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"zakar tatham" Discussed on The Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast

"This is like the coin toss thing for Kansas City that continue by law. They lost. Yes. Yeah. Kansas City had one nine consecutive coin. Tosses? Look eventually, you're going to lose. And when you when you don't cover Julio. Eventually you're going to lose Dante Moncrieff three for. Yeah. When Dante Moncrieff has a game. It has always on the back of a seventy eight yard reception. So you got it this week. What about look we've got a breakout wide receiver with a brand new quarterbacks Jones. Well, Matt Barkley. Yeah. The connection like I said, Josh Allens can nothing I would consider signing Zeh Jones to cut him, right? Just as a way of saying thank you for scoring on the waiver wire an honorary pickup. Yeah. He deserves to as been on the waiver wire he deserves to be signed in cut Eric Hebron three. I sixty nine and two touchdowns on three targets. Also had a rushing touchdown. Sure. E- Bron is on pace to tie the single season. Touchdown record for the tight end. He deserves to be owned. He started Zakar it's against Dallas fourteen for one forty five and two on sixteen targets. He's unbelievable. He is a wide receiver in tight end combined. Yep. In one position he has four of the top ten single game tight end reception numbers in history. One of which was ridiculous. Yeah. Already already in a young careers. Eckerd's is the safest tight end. There is I mean, ideally, Kelsey has a higher ceiling for multi touchdown game. I would agree with the fact that he did not score. Touchdown Zakar Tatham multi touchdown game this week. But the. Safer option is Hertz. Austin Hooper did it again eleven targets. Ten catches every once in a while every once in a while Austin Hooper, you're not going to give me a fourth time. Austin hoover. No, no. What if you started one of the poopers? Well, yes this week. But I'm saying I'm not going to go. Okay. Well, Austin Hooper he's right back at it after his act toil. You're you're signing and keeping Jack Doyle above Austin Hooper. I would. Yes. Okay. Just checking all right is rising star time. Rising stars of the week. Jason. Yeah. Launch you go. I well, I'm doing a little hanging. I'm hanging with Mr. Cooper. Mario Cooper is my rising star look last week. I talked about how you know my mind on one thing. But my body was telling me something very hesitant. So hesitant to start. Like, you couldn't get the words out my body. My. My..

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