent contractors aids shoppers. They got to call him in a blog post. The company announced a new shopper park program. New program includes shoppers injury protection insurance for all u._s. Force irish shoppers free access the care dot com access to a falsely health and financial savings and deals available on the stripe benefits platform and student loan assistance through the peanut butter platform so oh this is for the drivers for they're not drivers when they worked for is to car okay. They wanna call shoppers. There's a little bit different than <hes> okay. Okay okay so i'm not saying they don't drive but there but they do more than just like they do more than uber and stuff because i know the insta- car is more grocery store so these are the people actually go and get your grocery so now they're offering them benefits which actually makes sense right <hes> uh-huh so yeah. We're constantly. We're going to be a bible blah. You know so i mean it looks like they have heard some feedback in some of the outrage online and <hes> made a change but a positive man like not all online you know outraged quote unquote and people you know trying to raise awareness about all all of it is bad. I think too too much of the stuff that catches is genesis celebrity focused and stuff like that and that you know that tambi good or bad depending on the celebrity situation but stuff like this where you know as you know workers at amazon trying to spread the word of workers in these door dash. I'm trying to like that's actually counted note that there's that power there and congratulations and gay for all the people that push him promoting elevated those causes because you know that that's to me something very fruitful yet is because it in a day. Everybody gets paid more nasa point. Just like you know won't actual regular ninety five to be underpaid. What mccain day won't be underpaid and i'm surprised more these companies they quote unquote due independent contract work so they don't have to often be in his but somebody. I'm putting enough hours where they ought to benefits yeah especially now in a time where c._e._o.'s in nine hundred forty percent more than forty forty years ago and average worker earns twelve percent more light. We're we're like these these movements at star via twitter and stuff like hey pay. These people more is kinda wanted to only feels where that happened. A lot of people are going to work every day then i in these pills but every day they're getting shit on what they're what they are worth versus what they take home and it's completely obviously for the people that are sitting in those the big officers at the top floor your company right now. They get paid way more than they're worth and work less harder than you. Do you know <hes> but that's just the way it is. Yes oh yeah. I love when people speak up and bring it up stuff that i've seen a lot of times. You have people that they do. They do lift you know honestly would do out the same right dash and like not people do all of them. They do the door dash. They'll do the eastern part like a lot of people and so for some people they get up in the morning and that's all they do this shit. Hey this is a full time job. Yeah i think to rideshare driver people the other day there was walking down the street and now just over over here in conversation and he was like yeah i do uber is like i do uber to and then the other one said. Do you even lift bro all right. I'm sorry guys. I had to get that out. I won't be able to gain drake sued was still in two of his more famous recent songs toh jiao man it's just working. His way down still hadn't gotten there yet to somebody. I really like still like the bullshit lawsuits. Lawsuit are trickling down. It's common. I'm gonna be right again. Everybody always you know gifted. When it was the white people we didn't kiss katy perry still think his robin thicke. We don't care fucked up and like you said it's only flows one way yeah but wait. 'til is wait till it's fuck. Fuck where and it's happening. It's going to be eh is going to be cardi they to fame and they all pop into hard. It's going to be learning is x. Who's going to be somebody that we universally feel. I dope as bars and then there's is going to be some fucking loser on you to hire when those loud firms it'd be like zula get her into money like ridiculous but yes sam skelly is so big three records cash money records and republic records for swiping here's beats using them and drake's in my feelings a nice for what skelly says drake and big three free to stand with his two thousand track roll call in nice for work but never ask permission credited him or pay him scully claims drake did the same for in my feelings t._m._z. who uncovered a lawsuit also doesn't have information on which scully several days flight for that one scholarly claims he published a beats on a regional new orleans cd and didn't realize until recently that drag him mm free to use them the big zones where y'all mountain until recently does them. Tim been around for fucking ever yeah all right man good luck. You know nobody cares like i said tim. Somebody likes so we'll see. We'll see all right eight. Let's get into some other staff k. and going for a little bit <hes>. Let's see well talk about <hes> <hes> we can do some fucking black will bring up the music for that because blackie will continue to be fucked with guys or now we continue to. I wanna talk about it and make these jokes. <hes> all right was music bo which is fucking with those blacks. We're just okay people. That's right guys trying to play the game. We all hate to play. It's fucking black label. The gay we go all around the globe reports the granddaughter twenty-five and we let you know how much we been fucked with today's contestants everybody hey <hes> <hes> charges in the building. The couldn't give the holiest of shits about backlash over church sign black versus white trump's blackboards is wild supporters charged. Tom has caused a quiet star. Within the community passed a michael jordan. What oh jeez. I got him a church home past michael jordan <hes> for supervisor of the new era baptist church in birmingham alabama astana by new scientist play as church aires. A black vote for trump is mental illness. A white vote for trump is pure racism past jordan tau w._b._z. News that god motivates me to take a stand for what's right. They call me a racist. Look in the white house trump supporter dachshund kirk is among those outraged about the sign. He told reporters that he reached out to local city officials in an effort to have remove. You should not be able to come into a building and feel like you hate it. Just because you came here to worship. The lord kirk said this isn't the first their past. The jordan is used to get his message. According to alabama dot com he sparked controversy controversy last year for a sign that said black folks need to stay out of white churches. Just do all the smoke. The sign was response to announcement by the church of the highlands mega chart that reads mortar forty thousand people visit intent to open a charge in a high crime neighborhood in birmingham though so so he's he's he's against the the lot of international churches. I like people are all over the world. Please don't believe in that. I don't know i think it sounds like mike. The righteous gemstones thing where a mega church was trying to open a wing in a black powder tower that probably has a lot of his constituents and he was like black people need to not go go to charge any to us. We work in on a c. Dammit we told you it was going to happen. Jordan defended the sign by stating. It's a slave master charge. I call the plantation religion slave master religion the white folks started church include a black pastor in charge of it and twenty thirteen enjoys in mexico for murder of an unarmed marteen trayvon martin the church reacted to the case with aside and read georgia jury supported white racism <hes> city officials have yet to let me put a game to the recent side being move the oh okay request to have cyber ah okay so steady at responded zero tyrod care zero. Am i not enough. I think quite funny. I i still feel like we buy but only by the first signed signed to be honest like i understand he's like <hes> pastor who you know very racially outspoken <hes> <hes> you can tell by this picture of him yeah now now. I'm gonna say twenty five in the reason why because net rumble black people going to white shirts i disagree anyway i will mark thing is not for that. One really i don't care i think he got agenda. That one agreed <hes> mouth is the one saying black people voting for trump is mental illness because we know the charges history mental illness and pray it away mentality right <hes> we also know that <hes> mental illness being made light of in that type of way why it's not cool. It's super harmful man and especially considering that a lot of these people are not mentally. Ill late name. They also racist stay. You know i it so. That's the thing we do to like insult. Somebody is to be lie so you must have this. It's like everything as bad. We just be like that's mental illness but there's a bunch of people who are black. They live with mental illness and they don't do shit like this. You know and i'm not saying can never never call someone to vote for trump or say things. That aren't the best. I'm not saying that that's impossible but the idea that diamond is still just have mental detail and this to me as it is a way of stigmatize mental illness to be like oh. It's a negative thing that <hes> is you know. It's not something that people for a living with the people are working through <hes> and i think i think that's that's really harmful especially coming from a leader within that community that's over a black church. You know you think no mentally ill black people live in your mouth and go to your church down right and even the community you know like come on like and know what he was trying to do and that's what privileges right privileges. We don't think about that but if you don't have to deal with that struggle you like oh well. I said they must three crazy right. What's wrong with that but then when you say back and put that on a sign or something and you know then it really does hit home like does actually kinda fucked up and also am being leader as position you deal with our types of people so you don't won't. They'll why people come into your black church. We know like you just don't want to also saw also saw the other day. <hes> 'cause dominant sold apparently suing people right now or i don't know fake pertaining to threaten to sue people either way. They are saying the season desist letters to people that they don't want to talk about them anymore. Especially those who are doing research in the way they get their money and sta and i saw the other day they published like some money that they had received and i'm like yes. They're not mentally ill. They're not coon for free dog. They throwing calculated for money so let's not even though that label on them like nah. I ain't no there is no no reason they doing yeah. Evil is the reason that's it see a vent. Hall cancels mixed race. Couples wedding are christian beliefs. Don't don't allow mixed weddings. I don't do only okay so okay before we even started did not have the exact worst that you thought you have first of all we don't the guy wins or mixed race lie. She had that voice actress. Okay go here. I don't get leanings or mixed okay. So why did the christian. I mean christian race <hes> if then ain't tell don't they just telling myself i christian race what what raises christians a game out in your mind oh they all white. Is that what it is okay. We're christian does well so with way in the bible tells you don't wanna argument saying no we just we just don't partic- she got a shirt decide tires for so that's charity that she probably <hes> supporting her christian racist beliefs so that's your christian belief rice and twenty six teen mississippi legislative plaza religious freedom law allow business review services to l._g._b._t. People on the basis of their religious beliefs about marriage agenda republican governor phil bryant signed that bill oh into law after being initially struck down a federal court to conservative u._s. Fifth circuit court of appeals allowed a lot of stand the u._s. supreme court did not take the case so this is totally legal totally legal. <hes> what i like about this is that for years. We have been saying we're here. I'll bigotry is a river it all flows from the same source and they're black people who you know oh disagree with us got upset with us or just went and defend the rights of people not to serve gay. Gay folks like religious stuff because like hey. This is my belief system in house other day. We was was still part of the day. We're one of the hose was was like yeah i understand. I'm for gay rights and stuff but i mean you can't make somebody serve you a cake in me. I'm on this. I donate annette so and it was a black woman and extremely like disturbed. Yeah it's like damn. How stupid can you fucking be you. I know because you think they don't want to not serve yo ass and they won't use the same as us. There's nothing in the bible says they don't fucking. They're not supposed poses to make a fucking cake for like there's nothing about that. If anything jesus would do that even if it was a center or even it was like the fucking lowest of the low isn't the whole point of jesus day. He was out there like man listen. I'm gonna watch these people be. It don't matter it. The rest of society eddie won't touch them. I'm i'm not like these negatives. Don't worry i got you. This is the love of god. Nobody wants to express that part. They always want to express the bigoted the old testament version of shape man and so yeah like i when people use to make that argument i just don't see i mean look just because their donald realize it gives my beliefs. What do you want to know what the same people that think. Gay folks are inferior. Think about your black ass at least a why was thinking about job like as you know what they think yeah you ain't really far behind gay people on the list of people they don't they wish wouldn't come in today motherfucking business and unless the government enforcing laws rawhide these people will continue to take this route and the fact that we alette anything in this country because religious freedom that isn't just protecting people's ability to exist harassed in their religion like a mutt like we never say religious freedom when we talk about like less people need to stop harassing muslims it all it only comes up when we get a protects on white supremacist shit then his religious freedom for that so <hes> yeah one hundred percent fucked with <hes> by this joy and also i feel oh vindicated because it's like you hate to see it but you know how to country is and you know if you look at human nature. You know what's going to happen. Every fucking hypothetical we throw out is going to come to pass so i'ma funds can be high and mighty foe. They aren't and not fuck with us when we'd be like oh. This is bad yeah but that's just for gay folks. I don't care about that well now. It's somebody dinner. Interracial relationship and you know what pretty soon. It's going to be black naval right right. Everything in this country. Nitro is is trying to be turned backwards. You know three d. a. u. Black and you born in philly. We don't know for sure to to american citizen. Let's go ahead and ship you out and you die because you don't have no access to your diabetes. Yano you like wow that's crazy specific hypothetical. No that happens how that happened so yeah. This is just yeah. This is par for the course but a hundred cars actually cars <hes> same because my thing is the motherfuckers. Your job is for the general public and the public has all types of people make a fucking shit privaty and make your own citizens then make appreciate behind a paywall dan whatever you got to do but does it as public so you know the public in his office is we've been on the public. That's i don't understand and you know what's crazy is she. He will go back later if this if this escalates and this continues to be a big issue. You'll see her crime victim in the papers. Oh they threaten they threatened my life. I've been getting phone college. I'll like all because you couldn't resist being a big and you're going to be doing crime victims soon and that'll become the real story areas these. This poor woman just wanted to practice her religious freedom. That's what's going to happen right and an air by thank you a lunatic with the with the aluminum fall on upside yano. They're trying to take the ship back to slavery and everybody go now now. I was like no. That's the goal oh they they may never get there in but believe you me that though par possessed the goal they slowly chip away all <hes>. Let's see no in a people that are getting shipped back to all these places and but they were born here and they speak and shit. I don't their good job is going to be like we all know view from either ship. Speak the language that you've never been to but i'm abandoned becomes a problem. It's like a slippery slope once you start arts. You can't spot that. I'm just more upset about this specific. I did it there are some black people that want to participate in this level of bigotry and they they let that shit blinds them to the fact that they asked on the menu like you on the next page a fucking me swift flip flip one page over and you are on the white supremacy menu as motherfucking well. You might be desert which has its own to guide their menu so i i just when you see people that are like so fucking stupid to to the i know i mean. I don't think i need to do that and i'm like well. They wouldn't because you black you be upset. Will i mean that's i mean that's against the law. Wasn't there is to it. It should be should be you see we had we anti miscegenation laws in america worker like none like not that long ago was that a interracially married okay through racially married <hes> we in the same country of that right people like there are people alive who experienced that right like there's like we're not that far fucking removed from some of the things that people think that we're just over. Trump should've taught everybody that we can easily go back much easier. Go backwards in america ford to push forward to have significant progress. They does not get eroded much much much harder to do so to see people. Just kinda like you know yada yada yada when something happens because this is what gay people you know is is is it's very disappointing and i know that's just part of privileged. I now is not a specific black name but for me personally is more disappointed when his black people in my ass because we we experience oppression. We have the tools to be like i did. I'm going to look at this other person and that's why. I don't believe that people are impacts. People are mostly practicing impact empathy selectively but they're not actual impact because you can look at another person suffering suffering and just be like well. It's not me fucking and and not see the parallels to your own plight. I just don't know how you get by in life. Like how do you even how you swallow your tongue. You know what i mean like anyway. Ask one kay ivey who was a high qualified high quality woman. According to donald trump apologized for her black face skit k. obviously the alabama governor governor who donald trump things they how qualified quality he said just before boarding a plane rain <hes> <hes> the other day comments came when reporters asked for his response to cause for resignation at their radio recording of her talking about about a black face skit where was in that she was in while she was at auburn university researchers last week. What i don't know much about it. I just had seen something over the wires but she's a very high quality one. Okay avi very very high quality woman. I can tell you that and i know she apologized. Trump said some in alabama lawmakers a c._p._a. Officials caught on avi to reside at the recording became public auburn's first black student hair franklin also weighed in that is past for her to admit it starting point and she changes. I hope yeah and yeah. She says she didn't remember the black face skit but if they have a recording of it with her husband making jokes about it. It must be real. She's but she would not be resigning. No zero two hundred nine. I dunno people mustache you you had some type of conscience but how would she be republican if she did that. Come on guys but yeah now is pretty terrible house pretty terrible all right. Let's see how much time we're gonna live okay. We got some time <hes> thing. I will actually. I want to talk about in this segment thing. I'm actually going to do some l._g._b._t._q. News talk <music> yeah <music> <hes> up. I wanna ask you that. I wound alone and <hes> and you have the end with me own and run on a phone. Well now did him and now if you want to let me show left me off all right time for l._g._b._t._q. Taking news guys got a few articles talk about <hes> how high school students forced to change out of l._g._b._t._q. Pride shirts yes. We don't promote that here according to a number of students from martin county high school and as kentucky home of mike the two of their l._g._b._t._q. Indiana i can never remember think he's indiana. I don't know one of them want him. Gay hayden sakes into the l._g._b._t._q. Peers arrive to school on friday where shirts red queen queer and lady lesbian to represent their identities however everything's quickly took a turn school staff approached the freshman to tell them that apparel was not appropriate. The administrators told them that they had to change because their shirts we're a disruption it and then we don't promote a student who has to go by the pseudonym jessica to prefer to prevent further disciplinary action tells yahoo lifestyle now jessica allies in junior and senior classes are banding together to fight on behalf of the l._g._b._t._q. Students who are trying to earn respect and tolerance within their school community wanted students who war war start hasn't come out to their family. I cannot name the student wearing the shirts because some of them are not out to their families and would like to stay private but they still all to hell yeah they still want to help said a senior named lily van cise jessica ads after i was told about the situation i immediately started figuring out what i could do to correct the situation vast jessica and another student going by the pseudonym stacy. Tell yahoo lies down. They all were extremely upset with the initial explanation give it to their peers and why they were being forced to change change their shirts but when jessica stacey went directly to the school's principal to speak with her about the issue on monday they received another disappointing response the administrative state it to us us. The students were forced to change because administrators were worried for the dangers of the students and did not want to hear of any students coming back saying they were being bullied elite. That school was not a place for children to express the sexual orientation stacey says i'm the kind of the conversation we were told multiple times it just playing words with that man was not appropriate. Britt business school is like we know this. Environment is one you will be bullied for being out so we're gonna force you to go back in the closet. Is it for your own protection because we're not we couldn't possibly <hes> try to do anything to get other students to leave you alone act right and host oh seminars and teach people yeah. That's the thing we always do though we use like the fear of combat like this this paternal protectionism protectionism of people that's not true is really about getting the rain thing get you take the shirt off and they weren't back with no no no no. It's really for your benefit. Because are you going to get bullied. Let me tell you if you are a kid. That is eligible take you you are gonna get bullied and it ain't a certain they made it happen. Come own if anything you might be showing like in this case. Don't wear shirts actually got them to have allies on their side. That was like not we'll fight on your behalf you know because because that works it works that way as well but none of these kids is going to be able to <hes> none of these kids are doing this in a vacuum not not until basically you're saying we don't we don't we don't wanna fucking whining and complaining so take shut off right because when you give it's going to be off all basically that's what you tell them the children she she went on to say that the principal argued that destroys violet take some of the dress code at cost but no harmful words or terms when jessica and stacey press for more resources for the l._g._b._t._q. Students within within school like its own gay straight alliance so that the word queer lesbian wouldn't be viewed as controversial. They were allegedly shutdown. Yeah they sold the students. Were like well. We can take steps to make it. We educate our fellow students. Also the word queer and lesbian don't have to be bad words. <hes> like like queer. I do understand that can be used as a slayer. We've seen it use as a slur <hes> before <hes> but wouldn't wine when you calling yourself that and you are community is different <hes> forget what dave said. That's not true <hes> when you when you're in that community you can call yourself whatever and then also so <hes> if you said like what was what was lady lesbian or something like what was what was so bad about that one like. Let's say you think queer as a bad word. Okay geico you. You're not up on that. What was so what's the what's the bad harmful message in cali self a lesbian lady lesbian yeah well. How's that a slur lesbians the term they don't matter you said a word yeah so <hes> uh-huh yeah marin county schools didn't respond to requests for comment however superintendent larry james donald local station w. y. Mt any miscommunication actions were resolved. We definitely do not do not want any restaurants to feel like they're discriminated against. It hasn't been was what are we talking about right. Under under students said we want the administration to really treat others equally because we want the ability to express identities just like the students who wear trump apparel religious apparel or confederate flag. I know we are in a rural christian republican community but we won't tolerate. Azures aren't hurting anyone. It's fair that because the staff has starting believes they trees three students differently as scare them into not speaking out. We want justice now see that shit is what i'm talking about. You got kids come to school and other shit but what this but those aren't harmful so make america great again not a harmful message anybody right confederate flag not harm today anybody because it was the rule. It wouldn't be tolerated allocated for that shit either right like you tell by how you how you how you enforce. The rule is how you tell me what's real is like twitter right. We don't want any white supremacist on here about about okay cool so these are the words white supremacist us. Get those accounts out here. Whoa whoa we can't do that because we data. We didn't know kicking off some g._o._p. Senators and okay what you said. I mean you be kicking off some white supremacists. That just happened to be <music> cylinders side g._o._p. Allies furnaces problem not oh but now you can't do it right okay so we're gonna shut down. People saying dan were well. Everyone getting kicked off. Say the word black people using it. <hes> black people can use it not on twitter. We gotta be fair. We gotta do this right so you can't kick off people that utilize premises words 'cause they might be a politician. You can't kick are black people. They use nigger as a term of endearment hear me for what reason why that's the difference you know. I feel like that's what happened at this school <hes> anyway terrible <hes> and and i'm glad the only ray of sunshine in this is the students don't cells and allies students the students that actually have empathy of of stepping up and be like this is wrong and also one beautiful thing about age you live in now chosen powerless this so many avenues business so many resources there they didn't have before so now you attacking a student body and they've educated so don't you think they've seen the park lynn <hes> teenagers yeah now these teenagers this organiz and done done these great. Things and people have mimic damage. She let it with a oh. We're not going to deal with that what we're gonna do. We're going to get together protests do it. We got to do so you're talking to. You're not talking to a dome student body did with this bow down to give them and i know we talked about dave chapelle uh-huh ad nauseam yesterday and i'm sure there are some people that probably felt away about that or whatever <hes> but it's you know you clicked on our my face right. We can say we want <hes> but this is part of the reason that is just jokes. Okay doesn't cover wing your mocking l._g._b._t._q. People right because we're talking about a crisis his of kids being picked on and literally suicide. I._r._a.'s out to you know just got high <hes> <hes> harassment rates sky high and an environment where you have an administration so antagonistic toward them with policies and erasing the protections that they had instituted under the obama administration that says hey you can't fire someone one for being trans well now you can so we're not talking about as society where we say oh everybody gets picked on and i'm just making these jokes because everybody gets the same. Everybody doesn't get it to say and also you don't pick on everybody. They japan pick on everybody. Know comedian does inconvenient says as lion. Any fan of defense comedian for that is lying. They're lying to you. Know one picks on everybody. Equally they have a point of view you and it typically is one that they espouse in real life unless they're playing a character on stage most of the time they're like i believe shit. I'm saying and i'm gonna find a way to make you laugh about the things i believe so it is a weird dichotomy to exist whereas like i find him laughing at a <hes> trans people talking about grabbing genitals and and all this i find that hilarious and also at the same time <hes> <hes> man. I wish these trans kids. Stop killing themselves. I wish these kids stop picking on. What jokes do you think they're picking on with. You know we have a <hes> do with a platform like that that we know. His shit goes viral. We know that his his commentary becomes a thing in a cultural zeitgeist. Who do you think is hearing and relating back. You know like i know people think about that shit anyway. <hes> t._s._a. Is pressuring transpeople in a shorter genitals before they can board a plane. <hes> september fifteen twenty seventeen olivia stepped into a full body scanner at fort lauderdale hollywood international airport when she stepped out a female transportation security administration officer approach approach on the scanner screen was an outline of human body with a groin highlighted the officer told alleviate that because it's something to scan had to take the pat down be necessary as a transgender woman livia thirty stakes that faced additional scrutiny before although the cages of manual starts at a checkpoint have been enough to assure the t._s._a. Officers that there wasn't a weapon or explosive hidden in in her undergarments. This encounter t._s._a. Was very different at the padding donna livia testing our hands voice wasn't residue. The officers said that she still couldn't clear olivia livia border flight and that a further search would be required liberals led to a private room where she said out the pattern her hand out a live his legs over her growing. I told her if the issue you is what you have to let me tell you what that is is. My penis said libya who agree to be interviewed. Only issue identified her middle name because she fears people were treated differently. They know she's transgender soon after three other officers all them women and at least one of them a supervisor edinburgh t._s._a. Rules require passengers be searched by officers of the same gender at the present but according to livy the t._s._a. Supervisor told her that she had to be patted down by mail officer. After libya refused accused be searched by men and officers started because he was standing to assert she could not border fly. It would be escorted out of terminal. She started crying and pleading with dialysis. Can i just show you. She recalled recall asking them the t._s._a. Officers are suppose allow passengers to remove the undergarments but libya said ops is in the room were did not object to live with her ruffled black and white scar underwear. We're down to her ankles. Olivia was cleared to go to a gate <hes> the t._s._a. Can then you got to do that. <hes> as humiliating as it has to be you know even if your decision right even if you just get to a room by the same people same gender as you go all right pull out your fucking genitals. We need to look animal adam. That's already humiliating period then. You had this extra level of it <hes> in south. They don't really have anything in place right right right right or they violated what was in place because they say same genders you present and then when we got a man to come here so they clearly didn't give a fuck about the a policy or no it well enough to understand extended a problem propublica reviewed the policy publicly available complain data from not t._s._a.'s website ask as tragic travelers to provide account today experiences at airport checkpoints the review which covered civil rights complaints filed from january twenty sixteen eighteen april two thousand nine hundred ninety found that five percent or two hundred ninety eight complaints related to screening of transgender people even though they are estimated to make up slightly less than one percent of population so you have a much higher so basically the math is if you are trends you have like five times higher right of getting stopped than someone. Who was this this because you only represent about one percent of the population yu-gi-oh five percent of the check for five percent of the issues. Are you like us. Hey we got pulled you over to talk to you. That's a yeah you probably go through t._s._a. Nervous i'd never i now fairness my own. Privilege never had really thought about this. The the idea of that body scanners thing the t._s._a. And i never thought about your what if your trays and somebody's like you know now. You've got a whole another level attention. I'll be thinking about being black or having a beard or my wife haven't natural hair and shit and yet is this another fucking level of humiliation and and astros as it happens and you know many of us. Take it for granted. You know meanwhile t._s._a. Don't stop shit t._s._a. Is not stopping terrorist attacks life life. You know what i mean like t._n._t. Essay is basically a glorified. You know just they might as well wave a magic wand over you you you know so yes. That's horrible <hes> anyway <hes> some horrible news today. I'm sorry but we gotta talk about it and i know for me. That's one reason why when we go through the t._s._a. Our yoga pants. Nobody no matter the weather because <hes> what i realize that the tide of your clothes when you're poofs you normally don't have that issue right but if you have the other ones right will feel is probably going to flag something right in his fucking ridiculous as long as you 'cause after they do the thing and be sure you got no explosives issue like natura funny the interaction she in thin like that lily should be ended the interaction maliki ober book. He's making the rounds. Look grand opening. Grand closing may doesn't such as fast and sad story allegedly. I don't know how we'll find out how through it is eventually i guess but he originally came out as a striker came out and quotes as a straight man who is attracted to women and doesn't differentiate between incision transgender women and grandpa's to actor who <hes> <hes> yes no from new york undercover in empire and tyler perry movies. <hes> says he was a video of a man. Dan who was picked on by other black men <hes> who the man apparently was dating transforming and so the other men were filming themselves like mocking him calling him names and all kinds of just you know horrible homophobic transphobic shit as how the captain under it a bleak elvis has attention black and all men. This is not okay in all caps. There's video is another heartbreaking example of the homophobia. Transphobia hatred hypocrisy. We as black folks black men particularly have to name face and call out and do do the work to heal. This is exactly why i will be at trans march on dc healthy no workshop call love and trauma. The trans experience september twenty december twenty nineteen details to be his name is my res res willoughby twenty year old baby who killed himself from an apparent drug overdose after his girlfriend left left him due to abuse clearly evidence in his video. This young man was confident in his choice to love who loves but the uninformed around him having been taught by us. They love is love and acceptance of trans loves okay and bully has nothing to do with masculinity or heterosexual behavior ultimately his mental and emotional health was not intact enough and the fragility agility of his life as he saw it was too much to bear oftentimes. This type of shame ridicule can lead to the murders of women of the trans experience. That's true not okay clearly. He didn't get the support of his peers who that toxicity eagles masculinity and humanity <hes>. I know almost at the break i'm still a i'm almost that being a real man means we must disrespected demean those that find themselves attracted to women other trans experience the fact that he was trans attracted attracted presumably meant that he had no safe-space to go to five support he needed to navigate the love of a woman of the trans experience in a world. That constantly tells you you're wrong. Trans people deserve love and respect as do those of us that love them. I love all women and count myself among like those that find themselves trans attracted and to felt the self-imposed shame that comes with that true but it's time to speak up. It is not about genitalia a._s._x. But about attraction to the solar humanity of individual often a beauty that is in the courage and conviction to live on truth as self identify dentis is head or sexual man i to learn what it means to be. Trans attracted many of us famous otherwise they have struggled with tonight attractions so we did nothing this must change and then the prayer hand emoji all right so new section. We're back. <hes> a lot of people were of course applauding him for bringing attention to the issue. <hes> you know it was cool to see you know people so that we're like yo you know. Finally you know black man is not afraid to admit this <hes> because so much of the one one on one hand is also a huge problem that you have black man being the ones that kill the most marginalized endangered people within our community which trans women of color so a lot of times people to kill them. Look they're men. They're they're black men so to see somebody so vehemently be like yo we have to stop this mocking and belittling these men won their fragile and they may abuse or kill will a trans woman because they been mocked by these other men right then in this case he killed himself <hes> via drug overdose or whatnot i. I don't know if it's intentional or not but you know people are basically being like yeah. This dude is dead and his people were the dues as opposed to support and love love you was out here. Call him names and mocking him and all this type of shit so you know and they thought it was funny. You know which wise not just jokes just that's why is not just jokes. I'm sorry to be the fucking party pooper on shit but that's why the fuck is not just jokes man. So what were these jokes dan. I'd easiest jokes too. I guess you said on stage and netflix is cool. You know what i mean like. It's just it's why people aww fuck with those jokes man. I'm sorry to be that person but it's kind of like it should be obvious to everybody but some people don't like. I said everything is a thing a lot. Lot of people don't have so you know at the hearing that i thought reading now say yeah for that like right has off like not too many people braving admit that and then also not too many people <hes> calling out the community on that not too many people about men grand opening grand closing less than twenty four hours later he it was revealed that he may have done this would alterior motive because why and transforming <hes> came out and claimed that he should not be praised because she. She said he paid her for sex. Watch was still a teenager own new york. Chow sex abuse law means me will have to face the music excited burst a lot of folks bubbles mariah lopez ebony row in a facebook post on sunday without offering proof with claims the post probably went viral and has been shared hundreds the times <hes>. I don't know what proof you be able to offer but you know i like. I said i hope is not true. As with all this shit i never never hope i of the two horrible choices when somebody is accused of something like this out of rather somebody be accusing him or something that has not true then for this to have happened. <hes> you know like dwight howard where it turned out to be like oh persons gamer and shit like i rather that happened then see what happens when israel but you know and of course that wasn't a criminal thing. I don't think i can't remember what personality accused <hes> dweider but august twenty six jehovah posted a video tonio maris look what i just rage out. It was not until a week later. The media allies began to take notice so he actually had okay he had actually said this last week and nobody said anything so social media use criticize y'all before his admission but many kane the fans appraiser actor that avenue made the startling claim that the new york undercover act to pay for almost twenty years ago when she was a minor his admission to me and sexually attracted to translate trans woman is bound to open the doors box for him not because women are trans but because many of the trans women he engaged in sexual exploration exploitation with on fourteenth street times square <hes> elsewhere where minors including myself she wrote avenue visited yoga assisted a yellow we drive around new york city's meatpacking district looking for sex workers who were black trans girls. She said she remembered the day she found out he was interested in her. You always remember celebrity. Clients is like time slows down. You remember very detailed blood pounding. He was q. f. alight. Don't get me wrong but i'm sure he knew what he was doing was wrong. She recalled balik. Pay me to do as a thirteen sixteen year. Old wasn't doesn't love his ignoring that i was clearly. A child prostitute wasn't love everyone out to allege the actor bag for protected sex and was sure that she was not the only only ed eight sex worker he had been with that was his love budget caps and spell it out for trans women over the where was his love for transplant the last twenty years where his girlfriend's something tells me i'm not the only one who's got dirt on this individual also tells me didn't just up and decide to come out. He was pushed capital not to make a fool yourself supported him and his message. I'm sure i'm not the only trans person who was a minor when maliki over i loved them. She continued as of monday morning. Yoga has yet to comment on the allegations so i don't know what else is coming from that but man that was like a like a dope story. Wow i can't believe you do <hes> you know really just didn't just come out but you know as trans. He says trans attracted. I don't think there's extra ah didn't come out that but he also was like you know shame on these people that are here really look at this problem. We have within the black community enam within like forty eight hours like oh never mind <hes> all all right now. Let's well surely do <hes> you know. Let's get outta here. Does it all right labor day labor day. You know our anniversary. We gave you guys a show anniversary anniversary breakfast yeah my day we're preach yeah and and before we leave <hes> continue to say time went by so fast because they don't feel like seventeen years it was just me not definitely not found floundering fine when you lose count like me when you lose count mel gibson carries asem russell through malibu mel gibson leftist god's clay more at home in this day out there for more nimble sword when he said off of malibu to sixty three zero braveheart i i was seeing saturday afternoon had malibu coun county mark recreate the movie was happening here which movie braveheart yeah i guess while clutching in a hilton with toys samurai sword when i- braveheart didn't add down the sorts along with japanese cutlery gives him sporting a distinguished greybeard gibson. If some was also near the annual malibu chili cook also as possible to semi one by one of his children at the proper carl h how can win a sword at in a carnival. We're okay with that. What did i turn in mickey mouse going. We're okay with that. Here's a dangerous weapon. Chowed out have fun. I bet it was five thousand tickets gives him welcome to the lars with his girlfriend. Rosalind ross january away twenty seventeen man. I'm telling you man you raise like that. These young women do not give a fuck. They're like i can get a piece of his old man's. There's coins. I'm about to about one these babies. I'm a busted wide open like the thing about busting it open for mel gibson adam taste. We heard so why why are we were hearing those tapes. There was another person that listened to the same things we are talking about. I fucking kill you. Are you in a rose garden. I hope you gave fucked by packing niggers. I'll be getting raped while we were listening to that going. Oh my god. This dude is horrible. Some woman out there listen going. Oh my god take a little break up all right changed. I can finally get so mel. Gibson seed okay is passing it out out like the farmers market okay and i'm going to get the rest of my life all right don't care. He got mad baby mamas ryan healy he they did a long before i will be yeah. Yeah male has seven to seven children with his first wife then he has a daughter. Lucia luzia daughter named lucia with the russian musician scanner gregory over <hes> gregoria are grew. Yesterday he looked he look to be trying to stay under the radar as he was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cat while crossing the street into the popular shopping center the also appear to be in great shape at the folks in on itself self last year at work with a fitness coach in australia <hes> revealing the regimen during an interview last year. We don't under- okay the mel gibson non-racist racist walking. The streets would soar because that's okay. That's the world we live in your the luck out there to everybody not wild our our talk the isleta until next time i love you.

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Black is the New Black-Episode 110

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51:59 min | 1 year ago

Black is the New Black-Episode 110

"What's up everybody blacks new black besides as you weren't Benjamin Manson Sorry for doing a show for a while. My kids were sick Taylor. Our somewhat sick for a little while life happened and right now. I'm trying to get this water bottle. Life hadn't so what are the do besides? Sorry for the wait. You wouldn't that a little way mixed Saturday Taylor standing all podcast got SARS. Mad Cow Disease Right. Don't know what the corona viruses like. I'm not just don't don't know s something else. I'm not talking about like I saw someone Look at the back of a I think. A lifestyle can has corona virus in our own trying to poison as like deep. You do not use the Internet. Just look don't Internet right. I will talk with them for years Internet before you post that online. Internet is looking at a comment sections in mean. This is really easy to look these things. No it really isn't as only for two things ain't for looking shit up memes and comments all you gotTa do is look it up and you would see what this these comments. Yep GotTA gotTA gotTa get these weird conspiracy theories and really bad opinions off in the Commons. It Yeah Las Oh we missed a bunch of stuff that we didn't talk about. So which one star with I guess we could start with you. Know the big stuff. And then onto the little sparse. News Cocoa Watchmen. We both have. I finally watch watchmen yes That was excellent home. I here's I'm looking. I'm looking at that show from two different space. I'm looking at it. As somebody. Who knows watchmen and watched it? I thought it was a really good show like ours. My issue with it is from a casual fan point of view. I think that show for some people as a hard sell because I think there are certain even though they do in. Show do some explaining. I think there are things you have to have prior knowledge of so when someone the show comes back around rafter the themes around you have to know some of this so yes but I don't think to show ever went in with the idea that we need to necessarily lead to necessarily rope in new fan or not but ZANU. Pf people aren't fans are GonNa Watch the shows. I'm just saying like young people who don't have any experience in in universe. 'cause they don't explain. Don't really explain so perspective. I suspected Silk Spectre they tell you she would silks back here but they don't really explain Silk Spike. If you're if you're not a comic reader I'll say this. Watch the movie no readable. No but some people aren't going to do that if I'm like I'm not gonna I'm not GonNa well see the aren't GonNa do the issue that comes with that is the is a continuation of the book. I know not the Marta. Stand there but we have the note that people are not going to read. They're going to go now kicking screaming. I'M NOT GONNA go on again but Berman. Say the same thing about marvelous shit that that's not gonNA work everybody. You're not feeling like people aren't GonNa read them. Shits looking that guy's hat got just told somebody at work a guy. I work with watching. He's not a common but reader and she'd have life. I understand your questions again. You need to go read the book which is going to give you the full thing. The movie left some stuff out. But at you'll have context for certain sheet watching the movie that you wouldn't have four certain not not not no frogs. Like because the there is no squid. There's no interdepartmental psychic squid. But again if you're not going to read it before you got the Gulf War I guess or or you could just do it. Everybody doesn't read read a wicky. Read the WIKI WATCH. A Youtube explained over there because I feel like Arnold there are several not that the movie is bad. It's just not it takes. It takes certain liberties that probably shouldn't have been taken. I understand why they were taking. Yeah and also understand that the tire not doing an inter. Dimensional squid monster. Like I understand that you don't think about it. If it were made now still did they would do the squid. Actually I actually still think they would do. The squid actually actually well. Here's thing I understand like. I don't actually have a huge issue with being the nuke thing off. It didn't have a huge issue with that. I didn't have an issue with that. It's just 'cause like narrowly. Speaking the new fits it more. So why don't I don't really have an issue with that because it fits? But it's watchmen so I'm dislike. I know again. If you're a stickler for you know shit being saying Kubilay I didn't have an issue. I guess that makes me a fucking playable. Whatever I mean it. It didn't ruin the movie. I JUST REMEMBER. Oh it was supposed to be honest. And why it's so he's just not gonNA drop an inter dimensional psychic squid year. That would actually make the context of the movie and I wouldn't miss it in the context of the movie but a very much enjoyed the show. I enjoyed that in Manhattan and being a black man. I here's the I also enjoyed being actually a physical like person. Not just being A. Cg thing what. He was physical person in the movie. He was played very well. No men he was a there was a physical actor. But if you go back and look into move all that's not found him sitting there for like it like I noticed yeah like TV show were due at brass tacks. He's a guy who painted them. Blue Yeah I mean I okay. Yeah I enjoy to end were purposely not telling you ending you should definitely go watch it But I enjoyed well shit. I ruined demands Batman. But I mean if you're in the nerve verse have been on the Internet. You've probably seen pictures of him. Being believes I also something that this showed the bar for and I think every other adaptation adapt and one is not so much attention but any show that markets were going to be diverse. Or we're going to include people that are just white males of this show. Did that better also again like Bob. Inciting which you this show is having diverse also chock-full away. Yes but they are. The are the crux of if no no. That's the it at all. You could put a hundred guys and and see if they're not all the crux love. It don't have an issue. Nama not mentioning that But like even the crux of this is the Tulsa Black Wall Street bombing. And if you don't do you know how many people did not like I was. I was actually surprised when my brother asked me. Yo that really happened. You're you're acting. As if like the average public schoolteacher ditch. I don't even remember where I learned that learn has learned about the Dole actually probably Nah. I probably learned in Cali as an adult. You technically an adult eighteen. You can die. Military assets fucking adult can't smoke anymore with that. This was before that fucking if you can go to prison for life you asked us a fucking adult you can go to prison for life and fifteen depending on what the fuck you listen to. You. I'm sure you have grown asthma. You A fucking adult I'm sorry we w from a glance thing we can see everybody. Damn you're talking about big. I'm sorry for the longest. Putt but I 'cause I think with with this one am GonNa compare it to like well. I'm not going to appear to one. But this is watchmen up but I mean like narrative is is actually like negatively. It's totally different. Yes it is and I like the way. It's focused on the characters. In why they are why they are and bringing sting's full surfing freak thing fools and also shout out day little lit up. That's how you say. Linda Linda Linda off. I know he gets shit on the way laws which isn't entirely his fault because they wanted to in that show long time before they were able to actually Shout out to him for doing this and being like no. We're not doing this season to angle beano season two. This is what you guys say. This don't don't don't speak too soon about that shit ain't GonNa have. You won't be involved you we both know. Hollywood fam- well here's his. Here's what I'll say. Hbo Is Good for what they do. Their premium top of the line television. Hbo is very good at ending things. When they need to be in I you. There is also a company that served to make money. So yeah but they've been like that like forever like the wire didn't go longer than any. Game of thrones didn't go longer than needed Supreme Well Apprentice a whole different story. Well I don't think soprano along in no but it didn't. It didn't end as well as I should have but I don't think it went longer than it needed to segue but like I'm personally I'm I'm not upset. Ain't word for enact that Syria but like I had a more of a problem with the Crown I did with the game of thrones. I'm like really just going to. Yes yes yes I. People Are. Big Game thrones ending was an ending. It thank you not some like amalgamates elite. They had the courage to have a fucking exactly. Now you might not like the ending. It's whatever but had the courage to give you. It was an Indie. The spread is a cop-out. That's what the foot and also I can justify everything that happened in local. Listen we've been areas? We've been through this like you might not like it but negatively it makes sense. I've never seen something happened on this scale whereas like so the story has been telling you this for a really long time but because we as a fan of been watching this show and been in a case of wish fulfillment and what we want to happen with that. It's a poisoned our brain. The only problem I had is the writing to get to that point. Selloff considering it but that that's a that's a that is a thing that we could agree discussion about what these people are mad about. Isn't that though? Yeah Man yes. They're mad at the outcome. The outcome I feel every link everything to happen in the ending negatively headed concrete like anchor for narrative. Lay also kinda showed the Lonzo they did they they definitely showed Damaris yet in that room yet longtime ago yet. But you know y'all literally. They threw a baseball attitude. Is Green that? Listen look this is going to beat it. The only like to ride the writing in got kinda stupid But they four shout four five seasons ago dead now the nearest would never done. She would stop it. She definitely would stop. They'd been showing that he would do that. Stop other other other problems with the writing and pacing these. Yes does he. In the end they left a lot of story lines just dangling to win but but it is not to the level that you motherfucker know especially you gema thrown youtube people. I have an issue with these motherfucker but I'd Alley Ashish Leg I don't WanNa get into. There's lacking I can point out with segue right back. So walks watchmen excellent one of the best shows of last year last year. So why so watchman What else did we Miss The mandatory? I've caught up on Netflix. That's gotTA. I've watched the first episode about that. Dan I watch Brad Okay. I had I had this. Keep super focused have been watched the fucking. I have that issue with things as well so Let's see what else Finland if you like game affirm if you like Vikings you will love this if you like complex characters if you like violent coming of age stories that I want some shade Certain individ- l- man. I enjoy my favorite enemies are showing some some young. This is going to grow. So it's going to be horrible to edit because he will sit on all this why somebody needs me grow up like not everything is going to be. I don't everything to be the lie when I post yesterday. Just allow me like like people talking about in terms of anime. What what conducive. The stood the starting off slow. And I'm like so anything that doesn't anything that's not shown in star slow and doesn't have like boombastic action in all for five episodes. I'm GonNa give you all spoil won the second half of this season a my hero academian. Those type of people were not gonNA like because it goes back. This land could be me. There's it's it's very game of thrones like in the second half not talk about of inland and so it's very I mean it's the whole show is leading to this political political shit happening and It comes ahead and say have you need to watch this last couple of episodes of Fuckin- fantastic and the ending Shouf. It also gives hyphen next season. Yeah yeah now. If people didn't like this as doors finiance older it become less about this kind of stuff. Yeah but I've read the Manga. Probably GonNA liked what the rest of the I mean. The next season should be really good at it. Stops being so much about him? Being what the words Finn is he eventually grows up and stops being so goddamn mean also. There are people there who complained that beserk has too much talking. So I'm just like I don't whatever which yes between killing. Giant does have a lot of dialogue. Because it's not a shot but you can't it has to explain and talk about characters like but you can't do the dialogue that like solid movers and some dog's name. I've had discussed before in our group and we can. We can have a year. Drawing Mosey has poisoned the mind of a lot of anti American anime fan in the sense. That like me and you we grew Miami. We watched Jeremy Zeba. We also was you hawkish. Ghanem wing like we cowboy bebop like those. Were someone first enemies. I saw I've had discussion before like I. Animal themselves get a Robo late but I. I watched other older anime before I even got the shown and again because I'm I'm in that demographic I love showing him but I I was exposed anime through not shown and I and then became our guest get a robot were shown them but like one of the first animal there was Jack Multi focal going on aggregate. But like what are also did was like okay like this. Well let me go watch this. Let me go watch this. Let me diversify what. I'm watching because what ended up happening to allow these people is. They thought drying Z. Was the benchmark of shall I all of enemy in shown they only know a certain type of storage structure that they can like and Drug Mosey story. Structure is bad blake. It's it got worse as it went on. It got way worse as it went like go back and actually watch very much because I did this. A couple of go back and watch and see how the story gets progressively lazier and Lazier and drags itself dragged itself. Because I will say up until the Cell Games it was well written after the Cell Games. Do it stopped. Being is making sits like characters entire personalities chains because Toriyama wanted certain things to happen like it got worse like the even the the the importance of super saying became less and less and less until the point where children could do an animal win like that. That was literally a thing to happen. Children did it on. And even if you if you WANNA stay in a show shortage armor like I'm not somebody I'm not going to downplay the Impact Dragon Ball Z and on the fringes. Downplayed my issue even in the shonen genre after Dragon Ball Z. Right at the same time. I'll just use another again. You you can have your issues with this individual or you want to like if are shown in storage zone. Togashi took that shit to another level. Hundred hundred yeah you. The liberals excellent even though Takashi one hundred still I guess going let me just for example of how the stores did look at how honnor began give began more so like your typical shown nigger fuck. It is looking at the the succession. We're looking to fuck. We are now. That probably will never see the end of We'll probably never took gosh. If you're listening to never go back surgery we will never see the success. I WanNa know what happened with Iraq. Nick we will never see the dark continent. Don't say that this is back in Twenty Twenty Nemo Them I Heroism lead people. Got A hair. Say Homes Sir. Oh those shoes he could anywhere you know weighing gooding began. Like that's why I stopped myself But I look different showing. I'm just like and again like purposes with like Full McClellan saga is. Not even a shown you know. The criticism of villain saga from his pants enemies season. I saw that a lot like classifies. I fell asleep. How what why did you fall us? Understand between thors cutting someone half was it between Doors fin killing the fuck out of like what did it couldn't always be that that's not what this is the thing that's not. That's not even anime. You like can't even how they are so I I don't even get and here's the thing for the Germans evenings mostly one dollars I do you know how. Many goofy as filler absolute. We'll go who for no reason. Goku and Piccolo learn to drive. That's literally like a three episode arc for no reason like none but like that's supposed to not bother me but I hope to Levinsky somehow boring Amaechi Fall Asleep speaking of born Dragon Mosey things That game The camera yeah. I mean I guess trash 'cause come on. The Yard is Dominos. E Fans y'all get which auditor fighters drag fighters is excellent as an excellent finding. It cackle ride. Y'All really want to story rehashed. Don't below again. Don't believe in anime game. No no I don't either don't believe in enemy two things you don't believe in you believe in anime games. You don't even games that you turn an enemy to the don't believe in a Prune Wall. I I believe in anime adaptation of will live. Actually before I believe in a game making a good animal I don't game game. Visual novel of the Persona Enemies are not good when those games are slice of life because fading and they said Yes which. I can't even with allergy with them but also persona especially in game realm prudent fucking but but does it translate the same. It really doesn't. It would translate the same if you gave me. I don't hear anybody say anything but the persona intimate still going. I understand that Tomlin's watching it but somebody mayawati watching. I don't know what I could. Here's the thing when it was on a game late persona forehead persona four so four golden persona for dance persona there was like six games found out again about that five royal sort of five rumble. Dance game like they make a lot of money. Yeah kept on. How unprofessional is you know what I'm just GonNa make him added this. I'm GonNa make this edit this whole thing suavely. It'd be let him know. How did this whole okay? It's fixed all one eight. He added that out man. Look at to make sure my wife was okay. I'm just saying I was going to be here in the House with a strange man by herself. Mainly about tell me that. I watched too many unsolved. Can you jam? You've told me that story came rolling today because I would have been there but regardless What else what else have you caught up on my hero? Get Him I have not. I've heard good thing but I'm I'm watching. I'M GONNA get I'M GONNA get back into the night was little your. I have started okay. Well I'm Benjamin. Discover the yeah. It's good I watched be stars. I did I left off from episode two or three before the house. I'm on episode. Seven or eight seven. It's very good. Is One of those shows. I talk about day. I don't I don't mind animation because what's happening on. Screen is interest animation. Actually is really good for what it is yet. against it's well done for what it is Like it's not. It's not distracting not bad. It's like somebody like remember that. I'm does environmental era that newish Fisher northstar enemy he muscles and everything about CG. Anime sales is in muscles and muscles and missile next had mountain. The niggers neck muscles had neck muscles. And she's like Oh so strong like what like it's Fisa Northstar? How do you possibly get it wrong? I don't know but the thing I enjoy the themes and the ending able to where she's like what you get negative. He's he's like that's not what I was hoping when I got to that because I I didn't go into it with any real actually what it was. I seen the trailers but I didn't know really what it was and I just heard it was good and I got to that shit watching it's A. It's a slice of life scene magazine. Yeah Yeah I got it up on the show with the water yet. What what what what. What comes from animals they would have sex. Furry will love this show. shoot. Like I'm like that's not what he man and also lay. She's a good foot behalf shorter and he. That's Shaquille O'Neal hoops. Going on in this even said that like how much it hurts. Ipod enjoy also the girls picking on her. A horrible be as they are horrible. They are that those people exist. Goddamn they are. Well the chauffeur elaborate six quick up and down the last. What the fuck. It's happening Somebody there's a crime witness I hide your key is but Yeah be starred is pretty good. I enjoy the things. It gives me some. Bodak thrilled because your legacy is so depressed so sad so sad over what I enjoy about it. We all actually know people realize who are like one of these characters And it's like. Oh hero real purse yet like I relate to legacy in ways. I'm not totally comfortable with Am I like this one again because because I wanNA got so far I can only refer to episode Wildlife Becca episode to? We're like he fucking like loses shit and pounds on her engine I'm like. They explained that they explained it pretty well but like I'm not even talking about that. I'm talking about the how they act to depress. Ooh All times all the time like am I imagine that miserable all the like not even net lot. I like that scene episode was it is it. Is he the one or two where they having a conversation but The character who died in the beginning who gonNA replace them and I guess I guess I like. Is he a cat or Brown was he. A cat is like a fucking Boardman. weasel a weasel. No no no no no he. He's a A Ferret yet fear when he almost gave negative dear to fucking the fucking before may specialists. And it's funny. 'cause I the way the way legacy acts then you'll see this without the show. There are so many people who are horrified of him doing his thing Nestle. They should be. They should be but they they shouldn't be key. Personality isn't personnel. His personality is so Introverted that they're they're the scene in the third episode. Where does a fight and like He he tells them do stop and one of the dudes like a Fox and he runs and led to see in his hands right. He's like how can pretend to lose this fight yet. He's straight upset like I'm here. I'M GONNA LOSE HIS. He's he's he's doing that man that math gift in his head like how can I'm bigger? How am I gonNA pretend and like the deer of Gutter Nickname Comes up to him afterwards. And he's like why are you? Why why are you would not pretend not acting like your nature. Yeah like he was I what 'cause he led us he was Iowa. Thanks for cut man. He was right so you wouldn't have to fight so you wouldn't have to lose and like you said that. He's lower beans. Yeah like that is a thing that new squad come on. But that's the thing throughout the show. Um So I'm under so the writing. It shows really do really well written show but his name this the anime you show somebody like yourself who said. I don't watch lots of life. You show them this other animals naked people here you go. I mean there were killed by but I know murden for those I don't know if you've showed it. Oh you say people. That are already like him. Because they don't like anime already episode is GonNa Make Like. Oh you know. There are people who already like anime but don't like select by huge ago. Yeah no snow is right on. Do not show. This is somebody who is now prepared. Is She getting yet? This second episode of our sitting on the couch watching it like when that started. I turned my computer fucking turned to Hindi. All hold on Tomah. This is not what to watch in the middle of the day. Did I get this gives us for that other animated? I won't name. That came out this season. What am the one to? What is it the fuck in The sister fucker not inter species reviewers. That is that remember Apple. I posted a picture sister fucking at both the pitch like they're like some of them are part animal and sit on the longest big Oga. I know some. I've been watching getting a robot series by good anime. You can't watch public Nicholas again one of them was about like in the first couple of minutes of the show. Do Fox's sister or Hema wasn't or he might be that he was just they just fucking since is out. The gate yet. Didn't know warm up. Don't fucking the system right out the gate. It was one of them but it it was. It was easy one who's talking about that actually was real poplar. I didn't know this went there. I thought it was just like a one in the Middle East Guy and she just like no this. Is the mother ship. Fuck we just fucking sisters out the gate but We're not been watching Darwin's if you if you're if you like the whole like not like now that we're in a game anime. Not Not easy guy she like but like you know it takes place in a real world but there is A. There's a game that's going on. Darwin game was really good. Oh Yeah you tell me about. I'm designing ugly his name. I'm going to be going to stay on. I can't enjoy he's got I don't like bad guy and I don't like generic manufacturer fuck out because his Bible the right now so all of them now. All of them are bad. Not Not all of them. The only one that I've been doing it as a first eleven episode sort on all the first eleven man. Here's some animates. You like are technically easy car. Legua back and look at again like it takes place in like an alternate you get transported to a fantasy worlds. I mean technically someone end. Maybe like any watch. It would be good news. A guy on super technically ESCA phone would be yeah. He's a guy like the jar existed before wasn't named Isa transported. It didn't become this thing that it is now mass produced nonsense but like oh going up now Oh my God. I'll watch visit. Ask flown a couple of weeks ago. How does it? How does hold up not not willing to Okay you you can feel the age. Yes it's amazingly am like vision of ESCO phone. The movie is Amazingly animate. It's just like some of the themes and stuff you're like okay this these this would be the theme that are in this. Have been refined. Since then. Yes Real Rough. Death of Ron Edge real real rough real real rough going. Do you could've smooth the corner. Yes you could could've molded this tablet better off. I thought the same about a lot of those hyper-violent nineish number like your metaphor. I watched I watched the video on crying. Freeman last night and I'm like Ivan. What crying Freeman? And I see I see what they were trying to do. A cry for him but it just literally turned in the ninety S. I'M GONNA push your head off with my fist that yes in the little cry at cry crying Freeman. You've got a crappy burden I mean. This is this you have with something. Like fucking devil may cry. Like we've evolved past hyper violence for the sake of hyper violence. Have we feel like we still have it? But at the Athens more I think it's more artistic done sometimes to have other like to have non pretentious of the things she would like cry. Baby doesn't yeah. Yeah you know said That I don't even think of until someone said it is like how many anime villains queer coded like. Oh like I never had never been on and then I'll look back and I was I o o o o o obviously even even even characters from kid shows. Yeah like like you like like Vegas Pegasus Golden Fucking Hasakeh quoted fund. Now I'll give him all the passes because he's he's also a pedophile. He's fantastic. Here's here's a have sex with one child in that fucking Shit. Not One multiple times. Says he wants to fuck a child. No he does not. That is when the name brother was stopped. Fucking planet would be. I'll fuck into. He said he wants to fight him five him. What's Kill Kill? Was He said to him? I WanNa fuck your brother. If you read the actual maintenance on new straight up says I WANNA fuck brother. He's killing killing big looking at him. I I will fucking kill you like. We're not even going to play out of which was funny. He said that like you some bastion of moral high ground and it was a layer. It is his reaction to it because you murdered children. You can't because pretty so. He tries to kill a multiple times but it was funny because like his whole mood in that conversation like they don't WanNa fuck. You're so cool to let your bro. Yes so you can murder newborns. You can't fuck with basically I totally understand saying seal. The whole moves the fucking kidding. Don't play with me. That was exactly. That was more or less. I don't fucking believe me. I'll fucking curious. I mean yeah but like you said that but like who wants like it in his prominent year again. It's still dangerous but like when I just remember that seem beer. Watch beast be stars is really good. Don't again I don before I say don't I haven't. I've watched the first two episodes this of this season and I saw the reaction to allay rebels. Oh I don't know what was going on seventy I've dropped. I've totally dropped. I was GONNA wait till the camouflage and then I saw that anime remember posted. And I'm like this can't be Debbie family family did it came out and I was like. Oh Oh my God what. What is this? It's not even that it's bad. It's incredibly bad is it? Looks like a Middle School of drew especially for. Here's thing if you were to drop that animation in let's say a not even a filler episode like just a part of the episode. That doesn't have a lot going on. That's where you put that part of the budget not this and it wasn't even like that. The whole season don't even watching the system beginning. He was like he didn't always Loyd just went from good to this in a split like this would be like if the Khazar but like for example in the latest episode of Mar here academia. There's a scene where they're walking and you can tell they just Lucht. Yes same thing over and over which I had no problem with because they weren't doing again every every anime whether you like it or not every what the budget is they all skip corners when they came but you know what they didn't skip corners. That three I think it's three three episode. Arc WERE MIRO. Fire overhaul Fat Dumb. That's all the money went when fat gum thought. I forgot who fought and win when Decca Fahd overhaul Satan del for episodes then. Don can win the dime cut. They were like no this nigger. This gotta look good like there was a those times. Meyer academia where animation just looks and they go they go kind of cartooning wit what it would have the drawl less. You can tell. They're taking the budget out of that and pushing it into the net. Hey this big fight. This needs to look like like. I didn't like super but I excuse some of the stuff. They had to do early because they had a whole like fifteen episode. Excuse to look because I don't think you have to draw stick figures that she loves it was also between enemies like the the between original. Dragon Ball. Never looked that bad. That was very different now. The different talk but I- excuse them a bit because Ebola a fifteen to twenty episode. Where you had to go. This is possible super. Just start with that. Nobody gives fuck. Yeah nobody give somebody care like the bill was a movie. Should've started after the movie instead of redoing. This just stupid because I would not be surprised if they re dude abroad is this. Is this the same? Goku got shot but later on he also broadly movies cannon. They've changed broadly or I mean they've taken everyone's origin like the way the World Blue Does Mike. Toriyama wrote it so I'm not surprised. I mean if nobody is I guarantee you if somebody if a staffer wrote dash yet they're not gonNA make a cannon. I mean I don't think I watched about movie thought was really good. It was the best thing I've seen in twenty years like if somebody else writes. Aside one piece. Moving Shit is not Canon. Well yes well that that's kind of why none in the movies or can and none of them are. I believe only one of them were in material and I think which one was it one of the first year the tree alliance and I think the tree life was written by like the one yet a first round me with a tree life. I think would remind him. I don't think any of the rest of them were in my own and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not right through like I'm not y'all just WanNa do a movie cool you makeup villain and put them in this to have you well not this one. But because it's good the rumors coming out in April but like so. Are you GONNA leave? Wash the first episode zero season. Now now. Debbie I left that bad taste in your mouth. I don't have any interests like I'm not saying the reason why you don't beginning. April doggone was that final fantasy seven remake. Come Down Brian Todd. That shit's Sir Sir Sir. I don't got time for at. This is the pinnacle call. Father Fantasy seven remake come. I'm actually I'm going to give the the latest seasons of sorta online a chance. I'm not but I've heard they're good. That's cool hole was the escalation aspiration. Yeah I'M GONNA Watch the first couple of listening here so it's still like I don't even hate his care to. I hate what he became like the first like I know. It's not being that when he's been like that for so long he's he is that because like the show started him. Oh girl were equal and it will like actually. I'm all power. They're not her. She has a giant. And we're GONNA put her in a cage and Raipur multiple ABS. Yes you haven't seen the. That is a thing animates treatment of women again. I the PIN again depending again depending on what? It is in the context of like sunlight. Up like this you can tell what kind of what kind of guy or girl are is writing these things. Yeah if there are. Cell Insert likes online because it clearly is a self self insert. This is me exactly this is mean. I'm the all-powerful Curto. And all I to say this girl so she'll love means Soham. Is SISTER COUSIN. The girls as sisters color. I don't know a believed as no S.'s. Cousin because his actual parents not his but they grew up thinking brothers. My cousin is GonNa Love Me Even and you did you see what I'm saying. I have this right so she sees him and for some reason doesn't recognize her fucking brother and falls in love with him but does always just looks like himself plea always looks like himself even in good gail he do looks like himself. Not fucking here on a non watching. I watched the first couple. It was all because it seemed cool and got stupid and a bit long gun. Gun Shit sounded cool. Death mask sounded cool. And then you you know what? What no hero mask on networks. I thought oh I watched the first call. Bozo as one of those over like the all. This is supposed to be really cool to me somehow. It's really not interesting and it's a shame because it's a really good fucking enemy so Off Top just because I was a I played district and I never will so just Jima gummy. That's it as a walking civil later but it never planning team can't quit go to anybody hasn't you do. I'm by then I'm I'm not looking at you man. I I'm never gonNA play the game so and that's fine that's just doesn't interest me it yet. I see I want. I get what you're saying but like I look like this and while I don't hate Ergo proxy in his saying it makes more sense of Arab like it actually make less use. Actually Yeah what you saw trailers and what you saw like in a little bit data show is only like the first hour to hour. Gadji so like the game itself is a Wong's me. The game itself is convoluted. The game itself is it's a lot of things that me and you both said about it but it's also Kojima so it's spectacular and mads Mikkelsen. Is there an in look? Listen it looks great and I will never stand for any man. Nicholson slander period. Toro's there but COGEMA's his full Kojima but I'm listen. Call me when he produces an enemy. Call me when I was going to happen. Call me. It's happening. No let me know what happens. I watched the fuck out. 'cause it's GonNa Happen. He he had made the most of our game plan as I ain't doing this. Garner while I watch district I watch it if you play the game but no just like I listen. I like Oh proxy. Never Watch again. I like to animate never watch it. I'm just saying Kojima he loved you. Don't watch 'em planner Kojima. Yeah what what what am I? Yeah I'm saying it's nickname brain for what I was thinking. I was saying he was co Nami. Yeah could you sound different fucking how you get those two because he was witkoe? Nami economy saw I just I just I excited to see. Jima gets to do fully unleashed Kajima thing. Listen when he start for the mega anime. I'm on board. I can't wait to sometimes name. If animators anything like genocidal organ give it to me. Put Him of anes. He said he wants to do an animated with the do that. Design on the Metro in zone. The end of the guy's name Chatman. There's there's there's this Zanny it's it's not good. It's really not good at all I enjoyed that game child and then I played the remastered rooms I wanted. I liked this. There's so many things that I'm like. Why did is yours. It's not good it. It looked really cool when I was a key. Play his a Mech but then I went back and played it. I'm like this is not a good game which I say that's still going to live parts. We hang up front too long. But he's thing I know it's technically bad but I enjoy it. I wouldn't say it's bad. No let's tuna on. I mean they are clear technical problems with the anime. Yeah that make. It is marvelous band. I couldn't I'M NOT GONNA argue down. You know it's not it ain't good. When I joke I liked. I liked all the weird. I like. Jegan alike concede ally Ugh away. You seem like double double o and Shit like that you yes I can't think of which have not like my fucking UC fucking fan. I mean I don't give a fuck for me. I don't fuck got face with the tunnel. 'cause I know someone Thomas who really likes his timelines and I'm GonNa fucking these towns. I mean listen I I sent the trailer to hathaway flash him. He's like he's like virtually vomiting because he does he doesn't like the actual store. I just saying I don't care because multiple multiple. He doesn't like the story of it. It's a continuation of light. The first mobile suit none image in his life. I just saying look a trail. And let's fantastic. I'm GonNa Fuck Thomas like good enough. You'd like we're going to we're going to he. He basically said we're both going to like vomit inducing Hate the main characters and I'm like let me get to IT I. It looks amazing. I want to see like one of my favorite. Guns are blooded orphan. I don't give a fuck with Tom on tape. Listen I mean. That's the purpose of the two that that she doesn't big. It was which it needs to be done to make genome is racist Shit. And we've talked about them yet but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the hell out of that. I'M GONNA use a different word for that I have for. You didn't enjoy but also it is really rate like it is incredibly is. It is really fucking racist. Is it shades cry. If you go back and stereotype you WANNA come out for nationalities. It probably is in their Mexican gun with a fucking so Brera to Africans have stripes spears and Shit in countless beers spears. Do Norway has a fucking Viking acts on a call the fucking the wind is gonNA clog shoes. There's a fish gunderman countries day. The German gun wasn't even pilot about Germany Russian gun which is just the Cold War gone. Berko bicker apply had. He had the Batman cough animal. What are the book war and the most the most egregious thing nine race related? The American Horse in the Horse has no rocket first of all that horse with also in bed with the horses done. Do you remember that horse went through the same bodysuit program. Don't talk and he was a his own tears of the Horse. Literally that in his own fucking infuriates me therefore was in the middle of fucking open space with no rock galloping. In fact you what are you pushing off of your space-based serious don't even in just in case anyone missed it. There was a literal horse in a horse. Got Them because I don't care what anime discussion we're having. We will always somehow get back to this. 'cause it's Hilarious is hockey grace's Burr award also in what else I've been I really liked basketball and I watched the first episode about him school. I'm dope Hristo again. It's not it's not Dragon Ball Z with basketball's like quarterbacks so and they acted like ending steph curry. Give up playing basketball. When for Obama's I'M GONNA I'M GONNA shoot just three from out to build this term back. Sit we'll go straight up in a home back. Oh Man Yeah. I haven't watched these. I'm watching that. Oh I heard it was good but it's CG speaking of that. I watched the ghost in the shell. Trailer I will say this. I don't think it looks horrible but I do I do. I do agree with the people saying that like it is kind of a moat. The characters emotionless looking. I don't know I gotTa wait till I actually see for. Make any like like. I hope they're not like done with it. I don't know April. I Dunno with a mini in twenty second year. So I'm not GonNa be like Oh it's going to be You know like I gotTa See. I respect our to do that. She goes I just. You know I get that where we're going animation in terms of like money and time we're GONNA see more. Cg I just WanNa see a better rendered in in in it right into shit. Yeah I mean it didn't look not not not that by something across the board like I just somebody she looks harlow. My someone shows little really fucking based on does but some of it like I've watched a little bit nights of Sedonia is on watch the hero or whatever that was. I've seen a couple of the one. You disowned me. Two zero very right here. I mean it would that offend me. Bad gotta get unites of Sedonia offends me. Yes that's that's really bad so all right. Well I guess that's it because we've known as for Hour Then Guess Listen To be side. There's a horse in-space galloping and it was an actual horse inside that Dunham controlling. Why being sat on by God. That was sunrises attempt at shown a gun and it was amazing. Thank you guys. Erupting burning things

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Waking Up to the Distortion of Racism | Bonus Talk with Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

10% Happier with Dan Harris

10:18 min | 8 months ago

Waking Up to the Distortion of Racism | Bonus Talk with Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

"From ABC. This is the ten percent happier podcast. Dan Harris. Guys this Friday, so we're dropping up bonus we've been if you've been listening. We've been talking all week about the intersection of meditation and race and today we have a really personal story about. Overcoming the impact of racism through meditation. Told in the first person by ZANU earthen manual she is an author poet, as and Buddhist priests, a teacher and an artist. shields a PhD and she's written books. Including one called the way of tenderness. This is a talk taken from the ten percent happier APP. There are many more talks on the APP. If you WANNA, check them out. And here we go Zenji Earth Lin-manuel. Greetings this is. Earth Lin-manuel. When I was deigned as empress I was given the Dharma name Echizen. Which means wisdom ocean at Kyw, complete tenderness Zinj you. At first I embraced the name Acai because I love the ocean. But my teacher told me that the second name is given as the path one to explore. So I began to call myself you in a quest to discover a lived experience of the names essence. What is complete tenderness? It was clear at the beginning of my explorations that I had been hardened by the physical violence leveled against me as a young child, and by the poverty witch. My parents had to struggle as Louisiana migrants raising three daughters in the wilds of Los Angeles. I have been hurt as a child when I discovered that others saw my dark body as ugly. Growing up, I had never been asked who I was I was told who I was. There was no room for self discovery. I was told from a young as that. My life was going to be a particular way because of my dark skin. And, in fact I did experience the struggles of growing up as a black girl child. Based on what I experienced except the story of what was predetermined for black people, filling completely destined for tragedy. I imagine that it would have to fight all my life to get what I wanted out of it. I imagine dying unfulfilled. I believe that I did not have access to the resources for life. And that access to them was being denied or withdrawn by the powers that be. Indeed, the world had structured itself around parents. The way in which I was perceived and treat it dependent on a structure of race, sexuality, gender and class. The perverse power of those structures made my embodiment unacceptable to others and myself as a result I was paralyzed by feelings of isolation in my younger days. Perhaps, worst of all, I came to mistrust my own innate wisdom. By internalizing the judgments of those who felt that certain types of folks are lesser. I Happy Trade Myself. I, had yielded to oppression. Oppression is a distortion of our true nature. It disconnects us from the earth and from each other. In my case I grew bound to feelings of injustice, rage and resentment. I held my life tied in my chest and my body ached with paying for many years. Depression unhealthy relationships dependency on substances to numb the pain and thoughts of suicide where my. To the tension. Meanwhile I spent a great amount of time and money on appearance, education and appropriate, political and spiritual engagement. No one informed me that who I was had nothing to do with the way I appeared to others. In fact I believe that who I was had everything to do with how I appeared to others. Only in the deep silence, a meditation did I begin to disbelieve that I was born only to suffer. Eventually after many years I would come to recognize the root of my self, hatred, both external and internal as personal and collective denial are denigration of the body inhabited. In the silence of meditation I could see that in being an object of hatred, I live my life as an object of everything and everyone. A thing can be dressed up and stripped down depending on situations and circumstances. Denial in a substance was based on being a good or bad object in the view of others. This was not life. To cultivate tenderness, we cannot go beyond the body. We must look our embodiment in the face. We must acknowledge the body and the denigration of certain types of bodies in the world. Only then can. We began to grow tender toward ourselves and others. Now some believed that true happiness cannot exist together with conflicts, strife or paying. Many feel it almost certainly cannot be found amid social struggles related to race, sexuality and gender. Some may believe that the indignation in anger that motivate movements of protests only move us backward or away from what is more, profound alive 's. But. This is not completely correct. If we were to simply walk past the fires of racism sexism, and so on because illusions of separation exists within them. We would be walking past one of the whitest gateways to liberation. It is a misinterpretation to suppose that. Attending to the fires of our existence cannot lead us to experience the waters apiece. Profundity in fact resides in what we see in the world. Awakening from the distortion, oppression begins with tenderness. We recognize our own wounded tenderness, which develops in into the tenderness of vulnerability and culminates in the tenderness that comes with heartfelt in authentic liberation. That first experience of tenderness cry from deep within our own nature. It compels us to seek out reconnection to the earth in each other. As soon as we are born, we began to drift away from our true nature. We aligned with established structures that immediately began to fix our perceptions of others ourselves. Our lives are shaped by this alignment. Falling into line as survival maximalism driven by the suffering that already surrounds us at birth. Once on a long retreat during one of the hours of meditation. My deceased mother came to mind. It was as if she had come to silently. Sit with me. I could not tell her to leave. I immediately began to cry. In that moment I couldn't tell the reason for the tears. It was an upsurge of old pain harbored from the time of our difficult relationship. How could I be? Tinder given my violent past with her. I kept breathing. In Crying Sitting with this vision of my mother. Her face was sweet. She was smiling. She did not appear as the rates filled yet beautiful person to have frightened me when I was young. I opened my eyes to wipe the water pulling between my islands. I have begun to feel real tenderness. Big thanks to send you and we're back on Monday with something. That's really important right now, which is white people talking to other white people about whiteness have a great weekend. We'll see them. There's not a person in America who hasn't been impacted in some way by the coronavirus pandemic, but at every community there are pockets of people who are up every day. This is my. Last Day of seventy stretch. Produce for one of our tenants. These are America's essential workers. The people who are keeping our world moving I've turned into a home school. Mom, now a new podcast from ABC News. You're going to hear from Dallas and their own words. I actually went back to my office on started crime because it's not fair. That, our community has to eat. Thank you, Lauren. This is the essentials inside the curve from the emergency rooms. The police cruiser to the checkout line. You'll hear what this pandemic sounds like to the people putting themselves in harm's way. There's always the risk that I could bring this home to my kids or my husband or my parents. Listen to the essentials inside the curve on Apple. podcasts were favorite podcast APP.

America ZANU ABC Dan Harris ABC News Kyw Los Angeles Louisiana Depression Lauren Dallas Tinder ten percent
Uma auto-imagem forte e positiva  a melhor preparao possvel para o sucesso

Feliz Dia Novo

03:42 min | Last month

Uma auto-imagem forte e positiva a melhor preparao possvel para o sucesso

"Siobhaun phillies gmo. Vo prelacy a jeb. Laura osceola q. Autism vandal jewel jewel. Say sti- bar do the sewer then doodoo so vo jiji on vote. Blinn says only votes. That's fat audio volume wing prager vol- satisfy thought seagate to who sows domes. For so stop the solvent bad. The sound i saw fair gassing faez to be a quoted josiah to accurate data in google separately special meeting swiss bush civilly. Daddy's will see actually. Did he called saggy veto. Job upon the job star julia. Police say no site was you. Am i would jeopardize friend bartha difficult bad except the french infantile essay. Inca gotta be job. Aw aw severe. Boys supply side. Who's it skills at. Bain swing billie jean sep alive. The door does as experience as gucci. That'll stop bill maher so soyuz the view sofa. But i've either the cells amigos. But i'd be the same but iv by his door. Do eddie via apparant bill. The prophesied silva said they would get yours. You brassier phillies is civil. Say they so. The zero phillies a diet. Failures said good at mantova system. They said after the phillies looking for zanu pretty sees us a fatal kennedy signs had been compartmental air to discipline fuzzy to say he was a sodden fuzzy nicholas in squander those this seventy dad's in a if not as bullish quizzes shit on there was in danger to key thing mugniyah. The hip was felt. Get blown away when the initially small lock musset. We'll put you. That would be legit. Bobbing came up to stop being saturday. Vitamin c. We'll put my by to the fisa. Daddy does in asia was a fair. The support is in the sewer. Disposes turned to is manley igniting. Mir's analysis lubitsch. Jimmy one of paint that a girl. Three russet the vein fast so baby but say nasa was here. Sit we'll see. We'll see vice start present in santa anita being figure you want the theater but his antique abso- minority to speed yasser spot. Chris but i i spun. Concierge samir severe swing for thursday so blamed poor towns dissolved. Who's qualify bill move. Neil so how was it. You tell netanya. Hydra cow. Youtube in towards was is podcasts. Though sale the faster year mayes grungy nasu stars. who fill these jia norval.

Siobhaun phillies Vo prelacy Laura osceola vo jiji faez bartha phillies Blinn seagate josiah billie jean Autism mugniyah bill maher Bain julia gucci silva zanu bush
Steve Moore 5-31-20

CATS Roundtable

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Steve Moore 5-31-20

"Already a college student but not sure if your school's the right fit just finishing at a community college considered transferring to Montclair State University. There's still time to join us. This ball Montclair. St stands apart from and above other New Jersey universities where a place that pulse students in lift them up join US support community that welcomes your voice. Montclair state is home to students of all backgrounds beliefs and identities to find out how you can transfer to Montclair state. This fall takes graduate two four seven four seven four seven best graduate two four seven four seven four seven. Good Morning America. This is this. Is John Tax? Jeanie said Sunday morning. Well economy everybody's talking about where all where are we going? Today is. One of America's leading economists We have Stephen Moore Good Morning. Steve How are you this morning? Well Good Morning John. I'm heartbroken about what's happening in America's cities across the country But I'm also heartbroken about the fact that because of the economic wash found this week we learned that How forty million Americans have lost their jobs? Forty million. That's more than one in four. Americans lost their jobs as a result of this lot south. We'VE GOTTA get America up and running. The good news. Is this morning. We have some success stories to talk about I understand the that we had talk yesterday with Governor of Florida Why don't you tell America about that? Too Well Rob. The status of the Republican governor of Florida has really emerged as the kind of superstar among elected officials in terms of how he has dealt with this terrible Ron Virus crisis for has a twenty million people. It's about roughly the size of New York where you are job and Rhonda's Zana's was telling us that Florida has an older population than New York does because so many people around on the country go to retire to Florida Young Florida of New York has five to six times more deaths and hospitalizations result of coronavirus than informed about. So you have to scratch your head and say how did that happen? How did to stay the same size of so radically different paths in terms of dealt with corona virus and the results and the answer. Is that that. Run the this dealt with this crisis in a very smart and logical and commonsense way. He kept people safe and the nursing homes. He made sure that when people came into Florida they whether it was an international flight or from other states that they went on infected with the disease to keep his own people safe do social distancing and they used Nass. But it's a great story for other states. How You keep your people say and the good news the really good news there. John that Florida has dramatically lower rates of death than they did three or four weeks ago. Remember these were headlines about governor like Georgia and ZANU supporters saying. Oh they're gonNA have blood on their hands. They'RE GONNA THEY'RE GONNA kill their people opening up in that hasn't happened and meanwhile you still have these ongoing crises in states like New York. So every every governor every mayor should look at. What's happened imported? Say Gee we can do that here. New York California. We can do nine home state of Illinois that they're not so states remain lockdown with still very high number of cases of coronavirus. Well I was on that call with you Stephen. It seems like Florida's making A wide Progress and verses happening in. California where it's happening in Oregon. What's happening in Washington about up churches? excetera Kenny political. For some reason I mean I have to say this is know. I'm not a Democrat. I'm not a Republican. But I know the Democrats pushing the fact that the economy He's not gonNA. We don't want the economy do well so we you never change in November. You know I hate to get by the way I know. I've known you a long time. I know you you work with Republicans and Democrats very effectively Over your lifetime on so I am saddened by the fact that this has become so partisan you do see red state. America opened up for business. You see restaurant open and you see bars open. You see businesses and Stores Open. You see people out on the streets and that in these blue cities and who saves you see still complete lockdown and and And that now the good news is even the blue states or starting open up a little bit and they're seeing what's happening in red states and saying hey you know when I was Malinois last week Chicago people spend more than me. I Don I or opened up to red states. Why can't annoyed be opened up? And people are saying North Carolina which is still closed because they have a democratic or people say so I'll Carolina's open and North Carolina. And so I think this is putting a lot of pressure Open up their economies. And I love to say this. I mean if you're strongly about this I do believe that one of the things that has loud these Just catastrophic riots and a lot of these cities is your. You've kept young. People locked up John for eight to ten weeks inside their houses with nothing to do. You keep a bunch of eighteen to twenty five year olds locked up and you're GONNA have a you're creating tinderbox and and so there you know there are a lot of obviously this Rachel Injustice. Police Department has to be dealt with but it is not healthy. I've been saying this for weeks and weeks on your show. It's not healthy. That keep people locked up in their homes with nothing to deal with it. You see increases in suicide you see increases and things like suppression in cases of Child. Who spousal abuse. Now we're seeing people take to the streets and do think proximate cause of this is the fact that our government is key. Cut People locked up without anything to do without obstacle to even more. I hope next week report is better than this ways and God bless America. And let's catch up again next week. Thanks John of a great week. Thank you this tax roundtable. Be Right back.

Florida America John Tax New York Montclair Montclair State University New Jersey US Stephen Moore proximate cause Stephen Jeanie North Carolina Illinois Steve California ZANU Washington
Hors-srie pisode Carnival Cruise Line Politiques dannulation et remboursement :

Pour le plaisir de partir

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Hors-srie pisode Carnival Cruise Line Politiques dannulation et remboursement :

"They. took. Sophie just species talk quasi are. Some the quasi ll esther quasi Hana. See animate listed the podcast pollock deputy darker PEOPLE IN A. See the but castor Al-Salam crispell heads the. Key Come Sahar. Perla Judaica CASCA JEFF ZANU. Kitchen Physique is good fad. It's real. Dark from skills will find seekers. Clip would desire for US young. The the trial company the quasi. Pula! KHUDA council. Cuba cooed the shows. Laura Gal deep shaken then. All courtesy. Visit to demanded. Pierre's who Travel Vanilla Acre Shaken del Audi tied to scrape the visa wall. You're. With year is. In Quasi Avenue Lot, disaccord any. Darker. Javert come on seat at Vic Company County Vile Cruise Line dog turn Jeff Navy. The small constantly just give that a sequel is obscene Qaboos Avi Para has so pull a Bob Osama. DACA Okinawa. Vega to ski, depot! The South Pasco. Say. Off Factor to ski deeply, Reliable Harlan events to newly Your victory! 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We're all over your communism. Hooley designed war West, good usually Milo after rounds. Wall. Or gain upheaval. Mitten to kiss. Cova Pouvoir Nitto Yacov Kiki's. Atta Don Phone why? Is the amount the. Only Elliot Hey the bows dj come. At the the list does lovely mayor want salty? He was see Cabin foul come confidence confessor value for powerful. Blues Coppola's. Arcand plus on profile. Eve Assis-. Savvy Valet a little miniature was him. Bay voyeur tone enthusiasm for it was see Yvonne. Bully Buffet PAPOOSES survivor new my. Mobile Barakeh Turkey a new survey Laura. Alaska Santi! Somewhere liberal service. Dr Our. Lia Lee Strzelecki Erkki void measly topper half. Latakia Takasu pound little. VACA TUCSON'S LA coming full. EP who see a dog? At her CR gain allure the these anfield mass. Da Vaccum by example. A. Montreal arty your C- design woke of. Wall miserable looser early quasi a- WIS Kazaa soit soot. and. Savvy don involve own VP Eliza. Pharma sympathizing darker. Plenty to is the new syllabus on the communicate abic. A group way A, Mabuza, Castiglione, Lord, Adventure Cooker Vizor dickason margin who sought to Paulo amulet! Eight. We'll see a reality more. Sit Web killer trip, laudable avai million. Sovi, point com documented see. But guests who sweat the posse in the crib fine jewelry.

VP Yvonne Lia Lee Strzelecki Erkki Atta Don Laura Gal demille Alaska director Cuba US JEFF ZANU Audi KHUDA council Sophie pollock Bukhara Pierre Europe South Pasco SCOPOLAMINE
Scarcely surviving: Zimbabwe

The Economist: The Intelligence

21:43 min | 1 year ago

Scarcely surviving: Zimbabwe

"<music> hello and welcome to the intelligence on economist radio. I'm your host chasing palmer. Every weekday we provide a fresh perspective on the events shaping your world this summer more than eight million university. Versity students graduated in china. Gone are the days of the state. Just assign them to jobs. It doesn't even publish statistics on their prospects anymore. There's there's plenty of work to be had just not the high flying stuff. All those grads are looking for and we take a look at experiments in the netherlands to to how students with the elderly despite obvious differences in lifestyles and bedtime. It's going remarkably well first up though for most of its young life the nation of zimbabwe has been defined by robert mugabe who ruled tyrannical for thirty seven years aw when a coup him out in two thousand seventeen and his former deputy emerson menin gagua took over there were celebrations and hope that things would improve the life has only gotten worse in zimbabwe. Government can't afford to clean reservoirs or run power stations devastating drought has worsened the situation yeah so shortages of power food and water or increasing inflation is soaring despite the government declaring plans demonstration illegal will on friday people took to the streets to protest we want change was we are tired of promises promises promises. We are tired the now another demonstration is planned for today. Police have banned that one too people are likely to march anyway heedless of the risk of beatings or we're being detained. They've had enough. I drove down to chicken grease a small outside the capital. It's all harare. It was nighttime and there's no power so it was totally dot except for the lights of the cars and i stopped by the side of the road to well and as soon as i car surrounded by people who'd been waiting awhile to tell me difficult to get john. Mcdermott is the economist africa correspondent. He's been traveling around zimbabwe standing next to the well which people using because in zimbabwe at the moment doing you wanna get clean water about once a week and next to the well there was bordeaux and the neighborhood committee which is running. The well had a list of five girls career one. It's real to route to it's just a lot of cars to try and keep that q. under control but as you can imagine when this basic commodities in such short supply things chaotic and people were just clamoring to to get to the water but also to tell me their sad stories about queuing for so long to get water bird and sometimes so sometimes i fail to get the targets because as you can as long queues for to face. It's what's been troubled place for a long time. I mean you've just been to your mind. What's different now if feels as if the country is going through several the different crises at once this no clean water. There's no power for over six hours a day. There's basically no fuel. Petrol stations either have long on cues or not at all because nothing in tanks and there's a looming food crisis at the same time. The world food program estimates that roughly half out of the country will be struggling to get one meal a day by early next year. What's the cause of these problems. Well stocked with the currency issue. A lot of zimbabwe's aubrey's problems combined to factors chronic lack of hard currency. I american dollars. There's just not enough the credit system which makes it difficult. Oh for say a mind to buy equipment or a water plan to chemicals in order to clean the water when anderson managua came to power in november twenty seventeen. He declared that zimbabwe was open for business. This was a new type of regime and the hope was that if he could make some progress on political reforms they then economic assistance from the westward follow but instead he's just made many of the same mistakes that mugabe house he's continue and you to manipulate the currency his continued to have a really disjointed way of making economic policy which hasn't increased trust on behalf of the business business community but most important volley hasn't done any of the political reforms the. He said that he would do for two years now. So what essentially is happening at the moment is symbolic ways going through a massive cash shortage a massive austerity program initially when a country has no hard currency. It's going through a massive austerity drive. It can have the with international community to help it because zanu p._f. Hasn't done any of the <unk> performs promised is being left adrift and the people people suffering. Who does the government say is at fault for all this. So this government blames the weather and southern africa has had a pretty bad right but intimately this is the result of misrule by the ruling haughty zanu p._f. Some of this must be traceable back through to the regime of robert mugabe though that's true and you can trace the current predicament back to at least twenty years it was in two thousand two thousand one one where the mugabe regime seized white farmers land in order to placate some of his conform troops and that's that's inevitably destroyed the agricultural sector of what was once the breadbasket of the continents and the economic mismanagement of the mugabe era must also be casting a long shadow. Yes of course i mean in two thousand and eight nine a had a period of hyperinflation and this is when you got the printing of one hundred trillion zimbabwean win dollar bills and that destroyed the savings of kind of zimbabwe had had some brief period of sanity under government of national unity but between two thousand and thirteen before he was toppled in two thousand seventeen he mugabe returned to his worst instincts and started printing money again this time conform of banknotes but through electronic funny money and the current regime of mini gangwar and his finance minister have been trying to kind of make often mistakes of the past but in doing so often made mistakes of their own and what about how the people are all taking this. I mean there. There were protests on friday. What what are are they a native. What are what are the people calling for. I went to see a former finance minister before we even got going on. Politics told me that things have gotten so bad. Let's get a bucket and in effected. My friend is if i'm in the nine hundred twenty three in rhodesia colonial state that existed before zimbabwe was a country. We decision especially into an economic depression every possible incomes. There's no is no productivity. There's no altitudes so after this is that the tendai okay well everything is bad art economists deteriorating. What's the solution and his response was pretty stock and it struck me. The official position is of course. That's that z. list ad hoc. Let's talk create. Some transitional government is my pistol and and some of the units that we have so mr b._t. Is ultimately fed up. He thinks the government is beyond redemption in needs to collapse and then regional governments elements such as south africa need to move in and pick up the pieces then we've prop affiliate felix you and then gives the electoral inmates to euless else will be delayed. The blue anything else will be people over the creeks is too far gone to what what can the the the current leadership. What can mr mnangagwa's do about any of this. How much of it is <hes> sort of <hes> problems. He has inherited that are insuperable. I don't think any of zimbabwe's bob raise. Problems are super bowl. There is a clear path to normalization. It's the same one that has been there since he took over in november twenty seventeen if he can show that his regime is different from robert mugabe's if he can do some of the political reforms that the west is demanded there will be financial support for somebody to get out of the economic mass as one diplomat said the option is still on the table. The problem is that it's very difficult for minagawa and zanu p._f. To continue continued to leave the country and steal from its people while also realizing it's politics like you very much for joining us john thank you jason. <music> china's economy buffeted by the trade war with america is growing at its slowest pace in nearly thirty years and for chinese students. It's a specially bad news. Two-thirds of all workers joining china's labor force this year are graduates. Chinese universities produced a record eight point three million million of the summer. That's more than the entire population of hong kong another half a million will return from foreign institutions. Chinese students didn't always have to worry about finding work as recently as the early nineteen nineties. The chinese government simply assigned graduates to jobs. James theon is the economists beijing correspondent today the government no longer dictates people's lives in this way but it is clearly worried about what will happen to graduates if they they don't find work glass month five central government agencies warned local governments that the employment of graduates was linked with quote overall overall social stability. We've seen such warnings periodically. These warnings have been made since at least twenty eleven but what's interesting. Is that this year rather unusually. Usually the public security ministry attached its name to the public notice and it's unlikely that this worry will go away anytime soon so what the effect of having such a glut in the job market official statistics on the employment status of fresh graduates stopped being released sometime around two thousand ten. We don't know the reason reason for this but one academic spoke to suspects that it had become too obvious that the official figures have been doctored and hence unreliable but having said that unofficial figures do exist these figures are based on surveys conducted by chinese think tanks and consultancies that specialize in education according according to one widely cited survey of several thousand people from across the country who graduated in two thousand eighteen the proportion of graduates in full time unemployment six months after graduation was seventy three point six percent which is down from seventy eight percent in two thousand fourteen and how has the government tried to kind of stem this tide so the government recently announced a series of measures aimed at getting more graduates into full-time employment. One of these measures allows allows small companies that hire unemployed recent graduates to get a special tax rebate. Another measure involves trying to boost the rate of entrepreneurship among graduates. It's so if you are a new graduate and you want to start your own business. If your business plan is rated positively by the government you may be eligible for a state loan own with little or even no collateral and for those graduates who can't get hired and have no passion for entrepreneurship they can visit one of the many local branches the government's human resources ministry for one on one assistance and how much of this is just the a rise in the number of people going to university in the the first place. There's just a glut of grant because more people are going to uni at a fundamental level it has to do with supply and demand but a recent report published by a think tank in beijing that specializes in labor research found that there were one point four job vacancies for each fresh graduate and that excludes unskilled unskilled work so in other words there are enough jobs to go around the problem is many of these jobs are in second and third tier cities which may not be the most exciting places to live if you're a young graduate and the salaries on offer in these places pay that much so in other words there is an increase in supply but there are enough jobs is at least right now so can state of the chinese economy be the big factor here yes. It certainly has a lot to do with the state of the economy. The country's ongoing trade war with with america appears to have slowed down hiring an expert in technology industries based on what young job seekers job fairs have told me in addition we have a continuing crackdown on shadow banks especially peer to peer lenders which have been among the most enthusastic recruiters of new graduates in recent years meanwhile the national civil service which has always been a preferred destination for fresh graduates has cut its annual intake to under fifteen thousand thousand this year which is the lowest quota in a decade. Another factor is the incredible expansion of the higher education system in china in such a short a period of time. I can give you an example. The number of universities in china has increased from just over one thousand in the year two thousand to around two thousand seven hundred today more than a quarter of china's universities were founded in the past twelve years alone. So if you're a chinese employer you may not be familiar with so many new names and if you're presented with a seavy that lists no-name university you may be inclined to dismiss them as degree mills and and this is certainly what i've observed from a couple of trade fairs i attended in beijing. Some recruiters admit to trucking resumes from these so called degree greenhill schools straight into the ben. We've seen a similar dynamic among countries in the west where higher education is held in high regard seen as a half to greater mobility and so on and universities begin to see students as cash cows. You get lots and lots of graduates but the labor market can't handle it. Is this just trying to come to this. Realization as other countries have already done. I think there's a bit of that but part of the blame may rest on students themselves in the sense that too many of them may be aiming too high too early in life in the words of one professor. I interviewed there are enough jobs to go around. It's just a question of whether these graduates will be applying to those available jobs. Many any of which are in second and third tier cities on may not pay as well so it's not the labor market that needs to change its laborers. You could say that one job seeker. I interviewed you'd calls the mentality the b. e. or bust mentality and b._a._t. Stands for by do alibaba and tencent three of the most prestigious companies in china so the idea is either you aim for the top or you stay at home on this view. Much of the resulting unemployment is is self induced. One could even say that instead of blaming the labor market. The attitudes of students need to change james. Thank you very much for your time <music>. Thank you <music> <music>. It's worse for you than obesity and has bad for your health as smoking cigarettes day. Loneliness is becoming an increasing problem in the west especially on the elderly in the netherlands though an innovative scheme is experimenting with solution so there's a care home in devonshire which is a city in central holland called money toss us rights for the economist and it's experimenting with students living together with senior residents in in a care home why why might the students wants to be to be part of such an experiment well a big advantage is that it's free and the only thing that the students have to do an exchange is prepare and serve a cold evening meal on a fixed weekday evening and it might give students better access to cover nicer housing certainly compared to my student housing. This was of a much higher quality so one student i spoke to estimated that he'd saved over ten thousand euros in rent and he says as an impacted at all on his university experience. It's actually proved so popular that in april when two of the students what's left the house around twenty-seven applied to take their place and i'm remembering my student days and the days of my fellow students and i'm not sure we would have been welcome in the home home of of the elderly what what's in it for them. Well several things one is tangible. One soon i spoke to said that the elderly are learning computer skills for example because the young on people teaching them to use things like facebook and social media and the internet another is more emotional. Social isolation is a big problem. Among the very old the average age edge of senior residents at devonshire is around eighty five to ninety years old and that's a very socially isolated age group around eighteen percent of e._u. Adults switch on seventy five million people so see friends and family only once a month and that could have serious health consequences how so how might loneliness affect someone's health beyond the clear mental health aspect so there was a study that compared lots and lots and lots of different papers and came to the conclusion clued over the seven-year period that it was looking at <hes> lonely people were on average. They had a twenty six percent higher risk of dying. That's becoming a bigger problem because the share share of ovarian old adults living in the e._u. Is expected to grow and it all certainly sounds good on paper. What what are the participant president sort of telling you about the nature of the relationships that are being formed here anecdotes suggest that the young people have learned important values like patients so ohno southbound doc who was the first student to move in says he learned to be more patient as a as a result of the experience he says the pace of life is kind of slower in the home others others say that it has enriched their lives because they've developed kind of meaningful relationships they wouldn't otherwise have developed but are there are no conflicts arising from <hes> some. I'm extremely different lifestyles of the the young and the old from what i gathered no but that may be very specific to this care home because the young people people for example like event rooms that you can rent out in the evenings they sit free so the young people can have their kind of beer pong tournaments and parties and whatever else they do in in a in a in a promotional video for the home. There's one resident that says the initiative is very zelic which is a dutch word that roughly means cozy losey and she kind of describes how the students i'm has put her in her walker and racer through the whole and she thinks that's really fun to <hes>. I mean this sounds. This sounds like hey good idea. It sounds like it's working. It makes me wonder if it's happening elsewhere. I think is a lot of people don't know about these teams. They haven't heard of them but there is a lot of interest in them so for example channel four in the u._k. Ran a program called old people's home for four year olds and that was a huge hit and that's toddlers spending six weeks out of care home in bristol crystal so there is interest for these things and it is happening elsewhere so there are initiatives similar initiatives and municipalities across spain and care homes and leon a cleveland in ohio and i wouldn't be surprised if they kept growing because the population share of those for example in the e._u. That are over the over eighty years old is set to more than double by twenty eighty so it might be something for other countries to to think about into pursue as well and there's there's certainly no shortage of students who like the sound of free rent. No all signed me up and i thank you very much for your time jason <music> <music> whoa that's all for this episode of the intelligence. If you like us give us a rating on apple podcasts and you can subscribe to the economist at economist dot com slash radio twelve issues for twelve dollars portugal for twelve pounds. See you back here tomorrow.

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311: Skalowanie usug jako droga do wolnoci finansowej Monika Serek

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Provides a few my was global. If the gym massage GONNA look. The shipment interest. Later. Vodka Tovia in Spanish not only accuracy Scott. Got The dash. Is it all? Of this college business partner who's up through the? albums via trip. We've and go. Gee, I wish is. Nice Eastern yesterday. She's also of China goes to Google. Scholar Scholars for you. Nine chicken physics. Just ask them no dinner. Just! Almost on equal cod lock. Dr Shelbourne. Barbosa czar positiveness of your way to go, but Gusto episode. OF BOTH CASTS WAS Being Watched yesterday says. The NCAA did onus masters w not me if you're. Not Not Bernardo. The soups Goliath Gustov apricots if greater s me as hush. Janke Demo Assad Dan cinetic. Negative them to Electricity Cheney. Shonky! Beaten poked program. We'll talk somewhere, yeah. Policy photography over or checkbook dot newborns at the Public Business Ben. Just on that say we'll try new. Hondo breakups of which. Internet as adds it this article par down. 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Be was by Yuck through Providence. Close with a coping researchers when you compare so much wishy chair. Mitch Autumn Sonya Mitchell's That amine says he has also known as the Deli Kushinka. June commissions Monica. TOCO SCHOOLS DONALD PHOTOGRAPH, com, there's. Communicates Photographing Your Mentor and Business Over? Means of concord sack photographic to gives me I'm a former version Benneteau present. That's Benji Toro's move our. Cops scheme that Matisyahu dodgers. You're going to go back. Only Zelezny shelled parts and go Gina. The the Monica's. Article schedule. Do you know when you go. To. Finance professionals stand up of inventory. Public Co. Evil could actually covers album the. Bench fire that us, not me coach. Graham Theresa Villiers Food Chains, opinions are not almost shut moments for. The? Postal of us. Pose, HIM E. Internet always access radiometer photograph. Novakova says chosen. Don't the market needs to Nettie. The actress audio choice. Be shipped at Sunday's duck yet. Also cheeto bill nervous started troubled. She'll be his. He's been shot at this ditch near. Such? An Internet. Meal. Yeah. It'll be as interested travels. Restoring because investment move years. Vice Fetish Holly Beans Vietnam. Threatening anything agreeance atomic also. The Portland Component. Rocco Ibaraki moment me to freedom of corruption. Documents Williams Zanu boom near United States. Go on because of time now. Bishop recouping meanwhile mon.. Ching Koya negotiator him. There's. BEEN PURSUE FESTIVE? Doctors. On your statistical businesses, some number of Albert's. Does that. Extra pushiness the in charge pin Kim. Me I'm a vehicle finance Be. The answer pro-trump Conroy's twenty two Severovic. Dr Jump. Against throaty Cooper. To mock. Shadow beach. axelrod you. Developed Paul. His facebook, code stem! Taxpayer. The most. Sports scheme engages. Al Patricia Deductible. So in some beyond cover up on your spirit, some talented montages management especially by strategic Vince, battleship, Cooper more diversity. He promised launch because apologized ressam, tra- immortal versus define. The movie is them outer. Probes of tiktok Dot Gov diversity to. Opinions as SOC. Now now. That the. That cover golf on page at mytalk lafontant. Designed It Tom Rubio Caillebotte Muller collectible the topic of the dorm. Where you Pat Salomone, bitter obituary shit'll coverage. YOU'LL BE A. Prick watched the track meditative. It's never take one magazine mental of digits. It use respects more Sean Spicer. Also it'll be. I'm Jim Montgomery. Business. Splash and you spam. On? That's. A beaten on HP. Appreciate should event one year. Done it with Tash. GONYEA got. Physical region, because that is Jim. To. Ted Robbins. Is that can movable. ALLOPATHIC moment with. SCHRAFFT's cook it, Tom Maala out nail up shifts, photography shvedova Kelly Brown. On Washington saw them you may Patani Monica scrimmage appetite kitchen, queers, people, Super Pajamas is. Good Gina. High. Near the Damore. As. Possible such models shut them for each fear. As an interim, there's a bit Austin election is. Fear my body Takao American skiers the problem and The Respective Amer? Tacky it does Shawn. Beach Arrays suburbs rene prefer. We appreciate boy it's. Go benji movies as they accrue young as mother. Scott Millennium Digital Percents. Event movie okay, it'll be. Let him of tone and we more smoothly. Through she's. Convinced Okay Turkey Turkish. going. German. came. From a lemon and design. Jewish tie. Because my. Good Jeanne attack. Co Photograph, Talk Forget the ship are informs Roberta Moment. Every month California fishermen. Also look. At the moment that of sponsor. After Kim Ball not abandoned. To Go. E puffing for. Mr If signature act boom laptop potential of one. Entrepreneur on the perpetual movie bench deluge you Lucia. She's got to combat outages the. In Super Bowl to buy that proteome, if cash them Russia. In California. Medical! Photograph Book Moment Supreme Slams to be okay. Moore's attorney in store will be America WWL's. Stove and Go check. It out full starts. Resell only them. is to talking to you. Feel Autumn Michelle I can compress the tenure stock. The movie called the fear that Sawyers Peterman, which parts of Nicole Diplomacy Mitch Battles. Department has chef him to compress about. It's all. On, our one unusual them, he. and the. NARNIA Shared advantage of she was a joke. Disciplines hours north. The motion through the former. Out to go to the next. E Michelle Spielberg called vulnerable, and you've been discolored. Watch their goal left for your you should. Mercy was scalpels. Toys the come for touch caffeine nine years in this. Graph I'm. Josh now, so be able to Loubier. Journalists are for of course the inch and The washes discrepant Nobel Allah. donets via keep problems. Move users Call us on sports. Talk with a lot. Of Kashima interest of our. HAS TO TONY IS NOT AS A. Watch the most, but also played is dump by OPACIC. I'll show my. Business not told me. Then scrap. vm Vogler boot for him groove new. Hampshire called do. It has baton Yuck. Be Wash! It'll be on the ancient near Yuck. She'll watch. Winter until. She photograph. The are today product just? Born boarding flying set of answer the Bulat SCHNAUZER OUT OF GENTLEMAN'S DOT com today at. The. Warship. JALOCHA talks about you. SCHMO new car. Dong Gingele, dishing jaw and budget photograph, not switcher scheduler. Go in goes cry. SHUTT- Yourself on Negro tests now when you set his position photography Novato. Spooky sweet. James Brown. Mega authentic year that others. As push the phones. The Turkish Miami's. The up should go to finance Mike Product of in front of us. PODCAST, Dr, immoral autograph, of. Is repeated danger? Poem is to tell his sport salvage documents. Nine of digital moment just. Not In co it projects does not mean spoilsports nor stone as Chummy Tarez. Especially, Pro Sammy paramjit over the moment. We the most your shadow moisture nick okay. Well influence cutting. QUAD NEAR E if? You up I mean times. The ball is nice for Django network. Schedule! PAVILLON way. Practice at was convenient. Goes the pop tech. Innocuous also provide good look too good music. honest our chocolates of nickel for EAT VOCA as. In Dr the outsourcing. Permanent with the ball is nationalist fun. Allah Badu's options on them talk yet of Tash. Audiovisual. Neil now dumped and Charles. Schwab asked the miracle then Business Iryna, can you? Call our border Keith? vandort of Professional. Staffs to talk to. Offer value find a doctor, Alam? Political volume of course handmade. African Rinky! AUTOM- Aldershot each stage meteorologist Dave pollster. George! Key American Skinner Fateh. Bullish attracting it appear shown through. Get a cashless photograph of Novakovic is. The room for his cookbook. Jim Pasqua, Tuck. Cock it over Macau Tussaud I'm a proponent vitamins set. To just go Vietnam such that Japan's love. Such Yucca photograph among so separate. Colorado will be shipping, you cower. It'll be up to debris tiny yesterday. That covered the Convention on London Tortures Astrodome Tough, national I'm. Tom Pony. For Baku. So feel public of our thinner. Dividing infamous for yet, the coaches productive. Fictional dog a photographer. Vanya on our is our jets go. Not Allowed subsequent vomit diversity is in. Photograph our coordinator. She'll catch. That keeps approaching that Tasso as the General Pasco which had been just go identify yourself do to. Does things change you photograph? STELLATO Of. Worship. Ease the army's. Supply! The only. East of those on US Russia have. Kotecki for. Me Sports Stars. Attack Explicit Obesity Tash photographs now. He only announced value volleyball las for. Aku Santos Split Mister that's. Obviously I'm. Samoan talent strategy activator partnership with. China. Let's Dot Com boot that moment now. To get the first. Shift pistol devoted Gordon. Here, Masato Wada number of the not Robert Hodges after the dumper-truck. Richer Team Costa that. It's just. What. About you said. If I. mean the necessary I'm Yamaguchi notice emotional movie. Garbage means wer called sticky, sticky rank show. Be Honest. I can do brought them. Bombs moving. There's a bit sheepish whatever panic now. Is Concerned. We. WRENTHAM's care. delbra Adams. Is Vista Clap and don't go massage ship tapes jungle Porco Shoeshine Minassian. Say She has not four times as. Instable the GROSVENOR north. Precisely. VM's. Take VCR's both ways on the goes along. You slept chemo captive, and that not that goes at this. Poems it flows realized the Shovelnose, lobster. Thought desperate for rush summit predicted that US Not, yet the wash. Active Nyack all, ECHO, photography Bosnia. Let's say Yuck Yuck to launch stash not, food is. Yet to be told our. Tactic is slow. Sal. My style after the and salaries. Are Pretty. Baba's post avatars Paparazzo Glinka don of Nagoya Garden Near. The JVM Sir. Says is. Between America Phenomenon Peres. Find of Cossack. Factor Museum is much profanity to Palms Bishop freeform applause. The despite. The next show with. The system also. Post Novato showers will make attack Paparazzo Tara. ETOWAH SENIORS After Mugabe, potato, Pasta Jonge monster distributor pushing not this event champion controlled our share orbits now success Haji Image they do. She'll put communists. Your Trajan. Jumps three enough for him. To Change Call Gorge, Alatha Interest Papa John Advocacy, key. Novartis. Tramway. Certificates November strikes. She says you talk. of The storm May got pajamas. Brainwash me! I'm Louis, not possible in Savoy much. Is that as? I can nothing's Petunia News, astonished. Perfect over just nothing better than to. scrappy boaters April look to song either Arnold none of our. Full of is Tax Shiva dyers of Yahoo on the jets go back on. Diana. Ross developed that goes. Dire if you saw. login yourself Steiner's to. Malinke is to. Remove move. On to image. Being. The could to. Me, I'm just. Of US participate, let Mugabe correct odors was professional jitter. He has the Shanmugam confidence in. If. The owners ZANU push it through. The PROXIMUS is dome privately sister to mortgage? said the Guantanamo. The Cesky must step listen paternostro. Number, war, fighting you to business ship bars about the. kranju newborn nausea catch the delegating no chance to go through. The shuttle took a bottle of this number of them. I got what the Butler going. Via E. Ultra pushed. Through such a APOB, it's yuck usually scoops Michelle Thomas, club. For years on Gaza when you've slept. Juche Mia. Accord the. Just trying to track their emissions. Musha visa. The stitching chaucer to all to tradition practitioner. Eugenia pre to yet reacted. It you don't. All the industrial cheaters Budgie training to Egypt. To possibly should. Two years leave. The medical fishes packet throw has. Versus the style purview. She's talking I'm. Some National Gymnasia. On Bud what? Cubana in. Turkey is this finish with typical? To preeminence are systems that are beach Dr Each of North Ronaldo symmetrical. Movie. E. have. You shifted the in reverse Taran. They should go back Zamir Shaw. To support some okay Lucia Michelle key back. I should've watched but Yokozuna after. Photographic snake confidential, but aerobics membership of. Just moments three scar am never. Grenades at. Ten number of to. Find that. Talk to now black Friday doctors. She borrowed Yokozuna. Alagoas Christiane the bottle. A. Fancy Mogavaro be shoveled rubbish, not only in the end the Nashua nigger the near them via Egnatia to ship. Call shots the ship. than ship Schipperke success away sleepover diocese backup for her, just because noble by ultimate you. Yes though that, does she. Send you suppose. Know She. Not Thomas put the exact. Test always. PAPA KEY STUCK FEARS A. Book critics. Say. A. Top Kendall Buhl. Especially golf courses Novem should not tiny. To. Pony. For Shimmer to mechanical became the Pony Leash Man. Shallow Bureau. and. Usually. Hold Your Oprah's club boy Kotoka gotree. Them slip, try those who work in the end of darkness. Does she need? The Social Usta Kofler negative slams. To Go bitchy in Nubian say. That just that means a gymnasium musha smears. It's a bill with. He's Roddick's accommodate belly. Some news do. Not Attack Guam. This. because. We do Roy Swab Extra Nishida John. Let. Your. Traffic Pushing Davar. Charted Patio towards the optimize up beyond could least-cost. brashest Akiko shots on the. Muslim they just power. We have a process is. Coming to Jimmy pitches to Jackie extra just in cash over to. The USTA emotional tactics Lumumba's vince to Petro Guam you should've Tommy Carr's hours. To Yamaha. Shofar Yovany the Burger Chef I yet and get about battles usual vowel e. TACO mental naive approach to hide your lovers is. Out in Tichenor, True Shit SLA. To becomes or news from. Two hundred. Shots as being such atmosphere, Perazzi tangible shame veteran. The SOC Nashville Santosh interest only does. Not members will ever signed Jim now. The Promo Appointments. Yuckiest! Also. Appreciate, says the Tamasha in automatic or snuggle female, parasite, actually positive. NAUTICA Chicago for, vigil. Video, tone attends the police Sammy's absorption. She not him. Up of your job and females or legit Rosen expire sputnik. Genetically. Careers, but watch nature vocal night sports just do wish packages. Zoom years that. The most. Furnish the nutty statements in Ranya look are looking the chummy meals and party on via studying. Yucky me stamp of with Comey even a copy of. On opposite, authentic. History is after goes. On Your Energy Nyack ongoing, my go to Gina was. Because woven spend of yours, the manager at. In the video of them equalization dominant. Of meanwhile as for your skull, if the good news I should don't Ma'am I'm can visualize for. You move your kid. I don't you go? Momma is going to put those core eponymous. Kim Daughter House Apolo to grow their hearts subpoena sorry. Popular tolerant of your. System stuck in Jazz, actually social. Asha meanwhile Dakota. Adopted let's. In Talk He. Yes, Wednesday rotundi. Prophecy at the MOM. Usually hold your parts of nickel. From the moment. Of came south. Chabane Jetta Lucre. Yup just our. Knowledge Mr Trump should look as much as Israel's around machine does. It A. Cheaper three. National Visibility Delicate Bermuda Schwa-. Alleged orbital's of an empty pony paddock sunny. Him? A mom to tackle Israel's to ship scouts or three hundred. My assistant torn on Twitter Masakazu Vanina Omnia Niro's mafia business. Also be standing exhibits New Zealand Israel's on. Pitch amid Chabal Book Punk. bought. As an petition, they need that one. He. Paradox Pavilion of Is them productive now of the. Nears machine new jet in their gear. Throw me. In your chocolate to. Trapeze Louise Vuitton. What you problem, practical ECOMMERCE. Pitch even. We. Polite one split in. The Originally, as, of Columbia, prescription scheme. I are Hodgman. Thomas Mushroom is determining our threes. Wash your podcast. Traditions Garden, other ability Mataz Iverson. podcastone me Hallamshire. Frankie, you know severe man Yonathan Tacky. Pink this. On. Of at some on Tash Nick. Mid October John. They also bad now, so be shot Monica. Here's the show me how years. Is Actually to pursue Easter. Otros Clap Yaser. DOBERM- chef am to Rebecca FEM resume on them. Chef anthem Maga Johansen. Yes. Ganja GONYEA mammogram the problem to ship them. saw or Kunia Ianovich we must move. Bitter interesting you don't go out if the ship yesterday Mexico Me Not Alad Lou Yi progressive. One Time Sham taste cords. John Not used. Vintage has been cheating becomes bills on your E. Gratton clip. We should have training, but shifts the. In ineligible in prostate, no those I thought that was on. The KLEPTO. Sivota key Super Janica that he pacific the WHO'd washing it'll by Nemo. She should've. Gene at the Dakota I'm copy on shipping on copy will win all. To embarrass him. Not Allah to. SOC Deutsche Israel's. Election at the Pacific Zab onslaught that goes. BY SHOTS NO! Stop! There for refuge sniffs Qalandiya, should he? Does Not Saddam. Just is up Jones's nobis SOC. Scholar Watch S- contact at Tizzio. I talk about says Zinnias prosthetic eventually PUCKS BE MT is about to share anything. Just go seven onto. We Need Turkistan Israel's. Allah. Nikolas. Image woman to conceal calls the southern. NEW COQ ten Egypt. OUTBOX ON EASTER DOT? COM, which? Be Able to Tuti Loubier ulaby movies are sort of that. Movie Chilean, Spiro with Justin Umberto karate now VN's. Scrap super talk aluminium onto the interacting m because we're Tony amount of feedback remotely Nagy thrown back. Starting today, you know it's not tie to stream talk. The Wolves but I let assumption that the push vintage Alamitos Dr. Toxic y'all. Discussed yet Kim on Mitcham. Snap snap any show 'cause we have. To start off. Rodney's those Tanya. Should Doberman. Circuit venue for startups. WWCO provides on your schedule so now. Talks on appreciate for Customer Valid Ledge tackiest. Washington tasted to tell us that mom. Should want them. Jets Kim them OTM scholar. Tournament Portland Protocols questionable share. Jimmy pumped up he. Spoke with. Tax Business. She, snapped the look now. He pushed me from through building up. Look for his hours. Rooms have been. INTO SLIP? Across, Namibia Naturally Nova Go. Is that yesterday on TV shows that I've ever left looking to invest it. Okay from the way. You. Joy. Washes all on the contract. You must have Cina. Not. Now 'cause there's a point custody thrown it. But cougars donal the tackiest suggestions. Emerge. Concord might them but talk VN's December to lose gunky. Acoustic across to find you. Can Be. Mustering using you've seen with Scoop Cossio was always made of. Stone. Not as Thing calling event. Start with what they call in Photograph Ultras Legit Oh beach! Ninety dollars. Mum Commend Them Yeah this blogger. Such it, she goes. BHARATA BOB what's. Yatzik. Photographer MOM, autonomy shift change changes change lot. He's system. Is Problem Yuck positive show? John Leguizamo photography nuptial. Foser soviet-conquered. Problems them. Mitch, but what's your nine yet? Don't Miss, says we? Don't. Have the wrong via ship often still not beverly concordance. You won't Let. Me Fuck. Donald also. Up Bobo. Says it'll be it'll be. The GIMme cleon. To. Go. Yeah those done in just just screaming, just got from. Your shot in the Canadian football on Komo usually. Is, that our bachelor little Duma just talk shiny, told No. Iraqi of. Boya. Then you've gotTA. Calm in. Jerusalem Vogel of for start start of. China. opted. Not to G. A pink the vertically. Not, Chipping W you stuck his book cash session which Pink Gastonia Montagna Autumn, storm pilots captured. It I know some input. Move you such intimate. Maginot Jesus Muslims copied chosen. To. Go in photograph. I'll attach. Not Yamba. Nauseous, Obam an where did not photography? Photography E portrait. Set Your Jinnai. Zo Shuttlecock. and Seattle Pitchman Buzzer Palermo. Inevitable. Even. Yellow bitter, which I stopped at Marshall Tucker, those alluvial start, but I don't want echo opinions or micro Sanchia move young when when you can stop the reforms of Scotrail Naptha on our. Productivity Jay. It was super bowl. Teams uptake of Sunshine Authorship tear shuttles beyond the shadow. Nimby Disney applets repetitious system. Okay. Mazda Creativeness Nyet. Quitting is a digital. Photography to enough to rage our Business Civil Neha Sadaqa emotional famously voiced. Would just just lunch not oceana public ripples Boris, quantitative gurneys for cloth yet GOHENIEM. Battleship, a little bit managership ship petitional. A business champions you'll be, she J. Yeah, shelter loubier his palm legitimates on. Some canal is representing. The answer my proposals Vj, can you not? Thought cushion. We have we have. Absolutely problem. Starches foods. Mega. Ship Shits our. Experience and Mom and Yemen feedback member common. That's able to whisper watch much. Paul's them plenty of shelters. Providers calling your business over to graph off the tonight of central NYC problem and we touch forget. We push me verster business shit impo market. Sure took the call is. Being. Goes. Opposite of wish thrift. Off. The. Motor on the Mitsubishi Mirage. Visa Gauche overbooked over contact Bonnie results are go say a built a community in Belgium. Howsom Yup to. Cycle through the TACO stitched Finer of. What the Israel. He's up made. Every. you new options keeps throws out on. Michelle the Diet who are? Eligible to stem south appreciates. Special? Those Catholic. Novakova ship battle. Tremendous. Patel is that's. Dr Like junior college usually. Sexual to list of trump's Colorado griffey. He's outside. Usually it'll be overstated photograph of navy adoption, not enough tuition years and I'm for store in Chong. Sports in the Ron is my own sports. Nas John Shattner program. Should not they're? Not Not Martin got nobody thought I'm you for Television Covenant Niro Technological? Chabala she needs from. At Yokota traffic. Alam should go belly. O'Brien BIA takeover Robert. Russia Pavel Roundup. Mishmash a novel Emma Peggy Bookshop. Show is. Sports she she pulls. Glendon took him Joie. The photograph mom more push in throw her Colorado, tack pushing a push. In. Near the coins are still alum. Monks Ripple Sui of possible romantic. Is devoting for Gonda vulgar is. Because, we are. Looking, ahead, delay Libya controversial be. Little bit especially. When you go! To the most Jackie. Give Him to those over gelato change. Among friends, microphone mom not social. Via impulse him years. Boston them because we own some. Startup Michelin Autumn so she's. Questions about them on E. Steady. Members on, if not, the does not provide you feed him. In the momentous for your. Business Debate. Peru Notch Yuk Su business that veloce temo yuck buttress don't. Traditional. That's knicker heaters Dothan Alexia. Not Pose years. You hold your Chubbier beyond Your Business will tell me you're your. An. Pedestrian. Business so. chipper grenades initial mistrust. Absolutely it advocates unusual for. Me To Salvatori? Throw them you've? got. The that doesn't. System. VM's supported US look lamontagne targeted she picture. Of Him. Atrocious Bureau Melatonin Providence. opinion of, should they. Go Producer? That pony of so Bam. She's menu to talk concern or some of our. Bill! I'm Tash Organisms Conference about. Just very. Tell I'm throw her NAPA. Virtually Neck Tacoma is kill me keeping. This neal was a dish towel on the private dinner in. Beauty. I somebody aerobics adoption business. tissue puzzles me you will. Also be present Pinkney. That on your skin young Naib logo. Prevalent Tooth! Such coach, which means spirit Chesney WGC we wasn't. Yaacob Stanton. Slam Boris Vantage Inky. Bogo commissions of Haji Yup just I just tell on mobile. APP SUPERVISION TO ABSORB IMPACTS. Watson Scorpio Connecticut. Etc East Converge Abortion to me about the power to. Hot. Diodoros on your terms. that. On the Chautauqua. Not. Owning Ohio Bunny put. From what? They've known struggling. SHAVER TELCO unfortunately. I'm not Sabaneta Moyal. Spur watch nausea chewing gum Shuki. Coca? Panya, because the bars of Dona through shadows touch in assessed. Dome Yeah, it took Shit those touch, also bestial diagram assistant because. Assistant call. Fishes certificate. Ally ally Yakushima Shadows Tanya Jato also Poznan. And that younger Munis Free Sports nurse that also Bob Scotties rushed out mortars the butter to clean your dome near. Define find at. This. stage. Autumn recommend that years ago and we just want the monarchy, but not share Chongqing adoption for sexual. Super ally. Private. The producers. Put. Me On the. Storm she stood system and proposed three options. Tom stood up to Jimmy. Of, the post of your arm, NASA, Saudi glitters got stuck. Much stiffness out of. And, of course, all of turtles movie. Heroes. Conference on. Saturday at a bottle of Soda Evitable Sonia. Attachment that Augustine as a Saturday in Yemen. LANDCO. Strap obsessed of Chicoutimi traff. Was Square Group of not should be. Charger for. Business Egypt Tuck your mom for North Janke Tom. And, so the. Firemen is me you sh-. Zoologists tough, this is. legit comics or, Mockus Aguirre. It prescription Venetia Guvener Sabine Yeah sorry fat. Is Looking at the. It'll be a VM effector. Of Image Crypto on your show. Okay, the debate does Jim roope talk. Beans doubled up with these staples our and Because the cosmic on dodgers. Kabila over one has put Kanye. Meets Schmo. View rather MITAC. To Marita Commercial Tech today's rich. Versus some. Of the goods. Concertacion on its back mushrooms elbow. To Doc Saito should be fighting. Ask. To. Do these what? We've talked. About the anthem. Others be emotional got nearer to the volume of you've Joseph. Jessica norm of you I'm gene. La Is the Moshe Moshe Moshe push throw higher to some inaugural goal. NAVIEN issue to Washington not drugs there s Lumbini is a challenge. Super On yes, but she promotional wate. Browser kristaps watcher process look through history whether. It's Super Allen. She put to catch. Particular should've VM. She. Never Schwartz. Oh got. Sham twitter podcastone Spaniel. Spaniel. Thought, what you've been is a custom. Version is not. Pushy note Conoco now come on Bro show. Mega, super. Go Ashley. I'm still problem. Oh okay. Tonya is on this. On your, them yeah. But what calling photograph of? Only so Chesney, not a that and you still us. There's no option. Don't show is not. Something that I'd use. Is a rather disease governors as was Saddam Dami Technology, in Taffy Tony Unequal, postal, more sheltered Wendy propellant. Faces towards. Star knife shinnecock tests from program. Business started. Complex on your hotel down fear, my emotional, not Tara's NAM within. Me Yucky Marcel Jagna. Daviau on. Letter go production. Yes, there's. Out. Selfish of ECOMMERCE have someone who Pablo only knew. He had zone Meka. Garnish took of Soviet benched, our digital reached. The point on. Destroy Ex motown usual tunnel Dr been just without being and your. I think the end up. Table Cash E. Punchy. transom she's. a proponent which. Trap Yeah junior between allender TVs chip familiar him. Networking. Summons so bombs. LAPEER is. Now. misled. Show. From Oakland Oakland. Up Our characters Muslim. Selena. Keeps. Test on proponent therapy, but part of the bourgeois also Haji never business over Potocki team. Chappie stock mural ninety. She stubby supreme. You just success. Nanya Badu's raw tony. Business Venue Nipple Donya proposed to Sheba some ago. The GORAI. Stock you that contest. Jobim's thirsty temperature's one OH. Yuck! Gee, shake call vicks products that some shape basically shadows Maviya. Here's your you're being used as you just walk done positiveness. Jeff posters so good is not. You pledge. Now. Instead of Tests talk parts. The tonight show thought stuff. There's stuff me. Sprout Jack is forever torchy's provost. Put the watch ship apart. You Oliver Toshiko I'll put here's. We'll do nothing Peterman Jr... Pintul! Talents Tag. Autism Timothy. Garon. The. Pincher POLENTA. Repaint your talent actors. For Fear Chino diaries them super professional now. Ebony. Williams. Doing. Business? Impotence now just in butter, the optimistic about of stores he has no. W marched. How'd you three? Go Jeanette Pin shunt DOT sallow image. Illinois will start. Looking. At positive. Of Others Division. Talk yesterday. Resume flu jumps. Song The song he coke Jelly for sports merged KOGO. lobster Ski Jewish nauseous, also Bamberg less. But at the poker Dan then. A plan of Vanna is Kim all movement, not a charitable mission bitter dot. com also is. Bigger than yesterday Union Pacific. About, but one knows on we energies the. alleged. Team in Washington. We have peace movie also. Bijan talked about the front page. Look as productivity. It'll go take business of events usually meow, convicts call week. Dot Org systems acne or Chechnya. Or Tibia near Shuki at Gerry, Nekia near Tacky, inclined advice near Dot Com. We're going. To. Grant says the Hollow Albor. It's. Eight! Let Their goal. Description so beetle. Movies our stocky club or not publicity. Because himself I'm. Tell him immortal, even legitimate Ocean Ninja. Show because there's just got you propose to acquire. The other mobile. You Cosmetic, but I've all. About Las Navas to come in. A. Goodell. Also my Dunga, you'll still. I've EgyptAir separate on his shoulder. The you'll. Benji of them Easter Homily. Table. Battalion. Punishing. Of Our to start giving it shows all the catch. IS VINCE RANDOM CROOKED AS PUNISHING? Chihuahua Jackie stuck lead to go via maxine. Porsche that's an. Attack do go out and Goop of ice. Taxes podcastone of you. A. quarterback. He a one off. The coast of Your moment you Schmo shower out and tichenor punished versus nuclear bomb. To. Go off Yep. She had nausea. Saucers voted on up. have nothing to date. Don't I August? Muzak putting some which is often the summer. Go put Bush our. Does Varma, pat up. Just pushes down dark for which. We must on your action. Of Trump on. Up Student content of which is valid lamb, production google genome. UPSHUR submissions Samsonov. Pinson presently Schwab say. But as the cops find, there's a to fat check out. So. Offer Yaacov. Clinches tonight not body fat stack. Shock. Any amount. Of The Senate moment. Check the bomb vincis a book of an adoption. That emissions. Should. Listen to the book of that emissions have said that Adams initial kissed book of an emission. Standard moments Rebecca via beach. Allen Nevada can meet DOT COM, auto. You trumpster stage of interest to their letter. achieve somewhere in. Serious. To schanzer dollar. Sunniest I'm surely mature Gordon, Dali. To Deliver Tiffany, does revient. Quantum grip. Gr, in co OP program not. VIGIL VILLAINS PARENTAL SUPERVISION. It accused of put. Version. Eclipse concentration girls. New Show highchair! Bars of it as you step aside concrete near of. Embarrassed but I just on Kudo photography actress. Now Alitalia viewers resolution national matters. dragoons thrown in middle marriage in critical in. In his put them. Karadzic. dish. This. Alibaba's meet me is. And, Pierre that Bishop appear. obnoxiousness car wash. Your Business for him over Vannes from any of course you spend some. Talk Glossop she regiments. Study. X Rays have show me. I'm Jewish others. Comment all. Those Violeta's IT and. On Pushing Easter PJ Texoma. will disobedience. Negativism. and. The Salmon Proton. System. Of shopping. Or going, it's out of. Rouge yet get AMEDURE's blue chips. Best. I know I'm not I'm studying how we? Actually. She probably me that you should be stem nerve supervising you WANNA. Go Business, but the storm. Fat Out throwing. The Bam Factory That me I'm the published narcotic. Yet not now, but don't go usually critic vow. Not on a she wants Teijin from not Jewish comment she. Alleged stategic. Momentum was your to bill. Walkabout developed Komo. Developed Tom, kid to I'm Hato. Tokyo a proud of. MOISTURE TO NAVIEN SHAG attack Mt. Elliott Height my patsies as national about this my. Research project to take out on. Day Eternal Amish. Reply Tayla. About the. Niche hate him at more sober doctoring automatically actor Sherman you. Don't mini not. Know Mobiles Napster quite a sham. Shamal. co-patron struggle which much cassettes. E does the care. Molly's of them so that obviously diocese check Novartis. Ten moments. Have you talked? To Go misha's. Eaters absoluteness financial moment. When was to get the echoes? egland book for Via Connecticut Maguire's Maria not so. It amused socratic. It's on. Yeah, it'll go chipper province. Rochester's. Or gone. Astray Shimshon is Rosa Mia there's a heightening any in years left on a still Kevorkian problem for two year on a to you and October for years. Return on that you. Buy, in twentieth semi put chanter department documents LINEAR POLITICS In. Kobe, Tony the Bam all his spoke with. Him just on. PURE COME! Yours just divorced you this absolutely being skyping. Volumes of cash particular notice auto PUCCI for being sized Porn Avar she. Also be the. Right near Schiavone hate event one emotional. Toll, you're not also Patricia the moment that your battery is. Forced to my hottest ups. Behind just. Came back. Developer Kobe because the abyss jets Alves ABC's Jim of twelve. No. Usually me hates PACIFICA October. Profits will be home are more. McConnell. Nice touch grandma. Threes number of. which are strong? Put to not movie tweet binge to respond. We don't. All it put over your service. Your screen to. Dominate the end. For Storm in. Those Prima vehicle ticket. Is Intense Yeah? Yes. I you can. You prohibited commanders. Also hunters to fight Alabama. Benji atmopshere Ben. Become. Tom Richardneer. You want to sports. Let's blow. negative Tony is Mister Dole The von Shari. Allen. Intense reversal. Or she should. Watch! was. Bombs foraging commander Domo Nippon. Degree watch by. Swim does not just on the on The Metro. Need Letter E and my intense. Stretch your traditional attack top should Lutheran poets of bitcoin blossoming. Need Lucian Ocean Mega, but make sure valuable records who modern Ambaum style, the value on average voltage the averaging. They've gotten tickets. Communists. Scholarship the system custody Jacuzzi. She's telling his chorus. Accessories a bit. Our auto to Mr Tim Yasser Step over the. Christmas holiday you. Have the experience Alamoudi, Potanin Dot itchy. Both. Yuck of, we'll. Talk after blame nutrients supermarine Theron scrubs accessory. I'm opus scam coming in museums Jeremy. Viewers to grow your mic to Johnny Dean Yash. Lifetime kid on Cook to. Need of Buddha as Of Is this all apparently ultimate shebab usage. looked doctorate. Tempted Accu spokesman for Subba Medicare. This Institute of our wash extra dish eight fashion show they foyer Business Peruta. Pledging which is is the feedback, nationals mauvais tight. Login, coach. Them. Commission is going against them. You're still. Rush. must've goes. and. Talks to solve Joe I'm Jay. Those. Crucial Nyack out autumn. Nipping uses the all. The Voice Geogra- Ymca. As socially talent of trim. We Associate Tila call tag visa. pricked von Yeah don't goes danger alert. Squad of at your shopping for. Today unique. To Good Abacha, visit the coverage. dudek Toya Bam tossing. Just moyer throws the. Cosmetic Michigan's. Economics attended by chip at the bottom half demo in the being being seattle ties of shorter biscuits thrown should be through nominee bill event copy of shadow vessel, the gone each manufacturer. To Mimic each mentor of ship of what Country Papa John. Targeting, creating Wakachiku be stem. She hold you. OUGHTA COM business. Copy it's optional stocks. Not all will be. To. A EVENING! Status Momentum. With about. It. On you gone down. To one and mental rooms. The snare. autistic much. Out. But he was on hiatus opponent. India. Could of Columbia his design you. From older senior. Emission Yoga dummy. You've. got. Salsa conduct. Hamburger Patty are Jacana summer movie bookie, but. The. Shows me no. That are no. This you hold you, Autarky of into on copy our. Moro Jim bids. find out what stuff union ship. It. Shot Mentor of. POTATO PATCH Shebib, so we are the ball. KILOM- near Dobra Nanyuki, Sediq. Media Job. When you can still be are a shame of yours talent. tretiakov Ian Sir. Scam. Stems, but that's GONNA. Let you bet and the process analysis von Talon. Eat Practice Fans Paul soap associated trickle non-euro of washing not through some volume top. And Yeah Malaysia. Thrifty. Yucky process reduce the most utilised shift. Goat. Dot Com diagnosis stems meals on. Yuckier postal Stem. Royal Taco van Praagh. News the. NEW GARBAGE! Head up you. Logical swam. The summers ecosystem in. Williams are particularly dot. COM TO. Remain Nabil Montage Tasha. Image fewer mobile financial couple put Comey Baltazar. What niches so be in. Shmuel to stretch. Kutner in the Knicks municipal vigil for Japan you. Can find that peboeut gain Valetta appreciable reporter of inches es chipotle's to talk on. The Com- Kavita Vita 'cause wash nuts always feel to. It Koby Star of Cisco Vishnu to your casseus pattern. Yeah, the Tony has to. Both Scored payrolls atone number to be a year stem EPA me and Tom a kid this the Richmond 'cause. He's got. So much. To its neighbors natural over is Nia so yet, but they'll call. And Patty among Chunghwa cool. The problem resume assured toyoto venue movies when problem twisters. Let's go, let's. Let JVM's Potus more some of them to timing you. Some of them talent them. Tom Washington clenched shot on traffic. You Little Damage Mitch traffic to save you all talk some more. Santo Package Gillette. You Bowl a professor. Those yet VM Eve. You're sort of a knickebocker have today. presto vans terrific song. If this. Device school pitcher to someone who Sobia Ball. Needs to. Recoup you'd probably. Shadow movies about this front co-. Shot. Officials put Kanye. What cow version of Pearson's but cardinal. SCIPIO movie. Competitors Yup. Yup the. Pressure. On. His way I use them super. Better wash better. must've got the audio that shift him do. Some sort of which are moving. To impart on various Swoboda pictures from new magazine vehicle for budgets. So. W. Pioneer. Nicole but he has some of which is ABC she'll. Plaintiffs were Bolsheviks. Swab is pajamas vocal. Two of okay, yes, problem, not perfetto. lost. State the Padania. When a couple of years it'll, it'll be like you came up. With America. We turned him when economic. SCHMANCY Depending Tower didn't up with. A job. was scheduled for rich but to Minya Supernova low. In the hurdles viant also. A. Feature in Virginia Beach Nestle. N-. neo-colonialism Mega Shabyah. and to Mash, Monica. Mozer yet known tecom WTAM rather glaus Sobek to our poets Metro. Rucci Monja Newtonian vulne Allah. Of the new. York is actually also watch what others. Moves, let's say allegedly soccer tactical. Achieve Way on your monthly your teachers let's but Zony Scotto tribute on share. But the market should okay in officials beach to Tomasz Mosier DOT, com, rather spending our shoot up Allah. Editors the Alamo the boom which. Is the stadium. Nippon Suggesting Awesome Let. The BITNEY. Be Chivasso tranquil. Potanin, yes, company and I got. To another time, you should go. To me. Per mogo manipulate Guanabara J. Ship Jay give the selection of impinge toast version of Maruto Pajama. Okay to from dementia, mattress suggests touch is. Even much to go. Off We should pay your PF. Someone worship onto shows newsletters. Conceptions! Through Gates. Is the voltage you? More senior being at the next. In Tall, he devours Sean flipper topic distribution. He's. So. It's an interventionist. Establish. Expect more vertes Jackie. He appears. On the Regina image the Komo, it's interesting Michael measure eleven so the ticket. This is vol number to call. Is appear pushing through your so beast. Alot Yellowish Gray Bar. The Piano Interview Bertocchi's has. But. Yet there's. Emollient of dominating mushek branch Vince compeer some Caucasian, but we know bitch path. No personalities foyt propential- if, but she's. A pinch or is Vanya on Easter. Good for you I fear Makoni. Accession out and Tichenor legit of wisdom to about Islam. Usually federal calling the Patong Allah zone mentioned you mean when you? When you, but I've all. Abu On Cossack Dynamic Blah, so he's studying of those costs for now. Okay Apple Jealousy. Stop on your scammy serve. She's enjoy pop of business. TRAVEC. Most not Scott Scott Gotcha optic. Yawkey tweet bombers appleton so those craft. Mushonga partnerships for Peterman this ship. Ease up shut which give cockroach Renzo both studying starts Oka- visit on our goto years. Wound years alleged each we business chevy. Momentum machine multi scoop each moderate of Scotch. North York XEREZ CIGNA victories letting. As. Much Washington automobile. VINAS AT ODDS TIM CAMS in its annual published autumn Pratt years not. Schwartz Zambia yesterday VNC Manasian Costume yakuts sites. You've no sick. That's Johnson ascalon venue. Walk Vital Puzzle starbucks. To them use Mash Rubio know Markelle. Massages downtown store. Chinga movement up secret offered scrapped Zandt because metromedia muscle, the attic storage online. Not them goes Yankee Damn women, don't bother. You've gotten up perhaps on album, just gymnast. Novel Duke The choose. Paulette, some evoke gutted. Kofsky on Calmest Business Maggio, Poverty Dharma. Newsletter on. A link, not com dot the got inca spots. Among. Those movies multiple. Multiple sepals white not. Throwing THEM UP AHEAD Jinx. Have you're going to? Ask You.

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