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"zach makovsky" Discussed on MMA Junkie Radio

"Kenny foster, Zach Makovsky, defeated Chad Robin show, it was before these so Wilson Hayes wherever this local guy. Carlos. Carlos Carlos you sound like you're the guy. That was katie's were heavyweights. Do you? Remember being a big news, a smaller guy? So maybe not too small ago Tyler by Leckie channels like the guy. Yeah. Sin looks. He he's the guy to me. The bantamweight. Oh. That is definitely hit. That's him. That has to be Nick Piedmont was a feather way. Piedmont. I don't he doesn't sound like a guy. PR sounds like. Zona? They took my they took something officials Bill to officials. I can't remember what was my passport and stuff because I wasn't doing go over the the border right there at I've never been, you know, Mexico Mexico, right down the street. Let's go can't go down there. We took your password. And then we have done it. Oh, yeah. I didn't know like fuck it. I can go to Mexico. Be back. Have you ever been to Mexico never been to Mexico? And he's like, that's the reason enough that the reason why I was like, oh, I'm going. So we'll see how we look we don't even don't even go. Fuck that. No. It's the wild west right now. I mean Cancun. Yeah. Kabul. San Lucas probably I don't know about the border town. Here is kinda. Yeah. Yeah. It is. But that walls coming and Mexico's gonna pay. All right. What we have a call kinder- from Humboldt Kendra from humble alright. She was the marijuana talk. What's up how you doing? How in the world? Did you know? Feeling. I know you northerners nor North Carolina now, of course, well and having met Daniel Strauss and Jack in commendable. It's it's really nice to have you in studio. I've been for. Rear. Took that picture with you and John Jones, and we had all eaten are in. And out burgers looking at the top of my stairs. That has that picture and the twins always wanna know K who's that Daniel who's that John who's that George and my son says, George not nice. Oh, no. No idea. Anyway. I'll probably the nicest guy out of the three mentioned. You must be mean mugging in the picture. A nice ABM mean mugging or something. But I don't know. I'm okay. Maybe doing. I could see you being per game that second one. All right. I'll take that one. I've noticed Daniels that you have some fun for ship with a cannabis company. And I'm wondering as you're touting the recovery effects of TVD the norms like component of cannabis. Have you noticed any shifts in fan base or any changes with other sponsors? I haven't really to be honest with you. You know, I'm just out there telling people, my experiences what you know. I'm working with flavor X. And and no new people have came a have had a lot of people, you know, inbox ni, you know, different questions. You know, how it helps me how to help my recovery. How do I use it things like that which which best ways do I like to use it? But as far as a fan base follow me because it I haven't noticed that or new sponsorships or anything like that. Nothing's knocked him undue or anything. But if y'all out there hear me holler at me. I'm here. But yeah, I love it too. You know, I think more people need to just kind of, you know, be more open about the. You know, just the healthy market of the the non psychedelic, you know. I don't know just the way that we treat our bodies. And and beat our bodies up to things that are helping us. You know, we need more advocate people for it. Put her own. Oh, no, please. Go ahead. Kim. I was gonna say knowing the benefits that CD and THC because both of them can act to combat pain and fatigue and eighty and skeletal issues. It's definitely got to be hard. When people are asking you for input on how it works for you. And what you'd recommend because it's really individual. But I absolutely appreciate the fact that you are out there and open and and providing this information because a lot of us stand. We've either been exposed will. Maybe we've been exposed negatively and have some some connotations of marijuana cannabis that we don't realize it's so affected. Well, commandment question muscular, skeletal, what are the benefits there that seems like broad?.

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