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Will rent relief come soon enough?

Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal

02:11 min | 2 years ago

Will rent relief come soon enough?

"We're gonna start off the show with evictions which surely is on the minds of millions of people consuming them making it hard to focus or sleep or do much of anything at least fourteen million people are currently behind on rent. That's according to the latest data from the center on budget and policy priorities. The only thing keeping many of them in their homes is the cdc's eviction moratorium but that is set to expire at the end of the month. Now president elect joe biden. He says he wants to extend federal eviction. protections through september and as marketplace's samantha fields reports. He is also proposing billions in rental assistance. Congress just approved twenty five billion dollars in rental assistance as part of the latest covid relief package in december. douglas rice. The center on budget and policy priorities says that money can be used both for background and future rent payments. Maya submit that anywhere from two to six million households. This year will be helped yet. It's still just a fraction of the more than fourteen million adult renters who report being behind on rent. President-elect biden has proposed an additional twenty five billion but it will likely take awhile for rental assistance to actually reach people that is why housing advocates are pushing biden to extend and strengthen federal eviction protections before they expire this month. Emily benn for chairs the american bar. Association's covid nineteen committee on addiction the current. Cdc moratorium isn't protecting everyone. Many tenants are not aware of their rights under the eviction moratorium or they feel intimidated in triggering. Their rights strengthening the federal moratorium would give state and local governments time to get rent relief out to the people who need it says. Zach newman. an attorney with denver-based covid nineteen addiction. Defense project it just seems like a really terrible outcome of this moment to have hundreds of thousands or millions of people around the country when money is on the way that newman says is his biggest fear. That tenants will be affected right before rental. Assistance arrives i'm samantha fields for

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