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How Zamboni Driver Helped Carolina Hurricanes Win Big Game

ESPN On Ice with Wyshynski and Kaplan Show

03:37 min | 3 years ago

How Zamboni Driver Helped Carolina Hurricanes Win Big Game

"We can't begin the show without talking about the biggest story to hit hockey since what out. Foster Scott Foster. Probably the Glorious Song I don't know so. What was the last hockey story to get on the today? Show Leyla Anderson. Probably and you know what's interesting about it to me. I mentioned Scott Foster. Is that happened two years ago and one of the more interesting things the way he handled in the blackhawks handle is he got all these requests. He was asked to go on Jimmy Kimmel and the Today Show People magazine. And he turned it all down because he wanted to be about the franchise throat. Meanwhile Dave Ayers technically property of the Carolina Hurricanes Right now. We know they don't say Tom. I'm going to rename top golf. Airs Ball David Errors. Of course is the forty two year old goalie from Whitby Ontario pro previously experienced in the Allan Cup Hockey League where he played for the Norwood Vipers. For Eight Games He was the is the Zamboni Goal Zamboni driver for the Toronto Police H. L. Affiliate the Toronto Marlies He became just the third emergency goaltender in the modern era to play in the NHL when he went out and played for the Carolina Hurricanes against the Toronto Maple leafs on Saturday evening the marlies Zamboni driver playing for the enemy and You know he beat the leafs as everybody knows but are you surprised that the like the hurricanes if there was any team in the league where I was like. This is a team that could play that. Well in front of Amateur goaltender like maybe Dallas would be the number one. Maybe the islanders would be just by the systems they play but Carolina basically saying you. Don't get the PUCK ANYMORE TO THE TORONTO. Maple leafs was something. That was entirely predictable in this. In this scenario my opinion I don't think the hurricanes got enough credit for this guy getting the win one hundred even like after the Game Rod. Rod brindamour comes into the locker room. Talk about how the team played in front of that guy for that guy. Four David eyres eight. Which is an incredible thing. And you know what I was just talking about. Who Remembering when his team had a goalie. That didn't show up. She showed up late so they they had to play six on five. Like we couldn't score a goal on the empty night. Even I mean it's amazing. How the mind works how. The effort level works in that Carolina Hurricanes team. You can't say enough about. I Mean David. Eyres only had eight eight eight saves on ten shots. I mean you know you put a lot of guys in the net with a a modicum of of skill In the position and have that performance in front of them. They're going to have some success so all the credit to him for stepping in there and getting in front of pox but man that I mean Jake Gardner was just laying out out there. I mean it was unbelievable to watch imagine if Michael Hutchinson head that Michael Hutchinson now property of the Colorado Avalanche. Because of course we're going to talk about the trade deadline. But you know I think the reason why this story resonates with so many people is that in the little child and all of us. It's the dream of a fairytale at forty two years old. He's the second oldest player ever to make his. Nhl Debut. And I guess just to put a tie on this as we get into the trade deadline talk. Think BACK TO MEETING SCOTT. Foster one year after his big day where he was the accountant. Ben Saved what was it? Fourteen minutes of scoreless hockey for the Chicago Blackhawks against the then mighty would peg jets and you know he didn't do any interviews for a year and he said at one point. I called it the incident and I had to tell myself just because you take advantage of an opportunity doesn't mean you can enjoy it so I'm just glad that day there is enjoying and enduring with all of us because we all seem to be enjoying it

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