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15. Professional Liars

Bag of Lies

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15. Professional Liars

"Hello beautiful liars. Should and it's me serena and we're bag of live we are where the podcast explores identity and community through the lens of the harmless wet lows. We'll tell keyword harmless very heartless no family under couch. Chairs cushions nothin. We only want those good good harmless harmless. All right so serena. What do we have for the listeners. This week this week we are talking to a professional hirer who deals with professional lawyers. Air barr thank you. Thank you just trying to keep up with you so this week. We are talking about work. Related interview lies interviews her tense times. Occasionally people myself included have definitely told a couple white lies in interviews to make ourselves sound better and look better to our potential employers. And we're gonna talk about those with our friends. How are you. I'm excited to be here. Have you So for those of you who do not know zach. Zach canfield is utah born bay area based recruiter. The child of a therapist zaki is a skill stolen from his mama's to convince creatives from all over the world they should work at gabby silverstein empires zacks biggest claim to fame. This is very very very cool. Earthquake cottage that looks suspiciously like a shed. I met the two of you through Interview and that's the first time i met both right. Yeah yeah okay. My lie detector kit with thankfully i told no lies my interview. Ogsm be interviewed serena to that's so interesting. Yeah yes. that's that's what. I i think you're interviewing me long. Look at us. Just meeting through interviews. Life is so interesting. Hire people that. I'm also matchmaker. Okay so before we talk to zach. Let's get into our lie of the week malaika. What did you lie about this week. Well i am currently still living in mexico and the other day i was on a nice long bike ride and this guy who looked kind of american he was trying to catch my eye and he was trying to speak english to me and i just told him. I like knowing no english. Because i one. I don't really want to make too many brands out in the streets and then to he just seemed a little like overly aggressive but it was the time i ever had to lie about speaking a language and it just felt weird to be like fried but i i didn't want to engage and it was just like an easy goto to get out of this weird situation fair fair fair fair. So would you class. This one is like alive of voidance. Maybe yes an opportunity. I seize the opportunity to lie about not speaking english but also avoided person. A fair win-win added one. I like it serena. Would you lie about this week. I did teeny little baby earlier today. So i don't know if this is something many of you know. I don't really have much of a coffee drinker. I e stop. Drinking coffee may be there. Nearly ten years ago now An earlier today just kind of decided. I wanted to do something different. So my partner and i. We're going to a coffee shop. And he he. Every day. I was like i think i will get a coffee. Two and he was kind of like okay. I know it's been some time since you've drink coffee and i just lied about how long it had been a thing. I said it had been five years. But it's it's probably been about closer to nine. Which isn't that big of a difference but to me like the threshold was like anything over five years. That's like very close to a decade. And i was like it's only been five years. It's not that long but it's been quite oil and i'm super jittery now. So yeah i can feel your energy and your probably bouncing off the walls at your place. I really app hours ago and it just hit so i'm raring to record this podcast. Zach what did you live up this week. I'm embarrassed to say. But i lied about the price of a tv. I bought to my wife. It was only. I lied about ten percent of the price difference. I it was. It was eight hundred. Seventy five bucks. I said it was eight hundred bucks a you know just kind of like i felt like the threshold. Eight hundred bucks felt good but once the taxes and everything got in there. I just kind of let that out is so interesting because most time you hear women saying that they may lie to their partners about how much they spend on the clothes and stuff so it's funny to see if the other way around that's true all right social rena is has been a fun week. I feel like we got some goodies in the bag. Are you ready for some juicy lies. Always ready always ready okay. So the first item in our bag today is a drunk driver who lied about his girlfriend. Dying to avoid going to jail. Oh yeah yeah not cool. So we have graham nelson. Who's forty which by the way. That's a big old age to be lying like this But he was more than twice the drink driving limit when he was pulled over but he was let off because when they pulled him over he burst into tears and told them that his girlfriend Holly carpenter had just died and that is why he was acting irrationally. He made no mention of his girlfriend's condition at the time but he told the court that his girlfriend had called him saying she couldn't breathe and he couldn't get a taxi and that's why he drove to her house and they believed him so they let him off but later on down the line they actually found that to be untrue when they knocked on his door in his girlfriend answered the door. Ooh yikes want to in my bag. I think do you think his girlfriend dumped him off the back i hope. So dump of pence. Oh no absolutely a. This is problematic and not okay. I am not into this at all. not q. We do not love you. Do not pass. Go get out the back. I just i don. I feel like there are acceptable. Lies that you tell when you're trying to avoid a ticket but if you're a drunk driver just like except you know that you were driving drunk in like accept the punishment i've definitely gotten pulled over before blasted like christian music rollout. It was like you know it was like. I'm on my way to church office. I heard about that but that actually sounds extremely clever. But you know. I wasn't on my way to church. I mean thankfully. I had my aunt's like jesus music in the car. But like i'm not gonna out about someone dying to get out of a ticket. I mean zach. What would you do your your your gospel stores like i can relate to 'cause i used to have these back in the dam and old man so i had checks and i had the bank put. I love jesus at the top of my checks. i'm atheist. I love jesus on the top of my checks no one ever i me swear to god people would see checks and kind of see. You're all right you take care learning. So wow wow learning live here friends. Yeah trust in the lord. He will see you through girl. That's that's pretty much the the messages today us all right well graham nelson. You're out of our bag. Your trifling don't allies put people's lives in danger. We do not love that know. What's up in the bag. So our next in the bag item is that prince. William reportedly kept a cova diagnosis. A secret i know. So this is hot off the press. But apparently prince william who. I'm sure many of you know a second. In line to the british throne actually tested positive for coronavirus all the way back in april of but he kept his result a secret according to the palace sources who spoke to the bbc and so at the time after he tested positive. He obviously quarantined with his family. He was being Taken care of by palace doctors. He even did a few remote appearances and never let on that. He had coronavirus though. You know what. I'm not mad about this. So much of their life is like public and if he in a safe way like i think it's fine but didn't they like announced that his father headed. I feel like it's kind of interesting. Yeah yeah french. From a few people in the palace added i knew. Boris johnson had it as well and all of those were pretty publicly chronicled but he decided to keep his secret. I'm not mad at it. I mean do you. Prince william like you go to the bathroom and everyone knows about it so you know if you got to keep certain things like this secret like you're not hurting nobody you quarantine safely like yeah but if you have like a bunch of speaking events and other stuff that i be like okay. That's probably better. You got to disclose that like you can't be out in these streets so fine. They can stay in my bad i mean. Yeah i'm i'm with you. I don't think it's that harmful because like he took the necessary precautions but it is his body in his illness and so like if he didn't want to tell anyone fair enough yeah i feel like people should disclose If they had gone virus or you know if they currently have it when it's like at the detriment to others but like i know that a lot of people are facing some stigma if they get the rona. So it's a it's a tricky time. I feel like a lot of people aren't like you know at the ready to admit that they got you. Know corona virus. So i okay with this only because it happened back in april he's recovered and he was quarantining like safely. I am in agreement to use the british. Expection is a bit of a sticky wicket. But i'm not mad at us so last item. We have in our bag as an article that was recently published on a website called life. Hacker dot com. And it's an article for job seekers suggesting that if you are looking for a job it may or may not be a bad idea to lie about your gpa. On your resume. Ooh yeah so This article kind of goes into a lot of detail about basically like the reasons why it's okay to lie on your resume and the bottom line is basically because no one will track. Well you know what we've got zack. On zach is this. Is anyone checking i mean. Gpa's zip for the most part. Now i i don't know anyone who checks for. Gpa's i guess. If there's i'm sure there's professions like very specialized professions. But i mean. I think i mean in our profession putting a. Gps resumes almost bizarre. And i wouldn't recommend lying about your gpa. Because i feel like people are gonna find out not necessarily through the resume but like just your performance Like make it a couple of points different. I don't know she said seems like people could quickly catch onto that one. That's fair that's fair. Yeah if you know you're a two point. Oh student and you out her telling people you're four point. Oh student gonna find out right and and you know to go from two to two point five like who cares. Yeah right right right okay. Well i guess it's okay to live this young. I guess within reason but see. That's what i episode is about today. What lies across the boundaries when it comes to like lying or embellishing your resume or your background or your story to get a job outright. Lying definitely is not something that i i would hope. People do paul touring. I don't know if you do to know what cheering trains is very common. It's kind of like an active form of deception. That is taking kind of like a half truths and then turning into Into a full truce so in advertising for example it's quite common to someone said it worked on a campaign they'll make it act as if it was their campaign. Which is you know. They technically worked on it. But how much did they do on. It is the is where the deception comes in. So i think people like to take credit for things that they worked on is just whether or not they actually kind of. Were like really doing it at that makes that makes sense. We found a stat. Apparently eighty-one percent of people are lying on their resumes slash in the interview process. Do you think that lying during recruiting is as communist. That like in your experience. Yeah yeah. I think so. I mean there's a lot of places fort- deceptions. there's a lot you know from from. Gpa's as you just mentioned to colleges to You know how long you're added job why you left the job. What your role was at the job. So there's a lot of places in there where it where like people can embellish a little bit and you know full on lying like you know. It's very rare that i'll catch someone in like eight just like you know. They said they went to school that they didn't go to like something that bolt. But you could definitely catch someone saying i went to harvard. And you're like oh great. You know like. Tell me about your graduation. And they're like well. Actually i was only there for a year. You know like fat people. People people definitely put stuff on there to lead you to believe things And then when you talk about a lot of times kind of walk it back a little bit. Have you ever caught anyone in like a really wild like lied during the interview process. Do you have any good stories for us. I'm gonna. I'm gonna tell you a story that i loved it. I haven't told many people and it's it's really a store. It's the story of deception. Which i i don't know what what you're with. The definitions of lies are but i. I see deception and so i'm going to protect some identities here because this is a pretty epic story. I wanna make sure that you know that. No one ever sniffs out who this is. So so it's it was a team. This is about fifteen years ago by the way it's really long time ago. So that's why. I feel comfortable talking about it. Probably about fifteen years ago. They're not from the united states and the flight here was a ten hour. So they're faraway. They're they were creative director team at the time and so they were interviewing normally the interview process. What happens is people come in. We all do our own investigation a needing everything and then the candidates leave and then we talk behind their backs. You know we. We talk behind their backs. We make a decision we will do. We like him to do. Not why do we can you know we we. We talk about this example. This team has just met with rich. Silverstein and rich silverstein who runs our company is instantly in love with them and and says we're going to hire you. You're hired It's six pm at the end of the day and he's like come back tomorrow morning before your flight home it will have all the details figured out. So so these guys are stokes. They're so happy that just they've just flown this long track to their dream agency and the owner of the company says you're hired come back tomorrow. We'll give you all the details so everyone leaves and i go out. I'm single at the time. So i go to a bar that night on a date at this bar hanging out and there's this huge commotion outside and i look outside and it's those two guys that we that we had that we've made an offer and they're outside in a white limo One of them is bleeding profusely out of his face like eyes mouth nose like blood every and they are shit faced like they are next level they are not on this planet anymore and the second i see them i in my head. I'm like i don't want to have any sort interaction with them. Because i don't personally care about your personal life. You know like you want to go out and party in a white limo. That is not my style. But i'm not here to judge like everyone's got their own personal lives in that school so i go back in the bar. I'm hoping they don't come into our bar a couple of minutes later they come into the bar and it is a scene they are. They are that they're just next level wasted. They see me they immediately run over to me so excited to see me which is crazy the condition they're in emitted proceed to start hitting on the girl. I'm on like aggressively in a really gross groupie fashion to which i have to but in and be like. Hey please stop stop. You're making this person incredibly uncomfortable. I then say you know the elephant. In the room i go. Hey man you have a lot of blood all over your face are you okay. And he says oh well as soon as you guys hired us. We're so happy that we we hired a limo to drive around all night and we want cocaine because we want to celebrate so we so we were driving around the white limo. And we're sticking our head out asking people where to get cocaine in someone tells us the tenderloin. Well if you don't live in san francisco and you don't know the tenderloin. The ten does not enable to play around it like it is definitely like it's a neighborhood that you wanna be like aware of what you're doing and you don't want to be driving around flashing a white limo ed driver on the tenderloin for cocaine which someone happily obliges and takes them upstairs into a house. Where a bunch of guys beat the shit out of them Rob them and then And then they decide to go out and keep partying and eventually they get kicked out of the bar were by the bartenders. And so okay so this puts me in a of predicament. Which is you know. Your personal license is your personal life. But but The choices that they made of a basically there was one person in the tire city of san francisco. They that they should not have shown this behavior to and it was me. It's literally a million people. The only person that should not have seen right and then when they see me they don't think hey you know what we should probably get out of here instead. They're all over me trying to hang out and end date. Yeah yeah yeah and and you know the choices and then and then they decide to tell me if you wanna do cocaine or whatever. It's not my business but then to then before you have to offer in your hand you're now telling me that you discuss rob trying to buy cocaine a white limo. You know it's like it's a bunch of a bunch of deception in my opinion based on what they presented to me in our meeting earlier in the day and as cds they're going to be running huge clients tons of cl- i mean they are the client conduit for the agency Where jobs are on the line because they are gonna productions You know they're going to be out with these clients all the time and how. They presented themselves in this meeting with a client. Handling skills was much different than the people that i saw so anyways so the next morning nine am i called meeting with all the partners where i tell them what happened. There immediately. Like under no circumstance. Are we hiring this team anymore. So so can you imagine you know. The walkers shame that doesn't feel good. Imagine the twelve hour flight ashamed. God you call all your friends and family. We're moving to america. We got our dream job and then and then you gotta get on that plane home and say well actually so that to me was like my favorite story of deception that i've that i've experienced in in my role and you know obviously i can definitely think of many others at a much smaller and more common things would be saying they work somewhere that they didn't You know i used to work at wieden and occasionally i'll see on a resume and the first thing i do is i call my my friends at wieden and say hey you know. I'm super curious about this person. What was your experience with them on occasion. That person never worked there. You know so so. Yeah so it's not. I think people are smart enough to not go. Really big on their lives They tend to be more exaggerating about like you know maybe they they add a couple months so it looks like they did three full years at an agency versus two and a half years or you know things like that but but to full on. Lie about you know an education or Where people worked. it's not it's not it's not as common but it you know it it. It absolutely happens in. And i would just tell people you're gonna get caught on those things more often than not i'm going to find out what's like the ones they like. The lisi est live. But like what's like the worsely told. Lie 'cause you're white. Level store is definitely like an epic big like they. They they try to pull it off on you and then there was all this stuff lying behind like what was like a a vocally bad told lie that was immediately like boop gotcha. The lazy lies like the lazy lies are are ones where people amid they. Leave out information you know. An in an interview is to to find out. It's an it's a little bit of inspection you know. It's it's were there. Were there to dig. And so when people are clearly trying to leave out details That's that's where you that's where you focus and so You know Fake things about you know how things were made or What their involvement was that type of stuff. So you know when people wanna lie. I think i mean. I shouldn't be advising people on ally but they should really spent a lot of time thinking things through and having it all figured out and I think when people just try to leave out information you know. I'm there to gather information so it's going to be hard. You need to have answers for the questions i'm going to have. If you're kind of dodging it it's gonna put me on the set more he's on tier. I mean i. I mean i hope i'm not painting like a crazy picture in. It's a fun you know. Generally it's a fun conversation. And i'm there for a lot of reasons other than a fun conversation but i. I tried to present as a conversation. But but i've definitely poking around trying to make sure i feel good about the information i'm getting. Maybe i ll avi good at recruiting people. Because i'm like low key nosy. And i love like you would be upset. You and i went to new york together thing. You'd be great at it. I love being nosy and like digital like what people are doing in their whole life story. The trick is the trick is to anyone. Whoever needs to interview to trick is let the person talk it. We wanna a button and we want to ask questions lead people. A good interview is probably eighty percent that person talking and you just listening and actually. That's where you start to figure out like if they're bullshit new or not because that means they're talking a lot and in that talking you know you're kind of listening listening to make sure that things are adding up and consisted and things are all making sense. Have you ever busted busted necessarily but like sniffed something how found out they're lying and like someone had a reaction to it. Like what would you do if you find out that someone has been lying so for example they like didn't work at wieden and they said that they did like how do you how do you react. How do they react like all. I'll give you another story. That again. I need to is very it's a. I can't give much specifics but We fired someone who should have been fired and it was I caught. I caught someone ally when we spoke to this person. They naturally denying everything. And okay. that's fine So we actually hired a third party. Investigator had like we. I mean we got macgyver on this like we. This was something where i was like. I'm not letting it up. And as i mentioned before. Like if i'm onto a cent i'm not gonna stop till i feel lake until i feel good about it and this i did not feel good about it and i also felt like my resources were limited so i hired someone to do a proper investigation a third party and it was one hundred percent accurate that this person lied there was there was not a point zero zero one percent chance you know we had all the shit lined up you know and so at that point. I'm thinking oh this is great like i mean. Clearly when i when. I talked to this person again. They're going to. They're going to be like you're right like sad. This person down told them everything. Had this pro like crazy investigation and he was like you guys are still wrong in absolutely crazy and i just could not believe it. And in general i find that Good people tend to own up to it quickly and they're always kind of afraid of being busted in. They're afraid of being sita's as seen as an impostor and so a lot of people just to meet a like you're right. I'm so sorry. I screwed up and you know and then there's just a small percentage of of of people who will never own up to it and it's quite sad. Wow wow i had like literally like the supreme court level evidence on this person. I mean it was next level. I mean was it couldn't have been a and and just that person staring at me going. It wasn't me. And i'm like dude you out of here. I love that you went to the length of getting a private investigator. Like i know a good recruiter or a good. Hr person if there's something serious if they feel something serious that they're going to investigate an end for me you know. I'm i'm i'm anxious person so i'm not going to be able to sleep until i feel like i have made a decision a as well an informed decision as possible. You know so. I think i just for my own sanity. I'm gonna keep going until i feel like until i feel like my mind. Setis see i'm the same way too. Because i if i feel like somebody's out here like just while i'm gonna use the power of the internet. I now everything i need to know like. I told the other day that me. Her loki should work for the fbi. 'cause when we are on a mission we will get all. We sniff it all out. So i love this. I feel inspired. Snoop even more now. I'll tell you what if you're listening to this podcast. You're an asshole and you're interviewing you better damn well go through all of your social media in everywhere been and hide that stuff because i will find it an end. I you know all recruiters. I know the we immediately go to people's social media now And i don't mean just facebook and instagram. Like i mean. I've not hired candidates i've i've been ready to to hire someone who i was so excited about and we were just about to pull the trigger and i went deep. Just digging around on him. And i found all this post of him and boy was he nestle so i called him out on it and i said hey. I was really excited to hire you but i have to tell. I saw the way you spoke to people in these forums. And i don t this not you know. We don't talk to each other like that in this company and in and i wouldn't want to hire anyone who speaks that on the internet and so So if you're an asshole you're looking for a job. I really recommend you you. You go hard and clean your social media because people will people will be looking at. It was zack. Spins so great. Having you on the podcast. We've we've enjoyed all of your stories that you've shared scraping here. Thank you so much. Y'all make sure to follow oliver truths on the socials. We aren't instagram at bag of lies underscore podcast and on twitter at bag of lies. Thank you zach for being on our part chime. You're having me back is produced by the spicy rachel. Da's with oversight from b. b. bob cohen. Our theme music is produced by my girl. Madly big ups opinions and foolish. Comments expressed here by no means a reflection of our employers friends family or upbringing or our sanity by guys bye.

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