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Slash unexplained to listen now. Now, let's get back to the story. Let's dive into the theory that all of our Cromwell's head took a bizarre three hundred year journey before being reburied in sixteen sixty. One Oliver Cromwell had been dug up and his remains showcase to the world as a warning, his body tossed into a mass grave and his head placed on a pike is gruesome tale to say the least for twenty five years. Oliver Cromwell's heads stood grotesque indicate atop a pike on Westminster Abbey. During that time, the head was only removed once for roof maintenance before immediately being placed back in its spot. It was at Charles the seconds behest that the head remain unmoved, a symbol for Cromwell, Ian, and Republic sympathizers that the crown was back in charge. What follows is a story put together from various accounts of one man's heads, three hundred year journey, but was the head. Found three hundred years later really Cromwell's or perhaps was it someone else's either way it all began with the storm. Sometime between sixteen eighty five and sixteen eighty nine, a terrible storm hit Westminster as rain and thunder. Pelted the warned building Cromwell's pike started to give the tip of the pike with Cromwell's heads snapped off and tumbled away. Following the realization that Cromwell's head was missing from its perch, a massive hunt and sued posters and pamphlets were issued with the promise of reward yet nothing ever turned up Cromwell's head was lost or was it. Well, it's unclear exactly what happened. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the head was in fact found specifically by a guard at Westminster, though his name is lost time. It is said that this unnamed guard took the head back to his home. Remember his head was embalmed so the flesh would have been more mummified than decayed. Not that that makes the guard taking the head any list disturbing. Rumor had it. The guard who found Cromwell's head was a secret Republic sympathizer and Cromwell fan. The guard feared the head would fall back into the hands of the crown and put back on display. So he hit the head in his chimney where it remained until the year. Seventeen ten. That's Macab. Why not take the head to Cromwell's descendants or even his daughter with her secret tomb? Excellent questions. Keep in mind. This is more anecdotal than proven could be. He didn't know about the secret tomb. Or was just a frayed he'd get in trouble for having it. We can't even be sure that this was Cromwell's head that fell off Westminster Abbey. It could have belonged to either of the two men who were beheaded and piked with Cromwell are ten and Bradshaw though there's no evidence to account for that at the time heads were still being piked, but none had recently been added or removed from Westminster Abbey. So while we can't say for sure, this head is Cromwell's. We do know where the head went next by the turn of the eighteenth century, the old guard was dying. He brought his daughter to his deathbed and confessed that he had Oliver Cromwell's head hidden in a knock in their chimney. He passed the head onto her before finally passing away instead of keeping it. She sold it to a man named Claudius dip. We do que- was a Swiss French collector of rare curiosities and owned a private museum in London. It was internet. Nationally, renowned and popular tourism spot. Do que- displayed the heads starting in his house of oddities around seventeen ten, many famous travelers including Zacharias Conrad von Offenbach known for his world travels in journals, described the head to police museum. When he spoke to about the head deplete claimed he could sell Cromwell's head for sixty Guineas or the equivalent to five thousand pounds today. This astounded Offenbach who couldn't fathom why anyone would want a severed head yet deplete never sold the head and kept it with him until his death in seventeen thirty eight afterwards the head once again changed hands. This time the head fell into the hands of failed comic actor Samuel Russell. He purchased ahead from the latest date of depre- sometime in the seventeen forties Russell claimed to be a descendant citing how the Cromwell's had intermarriage. With the Russell family. Few generations ago for him. Cromwell's head was a family relic despite the bold claim, Russell treated the head more like a prop than sacred. Heirloom Russell would take the head to parties and pass it around over time. The head was damaged further receiving additional fractures and cracks and losing teeth some way to treat your ancestor. I still can't believe he did that with a real human skull. While Russell was using Cromwell as a tool for Buchan Nalia a man named James Cox about the skull and sought to purchase it. Russell refused to part with the skull Cox, persisted as time went on Russell fell, deepened debt. Eventually, he tried to pawn the skull off to Sidney Sussex Cromwell's old alma mater. The school refused not believing the heads off anticipate with nowhere else to turn wrestle finally sold the head to James Cox. Cox was a renowned Goldsmith toy man and clockwork of the time he to owned a museum, but it had closed down by the time he got hold of the skull, many historians who followed Cromwell's head like Jonathan Fitzgibbons who wrote the book Cromwell's head, believe Cox, simply wanted the head to sell it off at a higher price and Cox did salad. So who got the head next you ask? Well, a. Trio of brothers known only as

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