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"zach malta" Discussed on POLITICO Playbook Audio Briefing

POLITICO Playbook Audio Briefing

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"zach malta" Discussed on POLITICO Playbook Audio Briefing

"Presented by amazon. Good morning playbook airs. It's friday august thirteenth. I'm riggleman of all in. And this is your politico. Playbook daily briefing yesterday brought the long delayed release of the census bureau's redistricting data. It's mostly granular. Demographic numbers used to redraw political boundaries for the next decade and while it'll take some more number crunching before data's ready for primetime our very own campaigns reporter expert in redistricting zach malta. Loro writes in with some big takeaways takeaway number one. The country's diverse americans who identify only white are still the largest racial group in america but the percentage dipped below sixty percent of the country's population. There was a significant increase in the number of americans who identified as multiracial. Little over thirty three million americans. That's up from nine million back in twenty ten. At least some of that change is being attributed to how the census bureau asked questions on race this time around takeaway number two. America's more urban metro areas grew by nine percent over the last decade human is more than half of county saw their populations shrink. New york city remains the country's largest city. Even though everybody who left new york was legally obligated to write a think piece of boutet take number three. We're getting older. The country bouvard lost decade but at a slower rate than in decades past. And we're getting older. As a result almost seventy eight percent of the country is at least eighteen years old. There's ten percent more adults this decade than the last decade. And there's a one point. Four percent decrease in the number of children. Read into this what you will. The fastest growing metro area over the last decade was villages and florida. We have sack whether the initial numbers showing a more diverse and city centre population was good news for democrats but he passed along. This note of caution. I would say it is probably too early to speculate. Even if generally democratic demographic groups are growing and generally democratic areas of the country are growing republicans still control the redistricting process in key states. Politicos burgess ever checks in with the handful of republican senators. Who have yet to whether they'll run for re election next year. Delay dumb won't be helpful to the gop of any of them actually do call it quits topping. The list is wisconsin's ron johnson. Burgess writes johnson's decision. In critical swing state won by president. Joe biden is one of several inflection points that could reshape the battle of the senate majority in twenty twenty two in total five. Senators haven't made up their minds yet on whether to retire for republicans and just one democrat. Patrick layhee of vermont. The gop is already defending senate. Seats opened up by retirements too in the battleground states of pennsylvania north carolina and three juby stronghold ohio alabama missouri. Senator mcbride had this to say. I would guess that three out of the four republicans would end up running including johnson did add that chuck grassley from iowa special case considering his age of eighty seven years put. I know what i'd be doing. It'd be back on the farm. Picking weeds elise doing something. I would not be here. Although republicans are increasingly favored to win the house next year. Further retirements would undoubtedly complicate their path. Back to power in the senate. Here's what's up in washington today. It's indeed a summer. Friday in dc. Ten am president. Joe biden will receive the president's daily brief at one. Pm biden will depart wilmington delaware to head to camp david for the weekend. The senate and the house are out today. One last thing before we get out of here nobody on capitol hill. Got much sleep this week. The senate passed its infrastructure. Bill stayed up all night in a vote a rama and provided for shadowing for the set of fights yet to come as our own rheinlander. Put it this week. Threat of a government. Shutdown possibility of america defaulting on. Its loans to stop that blackberry. Fire off mayoral re tweet. Put on some ellum. Fao one of them went to my high school by the way it feeling very twenty eleven. Right in politico's jennifer schulte's breakdown. What's ahead for congress. Listen subscribe to goes deep dive for more on those stories and what's bringing in. Dc right now subscribe to the playbook newsletter that's at politico dot com slash. Playbook are music is composed by brake master. Cylinder editor is mike sampler. Ginny has politico senior producer audio. The executive producer and head of audio does irene makuuchi. I'm rugged one of all and have a lovely summer friday. We'll see first thing monday morning. The federal minimum wage has been stuck at seven twenty five an hour since two thousand nine in the same time. Food and beverage. Costs have increased. Eighteen percent transportation costs up sixteen percent. Housing costs up. Twenty three percent and medical costs up thirty. Two percent in two thousand eighteen amazon introduced a starting wage of at least fifteen dollars an hour for all. us employees. A new independent study found that amazon's wage increase produced a two point six percent increase in the average hourly wage among other employers in the same market. Learn more at about amazon.

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