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15. Professional Liars

Bag of Lies

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15. Professional Liars

"Hello beautiful liars. Should and it's me serena and we're bag of live we are where the podcast explores identity and community through the lens of the harmless wet lows. We'll tell keyword harmless very heartless no family under couch. Chairs cushions nothin. We only want those good good harmless harmless. All right so serena. What do we have for the listeners. This week this week we are talking to a professional hirer who deals with professional lawyers. Air barr thank you. Thank you just trying to keep up with you so this week. We are talking about work. Related interview lies interviews her tense times. Occasionally people myself included have definitely told a couple white lies in interviews to make ourselves sound better and look better to our potential employers. And we're gonna talk about those with our friends. How are you. I'm excited to be here. Have you So for those of you who do not know zach. Zach canfield is utah born bay area based recruiter. The child of a therapist zaki is a skill stolen from his mama's to convince creatives from all over the world they should work at gabby silverstein empires zacks biggest claim to fame. This is very very very cool. Earthquake cottage that looks suspiciously like a shed. I met the two of you through Interview and that's the first time i met both right. Yeah yeah okay. My lie detector kit with thankfully i told no lies my interview. Ogsm be interviewed serena to that's so interesting. Yeah yes. that's that's what. I i think you're interviewing me long. Look at us. Just meeting through interviews. Life is so interesting. Hire people that. I'm also matchmaker. Okay so before we talk to zach. Let's get into our lie of the week malaika. What did you lie about this week. Well i am currently still living in mexico and the other day i was on a nice long bike ride and this guy who looked kind of american he was trying to catch my eye and he was trying to speak english to me and i just told him. I like knowing no english. Because i one. I don't really want to make too many brands out in the streets and then to he just seemed a little like overly aggressive but it was the time i ever had to lie about speaking a language and it just felt weird to be like fried but i i didn't want to engage and it was just like an easy goto to get out of this weird situation fair fair fair fair. So would you class. This one is like alive of voidance. Maybe yes an opportunity. I seize the opportunity to lie about not speaking english but also avoided person. A fair win-win added one. I like it serena. Would you lie about this week. I did teeny little baby earlier today. So i don't know if this is something many of you know. I don't really have much of a coffee drinker. I e stop. Drinking coffee may be there. Nearly ten years ago now An earlier today just kind of decided. I wanted to do something different. So my partner and i. We're going to a coffee shop. And he he. Every day. I was like i think i will get a coffee. Two and he was kind of like okay. I know it's been some time since you've drink coffee and i just lied about how long it had been a thing. I said it had been five years. But it's it's probably been about closer to nine. Which isn't that big of a difference but to me like the threshold was like anything over five years. That's like very close to a decade. And i was like it's only been five years. It's not that long but it's been quite oil and i'm super jittery now. So yeah i can feel your energy and your probably bouncing off the walls at your place. I really app hours ago and it just hit so i'm raring to record this podcast. Zach what did you live up this week. I'm embarrassed to say. But i lied about the price of a tv. I bought to my wife. It was only. I lied about ten percent of the price difference. I it was. It was eight hundred. Seventy five bucks. I said it was eight hundred bucks a you know just kind of like i felt like the threshold. Eight hundred bucks felt good but once the taxes and everything got in there. I just kind of let that out is so interesting because most time you hear women saying that they may lie to their partners about how much they spend on the clothes and stuff so it's funny to see if the other way around that's true all right social rena is has been a fun week. I feel like we got some goodies in the bag. Are you ready for some juicy lies. Always ready always ready okay. So the first item in our bag today is a drunk driver who lied about his girlfriend. Dying to avoid going to jail. Oh yeah yeah not cool. So we have graham nelson. Who's forty which by the way. That's a big old age to be lying like this But he was more than twice the drink driving limit when he was pulled over but he was let off because when they pulled him over he burst into tears and told them that his girlfriend Holly carpenter had just died and that is why he was acting irrationally. He made no mention of his girlfriend's condition at the time but he told the court that his girlfriend had called him saying she couldn't breathe and he couldn't get a taxi and that's why he drove to her house and they believed him so they let him off but later on down the line they actually found that to be untrue when they knocked on his door in his girlfriend answered the door. Ooh yikes want to in my bag. I think do you think his girlfriend dumped him off the back i hope. So dump of pence. Oh no absolutely a. This is problematic and not okay. I am not into this at all. not q. We do not love you. Do not pass. Go get out the back. I just i don. I feel like there are acceptable. Lies that you tell when you're trying to avoid a ticket but if you're a drunk driver just like except you know that you were driving drunk in like accept the punishment i've definitely gotten pulled over before blasted like christian music rollout. It was like you know it was like. I'm on my way to church office. I heard about that but that actually sounds extremely clever. But you know. I wasn't on my way to church. I mean thankfully. I had my aunt's like jesus music in the car. But like i'm not gonna out about someone dying to get out of a ticket. I mean zach. What would you do your your your gospel stores like i can relate to 'cause i used to have these back in the dam and old man so i had checks and i had the bank put. I love jesus at the top of my checks. i'm atheist. I love jesus on the top of my checks no one ever i me swear to god people would see checks and kind of see. You're all right you take care learning. So wow wow learning live here friends. Yeah trust in the lord. He will see you through girl. That's that's pretty much the the messages today us all right well graham nelson. You're out of our bag. Your trifling don't allies put people's lives in danger. We do not love that know. What's up in the bag. So our next in the bag item is that prince. William reportedly kept a cova diagnosis. A secret i know. So this is hot off the press. But apparently prince william who. I'm sure many of you know a second. In line to the british throne actually tested positive for coronavirus all the way back in april of but he kept his result a secret according to the palace sources who spoke to the bbc and so at the time after he tested positive. He obviously quarantined with his family. He was being Taken care of by palace doctors. He even did a few remote appearances and never let on that. He had coronavirus though. You know what. I'm not mad about this. So much of their life is like public and if he in a safe way like i think it's fine but didn't they like announced that his father headed. I feel like it's kind of interesting. Yeah yeah french. From a few people in the palace added i knew. Boris johnson had it as well and all of those were pretty publicly chronicled but he decided to keep his secret. I'm not mad at it. I mean do you. Prince william like you go to the bathroom and everyone knows about it so you know if you got to keep certain things like this secret like you're not hurting nobody you quarantine safely like yeah but if you have like a bunch of speaking events and other stuff that i be like okay. That's probably better. You got to disclose that like you can't be out in these streets so fine. They can stay in my bad i mean. Yeah i'm i'm with you. I don't think it's that harmful because like he took the necessary precautions but it is his body in his illness and so like if he didn't want to tell anyone fair enough yeah i feel like people should disclose If they had gone virus or you know if they currently have it when it's like at the detriment to others but like i know that a lot of people are facing some stigma if they get the rona. So it's a it's a tricky time. I feel like a lot of people aren't like you know at the ready to admit that they got you. Know corona virus. So i okay with this only because it happened back in april he's recovered and he was quarantining like safely. I am in agreement to use the british. Expection is a bit of a sticky wicket. But i'm not mad at us so last item. We have in our bag as an article that was recently published on a website called life. Hacker dot com. And it's an article for job seekers suggesting that if you are looking for a job it may or may not be a bad idea to lie about your gpa. On your resume. Ooh yeah so This article kind of goes into a lot of detail about basically like the reasons why it's okay to lie on your resume and the bottom line is basically because no one will track. Well you know what we've got zack. On zach is this. Is anyone checking i mean. Gpa's zip for the most part. Now i i don't know anyone who checks for. Gpa's i guess. If there's i'm sure there's professions like very specialized professions. But i mean. I think i mean in our profession putting a. Gps resumes almost bizarre. And i wouldn't recommend lying about your gpa. Because i feel like people are gonna find out not necessarily through the resume but like just your performance Like make it a couple of points different. I don't know she said seems like people could quickly catch onto that one. That's fair that's fair. Yeah if you know you're a two point. Oh student and you out her telling people you're four point. Oh student gonna find out right and and you know to go from two to two point five like who cares. Yeah right right right okay. Well i guess it's okay to live this young. I guess within reason but see. That's what i episode is about today. What lies across the boundaries when it comes to like lying or embellishing your resume or your background or your story to get a job outright. Lying definitely is not something that i i would hope. People do paul touring. I don't know if you do to know what cheering trains is very common. It's kind of like an active form of deception. That is taking kind of like a half truths and then turning into Into a full truce so in advertising for example it's quite common to someone said it worked on a campaign they'll make it act as if it was their campaign. Which is you know. They technically worked on it. But how much did they do on. It is the is where the deception comes in. So i think people like to take credit for things that they worked on is just whether or not they actually kind of. Were like really doing it at that makes that makes sense. We found a stat. Apparently eighty-one percent of people are lying on their resumes slash in the interview process. Do you think that lying during recruiting is as communist. That like in your experience. Yeah yeah. I think so. I mean there's a lot of places fort- deceptions. there's a lot you know from from. Gpa's as you just mentioned to colleges to You know how long you're added job why you left the job. What your role was at the job. So there's a lot of places in there where it where like people can embellish a little bit and you know full on lying like you know. It's very rare that i'll catch someone in like eight just like you know. They said they went to school that they didn't go to like something that bolt. But you could definitely catch someone saying i went to harvard. And you're like oh great. You know like. Tell me about your graduation. And they're like well. Actually i was only there for a year. You know like fat people. People people definitely put stuff on there to lead you to believe things And then when you talk about a lot of times kind of walk it back a little bit. Have you ever caught anyone in like a really wild like lied during the interview process. Do you have any good stories for us. I'm gonna. I'm gonna tell you a story that i loved it. I haven't told many people and it's it's really a store. It's the story of deception. Which i i don't know what what you're with. The definitions of lies are but i. I see deception and so i'm going to protect some identities here because this is a pretty epic story. I wanna make sure that you know that. No one ever sniffs out who this is. So so it's it was a team. This is about fifteen years ago by the way it's really long time ago. So that's why. I feel comfortable talking about it. Probably about fifteen years ago. They're not from the united states and the flight here was a ten hour. So they're faraway. They're they were creative director team at the time and so they were interviewing normally the interview process. What happens is people come in. We all do our own investigation a needing everything and then the candidates leave and then we talk behind their backs. You know we. We talk behind their backs. We make a decision we will do. We like him to do. Not why do we can you know we we. We talk about this example. This team has just met with rich. Silverstein and rich silverstein who runs our company is instantly in love with them and and says we're going to hire you. You're hired It's six pm at the end of the day and he's like come back tomorrow morning before your flight home it will have all the details figured out. So so these guys are stokes. They're so happy that just they've just flown this long track to their dream agency and the owner of the company says you're hired come back tomorrow. We'll give you all the details so everyone leaves and i go out. I'm single at the time. So i go to a bar that night on a date at this bar hanging out and there's this huge commotion outside and i look outside and it's those two guys that we that we had that we've made an offer and they're outside in a white limo One of them is bleeding profusely out of his face like eyes mouth nose like blood every and they are shit faced like they are next level they are not on this planet anymore and the second i see them i in my head. I'm like i don't want to have any sort interaction with them. Because i don't personally care about your personal life. You know like you want to go out and party in a white limo. That is not my style. But i'm not here to judge like everyone's got their own personal lives in that school so i go back in the bar. I'm hoping they don't come into our bar a couple of minutes later they come into the bar and it is a scene they are. They are that they're just next level wasted. They see me they immediately run over to me so excited to see me which is crazy the condition they're in emitted proceed to start hitting on the girl. I'm on like aggressively in a really gross groupie fashion to which i have to but in and be like. Hey please stop stop. You're making this person incredibly uncomfortable. I then say you know the elephant. In the room i go. Hey man you have a lot of blood all over your face are you okay. And he says oh well as soon as you guys hired us. We're so happy that we we hired a limo to drive around all night and we want cocaine because we want to celebrate so we so we were driving around the white limo. And we're sticking our head out asking people where to get cocaine in someone tells us the tenderloin. Well if you don't live in san francisco and you don't know the tenderloin. The ten does not enable to play around it like it is definitely like it's a neighborhood that you wanna be like aware of what you're doing and you don't want to be driving around flashing a white limo ed driver on the tenderloin for cocaine which someone happily obliges and takes them upstairs into a house. Where a bunch of guys beat the shit out of them Rob them and then And then they decide to go out and keep partying and eventually they get kicked out of the bar were by the bartenders. And so okay so this puts me in a of predicament. Which is you know. Your personal license is your personal life. But but The choices that they made of a basically there was one person in the tire city of san francisco. They that they should not have shown this behavior to and it was me. It's literally a million people. The only person that should not have seen right and then when they see me they don't think hey you know what we should probably get out of here instead. They're all over me trying to hang out and end date. Yeah yeah yeah and and you know the choices and then and then they decide to tell me if you wanna do cocaine or whatever. It's not my business but then to then before you have to offer in your hand you're now telling me that you discuss rob trying to buy cocaine a white limo. You know it's like it's a bunch of a bunch of deception in my opinion based on what they presented to me in our meeting earlier in the day and as cds they're going to be running huge clients tons of cl- i mean they are the client conduit for the agency Where jobs are on the line because they are gonna productions You know they're going to be out with these clients all the time and how. They presented themselves in this meeting with a client. Handling skills was much different than the people that i saw so anyways so the next morning nine am i called meeting with all the partners where i tell them what happened. There immediately. Like under no circumstance. Are we hiring this team anymore. So so can you imagine you know. The walkers shame that doesn't feel good. Imagine the twelve hour flight ashamed. God you call all your friends and family. We're moving to america. We got our dream job and then and then you gotta get on that plane home and say well actually so that to me was like my favorite story of deception that i've that i've experienced in in my role and you know obviously i can definitely think of many others at a much smaller and more common things would be saying they work somewhere that they didn't You know i used to work at wieden and occasionally i'll see on a resume and the first thing i do is i call my my friends at wieden and say hey you know. I'm super curious about this person. What was your experience with them on occasion. That person never worked there. You know so so. Yeah so it's not. I think people are smart enough to not go. Really big on their lives They tend to be more exaggerating about like you know maybe they they add a couple months so it looks like they did three full years at an agency versus two and a half years or you know things like that but but to full on. Lie about you know an education or Where people worked. it's not it's not it's not as common but it you know it it. It absolutely happens in. And i would just tell people you're gonna get caught on those things more often than not i'm going to find out what's like the ones they like. The lisi est live. But like what's like the worsely told. Lie 'cause you're white. Level store is definitely like an epic big like they. They they try to pull it off on you and then there was all this stuff lying behind like what was like a a vocally bad told lie that was immediately like boop gotcha. The lazy lies like the lazy lies are are ones where people amid they. Leave out information you know. An in an interview is to to find out. It's an it's a little bit of inspection you know. It's it's were there. Were there to dig. And so when people are clearly trying to leave out details That's that's where you that's where you focus and so You know Fake things about you know how things were made or What their involvement was that type of stuff. So you know when people wanna lie. I think i mean. I shouldn't be advising people on ally but they should really spent a lot of time thinking things through and having it all figured out and I think when people just try to leave out information you know. I'm there to gather information so it's going to be hard. You need to have answers for the questions i'm going to have. If you're kind of dodging it it's gonna put me on the set more he's on tier. I mean i. I mean i hope i'm not painting like a crazy picture in. It's a fun you know. Generally it's a fun conversation. And i'm there for a lot of reasons other than a fun conversation but i. I tried to present as a conversation. But but i've definitely poking around trying to make sure i feel good about the information i'm getting. Maybe i ll avi good at recruiting people. Because i'm like low key nosy. And i love like you would be upset. You and i went to new york together thing. You'd be great at it. I love being nosy and like digital like what people are doing in their whole life story. The trick is the trick is to anyone. Whoever needs to interview to trick is let the person talk it. We wanna a button and we want to ask questions lead people. A good interview is probably eighty percent that person talking and you just listening and actually. That's where you start to figure out like if they're bullshit new or not because that means they're talking a lot and in that talking you know you're kind of listening listening to make sure that things are adding up and consisted and things are all making sense. Have you ever busted busted necessarily but like sniffed something how found out they're lying and like someone had a reaction to it. Like what would you do if you find out that someone has been lying so for example they like didn't work at wieden and they said that they did like how do you how do you react. How do they react like all. I'll give you another story. That again. I need to is very it's a. I can't give much specifics but We fired someone who should have been fired and it was I caught. I caught someone ally when we spoke to this person. They naturally denying everything. And okay. that's fine So we actually hired a third party. Investigator had like we. I mean we got macgyver on this like we. This was something where i was like. I'm not letting it up. And as i mentioned before. Like if i'm onto a cent i'm not gonna stop till i feel lake until i feel good about it and this i did not feel good about it and i also felt like my resources were limited so i hired someone to do a proper investigation a third party and it was one hundred percent accurate that this person lied there was there was not a point zero zero one percent chance you know we had all the shit lined up you know and so at that point. I'm thinking oh this is great like i mean. Clearly when i when. I talked to this person again. They're going to. They're going to be like you're right like sad. This person down told them everything. Had this pro like crazy investigation and he was like you guys are still wrong in absolutely crazy and i just could not believe it. And in general i find that Good people tend to own up to it quickly and they're always kind of afraid of being busted in. They're afraid of being sita's as seen as an impostor and so a lot of people just to meet a like you're right. I'm so sorry. I screwed up and you know and then there's just a small percentage of of of people who will never own up to it and it's quite sad. Wow wow i had like literally like the supreme court level evidence on this person. I mean it was next level. I mean was it couldn't have been a and and just that person staring at me going. It wasn't me. And i'm like dude you out of here. I love that you went to the length of getting a private investigator. Like i know a good recruiter or a good. Hr person if there's something serious if they feel something serious that they're going to investigate an end for me you know. I'm i'm i'm anxious person so i'm not going to be able to sleep until i feel like i have made a decision a as well an informed decision as possible. You know so. I think i just for my own sanity. I'm gonna keep going until i feel like until i feel like my mind. Setis see i'm the same way too. Because i if i feel like somebody's out here like just while i'm gonna use the power of the internet. I now everything i need to know like. I told the other day that me. Her loki should work for the fbi. 'cause when we are on a mission we will get all. We sniff it all out. So i love this. I feel inspired. Snoop even more now. I'll tell you what if you're listening to this podcast. You're an asshole and you're interviewing you better damn well go through all of your social media in everywhere been and hide that stuff because i will find it an end. I you know all recruiters. I know the we immediately go to people's social media now And i don't mean just facebook and instagram. Like i mean. I've not hired candidates i've i've been ready to to hire someone who i was so excited about and we were just about to pull the trigger and i went deep. Just digging around on him. And i found all this post of him and boy was he nestle so i called him out on it and i said hey. I was really excited to hire you but i have to tell. I saw the way you spoke to people in these forums. And i don t this not you know. We don't talk to each other like that in this company and in and i wouldn't want to hire anyone who speaks that on the internet and so So if you're an asshole you're looking for a job. I really recommend you you. You go hard and clean your social media because people will people will be looking at. It was zack. Spins so great. Having you on the podcast. We've we've enjoyed all of your stories that you've shared scraping here. Thank you so much. Y'all make sure to follow oliver truths on the socials. We aren't instagram at bag of lies underscore podcast and on twitter at bag of lies. Thank you zach for being on our part chime. You're having me back is produced by the spicy rachel. Da's with oversight from b. b. bob cohen. Our theme music is produced by my girl. Madly big ups opinions and foolish. Comments expressed here by no means a reflection of our employers friends family or upbringing or our sanity by guys bye.

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Bonus episode: Inside Quartz's email newsletter strategy

Digiday Podcast

42:25 min | 2 years ago

Bonus episode: Inside Quartz's email newsletter strategy

"Are you wondering how to build a brand when fragmentation is an industry challenge? That's where shifting to an Omni. Channel approach can make all the difference in the world by partnering with programmatic expert legs axis, you can create an Omni channel video strategy walled gardens at all to achieve the outcomes you want visit Zacks dot com to get started with Omni channel programmatic video solutions. That is x a x I S dot com. Let's talk about a specific product. And that's Email. The kinds of emails that real people really get. If you look at the data when it comes to Email. It always tells you to send another one. You want it not to say that. But literally the data says like you'll make this much more. If you send another Email. Explain that a decision that goes into how many Email, newsletters, you you really need. Welcome to a special episode of the digital podcast. I am Brian MARCY every week on the show. You hear from digital media executives about the strategies, they are taking to build sustainable businesses. But strategies are one thing and execution is another in this series of the next five weeks. We're publishing bonus episodes of the digital podcast where we go in the weeds on everything from how to build a profitable events business to making a great podcast for this episode. We look at what goes into making an essential Email newsletter Email has had a renaissance over the last few years, particularly as publishers focused more on direct connections with their audiences. I sat down with Zach Seward chief product officer and executive editor. Of course, he ever sees product development at a total strategy and audience growth courts, we discussed what goes into it. Effective Email strategy. Zach welcome to the podcast. Thanks so much. So tell me about your role because you have moist interested in people have one foot in two worlds, and you've got a foot in the editorial world and a foot in the product world. Yeah. My background is as a journalist. That's all ever wanted to be since I was eight years old, and I was doing that. Or would you call aditorial jobs when it came to courts the rule became as you said like a hybrid initially. We didn't have product product team that with a dozen people, but we were doing product like things like building, the website, or Email products, etc. As we grew. We created the real product group or now forty fifty people strong and the competitive advantage. We saw was to marry great editorial and great product design, and engineering and. When you do those well in tandem, I think that's that's how you get a great editorial product. It's just how how is it different from places you had been before because everyone will will say something like this. But the reality is they've got they've got legacy structures that sort of work against the right? It's all about the structure. I think right. It's not I don't think it's a lack of capability, right? Typically, the product teams on the so-called business side, and it's on a different floor that certainly my experience in prior jobs. And as a result is just this huge disconnect. What the newsroom is trying to express through the product. And what the product teams trying to express turn out to be very different things. There's not a ton of alignment, the even just the logistically the process of building the product is separate. It goes go off with the product goes off and builds this thing Cording to business objectives. Delivers it to the newsroom news fills in the spaces that have been allotted to it. It led to the experiences. I think on news websites, apps and emails that did feel a little disjointed it fell optimal. Yeah. Let's let's let's put it that way. And so my boss is the editor in chief, Kevin Delaney a courts, and so that means the product team is a part of our newsroom, that's a crucial part of the strategy is where we're all right there. And in my job, specifically is to make sure that as we've grown the alignment remains there between what were building a product team. And what we're we're trying to achieve as an editorial team. And of course, our business objectives. We all believe cross organization that it got start with a great Joyal product. And and that's what's going to. Make a great advertising product, and let advertisers want to be part of its fortunately, it's it's the whole proposition, of course, in the market to advertisers is that let's talk about a specific product. And it's E mail because I think a lot of people have looked at courts, you know, fondly for a really nailing Email, and at a time, everyone is all about Email all of a sudden again, but at a time when a lot of people were overlooking Email, explain how courts goes about building a great Email product. Where does it start? So we today have to daily emails the courts daily brief which send in the morning whenever your morning wherever you are on the world and the courts obsession, which is sent in the afternoon daily brief has been there since day one accords which was in two thousand twelve and so when we when we launched we were a website, keys dot com and the courts daily brief, and we thought the daily brief was really crucial part of what we were trying to build with courts overall, like if we just launched or the website that be something missing. And that something missing was a daily touch point with with readers. You know that was like, oh, all right. We need we need some need some way to be in touch with people who wanna get more loyal with courts. We knew our greatest overall growth was gonna come through the website on the back of social media and not obviously. Came to pass, but we didn't want to neglect Email. So at the time most news organisations emails were round up style, meaning a list of links. Here's the best stuff. We published today or this week or whatever and. You know, I think there's a there's a good deal of value in in those kinds of emails weed, I don't wouldn't deride that approach, but we did choose to take a pretty different tax with with with the daily brief. And the main strategy was let's just create a great Email, something you can read entirely in your inbox there, plenty of links. You can click them plenty of people do, but you certainly don't have to. But that's not the KPI. Yeah. The KPI is opens talking. Is the truly in the weeds pocket. Yes. And I just said I'm not on the business side. Learned a learned the acronyms the. We are we want you to open it get to the end love it. And and then open it the next day. So so actually, very specifically, we we check weekly active users as the main metric for across all of our emails that were were devising. What's active opens at least once in that? We exactly okay. And we do weekly instead of daily because not all that. We of obsession is five days a week six and our other emails are just weekly. So, but active matters. I think you know, I'm sure we've been guilty of quoting the highest possible number how many subscribers how many emails whether they're living people or daughters data by let's check the pulses fair. But certainly internally all we care about is. You're actually opening beak because it goes back to what I was saying, you know, we monetize that his emails advertising. It's profitable on that level alone. But the real real. Value, and the real purpose of these emails is an ongoing relationship with those readers that, you know, quite obviously is not really possible through the website, or at the very least we we wouldn't rely entirely on faith. The people are going to keep coming back directly to the website and want wanted something much more direct. Yeah. But I think the the key that you guys got a two was that it was it was a product unto itself. It wasn't just the gateway to a different product which was a website because I feel like a lot of emails have often look like poor imitations of websites or feeds of links in that way. And then I'll look like the kinds of emails that we then feel like the kinds of emails that we actually enjoy receiving like when we receive emails a look like websites were like spam. Will right? It's sort of puts you in the mind like ecommerce. Yeah. Exactly. No, I I think that's that's right obsession flesh short five years attempts to do really cool things with Email that weren't even possible a few years ago, but the daily brief from day one and still today is just text. And you know, it it's written in the style of an appears to you. And it's design like someone like a trusted adviser tapped out this Email kinds of emails that like we really really get a hundred percent. There's the the the most fascinating anything we've found with the daily pre at the end of every Email. We have like a kicker sign off, you know, and to be you could follow us on Twitter or whatever. And then we say send us tips jokes, and then some reference to a news item, usually like a more whimsical news item from within the Email too, high accused dot com and. It. It's the worst cheesiest joke. It you you could imagine. But it's a joke, and it a it's very obvious that a human every day has written that that joke for you. And it by far is the number one thing we get feedback on the Email. A hello. I can't I always I love getting to the end of the Email and reading the job. And and again, it's not because it's funny. It's at best like a funny joke. But, but it's I think it's quite obviously point is the human touch that. There was this human on the other end. And even now when it's going out to hundreds of thousands of people it still feels in reads, hopefully to people like it was written for them. So how'd you bounce that with making money off it because a lot of times like as you said editorials, given these boxes to fill in whether it's the feed or or whether it's it's it's with other types of texts because everyone wants, you know, we need three display units. In the Email. I I'm not privy to compare sin data at other publishers. But I bet our monetization of emails turned out to be better than average. And. For one we sell it as a separate product. So typically Email advertising is like Bob the lowest bottom of the barrel. Programmatic networks for understandable reasons. But it's not it's not it's not at any any CPM to to write home about we're selling it. Same kind of CPM's were selling advertising on her other products and selling directly is not another typical thing with Email advertising is it's an add on. And I think that the start it was an add on for us to like throw in a a daily brief ad for you. But very quickly it became its own thing. And so we have lots of clients who to just by the daily brief for the obsession the obsession is sold out this year. And I I think the fact that it's designed and written as a separate product is related to. To how we're able to monetize it as a separate product that a link Linke mail would be less likely to be credible out there in the marketplace as as some separate thing you want to really own and be a part of as an advertiser at best. That's a can stick stick my ad in there. And hopefully when two percent of people click it, so I I'd be lying. If I said that was precisely the strategy or why we made those decisions at the beginning. But it was nice to see that. That's how it evolved that that's what that there was an additive market for for this kind of advertising. And then that influenced a lot of the product decisions we made thereafter, both in Email and our app and other places which also are very distinct product experiences and also monitor the separately. Can I read the daily brief on? QC dot com. I really knowledge it's not the easiest thing to add on unit there, but strategically I mean because like the question becomes why Email I understand Email makes sense for courts you want like to build a habit. You wanna have data you get actual direct data about your audience. You don't if they're just flying in through Facebook or something like this? But some people get too much Email. I like Email or something like this. So they might want to just read it on the website. Yeah. So they actually answer your questions. Yes. You can. Go to Email. It's tart may it would reminds me of those. So we had the same thought as you hear all people love the daily brief. But we only Senate wants a day. Maybe it's not the wrong time for them. Maybe they want an update later on the day and so three or four years ago whenever it was we first introduced a homepage to QC dot com. Courts somewhat famously launched without any homepage. Our very first attempt at a homepage was actually a continually updated version of the daily brief to try to test this idea. All right, maybe treat even the homepage is its own separate product apart from the rest of the website. And maybe this'll be something that people get accustomed to coming back to and bookmark because. Yeah, why you have to just read it in your inbox. They did that was not turned out at least for our audience to to not be a habit, we could form and we moved onto two different experiments for the homepage. And I I don't know in retrospect that. Was that that should have been that surprising? It you know, you people can tell whence when something written for one form. It's just repurpose te in another it it often really feels in reads that way, and but e mails a platform. Yeah. Yeah. And and and as a result, it has constraints and product design considerations that are different from a website and vice versa. And that's an overarching. We that's what we're trying to take advantage of like, even the constraints of Email that you know, it's impossible to do complex designs. Well across a ton of Email clients is an interesting constraint to try to work with when you're building an Email product to talk about that a little bit better because it's one of those true in the weeds things the fact that it's so annoying that everyone gets Email. In so many different ways. And each of those ways has their own. Like, I for instance, like Estee Lauder we cannot put an accent in our emails in the subject line because it will show up as a question Mark in several Email. I don't know if we if you've solved this issue, but we regulate mood g in our in our subject lines, and that that's it's own nightmare. So so first of all if I could make it appeal to all of this is that there to everyone should only use apple mail and their iphones. The best Email client from the publisher's perspective in terms of reliably. It's going to look and operate the way you wanted to. That's not actually the best Email client user perspective. So I totally understand. And I am I myself don't use it. But but that would be great if everybody just used a single a single client. You know? Of course, you have similar challenges on the web with lots of browsers. But you know, at this point we support any browser with greater than one percent usage. And that's four or five browsers. Max Email is same calculation for Email clients, at least a dozen. So this is a challenge it, it became a particular challenge when we got around to building the courts obsession, which are more are newer daily Email. I mentioned before and that. This was four years post daily brief wanted to challenge ourselves to in our with reefa gone. Well, I think, you know, created a reputation for us around like rethinking what you could do with Email, but for years had passed away wanted to challenge ourselves to do that again, it wasn't going to be just a a text based briefing. And and there's been a most of the major Email clients now support web like behavior and we wanted to take advantage of. So the, you know. You know, some more complex designs and interactivity. So the obsession Email, for instance, always includes kind of a whimsical poll and a quiz question in most of the emails, and you can in most Email clients, just interact and pick your answer, right then. And there in the kind you can in in apple mail and certain other amazing Email clients with the with the survey you can tap your answer. It makes a callback to our server which responds with the latest results and updates the display right then and there with with how other obsession Email readers are voting. We didn't invent this. But dynamic emails. It's known really was there's only really been used a little bit in you know, which is always ahead of the game. When it comes to Email marketing in an Email design. And we thought like the support for a g males support for it was the big game changer. And that guy we we could we could try this and see if web like interactivity in an Email something that people like, and it's, you know, it's not fancy I'm talking about a poll things that, you know, the the worldwide web has supported since the nineties, but it's pretty nudie Email, and it turns out people do like it, and they it it keeps them coming back and meet an I don't know maybe the equivalent of that joke at the end of the daily brief in the obsession is the poll question at the end of people look forward to tapping because it's right there in the Email, obviously, we see far greater participation than we would if you had to go off somewhere else. We'll be right back after this quick break as consumer attention span shorten knowing what type of add to serve when and where is important not only to you. But to the consumer experience and. It is why Zach says helps you execute an Omni channel video strategy. See your marketing delivers the outcomes you want. Now back to the episode. How many weekly active users to have total hundred fifty thousand? Okay. How do you? I mean, you've decided to have. And you have a couple of weeks land of those courts, he weekly I get that. But you don't have a tremendous number of emails, and I think with Email there is always the tendency to vertical is, you know. I mean, I could imagine that like you could make a Email newsletter for each obsession. Why not like we could just have like fifteen emails instead of you know, three or four explained that the decision that goes into how many Email, newsletters, you you really need. Yeah. It's a it's a great question. We've definitely thought a lot about it. The. Consequence of our Email strategy. It's a bespoke product written for this experience by humans of in the daily briefs case three times a day. And in the obsessions case like basically being feature length story five times a week is that you can't just a vertical is that forever and do twenty of them. And so there's a there's a trade off there. We've found he's done some some other more vertical. Emails and some have been quite successful weekly. The more subject based emails court C, which is for our a lifestyle brand and has like a really strong voice of its primary writer, Jenny Evans is, you know, a similar strategy to the other emails it's written as an Email. L and literally neck is written by a specific human you hopefully, get to know through her writing. And the fact that it says from Jenny in your in your inbox and the courts Africa weekly brief is another good example of that in written with a strong voice and has amassed a really loyal community of people who were following our coverage of Africa. I it's it's been difficult. An we've not done it to to derive a strategy where you could really replicate that kind of strong engagement twenty times over immediately. I it's not to scale and some fortunately you had. Hey, you don't we've not seen value in having twenty emails with a few thousand subscribers each you. Maybe if the monetization strategy were different you you could make make something of that. But it wasn't it wasn't. It wasn't something. We thought would would work. Well, as you said scale. Well, that said got an amazing newsroom, you know, journalists who have their own personal, newsletters, others with great ideas for their for newsletters. They could do through courts and element. It's kind of a struggle. I I would prefer that. We were able to say, yes, here's this amazing way to to leverage all of that intelligence and energy in the newsroom, especially now that Email seems hot again end. Look, it's been interesting to see competitors. In most notably axios to a strategy, or or at least, they're they're they have more total number of emails. I don't know that it's that different from us in terms of their pouring on energy and each one of them. So the scale question is probably still there for them. I would assume that you know, e- every new Email is a new. Yeah. Higher too. They're very personality driven newsletter. Every newsletter is attached to a personality. Very yet. Very personality. It's the right or the Email is the social image. You're doing that with Coursey. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. But an interesting thing, I was gonna say access has done is blurred the line between Email and the web more effectively than I thought maybe it was possible in that. I just I I subscribe to some of their most. But I do find myself reading some of their Email content on their website God forbid in a way, that's not. Particularly common thing certainly for us or other other publishers Email products, and it doesn't feel weird to me as I I can read this on the web. That's not that's not blasphemy. What I what I wonder about axios is whether there's like a wear out fact with that with the format that they use for every single piece of content. I mean, it it's already I think it's mostly within the sort of journalists crowd to sort of joke about the be smart stuff. But just kind of like an ad. I mean, there's there's usually wear out when you use the same the same play again. And again and again. Yeah, it doesn't mean it's a bad play. I just don't know whether every single play has to be that. It's a hard to copy play cricket Quaeda, quite obvious. That's though, the actually there's maybe something to be said for the branding of it. The smart brevity tr- DM. I think look I I was really impressed when they launched at the discipline of writing in that style, and it's it is very related to to Email. And I think reflected some of what I think are the better like best practices in Email product, which is writing at like, an Email, and you know, in their case, they were interpreting it like a I don't know how they would put it. But it seemed to me like, you know, a a memo dashed off from your boss or very Washington. Nobody in Washington I worked in Washington. My first job lay before journalism, and nobody in Washington can read anything with paragraphs. It has to be bullet points. They could actually be paragraphs short paragraphs. But they they need to be bullet points for anyone who Washington to comprehend information, right? And at that the at its worst that style is just someone just wrote a bunch of paragraphs and then highlighted at all and said, yeah. Victim bullet points at its best. It it reads. It reads better more easily. I mean with the obsession Email that's something we have tried to do. And and found successful is. I said a moment ago these each of these emails sleep session emails every day. Totally different topic. We go deep deep deep on it. And tell you why you two should be obsessed with this this topic. You may not have even heard of or didn't know a ton about before you open the mail and as a result. These are really in-depth feature pieces, essentially, they require the reporting and writing of two thousand word article on our website, but our readers don't experience it the way they do two thousand word article. They they I think don't even think about it as that much as quite that much content there, and that's that's all going to the format of the Email, which is a card based. Design. So the way the team is writing that each of these cards kinda stands alone you can. And I think most people do read it linearly, and they kind of build on each other. But it makes it way easier to scan the whole thing. And I think in a Li. Lowers the burden frankly for two entry to to jump into this feature especially when it's topic. I didn't I didn't sign up for this. I didn't I didn't say I today, I wanna know about spooky music, but but once so it gets you in the door little easier lowers the burden and people find it super scandal. But end up reading the whole thing as a result. And that's kind of like a similar way. I wrote this long feature than I chunked it up into a more digestible format so writing for Email is a particular skill. I mean, the people are good at writing magazine pieces are not necessarily good at writing the web. And certainly a lot of people who are good at writing for the web or not good at ready magazine pieces. I think that's right. We have a really talented what we call the push team at courts, and that's their focus is our Email products. And it's also our app fry Wison an Android, and they they specialize in writing for. Those formats because it is it's own skill. So everyone has now briefings, and and maybe they don't call them briefings. Maybe something a lot of them come briefings. At what point does it become too much because everyone did rush to Email. I mean, it's kind of like podcast in some way. Hopefully, not this one. But every news organization, not every news organization, but many news organizations are rushing out, you know, daily podcast now because of the success probably of the daily sure he saw that the success courtside with Email coincidentally or not a lot of people have rushed out similar products. Yeah. There's only so many. There's only so many things you can get in your Email inbox. Right. Well, none of us are like asking for more Email at all think. No. I think it's definitely a question. But I'm not sure it's that different. From other dynamics of publishing only so much time in the day. I can only you know. Become truly loyal to a handful of publishers are only gonna subscribe to one print newspaper. I'm in my Twitter Facebook feed, I'm gonna I'm I'm going to click on average on eight articles, and it's up to the publishers to compete to be among those eight. So I don't know that the net the competitive dynamics are that are that different. But but sure will it does mean that being I like like a successful podcast just successful website obsessively Mel like being in market for a longer period of time matters. Yeah. Quite a bit you can build you can build on that. But it's pretty difficult. The daily notwithstanding to to have an overnight hit with these kinds of daily loyalty products. That's the nature of daily loyalties who built it slowly over time. And. So so that helps Ben but beyond that, you know, I think it's a I don't know nicely. I'd Email unsubscribe or just ignore archive. It like sure people are drowning in Email or sure we, you know, all of us here are, but it's it's it's pretty easy to manage still that that question ignore it strategically there's the idea that Email is preferable to traffic say from or connection to an audience through platforms because you have more control over it. But actually, you're still going through different platforms. I mean, there's always a choke point when it comes to technology and generally exists in Silicon Valley yet is it. It's more dependable in that. It's lower risk as far as having a direct connection to your audience. Yeah. I think it does matter that Email is an oath. Open protocol. And that's the the so the connection is more direct to the to the extent it's mediated by another platform. It's it's at the very end of the process. The Email client you're choosing to to manage. How you read your your inbox? And are very few open protocols like that in which to reach people, obviously, the World Wide Web is pretty important open protocol like that. And SMS is an is another. And that's about it and everything else is platforms that are directly controlled by by technology companies. I don't I don't view it like as a a value judgment. We're our strategy is we will happily reach people wherever they choose to get information. So if that's Amazon Alexa and Facebook messenger. We want to need to be there. And it's also Email and the web, we're were there to a I think I'm a personal level. I'm glad that there remained is open further calls to which to reach people and hope just for the sake of information delivery. People's choice that that that that remains. And I think the durability of the web of Email suggests that that they will. But it sure it's it's interesting and not not for nothing that primarily, you know, our relationships with with readers or media by large tech, one reality of anything involving a subscription has churn and an activity, how do you re engage because your fight. I find everything you're fighting on two fronts. You got to bring more people in. But then you've got people in that you have to try to re-engage it is. So so hard to re engage. A I hesitate to say it's a loss caused because it's not quite a lost cause. But you know, if I were advising on the Email engagement strategy or the way we think about it, of course, at least keep getting you engaged once you know, when you've initially signed up. Yeah. Is the more. Effective strategy. Because if we get you engaged from the start your way way more likely, the welcome message matters a lot. Yeah. We found like if people engage because we change that. And the people who engaged like immediately. Like, hey, here's five things that you are so much more likely to stay in game. What's interesting to me from what you guys are doing is. Because everyone in B two B knows this like everyone would be to be is has an is all about Email his Email. You you collected about your information or collect data about your audience and people act on Email like we do a pun of commerce through Email like, you know, like millions of dollars the aware of every time. I know I know sometimes the main the sandwich gets too much, which is a problem. That's that's actually the biggest problem with emails that it works too. Well, yes, there's no marginal cost to send you an extra Email. And if you look at the data when it comes to Email, it always tells you to send another one you want it not to say that. But literally the data says like you'll make this much more. If you send another Email and only this many people will drop off. And it says data will always tell you to send more which is a problem. A huge huge one. I think it works too. Well, it's tabu problem. But on. You don't get the negative signal necessarily or if you only think of the negative single is unsuccessful it's then than at one hundred percent. That's not the thing that you don't get to see is is the tune out like there's no there's no actual. I mean, you could see it in the numbers of your engagement numbers. But like you it's hard for you to to to track. It back. It's an attribution problem. Like you can't track. It back to one Email plast or something like this. It's just an accumulation of. It's it's fatigue. Yeah. Well, so to push notifications any kind of many essentially any push predator thing you're choosing to put in front of the the audience. I think there is a critical lack of that negative signal to truly make judgment. And it's like how much is too much when we launched the obsession, you know, we had a lot of trepidation to daily emails or we were they. Was our loyal readers would start there. More morning with us. And also have a great experience with us on maybe on the train home. And but but Susil I you should be so lucky to have one daily Email that people loyally read could we do. And you know, I think you know, a year later, it's really clear first of all don't have to read it can unsubscribe or otherwise, ignore it. And that's that's not what's happened. People. Love it. And it's are by far highest engaged Email product. It turns out to emails. Okay. Yeah. I've wanted to do an PM. Yeah. Sherry now. Because like with you focus on the morning because you you want people to develop the habit and stuff like this. But then there's gotta be something at the end of the day. I feel like you can do to view vox is daily is is like at eight PM every day. They're dealing Email. Hi. Yeah. I was I was I'd love I haven't ever talked to them over there about that particular choice. I definitely see the appeal of end of day Email that I I would love to hear their eight PM could just be logistically like it's the last thing that gets done don't know. But for me, of course, APM if if I'm lucky I've locked moved to the west coast. That's how the well. Timezones no small thing when it comes to Email. We I mentioned the daily brief is sent three times a day. So hitting you in in your morning wherever you are in the world, which crazy idea I would not advise anyone to do that. But we had to because cause trouble brand because I know I remember we used to this truly the weeds like we use sale through and we use this horizon time that they had which would like supposedly learn about when send things and stuff like this. Or like, it was like optimization for optimization sake. At least with us like. Was like this is not the the cost is the regularity of it. And like it the benefit was like miniscule. Yup. I think nothing of sail through this. I think we'll shelters told business is more on ecommerce. And that's and that and other kinds of marketing emails, I think is where that matters way more. So the economy meals, we're talking about then certainly the courts does is is a daily habit. So that it shows up at six AM every morning is really important. And it doesn't matter if you don't get up until seven you ride is you can reliably. No it gets there. And so a adjusting it to six thirty or seven thirty is is kind of beside the point. But if I'm trying to target you specifically twenty percents off coupon then and I'm not going to send it every day. Then it does matter a lot more. So I think yeah. Some of those. Advanced Email marketing, tools such a south to are enormously valuable, but not for the kinds of these kinds of emails. I think are we certainly but similarly of not not seen much depending on when you send it. But it does help to have someone in Asia in our Hong Kong bureau writing the Europe brief and someone in London writing and sending the the one for you the US nobody has to get up. So what you people like in different geographies writing for other geography. Yeah. Yeah. You know, this is a this is as I said, we had to do it this way we had to have a global in morning Email because that's courts is whole editorial value proposition. We're covering the entire world. It's not going to be US focused. So no, which has had to do it at his logistically way more three times as complicated as just sending it once a day and the the key to that is our bureaus around the world. More or less. It's Hong Kong sends the Europe. And Africa addition London sends the US addition. And then in our in our headquarters in New York is the day starts again at six PM eastern. When we start the day with our we we end our day by starting the day over with the Asia edition. Okay. Zach thank you for coming in and geeking out about Email. Anytime you want the protocols, whatever happy to come. Thanks for having me. Thank you. And thank you for listening to this show is produced by detangle, tell us what you think tweeted me, Email me your feedback. I am at P. Marcy on Twitter. Also be Morrissey at today dot com on Email. Also, please do take a minute to leave a review for us and rate this podcast helps people find it. We're telephone about. We would love to have more people. Discover this thanks again for listening, and we believe it back next week job. So. So. It is time to move to an outcome. Based solution by leveraging Omni channel programmatic strategy. Visit Zacks dot com to get in touch. That is exa X IS dot com.

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360: Thomas Vargeletis  How to build and grow a profitable real estate photography business

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360: Thomas Vargeletis How to build and grow a profitable real estate photography business

"This is photo basics episode number three hundred sixty and today. We're talking real estate. Photography with someone who has authored books on the subject has a podcast on the topic and is actually doing the work himself talking about Thomas Roger Lettuce and that interview is coming up and just planning to have a successful wedding and portrait Photography Business Join Andrew Is. He introduced successful photographers and business experts to fast. Track your success. Welcome to the Photo Expo. Podcast with your host Andrea Helmich Andrew. How are you from the impact images and welcome to this episode of the podcast? Should be something different. We normally do regularly talk about real estate photography about now. It's a huge John. Right and there's a good chance that if you are shooting weddings portrait's it could possibly be an avenue worth exploring to supplement your income or potentially be a genre of its iron. Mit Looking at either way are not as enemies and great takeaways from what Thomas has to share in today's interview. That's coming up shortly. As far as me and my week is concern is paying pretty heavily focused on the daily vlag challenge participants creating challenges for them giving them feedback helping them grow and get better. They video recording a bunch myself for the photo bs x facebook pave ultimately going to be tuning into ads and because of this whole thing obeying playing with the idea of re recording rebuilding the Evergreen. Facebook ads finals course. So I've actually started. That last week wasn't happy with put together scrapped. I'm starting again and I'm pretty excited because what I'm planning to do or what I will do. I'M GONNA commit to this. I'm actually going to be recording. That course simplifying. It making it easier to implement for you if you take part and I'm going to do that by building or rebuilding my finals week. You as I go through the course some. There's GONNA be theory involved but at the same time. It's going to be a practical application. I'm going to build cold traffic ads. We're going to build up warm audiences and then serve re-targeting adds to warm audiences. It should be fun one theory. There's going to be a little practically involved and I'm committing to getting that started and on track this wake so it becomes a perfect pathway for anyone. Utilizing video to step straight into that and keep recording video k. Producing video and then turning into ads and ultimately so you can build an evergreen funnel to consistently attract drawer in potential clients GIO business. So that's the plan and I'll keep you posted on how that guy's a loss in last week's episode if you didn't catch it I interviewed Kara. Murray trump better. She is a super successful boudoir photographer. Photographer women sees super creative fantastic business. She shared an absolute ton. Inner interview last week she solely shows black and white. She focuses on women and she produces the kind of images that I'd love to spend money on. She was an absolutely incredible guess to have on the show for the content that she shared the detail that she was happy to go into. She was my definition of a perfect gas because any question I threw at her. She was happy to answer. An answer candidly. If you're running a portrait photography business or you want to get some great business ideas no matter. What kind of busy running all pouvoir photography's your thing get back and have a listen to that interview car? Marais because I know she will blow you away. You're listening to the number one photography business podcast with Andrew Helmets vote. Ob'S ACHES DOT COM. Where about the jump into the interview with Thomas? Larger lettuce to focus is real estate photography. And if you are hearing this announcement does menu are listening to the free version of podcast. That means you will miss out on a portion a large portion of the second half of this interview if you'd like to hear the full interview it's super easy. You can do it for as little as one dollar with a trial membership. It's a thirty day trial membership. Which means you get access to the full interview today with Thomas you can hear the full interview with Car Murray last week you can he any debris from the back catalogue. Plus I'll send you an invite to join the premium members. Facebook group which is a huge part of the membership to get access to all that head over to photo. Bs X DOT COM forward slash. Try sign up one. Give the membership ago for thirty days. See it's a good fit for you. See if you get results within thirty days and you will if you just implement some of the things a here and if you love what you're getting out of the membership STI- On because I'd love to have you a part of the community thought it'd be Zacks dot com for our try. If you never WANNA be short of a Y on how to grow business. Had to get better had improved from week to week to never wake up on a Monday morning without an idea of what to do next. That's what you get with your membership. It's like your very own photography business workshop delivered interiors every week. None of the only way you can listen. You can learn while you're editing while you're walking the dog where you're working at the gym. Laya driving to a job. If you can listen you can be learning and improving business as you do photo physics dot com slash. Try if you just want to check it out. It's one dollar. It's time for Andrew Special guest. Today's guest is a real estate photographer and he started as a listing agent. After earning his loss to sell real estate after some bad experiences with local photographers he learnt how to shoot for himself and a few years later other agents began hiring him to photograph their listings and Thomas. Violators photography was born since then he's released three books all available on Amazon on real estate photography and business. He also has his own podcast titled full-time Real Estate Photographer. Where he covers real estate. Photography Business Information Best Practices and recommendations on looking forward to learning more about the genre. And I'm rat to have Thomas with us now Thomas. Welcome mate thank you. It's pleasure beer. Excellent making you start by giving me and the listener a snapshot of you'll visas now. Is it just you? Are you still shooting whereas the income coming from of course so the business as it is right now no? It's not just me anymore when I started in the beginning. Yeah it was just made doing literally everything we'll talk about. How a scaled it but yeah I built up a team and it's not a big team either. I have one full time photographer and then I have some are timers. I'll call as needed. I have one full time editor. I have another part time or call in during the summer months as we get busy. I have a full time. Admin who handles a lot of my back end stuff and customer service issues and that's basically the core team. I mean there's some other contractors that will send work to or or call on an as needed basis but it's basically just the small core group of people and to do a lot we're doing You know the hundreds of photo shoots every month and business grows every single year. And we've been out for a few years but the first year we started we broke through six figures and income and we've grown every year since fantastic as also so when you say you've got other photography got one fulltime photography others the when the phone rings and someone wants to Buca Photography Book Yourself. I that is an excellent excellent question. Let's talk about how actually I have. People book photo shoots with me but to answer that question. No I book everyone else. I the reason why I even started. Hiring on people onto my team is just the leverage. My time you know I could do. Maybe four or five photo shoots a day if I'm shooting Sunup to sundown on those long summer days and you know I don't want to have to ever work that hard honestly like I could do it by myself but it's like and then you get home in the editing customer service calls during the day. It's it's a nightmare. I was living that life for a while for like a year or so before I you know actually had another photographer that could call on. But no yeah. I want everyone else to be busy because when my staff are busy it means that I can do more important. Things my philosophy when it comes to employees is that every single hour one of my employees is working must be profiting me or profiting the business. Somehow so you know I wanNA keep them as busiest possible for show that make sense. So who are your clients? I mom and dad's buying and selling houses are real estate agents. Who was your client? Our client is like ninety nine point nine percent. It's all real estate agents. Maybe two or three times a year homeowner will call me and say. Hey I'm listening to my house for sale and I saw that you took the photos of my neighbor's house. They gave me your number. So that's extremely rare. It's almost always a real estate agent booking the photo shoot and paying got it. I told me through the process. Get the listing. And then do they offer to do the photography for free. But you know we can get Thomasson. Who's a professional? Who Do a better job? Is that the way sort of plays at the twenty eight and the homeowner so the real estate photography industry is kind of. It's kind of strange so I mean I'm getting these clients by usually doing In person presentations book time with Real Estate Office and I'll do a presentation to the business. And when they book an appointment with me there booking online even when people call or email mea. Say Things for the phone call. Thanks for the no. I want to get this book for you right away. Here's the link where you can find the calendar. And here's some tips on how to make sure you get the best experience looking online. So a lot of the stuff actually happens automatically and it's a really great process to go through so a realtor is going to order photo shoot. They're like okay so they go on to my website book into the calendar they pay their booking fee and then the photographer instantly gets a notification that hey this new appointment my scheduling. App puts the appointment into their calendar automatically. And I have it set. So I'm the lowest priority so everyone gets booked before me and then when we do our photo shoot photographer takes it sends it to the editor at its it editor since it too. The admin Adleman delivers everything so the agent Switzer neat little system in a lot of that is actually automated Let's get through that a little bit more slowly first of all. Why does the agent coal? You've made his presentation. You have a relationship with them. What they google you how these agents finding you so this is one of the best things about real estate photography is that if you have a portfolio and you can prove that you can take decent quality images real estate agents are super super easy to find so if your photographer who's like man. How do I find more glance real estate agents you can get in front of the whole office full and this is what I do and this is why I talk about in my podcast as well fulltime real estate photographer bike cast? I also talk about in the book. We can talk about the book later. We need to but I come talk people through how to do this processes. This is what I did building a good portfolio and then booking a office station standing in front of real estate agents and saying hey. This is me this. Is My business here. My prices would anyone like the book photo. Shoot and if your presentation is good enough which this is. My experience is one or two people will at the end of the presentation and of course I asked them. Anybody have a listing coming up like the book presentation for and people raise their hands and I'll get usually one or two nuclear each time. So it's basically that's it so most real estate agents that know about me. It's not googling me they're not seeing an ad they're not doing anything except one of these situations where it's me presenting my business to them or it's one of their colleagues referred them to me because they had been to a presentation and started working with us so it's yeah personal presentations and word of mouth and that's a cry to get those personal presentations. Is it you calling a local agents saying hey? I'm Tom Local photographer. He might have say my work. Can I come in and do a presentation on? How do you sell the idea of a presentation to an agent? It's very much that except it's there's more to it so a lot of real estate office and you know what? I probably should have done this sooner. So you're basing Australia right. Yeah and the. I'm over here in the United States in America and in Australia the same right you call real estate real estate right. Yes okay so in other countries so if you're in the international audience and you're thinking would it's real estate we're talking about properties houses for sale specifically houses that are going for sale. Another thing here in the states. I don't know if it's the same in Australia. But when we say architectural photography we're talking about something different we're talking about really high end commercial. Yes projects things magazine. Yeah okay excellent. So that's where do we start on this tangent about how to Book Appointments With Them? Yeah getting these presentations getting in front of the agent. Yes sometimes it's calling an agent directly. That for me is much too slow. I mean it'll work most real estate agents. You're going to fight. Not all of them but most of them are going to be super social and friendly very easy to approach and have a conversation with this is because real estate agents. Entire livelihood is based off of having a very large social network. So they were going to be very social people you know. They make their money off of having friends and friends of friends that have houses and need to sell right. Approaching them super easy they also want to be approached so real estate agents are very easy to contact their phone numbers all over the place on their social media pages on their real estate website. They want people to call them because they want. You know real estate deals but for photographer. If you've ever gotten the situation where you're thinking like me. I just need more class. Where are they for real estate? They are everywhere in the very easy to find one on. One is a great way to start. I usually look to see what offices in my area are actually like moving a lot of real estate and which ones have kind of larger groups of people you know. So there's a bunch of different real estate brokerages in my town. Let's say that that one of them is the top brokerage in my town and they're doing the most real estate sales by far so I'm GonNa look at their website and I'm GonNa try and go through like all the different pages and maybe even call and ask who is the office manager or the office administrator Many real estate offices especially if they have a decent amount of business going through. We'll have an office manager and that is the person or your point of contact for setting up a presentation because yeah we could talk agents one at a time. But I'd rather talk to twenty or thirty at a time. And then almost guarantee I get a couple new clients on the spot and as I follow up with people later on you get more and more and real estate. Photography clients are super loyal as well like I have people that are going to be working with me for the rest of their careers and that will never ever switch away this people that have even been solicited by other photographers. Who said no? I'll do the same work for cheaper will give you more or less will beat the other guy for all of his prices. It did matter. They're like no no no. We like what we're getting here so but hang on. Something must have changed somehow because before they started using you. They must have been using photographer. Yes well actually. It's not a hundred percent accurate. Some newer real estate agents. That have never you know they're just starting out. They've never used another photographer. And there's some experienced agents that were you know maybe listing some properties but mostly using their own phones and then decided to get into professional real estate photography. So yeah I mean but I think that's generally accurate. Most real estate agents are going to have used a photographer at some point and even among them other photographers have retired moved away. There was one who was competing with me. Not In this part but a different part of the state where they started to have family and started a kind of taper back their business a little bit so even among other photographers like the competition is that tough and in the real estate agents mind as long as the photographer is good enough. They're happy so with my business. We also incorporated other services in addition to just photography so we're doing videos and virtual tours and floor. Plans listing websites and social media stuff. We're doing a lot more to create a kind of one stop shopping experience for the clients. And it's making it so I've created a system that it's like almost inconvenient for them to call someone else because they call another photographer the justice photography or maybe they do photos and floor plans but they still want to video or they still want around or they still want to do like three sixty photos and video clips for social media sharing. They still would have to call someone else. So we have a product that basically covers everybody's basis and it's resulted in super loyal client base. Not So let's say you get onto the office manager of the Admin person and they're happy to set up a time to Commun- in and show what you do your presentation. Yeah most of them are happy to set up okay. So let's say you get that go ahead. Are you turning up with a projector and a screen? You just talking a lot about. How does this presentation work? Great question you know. I actually go into this kind of at length in the podcast and in the book to have a couple of chapters on this was scripts and stuff on what to say but I take a lot of stuff so even if it's for a five minute presentation no matter what. I'm always showing up with a fully multimedia presentation so I'm ready for everything. Yeah I bring my laptop. I also bring a projector and you know all the little. Hdmi cables and dangles. And things you need to get those things working to do you know basically a slide show. I also make sure to bring an HDMI splitter and some other connectors in case I could just plug into a TV. That might be hanging on the wall because some people will use projectors some people know projector. Tv in other cases. Either the Internet wasn't working or the TV or the projector like for those Weird Tech Challenge. Days I also have a big thick stack of portfolio books. That is not quite the same but it's basically like my presentation in printed look like magazine format so of absolutely. No technology is working hand. Those out now leave one behind an office afterwards because it's got contact phone website and stuff in the back so no matter what happens. I am doing my presentation and I'm showing everyone what I want them to see whether the technology works or not and is it like a typical presentation with business people where they want to see what you can see that you do lovely work because you're only going to be showing you best. Are they kind of thinking you getting the feeling they saying? Tom Shows the pricing yes. Sometimes I always save my prices till the very end and if every now and then you get that one person in the group. It's like well. Yeah but what does it cost? Okay look I'll tell you at the end. Just wait five seconds. I'm GonNa Tell You well I'm going. How much does it cost so for those people be like yeah? This one thing you're talking about would cost this but in different scenarios we can actually get you a better deal so I'm GonNa go through this all the way at the end right so that's usually how I handle stuff like that and the presentation Yeah you know. A lot of the presentation isn't and I write about this in the book. And I talk about this podcast. It's not just what you're showing people. It's also how you look how you sound the way that you deal with questions and interruptions how you make people feel while you're talking you know. The presentation very much has to be a presentation. It can't just be some super dry bland like reading out of the textbook. If you've ever had a bad teacher at school at just kind of reads forbade him out of the textbook makes you a copy. It all down word for word. Something Super Boring like that. You don't want to do that. You have something engaging and I talk a lot about how to do that in the podcast too. So you go through your presentation and at the end you ask you have a call to action you look into close the deal you looking for people to sign up what happens next. Let's say someone puts their hand up and say I've got a new listing Adana photographer up to work with you. What happens next right then? If someone raises their hands it. Yeah I gotTa Eliciting Might Book Photo shoot for say Great. Would you like to book it with me right now? And you know if I have Internet access. I'm pulling up the booking page in front of everyone. My presentation ends with pricing and booking so usually the booking page if I have a good Internet connection is already up Sausa- great so I just clicked book. Now lets everybody see how you go through? Oughta shoot I go through booking this new point and then we'll take them through the steps. Usually what happens is once you get to the Enter booking information or enter your card. People aren't like reading off their credit card numbers across the room to me. I get to that point. I'm like hey you can come up here. I can bring you my laptops type in or you can follow these exact steps that I just did with me on your phone and then all you need to do is type in your card or Jakarta saved. You know. Just chilling in hit submit. And you're usually. That's what we'll do if I could get someone to book an appointment with me like live on stage. That's a pretty powerful move. I always try to get people to do that because I find. It's much easier to follow up with people. Afterwards I can call them or text them and say. Hey Tom the photographer remember. We book an appointment right in the middle of presentation. But it doesn't happen. It's not usually does rarely you know people just look say who's GonNa Photo shoot that they WANNA book and I'll skip blank stare. If when that happens I basically do the same thing. I'm like great well if you did if anyone had something. This is how you'd go to book your appointment and if you have any questions you call then there's A follow up that I do afterwards. I make sure to get everyone's contact info and I'm not going to spam them but I am going to call Texan. Email them over the next few months to make sure they don't forget about me as that sequence of Kohl's emails and texts obviously calls on automated because e mails automated or are you sending personal email. It's kind of a bit of both. I use mail chimp but mostly using my email client for like mass notifications sales and you know just to get people book appointments. But when I'm following up with a new group of people have never met before I personalize it pretty heavily so a used a crm. I also talk about this. Not In the book but it is in the podcast. The called streak with my g mail account. It's free and it has an awesome mass e mailing feature with some tracking features on it as well so if anyone opens it reads it. I get a notification. So if there's a group of twenty people I'll send custom group message to those twenty people for the email out of that email I can see who's actually opening and reading knauss and that straight that's S. T. R. A. K. dot com. That correct correct. Yeah Oh my God. It's a great crm if you're not super familiar with them. The crm stands for something like customer relationship management software or something like that for tracking your contacts and for tracking any kind of data associated with them and using that information to stay on top of making sure. You're not letting people fall between the cracks like does give you an example you streak. I'll just bring up a list of every single person who contacted in the last twelve months and then I'll flip the sort so people who of least recently contacted are on the top and I'll go through the whole top until I get kind of you know something recent now. Descend everybody in that group a you know. Hey we haven't seen you in awhile kind of an email right like is everything. Okay how you doing this at follow up reminders and take notes on people. Crm's a great. And I have a whole podcast episode on. Its check that out but yeah I'm using streak to send out group emails and people who are not opening them at all. I make a note of that and then when I call them. I pull up my notes on the person and I'll say hey. I've sent you some emails. Didn't hear back from you wondering if you saw them and then usually they'll be like. Oh yeah I saw the email I just never you know or some people say no. What are you talking about really interested in seeing some information and then you know either. I'd have the wrong email address or sometimes from the office manager I would get like a really big real estate. Brokerage in America would be like Coldwell banker. They'll say Yay gave you the coldwell banker email but they actually only used their personal g mail real estate. That's okay I'll just use your so. Yeah following up people like that and having like a personal approach or personal bowl approach because like I said retention is crazy high. Loyalty IS CRAZY HIGH. So you know putting in the extra couple of hours to get that one person to say outspoken photos with you. I'm basically done with that person. Like I don't have to continuously follow up with someone after their client because they are constantly interacting with us. Right there booking photo shoots talking to us. They're asking questions about their photos were. They're getting their emails with files. Whatever so current clients like we're constantly communicating with them. It's just once before that point. I put a ton of time into my prospecting effort. So a lot said the lockdown value of a client. Once you've got one is fantastic with putting the that's huge. It's huge and so if you've never been in real estate in the sense it's important to hold some information your mind while you're thinking about this is that some real estate agents are going to be super productive and then some are not now you could compare this any other industry right. You know high level sports academia all kind of different aspects of life. You lookin' You'll see that there's like a small group of people at the top and then there's everybody else right. Yeah real estate agents of the same. So there is a small handful of agents who are super super successful. And I mean like you know. Five hundred thousand dollars. A year in after-tax take home income or more this people that are making millions of dollars in real estate commissions. Those are the people that I want to focus my time. Attention on first. So what happens? Is that those really successful real estate agents. Everyone else is seeing them and thinking. I WANNA be like them. I want to have that level of business not level of income right. I mean who would. But they're thinking about it the wrong way instead of looking at the person's behavior they're looking at their desk basically and they're seeing you know what are they using. Who are they talking to? How are they doing it? They're like okay so they're using Tom's photography company. I'M GONNA use his company to now so by putting a ton of attention on more productive real estate agents. That have a bigger business. They tend to be more difficult to flip because usually they have a photographer that they really have close relationship with. So it's it's it's not a hundred percent of the time I'm getting them but once I flip those bigger agents in the office I really only need one and then over the next few months everyone else in that office is now going to start calling hiring me so I live in Massachusetts. I'm assuming if you're born and raised in Australia. You're not gonNA know much more than just the name or maybe you know about Boston right. Yes on the play like okay. So there's a couple of big cities in state and one of them has a really really productive real estate office and I had always tried to book appointments with them but they were like no. No no we're not people calling us every day like we're not now they'll go somewhere else. Go down the street this crappy brokerage and nobody wants to go to so one day. One of my clients was friends with an really productive agent in that office the office. I couldn't get into that client. That person calls me and became a client and because of that one person through word of mouth now every other agent in that office is working with me for the Real Estate. So why is that? Why do people once they see you look at what you do? Why are they coming over to you? Leaving their existing photographer. You know something. That's really important. I think in any business is being able to build a relationship with the people that you're working with. I always try and keep my face on everything that we do. Even though I have clients that I've never met before ever like. That'D BE APPLE. Watch like I'm getting notifications on my apple. Watch whenever you know. New Invoice paid or an appointment is made. I'm seeing new appointments and invoices being paid. I'm like who are these people. But you get to that point by building a system and curing a customer experience that is consistent across the board for every single person regardless of who they're talking to or interacting with so someone who is going to have a photo shoot that's done let's say by me. I'm showing up on doing all the work like I talked about before it runs through my little machine. They get their photos at the end and they say wow this is great good job and then someone gets a photo shoot done by. Let's say someone else goes through the same process? And then they get the exact same quality and level of work is if I had done it personally and it wasn't easy to put a system together like that but I feel like that's a really important thing that keeps people coming back is something I've noticed among smaller real estate photography companies is that if you're a really talented photographer. It's not too difficult to get busy. But it's exceptionally difficult to scale your business because a lot of photographers have this problem with like cloning themselves. They just can't do it. I mean you probably couldn't today if you tried but you know hiring another photographer the way that they talk to clients with a show up and the quality of the photos and the compositional choices tend to be different enough to the point where people feel like. They're kind of losing some value. You can also have a problem where your business can run really. Well the way that you're doing today but if in two years your volume of business has doubled or let's say one thing has changed significantly but you're still trying to deal with things the same old way. You're going to end up with a lot of tasks falling through the cracks. Not Getting done or people you know not really getting the customer service that they had become accustomed to and then they kind of drift away and move on to other. That's when I get poached. Yeah exactly so the most. Unfortunately those photographers hate me to death. Because from where they're sitting. I'm the one that's poaching all their client. What's to stop? One of you associate is one of the other photographers. Poaching starting up their own real estate photography business hentrich freight create questions. How much time do you well first of all? Do you have a contract in place with them? Yes yeah we do a subcontractor agreements right okay so preventing employees from stealing business so I built the system the way that I have to specifically prevent that problem wile I'm scaling. It and I came to this actually through studying literature in College. I have a bachelor's degree. It has nothing to do with photography or what. I'm doing right now at all. But there was a point where I was studying politics. And I was studying a lot of the writings of the young Karl Marx. The Marxist and I'm not saying anything politically I'm not adopting his philosophy or anything. I'm Cherry picking one detail that really stuck with me was his focus on the idea of alienation. So how do you prevent an employee from stealing your business while you alienate them from business? If you look at and I'm talking about the business side of the business if you look at our modern day society and this is around the world people will think about business big business and big companies as if they're like these mystical magical creatures our government to you know you'll hear the proverbial they. They did this. They did that. You ask someone. How does this all work? And they're like they'll talk about conspiracy theories and they'll talk about the rich get richer and the poor get poorer offic system. That's just a symptom of ignorance of what's happening and it's happening. Because laborers are alienated from their Labor. Through you know our modern economy and education. I mean I could talk about this for hours and hours but to replicate that effect. Like how can you have someone working in a company have no understanding of how the company works so if they left they could not replicate the results of done that here through Things like Eurocratic divisions of labor and systematising and automating everything that I can with software and outsourcing things overseas. It's a little dance I mean. Usually I don't get that far into it with people but if you want we can go there now. That's how it sounds to me. I mean I have associate shooters in my business and one of the things I've always done is they've hired someone to shoot. That's all they do. That learned the business the marketing side. They just shoot. And then I have admin staff do everything except shoot so neither one of them sees the full business or knows the full business. Yes exactly that is without even knowing it. You've been practicing this concept of alienating. The laborer from their Labor by dividing it up like that giving people the little tiny chunk of the sales process but not let them see anything else very few individuals. I've found would actually 'cause you could do this. You could take that information that one little liver of information and reverse engineer a lot of the business based off of that like my photographer could with his foundation in photography potentially started competing business but by keeping him so far removed from it. It seems like it seems foreign. And then taking that risk 'cause it's going to be perceived as a risk it's going to seem like an unknown and it's going to be perceived arrest in to take that risk you have to have a personality type. That's GonNa make you prone to do that so I just you know what I'm hiring people I'm thinking like. Is this the kind of person that can learn the job and do a fantastic fabulous job of it or does it seem like someone who's GonNa Take? We can get out of it and then just screw me over and then start a competing company so yeah. I take the personality of whoever I'm looking at into account and you haven't had any problems with it. Yeah we have contracts in place but no I've not had anybody leave me and compete against me. Not No let me take you back to your presentation. Let's say an agent says. Yeah Tom I want to give you a guard. Got A listing. He talked about your booking page and it looks like he used callously and I go on there. I had a little bit of apply myself so I can choose one of the packages and your pricing own website. A choose a package. I choose a date and a time and then you said the photographer with that. You'll you'll want to other shooters get that notification. Is there any other than talk with the client beforehand? All the photography. You have everything you need from that booking. Yeah not necessarily I mean if the client specifically wants to talk to me or my photographer with a question than you know they can call or they can leave a note. We'll call them. That doesn't have to happen. The booking page and the little questionnaire you fell out when you book has all the information that we really need so and this is common someone will go online. They'll book an appointment. You know no phone call or text messages. No email nothing. They just go to the site. They book their appointment on the day of the photo shoot. Photographer shows up. Does the photo shoot. And then you know day later. They get their photos and invoice goes out. They pay the invoice. That doesn't have to really be verbal communication for the system to work in Austin. There's not much verbal communication from me. You know just to run the little day to day stuff like that. Right premium members. Oh photo is exposed. The photography business strategies. Tom Your Bank generous. My has been a real pleasure to chatty. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing what you have yes. It's been awesome. Andrew great great questions. I didn't actually get into the normal sales. He stuff that I usually do when I'm on somebody else's interview well. Are we going to more of the Saudi stuff on your podcast? Oh for sure for sure you know because why should just actually say this I so my philosophy when it comes to business is that everyone should be in business and if you read my book you are a business than you'll see how much I actually believe that but the episodes is not me trying to sell you something accepts you know trying to sell you on how to do a better job for your clients and how to get into business in the first place so if you're a photographer that's not primarily in real estate or real estate all or properties should really think about it if you're busy on the weekends with weddings or portrait's or whatever and you want to add some cash to your bottom line get out a couple of hundred dollars a week a couple thousand dollars a week. Maybe more and you could do something like what I'm doing here. I talk about how you can do that in the podcast and it's free for everybody so you can see how the episodes are labeled and talk about. I want to share information. Not just to talk about and say hey. I'm a real estate photographer. And how do you like that? But as you really break down these important business concepts in a way that can let you say okay. I've heard this. I know he saying and now I can go do that too or you know. Put Your own little spin on it. Make it personal to you. That's fine. Yeah that's the goal so Lia Lee. Listen to the PODCAST and see how. If you're not in real estate now see how you can start making some real money doing real estate or at least you know out a couple more hundred dollars every week to the bottom line. Whatever makes sense for you your hobbyist. That's another thing too. How many people via camera just because they love photography but it's just this hobby that costs them thousands and thousands of thousands of dollars. You could turn hobby into a profitable business on the side like you know you can make money doing real estate photography part time. I talk about the system that you can do for that because like I said I answer super easy to find. They want real estate photographers. You can price competitively in your market. That's really easy to do other people. Have you know very well? Demonstrated the best techniques are really good techniques to create high quality. Real Estate Images. So it's very accessible to anyone who has an interest in photography and is a no brainer? I think for anyone who's actually trying to pursue professionally. It's just such a great business. Yeah I think that's a big reason why I came to get on the show because as wedding and portrait photographers who to listen to have generally is then. This is a great avenue to bring in some extra dollars whether you live in a small town or a big city. There is real estate photography out there for order if we want to pursue that that a lot of work and he doesn't want an extra couple hundred thousand dollas awake. That sounds Nice. I know I know and it wouldn't be too hard to figure out how to get a couple extra hundred dollars but if you WANNA learn how to turn to a couple of thousand listen to the podcast. You'll see. I treat a system that doesn't need to rely on me. You know I tried to take myself out of the equation because as a business owner or an entrepreneur. You find that you as a person are able to do a lot more than maybe somebody else can so like. I couldn't just tell someone else. Hey Run your business started and just do exactly what I'm doing. It's not really possible. You know everyone has their own personal flair and their level of ambition. And you know if you WANNA scale business to the point where photo shoots are happening. And you know you're not doing them and they're happening with people that you have no idea who these people are anymore because you're not interact with every client like you used to listen to the podcasts. You'll see how I scaled it up. It's it's not as hard. It's not as hard as you think I mean. It's it's work that I everyone really would want to do or be interested in doing this kind of work. But it's not a possible. Love it Tom. Thanks again I appreciate you coming on the show. Andrew is a pleasure. Thanks for having me. I hope you enjoyed that interview with Thomas as much as I did Thomas. You're listening again. Thank you so much for coming on sharing everything you did. It was great to hear from a real estate photographer. Not only that a successful one who was so happy to be open about the way of doing things for you. Listen I get a ton from what Thomas had. This year was their take was something that he said that you. Yes absolutely. I'm going to be doing that in my business. Or maybe maybe even planned to this either pursuing real photography if what he shared impacted you. I'd love to hear about it or not. Thomas will let us know in the comments area of the show and you can find them at photo. Physics Dot com forward slash. Three six zero now the commentary or at the very bottom. They're there for you if you have a follow up question for Thomas. Maybe there's something that I didn't ask did. He can post them in there. In addition to the comments area you'll find links to anything and everything that Thomas talked about her. I mention in that interview including links his books. He's podcast he's website. It's all there in the show notes plus examples of his real estate work as well and for you. If you are a premium member adding Thomas into the members facebook group so you'll have easy access to him there for four questions if you WANNA flesh any ideas for yourself and you'll business maybe on a run something past him. Maybe he's experienced in what you're considering. He remarked inside the members facebook group. I've got three big shout outs with today's episode of the. First One goes to DAD's Mac for the Yucai is the northeast wedding photographer. And he's been listening and a member for longtime DAS- says this is such a great podcast. Listen to Andrew for years. Will the photo BS X podcast for years? Now he personally and it's at times like these when he can go back on that content. And here's some of your favorite people talking that you realize ruling assigned boat. He goes on to say. Now's the time to focus on business. And the PODCAST really helping with that. Das- thank you so much for taking the time. Delay THAT REVIEW. It remains a lot to me and thanks to for your support over the years. It's great to have you involved with the podcast and the membership are along the second big share that goes to Hudson Valley family photographer Christine Ashburn. She's based in the US. She says that she's been a photo. Bs X premium member for a couple of years and the photo Biz. X Library is a thorough diverse. She goes on to say with every new step by taking my business. I turned to the photo catalog. I for specific research and also lovely sitting in every way especially when I'm editing Christine. Thanks to you for taking the time. Delay that review. It is a massive help and I love having you part of the part of the community and I'm looking forward to hearing about you coming through the current situation hitting the ground running and seeing business boom right afterwards. My third big shout out for today's episode Goes Lindsay Robertson. She's an Essex based wedding photographer in the UK. She's been a longtime this photo B.'s. Xs Well. She left a lovely review on the facebook page for photos eggs and she says it took me a long time to become a premium member. I looked in the shadows of the free members listening entertainment and not much else all while wondering why business wasn't taking off like others. A finally became a premium member and twenty nine. The best business decision made she goes on to say. Andrew Amazing content is so helpful and does in a way that is easy to understand. He also asked the questions on thinking when I listened to the podcast and has no fluff describe business mocking advise. Lindsey goes on to say some other lovely things but I love that. She says for the small investment of the premium membership. It's the best investment. I've made business of gone onto the various courses by Andrew and I can't think of a single person better to learn from that is absolutely lovely Lindsay Weir being chatting a lot. Why Messenger. I've seen you go through the daily flow challenge recently and implementing what you've been learning running facebook ads and I can't wait to see your business grow over the coming years so if each of those photographers are that links to your website of use the keyword phrases that you're looking to rank for it's my little way to say thanks if you're listening and you're looking for back links and haven't left a review for the photo X. Podcast simply do that in our chain stitcher radio. The Photo B.'s facebook page. Or wherever you listen to the PODCAST. Late honest review. Let me know that you have then getting touched to let me know the URL and the keyword phrase look into rainfall and all at a link to your website to help you with your Seo. It's my little way to say. Thanks for supporting million. The podcast photo Biz exposed interviews with pornographers to help you build a better photography business just a few quick announcements before we close. Today's episode if you haven't been to this show pages of the podcast recently. You might not know that. I'm now adding transcripts. After a with each interview they usually take a day or so asked interviews released to be added to the shine arts. So if you're a premium men by you have the full interview transcript there on your version of the shine arts. If you listen to the free version of the podcast you have your version of the transcript of in the show nights as well the shorter version. So if you prefer to read or take nights or copy and paste things that you learn the WanNa to take away and remember from each episode you now have access to transcripts for every episode so sorry. I should be clear. That's for every episode going forward. So the last thing half a dozen episodes we started it. And we'll be continuing that into the future so they're there for you whenever you want them a vein talking quite a lot about the daily challenge. That's currently running right now with a fantastic group of ninety photographers going. Ninety Ninety People's mostly photographers some other creative and entrepreneurs in the group as well so when this current group finishes the daily Load Challenge all reopen it again at this stage kicking off on the first of June Monday the first of June. So if you'd like to get involved in the next challenge get on the white list now. Head to daily blog challenge DOT COM DAILY GLOBE CHALLENGE DOT COM. Get on them weightless. I'll let you know as soon as registrations open and he can jump straight in on the next one and learn how to get comfortable being yourself on camera so you can utilize media is in your advertising your mocking in your email. Replies to clients on your website wherever you want to be using video but eventual frights he social media profiles. Anyway can think of. I'm going to help you get more comfortable being yourself and better at Berea. Daily logged challenge DOT com. If you'd like to get onto the white list for that one and finally don't forget if you are a free listener interested in becoming a prime member you've got the one dollar. Trial is also the special six month membership is available in the Koran Avars pandemic this is also available to you and highly recommend that. If you're on the twenty dollar per month membership you can jumping to the six month membership the sixty dollars plus a refund your last twenty dollars payment so you can get access for six months for forty dollars at the moment details about that. Are Inside the show notes for episode of Photo Physics Dot Com forward slash S. M. S. Already that is it for this episode of the show. Hope you're staying safe healthy and well. I'm hoping things assigning to relax where you live another slowly getting easy here and Ustralia able to go and visit friends now. Which was lovely women straight out to dinner with some friends where we went to their house would do that one. I NOT GRIPE FRIENDS OF PCT yesterday for Cutler Bs on the balcony and and Yeah it's been really nice to get a little bit social against all hope. It's the same for you wherever your leaving and listening from but no matter the situation I hope you are standing siping. Well have a great week and I'll check you said if you enjoyed this episode. Two X DOT COM. Join the conversation. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on the interview with Andrew. Today's special guest.

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370: Julie Christie  How to use an email autoresponder series in your photography business

PhotoBiz Xposed

54:02 min | 4 months ago

370: Julie Christie How to use an email autoresponder series in your photography business

"This is Bob. Is Ex episode number three, hundred seventy and today we are talking emailed for your photography business, and in particular how to set up an utilize and effective email or respond a series what to include in your nurture sequence what you can use for lead magnet. And anything else ever wanted to know about email. Whatever responders, a special guest is the one and only Julie Christie from tugs in business that interview, coming up in just a minute. Planning to have a successful waiting and portrait photography Business Join Andrew a he introduced successful photography business experts. Success Welcome to the photo exposed podcast with your host Andrea Helmet. Andrew Helmi take from impact injuries and welcome to this episode of the podcast. This one is a long one two. We are going to get straight into it today. I really am looking forward to getting into this one. Julie, and sharing it with you because I am a big believer in email order responders. I Love Them. I think they are a great why or writing to incorporate into your business, but I don't think they are the sole way to handle your email correspondence with your perspective clients. We'll get more into that in just a minute. Julie in regards to me and my wake I have been having a love hate relationship with my phone. I don't know about you, but I've got into some dreadful horrible habits that I despise, and I don't know is because of my father me and Mike. My personality traits, but I'm finding did find I was spinning up to an hour on my phone before I go to sleep at night and what I wake up in the morning. flicking through a mile looking at social media, jumping from instagram to facebook to facebook groups to messages to twitter, and they're not even going back. which is absolutely crazy, always spending more than two hours a day flicking through my phone. And it finally got to a point where I'm thinking what what the hell are doing. Why am I wasting so much time on my phone? When a lot of this is work stuff and a could be I could be doing something more productive with my time which. You know you might be thinking well. Hey, hey, how productive can you be in our before we get asleep or that that first hour of the morning when you wake up well I think it's pretty obvious when you wake up yet. you jump out of bed and get into an exercise routine. journaling if you're into that, stop work replied to actually Maoz instead of actually just looking at the Monja fine it easy to be productive in the morning to see that but what I found since. Taking the big steps of deleting Instagram, deleting facebook and leading twitter off my phone, yes, or deleted all three from my phone. As an experiment Halloween's GonNa lost and how I'm going to go with it. Linda things it's only going to be a fad, but so far after a little ever awake. I am feeling so much better about it. What I'm finding is when I go to bed. Now is I. See raid. which I used to do a little bit of after I, finish on the fine, but now I'm reading so much more, and I love to read. I'm reading new authors discovering new books and really enjoying that time before guiding late slate in the morning on during the sign on rating, but I'm also getting out of bed more quickly, and as a result of this extra time of also just kicked off a brand new photography project so I'm. Really excited about that, I'm not going to talk too much about that because a wanted to evolve a little bit more before I, get into a into sharing what I'm doing with that project. But Yeah I'm finding and this sounds crazy. At this early stage on finding life is so much better without having that dam phone in my face old the time. A, really do feel like. It's an Anka in lost all dies, and already I guess on the fringe a little bit. Because my my cycling mites muscling friends think on absolutely crazy, because most of the time I got riding. I didn't take a phone with me and yeah that that sounds like it could be crazy I'm do miss having the the ability to take photos all out. Riding Bells funny wasn't doing that in so much anyway because I just WanNa be in the moment while on cycling that need to be taking photos all the on every single thing and what I was finding was out. pull up to the coffee shop or stock while someone repairs a flat tire whatever and I'd plant my phone like. And said it site on my mind I'm an the only one I think this is. An issue that the most of us have these days we. Tied to have fines and I'm worried about one think about and have concerns for the next generation who are literally growing up with a phone in the hands. I don't know if you've struggled with this or you have similar thoughts or ideas on how to deal with. Too, much phone news excessive I use or even. If you see as excessive venues, could you? Could you go a week without your fine? Could you survive with that instagram? facebook twitter, email on your fine. Have you tried it? I'd love to hear thoughts on this. If you do have any. Let me know in the comments area for this week's episode and you can find them at the bottom of the shine. Is the comments area at photocopy? ZACKS DOT com slash three seven zero, and of course, if you are a premium member, and you have some thoughts on this topic, a love to hear about them in the numbers, facebook group was talk about it more in their. Thanks! If. You didn't catch last week's episode with Matt Barnett. He is the founder and the CEO of Bunjiro and what he shared in last week's episode on utilizing video in your email, replies will tie perfectly with a lot of the things that Julie Talks about in today's episode, so if you'd never conceded all, maybe you have considered having tried utilizing video replies when you get a client inquiry for your photography business. Get back and listen to that interview with Matt Barnett from Las Wake a promise. You is not a one hour interview. On the benefits of born. For Your Business Bonjour is just one of the APPS that are available to to use video as a as a waiter. Reply to your cleaning queries. There are other apps out there some free some pay, but the point is. What match shares will help you make a better connection more quickly than you're able to simply easing a mile. If you're not afraid to try, something you and introduce some video into business on now. You love that interview. If you haven't heard yet, get back and have a listening to you. Even if you have I'm sure you'll be able to apply. Would Matt Talk About Laws Week to what Julie says in the upcoming interview today? You're listening to the number one photography business podcast with Andrew Helmets. VOTTO BIZ DOT COM. Already, we're going to jump into this interview with Julie Christie in just a second. If you are hearing, this announcement does menu are listening to the free version of the podcast, and what that means is you want? Be hearing the full interview today. I'm going to be saving a large portion of the second half for premium members only now will still get a ton from what Julie shares in the first half this interview if he'd like to hear. Hear the full interview. If if she has piqued your interest on the idea of implementing an e mail order, respond series and nurture sequence into your photography business. You can hear the full interview as Prima Nimba which you can trial for as little as one dollar are photo physics dot com Ford Slash Tri Sauna up for DOLLAH grabbed a thirty day trial membership become a fully-fledged member for the next thirty days. He'll of to be Julie, today. Get access to the full back catalogue and see what the premium membership is all about. I'll send you an invite to join the premium members facebook group I'll help you get started in your very own mastermind group and you'll get access to all the different plunged coz and freebies and discounts that premium members get access to as will farrow zacks dot com slash. Try if you want to check that out. Great is this. It's time for Andrew Special guest. Today's guest featured on the podcast episode, two hundred and forty five and I was preparing to introduce her for this interview, but I just can't go pass what I said last time. And it was something like this, here's a photographer turn business coach who is based in Scotland helps. Photographers are in the world with their businesses. She is a powerhouse when it comes to producing. moneymaking content photographers on her website in solder, facebook, group and part of her membership. She's obsessed with the business. Goofy and everything she creates just looks beautiful as well now I'm wary when it comes to recommending business coaches, but with hand on heart. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending tonight's guests to you. Any help enabled. You'll business because I know she's as passionate about your success as I am. I'm talking about the Gorgeous Julie? Christie from talks in business and to have with us now Julie Welcome back. I'm so happy to be here. I'm here again. I'm so happy to be s twice on your podcast. It's only a rare few get invited back. Julie say must've done something right honored honored. So how things with you your members? You know the photographers group. How things? Great Yeah. I love my members I. Love My membership. I'm just I feel very blessed to do to just talk about basically marketing all day everyday with talkers and watch them learn and evolve and grow their businesses and embrace marketing in the way that the embrace photography an absolute pleasure. I'm loving growing the membership and doing that day to day. How would you describe your? Average I. WanNa call, someone average, but your typical man who are they? Only typical member so I don't have a gender specific typical member I have a very equal spread of male and female, but what they have in common is that they are desperate to grow their business and grew their business with great clients clients who actually value what they do, but they're struggling. They have this great grasp of photography, and they have this great customer. Customer expedients, but they struggled to get in front of the right people. You know what it's like, so they're produce content and marketing, but you know it's their mom who responds. They're not getting in front of the right people. There's nothing wrong with their message and there's nothing wrong with their business model. It's just that they don't have people so I. Help Them. Get in front of more of the right. People know that their message and the typical person is someone who is willing to learn. You know I know that you know the type that they have lots of questions, but they kind of want you to tell them all of the answers and do it all for them, so my typical heretic member as someone who just wants to dive in and do the work, and they know that it's not going to be this quick. Fix The silver. Silver bullet they want to do the work. And when they do the work, we see the results in us, and we're about genres it. I should is only wedding or only portrait photographers. It's portrait and wedding photographers mainly so I do have some otographer videographers who offered different services, but there are not so many of them in the membership is very much geared towards portrait photographers and wedding photographers, but within the portrait genre were took embiid voire pets, families headshots personal branding the whole lot. got. When someone comes in to your membership or your talking to them about their business. Do you guide them down a certain? Do you want them to work on their website? I to work on FACEBOOK ADS TO RUN GOOGLE AD words to fix up their email marketing. Is there a formula? That's a good question. No, there is not so I do have a roadmap inside the membership, and it's a suggested roadmap these days so used to be that people had to go through this certain number of courses before they could dive into the rest. Rest of the membership, but what I've realized is that I have all these different types of learners and people who come in at different stages, so there is a suggested roadmap inside the membership, but actually what it's more about now is, it's not diving straight into your website. It's not diving straight into facebook ads because there's so much stuff that has to happen before that and the stuff that happens before that is actually what I think is the most important transformational stuff, and that is who you actually are as a business person. Person and as a photographer and who you genuinely want to work with so that you can get that message, ultra ultra clear and that when you do send marketing, so you know when you do dive into the courses that talk you through how to create amazing facebook ads, and how to create a high converting website that when you do that, you are uncertain yourself throughout the whole thing is dripping with your personality and an your character and your values because I think now in this saturated market that that's what's going to differentiate you. You. If you have all these different photographers to choose Brom, then it's most likely that you're going to make your decision. Especially, if the pricing is similar ash, if the style to you as similar Esh, but the thing that's going to make you reach out to one instead of the other is the connection you feel to them to their personality whether they seem like they're going to be fun to hang out with. You know whether you have these things in common, and that's what's going to differentiate you now, so it's about getting. Into Your Business and then to your marketing messages, and that's really where we start in tugs and business. It's almost like self discovery of you, and making sure you put that into all of your marketing. Because that's the problem. Isn't that you knew who you are, and you know who you want to work with. But when it comes to pitching it down into your marketing, ends up signing little genetic, and just like your competitors, so we start their Saudi. That was a really long winded answer. Will it brings me to I think important questions, and that is what happens to the photographer that comes to you and Nice I. Just not that interesting like I. Don't have that Quirky. He Fund personality that so many of these other popular photographers have I'm I'm just me. I love this question. I love this question and it happens all the time. You've just nailed. It completely happens all the time you know in that same word. They use a law quirky I'm just not quirky. I'm not funny I. don't write in the engaging way, and that is absolutely not the point, a tall and it's about then seeing case. Do you really believe that all of these clients out? There are looking for this quirky extroverted photographer because there are no. No you know what there are so many introverted clients who will shy away from the talker for like that. They think you know I. Want to work with someone like that. Because that's saw me and they're looking for a photographer just like you. So if you're introverted, for example, you should absolutely embrace that one hundred percent, and you should talk about it in your social media. You should talk about in your blog posts. You should talk. Talk about you know the books that you love to read and what you like to do, walking in nature, and all these things because there are people out there who will connect without on such a deep level, and that's where you differentiate yourself just by being you not by trying I think there are a lot of photographers now who are trying to portray this quirky extroverted funny version of themselves, and it's just the wrong way to. To go because when your clients meet you, they'll very quickly see that. You're not like that you have to be aligned. Your personality has to be aligned with your marketing, and there are lots and lots of amazing business people there who are not corky and Toledo's and extroverted they are the very opposite, and actually introverts tend to be more successful is that right is a proof of that when they embrace it only when the embrace it. Leads me to my second question in response to what you said about these photographers and embracing the. Personality whatever it may, you said you WANNA appeal to your perfect client and speak to your perfect client, but for photographers isn't the perfect client any client the books. I would say no. I think that I'm going to see in the early days. That I is an IT. Depends can't question so I'm going to say no, but in the early days I think there's nothing wrong with saying yes, to everyone who books and wanting to work with anyone who books, because that's how you Laron, isn't it? And that's how you grow your business. You get as much work as you possibly can. So I am the last person to say start with these ultra high prices, and only work with your perfect clients. Because how do you know you don't know until you've done that? So in the early days in a work with whoever you want because that's going to very quickly, allow you to find out who you love working with the most, but as you move forwards in your journey as you realize who you don't like to work with WHO doesn't light you up and who doesn't value what you do. Do then you start to eliminate these people and you start to make sure your marketing repels them, and you start to make sure your marketing really speaks to the people that you love to work with so it's a kind of a double answer to your question, but I do think it depends, and once you're established, nor anyone who is not the right person to be working with, because that's not going to bring you any kind of fulfillment, and actually is just going to lead you to lose your business earlier by not attracting people that make you happy to be doing what you're doing. Absolutely, you knew what it feels like to work with someone who just sucks out your soul. There's such a bad fit for you and your business, and it tends to be when you're cheaper that this happens that you get these clients who get this great deal, and then they want your firstborn child from you are something just a crazy, and it makes you feel dreadful, and you have this horrible bitter taste in your mouth afterwards. An every expedience. You have like that. It should be a step closer to really understanding who your ideal client or ideal clients are. It should be a lesson learned so if you keep working with these people if you find that, you're working with them time and time again, then you're not evaluating. You're not looking at why that's happening. You're not learning and improving, but I think it's really important to work with the wrong people several times so that you learned those lessons. They're tough lessons to learn the are. So then if I follow it, you're saying when on star, if there's a listener who starting in photography business journey, it's okay to not have their personality or their brand refined to a point where the repelling people, but they slowly implement that as they go. Is that the way I'm understanding it? I would say absolutely one hundred percent I mean if you think back to when you start to. Did you knew exactly what you wanted to do and who you wanted to do it for? This is really embarrassing, but my first business name was weddings portraits anything. I love it. I was literally photograph anything for money. Yeah, but liquid got. You think that's a good way to start I really do and I think that. If you're encouraged to niece Joan too early then I could never have done that because I didn't know I really didn't know. And I made so many mistakes. Oh my goodness! I worked for almost nothing even when I started charging. I was far too cheap. I did every job that someone approached me with a job. And I said yes, immediately before even hearing what it was and I don't regret a single thing about. About that not a single thing because it helped me to learn more alike than what I didn't like, and you know as long as you are. Taking on board does lessons as you go, and you're eliminating the stuff that you hate as you go, and you're increasing your prices as you go. Then it's all good in my opinion. There I agree with that. You said something earlier to about websites that convert. What do you mean by that? When someone has a website that converts doesn't convert. What does that actually mean? All, so many things so I suppose first and foremost the user experience that you're delivering there, so if someone, if this perfect client on your website, and it's slow and Clunky, and the navigation is extremely complicated or confusing, and they can't find the information that they're looking for. Then you've lost that perfect client. Even though you know, you could serve them amazingly well, and this is the problem. It's this per shop front. That is very very common with photographers. You know they have what it takes, but they're not selling that on their website, so I suppose it's the user experience first and foremost, but also that. High impact first impression. We have this fabulous hero section on your website with an image or a slider of images that make your ideal client literally gasp. Gasping and thinking Oh my God, this is exactly the type photograph I am looking for. This is exactly what I want and a big bold statement where you're calling the moat, you're basically saying you're in the right place i. am the photographer for you so that they then start to scroll because they won't even scroll if they don't have that high impact, first impression beyond that it's really about. About making sure that you have that consistent call to action throughout your website, making sure that you have all the information they might want and it doesn't have to be full detailed pricing, but you have to have pricing available an idea of pricing, even if they have to opt in to get that, but ask for the other information, give them as much as possible answer all of their questions. Google the say that. Seventy percent of the buying decision is actually made before that client reaches out to you know this is a website when they reach out to you via your website, they're already seventy percent of the way there, and that's because we're doing. Almost all of our research online nigh, so if you're a photographer and you don't have the answers to your clients questions then that's not going to help you convert that client, and of course having an opt-in of some kind, because how many people who on your website at gets in touch, and it's a very low number. So you have to have a secondary call to action for the people. Her not ready yet doesn't mean they're never going to be ready. They will eventually be ready to reach out to you, but you should have some way of getting them on board so that you can speak to them via email, so you let them. They could opt tend to your price list. Starting from prices on your website, and they could opt tend to find out more about your pricing. That's not my favorite Optin, but it's an option you can have some kind of guide, or they can just opt in to your emails if you send great emails and they very much serve your ideal client, they could just off tend to that or a checklist or any kind of Freebie that we should definitely have some kind of secondary action that those people can take so there are so many things that come together to create this high converting website, but I would say those are the main ones. Let's stay with the OPT in so. If, you're talking to to a photographer. What would you say to which you are? What would you advise them to try I for an optimum? Would you tested? or how would you go about creating this optin? Good question okay, so you said, would you test it? I would validate the idea. I so actually let me just really and a little bit. The first thing I would do is I would put something on there. That is so simple and easy that you can do today so if you're listening to this and you think I don't have an opt in. It's been on my to do list forever then just. Any old thing on there to start with okay, it can just be often to my emails. OPT into my email list only if you send emails obviously. It can be your priceless, so what you could do is you could take your fill pricing off your website and just have some starting from prices. Are you know if you WANNA? Know Pricing Tall and let them all up ten to get your pricing. Have something that you've written as a blog post, so maybe you've written a blog post that is by. Oh my goodness. What could be a? Perfect fit to wear for different body shapes for a good worship for example that could easily become an option, so you could use that to create a really great quick to consume very valuable, helpful pdf guide, and you could pop onto your website as an opt-in us what you already have to begin with, and then once that's in place because it's better to have something than nothing, but once that's in place I, would definitely our photographers to think about it a much higher quality opt-in something that's going to really resonate with the ideal person on your website. Maybe facebook God's because if you have a really great lead magnet, which is another name for an upturn, a lead magnet. If you have a really great one that your ideal client would really want, then you can use that as a facebook ad as well so I would encourage everyone to get something on your website, but then start thinking about highway can be leveled up. Like I said for the listener who doesn't have an audit, are they going to need? Can't with some unlocked mile champion Mile Allies. Yes, something like that. Yes, glad you mentioned Miller lite. They are great. They are so great. I can't believe the price. I mean it starts at free, and then even then it's extremely cheap, and it has all the features, so I would certainly be pushing people towards Miller light if they haven't got anything setup yet. ARCA and if I, have no idea about putting this. Opt in form this box on their website because they go to somewhere like. I Dunno up work, or whoever looks off their website to do that? Yeah, absolutely I mean. I have to say that. It's way easier than if you. If you're not so tech savvy in these things, give you a headache I. Think you would be pleasantly surprised at how forward to as but if you run into, problems are always people to help you and I would definitely say rather than. You know struggle with that on your own and waste your time. That could be better spent elsewhere than yeah looked up work and find someone who you will find someone there who actually specializes in that and you can get them to set that up for you in no time, so it's a wise move if you're going to take too long to do it. And quickly website I want to kick with the OPT in magnets and out. Okay, but just quickly with websites. What do you say to your photographers that you're helping? Do you suggest wordpress squarespace weeks? Image anything like that, or do you think it doesn't matter? I? Think it does matter. I think it matters a lot. Actually I always suggest that they think about who they are I and their budget all that sort of stuff if they have this desire to learn, and they're quite tech savvy, and they're really willing to just jump in and do it then I would always push. People towards a self hosted wordpress site. To get a really great theme, you know someone like Melissa Love. He has these gorgeous wordpress themes for photographers, but if they are really not that we inclined. And they don't have the budget to hire someone to do it. Really well for them than I definitely pitch them towards the likes of squarespace. Because why get yourself bogged, dine in that misery. I mean I am really quite tech savvy, and sometimes when I'm working on my website, I nearly cry. So I would never want to push someone towards wordpress when they're not going to jail with it, and it's going to cause the major problems, and I don't know if you've noticed this, but when a photographer does, go the wordpress way and tries to do all themselves, and they're not very good at that kind of thing, the end up with a can of crappy looking website, so I would push them towards something like squarespace on with you there one hundred percent. The easy way the path of least resistance all the time. All the time and I agree, too. Because if someone is struggling generally, they have pretty ugly website I've seen. Oral. It's so important that your website looks great so important clients is that first impression when they land on that site? Be immediately within half a sick, and they've made a judgment on you, and if your website looks great, they think yet okay. I'm going to stay for a while. Yeah, I agree. So, let's say we have website sorted. It looks fantastic. We've gotTA here. Are you major slaughter that's up with got lead magnet that the client or the visa wants. OPT in. Why do we want that? What's? All we want that so much. This is one of my favorite topics as what you do with those people when they up ten, because all too often and I know this is going to resonate with lots, and it was me for a long time. They often and then nothing happens. You just disappear because you don't email the. So. That's so important that we make sure that we actually are delivering on our promise when someone opts in, but why we want them to do that is what you asked. So why do we want them to opt-in? So. Many people are not ready, so let me give you a really recent good example of this, so I have actually no joined acquire, but a few months ago I was thinking about joining acquire. Now this is being on my mind something I've wanted to do I've been a bit hesitant a bit embarrassed so I haven't reached out to any and this year I thought no. I'm going to join a bloody choir so I reached out to this. Esquire to me. And I heard back I got an email back, but by the time I got this response back I was not really in the frame of mind anymore, so I was in the zone when I reached I wanted to join a choir, but then by the time she responded, it was maybe two days later. So many things that happened you know life had happened and I. Just wasn't in that zone anymore, so I wasn't so warm. I wasn't to halt as elite, and then I didn't hear anything I didn't hear anything else and I kept thinking. Gee. I was thinking about how much I love. Email nurturing and I thought what shame that she didn't nurture me via email. She could have addressed some concerns that I had so she could have added me to sequence of emails, and maybe one of them might have been. Are you worried that you might have to sing on your own at choir and I would have opened that because it's one of my ways are. Have you been putting off joining acquire and maybe frequently asked questions about our choir, so every taming. Taming email would have landed in my inbox I. would have been reminded that this is something I want to do and actually I would have been starved by her. She's answering some questions. She's addressing some of my fears and concerns and I'm so much more likely every time. She sends me an email to say okay. Yeah, I'm going to do it in. She's may be asking me to reply. Julia do this. Let's get you ten for a taster session and I would maybe have just gone yet. I'm going to do it. And that's the same with all of your clients. You know some golden clients come along or some golden subscribers come along, and they're just ready. They're just absolutely ready. They need a photographer right now. Are they've been following you for awhile? And they're like yet I want to work with Andrew, but most of them are not. They're just. They've reached out on a whim, or they've reached out, but they still have doubts. And they're not ready to boo kit, so we need to warm them up. We need to nurture them. And it goes back to what we were talking about earlier by personality and values and character, the also need to start liking you and trusting you and connecting with you, and the more that happens, the more likely you are going to be the only choice for them, and it doesn't happen on social media. You know we're talking about. Half a percent of people are going to engage with your social media posts half a percent of your followers each time you you post, something high depressing that but when? All? Though it doesn't, you can't nurture anyone. The example that you gave of you joining the choir I mean I think that is such such a poder example because personally when I think about email marketing. I think of an inbox full of spam. When you talk about the emails about the qual- The you're interested in that you have genuine interesting. You have fears about and you thought about it for so long. You can't wait to get those emails, but you just didn't get them. Of course, it was such a disappointment to me and I thought. I, mean I would never offer advice and feedback to anyone who had not asked, but I wished I could I wished I could reach out to her and see listen. You just did this. You would absolutely convert so many more people. You know what you've just said by an INBOX, Phillips Spam. This is what gets in the way of photographers emailing people. And the way that they should they have this mindset that I. don't want to clutter up their inbox. They don't want to bother them. These people have enough crap in their email inbox, but what they're not realizing is what they're saying is. I would just be sending more crop to them. But why would you send crap? You're not going to send bad emails to them. You're going to send emails that are going to serve them. You're going to give over and over again and you're going to help them towards the Vati decision for them whether that yes, or a no, and you're also forgetting. They opted in. Yes they want to hear from this. Is Email me and you're not emailing them so and this is when they're halt. You know when they first opt in so either when someone because you should be email nurturing two sets of people. Not just people who opt tend to your email list, but you should be email nurturing the people who ghost you as well. Guy. What do you mean by that? So you know those who get in touch? You know the ones who go dark. You should put them into a separate list new I would put them into the same email. Nurture sequence as the people who just opt into your list, so if people opt into a Freebie that is directly, it's important to say the when they often they should be opting into something that is directly related to your service, so they have to show a genuine interest in your service for you to then start nurturing. About your service because you know in terms of data, protection and things if they just don't tend to some random thing and you start shooting them about your. Dog Shoots. You know it doesn't make sense as to be related quite strongly, but yeah, these people who have goes to do so they've got in touch with you and they've inquired about shoots, or they've inquired about your wedding photography, and then you've got back to them. You've sent them your response and they have goes to. They've Gone Dark Jim have contacted you by email, O, messenger or phone call does. Does it, matter which while it has to be bar amount. Add them to email list. You have to have their email address to add them to your list so generally. It's going to be someone who has contacted you via email or via your contact for him. so that you have their email address right so you're saying. Add them if they'd go shoe after you reply at into your nurture sequence. Absolutely absolutely, and you can do this via messenger as well. I mean if you have A. A MESSENGER setup and I love them. I know lots of people don't like them, but I love them. You know to really do that first part of the in quietly and often that messenger bought will get their email address for us. You can do it with them to what I would say. As your first response to someone you know when you first reach show, it should be in Patterson. Patterson and it should be personalized, and it should be amazing. You should have this amazing standout and quietly process and you. You've talked to buy on your podcast about using one zero and things like that, so all of that should be happening and of course I. would say reach out to them again. Follow up with them, but if you followed up and they still haven't got back to you. You should never assume that they are not interested. You should absolutely add them to your nurture sequence. Right got it got it. Okay so you're talking about is nervous to the first thing that happens when someone obscene is, get the lead magnet I get what I opted in for automatically to email. Then you have a series I'm guessing a series of emails at a pre written that go out to those people in the order that they subscribed. Absolutely I guess what's in that sequence. That's the question. A Question. So okay, would you want me to go through? What I would say is a good email. Nurture sequence just before you do that. Joy said to be clear. If photographers listening photograph, pets and weddings, they would need to separate lead magnets to separate nurture sequences. Is that right yet? I'm so glad you asked that. Yes, definitely, but why would see as my members often get themselves wrapped up and a bit of a tears about this because they think the need. All of their email nurture sequence done at the same time, and I would say just get that out of your head right away. There's a law goes into this, and it should be really fantastic. Your lead magnet should be good. Your email nurture sequence should be amazing. As should be this journey that you're taking someone on, so you need to put time and effort into it so if you do weddings, family shoots. Shoots Booed Warr than start with the service that you want to do more of or that's the most profitable and put together an opt-in and an email nurture sequence just for that so that you can then test it. You can tweak it. You can improve it, and you don't even think about your other services until that one is up and running and doing well for you, so just do one at a time. Okay, so what goes into this sequence? Okay. So I think before you write it. You have to really consider a few things and make sure you feel really comfortable on really confident about certain things, and that is of course who it's for, so don't lose sight of this person that you want to work with and I always recommend you just zone in on one person, the person that you love to work with and remained yourself. What are the main problems are the main desires that you can help them with I, think with photographers. Alot of businesses, you know they try to focus on the problem that they solve, but with photography more often than not. It's desire that they have that. You can help them with the what is that desire will as their heart's desire that you can actually address, you can give to them. What is the main benefit that they are going to feel after? After working with you, and you have to make sure that's all throughout your nurture sequence, you have to remind yourself of these things I the other one is what do you want them to feel? What are the emotions that you want them to feel as they're receiving your nurture emails? Do you want them to feel like the need this more than anything? To actually get emotional, or do you want them to feel empowered? What do you want from that? And the last thing? And probably the most important thing is what are the parts of you? So the parts of your personality, your humor, your values, your opinions water the parts of you that they are going to connect with the most that are going to make them like you get to know you and really trust you to the point that they just couldn't choose anyone else. They just feel the such a connection, so all was right those three things. Things down before you do your nurture sequence. Does that make sense at this list of things we've making before we start writing actually before you even start writing because you know what happens is when you start writing. If you haven't focused yourself on what you want to do here, then you will start writing in a really genetically, and you'll focus on the transaction of the service rather than the transformation of the service, and that's what happens when we don't think about what we're going to do I. We just end up writing something that's I. Bet Mediocre. And just going back to writing to your ideal your perfect client. Let's say in my business. Eighty percent or ninety percent of the people that book are women, and on the say, five to ten percent of men and my writing emails to female his at the Y. I'm I'm actually I guess that's the tone. Turns the right word. His the way I'm framing my emails yet. I would say that I very rarely focused on a male or female I very much focused on a person who has certain needs so I would say yes. Have that person in your mind whether they're male or female, but really I think that's the least important thing when it comes to ideal clients and within the membership. We don't really focus too much on high will decline as. As are whether they're male or female or where they live are what they do for a living. We very much focused on who the are because that's where you're going to connect. That's absolutely where the connection happens. And what is it? They deeply deeply desire whether they're male or female. And what is it? They're concerned about when it comes to maybe hiding you whether they're male or female, it just doesn't matter. Those things are the golden things and. After that you know. What are the things that you're going to have in common that are going to help you connect, but yes, once you have those things in mind you only right to that person. Carry. So how do we start the secrets? What am I saying covering Buchner? Okay, so I suppose it's in the word is a sequence, and it's a buildup over time. It's like it's almost like your sales process through email, so it's. It's almost like what you would do. If you manage to get them on the phone, which is always what we want to do right? You get them on the phone and you have this maybe twenty minute conversation with them where you are able to tell them all about the expedients. They're going to enjoy what they're going to have afterwards. You're able to answer any of their questions. You're able to tap into their desires. Address their concerns. It's doing that via. And via sequence, so each one will have a focus. You're not overwhelming them and one of the main reasons that people ghost. You is because you may be overwhelmed them with your response. You may be sent them. You're twenty five page pedia. And they were like Whoa. Premium members. Photo be, exposed. Photography Business Strategies. Every cares. Julie. You've been fantastic again and so. The way I introduced you, that was all sincere, and I can tell that you are such a wonderful guest, because you won't even let me sort of wrap it up until you've finished getting across everything that you wanna get across, the listen got. Everything. I need to go and do this so there really is no excuse for not to go and implement a nurture sequence. Opt in absolutely, please do please do now. I know that you teach. This is well as part of your membership. I'm going to get link or two of you after this for members and listeners and Wilson let. Me Stop Recording. Where's the best place for people that are GonNa? Check out your stuff. The best place to go initially is the website, so it talks business dot, com I have lots and lots of information there I have a free training session for people is over an hour long, and it's called the sixty minute marketing strategy. We actually talk about email. Nurture sequences within. Within that, it's your fill marketing strategy for your business, but not a blueprint. It's fatty much who you are suited to you and your personality and your ideal clients, you actually put together your marketing strategy with me on the free training, and it takes around an hour so at sea that if anyone wanted to dive into that as a first step, that would be the. Best decision and then I also have a membership a subscription site for people who want to go further, and that is accessible through talks and business dot com, also, it's famous focused on marketing, but also love business stuff, too. It's a journey. There's a lot of work in their love learning, but I go into everything email nurture sequences, websites, landing pages lead magnets in person networking third party, so everything is in there, but it's finding the right ones for you. It's not a blueprint. It's very much go in the direction that sits you and your business, so had amendments on the riot core sole thing to access to they ask you, or would you have like a system inside there then the fine? Yet. There's a system inside there, so they go through the motions of finding out who their ideal client really is because I think lots of photographers have been taught about their ideal client in the wrong way focusing on demographics, instead of the really important stuff, so they do all that work. The do some digging into high to differentiate themselves, and then we talk. Talk about all the different types of marketing, and which are the best for them as I've just added, some personality tests stuff, so they can go and do a personality test, and they can can of match up the marketing platforms that are available with their personality. So you know it's just the wrong thing to say to everyone that they should be blogging. Blogging because for some people, blogging is painful and horrific, and it's the wrong thing to see that everyone should be going and doing in person networking, because it's just not right for some people, and it's the wrong thing to see. Everyone should be going live on facebook or creating videos, because that horrifies some people, so it's really leaning in to the person that. That you are and the photographer that you are and who you want to work with and matching up the market, saying that suits us so that you can go all in on just one thing, because isn't that nice to think about that to think about just doing one thing really well, absolutely I can sleep at night got one thing to focus on. Exactly I love Them I love the open loop snuck in there as well. We've all been taught to focus on demographics, but not what really matters. That was really nicely done. It's been an absolute pleasure. Talking to you are really want to say something about. Your short head German silo. RAHM finish off, but the massive thanks for coming on his hearing. You have and. We'll chat again on. No, thank you so much for having me back on to. Joy. That interview with Julie Christie as much as I did Julie Viola listening. You know I'm a massive fan of you and what you do so again. Thanks for coming on sharing everything you did. It was an absolute marathon of an interview. You should sign that so again. Massive massive. Thanks for me. For you the listener hype as much from Julie as I did like I said in the very beginning on a massive fan of amount order respondents a hub you can implement, and you will implement some role of what Julia had to share, and of course. If you have any, follow up questions for Julie, you can access her in the comments area of the show nights, and you can find them at photocopies x dot com for slash three seven zero. The comments area are at the very bottom. Above that you'll find links to anything and everything that Julie mentioned. It's all in the shards, and of course, if you are premium member, you'll have access to Julie inside the members facebook group, where she is already a part of the group now two more quick things before we finish up in regards to Julie and her marketing strategies. She did mention a sixty minute. Minute! Marketing! Strategy for photographers. You can get access to that full free. If you go to photocopies x dot com fort slash T, I be free. That's tugs in business free so photo x dot com for slash t i. be free is a sixty minute marketing strategy for photographers beautifully light at their packed with great information for you to help grow your business. And, if you are a premium member of got something extra special coming to you via Julie as well I'm going to include that in an email to following the release of this episodes. Look for that one in your inbox something extra special Julie in regards to her talks in business membership. Herati that is it for this episode of the podcast? I'd be a ton from it. Big thanks again to Julia for coming on and sharing everything she did. Make sure you let me know your thoughts on mobile phone usage social. Getting away from all that photography projects and creating more time in your lot to do things that you really want to be doing a really any facility. He'll. Otherwise have a fantastic way. Stay safe and healthy and I'll talk to you. If you enjoyed this episode. X DOT COM. Join the conversation. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on the interview with Andrew in today's special guest.

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369: Matt Barnett  How to grow your photography business with simple videos

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369: Matt Barnett How to grow your photography business with simple videos

"This is six episode number, three, hundred, sixty, nine and today we're talking video, and how you can use it to grow your photography business, and our special guest is someone who discovered just how good video is. He's built a business. I'm talking about Matt it from Bonjour. Dot Com and that interview coming up in just a minute. Planning to have a successful wedding and portrait photography business joint injury is he introduced successful photographers and business experts to fuss. Check your success. Welcome to the photo. Bees exposed podcast with your host Andrea Jr.. Sandra Helmet Michi from impact images. Welcome to this episode of the PODCAST. You probably already know how excited I get that video because I understand how effective can be in business, and I've interviewed other guests in the path who are utilizing bdo to grow the business to connect with the prospective clients by using video in email replies when they inquiries they using video and And their website they using behind the scenes, videos, and a couple of those guests that come straight to mind Michael Sassa Brian Bassani Kirk masten Gabriel Mortuary and I'm sure there are a ton more in the one person who really got me started and using video in my business with the interview I did with Julie Murehwa. Not even a photography. She's a wedding celebrant. Prized her email replies you'd always video had may giving it a go and one hundred percent converted me when it comes utilizing video email, reply and facebook ads, and there's a good chance. If you've been following along with the photo ex podcast, you know that I've been running the daily vote challenge. We currently in the middle of a challenge right now, and there's a good chance also heard of that born Zoro. which is the APP that you can use a one of the APPS that you can use for email replies with video when it comes to answering Klein queries also. Better to have on the show to learn more about video than Matt Barnett, so that interviews coming up in just a minute Emma. Gad's to last week's episode. If you didn't catch that one with Joshua. It was a strife in the usual. Because Joshua is a wildlife photographer who focuses on the polar regions of the world were just. It was incredible to have him on the show, and here's some of the stories behind his business and what he's doing particularly when he talked about the three different aspects of his business that have been able him to create a profitable business around what he loves to do and I were photography Expeditions Image Licensing and print. All of which we discussed in detail in last week's episode. If. You haven't heard that one. Get back and check it out. It doesn't matter whether or not wildlife photography is something that you do. It's impossible to see the images that Josh has created not totally blown away and then to hear business behind those images. Happening I'm sure you'll find the same thing. Photo X DOT COM real. Real strategies and real ideas to build your photography business. We're going to jump into this interview with Matt Barnett in just a second. If you are hearing this announcement, it does mean you are listening to the free version of this podcast episode, and that means you will be missing out on a large portion of the second half of his interview because I do save that for premium members only so if you're loving what Matt shares in the first half of this interview locked to hear the full interview this week and every other week you can check it all out for one dollar with a thirty day trial membership. Just head to photo. ZACKS DOT com for slash try and all the details of. Photocopies X DOT COM Ford Slash try for one. Dollar Thirty Day trial membership. It's time for Andrew Special guest. Today's guest is not a photographer, but he was at one stage. He worked as a professor in London for a few years before moving to Sydney Australia when he was twenty six, and that was the start of video software company which became Bonjour Oh. Why video, well, the idea was born from siles hack for a second business where he would send every new lead a personal video instead of a plain text email and he knew from an early stage that customer experience is about making connections automating where it makes sense, but providing a human connection as often as possible. Bourgeois was born and with the popularity of video advertising branding marketing email replies, and more I thought who have on the show to teach us to maximize our client experiences with video. I'm talking about Matt Bonnet CEO or more affectionately known as Papa Bay abundant. Are, having here with us now Matt Welcome. Andrew Awesome debate here. It's great to have you here. You start with letting US know about your time in London. As a photographer Kinda photography. What were you doing there? Yes? I like I always class with solve as an artist. Talk, he's always been my medium bartends, gang, trae imagery, and then sell that so I was working and exhibiting London. Did a couple years to exhibits London. If you knew you ask few in Europe, and then she by trade a designer, so I was working as Zion consultant as well. I think I did some photography work as well as you do. Contract think weddings products talk. Modeling work. I personally found the commercial side of. It wasn't quite right for me. I enjoyed do my imagery that was why loved I didn't realize doing it as a role as such because he kind of felt more at my design work. That sad. I did find after years ago stage where I really missed having a bit of a team kind of going off to meet with the group of people and the outside was wonderful and. I would just build a team. You know. He said Noah. Queen like. Earth and they were doing. They have like a factory of artwork which kind of? Didn't quite seen the white guy. Economy to counter intuitive to the point. Being Office was back but I. Know the back of icon move stranger. The real reason was I. Of Scotland and the south coast of whales and one day, and it was hailing so hard that it put dents my. Hiding on the beach. and. Highly is throwing a little May. On done amount I'm going to give Chase Assad and so I came here, and then won't be led to another found. I still do the artwork, but it's definitely you know it's a passionate I'd say for those Craig's. I actually think building business. is super creative like actually satisfies my creative urge because you make the ones that are done like a do design, which is great and imagery. Cypher now yeah. It's pretty fun, adventure north, and when you say design graphic designer I was actually industrial design SAIPA. Zion so I was designing consumer products as well on the visual side side, high person looking fail. Can you give us an example of a product? I used to work on things. Most voice, cicely mobile phones east medical equipments used to seal products like half oil machines in Gomez what else I was the guy that will be bordon's com make things lip say and make sure that the people could use them no. I think I was the bane of every engineer 'cause they always look at me and be like we. Work and I was like make it work. People love. It works like fit the motor in that somehow. Swan off. I love it. I love it. I can't think of worth country to become a surfer then Scott with. The SURF is excellent. Say His messing ATAS known in the water on the war, and there's no sharks. You, get these big hop seals that competence and scattered life out of you, because they just silently pair behind your board, know about the size of about eight feet long, but the homeless, so that's great. Yeah, no competition, if you on the west coast of. Scotland it's amazing, but. You will lose failure. extremities in the middle of some within about half an hour. Say I. Mean I love it, yeah. It's always an adventure. It's as much about the journey gave. Surfing when you do in Europe and countries whereas a fine air, it's more sport and a pastime It's almost different sport. Yeah Yeah Yeah I. Don't think I would've ever got into surfing if I grew up in Scotland So talk to me about discovering video. You know you said you were sending videos to your. Customers or clients back then. Yes so start. One business crashed and burned failed miserably because they were doing a CD. I one out about resolving that, we ended up money based agency, and we dealt with other agencies, and we ended up with quite major ones Ogilvy and stuff, but they were all based in London. New York Paris. They just the way the things guy. And so we would have inquiries coming in, and we'd have like late fellow small business like three or four of us here in Sydney, but almost whatever we had an inquiry, we'd always be asleep. Pretty much say we had this real challenge. Chunk of those ladies and customers 'cause they'd obviously quite with us for being inquire with a bunch of other companies, Bhutan. We wake up the dewey talks people. Sight. Wasn't. A great copywriter I'm pretty good. People like like people lot pretty creative, and that out the SELBE can get across in emails and GYP campaign. Say and Susan but different ice ferriter Sydney harbour. That will get up. and. Say Given the fact that leads. We'll ever sees I would plant. And do an individual video for each inquiry next morning, so if James Bond up over a a DVD for James, but Hey James Ogilvy saw that you work on the Budweiser on the nine accounts. We've done what. XYZ Yada, Yada Yada I'm by the way I. Obviously I'm an assembly because hazy opera. House the behind May. It's beautiful day. I will be in London six weeks time. We come in and show you through what we do or hop on zoom call next week a lover. How that the saved? So? We tripled response right straightaway I look on. It wasn't the pitch of the. People gave back. A car. Hey, because the winds too strong. But it's pretty funny, and like honestly like this is great like comment assured that we were creative on the we willing to invest timing in customers showed oversee who was who's one people they were with? No, let let this guy looks. Let's get him in for for chats. From that point onwards. We're able to sell why that wasn't so hard for us. It just wasn't the video per se, it was the fat that we would going out of our way through different. That's what people really hooked in to. Oversee got across personality which seemed to win them over. Yeah, so these are pretty role not highly polished at all these videos when you started doing them. Economy now I definitely I wouldn't say I. Have a face video a spent so much time in the know say it's. Aged me spectacularly. It's completely role. You know getting dressed up like I think the thing here is being authentic and transparent. It's the same thing if you have. A coffee was almost the same club idea. Go get dressed up for that. Necessarily with the transparency works people like it. They're like. Will this the? He looks like he's just grab a shower. That's that's oversee him. I mean like I think the world is moving towards the stage where transparency is becoming more effective because it's very hard to understand. What is and what isn't transparent? So when things are always transparent Novas, he done for the for the right reasons that that working pretty well I. Think we craving this right I think customize A. Craving work with betty companies, and again with the whole mocked messaging in the emails and everything else is kind of hard to work out who say, yeah you whether it's automated with. It's real, Zoe, mean exactly. Yeah so whether it's automated whether you can trust. They work with whether bail economy people. You'd like to work with very hard. Stealthy emails coming through messaging yeah okay. So I'm happy to have. Fossil would nab because it's a May a main. It's pretty obvious that you would be an expert with video today, so talked to well to your staff to made to the listener about using video. Video in business to die. Where do you say is using wish? Should we be using video today? So I think there's a few different areas on the customer, journey and videos of the hold a whole different types of I I suggest that using Wachovia mastering as synchronous video that is personalized is extremely useful at the beginning of the final say when combined making best for US depression. And this is what I was doing it on a boat on the hub. In first instance was trying to make the best for US impression Soleil people would talk to me in Brooklyn Meeting. Come with love more save. You have laid community. Choirs can make your best west depression time with coordinate, specifically for individuals is amazing. I think when customers have been going through your final gem me the other areas of site you know obviously having reels that shows your work off. Spectacular Navy Talk Fritz filmmakers like it's like industry like Sharia work. Show how you work in show what he do extremely powerful. Call. Agri under the oversea, a production pace, but obviously the quality that production in shows your creativity in your abilities to deliver as well so I think us that points in the marketing possibly after your first inquiry, you might even you drop her person message. Say his video real. Watch this. If you're lend me up, but again you think you've taken time with the customer, which is very appreciative, say an also. Here's my work. I think if you start to get down the funnel, then mit the obviously keeping customers for a long time doing things like re engaging customers. Hey, you maybe haven't talked a while. We've gone silence or even given the site diary engaging people to say. Would you like to you know? Li Cut some images with XYZ have a this reengage wants to really good time to us. I think personalized One caveat will say like video is great for this if personalization is the cave. Evaluate gain in this across. If there's other ways that you can do it, that's finally. Frank calls a so good. Beating person is always the best. Little bit hard. Right this moment, but And then off the back of that doing things, I drive reviews and testimony ills. Again with my video here, but it's actually the presentation is actually the fact that you're taking time if you want to. Increase the chance of getting reviews if you specifically people. To leave you review the chance. Beginning A as a tax is a genetic. Survey saying, please leave serve you here for sure. For show of those four different aspects just talked about the I think there's three that really lynn themselves to those personal message. Would you call impersonal personal messaging? Yeah, so let's dive deeper into those and discuss where you can share with best practice that you know the best way to get the best results using those personalized messaging and video so initially client inquiry for photography could be a pet photography poetry photographer wedding photographer. What's key in that first reply if we're going to be utilizing video. I'd Say City Brown Festival. If you're a cobra. Talk Verses Wedding photographer of see the way you present. Yourself is going to be different unimportant now. Last year! The all the talk for CIANCI. for wedding was great, but I pick someone who are like I went song via creative, slightly quirky, slightly different someone who's very open. With me as well I'm D- I tried to feed people and when I've talked for new within ten seconds. I was like this. Is the guy say getting across his brand and personality. Leads in general for everyone. It's about if you are able to. We suggest responding within about half an hour to for hours eighth as possible. The way the ATHOL works. It works on your my ball, so you can get laid vacation if you have inquiry, so it's quite an easy respond. It's not about attentively thirty seconds to minutes, but obviously responded this first four hours. That's what people are interested in looking at options. The quickey get back as sales is always going to be a benefit. Match for you consider Brown, but you don't need to get input seats on this in a in front of wall if you can. Do it with some imagery behind you when you actually out on shoots. That's really powerful because it colleague. Jon Gets across you all when you're working I, think the other thing to remember. Ask so the reason you're sending these messages is to get a lead to take the next step in the funnel which bay to book a with the IT might be to go and look when he failures. If you're satellite imagery, modern game purchase something. Depending what next step is, the was take. The reason you're sending vase is because you're trying to increase the chances of Nice. Step being taken, so you try increasing colds, you have increase the amount of like views of a sudden Coursey of potentially if you're trying to convert that late into a booking and trying to take them further down that funnel exactly. Okay let me ask you a few of the things you brought up there. Because are interesting. You said you looking for a photographer when you were getting married. I think it was last G. did you get any video messages any video emails? Did Not but I did hop on a call with a couple of interesting, they interest in the in the. Obviously I'm biased, but I was like yellow a so we got married and Tasmania so we will looking for local talk in Tasmania so just just in the coffee, which essentially are what would a dumb? Let's just hop on the for ten minutes. Always work like. Talk South to work was on my second. Jake is a new people have good work. We let some give frozen than it was like. Yes I. Am I going to have fun with the? Pretty much, but literally things where. You know straight away again others. James GonNA. Call like we were joking within about. Ten seconds. loafing around and I was like. You're in my done nice. What about your wife did she have a bit of a scientist? I'm the picking when it comes to this area is it's funny? I was actually nervous about picking a photographer. Jokes about this like over the years with all those like. How'd you if? You you do that. So she was happy to let me do that. It wasn't as hard as thought. Again found some great straightaway. I think if you've done with wave for other photographers like understand is conscious of. have, from be creative. Let them have a little bit of a take and then give them older rule files off towards. Which is scary, then how well let's go down with a lot of those. Very imagine someone off and you and your wedding. What you'd want, exactly the same. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. Let's give over what's interesting to me. Is We all know the listener you May? We know how powerful video is, but still so few photographers, actually using it to get in front of a they leads. What do you think that is? Coming things yeah, thank then dates. It's not the normal. Side like anything things take awhile to poem into society so. When I invented two years before people start using. Actions probe video we do have access to I think. Some people are just not thinking about new way. No potentially I think if you on the US. Frame. It S why. Nervous know when you have a coffee with someone because it's exactly the same thing, really in a I think so I just want someone this morning and they made a really good point where they said. They think the reason that we get. Those video is because for generations. Video has been the role of. A film, a movies and TV and acting inside. We've always put on this pedestal. Whereas when you see by ethnic communication point of view, it's not that it's just the next best thing to to sit down with someone in person. It's made up nerves. Technology has changed the video mobile. Wasn't that great years ago I was now it's gotten better data better Australia especially by think anything's purchase access and having inspirational as you could do it. Yeah all right, and then you said Elliot to that thirty seconds to one minute. That's a good amount of time to record that I. It gets colder first response. Do you see people? Would you say photographers going why over that and that's a big mistake or is that thirty seconds the to keep it as short as possible I went says. It's received. Honestly every two minutes. I think you'll find. I think his points that people have short attention spans now probably ever. You're not trying to do the whole sales pitch hair like. You drive to have a cool with Ya like when we talk was the wants to drive me to have cool or seen a touch with them on just pecan. His constitutes to get to that step part of his your time. If you go with two minutes versus one minute, you add that much more value if you have ten minutes definitely were not much more value as well because that'll be decided in the first phase will minutes. It's bad. Check in just driving again. Who you are, which takes seconds so again beyond that not huge thing. tench as big policy, you'll see us if you look at where by the messaging video content it short form content two minutes. You'RE GONNA. Have someone's absolute undivided attention. A minute absolutely I. Think you'll see the. Attach bombs dropping if you look at Congress such. Great if videos, three or four six minutes thinking. Oh man really don't have to watch these. Great, which is crazy? Three or four branches nothing. Feels like a real commitment. How we have changed. Yeah, you also said you don't have to get dressed up and. Down to the coffee shop. Let's say for example on the cyclist so I'm Adam I bike and I get an email inquiry I'll stop at the coffee shop for example and say inquiry. Is that a good time for me to record a response, even though I'm in my cycling year or that far away from where I should behave replying to a client. This might be the you it again. It depends little bits. On Your brand him away. You are like if you're doing fine, cope of Tober fe! Yes, I I, mean I mean interestingly like a little high incorporates cyclic no. That's true. That's true I. Like what works real life work with? Yeah, so how'd you like to clients? Will what what do you do when you late? The radio works even. To this method issue as well. We pretty inferences. A DVD's in the kitchen with the kids running around the fates. And people like yeah kids to you know again. It's that connection, but depends on your brand depends doing it. Let you let you know what you and you probably have clients if you clients to. Unite. Yourself to the clients work like personally. I level anticipate. If you're on, the bike is like. Yeah, this is great. This is real and the fat. Potentially you getting back to me quicker while waiting six hours. Today's when he got home. And you show in good change, but that's on my talked to three hundred talk I saw. Appoint this as well as just getting back to people quick and especially when things that weekends. Chats and people take the Mondays get back to me. Like will always be shopping and probably have a number of. People. Looking at, so you want to make sure that you will one. The ones he considered it on speed is a huge plus got it. That makes sense so I know that's not a specific on sub is a few variables. I think that take those and maybe tests. Yeah, I think we'll save from taking me personally if I'm sharing the fact that I'm a socialist with my potential clients and my clients, then it's probably okay if it's something that don't share with them than I wouldn't film it in that situation, that'd be a fair way to look at it. Yeah, for sure I mean I said like get won't get any I'm pretty sure everyone straight. He gets coffee. Like. There's a pasta. Look I think again like ideal any industry. If you could do it like inside, she's wonderful. I was trying to a charity. We talk about how to get that and benefactors who are based in Uganda as she video with them, and they've managed to get this happening, and it's amazing because it's like with. That's the thing as dogfight. You know if you have to be on shootout with your with the camera and he dividend if If you wedding, and you'll take you break, and you get one. And then he said when you say I'm not sure what he right now during the shoot up every five hours. When are going to get into this? That's pretty powerful. You can always do that, but if you can take opportunities. Yeah, now, that makes that makes good sense. You talked about your audio. How awful it was when you're on the ferry doing those. Videos your client queries. Even today I'm GonNa feel using just a smartphone. You're outside. It's windy. It's going to be pretty ordinary audio quality. What's more important is the quality, is it? The video quality is the fact you reply fires. What trump's what here? S, I think it's content on a slave site. The video quality is going to be fine anyway again. Stage now everyday qualities. UPS find like h day or the. Do a quick video. Make sure my friends. No points win. You'll be fine. You can also use apps like things. Crispin stuff that you can use I think they have mobile APP which cuts out. Noise pretty well. Honestly it's by content in Wendy shouts. So we do videos C. for assange it's like eating dog food like we still use it. If I'm getting hiking with my daughter, who's eighteen months and she's in the backpack, which and doing right now to get outs. That's onto the videos and again isn't even industry, but we have a lot of Merican and European cousins board when they gave me out in the Bush with my daughter. People love it like this is sir. Different in invasive surprising, it's delightful, and yet may is already as always the great or I'm panting is climbing a big hill and lot fit, but it just just always found that that stuff kind of works in co so when you're recording now for yourself feel company using and I find. It was something else. ANDROID I but the. So with your android phone. Are you using the bonds and the mark that comes with the phone or using something wireless? Just use the phone. Do you really justify? That's good enough? Narrow Bird's name Mike again. This is about two phones are pretty good these days. I've never. used. Hands Free on the foreign anyway. It works well because well be fine. You'd be surprised. I think. What I love is making it easier and easier. There's no excuses. By always mentioned in the that that still on the ferry because. That was windy and I was half asleep a long time. But if it were that, then you call. Well, it's going to work anyway. So most places obviously better than that, but again you'd be surprised. You try one test one seventy south truck. If you do video, you'll see very quickly, and if using I find like the excellence, most android accident like seventy three equality, audio and video. Co... What about moving onto? Say Yo trying to get testimonials? Reviews often work with someone so I actually saw an example for one of my pre members today. I posted into our facebook group. And now we're going to send out a video. But it was a generic video, so they wanted to send the sign video to every client rather than personalizing it good audio bad. Luck, I'm biased, but I would say if you wants me off people. Invest little time in yourself again bay money's thirty seconds, whereas if you want to get people to responded Tesla, which takes time is not a thirty second. It does take time. Off Individually and I think you'll still see those much higher response rates. Maybe if you have ten thousand customers than you do it and you have to warm sent. Maybe that's fine. Then you go that way, but you'll get much higher response rate if you do it in person I think you know when it comes to the. Testimonials reviews are foles. A Better Way to do this is to do this as a continuing process rather than doing as a campaign so I, mean rather than waiting and doing. Hey, look, it's January. We're GONNA again. I'll say blown for testimony. She'll wedding photographer to the wedding. Deliver that images. And video and say when you. Check. Everything's good any other questions. Let me know and if enjoyed the experience his link, please go into Labor testimonial. That's when you should be doing it. Not Waiting until June six months later as your clients will be closing testimonials on a regular basis, and if you as well, it also means that the workload in the nation is not allow high because your spreading every time, but again response we better anyway. If someone's just got some amazing image, you backer few in the like all this is fantastic. That's the time you wanted to write something because that's the time where they're going to have all that love and energy and white. You something like outstanding. Give it six months. People will have cooled off. Yes now, totally great. Premium. Members photo Biz exposed. The best photography business strategies. Matt Fantastic I've got a ton out of this. I'm sure the listener has as well on I before. We started recording that you mentioned. There's video funnel playbook that listened to can access. How do we get to that and what? Are you probably link the show nights or if you got to. Come forward. Slash video funnel playbook? Over type video, final playbook and Google it'll come up. We just went out to thirty five myself customers. Deliberately Quad Lodge range of industries and awesome. Tell us. Like step-by-step exactly how to do this so instance. If. It's referrals. You'll see some customers. An SI in my e Komo's Oth- redone acts. We send the message his attempt. That looks like his what it says his what we say and these links that we include, and then potentially we fall into. Very prescriptive as a few folks that as well. It's suggest it's not a bad place to start when he said you videos kind of copy what they did because they've always had success and then time to customize that to you and Funland your brand because Nancy. Are linked to that in another. See Two zero dot com as well just before the game at why. Why Papa Bear, one see. If you get in business, you gotTA. Have Fun! Yeah, I spend more time with my business team. Do with wife place I I. Love Brand I think brand is absolutely K.. If you're a dog facial building your personal brand if if that's what it is, if to your business, you business brand. Year. We thought to take out some fun at Brown. Lego is a bad and then it's conscious escalated where we sponsor bears. We Saint Cosmas Bassett's for kids. All the team Bannon's I said I'm glad hand, but. It makes me laugh. Say whatever I'm to their yet. I think I think when I did a little bit of. Research I think I saw you in a onesie and I think the whole team have won these. Is that right? Yeah, whatever we hire someone they get. There's a company of all granny's in the north of the UK. And they so custom onesies, and forgetting to get the teams design them wanting to get shipped around the world. Really hard number, and that's why. I get to wear like a month of the year because it's just to. Say Delia Marketing and promo videos in July and that's it lake. That's it I'm done. Matlock, my has been a real pleasure. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing everything you have. The thanks to have made. It's been great. Joy Everything. That Matt had to share in today's episode Matt. If you're listening again, thank you so much for coming on sharing everything you did I. Love The way you started your business and yeah I couldn't agree with you more on just how important video can be when it comes to connecting without ideal clients in at perspective clients? View, the listen I do high. Be got as much from that as I did he did mention a few different things in the interview that you might want to check out I've got links to all those anything. Everything not mentioned in the show notes for today's episode and you can find them at photo. Physics Dot com slash three six nine, and if you are already using video in your photography business, I would love to hear about it. I E, finding success or more success near that you're using video. Are you using video in the same way that we talked about on that Matt shared in today's episode? What's working for you? What hasn't what's? What's stopping you from using video? If you haven't already started, I love to hear feedback on what had to share and here answers to my questions. Lead them in the comments area for today's show over at photos x dot com slash three six nine, or if you are a premium member, let's chat about it inside the numbers facebook group. I'll be adding Matt into the group as well so you do have any follow up questions for him. He hit him out there, but yeah I'd really love to hear feedback video. Are you using it if you're not? Why not if you are using it? How is it going for you? Is it working? A difference when it comes to booking Klein's seem choose dotted implementing video. Got One big shout for today's episode and this one goes to. Monica, she's based in Harriman Utah and she runs a portrait studio, specializing in senior and family studio and location portraits, and has done for the last twenty years, and she says I've been a photo. B.'s listening for betty year and a premium subscriber for eight months. It's by far the most educational an actual photography podcast. I've found the premium members. facebook group is awesome, and if you ever have any questions, Andrew is there to guide you. Love that. Thanks Monica for taking the time to leave your star rating and lovely review of added link from today's show those to help you with your own, and that applies to you if you're listening and you haven't left a review, an honest review for the podcast, and you're looking to add a link back to your website using the keyword phrase looking rainfall if I can help you with your Seo, I'm more than happy to do that. Simply leave an honest review for the podcast on that. That photo, BS x facebook page in June or wherever you listen to your podcast leaving on US review. Let me know you've done that. Let me know the you are real that you'd like me to link to. And also the keyword phrase you'd like me to use as the anchor text, and I'll add that into the show once I see that review pop up its model way of saying. Thank you for taking the time to Labor. Ready and review just like Monica has this week. Herati, that is in a wrap up this episode of the PODCAST, which talked all about video and I did mention Rod at the very stop where in the midst of the daily challenge right now, but if you want to get better at video, if you want to get more comfortable, being yourself in video, and you're interested in joining us in the next challenge, which winds for a month folks to you can join the white list now, and we'll send you a reminder when we already to go just head to daily log, challenge dot com agile details. And I'll be sure to let you know. We're about to kick off the next. Challenge. Already I've you have a fantastic week wherever you? Stay safe healthy, and well, and I'll talk to you soon bye! If you enjoyed this episode two. X DOT COM. Join the conversation. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on the interview with Andrew and today's special guest.

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A Covid vaccine wake-up call

Axios Today

09:58 min | Last week

A Covid vaccine wake-up call

"Today's episode is sponsored by united health group. Good morning welcome to axios today. It's tuesday november seventeenth boudou. Here's our making you smarter today. Big text post election woes plus. The lack of live. Sports isn't the real reason. Cable is dying hush though a vaccine wakeup call is today's one big thing yesterday. The biotech company moderna announced their corona virus vaccine was nearly ninety five percent effective at preventing illness. It's during its preliminary testing and worst. This comes a week after pfizer announced a similarly successful vaccine. Actually health care editor. Sam baker is here to give a reality check on what these announcements actually mean sam. What's the most promising to you about yesterday's announcement from madonna will. I think there are two things. The first is the very close to ninety five percents perfect of this rate. And then that to be the second vaccine as you mentioned behind the pfizer vaccine with ninety percent or better efficacy. I mean these are both just press releases so far we'll have to take a closer look at those numbers but assuming they hold up now we're talking about to really effective products. Having two of them will mean that we can get more doses of them so it's just sort of starting to shape up like yeah we're really going to be able to attack this thing with vaccines. We also have an exclusive access ipsos. Poll that says sixty. One percent of americans would take a first generation vaccine. I wonder how our attitude is a country is maybe changing when it comes to thinking about taking a vaccine. You know one thing that's been really consistent in this poll we've asked. Do you want it right away or do you want to wait and see if it's effective and the clear clear clear answer no matter how we asked the question is people are willing to give it a little bit of time to make sure that it is first of all safe and then also it's effective so when you ask people assume it's ninety percent effective people are into that. Can we talk about how people would eventually get this vaccine. And i know one of the possible issues is how fast the distribution process is going to move on yesterday's sexiest recap podcast host. Dan primack spoke to tall zacks. The chief medical officer at medina and he actually seem pretty confident in their distribution plants. We've been investing in manufacturing significantly. We've been expanding that and we've been working with partners. Who know what they're doing. We've been sharing our data as we go along with the right government agencies and all of that gives me the confidence that indeed be able to supply large amounts of this vaccine realistically. Sam what are we thinking about timeline and distribution here will so the next thing that has to happen is both of these companies visor and moderna have to actually submit a filing to the fda and presumably. They will say yes and then we will have an emergency use authorization most likely and then we can really get underway with distribution. You're probably looking at late spring into next summer before. The general public starts to get access to the vaccine. You said to me last week. There's light at the end of the tunnel. I wonder how you feel now knowing we have at least two vaccines. That seem very promising. Yeah i think the light at the end of the tunnel got brighter. And i hate to be downer here because it's really good news but i think it's important to remember that we don't have a vaccine yet. We have really strong belief that we are going to have a couple of vaccines. They're going to work really well. So i would caution people to remember that this is light at the end of the tunnel but we are not at the end of the tunnel healthcare editor sam. We'll be back in fifteen seconds with the post election. Disinformation battle fact. This year million couldn't get to the doctor so united health group equipped over ten thousand clinicians for telemedicine. Just one way they're leading the development of the next generation helps stump what to axios today as president trump and his supporters continue to spread false information about the election results. Social media companies have again had to adapt on the fly and today the see us on facebook and twitter are facing senate questioning that will very likely turned to how they plan to handle the continuous spread of misinformation surfaces excuses media reporter. Why didn't these platforms have a plan to deal with the post election aftermath. That we've been seeing. Well i guess the easiest answer nyla is. They didn't see it coming. They had done so much to plan for what was gonna happen leading up to the election and during the election but i don't think they recognize that there would be so much misinformation coming afterwards really driven by the president and some of his allies that were trying to de-legitimize the results. I know you spoke to a youtube spokesperson. Who told you that when you're looking at the top ten most popular videos about the election. Most of them came from trusted news organizations but still more than ten percent were from bad sources so isn't the issue that there are corners of platforms. Where false information is flourishing. That's absolutely right nyla. And that's the biggest issue you have platforms like google facebook. And they're saying look we're ninety one percent effective we're ninety nine percents effective and it's like all right we'll reach billions of people that one percent is actually massively important. The people who are seeing her becoming radicalized. And it's still problem and so they're trying to work through that. And i imagine this is going to be the focal point of today's hearing. It's not likely we're going to hear. Any solutions offered by senators today on this front right. No but i think realistically there is a good conversation. That's being had both between regulators and some of the tech companies around. How do we hold tech companies accountable for how misinformation spreads. I think everyone understands that. It's really hard. You're putting tech platforms in really untenable position to ask them to remove speech but we can ask them to be more accountable for how far it goes. This is probably a good time to disclose to her audience. Sarah that facebook is one of our sponsors here on the podcast. They have no editorial input in anything that goes into the journalism that i do or that you do. Sara fischer covers media for axios. Thanks sarah banking isla. There are two problems with sports in cable. Tv right now. The lack of live sports causing even more people to cut the cord but axios sports editor. Kendall baker says there's an even bigger problem looming for traditional sports media companies table. Tv dying is like the surface level story that you see the iceberg of the water. You have the way in which sports fans access content is changing but more importantly what content they want to access is also changing and so it's not only changing distribution method. It's changing what you're distributing. And i think sports networks and sports media companies that understand that the way in which a fifteen year old follow. Sports is not watching monday night. Football and then watching the post game show and then watching sportscenter later that night. They're watching completely different. Things are on completely different platforms. Are you talking about companies like twitch. Is that the future. Oh for sure. And i think what you're seeing with those platforms and twitches a great example. Not only that. They're streaming platforms but also just kind of like how they're built with a lot of engagement built in where you're not just watching a broadcast. Maybe you're talking to that person. That's broadcasting what you're watching. They're kind of this new way of engaging a viewer and kind of changing that relationship between broadcast and viewer to be more participatory kendall. Baker is excuses sports editor. Thanks kendall here's another thing you don't need cable for watching the national zoo's baby panda on. Its live panda cam. He's twelve weeks old about to grow teeth and get a name. The zoo in its chinese partners have come up with four names and we get to choose which one he gets so. Let's go through the list. I there's foods that's mandarin for prosperous boy then shout schicchi which means little miracle shinxiaku. That's option number three and it means happy and prosperous and last but not least in the one i'm guessing will be the audience. Favorite is the manner nickname for little boy sides. I you can cast one vote per day from now until this friday. I'll tweet out a link to the contest and that's all we've got for you today. We also love feedback and you can email us the podcast at axios dot com or find me on twitter at malibu. Thanks for listening. Stay safe and we'll see you back here tomorrow. Morning fact because of covid nineteen. Millions of people couldn't get to the doctor so united health group off the doctor to them by equipping. Ten thousand additional clinicians for telemedicine and enabling more than six million virtual visits to get people the care they needed visit you. Hd dot com to see how united health doctors nurses technologists data scientists care advocates more are leading the development of the next generation health system.

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Cinderella's Step Mom - The Power Trip After Party

The Power Trip After Party

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Cinderella's Step Mom - The Power Trip After Party

"Have you heard about propane. Taxi propane tanks. Propane grill tank. Home delivery service and it's ridiculously easy to order a propane grill. Tanked delivered right to your door. Now's the perfect time of year to get outside and grill with family and close friends or heat up the patio. Make sure you've got propane for any occasion. Go to propane. Tanks dot com. Use promo code tank ten and your first tank exchanges justin dollars promo code tank ten for ten dollars tank exchange. No delivery fees no commitment and no contact propane tax dot com propane grill tank home delivery promo code tank in the power trip after party. Podcast presented by bud. Light seltzer available now in the podcast section of the iheartradio app and on kfi dot com or after party. Hell over buddy. My name is zach and marnie got sauce. Me cory cove. How's it going guys great. Great how are you. Oh man. I i've never been better. When are you going to vegas on. Your private jet takes off in about six and a half hours from now. Can't you just leave whenever you want And i have lunch at you. Know some five star dining. And so what you bought with your phone. Me money to buy the new maserati. How was the last time you went to canes I bought it was corey. I just bought a ten thousand dollar gift card there. Oh canes for life so for you yeah smart right investing exactly and and the thing about it is go. There often enough. It's worth it still wishes the best phenomena. Great diet coke. That's a very underrated part. 'cause there's the root beer man or the lemonade. I've heard that my dad loves lemonade. The lemonades amazing. But it's the best lemonade. I've ever had their ice tea. Whales to yeah. Do you when i have a trip. Coming up that's You know gambling. i get real excited. Do you have this energy and the excitement is too far. Away isn't not until your plane. Lands is until you're checked into the hotel stepping foot in the casino. Where i get really really excited up until like a week before. And then for the week leading up to it i sorta come back down. Okay not really. I don't know why the excitement lease for a little while. I'm just like just getting through the motions getting today. And then when i actually get there and land. That's what i'm and where are you today. It's day trip. I'm still sort like whatever's make. I think you know what it is. It's the anxiety of making sure. I have everything right and planned something wrong. That starts have jerry. Maguire downloaded pad actually on charging right. Okay that was my the brand new one for years. The twelve point nine inch ipad pro. That's very good the just fuck it. it's money don't use it Pat how do you feel going vegas literally on a free role. Signed your money. let's be nice. Yeah it's it's amazing at the win Yeah the house win sweet right. I i didn't. The win is open on wednesdays. No the winds only open thursday. Friday saturday but zacks money electra. Let's start making that hand house money. It's free money so good for you. House money is the best when you in early and you have house money to play off. The trip is just so much better because when you start dipping into your own day wanting to have a big chunk so that was the one one of the nice things about. When i went the first time where i had the power trip stuff to do So it wasn't like going into gambling right away. They had other things that you know. So what does someone do my best to stay and like the sports book for longer periods of time and and not going to gambling especially early on. Because i don't always have the best of luck and the last thing i want is like tonight. You know down and you know you you'll be up. I just i'm looking at you. Wear the energy at the eleven eleven thing which is interesting. But i also have friday. The thirteenth and saw cory story is wants to weigh in on The super natural idiots. My job really really insane table very nice. Roulette takes the eleven eleven in the friday the thirteenth. Or they rely. I should fucking go all your money. Here is the fuck okay. Do to be the greatest. I've heard d. bag a million times. I don't know of ever heard solid solid douche. Be you you're gonna go drank and vegas to i've got I'm still on a blood thinner from the cova. Six break dude. Who pays for that gofundme. Actually maybe hawks money Yeah yeah. So i'm sort of limited on that but you know that's fine. I'm not going back on their ship as the have fun and and watch the master. That's over planned it out here. I don't know. I mean a sportsbook for a golf major. I don't know is that occur but is there a lot of activity and excitement. It's not like there's a basket there's a touchdown this interception there. It's like a chip. Shy landers the first year we went to vegas was over the masters weekend. Wasn't it when we went. Is it show. I think we did go masters weekend. One time it's fun because like it's You can bet on. There's a lot of like in with an omen gambling. You can do and people the kiss. You wouldn't wanna just place a bet and wait four but you can bet like who will be you know every round who will be you know. There's over unders on all that stuff. There's an individual golfer for the lead. Yeah there's all kinds of prop benign back nine. I would assume. Yeah yeah lot over unders. Yeah i'm looking. I'm looking forward to that. I'm hoping it's not too busy. Eminent think it will be okay. Yeah do some Some some sipping can still drink. I just can't sipping so you're going to get really high. I gotta think prostitution in vegas. It's decimated right now. I'm a bring it back. Bring back up and running honestly. Is that even open. I'm looking at you. Yeah you don't i mean i don't know how it could be but donor to wear masks and japan for that. That's your thing that a somebody catch rosie. Before he leaves dad's las vegas prostitute already. Know you makes good money too. Doing rosie's actually been to the bunny ranch. Yes rosie you mike. I wonder if he has any. Betty has yeah toy. Ninety minute drive isn't it. Is it really no idea. You have means i've never. I've never left the strip or downtown. So i've never done like the hoover dam thing. I've never gone so worth it. Was it really really cool. It's nice day it's quick. It's like a waffle fraser. Who are you taking poku. The hoover dam wherever. You're in vegas with. Maybe you're doing you know. Here's the deal. I don't wanna be a hypocrite. It's almost impossible not to be. It's hard to criticize somebody for going for the hoover go into the hoover dam when you spend most of your trip and your hotel point. That's a great point. Do whatever you want sounds better to me than going to the human dan. I wanna do either agreeable and he waffle fries. i've been to hoover dam. The only the only good my dad dragged discern. The only good part about hoover dam is in beavis and butthead. Do america when beavis asks if it's a god damn funny that is funny. Thank you the thing about the hoover dam is they got obviously the damn part but they also have this like really high bridge over like over on the other side of it. And that's where you walk across that that that is really fought because it shakes in your super high out. Now my buddy make it probably a hundred feet out there the term but i i guess i don't have as big of a fear visors most people because i was leaning over the edge cares so that was your gambling. That was mike that would be fun. They should do. That is the max bet right there. Weirdest thing is when the when the semi trucks come by and the whole thing just going up and down here now have that now amount jabal gamble. We did today. Let's gamble more and all about. Have you played in a car tournament. Since calvin one no two. I guess technically to win you win. How much cash did you leave with. Doesn't matter oh another more on the horizon for you know there can be kind of right because i have a bio trade right. Ask for three to six minutes. I believe if you donate blood. Just standard donate blood. You will receive an antibody test. If you so desire which i think would be helpful information also. I think there are several companies. Who are who will pay for you to be donating your is it plasma on a regular basis. Will you look into those things. Will you unselfishly help. Save others erosion. Here's here's the problem. I know this is why charity always terrifies me. I know what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna fucking donate my plasma. And then somebody like zach gonna take it to vegas and use it instead of just putting it in their body. Zacks going to donate ask plasma treatment. So whoever don't how much you get paid for that didn't pay for half the people in line. I i just went fucking crazy. The whole fucking ward. Thanks to me. Because i just didn't care i just didn't care i want all fired up about plasma. Actually it's it looks really weird. It's like this. Weird orange yellowish color. You should get tested taste. Weird stuck right inside of me. Oh jesus. I don't think that was a doctor who did that. Was it hard. I was my nurse nurse. Remorse mayflower dumb shit oriented mayflower. It was normal. It was your debts right. You'd better call in now. First name enormou- normal i mean. Have you been of enormous debts. My god i guess you're gonna push marnie outta here zach. We got her because cova because she got fricken fired. Or whatever in danger the last seven months and it's been great and now you're gonna push her away zachariah. That's how much time we got left. Okay so. I was tweeting when i was sitting on the shitter now and i realized as i as somebody came in and sat down at the stall beside me and i had to quiet things down. You know decided embarrassments that. I was looking at that person's shoes. And i do that every time. I look at their shoes and try to determine who i think they are. Do you guys do that. There aren't a lot of people that work in this building right. So there's a very good chance. I'm gonna know who that is so i look at their shoes and try to determine who's sitting beside me. Who was it today. I don't know they did. But i think it might have been parish. Routes no very large running shoes with no shoestrings. Not perish boots on so weird that now. But i will look at everybody's shoes as i'm walking marnie was he. You throw off again so this is kind of like a shitter. Rela shoe that's right. I'm trying to match the shoes to the feet. And you know what the other person's doing walking around looking for a guy and black boots with a zipper on the side. Making all the noise boots the could be. I've seen the insides of those boots. She has ma got sure because they're so comfy. We're kinda of there harley davidson boots. They're literally the most comfortable shoes i've ever watched the bootzack bought you know. No he wouldn't give me money from his go fund me speaking of cinderella. You know your daughter pointed out. A plot flaw in santa claus talked about him. Yeah so you guys remember the end of cinderella very well. I haven't seen it tomato pumpkin so she gets banged the end. I think she'd make under false pretenses because you took the prince because think about what happened so she leaves cinderella. They call him the kid. That was michael jackson she. She leaves the glass. She runs away and good neglected slipper gets left behind the prince finds it and he's like that's the gal. I need to find the scale. So he's the glass slipper. They take it all over town trying to find somebody that has the shoe fit the glass slipper which super flawed for two reasons. There's no reason to think that there's only one foot that fits anybody with that size. Shoes gonna fit so there should be a whole bunch of women that have that exact same shoe. Seven and a half. So that's strike one strike. Two is when they're at the house and the wicked stepmother wants one of her daughters to wear the shoe that the fucking princes handler guy trips and falls like the the shoe shop for a second. He's at crap now. I'm never going to know who this is. We'll cinderella's well. I have this glass slipper. And he's like what and then he tries it on her and it fits and he's like then you're the one. It's one of her own shoes. Like i got this glass. Liberties like well. Then then. let's do this. So wow her headline cinderella every woman not everyone a lot of women are gonna have shoe size and then she produces her own slipper and goes. Well i'm the one. Oh great right. He's so embarrassed. And he fucks up and drop. The glass liber doesn't think she could be scamming me. She's not he got lucky. I'll tell you one thing. I can guarantee you though there wasn't a vagina anywhere near the writing room. When they were writing cinderella a glass. I mean us. They're not unconcerned. Last high breaks. You're fucked walking down the hallway and break of the. What's the what's your place yesterday. Yeah the babylon could be there. Your food yeah. Some shit spinoff. Involving the stepmom and cinderella. I've seen god yes. She percent of seen prince. Charming me an cinderella. One hundred percent right. Would you please please ninety nine pm. Would you not make the sturdy. See there was so the evil stepmother as having a dinner party for cinderella and the prince and when they sit down at the dinner table the prince drops us. We're gonna scare away well because the evil stepmother is trying to change your ways. She kneels down with their big old jugs goes under the table and finds the fork and get if you easy from kovin and went over. After she sees the fork she notices that. The prince is hung. Like a fucking dude. You're going to have a heart attack before you go to vegas take it down a notch. She's concerned because it's so enormous that obviously there's something wrong so she has to Remove it and inspect it. Like surgically did bid period so yeah. we're going. Well the weird. I don't wanna make the sturdier anything but It appears now don't know right. She was able to inspect the rod. Michaud of right. Without cinderella noticing but when cinderella does notice you think oh my god. This shit's about the hit. The fan right cinderella's gonna be pissed gandhi's evil and prince. What are you doing you know. What are you doing prince. Hey thank you yeah right sounded like michael you think is one thousand nine hundred nine or some and instead of being angry cinderella's like watch this one obser- yeah that's almost. Yeah you've definitely seen that movie. He was quickly last thing. How would you describe said rod. You know how. Rudy's dad walks into notre dame field and said. This is the greatest thing these i've ever seen in his dad. Besides son is standing beside him. He's like thanks a fucking lot. Dad you know. That's what i said when i saw that man's john because i'll tell you right now you he said. Can you show me that again. I would give both legs and one arm to have that rod. Second thank you marnie back to you. You're also what does your mind orc. That was not improv. He was the recapping film that he has seen multiple that was not off the top of his head. That was a legit plot breakdowns. Worse the to these to claim the greatest porn scene ever. They both seen it. A thousand times is basically too hot chicks and what they claim is the world. Perfect pena's serve stepmom and stepdaughter. They they come from the same gene pool. Oh and neither of them were wearing jeans. No i've watched it so many times. It's no longer sexual billed as a cinderella spinoff brooke has her part hockey. Told me if i'm right. The girl brings her biker. Boyfriend home to her to meet her. Mom or stepmom sorry and they have lunch or dinner and the mom goes under the table and outcomes the sword in the stone and they both go at it for a while and Yeah yeah it. I had more detail. I'm seeing it a lot much more than what color the walls were. I mean i've seen it a lot is that you guys are to go time. It's perfect it's a great great. Yes when we were rampant up to two money. Honestly they've watched more pointed anybody on the planet except for john krystal but these to love that one specific not because of the to rack naked chicks. They are fascinated by the guy. And that's the truth will both admitted like. Yeah the best one i've ever seen so they just like to watch this. I work come on. I mean it's unbelievable. It's hockey's not overstating it it's perfection. Yeah i mean yeah. I mean that's who i look up to in life number one hem bill gates and the guy from apple if somebody wants to hear if somebody had him. If somebody walked in here and told chris hockey. And i fifty grand. You can have that penis. We'd both pay fifty. Chris would legitimately give up his household. What do you mean by you. Can what do you mean by. You can have that penis. Because i can't handle that some bitch i'm gonna tell you means transplanted onto you okay. Yeah that's just pay more than fifty. He would pay way more than fifty. Are you kidding me paul. you would to. Of course you'd give up your fucking tesla heartbeat for that and not even close. Probably i would need the tesla. I drive the as my you karen. That's right i will give them all the pants. I because i'm wearing bike. Shorts from now on barney. Sorry everybody have fun in vegas love. You what's super nutritious super delicious and a little nutty american pecans. The original supernet packed with all the good for you nutrition. You need and the flavor that keeps the family coming back for recipes and more visit. American pecan dot com.

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My Michael Jackson Story | Richard Griffiths

The Lemar Show

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My Michael Jackson Story | Richard Griffiths

"Hello my friends. Thanks for joining again. Today i'm going back in time hanging out with an old friend of mine. He is one half of my previous management. He helped me navigate through my deal with sony music and the five albums. I did while i was there. Funnily enough though. I never actually sat down to talk to him about his history like from day. Dot how it started for him so this was really cool for me to hear about his start and the great names. Great great names that he had the opportunity to work with and to learn from some cool stories in this one and if you sure thank lots of takeaway richard. Thank you so much for doing this. When i got signed to sony music. Richard was fundamental in orchestrating and navigating my career for a number of years for five albums sony and some time after so. Yeah it was a great experience. You won an award. Just recent isn't it Harry mcgee partner. And i business accent. Yeah we were on with music industry. Trust I think trying to get us to retard because we the managers the lifetime manager achievement award light three years ago. They figure if we'd done all of them then they'll finally get rid of you know. Is that if you can't beat. Opposition slowly pledged him towards the door. Until say we're going to close. Okay thank you thank you and then they can find a new but yeah so i remember speaking to you once and you said to me was a number of years after we brought together but i was like how on earth did you actually get to the position that you at the time which is manager well action. It all started. When i was at school school. Yeah okay. I started promoting concerts. You know purely just well. Just because of the summit could the jazz club right. And when i'd became out of the jazz club used to go up to london. One search term to ronnie scott's to say jazz zacks. Okay so i then. Saudi bringing the jazz zacks down to the school and then i started promoting concerts in the holidays and the jazz alleman went out the window. Quite quickly and Because i was a bit of a rocker. You know we doing some the program things and a combination of Promoting concerts playing in a too much spor and being madly in love with the head girl. The next old school meant at my level results. Were disaster It didn't get into universities. So i just i. I wrote as used in those days to all the agents business with. I got an interview and i got a job booking bands into universe because in those days were universities or colleges used to put on gigs. Yeah and then one thing led to another. That was the first time. I i Sorted learned that. I had a an eye for talent and i Signed a banquet alien the roads. Anyway and then i was working with a lot of ireland ireland records artis and i got offered a job at island. See it's easy says the head of the cup but still that is headed the jazz club. What how why. Well i mean my answer to all of this is that i do it because i'm a fan okay and always have been a funny one of the interesting. Things of lockdown has been. I've started cataloging all my vinyl cd i'm Enough it found the first single. I ever bought which was reach out. I'll be there by the four tops but anyway just always been a fan and And that's what kept me going but So okay so then you saw you apply to the agents from the agents to getting a job at island. Like i saw eddie in the herod's were on island and then i was agent for a guy called john. Martin who at the time is like one of the top singer. Songwriters in a brilliant brilliant guy and I then got involved with ultra. Vox who were on on. So i i was doing a lot of business with island artists booking shows the shows i got to know i got to know the them. Ironically one of the guys who the guy who is running on into the is tim. Clark who is raw robbie williams manager and we got on very well and and he offered me this job which was sort of being the label guy dealing with the agents. Okay so basically what you're doing having that knowledge moving into the label so that the conversation is even more fluid and no one can do you of on contracts because you know both sides. Yeah okay Similar age then around that time. Well i started work on my nineteenth birthday and i was gonna win island. I was twenty two. Yeah because i didn't. I didn't do any of the union thing i just in life expenses the best. Sometimes yes i think that is the case and And then i. I got this job i got on very well. Chris blackwell who owned legendary legendary. No one of the deal. Time greats. And i got on very well with him and he. He offered me this job of sort of being is. Pa really is a in a sort of i would go round the world with him Satchel incredible i mean. Yeah i'd go to jamaica and to bob marley sit in bob marley sessions and go to new york can have dinner with with amish erdogan and christian i am just sorta absorbing all this stuff and crisp after a couple of years said You know what. I want you to run island right. But you're you're too young and you need a bit more experience. early twenties. I'm now about twenty five on the and He says so. We're going to start a production company together him and you run that and then when you make that. A success than tim will become chairman. And you'll get the job in is unbelievable but anyway said we start this company cooled peninsula music in. I'd get an island in music or cash. Sheila a right. I see the and I have an office basin street studios. And i'm starting to look at signing some things and this is This is the days where you would go out to lunch with lawyers or whatever and and you would drink at lunchtime. And i went out to lunch with a lawyer. Who was the hottest lord the time and he represented the clash and sex pistols. And and anyway. I got on very well with having lunch needs. He says what's your what's your deal with with chris. I sent it. it's fifty-fifty said he's he's had fifty fifty. You're doing all the work i said. Yeah he's putting all the money in he says. Yeah but it's nothing to him you know so it should be in a like an eighty twenty deal. You know i mean you know. It's madness that you given away so much. I'm saying but prime in a opportunities got nothing i come back from the lunch little well oiled and And and so happen. Chris is on the On the phone to go to the guys who worked with me. And i can i can. I let me talk to chris chris. You know high in a coping thinking about this deal and And i'm not. I'm not sure that you know it should be fifty fifty. I think it should be sixty forty. Yeah the silence and he says you know what you're quite right. It shouldn't be fifty fifty. It should be one hundred zero. And i said what do you mean by that. And he said well if you think it should be sixty forty now than one day you're going to think it should be seventy five twenty five and then one day you're gonna think it should be one hundred or so. Let's just cut straight two hundred zero. The lawyers being touched goodbye now. My world is just rushing before me. I'm just. I can see you know all all the all the guys at island thing ha smarter you deserve side got on a plane and hopefully you left that that that was. That was the end of that. Conversation was income session that night. I'd go to the heathrow. And i happen to get on a plane to miami. Then go from miami the next day to nassau in the bahamas right. And i called chris up because this is pre email pre and and i called chris up from from the airport and i say chris it's richard. Would you want i said i've i've come to torture what you mean you come to told me i said i'm i'm at the apple okay Check into the pink flamingo. hotel and And i'll send someone to come and get you. When i'm ready in as i sit that in a and this guy go over to chris house chris takes me out on his boat speedboat and basically scares the shit out of me doing all these incredible tricks and stuff and Anyway it was all fine but he said there's there's no going back you know that's the way it is with the hundreds of that's the basic. Anyway i tell you this so i get i get the app war and I've go to peninsula music credit card. So i upgrade to i anyway so chris you know in sometime later when i was working reggie and said did you get the bill and They were supporting you too. And i went out and we hugged and we made up. Yes he believes was an incredibly important part of of my my learning curve. Yeah and you know. I think for anyone to open their arms and give someone an opportunity to learn. You know. that's the that's the well. The amazing irony is that coincidence is that will bloomfield. Who want my partner Had exactly the same job as i did like to years later. Okay right and he and he will believe. Went to work for with chris. Doing the same things. I was in new york. Yeah so it's she didn't he didn't offer all right so then so that i'm amount that must have been kind of i was gonna say like another thing with you. I've seen over. The years is on the front and this is probably true with most people that have your character on the front it seems like a brick wall solid. I know i'm doing an abc. This hour is that's it. you know. Okay you've just said you spoke to chris blackwell. You went into the office. He said that at that moment. Or even when he said. I'm going to give you. You're gonna run label. Wasn't that bad. I don't know you know It was just. It just seem to be rolling along which it was until i had one too many lawsuits launched. But the funny thing is you know everything happens for a reason and what happened then was so i'm out my own. And managing 'em now managing ultra volks. And i'd signed a bank of the jags to ireland and we'd had a hit and And then jump fox. Who's the lead singer and writer of ultra books decides to leave the band now. They've islander them they're on island. Yes dealing with island right so He leaves the band but island had dropped the band. And i made the what on the face of it you would say was the logical decision that you go with the lead singer and the writer. Yeah that helps you. Don't go but the the drama the base plan and the cable if not ryan Yeah yeah but of course. What happened was they. They stay together. And then mid mature joined ultra box and they saw tens of millions of fox is is still a good friend of mine. I get him a record. Deal at virgin. And that was the beginning of my relationship with with simon dre. Pearn cam burian and richard branson. So as i will think. Sound for reason. If i hadn't left island i wouldn't have been managing john fox and getting a deal with virgin virgin and then a couple of years later when the job of managing director of the virgin music publishing came up. I wouldn't have known the virgin guys to get off that job last true so at actually all play nicely but were you afraid leaving isleta vist it was just i mean i'm just like you know it is what it was. I just move onto the next thing. That's just what. It is the time that i got Where i was at my most nervous down. I suppose of said the words nervous. What's going to happen was a managing these acts and it. It's tough right and then of course one thing. I forgot to mention that. The big act that i signed as an agent was. Acdc out. sign them as an agent. And i became very friendly with the manager michael browning occur and he writes to me saying i hear yet. Things aren't going very well. I know you've always wanted to come down to australia. Just started a record label. Why don't you come down here for christmas. And let's see how it goes and then if if you're into let's let's do business together this off the island after island. But i'm doing my thang my art. The name of my management company was headline artists. A show of intention anyway coincidentally. I go to greece for holiday and i made this incredible go through a friend of mine literally a nightclub night of in this town and she was with a greek boyfriend and it was love at first sight for me. Oh love Took while some convincing you an agent you know about you know about negotiations. Well the funny thing was it so happened that she was going down to australia. Fate fate completely. So i got nothing happens but i go down to australia. She then comes down to australia and become a couple. And we've been marriage. Pathetic is okay. Wow look at that anyway so then. I go down to australia to start this job. And then i get a call from simon draper and he says. Do you wanna come in a run virgin publishing. So i which had a never done any publishing ever. This is while you were in australia australia. Got the cold. Picks up a wife when came back to last for about four years. But and she's carrying. She was noticing she carried on living in australia. Yeah i take the job at at virgin and actually i think it was a huge advantage. Not knowing anything about publishing. Because i just. I didn't know what the rules were. That's wind filter navigate. Publishing is hard hard but can be complicated for anyone to liberally. Keep it like that but actually when when you get into it the basics it can this guy right right by a couple of is a great song. I should sign them. And then hopefully they'll be successful and it just happened. I brought my guy danny goodwin. Who had been in my management company in may and we went on this incredible run. You know we'd signed. Abc to is is pet shop. Boys culture club We had a an incredible runners who says and virgin was taking off then in. I was gone from being sort of this hippie thing into this massive independent you know and they were simon draper. Probably the best person. I've ever worked with cam berry made things happen. And then richard. Who would just have these crazy ideas with starting a company in germany in right again saw in germany breath so that was great and then They asked me to To install the company in america so virgin virgin music publishing in. Well i tell you that was. Actually that was easy because The american publishers are even more conservative and stuck in the ways. And virgin. What richard branson told me was if you think that great in a you're you're right it's if it's ten thousand bounds and you're right if it's hundred thousand pounds occur if you're wrong it doesn't matter either so if you if you believe then just pay whatever the you've got to pay and got to make sure you get scooby new freedom to complete not be afraid of making decisions so you can actually your instincts. Richard absolutely made that happen. Yeah and of course. The american publishes hated it. Because i just went round throwing money buying. Have you want to buy wanted to buy and again. We had an incredible on a success. The the american publishes really pretty pissed off to pat so we moved to Los angeles and really enjoying being in la and businesses growing. And we're doing incredibly well and of course this gets the attention of other labels and people 'cause you're doing virgin publishing virgin publishing published in our first full year of being in america. We were the number. One chart share company. Why does the child's not not share publishing but sharon melba mattis. Wow we had this incredible rum. It gets it gets people's attention and what was interesting with virgin. Was that would open young guys in a twenties thirties. We only used to go on holiday together. We just made. Then we'll you know getting married and then we're all loving family. Life is is changing europe's and richards started the an line and he's you know he's he's doing everything running around so i start getting approached by people in in america. One of whom is tommy mottola. Who was the head of a cbs. As it was then then became sony mariah the moment he did about Three years later. And i go i go to new york i you know i i go to dinner with him and and he says it gives me the whole thing and and i really liked tim. He's trying to trying to poach me to come and to run. Someone called epic associated which is part of the epic group. But he wants me to come to new york. Can i say you know. I'm i don't think. I think about it over christmas and anyway i decided i talked to richard and simon and ken and they made me a very good offer to to stay so i tell tony. I'm sorry i'm going to stab virgin. He was he was completely charming about and he said you know if you change your mind let me dhamma anyway. Come january. I bump into told me mottola at the american music awards and he says so. Were you happy with your decision. I said well. I was happy with my decision but strangely the new deal agreed has not come through. I didn't materialize well. It just hadn't actually come through in paper contract form say says. Do you want to change your mind. And i said yeah. Yeah he said okay. Come to my. I said the beverly hills hotel tomorrow. We're going to work out a deal. We're gonna do the deal tomorrow. And then that's at. And i want you to be the head of the west coast. Cbs huge positions now. But do you know the run of the run that you just had and we're having probably just gave you the confidence to say you know i can do well. He was so clever because he had a plan that. Oh yeah so. I take the job and you know. I'm the head of the west coast and in those days Fact sony is still very much A new york-based company said the west coast. It was a big job but me then played the most incredible game. Cards with me said liquor. Tell you what. I want you To come to new york for six months to learn all the out the company how works get to know all the executives get to know the artists. And i tell you what i'm going to rent your house. I'm going to give you a car and dry. This is the heyday of the record. There i'm going to give your cartoons going to give you a car and driver and then when you've learned to all of this back to run the west coast but he wanted in new york originally anyway and he knew that when i spend six months that going to get back so i didn't so so then you went to new york so in new york. You're obviously the head of the labor code epic associated which is part of their pick But it had ozzie. Osborne on an i'd signed those the bones publishing so i knew sharon osborne at the u. k. Really wanted because you have to have like i'm presuming you then have to me. All the people get on their good side. I'd say look you the place to be sharon to this day. I think is that the best manager. I've ever worked with most frightening manager i've ever worked with. It's really. oh my god you are saying that someone is frightening on the wrong side. Sharon you crushed crushed. Yeah she's genius. And i got on really well with ozzie. And um madonna from So anyway i signed a guy called michael goldstone to be. My head of an are really had much success. But i just really liked him and we saw virgin Training coming again your instinct. You know i think and We just got on really well. We then went on this incredible run. We signed pell jam. We signed Rage against machine. Wow spin-doctors. We just went on this amazing run and tommy than one to run epic with the guy. Dave glue who was the president so they they made him the chairman. And then i came the president and in a had Amazing run of. I was there from Nineteen through to the end of ninety s. Wow seven years yeah. That's cool is an epic epic associates. It was it was soda this above anna because he signed it was running. You know the campaigns you know being the president of i was the prison that pig associated funny enough. I've never really been an an our and our guy in. I had a good year. I think i hear things. But i've always relied on proper and our guys to execute that exit executed that epic a map epic and my eldest daughter now is getting to the stage of going into high school and so live here and i talked about it. It was like okay. Well if anna starts school then she would stay for her to finish highschool. Yeah time georgie would have started hospitals and then harry what is so basically. It was like always staying in america forever. Or are we going to go. Do you have an accent by the. That's a long time. In american seven years ten years in american total. Because i'd done i'd la time. The kids must have had an accent Annika it's still got a real mark The others Have bits and i are words. I see cookie and Sidewalk and cheetah funny words. That i find myself using Anyway so it's like okay. I got approached by this guy called really gassner who ran. Bmg now this is the old bhamjee a full bmg then merged with sony occur and it was the biggest independent certainly in europe is the biggest independent and independent. Only ever see bmg as well. Bertelsmann is the biggest independent general in independent company in germany. It's this massive massive company. Anyway rudy gassner an i ready headed off and he offered me this job to become the chairman of bmg and central europe uk in century. And i took the job so i went back to london. Big family move fan became back six months later after they finish the time. I was put in charge of finding a house which is oh. I live on tonight's mark number. Sold us before we got it. It was a completely sort of alien environment working at Bmg compared to where you just to being virgin and compared to being at at epic was that positively it was It was difficult But i but. I really liked rudy. Some running the uk company as part of this. When i first started working assignment cow. That's an i. I hired harumi. Gay to come in to run. Rca so that's how we met. Yeah and tragically rudy. Gassner died at heart attack about six months in six months. that's May maybe maybe at the end of the first year we're still early on. Yeah and and then. This guy called roche schmidt. Holtz came in to run bmg. He knew nothing about music tool occur. Anyway he makes me the head of the whole of europe including germany which can emag okay just the whole suite which day the number one company in germany. And did you you said. Yeah so did you know what you'll get into or deny i said yes but i anyway Decisions decisions decisions. Yeah so. I'm you know i just think that. Bmg in germany is in a behind the times. And so. I want to make changes. And i'm going to get rid of all the old crew there sharon approach. I don't like this everyone goes. We need to reconstruct it. and i. i wanted the these two young guys. And i was going to have joel head. One guy running all the creative and all side of things. And i was going to have another guy to all the market in the campaigns and My relationship with russia schmidt-holtz was terrible. And i to him a fucking idiot and he didn't endearingly he didn't really didn't really take that but i could coach. Tommy mottola fucking it and he told me a fucking idiot back there anyway so basically the old god gang up against me and i got some into new york and i get five right just like that. So just how can you come and have a meeting in new. I knew i knew i knew that. Ruffle too many this. Yeah okay but the the interesting thing is that the guy i want to run the creative side was hardly message. Who is now the head of bmg looking at and so again was the guy. I wanted to run the marketing side. It's frank brickman. Who is the head of europe for universal. Oh my gosh. So they would have done well. I think you're right. You know again the training from virgin disclosure hall. Yeah and it's and it's the people you hire but actually thank god that it all went like that. Because if i hadn't got fired. I wouldn't have become a manager. So yeah so. He's got some to recall something from bmg. Yeah yeah which you went enjoying anyway. All right so they then fire harry mcgee as well. Why because they thought he was. My i am a you had employed. It's kind of like when they drop a label. I remember back in the day at one point assigned to a label under. Bmg called emancipation when they lose a label. They drop everything related to anyone who signed that so we got up throwing up okay and it so happened that i get back on. The monday is the bmg golf day and go run up a bill on another car. Did you see on the friday at had. Been the note of robin's charity lunch. And i just bid for i was still technically still technically the chairman of aband- g so just bid for and anyway it was it was it was doing the right thing for a great job is very charitable donation. So anyway chad it's Sort of made the head of g. He's he's one of my oldest friends and How did you meet. I'd like to When i when i was it's amazing he's at. She is my oldest friend in the business. When i was working acts and the band that i then started manage the jags he was the jags agent. So i've known him since seventy seven's wow anyway. I say we'd like to still come to the gulf day. I mean really terrible behavior. But okay. So harry i drive over the stoke poges to the gulf day and i said what are you gonna do sell it to going management. I said yeah well unthinking to manage. Why don't we do this together. He said yeah okay. Let's do live so we decide. Then we go to the bmg gulf day which was so embarrassing. Because i'm the fired jamming harry's the fired head of austria. And we've just behaving badly anyway. Jed on mr done a lot of work with a big american management company called the firm. When i was epic and i'd signed corn and A number of things that were managed by the firm and so the guy runs a firm gets in touch and he says why. Didn't you guys start a the european office for a so so we do that for for six months and the first thing that we sign as the firm was founded fame academy no fame academy was the first uk thing that we signed. Okay was that like. It's just a pitch from from a production. Yeah but then. The firm in america sauce fall apart. So that's when harry. And i then leave the firm and resolve our management company and we need a name so jed dirty rings me up and he says you know. Hear you've left. The firm and management company. Got a name and i said no. No we haven't gotten name and he says why don't you call it modest as clearly. We're not say anything. But i said that's genius but will put an exclamation mark on the end of it so everyone knows just so so harry and i got the fame academy and we say this incredible guy. She know that that that that those that was a good bunch of people in there liked the format. Why johnny though fee. That's like Yeah i've had a few conversations now. And i'm seeing on two levels like either people started in the club and they and then became like an irish all like you. You've come out of college gone straight into like agency which is quite contract. isn't it. well yeah it took a and you know you got no contract the pretty standard one page things. But when i was by more. Acdc then started. Having frankly i i'd just winging it i don't really know you know on that side thing. Everyone's winging it there. Everyone bought off the wall. Winging it becomes knowledge. Because you've done it for so long and then you dislike gina. I'm really good at it. Okay but attendance so we doing the fame academy and then doing the contract for a tour if you remember this but there was a contract a tour and it was. It was shit contrary that you guys were going to get paid like one hundred pounds joke so we go and we have a meeting with the promoter and with the bbc. We say sorry we. We don't think this is fair. That's contract we need to change the tail and the bbc guy was really difficult. It says now you've got contract and the tourist taking place in in may and and that's i said whoa getting underway the lion. Oh god that's unfortunate all all the artists are on vacation in of them. Just so happens. He said you can't do that. You go to contract. I said no. We've got a contract that says we will do the tour within twelve months all the end the show so will do it in december. That's where we are available. That's they've finished vacations Oh gosh I love her so he starts. Loving is okay. I know what you're doing here. What's the deal. Said we won't have fifty percent of all the income. Considering everything was was was good so they agree that so we get in the car driving away. And i say to harry what what the fuck do we do now. And he says. I don't know so he says let's cool. Cool louis walsh and ask him because it s life a what with west so we we louis up. And he's on the speakerphone. We've booked on arena tour a- but we don't know what to do next said call this guy steve levitt Lemon hill hill. Sort everything out here. So gives me the number. We ring stave and We explained to him. What's happened is as alright boy. I won't do my leads accent. He says all right boys. I'll come down and see you tomorrow minnesota. He comes down and he basically takes over organizing the buses and these very as incredible. And we've worked with him for ever since so we do the tour in your first of alike. Arena tour definitely. Wow then you know. We're managing you and we start looking at labels. We loved nicon joe I remember meeting that we had with lucian proper conversation of young and he Because we were technically we were supposed to be. We're supposed to be a mercury. But then they they weren't really kane. Yeah yeah i remember Listen i sat down and he was a nice to meet you. also i felt very Boys it out. My dad was like well. You know sitting down there and he. He's a very straightforward guy. And he was saying you know like you stuff and he said to you you said oh he said i'm not sure about giving x. amount of time and if in that time ano- person who was meant to sign it comes up with a good plan. One that's realistic is genuinely good. Then you're your from if not which you can do whatever you know whatever you want you know at some point in that meeting that we had with loose and he says to you would you would you mind. Just let let me have a word with So you went out. He said all right. Tell me tell me. What's really happening. And i told him what's really happening. And he said okay. You can go one docking. That'll be nice thing to do. You know listen you know is a great friend and a brilliant brilliant executive and one of the great things about him as you'd know he makes decisions and you know exactly what he's thinking so then we then we did the deal with the nick of. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah your transition than so you've gone from agent publisher to running labels. Where do you feel. There's obviously the management thing Is is really where. I being able to bring in to use all of those different experiences. I say oh yes because autism publishing side do you need to dealing with agents. Dana promoters contracts tolls. Did a lot of international works always had a very broad international. You said really. Management is really allowed me to use all of those things and harry and i compliment each other in a very very well. You know we sort of very much yin yang. Yeah and he had a lot of experience as well from record companies down a bit management at one stage so that just sort of worked really well for us. The other thing was that six months that we worked with the firm really showed us what management could be and that you needed to have experts in different areas to supplement. What the labels or whoever had because generally speaking. They don't have enough. You know As why you know we started a digital team way before most labels that we we've got a big a digital team probably than a lot of labels even so it's about seeing things but been getting experts. Yeah people for each position absolutely we. We had Lisa wolf used to be one of the heads of promotion at columbia records in new york to do all our american promo so she she rides. All our records come out in america through capitol or universal republic. Come out with lease She's the on top of all that. So you just bring in vivica in australia and anyway we you bring people in but going back to you. Yeah so you know. We have great success. We do three nights. Shepherd's bush accepts bush and barry marshall. Yeah he was the guy who did the Fame academy he was the guy who said richard what you run very much one of the great prizes but strangely he didn't want to do any regional shows for you. Yeah one one day. I get this coal from a guy called simon moran okay simon. I'd met once in many years ago when i did. An people at at epic can and he was promoting them here. But i know him but he brings up. And these says Be interested in doing. Some regional shows with lamar. So that's when we did so. It was a cocoa cocoa. Okay i remember did norwich yet. Yeah we did folkston side ones. And then led to move barry. Mary still did. The london chose but but simon came up with and they ordered incredibly. Well yeah yeah. That's how we got to know from the outside. Sometimes you might think oh. Someone's been put on or someone's just got lucky. Every person that i spoke to you so far as much as they've written their own waves of luck it's not really lucked have all risen and learns along the way and just moved up the ranks in what they do you know so i think that's Well and as you do that you do get lucky. Yeah you're on the path lying executing as opposed to just standing and looking and waiting so. I think we must have done a thousand dollars. I was lousy lousy shots. They're crazy yeah. So management is what you've enjoyed the most so far you see virgin sounded very the thing that that wasn't a bmg stuff okay. Yeah that that was just lucky. That was only one year just to the virgin thing was incredible and i. Was you know doing that stuff with a crisp black new york with the driver and the thing and the bat sounded like some good. We'll have to say be running A major labor like epic in the nineties. When cds take west selling things we set. Everything was You know we have michael jackson slain dion like Mike tomlin's please. So i go to Baden baden in germany for the start of dangerous tour could have been the history tour. I go backstage to meet michael. And i'm sending the with him. I'm talking and as you've seen any talks very softly like this. Very the support act comes on their boy van from australia. And this just boom boom boom boom going right. So michael is having a hard time hearing me. I'm having a hard time him so he he motions to one of his bodyguards. You whispers in his ear right. I don't hear what he says and Five minutes later the boom boom boom stops and what he's done is his told them to turn the payoff. Until we finish this this manhattan. Hey the support back. Yeah the sound is off. But they good in is so they. They think it's still going on promising around on the stage. No one can hear thing. I don't run signing australia. I think there is still hasn't forgiven me for that. But larry excuse me. We're having a meet and kidney shutdown. Rena sound please. No no the statements. He shut down the stadium sound piece. Because i'm having a conversation that he had see me anyway. All this other stuff is just preliminary was michael jackson row. Say all my dealings with him. He you know he was. You know the legendary is. Yeah absolutely awesome all right. So you're management. Obviously that success just been crazy and so continues to be crazy extended extending and then i was yours at a garden party and i had a conversation with you and you said. Do you want to know the name of on new company am law. Yes so we decided that we would started it'll production company and publishing company and we needed a name so i came up with am law because i'm a huge pink floyd fan. There's a track on a pink floyd album which is called a momentary lapse of reason. Aminul so who sort of fits. Their idea of doing. A production company is paying for everything yourself. A momentary lapse of reason. I think that one trump's even more. I think that does yeah yeah. Have you enjoyed that as much as it's good can we poured in people with the lockdown New audit. it's it's tough yeah. He's kind of twenty twenty one for everything. Now i mean look planning can happen this. Yeah in recording and yeah but you know the there no gigs gig since february makes it very and frankly don't really know when it's gonna start again you know i mean little mix were headlining hyde park. Do the fourth of july. We're going to have sixty thousand people in high par and we had to had to cancel. Great hopefully fingers crossed everything gets. Yeah well we won't be at its. We won't be able to that. We'll we'll have to do something else yet I think that was a really great conversation. Very informative i'm really impressed with just the breadth of knowledge from all the jobs that you've had can i tell the story about If there's any justice yeah please one of the things that you learned his managers You you you have to have difficult conversations with artists and Brown rolling the very successful record producer and writer. We close to play the song called. If there's any justice and we thought that would be absolutely amazing view. Yeah but you didn't sit. I'll say this to Saying this to a nickelsville. Nick didn't get it to start with. You know i liked the song. I definitely like the song the same way like fifty four. That was a good song. I wrote it so kurt but in my mind coming from where i was coming from. What i thought was a single allen. I don't know so at some point. And i realized as i went along leon in my first few albums that this some things that you just have to say to you know. Make sure that you like whatever it is that everyone celebrates if you like it. Then you'd rather have the team feel. This is a this. And everyone's kind of disjointed. So i started thinking. Do i like the overall sound if i do. I'm going to trust that. That people know what to do by that was william. I still abdullah no. I don't i don't quite get it as a single. Yeah we persuaded us. And i'm glad you did. That was that was like a huge kick start and how many times have used hung that all. My and how many songs still get requested emails to this day last week even opens. Can you come here if there's any justice if you so that song as staple so. I'm glad that happened. And i found that being direct is very important that fina and with artists We tell them you know this. We're at this crossroads. If you turn left this is what's going to happen if you turn right. We think that's what's going to happen. And if you go straight on so yeah we we give them the information for them to be able to make decisions and we advise them on it. but ultimately it's their careers But we've found that it. It's it's much better to be straightforward upfront. Everyone knows i'm gonna tell people. And i'm happy with people to to back to me in because then i know exactly what people are thinking. That's the new york new york tallies the in. La new york is like it's very lacombe. what i think. That's a very good pal. Any relationship though right. Yeah no complete. And time in new york definitely was an incredible time and i learned so much from particularly from and i ran columbia. Yes well all right. Thank you so much doing it right. I'll catch some cool stories right as usual. I enjoyed that one. Thank you so much for listening today. If you liked today show please do subscribe. And if you can't take a moment to write this podcast of it really does make a massive difference for the whole show. I appreciate you and your time. If you've got questions or suggestions for the show often me myself please feel free to email me. It's lamar at the lamar. Showed combats lamar l. e. m. at the lamar show dot com. If you're an artist or musician or you need some advice. You've got some great demos. You need some direction. Semo an email or the welcome. I'm gonna talk to the other half of modest management. Harry mcgee one until next week my friends.

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207 Author Megan Bannen

What Book Hooked You?

34:10 min | Last week

207 Author Megan Bannen

"This is what book cook you. I'm brock shelley and thanks for listening on this episode. I have megan bannon. Who's newest book. So swift comes out on november seventeenth and in the you here. Megan are talking about that kind of her upbringing with books. Then how she kind of transitioned into really. Wanting to pursue this dream she had of becoming a writer and diving into inspiration and what went into her newest book salts with so listening so megan. What book hooked. You will the book that hooked me. Was a book called my friend. The monster by clyde robert beulah which i read when i was in the third grade And i was not s- a big reader. I meet a lot of authors who were lifelong readers and love books from the day they could breathe and that was not me at all and that was very troubling to my parents because my mom is a librarian. My dad's an avid reader. And both of my older sisters were big readers and so my mom used to worry about me a lot and she would take us to the library and my sister. Susan get just this giant stack of books and she would read all of them in a week. She was such a fast reader. And i struggled reading quite a bit and i was not interested in reading and so you know i had to go to the library because my family went to the library and always grab a few books and i would never read them. I just didn't like it. I think the only thing i read that age was like garfield comics show and like the family circus. Not the not the quality one would so but one day we were at the library and actually a library system. I ended up working at as a librarian when i became one But we were at the library and my sister got her usual giant stack of books. And i remember my mom looking at me going. Oh don't you wanna get one two. Okay fine. I'll go get a book and i just randomly pulled this book off the shelf and took it home and i think my mom never lost. Hope you know and it was like why. Don't we read that book but sit down and read that book together fine so after dinner we sat down and read together or she read it to me and they had beautiful illustrations by the way and i was hooked the first time in my life i was literally like you said it was hooked on a book And that never happened to me before and then my mom like read three chapters and said okay go to bed and i didn't want to go to bed. I wanted to find out what happened in that book. And so for the first time in my life i kept my reading lamps that i almost never used on all night and i turned it off anytime i heard my parents. You're close to the bedroom door. And i stayed up so late reading that book and it's not a big book. I mean i. I have a here. I think it's like i was not a good reader. And i think it's like twenty nine pages or something i don't know but i had to stay up really late to read it because i was such a slow reader but it just was in. I was in that world. I lost my sense of this reality. And i was living in this totally different reality for the first time ever and that was the book that really bet that set the groundwork for me becoming a reader because i would not say i was a reader after that i knew that i love that book and i wanted to read more things that were exactly like that book and i read other books by that author and i did like one or two of them but it was it They're just not the same. It's not the same as my friend. The monster and it took me about another at least another year to find another book that i really really loved and that was the secret of nimh. Manama sorry that was the movie. Mrs frisbee and the rats them was the book And again i mean again. It's like more of a fantasy setting. It's more of you've got talking. Animals it's speculative fiction. And i think my mom hates fantasy speculative fiction and i think it never occurred to her that one of her kids. That might be back you know. My mom was always like liking contemporary realistic things that she would hand off to me or she loved mysteries. She's always giving mysteries. I actually hate mysteries. Very much No vista mystery readers out there have at. It is just not my bag. But i think it was that finding fantasy settings and i for whatever reason i had a much easier time losing myself or seeing myself in the characters shoes when i was reading fantasy and speculative fiction than i did realistic fiction eventually. Hit the chronicles of narnia. And then eventually a wizard of earth sea and howls moving castle all that good stuff and so because the other members of your family were such big readers. You said your mom was alive. Brian was there a little bit of of. Maybe kind of stubbornness and push back that you know. It didn't necessarily you didn't necessarily feel like it needed to be your thing that young love book just because you're surrounded by it. Maybe i don't think so. I think i was a saintly child. I mean like really. I was too good. I should have gotten into more trouble than i did and i. It never occurred. I was not rebellious at all I think i think. I just i struggled with reading and i always got good grades in school but reading was i. I hated it and it took me so long. And i always kind of wonder if i had maybe a a slight disability or like that. I had some 'cause even to this day. I i just don't read fast. I know some people who burned through books and it takes me forever. And i really struggled to read out loud. I tend to stumble over the words. So i don't know if that was part of it. I don't think it was a stubborn streak. I think i think i view kids becoming readers. The same. I think of kids eating vegetables and this is my theory. Is that if you're whatever you grow up with is your baseline normal. So if you're sitting at the dinner table with parents wheat vegetables even if you ate vegetables someday you'll turn into an adult who eats vegetables because you have some soak that in that it is normal for adults eat vegetables and i think reading is very similar i think simpson kids take to reading very easily but if you grow up in a house full of books use you just. It's an understanding that you have that reading normal. Reading is what people do and eventually. That's something you start to do at some age so as you then grew up and kind of came to adelaide essence. Were did your reading life. Continue to grow where their books in your teenage years or preteen years that you remember being very important to you during those times yes very much so i i already mentioned a wizard of earth c. which I mean that book was just. I thought that was the most amazing thing i've ever read in my life and it's of course i did every my got. It was an amazing book. That series was amazing I also went absolutely bizarre conquers over. Lucy maud montgomery. So i started with anne of green gables and i through like seventh and eighth grade i i think i may have legit read every single thing. That woman road and back in those days like a lot of her stuff was out of print. This was back in the eighty s and we were having to get books on inter library loan from faraway. And they're like i additions. That came to us very moldy. You know there were some old books that got into my hands. That i just read. I loved her. And i read everything she wrote. I read through the whole anim- green gables series like all eight books multiple times I don't know what it was about about her. That i really what she wrote that i read that really resonated with me but it did. I think it was the whole. I live in this reality. And i like this reality. But i can. I also have this. Very fanciful mindset and You know and love things like the lady of salat and thinking about fairies and berry land and things like that and it's kind of like She was really good about meaning. The real world with the speculative world in a way in which both of those things were very positive. When i think that was something that resonated with me as a preteen and you know when i was in middle school and so you mentioned that you then ended up becoming a librarian. What kind of drove towards that career path. Thou well okay. That was an accident actually accidental librarian. I think i got a master's degree in english. Eventually man as it turns out. And i know this will shock you but you really can't do much with a masters degree in english not the most marketable degree program so the only job i could get as i was i finished my coursework and i still needed to take but i finally had to get my first big girl job and the only job i could find was as a youth services associate at the topeka shawnee county public library and they opened a brand new building gorgeous but i remember at the time thinking. Oh got kids. I don't like kids. Don't wanna work with kids. You know and that just that blows my mind now knowing what i know now but that was the job i got so you know i studied for my mom started working in public libraries and what i quickly realize was that a kids are awesome and they better to work with an adult's and be kids. Books are awesome and navy possibly more awesome. All the great literature had been reading an so just took off from there eventually. Got my library science degree. And i've worked for three different public library systems and almost the entire time i've been a children's librarian and then when it came to the writer side of your life. When did that kind of pop in to your head has an idea of wanting to pursue writing. Oh god another circuitous route. I think i sometime like in the early two thousands. I love reading and i. I'm pretty good writer. I think i'm gonna try to write a book. I'm gonna try to write a book. And i you know on the weekends i would go off to pinera. I had things like children. Sure you know like now like oh popping off to pinera for a weekend. Just doesn't even seem like on the scale of reality but back then i could do that and i would go to some cafe or whatever and just been hours trying to write this book and it was you know it was the it was detroit. Fiction was very literary and I got about forty thousand words into it. And i just petered out. I just couldn't get through it. And i don't know why i felt like i needed to write. Great literature was a children's iberian. But that's really what i thought i wanted to do. And then eventually. I did have kids and a job on a job in life and i just i thought well i i have many gifts. This is not one of them. So i kind of bid that little dream agenda for awhile but then i got the idea for the bird the blade and this was when my oldest child was one and a year before my second child was born and you know is finally coming out of that baby coma where they're kind of sleeping and so you're kind of sleeping and i got this idea for this book and i'm like man and make a cool young adult now. We're not write that book. Write that book someday. But i was saying that the same way i say things like. Someday i'm gonna get in shape and i'm gonna buy kale and actually eat it. You know like these are things. I might really have the best of intentions to do. But i'm not actually going to do them and it wasn't until i can't believe i tell. The story in public of it wasn't until i got my master's degree in library science. And by this point my kids were two and four is abbas habit by the way of having a child and then getting a master's degree at the same time so i have a master's degree for each baby so i just finished my library science degree and i started working nights and weekends at a public library and and it was kind of like surfacing again and coming into the world of like where you have rational adults or irrational adult conversation and like i wear mascara out of the house. It was very exciting time. And i realize that there are all these books. I'd kind of missed out on And specifically i discovered that there were books. By marcus zach. I had never read and i loved The book steve. And i am the messenger and getting the girl. I had read all those but i found out. There were a couple of other books. He had that i hadn't read like oh my god here. I am back in reality. I'm gonna put this book on hold. And the book was fighting ruben wolfe and it came in on hold at the library and at that time staff holds were located in the back room out of the public eye and it was an evening so there was no one around and i remember seeing it on the shelf and you know you get so excited when a book comes in. That's an author that you know you're going to like like guaranteed gonna like this book. Hold them alcohol gel. And when i get a book in my hands and i'm excited about i get very like i get very affectionate with the book. You know. flip through the pages and smell the ink. I you know it. just there's some degree visceral about it. And i did that. With fighting ruben. Wolfe and i flip through the pages and turns out the spine of the book was broken and the whole thing fell apart in my hands. And i'm left holding just the back cover and what i can see on the back. Cover is mark. Sues acts like author photo right underneath this photo. It's his bio. And it's the first line read. Marcus zach was born in nineteen seventy five and it was like like the middle of a record player. You know like scratching or break squealing like everything just stopped. Because i was born in nineteen seventy four. And that means that marcus. Zack is younger than i am. And at a time in my life when getting out of my house without peanut butter somewhere on my person. This guy has written a book that could feasibly outlive him. And i was just filled with this rage and it was really rage directed at me but very unfairly directed it at poor. Marcus zacks altered photo. And i. I don't know that i actually said this allowed in my memory i did. I looked at his author photo. And i said oh. I'm gonna write that book marcus suzanne. I'm not a write. That book. And i honestly that's what that was like the kick in the pants that i needed to just shut up and write the stupid book. It was this moment of all right. Megan you're not going to write a book unless you actually write the book and that seems obvious. But it's like it's not going to happen to me just hoping it happens some day. I've got to sit down and do the work and right the stupid book. So so how did you write the book meaning like what was your next step. Did you just figure like carve out time or did you look for some sort of support system. Did you enroll in any type of courses are like. What was your kind of path to forcing yourself to write the book. Well so i had. I had some experience with carving out time to try to write a book. Like i knew that that was something i could figure out and And for me that stuff was kind of built in because As a working mom there's only so much time in the day that's available to you like sohn's obligation right so there was like nap time. There is attempting to get up before anybody else was awake and even that was only a half an hour and a cup of coffee. That was still half an hour and a cup of coffee you to get some writing done In also two nights after. I made this grand discovery. Could i need like i have to write this book. I was working an evening shift with my really good friend. Cathy and i was still. I'm still grumpy about all this. We can't believe this guy. He's written a book even younger than i am. And she says oh. I wrote a book once as everybody written a book. That me that's it. We're critique partners now and it wasn't even about it like we're partners now. Okay so suddenly i had a critique partner and a year later we broke down another friend who also worked at the library and we've actually been critiqued partners now for eight years but that was really great because we would me on a regular basis and would we would read each other's chapters and we would give each other critique and we'd also hold each other accountable so it's like if you know you have to turn in chapters at a certain point in time that means you gotta do the work to turn in those chapters your critique partners so those were different ways i kind of set aside the time and made goals to get through the work but honestly the burn the blade as i try to get through. The first graph was really frustrating. And i was so mad at myself after a year. That i couldn't get through it that i threw out everything i had written up till that point and in november of two thousand twelve i decided to write the first draft for national novel writing month so november first twenty twelve. I started on page one. And i did not stop until i hit the end and i think that was november. Twenty six some and so you have now your second book. The burn blade is the first book your second book so swift but start talking about that and i tell me what saul swift is about so so swift does the story of gallia and gallia was chosen in her by according to her religious beliefs to be vessel of the word of the one true god so she has this magical ability to read. The special language called sancta twos. That is the word of god. And it's a language that song and it's it is not exactly individual words. It's more Instinctive and feeling so that as you're singing the word of god to the congregants of the church there actually like literally living the experience of whatever it is the one true god is trying to say to them or whatever story the one true god is trying to tell them so they're actually like experiencing it rather than hearing just the words in their ears if that makes sense So there is an opposing religion this world that believes that there is not just a one true god but that there's also a mother goddess the religion that geli comes from believes that that mother got us is actually a great demon and many centuries ago. Their religion captured that entity imprisoned. It and there has been this ongoing war between these. Two religions about one side wants to free that entity because they believe that she is a mother goddess whereas gilead side wants to keep her safely locked away and in the course of the book a soldier froma the enemy religion. Actually freeze the mother or the demon from her earthly prison and it has s.'s. Gallia and takes like it enters her body and galea's now the vessel of this entity that is either a demon who's going to end the world or a goddess who is going to save it and she has to figure out which of those to believe is correct and what she's going to do about it so when it came to this book was souls worth. What was that initial idea that got. You started writing it. The initial idea behind this book. began with a piece of music. And it's actually a very well known piece of music. I think most people would recognize that they heard it. It's called the lark ascending and it's composed by raytheon williams about one hundred years old and it's it's a beautiful piece of music. It's one of the most famous works of classical music out there and it's just it's really bittersweet it has so much longing it's exquisitely beautiful and i just remember hearing it and thinking. Wanna write a book. That feels like that. And that was the beginning. And i mean that. Talk about vague. I want to write a book. That feels like this piece of music. And so i would listen to it over and over and over again. Be driving to work and i'd be listening to it on a loop where beyond walk. Just listen to that piece of music and one day. I was pulling into the parking lot at work. I got this this moment in my mind of something that happens in the book that i can't tell you because it would be very spoiler but i knew immediately whatever this is. It's the end of the book in. It's kind of weird. So what would make that happen and the whole book then becomes about answering the question. What would make that happen. And it really wasn't. Until i got the other main character in my mind. His name is tadic That i figured out what this book was going to be. In the way i got to tadic's character was this was a few years ago. This book has been a long time. Coming and i think i was listening to one of those little nanos. I'm trying to listen to the lark ascending which was the third track on that particular cd. I don't know what are we. Call it that particular reporting and it wouldn't let me advanced third tracks. So i had to learn to listen to the first two tracks on my walk and one of those tracks was another work by refund. Williams called fantasia on a theme by thomas. Tell us and suddenly. I just got. I was listening to the very powerful piece of music. And i just got this guy in my head. And he's doing something with two swords. And i i asked myself what is he doing and immediately knew the answer was he's praying and i realized this is a book about religion is a book about faith and i knew immediately that that was something i really really wanted to write because i think religious and struggles with faith was the central struggle of my teenage years And i do think there are quite a few books that deal with that topic. But it's not something you see that much in young adult. I think there's a lot of young adult experiences. You see represented in young adult literature that a- that teens typically face whether that's i love dealing with issues of social justice family issues friends issues but i think you don't see as often those those teen struggling with. What do i believe. Here's what i was taught to believe. But what i believe. And i think that's it's a story. I wish my seventeen year old self had gone to see more often and so that was a big motivating factor for really getting through that book And when it comes to writing fantasy how do you have you found best to approach it when it comes to the fact that you're building these worlds and characters in these societies and magic systems. And all of that. How are you kind of plotting it out. Is it something that you wanna have a good understanding beforehand. That something that you kind of let come to you as you go through kind of the situations in the characters I'm a hot mess. A messy organic writer. And i always i myself several times through the process. Because i know. I don't do it the same way that a lot of folks do it And i wish i did i. I saw tessa. Gratton give a workshop on world building a few years ago and it was just brilliant. And i wish i would just do. It does because she's so smart with how she builds world first and then creates the story out of the world that make sense but that is not what i do so listening to tessa gratton and not to me is my number one piece of advice. But as far as what i do. I don't think i do. What many fantasy authors do. And frankly don't caring shouldn't say this. I shouldn't even admit this is a fantasy author. I don't care about the world. I really don't care about the world i want. I don't want want bare minimum world. I care about characters. And that's a weird thing for fantasy a fantasy author to say because like why are you writing a fantasy world of world. They but here we are megan. I almost always start with character and some sort of central conflict and Usually before i began writing the book i have and of the important characters in mind. And what kind of the emotional journey. I want them to go through and i usually know like five or six key scenes that are that are very important to the book that are going to happen in that book and i call that the spine of the novel and then me you drafting. The novel is basically the process. By which i try to figure out how all those little parts of the spiner connected seoul swift was a really good example me writing and writing and writing all the different ways. Those pieces were not connected until i finally slowly painfully figured out how they were connected Great so monsieur secured the first person. I'm interviewing post-election as a writer who has had to you know kind of create and think about these things For the past couple years. Do you foresee kind of in your own creative approach juices that things will change for you. Do you feel that maybe kind of reflecting back on the past couple of years that you were stuck or or your feelings that you had for the current situation that you saw in front of you influenced positively or negatively your writing approach and you've kind of hope or foresee that changing for you. Now that there seems to be of course who knows what will happen in the next couple of weeks ahead but you see kind of a growth in some sort of way in as opposed to the past few years when it comes to your writing. Yeah yes because. I think no matter what We're all affected by world events. And what's going on around us and that shapes who we are as people and who. I am as a person shapes what i'm interested in writing so i one thing that's interesting about. Soul swift was that. I wrote the first draft In october and november of two thousand sixteen so that presidential election like landed right in the middle of the first draft and what was interesting was how it affected that draft because i is set out to write one book and i thought i knew what it was about and when i looked at the first draft when i read through it probably in january or so january february where things were interesting It was it was. Like wow like. I could really see how that election change. The course of that book So that was kind of interesting and it really kind of it shifted. What thematically what that book was about. And so i now. It's interesting to then that. I worked on it for three solid years and now here we are with the book coming out in the twenty twenty election. I mean it's basically that for that exact for your time span interesting and this past year it has changed kind of. I think what i write because this past year. I kind of family self in a situation where i was free to write wherever whatever i wanted for the first time in a while and then the pandemic hit and i'm home with my kids who are doing virtual learning and my husband who is a teacher is teaching virtually. And everyone's just here all the time had you know there's just the oppression of everything that's going on the world from election to the pandemic and what i found myself doing was escaping into writing and the book that i wrote over this past year was forced was joyful writing experience. I've ever had. I think it was the it was my reprieve from what was happening around me and It's a very different book from what has come before. So we'll be interesting to see that books journey but definitely. I don't know that. I would have written that book on. The events of like the past year sure occurred and then here. We are at the election. And i mean i'm not going to get political bias. I lean okay. What's what's next and and for the for the first time in a while. I'm really thinking about all right. What does what does my career look like. Not just the next book but like what is my career. Look like what. I what do i want it to look like over the next five years or the next ten years what what is my what do i want people to think when they approach a megan bannon book the future seems maybe a little more short great. Yeah let's wind things down and ask you a few questions as we do the first one being. What is your favorite movie. That's based on a book Obviously the princess bride. Which is maybe the greatest movie of all time. It is a popular answer to this question. I had Next one then. What booker or series are you willing to admit. You've either never read or never finished. I was supposed to read the great gatsby my senior year in high school and i. It's not even a big book. But i just tan. I could not do it. i can't do. I just can't do like a lot of the american short hanan quote unquote. So i've read some hemingway hate. Hemingway can't scott fitzgerald. I've never made it more than a few pages through steinbeck novel and i have never even cracked open a william faulkner book not even crack levin very good and then finally what is the last great book that you've read last great book that i read was the return of the thief by megan whalen turner. I love that series with all of my heart and soul. I and i've been with that series my entire librarian career waiting for each one to come out so i'm a i'm a law. I'm like aid decades long fan of that series and it was just you know like when you've had a great series that's lasted decades to be able to finish it off in a way that is deeply satisfying to your dedicated reader. I think is. I think that's a trick to pull off and i think she did a great job. I was deeply satisfied with that. Big finale of that series so well done megan whalen turner great wamegan. Congratulations on the release of soul. Swift excited for you and can't wait to see what else you have for us. Thank you so much. And it has been a blast. Having this conversation with you thank you and that is a wrap on this episode. I wouldn't think megan bannon for joining me again. Her newest book is so swift. That comes out on november seventeenth. Also check out her first book the bird and the blade now. Hope you've enjoyed this episode. And if you have check out some of the other great episodes we have with why and middle grade. Writers brought shelley and until next time keep reading.

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November 28, 2020 | Perspectives on Jesus: The People of Israel

The Friends of Israel Today

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November 28, 2020 | Perspectives on Jesus: The People of Israel

"Welcome to the friends of israel today. I'm steve conover and with me as our host teacher. Chris tokyo exciting show for you today. But before chris comes i'd like to remind you to visit us at fox radio dot org. We have over five years worth of programming on our side for you to listen to and i invite you when you're there to browse around enjoy the content. We offer on our main minister webpage there. You'll find trustworthy and accurate news on israel in the middle east. While you're there you can support our ministry by clicking on the donate button to help us continue teaching biblical truth about israel and the jewish people. Again that's f. y. Radio dot org steve. We've been going through a series said. This is actually our third part of our series here on perspectives of jesus specifically from the gospels. We you know we've been looking at how the romans perceived jesus as he as he walked this earth esp- especially in the land of israel. We looked at how the religious aristocracy the pharisees and satisfies viewed jesus. And what their thoughts of him were today. We're gonna talk about a group called the people of the land. The common jewish person. What was their thoughts and feelings of jesus's message in life as he walked the land of israel. So i think it's gonna be a great show. I think it's gonna be interesting as we wrap all this up and we put a bow really on this series which is going to be a lotta fun but also i just want to say thank you are online. Listeners are online listeners are so important because you get a chance to listen to the friends of israel today whenever you want. All you gotta do is go to radio dot. Org and there you can press play or you can go to any of the numerous podcast players that we have like apple and spotify google tune in stitcher the whole host of many platforms that we have available to you. Listen as you're listening online. Would you go and rate the friends of israel today. When you rate the friends of israel today and you comment on our program it actually helps to elevate the friends of israel so that other people can listen as well. So thank you for listening online. In the news. Israel has preordered one to two million doses of the pfizer and madonna vaccines currently in clinical trials in the united states pending approval by both countries health regulators israeli doctor tales zacks chief medical officer of dern is quote unquote all by the results of the test and said once vaccine receives fda approval. Some of the first doses will go to israel as agreed upon last june espn. Here's my take on this. Corona virus isn't going to disappear by locking down and hiding in our homes. Corona virus isn't going to evaporate by wearing masks and social distancing these are all great precautions to prevent the spread of covid nineteen but the virus will not vanish until a vaccine is administered. It really is the silver bullet to this virus nightmare that we've all been living together and i'm thankful that skilled israeli doctor towel zacks gives his thumbs up approval to the coming vaccine. And let's pray that it puts to rest this relentless bias is saying this in the beginning of this series for each segment so far everyone sees jesus differently now before i continue. I'm going to say this especially if you're listening for the first time into this series but we here. At the friends of israel we believe and teach and preach that jesus is the promised jewish messiah who redeemed mankind from their sins through his life. Death burial resurrection and ascension amen. The blood of christ washes away the sins of those who turned to him who repent and through christ's work on the cross believers in him find forgiveness and reconciliation to god the father and because of christ we are seen as righteous in god's eyes and i love this. We have a relationship with the father. And so with that said knowing where the friends of israel stands. When i say that everyone in the world sees jesus differently i mean. They see him from various angles. I'll tell you a personal story. My my wife. And i are raising our kids to know that jesus is the way the truth and the life that no man comes to the father but through him. You can't earn your way into heaven. It's only through a personal relationship with jesus christ. These are the truths that were teaching our children but recently my boys came home from playing with some friends and they got into a conversation they said about jesus and they told my kids that jesus isn't the only way to get to heaven will. They came home with questions. My kids were challenged with the fact that even their close friends see jesus differently. You know. muslims see jesus differently. They see him as a great profit. But never the son of god certainly jewish people understand jesus to be different. They see maybe as an influential rabbi and teacher. But certainly not the messiah for the secular world jesus was a divine teacher who left behind a good example of how you should live and some in the secular world again. They see jesus as the problem that has caused issues throughout history and then there are believers in jesus gus who believe and teach. Raise our kids to believe that he is the king of kings and lord of lords. Well you know when we get to the gospel accounts of jesus and you read through the gospels. You quickly realize that. Everyone saw jesus differently in the first century to there certainly wasn't a monolithic way of looking at jesus and his message and there were a lot of people listening and watching. Jesus when jesus was walking the land of israel the romans occupied it so the romans heard and saw jesus the religious leaders that governed the people the jewish people they saw. Jesus a certain way as well and then there's the group that scholars call the people of the land these or people that weren't associated with any sector group. These are your average. Jewish people. Living in the land of israel during the life of christ. They saw jesus a certain ways that this is the last message of our perspectives on. Jesus this series that we've been going through and it's a two to catch you up the first mass which is all about the roman perspective. Jesus the second was the religious leaders. This wanted this one that we're about to enter into is specifically about the people of the land. That's what the group is called the people of the land this is again isn't a sect or a party. This was a term used to describe the masses of jewish people who lead normal lives. They didn't have deep religious training. They didn't get involved in governmental affairs. they neither advocated in favor of or opposed roman rome's occupation. These are the jewish people whose alarms went off early in the morning. They worked all day. They went to synagogue. They participated in their communities educated. Their kids they made dinner. And then you know what they went to bed and they did it all over again. Sound familiar this sounds like my life they appear all over the gospels bursary about them as a group of jewish people in john seven forty nine when the people are praising jesus the religious leaders condemned the common jewish person the people of the land when they say but this rabble who do not know the law are cursed the so the rabble that talking about there are the common jewish people the people of the land when jesus was teaching the temple courts in mark chapter twelve verse thirty seven it says and the large crowd was listening to him with delight. Those were the common jewish people again. The people of the land and finally in acts chapter. Four verse. Thirteen when peter and john had been preaching the tech says when they saw the boldness of peter and john and discovered that they were uneducated and ordinary. Men were amazed in recognized. These men had been with jesus. Did you notice a common theme between these verses. The people of the land the common jewish person at a much greater affinity for jesus in his message compared to the previous two groups that we looked at the romans and the jewish religious leaders. The people of the land were intrigued by his ability to speak as one with authority. They were enamored by his kindness and mercy. They were enthralled with his miracles in his healing. All of these genuine signs that jesus did to show that he is the messiah. Jesus according to the gospels is the son of david this title is absolutely necessary in order to be the messiah to be the messiah means. You're the king of israel. You have to be the son of david to do that. Matthew chapter one talks all about that. That that jesus in his lineage comes from abraham and david to keith features. Two key people that must be a part of the messiahs lineage. There are so many parallels between david's life and jesus's life david kind of had a first coming and a second coming as king of israel. I samuel is all about david's upbringing in his early anointing as the king of israel after the spirit of god left saul david was anointed king. But he did not sit on a throne. He spent much of his time in the wilderness. Waiting for god's timing to move saw off the scene and then to allow him to rise up to be the king of israel. It's not until second samuel. That king david actually sits down the throne to rule over israel. It doesn't mean. David wasn't the king of israel. I in i samuel but there was definitely someone else with power and authority ruling over the people that was king saul while many of the religious and political leaders were following king saul listened to what i samuel twenty two verse one and verse to tell us about who was following king. David listen to this. So david left there and escaped to the cave of a dorm when his brothers and the rest of his father's family learned about it. They went down there to him. Verse to listen to this all those who were in trouble or owed some money or were discontented gathered around him and he. David became their leader. He had about four hundred men with them. David had a unique group of followers. It wasn't the wealthy rich powerful people it was those who are discontent in debt in trouble. Those who were looked down upon by society. I can't help but make the connection david. And jesus here. Jesus is disciples and followers. Were certainly not the well to do elitists. there were some. But the majority of jesus's followers were fisherman from galilee. The blue collared workers the tax collectors. Who are the bane of society. The sick the lame. The blind the deaf the hurt that empty the broken these are the people of the land who the religious leaders called the rabble. Who don't know the law. And i'll tell you i don't think much has changed when it comes to those who follow jesus. Jesus admitted that. It's very difficult for a wealthy person to enter into the kingdom of god. Not saying that they don't but jesus was highlighting. The upper class have security within themselves. They have financial security emotional security. They believe there. They control their own destiny. We often find. Jesus when were stripped of our emotional and financial security. We often find jesus when we run out of answers and solutions to a life threatening health issue. It doesn't have to be this way. Jesus doesn't look at people based on classes. He looks at them based on their faith and where they place their trust and security. And i believe it's the reason those average jewish people the people of the land loved jesus and followed him so i want to move from the group. We talked about the group to an individual an average jewish person in the gospels. Who was looking for answers to a deep dark question in a deep dark moment of his life. One of my favorite accounts in the gospels. But before we do that. I want to connect you with one of our amazing ministries here at the friends of israel. You know the common jewish person the people of the land they might not have been involved in a sector party of the jewish government at that time they might have been your average joe but you know what they still celebrated they still celebrated hanukkah and hanukkah's coming up. And i wanna tell you about friends of israel ministry. That's near and dear to my heart here but it's also the highlight of are giving tuesday campaign. Which will be on december first. Now if giving tuesday is new to you. It's something new in american culture so we're just catching up here. I'm sure you've heard about black. Friday and cyber monday will giving tuesday comes after black friday. It's an opportunity for giving instead of taking a real picture of what the holidays are all about. So every year we roll up our sleeves here at the friends of israel and we put together hannukah gift baskets that are packed full of delicious food from israel and then we go one step further we hand deliver them with love to our jewish friends all across the united states and these are more than just baskets that are filled with really good israeli food. Each basket represents hope that only christ can give and your gift is an opportunity to comfort encourage and bring joy to our jewish friends who may feel isolated and alone this season especially this corona virus season as well so see. Would you let our listeners. How they can get involved in our giving. Tuesday hanukkah basket ministry chris so circle december first on your calendar and remember to partner with us. This giving tuesday visit us at foia radio dot org to see how you can put smiles on the faces of our jewish friends. This hannukah season again. That's f. o. I radio dot org So we're talking about different perspectives on. Jesus how did various groups and individuals understanding jesus's message and life and we've looked at how the romans understood. Jesus we've looked at how. The religious leaders of israel understood jesus and today. We're looking at the average. Joe jewish guy of the first century that the scholars call this group. The people of the land and the people of the land were neither a sec nor party. This was the term used to describe the masses of jewish people who just lead normal lives. And i want to focus. In on an individual from this group that the gospel of mark and chapter nine talks about starting in verse. Seventeen it says this. A member of the crowd said to him teacher. I brought you my son who is possessed by a spirit that makes him mute and whenever it sees him it throws him down and he foams at the mouth grinds his teeth and becomes rigid. I asked your disciples to cass it out. But they were not able to do so he answered them. You unbelieving generation. How much longer must i be with you. How much longer must i endure you. Bring him to me so they brought the boy to him. When the spirit saw him it immediately through the boy into convulsions he fell on the ground and rolled around foaming at the mouth. Jesus asked his father. How long has this been happening to him. And he said from childhood it is often thrown him into the fire or water to destroy him. But if you were able to do anything have compassion on us and help us. And then jesus said to him. If you're able all things are possible for the one who believes immediately. The father of the boy cried out and said i believe help my unbeliev. Here's a father with a crisis coming to jesus these nobody special. We don't get his name or the name of his son. But he is certainly special to the lord. Jesus he's coming to jesus because he's run out of options. His son is possessed. He severely hurting himself and again. If you remember how. I ended the last segment. I said that jesus is interested in the hearts interested in our faith to trust him. He's interested in who. And what we put our security and trust in and the disciples we're not able to cast out this demon so the father turns to jesus and this is great because it shows at the father has some faith that jesus can do it and it's the honesty of this man. That always draws me to this. I the man says to. Jesus if you can do anything please help us. And jesus responses. All things are possible for the one who believes and the father's responses of verse. I've tucked away in my heart and here all the time. Something i cry out to the lord all the time i believe. Help my unbeliev. The boy was healed and so is the father. I'm sure doubt said in for the father after the disciples were unable to cast out. The demon doubt that jesus could help much either but jesus came for the faithless to give them faith and he came for the broke into heal them and he came for the self righteous to humble them and he came for the blind to give them site and he came for the rich to show them where true security is found. He came for the empty to fill them up and he came for the hopeless to give them. He came for the poor to give them satisfaction and he gave and he came for the outcast to show them acceptance from a human perspective. Everyone looks at jesus differently. But from jesus perspective he came to make everyone hole and to bring shalom peace. If you do not have that piece. That i'm talking about turn to the only one who can give it. Jesus christ we all may have. Unique perspectives of jesus but jesus's perspective on us in my opinion is the only one that matters earn israel on the verge of becoming a state a teenaged holocaust survivor arrived on our shores alone. His name his fee calendar little did he know his search for a new life in the holy land would lead him to the messiah enthusiastic to share his faith engaged others in spiritual conversations many of which can be found in our magazine. Israel mike glory whilst fee is now in the presence of his savior his collected writings from well over fifty years of ministry continue to encourage believers worldwide. Now apples of gold a dramatic reading from the life of the situation in israel is very tense. There is no peace. Most of the time. I am on duty and must patrol. The streets of jerusalem on the arab side by task gets to look for mines and booby-traps our neighboring arab countries continually threatened to destroy us. We're not afraid. And trust in the lord we must hold onto this land otherwise they should drive us into the sea. The lord promised land to our people and there is no power on earth. That can gain. Say the lord's will. In the meantime i give my testimony concerning our messiah and savior to as many people as possible. I have visited many friends witnessing to them. Because we do not know what the next day will bring last thursday. I was on patrol in the main street to former arab jerusalem. Around three o'clock in the morning. I noticed a group of people coming my way. They were fully dressed in black robes. I thought they were priests but when they came close i realized they were students at an orthodox jewish school because it was my duty to do so i stopped them and ask what they were doing out so early in the morning. The end sued in unison. We're going to the west wall to recite. She show penitential prayers usually recited before new year. And the day of atonement. At first they were frightened but when they saw that i wasn't israeli soldier took courage. I ask when do think the temple will be rebuilt. One of them said only win. The messiah comes will the temple be rebuilt. And where is the messiah. He answered he is already here. But here's waiting to make himself manifest. He will build the temple and all the dead shall rise from the graves the leader who was a rabbi asked. What do you think of the messiah. The son of david soldier. I answered the messiah. The son of david has come and is coming again. I knew him and many other people know him and received him as their messiah. And save your. He laid down his life for sins and made full tournament for us. According to isaiah fifty three and psalm twenty two. They stood there amazed hearing things that apparently they did not know the lord himself put the words into my mouth. Whatever the question. I gave them a scriptural answer. Usually orthodox jews do not talk to anyone who confesses jesus as messiah but they were most through and impressed by the fact that i was a soldier guarding their safety while they were asleep or when they go to the wailing wall to pray after i gave them my testimony i asked. Do you think. I should have the same rights as any other jewish person or in israel or don't i deserve such rights. The rabbi said you vast to hide question if all the jewish christians were like you would have no difficulty at all instead of going on to the wailing wall. They lingered around me and discussed the messiah a messianic prophecies until nearly six o'clock in the morning we highly realized the night passed the morning at arrived on behalf of the team. You like to thank you for being with us today chris. What can we expect next week. Next week is our israel. Glory in-depth episode. We're going to have a dear friend of ours bruce scott. He wrote an article in our recent issue of israel. My glory that. We're gonna be unpacking as all about christmas as we're getting geared up for the christmas season. I'm looking forward to that. are host teacher. Is chris kataoka. Today's program was produced by tom. Gaglione our theme music was composed and performed by jeremy. Strong kellogg red apples of gold. And steve over executive producer. Our mailing address is f. o. Radio po box nine one four belmar new jersey zero eight zero nine again. That's f. i. Radio po box nine one four belmar new jersey zero eight zero nine and one last. Quick reminder to visit us at foia radio dot org the friends of israel today is a production of the friends of israel gospel ministry we are a worldwide evangelical ministry proclaiming biblical truth about israel and the messiah while bringing physical and spiritual comfort to the jewish people.

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Moderna's chief medical officer on its blockbuster vaccine news

Pro Rata

16:34 min | Last week

Moderna's chief medical officer on its blockbuster vaccine news

"Hi i'm dan primack. And welcome to axios. Recap brought to you by the american beverage association. Today's monday november. Sixteen stocks are up. Walmart's global ambitions are down and we're focused on today's huge vaccine news earlier this morning massachusetts based biotech moderna reported a ninety four point five percent efficacy for its covid nineteen vaccine adding that so far. It's only seen mild side effects like headaches and injection site. Soreness that resolved on their own. Now this builds on last week's quote more than ninety percent efficacy news from pfizer and is objectively awesome news. Remember the fda originally set a vaccine efficacy floor at just fifty percent. So what we're seeing. Now is not only the fastest vaccine development in history but also results that far exceeded initial expectations. A few things to know. First maderna's vaccine doesn't require the same ultra cold storage conditions as does the pfizer one instead. It could be kept in standard freezer conditions for six months and in regular refrigerator conditions for thirty days. That's a big boost for ease of distribution to both vaccines are focused on the same so-called spike protein which is likely a big reason why the efficacy results were so similar and why each vaccine requires two doses per patient. Three moderna expects to file for emergency use authorization from the fda within the next couple of weeks it could have around twenty million doses available by year end and in a different announcement this morning. Tony added that vaccine distribution for the general population could begin by this coming april for a little bit of a dark cloud to the silver lining. Here is that medina like visor before it managed to obtain reportable results so quickly because there's so many new covid nineteen cases and even limited. Vaccinations begin five or six weeks. There's a lot of death and a lot of pain from here to there if seconds will go deeper with tall zacks chief medical officer at medina. Ba i this from bottling plants to grocery stores america's beverage companies employees along with those in food and retail are working tirelessly americans have with essential during challenging times. More at here for you. Us we're joined now by tall sacks chief medical officer at moderna therapeutics so tall. Your company had been working on corona virus vaccines before covid nineteen was known about you. You've been doing some so-called war gaming on pandemics viral pandemics with nih. How much did those activities help give you. Maybe even a head start on the covid nineteen vaccine development. Yes i believe. The answer is yes. And i think There are two elements here that underscore our ability to get to today one in science and the other. Is collaboration people working together. In terms of the science. We had always envisioned that one of the core capabilities of this platform would be to react quickly to a pandemic and it's no. It's not by chance that are first. Two vaccine started back in two thousand fifteen were against pandemic strains of influenza so we always saw this as a potential now fast forward to the end of last year we were down at the nih fund. Myself talking to tony fauci. And his team. They had been worried for many years. That a pandemic could come. We've seen stars. We've seen emerge and we had been collaborating with them in preclinical models to demonstrate the utility of this platform to prevent such a pandemic in fact one of the discussions. We had back at the end of last year was do we need to take a model. A vaccine say virus that most of us never heard of like nipah virus That is a threat but use it as a drill kind of artificially. Start the clock and see how fast we can go and as we were talking about what could be a demonstration project. We started to here in december about this Pneumonia out of china and in the beginning of january. We started talking to them and we said okay. It looks like this is not a drill. This is a live Live action here and so we got together very quickly. We had already a collaboration with them. In the scientific real and that's what enabled us and them. I think to advance this vaccine so quickly. Madeira has a bunch of products that do get prescribed there in clinical trials. You haven't had one commercially approved before. And so i'm not so much curious about that. But when you think about the manufacturing in the manufacturing its scale not something. Madeira has experienced with this sort of scale. Give me the explanation for why. You're confident you guys can pull this off. The vaccine is approved by the fda. Two reasons one we've been added for a number of years and had envisioned and put if you will the train tracks on where the trains should roll because our lead vaccine a different vaccine against cytomegalovirus is starting its phase three trials next year and so we've invested a lot already. At risk we build our own manufacturing plant and open it a couple years ago so we had pre invested knowing the importance of manufacturing our head of manufacturing to head all of manufacturing for novartis who undress. Oh we have a very competent and experienced team. We had built the manufacturing infrastructure. We'd already worked very hard on the process to be able to scale up and so when this hit we were ready. The second element is we have since then invested at risk Quite significant effort starting in the beginning of this year Both our own infrastructure and leveraging that of other what are called contract manufacturing organizations mainly lonza. Which is a well established company. That knows what they're doing have been added for for a large number of years both in the us and in europe to expand our supply chain. And so we've been Investing in manufacturing significantly we've been expanding that and We've been working with partners. Who know what they're doing. We've been sharing our data as we go along with the right government agencies and all of that gives me the confidence that indeed we'll be able to To supply large amounts of this vaccine speaking of data. You guys did release. You talked a little bit about safety today. Talk about how. There were some mild side effects headaches and fatigue. Some site soreness. Nothing didn't self resolve. Is the expectation that madera in the next week or two will release kind of more detailed safety data from the trials so first of all let me say one last point on manufacturing and then i'll come back to data. I think the proof is in the pudding today. We've also announced that are that are supply chain in terms of cold. Chain requirements is is continuing to improve in terms of our data We can store this and ship it at minus twenty for up to six months but it can be in the fridge. A two-day degrees for up to thirty days and these all indirectly speak to the critical quality attributes on the manufacturing side. And they basically say that you can keep this vaccine at temperatures that we all have In our fridge at home so now no real infrastructure special infrastructure required and. That is an important element in confidence that will be able to indeed supply the market in hundreds of millions of doses. To come back to date on when data will be available. we've been very transparent with our data's emerges and i'm very proud of our transparency We've spoken to the point estimate. We've given the breakdown of the of the Subjects in terms of the minorities and old people in the trial and in the cases and We've also described the safety profile. The preliminary safety profile and the reactors university profile today. And i think in the coming weeks. What i anticipate will happen as as we have the final date on the coming weeks from all one fifty one case says and safety beyond the two months median. Follow up that is per fda guidelines that will form the basis of very public discourse on a very detailed analysis of this trial that will be discussed at what's called for pack the fda committee of experts and the world at large will be able to see these data on the safety side. Just by virtue of what's happening here. This incredibly fast vaccine development. Not just by you guys but by pfizer and others much faster than typical vaccine development. How do you answer people who are concerned that if this vaccine is available to them in january or february just by virtue of the fact that covid nineteen so new. There won't be long term safety data on these vaccines. I think that is true. But i think what also is true. Is that when you launch a vaccine or medicine. What's important is the benefit risk. What is the benefit. And what is the risk. Now in the risk there always is. What don't i know i don't know. And that's the bucket of well. What what are the unknown risks. That we don't know yet that we may see years from now but those could be serious. When you're talking about vaccinating. An entire population could be neurological cardiovascular. Just don't know correct so that is true but we do have a scientific basis to predict two things one if it is serious it will be very rare because we've had a very large trial and there is a scientific basis of understanding will. What does this vaccine do and this vaccine. This technology really focuses the attention of the immune system only on this one protein right and so it's a very precise vaccine and the effect that it has and i believe personally that that precision should translate into a good safety and tolerability profile. Now it will take time to demonstrate that i think. What is salient in the coming months is we are all living in an era of very high transmission rates. We know what the consequences are. We're we're learning. What the severe of infection with covid nineteen are and. I think the benefit is becoming quite clear you guys obviously part of the development of this and we talked about this at the beginning came from the us government particularly relationship with barreda. What strings if any does the bardem. Money mean for madeira. No when it comes to distribution you guys for example talked about twenty million doses by the end of the year. How much of that goes to folks in the us or is allocated to people in the us and how much of that is tied to the us tax payer money so all of this is going to the us all of this should cost the individual vaccinated at the end of the day. Nothing has per what the. Us government has committed And this is the distribution here will be handled by the us so I think the real work of distribution will begin once we have regulatory approval and we can start Distributing this per the us government and to cdc and then two states does that complicate. Because you guys are part of kovacs or this vaccine is part of the kovacs project which is for emerging countries. How do those two things square that all of this initial vaccine goes to folks in the us but that you are part of this other consortium. There is a dialogue ongoing with kovacs. A i don't think we have quite aligned with them. On how many doses and win those doses would be available for the co collaboration. A political question for you when pfizer came out with its data last week The president those tied to the president seemed fairly upset about the timing. They seem to be fairly upset about your timing today. Can you explain when you was chief. Medical officer had the efficacy data in your hands or when the company had it in its hands and why you decide to release today as opposed to say a few days ago or a few weeks ago. I had it in my hands less than twenty four hours ago. Is you know there are critics. Who are going to say. That is extremely convenient it. Can you speak to that at all because again. There is a political component here. There's nothing convenient about this. Let me be clear My mother is over eighty years old. I want these data out as soon as humanely can possibly get them. We have been working days nights. Twenty four seven And it's not just us. It's our collaborators. Who are actually running this. It's the volunteers who've signed up It takes time to see the cases and have the cases accrue and wants the cases accrue we very quickly analyze them and were data safety monitoring board the independent group of experts analyze them. I don't think this was humanely possible to do any. Sooner and to be fair we have always guided as we looked back in july and august and we saw the cases emerge. We've always been clear on two things one is that this is a case driven design so we don't control when cases occur and i hope they never occur and it takes us forever but the paradox of vaccine development is that the the the worst. The pandemic is out there. The faster cases accrue. And we all. We were always committed that as soon as we have results for the interim we will look at them and we will try to ascertain. What is the efficacy here. And as the Second wave started to swell in the united states. we continue to refine those predictions. But i think we were always clear that we expected this day-to-day to occur by. You know thanksgiving if we're fortunate from a vaccine development and so. I think our predictions have been born out And we've stayed true to that final thing. Just quick timing thing. You mentioned thanksgiving. Should we expect that the emergency use authorization. Request comes before or after thanksgiving from derna. It'll be in the coming weeks tall zacks thank you so much for joining us. A pleasure all the best. Thanks from bottling plants to delivery trucks grocery stores america's leading beverage companies and their employees along with those across the food and retail industries are working tirelessly so americans have access to what essential during these challenging times as american companies. Making american products in america's hometowns their commitment to our communities is stronger than ever learn more at here for you dot. Us welcome back. We're watching today is airbnb. Which is expected to file papers around the market. Close why it matters. Is this would cap off a resilient rebound for a company that many left for dead after the pandemic hit the big key for airbnb seems to be that unlike hotel chains it was able to effectively. Shift its inventory. It's not so tied to all those short-term urban rentals instead it could diversify with suburban and rural rentals for lengthy time periods that would have been unthinkable when people needed to be in physical offices or in schools and it was also able to charge a pretty decent premium for many of those locales expect the actual ipo. To come between thanksgiving and christmas and will go much deeper airbnb and the overall travel sector in tomorrow's podcast today we're also watching walmart. Which is basically bailing on japan by agreeing to sell most of a supermarket. Chain there to us. Private equity firms k. r. and japanese tech giant record ten. And finally we're watching the pending departure of jay powell as chairman of the securities exchange commission. He's leaving at year end. Even though his term doesn't expire until next june powell's legacy a focus on expanding opportunity and arguably risk for individual investors. but not making any groundbreaking changes this decision. Also sets up an early appointment. Opportunity for president elect with reported possibilities including gary gansler who led the cftc under president obama and a bunch of current and former sec commissioners including sarah stein robert jackson junior and alison lee. And we're done big. Thanks for listening. It's my producers. tim. Chauffeur's naomi shaven have a great national button day. And we'll be back tomorrow with another axios recap.

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My angst with Zac and the Bengals

Lance McAlister

12:41 min | Last week

My angst with Zac and the Bengals

"Hey it's lance mcalister. I wanna thank richter and phillips jewelers for sponsoring the podcast richter and phillips is a fourth generation locally owned operated jeweler. Run today by the fair family. I've met some great people. Richter and phillips has outstanding store they recently renovated located downtown on six th and main with free parking for you to enjoy. I was there recently. You'll love the place they've been voted cincinnati's best place to buy your engagement rings for years and right. Now i've got a special fifty percent off deal just for you visit richterphillips dot com slash lands to get the offer that's richterphillips dot com slash lance for the offer richter and phillips jewelers located in downtown cincinnati. The word of the day for me on sunday was disheartening. And i want to be clear. Because i've been known to get out over my skis. I tried to convince rocky last week. The bengals might finish the season depending on what happens to the weekend like eight seven and one and he said slowed out slow down. I want to be clear. I was not under the impression they were going to beat the steelers. Now maybe that's part of where we are in terms of our but the bar of expectations for a franchise when you say i don't expect him to beat the steelers but that's the reality. I didn't expect them to beat the steelers. It wasn't about the loss on sunday. It was about the look the look in the laws how they looked. I would submit to you. That zach has had some bad days as a second year head coach. I'm not so sure that sunday wasn't his worst game as bengals coach and it came in his twenty fifth and most recent game. He's now four twenty and one four twenty and one and again i would submit. His worst game was just delivered in his most recent game. His twenty fifth game and for the record. Anybody who's listening knows. I've been hammered for it. I'm the supportive one. I'm the understanding one. I'm the patient one with zack. Has been trying to build. And what i'm saying tonight doesn't mean my patients is up and i'm done with him but i am i. I'll be the one who says what the hell was that on sunday. I don. I don't understand how that was delivered as as a representation of zack taylor's culture and could activity and in all the buzzwords for what he's building so much for the momentum of the titans win so much for being on a by for a week to rest up and self scout and clean the slate and start fresh and an extra week to prepare for the big bad steelers. It was the division game in a rivalry game. I guess a rivalry in our minds a not there. It was a it was a measuring stick game. This was the second measuring. Stick game of the year. Do you remember the first was the ravens game we said. Oh man okay now now okay. A little bit into the season feet on the ground. Let's see how they stack up against the ravens a team. They were beaten senseless twenty seven to three and it wasn't. It was over in the blink of an eye and so this was the second measuring. Stick all right so much. More progress has been made since that game against the ravens. And correct me. If i'm wrong and all all open up the lines. Five one three seven four nine seven thousand one eight hundred the big one pound seven hundred on. At and t. To me that team zacks team looked in no particular order. Unprepared overwhelmed outclassed outcoached and dominated it. I'm sorry as mr supportive. Mr understanding mr patient. That shouldn't be happening. We hit the second half of season number two. I don't care if it's the steelers are not we. Did you realize what happened in the very first quarter. They actually got to stop defensively in the opening drive. And you're going to get the ball and alex. Erickson fumbled the pun in the steelers recovered to the kicked. A field goal and then brandon wilson muffed in panicked on a kickoff that he barely was able to fall on in the end zone and then their first offense snap of the day was a false. Start what we're talking about a team that thank god. They had a whole week extra prepare. How bad have looked without extra week to prepare so a fumble on the opening punt brandon. Wilson looks panicked and confused on on a kickoff that he can't get the handle on the first offense. If snap is a false start then then they take something. I'm not so sure i've ever. I don't think i've ever seen before. They were called for a delay of game on a punt call for delay. Now i guess the question would be how to both teams because the steelers eventually did it in the same game. I'm not concerned about. It happened to the steelers. Because they're not. I don't know how they how do you get co for delay of game on a punt will. What's the converged you bend over. You snapped football the putter hit. He kicks it. Go go tackle the guy who catches it. And then we're still in the first quarter. Then tee higgins fumbled. We didn't just fumble. He did the bengals traditionally do against the steelers. The steelers wrap you up. They wrap up with two or three or four guys and then you try to make a second effort in the steelers. Take the ball away from you. And that's what happened. At one point. The bengals had one first down into turnovers in the first quarter. One first down and two turnovers in the first quarter. That's right we're still talking about the first quarter coming off the bye. This is in. We move further into the action. They had thirteen yards of offense and trailed twelve to nothing at one point in the first quarter and so back to the bigger picture theme all this. We now go to the tote board of missing stick games to measuring stick games this year ravens steelers. They've been outscored sixty three to thirteen. I'm sorry that's not progress. That's a step back again. Not because they lost to the steelers. It's what they look like how. 'bout a something a little bit more competitive. How about something. That gives the appearance of being a little bit more prepared. Something that gives the appearance of not being overwhelmed. Uh this is the twenty fifth game of the zac taylor era. It wasn't the loss. It was the look all that culture. All that connected. Another c word is con- whip anybody else. That's what we got after by to start the second half in season number. Two under zac taylor go back to my word of the game disheartening. And this from someone who more often than not has been supportive understanding and patient when it comes to what he's trying to build that was unacceptable. Sorry joe burrow was clearly compromised. Clearly it doesn't take a doctor a medical expert. He was limping on the field. He was limping. He would get up in limp back to the huddle. He clearly was struggling with it. Second half he went five fifteen. I think it was five. Fifteen thirty four yards. They're down thirty six to seven. And you're franchise quarterback is limping in the fourth quarter in a game against the pittsburgh steelers. Who are thing or two about being physical and knocking the crap out of people. And what did zac taylor. Boy wonder decide to do. I'm gonna keep him in there to try to create some momentum. His answer after the game was was trying to create some momentum wrong answer risk-reward always tell my kids. What's the downside. Well the downside would be getting your quarterback further damaged. There was no point in joe burrow being in the game and here. Here's what did ten thirty one left in the game. They throw four times. Joe burrow already. Limping obviously limping. He got hit in sack twice on those four passing plays. I cringed. he'd limped zach. Sent him back out the next time. No me this. They faked a putt. Dowd twenty six point down twenty nine points. They faked a punt so they can continue to throw the football with the gimpy quarterback who oh by the way happens to be the franchise quarterback and then after all of that. They kicked a forty seven yard field goal. First of all who. The bleep cares about a field goal. When you're down by twenty nine points in the fourth quarter second of all. Why if you found something. The steelers aren't set up to really handle. Why would you burn it in a game. You're losing and not just put it in your pocket till the next time you play them and hopefully could use it and then the next possession. He sends him to thirty one to go. So we can head off. Five times to trayvon on williams like ryan. Finley couldn't have done that. Let i would have had kevin huber handoff five times before i said joe burrow back out there there was no there was nothing gained by joe being back out there for the final possession with a bad ankle. Even just a hand off snap goes bad. He has to fall on the football. They fall on him. There were too many there. Were too many bad things. Get out of paper draw. Line down the middle. I'll give you a whole bunch of bad things on one side. You know what i see on the other side. That's good nothing. There was nothing. Good about sending joe burrow back out in this is basic stuff this the single most important part of this twenty twenty season for the bengals. You know what it is. Joe burrow staying healthy and the single most important thing wasn't valued enough by the boy wonder to say you know what i'm down by twenty nine. This game's over. My quarterback has already compromised as a result. He's five fifteen in the second half. I'm playing a team that likes to hurt our guys. Why the hell do. I haven't been the game. It's not about macho. I know joe said everything perfectly. I don't wanna come out. I'm not a quitter. of course. he's not a quitter. Zac taylor. Who's ensure jr and zac. Taylor's decision was because they needed to create some momentum. Well riddle me this. How was the momentum. You created after the tennessee win. All that's right it to a first quarter where you fumbled were called for a delay of game on a punt. Look like you've never seen a kickoff before. That's what your momentum gotcha but in pursuit of that send a gimpy. Clearly compromised joe burrow back out of it just drives me and say it's just i what. Hey it's alliance mcallister. I wanna thank. Richter and phillips jewelers for sponsoring the podcast richter and phillips is a fourth generation locally owned and operated jeweler. Run today by the fair family. I've met him great. People richter and phillips has an outstanding store. They recently renovated located downtown on six main with free parking for you to enjoy i. Was there recently. It you'll love the place. They've been voted cincinnati's best place to buy your engagement rings for years and right. Now i've got a special fifty percent off deal. Just for you visit richterphillips dot com slash lance to get the offer that's richterphillips dot com slash for the offer. Richter and phillips jewelers located in downtown cincinnati.

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372: Richard Waine  How to achieve financial success as a photographer

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372: Richard Waine How to achieve financial success as a photographer

"This is. Episode, Number Three, hundred, seventy, two and today we are talking numbers, prophet, loss, sales, revenue, and what you need to do to achieve financial success today. Special guest is a headshot photographer who spent most of his working life working in finance before finding his calling as a headshot photographer I'm talking about Richard. Wine interviews coming up in just a minute. Planning to have a successful waiting and portrait photography business join. Andrew is he introduced successful photographers and business experts to fast track your success. Welcome to the photo. Bees exposed podcast with your host Andrea Helmet. Sandra Helmi chip on impact images and welcomes this episode of the podcast. Get Your notepad and pen or pencil ready because I am confident, there's GonNa be a bunch of note taking today's interview with Richard before we jump into that if you didn't catch last week's episode with Tenure Girls Myth and you looking at building a branding photography business from scratch yourself. Get back and have a listen to tenure. She started her business from scratch. Like we all do. And the beauty of her business is. She started with graphic design background, so you'll see immediately that she has a beautiful website and she leverage what she knew, and had learned about branding, and applied that to her branding photography business, which she has built to suit the lifestyle that she wants says she has time for her kids, her family and things outside photography, and she's doing this in a small city, so yeah tenure Goldsmith! Get back and have a listen if you didn't catch that one. You're listening to the number. One photography business podcast with Andrew. Helmets votto. BIZ ACHES DOT. com. Or we're going to jump into this interview with Richard Wine in just a second. If you're hearing this announcement, it does mean you're listening to the free version of the PODCAST. What that means is. You might be hearing the full interview today with Richard, because I do save a big chunk of the second half for we dive deep into the numbers for premium members I only, but the good news is you can the full interview if you want to for as little as one dollar with a thirty day trial membership head over to photo BS x dot com forward slash. Try if you want to check that out I'll send you everything you need to get started with your membership, so you can hear the full interview today with Richard Get access to the full back catalogue, and also send you an invite to the premium members facebook group, so you can see just how good that he's. Thought IT'D BE ZACKS DOT com forward slash. TRY IF YOU WANNA learn more about that. Great. It's time for Andrew Special guest. Today's guest is a headshot photographer recommended by a previous guest, Alma lab brophy. She said when introducing him. He is a financial guru. Really he's helped me. Realize my spending budget and cash flow through spreadsheets. He's created photographers. He has a background in finance. And he shared his experience and knowledge with many of us in pay. Tallies headshot crew where he serves as a mental. I went off to do a little digging before sending an envoy and found a fantastic website. Great headshot photography four a photographer based in Pennsylvania USA. It was difficult to see if he was successful or not. Just looking at the website, I did some more searching and I found. He is a university graduate. He's worked most of his career and finance before finding his calling as a headshot photographer. I'm talking about Richard Wine of Richard Wine. Photography and I'm looking forward to learning more and rat to having with us now, Richard Welcome. Andrew thanks for having me I. appreciate it. It's my pleasure, and like I said you have a fantastic website, but it so difficult to get an idea of what businesses like how things boy you in business photographer. Ashley I love making headshots in businesses is actually great pandemic notwithstanding think. So when you say business is great, let's put aside the pandemic, and we can talk about prior to overcome what you expect coming out of it, but when you say businesses had measure that businesses great view. So I have a great deal of different. That I consider not just revenue. Although revenues end, you'll probably agree with me of cash is king revenue is King and nothing tells you that you're doing all the right things more than your income and your revenue stream, but I'm also looking at things like social proof in how I perceived out in the industry, and in my particular demographic in my market. How people are are thinking of me. What is my reputation? Those are important metrics as well so I mean it's easy to measure revenue while it's relatively easy. How do you measure that is other metrics well? Social proof is certainly a very big. Guess we call it a key performance indicator KPI. And, so the first place I'm going to go to Google I wanNA know what people are saying about me, and I'd like to look at the reviews. People have left and I do interact with both present past and hopefully future clients so I'd love to hear where they're coming to me from. Where am I getting my referrals? What people think of me after the experience? What people think of the experience? All of that information actually gets fed back into my workflow and or my website depending on what it is, they're telling me. How can I make the experience better? What information can I provide? That would maybe push them towards perhaps booking with me again or referring one of their friends or colleagues. So you relying purely on online research to get that information, or are you using question as and things like that directly with your clients? I don't actually use questionnaires our at I'd sooner get on the telephone rock I. I prefer an old school type of methodology. I do believe that the conversation seems to be dying, but I'm all too happy to dial a telephone. And ask a few questions of ask clients. I will email with them to arrange a time or maybe. I'll just ask them outright. How's your experience or I might even give them the link to the Google Review and Let them go for Nice Nice talking about the revenue side of things. What do you feel good revenue for a headshot photographer? Is that a number you can come up with? I think that really depends on where you're located in true so where I am in Pennsylvania. You're really not going to find top of the market in other words. You can compare Lancaster Pennsylvania to New York City. There's really no way the cost of living is different. The revenue streams are different, the ability to diversify in some way shape or form the access to various resources is different so perhaps fifty sixty seventy thousand dollars a year where I live could be the equivalent of one hundred one hundred fifty dollars in New, York City. So, how can you adequately measure that type of success so what I would probably say is? Determine what it is you as a photographer want to make per year and work backwards. Don't simply rely on the numbers to measure your success, but work backwards this way when you do achieve those numbers than you know, that's the break, even point that's the place where you want to be. That's a nice sweet spot. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't always pushing the envelope and push the rates higher as you get better as the demand for your work increases, you know I still operate Mama simple laws of supply and demand. Right so based on what you've just said Doin. Mike the Assumption that you know you have a revenue of sixty thousand dollars. More, yes. More than that, yes, okay, so businesses good. It's your fulltime job. You're making your soul income from hedge photography. That's correct, but I think there's a little bit of disclosure involved in I. Don't simply make headshots. People go on their merry way. I have different arms to my business diversified income stream on the other hand. I am also consulting photographers on their businesses, and helping them with their analytics, and understanding what their numbers are telling them so that they can apply that information and form a strategic and tactical plan to improve them, so there's a consulting arm to my business so there multiple streams of income in there, but yes, photography in specifically headshot and portraits. Photography is the majority of that income I K. Back to the finance things in the numbers in just a second, but Tony about that transition you might from the finance industry to photography. Have Quick did that happen? How did you make that transition? Oh I can't remember the exact year. Both let's call it eons ago. I had an ex girlfriend who had a son who was a high school wrestler and I said Gee wouldn't it be great to have pictures of him wrestling for sentimental purposes. And so I went out, and I bought a camera, and what I discovered very quickly was not only did my images stink, but I had no idea what I was doing. So I did what any rational human being would do I took to the University of Youtube. and. What I discovered was that I didn't have the right equipment. And I certainly had no idea what I was doing like I said so I gathered whatever pennies I had and went back to the drawing board at picked up. GSA are and I realized that Gee the entry level lars are not going to do what I want to do. And the reason. Why is because as a novice I picked the most difficult environment in which to make a picture, an high school gymnasium with very very low lighting shooting, wrestling match, which could be over within ten seconds or six minutes. It would take me six minutes just to turn the camera on. So. Long Story Short is that I had no idea what I was doing, and so I sat down to more youtube videos and I happened across a video that Peter early had done or a Google plus platform. And I was enamored. He was magnetic in energetic. Absolutely hysterical literally left my rear end off for about two hours and I said okay. I've worked in professional atmosphere all my life when you want to get better at something, there's always a conference how what conferences are around for photography, so I found one in New York City now. I'm originally from New York. And have spent most of my career there. So this is familiar. Territory said this is wonderful out go to. The conference will have a great time. Maybe learned something Lo and behold Peter was on the docket to do a a panel or a demonstration, and once again I laughed my rear end off for an hour and a half I've just, but the images were absolutely beautiful hair. They were gorgeous images the way in which. which she got those images to watch him work on stage. It was really captivating, and so pretty much. That's where I made the command decision that if I'm going to pursue anything in photography, it's going to be otographer and I had to meet Peter. I had rubbed elbows with the right people that day or that evening, because I ended up at a party that he was co hosting with the F. Stoppers guys. And, so I walked up to him after grabbing a drink I introduced myself, and he said Hey. It's great to me. You know very warm and inviting us again. Let me see your pictures and pulled out a few that I had on my cell phone and without missing a beat, and this very well known story at this point, but for those that don't know without missing a beat. He looked at those pictures and said man. You fucking suck. and. I mean it was a great chuckle I mean we had a great laugh at it, but I don't come from a place of. Failing I Fail I will work and work in work until unsuccessful and so I said look if I'm that bad. Teach me I. joined the First Iteration of his coaching platform, which was called P. H. Two pro. At is now called. The headshot grew and I learned. I learned I learned. I know that at least on one occasion Peter told me that I had a ridiculously vertical learning curve, but that's simply because I don't like to make the same mistake twice. And so I keep learning in Phnom always a student of the game. I will keep learning until the day I die, but that is kind of how I got into headshot photography. And, at that point I said. Okay I. Don't come from a place of artistic background. That's really not in my brain. An analyst I got a very methodical in technical type of brain mechanism. This is really a business. Even though there's very much in artistic element in it for me now, I know that they're going to be a lot of photographers out there that say well, you know. I'm an artist. That's okay, I'm not. Okay I. Make Artistic Decisions, but I'm a businessman. I run a business. So I have turned whatever Peter has taught me. Into a business that I contribute in my wife is a teacher in I contribute to a household and actually as of today. My daughter just graduated from high school today. And in the fall she'll be starting university of Pittsburgh so. If it weren't for headshot photography. We would be making that possible. Fast, and I can say you know with handle. Your work is fantastic. I mean on looking at you. Hide right now and the poets. The headshots adjust gorgeous beautifully world it great expressions is popping. Era Great photographer. Level I'm businessman which I don't know a lot about yet. The tell me about making that transition, so you obviously go good quickly. Did you throwing the day job? Did you stop booking headshot clients while you still working the day job, tell me about transition. Right I guess I didn't complete the question that you asked the first time, so the continuation to the story is that once I admit Peter and I kind of fell in line with his coaching platform in the way he teaches I started to improve little by little. I was already part of the two thousand, seven, two, thousand eight. I, guess you call it. The House of Cards Wall Street basically was decimated when the tire economy and I think that was global economy went into the tank and working as an analyst Gernot writing tickets in other words, you're not generating revenue for any brokerage firm that you work for your analyzing data and giving it off to somebody else who's. Who's going to generate the revenue? They pay you pretty well for, but that doesn't mean that they won't get rid of you. If your overhead and so I walked into work one day, and at least ten of us were laid off, just like that and I even enquired performance because nobody was saying anything. Absolutely not you do a great job. We just we can't keep young. There's not enough money to. Substantiate the over at. Now at that point, I probably could have gotten another position in new. York really if you can't make it in New York, you can't make it anywhere and almost actually. It was the same day Mike. Girlfriend, this is of course flashing forward. My girlfriend had said Will WanNa. Come down to Pennsylvania and see if there's anything here for you. I suppose okay. You know I'll think about it. And I had already been coming down to Pennsylvania, which is about a three and a half hour drive from New York every other weekend so I would come down to Pennsylvania on a Friday night. I'd after work. I would go back to New York on Sunday. And then I would work all week. And then another week would go by then. I would come back down again and I did that for about a year. Mind you. And when she said come on down, I said Okay I'll see what's around. I eventually ended up taking a position at a bank for a short while, and I had done enough for them. It was time for me to part ways with them, and my business had already ramped up. And so I said this is a good opportunity for me to dive into what I really enjoy doing following the passion. and kind of escaping the banking and brokerage world the it's not to say that it's a bad place to be banking and brokerage really did support me in my lifestyle for quite some time. But it was time to pursue a different challenge in something that I really was passionate about instill out, and so the transition was thus. I did not just walked out of. Wall Street one day and pick up a cameron start. Again from scratch. Businesses just generated overnight. You don't just open your doors. Hang A shingle out on the lawn and say I'm open for business and people walk in. It's not like you have to put a lot of time and effort into it, and basically establishing a business in an area that you're unfamiliar with even harder not only did my demographic shrink. The mindset has changed as well and on top of that. People don't know who you are, and if you're not from the area originally. You're not. Part of the in crowd. They won't even think twice before they just turn their back on you, so it's taken some time for me to ingrain in ingratiate myself in two years and make some friends become friendly with other business owners, a network with people, and that takes a lot of time, so hold onto to any position that you have until you ramp up business, and then you can transition. You may be miserable in the process, but It's a wiser decision, thank. I agree I agree with that. So those first clients were they coming from the different business associations like being group annual networking or from your professional life in the banking industry. Like where did you get these folks clots from? So? Yes, some of my first clients for from my previous professional career that was back in New York, but when I open shop in Lancaster I actually turned to thumb tack I. Don't Know If you're familiar with tack, but it's kind of a sourcing website where you can find all sorts of different professionals and so i. don't know if they're other. It's kind of like be linked in pro finder. I don't know if that's the might be familiar to you. Run of her thumb tack but I think we have it here. basically eve. Put in a bid for a job saying this what you're willing to do for thumb. Thumb tack takes a few dollars or credits as they call them, and so I basically developed a name for myself doing that, plus I put my name out through facebook groups and started to work with some of the local air quotes here models just trying to develop a portfolio as certainly open. My door's to friends and families develop portfolio I just want the people to experience the work. And even though the work was at a very different level than it is now, the experience still holds true. They had a great time and they were able to give me what I really wanted. which was social proof? Right cut gone. So. Let's fast forward to today or recent times and I can see on your website. You know your pricing clear. There's seventy dollars put image plaza. Two Hundred Ninety five villa session fe. Had, you come to those numbers? So like I had mentioned earlier in the conversation. I believe there's a dollar figure attached to what it is that I would like to make each year. Just like if I were working any other nine to five type of job, how much would I expect company Xyz pay for my services, so there's a dollar figure attached to that. We'll call it salary for whatever whatever good that is the we'll call that salary on top of which I have overhead. I run a studio I have a lease on the studio space I have electricity bills. I have Internet. I have this. I have that when I stack all of those numbers together, I have all of my operating expenses am when I think about all those operating expenses at the end of the day I need for my net operating income to be the in the black I. Don't WanNa. See A red number. And, if that numbers in the black and I'm still able to pay myself that salary. Well. That's kind of a really big deal, but the only way that I can substantiate. Those operating expenses if I offset them with revenue, and so the revenue part comes into how many sessions? At the prices that I have chosen. Can I do have I done. What is the pattern? You know how many sessions have I done over the last quarter last six months last year? What is the season analogy of it all? Right, these are key important metrics. That I'm looking at when I analyze my financials to create a budget for myself at the beginning of the year. And so when I think about what people have paid in, what are they willing to pay? That's kind of how I'm getting my numbers at this point in mind you. Those numbers tend to go up I've not been in a situation where my rates go down. Now. That's not to say that they won't. Right you have to kind of ebb and flow with the market. In I've always believed as a principle of economics, something is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for. Okay and that's the truth in. You know if you consider. Photographers New, York City. For a shot, it's not uncomfortable for a session fee to be a thousand or fifteen hundred dollars for a session. Never mind the image. Right maybe one hundred dollars per image. That's very normal down here I think around three hundred dollar session fees pretty pretty good price for the value. Sure let me come back to your individual process in just a second so on the same page as you. Let's say you, WanNa have a salary. Let's call it a salary of seventy thousand US dollars. You've got to take into account tax plus your overheads let's. Let's say that comes to nine hundred and thirty thousand that the revenue you need to bring in to kind Yo-, seventy thousand dollars salary. Is that what was saying? That's correct? If I bring in one hundred thirty thousand dollars based on your figures than I have essentially broken, even in other words I've offset all of my expenses salary, being part of those expenses, and now my net operating income is actually zero. In other words, the business actually has not collected money, but I've been paid and the expenses have been paid I. You'll salary is not a prophet. No! No, no, no I. Don't consider it that way at all. Remember much like everybody else I have bills. I have family to take care of I've got to put food on the table and now I've got kids going to college. That's a big deal in that requires money, and so the way I look at what I'm doing, and perhaps not for tax purposes per. Per Se, but I'm still an employee of my own business and I must be compensated for the work I do okay, so let's say at the moment is salary is seventy thousand by one of your kids going to college and I think that's the only time and you know the salary then you have. A couple of choices are bringing more clients or up the pricing. Correct or there's a third option which very few people actually talked about. It is producing your overhead. Guy If. That's possible correct, and then there are ways you can be strategic about things and one example I always bring up with some of my clients, and certainly with headshot crew members as take a look at studio, for instance, which is always going to be one of your largest expenses, your studio leaks. Real estate is not cheap, and we're not saying that you've purchased were just saying leasing it, but that's always going to be one of your largest expenses well. If you're only doing, let's say hypothetically. Of course. Two sessions per month does a really pay to lease that studio when you can just rent the space for a couple of hours each month, or whatever have you however that structure the probably save yourself a whole lot of money doing so maybe a shooting out of your house I know some people have An objection to doing that I was one of those people I did not want to have a studio in my own home, because at the time I had young kids. I don't really want to have strangers in my home with young kids so I understand, but there are options you can rent. A studio can go into a shared studio arrangement with other photographers. You could of course shoot out of your home. There are ways around it, so if you are creative in strategic, you can probably reduce your expenses greater than you thank. Our. Let me take you back then to that would prophet, so we actually striving to make a profit, or are we striving to make a good salary as headshot photographer? When I think of profit I think of net operating income and I think of cash cash is always king, because directly beneath net operating income are things like amortization depreciation tax expenses all the below the line fence. Sorry Rich hangups, a net operating income. That's the seventy thousand dollars a year throughout the salaries it. No, no, so if we go back to the seventy thousand dollars for you throughout. A think he changed it to eighties. Whatever have you? You've got salary? And then you've got your overhead. So, we're going to bring both of those numbers together, and that's your total operating expenses tax included in that operating expenses that depends on the tax that you're talking about. Are you talking about your income tax? Yes, okay. No, because that comes off the seventy or eighty. Right because the way taxes work here in the United States that might business itself does not pay income tax, but because I am a sole proprietor in the way I file my taxes that salary or I should say all of the numbers. All of my figures from my business flow through my personal income tax, so it becomes personal income, so I would be taxed on the salary I actually bring home. Yes, that'd be the similar that it'd be the same for a stranding photographers well that operating as assault tried. Right so once you have all of your total expenses. then. You have your total revenue and they offset each other. Guy That's your net operating income. RADICI guy all right so in other words that would be total revenue. Right, that's correct. Okay, got it I. Come on the sites that you go back to your prophet right. Think of that Prophet right so when you consider your net operating income and all of the below the line things at the end of the days cash. How much has your business earned right? What is still in the bank account at the end of the day? Records is cash. Now, I've always been a believer in this very point and I don't think anything will ever actually change my mind, but one of the biggest key performance indicators for business is. How much cash do you have on hand? How healthy is Your Business? What your liquidity? Right because at the end of the day, and this is just all cards on the table Andrew. I have not been in my studio for a little more than two months because I could not function due the covid nineteen pandemic if my business had no cash and I had not paid myself appropriately. Probably would not have been able to whether that storm I've asked for no aid from the government because I had this covered and I figured if they already had plenty of claimants for that money that needed it more than I did. Let them take the money. But. I was able to stay alive because my business was healthy, so it's a very big. Of Healthier businesses cash cash like I, said that cash that's over and above your salary plus your expenses. So, your salary becomes an expense for your business. Your salary is inexpensive your business, so if you add your salary and your electric bill in your insurance bill in your studio lease etcetera, those are all expenses. Okay if I have ten sessions in a month, hypothetically and I've got the three hundred dollars session fee plus the perimeter fee. All of the monies that collect from those sessions those are revenue and net revenue will offset all of the overhead including salary. That is how we get to net operating income right I. Let's ran these because let's say at total expenses. Including salary is one hundred and fifty thousand. For ballpark figure. You saying then for the business to be profitable, we would need to have a higher revenue than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars coming into the BS. That's correct, right that is correct. That's the pop that is cash. That sits in the bank or wherever it is, so you can leave up that in the case of a pandemic for example right and you could be strategic about how you deal with that cash right in some cases, it could be advisable to establish what I call a rainy day, fund or a reserve, right? Right because at the end of the day, Andrew Stuff always happens, and I'd rather play it safe than sorry, so you could take a portion of whatever's left in the bank after all of your expenses repaid including your salary, and you could put it into a savings type of fund build that up a nice reserve, but remember part of your expenses could be establishing that fund for contributing to that fund. It could be contributing to your retirement funds. It could be contributing to all sorts of different disbursements, so you could easily lumped. In with all of your expenses and just kind of make it a very normal payment erotic So in your experience when you go into help, other photographers you them operating businesses like this looking at these numbers these why? Typically No. Expected. So what I have always found when it comes to photographers, and this is not a slight, it's simply that photographers artists in general don't always have their eyes on the money and I know this is a very broad stroke, very broad brush, almost stereotypical generalized, but artists are great business people. They're not normally thinking of the numbers, and so I don't like to be in a position of my income goes up. Up One month and it goes down the next month and we're in this camel hump kind of year I like to be very strategic about how might quarters my months and my years play out because I believe in having a sustainable business. If your income goes up, it goes down and it goes up and goes down. You have no idea what's going to happen. How can you possibly plan and budget accordingly? Yeah, so, what then do you suggest the photographer does? Let's say walk into help of it's over. And listen to the way they running the business, and that's just not their advertising. They're getting shoots in getting what they can from the clients as five siles concerned, but there's no structure to it is the first thing to look at what they wanna be taking home at the end of the day, or will look at the expenses i. what do we look at first to build a successful business? The first thing that I would do, and it may be counterintuitive some other approaches, but the first thing that I do is i. sit down and line item all the expenses I. Because the truth is. You can't understand the expenses without understanding the income. But there are things you can do about the income. There's sales and marketing there. Working on Seo their various avenues right there, plenty of suggestions on how to get out there and do that kind of thing, and if memory serves you had mike shocked from three one two elements? Yeah, headshot, HOT SAUCE! He's a fantastic resource. He's actually worked with as done a fantastic job and I literally triple my income because of his knowledge, he and Mike sent Sony so sales and marketing is a different avenue, so you need that kind of help. They're probably the guys, but when we're talking about expenses, I would probably go down each one of those in. Say what's necessary. There's an old story about US Sandy Weill and a Jamie diamond. Are you familiar with I'm not okay. Sandy Weill used to be the chief executive officer of Citigroup. In fact, he formed Citigroup and Jamie diamond at one point was his right hand man in at a time that they worked I believe that American. Express believe that's the place, but the story goes that when Sandy Weill walked into American Express. There was only so much that he could actually do with the income. So he line item than in chopped expenses wherever it could any turned a family business into a profitable one. By just realigning the expense streams in the income streets. So I do take sort of an approach to every business that way. Look at the expenses. What's necessary? What's not? WHAT'S A frivolous expense? What do you need? In. Why buy something if you don't needed if you can't afford it? Right so the numbers have to add up truthfully you cannot look at the entire picture without looking at both income and expenses, but expenses at where I start, then we can talk about the income. I let me ask you because you said you gotta look at what's necessary. Premium members photo Biz exposed. Photography business strategies promised every. If wants to get in touch with you. What's the best way to do that? Well my website, certainly the most convenient way that's www dot, Richard Wayne dot com. Dutch Richard W. A. I n. e. dot com, or they can email me at Info at Richard Wayne. DOT, com, they can send me smoke signals. They can find me on social media. I'm on instagram. It's at Richard Wayne on facebook Richard Wings. And testing I'm pretty much on all the social platforms pretty easy to find, but if you just go to my website, get everything right there. Pen testing. All links old is in China. It's to accompany this. Interview and look Richard. It's been a real pleasure. It's been fun to talk numbers and get a better idea of what we should be looking at without I'm businesses and it has been enlightening, so thank you so much. Oh It's my pleasure introduce. Thank you for having me I. Certainly Hope the information was helpful, and though complicated and I certainly don't shed a little light on stuff. At what do is once, these guys live. I'll get you added into member facebook group, and you'll have a few extra question thrown out by members. That'll be. Yeah absolutely I look forward to engaging the conversation. Enjoy that interview with Richard as much as I did Richard? If you're listening, thank you again for coming on sharing everything. You did I learn a ton. I'm sure the listeners. From what you had to share as well so again. Thank you so much for you. The listener our hope I'm right in saying that if there was a particular, take away something that reaches shared that used. Yes, that makes so much sense I'm going to be applying that to my business. I would love to hear about it on our Richard. Would as well if you're happy to share your thoughts on today's episode, today's interview leave a comment comment area, and you can find them this week. At photocopies x DOT COM forward slash three seven to the comments area. Area or at the very bottom of that page, and above the comments area find examples of Richard's beautiful work like he's work is fantastic, also find links to anything and everything. The Richard mentioned in the interview and there was a ton. It's all there in that one spot, and of course, if you are a premium member, I'll adding Richard into the members facebook group, so you can have access to him the soup easily, so if you have a follow up question something you wish that I asked that I didn't. You can hit Richard up inside the group. Photo Biz exposed? Interviews with photographers to help you build a better photography business. Just, before we close today's episode I just wanted to remind you that if you are interested in getting transcripts from the interviews whether it's the free podcast. Episode if you're afraid of all the premium version of the episodes, transcripts now available for every interview moving forward on no some people love to read an excess the transcripts particularly I have time to listen to a full interview. Maybe they WANNA scan. Certain topics will go back and find something specific that the guests was talking about so those transcripts are there and available to you. They generally pop up a day or two interviews live, so he can get all those sorted. The other quick thing I wanted to mention was the daily blog. Challenge has finished the last one, and I'm having a little break before kick off the next month on September seventh, but you can register now. The early bird registrations are open for that head over to dilate VLOGGER CHALLENGE DOT COM to pray registered or registered for the next challenge, and then I'll keep you updated Vira. Mao once we're ready to go, and just so you are aware. Challenge is all about getting more comfortable being yourself on video, but we take a distinct business approach so during the challenge in particularly in the final week you'll be sending email replies decline choirs using video. You'll be recording video testimonials for businesses or service providers that you WANNA be networking with to build your business. We're going to be recording a video that you can use rate targeting visitors to your website. I'm going to show you how to set that up. In addition to all that business type stuff, there's fan prompts you get to know each other inside the group. You practice your. Your videos every single day, and all you really need is if the twenty minutes a day to do the challenge. It really is a life changing experience. They us so much fun, and it's really really sad. When the challenges finished because I feel like and other other challenges feel the same way. We've made a whole new group of friends. Every time we go through because we see each other every single day throughout the challenge, we get to see where where each other leaves. What we do in aspect time where we hang out in the weekends. Sometimes, we made each other families. Pets. And it's a real lot of fun so daily challenge. If you'd like to improve how you are on video, even just get more comfortable, being yourself and love to see you on the next challenge if that interest you. Already that he's going to wrap up this episode of the podcast. Our hope you have a fantastic week ahead. Look forward to chatting to you. That's it from the talking now. If you enjoyed this episode. SHOWPIECE DOT COM join the conversation comment and share your thoughts on the interview with Andrew and today's special guest.

Richard Andrew Stuff New York Mike United States Peter Google Pennsylvania New York City facebook Richard Wine York City Richard Welcome ZACKS DOT Richard Wayne Sandra Helmi Andrea Helmet Goldsmith
Business News Roundup

San Francisco Chronicle Business & Technology News - Spoken Edition

02:17 min | 2 years ago

Business News Roundup

"You're listening to the spoken edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. Business. News roundup by chronicle news services from business agile agile int- AGI Elian T technologies on Monday reported fiscal fourth quarter profit of one hundred ninety five million dollars. The Santa Clara company said that its earnings suggested for one time gains and costs came to eighty one cents per share. The results beat Wall Street expectations of seventy three cents per share. The scientific instrument maker posted revenue of one point two nine billion dollars in the period, which also beat street forecasts for the year Angela reported profit of three hundred sixteen million dollars or ninety seven cents per share revenue was reported as four point nine one billion dollars for the current quarter ending in February agile, it expects its per share earnings to range from seventy one cents to seventy three cents. The company said it expects revenue in the range of one point two six billion dollars. To one point two eight billion dollars for the fiscal first quarter. Analysts surveyed by Zacks had expected revenue up one point two eight billion dollars agile and expects full year earnings in the range of three dollars to three dollars five cents per share with revenue ranging from five point one three billion dollars to five point one seven billion dollars into it into it said Monday that it had a fiscal first quarter net income of thirty four million dollars after reporting a loss in the same period a year earlier, the Mountain View companies earnings suggested for one time gains and costs were twenty nine cents per share. The results surpassed Wall Street expectations which were for earnings of eleven cents per share, the maker of turbo tax QuickBooks and other accounting software posted revenue of one point zero two billion dollars also topping forecasts for the current quarter ending in February into it expects its per share earnings to range from eighty five to eighty eight cents. The company said it expects revenue in the rain. Range of one point four seven billion dollars to one point four nine billion dollars for the fiscal second quarter.

San Francisco Chronicle chronicle Santa Clara Zacks Angela Mountain View two eight billion dollars three dollars one hundred ninety five millio three hundred sixteen million thirty four million dollars four seven billion dollars four nine billion dollars one seven billion dollars one three billion dollars nine one billion dollars two nine billion dollars zero two billion dollars two six billion dollars
Die Hard - The Power Trip After Party

The Power Trip After Party

26:51 min | 2 weeks ago

Die Hard - The Power Trip After Party

"Now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money. With the dominion energy reliability investment our new investment product offers competitive returns no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money. You make the reliable investment in reliable energy. The dominion energy reliability investment to find out more go online to reliability investment dot com that's reliability investment dot com power after podcast presented by bud. Light seltzer available now in the podcast section of the iheartradio app and on kfi dot com rolling on the tape rolling rolling back marshals rolling right. Now it's a bud. Light seltzer commercial for those of you listening to the audio of this later on. There's danson happy. I gotta take take the over off man. The overly off dude duped overlay. Do what a baby. Hi everybody welcome to the after party. Podcast for the friday the thirteenth twenty twenty of november. By the way. Thank you to bud. Light seltzer for bringing you the after party. Podcast and putting it live on that old screen over there. I ever buddy. Hi cory sauce. Hey bit i bran hi. Aj you gotta go do occur Some kind of conference call something right. He's got to go do something. I will tell you something special so hi. Barb burp berbizier. Heiberg have any questions or comments or anything like that today. feel free because frankly amount of stuff audio in the stream. Because that's not here. That's his bit. Thank you austin has excellent here. He's in vegas basically playing video games because he ran out of money last night at about seven o'clock my wife which makes sense because you can get about a dozen five bucks that's true. Yeah yeah cheddar loop across thing right now. Looks amazing. Well before you guys want to do the tiebreakers. Sure i guarantee i got one of them. I'm gonna write it down and predict right down just trying appease brand you've clear get close to a microphone because she is a smart. Thank you stretch that stuff out. C. h. tiebreaker. Number one. Yes a do number. One was captain. Kirk father block. Who is i. They're got charlton heston. No no chris hemsworth. Yeah chris hemsworth four now. That's for one right. Well have tiebreaker to already. In two thousand and five released my horizontal life a collection of one night stands chelsea handler chelsea s. one dominates. She sleeps tiebreakers finished. I don't know what did you guys select the caller for the jackpot call for ten minutes straight after the break. I know there's a lot of people to call and has done. I clear the phones. And then i hit them. That's why it's incredible that that dude got him twice right out of the billions of people trying to call that one guy got in twice in the what it was. I think you're right. Yeah i i can't even calculate the odds of that happening. I don't know how that guy did that that's insane. What's the initials offer this week asking for a friend. Oh yeah once a oh well first of all you can just go to initials game dot com and by. Christmas is less than two months away by seven. Because i want initials you did. You get two point five million mystic slot bonus coins. That's nearly the offers going to end by the time you've finished reading this. Read a twenty dollar value. Use them to play blackjack video poker and more at home or on the go. Download the free mystic slots app by mystic lake or play online at mystic slots dot com boom b word boom around. Let's try this casaus. Was today a little bit sauce. I'm gonna throw it a set of initials. We'll see how quickly you can think of a serial rapist ready today. You were unbelievable here. We go d. s. diaz Dick safer yet dick saber. I can't think of one. I don't wait. Dias seem obvious. Oh darren sharp. There's jabber okay. Got one corey. T be ted bundy correct. They were dead great. Well i mean let's not here's over whether or not we are not for death. Not terry bradshaw. Gosh tommy. Both in tommy's tweet whenever you play rise. There has to be people that are like did he leave his tweets. She's alone he loves that fucking but it's you know. Believe it or not. There are a lot of people call in to try to win. Fourteen grants so. It's hard to get through happy friday to you heather home. We love you too. Thank you very much. There's chris occupan on the twincities summer jam. Because i'm taking next year off from taking also year half why i just need it really going after most of this year off. Yeah wow sound alone. She does all found out. I did miss it really playing the bass guitar zach. No doesn't have any cats zacks broke way to go. Yeah ta see what's up party. People party's zone. Take it all off and it's weird. I think he's talking. Now he says hawk. Oh well that was a very specific request. Do you wipe sitting down or standing up. I stand up our stood up as well your front of access or not. You guys have been bright spot in me and my fiance's week always make us laugh. Thank you thank you. Andrew get naked. Mapa wants us to get naked. Muppets weird frontal backer. Back to front. I do like that. People call other people like a windshield wiper. fun phrase. yeah. I wish American mopus ighty would adopt that for his buddy. When i lived in virginia who was from abu dhabi and he called everybody sausage either sausage. He was a good guy. I don't know if he's still life. let's see. How the hell do you wipe standing up. And i can show you. I guess The hell's happening. Zach have vin mo-. Let's see how much we consider them. No i don't wanna see how he spends his time with no money or if he makes a bunch of it somehow is rocket league. Yeah i don't know i'd like to vegas. I'd like to go anywhere at this point. I got to get the hell out of here. Just book disney triple good for me super pumped about that again. Taking advantage of having covid you taken the kids yes yes. Nobody laughed at that. Thanks everyone appreciate you into your on the radio on the computer you were on your phone. Yeah i'm getting yelled at about something that you didn't look that butthole guild that by that because you didn't say the mysticlake thing right again sent me the wrong copy. So it's my fault. Isn't this like the third time this has happened. They need to send you the right copy. It's not your fault you read the exactly that. Yeah that was it. And what's the what's the right thing. Here let me see well. I wish you'd quit fucking up. Then we do man well. It says i won this week so i have to read it in character. Okay okay go ahead equity that. I won this week. Let means you listeners. Win big to go. Get two point five million mystic slot bonus coins a nineteen dollars. Ninety nine cents value text the keyword initials to five seven. Five five six now for your bonus coins you lose them do play games like blackjack or video poker in the mystic slots at by mystic league. You even play games with your friends. Corey doesn't have any friends. Hurry this offer is only good for one week buyers. My voice text initials to five seven five six now for your coins. Well no wonder you read it wrong. It's five pages long and paul. Why didn't you read. You read that right man. No wonder so people don't want to work with you. that's correct. Hawkins salespeople. Hate you paul. I wonder medeeva. You are diva kinda. Yeah you have officially taken the lead out of the three of us. You are the most diva ish of the three of us. The most even one in the building. Oh no absolutely not true. Can we do a segment where everybody sauce. That's actually a very funny idea. That would hurt my. Yeah choose loop. Saloon denies again your impression. I use the worst. That's a huge advantage of being somebody that other people are doing impressions of his. You just need to talk and you're going to nail it. She sleeps alone. That sounds exactly like sauce. Nailed it in. Steve's bed steve markle now he's pissed about it. See the one that ios dirty bitch at restaurants. No that's peter as an excuse has saucepan tracking rory terrible. He's plus three. That's going to miss the cut result. So it's normally no. He has a whole eighteen to play. He's not making the cut if he's plus three. There's like fifty people that are under par. Chew sucked shit man. That's why you read a script. Correct yeah brilliant. he So instead of taking the top whatever seventy five or whatever it is like you take the guy you take you. Take the facts now. Normally you go from the leader. Let's the leaders seven hundred ten strokes back. That's plus three. Rory would make the cut but because of they can't have that many golfers because it gets dark at five thirty as opposed to eight ray in the spring right at the top fifty here make will cool. That's great. I'm gonna be fucking two hundred twenty four four hundred twenty five dollars into this bet because he paid perish. Well got mysticlake money. Right probably not. It's not your fault being out now at all wind post a picture friend too much light sauce list like three ways that you and saucers similar wade issue opposite end of the spectrum. Yeah i think maybe body image issues self-esteem sometimes our own worst critic or self esteem in the building. Oh okay my mistake. i don't agree with. I don't know we just have this weird kind of damage kinship. Your both you're both rotten and spoiled not like in a in a of fair. I mean like more like a fruit way than a Any new probably not the wears trying to word it. You guys want explain something to me. What was that whole. Love boat thing with the vikings. I was too young. yes like one. Yeah they didn't understand. What was it about seven seven or eight two thousand five. No no no. But i mean how many vikings seven or eight of them. Yeah about something. Like seven or eight. Vikings rented a boat on lake minnetonka like a party boat. Yeah all in. Almaz does like party boat. Rents were. you could do like you know. They're giant boats could take out on lake minutes but they flew in prostitutes just know which is also was a bit back in the day was white. What's wrong with the flu. In girls from atlanta and then like bryant mckinnie went down on one of them on a bar and a bunch of more getting blown and like the workers on the boat. These are high school and college. Kids right some of these is younger adults people. I graduate high school. What they'd have that job today. Job because your hips you get tips and you're outside so great. A lot of cool people who need summer jobs is all. These workers are subjected to this random. Sex party yeah and It away then. There was a whole bunch of controversy. Dante culpepper claimed that he didn't do any of these dice in the corners. was williams. I forget who. I think it was jeter wealthy. More one of them. Yeah i don't wanna see the wrong number. One of them though was engaged and was beyond defended. Like what what they said. No no i wouldn't. That wouldn't be like everybody's excuses were awful. Everyone's excuse was how they find out about it. Because i was before media the people on the company complaints and rightfully and a couple of guys got caught once they got back on land got caught pene like in somebody's yard and bat lady called the cops. I think the whole thing on how they were. They were shit faced in bushes or something. We've all said if everyone is a consenting adult. Do that in a fucking hotel suite right away. Sexual assault aside and dragging us. I isn't that wasn't that the darren sherpa rumor that the news. The packer green bay packer didn't he wasn't. He like infamous for having giant hotel. Sex parties probably not giants compared to you bitch. You make fun of fat and my teeth. Capped me their list is laundry. But those are to ask. Those are two of your top draft. Mix but i agree. Why why would you bring in ten twenty thirty random employees when you could just fly the gals in from and in house or dante's kind of like a penthouse condo downtown. Yeah or a buddy with a giant boat. Yeah more take him out on the boat or run a god damn cabin for the weekend or just fly atlanta strippers in atlanta strippers man. Yeah yeah exactly. Yeah in highschool. Well thank you for enlightening me. Give you an unbelievable sexy image that none of the is going to be able to shake the rest of the weekend. No that for twenty two people. And i want to ready bryanne. Yup and bryant mckinnie. Who's that oh my god. I've watch things like that four times or size right shack his his girl right shocking skills that the one that the pictures mountain from thrones that that's going to yeah we're just trying to even out the genetics mid-size people. He's pushing four hundred pounds right. Yeah umbrians pushing one hundred. Yeah that brand five one on a good day one in bryan mckinney's one. Six seven. Three eight yeah you know. Yeah we've talked about it. I don't know. I can't remember the blonde girl. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah ok allies. Exactly what you've been watching. Yeah yeah yeah okay. Okay you do i do. How much porn is. Brian watt a lot But that's exactly what it is more than your parents. Their parents so it was my dad. I guess i've heard a happy sixty nine. They mark roe happy. Sixteen to it to you super bummed. We couldn't throw him a giant party. I would have been such a great man would have been a good but we could have sold out target center with that. Yeah that's right. We got planned this week in anything at all. Yeah i got something today. What are you can't say why not. You're not allowed to say shit all the time for us. Oh he just has you what you are going to do. You said you have some. I'm gonna watch tonight watch out. Hurry fucking fall apart. I doubt it. Yeah some watermelon sugar and move on. Oh my sources said today though exciting. Can you talk about no. I got nothin' talk about it so weird financially related you have in your don't butthole removed getting to remove alfred hitchcock who removed. He had his belly button removed. Alfred hitchcock because he thought it was weird because he's a normal dude. It removed cut off and put back together. Don't you you've been walking the faultline your interest. What does that your european dance your the urban and no no. I'm i'm going to enjoy having sunday off. Get no vikings football on sunday. Yeah that's true man that'd be good. Let's see what else Ron our tests has a birthday today. Happy birthday met a world. Peace any ideas. Oh forty four. He was pretty young back. In the old mouse the policies that was fifteen years ago. Which i'm gonna say test is forty two ish sporty one now. You guys were on the air for that only because we were delayed in our because there was a special fan outdoors from seventy eight. I know about that that huge fight. You're the guys around the air. Can i got lucky. We were on the air and old school sludge and lake fans will remember they fighting. Exactly how remote. The news is day fighting. Fighting you know. Lake lake was kind of awesome because he just basic he was just everybody. That was throwing punches. He's done he's done run. Our tests never played in the nba again. You know stephen jackson's never played in the nba. Jermaine o'neal never played in the nba. Basically they were going into the stands punching the face. It was unbelievable. That was so cool. Can i ask a question. Because i don't really remember this because my memory's bad what started that did. Did someone throw our album. Christopher yours. I don't remember what didn't it start. Did it started on the court and then building throw art tests down or something. Yeah and when when was that our test when it was the guy that came onto the court fan came onto the court during the melee. Just got clobbered and then. They both stared at each other. Like i'm gonna punch you in. Ron artest like is this really happening. You know you really squaring me up. And then he just unloaded on this random. Fan of mike. Oh this is the craziest sports thing i've ever seen and it lasted. What ten minutes. Yeah everything calmed down. Very longtime time. How do you get an entire stadium to quit fighting each other right. Yeah it was just awesome. Do you remember the worth googling brian allen. I love a good sports by the best was yet started with Pistons center ben. Wallace attempted to lay upshot was fouled hard hard by pacers small forward ron tests and then they were gonna fight and then it started up again when the fan dumped huddled after like home match. Two thousand four men time flies plunged six years ago. We were out Hubert's down by the old metrodome. Remember that bar there. And i think so. Yeah i think minnetonka highschool was playing in the state championship game at the dome and they weren't serving beer because it's high school game so we went across the street and we're watching. Mike beat the shit boy. That's another weird thing too is. We didn't have to have a random pistons pacers game on but we had it on the tv. Yeah you love. We talked a lot of ask. Sure show hey real quick before we wrap this up you remember the movie. Obviously the never ending story great film. Do you remember the the man child warrior a tray. Of course yeah. Played by an actor named noah hathaway. I did not know that though. He's forty nine. Wow trees you said corey on the station. Multiple times at the second one is the worst worst movie of all time. It's un- i mean. Cats is closed but never needs to is just guard hockey love so i probably would not reminds me before we get out here. You guys remember movie. Called the long kiss goodnight. Yes with little samuel jackson and the dup. No it's the lady from is a league of their own julia. Reid glenn i. I've seen that movie one time when it was new. I think she has amnesia spang what she remembers that she has amnesia. She figures out that she had been a spy right. I remembered it. From the first time i saw it as being the great. This great movie like i think. And so on last night flipping the channels. We watched about forty five minutes of it. It couldn't have been worse. I couldn't. I can't believe i love that movie the first time i saw it but the acting is just ridiculous the The way she finds out she used to be a spy. Man that i love. That movie was brand new. And i can't believe. I've never seen it against then. Sauce brought this up you know. How like ho- lieber completely ruined that movie bit. Because he movies in like cats. Yay point of the experiment was to force all of us to watch great movies that we had just completely neglected. We've all we've all done not necessarily cats that human centipede respectful and do it legitimate. And it doesn't have to be oscar winners. The fact that you haven't seen revenge of the nerds makes me mad. I really wish you guys would wash it. We'll do it again but basically have like veto power where it's like. We're not that of andrew in two days a week for a couple of hours. Tuesday i will do that. Greece wednesday that we Pity can be involved. There are so many movies ben. Condemning snake waffles. There's a lotta ease movies. That i honestly can't believe i haven't seen top gun range wales by then you just why would i go. What's your what's the waffle maker brand. You have cuisinart. Yes good from what i hear. I read good things about cuiv denard and it's a real hardcore good thing. I heard good things that all right. I can't see your common more love. I'm sorry guys and thank you. Light seltzer for this. Everybody have a spectacular weekend and I wish sauce which is read his scripts correct. Yeah that'd be good diet a car crash. Good thing wishes aren't real about me that you and your dad stand up sixty nine. Your wish wish to two wishes out of your three because everybody knows Genie gives you three. I die in a car crash. Hawk sixty nine dead standing up. One of them is standing up because they're both technically right. What's what's your third wish and less money mouse while for who me. Oh wow. that's an unbelievably selfish. Can just for you to just for his pleasure. Can his car crash happened after he watched me stand up. Sixty nine my dad. He's watch them die. Title have to watch that of the wishes. You get clockwork orange into watching it. Do i do i also before. I know that you have billions of dollars. Now you are rich and knock sixty nine. Is dad yeah. I think i would wanna be dead. If i knew those things existed here. data you know bruce willis. You'll die hard okay. That's how the podcast ended. That's going to be the name of the podcast. Good-bye everybody good night. Npr's out and we love you bye. Now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money. With the dominion energy reliability investment our new investment product offers competitive returns no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money make the reliable investment in reliable energy the dominion energy reliability investment to find out more go online to reliability investment dot com that's reliability investment dot com.

chris hemsworth cory sauce bryant mckinnie Barb burp berbizier Heiberg Kirk father block chelsea s twenty dollar diaz Dick dick saber darren sharp chris occupan ighty nineteen dollars mystic league tommy medeeva steve markle kfi danson
Soundcheck: Seth Rarick

The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

1:07:19 hr | 3 d ago

Soundcheck: Seth Rarick

"Appropriate next network production. Welcome to the fly racing. Steve mathis show presented by max's tires in rand paul. On racer x online dot com dot com with your continued support of our sponsors. We have surpassed one thousand five hundred podcast delivered with over fifteen million downloads flick. That amazon banner on pullbacks to help us out. Donate the patriotic suits. You as always enrich your mortal lifestyle by working with the sponsors who support us the original moto podcast featuring legends of the past stars of today season previews and race reviews introspection opinion backs and laughs. Here's your host steve. Mathis walk everybody to another edition of the fly racing racer x podcasts presented by maxon rental another soundcheck been doing these again and enjoying them trying to get a few guys to come on and do join me and do this and talk about some music and talk about song so thank you everybody for listening. Thank you to fly racing. Flat racing dot com. Please check them out on the web zach. Osborne wearing fly racing winning the forty motocross championship. The formula is absolutely incredible piece of equipment and the formula that is out for twenty twenty one is just as good just as safe a little bit different shell for a little bit. Different pricing Thank you to fly racing. Please check them out on the web mountain bike stuff. They got watercraft that got moto. Got a lot of stuff going on rental as well. The winning brandon manufacturing design for the last half century rental continues to lead the world the very top level the sport amassing more titles than all competing brands combined. That's over two hundred twenty two. Us titles and over two hundred and thirteen. Thanks to max as well. Alex rod belt. Jeremy smith doing a great job. This summer with max's tires. Ut tires mountain bike tires. Max's dot com for more information jeremy mcgrath helping to develop that mx s tire. Thanks to those guys for coming on and making this podcast app and thank you people for really kind of demanding. The sound checks come back a lot of tweets about and with me to do his second sound check. I normally don't want allow people to do to these. But this man loves music. And i gave him the instructions again. Ten songs one per artists but they had to be different from his first soundcheck and he agreed. It's a former pro. Rider turned trainer to the stars. Seth rarick what's up south through man. I'm stoked i think i'm only talking about music this much but Yeah yeah. I love me things i i listen to. You think the the pods be honest with you. Know really right. You were always into these exact. Yeah i i love me. I mean i tell everyone musically talented any way shape or form and no one would ever seen. I mean that. That's all all i would be doing or did take time but Yeah i seem like you're gaining momentum for awhile and then nothing for last year now. He's like no one's into music. It's crazy well. He'll doesn't talk to me so i couldn't get him. I'm working on a his. His will be heavy country. But i'll still do with that gay before redneck but he he's into it. But i'll i'll try and talk to hill for everything because that that kids Tastes music is amazing. Yeah i was thinking metcalf to going to hold a metcalf down. See what he's doing. he's i know he's a drummer. He loves music. So it'd be really metcalf. Might be good gal that yeah yeah absolutely. So we'll see we're going to keep out these to these are hopefully we can anyways before the covert obviously and since the last soundcheck. What was some of their concerts. You went to a. Did you go to anything cool. I know super-busy busy with baker's factory. And you're you don't have much of a life steph. Throw these days. But what about did you get out to do. Anything could be honest with you. Steve the last concert. I to if it's a coincidence or not But rape before. I before i so yeah i mean really when i was. I was doing a good music scene. They're a bunch of Obviously good city a lot of bands come through there but the last show i went to is actually aaron lewis Just aaron lewis solo. Ya at the music factory scarlet. And i would like to link former to florida So yeah we're gonna go now and then yeah and then you know work took over and you could you could sneak off to orlando com. What's happening you know. I know i could. I could go to anything i wanted to. It's just i don't I don't know anyone here outside of work so You know how many local friends so to say you know what i mean. Everyone here you know. It's kind of business all the time and Whenever when we do get out of the you know out of the factory was kind of worn out to do anything so there is one show. I wanted to hit right before Rate before code. Hey it was actually collective soul. Do you remember them. On course i saw them open for hagar like maybe two three years ago. They were good. They were really good. They're really good. Yeah and they were They're playing the house losing orlando. This is yeah. This is probably week or two before. Copenhagen and i wanted to go with zach and then something came up with. I think one of his kids or something. You got busy so yeah we have been calling it. And then and then covert hit. So yeah man. that's bomber this whole I mean this is a whole 'nother side that this whole thing is just kinda putting a halt to know life but the last show. I went to aaron lewis. He really did he. Do stains tougher was more country music. Aaron lee lewis he. He did everything he started he did. He played their entire Well it's not new anymore latest album. He did his whole album Front to back. And he would do. He would do stain stuff. He he was sprinkle a stain song in like every every three salsa and then and then he He did a bunch of covers actually. Did alison change cover He did I'm trying to remember now. But he like four or five covers and then he obviously had his backing band and how he ended. The show was unbelievable because it was a real small venue Which i the show is a small venues. I think are better anyway. More energy in the room but he ended he ended the The show is really cool. He told his whole band walked off dates and it was just him and a guitar. The unplugged guitar and he threw his mic to the ground. And all the lights shut off in the place and He told ever and he's like hold your cell phones up and he was yelling the top of his wrong. So you guys he's like don't say don't say an f. Word you gotta be quiet for this song. And he stood on top On the one amp just just as tar and singing and no no microphone. Wow just it was insane man and he was just it was crazy how much there's voice traveled like bellowed. And it was it was really kinda makes the hair stand up on the next thinking about it by putting that place and that's kind of how price is good price to price to pay by stained really good song really good like mountain bike song. You gotta the pop up. Yeah i'm a fan of yeah okay. That was kind of later on. I mean yeah. I like the earlier. Yeah it was definitely radio. Plays the stains on for sure. No thanks for coming on. I think people really dug this. And i knew you would get some cornell in this even though i told you got to be different from your last soundcheck people can go. Google that one and listen to that pod by new you get cornell and are based on your love of him. The last time we did this so we we had to get a. I knew you'd get that in there again. So i don't know if i'm bending the rules there and what but pretty much like the last pod. We did at the first three. I three songs that were on their those artists. There was a it was the hardest thing that shoes song from those and then after i did the last part of you i was kind of still kicking myself a little bit. I'm like oh there's three other songs artists. I think i should have turned right. Yeah i was kind of back and forth so anyway when you asked me to a second one of my okay. Those three for sure. Yeah then then. I tried making the rest different. I'm pretty sure all the rest of different artists. Yeah yeah i think too. I think so but Yeah not no surprise on some of the ones you picked for sure so All right let's get into this death. Rarick soundcheck let's start Here we go. Here's first one up to new stew man minds now Shadow on the sun by audio slave and again. You're huge cornell. So yeah he. I could listen to that song. Yeah man that one. It's it's really really hard to say this but if someone Someone asked me if i had to pay my favorite song of all time out of every genre. Anything it's really hard for narrow one down Especially chris but i think that one because i think it has everything every element in it. That iraq song should have Also i feel like chris. Kind of displays all his vocal ranges Yeah he starts off saw and then of course gets a bit heavier and then That's a really long song. It's like seventy eight minutes and then at the end slow back down again and then it gets super heavy like Kind of sounds like his original soundgarden base It gets really really heavy super heavy at the end and Yeah i really think. I'd have to pick our after. Say that would be my favorite song of all time. And that's a statement. Yeah is huge a massive statement man. But i've i've thought about it a lot especially since the last pot. I did with you because i've never really had to think about my ten favorite songs But yeah that that one is amazing and the lyrics are also very dark and heavy. Which a lot of his or but considering what happened to him later on in life and and you know how he went out. It's it's very irie. I mean that that whole first album. I think a lot of his lyrics are super Just no knowing how he went out is very very eerie. I mean the man obviously had a lot of demons. But i think that's what made him so great and Yeah it's just the even that corps is like you know i I can show you how people die alone. I can tell you what michelle and the sun and later on he goes. I can show Yeah i can show you why people go insane. I can tell you what people go insane. I can show you how you could do the same. And it's just you know that's Yeah that's pretty heavy but Yeah that man was. Yeah i mean he was next level talented and i don't think there's a day that goes by. I don't listen to one cornell song whether it's obviously found guard him solo temple of the dog or right now or whatever rank rank these bands in order audio slave soundgarden or raging machine. Which is the backing group to life. Yeah how that You know i i. It's kinda funny. 'cause i haven't even i haven't shows the soundgarden song either pot but i probably ranked soundgarden i just because i could listen to their first album and their last album all the way through and i could at least pick a few several songs from each album that i really really fell in love with Obviously it was really their first album. Lena album completely changed my life. I mean i can still. I can tell you track by track. Yeah number one. The number fourteen they all the songs i could play it all the way through not skip skipper song that i record completely blew my mind i was. It goes nine or ten years old when it came out and it can. I mean i love music before then but that that just got me hook line and sinker It was almost too good to be true. I mean they were the definition of a supergroup. I mean there. Concert ever was young david letterman show. They performed outside on On top of radio hall in new york city. I mean it just. It was almost good to be true and but also with that being said it was. The band was short-lived And each album. You've only really three. But the first one was unbelievable. Second one is really really good But it it in my opinion didn't have that power punch the first one did and then the third one they strayed off can kind of tell them. I think there's a lot of musical differences within the group by that point So i think i'd have to race. Our rates soundgarden. I just because the was there And the quality of music was there the whole time. And then i'm a big rage fan too but I almost think tom morello guitar. Playing was almost exact. Tried to overshadow it with his rapping. Sometimes the the ship rage against the machine still one of the i think the best group of musicians ever I'm not a math of rap. Guy though and sometimes acts wrapping layered really good with the qatar playing and then other times he just to me too far left field with the wrapping and they're also very political band which i'm not really political also. yeah You may kind of lost my interest there a little bit but still i mean. Those guys are great as well right right. My wife loved i audio. Slavelike insanely loved it. A mask yeah. I don't know anyone that didn't i mean that first album completely blew my mind and and you know it's good when that was I mean what was that. Eighteen years ago. I think it was eighteen or nineteen years ago and still today. I could put that album on. And i get the same feeling that get back then. All the little kids. I mean not. The album is unbelievable for me. That songs really good. And i. But i kind of kind of glossed over. It didn't think about it much. And then i don't know if you remember that movie collateral. I don't but i remember you saying. I remember you saying this before. But i actually. I've still never seen a movie. Yeah this song is in collateral. It's l. a. It's a movie 'bout l. a. And the in the dark. And it's a. It's a hitman movie with tom. Cruise and jamie foxx and this song comes in they show l. a. They show a wolf walking in the streets who knows if it was in la or wherever that shot and then they kind of pan to these characters and its shadow on the sun and it's a credible use of this song and it just made me go like that song amazing like it totally made me appreciate the song that that little bit for michelman on on collateral so yeah. I'll have to watch this movie guy. But i still never seen i. I remember you saying that before brought. Yeah yeah check it out all right here. We go. Seth rarick soundcheck. Here's song number two here. We go oh a a Do a a and a a nutshell by alison I think someone else's use this one also at some point in sound checker rarick but yeah good pick. Yeah i'm not sure but Man lanes voices. Beautiful isn't it. Yeah that guy unbelievable. I think most most fans listening to that will probably be re immediately reminded of. I don't know what terra firma. It was but one of the early farmers. I think it was gug. Henry's for the the clip at the end of his. I think it was first ride back after he broke his back but creek. I believe that the you got song right. I'm not sure if it's that are different. But i know it's a doug henry seen right and The they use that song. But that's the first time. I remember hearing as a little kid but Yeah i mean that's another one with lane. I mean for for some strange reason very very attracted to the torture tortured lead singers. Yeah that the darker lyrics. From the darker i dunno. Obviously i don't know never knew them but seems like they were darker people you know They had issues and You know a lot of demons but the fact that same thing with you know like i said earlier crash and now how lane went out and that song you know years later after happened to. It's almost a cry for help. You know and yeah. I'm not sure why really really attracted to bands or singers or or just lyrics of that like that but if you listen to a i've always felt listen to like a a motley crue song or something like that it's all about girls partying drug run. I get like bummed out almost like depressed feeling then you listen to a song. That's all about you know struggling or being depressed or or blah blah blah. And then i kinda. It's kinda opposite gives you opposite field. I i've always found personally right right. And yeah i'm not really sure why that is. But but yeah alison chains to me was just another huge huge influence. I mean as you know nineties kid growing up riding their bikes. We were alison. Change their huge right. I mean they're everywhere. Yeah they were. Been on the yeah. Yeah they're huge and Yeah i still remember that crazy things you remember as a little kid. 'cause i don't really have that great a memory on a daily basis but i remember i think i was third grade and news came on the radio that lay. They found his body. And i remember. I can tell you you know who was with what radio station on. Where i was i was i was on the way to school. My dad was a drop a school. And it's just crazy like the things you remember from being a little kid. And even though i was yeah i don't know how was a super young at that time like i recognize. Like wow like this is one of this is somewhat. I look up to. And they're they're gone. Yeah you know that that made such a profound impact on me at a young age. And i don't know what they're really says about me. Maybe our member useless facts. I'm not sure but But i think it's safe to say that lane and That whole ban house and james really big impact on my childhood for sure. Yeah no absolutely All right next up here soundcheck seth. Eric were lines Definitely not a metallica song. That i would think many people have heard of or would have picked. Bleeding me from metallica. On their load Desk and Eric that's an odd. That's a deep cut. That is yeah that would be you know a lot of. There's a lot of metallica fans. But they're obviously they're they're they're tired of skin level. You have a lot of people are wanna say like hardcore rock. Geyser kind of lost. Touch the metallica when they slowed down a little bit. And that's when i really fell in love with metallica. I mean early. Like the eighty thrash metal thing i can only get into so much and when they slow like obviously the black album kind of blue and through the superstardom but even that album was a bit heavy for me. and Yeah the load and reload albums. I think that came out. Break back to back or maybe consecutive year very very close to go there very close to each other. Yeah and that's those at that that put me over the top from metallic. I really fell in love with those guys. They they obviously had a real hard rock and metal side jong but they float it down a little bit in you know they kind of the songs had in my opinion some actual arrangements to them instead of just thrash metal thrash. The drums trash the guitar. Banging your head you know. I can listen to that for a couple of minutes here and there but when they slowed down it seems like there's a lot more texture to it and that i'm in compare that song there to what i was saying earlier with shadow on the sun with obviously it. That song in my opinion has everything a rock song should have in it. It's it's got its starts off. Slow builds has or good heavy coerced. But let's actual like texture and the guitar work. It's not just thrashing the strings if that makes sense And then same thing with that. That's also very long song and If you go if some listens the whole thing it gets almost changes tempo at the end. It's very very very heavy and you know kind of very Kind of have dark eerie theory. Feel to it as well What's that song is actually that james wrote that song in the middle of his While he's he's been struggling for years ago when he was the deepest with his alcoholism and that whole song about him struggling with alcohol. And you know how he's had to cope with it and kinda come come out better on the other side so that's also got a pretty heavy feel to it But yeah i i love that. I love italian general Right that that that those two albums back to back really made me fall in love with him and listening to that just now reminded me. You asked me earlier about the concerts and went through so about I'd say six months or so before Aaron lewis i when i was in charlotte me and Your good buddy. Phil went to see metallica and that that was unbelievable. Yeah they were doing. I remember that tour. We almost went to. They didn't come to vegas but they went. They went to fresno we thinking about going to fresno to go see him. Yeah oh they blew the roof off that place when i come to. Charlotte obviously wanted to go. But i'm also felt like i needed to go. Who knows how long these guys are going to be together. You know and steve. I left there thinking. They're going to be together. Another twenty years. We played like they played with the energy of like. They're twenty five years old navy. Yup i wonder why we're buddies rarick because again. My favorite metallica. Song is off of this disc Hero of the day. Love hero of the day is good. Yeah that's another you know. That song was debt. I wouldn't classify that as metal. That's almost like a punk. Feel to it. Yeah and and yeah. A lot of people were turned off by that. But i like. I said that way more attractive to the taliban also for anyone who's interested in that song you just played if it's on youtube still from woodstock ninety nine yup I mean their whole concerts on there but just search bleeding bleeding me in particular Their their version of bleeding me at woodstock was insane. I mean absolutely they kind of swift's switz- up some parts and Yes this is really really good. Well you're next one. Talk about tortured. I cursed lead singers. Here's here's your next one coming up right now. Laga fan love to repair ghana's a that A said stone temple pilots interstate love song acoustic version. Though which i'd never heard before is that this is on the disk is on. They relief this on the purple deluxe. Oh okay all right. So i just how they died. Yeah yeah yes. Interstate loves them. i mean obviously. Everyone knows the original that that came out on core the first album and then purple older second album there the deluxe box that has a bunch of Live live songs on there and then a bunch of acoustic a bunch of demos and i was just looking into that one day. This acoustic version of interstate love song came on and Yeah obviously i like the original version. i love. Svp general thought that this this version particular to me was Honestly sounds like scott was having almost an out of body experience. I mean it was. His voice to me sounds angelic. This one and it just it feels like that that cut or that take whatever. Mccabe effort effortless to him and That that version matt thinking capsules everything he was about. I mean that guy was six serenely talented. I was like you said before. It's very yeah very tormented and and Again you know went out going way way way too soon but ftp was amazing and crazy. Story actually is Couple years ago. Muddy creek bobby. Reagan his his walk around at the race. I just i just thought it was buddy and he calls me or at the end of the day. He's like he's except i want you to be ready. Max he's like. I don't really into music and i figured you could talk music and we started talking and this guy. I think he is from mississippi. I think that's bobby knows him but he he was at one point. The supercross show director. Yeah i know. I know maxie yeah okay you don't and you worked. Gr at one point he yeah. He's done a lot of stuff he he is actually the one that found scott wildlands body on the tour bus really. I didn't know that. Oh wow i. I was mind blown. I don't even know how we just got talking about music in general and And then he was saying he was Sdp's tore manager for a while and Yeah i was just kind of them. You know my love for sdp in particular in particular. Yeah and that's what he told me. That and i kind of i wasn't wasn't calling him out winning means. I just didn't really believe him. You know and he pulled out his phone. There's show me pictures of him and scott scott for birthday party and they were there really close friends and when scott spa you know when he when he passed away. He was on tour with his band at that. Time was the What is it was him solo with. This band is like the the about or why something like that. But yeah max us on They're they're you know. Show manager director whatever and Yes scott was obviously supposed to come on stage and no one can hold of them. Don't hurt all check his boss and the ega her boss. Don man yeah he Maxi told me. Stories about axles behavior. And it's like insane. What an. I mean i love. Gr and i love axl rose and you just hear these just like i. What insane idiot. The i mean got in our good just a lot of those. Yeah those guys were next level like y- torture other people rather than themselves actually was telling me one story where the vocal actual highs are so high and his lows are so low. It's phenomenal right. That's part of the how insanely talented. He is and he just. He just can't handle the mixer of the guy. The sound engineer. Whatever he can't handle the engineers like look dude. I can't make it sound amazing when you're growling an amazing when you're hitting the part that anybody's ever hit in music. I can't make any fire. Everybody and he just fire the guy just like it's not possible you. The range you're asking for is not possible to sound perfect everywhere you know and i don't just an idiot. I guess so in crazy stories all right next up here we go makes woman lesson battle array the only say his says jesus boobs data heavy now and gone to sent a thing. Is god man blues by cold. More sounds pretty cool. I've never heard of it. Never never listen to that but it sounds good. Yeah there are not extremely new band but their newer say twenty twelve twenty thirteen Is when i think i dropped but yes these days a lot of. There's really in my opinion which good actual use it coming from anywhere. I would agree. I would agree. Yeah yeah yeah. I haven't listened anything new in a while but it seems like anything Do that's really good and Has some of the actual vicious is coming from texas I know my last pot. I put with meyers on. They're they're really good. There's another band called the steel woods. They're all in that red dirt Kinda country southern rock blues genre of texas music and Yeah buddy of mine is from texas and he turned me on onto these guys. Come on the clever few and they got. That's my favorite. Song is obviously heavily blues influenced. I'm a big big blue's fan There's really not many true blues players left and Yeah so that's that's my favorite song from that but even their other stuff is almost Kind of scared style. A new area and You know just that southern rock vibe. It's a cross between Kinda skinner tom. Petty a away But yeah those guys are really really good. And i kind of thought i try and spread the word about not there once a year. Some real music and twenty twenty. Because it's hard to come by. But i'd like to see those guys at a show. I know i went. I've seen seen steel woods abeysinghe Seems these smaller bands that you know. Have something to prove. Really put extra energy in other shows and Yeah i wanna see. He's got in concert with Concert server happy exactly right. Yeah interesting for for sure. Definitely something different. When i talk about i was ranting about lack of new music. Somewhere on some pod and a bunch of people sent me to Who the bandits come out of their michigan. Sound just like zeppelin well. Greta van frenetic van fleet. People were sent me some. Greta van fleet stuff and i like it. It's okay but do literally. It sounds too much like led zeppelin for just like like these guys are good. But i've heard this before. But i i couldn't get into it too much you know. Yeah i actually. I was greedy on that. It's it's almost like i- dental to to To led zeppelin. And i don't know i i like him. I mean i can get behind them for sure. It's real music. But i'm my knowledge going deep. Yeah i'd i'd have to it more into listen. I'm kind of with you on that one. Next one classic. This is a good one looking forward to this. I've heard this for awhile actually Art blah. Good old canadian. Neil young My my hey hey classic. What can be said about ankle meal. That hasn't been said before. That guy is he's timeless. You absolutely timeless. And he He's the godfather of grunge. He he really is. I old man i on my old man i put i mean. Actually you know what i did. You only go ties now. 'cause old man is on the last day. That's my favorite neil young song of all time. That saw hits very very deep for me. But all of neal's work stuffing crosby stills. Nash even buffalo springfield. Everyone forgets using buffalo springfield. Truly do yup. Yup meal is is amazing man. That guy was his. Songwriting is next level. I mean it is timeless really. Yeah yep no absolutely. I've robbed him. Go ahead rocket in the free world as well on my pot. And then i have the needle and the damage done kneeling damage done. He was you know what it was really. Good on. youtube is watching Pearl jam and neo perform rock the free world together. Yeah that's amazing performance But yeah meals. The man his his songwriting. I would put them in my opinion. There's there's three songwriters that i would have to. The three best songwriters or composers of music of all time would be meal. Bob dylan tom petty. I mean those three guys or just next level As far even even the topics that they chose i mean neal was taken on issues in writing about issues in the songs in those days You don't really wanna talk about. It was kind of a scary time. I mean we're in a scary time again. Kind of repeating itself but Neil young bob and tom was a little later them but they took on. They took issues head on and You know let people know how they thought about it. I highly respect that. Yeah yeah no while sad for sure. All right everybody. That's seth american flyer racing racer x podcast but by maxis and rent all. I want to thank those companies. Well fly racing dot com. Please check them out and go go. See the latest and greatest from the folks at fly racing and rent dot com. Max's dot com. Of course all on board with us as well as the decal five hundred what does the decal. Five hundred decal works dot com. You go there you can. All decal works gift card by submitting a photo. Your bike with the decal works graphics or number plates on your decal. Mx account it's that easy. You can go in five hundred dollars. Just go walking near decal mexico. Go to the decal. Five hundred tab thought the info submit your photo and once a month. They will draw to win five hundred dollars. I want to thank the folks at race tech as well. Race dot com pulp. Twenty zip code to save those guys and appreciate them coming on board. Get your motor work. Done gets spending rarick. You ever used rice tech in your racing career. I never did odd more of a with ever. I know it's mainly west coast right. It's a lot of west off and you're a new yorker. And so i get it but i'm just yeah. I never never got the chance. You get yeah okay fine all next up. This is somebody. I've never heard of this song. So let's let's get to it. The sun in the bed john i funds an hour creed. Engine cling fred. bana one. Get me and give me our band severna. I'm not a veto. this choice. Rare had i known it was full southern country but that's okay. It's your choice. It's the only one on your list. I hate to break it to you but you actually chose the wrong version. Oh i did okay. Well that would be my guy. Swiss core apologize. But that's the wrong. I mean that versions okay but The version i told you. Choose his It's still it's called white house but that are that are vinyl session. And it's tam it's him so little kucic okay and you would not believe how changes the feel of the song. Okay that was that one that i think that was the album version. I if i'm not mistaken you just play your tori album. Yep tergat or a few albums out. so Yes some songs are like that right. There was like almost as full country as you could go but and then other stuff he's got a real blues blues rock feel to it and others. The other version of that song is much much better in my opinion but I walked shoulder just shows that song because that was not that version. But the other the first highly children's song i'd ever heard and He again talking about new music. He's one of the few that's newer and really really good. And i heard white house wrote critic version. I was like whoa. Who is this guy. And then i got into him and there's a bunch of other children songs. I could've chose that. I mean you probably like more Or anyone listening. What am i going. But i chose that one just because i heard it and Yeah that one there is for Just kind of brings back a time in my life. I guess you know north carolina. And i gotta even from new york. Most of my closest friends are from south and Kinda feel like transplant by this point And yeah. I really got into talent. Show there and think it was summer of the team team but Yeah just things that good memories man on the boat. Make norman with a bunch of my southern friends and they're all about kind of laid laid-back. Lifestyle at your he's He's really good him and Like i said earlier about good music mostly coming from texas. he's actually from kentucky and then there's another guy from kentucky called. Ian know that same thing. It's basically just guitar. I mean they bureau backing band and they do albums perform live shows but most of their stuff is The recordings are just solo acoustic. And it's just such a raw deal to it man Yes i don't want to some of the only music these days. I'll actually get into to all right. Sounds good number nine. Soundcheck flat racing racer x podcasts with eric. Here we go run on the mass exam. Rooms voice of the voiceless. Actually rarick you never. You told us that soundgarden would be number one but you didn't say number two and three out of audio slave and rage. Did i think i did all your all your favorite be too and i know it sounds strange because i haven't put found audience but i was just kind of classifying the whole spectrum here as long as far as deputy but Yeah i chose that one I am a big fan. And just like i said earlier. Sometimes i felt like zacks wrapping was kind of overshadowing the musicians of that band. I mean europe. Tom tom morello is the riff master. I mean that song. You just played voices voiceless. That riff is so simple that the or yet so. Catchy i mean it's unbelievable And he does that time and time again. The the simple cleanest rifts that i could just listen to listen to the ice way to guitar from that song all day long and not get tired of it. I mean that guy is is the riff master. And then no brad ville drums. Tim comfort base. Those guys were yeah. We're next level and that was good. I mean some songs. He shines better than others but I think sometimes you took to the wrapping but All in all. I mean yeah. I love rage against the machine. They were huge influence on my childhood. My favorite bands. These days are just It was so molded a young kid. There's i don't know the scientific term for it. But i call the the molding air. I mean the sounds that you listen to as a kid that kind of both what you're attracted to. Who s your life. Yeah arrangements was huge again. I mean in the ninety they were one of the biggest fans in the world and I remember being greatly influenced particularly by tom. Morello guitar playing was you know. He's outside the box. He was doing things. I've never been done before and Yeah having respect that. My wife and i went to go see re obviously on the jimmy kimmel show and they were playing on hollywood boulevard and So we drove down there. When i lived in anaheim working for yamaha drove down and saw them there. And i remember watching morello being like dude this guys into it. But he's into what he's giving it his all right now. You know so that was pretty. He he's awesome. He has a he performed so under the name the nightwatchman and he actually does I everyone knows come ellos electric guitar work but he does some acoustic stuff. That's again. It almost yeah. I don't know how he makes his guitar sound like that. It almost doesn't even sound acoustic. He just he just gets sounds out of that thing. That no one's ever been able to before Almost renegade in a way with with eddie van halen passing away. I'll leave that you know. He's all eddie i mean. Yeah no. I'm not overshadow headed way waiver for tom but tom just released an lt two weeks ago. I am attribute that he did a to even nice nice school. Yup yup. I love eddie to last last sound. Check song for seth rarick here on the podcast This one is a pretty popular one. Most people know this one here. We go A black sabbath. Iron man funny rarick. I obviously know that song. It's a classic. We all grew with sabbath and that song but until it was in the movie. I didn't know the name of the song was iron man. I just call me commun- idiot. But i didn't know the name of that really no idea. And then they put it in ironman moving mike those shit. It's called iron man who knew well. I think everyone knows that. But you i guess maybe yeah yeah. I'm pretty sure at that point. I named after the song i just. I knew the song. But i never knew what it was called. Just everybody knows the song. But yeah i didn't know that's crazy. No i mean same with the same about i mean there's probably ten other black sabbath songs i could i could give you that arguably i- i probably like more But i chose that just for just simply for the impact. It made on me the young kid. I mean i remember being you know. I was raised on sabbath zeppelin and hendrix from my old man and his new side of you or his taste in music But i remember singing that song. The car seat and really i mean i just i love that song at the black sabbath just changed chains rock music forever and they in my opinion and and Yeah just you know odd. These one of my flir are small time at coney qatar unbelievable same man. I feel like they're way ahead of the time they change. They changed the course of the music. Forever and Yeah kinda just had to throw a sabah song in there. Just kind of an ode to them for for what they've done and Yeah just chose that just simply for being a young kid and the impact of made on me. But since then i've dove deep in the sabbath and now there's not many salvadorans. I don't like to be honest with you But yeah it's just kinda scary to think like without them or zeppelin or you know like print. Earlier neil young. It's where you think music or particularly those genres of music where we could you know. Good point guys were were time In in every aspect of crazy to me that I mean obviously still going go ethan. Album released an album fish year. Yeah yeah it's it's it's absolutely sanity. I feel like his wife is propping him up at this point and making the cash cow still come in but but yeah i agree. It's because i just saw him him and his kid a reality show where they go shopping or something. I don't know what it is but you would think that like i'm sure his wife likes the money but i was listening to when he was doing a promo for his new album. This it came out right before. Kobe hits. This is back last february or something and on sirius radio his channel ozzy's boneyard. They had him on their. They're doing with them About his upcoming out those about to come out and the radio. Dj forget it was but they asked him like. Why are you still doing this. Like why are you still making music. Why are you. He was he was planning on going on tour again. Obviously that got canceled but at the time he was going to go on another tour. I don't know how old the guy is. But if he could barely walk and they asked him. Why are you doing this. And his answer is so simple but it was. It made sense. He goes well. i don't know anything else. He's what am i supposed to do is sit on my couch and die. All armed all has done. My whole life is make music like without music. He's i'm gonna die and yeah just kind of. I really respected his answer. Honestly it was so simple. What do you mean. What am i supposed to do. I i'm here to make music and Yeah it's kinda crazy you see like older people. I know a lot of. I've seen it in my own family people. That are there workaholics. Whatever their job may be then they they you know they're they make money successful have a family so they decided to retire as they just die because they don't you know they slow down so yeah when he answered that simple mcmahon this guy is just. He's the man he just keeps going absolutely now for sure. That's good less. I like to throw even. Let that that tyler go. I'll even let that one go still ask. You know what i'm gonna send you you the correct version okay. Listen you're like wow that changes the entire saw what which one. Which one did you leave off. What was the number. Eleven and twelve odds this one i actually had. I think i'd like fifteen down. I obviously delete a few. But i think eleven and twelve remember was A chili pepper sewn It was called. Don't forget me which is another deeper cut. Chili pepper song They're also saying john fashanu. The red peppers took mouth amazing guitarist. he actually back with the band now. He left for a while back that sad. I read that story and rolling stone or something about how the other guy got kicked off. He was so bummed but he couldn't but he was like it's john for santa. Like what am. I gonna do exactly. That's why me that. I've watched a lot of For now with a couple documentaries on yeah just him in particular job shot and he's another one he's just obsessed with using all. He lives for his easy. Yeah yep he's an amazing talent amazing artist the chili peppers in general. Another huge influence on me so it was. It was hard to leave them off And then also the other one I know you mentioned earlier when he played the more song is. I'm i'm heavily influenced by the blues. i really as a when i was really young kid my both my family. I'm really thankful for the musical. Had grown up at my dad thought he was. He was really really into the blues. And there's really the booze don't exist anymore. I in my opinion i mean. No one plays the blues really. There's only a couple guys out. Consider american blues and Jack white is one of them jack. Way is a mega talent. You've all time and I was really big into the white stripes. When i was younger i and i still am. They obviously aren't making any more. But jack is yep yeah. he's in. He's in several different bands. And he you can go on youtube and search his name and he performs about anybody So i had to white strike song. it's called ball and biscuit. That was a tough one to leave off but I if i'm remember right those eleven and twelve Depiction and then as i kind of go all day could talk for hours about it. So i hope Hope other people enjoy listening to this. As much as i drove eight making it also man. Well thanks very much. Seth rarick soundcheck part to appreciate it. And yeah man it's It's been a lot of fun so thanks for doing this. appreciate it. Flat racing rates. Guess i'll talk to you soon. South row thanks. Man i thank. You have a good night. Extra listening to the fly. Racing steve mathis. You don't forget to check out some of our past shows including motocross legends. Such as bad boy. Johnson handle my jock. I mean over to the side of the tenants were jerking weird and my biggest disappointment danny store because that he never said sorry to danny and i were france. And we've never talked since. Brian lewis before the five hundred events. Dave and i fly to germany. Go down the street guard. There's a little shop out the back of the mall. Factory we get their cylinders. Take them back and off. We go and you know. We were in nicosia cylinders battery park for a handful of years before anybody ever saw in production day in mcgill. Was all you know. He did the big pancake thing. And he's got the thing he's completely laying on the gas tank trying to miss his tree and he would have gotten even harder jumped farther. If that tree has been. You know it's been there. I love the guy. I don't i think he's the greatest competitive sport ever had that absolutely one hundred percent in my mind. I firmly believe that statement. I said about these modern day guys in switzerland colander belgium forty five minutes on the same bike you crazy. They're not doing it if they think they're so much better. Nowadays than they were in states there fool so different bikes different times beasts from the east damon. Bradshaw got to the point where. I didn't wanna leave home and once i got to the race i wasn't into it. I wasn't going to give one hundred percent. I'm not gonna take your money a working-class hero definitely an emotional moment for me. Just thinking to myself. That's it you know. And it's the stuff that goes to your head in a short amount of time of the things that you know. That was going to miss machine until you really open yours and you wanna listen to what they're san like beating a dead know and i know from personal experience. Anybody ever sit me down. Of course everybody did go circuits mitch pace as to make the money one is you can sign for money or two. You can earn money. I'm a high believer in earning. The i think they ride better when earn the money time. Jeremy mcgrath mad like so disappointed. So frustrating said pick and i left every point out. I could kick myself to the day for not just riding around in pants. Been no problem my in my ego got in the way you know it's neo show johnny depp that you didn't even wanna ride and you want to look at it all day. I mean i got a chance to test all that. I like that air. I was in. I really do search popa. Maximum store to enjoy these over. Eight hundred. great motorcross podcasts.

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Garage Pass National Show

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EP 204602: Garage Pass

"So grateful for the opportunities and things that i've had over the years and great people can't say that you will or can or did do yes tom. Respect from my peers. Respect from the industry is something on that river arcaro. Npr garage pez. Abc wednesday november eleven. This is the live music event. You've been waiting for all year long. It's country music's biggest. Cma awards with rod performances for maranda combs morris. Eric church plus an epic collaboration. Thomas rhett between reba. Mcentire hillary scott and chris tomlin and so many more reba mcentire and rutger host. The cma awards live wednesday november eleven eight seven central on abc. We want to help. Extend the life of your vehicle cemex micro louver into the fuel and oil where it uses the fluids to reach internal parts zemach disperses harmful carbon buildup to help improve performance reduce emissions extend engine life and increase fuel mileage by cemex today at zacks dot com or your local auto parts store. These already picked up a big trophy and will soon get a big check for winning the nascar cup series championship but what has more value to chase elliott than anything else is equalling. What is hall of fame. Father bell did in nineteen eighty-eight when i'm dead and gone and my dad's dead and gone. He and i will share championship with last. Name elliott forever. I don't think it's any cooler than that. My opinion the four year old georgia native who also won the xfinity series title. Six years ago is thankful for all the help he's ever received. You know just so grateful for the opportunities and things that i've had over the years. Great people you know my mom and dad and their obviously has been there from the beginning. Mr hendrick came in and really changed my life. And then you know not to sound like a nascar driver but napa auto parts two you know coming in when they did you know two thousand and fourteen wouldn't happen without them in the championship. That came that season They've been in champion partner for years and now they have a championship to go with. It was also the first cup championship for his crew. Chief alan gustafsen. Who always knew the could come through when it mattered. Most i know we could win. Two races back to back and win Phoenix believe you can and you feel like again and can't say that you will or can or did until you do it. I guess but. I never lack of confidence. In this group or what we had following phoenix. Cole custer was officially named sonoko rookie of the year for the nascar cup series. Getting that honor on the xfinity series was harrison burton and for the trucks. The top first year driver was aimed. Smith s share players. Bring some skill to the game. But if i don't put them in my lineup who cares now me. I'm eric reno fantasy baseball. Gm and league runner up to the last nine years. I use progressive. Name your price tool with options based on my budget and for a guy that's used to being in control it fits like this runner-up t shirt jamf gets a trophy. But you can't wear trophy. Boom get options based on your budget with progressive. Even if you're not a legend in your own mind progressive casualty. Insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law from phoenix. Jimmy johnson flew straight to monterey california to do an indycar test but the send off the nascar garage gave him will be a lifelong memory. Ruled around the track and wave. Goodbye came down. Pit lane. Gave a high five to every single crew member. That down pit lane. They all came off the wall. More stand out there and it was a long line of crew members that respect from peers. Respect from the industry is something number got garage pass sponsored by progressive drivers who save with progressive. Save over seven hundred fifty dollars on average.

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Cant buy me love

"Noah feldman here. I'm excited to tell you about a special five part series from deep background. We're calling it deep bench. Donald trump's supreme court nominee judge amy coney barrett is affiliated with a conservative legal group called the federalist society. If she's confirmed six of the nine justices on the court will be current or former members of this group on deep bench. I'm going to tell you. The story of how the federalist society came to power over forty years. And why now that it's at the peak of its influence. Its endanger of imploding to listen. Subscribe to deep background. Wherever you get your podcasts. Deep background is brought to you by pushkin industries. Hi mike pasco host the jets. And i know you like election coverage but so much of it is so what i like to do is get on people who have something to say. And then make them say something that they haven't said elsewhere before i interviewed. A pollster from the trafalgar group did correctly predict president. Trump's twenty sixteen win. But i really interrogated him on how he arrived at that conclusion i talked to a former. Nra vice president and asked him about all the familiar talking points a little bit different. Subscribe to the from sleet. Wherever you get your podcasts. Hey everyone it's an ema so we are away this week working on a bunch of stories and we'd actually love your help with one of them. We are looking at the idea of success and how people to find it and you know a lot of ideas about who were meant to be as adults. They get instilled into us at an early age by the things we see. Our parents do or expectations. They set for us. So i'm really curious growing up. What did success look like to you. And how has that changed as you've gotten older. We have a fancy new colin line. Where you can just drop us a message at three four seven ring. Ti you. that's three or four seven seven four six forty eight forty eight. You can find that number in the show notes to or you can also send us a voice memo to uncomfortable at marketplace dot. Org and i know it's been an especially overwhelming week so while we're off working on these new stories i wanted to rear a fun episode from our first season. It is about how we communicate our feelings through our bank accounts. All right here. It's so my friend aluminum. She has a lot of wild dating stories. Like this one guy from a while back he never friend and we were kind of dating but not really they'd casually hanging out and eventually she started noticing something strange everywhere. We went paid for everything in the weird thing was is. You would right before the check would come to get up and leave in the car without looking. He's gonna give that verse. She thought okay. He's probably just taking a caller whatever because he's a busy person but it kept on happening kind to every time we would go to the movies. He never had his wallet but he always had his i-i've to get drinks but he never had his car to pay. It was like the most bizarre thing it just felt really shitty lubna actually gave him the benefit of the doubt. She didn't necessarily trying to be a moot. she just thought he might be broke. I think he just really didn't know how to say it without being embarrassed. But you don't want it to like hang out. Did you ever confront him about it. I one day i was like. Hey can you get this. Like i don't and he's like no. I don't have my wallet. And i was like okay. I literally saw your. But i never asked questions but i also never talk to him ever again. Yeah she just wasn't feeling it and not just because of the money thing even though that's definitely how she remembers him. I'm eddie murphy's and welcome to. This is uncomfortable a podcast for marketplace about life and how money messes with it so in story shirts kind of trivial but i think it gets at how we make assumptions about people all the time based on their spending habits because really the way we spend money or don't it projects a certain version of who we are to the world. Today we have two short stories about that. I what happens when you know too much about how someone spends their money relationships before they get all big and complicated. They start small with a crush. I mean. I think it was the kind of thing where i would say to. Somebody like my roommate's kind of cute and they'd be like no that thing. What is wrong with you. That was the dumbest thing i've ever heard. Rebecca fish bein was twenty six when she did something reckless. She fell for her roommate. As a lifelong new yorker rebecca's homelife always seemed to be on the brink of disaster. She'd had bedbugs. Her last apartment had caught fire and now there was the crush. Rebecca had recently moved into a new apartment with a good friend and this guy who will call the roommate and she says he was super q tall with dark hair and runners built a really fine apartment and it was a little bit like being in college again so we would hang out. We'd watch movies. We'd watch television and on a practical level just worked well together. They were on top of their bills and used to settle up. We had a spreadsheet and we would be like i bought paper towels. Put it in the spreadsheet and the amount of money that we spent on it their lives were pretty intertwined binge the kardashians and hang at the bar across the street leaving all pitched in for a spotify family plan and even though she knew he was off limits. Rebecca couldn't shake the crush and ma. They were both guilty of flirting so at some point like maybe a year into us living together and i kinda started up a very. Ill advised fling. Yeah they slept together. Was like this is a bad idea but just continues to do it anyway. You know so. During the day they'd act totally normal splitting bills hanging out and then at night. She had this exciting routine once. They're other remain to bed. She sneak over his room. Yes that was ninety percent of the fun of it. What's keeping it for my other roommate. And even though it was pretty much a bootie call like really convenient and rebecca caught feelings fast. Yeah i mean. I think it's hard not to When you're around somebody all the time. So if y'all were in a relationship. I mean not really because we did not communicate about what was happening. I wasn't sure what i wanted to say. And i was going to let it run. Its course yeah. They never had that whole. What are we and what are we actually want out of this conversation. But then six months into their fling. Things started turning. Roommate went home to his parents for a week. And rebecca didn't hear from him the entire time which she thought was weird and then when he got back things still felt off and that's when rebecca basically became like a low key detective trying to put together any clues she could find like. She noticed these comments on his instagram. From a woman he'd once gone on a few dates with all of a sudden. He wasn't the permanent as much and he'd always be on his foam smirking at that. Were definitely not from her. Was there a moment. That sort of confirmed that he was seeing other person. Yeah it was actually through then mode that i that i figured it out. The same woman from those instagram comments had been mode the roommate for movie. Tickets like okay. They're they're dating you so we did that you like in that moment. When you saw the venema transaction didn't feel good do of it know. I mean it's like you do want evidence but you don't want unexpected evidence and instead of collecting that evidence in confronting him just stop talking to him and would stay hold up in her room. Jeevan blocked him on facebook and instagram. But the one place she could not block him was she still had to pay him for rent and bills and spotify and it was on venom. Oh where his new relationship was constantly on display. I would open my phone to just do a normal van mo and there'd be like twenty interactions between them i mean then then mo just became like their entire relationship they van mode allot the roommate in his new girlfriend. They had the super cutesy over the top than most style. It wasn't like you know. Just a dollar sign or beer emoji payments and pretty much map out the entire day they had together okay so there was one where they have event mode like seven times in one day so it was all the wine a few minutes later more wine minutes later and more what then he and then another mo- it's been a day wind like i don't understand. Plus there are these detailed repeated requests for groceries bourbon breakfasts eventually the remain moved out but he was still unavoidable anytime. Rebecca open venom. She'd get another update about his life. I was just like this is insane. I shouldn't know all of this information. And i don't want to and then i felt like gross for for knowing it. You know like it. I didn't want to like be part of their lives. Even though van mo is a mobile payment app it's also definitely social media so spending money and being in a relationship have become the big social performance and it's a performance. Rebecca was subjected to as the roommate fell in love. She quietly watched their payments. Go from wine and movie tickets to moving in together and joint groceries to splitting christmas gift for his parents. I mean if you're going to be honest with yourself. Was there like a part of you. That may be secretly wanted to see the vendor updates to see what was going on with him i eventually. I went into his page a few times to see what was going on. Because once you like know that you can find out this information you. I think natural curiosity would like direct me to it. How long are you like seeing these transactions. Go on for. I think it went on for over a year. Oh i i at some point. I didn't see them anymore. I like looked hit. Said it to private. It's been a couple of years now. Since rebecca and the live together. But they're still in touch kinda. I had to pay him for spotify. Oh every four to five months hold on my request. Spotify money further spotify family plan. It's still going. Rebecca pays her share whenever she gets the request. he sent it on valentine's day besir That i did notice really on valentine's day great classy so we actually asked the roommate about everything and he says all have been most soft. Those quips and emojis. They were supposed to just be for his girlfriend. He said he didn't think anyone else was lurking or checking out. But that's kind of the whole social part of social media now even spending your money can turn into a public performance whether you want it to be or not. Rebecca fish. bein is the author of an upcoming book of personal essays. Called good things happen to people. You hate coming up after the break. One couple tries showing their love for each other and way neither of them. Actually noah feldman here. I'm excited to tell you about a special five part series from deep background. We're calling it deep bench. Donald trump's supreme court nominee judge amy coney barrett is affiliated with conservative. Legal group called the federalist society. If she's confirmed six of the nine justices on the court will be current or former members of this group on deep bench. I'm going to tell you. The story of how the federalist society came to power over forty years. And why now that it's at the peak of its influence. Its endanger of imploding to listen. Subscribe to deep background. Wherever you get your podcasts. Deep background is brought to you by pushkin industries. This is uncomfortable is supported by access bank in today's economy. It's a struggle to get any returns on your checking account except at one place access bank with access banks rewards checking. You can earn up to one point two five percent. Api that's right. You heard correctly one point. Two five percent. Annual percentage yield because access builds accounts of benefit. You they built rewards checking for people who want their money treated with respect and for people who are tired of losing money from bank fees with rewards checking. You'll never pay service fees or overdraft fees ever again and you won't be surprised by minimum balance rules either. Rewards checking also comes with a sophisticated app designed for your busy lifestyle deposit checks on the go automate your bills chat twenty four seven with a virtual assistant get the tools. You need to manage money effortlessly. Sign up today for rewards checking by access bank. They'll even give you fifty dollars to get started. Visit access bank dot com slash uncomfortable today. That's a x bank dot com slash uncomfortable. This is xhosas banking evolved when mandy cou. He and zack ayman i started dating. It was a long distance. Relationship mandy was in dallas and zach lives a couple of hours away in oklahoma because both of them had such crazy schedules. They had to get creative. I remember being in the airport. I would put the phone up in front of me at like cheesecake factory in chicago airport. And then zack would be eating his dinner and it was a day but we were literally thousands of miles apart chapelle. Modern problems require modern solutions. Zach would be like sitting in a spike in a sugar holder at a restaurant and the waiter would come by. He'd be like. Can i get you guys anything and i was like. You don't have to pretend like there's another person able sorry. It's literally just be if mandy and zack. Were tv characters. They'd probably be luke. And laura live from gilmore girls. They even dressed up as for halloween. Zach like luke as kind of a no nonsense guy. I am a man of few words. And it's like i i'd say just enough to get the point across and the no need for any of the extra and mandy is definitely a little extra. She's got strong lower. Lie vibes super chatty and confident anyway about three months into their relationship. Valentine's day rolled around their first one. Anzac really wanted to impress her. The year is two thousand sixteen. I roll up to zacks place. I'm wearing black leggings and a t-shirt and i walk in and we're like happy valentine's day weekend. We haven't seen each other in five days. You know we're young and in love and careful and so he's like hey come sit down. I bought you like valentine's day present. I'd like to give it to you like before. We start our weekend so she sat down on the couch. And zack handed her a gift. So i really love elephants and he had bought me. This really cute elephant necklace and i was like. Oh my gosh so much. I was so stoked some thought into this. This is so sweet. I'm so excited aware. There's can't wait. I was like thank you start to get up to give him a hug and said no i have more i was like okay so then he brings this like package and i on rabbit and it's these like six glass roses which was truly beautiful but i was like this is like a lie like what's happening so this is really beautiful. Thank you so much. She got ready to get up and zach was like wait. There's more open this and it's the like really cute. Michael kors jacket and michael kors. I was like twenty two. And like i was like obsessed with michael. It was like really endearing but simultaneously on comfortable. But i can't tell him especially because in zacks mind he was like you nailed it. It was like a half all right. Yeah no. I just didn't think it was necessary. It just felt like too much but it's too early in the relationship for her to share that so she just smiled. Hugged him and when on with the rest of their night. Then a few months later it's zacks. Twenty fifth birthday and mandy came up with a plan because like he had done that he kind of to me set. President of this is how. I show that i care about you. So i am like th maybe. His thing is multiple gift. Sound like i'm going to also by multiple gifts so it was his twenty fifth birthday. So i'm not joking. I bought twenty five presence. She him a pair of ray bands as superhero movie. Dvd new tie for work socks his favorite soda a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant. Also she hand painted this bucket using the colors of his favorite sports team. And then i put a little sign that said. I like you almost as much as you like the oklahoma city thunder cute. She wrapped up all the gifts whenever it his apartment while he was at work and lay them all out and then he liked comes in from work and he just is like high volume ii presidents. Because you spoke many and literally just stands there. He's like what he was super uncomfortable. I had no idea so i was like. Oh maybe like it wasn't enough. Maybe i should have about one hundred present yet. Here's the thing. Zach actually hates getting gifts but he didn't tell me that he just smiled and gave her a big. How much money do you think you spend. If i had to put money i i would probably say like four hundred dollars. I think mine was close. There's probably three three fifty maybe oh without even realizing it mandy and had created what felt like a gift arms race in an attempt to express their love. After ten months of long distance mandaeans act took a huge step in their relationship. They moved to. Dc together mandy was starting grad. School and zack took a job with an insurance company and like a lot of couples who move in together. It was an adjustment. We had been arguing a lot. You know normal amount. It wasn't christmas. I was a lot because we were learning how to live with each other. Then one day mandy was at the apartments scrolling through facebook when she saw this link that piqued her interest. The was a quiz to help. Find your love language. So many started taking the quiz and she tech zach telling him he should take it too so if they can laugh about later this quiz it tells you which of the five love languages you prefer words of affirmation quality time physical touch gifts or service just to give you a taste of what it's like interview. I pulled up the quiz and pose some of the questions to mandy zach. I liked to sit close to friends and loved ones or like when someone tells me they love and care about me. They love and care sit close. I like it when people compliment. How i look or when people show genuine interest in what i say ooh compliment what. I look like for that genuine interest really so different. It's unreal right so if it's not already mandy zacks results do not match up that night. After they took the quiz they sat on the couch and started comparing them in a lot of it was stuff they already knew but then there is one result. That was a surprise to both of them. Oh wait oh you don't like gifts okay. I don't like gifts either. Neither of them cared about gifts as a form of expressing their love like it was the lowest ranked thing in both of the results. The one that we thought was each other's low on the low on both of our lists so neither of us liked gifts but at the beginning we were both trying to get each other guests so finding the lady was cared about was good literally and like no. Nobody liked getting the gifts. Nobody likes receiving the gifts. Were just made everybody uncomfortable but everybody was buying everybody presence. It was like the simultaneous moment of relief but also confusion. So let's back up here for a minute. How did this even happen. Really the whole gift. Giving extravaganza was instigated by zach in thinking back on valentine's day. He says he was just doing what he thought mandy wanted. I knew that she was from much better off than i was so i felt that. That's probably what she expected. Zach grew up in a blue collar household and mandy came from a wealthy family that emigrated to the states from iran. When we moved here my mom worked really hard to make sure we were well off. And that i'd never looked like an outsider in any capacity like with my clothes and things like that zach remembers being taken aback. The first time he visited her family in dallas their home was in this pristine neighborhood with long driveways and big backyards. Meanwhile he had spent a chunk of his childhood living in a double wide trailer in a very small town in oklahoma. Was there a part of you even if it was just like a small voice that was like a like what. If she doesn't like me like can. I fit into this world. Yeah i was already kind of self conscious about where i was from. And how that reflected on me Is like oh. He's from this small rural poor town. He's probably tunes like nope. Not really i mean kinda. But i have money to like do nice things so you don't have to worry about that. So that's why. On valentine's day he went all out was that stressful. Oh very much so like. I'm pretty sure. I picked up and put down the michael kors jacket at least four times. I know she's really going to like this. But i just can't afford it and then i would take another lap around the store and then i would go back to jack and pick it up and then stand and look at it for like five minutes then put it back down. I can't afford this. Honestly that sounds like how i shop but anyway zach says with these gifts. He was hoping this was the message that came across to mandy. Hey even though. I don't have a lot of money. I'm willing to spend it on you so you've got like you're showing your affection through buying things essentially right. Yeah and i don't know probably Unhealthy stereotypes about dating generals. The man's shower the woman in gifts to show his affection. But yeah all of that. Just made mandy uncomfortable. I mean zach wasn't totally off the mark. She'd definitely grew up in a family. Where giving thoughtful and sometimes expensive gifts was the norm but she says she didn't expect that from her partner. I've already guilty. That zach to work so hard to purchase these things for me like i didn't think that he needed to purchase all of these things to show me that he cared about me and that he was looking forward to dating me. And on the flip side. Even though zach was convinced he needed to prove his love with an outrageous amount of gifts he absolutely did not want to be on the receiving end for mandy receiving. A gift almost feels like a debt. And it's like oh okay. Well now i owe you one anytime. You're giving money. It's expected to be repaid usually with interests. So it's like okay. What interests do i pay on this gift. What gift can i give you this gift plus interest. I don't i don't know so. That's silly. little love languages quiz and ended up leading to a major conversation between zack. in mandy. about what gifts mean to them and why they're so stressful and so they came up with a plan like okay. We're going to get one gift or two gifts and there's a spending limit on how much you can spend her gift for example it's our it's christmas. So how much money do we wanna spend on a gift like fifty dollars or are we looking for the like fifty to seventy five dollar range. We take the the the anxiety out of that so then instead of just buying socks or some earrings or whatever like zach bought us tickets to go to nba game and we wanted. It was so much fun and we spent time together and it was pretty low key. Yeah so these days. It's more about experiences. They can have together and less about using money and gifts to express their love. I think our relationship with money has changed in that. Were both willing to compromise and just communicate about it because before when they weren't communicating it. They were just buying gifts to project versions of themselves. The other person wanted it makes sense to want to take care of the people. We love whether it's financially or emotionally but when we do that without understanding what they really need well that can lead to a lot of miscommunication and for zaken mandy closet. Full of glass roses superhero. Dvd's and michael kors jacket all right. That's all for this show. If you have any thoughts or what hit us up you can reach me at uncomfortable at marketplace dot org. This is uncomfortable is produced by me. Face hayley hirschman and peter. ballantine rosen. Meghan detroit is our senior producer. Drew gaustad is our audio engineer. Editing by sarah kramer tony wagner is our digital producer luna danish. Is our intern. Charney of us is the executive director of on demand and deborah clark is senior vice president and general manager of marketplace and our theme music is high wunderle catchall. Next week she got him. A pair of ray bans a superhero movie. Dvd a new life for work. Some socks his favourite soda. A gift search forgot about things okay.

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799: 5 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Chances For Retirement by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents

Optimal Finance Daily

07:59 min | 1 year ago

799: 5 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Chances For Retirement by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents

"This is optimal. Finance daily episode. Seven ninety nine five mistakes that can hurt your chances for retirement by Michelle Schroeder Gardner of making sense of sense dot com. And I am, Dan. I'm your host here on optimal finance daily. I'm here every weekday reading to you from some of the best personal finance blogs on the planet, and before we get to it a big thank you to design crowd for their support when Harvard Business school's innovation forum needed a logo they turned to design crowd. They received over two hundred sixty five logo designs from fifty seven designers. You could be on your way to the same result with just one post on design crowd for a special one hundred dollar VIP offer for our listeners checkout design crowd dot com slash finance to learn more and save up to one hundred dollars. When you start your next project. That's D E S, I G N CR WD dot com forward slash finance or simply enter the discount code finance when posting project on design crowd for now. Let's get right to today's post as we are. Optimize your life. Five mistakes that can hurt your chances for retirement by Michelle Schroeder Gardner of making sense of sense dot com. Sadly, there are many out there who do not save enough money when preparing for retirement, in fact, according to Zacks investment research, seventy two percent do not save enough for retirement each month. Also, according to a different survey done by Bank, rape dot com. Thirty six percent of people in the United States have absolutely nothing. Save for retirement. These numbers are very alarming. I believe that saving for retirement is possible. And it's something more people should be working towards and succeeding at while. Many believed the economy ruins their chances for retirement in reality. Most retirement preparation problems have to do with specific beliefs people have towards retirement, there are many reasons why a person might be horrible at saving for retirement by looking at the various reasons for why preparing for retirement doesn't seem to be working for someone. I feel that more people can be aware of and overcome their retirement preparation problems. So here are five different ways that you may be hurting your chances for retirement continue listening. If you're interested in. Pairing for retirement, but want to avoid common mistakes one you skip saving for retirement altogether. Many people do skip out on saving for retirement, for many reasons these include believing that you don't have enough money to save for retirement thinking that you're too young to care about retirement or that it's too late to start and relying too much on pensions and social security. No matter how young or how old you are. You should be saving and preparing for retirement. You never know when you will need it. And I am all for a person being in charge of their own retirement plan instead of relying too much on other sources of retirement such as relying on social security one hundred percent the fact that thirty six percent of people in the US save nothing for retirement year. After year is a scary number. These people will all have to retire one day. And I'm not sure what they will do when the time comes now is a better time than never side note. I highly recommend that you check out personal capital. If you are interested in gaining control of your financial situation, personal capital is very similar to. Mint dot com, but one hundred times better personal capital allows you to aggregate your financial accounts. So that you can easily see your financial situation. You can connect accounts such as your mortgage Bank accounts, credit card accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, and more, and it's free. I also recommend using motif investing. If you're looking to invest your money motif investing allows individuals to invest affordably, this approachable investing platform makes it easy to buy a portfolio of up to thirty stocks bonds or ATS for just nine ninety five total commission to you take on debt for others, yet don't put money towards retirement. I talked about this topic in the post should I ruined my retirement by helping my child through college. There is rarely a week that goes by where I don't hear from a parent telling me their story about how they can't afford to live any longer or that they know they will not be able to retire because they are paying for their child to go to college. If this is your situation, I say stop unless you are on track for retirement I on. I think you need to seriously think about what is important your child will be fine without your monetary support. If you can't afford it try supporting them in other ways, such as finding job helping them find scholarships and more you can take out loans for college. But you cannot take out loans for retirement three you think you'll never have to retire. So you skip preparing for retirement entirely recently. I read an article about someone who made hundreds of thousands of dollars a year had a monthly budget of around thirty thousand dollars. Yes, that's monthly and yet hardly saved anything. This person said they didn't really feel the need to save for retirement because they enjoyed their jobs so much assuming you will love your job forever. Can be a huge mistake as it's hard to judge. What you will love decades down the line. Also, you never know if something will come up in the future that will completely prevent you from working like a medical issue or some sort of major life change for you misjudge how much money you'll spend in retirement, which can greatly impact preparing for retirement. Many people just assume. Mm. They will spend less money in retirement. But that's not always the case medical expenses may come up, you might decide to travel more and in truth, usually retirement spending is not too different than spending from before you retire. You might find some ways to save money, but you're still going to spend money on housing, even if you pay off your home completely you'll still need to pay property taxes, utility bills at cetera. Plus, you'll spend on food clothing entertainment. And so on some make plans to become super frugal after they enter retirement, but life doesn't always work out so perfectly if you want to eventually be frugal just start now five you use your retirement funds for expenses other than retirement. I've heard of far too many stories where a person has taken money out of their retirement funds in order to pay for a vacation time share payoff, low interest debt and more when preparing for retirement, this is a huge mistake while I don't know everything about taking money out of retirement funds. I do know that this can usually hurt you more in the long run taking. Funds out of a retirement account can usually lead to large penalties and paying extra towards taxes. You should always just use your retirement funds purely for retirement. You just listened to the post titled five mistakes that can hurt your chances for retirement by Michelle Schroeder Gardner of making sense of sense dot com. And by the way, another tool that similar to the ones that Michelle mentioned, he's wine. Ab it works really well for tracking your income expenses and accounts, and you can get an extended trial at old podcast dot com slash track. Also, I wanna thank design crowd again for their support design crowd is a crowd sourcing graphic design platform, the designers work on any type of project requires a design things like logos websites. Flyers t shirts and much more. How many designs do you think the average project on design crowd receives five ten? The answer is a staggering sixty to one hundred designs from designers all over the world. You'll get your designed quickly to usually within three days. And you don't have to suffer long wait times or sticker shock because you are the one who sets the budget so ready to find your. Perfect design for a special one hundred dollar VIP offer for our listeners checkout design crowd dot com slash finance to learn more and save up to one hundred dollars. When you start your next project. That's design crowd. D sl. Jian CR WD dot com forward slash finance or simply enter the discount code finance when posting project on design crowd, and that'll do it for today. Thank you so much for being here. And for being a subscriber to our show have a great rest of your day. And I will see you back here. Tomorrow for the Friday show big episode number eight hundred and that's where your optimal life awaits.

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Lindsey Graham Won't Leave - 9/25/2020

Quick News Daily Podcast

09:29 min | 2 months ago

Lindsey Graham Won't Leave - 9/25/2020

"Hello and welcome to the quick News Daily podcast where I give you the facts first. No clickbait stories. Just real news that matters to real people. Going to be in the meeting. Maybe maybe maybe. Well, hello to this Friday edition. It is September 25th. And I think it'll be a short day of me talking there. Probably won't be too much actual News until the Friday afternoon news dump off. I think it's mostly just going to be poking fun at some of the events on Fox News, maybe some infighting with Republicans. But looking ahead there. Is that big presidential debate on Tuesday? Well, I'm not sure if he'll be big or if it'll actually mean anything but there will be talk that it is big and it is Meaningful. I'll just have to sort it out in the end. I guess without further Ado. Let's get caught up. Honestly, probably the biggest new non entertainment segment. I'm going with today is poking fun at Fox News. This was Lindsey Graham on Sean Hannity last night. So, I got to run overwhelmed instagram.com help me. They're killing me money-wise. Help me you did last week help me again. Rosie should be able to decide a Barbra Streisand song the side. I guess the South Carolina Senate race. Thank you Senator. If you look at Fox News was a person right about now that person would be saying he won't leave. I'm scared because Lindsay was on there. I'm Tucker Carlson the night before begging for money then Fox and Friends yesterday morning. And then again last night on Sean Hannity, so, he must really be hurting for money. I mean Fox News has turned into the saddest Telethon ever. Really. I hope you see the video because he looks near tears and so so desperate. Oh by the way, speaking of things. I wish you could see my cover art. Today is some screenshots of a Down Junior video and in it, you'll literally cannot see the whites of his eyes. I'm not joking you can't wage they're like so red so puffy and then like his pupils are huge now. I'm no expert in this field. But if you put all of those three symptoms together, I think it's sort of points you talked to what might be happening there why he might be so energized lately the other big Fox News Story shows just how dumb that they think their viewers are. So Karen McDougal is a former Playboy model and she was one of the two people along with Stormy Daniels who was accusing Trump of having an affair with them. Well, she was suing the Tucker Carlson for defamation and yesterday box was able to get dismissed the Court ruled that their argument that they made was persuasive enough that it was actually thrown out but you'll never guess what they successfully argued that Court cited this quote Fox persuasively argues that given mr. Carlson's reputation any reasonable viewer arrives with an appropriate amount of skepticism about the statements he makes so the good news Tucker you got the case dismissed bad news. We had to say that you lied to the people in that anybody who's reasonable would actually do not take what you say at face value the bad news for the American people. A lot of people do take what he says at face value, but man tough day on the set of the white-power our huh, how long So the other delicious story of the day is that at a rally for Doug Collins in the the Senate special election down in Georgia Matt gaetz. He's well, he's one of the crazier congressman from Florida and he claims to have talked to a staffer from current Senator Kelly leffler's office in this staffer is saying Kelly Loeffler offered Trump fifty million dollars in exchange for Trump negotiating for Doug Collins to get out of the race down there for the senate seat. It's kind of a weird race because it's a runoff. So in fact, it gets over I think 50% or something like that then they do another election in January the two people who finished app to in this one go on to Pat one and right now there's only one more Democrats running I think or at least one that everyone sort of consolidating behind. So anyways, Kelly was basically trying to get this down to a one-on-one match up with his Democrat Reverend Warnock dead. If you want to know his name or contribute to him, but I don't know just kind of a funny story that they're starting to turn on each other Leffler was basically chosen for this specific reason because she had so much money her husband is like the chairman of the stock exchange and if you'll remember she was actually the one who got caught. Well, I mean she got let go but her name was brought up an FBI inquiry into the insider trading when the senators get a briefing on coronavirus and a bunch of them dumped some stock right afterwards. So I wouldn't put a pastor obviously but yeah man starting to turn on each other the big entertainment news of the day is something I'm watching closely. It is about Zack Snyder's Justice League. It is a very very long story. But essentially Justice League came up in 2017, Zack Snyder had to step away really late in the game though because of a family tragedy his daughter committed suicide wage. So he stepped away late in the game. Joss Whedon took over and basically the movie flopped there was a lot of finger-pointing as to why that happened. But Zack Snyder's a really long just good genuine guy. He was never doing any of the finger-pointing. He was a good company guy, but he kept dropping these hints that there was most of his movie already completed. The original story was that we didn't had come in and reshoot a lot of stuff and do a lot of rewrites and then it just really wasn't sex movie anymore that Zacks portion was not useable but it turns out Zach was right the entire time there is almost an entire like eighty percent of the movie was done. So they announce that next year on HBO max. They're releasing Zack Snyder's Justice League and originally they were saying no you're just going to finish up the rest of the shots the rest of the animation and like yeah the CGI, but now it was just announced that they will be doing reshoots in October month. Apparently they're going to be shelling out about seventy million dollars for this and that's quite a jump to go from zero to seventy million. I mean Joker that movie was made for fifty million. So yeah, this is definitely a big investment on Warner Brothers part. I have some questions about why they're doing it though currently there in sort of a dispute about Ray Fisher who played Cyborg in the movie is alleging. Some wage has to work environment issues for or I should say against Sweden and they're going back and forth on that. I'm not really sure if this is oh we want to make Justice League this good solid Movie package, or are they trying to be the nice guys in the field of public relations tough to say, but hey, if we get to see Zach's full vision, I'm all for it. But by the way, I should say the rich are for Henry Cavill Superman Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Ben Affleck as Batman and allegedly Ray Fisher as cyborg. All right, that'll do it for me here today. Remember if you like the show leave us a review wherever you listening so that more people can find quick news daily life. It really does help. Remember we do have merchandise available. Everything from masks two T-shirts to fanny packs. If you want something with a quick news logo on it. We've got it off just follow the quick news merch Link in the episode description and it'll take you right to the store. Otherwise as always stay safe make your plan to vote fill out your census and they'll see you right back here on Monday. off off off off off

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