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Podcast (6/6/20)

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Podcast (6/6/20)

"Good Morning, boomer! How are you doing more jam? Doing good man, you know and I just heard at the end of the Alan Jerry's one hour show their. You know how they got cut off for. Oh, you remember how they would do twenty minutes, and they would get cut off early in the yeah frustrated and that frustration would continue to mount, and you would hear about that frustration over and over and over that they just couldn't get those final thoughts in. Well, they expanded their show to an hour. And now we are right at the moment where they are frustrated once again because they can't get their freaking thoughts in within an hour, and I heard them talking about something that I love and that is hockey in Mexico can go screw as far as I'm concerned you know it's. It's a great sport. It's got great players, and as a dyed-in-the-wool hockey fan, as I am a baseball fan as I am a football fan, and as them well. My basketball FANDOM has been taken out of me because my team is sucked for so long. But, the fact of the matter is it's all good, and we want it all back and we all want to be excited about it, and for those of us who are ranger and islander fans. Are Teams are a part of this now with the NBA coming back as Alan Jara did point out a little bit earlier that the NBA. Board of Governors voted twenty nine to one to come back with this format that they are proposing and the one team that decided not to come back, or we're voted against coming back was the Portland Trailblazers and CJ mccollum one of their obviously St- very talented players. All Star player tweeted out that He. He supported the no vote because the owner of the team. WHO HAS JODY ALLEN? That's the sister of the late Paul out. The Microsoft founder who owns the Portland Trailblazers, listen to the players in the poorest of. They didn't WanNA play so out of all thirty teams in the League the one team that didn't WanNa play as the Portland. Trailblazers because the players told the owner to vote no. I don't understand that I. don't understand why they would do that I just it doesn't make any sense to me but I do not want to spend an ounce of time on the one team. That was negative in this regard. Will you just you just oh I did, but I'm just saying that I'm doing that now and I'm saying. No more forward as we move forward and try to get these leagues go going again. I think it is really really important to get America back to normal and the way that you do that is by bringing back something that people love so much, and that's the sports that we invest ourselves in not only financially, but emotionally, and that's why yesterday sign the twenty nine to one vote was. was actually could for the NBA and they're going to get started again soon. Yeah, and no more Knicks for this season. That's another thing. The Knicks not seen again. Yes, it is for all the long-suffering, Knicks, fans who had enough of this season for a guy like me. Who needed them not to play one more game for a bit to be moot, it is great to see the. The Knicks season is over, and then we will see the lottery down the road in August and July. Thirty first still feels like a long way away for sports and I know the NHL right around the same time. They WANNA start up, but baseball still has designs on starting before that if they put a season together, they still would be I if they could figure this thing out, but. But if they don't, we now have to wait a month and a half plus to get sports, which is going to feel like a really long time seeing that we haven't seen any since early March David cone made a really good point, and he was a part of the Major League Baseball Players Association when he was playing a very bright guy, terrific broadcaster and somebody who I admire. Who knows what's going on and how this whole thing has got to shake itself out for MLB. And that is there needs to be a deadline, and because there is a certain point where you pass a certain date, and you say there's just no way we can pull this off I still we're not there yet. I still think we still have a week to go before we actually get to that drop dead date where they have teams back to spring training, and they have to give them a couple of weeks to three weeks to get it going again and then to try to open on. July fourth would be unbelievable. July third July fourth. That would be unbelievable. That would be a great celebration. For America Baseball. Has Long thought to be America's game although I would say football, pass it along time ago, she however there is still hot dogs. Apple Pie and Chevrolet and budweiser associated with it and when I think of Fourth of July and I think of celebrating our great country I think that whoever the sport is that can play on. That weekend would be very very smart to do so that's why. They cones point about deadlines is very very important and I hope that the players and the owners can come up with a plan that will allow us to at least Joyce. Month of July with some sports, because you know I'm sick and tired of the competing in the streets now I want to see competing on the hardwood. I want to compete the competing on the fields, and almost competing on the ice, and that's where we need to be competing. What's going on in our cities is is really a disappointment breaks. Everybody's heart. Nobody wants to see this, and that's why missing sports. I, think is a big part of all of this. I mean obviously there are big society issues here, but in retrospect when I think about what sports means to all of us. Having something come back is really really important, and that's why I was telling you yesterday. I think there is political pressure. That is being placed on the owners of baseball to get baseball pack. I you know these guys are all billionaires. And I'm sure that a there are whoever they support politically is probably saying to them. Come on, man. We gotta get you guys back. We gotta get you guys back. We've got gotta get some normalcy here and what I really do like is that as Jerry said earlier this morning at Texas Governor Greg Abbott has now increased the. Capacity for games up to fifty percent for the rangers and the Astros, so that throws another kind of monkey wrench. So on one, it's Great Corona Virus News for all of us because it means we're getting back to normal, but I kind of look at it like okay. This just gives the players another thing to throw back out the owners, and then make it more complicated because we're like okay. We gotTA figure out this revenue for this city that revenue. That's it's like Oh man! We don't need to make this any more complicated than already is, but I'd still rather have that news. The not about fifty percent in Texas and hopefully there's other cities and states to follow right, and plus we also have now and we will have. Tons of data on thousands of people coming together standing next to each other for hours upon hours upon hours upon hours in a lot of these cities. As if there isn't a major spike and there isn't some sort of Overwhelming pressure on the medical system. Our system. If you will in this country, I think that will give governors and mayors a different perspective about what the Hell we're dealing with. You know we have been told the law. Abiding citizens in this in this country have been told. Stay home, stay home, stay home. You can't have funerals. You can't have weddings. You can't have fundraisers. You can't have golf tournament. You can't do this. You can't do that. You know you can't gain can, but meanwhile for the last ten years seven to ten days. We've had thousands of people. You know congregating together. Just marching down streets and Just frustratingly fashion. We keep our keeping told don't do this. Don't do that, don't do this. You can't do this and we're like a bunch of sheep. Yeah, we are like sheep where like sitting at home like frigging idiots, while everybody else is out there doing whatever the hell they want and not Panta price for any of it well. I'm doing my best not to sit at home and get outside as much as I. can't. You know what I'm. What I'm talking? We can't go to restaurants I. had this image yesterday of every body marching down the street, and then like ten people trying to go into a restaurant because they were hungry, and then saying no, no, no, we can't not allowed not allowed in here. It's like it's just so funny. Okay, but out here on with. Fifty thousand people marching down the street, but I can't go in the restaurant that get take takeout only I mean it is. It is a straight guy that that's the frustrating and the hypocrisy of the whole thing. The entire thing I mean you've got no business owners. You Got Friends of mine who owned restaurants? Who are drowning right now because they're not allowed to let anybody in their doors, and then the TV's that they're watching an empty restaurants show images every single day in cities across the country of tens of thousands of people shoulder to shoulder, so it's just it is. It's really so wh. Maybe this accelerates though there is there. Is that positive about it? Maybe the data that we see is so positive from this that it accelerates everything getting back to normal that that could be a part of this as well well I. Hope it is I really do i. hope that. You know I I certainly don't want to see a spike I. certainly don't want to see you know. Two hundred thousand more people come down with covert. And then we go back to where we were. You know in mid March and mid and early April. Nobody wants to go back there, but I don't. Are People really even thinking about that when they are out on the streets? I don't think so. Know a lot of young people out there that. This is not gonNA affect them, and hopefully it doesn't, but if there is a super spreader out there, or if there is somebody that is spreading it, and the these young people are coming home to either their parents or their grandparents. Were you know imagine you're out there for three nights? And you're protesting, and then by the way we're GONNA. Go see grandma on Saturday. Because Saturday, we're going to be able to go celebrate her birthday, and then all of a sudden. You've passed on Covid, nineteen grandmother and grandmother is dead in ten days. I don't know that's that's what you have to hope doesn't happen, but you know. The frustrating part of all of this is just. For all the people that have tried to do the right thing for the longest time. All of that could be thrown out the window because of what what is going on. How many people are spending? Hours upon hours upon hours shoulder to shoulder yeah. I really hope that's not the case and I'm hoping that we are in a spot now as we talked about yesterday that there isn't as much viral load and it's going to be. About how about how about the fact that you are so here you are, you're out there. Eight o'clock curfew comes. The police are trying to sit back and allowing free protesting and trying to be peaceful, the peaceful people to do whatever they need to do, and they're trying to give a little space. Allow space, and then finally enough's enough. You know you've already violated. Curfew were an hour past curfew. It's time to start putting you in you in ties and we got to put you in a band. Yeah, then we're going to take you down. We're GONNA. Book you so now you have a van driver with I don't know how many guys or people are of protesters that are in that van and they're driving somewhere to go get booked, so you have a van full of people on top of each other. Think about that for a second now I know I've been thinking of every day. Look at these images. It's all I think about and I'm just trying to think that because we're in a spot now where there's not as many people testing positive that. It doesn't explode in the way that it did back in March. Hey, thanks my. Idea of course I listen, it's not so my would be doing the being around that many people at this time unprotected. It's really wouldn't be, but you know, and I've been. We've been really really careful around here I. mean you know my wife is even more? I, guess careful than than than I even and I've been very very careful. I mean she doesn't want to. There's a lot of pay WANNA come over. You want to do this. We're allowed ten people. We could do I don't really want to do it, so she's very careful, and it's frustrating to me. I mean it's not it's not something I'd be doing I've been thinking about it constantly, but my hope is that what I'm trying to look? Look at is the other half of it like? If this had happened all these protests that happen back in March, we would be in a whole world of hurt. Because this thing would be I mean you WanNa talk about one hundred thousand deaths in this country, it would be like five hundred thousand if if there was protesting in the streets in March when this thing was spreading in the way that it was so. I'm just hoping that it's. Now and I think back. In March is when you know a mask didn't help, but now all of a sudden does help. Back! Then it was you know. Don't worry about wearing a mask now. You gotta wear masks. There and a has Matsui. That's why you got the skied in frigate has match. The freaking studio. Yes, that's right. I I you know I. I have said that from day one that I, that is the thing I cannot understand at all about this because it was like steadfast that the mask like those surgical masks like worrying thing that work like I. Put that on. Governor told you that they work way back. Worry, no, no, no, the end ninety five. Yes, sir, the surgical I'm talking about the surgical mask like the ninety nine cent like flimsy thing that white on. The one see the blue on the outside. Yes, that that thing not the not the series n ninety five masks that garnered told us about and the healthcare workers used at work, because not all of them get sick. I'll talk about that. Flimsy thing at thing doesn't work. What are you nuts that thing I know, but yet now I can pull like the piece of cloth over my face that I used to go fishing in the Florida Keys, and that somehow is going to keep me healthy like we went from like that back in the beginning where it's only the end ninety five to now. Just. Stick a Kleenex over your face. You'll be fine. What is that? I think that well. I think you got your answer. Way Back when in January. You were given a perspective from somebody who is always trying to keep themselves from acquiring a respiratory virus, so it's ninety five or nothing you telling me well. I mean now now. Companies and I know that there's a company that does. Sponsor a couple spots on entercom called boomer naturals, and I'm not trying to. I have nothing to do personally with the company. That's just the name of the company. But they've created masks, so they're one of probably. A couple of hundred companies, if not more that have created different types of masks for sale, because that happens to be the big thing right now, but I'm just saying like the frustrating part, the hypocritical part, the whole part of all of this is just now for three months. We're told don't do something. Don't do something. Don't do something and for the last seven days you know. Hundreds of thousands of people have disobeyed all of that and. And basically put a I would say that even now as opposed to say three months ago has put a public a great health risk without any thought about what the ramifications collateral damage could be in this case. Yeah, I know I mean it's nobody's done anything about it by the way I mean. There's really nothing being done about it. No I. Mean, but it's not that it's that easy to just a you know. Stop doing this. Because you could spread coronavirus well I. Think they're fine aside. I take governor Cuomo's trying to say, but he's trying to. He's trying to thread the needle. Can have half the people happy here? Half of the other people happy here every and all were getting. Everybody is frayed at the edges. Everybody's angry and everybody's screaming at each other and nobody well I won't say nobody. There are some people that are listening. There are some reasonable people, but for the for the most part. The Coronavirus pandemic rules as laid out by governors, all across this country have been basically obliterated over the last seven to ten days. Last Friday a week ago. We went and got takeout place in patchy fog, and I to in the place was like all outside like they set up a outside now in front, because I got the big garage door open and I had to go. There had to wear masks. Had to have gloves on then they brought the food out to the car, so I wasn't standing around other people who were waiting for food. Where's your car? We'll bring it to you. That person comes out with a mask and goes all these precautions. This is last Friday for me to get wings and Dominican ribs from this place, and I like in patch of all of that me and one other person there and go home we eat. We cleaned off the the packaging but yet. Thousands and yelling, spitting every everything everywhere and I really I. Really do hope that there isn't a wave that comes now from it, but I mean there's a very good possibility that we're going to see more cases, but I'm just hoping that we're past it. We're we're. You know governor Cuomo wants to make sure that all the protesters get tested to. I'm surprised. We just don't have like testing. Set up right there somewhere little testing kiosk. Where you're going to want to come in protest fine, but you gotta go through the kiosks and get tested I. I. Always. Wanted Open Kiosk. Somewhere like in the mall with just a news, knickknacks and stuff and just sit there all day. Those guys always seem like they were happy as people on Earth when I used to go to the malls. You know back in the day I. Don't know if you're old enough to remember malls on how you doing. I'M OUT OF TIME I. I grew up with the south shore mall. It was it dried across from the bayshore roller rink. Right on sunrise highway right there. We had a JC Penney. We had a macy's. I think they're even was at one point in time. If I remember right now I, think sears was across across the street. Yeah, I remember, get the. Ken More Washer and Dryer with my dad. Remember you know getting the. Tools from sears, but then getting close from pennies and. macy's Yeah I was being facetious about how long to see you don't remember the. Spectrum. Spectrum now I. Don't know Spang. You don't know spectrum. No spectrum so I know. I go on and on with some of the funny. Store names that don't exist anymore like Jenna VI's member a genevieve genevieve's drugs of course. Of course that was a that was a big one, but my my point was that it feels like so long I've actually been able to walk into a store and buy something. But but yeah, it's it's it's crazy. I'm just hoping that I do know that outdoor dining I get texts every day from my friends who owned restaurants have outdoor seating outdoor dining around. Here is now less than a week away Wednesday of next week. Everybody's allowed to sit outside, so we gotta wait another. In New York City. They're going. Allow I sounds like they're gonNA. Allow a sidewalk dining inserts. where I guess it's possible, yeah, I mean. I. Con? Exhaust out there. I never understood how that was. You know what I'm saying. Maybe it's goes on I'm living out here I? Never understood I. Guess if you're in the city and you're all cooped up whatever? It's nice to sit outside on the sidewalk, but like. It's gross to sit outside on the sidewalk in the city and try. Out here, your brunch with your your little omelet biscuit, and then there's some box truck with graffiti on it. That stopped outside in front of you. And basically you're getting like carbon monoxide poisoning because some guys got to unload seventy five cases of GATORADE. To the store across the street. Sitting there paying sixty dollars for your for your one breakfast for yourself and it's just like. Nonstop garbage going pass through the entire time. It's horrible. That's that's true. That's true. That's a very good character. Was this relaxing and fun. Part of being a part of the city man. You know what the fabric of the city is the fabric. Fabric fabric fabric. Yeah, and then the question is is how much you know so I actually have noticed a lot of the protesters wearing masks on Mike were all those vests and gloves and up after they're done with them probably on the street somewhere, right? Yeah I mean it's it's that was a big thing going to the supermarket and Seymour analogs and masks in the in the parking lots as opposed to being thrown out there all over the street to even by the beach. There's just masks everywhere. Yeah, just take them off from underground. Someone else's problem right? Yeah Guy, saying societies filthy. Saying Man I tell you. Pay People used to make fun of me for living so far away from work. And why are you commuting so far and yeah ridiculous? This doesn't make any sense. You're killing yourself. Lucas coming out smelling like a rose right now. I'll tell you. His career out I. don't see any gloves I. don't see any mass on seaney filth. I was at A. Private beach yesterday took the boat over there only way you can get. There's if you have your own personal boat. There's no even ferry service over there took. The whole family ought phenomenal. It's absolutely phenomenal, so basically you would say that most of the people that you are living around are following the directives from the politicians. There is a term I was trying to remember because I was thinking about this yesterday. About how knock on wood here, because then all of a sudden say, something things will go south. But how proud I was of my neighborhood in my town. What is it? It's like? CIVIC, pride or yes. That's right. Yeah, that's what we have around here. A lot of pride for our area in our in our people's. That's what we do and we walk. You know you see somebody in the sidewalk. We're going the other way. Is there a glove underground? Those no gloves on the grind here because we throw our gloves out in our garbage pails. That's what we do here. We're protecting the community because we've got the civic pride. That's what we're doing so Al. your new community does not have the proper etiquette or the civic pride when it comes to discarding gloves and masks, though I have seen I have not seen many gloves here in rattling their gloves, but a lot of masks lot mass. On the ground. Yeah I don't know if they get. From other communities. Because the beach has a lot of wind. If they're coming from everywhere and just gathering here, but there's masks. To bet well, you're still in a better place. Do you have your TV on boomer in the background on? Somebody does I don't I don't have it on. I can hear something I. Think it's Jerry. I'll really have them up. Here's boomer talked to him about him and I just thought he might jump in there. How? So. Wait here. I'll put it up again. Yeah, it's definitely him. Yeah, and he did not his Fox. He didn't even think it was up. Probably a Chris Christie Raggi. Loves he loves his ragging Calvi in the morning and. Jerry our own show watching another. GotTa you gotTa love that right I got us on I can. I can prove it to at least I've got to supporting the cause all right. boomer and Geo on the fan and CBS sports network each the morning show with boomer. esiason and Gregg Giannotti boomer NGO. Laughing over there usually when he's laughing, means he's got something good. I can tell on his zoom. He got some good now I was just looking at a video. The Internet's crazy, but I will say. There are a lot of funny things out there i. don't care what anybody says. They're all said. It's later, but there's a there's a million funny things out there, and when you, when you get caught up in all these discussions and all this heavy lifting, and all this psychology stuff and who's getting screwed. WHO's not getting screwed and everything else? That's going on in the world. WHO's getting screwed? It's another warm-up show bid. Bid I think they can go with them. But but the point being is that there are some very funny people out there, and they put it in their words, and you could just just just say thank God for a laugh in the morning. That's the way I look at it sure. Did you see the video that rex? Chapman put out he's making videos. Go viral now all the time. He has been for years. About the guy who was talking about the thing that would make him stop being angry. Did you see that video i? Did I did not see that one yesterday. No, I did not okay. Can you explain it? I do very hard and his name is also something that I. I'm not he's. He called himself. Big bleep daddy from Cincinnati. Oh, really okay. That was his name, and and WHO's being interviewed by legitimate news person and They asked him. What is the thing that would make you feel better about everything and his answer is. This is quite interesting, so I will send it to you. Okay, appreciate. It is it is spectacular. The thing about rex chapman almost all of his videos. Usually. Dogs or kids, or you know uplifting videos. Fun Videos videos that you people get absolutely destroyed like the one of the ones he posted. Was this poor woman some? It was not in this country somewhere else. She's walking down the street like nothing's going on going about our business. A tire of a truck flies off and smacks are in the back of the head and she was fine. He wrote in there. Don't worry. She's fine, but I think that's why. Dogs and kids and stuff I mean. He put some put some pretty funny stuff out there does he's no, he does. Had the dog in the kid, or maybe even last Friday for the dad was teaching the kid the three point stance. Charge them just destroyed. The kids was fine, but it was funny right? Yeah, he is. That's how you get your kid to explode out of a three point something. Well. Gio Right didn't. Weren't you out that back in the day? Time in three point stance right actually. No, they wanted us and four point stances. That's how old you are for finance. Line, Bay, they love the four point stance. Yeah, two hands in the dirt. Back then and we used to go in those Oh. What the hell of the name of those things to shoot was yes. Shoot, yes. Rusty ass metal thing that just sat in the middle of the dirt field. You got your head below the shoot when you were coming. To stay out, yeah! I saw a friend of mine was terrible like me me and him were both pathetic football players, and they put him in the shoot because he was being a wise ass against a guy named Chris Boden. Who is six humongous individual was a good offensive line for us, and he bent him over the shoot like he was on the outside. This you, this guy was on the inside out took them any bent them over to shoot like there's and held him there, and like the coach like waited ten seconds before he blew the whistle. Because you wanted to kid, you know experience what that felt like every every offensive and defensive linemen know exactly what the shoot is all about. It's all about staying low and creating leverage, and trying to get underneath you know your opponent, so you gain the leverage you get him moving backward into the backfield or or back into linebackers. That's why that shoot was so important I'm telling you something man? I was never happy to have a tetanus shot after being around shoot. ZING was dangerous. All Right Jerry his update. What's happening Jerry well? We've got a lot of sound from yesterday. We can I think put the drew brees thing to bed with what was said yesterday. And then he's going to have to move forward and make amends with his team as they get back together in person. Coming up in the summer here was. Was Breeze who we know apologized on instagram. We had that yesterday at the end of the show. Then he had a meeting with his team where he would apologize to them. I guess face to face pry Zoom type of call. And then he also released a video apologizing I. Know There's not much that I can say that would make things any better right now. But I, just want you to see my last. How sorry I am! Recounts that I made yesterday. I know that hurt many people. He would go on to say that the actions will fix it. I'm sorry. And I will do better. And I will be part of the solution. I know no words. We'll do that justice. The. I understand I. Hear them and There's there's no doubt that he is one hundred percent true to what he's saying, but the thing about it is. He already lived a life of actions. Speak Louder than any words that he could ever say at least in my eyes. Many tables is yeah. Yeah, I talk about for me. This is my opinion. About drew brees, and I was thinking more about this last night I was saying man. You can't be a more perfect person than drew brees Zits from being a husband, a father, a community leader in crude quarterback people somebody that has touched the lives of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people in the midst of not only the pandemic, but also Katrina and disaster in trying to be an inspiration for an entire city. which you know, many of our sports teams. Are you know this is you know? When we came back nine eleven here we saw what happened with the mets and Mike Piazza what happened with the giants, the jets, the Yankees and how you know they were, they kinda brought us together as a city and together as a nation, and that's what drew brees. It's been doing since he got there in New Orleans, so I understand why he felt the need to apologize, but in my eyes is actions over the over the course of his life. Speak for themselves. Here was Mario Davis on CNN. Glad to see brees take the action that did yesterday in hearing drew drew drew's apology. And that's the I. You know I know heard it You. Know I think that is a form of. Of True leadership and I was saying because that's taken ownership. And then you had Malcolm, Jenkins Michael Thomas. It seems like they've made a men's with him yesterday from what he said to them. That means he is going to play. somebody said yesterday that he should quit Shannon Sharpe Oh Shannon. Did Okay Yeah Shannon Sharpe came out at about nine am yesterday and said he should just walk away and retire now, and this was. This was after the apology at. Am I believe so? Yes I believe so whatever time his show is with with skip. On Fox on Fox sports. That's when he said it yesterday. I'm pretty sure so I won more Davis on Rome why he was initially disappointed with reason now isn't anymore. disheartening about it. was that we hoped that we would hear him. Elaborate more on the problem of racism and particularly the potatoes to the black community and police brutality I have a ton of respect for him doing an about face and saying hey I messed up. So that from Davis. You had Patrick Mahomes Saquon Barkley and Michael Thomas among I think it was a dozen. Maybe even more NFL players sent a video message to the League about racial inequality. You had a bills rookie choir. This is I mean good, Lord. I don't know how you talk about walking into a locker room, so jake from of the bills who was just drafted? He'll be a rookie right, yeah! So, screen shots came out yesterday of a text conversation he had in which he said. Quote. Elite white people. Should be the people be able to purchase guns. Now. He's come out and he's apologized for that. So you know he had, he had apologized to his teammates Georgia. He you know this was. This was a big out there already. Yeah, yeah, in other words we we hadn't seen it or right, but and then of course this resurfaced again. He had already gone down this path with his teammates, and I guess you know. He obviously apologized and explained that the context of what he was saying, and now he has to do it again under the environment that we all find ourselves in no doubt. Your boy your buddy. Frank Reich was very passionate last week or I guess it was earlier this week when he was talking to the media about everything well as GM Chris Ballard had a video conference yesterday. We haven't listened as a country White America refuses to listen we WANNA keep things to sane and it can't. Continue down the same password continuing down. And that has to change and nothing will change until we do that. Now Shaquille O'Neal has a podcast called the big podcast. And I think you guys were tied to you. Guys thought I was watching TV. I was actually going through the podcast. Well, wait a minute I. Didn't think you are watching TV. Whatever horse? You're watching TV, alphabet. You're watching TV and Eddie actually potted you up. Because I had mentioned something about your our show that early again and that you guys are GonNa. Try to expand that. The last time so. I I did not think that you are on. TV I didn't realize what you were doing I figured you were doing. Something in regards to show, but. You're watching another network I was not natural. You're the person who said Chris ragging. Say Chris Rock somebody else. Okay all right so. You guys gotTA. Stop accusing me and things that I have not done Jesus well. I was not watching. Raggi I was not watching another network I was not another TV station. Is I was editing. I was going through the shack podcast. Jerry. Let's go whatever you told me. You Watch ragging Calvi. Yes. Okay all right so. Do five the six year working with Al during the show on my TV screen and I always catch the five because we got. Brad Heller does the five o'clock update and while he does that. The five am news comes on Raggi and Calvi and they always start with. We've got unrest in Manhattan. This riders you WanNa. See where the unrest but I the forecast. Right exactly, anyhow. Here was sunny day for you. Looters be able to. Windows would no rain. Just summing things up beautifully for the first six months twenty twenty. Mumbo dies. Corona. Forty million people laid off work. And now they. WanNa say this is the worst year of my life, but. Pretty, bad, I've never seen anything like this in my life. He just forgot about the asteroid coming towards earth. which did you see I? Mean I really amazing. Did you see the story that either and measles? There's an outbreak of that now in Africa that. They're having trouble containing I mean. What else what else man that's? Just been some year. Floods are coming. You're right well. That's right. Mentioned that the other day we'll have a horrendous hurricane season. That will lead right into, and you know it's coming. Because the last two winters have been mild, we are going to get blasted this year but snow. Farmers ALMANAC again. Jerry no well read that I. Just thought you did absolutely not. Here's one more from. There's so much talk so many protests. But how do you change things look we can do one is vote. To as invoke you WANNA be on Instagram I want to be doing all that take. Old Boat. There you go kind of interesting, so so he makes it very good point. You know you want to go out and make a difference. That's how you do it in this country. You've out you. You're active at the ballot box and as long as everything's legal. It's fine and all that other stuff. It's interesting. I was reading in Minneapolis yesterday. So the city council, there is getting ready to vote this Friday. I believe maybe today or early next week to disband the Police Department in Minneapolis. So so the people that have been voted in to the city council in Minneapolis feel that it's necessary to disband the police department as they know, it is banned in rebuild or not. Well it would, it would be. It would come back in a different form, but not as in its present as present form. So you know you've already elect. People have already been elected that are supposedly people that were apart of trying to make a change. Understand that I mean we've. We've been gone through this through a lot of different. Cities so this is a vote that is going to be a cast for the Minneapolis, city council, as to how to disband the Minneapolis the police department. Didn't know that did not know that a couple of other things were relayed here the NFL did send them out yesterday to all the teams coaches now allowed in the facility starting today as expected the NBA's board of Governors did approve the twenty two team format to restart the season, and then go into the playoffs, wide world of sports at Disney which had been rumored for weeks and weeks. They also did a couple of other things. You've got decisions on next year and it looks like they want to start next season earlier than we thought we thought Christmas Day. They're going to try and do a December first. The draft Lottery rescheduled for August, twenty fifth, and the draft will be October fifteenth, so they put a lot of things in motion yesterday and update from a story from a two or three days ago a Florida. Appeals Court has temporarily granted. Zion Williamson's attempt to block the marketing agent that He fired He was supposed to come under oath and answer those questions. I guess he got the stay but temporary. They've got ten days to respond. I guess so that. That isn't quite decided yet. And baseball is still a disaster. You had over one hundred players, including the Executive Board of the Union on a call with Major League baseball and they decided nothing absolutely nothing, except for the fact that we're not taking any more pay cuts, and the owners say they can play more than fifty games, so I don't know where that leaves us. I don't know if there's going to be baseball, but that's where we are. I don't like the fifty game thing I like the eighty two game thing and I like the regional play, and I like the fact that you know. They're going to tinker with some of the rules where the National League would have H. I like the fact that they would expand playoffs. Make a lot of sense to me and I gave you credit this morning. Jerry because I thought you were really good about. Talking about Texas, Governor Greg Abbott Fifty. Expanded the capacity for Baseball Games. These stadiums. Yeah, that's exactly right. So that's at least moving in the right direction and I out to on the warm up show that we do between five and six that Wednesday was the first day that New York reported zero covid nineteen deaths. Oh! That's New York City. All of New York state, but New York City New York City right. Yes, yeah, that's. Progress absolutely first time since March so right great news all right. Thanks Jerry the morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg Analogy boomer and Geo. I don't know if it's going to be baseball or not. But something we did talk about, and you ask. Many questions about I was sort of answered with John Sterling Susan Waldman broadcasters who've been doing it for a long time. WHO MIGHT BE IN? In John Stilling for example is a guy who was eighty years old. He's over eighty years old and we understand the coronavirus for those in that age. Bracket is more dangerous John Sterling has to go to all these games and he's around all these people. How would you handle that? And then we had some fun with it with Chernoff being the person who goes and test John Sterling. That will not happen however. It seems like that. If there is a season that MLB announcers are going to broadcast the road games remotely, and the Yankees would consider doing all games remotely so there. You have your answer to keep those safe and I know it's probably not what John would want to do because he's a man who just would go to the. Games wouldn't have a care in the world would keep himself safe because he goes to work. That's all he's done. His entire life is just get up and go to work and call these games and very rarely misses a game. We understand that streak ended not that long ago to make sure that he got some rest, but That will the smart thing for announcers like John John Announcers like him if there is a season well, Susan's older, too. I want to be careful there as well but. Remember the movie dorm. Of course I could remember how they would go on the road, and the the radio broadcasts would not travel with the team, but they would make the. Ball hitting the sound and they go into, you know. What happened on the field and things of that nature? Maybe that's something they could do there also. Was a little bit of a controversy within the NBA about Adam Silver, talking about older coaches. Gregg Popovich, and people like that. And about how they may not be able to coach from the floor, they may not be able to be bench coaches, and then those coaches according to Rick Carlisle. Who's also I think he's sixty. I think he's my age. said, what will check on that for a second? We're not there yet. We're not. We're not saying that that's what's going to happen. So and then Adam silver had to walk back. His initial statements about older coaches, not coaching the teams on the on the court. And listen. We got hundreds of thousands of people walked right around. Each other there on top of each other I mean. Let's see what happens here now. It's what happens with this. Society Experiment Science experiment as to whether or not you know like I could just imagine like Dr Fao she. and Dr burks sitting wherever they were sitting over the last seven days. All my God, Oh my God, Oh my God. The world is coming to an end. These people are all going to get sick. We're GONNA be overrun. We're going to need laters. Ventilators went gonNA need more ventilators I mean you know I can't even imagine what they must be thinking. Yeah, I mean they're probably thinking that. This is a horrible thing, and it's going to spike the numbers across the country, and there's going to be more and more. What if it does? That's why I keep saying I know this is. This is something that we've talked about for days. What if it doesn't and then then to me? Let's go still be careful. Be Smart, but let's go back to reopen and everything face to my ass. All Green Man. That's what we're doing. If it comes back there, no numbers are going up and there's no more hospitalizations and we see. It probably have to wait two weeks to really see right. Yes. No more phases nowhere phases for us now, so it's June fifth now. We gone through at least. I would say five strong days of nationwide protesting not just nationwide by the way it's worldwide. Protesting that has gone on, and I would say somewhere around like I said yesterday the Twelfth Maybe the eleven to the eighteenth that that we right in there or those seven days right in there is when you would likely think that we would see whatever spike. That may come down the road assuming that they. The understanding that the thing is think you've made it for about. Two weeks before it shows itself is correct. Yes I know more than we did three months ago. There's no question about it, but we still don't know enough. Yeah well, this is going to help right. I mean it's unintended, but it's unintended data that is going to help one way or another. Man I don't know I I was just thinking I had buddies that had to cancel weddings this year the other canceling. Graduations you gotta do drive through graduations. A meanwhile I get hundreds of thousands of people walking through the streets and kids can't graduate. Well, we'll see I. Mean it all. It could go the other way right now. I'm with you on thinking that you know I'm pissed that I'm not allowed to do the things I mean. There's things coming up that I avenue in our lives, anniversaries and stuff, and we'd love to be able to celebrate I'm not crying about it, but it is frustrating. Attached though what everybody's been trying to do to actually what is happening? You understand people's frustrations that that for everything that everybody's tried to do for three months basically could either be thrown out the window. Okay because we could see another spike, or we may not see anything and realized that gone on for the last three months a bunch of crap. Yes, so either way. We're going to be pissed. Which is great the other? Answer. We'll be pissed. Either way I mean I'd still rather it. Of course go the way of no more cases, and then accelerates everything opening up bite. Of course it'd be the frustration. Wait a second. Why are we waiting around so long, but at the same time? that. We're not seeing a second wave yet or maybe not at all who the hell knows, it would be more frustrating to me that we were just coming out of it. And then we have to go back to square one or close to it, because so many people gathering in the streets that that would be the thing that would would be upsetting more than anything else I. WanNa James in North Arlington joins us on the fan. What's up James? I Love Your I love your discussion all I know. Is that John Sterling. If they won't let him go to gauge, listen I. Mean I'm sixty five. Myself and I'm fine, and I've been working. With a lot of people from the public, but the other I noticed or people I've met like especially over the age of seventy five. A lot of the leash worries about die from the virus. They Wanna live their lives and if they don't. and. This is a studio that might kill them because again. The studios probably be so clean. The, studios public clear I was Cleveland car, but but probably the way they would sprays the subjects. At the same place to be, and if they don't let them go to the studio, you might have a heart attack. What do you think? Well. Let's hope not you know I. Think I don't know damage of being locked up for three months and this is the. The psychology part of it the psychiatric part of it and you know he's just a human being just like the rest of us, and knowing him and know how knowing how stubborn he can be. I. But then again you gotta deal with Chernoff overtake us, so it'd be off decision I. And but then again. Here's what here's what I hear in this conversation. If you want my, you really shouldn't. Like marks, not going to tell him one way or the other what to do. He's going to kind of meander around the discussion. And in some kind of Cockamamie way, it's GonNa come back down to whether or not John Sterling is going to make that decision for himself, or maybe even the Yankees make the decision. I'm not sure yeah I. Mean That's a classic management. Thing right like they know in the direction of the way. They want you to go, but then tell you your decision. That a classic like management. Move like it'd be like you know you don't have to do it, but you know it's up to you, but it would be nice to help you know like. A LOT OF THOSE! Yep. Let's go to Corey in oceanside joins US next. Stop on the Fan Hello Corey. Morning guys how you doing. What's happening brother? So I was thinking I'm noticing or dreading a new problem. That's coming up due to AL and Jerry's newfound success. So. I rely on tips around holiday time and I was thinking about as far as you know reopening society, not having a second wave I was gonna need to hear some tips from Al. Dukes, but are those GonNa be on his show going to be on this show a little worried. I'm concerned I. Think Society is in trouble if you don't get tips. Your Korea I think actually right man. I'm not really sure what to expect from Al Anymore. If you're listening this morning. You saw how they ran out of time again. So this is how this whole thing. Manifested itself into an hour long show because the twenty minutes wasn't supposedly long enough and now the our show is not long enough. They can't get it all in, so they're going to be demanding more time more more face time next thing you know they're gonNA. Want to contract from CBS sports network. You know. Maybe they're going to be looking at takeover. Tiki and Tierney who knows. WHAT THE ANSWER! Corey's question. Where are your chips going to find themselves to good question, Chorea may be split them up maybe. In the warm up show, and then a little bit later on boomer and Geo, where it's a different audience audience kind of over kind of turns over radio. Do you have any post pandemic tips that we know you? Thought about it because I think personally I think you've lived your life post pandemic of six to eight weeks because I. Think you are one of the first people in my life that that have gotten sick of all this. Yeah. I only wear a mask when required, and even then I do it under protest walking around here seeing people on on the beach with a mask on this insanity, but teaches own as they say boomer he's. Not Listening to our PSA's that we've done. I'll more. Attention to yourself and others, and we'll be kind I. do that part Yeah I? Wash my hands still. or No. When we recorded that I added a little commentary to mine you remember this at all I'll send you the raw deal, but then Eddie sent out that raw audio with everybody on the email and didn't cut it out. Which is my folks? I shouldn't have said it. But? Yes, so like Chernoff. Has It all the production? Guys have in everything else what I said after I recorded that thing. And Yourself, yeah, there it is. We should be running that see. This podcast we good. I just love the. There's something still funny. It's so simple, but it's like the voice that we end up. Using I'm so guilty. If there's new read PSA like I'm changing the tone of my voice, so then me using a phrase like that in my psa tone is just. It's just funny to me so and it was funny to you, too. Because the laugh afterward actually pretty genuine, your PSA tone is like how Eddie when he talks back to you in the headset while you on the show, right with this. Wash your hands hey, Greg Gianatti from wfan. Reminding you to stay socially distant six feet apart be mindful of others, and hopefully others will do the same for you. Go Yourself. BINGO! was of like Alan we first our first PSA's back in March. Hands, she felt the hand, yeah! Yeah I. Don't yeah, that's one thing that everybody's. There were people who were anti hand washing before this their wash your filthy hands. So that's one good thing that's come out of this. I mean I'd seen too. Many people go out of that bathroom at work without even thinking about it. Over to the Urinal, outright out now, what do you like? The police hand washing guy that's now I'm just coming in and out of the bathroom I'm just a man with is disgusted by other humans we work with. That's what I am. I'm not that hand washing police. I'm just a guy who's. Looking I'm yeah. I judge people when they don't wash their hands and the use the bathroom in a public place. That's how how much of that goes on these days. Well won't anymore better not anymore. I don't I. Think about how people police each other in. Public. I mean washing. This is something free free? Corona virus I thought was just horrible Guy, walking club guy clearly. Having a bowel movement at work, hopping out of the stall and leaving. Without washing, his hands is borderline criminal, and that is with his phone in his hand, yeah. Particles all over the place. As on the phone pops out of areas like readjusted his pants. He's on the phone. Yeah, so I was telling him I was like listen I'm not going to. What are you doing? Just everywhere. Saturday to me man. If I see any of that when we go back to work I, see any that I don't care I'll be. I will be one of those guys who will shame them. I go wash your hands pig. That's what I'll say on. We are not leaving this place. Can we put somebody bigger than you? Who could take me down? I probably wouldn't do it. But physically imposing as we are not leaving this bathroom to your put both hands in the end. You're washing for twenty seconds. You're not going back into our shared space with dirty poop pants. The funny thing is that there have been a couple of sales guys that have gone in. There sat down and you can hear them on the phone. Oh. Yeah, it's, it's just unbelievable grunting. As talking on the phone, I do not miss that. I do not miss that interaction. Yes, it is just the worst. The elevator interactions going to go. I was. GonNa. Be Scared to death of one. Another by the way are blue dots now in the elevator right today. Tell you which way to stand. Well what they have the feet facing forward. Every one of them facing forward because I heard that some elevators have the back back. People in the back of the elevator's right facing forward. People in the middle of the elevators facing sideways and people in the Front of the Oh elevators facing forward no for our building. They're all facing forward, and there's blue dots all over the lobby with the six feet, and then there's also a thermometer scanner thing There's two of those one on each side of the lobby. So how do they do that? Go in, yet you pull down your mask in the thing looks at your face and tells you just did it for us as and giggles this morning ninety eight one normal. where he was just like one hundred hundred one point five, but. Whatever? Go in and what was the? Mayor Maher. Talking about something yesterday about the MTA in social distancing and they are they putting stuff on the floor and the NPA? Listen to anything in new. York, or now no doesn't sound like it. Nope, yeah, are there stairs? We're like I don't even know. Right around the bathroom right right if you come out of our bathroom in the back side Yeah and you and you make a left out of the bathroom. That's where the stairs and also in the elevator. Bay You know on the there's four elevators on one side. Three on the other with a fourth elevator would be. That's the stairwell. Where does that come out and we're? We're fine in the lobby in the same place because in the lobby, the seven. That's four and three yeah. As you're walking in onto the on the right. Yeah, you could just take. We've. Got A lot of Internet companies in our building yeah. Those people man. They're going to come down there. Never they never come back. You got stay home. Stay home. You don't need to commend. Yeah like all that Google stop they were. They don't need. They don't need a building anymore and they. Decide love sure they'll send their employees launch to their homes. No, yeah, of course that's right. They did tear up the sidewalk and try to make. Hudson Square more pretty and beautiful for everybody that was moving there, and now it's going to be no employees here. It's just going on. How how is that going? Is that resumed at has, but now it stopped again for whatever reason. I don't understand their schedule there on some days off some days, but for about six weeks it was tumbleweeds. And it would have been great if had gone back and I was done, but no way all right boomer and Geo on the fan and CBS sports network. It's the morning show with boomer, Esiason and Greg. boomer and Geo Jerry RECCO is back. He's got another update. What's happening Jerry? Our guys a little bit of a different direction this hour. Yes, drew brees did apologize to his team yesterday. That was obviously a big story, all, of Thursday, for the most part you've also got. Other players and former players that have come out supporting the 'cause that's going on around the country Michael. Irvin, the former cowboy, was on the rich Eisen show yesterday. He talks about change in this country and he. He begins it starts at the top like we were discussing last hour week at the issue that happen on the street because they know they're protected by some people that have that are not clean and fault and not clean and right and higher positions that will protect them. We can't just get the police officers without getting those hire people that have been protecting out before we go full Ervin also talking to Isan about the force and says most cops are good cops. We're not talking about everybody so. Let me take. Me Law enforcement. We need law enforcement for our protection. What we do not need is black man, being persecuted and executed. He goes on to say what needs to happen. Is You got to weed out the bad ones? Forcing it a great number of great people out here to do their jobs and do it well, you and I you know, but we gotta stop the persecution and certainly the execution the persecution. So that was my girl Michael Irvin on the rich Eisen. Show that was yesterday mentioned last hour. that you've got several NFL players setting the video to the league. They released it last night. Some of the names in it Patrick Mahomes Saquon Barkley. De'andre Hopkins Ezekiel Elliott. It was a seventy second clip I'll give you the first twenty seconds here. The audio is not great with the mix and the music, but this is how it sounded. It's been ten days since George Floyd. martyred. To this. What would it take? For one of us to be worried about police brutality. George Floyd Paul. George with. School. So, that was Jamal Adams. I believe was in that as well. Odell Beckham Junior so several guys getting together to make that piece that was released last night. You've got Shaquille O'Neal doing his weekly podcast the big podcast. It's called here were shocked talking about when the protests turned violent what he's saying? The Benson peaceful protests, and then there's been a Lotta opportunists. I keep hearing hearing rats about people. Mysteriously leave and bricks in the middle. Cities, And that's what we were talking about the other day, and some of those videos that are being shown that literally pallets of bricks are being left. Somehow what's amazing to me with all the video technology? That's out there. Wouldn't you think they could figure out where they're coming? From who's dropping off I believe that they do know where it's coming from and I do believe that they know who's dropping it off. Yes, got it. here was shack on the looting. That is taking place. Nobody is breaking in Louis. Vuitton store is getting bags got nothing to do with issue. We're talking about period. Look. I know you met. I know you've set. But you don't have to tell Bianca. While, said if we can have a little bit of fun as one of his Co hosts mentions here because this is so Philadelphia. One of his Co hosts mentions a story I funding. Looting doesn't go hand in hand, but just listen to this clip from the shack podcast. They raided the other night. They looted a furniture store. In Philadelphia and you can find it on the Internet shock. They left one piece of furniture down the Dallas Cowboys recliner. Let's Kinda funny. Isn't it the Philadelphia? Even in this moment they hate the cowboys so much. The bad debts left I found. Bringing out to the street and burn it. That's the thing. I thought they would have done good. And that's John Kincaid, telling that story that is that is. CBS Sports Radio weekend hosts John. KINCAID DOWN IN ATLANTA BUT FROM PHILADELPHIA. I didn't realize shack lives in Vegas now. I thought he just lived in Orlando. They were mentioning that, so he's all over. The place The NFL will now allow their coaches into team facilities starting today so big day for Joe Judge I a really on the job in the building. I guess the pandemic. has taken place in this country. The NBA's Board of Governors approves the twenty two team format for restarting the League July thirty first is the date the end as we've mentioned the last possible that it could be October Twelfth Adam silver courtesy of TNT yesterday answered a question that boomers ask since the very beginning of this. So what happens if a player test positive for covid nineteen? The question was then phrased if that happens, what does the team do they? All of a sudden have to forfeit and back out. The answer is. We don't believe we would need to. You know we've been dealing with a group of our expert plus public health authorities down in Florida now and the view. Is that if we were? We're testing every day and we're able to trace. The context that player has had R- able to in essence. Contain Matt Player you know, and and separate him from his team and we're continuing to test every day. Not so hopefully that will handle the situation. Did Rudy Baron Donovan Mitchell makeup yet? Those guys on the same page I think they did I. do think they did I feel like about a month ago. That was a story that they were kind of back on the same page, and they were okay and ready to go forward, but until we see it, we don't really know. The other issue has been the older coaches. I guess referees, too, but the older coaches silver did address that. Have to work protocol. Maybe for example, certain coaches may not be able to be the coach. They may have to retain social distancing protocols, and maybe they can be in the front of a room, locker room, or or a ballroom with a whiteboard and be but when it comes to actual play, you know we're not GonNa want them that close to players. He also walked that back because the that was not met met with. Total agreement by the coaches themselves. So he comes back a little bit later and kind of changes that tune all you know to to a certain extent. Like Gregg Popovich and Rick Carlisle and a number of other coaches like Mike Dantonio being one of them looked man. Hold on. We'll make that decision for ourselves. Are you excited at the notion that Mike? Woodson might be getting interview for the job I. Like Mike Woodson what he does with the next. Last winning coach we've had they won. What fifty four games four games? Yeah with that with that team. Problem with him being reinterviewed or interviewed this time around so right now you're looking at Woodson Mike. Miller will get a chance to talk and. Status case you've got tiptoe and Adkinson. That's right now. The names we've heard right for the interview. Seems like it's. It's typical though it seems like if he's one to enact concen. Yeah if Adkinson can't get. Your for sure why not and he was an assistant here before once. Why not do it again? The great thing about having Mike Woodson was all those drops funky. Drops that we do have right, so we get him back got some good stuff to talk about funky Cold Medina. Yes always. And then just finally with baseball it's it's really it's becoming exhausting. These two sides. They just continued to go nowhere. Yesterday. The two sides got together on a call and. decided. We have no idea what we're doing. Basically so what? I'm very confused at and I read three articles on this, and not neither of the three addressed it so the other day we heard that baseball doesn't need to get approval basically from the players. If they decide to mandate a fifty game season with full prorated salaries, they can just say this. This is what we're doing, and if you don't WanNa play play, but this is what we're doing. We're going forward with the season. No one's addressing that all we're hearing is that the players are not interested in a shorter season and smaller paychecks. Because of the shorter season they want more games. They want more playoffs and yet. No one's agreeing to anything. They'll settle for an eighty two game season because I'll be right in the middle. Right so the owners fifty, the players, saying one hundred and fourteen let's. Hold to where we were at the beginning of this whole thing, and they have about a week to get. This thing figured it out. I. Would Know Pay Cuts, though no, that's that's the problem they they're not going to do. Eighty two games of pro-rated salaries they keep saying that and the other thing too is as we've been. Mentioning and Jerry mentioned earlier this morning about how now Texas has expanded the the ability for these teams to put fifty percent capacity in their stadium, so. You Know I. What's GonNa? Is You see New York saying to the Yankees and the mets and August? Okay you can. You can let people in I, don't I? Don't think you will see fans. I I. Don't know with everything I think a lot of this is going to depend on what comes out of the protests I agree do. You get hit again and there is a resurgence and. The. The political powers that be feel like there is a medical emergency to the point where it's going to strain the system then then. All bets are off, but I would also say on the other side of it if there isn't a spike and we don't see something like that and the medical infrastructure has settled down like it is now. Why not? Agreed if these protests don't spark in an outbreak I don't know why you couldn't do fifty percent at the very minimum. and. That's why the players to me. That would really bothering me, but then again I would want to have a clause in a contract that's clearly stated that if there is going to be fans, we need to see what the tickets. Or the amount of tickets that have been sold. Look like we have to see that number. And let me ask you this, too. Because it was brought up again I'm going through the shack podcast from yesterday, and they brought up a good point the NBA in Florida. They're restarting with no fans. Is it possible that they will let fans in as they move through I guess it is right and Florida really has been like. Nothing has gone on there I just jeans got some relatives down there. They go to restaurants or dads outgoing a cigar bar like normal. Nothing's really it's not totally normal, but it's nothing like here. I would think that that's. Right and that was also placed two months ago. Everybody was ripping into. How to control this is this is going to be a major spike. Look, what's going on down there and nothing happened and well I mean things happen just not number, and not to the extent as which we were told, it was going to happen I mean I swear to God? I sometimes I just feel like we're a bunch of sheep like they tell us we do it. Now I mean yeah. Pretty much well, we also. We, did see some horrific numbers here in this week. I also well, we also were unprepared, and we were also making really bad decisions as where to put people, and how we put other people in danger because of the those decisions. We. Listen at the beginning of March telling us all go to Broadway. I mean that's that to me. Is like just goes to show you? How unprepared this whole air everybody was! Yeah, I did see one of these guys on TV. It was his theory wasn't anything scientific, but he believes the reason Manhattan was you know basically beat up so bad with this is because of the ventilation systems in the apartment buildings. That'd be based. Also could be mass transit. The fact that we all live on top of each other you know densely populated. We have a great deal of essential workers that are going to work every single day using public transportation, and there's a million reasons why maybe we get hit with the flu and covert nineteen worse than most places simply because of. The way we're set up. One the other thing we also learned very quickly that. Is. In the case of something like this pandemic. Not at all remotely prepared for anything like this that are medical infrastructure is colossal, mess and disgrace. It really is I. Mean you hope you learn from it and that's all. You think I mean yeah. I just I'm just thinking as more people move out of the city and move into the suburbs suburbs. If there are more hospitals built. There isn't more medical infrastructure expanded. We could go down this road again with the with the next pandemic or the next issue, medical issue or something along those lines, if we are not prepared, and if we're not prepared, then whoever the politicians are making, those decisions at that point should be fired. Fair enough, go guys all right very good Jerry. I'm just waiting for that meteor to end all. Twenty four! Maybe, maybe the meteors, a good thing and not a bad. How far is this meteor going to be from the thirteen million miles? The closest one. We've seen supposedly in a very long time. He would know better than me. which is usually my mileage cumulative in a month for me going from my house to work thirteen million miles is here's what it adds up to The morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg Analogy boomer and Geo I know many people saw the drew brees apologies, and there was a video that you released, and there was also instagram As well, and they saw that, and they said okay. You know he's saying the things that. We wanted to hear, but then there was Jamal Adams who came out, and said you know, save your weak ass apology, and I just with what drew brees has done what he said. He also said it wasn't just like an empty apology also said I understand that this isn't going to mean much to a lot of people with actions, and he's got a history of actions I just I. Don't know how you can win in the eyes of someone like Jamal Adams if he's calling all that stuff weak ass. Like isn't the point of it, too. I thought the drew brees was still. Not Understanding your. And then he then says he does now understand it, and he's going to prove to you that he's going to understand it, and he's got an entire resume of helping out so many people in his life Walter Payton Man of the year as you have mentioned a. what else can he do for someone like Jamal Adams not to think that what he is saying is weak ass. That's the thing also also before any of the apologies came out. He also had other teammates that have. Backed him up prior to the apology saying you know him, you remember Joe Worn basically after Lebron James. You don't know this guy. You don't know what he has done. So I'm not look. This is going to go on and on because they're going to be certain people that see see, see things, certain ways, and I'm going to be passionate about it, and they're going to be other people that see certain things that are going to be passionate about it, and we all keep talking about listening to each other and hearing each other and giving each other space, and having an understanding and become enlightened if you will about a certain feelings that we all have. But again I I'll I'll go back. I'LL SAY IF I. Really, don't know very many players in the history of the NFL that have done what drew brees is done not only. By writing over ten million dollars, worth of checks out of his own pocket to help people after Katrina, and of course, covert nineteen relief, but also being on the front lines and handing out water bottles that people getting food, the people that needed it trying to help rescue people after hurricane. Katrina so maybe Jamal doesn't realize all of that stuff. Jamal's young Jamal is. Very emotional, and he has every right to be, and he has every right to have his opinion I just wish that he would understand a little bit better as to who drew brees is, and what drew brees actions are all about drew. BREES is also a man who a very very strong faith. I told you my former roommate Frank Reich was a Presbyterian minister down in North Carolina, because he before he went back into coaching and frank, dealt with the million types of families and frank has a very unique perspective on so many things that are going on in our society, because when you are Presbyterian Minister the and you're in a small community. You're dealing with a lot of these issues that are confronting families both white family black families Asian families. Latino families you name it. You're part of it. That's a part of your life as a minister, so there is a real true understanding and sensitivity that is attached to that. And he knows all sorts of people and I think that really is helping him in this situation helping the colts. But when you're dealing with somebody that is so angry, it's almost impossible for that person to really stop and just think for one minute. What this other human being has done for so many other human beings, and how he has touched our lives. So, I. I kind of. I think racket up towards. Youth I Don't necessarily know that. Jamal understand who drew brees is in the big picture of what he has accomplished, and I feel that drew felt himself that he had to apologize for something and I understand why. But I also know the man that he is and what he stands for and I i. wish more people would stand for what he stands for, and that is. And if you listen to his words as Jerry played yesterday, you know you know exactly the type of person he is. Lose your guys. I, hear you boomer. Okay, you hear me. GEOS frantically looking as if he kicked the cord on their. Kick, the court out of. The Rate Salah. Respond to it and. He didn't. Yeah so it looks like. Quarter something so we're all here except for. Is Our as landscape. There I don't know right. They've cut the cord cord. I think this is a great time to talk about what we like and don't like about. G Like we do in boomer walks away perfect well. He might be able to hear still. A Bald Patch on top of his head. Problem Fortunate Chime for hair and Akin. Jerry, what were you saying? I think it's a great time to say what we like and don't like about him since he can't respond Kinda the same way we do about you and you walk away. He just gave us the shoulder. Shrug on TV, right exactly. That's not good. I think he's got to get He's got to take a look outside and see what happened. Although the camera, he still up on the camera right? Yeah, he's on the camera. He's on the TV so he's got the Internet, but it's got. It's got to be the COMREX well. Maybe it's the rogue addio Guy. Cutting Patio Guy, it could be the bulldog maybe bitten. Maybe Sabrina tripped over the wire so many things out there especially in his house. Without question laudable US Anyway I I would think the guys era. Go Nicely. Yeah jeeze what happened there bigs! I've no idea I have no question. How did you fix I? Mean have no idea what. I just rebooted the whole thing. It just went silent, so I couldn't hear anything. Just saw boomer talking on the zoom, or you couldn't hear us. That's good. That's good, yeah. I was. I was pontificating on what what a great human being drew brees is and how you know. Jamal Adams probably doesn't realise all the things that he had done I gotta listen back to what you guys said on the TV. Damn now go back and listen in the break. Jerry I watched the show. Wallets it's on so then I can rewind and see what see what was said. But I have done it to boomer before so turnabout is fair play. Boom. We notice that you have a bald spot on the top of your head. Yeah, no I know you're doing now. Tony even I don't even know if it's so much a bald spot as it does. This cow lick thing no look, because if you do it, it's not totally on. Your Bald spot denial is what you're in Alto him about the ranger up. When I was twenty seven years old I went out in the rain in a raindrop square hit me on the head with no protection, and it was pure on bald, and I saw it. I mirror demure when I got home. said. That was how you figured out that you male pattern baldness, yeah! I felt a raindrop that did not get absorbed that all by hair, and I was like Whoa. I'm telling you man. I'm telling you this is this is the truth. This is not the Nile. This is the truth. When my hair gets long like this, it's separated. We're places. If I were to get a haircut and a normal haircut and I would show you the same. The same thing it would not be would not look like that. Is telling you as friends and. There's hair can write them. Out. Now with GOTTLIEB. See those those hell have this is this is how I, this is why I'm telling you that it's not happening. Look how much hair I have. You know you're hairy, but it's not necessarily in the right places. Et seems to be getting a big kick out of this short does. Hold on a second. Still look like it. Oh Yeah Yeah Oh boy. Oh boy, it's bigger than we thought I. Don't know what you just did there, but you just exposed even more. Well! Whatever Mars okay posted entire nothing. You can do about it now. The way the way I look at these things. Like I say okay I I just turned fifty nine and I'm like. Where am I? Am on the back nine. That's the way I look. Yeah, so you're you're you're in your late thirties? Right, you're approaching the back nine. When does that start at forty? Or later I, I would think that we generally we don't smoke. We don't you know we kind of take good care of ourselves? So I would like to think that the back nine would be somewhere around forty five. I would like to thank. Maybe a little bit before that, so don't worry about you've gotten this far. You're done well. You're getting the patio and it's all good I'm telling you right now. I'm telling you. I got a different explanation here for this. It's not it's. You'll you'll see? When I get a haircut, you will say. Denial, let me sit I'm looking back and now I'm going back alleys call one eight hundred on bald. One eight hundred. I'm going bald no on bald. On bulk right now. What is Bald Yeah? Yeah, I mean. I'm looking at it back in slow motion. Now I could see where you guys are getting that from CBS sports is doing. A slow motion take on, no, no, no I'm I'm doing it. Oh, you're doing it on my own on my own remote control television. Yeah, it's not. It's not a bald spot. Well, the good news I would've never known it and we would have never seen it. Had you not bench your head totally over, so it's OK. Well here, here's a great question. So my hair is never been this long. When I've been working with you, guys, you walk behind me Al all the time. You were working with me months ago. Have you ever seen that thing? I had not noticed a prior now. There you go so there I rest my case. You think this bald spot that you're claiming is. They are just happened to occur in these these three months absolutely not. Very stressful. It's start sometime and it's. It's a very stressful. Three months. Six celebrates a lot of things when I'm telling you is with the length of the hair in this coupe. Then I'm putting in it and the situation back there when I get a haircut, you won't even notice it. You won't notice it and that's. That's why you can. You can believe me, not believe me. Now I am fully confident that that's what this is about. Said, you're not taking this for what it is in. That is just to help you. Get over this whole thing, and just to make you aware of what's happening so if you do get that hair and can. The truth will come out. Listen I. Know that you've got a history with the dying of the hair and I know you've gone down that road, but I don't need. Who has the history of what? You! Don't you dye the hair? No I. Don't that my hair? You've never dyed your hair I've never dyed my hair. Never. What are you talking about? I thought that you dyed your hair. We had this conversation okay? All. Right? No I don't. Know. I've never dyed my hair, but I think you could use some hair and a can though. See see what it's like to be falsely accused of the of. The all. Time Out You made an accusation that I put something in my hair. Other than you're making an accusation that I'm going bowl I can see it. Damn thing it's right here. Right in front of us now it's not it's not. Agree, all of us are one hundred percent agreement me Jerry. Allen Eddie have explained to me. Explain to me how you never saw before. When my hair was at enormous, ever seen you bend your head down this. You Walk Behind me all the time, but I'll look at the top of your head. You telling me what your your when I'm sitting down and you're walking behind me. You never looked G. it's okay. Just embrace it, I'm not, it's not. It's not what. I. Jump The back of my head into all your faces when we're together when I have a normal hair cut and you will say no reason for me to see the top of your head. There is when I sit in the chair. And you go walk behind me. A break that look the back of his head. I don't do that I'm sorry you think people actually do that. I'm not looking at how I got more hair than you except for Eddie. All you guys at that time in my life. I did as well, but that's how it starts seeing that time in his life. and Jerry's telling you exactly from where he is now to where he used to be right where he used to be as where you are now, so he has. One hundred percent I think credibility when talking about this. And it just it just you hiding in this this much thick hair very place Jerry. L. Maybe you could put up a morning poll. Do People think? They say. Yes we know the answer. It'd be ninety nine. The one percent and I'll be the one percent voting on the one weird thing with Geo and hair online anytime. I Post a photo on twitter. People think Geo dyes his hair jet black and I don't know why that is like. I don't know if it comes across in photos as Super Dark for whatever reason I don't know. Your Hair No I do not. I try to tell people did one hundred percent. No, I mean look at my beard greatest I think that's the reason why people think that because I got gray. On the air. So that's not even it's not even start with that, but no I I'm telling you you will. You will see and I I could probably. Mess around with this a little bit, and you wouldn't even see the thing because it's just the way that might the head, the headsets on there and everything you see. The way. The headset pushes the hair back. I'm telling you it's all it's all good. This isn't my cocaine. My friends cocaine. No No, no! I would totally own up to that. Were the case, but. It's all about the truth and this is. This is the truth. Yeah, I'm telling you we. We saw it, so we have video evidence of it. YEAH VIDEO! Accusation, we didn't see I mean we're actually seeing it. You know, but what you're seeing is not baldness I'm telling you. I am telling you? That's the case. It's one hundred percents. Isn't like no hair on ahead. Isn't that the definition though? It's not no hair on a head man. You listen, you. Guys can can keep I. Understand where you're coming from I, understand you saw an image in your taken it and run with it, but there is a fuller story here that you're not giving me the benefit of the doubt with, and that is that when I get a haircut? You will see that bold spot that you're claiming is a bald spot will not be there. I can guarantee where you do home over. No there's no I won't need to. I won't do anything. Listen I got I got a Lotta hair a lot of hair. On, the sides just the back and in the back to. I got I got hair. Look at all this hair back here. That I'm going bald, but I'm not talking about back. There I'm talking about right at the Ba- the back. Wall spot, it's not a bald spot. It's just not. Hey. You'll see. You'll see when we're all together. As you head of hair. It's on the mother's side by side Yeah it's. True yes. So. We'll see when we're all together. One will that be? Why don't we just go out and pro never so we could each each other. Whatever it is I'm telling you because I'm not going to be going bald I'm telling you right now. It's all it's all because of the. Hair product and the headphones and you will see I will guarantee it. Probably still lie to me when I go in and say I still see it, but now you will just it'll it'll. No, you're challenging me, but I'm just telling you I'm going with what other people are telling me that Eddie Al and Jerry and Jerry has credibility here and so does out by the way if you haven't noticed. And actually texted me, said what you described about like. You know how it can be fixed. You were describing a comb over. That was from Bob. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! I'm saying I- haircut fixes. It is what I'm saying. That's not a comb over. It's not so. Don't get mad at me I'm just you know? We all saw it and these guys ran with it. And now you're blaming me. Listen I understand how tough it is to work with such a young man like me and all you guys are bet advanced age. I understand. It's and you have to do these things to make you feel better about yourself and I've got still years left in my thirties. It's a long time ago for you guys. I mean a twenty year. Difference between me and boomers just gotta be. It's gotTA. Be Tough to do it so I understand that and I feel your pain, but I'm not going bald you. I feel better about myself because you have a bald spot. That's true. That's what it is I. Know I. Know I know. It's difficult I know it's tough, but. It's going to be okay. It sounds like it's a little tough for you know. It's not to listen. I'm totally calm. It's not for me because I know the truth I know where the truth lies here. And when you know the truth, you understand everything's GonNa be fine, and I will prove it to you I will prove it to you. You do not have this on me. I? Came out of this. That really just is very disturbing. Is that you think I walk around looking at the tops of people's heads because I'm taller the now. Time out I'm not saying that you're going to do that every day. In your spare time I'm saying that you would have noticed that at some point. Working with me for two plus years, and when you go out of the studio to get your Oreos or whatever you're doing, and then I'm sitting in the chair. You wouldn't notice that. You are you look for anything and everything to like als got this honor. Jerry's got this happened in or at. He's doing this GEOS shirt. Is this you're telling me not one? You would've if you would see now one time you have brought it up if we were together. Again, that's still is proof that I don't look at the back of your head. I didn't I never noticed that. Until you bent down trying to get yourself reconnected this show today. That's the only time that I've ever noticed it. Right exactly. And I rest my case Bingo. You're. Right. At the top of your head, because notice for me to look at the top of your head. Outta look at the top AL's head. You would, but if it's just the same thing, it's just the bold head. I'm telling you. You would have noticed it before looking Jerry's head. Yes you. Do you've talked about Jerry's head many times? Why why do I talk about Jerry with the with the hair? Stop all also. You've brought it up, so this is another man I tell you. I I could be a great prosecutor right now. This is you've noticed Jerry am never. I have never noticed this until you bent over to try to get yourself onto the on. Connect-, reconnected and By the way I wasn't the first one who noticed it just so you know. Yeah, that's fine. That's okay because what I got admires. Balls. Who Do you think that came from? The unhealthiest man we know. Oh, so now he's an elven because you got a bald spot. I don't have a ball, but I'm telling you. It's not going bull. Intelligent can I just ask one question? Yes, of course. If not a bald, but that's fine. What do you call spot on the head? That doesn't have hair. Catholic, it moved the cow. It move the. It moved it away. It's a cow. Lick right there on that spot. That's what it is to Kalyk. It's a regular officer really. It's. It's it's a CALICO. I'm telling you you can laugh all you want. Bolt! Is a CALICO. Man I tell you. I just just remember I will always be younger than you guys. Read the spot, Cuba. Problem Fatty. Hanging over the belt today. Four or five inches. Turn sideways again a control room. Each the morning show with boomer, Asya in Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo I was about to throw to Jerry I realized that this is the her segment of the eight o'clock hour because we spent so much time. Talking about my head and then Zach Gelb who we hear his name almost every day because he's pumping out a bunch of good guests on his CBS sports radio show and Jerry plays the cuts. He just photo shopped. Picture of me with like the classic male pattern baldness with the nothing on the top of the head and just the sides. The most disturbing image re tweeted it. It's the most disturbing image I've ever seen. It's like a mash up of me and Dr Phil. I would I'm telling you man if I just had that straight side thing going on I would have to eat complete bald head, but I've got such a big fat head that if I ever lost all my hair, I would look horrendous. I'd have to go hat all the time. That's the only way I could do it. That's the only way to do it. That in about two years by the way, do you? I don't know if you saw this and now I'm assuming you saw this. Jerry was on the floor doing something all. I didn't see that behind his cherry. You didn't see that like push ups or something. Yeah, obviously, we can see each other now on all. These zoom calls that we have. And I saw I. Don't know what the heck is doing. With. Jerry he's cutting. He's cutting sound right now is what he's doing. Yeah, I can hear you. What were you doing on the floor? I was cleaning up. What were you clean up litter box? Is that. Where is that where you go during the show I do? Perfect. I'll have to leave the room. It's awesome. As. We are potty training our daughter I thought about as what it would be a horrible practical joke, but I do it was to actually go in the in the kid potty, and then bring it over to gene, but like Oh my God. What's going on here with Sabrina? Look at the size of this thing, but then I just couldn't do it. I was very close to that next. Yeah I know, but it would. Probably would've call the pediatrician than what they had to convince her. No joking, it was mine. I'm telling you the litterbox thing. That's the one thing about the cats. It's tough and I grew up with cats. I'm a cat fan of an animal fan, but the litterbox thing can get a little little rough taft to deal with that stuff all the time. Goes outside the litter boxes little little tricky. They do get the self cleaning ones now all right. The Goes I. Don't know. I've never never done that. This is fine. It really is two seconds and you're done. Not that big a deal. All Right? Let's go to a couple of these calls. You know where they're going with this. Let's go to Tim in Hillsborough. What's going on Tim? Hey Jill I'm glad you didn't follow through with that plan to to do that in Sabrina little toilet. So wrong many. Anyway I had to reach a few guys again with another rutgers roommate story, you may recall I. had a roommate Phil who beat booms arm-wrestling which booms denies. I haven't that's right you're you're the guy you're. The guy at the friends that lived in the woods came out of the woods to beat boomer in arm wrestling, and then went back to his home in the woods, right? No, he had he. He beat boomer years before he came from directors, but when he came to rutgers, his funding for housing south through, so that's when he got mad and said all right screw it. I'm going to go live in the woods. Beating boomer in arm wrestling was prior to that a few years, but here's. What do you have on the boldness here ten? What do you got on that I had a roommate named Lenny this is when we lived in an apartment on Woodbridge, avenue, Edison and Lenny was going through some male pattern, bothers and he had heard that rubbing onions on I'm sure you guys are familiar with that Alice heard about that rubbing. Either garlic or onions does something to regenerate growth, but I. I didn't know that and every day when I woke up, I used to like to make herbalists, and there would always be this half of an onion wrapped in foil on the top shelf of the refrigerator so I used it to make my. That's over the course of several months until one day I saw lenny wandering around and I said. What are you doing any? He's rubbing this onion in his hair. Why are you doing that? He said Oh well. It helps with hair. Regroup and I. Say that the onion that's always in there said. Yeah I've been using it for my Alma grow. Still I'm. GonNa Track Down My Buddy Phil that'd be boomer arm wrestling I promise. You I'm GonNa Track I. Have No I. Have No recollection of that I'm you know I? Really don't I know. You heard me probably after you had hung up the last time you call I. Don't remember any of that. Yeah, well, of course, she don't I mean you gotta remember Th- This is why this happens in interaction with you. A lot of people will remember because it is interacting with an NFL player a celebrity. They will remember that you have hundreds and thousands of interactions in pre pandemic. A week with people, they remember all of them. You remember maybe a small percentage of them. Because you brain, nobody's brain can handle that much. It's impossible, so that's why all this stuff happens boomer. Do you remember when I did this with? You know I don't. Member Review member. This is A. He's he makes it sound like I went around challenging people with arm-wrestling. I've never done that. That guy should also change his story and keep it that the guy lived in the woods. The woods arm Russell boomer went back and. Better story member, warm wrestling, anybody yeah! He wrestled the Jersey Devil or something like that that that was why I thought the story was great. Let me just come out of the woods to beat boomer in arm wrestling, and then I'll return to my home in the woods after that just a normal day. Let's go to Joe's calling from staten. Island what's up Joe? Doing guy good. Avidan. Good two two quick points first of all, Eddie is like outside enjoying this so much. When he answered the phone when I call earlier, he could barely even speak. That's how it lasting. Chose to go through so anyway. experiencing you forty six years old, so I am bald so to take this experience. You're obviously in denial jail and we all went to. It's not a big deal. We'll start in the beginning, but maybe we'll give you some incentive to probably not maybe keep the weight off and this way. You just be ball instead of being involved in fact. You know it'd be all I'm telling I got a thick head of Hair I. Know You guys thought even looking back. When I rewound it, there was definitely like a the headsets were grabbing on that part and making it look like it was worse than it was. It was just telling you it's a it's a headset thing. It's just a bad angle and the lighting. Zoom camera for crying out. Loud I. Mean Let's get real. I mean it's just that well. We're not right now for whatever reason I'm seeing. I'm looking cartoons on SUVs. Sports investor control lost this. Video. Wow. So now I can't even I can't even defend myself like right now. I'm showing everybody that I don't have a bald spot at all. It's clear as day, but nobody can see it. It's really unfortunate Let's go to Corey Virginia. It's going on Corey. Jill, boomer, Hey! The hair thing Gina. You have a nice head of hair, but I don't think it's the back I think in the front just starting to a little by little I think by next forties. They're to go. Forget when you blew it all up when you lifted up I was, you impressed me. You had a full head of hair, but it is fading in the front a little bit, so be careful. You gotta stay thin. You don't WanNa look at Chris Carlin. Your, Corey I'll give you a let you comment for a second, and whatever else it is, but I will say see. This is why I'll tell you on. This is why I'm telling the truth. I agree with you. The is fading back a little bit upfront that thing in the back has been with me for many many years, and it's deceptive. It's an optical illusion I'm telling you this, but you are right I have noticed, and it's something I paid attention to what they call it, the widow's peak or something. That's what that is. Yeah that that is is a hundred percent happening to the top of my head. There's no doubt about that, but go ahead corey. Then unless they boomer boomer, you have great hair. you listen. I'm forty seven I dye my hair. I'm in sales. I would make no qualms about it, you your hair is is. Great, but it's blonde on top. It's white on the sides I, just say. boomer, why don't you just like like fade the size like Buzzfeed, a little bit to get rid of that gray or just die? The just die that I think you look good with a tight little bit tighter on the sides. When was the last time you were able to get a haircut? Normal, normal I, do have a tight on the sides, but it's not like we just go get haircuts. You know we all know what I'm saying I can't go. See my a my Guy Danny, the the buzz. My hair just can't do it. I'm allowed to. I was told I. Don't go anywhere near Salonpas God's sake. It's like. The plague is like infested all the salons out there so. I will get it buzzed, yes. Yeah, you gotTA. You gotTA. Keep the tight on the side, and Al has a great bolt head. He's very lucky. Elvis. And why does Jerry not grows hair longer on top? He has a nice head of hair. Why do you keep it short Jerry. I don't like the hair long. Any longer I preferred out. nope, don't do not. Because it doesn't look good. All right and. Are you a barber or you just have a men's hair fetish. Like what is this well? How do you have so many opinions about this? My hair started moving back. My boys started retreating back into the front, but they kind of stopped right now, so yes I obsess on it I. I look at everybody's hair I'm afraid to shave my head because I. Hope it would look good as I als- actually has a nice shaped head for a bowl Ted so those are my corey ever stop when life was normal? Did you ever stop a stranger in the street and talk to him about his hair and how to make it better? No but I watch you guys every morning before I go to work and being quarantined much more, so it's just threat. You just start picking apart these things. I just wanted to know how like crazy you got like how much of an obsession this was for you? And if he was stopping strangers like Hey, man, you got a second I'm just thinking. Maybe he did this to your hair. It would look a little bit better, but now it's just him. I'm just US every day once al to those new glasses that he wears he. He definitely resembles David deal he does. No he does it. We said that right in the beginning when Fidel was still the coach and it's. Funny because it's it definitely, those black rimmed glasses are the things that. That really set them in the down. The Fidel road with some facial hair. Yeah Al is very lucky. AL looks like he was meant to have a bald head. Right unlucky to be bald, but if you are gonNA, be bald, lucky to have a good shaped head for it. Yeah, I would would be an atrocity if I had to shave my head like that Zach yelp that just posted the photo of you. Yes. Decides Oh my God. That is scaring. Absolutely scary Sean in piscataway. WHAT'S UP SEAN? As well as soon as we start questioning geos hairline all of a sudden, the picture goes off the. Geo by the way what the picture of your face, you got this little. Curl! What are you superman all of a sudden? I know the cartoon I the Colin Farrell Cartoon. Yeah you can't blame me for that one. I mean. I think I look tremendously handsome in that cartoon showing pretty quick. No I actually did yes. We did not get approvals on those website on yet do right now. The joy line is Great. You're right, Sean I mean I I was not given a chance to approve or disapprove, but I would have approved one hundred percent. You are right I mean everything about that picture is is great. I mean that is a that is a good looking man. And I would I would if I could snap my fingers and look like that cartoon. I would I would certainly do that and Eddie would to always do we. We all went boomer. Not so nobody is more flattering, a cartoon, an Eddie. Eddie has A. A John Battle Look Right. Yeah, he's the heart. Tune is like John Travolta look. Like a Fabio John, Travolta Mix yelp mash up as they say. Those. Bobbio and John Travolta like imagine someone like the explaining to the caricature person, the cartoonist like all right so and now the technical director. Eddie Geserum give me just an idea what he looks like before. See Picture all right think if John Travolta and Fabio together and a donut farm. But John Travolta. John Travolta in pulp fiction, yes, with the with the hair. Hundred body the Kurth. The good. Yes, we want John Travolta's girth. He. Want Fabio's facing here all right? It's the morning show with boomer Esiason Gregg, Giannotti boomer and Geo. What like to report for all people who did not believe? That my patio guy was a legit person. That he is here with his men doing excavation. It is under way. So it is now. We are now in serious goal mode in my backyard exciting day. It is an exciting damn getting a bad today. Getting backyard excavated we are. We are in phase three here at the G and Ati household. We're not messing around anymore. So employment I like it yes, at one hundred percent. At Work Man Yeah Yeah. That's right just like. Al Said that one tweeter who said. Why do we care about to get a patio? It's only people who are unemployed putting people to work, but we're doing. We're contributed into the the economy and that's what we like to do. Okay Jerry is here. He does have an update force. What's going on Jerry and I will say just quickly to be impressed by your guy. 'cause when you had him on last week. He slipped in the fact of how busy he was promised he'd get to you by August. So that conversation you had with him about boxing seems like you've got the wheels in motion he s did. Although not all of it is going to be done today. That was part of the deal because he does have these other jobs, the excavations can be done and he's GonNa, come back and then all the stuff I mean. How take excavate you know and pour some concrete. To two separate days. Maybe July twenty fifth. That's what I'm hoping not. I'm thinking this week into this week for this, which is today and then the next week for the other thing, and then we'll be out there grilling and enjoying ourselves and listening to Joe Evan on radio DOT com there. You go on in the afternoon. Happy so. Issued a bunch of apologies yesterday accepted by Malcolm Jenkins by Michael Thomas and it seems by all accounts. Everything went well with that team meeting around the league. The reactions continues to come in about what's going on in the country. Dolphins head coach Bryan Flora's. No issues at all matter of fact, he loves the fact that these guys are going out and protesting. Deeply for? The protests in a support in. Their right to protest. But even more than that. It's about being careful. Goma players to be be careful. A says what's what's going on. Now is the time to have the talks that need to be had braces a tough subject for a lot of people. Rather get something that. I think a lot of people seeing that it's. It's something that we need to confront head on and communicate in discussions, and I think those an opportunity. To speak on that. Patrick Mahomes Saquon Barkley Michael Thomas Jamal Adams. To Shawn Watson Zeki will and others putting together a video that they sent to the NFL about You know racial inequality, so that happened last night as well Eddie if you can skip the next to get Michael, Irvin and no, we don't have a ton of time this hour. Here's Michael Irvin on the rich Eisen. Show his reaction that everything he is seen over the last ten days or so you see that kind of stuff, man, you say Oh my God? My, God. We're all we as a country, but to see all of these people come together rich. All of these people come and say enough is enough I? It's paying the see all of that. But that's progress. That's progress. Because now people are starting to hear what we as African Americans have been seen for quite a while. And he goes on to say most people when you look at, it are really good people, a lot of great people, and I know rich and I apologize all of the great people out good. I do the right thing. They get sucked into these people that are of get that really afoul in doing the wrong thing. I apologize to all of you guys and I think everybody. Everybody come out and getting in this fight like we are seeing in this country, exactly the difference between the protesters and the looters agitators as they are calling them Shaquille O'Neal and his podcast big podcast I thought, he raised a great question and I think I feel like ally talked about this on Monday to He questions the timing of everything and where we'd be. That they would Orissa all four guys with all this stuff you're going. They would have made the arrest of all four guys right away. We'd be having all all his. Day, riots. Heat and that's basically sparked a conversation about how action is taken and what needs to be done and when it gets done, so I thought it was interesting that he brought that up. He also made a point to talk about all the athletes celebrities wherever you want to say about going out there and also regular people with the phones and making sure that everyone knows what they're doing. He says that's not for him. You guys know, do stuff and. And you try to be stone do. Because about. About look come to March. You're. Not Going to go to the mark, but you got damn phone now be would. Love this guy. Is Tina tells it like it is right us. That's it's not about you. It's about everything so that was pretty good. the NFL is allowing coaches now in a team facilities today so another step towards the season actually happening, there are big steps towards the NBA and the NHL happening I saw. The NHL is moving into phase, two of their return to play plan, and so that means on Monday practice facilities will be open for players for voluntary small group. Individual workouts think that's what it is or activities, so that's good in line with the NHL with the NBA. We know. Know that it was approved by the Board of Governors, the Disney plan as they are calling it I know an awful lot of time. Just a couple of things here from Adam Silver. He was asked about players that are injured if they can come back and play, he's yes. If players are healthy, can play when you get back to basketball July thirty first he was talking about how some teams weren't thrilled with the resuming with the eight teams Xavier, six teams that are being led in for a chance to get to the eight team wasn't thrilled. No, no! No one team voted against coming back. That was the blazers. He said he had teams that were in thrilled with the plan. Oh okay. They wanted to go straight to the playoffs like it's only a handful of games. Let's just get to the postseason. We are where we are, but an ultimately. That's not what they what they decided. also, he mentioned the fact that the draft lottery has been rescheduled for August twenty fifth. Then you've got the draft. Itself will be October fifteenth, and then the last thing here is the baseball situation which goes nowhere and that they're still arguing the fact that Texas is going to allow fifty. Fifty percent capacity in outdoor stadiums. There was one report out there that says Major League Baseball will allow that for the Rangers and the Astros and the question would be. How does that money get divided? I think John Hayman, raise the point. Would baseball split that money for the players or would that just go to the Rangers and the Astros? If in fact they're the only state allowing fans to come into the building, so if they even play which we don't know, and so that's where we stand this hour on where we are on this Friday, and that's going to be a tricky thing to figure out is your mean? You could negotiate. Some sort of you know if your stadium allows fans in this amount of the revenue that comes in to those stadiums goes to the players, but then there's GonNa be players that aren't going to be. Happy about that because like, wait a second. My State got now. You're punishing me. In penalizing me for my state, having been hit harder by corona virus than some of these other states, and then that's not fair. It just seems like there's a man at every turn a Lotta coinages. You I know that a lot of this baseball revenue in this regard stays with the team. I think what you have to do. Is I I think you have to make one giant pot? Everything. And, you're lucky enough to have fans for the Rangers and the Astros Games, but nowhere else that goes into the pot that goes into the big money pot, and then that's how that's how it has to be shared. Everything now needs to be like totally all put together where all owner share from the popularity of all these teams. I don't know maybe August maybe by that time governor Cuomo will have. Come to a census and said you know what you can go to baseball games. You can go and see the Yankees mets soap. Let's hope that'd be best case scenario right now. boomer and Geo on the fan and CBS sports network each the morning show with boomer, Esiason and Greg. boomer and Geo my no, you brought up. A few days ago during the rioting that. Lawyer, who threw the Molotov cocktail? At the police, and was caught on camera and video, and was arrested for that, and there is an update here and I haven't been able. I feel bad because you just sent this. To me, I haven't been able to read the entire thing if you're. There were two lawyers together driving right, and through Brooklyn and one of the lawyers, the female of the to was basically accused initially of throwing a Molotov cocktail run. They obviously have her on tape and they see the whole thing. Right now there's more to the story and the more to the story is so disturbing that if these do people are not held accountable and put in jail for many many many many years, it is an absolute unabashed disgrace. To Society it turns out that they were handing out. Molotov cocktails added Ban as well as throwing them. To just providing it to angry people to throw at police officers. That's exactly right so. These are the types of people that are. Are Getting in the way of a peaceful protest? These people right here whoever they are whatever their background is whatever their beliefs are. These are the people that are ruining the streets of American cities. And whoever they're tied to I haven't gotten that far into it yet, but I'm just I'm reading more of the allegations and I'm reading. You know who they're getting bailed out by. What's going on here and if you want to talk about a conversation that is uncomfortable, then we have to talk about all of it. We all have to talk about police brutality. Nobody wants that nobody wants to see what we saw in Minneapolis. We all understand that, but we also don't want to see mayhem and destruction and Molotov cocktails being thrown at innocent police officers who probably have done nothing, and maybe some of those police officers actually saved somebody's life somewhere along the line. You know put their life on the line. Yeah, I understand they sign up for it. They get very little pay for it. And they're extremely exhausted in this the these trying times not only because of the the protest, but the riots that have come along with them and on Popovich dealing with the Covid, nineteen pandemic and losing personnel. Weekly and daily basis over the last three months, and then on top of it, you get these two people now. That are driving around in a van handing out Molotov cocktails who are now bailed out of jail? WHO's one of them has bailed out of jail and she was the one that was actually throwing it, and she was the lawyer who actually I believe got a scholarship to become a lawyer. What the Hell is wrong with people. I mean to want to incite that type of violence to want to throw something that is basically and explosive device. That is that his hand made. It's GonNa. Cause Fire and damage towards anybody. And for that person to just be supported Nama Pale about this is where civil rights and this and that come on I mean that's that's pure violence, right? There is what that your. Data Mad yes, and I don't know how many I don't know. Many of the Molotov cocktails landed I don't know what exactly, but the intent behind this is obvious, and we know what it is we it's premeditate. The whole thing about is planned. It's premeditated, so whatever group that they are associated with is who has hijacked a peaceful protests who was put lives in danger on the street of protesters and police has basically distracted the police so therefore looting now takes place, and I'll ultimately. It's a situation where law abiding citizens people who love their towns, people who love their local Delis, their liquor stores. They're put your shops now. have all been looted and ruined. Because of people like this. And you're not and if you do not prosecute them to the fullest extent, and don't give me any bull crap about you know whatever mission they're on or whatever they're trying to accomplish. These are educated people. That are basically. Causing violence putting lives in danger, not caring you WanNa talk about you know we're not. This is because we're screaming about. These people does not mean anything else by the way, so do not even try to project the fact that we're not taking any other issue serious. If we want to talk about putting lives in danger and disregard for human life, I mean that's exactly what they're doing with with throwing all these. Fire bombs at people so I'm thinking about the NYPD police force out there working fifteen hour nights or shifts, maybe even longer in some cases twenty four hour shifts in some cases exhausted tired towards the shift it could be could be a mom of three wearing a. she's a sergeant and the police. Department and is getting a Molotov cocktail thrown at her. Why while maybe a month earlier, she broke up a domestic violence altercation between some woman and her boyfriend are wife. Her husband or something and basically get that woman out of a bad situation and put the guy in jail. And now, and this is what they have to deal with on a daily basis. This is why when you really think about it. You know you're talking about despicable human beings how I would also say the same thing about officers shaven out in Minneapolis despicable, and these are the people that we are allowing to adjust the narrative back and forth when in actuality all of us want the best for everybody. And I think that's how we all live our lives, I don't know that that's how I feel, but when I read this this morning and I read that they were going around and this van handing out, Molotov cocktails. It pissed me off. Every every law-abiding, New Yorker off one hundred percent, and then so you know the these animals that are passing these things out and making these things and trying to anarchy out there in when they're in a situation where you know, they're out getting mugged in the street or something like that, there's a crime happens to them. What's going to happen? Are they going to pick up the phone? They're going to call nine. One one and hope that a police officer comes to save him, or are they going to just? Sit around and just have the lawlessness in just not call nine one one and saying you know these cops are all bad cops I don't need any help. What happens is, and this is how this is. This is exactly how Shaquille O'Neal is talking by the way when you listen to what he's talking about, and you know it, it defeats whatever purpose your out there having when when people like this, all of a sudden show up and. And get involved and you know and when the when the mayor or the governor says well, you know we've had mild problems. They know this is not a mild problem. This is a major frequent problem. Is it not is a major problem? The only reason I'm laughing because I'm trying to be serious and we're screaming about this and all I. See Jerry's boxes a cat face. That's all I. See I just got the strike, but I. Got To meet him I. Just think that. You know, and then you have this other twenty-seven-year-old. Haven't read much about her. Yet. Haven't really found out much about her. Who came down from the catskills and decided to throw one of these Molotov cocktails now I do not know if she got that Molotov cocktail from these two idiots or whether or not, she created herself. And you know what I'm thinking about thinking about all the cops. I'm thinking about the white cops. The COPS, the Asian cops the Latino cops. You know gay cops transgender cops. I'm thinking about how they reflect. Our society and are cops. Yes, just like are bad. Football players like there are bad baseball players just like their. Holes in every industry. Exactly I I hate that I always have to. Say That I but there there could be bad people in every industry, but you know what. All. These cops have families. Their kids playing little league. Their kids are in theater class. Their kids, you know. Or go to school with our kids and I mean I. I don't know. where it all went haywire, and how people like this educated people like this, decide to drive around in a van with a Molotov cocktail and handing them out to people. You know what happens if you know. Something I. Don't know somebody shoots a bullet or something goes awry and that van with those off cocktails goes up. Yeah I mean well. They would be blowing off. And Rice falters it though well. It's their fault of course. But it won't be seen that way will be. Somehow some way you know a cop, shot, simpering and all I'm sorry. I'm telling I'm sorry you can award. But with these, with these animals that are handing out that stuff is, it's basically hey, cat, it's your makeshift grenade is what it is and there's no other way to say that no other way to see and there is nine nine. When I wanNA hear is I, want to hear our politicians say that I want to hear them say these people are a danger and a menace to society, regardless of what their political leanings are. That would making a Molotov cocktail, throwing it, and then having one woman throw it at a police van that had four cops in it. is a disgrace. You should. That's like attempted murder in my eyes seriously like. It is and it's. Say. Agitate odd you honestly the reason I say it in that way is an I'm with you. You tend to do this when I'm with you, you still you bark back at me. Trying to Piss me this. What I'm trying to say is what I'm trying to say. Is that do honestly think that they will get charged with attempted murder because in my eyes? That's what they should get it charged with, but it'll never be that you'll never get I'm all I'm all for charging to the? Extent of the law when somebody breaks the law and when somebody exceeds. Like officer Shelvin did out in Minneapolis, what his responsibilities where he should be charged in held accountable. That's what everybody's screaming about and that's what we're and that's what they are attempting to do. And I would say the same thing for these two people one hundred percent. What could have happened and probably? The things that they had incited prior to ultimately being caught, I don't know. But all I know is reading this. These chargers and leading reading with prosecutors are saying is like it's my numbing. It's like this thing could turned into world war, three on the streets of New York. It already did look like that. and. The remnants look even worse, but you know it could have been ten times worse. Yeah I mean I can't even imagine being someone who thinks that that's okay. Okay. There's there's protestors out there some writing. Let's load up the van with a bunch of make shift explosives and throw them at the cops like what do you? When you go to police training today, sit down and they say you know you. You could be in the middle of Brooklyn, and there could be a van, and it could be coming at you with a whole bunch of Molotov cocktails. You gotTA. Restrain yourself and relax and just sit back and don't do anything. I mean you kidding me. Yeah I mean when you have people. Essentially you know making weapons to kill you in passing them out in the streets especially when? Again, and I don't want forget this especially when there are a number of peaceful protesters that in their heart are doing the right thing. Put their lives at risk to yeah and I. Do believe that I do I one hundred percent first amendment rights. Totally believe in it, but once a van rolls up with Molotov cocktails, and then you see the two people who are driving the van and you're saying to yourself. What in the world are they thinking about? My now you got them and you're caught him. Yeah. To happen. I. Don't WanNa see. I certainly would be disgusted or in any way. Word is not disappointed. There's other words I wish I could use here I. can't I gotTa go on Shacks podcast to be able to use? But. You. Know. Every every cop out there was put in danger as was every peaceful protester. On these and these people they get off with some sort of lighter sentences, or any sort of plea, bargain or any of that other crap. No, no, no not not a chance in hell. My. Hopes are not high though. My hopes are not high that they will this. This is the thing that's. Got To be held. These people have got to be held accountable. Just like the officers have to be held accountable. These people that are that are hijacking whatever. The peaceful protesters are protesting. About have got to be held accountable. quickly, Marian Sale, who wants to join us, and we like Mary Mary good. Morning, how are you? What time to come on! No, Hi, Mary what's happening Yeah Yeah. It's kind of like. Don't worry about it. You can check ahead. Mary I needed to have something a little more positive I know. You're a very a very good caller. Toss and I just wanted to. Calm down a little bit on this Friday and send us into some happiness. So that's why I went to you. So what What do you have for us? Thank you I just wanted to give you two suggestion what Sonya Green will use on your spot. Or maybe a little higher. Mary you know I, tell you Mary and listen to have a great weekend. It's good to hear your voice. I wasn't trying to throw you off by taking your call then I just wanted to spring some happiness, was we? We do enjoy and have a great weekend Mary. Yes another. CHECK MARK in my corner for nope boldness in the back of my head is I have never been burnt back there and I don't put anything on my head. There's no sun per so just just another thing to point out. To everybody thinks that I'm completely Paul in the back of my head. Just not happening all right. It's the morning show with boomer. ESIASON and Greg. boomer and Geo Jerry is back with another update and. Moment of the day all that good stuff. What's going on Jerry? Jim Carrey. And he spent Torah yes. That we're brought to you by flag and anthem premium close with unrivalled comfort, quality and fit one more time this morning we hear from drew brees yesterday on Instagram, after he issued the apology, then apologize to his team that he did this on CD up. There's not much that I can say. That would make things any better right now. But I just wanted to see myself saw am. Recounts that I made yesterday. I know that it hurt many people. especially. Friends Teammates Former, teammates loved ones. One of his teammates Mario Davis went on the Jim Rome show on CBS sports, network and CBS Sports Radio and appreciated the act. What was disheartening about it? was that we hoped that we would hear him elaborate more own problem of racism, and particularly the potato to the black community and police brutality I have a ton of respect for him doing an about face and saying hey, I messed up. Here. He was one more from Davis on the Rome. Show about brees. All words a most importantly got be by action and one thing I know about Jewish. He's a man of action more than words. but at the end of the day is going to be action that's required to bring about change, and you can only judge somebody based on the action not by their first response, not by the second response, but ultimately what do they do now? I didn't hear the interview and I have not heard many Just what's been on our station? Has Anybody reference what he has already, or is it just been what the saying that shouldn't continue? It should of course, but I haven't heard anybody reference what he has done in the past the. Worn I think joe warn spoke to that. Right, now I know that but I mean just the current players on his team. The mark is Davenport. I guess it was one. He was one that you know. Again you know his actions. Speak any louder than any words that he has uttered. And I know that he feels like you. Really a negatively impacted number of his teammates by the way that they acted, so he felt very strongly that he wanted to reach out to make, and I told you yesterday that he would do that, right? That's the way it was going to go down and that's exactly how it went down. Because that's he. He's a man of faith. You know I I. Don't know how else to put it. He believes in God. He is a wonderful father. He is a community leader in a pillar. He's a great husband I. Don't know what else to tell you that about drew brees that I haven't already said all week long. So I would think that if he is giving an apology that everybody should give him the respect that should be accorded to him for everything that he has done in his life. Thus far here is Chris Ballard the GM of the cult's. We heard from Frank Reich a few days ago. Ballard who I guess called a zoom press conference. If you will and and got things off, his chest gotta gotTa have some empathy for the human life were all the same like I was naive to this like I very nice. Well Okay I. I. Don't see color. But I'm naive to think that everybody else is the same way, and and then there's little things that I did that I didn't realize that was hurting other people. And then also you had a bunch of players. A lot of stars got together to send the NFL that they put out last night. Here's a good portion of it is day since George Floyd was brutally murdered. Thank you. Would say. For one of us to be murdered about police brutality. If I? Was George Ford? Alex George Four. George. was. A lot of those players that are there that you hear saquon Barkley Ezekiel Elliott Odell Beckham Junior. The deandre Hopkins was one Jamal Adams was another that was in there as well. Shaquille O'Neal chimed in on his big PODCAST He looks at what's transpired in the first five months, and a few days says while. Twenty, twenty. Mumbo dies. Corona. Forty? Million people laid off work. And now they. Never, the one that say this is the worst year of my life, but. Pretty bad I've never seen like this in my life so when he says his voice talking about obviously Kobe Bryant. So! Know think about where we are since Kobe. Brian tied right. Yeah, I know and everything that has happened between that day and where we are today. Is that. Is that just like amid? An avalanche it has been. Sure has. Here is another one from him. Now you go from the protesting to the looting. Nobody says breaking into Louis. Vuitton store is getting bags and got nothing to do what they should we talk about period. Look I know you're mad. I know you're upset. But you don't have to tell you on. Agreed and then he was also referencing all these people that go to the protests with the cameras, so they can post on social media. He's not a fan. You guys know do stuff and. And you try to still do. Because in about. In about, look at the march. You don't do if you're going to go to the march for you got damn phone down. To shut us up. And pick up a Molotov cocktails now. I mean. Why I love Shack Shack basically calls it the way he sees it. To either which is good, it's exactly right, and he's larger than life that shack and then Michael Irvin on with rich Eisen, a very wide ranging interview, really good, listen and goes on with Joe and Evan a lot, too. So I hope. Maybe he can be a, but them soon. here he was. Talking about how most cops really do a good job those certain few. We're not talking about everybody or so. Let me take him. We need law enforcement. We need law enforcement for our protection. What we do not need is black man, being persecuted and executed. So that from Micheal Irvin. Joe Beningo took the right week to take off. I mean. He's been awful week as you mentioned Joe and Evan I mean he's. I can't even imagine. He might have retired in the middle of the week if he had to have dealt with all of this I didn't I didn't realize he was off until I. Guess it was Tuesday or so 'cause I was wondering why I was seeing like you know sal into discuss met losses of all time and right Jj on weird three men open, obviously, because Joe is not around football. Wise so I said last hour Joe Judge can be back at the facility today for the first time as the NFL is allowing coaches back one of the reports. I just saw us. He will still work remotely as well the rest of their coaching staff. For a bit longer. I'm not sure exactly what once maybe till the start a training camp as they continue to work through all of this also working through things is the NBA, we are going to get a season completed. They won't get the play offs. Disney's wide world of sports indeed will be where it will be housed here. Was Adam Silver? Everything's in place and yet. They're still a lot need that needs to come. To fruition for this to happen. There's still a lot of work that needs to be done. It's been a very difficult process it. To one of the sort of ten to mix sport, sporting metaphor. I would say. We got a long way to go here. We're really an equivalent of the first gaining. First step was to agree on a format among the thirty teams. We've had extensive discussions with the players association, but we haven't finished those negotiation. And they gotTA finish that they've got to figure out how they're going to schedule the final bunch of games which we now they are putting into place. The draft lottery will be late August. August twenty fifth, and then the draft will be October. Fifteenth and it looks like the new season will not start on Christmas. Day, but instead December first, which seems a quick, but so be it. That's what they are doing. The other thing that's going on down there Disney is the major league. Soccer's rang up there too right. Yes, so they're bringing to leagues together. At the wide world of Sports, is that right? They have the facilities. Why not have you ever been there of course I have? Okay, I didn't. been there. Yes one time to see the braves of the brave still spring training. There I don't know I'm not sure of that. I saw a mets braves spring training games there. Yes, AL! Have you been there? Because clearly, we all have I. Think when it first opened and I was living in Tampa I think I went once for. Eddie? When did you go never? Speaking of Br- The braves I saw one one quote from Tony Clark just meaning baseball. He's calling what the owners want to do. The fifty games a quote, unquote threat so this swimmingly. And that negotiation has not gone well at all. As you can imagine, and also offer the NHL, they will move into phase, two of their reopening plan or their return to play plan. Monday this. Monday June eighth. as teams will open their practice facilities for small group individualized type of training, and we really don't have the details on exactly what they are going to do, but they are moving through to face to so that is good news as well time now. Four moment of the day brought to you. Buy Resorts World. Nominate your frontline hero by visiting the resorts. World catskills resorts World NYC facebook pages. Well whether or not he wants to admit it slowly going bald, he seems to be in denial and then things get a little testy at the end. Can I just ask one question? Yes, of course. If not a bald spot, that's fine. What do you call a spot on the head? That doesn't have hair. To Catholic, it moved the cow. It move the. It moved it away. It's a cow link right there and that's. That's what it is. It's a CALICO. It's a regular. Really. It's, it's a CALICO. Telling you. Can Laugh all you want. Bold. It's a Cowley. And I tell you. I just just remember I will always be younger than you guys. Read the spot Cubal. NO PROBLEM FATTY! Hanging over the belt today, what four or five inches? Turned sideways to get into the control room. All the long islander and you came right out brutal moment of. All right very good. That's the way it's supposed to be right. It's just the good natured ball Boston back and forth amongst friends. You're fat. Your Bowl your ugly. You're right. You're at. BOOMER! Go on the fan and CBS. Sports Network.

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