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1&1s | Everardo | Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast

"Hello and welcome to another soda of one. In once today. Evan of make podcasts we're going to meet Everardo also known as and on this episode. We're going to be talking about growing up in Portland school family for Sheree Shen pressures feelings birth. And degrees equal seat and the C stands for coffee. I know what does that even be it all make sense? I promise just keep listening sip bag make yourself comfortable and enjoy the right hopefully, don't confuse when we say. Versus. That would be. Avs. Well, that is almost my real name. What is your real name? Maybe you'll name is Everardo or out of my last name is high met. It is not my middle name. It is my first name when people see out of the Hyman, they don't know which name to pronounce I which I don't understand. But. You should probably switch hats. Have five hats on the table right now because I had five hats and Mike. Let's just put it on the table. This is put it all. I. Many of them. But my name is Everardo junior. A father named ever outta high. There's no junior there. He's a senior. But that's my name. So pretty indifferent to either of Everardo Everardo. I am. Yeah. It is cool when I get to speak Spanish with guests who come in or like with you or Hermano really anyone who wants to practice their Spanish because I don't get to say though that much my family. So because I am a junior. My family calls me junior. So I don't get to say my name a whole lot, which I read I sounds very conceited and this sick. But. Cool, and it's not like with exception to my dad. It's like nowhere else in my family. I've met no other out of the before. I'm sure they're out there. Shout out the out of those out there. Shouts. I feel that though because. The only people who call me differently aside from Evelyn are my parents like my brother. My sister called me Evelyn, but my parents ever lead a relief. Well, it's like my older sister's name, we call our Jonah. But her real name is gene, which is X. Oh, C H I T L people see that on a piece of paper that I oh, man. But we'll color or any calls her social. Yeah. My other sister Anne her name is any Saturday. And again like when we're in Mexico with family. Call her Saudi a middle sister is Irene. But to our family is he didn't like my extended family among siblings, caller, ID Irene, I call her sister. Because that is what she is. We're Sube leading. Sister got a Subaru which also have a Subaru and the first time I saw her because she lives in Portland, which is where I am from by. I went to visit. She's okay, we're Sube beings now. And I. What I did. Yes. So you briefly mentioned it just now. But where did you grow up, a grip and the great city of Portland, Oregon. Five. Oh, three. But so little known fact, but I for as much as I rip Portland. I guess before I go into I love I love how much feels like. Like a city was just thrown at random at a forest important emerge. Really does feel that way. I like how you can just walk around or bike around. Don't lime scoot around. Just don't do that. And it's a super fun. I'd like to excessive I really do love Portland. But I was born in bellflower, California. I know where that is you do because it's an LA. And I mean, we move when I was one like straight up we moved when I was one year old, and I don't remember it. So all memories are from Portland. And because of that I love it because I report I'm from and yeah, grew up in Portland proper up until I was in middle school. Then we moved to Gresham, which is right outside of Portland. You wouldn't even know you weren't in Portland. If you were driving through it kind of like how like you don't really know if you're in Capitola when you're driving through Santa Cruz until like, oh, I guess this is technically not Santa Cruz, I finish high school Gresham. Highschool. Gophers and go go go go, go go. Yeah. Okay. Go great years ISIS. I saw video someone snorting Gobert, and then it came out of their mouth. Yeah. It was cutting gnarly. I think it was blue flavor. Yeah. Do you think that? Anyway. So. Yeah. Then I finished high school, and then I moved back to Portland proper southeast where I lived from like two thousand eleven to two thousand sixteen. As doing school ish stuff out there school. Nice moved. What we're some things you enjoy doing growing up in Portland. I the first thing the very first thing that comes to mind is. A member I had where we didn't have a lot of resources available to us growing up. But one thing I've ever Lee remember doing was just like getting a bunch of Tupperware or my mom calls him. And just like stacking them up getting like, the big ones court size, like the tiny little ones that you don't even know why it can hold like, maybe one baby carrot, and then just like of all different sizes and pas and pans and just like posting up in the living room, grabbing like spatulas and just like. Jumps that because it was so sick because I have always enjoyed music and some way, shape or form and. Yeah. I don't know. I think we moved around a lot. And I think because of that I. Just liked Tupperware because we always had our Tupperware is with us. So. I didn't that's not the only thing to grow. One of the first one of the marina is like that's out to me. Also played baseball from as far back as I can remember until my sophomore year of high school. Okay. Second base. I really like second base or centerfield in the outfield. I didn't have the strongest arm, and I hit really well, and you need both those baseball. But I was quick. So second base is right there. And and centerfield if it was high enough I could run fast enough, I felt like little quail quail run to go. Don't move. Are the sandpipers? That's kind of like me beach, nuggets beach nuggets. Yes, they are. Yeah. As it were what? For sure. So. Group in Portland. And then you went to school in Portland. I did I went to a school very small. It's like literally six hundred undergrad important called Warner Pacific cottage. It's not Warner Pacific university. But it was super small. I went there. For about four years before that I went to. Mount hood community college just like JC and kind of dislike did my thing. There. Then transferred because I didn't wanna just being community college. I wanted to be important, and yeah, I was there for a while originally had idea of starting out studying music still he transitioned out of that. And I finish school. Cool. No one else in my family had done that. Which was thank you pressure for moments. But. Towards the end. It was like self-imposed pressure. Like known us in my family was and I think when I realized that that gave me more drive to want to do it. Yeah. I totally feel that too. I was also like one of the I was the first to finish school out of my family in. There is an initial pressure at first where it's like. Like school sucks. Sometimes I was not a good scene. You wanna just not go to it? And like stop attending school. And I think it was a good. It wasn't my soul motivation. But it was a good motivation to like just kind of continued doing it. I think whether my parents. Saw that I finished or not they would have supported me either way. But I think also there's this. I don't know if this is the case for you. But I know that for me as a first gen kid appearance of immigrants like there's this pressure to like justify your parents sacrifice. And I remember feeling that like pretty heavy. I'm like, my parents, literally left everything like make a life for me like, and I'm not gonna finish this little thing. And I think to an extent certain people feel that differently. And there was a while where I'm like, well if my dad can leave his family, and I come with close on my back. I could do my homework, and then I decide go play more league of legends or dislike practice guitar hero three for like eight years in a row of. But I don't know. Like, did you feel any of that? I did. And. It went kind of far beyond just school. But also, just my attitude, and how I conducted myself around people I felt like whatever action I made or did or anything really that. I did it would reflect on my parents. Yeah. And like, oh, this is how your parents raised you. Or this is what your parents think is. Okay. And I don't necessarily agree with everything. My parents do or say, but I still respect them. And I'm very grateful for all the sacrifices. They did make because. Yeah. Kind of like your parents. They literally left anything or everything for. My myself, and my brother and my sister before like before even I was born in. My sister was born they thought about us. And they thought about like allowing us to have a really good future. Now's I would say that's pretty selfless. Yeah. It's incredibly selfish. Like, I think of of my mom there were times where like we would we'd get help from like either the church we went to the food Bank and stuff, and we would get like boxes of food because straight up we couldn't and my mom Lakewood. My sister told me the story that I didn't realize that I remembered until she you know, how that happens. Sometimes like someone tells you start like, oh, yeah. I guess I remember that. Yeah. There was one time where my my mom. We got a box of food and immediately. She gets a box of food. And then she brings out another box in starts digging up that and what are you doing well other people need food to and just like, are you kidding me mother? The fact that once like she cared so much about the people around her. Right. We're trying to eat too. And she'd be like, no like you need to learn this and. I think just that. And then I remember there'd be times where I'd come home from school and there'd be like people. I didn't recognize in my house on that ask my parents like who are they like they're saying with us for like a while like. Why why like because they need help and growing up. I realized that that's because. People people did that for them and. I think that's very cool. And. Yeah example that I try and remember when I feel minor inconveniences. Yeah. I think that is another. That's another thing. I could also relate to where there would be random people at our house over for dinner or for the holidays. I think. I remember it more towards the holidays. There's a lot of families who they don't celebrate thanksgiving because that's not a thing in Latin countries, right or Christmas Eve is more predominant Christmas. So sick. Just so much soul in Malays. Melissa stern. I made them less. Well, my mom watched in guided. So I guess we were just had some pretty much the yoga I read it. I did it is pretty sick. Yeah. It. And it was always as a little kid. I thought it was called like oh more people at our house. And as I grew up to be like an angsty teenager. It was more like why are people here? Like, why can't it always? Why isn't it always just the five of us? There's always someone else that's invited. And it's something I never really understood then until I had to like move out of the house, and then kind of build my own community. And I realized like. My parents Sol where there is a necessity even though like we were also like in need of something if we had enough for ourselves, we also had enough other people, and there's they still act that way, and that's still something they do. And it's something I subconsciously have applied to my own life. And I guess damn my parents knew what they were doing. I know. And it's like, it's not something like you. Explicit. It's not like my mom or my dad ever semi like meat. I mean, this is what you gotta do is like. I guess you just at least I learn by seeing it, and I think to do anything contrary to that is just like. Like, why would I do that? Yeah. Yeah. Gosh. My parents are sick. My next question is what is something you're super hyped on right now. Something I am super hyped on right now. How man I've been really hyped on just like. Learning and growing. And the different ways that happens. Which super interesting because I can't remember I was talking to the other day about how much I miss the format of school in that it is well specific formats of score another general. General where I just really like being able to like talk about something like have space set aside. Like, we're gonna come in. It's going to be assume that you did this work, and we're going to talk about it. You know? About things like you really care about. And I I kind of miss doing that my schedule is a little hectic. So there's a lot of stuff. I wanna learn those like like here the cafe or. I picked up like a good Tarbuck for the first time in my life because I don't have time to just like shoot with my guitar. You know, the time I have to tell them like I'm just going to, but I really miss being pushed to learn like being compelled to continue to grow. And I think I. Super hyped on how that is happening within here at cloud. And it's I relaxed opportunities that there are to learn and how it's doesn't fall on deaf ears. Like, yo I really wanted to do something like sick. What do you wanna do out of? All right. Well, let's talk about it. You know? So I'm I'm just really hyped on that too. So that so sick. As February comes bird migration patterns. They're going to switch to so I'm pretty hyped on one bird migration patterns come because I think it's really cool seeing how warblers coming go. I love or something. It's so sick. It's like real life, Pokemon. But you don't catch him, and you have to have and you have to go outside of nature. So when did this bird interest or I don't wanna see fascination? But I mean, that's that's probably fair. That's probably the word. When did you like man I like birds, and I wanna learn about birds? Yeah. So in. Twenty fifteen doesn't fifteen to get my degree. I needed to take some science classes, and there was a bunch of options to take. And there's this one specific class called malheur malheur is an area in southwest, Oregon. And essentially what it is is it's a geographical geological history of Oregon and all that entails and instead of it being where it's like lecture lecture lab during the week. It's just two lectures, a week no lab because all the lab time accumulated together would equal week long field trip that we would take throw all of Oregon, and what we would do during that time as we just learn a lot about birds. We learn a lot about ecosystems and organs really unique Oregon has some of the world's most unique de logical features that aren't found anywhere else. And because of that that lends itself to be. The to have so many different types of varieties of wildlife, and I'm a I'm a nerd like straight up. I really I really like diving deep on things sometimes to a fault. But in this class I wanted to do that because I wanna take off school straight up. I. I wanted to stick week off and go around at around this time, I started to get into rock climbing, which then opened my eyes really getting outside like outdoors. So that those things would happen in tandem. Was like super sick. So the class happened and we go week long field trip, but building up to that the professor doctor trip really had a way of explaining things to where you didn't see him for their face value. But you saw them to how they were connected to things around you. And as someone who has an annoying tendency to always draw connections to other things sometimes I do just chill like the cups of Cup like the birds bird. I'm like do. But that back Bill magpie is actually right on this tree. Which is to this thing, blah, blah, blah, just like the web keeps going, and he I think was one of the first people to introduce me to that in way that was explicit to where I'm like, oh, I guess I think that way and birds was the catalyst for that. Also, they're super sick. They look really cool become different. I was gonna say flavors. You're not wrong. Yeah. Then so yeah, I would just get super hyped. That's tones warbler sick. Yeah. And honestly that was just a formative time in my life for me. So when I now I just like him because I like him. But at the moment, it was something tangible that I could measure when there's a lot of other stuff that I couldn't really measure. Personal life yet. Yeah. So I think that's what made me initially like him. And then I just started doing thing as I started traveling around a little bit more. Cool. I wonder what birds I could find here. Birds are everywhere. Birds are everywhere not real. They're also not real. That's another podcast. So speaking of birds, how did your coffee journey start. They are very connected. Burzan coffee guilt. Okay. Actually, there's. Follow this guy on Instagram gourmet biologists and about a year and a half ago. So when I started to get into coffee, he posted this thing is like, hey, if anyone's interested, I'm looking for an intern in Costa Rica, I wanna see the connection between coffee and bird species. And how it helps them like? Joe? No way. For sure. So I got into coffee on us because I just spent time at coffee shops at first when I was in school growing up when I went to school. There was a lot of good coffee shops vailable to me, but I didn't really know it. So like, the original stump tone was like ten blocks down from where I lived. And I I mean, I grew up in potent than I hadn't really spent a whole lot of time. Elsewhere that wasn't the part of Mexico where my family is. So I saw sometime like hang out there. And there's this one place called the Bina, press and. It was a place that I started hanging out with because my sister initially started hanging out there. And then when I was in college and started doing my own thing. Little bit more discovering my own interests. I found that I liked studying. They're just hanging out there and. I remember this guy. Zach Zach Harrison he actually has is starting his own thing up in the Sierras and he's coming to the shop a couple times. I. They're too big people that I credit my like coffee journey to to how I got to count clouds. Zach is one of them. Zach was the first barista who remembered my name, just straight up. I went in. And he's like, hey junior because I would always go with my sister. And so he knew me as junior because MRs recalls junior and actually it's have now I'm like. Of but. He remembered my name and that kind of took me back because. It's just it just I hadn't been used to that before, you know. So he remember my name on. I've just felt cared go that super sick. So whether Zach is aware of it or not the simple reality of him. Just like remembering my name had just I guess I'm going to go by like I'll I'll us my spot. Fast forward a couple years, and I switched from Bina to this shop called rain or shine coffee house on sixtieth division, very close to where I was living like I could walk there and three minutes, and I just started going there. All the time. I'd go there. Like right eye opening because I would just get up early. I don't I don't know why. But so I started going there all the time. And while I was there, I met Daphne, and Scott and Noel and just like the whole crew that was a welcoming me there, and they did what exacted where they started remembering my name and. So then I'm like, oh, cool. Rain chance my spot now. So then the rotation was how Bina rain or shine. Ultimately, I started going to rain or shine. Because. Just 'cause I liked it. And honestly, it was closer and convenience thing. And after summer of working in Santa Cruz at a summer camp as a ropes course guy. I realized that I needed a job when I came back that summer. So I emailed Daffy McKay. Daphne it's have for shine. Can I work here? And I have had experience I worked out like an applebees for four years. I'm like, I know it's not a coffee shop, but I can work in a fast busy kitchen with people getting me yelling at me in two languages. So like, I'm sure it translates. Long story short ended up getting hired at rain or shine. And then I met this guy. Scott, Scott, Clapper and Scots. I think I've mentioned it to him. But not the extent to which he was a big part of my coffee journey because because I really like learning Scott saw that in me. And when I got hired I wanted to be proficient on really don't like feeling like, I don't know what I'm doing in anything. But especially like in a workspace. But like, I'm at work. I should know what I'm doing. And Scott saw that in me, and he really just invested in. I guess in my desire to learn he likes video. So like, he would just sit and talk with me or Mike. So what exactly is spread? So he's like, dude. Okay. Here's this video by the student. Chris Baca watch it and like, okay. And who is this foreshadowing? Cool. Yes. Close greed. But yes, I worked there for a couple of months through my very last semester. My victory lap of school. And then I moved out of Portland and moved out of the country. And did you move to moved to Mexico straight up? I went to Monterrey, Mexico Monterrey. And I work with this nonprofit that was super sick that I really liked long story short helps kids and like really impoverished marginalized communities that are pretty ganging cartel ridden. We'd go in there. Hang out with the kids pretty sketchy because we're like, oh, I don't feel safe not only because this is new to me. But I like straight up. I don't feel safe. We'd go in there. And we'd take these punk kids who had been delta really bad hand LEGO ever gone rock climbing and a lot of them would be like, no like, well, let's go like, no. I don't want to when reality is just like this. You gotta get out of this neighborhood right up. You gotta get out of the body. All so. Yes. Oh for from the end of January to mid may. I was living on Cy. I knew no one. I just straight up in class. What am I going to have to graduation, and I just looked up climbing nonprofits, Mexico popped up on my, hey, I wanna help you ought to come get. I saved on my money for a couple of months, and I I moved. In hindsight. It could have been real bad. I literally knew no one I knew just what I read on online. And so then I spent Senate for a coal, you don't know what I signed up for until I was there. And so I packed everything. I needed to live in low suitcase and for three and a half months. I. Was like, hey, so I know how to climb I can read speak, right Spanish, and I worked with kids before. Sick. So I would climb a lot help the kids climb a lot. I did some grant writing and researching that sorta stuff and how to get funds and fundraising. Yeah. And then I did it. And then I did it in my time. There came to a close as I realized that I didn't want to live in Mexico because I just started about a one way ticket like I don't know if I'm coming back. Oh snap. I had no plan. Like, my plan was going to be here for minute. Okay. I did not know that straight up. I'm gonna go for it. And in the mid ceelo debate. Bye. Billy. Bailey. So sick. Just everyone knows Bailey. Was here the whole time. That's true. Yes. So then I came back to the summer camp that got me to Santa Cruz in the first place to work a summer and in the midst of there. I was like, hey. I know and cloud from the ups, and I know Santa Cruz. And I'm going to apply here. So I applied here at the same time. I also work at to annex church. An interim they're hanging out with junior hires in the highschool helping them run their weekday programs, but I was applying for both jobs at the same time. And I had no idea if I was going to get either one, but I had committed to staying in Santa Cruz. So I remember being back here with Jared in the back little picnic table area of Portola being interviewed. And I was like all right, man. I gotta be real with you. I probably didn't say like that. I probably wasn't that confident guy who Mr., sir. Be real with. But insure I was like, hey, I'm also applying for this position to lakes. I don't know if I'm going to get it. And my housing is gonna come through there. And he's like, so what are you gonna do? If that doesn't happen. Like, I've got a car that I fit in. And as I said. Oh, that's my plan. That's my backup plan is if I don't get this thing at twin lakes, or if I don't get that cat in cloud. I'm straight up living in my car and Santa Cruz not by choice. You know? I know a lot of people do it. They built their vans, which is super sick. You know, but there's a difference. I think in planning ahead to do that versus situations and circumstances make it to where I'm gonna live out of ninety five Subaru legacy wagon. Until I figure something out. So. Yeah. I mean, it was pretty stressful for while. Because I was like I already I haven't been important in a minute. I I'm just straight up going all out right now. And it worked, you know. And I'm really thankful like in grateful continuously to be. Here. Yeah. Just straight up. Like in Santa Cruz for sure I miss it a lot. I know I talk about that. But honestly, like like such a big reason. And I think part of it. I'm part of it is seeing how much like Chris Jared, and Chuck can like leadership has like sacrifice so much of their time to make this work. That's contagious for me because they take risks not foolishly. But they like all right. We're going to go for it. I wanna be a part of that. You know, it'd be a part of something that you don't exactly know how it's going to go which is life in a nutshell. But yeah. So you've been a cat in cloud. I would sit. I think a year and a half ish something mid August. So yeah, you're and a half about a year and a half for sure for sure an since your first day. I in cloud to today was are some like. In Facebook terms lifetime events of occurs between the like if I were to scroll through the timeline time. Okay. I think the first time that come in so many like little memories like totally like, you know, how back to Facebook. Like, if it's your like you've been friends with this person for like six years. They choose the weirdest. Pictures of. No, forty second video. The first thing that comes to mind is I actually remember we had a lot at Throwdown for. Calaveras was about to open Hollister. We had throw down to like help help Evan out super sick. And I'm like, all right. I am not a social person. But I'm gonna go for it. And I was inside for a little bit before. I knew it. I was at the front. You're so many people behind me. So I left I just left. The cafe was like still there. But I was just hanging out by the benches and I sit down bathing. I had just been hired at this time. And I sit down next to Bailey. Not knowing the sky. I'm like. I turn to him as a lot of people, man. He turns like. It's like. I know do. So that was the big thing doesn't really answer your question. But you met Bailey and. Word a year and a half later. You guys are basically attached to it like the two best buds, and he won pretty mean. Riffs? But so I think the the throw down. I was like, okay. This is this is pretty sick. And then just like being apart just like soaking it all in, and I'm like continuously impressive encourage by the amount of transparency that leadership has from like coordinators team leaders to the owners with with us Breese's, whereas other places might be like, oh, you're just like the frontline persons like you don't really need to know this. It's like, well, what do you need to know or not we care about you here and your growth, so we're just going like here. Learn you know. Then in March, I believe. Yeah. Excuse me in March. I went to Guatemala with what Sam. It was super sick. Because August August September October. February. So I had been working for cod for like a little more than seven months. And then, hey, we're going to send you oughta Malla you down to a said v. I remember seeing the video in the morning. I was working at Abbott that day and. And I saw the videos like, hey, so we chosen like Sam and f- to go to damone if you guys wanna go, and I I texted Jared in all caps on like put me in coach. You know, it was like so hyped, and I drive to my shift Abbott, and I see Jared Jared, and I pulled up like at around the same time acceptably terrible. It was like so excited. And I was like kind of getting to know like Jared as more than just Mr. truly dad, you know, like. But I was like super hype. So that was a pretty big moment for me. I remember there was one time in anti-god that salmon are eating dinner and. Much like I'm aware of what I'm doing. Now. I just started talking and talking and talking. Very much of verbal processor. That's fine. I just like was so taken aback by how much care and trust that. Was placed in us that like I like, I'm Ed dude. This go. Just like seeing how much connected I think like being able to speak Spanish with super sick too. Because I was able to like, yeah. Like hang out with these people just like you like you always hear about how much goes into. What we consume here in the states. You know, whether that be that'd be food whether that be close or whatever. But to like, see it, you know, it's like, it's like the typical going to origin story, you know? But. It's typical for reason because I was like no way. Yeah. Like, we're we're at like, if I mess up my job, someone gets like bad, cappuccino, you know, if these guys their crops failed or if at the mill they do something wrong. It's like their livelihood is that you know. Yep. And I think it just really hit me. And I think like a lot of these people are like. Because of circumstances outside of their control. It's like this is what they can't do or like they've left small villages moved to the city to go. And I think. Again, maybe I'm making a lot of a little bit. Like I was reminded like holy crap. Like on a different level much the same. Like, this is what like my dad, and my uncle did like they they saw. Better things, and they chased it and they worked for an opportunity if they failed like if they didn't pick fasten cover, whatever like. Like my dad worked more in the restaurant industry. But just I just like seeing the full circle -ness of it just like really rocked my world. Yeah. I feel like for us. It wouldn't even step further because here in Santa Cruz, like if I'm going to be pretty honest or isn't a big Hispanic community. And so to have this lake place where everyone just speak Spanish, you don't really really realize you were kinda deprived. It's oh, dude. It so weird. There's like. I remember seeing this this Mehemet was like, so where are you from like your attorney monologue as well. Where was I born or what is my city? Yeah. Yeah. And I. The risk of sending. We're straight up. I don't look Mexican. So what's up like EV like, oh Evan s Everardo and like the stutter step of like, oh, cool. That's cool. So like. Like Natia like this city. Mexican I I understand, and I don't I don't say that to bash like I understand that people try to be gentle and sensitive to that. Yes. Yeah. I remember this like you. And I talking about like this is nuts. You know? Yeah. It's it's very I've said it before where it wasn't life changing. But it was more life enhancing absolute. And also it was more. So like. Realizing that what we do. And I've say the so many times, but. It's kinda weird to get upset with people who don't go to origin because they don't know what is out there. They're not exposed to it. But we've got to go, and we got a full experience of realizing we were part of something so much bigger. Oh, obstinate. Like, we're not just the cafe here that is like suit like well known for producing or producing great coffee. It just. Yeah. Like, you said it comes full circle. And I'm very grateful for the opportunity and. I have a question. Yes. That. We've talked about before briefly. But it it ties more into what we've talked about before which is going to school making your parents proud and having this. It's not like a super heavyweight on her shoulders. But it's like kinda there. And now working at a cafe. Yeah. Man. Like, I think there's none of ably to feelings to that. And so along with that question is like why can't cloud? Why do you stay here in cloud in like in addition to this? Yeah. That's a good question. I remember there was a time. When I was speaking with Tanner in Jared, and they asked me tell me about a time when you talked about Kevin cod and. Oh man is about to get real. I don't know why. But my gut reaction like the first thing I thought of was. To my dad about it. Because. Old man have senior OG EV. Of. Chill. But I remember there was a time where we were having this conversation where it was really do like you have your degree like you're working at a coffee shop like you're like, what's like what gives and. There was a time. When I was like kind of like when I first started here kind of going back to what I was talking about with Scott where I wanted to learn so much Scott like help foster me, I just wanted to work when I first started. I remember talking to Alex Marce law about wholesale stuff. Because I just wanted to feel like I was doing something more, you know. I think added misconception that I wasn't doing enough already just by being here. And I feel like I'm really grasping that a lot more now. But so I talked to my dad about wholesale stuff because he was in the restaurant industry for very long time. He's like, wait. What is the coffee shop? Like. Yeah. He's like oh. And then. I told him about like when I went to Guatemala. I told him about I hate add to say, you know, I'm gonna go to Guatemala. He's like, oh cool for what for work. He's like the coffee shop. Yes. Like what? Okay. And just a lot of little conversations like that are like. When I would go home for my buddies wedding. I went in April, and I was like, yeah. Like, I'm going to be in town to stay. Let's hang out. He's like are you gonna miss work? I'm like, oh, yeah. But I like PTO he's like at the coffee shop. Yeah. And. And I don't know what it was. But I think just like as the year one on one time, I was just catching up with him. The dodgers had just lost a World Series. So my grandpa was a big Brooklyn Dodgers fan. My dad the dodgers fan. Therefore, I'm a third generation Dodger's fan living in the bay area. So version. Oh. But you know, we're talking out of the blue my dad says like me on just want like apologize. Whoa. One. Record scratch freeze frame. What happened and he's like, I just wanna apologize. I. Like, I was really like I I don't really get what you do at the coffee shop yet. I don't really understand. That world, but you're passionate about it. They seem to care about you. So I'm sorry. But in Spanish. And. But I had never experienced that before in my life. And just like to have such a. Big like occasion and have like can be the catalyst for like. Personal life. Was was on real. So I think. To that end to answer your question. Like. Yeah. I'm working at. I guess the coffee shop or whatever it's like so much more than that. And that's been proven to me. And if my father can see that. Like how much more can other people see that you know, who like. Might quote, unquote. Get it a little bit more. You know? And that was a really big moment for me. My mom's still sometimes like, I don't get it. But. Like are you like he good? I'm like, okay find. Yeah. I think that answers your question. No, totally and. I when we first had this conversation. I think we were just kind of going back and forth with like, yeah. Like, I also kind of resonate with what you're saying in all this stuff too. Because I mean, my parents still really get it either. But they're like all right. Well, if you need us we're over here. Just. And. It's it's weird too. Because it's something like a lot of people also have that question for us to. Oh, yeah. And not just like within our cafe, but I would say like all. People who work in some cafe coffee shop or customer service job where it's like you went to college. And you have this degree like what why are you here? And you know, it's like, yeah. I am here. And I I sure I'm not using my degree fine. But. The degree in and of itself. But like, yeah. The stuff you learn experience that you had like legend to here. Yeah. Absolutely. And that's what I'm getting is. I'm applying all the things I learned while at school that helped build my character on what I do here. And also. You know? I think I value. My happiness and what? I wanna wake up in due to thing. I love every day. I don't want to wake up clock onto a nine to five inside cubicle with the AC turn on at sixty four degrees every day. And the thing I look forward to is go get water from the water dispenser and have like a small talk with someone else and go back to my goal and start typing something that sounds terrible. That sounds like Dilbert comic strip. So it's like sure I could be using my degree for that. And whatever that sounds terrible to me that sounds like my worst nightmare. I'd rather be doing this above anything else. And I think dude like that. Again. Like, it's everything's so connected. I love but just like when you think about that. Like how goes back to like what you and I were talking go. How are we raise Jerez to help the people really help help people out? Right. And if like we can do that and across the globe with like. Like with Damien Chavez like just like whoever else like that. We have like, yeah, we're going to help you out. And you're gonna help us out. You know, what also we're gonna help these people out here. Like, oh, it's so. You don't really see you comprehend it. And when someone tells you like we're all hoping each other out, and this is how and you're like, oh that makes sense. And that's cool. I am going to get behind this. But then when you're actively in it, and you're plying it and planets every day and the more time, you're invested in this company or in an idea, and you see like the fruits of it. Then you're like, oh, I get it. Absolutely. And it's like. I was talking with Levi about this about how. At the end of like if if there's like a long day, it's like been a super super busy Saturday. And it's like you open. It's like, noon, you're like a little tight like, you're you. You're tired side, you're tired because you've been working for a minute. You're not tired because so mostly drained with this job. Like, oh, man. Like, I am like I feel like I've been like mentally like tax or anything like that. It's like you're tired because you're tired. But you have Tina supported you. You know, what it is? And it's like I've had other jobs. I'm tired because of the fact that I've been working day. But also just like man, I just like I'm not a fan of what the company's doing. I'm not a fan of how like the team news are doing this. I'm not if I don't experience that here, you know, and leave on talking about that about how. I think that just kind of like lends itself to what you were talking about and. Yeah, which is super sick. Yeah. And I think. Like, this is why we're both here because we're both investing. But we're also invested with. We're also being invested in does that make sense? Yeah. There's like. I think the best thing that. I guess for me because I'm so trying to figure out exactly. Longterm what it is. I would want to quote, unquote, due here. But it's like I like if I've been invested as much as I have I. Would feel selfish. If I don't get to do that to someone else whether that be crushing like Spro on Saturday morning. I want to be able to invest in that which has invested in me continue to build it. And then people like what what's going on over there. I'm like over crushing nude. I'm going to take a brief moment here to say if you things about you home in. Yes, here goes right watch. I give me one minute. If you walk into the Portola cafe on a super busy day. And you hear some bump bumping jams? You could probably fake one too. If you walk into the cafe and your drink as magically already made for you. And it's the one you want to t- you could probably think of too because of does something with so much intention because he cares. And I mean, if you've been listening, you would know that and if you haven't been listening, then you see rewind the again and start from beginning fifteen second reverse a lot of times and then. Here's the thing to see kinda like rare. Not going to really talk about himself, and he's not going to like. Like flaunt himself. So that's why I'm gonna do it for him. My name is also. So I don't feel weird about it. I think you're someone who definitely leads, by example, like you lead by okay? If this is something that should be done. Like, I'm gonna do it. And hopefully people follow like the cinema do. So a lot of people. Do remember people's names and a lot of people do like, oh, I see. But he's gonna get us, bro. Or icy. Liz, and she's going to get her teak f- coffee gonna get her nightshift coffee, and you're just really good at paying attention to details of people and knowing. Like just feeling out people and seeing like what kind of conversation they wanna have in like, you're willing to go a step be on even if that takes your time, but you're willing to do that for other people to make their experience happy, and it goes back to wanting to help people, and it's like all connected in comes full circle. And. I I really appreciate that about people. But I really appreciate that about you. And I just feel like. I'm really happy that you're here also working because I feel. Someone out there also gets it like I do in one of our values is care. And I I genuinely feel that when when you're here, and when in this cafe, and it's it makes me again, it just reassures me that this is where I'm supposed to be because other people like me also want to be here and do the same thing. So. Yeah. So you're you're doing a great job. Thank you. Yeah. So speaking of birds. My next question is this isn't the last question. But there is a last question after this. What is something you do because you work really hard to reconnect with yourself. Something I'd do to reconnect with myself. On my floor. That's a good question. I like being active in some way, shape or form. Kind of having this like internal struggle. Well, I've voices so much me that it's definite external struggle. I feel that so climbing has been a big part of my life. But this summer, I did cross it for the first time, and I really liked it. It was super fun. So I was like oh cool cross fan timing when I first moved to Santa Cruz. I picked up skating partially because I was like, well, the Santa Cruz thing to do is like surfer skate and ocean. His the scariest on planet. So we don't gotta talk show. I mean that was part of the reason also is like man, nothing's measurable pick up skating. I can either all or I can't I either do a front shove or I can't I can either dropping the half pipe or could either not, you know. That's I really enjoy listening to music. Different variations for awhile. I've been in like a hip hop R&_B. Hesitate to call it a rut because that implies that it's negative, but I've been kind of Justice into that for a while. So I'm kind of like cruising out of that. Honestly, I love the trailblazers. So I'll just sometimes sit on my couch and just watch us almost win every game. Well, right now, we're doing well right now. Trailblazers basketball rate. I support a are the only professional team in the state of Oregon hoop goes IRS. We don't really have a whole lot going for us. Well, we have Dave. That's not true. We have Dame NC Jim McWilliams coming up on even coming up. He's been I don't know. I. I don't want to just keep talking about this. He has a podcast I listened to he's one of the players. And I don't know how he's a professional MBA player and makes a podcast. But he sure does. I mean. Yeah. That's that's a lot of what I do your so person of many hobbies in many interests and you like to just yet. Each of them every now, and yeah, I like, I think it kind of goes, maybe this is why the way about work, but I just don't like. Not feeding. Like, I can Hank whether that be at work. So I think like with physical activities I'm like, well, I may not be super good. But I'm not gonna like be the worst one skate park or and I'm not going to be like the worst one in the I'll be the worst one of the water. I actually cannot serve. Yeah. So yeah, I think like being active in some way, shape or form goes back to what you were saying about learning you actively seek movement dose learning. So that makes sense. I also just watch the newest Spiderman into the spy verse. I have a hard time seeing awake during movies, just general regarded if I'm at the theatre or at someone's house, I just lights out if it's passed four o'clock. I can't do it. I feel very old saying that not that old, but it's hard for me. But I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I haven't felt like kid watching moving in a long time. But despite him in a so good nays on that no way is like your jam right now. You're like your your song. That's that's not because I have been to some flour from Sparta man forever. Not forever. There's that. Okay. There's also the song that I don't know anything else about this artist. I've looked at it just put up my Spotify. And naturally mad at you by two. Buck was listen to. It's called Volga Seborga devolve by Songo. It's I have. No, I don't know if it's French. I don't know what it is. But it's very fun. And I like it. That is it. See I'm scrolling through my oh, one thing I make PayLess for every month for every year. So if you go on my Spotify, you'll notice that I have ever since two thousand fourteen when I first got Spotify. I make playlists for every season or month of my life. So I'm like, you know, what like to do for years. See what was I listening to in January two thousand sixteen and like sure enough. I was listening to SWAN LAKE and sure enough I was listening to pop by instinct, and yet it's just. This isn't a music a lot. Also, another blurb inserted by other EV because other ethylene very humble about it EV is a great musician, and you'll never hear it because he's very polite about it. I guess I would be the word, but it does happen. And so usually on a full moon or something like that from closing when there's a full moon. I'll put on us, and I'll just belt. Yeah. So music is a if you're not catching on the trend is another great resource. Also, just have to say, I love your mayor who doesn't Jim Myers. For sure. So we did it we didn't. And the sun is still out. The sun is not the tank is clean. Maybe you got a hand. Machine. Cool cool. Good. Thart? That's the word. No, that's right.

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Episode #128  Ohio State Rolls

Menace 2 Society Podcast

49:45 min | 8 months ago

Episode #128 Ohio State Rolls

"It is Tuesday, November 3rd, Ohio state-penn State recap addition. It is also we're going to welcome the Pac-12 to the National conversation on this week is Pac-12 game week and my favorite tomorrow Wednesday, November 4th. We have Max in and we'll talk about that in a minute the Mac resumes or I guess let's play so this this episode is I'm telling you right now. It's going to be probably the longest episode we have had to date. Here's what I'm doing. I've decided this is grown enough with this platform the Menace depicts platform that I've been talking about that this is this is becoming my full-time job. This was always something I did on the side but this is kind of taking over my life now and so I'm I'm used to a hundred hour workweeks or plus and so I've been put in like thirty five hours a week into this show and I sat down had a kind of a week or two ago when I was like, all right, you know what? I need to put coaching hours in dog. Platform because it's really popping off. So that's what I'm doing. I spent so much time on this episode. I hope you enjoy the analytics the analysis because I broke down the full. It's a full Ohio state-penn a breakdown a break down into the Texas get upsetting Oklahoma State Clemson in their first-half struggles with Boston College, Michigan got slapped by Michigan State North Carolina falls again. I'm going to be a long one. I broke down a ton of games and I want to I want to go through everything that I saw and everything that that I that I took away from it because the national landscape is unfolding and now we get to add the new the new hot girl in school, right the Pac-12 see if Oregon or USC can can jump into the mix or maybe even Arizona State so we'll talk about that on the preview show. But thank you for tuning in as always. I did want to mention if you didn't see it on Twitter minutes to pick his on fire. And so we we we do it by units I explain it to you before but here's what's crazy. We are on a 7-Day absolute monster heater and wage. And the crazy stat is there. So if you let's say and you could break this down to any amount of money you want but if you had $1,000 on October 28th to to gamble and you did exactly what we said phone number of units on the exact bets on this morning November 3rd that $1,000 would be $3,140 its unparalleled and gambling the streak were on the last page 111 pics. We've put out we're 77. 31 and 371 percent that is absolutely unheard of in the handicapping realm. So I would encourage you to check it out. It's 25 bucks a month. You can you can sign up. Try it out for one month. If you hate it. It sucks. You don't play it. Right or we suck just cancel 82 cents a day. I'm I'm just telling you we are killing it right now. But anyways Saturday, we had a full-on college football sweep. It was stupid. It was phenomenal. And then I also wanted to let you know if you hadn't seen on social media Braxton put it out items. I haven't said anything about it, but we're not going to do the job. Ehsan Lane just some of the Cove it's bikes that are going on. We don't want to get it shut down. So we're going to let the election go let the Cove it's spikes and the this next home game happen, but we're coming back rear bumper back, Indiana and Michigan. So those are going to be huge and hopefully Indiana's undefeated Michigan. Obviously the rivalry games always huge. So we're we're we're going to roll with those but so I encourage you to check about patreon.com minutes to pics check out what we got going there. It's a whole new pillar and I got a third pillar coming for you next month not really related to Media though. It's not not gambling and not media a leat development stuff, but I'll let you know about that. But real quick, let's take one word from one of our sponsors mybookie ever since I started out people have been asking me for advice on all kinds of things but uncovering Sports it's nearly about who's going to win and what team they should bet on you got the Patriots or 49ers. This week bucks are Raiders. Well the best piece of advice I can give to anyone is where you're betting where it's just as important job. Who you're betting on its why I always tell people to visit my bookie. They've got deposit matches free bets and huge cash prize contest for you to take advantage of all season long NFL action check college ball check. Plus they have a mobile friendly website and top-of-the-line customer service making their platform a One Stop Shop for all your betting needs my bookie authors action on everything from Championship Futures to NFL in game live betting making sure you're covered every step of the way congrats. If you were one of the ones the cash in on the generous early-season odds thousand acres to win the NBA championship sign up at my bookie today. And when you do use our promo code menace to claim a deposit match dollar-for-dollar all the way up to a thousand bucks. It's a bonus designing give you a little help in a head start on your winning season that's promo code minutes for you to claim your bonus when you make your deposit stack UFC cards, presidential prop bets all the major sports and more await you home. Sign up today and begin your winning season exclusively at my bookie there. You have it 71% on Menace depicts follow on Twitter and Instagram and go to my book you use our promo code get free money win money. Everyone's Rich. We all go on vacations. Maybe we'll buy an island for what day it'll be a heck of a time. But but I do want to talk about one other thing. I've talked about this a lot. So I I completely understand if you sit there and you're like, yeah. Yeah heard this before but I'm most excited that this platform is finally grown to the point where it's I can dive all the way in and and really dead give it a hundred hours a week because most excited about video content. I've ordered all the stuff. I need Amazon as if as a gift in a in a curse at times but I got everything come in this week to have a legit studio video set up. I have a legit audio setup, but I don't have a legit video set up. I'm going to do episode Recaps game reactions. We also going to introduce you to some of the people that are working for us now and log, You aren't already though to get ready for it. Go to youtube.com forward slash Minister Sports And subscribe right now go to our YouTube channel subscribe turn on notifications. I'm really jacked up to finally follow through what I wanted to do in been saying I was going to do for a year now. So all the stuff gets here this week. I'm hoping to start having videos pumping out next week really really jacked about it. But anyways enough about the platform enough about gambling about YouTube. Let's get to the show Justin Fields, Georgia General and my name is off the down and and write off. Are oranges around moves off leaving it just for the two friends from Boston Starvin still honorable life and don't get the fuck out of here then. Okay see it. Minutes to sports episode 128. Let's talk about 20 20 and the wild year that has twenty-twenty. You knew there was going to be some wild things that happened. Let's talk about the most 20/20 thing going right now. The Big Ten standings the unbeatens in the league, Ohio state-indiana Northwestern and Purdue and don't even try to tell me Wisconsin is undefeated know their job. They forfeited fucked at there's four undefeated Wisconsin doesn't count they have one loss and they will have one loss on this show for the rest of the year because they didn't exceed the Big Ten wage requirements to cancel. They just lost their starting quarterback and they're back up and they didn't want to play with a fourth-string and so they they played the well to be cautious. We gotta get a handle on this not fuck that. You could have played I chose not to that's called a forfeit but not only that let's talk about the rest of the standings Penn State is in last place in the Big Ten East second-to-last, Michigan they finished second. Third behind Ohio State last year flip over the West Northwestern finished last in 2019. And Purdue are Atop The Big Ten West who's in last wouldn't you know, Minnesota who had the best overall record in the West in 2019. So the 20/20 is proving to be true even in college football land and in Midwest Big Ten football country. So you'll be ready God only knows what could happen at this point. I'm just holding onto my ass hoping that I don't make a prediction that that twenty-twenty proves me an idiot. But so let's talk about the place guys. I saw on film that I thought were phenomenal and some of them I didn't watch their game filming. You'll know when I get to them but I did watch some highlights. I did study the analytics. So the first one is my quarterback of the week Matt came from Ole Miss. This kid has got something to him. He's got Lane kiffin's offense kind of at his disposal his Firepower, but the Ole Miss quarterback had a 95% grade 31-34 412 yards six touchdowns no pics in a 54-21 win over Vandy I get its vanity I get they suck that's still really impressive right six touchdowns three incompletions. One of them was a drop. He was outstanding. So excited to see what Lane can do with him. Same team is my receiver of the week Elijah Moore who I talked about before as a South Florida receiver that we kind of rooted 14 receptions on 15 targets 238 yards three touchdowns, and he converted 13 first downs on those 14 receptions Wild and the running back week is a player that saved perfect season for the what the number one team in the country Travis at the end of the stats will come later. But he absolutely took over in the second half to ensure their wage upset. He almost single-handedly won that football game for them and it was an outstanding performance. Just I mean a Dynamic Athlete just stupid and everyone knows my feeling is the best back in the country song. I'd say Najee Harris is is in the conversation outside of that. I don't know if anybody's in that class, but Travis Etienne is are running back of the week tight end of the week coming from Fort Collins, Colorado Tre McBride, Colorado State eight or twelve targets 430 yards and one touchdown. Absolutely big time Big Time game. Keep an eye on him. He is an under-the-radar kind of smaller School non-power young guy that has an NFL future so he's our tight end of the week and how about this Larry boerum, right? Larry boerum the left tackle from Missouri and I know Missouri stinks but listen is now this kid is he's the offensive tackle. He has played against Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky LSU. I mean say what you want about Tennessee and Kentucky, Alabama LSU despite the fact LSU age. They have pass rushers. They have freaks right those tackles have to pass block 147 snaps in pass-pro this year with zero QB pressures allowed yet. So he is playing outstanding job. And sometimes You Gotta Give love to a great player on a shity team dilemma of the week should be no surprise to the Buckeye fans. Tommy togiai led the country and pass rush productivity by a d-tackle stats to come when we break down the game here in a minute, but he was I mean just absolute an absolute monster. He's really turning out to be a phenomenal football player linebacker of the week. If you didn't watch this game, they upset Okie State. My dark horse is is really in the dark now, Texas Superstar Josephus. I was ridiculous eight tackles, six tackles-for-loss 11 stops Dead one forced fumble and a fumble recovery 6 QB pressures three sacks, we will talk about him when we get to that game. He was nuts. He was nuts and rdb of the week last one, Oklahoma safety train or off would two interceptions 118 NFL rating had a great game outside. I think he gave up a catcher too. But those are our players of the week just to kind of keep an eye on some names that are playing well around the country. Let's get some games. Let's talk about some games before we even get started. I have nothing prepared for this. But what a wild way from Maryland to get their first win in Big Ten win and forever Minnesota losses on a missed extra point in overtime. PJ click cannot buy a win right now. I mean he its just oh, it's embarrassing. So pjo PJ's in trouble up there. And and I really I don't know what the issue is. I mean, I know they lost some guys but they do not look remotely close to the team that we saw last year. So maybe it was a flash in the pan on old row the boater. But all right. I'm going to start off the analysis off with the game of the week, Ohio State Penn State will get to the other games after and like I said, we're in depth on all of them, but I want to start with Ohio State Penn State because I'm so fired up about about it. It was our game of the week and I know but fans that don't subscribe on patreon will want to hear this one. So we're going to start with that one. First off before we get started. You got to explain something to me and this is our screwball whiskey screwed up play of the game. At the beginning of the second quarter Garrett Wilson called a wheel route Penn State linebacker. Brandon. Smith was frustrated that they were getting their ass kicked and three yards out of bounds cheap shotted Garrett into the medical tent, you know, the medical tent with like fucking tables and laptops and shit in it that you could break his leg on or get seriously injured and you got a 15-yard penalty. Now, you got it. You got to explain something to me. How is that not worse than when a guy goes to tackle someone and the the runner ducks his head and they hit helmet helmet. We eject that guy who's trying to play safe trying to play clean. We eject him off. The guy that takes an absolute cheap shot and knocks Garrett Wilson in two tables in a medical tent. He just gets a 15-yard penalty. No rejection. Why is that? We're talk about player safety, right? That's why the NCAA and these referees are clowns. They're ruining the game. You want to know about player safety dirty plays like that targeting that are clearly cheap shots off the rule as it was intended. Those are the ones where guys should get ejected now an incidental helmet-to-helmet contact that a kid didn't mean to do come on man. This is ridiculous. We're ruining the game of football someone has to step in and I don't know who that is. I don't even know how that would work. But I had to bring that up to start it off because that is our screwball whiskey screwed up play of the game. I mean, I was I was livid when I saw it off but let's start off with Ohio State's offense overall on the cuff the right to stat sheet 526 yards 10 of 18 on third down for 55% is above-average access really good for about six yards per Rush. It's not exceptional but it's serviceable Penn State's defense isn't terrible, but I'll tell you this the opening drive set the tone three straight rushes and Ryan they sent the message. We will punch you in the mouth. And we're going to be here all night. It was unbelievable. Obviously it started with Garrett Wilson's reverse and then it was just I mean right at Penn State and we'll talk about that a little more. We talked about the office line. And then how about the kicking the issues in in Columbus? Yuck. But I hate saying I told you so cuz it feels so conceited but I told you all last year. I told you leading into this year Blake hobble is not the answer the at field goal kicker or he just he's not he's not a elite kicker at this level. I mean I watched some of these guys boot every kickoff in the as a Touchback. I'm watching field goal kickers hit 55 yarders young kid miss a field goal on the No Greater was the right hash and you guys know how I feel about the right Ash. It's way harder for kicker to make a kick on the right hash than the left hash. But it was like a I don't have the stat 25 yards. It was like an extra point comparison. Now, the one thing that did show up is Red Zone struggles, Ohio state that game should have been a blowout. They got in the red zone six times. They only scored three touchdowns. And here's why I am. Done the three errors in the red zone right the first time they didn't score Garrett Wilson dropped a touchdown pass and then Blake ha Baio missed a 25-yarder the second time they got that they didn't score in the Red Zone. There was a a short run by Trey sermon through a fade to Garrett Wilson incomplete through a fat flat route to Garrett for a few yards and then field goals good. So it it was just kind of we weren't off attacking the end zone. We were trying to dink-and-dunk and maybe run it in and we didn't throw it in the end zone. The third time was the first down was a decent run for like 3-second down Max Blitz and Harry Millard just got stoned and they got a couple of minus yardage play third-down. We had a 5-yard run and they're really trying to run the clock out. So in my opinion that's three touchdowns on five trips. They're just they weren't trying to score on that last month, but that will reset we need touchdowns in the Red Zone. That's just that's that is a huge stat and this team has to be good at that. I also would say this just in being critical like I have always said it's always great in a solid win to be critical because that's when you everyone feels good. You can be hard on guys. You could be hard on a theme if Ohio State loses. That's the time where you you gotta find maybe some silver lining, right? This was a good solid win. But here's what I saw that needs to be better. The quick touch game is like bubbles and those little quick touches. Maybe they're attached to run plays. It's very Rusty at best. It needs a ton of work. They're doing some weird step back and backpedal. She get that. I don't understand you got to think about this. Now. Most of these are run plays right the offensive line. Let's say they're blocking to the right and the quarterback usually will read the defensive end and not give it if the defense events just sits there and at the defensive end crashes, he'll pull it and run around it right the way to incorporate these quick touches or these these screens to it or our POS the slack Or bubbles is the lineman blocked the d-linemen and you read the linebacker the walkout, Ohio State look wildly confused on these one. We they they didn't perimeter block worth a shit. They're also trying to protect an outside play but we're doing a step up and backpedal deal. That's not getting outside and then a couple of times are tight ends didn't block the man over them. They blocked the guy that Justin Fields his reading a lot of confusion and needs to get cleaned up. I'm sure it will but at some point that needs to be dynamic because the the athletes that thrown like throwing a bubble to Carrick Wilson is a great day for the Buckeyes so they gotta clean up for sure now I will tell you this so that was that was a negative. I'm going to come back with a positive the play-action pass creativity by Ryan day is second to none in the country. I mean, I'm watching probably ten twelve games a week studying them and Ryan day is a one a top of the list and I'm not saying that cuz I know him I mean he is doing things in the Run game one there in the gun there under Center and there's something about that quarterback. Understand her turning around putting his back to the defense that just sells run action because this takes so much longer for them to figure out if it's a runner a pass you think about it. You're in the gun. It's a quick ball fake go. He's it's phenomenal and he's he's motion of receivers use a receipt receivers as flat routes behind the line of scrimmage. It's just it's phenomenal scheme that he's using off and then I'm going to tell you the most brilliant thing I saw was on Third and three down on like the I don't know six-yard line. Justin Fields gets under Center does a fake Cadence looks back to the sidewalk and when the d-linemen either looked or kind of let their guard down he immediately got on her Center snapped the ball and gained four yards on a quarterback sneak. It was it was unbelievable. He caught him off guard. He was a brilliant just a brilliant play call and you don't see that as often as really you should and then the other blatant so there's three plays that I said Ryan day is just on his shit. That was two of them. The third one was job. They get third-and-goal from the two just two Fields runs quarterback power and they get stuffed. Now you're thinking fourth and one fourth and goal from the one they're probably going to try to pound it in right this Ohio State they've been kind of running the ball at will kind of winning the game up front. So they do the exact same everything same formation same motion ball snap. Justin steps up. It looks exactly like quarterback power and it's cute quarterback power pass. He pops back. Everyone is wide open. It was just so well done because he's frustrated. It's like run it again and then sure enough. It wasn't run it again purchase any Nike gear as a compliment off of it. So I'm just so impressed with what what Ryan's doing on offense right now. It is very very impressive and he's really put him in a position to to make a run at this thing if they can get a couple of things off short up, which I'm sure they will but speaking of fields. I want to talk about him. I don't know what to say. I mean, I don't know what to say other than he is outperforming everyone else in the country song. Not named Mac Jones at the QB position through two games. I mean and he might be outperforming back Jones. It's those two and Trevor Lawrence is the third man kind of looking in the window. They are saying outstanding Justin Fields 94% adjusted completion percentage 318 yards for touchdowns 343 on deep balls for two touchdowns. It's extraordinary and the mileage athletic play. He made all day was when he was under Center he ran a boot where he slipped and somehow got enough balance with two dudes about to smack him in complete a flat route to Jake Hausman. It was I mean it was like, whoa, that's a great play and it's not one that's going to be on a Heisman highlight hopefully here later in the year, but it was just so athletic and so so much courage as you're falling down to know you're going to get hit and get that ball. So Justice play phenomena, I could evaluate him more but honestly through through two games. It's been the same story. He's been phenomenal. So check mark Buckeyes that one that one's in great shape. The room that I'm I'm excited to see how they develop because I know Tony Alford really. Well, he's one of the finest coaches. I've been around this running back room needs to get right and he will get them because for the second week in a row, I saw exactly what I think everyone sees now and what I said preseason Master Teague when he hits a whole and the whole page the holes in the first half those holes were three yards downfield. The line was moving people. He hits the whole and he has a solid burst through the whole runs through any arm tackle. Then he has a really poor open-field running minimal Vision in Jesus, not Dynamic. He's the best downhill short-yardage back in college football, but he's not a home run threat or dynamic. You saw it on his 1-yard touchdown called back on an illegal formation. You give it to him at the one you're it's going to take Five Guys to stop him. I mean he is a hell of a weapon to have now what I I need to see more of Trey sermon I am Affected more out of Tracer minute and I think it's just really he's got to get back in the groove of it. He's got a he's got a really get some playing time and get out there and and and getting a Groove and getting the feel of the game doesn't at times look like a natural interior Runner but he shows elusive T and wiggle he's what what I call slippery. He has great feel. I just want to see more of them. He hasn't shown me that wow. He certainly no JK Dobbins right now, but he might be now say this snap counts and grades. I looked at it Master Teague played 45 snaps trade play 37 Master had to pull the Run game trade 13 in the Run game master at 10 and pass pro-trade had for impasse Pro Master at 8 in the past game on routes tray had 17 in the past game on routes. So it's Tony Alford is employing them effectively in the way. He should and not that I need to say that of course he is. He's a great football coach, but we just still haven't seen tray in space. And so the other thing that I need to see from this office, I'm waiting to see is where the perimeter runs they run stretch and if you know anything about stretch stretch is a an outside run path with the designation that it's going to cut out a vertical at some point. What I haven't seen are the sweeps the inverted zone-read or the power read the quick pitches. There's not much perimeter Run game to this offense right now. And I don't know if it's dead, you know just haven't got to it. I don't know if it's they're not great at it judging by the first and second game it might because the receivers don't block it well, but that is a dynamic that's missing from this offense that at some point. They may find it and find a way to get it out there right now. They're kicking bubbles, which I love they should never get rid of that the more they can kick the better. But if Trey sermon is an elite back, we need to see him on the perimeter. We need to see a quick pitch and I did see it. I saw one in the game, but it was to master Teague, which is the wrong back and Jeremy ruckert was the one trying to block the perimeter swing-and-miss. The the perimeter Run game is just not a pig. Already right now for this offense and I'm not saying it has to be because they're doing so many things so well, but at some point they're going to need to have that kind of curve ball or weapon in their Arsenal speaking of weapons in their Arsenal. Let's talk about zone 6 the dynamic duo the terrific tandem that prolific pair the zone six one two, punch are the best in America they proved it once again, In the Big Ten catching the football yards-per-game Garrett Wilson's number to allow have a number for two top four receivers in the conference. Only two teams have two receivers in the top fifteen in South America. As far as yards-per-game, Ohio State and Alabama and unfortunately, Alabama at Alabama tandem is performing as a solo act now after Jaylen waddle broke his ankle. So you're watching the best choice combo of receivers in America and Scarlet and gray. I don't know that we've ever had that I mean certainly not statistically you could make a case that in 2014 Devon Smith Mike Thomas might have a net but they weren't I don't think they were playing to this level. This is ridiculous. I mean, it's it's fun to watch and Garrett's opening play the sweet 462 yards showed how explosive he is, but he showed me that Chris olave and zone 6 had an emphasis on fixing the putrid blocking from game one. It wasn't great but it was improved on you watched that reverse olave does a gray. Good job. He has a push crack on the safety and Garrett makes the corner Miss. So here's the premise behind that right? If you have a quarters look, right or any kind of safety Corner look with a single receiver and you're going to run a sweep that way one of those two is going to be free. They have to be right you have one blocker two Defenders. So when you go to block as the receiver, you need to start to block the corner if he bails you need to crack the safety because who's a better tackler the safety right? You want it to be one in the corner. Hola V was outstanding. He pushed cracked pin the safety. That's the corner in a tunnel one-on-one and Garrett made a Miss. That's why you do it and he did it and it was excellent job. And I mean those two are just playing as well as any better than anyone in the country and they're going to be fun to watch this year and I'm going to be interested to see how they do the do all American honors and do all Big Ten can they really put them both first-team? Cuz right now it's not even close they are I mean you can you can say Jahan Dotson, but I'm going to talk about him in a minute. The the one question mark I have is the third wide receiver spot is the one that is very up for grabs. Because if you look at the grades for all these receivers Jackson Smith and juba is actually the highest graded receiver on the team right now now I get it far less opportunity. He hasn't played near the number of snaps but through two games James Williams is last and jamo is my guy. I recruited him. He's going to be a great player but grade-wise Utah. I'm an every-down receiver blocking route-running getting open getting separation. No drops. He's last right now. And here's the thing that that I loved to see on Saturday is Chris olave has clearly put in major work on ocular and hand dominance. If you haven't listened to it look the episode up at the end of last year. I did an unbelievable breakdown. Well my opinion I did it. I guess I should think it is on Chris olave and how he couldn't catch the ball when he was on the left side is 242 on deep Balls to the left side last year. He was over five. So it's obvious Ryan day and Company are showing where the touches will go and a lava has improved in that facet of his name, but there's no secret where where Ryan's trying to get the ball the duo of a lava and Wilson have thirty-five targets and two games the rest of the entire Ohio State team Titans receiver running backs in the past game have 1935 to those 219 to the rest of use It's very evident. And I mean duh wouldn't you? I mean, I'd give it to him 55 but here's what's crazy Seventeen of twenty targets between the two of them 231 yards touchdowns in nine first downs just dominant in Ohio state had a clear game plan with those receivers and it was to attack Penn State safety Lamont Wade. He was targeted 12 x for 11 catches a hundred fifty yards two touchdowns and five first downs as well as the drop touchdown by Garrett Wilson where Garrett beat him. There's a huge hole at Penn State and LaMont Wade is standing in it. So they had to clear game plan. The other thing that I thought I got to bring this up cuz now I want to talk about the tight ends. But Chris Fowler had that dumbass Sports media personality of the week moment in this game on Jeremy records touched down. If you saw it a great route great catch phenomenal throw defense is kind of confused. He said oh the touchdown Jerry Rucker, he's a better he's better known as a blocker May and makes the reception like what record is the most athletic tight end on the roster this fucking buffoon. He's better known as a blocker. No, he's not. He's actually pretty shity at blocking but he's a freaky athlete gosh. I wonder how they pay these guys as much money. It's crazy, but the tight ends looked good and game with them. They looked a lot like last year's tight ends in this game. They were the two lowest grading starters on offense. They struggled in the Run game struggled in the past game couldn't block on the perimeter. It was not a good game for the tight end group outside of Records touchdown, but let's talk about a group that played extremely. Well. They were rugged physical. They moved Penn State's D line, three, four or five years down field in the first half especially they struggled a little bit with the adjustments of the second half but this Ohio State offensive line played ridiculous. How about this Ohio State's offensive tackle Duo they are Mumford and Nick petit-frere versus Penn State 37 snaps pass-pro zero pressures. I saw PFF put that out so long. I did a dug a little deeper on the season 146 pass block snaps between them zero pressure zero sacks. There. They might be the best tackle duo in the country. There is a game 90% in pass-pro third in America and number one in all power five football. He is off to an insane start this year and he'll be a candidate for high honors at the end of the year. I'm telling if he keeps playing like this. Wow, I I knew he had it in him. He's really putting it all together. There's only two teams. How about this? There are only two teams in America with both of their starting tackles grading in the top 18 and pass Pro those two teenage Clemson, Ohio State So as I always say you can learn things about teams, right even if they didn't play a good team or even if they haven't played the strongest schedule. If no one else in the country has two receiver. Fifteen but Alabama Ohio State, what's that? Tell you receiver is a strength for those two teams if Ohio State and Clemson have four tackles in the top what I say 18, that's a strong for them. Now. The only week is on this offensive line is the interior three in pass-pro there Wyatt Davis Harry Miller and Josh Meyers their absolute road graders in the Run game and even why it showed he is an invincible. He's a great player. Don't get me wrong. He just had a average game in pass-pro, but he got beat one-on-one for Penn State sack, Justin Fields twice and one of them were on one on Wyatt for the All American, you know, potential first-round guard. You wouldn't expect that to happen. And then the second area was a second sack was a complete error by Joshua Josh Meyers wage. And Harry Miller, they didn't slide out and pass off a blitz and they let a free Blitzer just tee off on Justin Fields back of his head and it was bad. So instead got to get that worked out. It was a tough deal. So, here's why it was tough. You know me. I like to tell you why when you bring two linebackers to one side, right and chewed alignment or over there the the easy way to pick up is with a nose guard write a guy closer to the center because when that Blitz comes that nose guard that's close to the center is going to Loop across the center space and the right. Let's say the the Right Guard can block him off guard. So now you have center-guard tackle on the left to block the two blisters in the d-end. Here's the issue Penn State did it from a d-tackle. So the guy is not is not lined up on the center's face is lined up on the guards outside shoulder. So now when they bring that Blitz in that guy goes to move that Center thinks I have to pick him up. He just stunted inside when really he has to keep passing him. All the way to the backside guard so that they can go three-for-three of the outside. They didn't do it. It's really tough to pick up. I promise studs going to be working on that but it was it was just I mean you just hate to seem to take a shot like that. They can't happen. So they gotta get that short up and cleaned up. Ohio state is allowed thirteen QB pressures into games and eight of them are on the interior three and so eight of the 13 or the song 3D alignment and three of them just in feels responsible for and then obviously throw running backs tight ends all them in the mix. But but at the end of the day, that's the core your past game right the center of your offense off-guard center-guard quarterback and running back that you have to be great at everything right there. We need great great tackles in pass-pro, but those guards need to move guys, but that's that's a concerning thing off the offense that we need to get cleaned up just switching sides. The other side of the ball is Silver Bullet defense the first drive. I sat there I watched it live and when I re-watched it yesterday, I sat there George. Jaw dropped my God Jonathan Cooper. Just dominant the whole game dominant. And then how about this on his own 40 James Franklin tries to run a screen on fourth-and-two and OSU took it out. It's an interesting move. So let me backtrack. I didn't preface that well enough. Penn State is down seven. Nothing. They get the ball. They are about to go three-and-out. So on fourth-and-two, he says no not against this team. I cannot go down 14 nothing. This game will be over before it starts. So he goes runs a screen on fourth-and-two and Ohio State's sniffed it out. You can't run screens on Larry Johnson's d-line the minute. They're not blocked like whoop timeout retrace. It's over and I will tell you this. What a horseshit call on Baron brownie quote unquote throwing a player on the ground. He was wrapped up and thought he was sacking the quarterback. Like what the fuck do you want him to do? This song as shit football is out of control cancel culture twenty-twenty. It's routing the game of football the linebacker cleanly and not even violently tackle the quarterback. What's the issue that he happened to get the ball off just ridiculous. Now talking about Kerry Collins Greg Madison and crew. I thought the game plan was outstanding third-down. They they showed bear defense with a middle linebacker Blitz and I'm to talk about in a second but they showed em brought it then they showed it and what what I call simulated pressure, right? It looks like it's a blitz the offensive line has to block it as a blitz but on the snap guys drop out and it screws your protection up now you got one on when you shouldn't cuz it's just a four-man rush. And so what bear is bear defense is there's five offensive lineman bear defense is v d lineman on those five offensive lineman, right? So the only way to block that essentially is what's called a match-by-match call you go five-for-five. It's all man blocks. You can no longer slide a line unless it's quick game or you have a tight end to help them. If you're going to run five or six man Pro with a running back. You have to match it. Now, you got all one-on-ones across the board and the running back has that linebacker. So what Ohio state did was they line all five guys up? And Blitz the linebacker, right? And it maybe six guys coming all five plus linebacker. Then everyone has one on ones or on the snap. They would Blitz the linebacker drop both ends out. It's a four-man rush but you don't have any double teams because all the linemen were passed setting to block the guys. They thought were coming. It's just beautiful. It really is beautiful. So the tax essentially block no one it was a great game plan. I was really impressed with the defense a staff Penn State was three for 10 on third and fourth down. That's why you win the game get them off the field get the ball back and let me tell you why Ohio State won this game on defense side of the ball Sean Clifford. He was the lowest rated player on the field and we should have seen it after the first half last week. I just thought it was a bad half. But boy was it not he played horrible but talking about the grades. How about this the top for graded players on defense were the starting Ford alignment Tommy togiai 80% off? Garrett 76% Jonathan Cooper 74% Zach Harrison 74% I mean, that's just you think they wanted to how about this. Do you think they wanted to play well for Larry Johnson in his return to his long tenure at home and Happy Valley. They played outstanding the other side of that coin was the secondary the three lowest graded starters were the three starting Corners. Seven Banks 61% Marcus Williamson, 57% Sean Wade, 53% the lowest rated guy on the defense and Sean watching the film didn't play the ball. Well got beat off three times. We're going to go through in a minute, but he didn't play as bad as people were making out to be. All right John. Send me a couple of spectacular catches, but Sean can play so much better. I mean you're talking about a first-round draft pick he's got to be dominant and he wasn't on Saturday. So I'm sure we'll see a much-improved version of Sean Wade moving forward, but I will tell you this stats can be deceiving and also wage Promise right? Because if you look at it Penn State didn't run the ball well, but when I watched the film I'm like Devin Ford's not he's running the ball decent. He averaged four and half yards-per-carry. But here's what I was fired up to see Mom offense was determined to not let the quarterback run game kill them. Again. Sean Clifford had 10 designed runs for 26 total yards and he had 111 yard run. So that 111 yards long run he outside of that run. He had nine runs for 15 yards. They locked it down shut it down they have to do that the quarterback run game in game one and the playoffs last year killed him. They had to fix that and it looks like they made a great step towards that on Saturday. Let's talk about the defense of line Tommy togiai. We talked about it a little already six quarterback pressures. Number one in the country for any damage jackals for quarterback hurries. Two sacks four tackles six stops. He and Haskell Garrett are a force and if this keeps playing out, they should there's no way there's a better interior d-lineman in the conference wage. You know, maybe the country with the possible exception is a kid. I saw the other day Iowa's Davion Davion Nixon. I think it's how you say his name. He's been an absolute monster. I caught a couple of clips of him off Sunday. So those are the three best in the Big Ten in my opinion, but the get off by Tommy togiai and Haskell are absurd and here's what I want to talk about this year. So if I'm an interior d-lineman, right, let's say I line up on a guard if that guard pulls the center or the tackle depend on which way he's pulling has to cut me off there. Get off an explosion off. The ball is so fast that those offensive linemen that are not right in front of them have no chance to stop them from penetrating getting in the backfield. It's amazing how neat I'm a guy pulls. It's just piercing penetration. They're just way too quick and I love to watch if you went next time you watch a game or even go to YouTube and watch it just watch watch from the defense plays push play wage. And and let it run for a split second and just look at the get off of the defensive line and speaking of I'll tell you whose last off the ball almost every time Zach Harrison almost every time he's last off ball. He's he was way too over-hyped. I try to tell everyone before he's not going to be chaste young. He's a solid player but we had way too lofty expectations. He only had two pressures in the game. One of which was a sack that he simply got blocked and Haskell Garrett Garrett dominated the guard Sean Clifford avoided him and ran right into Harrison. So he's been a disappointment. That's far. We need better pass rush now, they did some great things with Barrett Browning stand up on third down. And and I mean Jonathan Cooper was outstanding, but Zach Harrison has to come on. We need another pass-rusher have to However, I will tell you this he had the Sam Hubbard play of the day same team on the zone-read. He tackled the quarterback in the running back. I was like, holy shit. It happened again. Franklin's got to be pissed and then the linebackers. I don't know what to say about this group man. Barrett Browning is Barrett Browning toughest stuff Pete played really? Well. It's I guess the beautiful thing is I don't have to write a new segment every week. Even if that isn't good for good news for the Buckeyes or Buckeye fans. It's saving time for me tough is a downhill whole plugging Mike linebacker. He is really good at that. Sean Clifford had a long run in the first call back on a BS sweet fake with a polar coming back to the boundary and tough didn't see it at all. So they did a fake sweep to the right. Okay, the polar went to the left the linebacker has to read through the offensive line to the backfield. And if that guy pulls you can't just take off and run and he left a huge crease and that was Sean Clifford's 111 yard run. It's just it's it's bad ball. It's bad Bull & Bear Pub. So confusing his and he's he and I tweeted about he should win the Thorpe Award his rep when he had to go play Corner in the boundary one-on-one with freiermuth who's going to be a first-round tight end wage. It showed everything this kid is capable of he's like a first-round Corner that's built like Hulk so talented but will he ever put it all together and I'll say this the Buckeyes a good job with Pat freiermuth. They really did he was pretty inconsequential in the game and considering he's a day wanted to draft pick I would say that is silver lining for the Silver Bullets 356 on targets and it's too long catches or play-action were Barren once and tough the other time were a little out of position. It was good play-call. So, I don't know. I'm scratching my head at the linebacker group. Now the secondary man Jahan Dotson moved from the slot and moved outside and he had a day and not only that stat line but there were a couple of Misses to him on deep balls to like their first drive when he beat seven Banks and they missed him jihadists and versus Shawn Wayans 6 for eight hundred nineteen yards to touchdown. They were he beat him on a slant versus inside leverage, press I think Kerry needs to clean up this press coverage technique Sean's better than that. I think they're playing so much off that they don't get to work on press like they need to cuz he got beat up to Slants versus press and that's not like Shawn he beat him on a go route and made a great contestant catch that's going to happen. Right right out of John. Is a really good player. He made a one-handed freaky catch that actually showing where he was in great coverage. He also got a little push off might have gotten away with it. Shawn just wasn't as physical and didn't play the ball it happens and it wasn't it was great coverage the to slant routes. The one number. Touchdown and the first one are the ones that bother me really poor technique. And then on the slant for a touchdown an absolute joke of a tackle attempt by Marcus hooker and that needs to get addressed because he can't tackle and then he had to to John at 2:10 yards speed outs at the end of the game. When when Sean Waits playing soft cuz they're just trying not to get beat deep and trying to just run the clock out and win the game. So you gotta look at it took it is you could say oh Sean we played like shit. No, he didn't he really in my opinion had two bad snaps the the two Slants inside leverage, press he should never let that happen. If he's a first-time Corner ever Jahan Dotson versus seven Banks to two or three twenty-five yards 1 - 1 yards after catch and one touchdown. He had one here and one come back and here's here's what happens. Okay. I want to talk about this cuz seven Banks look clueless out there. So if you see go watch the game Jahan Dotson runs a comeback. Sean Clifford takes the snap and doesn't take a drop because it's going to be a short come back. The reason why Ohio State plays off is to play with Vision on the quarterback. So why seven Banks didn't see the fact that he didn't take a drop and start to hit the brakes and Throttle Down to jump around his Beyond me. He's looking right at him. He just continued to bail out of there and he just complete San Jose come back. I don't get it. He's playing with vision you might as well play press-man or off man and put your eyes on the receiver. If you're not going to use the quarterback Clues and then the post for a touchdown was just it looked like he wasn't even covering him. I mean, he was very soft peddling outside and then took a horrible angle to make a play on the ball and it was just like a it was a great route by Jahan Dotson, but it was just it wasn't it was not a good who's not too good snack for seven Banks, but as I said concerned in the secondary very concerned with the lack of depth and now Cameron Brown, you know, say a prayer blow is Achilles. Yep. Going to be out for the year. So this I'm worried about the secondary. I really am Marcus hookers a liability tackling Josh Proctor's playing outstanding. I'm excited to see him play more and maybe even take over that that deep safety spot because he thought he had the one play on third down where he came in like a missile and took took out Penn State's backup quarterback. It was phenomenal but here's my conclusion solid win the secondaries concerning our pass rush on the interior and Jonathan Cooper were outstanding still told you so about Zach Harrison, but give him time he is a freaky Talent the linebackers are exactly what we said. They were both on here preseason to date. So we will see how that develops all in all great win for the Buckeyes. I always sound negative after a game because I'm trying to give you what they can improve but great win back the box and I think there's a lot to learn from it a lot in a lot that improved a lot that improved so congrats to Ohio State and now they gotta take on Rutgers in the Greg Schiano return home. To Columbus. All right. Well that's going to wrap up the public version of the show. We still have a ton of talk about though if you want to I mean if you want to subscribe 299 a month you get the full episode five bucks a month you get off at least one of them a week a day early. You'll get one Wednesday this week early, and then the public will come out Thursday patreon.com forward slash minutes to sports. We supposed to talk about Michigan, Michigan, Michigan State wage, Texas Oklahoma State, who else do we talk about Georgia Clemson struggling Boston College, North Carolina getting beat and we saw so much to talk about. So check it out. I'm telling you. It would be worth your time. I think we're gonna have another at least another thirty forty minutes here a little bit longer episode. Like I said, I'm taking more time. But anyways whether you do or don't I appreciate you tuning in and listening. Thank you for tuning in. Thank you for listening as always. Hope you have a great day and hope you are educated. Hope you learn something or I hope you just killed an hour either way. Thank you for listening. But if you didn't like it, you don't like me. You didn't enjoy the show Go fuckyourself, San Diego wage. Has been real life around him and it is wrong wrong wrong wrong. Was it a girl come around the placement make someone believable just for the 2007 still on the ball game. Fuk out of here, then they see it.

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"Welcome to beyond the show with menace to sports are a patriotic exclusive. Call in show. And here's what we're GONNA do. We're GONNA take really take take as many calls as we can't answer as many any questions as we can and really just make this an open conversation platform for our subscribers and supporters to interact with me interact with our our I show and get questions answered. I love the question answer stuff. We did before but I wanted to bring you guys on and and give you an opportunity to come on the show and really just to have a conversation. I if not ask a question so well we're going to do is we're GONNA put out this show. which should be around forty minutes long a bunch of great questions? We're GONNA put out a teaser. So part of this is going to be the Half the episode for the public to listen to what is coming every week for four are patriots subscribers. So make sure you check out our patriot. PATRIOTIC DOT COM forward slash menace to society podcast. And as we say. Let's get to the show. Ready Guys Napa. Know How you guys practice family all tiny suitcase ready for. What are you ready for this Sunday? The job title. I would open up the dining identity as a campaign team and what they say though me a free like so many your mouth Dour Maury go. You put the watching. That's exactly what the undertaker told John Menace Society beyond this. God Damn it we Roy all right. Well we're going to get this thing started real quick not a lot to talk about not a lot of I guess stuff to discuss. So we're going to do is in the way to get on the show you d Emma in every week. We're going to do this trying to feel days. You know the the best day for everyone. So we're going to have you on Patriots shoot US your number Shoot Ish maybe you can choose your question or just shoot from the hip when you call when we call and linkup so we'll get you on and just we need to plan out time so that we don't have people waiting A. and people hung up so we're going to try to make this efficient make it great content great listening something to listen to to gain a little perspective and really get the questions answered that you want answered answered. So let's let's go to the phone lines. Our first caller today is going to be Paul from the Great State of Georgia. What's going on Paul? How's it going it again? Yeah it's good to talk to you when I saw your name pop like Oh shit I know him well. You know I was I was at high school and When you were recruited Johnny Dixon and that's kind of how we connect with the with the Great Rajak for all of us? Jack Daniels the grid. No doubt let's drinking beer and fish and now he's not coaching down. God bless and that's what I need to be doing no question. What do you question? What do you got for Paul? Hey I thought I know with your experience you've Bene- Florida and then You know went to Marshall and and and then Ohio state and things like that so I thought maybe if you could just Kinda they explain how the offer process was different for you at Ohio state versus. You know when you're Marshall. I spent a little bit of time at University of Wisconsin so But but just you know. Did you wait more on kids at Ohio state or did you wait or on Kids Zip Marshall or what was that like and how different was it. Yeah Offering kids from one place to another. Yeah so it's it's very different. Obviously you're at Ohio state and even Wisconsin to an extent. I mean you're you're going for the best of the best so it's not hard. Identify the top top tier. I mean you're you're really trying to find in them as a young kid so you can get them an early offer so maybe you can jump in the lead. And then I mean there is there's instances certainly of of great evaluation but you know it Ohio state. There's maybe yeah. I don't know six or seven schools. That if they offered before you now you might be behind a little bit. But other than that if you throw an offer out even Wisconsin for the most part. You're going to beat Wisconsin even if you offer late and You obviously know Steve. Yeah and it's just the reality of outside of a Wisconsin. Kid or maybe a specific alignment or someone that just really or even a running back. I mean Wisconsin has done a good job with running back but we even took. What was the kid's name that went ended up in north? Carolina was committed Wisconsin. Tony Williams. He was going into Wisconsin forever and we jumped in late offered him and we got him you know so. How's he was very different? It was much more about the the recruiting game the recruiting aspect and offers were just a tool to Get in the game. Stay in the game and try to get a kid when your Marshall or temple or or something like that. You're really trying to identify. Maybe under the radar guys the guys diamonds in the rough. I had a bunch of them in my career. And you're trying defined and then outside of those guys you're trying to wait and see who who the bigger schools are GonNa Kinda let slip or fall off their radars that you could scoop up towards the end and you might offer kid 'til a week or two before signing because his scholarship to Wisconsin didn't didn't pan out or his scholarship to Maryland. Didn't go through and now your Marshall Saint All right we can get this kid and now you're now you're recruiting really start so it's a much different game for sure. Yeah Yeah that's A. That's a thought I thought for the listeners. Here's EPI that'd be that'd be cool For them you know just Kinda here I got one more thing for for you. I want I want your best earle. Bruce Family Story who your Best Earle Bruce. Football Story So my best family story was probably I had gotten in trouble in high school. I think it was something stupid. Like I was at a party that alcohol there and so you would think my grandfather being tough on people as he was he was just GonNa in a just destroy me and he came in and was very different and he was very like. I don't WANNA say understanding. But he could tell that I was just destroyed than let let let people down and I was in that situation and he was very compassionate and I walked out of there like Holy Shit. I can't believe that just happened. And then fast forward six months later I just bought my first car and it had temporary tags on it and they expired and I went over to his house. He went out to check the mail and he came in and saw that my tags were expired. He fucking unloaded on me like just annihilated me and I and I was sitting I walked out like Holy Shit I got in real trouble and he kind of was compassionate Ashen and then I didn't do shit and he just destroyed me and that was what I lived with is it was kind of always like Oh boy who you're GONNA get. How's this GONNA go okay? That's awesome. It was something else and probably my favorite my. I was so young when he was head. Coach my favorite football stories. He's actually going to be an arena football story. I went he. He coached a couple of different teams in really one team was the Saint Louis Stampede. And I went to visit him and obviously this. This is very different than Ohio state. So I'm on the bench like what what amounts to like a hockey bench like indoor soccer. Where you're in the little voice and and so I'm in there and it's towards the end of the end of the game and his team's about to win the game's about over and a fight breaks out I'm talking bench-clearing like a hockey brawl? And unlike probably fifteen at the time and boulder benches clear their brawl. And I look over and there's dude who plays like DB or receiver for my grandfather's team. He's sitting there with this like sitting on his hands in the box. The only player there and I'm like looking at him like what are you doing. He was like a buddy. I'm on probation. I ain't going out there I'll be in jail like Oh shit I didn't think arena football this That is awesome. Those are those are my best stories debts. Fantastic those are. Those are two great ones at the. I know I know your grandfather's proud of how you reinvented yourself and I'm proud to call you friend and proud to be a patriot subscriber. Well I appreciate it. I mean it's good to connect. Well we need to catch up off air. No doubt. Let's do that all right. I appreciate it Paul. Thanks okay but now we're back menace to sports. It's beyond the show. Patriotic exclusive call in show and we want to welcome nick from Dayton. Nick thank you for calling in Absolute Zach. It's great to hear from you really like your stuff appreciate it man. So so what what do you got for me. What kind of question? Well what I got is Ohio state obviously lost some really good players who you think will be see the hardest place Jeff Okuda or chase. Young has a tough question because I think obviously both are crazy. Talented ended crazy impact. Players both GONNA be high draft picks top ten picks so. I don't think you replace either so I I think the real answer to the question is is what position group group can kind of absorb the loss of production right and in reality the defensive end and you saw it as chase young really. Didn't have as much much of an impact down the stretch of the season defensive end you can replace production with blitz packages with depth and so I think Jeff Okuda's probably going to be the tougher one to replace both with the talented D. Line for state and also just the impact of the individual position. I Mean Jeff Okuda was a guy that could take a receiver out of the game completely and now we saw that from time to time this year and not that chase wasn't as impactful but I think guys like Zach Harrison Tyler Friday tyreek Smith and then the the interior guys that are coming back. The emergence of the young kids like Toronto. Vincent Tom Itogi I ask Garrett and then not to mention the linebacker bear and Browning's of the world that they can still get pressure. Sure I think the secondary will be strong. I Think Jeff Okuda will be felt more for sure that makes a lot of sense. That makes a Lotta Sense. I'm just really excited to see where they go. I mean I know you drop that bomb of Kerry combs coming back so excited to see what that will look like. He's he's the master developer so if anybody will get a corner ready to play it'll be him as long as as long as the titans don't win the super bowl and he gets some crazy other job. He should be back in bug-eyed nation for sure but I appreciate you calling in Nick Absolutely. Thanks for a mailman. Absolutely okay so we all know how. VPN protect your privacy insecurity insecurity online right but I didn't know this until recently and it's taken my TV watching game to the next level you can use a VPN to unlock movies and shows that are Only available in other countries over the weekend I used express. VPN TO BINGE WATCH FRESH PRINCE OF bel-air on Australian net flicks. It was so simple simple. I just fired up the express. VPN APP change my location to Australia refresh net flicks and that was it see express. VPN Hydra address address. And lets you control where you want sites to think you're located you can choose from almost one hundred different countries. So just think about all the netflix libraries. You can go through do do you love Anima- US Express. VPN Access Japanese net flicks and B. Spirited away and it's not just Netflix Express. VPN works with any streaming service. Who Lou BBC? I player Youtube. You name it there are hundreds of. VPN's out there but the reason I use express VPN to watch shows is. It's ridiculously fast. West there's never any buffering lag and you can stream in hd no problem express VPN is also compatible with all your devices phones Media Console Smart TV. TV's and more so you can watch what you want on the go or on the big screen wherever you are if you visit my special link right now express VPN dot com slash slash menace. You can get an extra three months of express. VPN for free support the show. Watch what you want and protect yourself at express. VPN DOT COM Slash menace. You won't regret it all right up next on medicine sports beyond the show. We have jeff from Jacksonville. Jeff thank you for calling in the pleasure. Thanks for having collapsed so what what kind of question you got today Jeff. So looking to next year I know we lose three of the four starting. DB's and person's face on the front. How how do you think the defense could could be next? Roughly probably the worst kept secret of Kerry comes. uh-huh coming back is actually true. I think it's going to be a huge higher because you're looking you're going to replace two corners and I know the the big talker. Sean Wade moving outside which will certainly make it a lot easier. But but you're going to need someone that can develop guys in none better than Kerry combs if you look at his track record in history so I think it's really gonNA come down to what what what they can do you in the secondary. I mean that's that's obviously the biggest unknown. I think the D line is deep enough and they will do enough on defense to absorb the loss of chase young we actually. We just talked about that a little bit ago and one of the callers and so it's going to be interesting. I I think Kerry coming back. It'll be a big deal but I really liked the young kids. They're going to have obviously Veasley Sean Wade but then you have guys like Cameron Brown. Who played a bunch this year? I think it's going to have a great off season. And then you look at guys like Josh proctor. Who I'm most excited about kind of take that Predator role in the secondary almost me hooker ish and then it's really gonNA come down to WHO's that WHO's that fourth or potentially fifth guy? They're gonNA play Is it Marcus Hooker. Does he have a great off. Season seven banks house. He how's he going to develop this off season and then are these young guys gonNA come in and and show that they're ready to play right away way. I mean I think the linebacker position should be pretty solid. I think the D line obviously with Larry Johnson is going to be outstanding always and so. I think they got a chance to really do USA do some. I guess have the same consistency on defense that we haven't seen until this year. You know entrepreneur thinking I so do you think we stick with that three corner one high safety. We think we go back to normal too high to corner now. I think that one high defense. This is really here to stay. I think that's what Ryan Day really wants. That's why he brought in Jeff F. Lee and I think it's going to stay consistent and Greg Madison has been around every type of defense imaginable as Carrie combs and carry combs GonNa bring a Lotta NFL experience in the whatever year to he's been with the titans to really implement some things that they're doing it at that level that we might be able to do it. Ohio state so it's GonNa be cool to see the the scheme and I'll tell you this. The one thing they will do is they're gonNA make whatever personnel they have worked for them on defense so whatever their personnel does best. They're going to do if it's pressman pressman. If it's often one is zone. Then it's one is zone. I think it's what Ryan wants to do and I think it's what we're going to watch This this coming fall for sure Muslim also trying to wonder if Toronto Mitchell's GonNa take that starting spot from talk. I know I know didn't do it this year. I know it's it's probably not a senior this year but it's going to be an interesting battle for that middle linebacker. Yeah it definitely is and I think. I think there's going to be a lot of question marks on who's GonNa play where in that linebacker core because you have guys like cave on pope who's young and athletic to Raja. Obviously who I talked about preseason is one of the best linebackers they had. I think he just needs to mature a little. Didn't get on the field. And then you have guys like Barron Browning Justin Hilliard Pete Warner you got a bunch of guys to surround tough in that competition so it'll be interesting to see how they play them in. Where are they play them? And how they protect them protect their weaknesses. You know switching to elephants who do besides you know maybe the in the August ones like maybe like a Jackson Smith and Gigolo or Jillian Fleming. Who Do you see having a breakout? Your like Jason Williams. Maybe came in Bab Bob. If he's healthy. Yeah I think. There's there's a lot of unknown outside of Chris Lava and Garrett Wilson at the receiver position. Just losing those three talented guys. They had a lot of production. And I think you know the incoming freshmen is a is a wild unknown because guys that come in early it's like it's an unknown. You're talking about a huge jump in what they're expected to do what they're asked to do. Just as a college athlete let alone to perform on a different level than they've ever performed on so I think it's going to be interesting to see how those young guys come in. And I think Jameson Williams is a guy that should have a big off season. He's gotta develop physically developmentally But he has a skill. Gill said that that is really unmatched in that room. Just his speed and his long strides. It's almost Ted ginn junior esque you know so I was going to be an interesting to see What I'm really excited to see is not excited to see? I'm anxious to see what Jalen Gildas is. He hanging around as he go. Try to compete to take that slot position or does he. We feel like maybe it's not gonNA work out at all state. Does he transfer or does it. You know there's one of those young guys take that spot another's talks of maybe Kevin Wilson helping with the play calling. Do think that would if that does happen. Do you think we could possibly see more of Jimmy Rucker. Does he split out like a Jimmy Grim or do we like a mom assuming he would want you WanNa get more tight ends involved. Yeah I mean the reality is although I think. They played just above average this year. You have luke. FERAL Jeremy Rucker coming back with a full off season to improve and enhance their game. And I think it's GONNA be tough to keep them off the field and twelve personnel tight ends so dynamic for an offense in the run game and to have two guys that are athletic and big and long they can make plays in the past game. I think it's GONNA GONNA. You'RE GONNA see a lot more to tights but at the end of the day. I think Ryan's GonNa put the best eleven on the field so if that is a young kid that is dynamic it might be eleven might be one tight and if that is Jeremy Rucker as the second tight end than it is so I think they're gonNA have a lot of flexibility in a lot of talent to figure out how they want to employ them. Yeah I'm trying to think I'm a summer soon. Everyone's expecting master teak to be starting running back and I know being I saw. I saw Marcus Crowley play couple games in high school and I've I one play. It's on my phone somewhere. But he liked he ran over one. Dude take on another. He's the one I'm really excited can stay healthy and take that next step. I think he can be great at is date. Yeah it's GonNa be interesting I I don't I don't see a like a nationally elite running back right now at Ohio state. I just don't love master. I love how he runs. He's very physical but I don't think he's Jonathan Taylor. I don't think he's J. I don't think he's to that level yet but obviously off seasons or when those types of players are created and developed sort of interesting you see. That's that's probably the biggest question. Mark Offense for me is the run game. Who's going to be that every down back that's going to be in a nationally elite guy going along that lines? I know I'd read that be visiting this weekend. But kind of recruiting L.. Know if you've been following this it really bazaars Zac Evans Saga would you take a flyer on him at all or just kind of your out after all the things you per. Yeah I don't know Oh just inside on the situation I know Tony Alford and Ryan Day and really the staff they they will turn every stone and before they make a calculated it risk or decision. They're gonNA make sure that it's one that at least has a decent chance of paying off and certainly won't hurt their situation so I I don't know much about him him or the situation but they need a great player so if they if they can find one that they feel likes GonNa pay it out. I think they'd take a flyer on it and take a risk transfers. That's where he he. I guess he punched a coach when you give up his phone during a meeting. He got sent home from the State Championship game but in my friends he when he wanted me to ask if he wants to know like. Do you still have a relationship with the guys ever talk. Is there anything between you and Ryan still a friend of mine. I mean I've seen him a couple of times. We've always talk. It's certainly not something that him and I are in contact frequently with the situation but he's still a friend of mine and and if if I run into him or when I see him you know it's very friendly. We have great conversation. He's a great great dude. My final final question. No we're finally getting idiot. President breakout me and my friends are kind of going back and forth today little Buckeye Chat. I said I think we should bring in Jim. Tressel alone friend says that he doesn't think we will because the school scared of you know what might think he said maybe give it to urban when I say or do we bring back Gordon Gears or anybody else out there that you think we could be going after I think Jim Tressel is a great option. That's who I think they should higher. I don't think they will. I think Gordon one of the best presidents in Ohio state history. If not the best but I don't think they'll do that for a third time. The guy that I hear a lot about is John in case I mean I think a lot of people think he's the guy and I guess we'll see I know how state is not they. They make decisions out of fear a lot. Which is wide Gordon? Geeze gone why. Jim tressel probably won't get a serious consideration but we'll see I guess I John Case the name I'm hearing and Jim Tressel is the guy I think I think it should be so we'll see Because we're going to go there with the political could you see maybe Anthony Gonzalez coming in back and taking that or or. Maybe he doesn't want to do that. I don't think I think he's. He's down the political route. I think he's going to attack the the the White House House one day so I don't see him come into university president right now but I guess you never know thanks for having me. Thanks for calling in. I appreciate it. All welcome sorry by by right up next next caller on menaces sports beyond the show. WE HAVE JOE from Warren Ohio. Joe What's up man. How you doing? Ah How much self doing really well and really enjoying the conversations. I've been having with some of the callers and really just excited have more interaction and do this. Kind of patriotic exclusive Yousef shot. It's going to be really fun. So what do you got Joe. GimMe Gimme a question. Shoot at me so graduate High School in Twenty eighteen and I play football fall off throughout people would always ask me. The best player ever played against was my answer is always win. Vote in that you talked about here the NFL. We and I played it twice. You have never seen anything like that ever and I wanNA know. How does somebody like that? That sort of fly under the radar a little bit and then wind up at a place like talk you out of debt like the Ohio states but world. You know what I it's really. It's different for every kid and I was. I was at Ohio State. When Lynne was was in high school and I had camp. I actually love. This tape loved him as a player loved loved. Everything about him. There was a number of kind of red flags about him off the field that kind of made us weary nothing nothing major not a bad kid or anything thing but just things that that we didn't know it would be a good fit for our program and our team but his talent level was certainly there. I thought he was a phenomenal player and I loved him. I'm just wasn't a great fit for us to be honest with you right. And that's that's sort of what I think cheering from around people that talk to you that Sorta do in jail or get him outside of shakes hands after. But you know I. I'd always heard that charity concerns aren't shortage as far as I know people have people that I've talked to really dive turned around doing great now. Yeah which which I mean. That's part of it. And they said there was nothing. It wasn't a bad kid. It was nothing like a major it was just when you're recruiting at Ohio State. You do you do a really thorough job of contacting. It's acting coaches contacting people in the area and really trying to get a good feel on everything about a kid and then Ohio state. It's hard to take a risk on somebody that that is going to have to kind of change in conform whereas Kentucky. That's the kid you want. You WanNa take that kid that you think is gonNA become really transform his life and and fit the culture and and be able to display his talents and that's Kentucky did and Kudos to them because they take a risk on guys like that and it paid off with him and he definitely had the talent though it was never a talent tissue. He was good enough to play anywhere watching this year. You know every day before that came in Syria surprised to see. Yeah for sure but he. He's he's a great one though he great talent and then he was certainly on our radar. That's for sure. Yeah I could definitely Magin. I mean it's high school case. Probably the best. I've seen as well really good really good really good man. Well I appreciate the call in and appreciate the question. Appreciate your show. Thank you man. Thank you make sure you make sure you check begging back in next week. Got Another question hits up all right. We'll say fan died. Thanks Joe you know. That's that's the that's the one thing about these big time on programs of how state Clemson Alabama really top top flight programs is. There could be a kid that and I'm not saying he's speaking Lynn Bowden. He certainly did. We didn't have any A major character issues or major drug issues or anything like that it was just there was some red flags and he was kind of a raw talent and it was just a guy that we weren't aren't GonNa take a risk on him not being as good as we thought he might be able to be or him might be Might end up being a red flag you know what whatever be an issue off the field And that was really just based on just things that we heard things that were going around. And that's what that's what you take a risk so if anyone listening that has high school age wjr kids or has recruits. Just No. It's as simple as it can be social media post. It could be just being an asshole. Someone bullying someone which again. I'm not saying that kid. It did that but it could be the smallest thing in the world that gets you dinged by a big time program not the Kentucky's bad but instead of playing it'll how state and go into the playoffs. You may be playing Kentucky lucky or you may be playing at a smaller school or not the school you want to go to. So it's a kind of a challenge and really an eye opener that regardless of how good you are if you have certain issues certain red flags certain people might maybe that just don't rave about you. There might be a guy that's getting glowing reviews and as you know everyone in the area And his coaches and everyone around him saying this is like the Michael Jordan of high school football and if that is the review on one kid and the kid has just he's okay or above average. The Michael Jordan Gordon S kid is coming to getting to offer and he's getting pursued harder. So it's it's really a testament to how you're off field not just how you are on your highlight taper or on the football all field but that was a good start. I wanted to really just get one under the belt. So everyone all of our subscribers and supporters could could take a listen here where we're going with this platform warm and I really think it's going to get better and better and better as we get more engagement more interaction. We had to cut it at those questions. We had a couple more that we're GONNA save for next week because we want to keep these. You know forty minutes. It's thirty minutes right around there unless it just takes off people love it so make sure you drop us some feedback beyond patriotic. Really if you if you want to do it on on social media so we can re tweet it and get the people behind the scenes but we appreciate the support we appreciate you. Listen and we'll catch you next week on menaces sports beyond the show. Thank you for listening. There's this natural based practice anytime soon. Take who are you ready for. This is it would done. Open up the all men's give the entity the team and what they say though me a free Pie Menu Mouth Dour warragul you put the you. I'm watching. That's that's exactly what they undertake are told. John Menace to society. God Bentley Roy.

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M2Midwest #014  Buckeyes Deficiencies (Yes, there are some)

Menace 2 Society Podcast

35:53 min | 1 year ago

M2Midwest #014 Buckeyes Deficiencies (Yes, there are some)

"It is Thursday October Seventeenth Twenty nineteen welcome to menace to the Mid West or Midwest College football show thank you for joining us hope you enjoy ministers diety that is also being released today it was pre released to patriotic last night but I just wanted to welcome you welcome to the to the show we're going to have menace to long to try to slow down the speed in closed the speed differential between the two teams I mean I remember we went there and it must have been twenty thirteen twenty thirteen on Guru Shane Larson who who's really really awesome has an awesome podcast you need to check out and he's really good I wanted on his show Zac at Minnesota Society PODCAST DOT COM also advertising sponsorships sponsorship at menace to society PODCAST DOT COM also hoping we might we might I'm not I'm hesitant to say it we might have a live tailgate or slash watch party come in the next week or two so if that happens make sure you again thank you for tuning in got an decent weekend of college football a couple of national games that we talked about our menaces exit some interesting stats and evaluation and some comments about my thoughts position by position player by player how they're playing what needs to improve for them to go I was like holy cow was agreed long players felt like they were moving in like running in mud in slow motion so it'd be a good game I definitely definitely excited shakedown Alabama are takedown. LSU And it's really excited about it put a lot of work into it a lot of film study a lot of analytic research stay tuned and we will it'll be a great time we got some partners that are gonNA come in and help us put it on so make sure you check that out but anyways let's let's get to the show western I saw on twitter North Western football put out a picture of a I guess it was a measuring tape and they were showing the grass was nine inches long and they they tweeted out almost there and just so we're clear that Israel they grow that when they play Ohio state and I don't know what other teams they do it for they grow that grass out diety and then to decent matchups in the mid West at least two okay once in Michigan traveling to Happy Valley for the white out and then also we'll have steak in the fall is picked up by Michigan's thanks jalen Watts Jackson so really excited to talk about also talk a little bit about Michigan Penn State and make sure if you if you haven't yet check out our menace to society show we brought on the game state northwestern Wisconsin get a free pass every now and then they have to put Ohio State and Wisconsin have to put those teams on a night game like this just so it's fair so it's not like must've been when we were like three or four episodes in he reached out and I went on his podcast and it was it's really good I recommend it anyone so check it out check out other show also always wanNA mention this platform is growing and growing like weeds it just won't stop growing which is a great thing but if you're interested in being part of it watch it and see see what North Western's all about a rematch of the big ten championship game last year well unique unique game this week in Buckeye Nation of Friday game which is kind of bizarre for House Dayton specifically it's something the big ten has to do they wanted to employ these during the week night games and they couldn't just let Ohio state did you did you do it because he didn't do it loss today asshole what about us but it's going to be an interesting north western you were just talking about has a blackout rate scattered out night game I think this is breath you barbecue and you it'd probably Michigan State and Cincinnati I mean you're looking at top thirty defense probably top forty defense so it won't be a complete rollover when so we'll we'll preview the game quick this is certainly a landslide matchup for Ohio state it is going to be one of the better defenses they have played so far coverage they're definitely not a great passing defense or rushing defense they're just a combined decent defense they're not going to give you a I mean the one thing they do is they don't give up explosive passes I mean they're second in the country stopping explosive passes because they don't let you get behind them they're well coached there scheme is really good at highlighting there strengths and hiding their weaknesses and a lot of times like when we played northwestern I was at Ohio state it was a boring game because you're taking five seven eight ten yard chunks knows what he has he has left lesser athletes so he's going to put him in position to be successful on defense in the problem is on offense there's not a way to do that on defense you can do it you place autumn two but because here's what North Western does they play they play a lot like Ohio state supplement zone defense zone thirds they play these Pat Fitzgerald is the ball I mean it should be but there is not going to be just free lanes everywhere well they held a Wisconsin does what would they have twenty points what was I don't remember but I heard Pat Fitzgerald talk about his defense a little bit in the one thing he said he goes he said you know the one thing we have here is we have guys who like to think a lot and he said and that can get in the way where like the Buckeyes and the roster and how everyone's playing and the obvious starting point starts with the heisman the newly heisman the new heisman candidate Justin Mfn fee and I mean he's he's ranked in the top fifteen ten five and a lot of categories the one here's here's the areas that that he needs to improve in the first is Dell's right this is the second highest graded quarterback in America has one hundred thirty four point three NFL rating he is playing I think he's exceeding a lot of could never hit a big play and it's like urban used to get furious like why can't we hit a big play and it's because they're just backing up forever what do you what do you want us to do in America Jalen hurts and Justin fields that it takes over three seconds on average to get the ball out of their hands this is part of the issue and deserves to take a good amount of the at getting the ball out of his hands on average it takes three point zero five seconds for the ball to come out of his hands they are the only two cubeys I percents that means if they just can just train him to get the ball out that's a thirty percent increase in production you think about that that's insane wreck I mean they're almost dead last in passive if they are dead last in pass efficiency passing offense total offense the offense is a mess and with the Defense Ohio State has rolling in that should be the absolute ask kicking from start to finish so I don't want to talk about that too much what I do want to do take this opportunity to do is kind of the mid season break down in under two and a half seconds his completion percentage is ninety four percent when he gets the ball hands and over two and a half seconds it falls to fifty that tells me there's a twenty one percent increase in production when he's kept clean and doesn't get pressured now the here's the scary stat for you and this is going to be the he's intelligent he understands football he could speed it up at times and he's He's made some improper reeds for sure but just that status glaring so what however to fix that fix it my guy they over think things and they don't miss assignments because they aren't just playing football but they aren't GonNa make mental mistakes I her and the other side of the ball is just a tree dictation but as I've always mentioned I'm of the Tom Brady mentality like don't tell me what what what they're good at tell me what they struggle in and what they need to get better at I mean almost seventy percent of dropback passes were over two and a half seconds this is his Achilles heel right now. Superman's Kryptonite is explosiveness some burst stability will call it second in America Right now with eight hundred twenty six yards you think about that second one year ahead of Jonathan Taylor only behind Chubb Hubba Hubba a lot of unbelievable things exceeding expectations but he could get better that's what's scary he could get better now the running back position I've been critical and and it's mainly just feels that you get rid of the ball yeah it also goes back to what I've been bringing up the seven-man pass pro pro you get three guys out in the routes with seven men and coverage Oh and get it out of his hands it's hard to block a guy for over three seconds it's hard and here's the other stuff that's insane when he gets the ball out AH on a deep ball in Ohio state doesn't ever see even close to that the other thing is he's forty eight off forty eighth in the country under pressure sixty three point six percent now side note greg stood row Wa and Kevin Wilson Stat of the day Justin fields is second to the last second to last in the country just ahead of Jalen hurts receiver core really because that's not high enough you have to be able to hit balls and we just we talked about it on the other show on the contrary t higgins alone is eighty percent completion the he is fiftieth in American pass protection jk Dobbins he has improved high so has glaring issues every now and then but what he has done is shown some yeah you can tell he he's just a powerful back he gets moving and he's hard to stop really hard to stop so I think the running back position as a whole getting the ball out in under two and a half seconds we could stop the show right now if you have a quarterback that is completing the ball ninety four percent of the time good good luck blame that everyone has put on the Paso that I put on the past bro though the offensive line is not passed point well Jacob Dobbins struggles and pass Bro Justin feels needs to throw the ball and emergence surprising fact player here's master teague he's averaged six point three yards per carry nationally and he is how about this master teak which anyone that watches you're reads quickly and then it's about making your decision getting rid of the balls isn't making about the receivers being efficient getting open on time so there's a glamorous issue games knows this he's in the top twenty in America yards after contact I mean ten spots ahead of jk he averages almost five yards per carry after contact ah in the game he is forty eighth in the country forty six point seven percent completion percentage over twenty yards that's an area that needs improvement both from Justin Fields Hannity yeah I mean and I think there's probably a lot that goes into it but I guess what what what how do you do that maybe you just read quicker there's there's entirely equals production and right now when you look at it Ben Victors the twenty fourth highest graded received America right so he's only top twenty five receivers you can't compare it to Alabama it's not close as far as production but it's a strength for sure the deepest group in the big ten and it's the receivers right now and we talked about on the show and I wanted this huge stat for me is yards per route run how many receiving yards you have per route run because that this group is not on the level of Clemson Alabama Oklahoma LSU right now they're not and they can be they have the ability they have the skill part of it it comes back to Justin fields and number of ways right there there's a number of things that could be going on one its play style you can do more game do more intermediate less down the field which I don't see them doing a lot of anyways then it's about getting through yeah I mean it's all it's all encompassing I when I watched the film I don't see one thing where I'm like he doesn't make his reads well he does he gets through his reads he he's well coached he's you can Lsu has to in the top six in grade wise three in the top twenty five Bama has two top thirty receivers now clemson doesn't have any ending year then they have Caja Hill who was the fourth best slot in America great wise fourth slot in the country he is he's eighty three point three percent reception rate first grade wise he is the most productive receiver in the room twelfth nationally at three point six three yards per route run so they have that right he's having out st you going to hold a trophy at the end of the year but that's what needs to happen that's where I see justin fields and then like I said those are those are the chinks in the armor he's obviously phenomenal bub-bubba only back with more yards jk dobbins averaging over seven yards a carry which is just outside the top twenty five the awesome an elite clip just phenomenal in the run game the past pros where I've been critical because they've had some issues both Josh Meyers at center and some issues at tackle twenty five receivers in the big ten in terms of production so we talked about on the other show oh how state has a receiver group that is midwest dominant it's the deepest and best group in the Midwest we're near the depth of those three schools Ohio state but they have the best deep threat and most productive receiver in the country and t higgins so you're gonNA national landscape this Ohio state receiver group going to hold the ball because it it takes forever if you get open yeah that's that's what I wondered if it was more of a confidence thing of him not being confident when he's seen it's it's a combination to produce more right yeah I mean look at that Bama obviously I think has the best wide receiver group in the country and I don't think it's very close but tackle their Mumford is one hundred eighteenth which is I mean he's athletic enough he needs he needs to he needs to pass pro better and the only caveat here in just a fun stat for how safe complete offense in the country they throw the ball better than Oklahoma they run the ball better than Alabama they do both better than Clemson you're talking about this is the best offense of the country if they can just needs to me we need more out of them and it all starts with Justin fields it's not all on the receiver group as a group the quarterbacks and receivers need to do better comes from manscaping who is number one in men's below the belt grooming manscaping offers precision engineered tools for your family jewels Halloween is right around the corner and you don't want to really well I think JFK is is having a great year I don't think he's on that level that that top tier first round talent level but I think he's had a great year the next group talk about the receiver Chris Alavi is the second most productive receiver on the team at just over three yards per outrun which is thirty second in America then you add in Austin Mac and you have four shaving performance boxer briefs that keep your package cool and smelling fresh all day for on the go freshness 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Why are you not putting deodorant on the SMELLY as part of your body the perfect package two point Oh also includes anti really a in-depth in-depth analysis into the Ohio state buckeyes seeing as there the Midwest team to beat I have some interesting analysts oh he's one hundred one hundred spots better than them but they're tied I thought it was hilarious there are to starting tackles are tied for two hundred like what they're trying hard they're like they're battling the is perfect package two point Oh fortunately right now you're getting twenty percent off with free shipping using our code menace EMMY AC at MANSCAPING DOT com state if that receiver group can just start to make some more explosive plays down the field Jay can pass bro Joseph feels get the ball out of his hands you're talking about probably the best offense of the country I mean it the most see who's GonNa be the two hundred because they're tied at one ninety one like one bad game and one of them is going to be two hundred but it's it's definitely this offense is coming along thinking it was kind of notice of Oh you could see it was I had to put some shorts on yeah that's that's not good that's not good but I don't be that Harry Guy Manscaping for he's fine tune it just fine tune in turn it up a notch right so before we get to the defense we're gonNA take a message from one of our sponsors support for Medicine Society Ohio state should be right up there with them or at least right up there with other people around them yeah absolutely and then you move to offense line and I think office has been is run blocking and road grading everyone at it no more no more ball advance like it's all encompassing but you look at these other national teams Oklahoma's to top six receivers as far as production to in the top six that's insane dot com use code menace I welcome back now Talking a little defensive silver bullets Buckeye defense you gotta start there's one place that started here and that's the Russian that's Larry Johnson's group with the Best Defensive End in college football let's defensive line I think probably the best defense absolutely the best the menace to I think probably the most surprising groups as far as performance not surprising but it's what needed to happen is at Washington what he's done with the linebackers I think baroness slowly taking over and I noticed this and I don't know why they're doing this but here's a wild stat for you chase youngest three times more productive in pass rush from the AH he's three times more productive but what blows my mind is he has twice as many pass rushes from the right side against left tackles why namely Zach Harrison will be the final critical piece to chase young being the most dominant defensive player in the country because that way if they want to focus all their efforts he is being extremely productive now here's a wild stat for you that no so everyone talks about that everyone talks about the sax and how dominant he is but like I said winter probably should in the heisman race well he should be but he won't be right but he is unbelievable he says he's the third third graded does he talks about this. I don't see a flaw a+ everywhere certainly not that's not true here's what here's what I don't see the linebackers that I'm curious as to why is is there there right tackle right so it goes both ways maybe he'll get more one on ones if he's going against just a one tackle may maybe initially it the whole game plan should be get chase young on their worst pass blocker yeah right get them on the right tackle and I guess there's two schools of thoughts here one is get them on their worst in he'll dominate the other school of thought is now let him go against their best tackle because then we have our second best defensive end Florida with Brandon spikes and some of the great linebackers we had there when you have a great group of linebackers especially the Baron Browning's Maliki Maliki really well against the run but they are both top fifty as far as pass rush productivity from the inside and that is instrumental in chase young success Persson's it's like those are freak shows and you saw at Barron he he's had a couple just dynamic pass rushes we need to get them involved more in the pass rush I don't see a pass rush presence and when we had Ryan Shazier when we had rake one McMillan when we had these great linebackers at Ohio state and even you go back ah one of the one of the starting linebackers and he certainly playing more than tough and he's he's performing extremely well like I said I don't want to sing their raises the whole show because that's what every other show left side of of their defense against the teams right tackle is left handed or something no just because he's a right tackle which is usually the lesser they'll attack us her and what what what needs to see what needs to improve is the presence of Jonathan Cooper and tyreek Smith on the opposite end and or the development of these young defensive end I mean right now baron is clearly the highest rated pass rushing linebacker for for the silver bullets but it's he's fifty eighth in the country as far as linebackers pass rush productivity he wanted to get a one on one or anything close to a one on one you're gonNA have to move them around he's got he's got to walk around you know where he's lined up with his hand the dirt and say all right well good luck left tackle is to pass rush much and when he does he's decent at it but that's something that I would like to see improved I think that's something that could improve an would benefit the defense greatly do you think that eighty and they don't have another linebacker on roster that is in the top two hundred nationally you'd expect more out of me Carson and it's not it's not just it's fault I watched the film he's not I see and then then the secondary I think the secondary has been the second greatest improvement both from Scheme Technique Coaching Jeff athletes done is yeah I mean a bar none him and Al Washington in Greg Medicine the whole defense of staff just gets extreme credit for what they've done to this entire defense but this secondary he has the third highest pass rush productivity of any defensive end in the country which is insane considering you know I didn't I can't remember who the number one and two are but but so he's obviously having a phenomenal year the other guys that are playing extremely well and enter just critical for the success as defense or bb landers Jay Sean Cornell because they're not only playing extra this is been impressive Jordan Fuller Inject Jeff Okuda Have Been Stellar Okuda has been a ball disrupting force I mean three interceptions three bpb us he leads the team in that possibly they haven't needed to don't WanNa show it yet I mean we're halfway through the season well I mean all you're you're you're showing your ass already I mean you can't tell me against if you don't have get a chase young you're going to have three defensive Lineman just tearing through offensive line's exactly and it's going to be and then they can't do that and then they're then they're then they're really screwed can't do anything he picks and I mean he I'd like to see more out of Okuda because he's the best corner in the country from what I've seen what's shocking is Damon are net has quietly been both categories I'd like to see more of him as for you when you talk about some of the corners nationally like the kid we talked about Lsu on the other show who has ten pb us and as far as pure coverage production what he hasn't done he also so he leads the team in that we also leads the team and missed tackles him and Pete Warner tied with with four each arguably the MVP of the secondary right now so they're playing really well I think Okuda Okuda could be one of those nationally relevant players though I mean he could be a guy that you're talking about for a Thorpe award he should be and he's not playing to that level right now so it depends on your standard if your standard is really good he is exceeding your standard so our nets quietly playing really well so I love the secondary and what they're doing sean weighed in the nickel and young I mean you talk about disruptive player Sean Wade is playing really well I was gonna say the same thing that he had been so he is only allowed ten catches this year on twenty four targets which leads the team Better Than Better Than Okuda they've done a great job of it is on third down there walk them around at times what you see him drop into pass coverage the welcome around because that's where you truly can't double all you have to right I mean to absolutely six games you don't have anything left us all this point you're now you're trying to get game represented at the very good point but so that's what I want a Standard Jeff Okuda is what I believe he's capable of which is a Thorpe Award winner I first corner off the board type of player and he's not playing that level but midseason he's got time he's they've been exceptional there hasn't been a dynamic returner that yeah good point which I think needs to happen whether it's a Chris Alavi whether it's WanNa know more I want to tell me tell me what what we're the chinks in the armor of chase young art because they're they're few few in very small yeah and a Garrett Wilson there needs to be a dynamic returner back there but the teams units have played well here's who has not played well Blake hobble gotta do it now but he's got he's got an opportunity to do it so that's the defense special teams is is is this is a double edged sword fifteen forty-six and that is just that's the best that's the bright spot one hundred twentieth graded kickoff kicker in the country and the to put it this way the special teams units have been exceptional kickoff coverage punt coverage punt protection pump blocked punt return kickoff in the long run at some point it's bad it is bad now the bright spot drew Christmas Christmas now I expected a better year out of him four return yards on the year but is hang times been just average I expected a bigger leg out of him three point seven three seconds Hank Time Oh bad for him I'm Gonna I'm Gonna I'm GonNa Stop I'm going to stop all the negative talk after this all right so he's the forty sixth grade place kicker in the country this is Ohio state by the way thus far I mean he's he's he's bottle flipping that bowl inside the five all day long for sure but the twenty second graded punt America eleventh net punt eleventh in yards return they only have ed last time on kickoffs three point five second hang on kickoff that's his average it's very noticeable to it is brutal to watch and I'm telling you it's GonNa hurt point four but he's having a good year he's definitely a weapon he's he's a sniper putting that ball inside the five but I think he could have a better better work you can take them anytime day or night even on a full stomach and since they're chewable they work up to twice as fast as a pill so you can be ready whenever an opportunity arises reminds me average and you have to be over four minimally 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FDA approved active ingredients as Viagra Cialis so you as far as changing field position with both hang time and with net punt guys remember the days you're always ready to go now you can increase your performance and get the extra confidence in bed isn't ship direct they're cheaper than a pharmacy right now we've got a special deal for our listeners visit blue dot com and get your first shipment free when using our special Promo code point there's no one on ones are done for old chase what else could he do they just not getting what they have done it shapes here's what they have done Out that I was dating her he immediately was like Oh my God can can she give me Viagra tell her to prescribe Viagra I was like oh my gosh man that's an odd thing for me to ask her to do in twelfth red zone defense in the country so that's that's not ideal I mean third down defense isn't horrible but the red zone defense is so I guess Penn State to forty five spot jump over Funny Story Back When I was coaching I'm not GonNa say where I'm not going to say who obviously but I dated a girl who was a team doctor she was one of the doctors and when another staff member found date should it should be a decent test for Penn state I mean we we all know the dysfunctions that Michigan has had on offense make no mistake about it though this is a talented team with a good defense explosive offense and that they can go against a really good defense and maybe Michigan's defense gets exposed for not that good or it's the other way around you might see some struggles on Penn state on offense and now the this just pay five dollars shipping again it's Blue B. L. U. E. Chew Dot Com Promo Code Menace to try it for free blue is the better chee yes solid defense really I mean not a great defense but a solid defense now when Penn state's on defense in Michigan on offense Yikes I mean you're talking about a sixty four else picks for the weekend starting with Friday night he's got pit during the Friday yeah pit at Syracuse he's taken pit minus three and a half I liked that pick yeah Saturday at noon he's or to seventy four spot differential penn state's defenses that much better than Michigan's offense averaging eight point two points a game yeah use see how it shakes out is a major impact in the big ten landscape of nothing else night game to game at Penn state that's a that's a tough one probably going to do a white out let me guess fourth best rushing average offense in the country so this should it should be an ass kicking when Penn State's on defense for sure and so it'll be interesting to see how the offense which is critical I is second down this penn state offense is going to be tested for sure to move the ball Michigan's defense has been playing very well recently zippy state he's taken or minus three at Washington and then he's got Baylor plus three and a half at Oklahoma state but I want to say you only lost a game to look that up beforehand yeah we probably should bring those stats to you but moral stories yet great week and last weekend so here are people and you're looking at a

Mid West football LSU Minnesota Society Midwest College Shane Larson Zac Alabama Ohio Viagra Jonathan Taylor America SMELLY FDA Superman ninety four percent seven percent three seconds three yards eight hundred twenty six yards
Ohio State vs Alabama Picks and Prediction: National Championship Game Matchups, Metrics, Prop Bets

Bet The Board

36:30 min | 5 months ago

Ohio State vs Alabama Picks and Prediction: National Championship Game Matchups, Metrics, Prop Bets

"Along that thou board with those bet. You twenty bucks. I can get. You can't with forty illnesses grand. How they pay debts men his manny. It's the board podcast. Originally the end right back where i can still pick winners. Still make money for all kinds of people back home and why mess up a good thing. Airs pain insider and todd. Welcome into the bet. Deport podcast powered by fan duel. Sportsbook to fan sportsbook dot com. Use the promo code beck. The board sign up for all new users thousand dollar risk free bonus plenty of twenty five to one specials and a variety of other ways to get engaged for the nfl playoffs but more importantly the college football national championship. That's on the docket for this evening. I'm your host. Todd firmin join as always by my steam colleague and co host. The one the only pain insider. I gave you your standalone breakdown. Wish how do you feel about that. I feel great for those listeners. Out there expecting like a ninety minute deep dive in all this pain put a moratorium in a quota he said we have nineteen minutes to get in and out of dodge. But that does not include the intro in our chiro so for those with their stop watches and hand. They can begin to clock now. So are you okay. Doing a standalone college football podcast new year. New me baby no ever. it'll be fun. We'll we'll get into the game. And of course the intriguing. Right ohio state alabama to the top four teams in the country. Going at it so for sure. And for all the installments. We've seen alabama clemson and ohio. State clemson the first time. We'll get alabama ohio state since the two thousand fourteen national semi finals. The card aled jones coming out party of sorts or unfortunately for him. I think his career. Pete as a football player at a higher level. We're looking at alabama and eight and a half point favorites. That i just saying i watched him in. What was it. The xfl as a member of the d. c. guardians. He just never could barely scratch. It's part of the reason he's not on a roster right. Now instead of taylor heineke. Stephen montez big arm. Big right this game. Alabama an eight and a half point favorite a fan sportsbook. Total on the game. Seventy five when you look at these two teams very different pass to get this season. We know alabama played at least the majority of being normal college football schedule. Ohio state of course at variety of games cancelled because of covid protocols. You look at the buckeyes. They knocked off clemson. Winning outright is more than a touchdown underdog in the semifinals alabama. Very workman-like and dispatching notre dame thirty one fourteen but failing to cover a closing number of seventeen and a half. You look at some of the best opponents. These teams have faced this year. Good luck with ohio state trying to figure that out clemson and northwestern sure maybe the indiana the nod With where they were at the time. Alabama meanwhile notre dame texas a. and m. and interesting part about those three opponents paine alabama thirty-three drives against that trio of teams scored nineteen times and average forty one points per game winning provides the perfect segue when we look at alabama's offense today. We know the data's where their bread is butter. Circasian of course taking another job to head to texas after. This game is over the hardware. Whether it's mac jones and the david o'brien award. Davonte smith the heisman. If you're ohio state and kerry hyder other than prayer. How are you scheming. Away to slow down alabama offensively tonight. That's exactly my response to get in and out under nineteen minutes. Just pray you. I don't know right like it's going to be interesting to see what ohio state does defensively right. Like the buckeyes aren't playing a slow unimagined of big offense here right where they're going to be able to just do the same things that they do and have their talents speed overwhelm in ultimately win. And if you look at ohio state really the last two seasons. They are pretty predictable with what they wanna do on the defensive side of the ball. It's a ton of single high safety pre-snap it's even more post snap. You would have to think you have to think that there's gonna be some kind of wrinkled defensively for ohio state. But this isn't your traditional standalone national championship game right where you have like. Two three. Four weeks to prepare so the question becomes. Are you going to be who you are. And maybe drop your corners coverage a little bit like they did against clemson. Or are you going to be able in short turnaround relatively speaking to the national championships. Come up with something. That's a little bit different that you might not do as well just to provide that wrinkle. I don't know the question. I i don't know the answer to that but something alabama hasn't seen all season has to come here because of ohio state things that they're going to be in their predictable man single high safety defense. They're going to give up fifty here right like okudah arnett in in jordan. Fuller gone sean. Wade's playing out of position. He's not comfortable playing outside. You don't have chase young creating pressure in helping the secondary this season and you know. Give ohio states defensive credit they did adjust to different times against clinton but alabama's got better receiver talent. Then clemson does alabama has its offensive coordinator with ohio state's ability to cover on the back end. I think by. I don't know what it becomes. Probably the lesser of two evils. Right like do you wanna play traditional style of coverage unload the box right. Make sure all the gaps are filled and maybe send pressure over center and overwhelm. Alabama's backup. Center chris owens with with land and dickerson out and maybe you can slow nausea harris that way. Or do you want to change things up right in in alter your pre snap. Look maybe play. More guys in coverage make bama dr methodically it. It's really difficult because when look bama's offense right now. The talent wooden seem like it's to the level. It was last year but the lines so good and obviously najah harris pretty good and you got a couple of tight ends and you have devante smith. It just feels like they might be more complete even though the talent might not be quite what we've seen but if alabama comes out with three wide sets and you think you're going to defend them with four defensive backs on the field it's going to be a long day and this is kind of what you know. We had this kind of talk offers. What are they going to do here. Because for this season so far out of one hundred and twenty seven teams. Ohio states played nickel defense at the one hundred ninth highest rate. They don't use five defensive backs on the field they like using an extra line. They play a four three. They liked to play downhill. They like clogged the gaps. That's basically what they decide to do. Are they going to throw another defensive back on the field. I don't think we're going to pay you. Don't think ohio state being a fringe. Top one hundred team in epa pass defense is going to be the recipe for success to try and eliminate the big place today against alabama. I don't know what they're ultimately going to choose to. Do you mentioned this before we recorded here. It's like they decided to play off. The clemson. Receivers not get beat deep. Keep everything in front. When you look at mac jones. You look how the offense operates like they're finding dunking. They are one of the best team staying ahead of the down and distance. That's why they've become so difficult to defend like. What are they going to do right. They are in third and short all the time. They're in second and manageable all the time they bypassed third down pretty regularly so it becomes like what do you wanna do defensively. Do you wanna just get beaten crush death by a thousand paper cuts or do you want to maybe get a couple of stops generate a turnover but give up the big player to. I don't know ultimately what they're going to elect to do here. You're going to have me figure out a way to get stops once. Alabama does get into the red zone right like that bama's not finishing drives it. It's it's it's tough a well-balanced offense. Yeah i mean that becomes the big question if you're a high of state. Are you comfortable. Basically giving alabama whatever they want between the twenty and then hoping that you're able to hold into three something that alabama hasn't exactly settled for field goals all that often and when you look at that game plan that you mentioned for ohio state against clemson. I mean to ohio state's credit. They held clemson had just eleven percent. Explosive plays on average. They were giving up nineteen percent during the course of the season. So i guess that's a win but the difference in that game was that ohio state was able to take travis an out of the game and at least make clemson a one dimensional offensive source. I don't think they're going to have that luxury in this particular spot given the things that you alluded to. Because you can't try and go lighter in the box and expect a slowdown nausea harass. You have to commit that extra player there and ultimately that leaves you hell of a lot more vulnerable in the back end to then giving up a home run ball over the top without question right like they don't have the fortunes of facing they clemson wide receiver group again that it works well against those guys and we were waiting for clemson receiver to emerge. All season. just never really happen. But this is a different ball game here against this receiving group of alabama and again like we saw the crimson tide. Play a different style of offense last week. There wasn't a lot of deep shots. I mean mac. Jones threw four passes over twenty yards against notre dame in notre dame played a little bit of a software coverage because we talked about them getting beat deep was kind of the achilles heel all season against far lesser competition. But mack jones got the ball out pretty quick against notre dame and just methodically moved down to down and i think people look at the scoreboard like You know that strategy worked. It took their foot off the gas in the second half. They could have scored seventy there if they wanted to. I think the other thing worth mentioning here. Todd is is you got some somewhat decent intel right like it would appear some guys for ohio state along. The defensive line might not be here. They won't be at full strength. I mean zach. Harrison miss last game. He's expected to be back yet. We'll wait even name that i can't pronounce. I'm gonna let you travel down that path pronouncing his name. I mean if you're going to expect me to togas name the right way in its entirety you're absolutely bonkers but all expectations are that him. Entire smith will not be available. The reason that's important because when you look at what ohio state was able to do this year. They didn't translate their pressure into sacks all but what they were able to do which forced turnovers by with their front four. And not having those guys. All in tow tyreek smits atk harrison jonathan cooper and toby. I think change a little bit of what they're able to do. In passing situations begs the question for alabama. I mean you go out there. You mentioned against notre dame. They had plenty of success doing what they wanted. The final score wasn't exactly indicative of how dominant they were. And we've been critical of sean wade. Who you mentioned at the top. I mean he gives up eight catches for one hundred thirty nine yards cornell and proctor williamson and ransom all liabilities. The back then the other thing about it for ohio state. They played a ton of cover one and cover three. This season will cover three against trevor lawrence. He had twenty three pass attempts against that defense. The tigers generated two hundred twelve yards and a seventy percent success rate so unlike most teams when you play the clemson's and you play the alabama's these teams can be methodical. They could dink dunk their way down the field. It's not like taking middle to your teams and we talk about all the time pain if you can't generate the exposed to play in college football most of these teams can't sustain long drugs. They have to hit a home run. And if your patient though force a turnover. They'll take a penalty. They'll take themselves off schedule. Alabama isn't most teams. No no and i think that's they can beat you in a variety of ways right you can be explosive with devante smith over the top. They can be methodical. throwing it. To nausea harris out of the backfield not becomes the other interesting element. Here is we saw alabama gold. Little bit quicker pass right they. The we'd mentioned it before last said. Hey you know they they use their rpo offense and you can get also nausea hairs out of the backfield has a pretty reliable pass catcher so if you see ohio state in their four three immunise is berlin. Going to be the guy. That's going to stick with. Jay harris catching the ball in the backfield. So i think there's going to be some other opportunities here if ohio state elects to negate the big play and keep everything in front. There's there's some good tight ends here. Najah harris's a real threat out of the backfield devante smith part of his maturation is is some of his route running. So we were able to see him against notre dame catch a lot of underneath stuff did have a couple of drops. But he's fine not beating you. Ep can catch them. Underneath routes as well so alabama's offense is just so versatile. I think that's probably the difference another year in this system. You have guys that can do you know slew of different things. It just feels like they're potentially an offense now that can beat you multiple ways right and and that is why they're so good even though the talent might not be there. I mean look at receiver. Group last year is like jerry. Jeudy henry ruggs. And then you also had watt l. healthy and devante smith this year basically just devante smith out there in terms of namesake at this point. Obviously some of those other bama receivers will continue to be very good moving forward as mature but like this. Just doesn't have the namesake as as previous alabama offense but they just feel like they can beat you different. Mount always here under sark this alabama offensive. I mean we can keep as many accolades on. We want to star powers their their ability to do a variety of things is gonna put ohio state in an uncomfortable position. And i think if you're the buckeyes you have to set realistic expectations. That if you can keep alabama to thirty five points or maybe even the low forties the pressure and the burden of proof of fall on an offense thankfully for the buckeyes though. Can i mean this is thirty five or you offer an over thirty five. I will i mean if you shop around for it you can find it adjusted price to go over thirty. Five thousand total team told her right now. Forty two and a half or forty one and a half. I saw your recently. So if you want to eight and a half. There's some thirty eight and a half juice you give me give me can give me here. I'm trying to think about this Thirty four and a half over Giving minus seventy negotiate yarkon for trump. So if you want minus seventy i mean it means the true price for you is closer to minus two fifty so means i need offer three thirty for myself to have a punchers chance and this. Let's make a deal type format you're trying to establish we do for catcher first thing monday morning. Here's your. I applaud that you wake up chipper. Hey you're not offering for me good prices. If you're not cheating you're not trying in this business. We know that works On the other side of the ball obviously ohio state has an offense in its own right. That has nfl caliber talent. And we've seen trae sermon have a hot hand over the last couple of games against sparty northwestern clemson. He carried the ball seventy times for six hundred thirty six yards more than nine yards per carry flirting with all time records. Ironically enough ezekiel elliott high rushing yards against the program history. Two hundred thirty yards. Zeke hammered out in the two thousand fourteen semifinal but when you look at ohio state this is a team. That's gained twenty yards more than ten percent of its offensive snaps. This season narrowly edging out florida for best in the nation chris. Lobbying garrett wilson eighty two catches thirteen hundred plus yards twelve point six yards per target pain and twelve touchdowns despite lobby missing the big ten championship. I think you. And i have been down on the alabama defense. I have normally high standards for alabama whether it's on their defensive line we're not believing in christian harris and dylan moses. Being cut from the same cloth as what we've seen previously from alabama's linebacking core and then of course in the secondary. I think this is where their strength. Is patrick. 'certain josh joe. But if you're ohio state do you try and slow the game down and be methodical or do you. Just say the hell. We're throwing caution to the wind. And we're gonna showcase our nfl caliber town as well. It'll depend if the games at a neutral state or not. That's for sure. I think. Chris alive garrett wilson if they can win enough on the outside against patrick's attain junior in in josh job then alabama might be forced to play their safeties back if alabama was forced to play their safeties. Back in this game. Gets real damn interesting. But if if 'certain in job able to handle lavin wilson for the most part on their own that's going allow ability to bring more guys into the box and suddenly that run advantage for ohio. State isn't as large with a mobile quarterback but historically you know ohio state is kind of the offense. That's given nick saban's defense a run for its money right like spread out. Use some timbo and be lucky enough to have a mobile quarterback and that combination of those three things have given better versions of alabama's defense fits i. It'll be fun to see what ryan day ultimately comes up here. It's going to be something that we potentially never seen. This just feels like a game. Where ryan day knows. It's it's coming out party college. Football guys obviously respect the hell out of them. I've been saying for the past few years. I actually like ryan days offense better than urban which you get flat forbes. Irvine's won multiple championships. Don't tell the jags that he's already putting staff together. We'll see if that goes through. It'll be interesting to see if hopefully ryan days on that staff. I think our has got enough power there to define the right guy but we'll see we'll see it'll be interesting. So there's also some rumors right that like ryan has been focusing on alabama all season spending all these extra hours anytime he has them scheming for alabama believing that this would be the matchup so i think grind is going to be okay to play multiple ways in this game if as needed and i think the initial mindset to your point at the top is probably try to play some ball control offense. Let's allow our offensive of line. That's you know third in the country in line yards and has been dominant to end the season. You know use traditional two tight end sets were alabama's defense hasn't actually been the best if you look at traditional two tight end sets against alabama crimson tide of going up a positive. Epa play so maybe ryan day says hey if this thing is in a neutral game script we can grind this thing out. And it's a good game plan. Offensively because alabama fifty i in the country in epa rush defense. Now if you can't get stops defensively of your own. Suddenly this is a real nice idea that goes out the window of slowing things down. You know that that's what will be interesting. Here's does alabama get to kick. I go down score touched on all of a sudden. You have a penalty induced. I drive near down fourteen. Nothing that game plans. Unle- goes out the window. Then you just live at the shit out of the game going over the total right right. I think that's probably you know the way to attack at that point. But you can't allow alabama to get out quick. You can't allow them to soil that game plan and you're going to need a change upward curve ball here and i think if you're going to play this down to down slow it down grinded out. Convert short passes move the chains type of game for ohio. State they're going to need to be more disciplined eighty fifth in the country and penalties. You can't play that style if you're picking up false starts in holding penalties in formation penalties. We know hawaiian day is gonna use a slew of pre snap motion here like ohio. State has to be crypt chris with that. You can't have a third and to all of a sudden you're running priest. That motion guys are moving at saint. I in in all of a sudden third seven. That's going to hinder the ability to play playboy but when ohio state is in twelve think using play actions important. Obviously we know that formation is very multiple. You can run it you can pass from it. You can use The legs of your quarterback there so using play action from twelve is going to be something pretty vital. I think for justin feels. He feels way more confident. Throwing from that formation. And i think alabama's linebackers zulu to have issues in coverage we know alabama hasn't been their usual self in terms of pass rushes. Well this season. Twelve formation allows you to kind of hold up even better in protection. Something that justin in fields might need. I don't know they're calling it a hip pointer. They're saying he's walking around on campus. Just fine no problem with the ribs. We'll see Is it the first hit that changes the dynamic of this game tonight. I don't know what. Ohio state does need to take some plan deep shots. If they're gonna catch bama in cover zero cover one from play action and that again is where fields has been great one forty nine passer rating when using play action field yards per pass. Attempt increased three and a half yards with play action. So when ryan day throws from that place like they're looking to kill you right there looking to take that deep shot so yes there is going to be potentially some ball control if this isn't a neutral game state but even within that you're going to see some deep play action shots ryan days going to keep you honest guys that ohio state fans no real well with the rest of the country. Probably doesn't like jeremy record seems to be the guy catching a lot of noise this week. Luke feral as well only twenty five combined catches and seven games from those two guys but we know the talents their their high end recruits therefore star guys. If house day goes two tight end sets. I think they're going to have some success. Picking on dylan moses in christian harris main. we've seen their prop numbers start real low. And and those two guys are pretty much gotten steamed in terms of yards and receptions but you know without question right like with with one hundred percent certainty. Todd like ryan days gone. Have something on offense that nobody's seen yet. That hasn't been on film this entire season. Maybe never under ryan day. He's always going to have this off. Seeds this off speed pitch that nobody knew we had. I think you know something that we do. Frequently a bunch right like they're not going to put something Their input something this game. That just hasn't been event. We saw last week loss again. All of a sudden they're running like bunch formations with their receivers to the short side of the field. Something they really hadn't done this season and they did it. A bunch because ryan day identified a weakness of clemson and how they were defending the short sides of fields. So i was going to be really interesting. We're gonna see something from ohio state. We haven't seen to your point though. I believe the initial game plan and maybe the game plan for as long as the scoreboard dictates. That ohio state is going to be in twelve formation. More than we typically say. Yeah and i was gonna say the defensive line for alabama. I'm not gonna say is a weakness but it's weaker by alabama normally high standards. I think there's some vulnerability there you mentioned all the success for justin fields out of play action. That actually should help quite a bit. When you consider that alabama gave up thirty percent of its total defensive yards against opponents running play action. And what's even more fascinating. We saw that indiana game. Pain kane kane womack now the head coach of south alabama who was the dc. At the time under tom on pretty much is brought the blitz and said hey look we're going to try and pressure fields make him uncomfortable and arguably his worst game until the northwestern game where through multiple interceptions and fields this year with no pressure eighty-one percent completion rate. Ten point seven yards per dropback two percent or interception rate any qbr of flirting with ninety. Five when he's under pressure completion rate drops below fifty percent. Two point five yards per dropback interception rate flirting with seven and iraq. Qbr that's not even worth sharing the problem is like you alluded to the alabama doesn't blitz a ton and do they feel comfortable getting out of what's been so successful for them in the past giving ohio state a couple of different defensive looks ryan day mixes it up and we see a variation of the sugar huddle or whatever else tempo that he employed when ohio state hit the big play. Keep the defense on its heels interest because your first point there and something that we've outlined know we mentioned alabama isn't great against the rush specially by their standards but not really by any standard for a team. That's in this type of game. They've gotten bullied around. Sometimes in the trenches in that is the one thing that ohio states offensive line has done a really good job of mentioned at the top. There that ohio state was third and offensive line yards. You'll get alabama defensively fifty six. This just isn't the defensive line that we've grown accustomed to. They've gotten pushed around at times in the sec. This year Their eightieth and stuff rate ninety. I and power success rate terms of getting pressure on passing downs. There sacrilege just fifty eight than the country. So if you're using twelve formation a formation that helps protect the quarterback when you pass and camouflages things. I don't know of justin fields is going to be under pressure much tonight. So it'll be interesting to see this game. There's going to be a lot of cat and mouse obviously as we break this game. Todd and you'll hear back in your head. There's a reason. Obviously this game is is seventy five. The total seventy five. So we'll see. Who makes the necessary adjustment here. I think there's a lot of question marks with potentially like alabama's offense is what it is like. I don't know what ohio state's defense can actually do right. This side of the ball with ohio. State's offense in alabama. Stevens might have a few more wrinkles in it. A few more unknowns in my mind shouldn't be one hell of a game tonight where arguably two of the best teams at all year long released the Couple teams that. We thought were going to be here before the season started. We'll have a chance to do battle on alabama putting this dominant offense on display for the country to see yet again We'll see exactly what they can do. Against the buckeyes defense. That has been overwhelmed at point. But a buckeyes offense who put it. Signature performance on tape in the win against clemson in the semifinal. Can they duplicate that. And i did want to ask you that particular question pain because when we look at the semi finals and don't want to spend a ton of time on this it's more speculative than anything else alabama workmanlike in their victory against notre dame that we talked about at the top of the show could have obviously scored a heck of a lot more than the thirty one they put on the board. Meanwhile ohio state you wonder about the energy exerted to try and get that clemson monkey off their back. We know about the height videos leading up to it. The twenty nine to three circulated around campus. Do you feel college. Kids can harness that emotion in ohio state is able to replicate that level of engagement in such quick turnaround. That is the big question. Obviously it's narrative based were not gonna know. Day is a fantastic coach. You'd hope he'd get. His team quickly turned around mentally. But i texted you. I mean it just felt like they got the monkey off their back right. They didn't believe they sent out all these. You know hype videos as you alluded to and then after the game. You're watching trae sermon like stuff. Confetti his shorts in the defensive coordinator is doing snow. Angels out there. I guys one more game yet. One more game so it was very weird to watch that and used for the normal setting and you have twenty thirty days. It just felt very weird like they had won the national championship against clemson. And so you just kind of wonder that quick turnaround listen. I think if you're just looking at a corner number here alabama depending on a lot of things that you would input there. You'll get like alabama mine is like six point eight seven point. Two is what we come up with when you have all these different like variants that will use but at two guys on the defensive line for ohio state. You have a quarterback that what happens if he gets hit the first time so i understand the eight and a half number eight number nine number the kind of in that dead zone will it get to ten. I would guess that there's probably value betters out there looking for ohio state at ten. So to your point. Though i think alabama took their their foot off the gas without question in that second half you know what is this line of alabama decides to play that thing straight the entire way. Whatever reason it just feels like nick. Sabin doesn't view. Notre dame is competition so he doesn't need to run up the score. It's not a rival. He has respect for brian. Kelly although you did see that exchange at the end of the game savings is kind of a w t f. I didn't run it up on you and there. You are calling time outs at the end trying to score. If you saw that exchange at a boosters happy pain he had to get inside the back door and try and make sure you could cover any number for any idiot that took sixteen and a half of the irish as well. I think it was. I understand it right. He's trying to get in book one last little who raw. But i time in place. I guess if we we've seen nick sabin guy and take it easy him on the championship game. A couple years back came out and went really run heavy in that second half so those are the questions you have like if alabama played that game straight and they win by forty which kennedy i think probably could have then you know what is this number. Look like but we did see ian. Give nick sabin some trouble with his legs. Something that they had prepared for so justin field healthy can move around tonight and his running. It certainly another. I think just an interesting game. I don't see a ton of in either the number of total like the. You couldn't pay me to go under in this game talk but made it like seventy three point eight. I think you're hoping if you go under that. There's a couple of drives that stall out inside the twenty and there is the odd field goal. Attempt here there. But it's not going to be. Because suddenly these defenses figure out a clampdown. And we're talking about alabama accumulating three hundred and twenty two yards of offense and ohio state failing to get over three hundred yards themselves. Still wouldn't shock me if we do see that national championship game. Feel it out big boxing. Match first round where. We're just kind of you know jabbing jabbing jabbing. And we'll see some professional vendors. Come in potentially under thirty eight and a half hundred thirty eight in that first half. That wouldn't surprise me at all. But if one of these teams is forced to play catchup roof. You have a big number in the first quarter as well. Sixteen and a half doesn't allow you a whole heck of a lot of wiggle room if there's one punt in their drive the takes three and a half to four yards but we know how dynamic these teams can be a especially when they operate in space and you have the perfect opportunity to go to fan duel dot com download. The app use the promo code. Bet the board. Take advantage thousand dollar risk-free pets twenty five to one moneyline type promos and everything else you'd want at your disposal to a game was so much on the line. Don't want to get involved tonight. No problem plenty of divisional playoff games for the national football league coming up a long before we crown the next super bowl champion in tampa in early february some restrictions do apply. Be sure to read the fine print pain. I know we talked about not finding a little bit of value. you think. Is there a proper any area that we want to go for a small action of sorts to identify tonight's game. I don't have anything on the game yet. I think it's again really really tight. I'm you know. Make alabama about seven point to hear. Make the total about seventy three point. Eight would not be stunned to see a little wave of of under money. Come in here todd. What's interesting those kind of talked about this. The props aren't widely available everywhere But i guess if i had to do something on this game and again having better personally myself may be looking at that alabama team. Total that we kind of played around with the middle of podcast in in hinted at being something possibly With alabama's offense feels like they can score points multiple ways right if housed is going to do what they traditionally due bam scoring year pretty much on every possession if allows date alexa go that way they elect the play their coverage back a little bit and make alabama go down to down. Sure some more time off the clock. But alabama's gonna be able to do that is well valve. Bama's out in front in lead. Still think they can score that way. If they're playing catch up for some reason they can score that way. So you know the alabama team. Total is of some interest. That would kind of be the way. I would lean at this point but again. Don't don't have a penny on this game yet. It's always tough. I mean we trying not offer up some of our best suggestions. All games aren't created equally some create a lot better betting opportunities than others. So when you look at the game tonight we wanted to give you guys as much as we possibly could see you went. You went into battle properly armed with a lot of the information. Some of the analytics are numbers there. But of course don't go crazy is just one game. Enjoy the culmination of college football season. We weren't quite sure we were going to get a few months ago and there'll be plenty of opportunities going forward and the national football league is well anything else pain to put a bow on it. Do you want to give us a florida. State recruiting update or anything along those lines and telling us when you're seminoles will be playing in a national championship again. It'll be a while it'll be although some decent work done by mike allen the portal. It's all about the portal. That's through the most damage gets done. We shall see we shall see. I think breen mckenzie milton will be interesting. Added some guys on the defense side of the ball. This is a big year for norville for me personally still view this past year as a year zero and this will be a year one but i think if you can have a normal offseason with camp being able to do that going to go a long ways despite the talent not even being close there but the goal for next year's to have enough talent to make you look competent in that you're headed in the right direction so that you can absolutely crush the twenty twenty two recruiting class which has a ton of guys i mean. They currently have one of the best players in the country committed. Who's actively recruiting for them. They have a couple legacy kids that And marvin jones junior. So if they're able to at least show growth this year. Which i think is why they're going the portal route then. Hopefully things are changing in twenty twenty two. That'll be the goal. I think it's always important in college. Football have realistic expectations. They're only three true power programs right now despite what anybody that's how you it's alabama clemson and ohio state. A cut above everyone else one of their thing on the game. I know we didn't touch on pain. I wanna throw out there for listeners. Jalen wattle of course big story gametime decision not optimistic. The he's gonna be out there and able to contribute much. Is i think it's a welcome. Bonus for alabama. Quite personally doesn't change the handicap a ton other than maybe neutralizing some of devante smith's numbers which are already sky high in terms of receptions and yards. You can follow pain on twitter at paine insider. I'm todd firm and you can follow me there. Most importantly follow the podcast. At bet the board pot will be back with you on thursday for the nfl divisional round with all four games on the docket best of luck with all of your investments tonight in the college football national championship. And hopefully we'll see you at the window. Thanks for listening to bet the board. You can catch todd and pain every monday. Wednesday and thursday during football season. Breaking down the biggest. Nfl band college football games and to make sure you don't miss any free. Best bets. Subscribe tibet the board on. Itunes google play spotify or wherever. You listen to podcasts at though.

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Episode #127  B1G Breakdown

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Episode #127 B1G Breakdown

"It is Monday October twenty six for patriots subscribers. It is Tuesday October twenty seventh for the rest of us. Thank you for tuning. In Minnesota Sports. I am Zach Smith your host. We had big ten football. Finally, a Buckeyes got a huge win Penn State got upset Graciano one. Oh, at Rutgers Michigan State is a train wreck. Graham Mertz Wisconsin was at an absolute stud and we're going to dive into it all on his show. This is a big ten recap show where we're GONNA talk about the national landscape a little bit. But before we do, we just want to thank everyone that came out and made possible our event. On Saturday the ace on lane if you haven't heard about it or want to look into it was awesome. I was worried about the Cova stuff and distancing and masks, but it was big time man we a great food. We had waned shade on the canal revelry tavern hooked us up with some food. We had all kinds of great food. We had wings pulled pork barbecue, MAC and cheese chips, all kinds of great food and then we had the peanut butter whiskey from screwball was bomb. It was so good people were crushing it and course Buckeye Vodka one of the crispus. vodkas in the lands. Supported our event. So people were drinking that there's beer truly sponsored it. It was awesome. Good turn out, we did a live show pre-game. I'M GONNA put that on our feet. You can listen to it but Johnny Lunceford for scarlet and great join me along with Stephanie Odi for the pre-game live show and then we watch the game watch the Buckeyes get a big victory. So if you're interested, we're having them for all the home games next one up is rutgers Graciano. Tour to Columbus to come back and try to upset the Buckeyes night game we're going to we got heaters at the outdoor spaces and it's all covered. It's all awesome own our VIP VIP balcony area. That was sweet. I. Mean. We had a bourbon bar up there. Olivia cigars and a couple of others couple of patrols were up there. If you're cigar person, there was good up there separate private bar so you didn't have to really wait for drinks. It was awesome. But anyways check it out. It's on our website menaces sports, DOT com go to the store. You'll see all the tailgate not tailgate damage. The Game Day Watch party experienced tickets on sale on our website. So make sure you check that out but we also needed need to update you on our gambling picks menace to picks you gotTA check it out. If you haven't followed them, we're up something crazy like one hundred and forty units and how that works is like. We'll put out a recommendation. Let's say it is Garrett Wilson here is one that was an absolute steel was Garrett Wilson over under four catches. I. Think it was four. So that was that was a steel. We put twenty units on it, and that means if you have one hundred units in your bankroll could be one hundred bucks a thousand bucks you take twenty of those hundred units. That's a percentage twenty percent of your bankroll, put it on Garrett Wilson to have over four catches. He did we cashed it immediately it was the first half we cashed it we did the same thing for. Who who was it? Oh, Tyler Boyd from Cincinnati on Sunday's game same thing over under. Five and a half catches he had seven by halftime. So anyways, administer pick if you WANNA check it out on twitter the best place to find it, and then also patriots dot com forward slash minister picks we are crushing it right now. I mean our bankroll is up one thousand, nine, hundred dollars just from the weekend. That's what hundred nine units from the weekend one, hundred and forty five since or something like that. Don't quote me on the stats you can look it up on our twitter. Record and our percentages. So if you're a Gambler I'm telling you twenty five bucks a month it's less than a dollar a day and you get phenomenal picks where I mean we're on a heater. This is our second heater in two weeks so check it out. But while we're talking gabbling, let's hear from our sponsor mybookie. Ever since I started out people been asking me for advice on all kinds of things. But in covering sports, it's usually about who's GonNa win and what team they should bet on. You got the Patriots or forty niners. This week bucks a raiders while the best piece of advice I can give to anyone is where you're betting where it's just as important as who you're betting on. It's always tell people to visit my bookie they've got deposit matches, free bets, and huge cash. 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State's Bill Snyder. If you did on the same thing for his career grant, his career was like eight hundred million years long but you would profit at a whopping three thousand seven hundred dollars. If you just bet every game against the spread so wild really wild, but it's really funny. Check it out college football winning it goes through the top ten coaches Paul Johnson's on their Bronco Minute all Steve spurrier Nick Sabin Mike Gundy is actually their number one spot but thought I I enjoyed it. It was really a good read. I thought I, shouted out so that you guys could read it if you're interested but anyways enough about all that man, we got big ten football to break down. We got the Buckeyes to dive into. So I know about that. Let's get to the show. Just didn't field. Horror at Lord's is still. Together. Food. At the freshman makes. Leave of Kim by the to. Austin. Service. Get, the Fuck Outta here. Okay. Let's go big ten football, not player of the week this week but we are going to do a shout our player of the week was freshman quarterback. Wisconsin's Graham Mertz. They rolled Illinois have he had a day like Justin fields head just a little bit more explosive in touchdown categories twenty of twenty one, two, hundred, forty-seven, yards five touchdowns one, hundred percent adjusted completion percentage in four for four on deep balls. So he just went off and then this bullshit with the covid. Oh, my gosh. So He dan Graham Mertz on Sunday test positive. For Cove it, let's think about this. Now, the big ten has this up so bad, there's no bye weeks at. There's no wiggle room like Games are GONNA get canceled. They can't get postponed. There's nowhere to postpone them to unless you'RE GONNA play two games in a week. So they are they screwed that up and then they put in this rule three weeks. If you test positive you have to be you can't play for three weeks and unfortunately for the Michigan wolverines that means grandma will not be able to play against Michigan in three weeks. Think about that, there's Wisconsin's GonNa be out there starting quarterback when they play Michigan three weeks on some bullshit I don't know if anyone's studies analytics and the data but no one is contagious twenty days later no one let alone a college age kid you're not contagious after like four days if we're being realistic just ridiculous. So hope his recovery goes well, you know hope hopefully he gets healthy but just an absolute another abomination by Kevin Warren in the big ten with these bullshit rules and Doug butchers if he really recommended that that's a joke. But acquitted quick National Landscape Update North Carolina Roll Number Twenty three NC state gotTa Ranked Win Forty Eight Twenty one was a big win UNC's hopefully picking up some momentum my dark horse in the playoff race Oklahoma state beat number Seventeen Iowa state twenty, four, twenty one, and really tell you what a heartbreaking heart breaking news Jalen. Waddell. If you didn't see it wh-, probably one of the best, not probably he's one of the top three or four receivers in the United States of America broke his ankle on Saturday. So Alabama loses a huge playmaker on that offense be interesting to see how that affects their overall production because he is a critical critical piece and Alabama loses. A big time player that's that's you never wanna say it's good. But everyone in the country will benefit from that because he he was a force to be reckoned with. The other the first game we're going to talk a little bit about even though it wasn't a good game, it was an absolute ask kicking is Notre Dame just throttled patent doozy and Pitt and it was it was an ass kicking up and down the field on in every category every statistic pit look terrible. They couldn't throw the ball they threw three interceptions completed thirty seven percents passes they had twelve tackles Notre Dame only at six they one hundred and sixty, two total yards. They were three for thirteen on third down Notre. Dame, had the ball for forty one minutes there sixty minutes in a game. So they had the ball more than double the time Pitt had the ball. I will tell you this. WE'RE GONNA get to in a second but. Notre Dame's defense is proving to be a solid defense I'm not gonNA say they're great but they're solid because Ian Book wasn't much better than he has been all year. He only completed fifty three percent of his passes five of eleven over ten yards. So forty five percent on actual quarterback throws. But. What he did do that he hasn't been doing he hit two out of three deep balls for two touchdowns. So I'm I'm still not a believer. Believe me I'm not a believer but you go. You get a guy that show some flashes. That, he might improve. That's good. That's good for college football and as I've said before I want Notre Dame to be good I mean eleven of eighteen on third down is outstanding it really is they didn't run the ball well, two point three yards per carry one, hundred, fifteen yards on fifty s so. It was not a not a absolute ofensive firepower game Notre Dame, but they played well, they played really well overall and the offense just just as sputtering a little bit. But their defense is the reason they're winning games and how they beat Pitt. So handily because they have the third highest graded defense in America. You can take opponents into account and all of that but Notre Dame I thought that's I needed to see a big win. Now it's not against a great opponent, but at least it was a game like Notre Dame should have some twenty, four, twenty, one win over pit that forty, five or three that's convincing and it was an ass kicking. Couple other other news Cincinnati made a statement I'm telling you watch out Cincinnati might might make a case here soon, the UCF of two, thousand, twenty, they played number sixteen smu and beat that ass forty, two, thirteen, Luke fickle is crushing down in Cincinnati. So we're going to have to take a look and dive in one of their games coming up because Cincinnati looks like they're for real. In other news. How `bout this one. Greg Xiang. No is one in Oh as the head coach at Rutgers Right now unbelievable. He Beats Sparty. Michigan. State Thirty, eight, twenty seven and I really tove into this I go on every week I. Go on. Mad Dog. Mad Dog radio it's up in East Lansing sports show and mad dog and I always talk about the landscape of the big ten in national. College football. But of course, there's a lot of spartan listeners and so I dove in his game one because I know Greg I know and I and I knew that I would have to talk about it on mad dog show. And it's just unbelievable. This quarterback at Michigan State is I mean it's it's a trainwreck he's off I mean he he was over six on deep balls with two interceptions and Buckeye fans. One of those was to former Ohio State Safety Brennan White. If you don't remember him, he was like the Defensive Mvp of the Rose Bowl and then we ran them out of town for some reason halfway did but Yeah. So he had he had pick this kid rocky Lombardi through over six on deep balls with two interceptions. Five of those misses were to their receiver Jalen Naylor who's a full fast kid I mean. He's a deep threat, but he missed him five times. He completed fifty two percent over ten yards seven for seventeen on third down, which is under under fifty percent, which is never good and then the real reason seven turnovers you hear me Michigan State had seven turnovers. You can't give another team, the ball seven times an expected win a game they average one point three yards per rush. Bo Melton. The one receiver had two drops. It was still the leading receiver. It was just a nightmare for the Michigan State office business as defense played well I mean it was just an absolute train wreck offense and so. I don't know Mark Dantonio was really the problem. Maybe it's just the offense geno maybe it's hard to play offense football up in East Lansing I. Don't know it was it was disgusting and so Gregg Giannotti gets I win one know is a head coach at rutgers and he was on his revenge tour. If you want I mentioned before the ace online, we're going to be down there right on campus right by the horseshoe for Graciana coming back to Columbus to prove buckeye nation. He was not the problem he's GonNa make a statement on the Buckeyes. I'll tell you what you. Then you start getting into some of these these games, this weekend, Michigan Minnesota, we're GonNa talk about that one I what a game by the wolverines. So the game starts off. Minnesota's on fire. So the Michigan gets a ball they force a punt, they blocked a punt the same same type Scheme Ohio state us with Chris Alavi to block blocker pundits Michigan. They did a little twist up the middle a blocked, appoint an quick score and go up seven point seven nothing then it's tied up seven, seven and the. Minnesota has play action pass. The running back doesn't see the Blitzer Blitzer blindsides tanner Morgan for a fumble or it was kind of a fumble kind of a half throw. When he got hit and writing the three hundred pound D- Limon's lap, and he took it back for a touchdown, which is every fat guys dream right be a national TV and and you score a touchdown. So. Here's the issue that I saw and I wanted to bring it up play action pass. What is that? That is where you show to show a run play right to get people to bite up, and then you pull it out and you throw a ball. That's very simple terms of what play passes. So that running back that is doing a run fake is responsible for second level blitzer. Depending on the scheme, it could be like the right side second level. It could be coast to coast depending on how they skin their protection what protection they called he is responsible for the second level players. So, if you see a blitz or if on the snap, a blitzer triggers, you have to do what's called FTF that was our rule always FTF fucked the fake there's no more fake it's a blitz. You don't need to fake anyone there already shortened coverage fucked a fake go block the blitzer. Well, this image did not see it was I mean it was he was blind to it and he just run faked hard action. and. My Gosh Tanner Morgan came off and just got lit up. So you look at the game, right? It's because Michigan won the game forty, nine, twenty, four, they gave the handed Minnesota handed Michigan Twenty one points they had the blindside sack fumble for a TD. They gave up a kickoff return to the nine yard line that was seven more points and they try to fake punt that failed and essentially gave them their third touchdown. It was it was just an ass kicking a of. All across the board and I would tell you this Michigan ran the ball extremely well, eight point two yards per carry. They threw the ball decent sixty percent for two and twenty five yards they what they didn't do is they didn't turn the ball over and they had eight missed tackles that tells me that Jim Harbaugh did something right with covert and to get his team ready to play. That's what I've said from the beginning I would be most interested to see is sloppy ball security turning the ball over because that's a non talent issue that's just learning how to hold the ball and making it routine and habit. It's habitual and they only had single digit missed tackles. That's huge. That could. Speak to ways one to how efficiently Michigan tackles or to to the lack of dynamic playmakers at Minnesota. Either way win for Jim Horrible and Joe Milton they'd say said Cam Newton two point Oh. This kid is Cam Newton two point. Oh, he looked really good. That's all say he did look really good fifteen or twenty to sixty percent two, hundred, twenty, six yards touchdown. He was only one for four on deep balls but five five or ten and over ten yards, it's not terrible it's not great but it's not terrible and the line pass they only allowed four total qb pressures four in the whole game. Now, he struggled on those four pressure plays he was zero percent completion, but this team. I don't even want they looked pretty good. The run game was absolutely dynamic Hassan, Haskins thirt- fourteen yards per carry Zach Chardonnay almost eighteen yards per carry joe, Milton the quarterbacks almost seven yards per carry the those three combined had eighteen carries two hundred and four yards. Eleven point three yards per carry every time they touch the ball those three in the run game they averaged eleven yards that's first and ten. I down get first down you don't even get the second out ever and they had four touchdowns. So the run game was absolutely dynamic Joe Milton was really good and the defense was phenomenal. I mean they're number one in the big ten right now in sex they have recorded five sacks against MINNESOTA? They stopped the run really well, three point one yards per carry the kid quick. Pay was a Mosser. He had six total qb pressures to sacks and three hurries. They had one interception, one fumble for a touchdown. It was the absolute best case scenario for Jim. Harbaugh in Michigan fans and I'm not trying to put the cart before the horse but it's the Best I've seen Michigan look early in the season. Since I can remember since I mean Brady hoke had some solid teams he would get it. He wasn't the final product that Michigan fans wanted as far as boo wins in bowl games and but. He always had a tough team. They looked well coached that team Don Brown, defense playing I. Know It's one game. So we'll see if they can continue fortunately, they don't have to play Graham Mertz. So we'll get Wisconsin's backup quarterback in three weeks, but it's all you got to give credit where credit's due right Michigan looks solid better than solid. They looked really really good. So I thought it was a huge win for them. It was a ranked win finally for Jim Harbaugh so. That's good news and I think it's got a chance that the buckeyes are going to have their hands full at the end of the year. That's all I'm going to say this team is is solid, but we're going to get to them in a minute. They got some they got some things that we still need to learn. You know how I am about what did we learn? So. That was one huge game in the big ten in Indiana Penn state while. You didn't watch that game. Go find it on. Youtube TV your dvr or something holy, cow. That game was unbelievable. It started off I. Mean you talk about a bad first half Penn state quarterback Sean Clifford had about of as bad first half as I've, I've ever remember. The worst throw of the twenty twenty college football season. He had little slip screen right where he drops back the running back acts like he's passed pro and then slips past the rushers lineman go out and block form right? It's called a slip screen he threw it ten yards over the the running backs head right to the corner for an interception and the second worst throw of this college football season was similar. It was on a crossing route he threw it at least five yards over that kid's head for another interception, and then he pulled the ball in his own read and handed it to the Indian a D. Lineman. First Half had three turnovers that were just him I mean it wasn't like I got hit. It wasn't the receiver was covered. He threw the ball and handed the ball to Indiana three times. so they're down seventeen seven at half and it was like Oh what's happening? What's happened in a penn state so then they battled back and tie it up with one forty, four left in the game. The only thing you have to do is not allow them to get the ball back. Right? You just run the ball pound the ball don't give him the ball back your. Game over right you're up by what they were up by one at that point and you just don't give them all back. So Indiana lets them score. If you haven't seen the play, it's wild and I've I've actually we've taught it I've never seen it done in a game that I was a part of but what you do is you situation you call your defense and you have a tag on it you say alerts alerts score or let them score right so then your defense and you watch it Indiana's left side of the defense. Like the ball snapped and they kind of start walking off out of the way like moving out of the way walking towards the sideline and you could tell that Isaiah Ford from Penn. state had no idea what was going on he? He hit hit the crease got the whole and realize geysers walking like they're not even trying to tackle me and he realized something ain't right here at about the one and a half yard line and looked to the sideline like towards his coaches like should I be doing us like nobody told me anything and. He crossed the goal line and scored. So now Penn State Scores Twenty eight twenty and any is going to get the ball back. and. He wanted to give you some perspective here. You have to teach these kids those random things in training camp we used to have checklists of all the random s situations that come up and you have to give them something a tool to remind them like we had a bunch of them. We that one right there we call alert down it meant you do not go out of bounds and you do not score a touchdown. That's that's the rule right alert down. So we'd call a play and at the end of it say alert down the other. Thing, we also had alert clock that's where you're going to run a play, but you remind your kids, there's only fourteen seconds left. So alert clock is tagged you catch the ball, get down immediately and then get the ball to the referee. You're trying to spike the ball alert clock and there's a number of them I'll go through them in some episode, but you have to teach your kids that in training camp at Penn State had time they had extra practices I mentioned it. Before I talked to the state coaches, they had forty practices before their first game. That's Probably. What twelve more than normal training camps at twelve extra practice you had to cover all these situations and obviously they score touchdown to go up eight. We wouldn't be talking about that in such depth except to big pass plays later Indians Qb sneaks at Emma twenty two seconds to go twenty eight, twenty, six Penn state still up then run a QB draw to tie it up at twenty eight and we're going to overtime. But the most bizarre coaching decision I have ever seen. Right. They twenty two seconds left or something like that. They score a touchdown gopher to they. Get it. Tom Allan decides that he's GonNa kick an onside kick with twenty two seconds left think about how dumb that is. All right the only way you lose. Here's your options. You kick it deep. Right, they return it and you hopefully tackle them. You Squibb it deep to try to prevent them from setting up a good return. That's what most coaches would do i. didn't even think this was an option but an onside kick. Why What the fuck are you doing Tom Allen Penn state ends up getting shot to win it with three seconds left because they got that onside kick they moved the ball a little bit and they go to kick a fifty seven yard field goal with three seconds left to win the game and I mean, the kid almost made it. He if it was fifty four, it's just clears uprights. So is this a little bit short and I don't understand why he would give them the option. Or the I, mean I it blows my mind. What you do is you SQUIB kick it deep. They don't return because it's a SQUIB kick. Hopefully, the upback catches it not the returner you get them tackled and then they ended up taking they end up taking a knee. They're not gonNA try to win the game from their own side of the field they take a knee you go to overtime just wild. So go to overtime both teams scored overtime. Right? Michigan Penn, state scores I kicks extra point Indiana Indiana scores, and they make the decision to go for two one play game on the line and it was unbelievable. So they called a pass play the quarterback scrambles. If you haven't seen it, you have to see it reminded me of space jam with Michael Jordan when he's at half court and has to dunk in the and his arm just starts growing and and lengthening. That's what it was like this kid dove and I felt like his arm like grew six inches for the tip of the Baltic to cross the goal line. A lot of people ask me did I think it was a touchdown. Yes I do here's why. The touchdown is scored the very second. The first molecule of that football crosses the very beginning of the white of the goal, line? So you don't need to get it in the end zone and cross the white line. Ferry tip of the football breaches the very front edge of that white painted line, and it has to be inside the pylon when I saw before it touches out of balance that point was had had already breached the white inside the pylon game over. Game over the sideline and they reviewed it and when they when they said, it was a touchdown they called it which are just two points. Good. The sidelines exploded I mean Indiana was obviously thrilled with the upset but here's what's crazy. I watched the game and I felt like I watched a scary movie or something. Then I went back and look at look at the analytics and Penn state dominated outside outside of. Sean Clifford's first half mishaps. They dominated this entire game. I. Mean on every face. So I bring this up for Buckeye fans don't think you're getting some Penn state team that that just got whooped up on by Indiana no no. No. Their quarterback made some dumb ass decisions and I'm tell you why they lost at a second. But listen this Penn State dominated Indiana twenty seven first downs to sixteen, two, hundred and fifty yards rushing to forty one four point eight yards per carry to one point six, two, hundred, thirty, eight yards passing to one hundred seventy yards passing three passing td's to one fifty, three percent on third down thirty, three percent on third down. It's like every analytic, every category they dominated Penn state. Penn, state dominated Indiana Indiana won the game and they lost the game for two reasons right? Those mistakes that Sean Clifford made, but there has got to turnovers. So the turnover ratio was three to two. So that's one reason they had one more turnover than Indiana had, and the other reason that people are not talking about I. Promise you is. There red zone offense was awful and they missed three field goals, three field goals in the game. So the one was fifty, seven yards. It wasn't even their normal kicker. It was their strong leg kicker who's just apparently has the leg to try to get it there from sixty. So they missed too legit field goals one from twenty, four yards or something. They had six trips into the red zone Penn state did they only scored three touchdowns and zero field goals? My big thing is. touchdowns in the Red Zone I could care less teams all their one hundred percent score in the red zone like shit. You're supposed to score in the red zone. If you can't kick a field goal, once you're already inside the twenty five year terrible. But that's what they did. So they were fifty percent touchdowns in the red zone, which is not good and zero field goals. They left the red zone three times without points. In on the other side Indiana had five red zone trips, they got four touchdowns and if you so Indiana got points every time they were in the red zone and they got one extra touchdown over Penn state in the red zone. They got points every time and that's it. That's what happened. Honestly one of the most unlikely and shocking games I've seen since I got into college football eighteen years ago it came down to red zone offense and red zone defense. And it's just I just reflect because on my in my career Urban Meyer was a fanatic about red zone. Every Wednesday was a red zone day every Wednesday the whole year every Wednesday we were down in the red zone so the offense could be. Better and a defense get better at red zone defense and offense because that is it like that is the last stand right? You can be great at running the football and throwing the football. But when you get down there the whole game changes, right? There's no, there's a backstop now coverages are different. DB's don't have to worry about you run by forty yards so they sit on everything. It's the wildest thing in sport because everything fundamentally changes. Coverages are radically different in offenses do a lot of trick plays and an a lot of schemed up route combinations. It is entirely a separate game, two minute offense and red zone offense are the two situations that are just it's like a different game. It's not even the same game as first and ten from your own twenty five. The offense is different everything schemed up the defense is different. It's just it's wild it's money down right? It's time to score and that's what happened. Sean. Clifford played horrendous in the first half they bounce back and just couldn't score the red zone and their their kicker jake vinegar missed two very makeable fills Indiana's kicker Charles Campbell made his field goals. That's what happened. That's why Indiana beat. Penn state it came down to red zone offense and defense wild. My here's the deal that is that is the end of the normal show, and because it's the first week of big ten football and Buckeye football, we're gonNA actually put the whole show out to the public just so you get the Buckeye breakdown but just F- Why in the future this is the cutoff of the public. Show so to ninety cents a month sign up on Patriae on our don't and you have to show, and we're not always going to put the Buckeye show behind the pay wall so to say, so don't don't freak about that but just sign up three bucks a month you get all the full episodes we're going to give this one to you. Now just because I'm a nice guy. But here, here's let's talk about the Buckeyes. So. Those were the the other games in the big ten but I wanNA talk about the Buckeyes because they're the number two team in the country. Now I saw the jumped finally played a game. So I wanNA give you the kind of my reaction to the game and just kind of as I'm going through it kind of notes that I took I drive was was a little little scary right Nebraska jumped. Out Seven nothing, the defense look rusty like the jitters they look very leaky tough Borland is still a below average athlete in Linebacker I. don't care if if his coach made him a champion or not and I don't give a shit Marcus Hooker actually didn't impress me at all which I was hoping he would and he looked wildly stiffened on athletic on Luke McCaffrey's long run to set up their first touchdown. Master t got the start which I had heard from Tony Alfred that he was going to be the guy that got the start. They actually played similar amounts of snaps. Master is straight ahead back. He is exactly what I said. He was I watched it all game. He has a vision if he gets a crease that big son of a bitch can roll and he goes he is a straight line back. He is probably the best short yardage and goal line back in the United States of America he powerful powerful. and. The first two passes you saw what the offense is going to be all year Garrett Wilson Chris Alavi by the way I mentioned before that Gary Wilson prop was stealing money and if I had any if I if I was a true, Gambler, I would've put a thousand ten thousand dollars on it that he was going to have over four catches like. He he will have over four catches in every game if I can make that bed good Lord. So they put it in the slot which which I think was A. I think it was probably the necessary move I. Don't know that it's best for Garrett or but the good news is Ryan Day has of he's so brilliant. Offensively, he knows how to get those guys where he wants on certain schemed up place and then my Guy Jamison Williams was at the X. so lava Garrett James Oh and it was R- I thought the offense was outstanding. Justed fields played almost as well as you can play He took one sack that he should have thrown the ball away I I mean. That's one of the biggest as he had to improve, we'll talk about him indepth more in a minute but. The pass was outstanding in the first half the offense align picked up twists and blitzes. The first half he was kept clean. The second half they struggled and Nebraska had some unbelievable twist blitzes where they plug a linebacker and twist alignment and it was hard Harry Miller and Josh Meyers didn't pick it up well. There was a second and third quarter that was a bad ass blitz and I I should draw it up and tweeted out it was it was a blitz twist and it's one of the hardest things for alignment to pick up and they attacked Harry Miller and Josh, Meyers, which the weakness and pass Bro that we now know about and it was just beautifully schemed up. It's it's really hard to pick up those blitzes and twist. especially with a in this not as experienced. And here's back mastic. Here's what you are going to get from him. He displayed on his one yard touchdown run. You'RE GONNA get power a big beck running through contact. I don't think he's an elite back, but I do think he's the best short yardage back in America? On the defense side of the ball Tommy Tokai is a big dude on the Interior D. Line and him and Haskell Garrett played about as well as anyone's played on the Interior D. Line at Ohio state in a while Haskell was a stud an absolute stud. So first of all, before, let's instead of talking about football I know very well, I recruited them. He was one of my favorite guys that I've recruited I love recruiting other positions and somehow was always declined but great kids. So really happy for him that that he's back he's healthy. They were able to I mean nothing bad happened he got shot in the face like a month ago two months ago just crazy but. Solid Salad Interior D. Line play the risk the receiver group I'M GONNA. Tell you right now. They they blocked it was atrocious. The blocking on the perimeter was atrocious atrocious. It was one of the major issues I saw in the game you can't be pretty little pass catchers you have to block to be a dominant group and it was all day you saw it on the. Screen. Jackson Smith in Jigsaw, they just ran through. Jamison Williams and tackled. Him For one year loss. That's that's what you can't take for granted. They need to block a lot better and then we don't have an answer punt returner Garrett Wilson was back there twice, and then Damore call was back there a second time and I'm what I'm confused about is why and I love tomorrow I think he could be a good punt returner but why do we have a guy back returning punts that didn't play a single snap on offense tomorrow didn't play snap and I'm not here to say he should or shouldn't. But I know this if you don't get on the field on offense. You shouldn't be the punt returner. Right seems like common knowledge. So I'm going to withhold anything else about it. Because for all I know he could have could have been a punishment or something he didn't get to play on offense but. They had. They had a seventy eight yard drive escort to score two tied at Fourteen Nebraska did and they were running straight at the silver bullet defense. They had three. We Ohio State had go for fourth down three times was negated by legal procedure, but they they had to rely on fourth down call. Three times in the first half. And then I also, as I mentioned Harry Miller struggled in his first start in pass. Bro and then on third and one where trae sermon gets hit in the backfield and Harry. Didn't even see the blitzer as he pulled around on the power play and if you want if you go back and watch that clip is actually two options scenario out it's not really on Harry Miller. But they were in power right which is where you kind of blocked back as a gap scheme you block back pull the. Guard around kick out with a tight end, and there's a couple of things that need to happen. Right. If a guy blitz off the edge, there's two options. The what really needs to happen is Luke feral needs to kick out the blitzer and the line rakes. The Defensive Front that means is you think about it if you lineup Padilla defensive end and you bring blitzer off that side, what's the defensive end? GonNa do he's not gonna go outside also that's two people in the same gap so he'll go. Inside that's called the D. Line moving with the blitz, right so the line that right tackle, let's say that defensive and wants to go inside of the right tackle. The right tackle has to see the blitz as it starts to trigger and rake that defensive end over inside of him to to block him, and then the tight end can kick out the rifle blitzer. I'm sorry and you got a nice play guard pulls around cleans up the second level linebacker and you're you're out the gate and it didn't. Happen on that play so that either that needs to happen or they're gonNA go hard hard hard run action and just blow them off the ball and Harry Miller has to see it in just those only two options. So if you don't want to guard that I don't I would never want to go to have to do that. But the way it played out that was the only option or the tight end needs a block twenty, four fourteen and a half I thought it was you know some rusty? But. What happened was QB running scrambles killed our defense curiosities defense again and I'm GONNA. Tell you who else impress me steal chambers. He looks like a nice combination of trae sermon and master T I like steel, chambers. The other thing that's just absurd was Nebraska. Had Two players objected for targeting and football. It's just changed the entire game I. don't understand why it can't just be a personal foul. Why do we have to check them at least give them a warning right? You give them one warning. So they know damn I really better not do that again because a lot of these. Are Incidental like a guy goes tackle low and the ball carrier ducks just ridiculous. They had two players objective for targeting and I've had about enough targeting in football. There's a couple of examples where you're like Yep that guy should be addicted. Every other one is just guys playing football and maybe they accidentally hit heads. It's ridiculous you your changing the game but the other thing. Probably. The most insane catch I've ever seen Jackson Smith JIG was touchdown catch his entire body was out of bounds but he snuck a little toe in for the touchdown unbelievable and then Jay. The backup quarterback is I'm sure they'll have some political answer. Well, we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA rotate who goes Jack Miller backup qb. I honestly, I didn't think that would happen. I thought they would stick with Gunnar Hoke as the late game quarterback and let cj Stroud and Jack Miller battle it out. But they made a statement maybe it will motivate CJ stroud maybe it's to keep Jack Miller. I don't know there's all kinds of different dynamics here because they certainly don't WanNa lose lose one of those kids right now, and that's the way of the quarterback nowadays. But. Let me tell you the secret weapon this team that another thing no one will talk about drew Christmas the Punter. The bottle flipper is a stud to punts forty nine yards per punt and no. No return yards. If he can punt the ball, fifty yards with great hang time all year that is a major impactful weapon for Ohio State. So that's my that was my thoughts on the game. Now, let's get into the analytics. First of all, almost five hundred yards of total offense twenty, eight first downs eight of thirteen on third down just outstanding and then just fields was like I said about as strong of a first game as he could have had a needs to get the ball out a little quicker but it was solid. He was decisive. He had a quick release strong arm I feel like he was much improved going through progressions understanding of. The offense seeing defenses, his one incomplete. It was a beautiful deep ball to Chris. Alavi, calling a drop but it would have been a hell of a catch. Ten of twenty one passes were over ten yards. So half I mean, this is what you want this great qb play. He hit nine of ten of those with lobbies. Drop is one on a well throne depot. So half of his balls were over ten yards he. Should complete all of them. Here's a wild stat for you. The top three quarterbacks that played football on Saturday for a completion percentage were justin fields one hundred percent Graham Mertz hundred percent from Wisconsin Adrian Martinez Nebraska Ninety, three percent. The. Top three quarterbacks in the country where big ten quarterbacks. So feels took four sex that's an issue that has to be cleaned up both past pro and him getting the ball out. So this is a big knock on him last year average time to throw two point, seven, six seconds. That's and some of it is scheme most of it is not that's the fourth longest time that he has the ball in the United States of America on Saturday. The fourth longest he got ten throws out in under two and a half seconds eleven throws out over two and a half seconds. So that's got him proof. I set it all last year and take sacks. It's how you get hit when you throw and Heathrow picks it just it has to get better. And then the receivers my goodness, the dynamic duo. Garrett Wilson Crow they both were targeted seven times. So I mean that's that's the feature whatever we didn't really. They didn't really throw it too tight ends. They didn't get any other receivers involved the next closest with. Jackson Smith INGEBA with he had two targets was a bubble screen and then the other one was touchdown and they both go over one hundred yards Garrett scores on a post versus quarters which quarters coverage, right? It's four across. If you get something to hold the safety, then you're you're you're one on one with that corner, you run a post route. There's no one there. That's why the is almost always play inside lever broke off the corner on that post who's beautiful, and then they almost pulled in what would have been a ridiculous catch climbing the ladder. Downfield in the middle field both top ten nationally this week. So top ten receivers in the country on Saturday they both great it out in the top ten Garrett Wilson Eighty two percent was fifth Chris Alavi Seventy seven percent was tenth in America Garrett was absolutely ridiculous. He's now the most productive wide receiver in after one game with seven or more targets. He's the number one most productive receiver five point two yards per route run Alavi seventh. So just get ready because this is going to be a magical year and now that Jalen waddles out at Alabama. This is the best tandem duo inner receive a room in the United, states of America. But the pecking order seems to be very clear. Now with Brian heartline's lines rotation, it's going to be those two Jameson Williams and distant but pushing is Jackson Smith and Jessica then Julian Fleming who both of them played twelve snaps then cameron. Bab is that what is that? Sixth? Guy Played. Six Naps and then g Scott Junior played three. So that's kind of the pecking order of the receiver room as it stands today. Very. Top heavy and then a bunch of young talent. So expect that young talent to get more involved maybe midseason when they start kind of getting some game experience and I tried to tell everyone not to freak out that Julian Fleming was going to be Julio Jones. Day One just it's GonNa. Take Time. All right. It's going to take time and he'll get there because he's talented enough same with Jackson and same with same with all of them G Scott too. So I. Moving to the running back room room I don't I don't fully understand what the deal is at running back. I really don't when I watched those backs play trae sermon looked. Like a four more explosive, elusive dynamic runner, the master teague, it wasn't even close. And it was a good split thirty snaps fatigue twenty, nine for sermon. But I don't master teague is an above average back. That is in a big time powerful short yardage back. That's what he is not saying he can't get better but he just he doesn't. He doesn't have great vision. He doesn't have great change direction. You see at one time he got open-field tackled one on one DB where he took him three steps to try to change. Change Direction and the Nebraska DB just followed him up and dropped him so. I I don't get it. So I I would hope to see more. More trae sermon trending in the future and let's see what he can do. Maybe he's not much better I don't know. We didn't get to see enough of them. Off The line, it was a solid day for the group I. Mean Pro Football Focus put out there with the highest grade at line unit in America. But I'm here to tell you there's a time to work on for coach Stud Harry. Harry Miller struggled he's first game. He's young. You expect that he graded out the lowest starter on the team fifty, six percent. Now Nick Petite was the second highest grade just behind Justin fields. So what a stud we have to tackles it Ohio state that are absolute studs they'll be NFL players, I mean they're probably first rounders when it's all said and done he, their Mumford allowed zero pressures in the entire game, the interior three. Oh. Linemen the Guard Guard Center Guard allowed seven. They. Gave Up. Three sacks was only better than Minnesota who gave up five to Michigan. So how state right now is second to last in the big ten on sacks allowed and like I said running back play was average master teague is right now the forty ninth most of elusive runner in the country on Saturday he was the forty nine most elusive breaking tackles making forcing missed tackles forced to total so. I think it was a good first game. Justin fields was phenomenal Garrett Wilson, and Chris Alavi phenomenal disappointed. The tight ends weren't more involved in the past game disappointed in the run game and I think the Oh line could is going to play better. They got a lot to work on past pro with twists, the blitz twist and the run game they were not they were not perfect. So a lot to work on in his scary that how much better this offense could be if they can get some of that stuff cleaned up now the defense on the other hand. I have some concerns first of all if you watch, this defense is a tackling machine cut tackle is where a guys running unusual chop his legs out. There's not like a wrap up. It's not a tackle. You just chop his legs out which works effective but I'm GonNa tell you went you went to crystal ball of what's coming Penn State is going to be hurdling the shit out of us. If all we do is cut tackle I mean that's the UC's guys like when they would go tackle Zeke he so powerful it's like master teague you go try to tackle master t up high you're going to get run over so guys would cut tackle And what was Zeke do? He would just hurt over when keep running. So be ready for that teams are going to start doing it because this defense was cut tackling all over the field. Going Group by group, I have a lot of concerns on the D. Line. The pass rush was just average just average the DNC were disappointing sixteen total pressures and they only got home three times. Haskell Garrett led the way. So the best pass rusher in this is not a knock on anything hassle gear. It was phenomenal. He was the best pass rusher on the field a D. tackle with the whale Ohio state recruited at the end there's no way that should be possible and third downs getting bear and Browning ended a stand up the end. No way should ask lead lead the team had three quarterback pressures one sack one hit one QB hurry great game for for Haskell but. I don't know where these are the Phoenix Zach Harrison only recorded one single pressure and it was the sack but had one pressure. So he's not chase young not yet. He's talented but I I heard all that he was going to be the chase young. It was going to be both Bosa Chase Zach Harrison, he might be but he's not dominant right now he's just not. The linebacker group was. Not WanNA say disappointing but tough Borland did not look improved and I'm starting to question what the Hell we're doing here like why he had a thirty one percent grade by four the lowest on the team he gave up four catches on four targets for fifty nine yards in pass in pass coverage third cover three defense that they're playing most of the time he looks like an unathletic guy lost in space, he can't find. Receivers he he doesn't have a great feel. He's certainly getting out run to the perimeter that McCaffrey kids going to be an unbelievable football player for Nebraska and when he hit the crease on some of these edge runs tough was a step late every time. So I don't know what we're doing Barron played. Well, I thought played really well. So young guys showed promise. So I'm mostly concerned that we don't have anyone better than tough Ohio state doesn't have any better than tough to put in there. That's that's the biggest weakness on the defense that I saw pass rush and tough borland played like he played the last two years there's no same tough the secondary I think played really well, Sean Sean Wade, played really well, pretty uneventful playing field corners. So they had Sean Wade playing field corner and I don't know that I love that I mean the boundary throw is more common. The boundary throw is more frequent but maybe they like Sean Way to the field because of all the space and because he's good tackler. So he played feel pretty uneventful. He had one play on a post wheel Combo that was just outstanding. He passed off the post to the to the middle field safety came off on the wheel round almost picked it off. He should have it was phenomenal. So he played really well, pretty uneventful seven banks was the cover man opposite of weighed the majority of the time. Cameron. Brown played twenty four snaps nine is like the slot corner on third down and stuff like that and so those are your three top three corners right there and I think the disappointing thing is no takeaways through the air. We had no interceptions one of only four big teams without a pick through game one it was just not a dynamic Saturday just solid. It was a solid game by the defense just decent. Adrian Martinez Hurt the defense on the ground not through the air. He was one for two over ten yards throwing the ball. He certainly didn't throw throw it well but he the quarterback position running the ball is a major concern. We saw it with Trevor Lawrence and Clemson last year, and now we saw on on on Saturday I mean he in the freshman quarterback Luke. McCaffrey were the leading rushers in the game Mostly. On design qb runs scrambles qb Ryan's, and then there was one where there was schemed up thing with McCaffrey lineup in the backfield with Martinez but. I that's that's a major concern qb run it is what it is. So my take away from the game. Needs to improve the rush defense, it's absolutely unacceptable. I don't care if it's a quarterback running back doesn't matter the rush defense has to get better tenth in the big ten now at rushing. Defense Josh Meyers impressed Pasco has to get better Harry Miller in general has to get better which he will. He's young first game I get it. I'll never forget Taylor Dekker's first game when he had to block Khalil Mack from Buffalo all day long you can have a rough first game. You'll bounce bounce back I. also need to see less tigue Moore sermon. And then the wide receiver blocking has to get better still worst I've seen, it will have state in ten years and get it would be like well, that's biased coming from. You know it was awful. The perimeter runs the screens, the bubbles little stuff like that the receivers were. Blocked terribly. So what Ohio State is. Now after that game that the twelfth overall highest graded team in America on pro football, focus the second highest graded offense behind Alabama. The fifth highest graded passing attack, the twenty fifth highest graded rushing attack, the thirty sixth grade defense and the thirty fifth run defense. So I know I'm not crazy when I see those things and I see it on film and I'm like, I just get that feeling and then I write the show and I go to pro football focus and their grading right where I would put them I mean the defense needs a. A lot of improvement and I didn't see much blitzing I. Need to go back and look at that. We didn't blitz much. It's like we just went with pass rush. We're used to having chase young knick Bosa and guys like. Dave on Hamilton I mean that just get home right on a four man pass rush maybe a twist. It's gotta be better. It's gotTa dig out of do better. So that's my analysis of the game. We're obviously GONNA. Have a great preview episode talking about this. Penn state match up but I'm I'm warning U. Penn. state is not a bad football team. They beat the brakes off of Indian in every aspect of the game other than the red zone. And, Sean Clifford. Trying to throw the game I guess at the beginning. So that's it. That's what it is. So as I mentioned before, if you haven't yet, go check out the vet come hang out with Braxton Miller and I down at the point on Lane Ace on lane is the name of the event go to menace sports DOT COM check it out get your gambling picks from Patriot, dot com slash menace to picks or at minister picks on twitter and if you're listening to this, you're a subscriber so I'm not going To be mean to you but I hope you enjoyed it. Hope you were entertained. We're GONNA talk, Buckeye football and the national landscape big ten football mid West football all year right here. Do me a favor tell a couple friends about the show I'm trying to make it grow. If you like to incite if you like my take on things, tell some friends helped me make it grow I. Appreciate. Thank you for tuning in. I. Love You. But to the rest of the people that don't subscribe go fuck yourself San. Diego. Justin. Fifty one. Works Still. Looking to throw. WHO Sorry for TAT at the brakes. On. Legal cast by the. Austin Service. Service. Get the fuck Outta here.

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Episode #071  College Football Playoff Preview

Menace 2 Society Podcast

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Episode #071 College Football Playoff Preview

"It is Friday December twenty seven. That is the best Fridays in football. Playoff addition we are about twenty six hours. There's maybe twenty seven hours from the kickoff of the College Football playoff the twenty one thousand nine hundred twenty twenty season and menace to sports is bringing you you the raw real insider account and college football analysis that no one else brings welcome to our episode. We are going to Oh ad free sponsor free wanted to make this one all clean all playoff analysis. So let's get this thing started. We're finally going to renumber are episodes so we can do the analytics six that we need to do so we had two platforms not going to bore you with the story but this is episode. Fifty nine is technically and now officially episode seventy one. It's our seventy seventy first episode because we had twelve miscellaneous episodes in our feed and before we combined them so we have one point three two million total downloads. We're GONNA hit one point five million. Before year's end that in the short seven month life of this show and doing the analytic research over the holiday. We gotta shout out our listeners. We have a bunch of listeners owners in Europe and the UK Germany. Australia Japan some places in the Middle East so we want to shout out our international listeners. Really cool just behind the US and Canada there. The next highest countries that tune in round out our top five global reach countries but enough about our show enough about analytics. It's time to talk a little football. Balmain let's Let's get to the show marked editor or do you do what everybody everybody else does. This creates shit on the wall and see what sticks which what I see happening everywhere. Why are we had? I'm a man on forty when my time on earth is gone and my activities here fan I once they bury the upside down in my critics and kiss my welcome to episode. seventy-one menace sports. I am Zach Zac Smith your host. Thank you for tuning. Thank you for listening and please do me a favor as you listen to this show maybe pause it right now and shoot out a tweet supporting the show. I'm trying to expand the show if you're listening tweet at US right now. At Menace to sports and let people know this shows the Shit but before we get to the playoff playoff analysis. Let's talk a little current events. How about Mike? You're rich quarterback coach from Ohio state has been reported to have taken the Texas Offensive Coordinator Job and imagine. Imagine this a Texas situation and the breaking news comes from Bert mcneish mcmurphy how about that. Who Thought but certainly they don't have any connection is he's just a reporter and it's just coincidence but how about the audacity the Tom Herman had to have burt released this breaking news? Two days before the Buckeyes huge game Saturday that should infuriate Ohio state fans more so than Tom. Herman already has. It also shows you really the situation in Ohio state and how the staff operates because it shows you how little input and control your hat at Ohio state. I mean obviously Kevin Wilson's the coordinator Ryan days calling the plays grind as probably the critical hand in developing hoping fields running the quarterbacks along with newly departed corey dentist urban Meyer son-in-law who just went to Colorado state. Those two worked with the quarterbacks last year or not imagine they did this year too and they'd wonders Dwayne Haskins so. It isn't surprising that Justin fields is playing the ways playing so good luck to Mike. You Rich I'm sure we'll have state fans won't notice. He is gone because Ryan is still in town but good for Tom. Toms gotta go. Try To get other people to run an offense that he's the offense of Guru of but other news the Ohio state. Oh Line announced they're coming back for twenty twenty and why it Davis was the only real question in here right. He was an all American played. Really well this year I think he could have left. It's not common that a guard is a first rounder. In the first place I think he had a shot to be certainly coming back. We'll help help that in the future. I've been around very few guards. That do go in the first round usually as tackles and centers. So congratulations to Justin Feels Ryan Day in the whole Buckeye nation. Really the other question is I guess Josh Meyers and Thera Mumford announced. They're gonNA come back to. My question was come come back from what like where. Where were they going doing? They weren't going to the NFL. I mean sometimes players do that. And you're like you're you're coming back from where for from vacation from your house. What do you mean you're coming back you weren't you couldn't go anywhere free agency but good for them? They made the right decision. I don't know why warranted announcement obviously Z.. Y. It did warranted announcement but one thing I wanted to throw out there. I I want to get Ohio. State fans blood boiling. I'm not going to call it the dumb ass sports media personality analogy of the week. But I WANNA play a little Colin cowherd writing. Clemson's Dick for you here. You Go clemson minus two. I like Clemson to win win. By a touchdown I thought the number was low. I think were undervaluing Clemson. I think we look at their conference and say they didn't play anybody and that is a huge. It's benefit they are healthy. They've got a ton of depth. And I believe when you don't know who's GonNa Win You go with the coaching staff in college. And I think Clemson has the Best Coaching coaching staff. By a wide margin they have three current head coaches capable. Guys that could run programs DAB os just the number one guy i. I'M GONNA take Clemson here first of all Trevor Lawrence since week nine. Good Luck Ohio. State's defense gets the credit. I could argue. Clemson's is actually actually better. I in the country in multiple categories Trevor Lawrence since week nine has been unstoppable. I don't think the ACC Z.. Is Great but who in the big ten is amazing. Outside of Ohio State Michigan lost all the good teams. They played Wisconsin. Well coached certainly not a a ton of great. NFL players who else just sell them in that conference Iowa. Okay not special. Listen right now. Ohio State's defense is good but in the last four games they're allowing twenty one a game that's against big ten defenses Clemson. NFL BACK NFL quarterback guard had to turn it off. Sorry first of all. These defense is not allowing twenty one points to anyone's defense you jackass and uh-huh so let me just preface. I want to evaluate what you just said. First of all I disagree entirely with his prediction however the point he made are accurate other than the coaching staff. Point and the fact that he said defenses score points defenses. He makes really good points. My issue is everyone's entitled to their analysis opinion and he may be right may be wrong the issue is. This is the same douchebag that was I mean just all over Clemson for not playing anyone. They haven't played anyone. They almost lost north. Carolina shouldn't be in the playoffs and now it's it's like a seven point favorite over how state people people forget the Clemson's good. It's like no bitch. You forgot. Clemson was good. Shut the fuck up. I can't stand the the the hypocrisy in the media but I just had to throw that out there mainly to get Ohio. State fans blood boiling on the eve of the College Football playoff so in true fashion. WE'RE GONNA start this playoff analysis with the four o'clock game Saturday tomorrow in Atlanta the chick filet Peach Bowl LSU Oklahoma some critical critical critical losses for both teams. I the obvious one. That's been in. The news is three suspended the players in Oklahoma Ronnie Perkins the biggest one. I'm Elise Oklahoma and sacks with six. He's a critical piece of their front seven. I went back over the last seven days and re watched half of it all before these team's seasons and he is such a critical piece for the front seven and for pass rush for Alex grinches defense. He is the most tackles by the end in the College Football playoff off. That's how important he is. He has the highest run. Stop percentage I mean. I went through this when I made the all. CFP team second most QB pressures by chase young second most sacks spine chase young. He's a difference maker. The other ones Rem Andre Stevenson plays a lot he actually is the most explosive running back on Oklahoma's roster averaging over eight yards a carry now starting running back Kennedy Brooks was questionable for the game. It looks like he's GonNa play but not having a reminder Ray Stevenson as a huge loss on offense and the other one's trae bridges. It's just a reserve receiver special team or no no big deal. And then also Oklahoma defense lost their second leading tackler their safety Laron Turner Yell. He broke his collarbone little over a week ago and he will not play and that is a major loss of Oklahoma really had some issues since their last game since the big twelve championship. They've had I mean what does that. Four four four big time players that are not gonNA play really three big time players and then Lsu huge huge news and people don't realize. I don't think how good this kid is. They're starting running back. Clyde Edwards Hilar- has had a hamstring injury on Wednesday and has not practiced since ed or drunk and say he's a game time decision but reality is he's not gonna be the same player even if he can play if he hasn't been able to practice or do anything for three days he may be able to try to play but he's going to be what seventy five percent at best and he really emerged. As a dynamic runner filled a major void early in the year for the tiger offense I mean they were the Joe Borough show. The past game was elite. The run game was was non existent in the second half of the year he averaged one hundred twenty four yards and two scores per game as a huge blow to the nation's best offense and the most outrageous just shit that I heard was that they could sit him this game so that he's healthy for the national championship like what. You can't sit anyone in the playoffs. Oklahoma can win this game. Make sure everyone hears that. Oklahoma could win the game. LSU needs to give it everything they have or they will lose so whoever saying that is a joke. But I want to start off the analysis after that Kinda news segment with little call from the film room. I just went through and I really leap just took notes. Watch six games on each team and I took notes and I want to share with you my notes on what I saw on film and what I think that people should know how about both teams playing I start with Lsu. Everyone knows how good job earl is they see stats. They see completions. Here's what Joe Borough is ridiculous. That he evades free rushers or he beats free rushers with his throw better than anyone in America. His presence in the pocket and maneuvering like D.. Line twists and pass pro breakdowns. Are What make him the best quarterback in the country. His pocket awareness his escape ability his ability. Would he do extend plays on top of that. The offense of scheme is ridiculous. It's excellent I mean when they play a man team or romance situation they have bunches. They have switch releases. Stacks little pick plays Joe boroughs Arsenal in the throat. Game is immense mance. What Joe Brady does formation is on another level also? He'll lineup running backs wide receiver and then put Justin Jefferson or Jomar cheese in in the backfield at running back and that could be huge. Answer if Hilar- doesn't play they have advanced matchup and confusion creation. Let me say that again. Joe Brady is advanced at creating matchups and confusion with formations and motions. Now what I will tell you the biggest weakness I saw an LSU's entire team. Is there right tackle Austin. He is not a good player he is stiff he he is fat he is not athletic. He is a major liability. And I don't know that Oklahoma has the personnel with runny perkins out to really exposed does that but if Lsu wins this game that will be an issue. God forbid he gets matched up against a song or Isaiah Simmons in the in the in the finals. The other thing I noticed I know he won the blatant a cough but Jomar chase could have never played at Ohio state just clear. He doesn't block a a soul. He won't block a soul the number of times he is moving out of the way so he doesn't get hit or rolled up on is incredible. But then it's talking about Oklahoma what I saw from Oklahoma. Here's here's the cool thing people are GonNa talk about who's GonNa Cover Jomar Chase who's GonNa cover just in Jefferson. The reality is Oklahoma. Homa plays very minimal man coverage I mean almost none. They know what they have. But what Alex grinch does is. They're very complex in their coverage packages and simulated pressures. Here's what a simulated pressure is when you line up and show the illusion that you're bringing up pressure. The offense doesn't know who's coming and WHO's not so they have to account for certain guys and then if those guys that they accounted for drop and another guy comes you might not not bring more than four people but you simulated a pressure and so you got pressure on the quarterback without bringing a blitz and they do it very very well. The other player one of my favorite players in the playoffs is middle. Linebacker Kenneth Murray number nine. Just get ready. He is a sideline to sideline sure. Sure tackler just watch for number nine to be all over the field tomorrow. What they can't do they cannot let Joe Borough sit back or extend plays and dice up their zones don'ts because that's what he does at an excellent clip they don't have the personnel to cover Lsu at wide receiver? So it's going to be all about Alex grinch putting together a plan to to keep borough in the pocket. Twist the middle to simulate pressure without letting Joe Borough attack their coverage with less government meaning they can't blitz because if he gets out of the pocket or evades the blitz they have less guys in coverage and they're going to get diced they're gonNA get gashed now. Let's talk about Joe Borough some interesting things. Here's the scouting scouting report. I have on the heisman trophy winner. How about this for you? Eighty eight percent of all his completions are either over the middle or to who is right. Here's why some quarterbacks struggle throwing to their non throwing hand side think about it. If you drop back you're back to the left if you're right handed quarterback order back to open your hips and have vision to the left is much harder than throwing to the right. Almost ninety percent of his completions are over the middle or to the right. How about this only five percent of all of his completions are over ten yards to his left? That means ninety five percents. completions are either midfield to the right or a short like a check down to the left. That's that's substantial. Furthermore burlesque two hundred and thirty four completions under ten yards almost seventy eight percent of all of his throws are under ten yards astronomically higher than Justin fields fifty eight percent hurts fifty seven percent Trevor Lawrence Sixty five percent but what that is is that's NFL concepts the Joe Brady effect. Higher percentage throws more execution than big plays he. He has been efficient executing and then he's been explosive when he needs to be he's also like fifty seven percent. Deep Balls is third in America. He's throwing and thirteen touchdowns on number one. In America. The wild intellect to watch is how little he throws his non throwing side. Twelve percent of the time amy throws to his left. That's a very high tendency but boy does he have some weapons. I mean Jomar chased Justin Jefferson. I mean I don't know if they're the best duo. Yeah well in college football but it's it's LSU Alabama Clemson. Those are the three that you're gonNA talk about. No one has two receivers like those three teams have and Lsu has them obviously obviously the twenty sixth bullet Nicole Award winner. The Nation's best wide receiver with the most receiving touchdowns in America second most receiving yards in America. He averages twenty point point five yards every time he catches the ball. He has twenty nine catches over twenty yards. Think about that. He is freaking seven receptions over fifty yards twenty balls caught seventy five percent with his right hand dominant. We talked about that. In an earlier episode it drops a fifty percent effective when his left hand dominant catch him but anyway he is one of the best receivers in the country. I don't think he's the best I know he won the award. I would take. CD-ROM right now more complete player blocks better. I mean just across awesome board and Jomar Chase has the luxury of playing with an NFL talent quarterback which jalen hurts is not but we will get to that in a minute and then just Jefferson on the other side. Someone is going to. He's just Jefferson is more of an intermediate slot lines up in the slot a lot. And he's those to just provide a one two punch for Joe Bureau Almost unmatched in college football. But the reality in this game is someone's going to have to replace Clyde Edward Solaire assuming he can't play which I don't think he will and it's going to have to be by committee committee and editor. John even mentioned that in his I guess post practice interview the good news is they use the running. Back as a formation of decoy and free releaser a ton like Clyde Edwards hilarious on in the game a lot lined up at receiver receivers in the backfield outside of direct runs in the run game. He's kind of a decoy so they can get away with anybody. Nobody the good news is I. I'd Imagine Joe Brady will minimize that loss of that. Their dynamic running back as well as anyone in the country could do Oklahoma's pass asks rush could have been an advantage of running perkins was playing but now despite Lsu's aligned being average at best. We won't feel that as much tomorrow unless Alex. Alex grinch has some really phenomenal pressure packages and simulated pressure packages. That's GONNA be key to game right. There can Oklahoma. Tom Contained Joe Borough. But when you flip over to the other side of the ball. Let's get back from the to the film room film evaluation Oklahoma Lincoln Riley is using Jalen when Herz running the ball and the threat of him running the ball to do a ton in the QB run game. I mean they you counter as well as anyone they're doing arpaio's goes off of Jalen hurts runs I mean most teams they read a guy and either handed to the running back or throw it. Jalen hurts is either running the ball or throwing like he's starting to run and if the Guy Bites he pops the pass. It's excellent stuff. They're running play action passes off the QB run it. It's phenomenal phenomenal. He's also running some really creative read option place with a throw as the third option. Here's what that is so people if they're familiar with football you're familiar with triple option Asian where you read a read a defensive and either give it to the running back where you pull it and then if you pull it the next defender you'll run and they'll be a guy in pitch phasing you'll pitch it off of him what Oklahoma's doing is they're doing the same first step reading defensive end and giving it to the running back pulling it but instead of having guy pitch phase they'll have some kind of throw option for the next defender so you'll see jalen hurts. Ride the running back. And if he pulls it he'll start to run and if that linebacker nickel that's in space bites to tackle jalen hurts he'll flip a bubble flip a little flat route because that guy supposed to cover him. If that guy runs with the bubble he'll run it in the void and they're doing an excellent job some some really creative stuff by Lincoln Riley and I've said it before. He's one of the most innovative minds off into minds in college football. Now we'll tell you this Oklahoma's offensive line line is the worst of the four teams playing in the playoffs by far. It's not even close. When I'd cut on the film and Rewatch half their season? I was like holy cow this teams in the playoffs with that O.. Line that's what Kansas State did boy. Did that align play bat in their loss to Kansas state. They look fat unathletic. It's GonNa be a bad day facing some of the freaks from Lsu and if they were to pull the upset boy they're not ready for the pass rush coming from Clinton state and then you watch. LSU's defense it is straight like. I used to watch when we were in the SEC. It's called cat coverage man you got some freak shows in the secondary everybody lines up. I got that cat. You got that cat. I got that cat. Simple a ton of man coverage the question I have four. LSU Is can they afford to play man coverage on CD lamb who I think's best receiver in college football and can they afford to turn their backs in man coverage with jalen hurts at quarterback. He's a runner now. He's more running back than quarterback. And I'll tell you this I. I praised him as a pass. rusher but Kayla. Von Jason on defense is a major liability in the run game number eighteen. Watch him he loses contain a lot. He's on the ground a lot. He's a really good pass rusher but if they run right Adam it's not going to be good for Lsu defense and my one of my favorite players players in the playoffs certainly probably my second. Favorite favorite corner is Derek thinly junior. He plays with such amazing confidence for a freshman in press In off coverage sitting on routes reading wide receiver demeanor reading. There is staying in position and getting his is back to locate the football he. He's a solid player but he's young. He gambles he's a little undisciplined with his eyes and he's liable to get beat. which is what happened when Devante Not Smith went for two hundred yards in Alabama game the most glaring thing in the secondary that I see their biggest weakness and coverages carry vincent junior nickel slot plot corner? He gets beat a time if they can get CD lamb. Somehow some way mashed up on Kerry Vincent Junior. It's going to be originally good deal for Oklahoma. And if anyone's going to get it done Lincoln Riley will. Here's one thing that I haven't heard a ton about. His Jalen Hurts Fourth College Football playoff if he's been here before he's played here before he knows what he's getting into Sodas Lincoln Riley. You know who hasn't doesn't Joe Borough and order on. That's a huge advantage for Oklahoma. They're going to have to pressure him and I mean ain't pressure. He's actually dynamic against the pressure. The second half the season he was the number one. QB In America when pressured. But here's the issue less passes get completed. It's not that he's not good against pressure but when he does attempt a legitimate pass under pressure he's seventy eight percent effective which is very high. But what pressure does to him. As it forces sources throwaways it forces drops. Because the timing's off and IT forces scrambles complete seventy nine percent of his passes in total when kept clean and fifty five percent when pressured they have to make him throw the ball away they have to unsettle him. If you pressure Jalen hurts you are more likely to result the throw away but if they can pick it up and he doesn't get skittish he's really good standing in their in completing the ball the reality is LSU needs to keep the ball and hurts hands when he drops drops back. He's the only QB in America. Averaging over three seconds to throw the ball and eighty percent of his interceptions have come when he releases the ball over two. To point five seconds they have to cover early. Let the pass rush games skittish and let him make a mistake. The weapon that Oklahoma has. I don't know that anyone has is CD. Lamb the BELINDA. Cough award runner up. He's the best wide receiver I've seen on tape this year. He's as good as is your marches and t higgins are CD lamb has been a monster this year. Let's talk about right hand dominant catches. We talked about it right if you're right handed receiver and you're on the right and the ball flight from the quarterback calms. Your right hand is the one that stops the bowl. That's critical for receiver. He's ten of fourteen when his right hand. Dominant seventy seventy one percent with six touchdowns when his left hand dominant one five zero touchdowns. Watch that on Saturday. But here's were CD. Lamb is ridiculous as a ball carrier after the catch over half listen. He had twelve hundred eight yards over half off of his yards after the catch six hundred and forty two yards after the catch. He is number two in the country for wide. Receivers avoiding tackles. He's the twenty five tackles this year. CDROM one human twenty five tackles avoided four perspective Ohio states top four wide receivers have combined for twenty four four avoided tackles. He's avoided one more tackle than the top. Four receivers at Ohio state have combined to do. He is a freak of nature and the run game. The run game really starts and ends with jalen hurts. I mean ease their leading rusher. He's are starting running back. They're starting quarterback outside of CD-ROM. He is their entire hire offense and it looks like starting running back Kenny. Kenny Brooks is going to play and it's critical considering Oklahoma's without their next top two running backs from the season one suspended and got hurt earlier in the year but I mentioned Oklahoma's office line is the worst by far in the playoffs. One hundred and one total. QB pressures in past pro every every single starting offensive lineman has allowed double digit. QB pressures. That is horrendous. Thirty seven in the country and saxl excellent. Here's what I want you to think about that. So their thirty seventh in the country in a number of sacks they've allowed and they have an extremely athletic and strong quarterback back he evades avoid sachs as well as anyone probably second to only Joe Borough and they're still thirty seven in the country and sags. The biggest question I have is how a predominantly man coverage defense adjusts to the bizarrely. Different offense scheme that Lincoln Riley is running with Jalen hurts the entire run game is centered on QB run. There's read options triple options. RPO's Tao's the triple triple throw options. That I mentioned before there's direct. QB runs even the play. Actions are often designed off. Jalen hurts run. This is not a conducive offense for what Lsu does defensively. It's a problem. Will they have to have a different plan if they play with a deep safety and man up across the board on Oklahoma I have to fears for. LSU One do do they have someone that can spy jalen hurts. Is it grant delpit. He's missed tackle machine is it Patrick. Queen their Middle Linebacker. I don't think he's athletic enough despite him popping talk about how Oklahoma's not very good and Lsu's going to kill him which is really smart pat lightning McQueen. Furthermore who who LSU secondary can cover CD lamb do they have the I control to play man and not peek at a scrambling or evading pressure. Jalen hurts that's the question. LSU has corners but do. Does anyone have anyone that could cover. CD Lamb one on one because that's LSU's entire philosophy on defense. The reality is the impact player. Oklahoma Kenneth Kenneth Murray BRI BA behind. Isaiah Simmons if you WANNA call them linebacker. The best linebacker in the playoffs. Kabuki Brandon riles safety CD lamb. Jalen hurts those compact players for Oklahoma. LSU It's gotta be Derek Stanley Junior. He's got to have a great game. And then it's the trio on office Jomar Chase Justice Jefferson and Joe Borough. My prediction for this game is simple. The reality is jalen hurts is a decent thrower and a really good runner. He has poor. Footwork breaks cardinal sins throwing the ball and ultimately he cannot make the throws that he will need to make to win this game on top of that he is the worst offensive line in the playoffs by far and Lsu's offense will overpower defense that relies on multiplicity and complex zone coverages Joe Bureau should be able to dissect zones and take advantage of a depleted pass rush. Don't make any mistake about it. Though Kenneth Kenneth Murray will be an impact player in this game even if they get beat handily play superhuman to win this game and I think an Oklahoma win is extremely unlikely I think. Lsu Wins His game forty five twenty one and in the end all year long. I've said it when all else fails in the midst tackle battle. LSU has one hundred and two on the season Oklahoma hundred seven on the season that equates to an Lsu win you gotta tackle. Michael protect the ball. Run the ball play defense and you got to light up the scoreboard. You gotTa have some fireworks man. What a game it's going to be? We're going to take a quick break for for a quick commercial not an address. I need to get a drink water. Quick break and we'll be right back wish the night game. Ohio state CLEMSON. Thank you for listening to the medicine. Sports our show is growing expanding and exploding. Elba's make it grow even faster and even more how glad you asked follow us is on twitter and instagram. At Menace to sports also subscribe whatever podcast platform. You listen to this on and please rate US give us five stars and leave a comment. We read them and we have literally changed the show because of listener feedback. Also after the show. You could do me a favor. tweet out post on. I G all all social media and use the Hashtag best football analysis Hashtag best football analysis. Antagonise in it we will repose re tweet. We also have a Patriot subscription service. That is getting revamped. The first of the year so support the show. This is really a fun hobby for us right now. But your support will fuel our growth and expansion to provide provide more of the best college football content in America either way now that the begging and pleading or out of the way I appreciate you every one of you. Twenty one thousand nine hundred a year that I couldn't have imagined or envisioned and because of you. I have never been more excited for a year than I am for twenty twenty feel free to contact me directly. I try to respond to everyone but I appreciate you. I just wanted to take time in the show to tell you that. Now let's get back to the show under the lights eight o'clock tomorrow night. In the desert a strange matchup between two teams with tumultuous history. How about the very first? I meeting foreshadowed the forty one year relationship. The Tigers and buckeyes would have as Clemson not only upset the Buckeyes in one thousand nine hundred ninety. Eight gator bowl. It also also set the stage for an epic moment in the history of not only Ohio state football but in the history of college football with just over two minutes left in the game. Ohio Ohio State had the ball near midfield trailing seventeen to fifteen Ohio state quarterback archly. stor google him if he is through a short pass that was intercepted by Clemson. Jason Ending Ohio state game winning drive and sealing the first ever meeting for the Tigers. That's when a sideline legend came crashing back to mortal state Woody Hayes. The man's second to only God. In the Great State of Ohio the all time winningest coach in Buckeye History Hall of fame coach Borderline Biblical icon to the state of Ohio and Buckeye nation and it his tenure with one swift hook woody hayes throat punch the forward pass thief Charlie Baumann and the block O hat short sleeve. White dress shirt and tie would never dawn the sidelines. Again Woody Hayes. The legend would be fired the next day Clemson and Ohio state would not play again until urban Meyer who by the way idolized. As growing up had the whistle around his neck and Columbus and both results were additional thorns in the Buckeye side in Clemson South Carolina just outside the Al Anon Res Football Complex. There's a graveyard in that graveyard. There are forty tombstones one for every win over a ranked opponent away from their hostile home. Stadium Death Valley. Two of those tombstones have a hostage name on them. Twenty thirteen eighteen forty five twenty sixteen thirty one zero three contests Clemson has done the unthinkable in the graveyard. What a legend coaches career a silver football quarterback shoulder and a hall of Fame Offensive Mind System as he knew it? Clemson ended the career of the legend. Woody Hayes. They ended the quarterback career one of the most prolific to ever take a snap scarlet and gray Braxton Miller and they ended urban. Meyer's offense however from the ashes of defeat. Embarrassment Clemson brought a new young and innovative football coach to Buckeye nation. Immediately following the two thousand sixteen embarrassment Ryan Day arrived in Columbus almost two years to the day he will take his enhanced and improved scarlet and grey clad buckeyes into the desert of Arizona to to avenge the casualties of several moments in Buckeye history. So as I got your blood boiling earlier Buckeye fans I bring you the Ohio state height video video to get you in the mood for Game Day so I think it's really important. You guys understand what the seas looks like. You come to Ohio State. You know state because you want the best and we're going to take everybody shot next year. You can't have a bad day you can have a day where just like kind of go through the motions today. We didn't come here loops so here we are right now. What are we GONNA do? I'M GONNA go play go play. Don't forget about who we are. And what we. I don't care how big you are i. I don't care how fast your when you open. All I care about all we care about is breaking down down on. What do you think about what you think about this every fighting your fight every single drill you're going to play a unit and you're gonNA find a Sir thank today and that's the the only way we will get to where we want to be? My own look around can't wasn't easy. What workout wasn't heath man? So don't be brother. uh-huh seventy resort touchdown. Whatever you believe could not left the feedback? We need things that brings all compass and low tough this in hello nation. We already know. Oh Wow I did not know how emotional that would make me. I'm telling you what Words can't yeah put into perspective. What games like this mean and how it feels to the program? The staff the coaches games like like this just feel different. You walk around the hotel and there's this energy in the air that's indescribable. I couldn't I'm trying to put put it into words but I I I'm realizing can't today there will not be a joke. Cracked I mean it. It will be intense laser focus. These players are feeling this pressure but the cool thing is all four teams. They've been trained rained and prepared for this moment. They weren't trained and prepared for weeks. These four teams didn't have aspirations of going ten into into these four teams were trained day in day out immense pressure in the weight room immense pressure in the classroom this room immense pressure in the meeting room in the practices for this moment. And it's so cool it's about to happen. It's it's about to come to life. They're going to run out of that tunnel and the emotion and feeling of energy the stadium the cameras flashing being. It's unparalleled in life. I can't imagine anything that feels like. This is going to feel for them but enough getting emotional national and really excited for these kids. Those coaches this matchup. Let's talk about it. It's the polar opposite of the Oklahoma LSU matchup for reasons one both teams play really good defense and also both teams will be at full strength unhealthy for this game. No suspensions no significant injuries assuming justin fields will be near hundred percent kickoff. I will say this. Stop reading into the eighty five percent comment you. You'll be one hundred percent or ninety eight. He'll be fine. You'll see he'll rip off one big run and Buckeye nation will go. Oh thank God also I think you got it by now. It's funny how the media change isn't it. I mean I think it was week eight and I was on this show saying people need to stop sleeping on Clemson. People were acting like they don't belong in the playoffs and now everyone has jumped on. Clemson's Dick you think about this. They're fifty four and three in the last four years three losses in four years. Two of those two ridiculous Alabama teams and in Alabama eighteen that they destroyed forty four sixteen last year. And let's not act like it matters. They haven't played anyone. I WanNa make a point here just like Ohio State no different. You could say you'll have states played a better schedule. I would agree but just like Ohio state being prepared for a match like this does not come from your season. Your season helps but neither team has played a team remotely close to the opponent. They're going to line up across tomorrow. We'll Ohio state be ready for Travis. Travis it again. I don't know who has faced a better running back more often than Ohio. State's defense facing JK Dobbins. No one will clemson be ready for the Ohio State Defense Fence. I mean Trevor Lawrence has went against the most comparable defense to Ohio state. Day In and day out who has faced better defense than Clemson's Clemson's defense. How doesn't that narrative is so worn out both teams have played a top-flight offense and defense events daily LSU and Oklahoma can't say the same for both sides of the ball? There will be an adjustment period early where both teams have to settle in with the fact they're playing an opponent opponents better than anyone. They faced on Game Day because it is different but after the initial shock they will settle in. There's not a receiver at Ohio State. Who is not capable of going against a jail and the secondary at Clemson? They've won against Jeff Okuda for calendar year. I think they know how to play against the first round corner not the ACL's that but either way if you don't believe me hear it for yourself from one of the greatest to do it a coach that is used to games like this. I'll let him tell you the key is going to be as I said earlier is going to be is. How do people respond in the first seven minutes or first few possessions because they have have not faced other than practice near the team has faced anything close to what they're getting ready to go against and I'm not being disrespectful? Wisconsin and I can see that headline as far as complete team. The best group receivers were the wolverines. What other areas weren't as good as Clemson Same thing as Clemson Clemson's not faced anything close to Ohio state. So what do you. What's that mean? That means now all of a sudden I've been in a fight. I've been bigger faster stronger and everybody I fought against now. I'm looking at someone as big as fast as strong as I am and is going to be. It's going to we've been in those games and it takes your breath away for the first several minutes of the game. It's GonNa be so fast so it's going to be intriguing to see the two first offense and play l'amore zone defense. Let the game subtle download but then also we get used to. The reality is these teams will be very well prepared to play each other more so than any other team in America could be so buckle the fuck up this game. Saturday will unofficially crowned the national champion on January fourteenth mark. My words start off in a film room I I went back and watched house state it which was really a moot point I I know obviously I have a paid the most attention to state but what I saw is what I've been saying all year on offense the tackles need ada pass bro Better. Justin fields is can't hold the ball loosely. Jk Dobbins has to pass Bro. Well the tight ends need to show up. They're going to be critical in this game. How he's going to need to go to tight ends when we get to the analysis their biggest advantage is the fact that Clemson is survives and thrives in chaos and just wild bullets flying around the best thing you can do as lineup too tight ends and punch right in the God damn mouth and run right down their throat? That's not other going to win the game. But that's how they're gonNA make a statement in the game so the titans need to show up Clemson on defense. The question is what is Brent Venables identity. What is Clemson's based defense? There's not a person in the world that could tell you Brent Venables would give view bullshit answer to that. Because here's what I do know from experience and after watching the film their identity will not be whatever his tendencies have been this season their identity will be whatever creates the most consternation chaos for Ohio state for Justin Fields. old-line screw the receivers. It's a coverage. That's what their identities. That's the film room analysis. Now here's what I will tell you about. Justin feels when I really looked at the analytics. Analytics really went through and analyze the entire season and really the entire country at the quarterback position. He's the most balanced quarterback. We talked about Joe Bureau earlier only throws twelve percent of his passes the left Justin fields as damn near perfect forty seven percent of his completions in the middle of field. That's what you want. Almost fifty twenty seven twenty six percent on the outside either Hash Mark. You want to be twenty five fifty thousand five. He's almost perfect all year. The greatest criticism on fields is number. One fumbling the ball. He's been excellent. One one interception option. I mean that's absurd. But he fumbled the ball eleven times this year. That's absurd they will lose if he does not protect the ball and number two getting rid of the ball. Here's the only caveat to that after going back and rea watching it and I still stand by all of my statements that you need to get rid of the ball. But the only caveat is that a small chunk of Ohio states pass game is designed to take shots downfield in slower developing concepts and and play action. The second half of the year just feels was way better. I mean he used to be with Jalen hurts over three seconds to get rid of the bowl which is i. I mean stunningly. Slow the second half of the years down to two point. Eight seconds the most stunning status when he extends plays or when they do a hard play action or a longer developing concept. The one thing they do is light up the scoreboard. He has sixteen touchdowns the second half of the season. We're done with the last six weeks sixteen touchdowns on pass plays over two and a half seconds and only six touchdowns in under two seconds that means hard play actions since escaping pressure and keeping. His eyes downfield are when they make enormous place. Think about gear Wilson's touchdown when Justin feel scrambled out of the pocket. The big question here I think is Kim Chris O.. Lavi make an impact down the field. Sixty four percent of all of his targets are over ten yards and we talked about his left hand dominant issues. I mean he's over when he's on fields left on down the field or he's almost sixty percent effective on deep balls down the middle middle or to the right. That's that's phenomenal. Then victor has been a decent intermediate receiver fields but he hasn't lived up to his. Aj Green hype skillset comparison. He's eighty percent eighty two percent effective in routes under twenty yards but a strikingly thirty six percent effective on deibel strikingly low. Oh He is six foot four with seven foot one wingspan. He needs to play like t higgins and Justin Ross. We're GONNA play. He's gotta be a jump ball freak of nature a downfield shot. He goes up and gets it. No one can outjump and outreach him. He has not done that all year. He needs to do it in this game. He has to and then Caja Hill has been Mr Consistent. Surprisingly one of the better deep threats on the Buckeyes roster I guess not surprisingly. He's really really efficient. Great hands is always exactly where he's supposed to be when he's supposed to be there and makes the catch. I think the real question here is that people aren't GonNa talk about Arkansas. Look for he's he's really come on a little bit and I expect them to take a big step in this game. Is Austin Max impact. He should be one hundred percent healthy and ready to show the world world. What he's capable of when he's not dinged up he's fresh? Watch out for him to make an impact. Is this game. Or maybe not. Or maybe. And we'll Garrett Wilson elevate his game and become this year's version of Clemson's Justin Ross last year. If you don't remember Justin Ross had a decent freshman been year then. They went to the playoffs and over three hundred yards three touchdowns just lit. Those Games was just ridiculous. Will Geer Wilson be a true freshman that explodes explodes onto a national stage. In the playoffs. Careers are made legends born urban. Meyer always said the reality. Here's this urban. Meyer talked about on the a big noon kickoff. Find the fish. You gotta find the matchup and here is the fish. The Safety Tanner Muse. I don't care what accolades he has. I don't care what stats he has. I don't care if he was all anything. I watched six games in the last week. He's a stiff safety. That is an average covered defender and tackler. You Watch Virginia game the only place they made on offense or taking advantage of him. They took a shot on him. Touchdown a little swing pass. Made a mis- he is the fish and if they can get Chris Alavi Cage Hill matched up on Tanner Muse. That's checkmark check. Mark for the Buckeyes. Now all these defense has been dominant dominant the biggest thing. I need to see the biggest question. Mark I have is. There's not been production out of the D. the end opposite chase young and after watching the film again. The defensive staff needs to employ a scheme to bring pressures opposite chase young if Clemson is going to put all all the attention to chase young and eliminate the best player in football. You cannot let that happen you either have to have somebody else getting home. I E tyreek Smith I e e Zach Harrison or barren browning or blitz away from chase. Someone has to pressure CL- Trevor Lawrence has to and Damon are net. Needs needs to keep his cool and play his game. Play his game now when I watched Clemson's offense while people talk about how they struggle the first half of the year. Trevor Lawrence struggled they open this offense compared to last year it is. He is running the show. He has complete freedom to do. So how many things the one thing. He does a lot and you watch this. He takes free access throw options what that means is and that's going to be critical game because Ohio state plays a lot of coverage. They'll call a run play as he takes. The ball floats back to his hands if he sees free access meaning the corners bail. He's going to put the ball out and then pull it and throw a hitch or throw a speed out. Because it's a free five yards free six yards maybe more. They gave him a lot of freedom and reads Trevor Lawrence. The the reads Trevor Lawrence has are to take quick throws if he likes them and if not just handed off direct runs if he doesn't like the look and if is off coverage he can take a quick route to his receivers and he does it a lot. Let's make sure we're clear trevor. Trevor Lawrence is the highest grade of quarterback in America over the second half of the season. The past pro has been solid and Trevor Lawrence has almost identical numbers when blitzed and when a defense offense place coverage basically nothing has worked they have picked up pressures very well. What they do have is an extremely athletic align? They're soft they're not great in the run game drive and makes them look better than they are their sixth Americans sacks allowed man. Let me tell you what they do. Have I call them. The freakshow pillars on the outside six foot. Four fifteen t higgins six foot four two O.. Five Justin Ross Twenty four of Trevor Lawrence twenty-seven deep balls have been completed to these two receivers. I don't care what that is going to be the matchup. I'm excited to see how Okuda does against either one and I'm nervous for Buckeye fans on how Damon are Nets GonNa do not that. He's not capable he is but Damon. Arnett you watch them on film and I know him personally. He gives up a play. He gets hot headed he gets pissed. Talk Shit then. He loses his cool then. He's not playing like himself or even better yet if he makes a play then he gets cocky abandons his technique Damon are net is a wildcard if he can just play his skill. Set do what he's been coached to do. And just execute. They'll be fine in pass coverage he's capable of covering one of those receivers receivers and the other one. I've seen a lot of things in Buckeye nation. I don't care what Buckeye podcast you listen to. I don't care who. Oh you WanNa think has a credible take. I don't care what bullshit you've been fed travis. Ettienne is different than any running back in the big ten. I've done on this for fifteen years. His efficiency with his body has changed direction and his burst are different. That's why he's been so explosive. Is it as as impressive as what. Jonathan Taylor does it. Two hundred twenty pounds. Maybe not but at two hundred ten pounds and two inches shorter than Jonathan Taylor. Essentially he's pound for pound the same running back Travis at the end should make any team nervous and Buckeye fans nervous. He's he's the most dynamic playmaker out of the Backfield in the United States of America. That doesn't mean be scared but know who you're going up against that is that there's to match ups that are concerning for the Buckeyes that one right there travis versus the linebacking core. There's not got a linebacker on roster that has covered a player like this or had to tackle a player like this open space. There's not a guy roster that is similar or whereas elusive or as dynamic Barron Browning's the one that athletically can do it. The rest of them. Probably not the other imagine we talked about. Damon are never see Higgins or Justin. Ross that is the matchup. I've also heard for two weeks. How Jackson Carmen is the best PLA- pass blocking tackle? The buckeyes have played how I saw it all. He's excited to block chase young. He's excited to go one. On one. With the Predator he leaves Clemson. I'm soon in Cuba pressures allowed. Let that sink in. You've allowed more people to get Trevor Lawrence than anyone else on the line and you're ready for chase young. Stop it all in all. They've Clemson's past pros lot fifty six quarterback pressures in total. So they're they're they're decent. I mean they are a good. They're an athletic. Bunch is is Jackson. Carmen athletic very is he. Soft very he will be an elite tackle. But he's not yet so so let's not think he's GonNa Eliminate Chase Young. That will not happen. What he probably will eliminate anyone else? Here's my issue in what what needs to be fixed and it has been fixed mind you one of the greatest things that happens in ballgame. Prep is coaching staff. Most forget to do this but Ryan knows this as as well as anyone. The two things that always look sloppy and bowl games are ball. Security and tackling and Ohio state has worked those daily. We've talked about it it all year. Well how states I think number one number two in the country and missed tackles eighty. Four missed tackles on the year. The issue is this. Thirty of those Miss Tackles came in the last three games. They had double digit tackles in their last three games. They got sloppy. And now they're gonNA play the most elusive ball carriers. They've played that. Ah is the key to the game so outside of that obviously protect the football. We can't they can't fumble if if they're all over this. Neither team's GonNa win whoever Windsor turnover battle in the mistake. Oh battles GONNA win. I ended there but assuming both teams play really well in those two areas the Keystone Ohio state victory is the pressure. Trevor Lawrence Warns Damon. Arnett needs to have his best game as a Buckeye covering either just Rosser Teigen's and Ohio state has the pass Bro the tackles and jk vaca- impasse Bro. Have to have their best day and Justin fields has to be on time and looked like a big time. Nfl Prospect quarterback the keys to a Clemson victory literally the opposite protect. Trevor Lawrence get isolation matchups get one of the pillars. Damon are net. Get Travis at the end on the linebackers and the third one create chaos for the offensive line. I know Greg stood royale very well. I know the scheme very well. I know what their coach very. Well chaos a US guys moving guys not aligned. Were they should be. It causes major issues for that unit and Brent Venables. That's his expertise. If they can create enough enough chaos just in alignments and and and the way they line up with the way the pressure what gaps they hit if they can create enough chaos. They will really let the air's out of the tires on that offense but my prediction I think Ohio state wins. It's going to be a close game is going to be a battle so the most critical thing is going to be halftime adjustments and Ohio State. Does it better than anyone. Colin cowherd the best halftime adjustments staff in the country is in Columbus Columbus. I think halftime adjustments are GonNa pull Ohio State through and Ohio State Wins Thirty one twenty four. And why do I think that just like Lsu Oklahoma when all what else feels turned to Miss Tackles Ohio state we mentioned has eighty four. Clemson has one hundred nine. But that's my prediction. That's my analysis. That's what I saw a nice little hour long episode for you before the playoffs like I said do me a favor. If you liked this episode of you think it was really great insight. Great Analysis tweet about. Ah Re tweet tweet tweet about yourself. Tell your friends. I really want people to listen to this episode specifically to see where this show has been in is heading because this off season is is really going to be exciting. I'm excited on Sunday or Monday. To do the the playoff review. I think we're going to do to seventy two episodes next week. We might throw a third in in there. I might add a call in show so I'll let you know on Sunday or Monday about that. But thank you for tuning in. Thank you for listening. Really appreciate it excited for the match ups tomorrow. I I want you to tweet at us as soon as you. Listen this episode tweet at us who you thinks in the national championship game just at menace to sports and tweet at us. Lsu How state or whatever you think it is. I WANNA I might even do a poll so thank you for tuning in. Thank you for listening as always we appreciate it if you're interested in advertising or sponsorship. Reach Out Zack. At Mississippi Society PODCAST DOT COM Z. Ach and as we say. Hope you enjoyed it. Hope you liked it. If you didn't go fuck yourself. San Diego Renew. Thank you start or do you do what everybody else does. Create some shit on the wall and see what what stood which is what I see happening everywhere where we had a man on forty when my time on earth is gone and in my activities here are fan I once they bury the upside down. Critics been kissed my.

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Episode 137  Dan Mullen Cheated (AGAIN)

Menace 2 Society Podcast

44:57 min | 6 months ago

Episode 137 Dan Mullen Cheated (AGAIN)

"It is wednesday december twenty third. Merry christmas and happy holidays. If you don't celebrate christmas mary or happy. Whatever you celebrate because we're inclusive on mrs sports. Thank you for tuning in episode one thirty seven. This is our championship game. Wrap up waiting an extra day to put it out for two reasons one. We're only doing one show this week which we've kind of gone back and forth between two and one shows complete Just mismanagement i guess by my part but we are we plan on doing one show because of the holiday and of the end of the season we'll talk about some of these bowl games as they get cranked up. It's kind of crazy though right two days three days after the college football championship saturday. We kicked off a bowl game. It was like we had no law in college football. I'm here for it. I don't know about you guys. It was awesome. I mean usually you have a good two week or about the about a two week period where you have no college football and this year. It was like two days. Let's go. we gotta watch the idaho potato bowl or whatever it is but awesome games and and crushing and they were three and minister picks platforms three in the ball. Game so far on our bets. If you haven't checked that out we we always promo it here. But we're on another huge heater and the the people are signing up like crazy we have almost have more subscribers to our menace depicts than we do to this show On patriots. So i would encourage you to drop twenty-five bones and check it out because it's been awesome but a lot to unpack in the show. I'm going to really put a lot of time into this one. Because the landscape has now come to a conclusion right. we have our playoffs obviously. ohio state is gonna play clemson new orleans and then obama is gonna play notre dame and dallas and the matchups honestly are are. I think what the playoff committee wanted all along. I mean i think they would have settled for a notre dame ohio state matchup and given a clemson alabama matchup. But there's no way to do that. I think this all fell perfectly into their lap. And if you didn't if you aren't a patriot subscriber. I put out my reaction show well first episode this week to patriot exclusive subscribers all in and up and talked about it just kind of a reaction show no analytics but it's exactly what i thought. The playoff committee wanted all along. So we're going to talk about that. Also a lot of current events going on florida's in a in a mess probation. Dan mullen second major probation. He he claims to be this. Have a history of compliance yet. This is his second major compliance issue in his head. Coaching tenure. I guess he thought people forgot. I didn't forget because it was had had to do with a good friend of mine. So that happened. Mookie coopers in the portal he's exiting columbus and. I predicted that one a year ago. I thought that was not a good marriage. But we'll talk about that in this episode and then talk about some of the coaching hires coaching fires. Don brown out at michigan. All coming to you on this episode real quick. Let's get a message from one of our sponsors in my bookie speaking of gambling. It's the most wonderful time of year that can end soon enough. We all deserve a win. We all deserve a little extra money in our pocket and we all deserve to have a little fun. The only place. You're guaranteed to get all three of my bookie. They're the only sports book that doesn't care whether you were naughty or nice this year. They've got gifts for everyone but nfl nba. All your favorite college sports and more sign up today and receive the ultimate stocking stuffer. A fifty percent deposit bonus two thousand bucks. That's a great place to start but we all know christmas is about. What's under the tree and it mybookie. That means huge deposit bonuses epic giveaways and free contests. It's simple sign up. Enter promo code menace and get your deposit matched halfway up to a thousand bucks head over to mybookie to make the most of the holidays this year and strut into twenty twenty one with cash in your pocket this winter. Bet with the best bet with mybookie. Filthy animals on oversight up for menace to picks. Sign up with my book. And let's get gambling man. I'm telling you there's nothing more fun. We're betting soccer bowl games college basketball nba. You name it. We're doing it all in this. European league soccer is. I've never watched it before. We started putting picks. I started watching it and i am a huge fan. So if you want to see what the world is raving about throat you know twenty bucks on one of these par lay's and watch a soccer game you will not regret it but anyways enough about that enough about the preview. Let's get the show you got barbecue and you did five feet. You'll be pleased to know this loss time i'm hosting i don't care anymore joking. I never did position to lecture the public about anything you know. Nothing about the real world. He'll run it after the ten fifteen. Twenty twenty-five thirty thirty five forty forty five fifty forty five wipe football guy lucky to me the press in speaking but they are we thought they were trouble script michigan stakes jalen watch jackson get the fuck outta here case it versus Let's start off unpack. What is going on in buckeye nation. Right now a couple of things have been going on first and foremost. Apparently a video was leaked from the post game. Locker room after beating northwestern ryan day set a couple f. words and said that we're going to beat the fuck out bama or clemson or notre dame or whoever they give us and apparently damore not. Apparently tomorrow mccall was the guy to put her on his livestream and a couple of opinions here first of all. What a dumb ass decision by tomorrow. The key he's a great kid. I loved the mario mccall. This is just make sure. We're clear. I love the mario but just can't be going live in a locker room and put your head coach on social media. Come on man. You would be pissed if somebody did that to you at your at your crib or at your house just talking about you know somebody else. You know you're talking to your friend about an ex girlfriend. You don't want to livestream that. So the everyone you know can see. You don't do that. But i was more surprised with people were like shocked that ryan day was motivating his team. What was so. I opening and shocking about what he said like did he said that. F word are you serious. You must have no insight into college. Football the f. Word is thrown around rampant in college. Football coaches players. Whatever i mean there's there i guess there's probably some classy coaches out there that don't but if you listen to podcasts. The language i use is not brash in the coaching world. Like if you say oh. He swears a lot g. It don't roof for your favorite college football team then because they all use language like that. So i'm i'm sure that's not what it is. But then trying to motivate his team and what he was doing modena's team trying to exude and project confidence into them. Why don't know why it's surprising like do you think davos not saying it like certainly. He's not delivering it. The same boats that that will just reminds me of a guy that smells like old spice cologne. You know what i mean. One of those guys that has nose hairs coming out of his nose. He's not probably talking with that kind of conviction power. Don't get me wrong with. Sabin is a guarantee brian. Kelly definitely is. I've heard him so. This is not shocking. It's non news. Other than i guess people wanted to. I people need clicks. That's what it is right. That's why i'm talking about it right now. Because it's now become news. People clicked it poured. tomorrow's probably getting reprimanded and then in trouble of some sort small trouble but still so just. It's just unfortunate. It's unfortunate the ios career hasn't panned out the way that i think i know he wanted in the way i thought it could've but it is what it is and it made me also think are we seeing the end of the demaro mccall type of player at ohio state. I mean you look around the country. There's teams that use players like that and teams that don't and it brings me back to when i started the with mookie coopers in the portal now similar body type two tomorrow mccall but still similar body types similar skill set kind of a hybrid returner guy slot receiver and he. I guess he doesn't see a path to the field which i could have told him that. Two years ago. I mean garrett wilson the slot jackson smith jacob plus how the buckeyes recruiting but even further than that like ryan days. Philosophy has never really been about any type of hybrid player. I mean he certainly is capable of using but he is more. Nfl pro style coach and that body type is not a big nfl position. Unless you're running back travis s yen or even a trace sermon rate an athletic running back these slot receivers. That look like running backs are a dying breed in. Nfl context. Never mind the fact. That's not bryant heartline style or vision. Brian hotline is an is an old school. Nfl style coach. He believes in in bigger taller. Receivers he believes in a lot of things that are are not conducive to that college style. Specific offense right now not that he couldn't coach in it. That's just not his passionate. Nobody believes so. This was a marriage that was doomed to fail. And i talked about it on signing day than i thought he was a dynamic player. Hopefully be like a returner. But i just didn't see the fit at ohio state with the new offense right. He had great fit at ohio state under urban. Meyer's offense but great fit in this offense and it made me think as i'm watching the national landscape over the weekend will ohio state ever recruit a qadir's tony type of player if you do not familiar with them. You must only watch the buckeyes. But he's plays florida and he is. I mean electricity in a football uniform ridiculous will they ever have an effective effective. Never mind dynamic. Will ohio state effective returner. I love garrett. Wilson is a punt returner. I don't think he's devin hester or even jalen marshall type of returner a guy that's gonna take it to the house. I think he's a solid returner but that to me when they signed. Mookie cooper was like that's his role right. Maybe get him in the backfield some maybe get him in the slot. Some maybe utilizing in the return game and so i. I don't know the details of it. I would imagine the kids seeing all the other. Freshmen play and you know just said you know what i don't see my path to the field so i'm out of here but that's just kind of the state of the state program is going through a transition and muji cooper was made an unfortunate -ly poor decision right. He went to a school. That wasn't going to utilize his skill set. And and if they were he didn't have the patience to see it through. I think guys transfer and after your first year is a complete cop-out. I really do most unless you're starting almost every single freshman wants to leave. It's when you go through the second year where you realize and see that. It's the best fit for you. You find your path to the field you realize you. You realize what you need to do to get on the field. That's really the reality of it. It's not after you know six months or whatever it gets longer than but after six months you're like this ain't for me i'm out that ain't that ain't it ain't it that's running away from a situation so unfortunate for him. Hopefully he finds a great home. But i've talked about it before outside of the quarterback position transfer portal. Rarely pays the usually the same problem. You face it or how state you're going to face at wherever illinois or wherever he's going to end up missouri. I don't know he's obviously kid. But that's just the reality what. It is so unfortunate for him but also other news. If you didn't see the florida. Gators and dan mullen were placed on one year of probation. They had an illegal meeting with the prospect before his junior year. Which by the way happens all the time every recruit gets met with by every school. This is like the comet comedy that is the nc two a. I mean i did it. I met with players all the time. Hoops cats out of the bag. Oh my gosh. Everyone's shocked every coach. Does it every coach i know. Does it every coach. i've ever been with. Does it every coach in the country meets with players before they're supposed to you know why because the rules fucking stupid. You can't spend five minutes with a kid to introduce yourself and kind of put a face to a name so you can hopefully recruit eventually. That's good for the kid and good for the and good for the school and good for everyone except the ncaa so fucking stupid and blind. They don't even know that that is the case that that'd be good for everyone like if they wanted to do things right they would. They would set a time limit or something like no more than ten minutes or no more than six minutes. Whatever they want to say it'd be hard to enforce. I get it but it's happening anyways and it's in the best interest player. So that's that's the comedy of this whole thing. And i bet that illegal meeting took a long time but the dumbest movie of the year and why this is even relevant in an issue and not just a slap on the wrist. Is dan mullins. Dumb ass sent text messages to the student athlete after the visit about the visit. What you just put in writing that you broke a rule are you. That dumb could lord. I hope he doesn't ever try to get away with murder. This some vision with the cops will roll up the gun hand and blood all over him. The dumbest move. I've ever seen because then it went from. It wasn't a case of the coaches just bumping the student bumping where it's accidental quote air quotes accidental. And because of that now. Dan mullen gets a one year show. Cause he's prohibited from all off campus recruiting in fall. Twenty twenty four twenty twenty one and he also banned from off campus recruiting for the first ten days of january. Twenty twenty one and all this stuff by the way all this stuff because there. There's no there's no recruiting right now. There's no recruiting because of covid. It will be instituted after kovic. All these will just you know. Postpone a lot like these games and and everything else to next year. They also got fined five grand which is hilarious. That's like me telling you like a man. You said a bad word. You owe me fifty cents. And you're like what i mean. Here's fifty cents. Whatever like five grand for an athletic department. Oh man you got us there. There on one year probation and a university is prohibited from recruiting players from the seattle area high schools. Two thousand nineteen twenty twenty one so they can't recruit the seattle area which is obviously where it occurred seven day off campus recruiting ban for the entire staff in spring. Twenty twenty one one on one rules education for mullen and the unnamed assistant coach so it kind of looks like a slap on the wrist. But let's not take into account the impact. That dan mullen has and any head coach has when they go on the road recruiting. It's huge. I mean that is your that your home run right. You're bringing the head guy to see that kid and go in the home and talk to mom talked to dad. Talk to whoever. That is your ace in the hole. That's that's your your trump card. That's that's your last play and mullins being banned from all of it as punishment. This is a huge punishment. This is not a slap on the wrist. The five thousand dollar fine is the one year probation. Okay whatever but the thing that blew me away the most about all of this is the response. After dan mullen came out and claimed to have a long history of compliance. And he's. he's disappointed that he did not encourage compliance. I don't know if he has short term memory only or if he has long term memory issues but let me remind him of someone that he might know. Well a guy named angelo miranda. Who is a friend of mine was with me at florida. Was dan mullen protege. This was his guy his right hand man took him to mississippi state is elevated him to receiver coach and then through his entire career under the bus. Save his own and his program. Miss mississippi state was on probation for two years. So this is not the first time dan. i don't know what it's like. Do simple google search. You can do it right now. Guzzo angelo mirando mississippi state. It'll pop up. They probation for two years. The ncaa found that a booster and a recruit exchange. One hundred seventeen phone calls over a period of several months back in twenty eleven two thousand twelve when mississippi state was recruiting. This kid. They said he the booster provided the kid with a jacket a credit card cash and then secured a two thousand dollar discount on a car for him and then he was. The kid was set up to visit a different university and the booster told him that. If he didn't take visit he'd pay him six grand. He ended up signing with mississippi state. And the ncaa found that angela marino new the violations but did not report them to the score the ncaa. That's all he just did a report him. He didn't set him up. He didn't do it and let me just tell you. Some dan mullen knew about it to everybody knew about it. This is the sec. The shady should happen down there all the time. So then bone had a decision to make own up to. I knew to write lap on the wrist or take a young kid who has entrusted his future and career in me and fuck his life up and throw him under the bus and make him seem to be the bad guy. Which one do you think. Dan mullen picked. People wonder why. I've animosity towards dan mullen as a as his character. The person and the type of guy he is that's another example a bad guy spineless guy a pussy of bitch. That's what he is and you see it in his postgame press conferences. If you can't see it now you'll never see it. He is a bitch and he has been for years going all the way back to me. I mean going all the way back to when he was at notre dame and got a woman pregnant and just like bounced on one night stand but whatever they have is everyone. i guess. That's not that everyone that that happens though. That doesn't make them a bad guy. But anyways i thought it was comical relevant to the national landscape of the three loss. Florida gators who wanna complain about. Ohio state schedule. I know this. Ohio states don't have any compliance issues right now so he should worry about his own program also other news getting back to the mid west landscape don brown out as defensive coordinator. Because he was the issue at michigan. I mean the five-time breuls nominee the. Afc a assistant coach of the year in two thousand fifteen at boston college. I don't know if you know boston. College wasn't great. They have the number one defense in america when he was there they were top. Twelve and ncaa and total defense every year at michigan before this year. Three of those four years in the top three in the country. The boss college defense he led led the country in eight defensive categories. So certainly don brown's the issue when i watch michigan now granted. The defense was not good this year. But the guy's been a great defensive coordinator. I don't care what you think he has. They've been solid on defense. I get it ryan day number okay. They worked together ryan's really really smart coach. You don't think ryan day's gonna get the next door neighbors number. I bet he does but no is turned to the offense. That can't do jack shit shape. Patterson comes in goes right all these people the next cam newton. They can't do anything. The offenses horrendous i guess because jim harbaugh is involved in the offense he turns a blind eye. Blames don brown. Don brown's out. How about that shit. Probably the best coach on their staff. I don't know all their coaches as well as i know some of them but i would venture that. He's the best coach on that staff. I really would. I put my money on that. Actually that he was the best coach on that staff. So where does michigan turn from here. there's three options in my opinion. Is chris partridge. He's at ole miss. Went to ole miss lane. Kiffin wasn't michigan coach under harbaugh. A lot of people thought. Maybe he should've became the coordinator and be b. Have been elevated. But he's almost right now. That's a potential return. It's probably jim harbaugh. Move another guy. Derek mason the head coach of vanderbilt. That was just fired. He worked for harbaugh at stanford. How horrible hired him at stanford not only worked for me hired him and he just got fire by vanderbilt. That'd be a quintessential move right. A normal move is to go from a fired head coach at advance to be the d. coordinator at michigan. That's that's definitely on. Jim harbaugh short list. And then tim banks is another guy. That i thought was intriguing. Coaches safeties at penn state has some bullshit co coordinator title. But he's a safety coach penn state detroit native. It would make a lot of sense. Outside of the fact that he kinda linking himself to a sinking ship and really. I mean chris partridge would be too. So i don't know. I think really. Derek mason is the guy. If i had put money on it. I'm saying derek mason the d. coordinator at michigan moving forward. If he does get named. I'll look into his defensive philosophies what they do on defense i have no idea. I haven't watched vanderbilt play and probably forever. Maybe ever. I've n- i've i've never watched a derek mason lead vanderbilt team on film other than the girl kicker. I watched that so that happened in michigan then. Auburn hires. brian hartson from boise. Wow did they fuck this one up. I mean you couldn't fuck this one up worse than they just did. Not only do they go. They went with the proven head coach. Route instead of the best possible candidate. Cal which. I've talked about the model in college. Football that's working for people is to hire a prominent quarter coordinator at a big school. Oftentimes even higher inter making an internal hire like kevin steele. A lot of rumors. Were that he was going to get the job. That's that's usually the move. But then they go higher proven head coach. This guy brian harrison. And i hope he successful and i hope i'm wrong. But he was born and raised in. Boise idaho his entire career outside of three seasons over twenty years. Were in boise. Idaho boise state. Now he's going to take on. Nick sabin on the field. He's gonna be he's gonna beat. Bama he's going to go recruit against lsu florida georgia. What no chance. That's a big. Yikes they you couldn't affect us. Went up worse. I mean if they hired me the backlash probably would have made it worse higher. That's it they. They did second to worst by hiring brian carson. Absolute yikes and then another blast from the past popped up as jet fish. I didn't even know this guy still was going around the circle. Jet fish was the qb coach. At new england. I guess to arizona. You might not know jack fish. Why would you get fish. I didn't know jet fish outside of one thing. He was offensive coordinator at michigan and he was horrendous. Terrible on offense they were. He was terrible in jacksonville jaguars when he was a coordinator on offense and then he took a direct shot at me. Sent a graphic out to all these receivers that we were recruiting about. Who you gonna trust me. Or zack smith. An all those kids sent it to me and i tweeted about famously. It's kind of resurged on twitter today. Because this douchebag ramsey randy nazareno or something from eleven warriors tweeted about it thinking. He could take shots. He's a fucking coke head and cheats on his wife with hookers but whatever he decides to put it out there so so it was a blast from the past. Moral story is is the time that jed fish tried to go after me. And i hate to break it to you. But if you trusted going to michigan and being developed by jet fish back then over trusting to come to ohio state and getting developed by me an urban. You made the wrong decision. That was two thousand fifteen. You look at the guys that have come out in four years after that. I mean that was all on the heels of michael thomas terry maclaurin parris campbell. Johnny dixon i mean the list goes on and on and on jalen. Marshall had a productive career noah brown still in the nfl. I mean who you gonna trust. Not fucking him. Sorry i had to just throw that out there But i want to get to the championship games before we get started. I thought this was evident of why. I do the show right. If you want to know who won the championship games and y you could stop the episode right after this short segment because it is. It's what's going to be the difference in the college football playoff and these high level games the missed tackle game ohio state northwestern ohio state had nine tackles. Northwestern had fifteen. Go to the sec championship game. Alabama had seven missed tackles florida. Thirteen missed tackles double digits for florida. They lose acc championship game. Clemson had six miss tackles. Notre dame had eleven tackles if there's a stat that predict success it has missed tackles. I've been talking about for two years and further evidence especially in big games. Sometimes pull up a game like clemson. North carolina state. And you look at it. You're like oh clemson. Didn't tackle will north carolina state. Did it's like yeah but clemson so much better than it didn't matter but in games that it matters where there's a differential a small differential missed tackles huge and it proved a championship weekend every team that had les mis tackles won the game. What before. I get to that though i wanted to bring up. This is a hybrid ad. I wouldn't call it an ad- because we advertise. Vpn not long ago on here. And i wasn't really sure what that was. I kind of researched it to talk about it on here. So i knew talking about and i really dove in research because i don't really trust the internet with censorship and controlling content and in government surveillance. And all that stuff so i started looking into. Vpn's it's kind of a personal network. And i found a company that i want to recommend. Today it's nord vpn. it's phenomenal. i signed up for it. It's a personal. Vpn right that's what it is and you can go on their started. I guess four childhood friends back in two thousand twelve came together and built this technology but basically because they didn't trust what was going on the internet. They wanted to liberate the internet and set up the first. Vpn servers started sharing it to people and then they found out started getting all kinds of insane feedback and they were encouraged to continue their work. And now they serve more than fourteen million people worldwide. So i reached out to him and they have a they had i. I basically said sell me what you guys do. And they told me fifty two hundred servers and fifty nine countries you unlock net flicks in your favourite entertainment websites anywhere in the world thirty day. Money back guarantee. That's what got me. I was like all right. So if i pay for this for thirty days and it sucks i can just cancel thirty day. Money back guarantee it protects all your data while traveling and public airport coffee shops like wi fi all that their cyber suite axes. An adblocker is just amazing. He works on everything that i have like. I have a pc here at works on. I have a mac laptop. Ios my phone unlimited bandwidth. it's just outstanding has an extension for my chrome browser which is lightweight and user friendly. It's awesome. It's awesome. So i want to put her on here to to let you know because i just signed up for it. And i'm paying to sign up for it and i asked them if they could give my listeners. Kind of a deal. If i talked about it because i think you guys should know about it. So they put together like a special christmas holiday deal and every every for any. If you purchase a two year plan you'll get four months free on top of it so if you go to nord. Vpn norad vpn dot com. And i had him set up a url forward slash menace and use our coupon menace. Aca at checkout. You'll get those four free months. So i urge you to check it out it is cybersecurity at it's finest and it's bad as man you go watch german net flicks and shit like that is cool so check it out. I wanted to pass it along because it's a great deal and it's the one that i'm using and i really like so. Let's start with the go in order. How about that. The new the new in game. Four o'clock in the night game because it was an awesome day of college football. I didn't even watch the oklahoma game having broke down But i do know this. I saw highlights. And i've said it all year before we get to the actual three games. Oklahoma is a team. You don't wanna play right now. Their defense is vastly approved. Improved under alex grinch spencer rattler kind of finding his groove and. They're a team. That i looked for in twenty twenty one to be really really good. So just don't sleep on oklahoma and they went out and just dominated iowa state but like i said i didn't watch the game i saw highlights and kind of saw the stat lines. But i wanna talk about this last eight northwestern game initial thoughts. I really thought this was the two different stories to different sides of the ball. We all know that after watching the film and studying the game. I think it's not as bad as i initially thought. And it's not as bad as you probably thought her think it was a double digit win over a highly ranked conference championship opponent decent win. It just didn't look pretty offense. struggled right. that was the reality of the situation. And i mean starting off as the first thing he said. You have to talk about his trae frequent sermon. My god and i don't like saying. I told you so but i told you so all year. If you listen to show i've been saying it. Wow twenty nine carries three hundred thirty one yards. Eleven point four yards per carry two touchdowns in the first half he at seven carries for sixty yards in the second half he had twenty two carries two hundred seventy four yards and two touchdowns the most yards ever by a buckeye. Just how he went off in the third quarter. So what i thought was excellent right. We're going to get to what what i thought was bad. What i thought was excellent was both coaching staffs and defense came out of halftime and they won the game. They won the game at halftime the in the coaching adjustments. I mean you've got to think about. Here's how halftime goes as a coach right. The minute that clock's ticking zero. You are sprinting. As fast as you can get in the locker room you get in a separate room. They're like the coach's locker rooms and dressing rooms are usually separate from the players. I guess just so you don't see each other's langer's i don't really know why but you go into the coach's locker room lock yourself in their office. We'll have that area's. Defense coaches may go into a shower or somewhere with greece boards. And you've got a solid like. I don't know pry eight minutes to talk as staff about what happened what they did. What what you did poorly and then to formulate a plan to attack what they're doing to you it's the most. It's it's the most chaotic and critical moment of a game for a coach. Like the in game stuff is is important but that halftime is vital to a college. Football team's and ohio state got an a maybe even an a plus at halftime. Those co two coaching staffs. Because the defense we'll get the defense. The defense came out and blanked northwestern in the second. Half because of what. The coaches did so awesome. Awesome halftime adjustments. And you see that. I mean trey sermon. Touchable seven times in the first half they come out the second half and he gets nine touches in the third quarter alone his third quarter stats were nine carries. Almost one hundred fifty yards and one touchdown sixteen per carry. They made it. They made an adjustment and boy did trae run with it outstanding game for him. He's a critical piece. I've said it all year critical piece if this team is going to win against clemson shape. Let's get out of the semi-finals right if they're going to get out of the semi finals. Trae sermon has to be feature. He has to be. We saw it saturday. I've said it all year. He's gotta be an impact player. You didn't take a grad transfer with his film from oklahoma to be mastered teague second fiddle. You didn't do it tony. Alfred went out and got his ass to be the premier back and on saturday. You saw what will happen if he is. I look for him to be the premier back in this game against clemson awesome awesome game for him and i'm so i'm so happy to see it from what i've heard. He's a great kid. That's what makes so happy so then all all eyes are on just in fields my thoughts on his performance. He didn't play that bad. I mean honestly. He made one bad throw and got screwed on that throw and his other. He threw two interceptions. Both of them were avoidable. If the receiver did what he could have should have done. Jamison williams running out fields. It's kind of he's not there and he's scrambles these right. He's he's about to pull the trigger. Jason williams turns into scramble mode. Turns up the sideline and fields throws into the fender standing. Right where jamison williams was and it's one thing they always say. Fool me once. Shame on you fool me twice. Shame on me right. It's not a jason williams problem. It's not field as fault. This lies solely on coaching receivers. Chris alavi did the same thing against clemson last year. He's going to run a post. He doesn't think it's there. I don't know why he decided to go. Scramble motive breaks it to the back corner. Fields throws the bender post right to nolan. Turner of clemson ended the game. Everyone remembers it right. Why are these receivers not doing. They're not operating scramble drill at the appropriate time and now it's been in the ass twice right to picks and there might be more than i didn't catch but anyways that's what happened on that play. Jamison williams going to run scramble drill fields. Didn't know he's going to do that so he threw out. The kid was running and it got picked off and the second one fields under threw the ball. The kid made a one handed catch. That was spectacular. It'll be on highlight tapes at northwestern for the rest of time. Just a stupid odell beckham type of play. Unbelievable play by that kid. I'm not going to take anything away from it. Just fields also under through it. He throws a better ball. Garrett wilson has a touchdown but the ball was contestable ball underthrown balls don't equal picks and less the receiver allows them to be picks. It's one thing if they're dramatically underthrown. That was under. By what a foot foot. And a half gear wilson attack that ball and it at the very least defender and knocked it down. He knows that heartland knows that they already discussed it. But that's what should happen so outside of that just it feels just looked off. He's allowed to have a bad day. Trevor lawrence had a couple. He's allowed to. It's just really bad optics. That is too bad games or two underwhelming performances were against the two ranked teams in indiana northwestern. And i will tell you right now watch. I watched the film. It's not because they were better. He's made some ridiculous throws this year in tight coverage. It's not because of them. It was that he didn't play well. Simple as that over three on deep balls to for eight over ten yards. He was pressured ten times with one completion for minus five yards the two picks i attribute to the receiver. Probably 'cause receiver coach. This was just a down game for him and you can also turn and say well. He didn't have his number. One guy is main man. chris. Alavi had the covid. I'm with that that that it certainly doesn't help. But that's why you develop a group. That's why you develop young guys. That's why you have to have that chemistry. He it with gary wilson. He has chris alavi. He can have it with six receivers. He just doesn't because why they don't throw it to those six receivers they throw it to you. Look at the targets. Garrett had nine. Julian fleming had seven trae sermon at five jamieson at three master teague had one brings me to my next question. What did the tight end room do like. Did they do something bad did they like do they not go hard at practice because they play really well. I mean really well but they're never targeted and their two. Nfl tight ends. And if tim hidden was tight end coach at ohio state. Most of the time. That i was i was the receiver coach. If he heard this segment right here he would be jaw. Dropped that. I'm saying that we should throw to the tight ends because i used to fight like hell to never throw it to his guys. Throw it to my guys. But you're in a game like this without chris. Alavi no real chemistry with some of these young receivers. Why are you not throwing the ball to jeremy record. I don't get it luke. Pharrell fifty six snaps. Jeremy rucker fifty two snaps. That's a hundred and eight snaps between them. Zero targets goose egg. I think that needs to change. Just like i thought trae sermon needed to be the premier back just like i thought tough borland should not be the starting linebacker middle linebacker justin hilliard. Should we'll get to that in a minute. i'm not. I'm not claiming that i know everything with some of the shit is so obvious now. I'll say it critically. The less obvious stuff. I keep to myself because who am i. What do i know. I'm not everyday in practice. The glaring stuff. I'm saying it. Come on man. Come on on the season jeremy record the number one tight end in america. Absolute freak receiving tight end ten targets in six games. Luke pharrell reminds me of a faster. Jeff fireman six targets on the eighty-six combined yards now. Jeremy record has three touchdowns on ten targets. That's very impressive. I don't know why we don't throw it to them especially moving down into the red zone. Because i'm done watching. Blake trial kick field goals. I don't know about you guys missed another one. Just don't don't forget what i told you about right. Half has left hashing happened like three times this weekend. People tweet at me all the time. If you ever see a missed field goal in the right hash tweet at me. I will re tweet it every time. Because i've i've talked about it and you know if you listen to show four eleven on third down. Not great mean actually pretty poor especially against northwestern who's not a playoff caliber team looking at the old line. I thought they played well. They played really well in the run game. Absolute studs in the run game. You saw in the second half mowing down an inferior opponent left and right let and trae sermon find his magic in the whole the only thing that's concerning to me is the guard play. It's concerning harry. Miller and wyatt davis accounted for five of the ten times. Justin feels pressured. I think why it's played. Well i honestly no. He's better than he's played. And so we need the white davis the buckeye grove tree planted. Wyatt davis at ass kicking machine. Athletic fucking guard to show up against clemson. That's what we need and he will. Harry miller is the one that concerns me. He's young he's inexperienced and he's not played well all year. So i'm concerned josh meyers. And harry miller that center left guard. Spot is a major weakness so watch out now. If you know one thing about clemson previewing this match. Before we preview it brent venables finds a weakness and aims nuclear weapons at it and unleashes them on the weakness. Whatever it is it was j. t. barrett the fact he can't throw. Let's do that if it's what whatever it is he finds a weakness in he unloads on it. So that's kind of what. I saw from that side of the ball on the defense. There's one person to talk about right now. justin hilliard. My god player the game player of the year absolutely ridiculous. Nine team-leading nine tackles to t- nfl's fumble recovery the one one interception and one of the most impressive plays. I've seen by a linebacker in the past game. Probably outside of drome bakers one picking the in the spring game. It was stud mode. They went three by one. Isolated hilliard as a corner in the boundary through a fade ball. And he high pointed at like is he was michael. Thomas just wow phenomenal. As far as top greater players zach harrison eighty four percent. Great height is graded player on pro. Football focus had five pressures. He's not getting the sax he's young. Larry johnson get him there he just not generational told you from day one. He's not chase young so stop older that standard. He's playing really well. And those sacks will come he will be really really good player by the end of this haskell garrett seventy nine percent the best tackle in the country. I'm ready to crown him. Third team all big ten but the best d. tackle in the country pro football focus all american but the best d. tackle in and the best attack on the country but he's only third team all big ten. This is what. I'm saying about coaches voting and voting. I told you how it works. Id's volt that's why haskell garrett third team all big ten and he's the best tackle. I've seen on film this year absurd. And then josh proctor. Seventy eight percent just in hilliard's seventy six percent. Those are the two names. i'm here to talk about. Aided eighteen on third and fourth down a little higher than than they'd like but here's what happened. The game plan by northwestern was exceptional. Pat fitzgerald deserves all the credit for this being the going the way it went. The game plan was excellent. They were in the wildcat with a running back at quarterback then they trade and shift and the quarterback back there. They trade tight ends motion guys constantly. You saw ohio states players moving around and getting out of position northwestern would snap the ball play with great fundamentals and get some gashes. It was phenomenal. And i thought the defense was in scramble mode in the first half. And that's what it looked like. They go into halftime. Make some adjustments. They figure out where to go how to shift where to move and they shut the shit down. Lock it down. Done zero point. No more production allow state all kudos to carry comes. Greg madison defensive staff. They did perfectly execute executed game plan. They came in with a plan. Northwestern hidden with a curve ball with wildcats trades in shifts. And just absolutely went after their ass. They try they try to adjust in game. They go to halftime. Make adjustments come out. Shut it down win. that's what you want. That is a great defensive plan when someone has such a good offensive plants such such a different offense plan so it was awesome for them. I do think that the style of defense is dis- advantageous to corners. And you see it with all the off corner sean. Giving up passes when it's not really sean wait. He's great and champion. He's doing exactly what he's talked to do. He's a great player. There's a good kid that does what kerry combs tells doing so much so that his dad went after cordell jones because cardinals dumb ass goes on what is letterman row has some game show cardio goes on there and starts popping off about a. Sean wade isn't a first round court. He's a play like a first round corner. And 'cause cartel is so ignorant to the game of football especially. I'm sure he doesn't watch film is that he's watching watches on tv and talks to people he surely doesn't study it. So cardio pops off about sean wade and radio gets pissed like aibo. Don't come in my kid. My kid's doing exactly what he would say. Go talk to carry. Carry combs how shawn's plan he'll tell you excellent because i'm sure talks to carry right. I mean he does so he goes at him. He said how by the way. How is your pro career while you wanna talk about it. And he went after cordell and good for him. Stand up for your kid. I mean this is big time college football and if it's warranted if the kids getting beat left and right that comes with the territory but if he's doing exactly what. His coach told him to do and his coach think he sees doing an playing exceptional. Who anyone to talk shit. I talked. I think sean is playing very well. He hasn't played the ball. Well in the air a handful of times part of that. I attribute to the move to outside corner and playing off corner. He's not used to that. But i think he's playing well all right well that is the totality of the public show. I still have a ton to get into. I haven't even talked about the other two championship games. And my most favorite part of the show that i'm getting ready to talk about now. Paycheck subscribers is one. I do know leading into the cfp. Like this is the five bullet points or conversations that i'm going to have about what needs to happen for ohio state to beat clemson because there's five things if they happen. I think wins. I think if one of the five or to the five don't happen it's not going to happen and if none of the five happened it's a blowout so anyways for the public. Thank you for tuning in. You're listening if you're interested in the full length show. This'll be well over an hour. This show it's two dollars and ninety nine cents a month. Go sign up on patriots. There's levels five bucks you get most shows early ten bucks you get additional shows. Were just now launching our youtube content. We're going to have live youtube. Streams live youtube sessions for the twenty dollars and so on so check it out. Patriots dot com forward slash menace to sports and come kick it with us man. We have a lot of fun. And it's only going to improve enhance as i get better and as my team grows is going to get better better so excited to talk about the championship. Games excited to talk about what ohio state needs to do Come hang out with us if you don't want to. that's fine. Hope you enjoyed last forty minutes. If you didn't go. Fuck yourself. San diego jeff. Lord you got barbecue and you did five. You'll be pleased to know this last line fine host. I don't care anymore joking. I never did villers known physicians and let the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. He'll run after the ten fifteen five thirty thirty five forty forty five fifty forty five lab football lucky to me the press. Speaking of we thought they trouble with other michigan stakes jalen. Watts said get fuck outta here.

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Episode #141  National Championship & Whats NEXT?

Menace 2 Society Podcast

40:51 min | 5 months ago

Episode #141 National Championship & Whats NEXT?

"It is monday january eighteenth. We are one week removed from the national championship. Game took a little a little hiatus. I guess not pay subscribers though we put out the reaction show immediately following the national championship. Game giving you my thoughts which will divulge in this episode. But it's time to move on to college football season's over congrats to alabama winning the national championship. And i think I predicted that about halfway through the year. They're just absolutely loaded. I mean one of the most loaded rosters we've seen in maybe last twenty twenty five years. I mean it's been a long a a very talented and loaded team and you could really point to last year's lsu team as having you know being similarly dominant maybe not quite as star studded and loaded but equally dominant and just phenomenal year. Congrats to nick. Sabin aggressed amac jones. Devante smith whole group really played an outstanding game in ohio. State really didn't have a plan to try to slow down the alabama offense which was surprising. But i'm gonna get into that into this episode also gonna talk a little bit about some current events reminder to the jags. The urban meyer is the head coach. The nfl to kind of talk about my thoughts. On that jeremy pruitt was just announced he was fired. Four 'cause no buyouts of major recruiting scandal and shocker top. Two candidates to replace him are no strangers to recruiting scandals or ncaa scandals. I should say so. Obviously fe really have morals and they really made this decision because they they don't believe in cheaters or i guess we'll see maybe they won't hire one of their top two candidates who both would take the job. I'm gonna talk about that. A little a little conversation about the future of the show as we roll into the off season. And give you my thoughts on the twenty twenty one ohio state roster who i think needs to show up kind of where the improvements need to be made who is going to start wear and then i'm gonna end the show with my guess all decade team for ohio state. Kind of from the time. I got hired the time. Urban meyer hired until today kind of who i would say are the starters which is always fun to do and i thought it just kind of had a conversation with a buddy of mine and we were talking about it and i was like shoot i might as well put that out there. I mean it's my kind of all decade team for the buckeyes many ways. We'll get to all of that also side note we are still rocking and rolling. With menace to picks are gambling advice platform. We give you picks you pick them. You gamble if you're legally able to gamble and When money is really a fun deal in a great place to gamble. If you wanna do it online is our partner mybookie. So a quick word from my bookie. 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The best part is they make it simple with varieties of ways to deposit instantly including credit card bank transfer bitcoin and more whether you're at home or on the go on your laptop or your phone. It's not too late to make your new year's resolution a resolution to get paid bet win and get paid at mybookie. Well there you have it. Mybookie dot ag to make all your bets pay john dot com slash menace two picks to get your advice. Get some expert handicapping only twenty five bucks a month to if you look at real handy like actual handicapped services. I mean they charged upwards of two hundred three hundred dollars a month. Six hundred bucks for three months picks up front. I mean it's it's really. It's an inexpensive way to get some handicapping advice. And that's why. I wanted to start it with our company because it was just absurd. How people just. I mean absolutely gowd price. Gouge people for some some handicapping advice. Meanwhile we have better analytics better results in better knowledge. If you're being honest so anyways it out minister picks on patriot and also check out my book for your free deposits enough about that though enough about the preview. Let's get to the show what you got barbecue. The be pleased to know this last find hosted by. Don't care anymore joking. I never did position to let the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world after the ten fifteen twenty twenty-five thirty thirty five forty forty five fifty forty five dollars football lucky to me the press combined but they are we. We thought they were west. Michigan stakes jalen watts. Point wouldn't get the fuck outta here. Yeah well it's twenty. Twenty one and now the buckeyes are done in the cleveland. Browns are done if you are browser and the bengals have done for a while if you're a bengals fan and the steelers for that matter but what are your by the browns. I'm gonna talk about it just for a minute because i've been lifelong cleveland. Sports fan been a browns fan. Since really i was born a huge browns fan all the way back to the fumble the drive and now we have. What the drop the rashard higgins who can't seem to realize that he shouldn't reach the out and then he gets crown of the helmet targeted and no call in the nfl. There's no review not like college and it was just an upsetting loss. The way they lost to. I mean just the defense allowing chad henny to beat them in the second half is just absurd. You figure losing a guy. Like patrick mahomes. You got a chance to to steal a victory against the best team in the nfl and then they absolutely shit the bed but anyways trying to be positive. It's twenty twenty one. Let's keep positive vibes. My opinion have a springboard year and a building block year for a bright future in cleveland. I mean the ten highest grade team on pro football focus the fourth highest graded offense the twenty first grade defense. Which was pitiful. Their defense was awful. And you could try to find a spot like myles garrett if you want but little health little off-season moves. There's a chance team could be a contender a real contender not just a playoff contender. But possibly bigger than that baker had a really good year and he would the best thing is. He will benefit from consistency for the first time in his career year. Two in the same system same staff will cause a huge jump in production performance. So if you're a browns fan look out for that not to mention you as the best run game in the nfl. I mean nick. Chubb and kareem hunt were ridiculous defensively. They need linebackers. Bad man bad and some secondary support would help defense was pitiful at times but i also wanted to bring up twenty twenty years to the date that the ohio state michigan rivalry game flipped. Michigan was dominant. In the jon. Cooper era in the nineties. They really owned ohio state and then a man from youngstown. Ohio got higher. Jim tressel and gave a speech. That forever changed the future of the rivalry. Here we are twenty years later and his impact is felt every year. All the way to this year with michigan opting out because they didn't want another as beating. So here's the words of jim tressel. When he flipped the rivalry in favor of the buckeyes proud of our young people in the classroom in the community and most especially in three hundred and ten days in ann arbor michigan. And sure. Enough not three hundred. Say three hundred ten days later. We'll how delivered a big victory. Twenty six to twenty in ann arbor michigan to re invigorate the rivalry and swing the pendulum. Back in the buckeyes favor. Jim tressel needs a lot of credit for bringing the ohio state buckeyes back to national prominence. Back to you know he. He was the foundation took a program. And you really look at the lineage of it right. My grandfather was the head coach. Earle bruce if you didn't know ma now you know. He was the head coach. Very regional recruiting base. Really tough teams. They were very fundamentally sound. Well coached just outstanding football teams a lot like the model. Woody hayes put in place and the only difference between the two was. My grandfather. didn't mind throwing the ball every now. And then we're woody. If what he ever threw the ball. So then jon cooper give them credit for how he developed the brand of ohio state. He took that model lost a lot of it. I mean lost a lot of the the fundamentals the toughness if you wanna call it that and really lost the luster of the mid west rivalry and the the brotherhood that was ohio state. Football righty started one. He himself was not a buckeye really. Didn't have any understanding of the landscape. The place the rivalry game. I mean he. At one point referred to michigan as he said we prepare for that just like any game. And it's like whoa time out buddy. That is a red flag and he goes to ten in one or two ten and two whatever record was and it showed that he treated it as just another game but he did bring a national recruiting philosophy to ohio state and trestle got hired. Any brought back the earl bruce mentality to the house state team right to the rivalry game and that that speech alone told you that ohio state the buckeye brand and family was back the understanding of the rivalry game the understanding of the place columbus. The house that woody hayes built it returned and then obviously from their the. The house is being built. Further and further bigger and grander and larger and better than ever and urban took it to another level. And it looks as though ryan day is taking it to another level though. He's not in the conversation with your yet. Obviously gotta win a title. I but he is definitely enhancing. The recruiting prowess that was urban. Meyer staff to a level. That i didn't even i mean you're talking about this. Is nick sabin level. And that is that is saying something. Most dominant era in college. Football history. also saw a stat. If you didn't see this yet every recruit that nick sabin has ever cited alabama if they just stayed there three or four year. Career has a national championship ring. Like seventeen years worth or something like that. Every single recruit doesn't championship ring. Think about that. Like coaches sell national championships. In ohio state was long considered in the urban meyer tenure to beat the other place that you could go and you're probably going to win one but still there's classes that didn't get one. I mean right now. The last class that got one was the people were on the team in two thousand fourteen. None of them are there. So it's just astonishing success sabinus ad and if you really look at the model and just the you track you predict history by tracking recruiting right and as much as stars can be nonsense. They're really predictor of future. Success and ryan days recruiting at that level. So we'll get to that in a little bit here but other news speaking of urban. Meyer the new head coach of the jacksonville jacksonville. Jaguars twelve million a year. They're reporting and i never thought i'd see it. I really didn't i. He's an ambitious guy. He he definitely has an ego not in a bad way but he he thinks he's the greatest and i think this is his chance to solidify himself in the nick sabin conversation if he can have success in the nfl. Pete carroll success peaking go to a super bowl. God forbid win a superbowl. It'd be hard to argue winning national championships at two different stops right. Three of them in totality winning the way he did it utah and then going to the nfl and winning. He would arguably the best coach to ever coach the game. That was something that nick sabin could never do. He went to miami. It was an absolute trainwreck. Couldn't do it right. This would give urban the edge or at least volt him into that conversation. And you're looking at some of the hires he's making so far. Interestingly a not not a lot of nfl experienced a lot of that could be because guys can't get hired until they're out of the playoffs or out out the season is over. But for meyer to succeed in the nfl. He needs one thing. He needs coordinators are unique. He needs experience he needs. He needs some people there with nfl in their blood. If he doesn't have that it's going to be a failure. It's going to be like all the other coaches that you see. Jump to the to the professional level. I mean it's really. I'm trying to think you can say jimmy johnson okay. He went to the cowboys. They were ridiculously loaded. So if you want to count that barry switzer same thing pete. Carroll's the one that you look at you say you know what that guy one big time in college one. Big time in the nfl. He did so can urban do that. I mean he's already hired. So he hired ryan stamper from ohio state which is bigger loss than people understand ryan. Stamper had a lot to do with the culture at ohio state. He had the heartbeat of the team. He was a guy that could relate to players and he really was a phenomenal asset. For how state was the first guy that i predicted would leave from jacksonville. Florida has a daughter in jacksonville. So i knew that going back would mean he could be with his daughter back home and it was a no brainer and then i was actually really surprised though. It was not deserving or though it was deserved that ancient anthony. Should i go got the job as the head strength coach. I didn't see that coming. I mean he's he was excellent. His his energy level is through the roof. I think everyone knows that. The juice man R.i.p to the morning show that he's leaving because he was a great asset. They're really a great hire interesting to see because he started. I mean he started a company that was very successful. I wonder wonder how that's going to go the difference. Usa he had a difference. I guess he had a patent on a training tool and it was actually awesome. We use it. It'll have state all the time anyone i ever talked to tell. They need to get it. It's just a hand shield. That's that's more appropriately sized to train proper hand placement but not here to talk about that forever but it's smaller you want hands inside. You can't use those big old school tackling or blocking dummies because your hands automatically shoot wide so really really smart business model and He he was being. He was very successful. Also urban hired. Charlie strong from the florida days hired charlie back. Sounds like you'll probably be the linebackers coach and assistant head coach or some nonsense title. Chris ash is going to join him as well. It's bringing bringing the band back together and both are phenomenal football coaches. I would expect to hear some. Nfl blood next. I know scott. Lenihan is rumored offensive coach that he could hire. And it's interesting because back. When scott was at louisville urban usa visit with him and studied football with him and from him quite a bit and really they've been longtime friends and the advent of the spread offense really started with scotland and urban meyer. Rich rodriguez kind of all got together and talked football and developed this brand of football. This different style of football. That was that was spread offense and each had their own spin scotland. Hand a little more pass friendly Rich rodriguez for more zone read and urban really eventually morphed a power run game into the spread offense. That was his his niche in college. Football right was the ability to run. I formation plays from spread sets and get the ball to talented athletes in space. You go back to the floor. Today's and that was his offense. I mean you're talking about single wing football. Your quarterback is a runner. You have average running backs at best and then you have freaks that receiver. That was it right. You saw how state to now outside of the average running back part because they we had great running backs at ohio state. But you saw great players. On the perimeter of quarterbacks that ran the ball and a national title followed right. Funny thing about it. Is you wanna talk about the game. Kind of passing you by. I don't believe we would've won the national actually. I know we wouldn't have won the national championship in two thousand fourteen. If we did not have cardio jones who was not running the ball at the helm during the playoff run. I mean you really look at it how we won the game. We ran the game. The way ohio state plays now. We ran the ball with an efficient and powerful and effective and explosive run. Game allow zeke elliott's explosion under the national scene and through the heck out of the ball devon smith probably the greatest deep ball threat. I've seen in the last ten years. I mean whether he paid out in the nfl or not he was dominant on deep balls. Michael thomas was one of the most dominant one on one receivers unfortunately didn't have the stats to show that. He was blida cough type of player but he was. I mean he won and got open almost every time. He ran a route and he dropped nothing. And then guys like evans. Spencer were just absolutely solid assets to that offense and so on and so forth to. Nfl tight ends but anyways it was far more in two thousand fourteen that legendary run was for more. I guess comparative to what you're seeing today from. How state right carl. Jones was not running the ball and the disaster. That was two thousand. Fifteen was part of partly because urban didn't have that identity we just kind of rolled with it and twenty fourteen because we had to didn't have a lot of time to think and then get a whole off season to figure out who your identity is going to be. Any tried to reinstitute his. what what. I would've called then an archaic model for college football scheme on offense reality of it but anyways interested to see how he does the nfl his style fits all. I will be really intrigued to see how much he will grow into the ceo role. He started trying to get there at the end of his tenure hiring ryan day and kevin wilson to run the offense so he didn't have to be involved as much and obviously the defense he hired gonna which didn't work out but the model was. I want to get too strong staff. That can run it so i can just be the ceo and make the decisions and run the program. That's where he wanted to get never fully got there but with because he trusted ryan day he was able to take his hands off the offense and you saw the offense start to flourish. And so that's gonna be the model if he can get two great coordinators and then find a way to convert his style to the nfl style. I think he's got a chance to be successful. But i was guessing man. I don't i don't see it happening. But he he certainly smart and what a debt to do it he he can do it. It's a matter of if he will. I don't remember kids name. I should have pulled it up but there was one recruit from the university of miami. That made a big stink. In recruiting about urban meyer. Looked like he was gonna cry when he told him he wasn't interested. And it was hilarious to him and now that poor kids on the jaguars so he gets to play for urban and the difference now is urban could just cut him. I don't even know. I don't know anything about him but it was just a funny side. Caveat i saw kirk barton tweet about but urban meyer as coach in the nfl. How about that crazy crazy to think about in other news is just broke today. Jeremy pruitt is has been relieved of his duties at the university of tennessee and tennessee is an absolute dumpster. Fire makes you wonder if clay travis witch-hunt did he incited to get rid of graciano. Did it cause a bigger dumpster. Fire like is influence a negative impact on tennessee. Because i actually was kind of a fan of the direction that jerry pruitt had the voles going not this year but last year and then cove in and everything. I was ready to wash that clean and give them another year. Because i like the way their defense playing. I liked the stuff he was doing. I thought he was possibly getting it on the right track. But ultimately inept quarterback play was the death of him. Jared garneau was awful awful and they didn't have replacement they They they didn't have another guy that they felt could be the guy and he he was slow in pulling the trigger on making that switch at quarterback also phil fulmer will retire not really related. But i think he just wants to get the next ad in there so that guy can make his higher. Because you really. It's it's honorable phil fulmer. And it's really respectable because what could happen is he could make the decision to hire the head coach fully knowing the next year or two. He's probably going to retire and doesn't work anymore. And then you bring in a d and he stuck with a coach he didn't hire and that can cause friction and cause problems in administration. You see it all the time. It's not their guy that. Ad comes in and he. It's not his guy head coach. That would cause problems in probably set tennessee back another five ten years so really respectable of phil fulmer to say you know what i'm going to retire now. Go get another a ad and then you guys can figure it out. He can hire his guy. I think that's phenomenal. They will be tennessee. We'll be looking for a fifth head coach since they fired. Fill former in two thousand eight. Which i have been on record saying the biggest mistake in the history of tennessee. Football that or hiring. Derek dooley default to follow him up. I mean just awful but pruitt definitely. I don't know he didn't perform like like you needed to. I mean he was oh and nine versus their three rivals. Bama florida georgia. Oh and nine eight of those nine losses by more than twenty points in october. He lost alabama by thirty one points and in the post game press conference stated that he felt like they were closing the gap on bama. And i don't know what he was watching but like of all years. This was not the claim to be closing. The gap on obama is the most talented football team. I've seen maybe in twenty years just crazy. But i think what's going to be wild to watch is the kind of what are the next couple of weeks like for volunteer nation right now. The the most tennessee thing ever would be on the cusp of these recruiting sanctions and fire guy. Four 'cause to hire hugh freeze from liberty. Who got fired from ole miss for recruiting violations and hookers basically. Wouldn't that be poetic. It's we fired this guy because he didn't do it the right way. Enter hugh freeze. Who also didn't do it. The right way wait a minute what the other one that i think is a better fit right. Is this guy. Jamey chadwell at coastal carolina. Talked about them on the show several times. What i didn't know at the time is he is tennessee. Native from kerry ville tennessee. He played quarterback at east tennessee state. So he knows the state very well and he obviously did a phenomenal job at coastal carolina. He was talked about for the south carolina. Job think he is bound to land a big fish school in the southeast at some point but funny side note that most people don't know he was also the head coach charleston southern during his time there they had numerous violations. I mean using ineligible players in games. They use scarlet. They allowed scholarship funds to be used by players to buy electronics jewelry at the bookstore. They had vacate eighteen. Wins so he comes with major sanctions as well. And so you really think about it like ken tennessee do that. They're making a statement right now. We are going to make a change because if you can't do it the right way we don't want to do it then like okay. Can you really hire two guys that made major nca violations. Can you do that and still not not. Just be absolute clown show full of shit. That's the question because there are two guys that have done it the right way no. Nca issues i mean just. Real dudes honorable have morals. They have values. They do it the right way. They're not gonna cheat in recruiting. And that is luke fickle at cincinnati. Matt campbell at iowa state. Those are two guys that are the opposite of hugh freeze. And i don't want to jamey chadwell. I don't know him that well but those two are fitting of what tennessee spinning right now. My only issue is i. Don't think of those guys has success in recruiting in the sec. You look back at butch jones. Butch jones came into tennessee. Never had ever even imagine competing in recruiting in the sec. No clue what he was doing. He literally was just trying to copy anything he saw. The urban meyer was doing because he knew he was in overset he did win. Some recruiting battles. But then he couldn't. He didn't have a program like other. Sec programs ohio state. You can throw them. In the mix just the development the culture development. Everything he did was just a fish out of water. He was thrown into the sec. Had no idea what he was doing now. I'm sure he's learned to date being in nick. Sabin school for head coaches that what he could do differently a second time around. But he's never had that experience. And that's my concern. With luke fickle and matt campbell if they were to emerge as the candidates to take over the volunteer program. I will say it's a it's going to be. I mean it's not a horrible time to beat tennessee head coach. It's not horrible time to take over. I mean you're talking about it right now to two team conference right. Florida and georgia. Florida can't recruit worth a damn. Dan mullen is a horrific recruiter. So if you get the right guy in there you could make a play to compete. And then kirby smart has proven that he just can't get it done on the field. He's doing in in recruiting but he can't seem to get it done on the field outside of one national championship trip where they lost second half. I guess lead to smith. If you don't remember but i think it's a good time to be the volts coach. I mean if it ever was. I don't know that it ever was right now since former got fired but anyways it'll be interesting to see where that goes but just before we get into kind of the national championship game and the conversation about kind of warehouse. State goes from here. The national landscape. I did want to give you my vision for the off season. Because i'm excited to do things that we've never done here at minister sports things that i've done my whole career. The biggest one is. I'm going to introduce recruiting breakdowns. Prospect breakdowns position breakdown school breakdowns. Something that i did for fifteen years and was very very good at it. If you look at it. I mean i think i was pretty good at it. You can have your own opinion. But i wanna bring my perspective into maybe some siamese some classes some position groups. And i'm going to start off with kind of the obviously lean towards ohio state a little bit but i would challenge you to shoot us a message if you have a school. A recruiting class. A certain player that you want me to dive into the film evaluate him and give them my honest opinion about that prospect or school or class. I am looking forward to doing it. And that's one thing we're going to recruiting breakdown stuff. The second thing we're going to do is we're gonna have some. Nfl draft content some conversations about some of these players that are going to the draft experience of going to combat to combine. And all that stuff. I'm going to bring some some players on to talk about that and also sees review and projections for twenty twenty one as we get later in the off season. The third thing i want to do is kind of tight what. I'm calling timeless stories right whether it's coaching experiences i've had interviews with former players or current players or whoever i wanna give just that unique perspective into college football that i've tried to always give a couple of great wants to look up our. I had kareem reid. Who has been victims. High school coach on gave an unbelievable re insight into what it's like to be on the highschool head coaches side of recruiting and major college. Football all the way to. I mean i've had had players on had a bunch of people on not to bore you with that but that's where we're gonna go. Also as we started doing towards the end the year going to do a ton of exclusive content for subscribers on patriot which pay dot com slash minutes sports call in shows livestreams morning shows and a few other concepts that we're going to roll out and try from now until spring ball and then over the summer again the other go so wanted to give you that update before we get into the national championship game. Just to kinda give you my vision on where this is headed and why you should continue to listen and support so anyways. Let's talk about the buckeyes. Getting kinda manhandled by the alabama crimson tide. I think before we get started on the actual game. I think one of the most. I guess not astonishing but the biggest thing to realize is the big ten screwed this up. i don't think it would have mattered. But state was twelve players or fourteen players or something for for the game including their nose guard who the best in the country tommy. Tokyo was out and it was unfortunate that they were without those players. Because alabama other sideline was literally. Like what the hell's covert. I don't even know what that is. We test we don't even know what that means. We don't test so covert made a had a major blow on the big ten chances of beating. Sec team because alabama tested like a week before and that was it to go no mentions or worries i also think demographically. The weather played a part in. I'm not a medical expert whether it's cova like diseases that test positive for covid or not disease viruses or if it's just in the cold the co corona virus lives better. I don't know you contract it more. But the reality was i mean when has no one out due to covid and ohio state has like a dozen. That's that's a that's a disadvantage. And they were already at a disadvantage because alabama was so damned good th the reality was no one was going to die. A cove it. No one was going to be gravely ill. It was a joke. By the by the midwest and big ten presidents and kevin warren and dr borchert all of them. But if you wanna wear your masks hiding your basements hide from the plague. Pandemic and watches alabama celebrates another gold trophy. Have at it. But anyways that's a precursor the game the actual game i mean it was an absolute dominant performance by alabama's offense and even more importantly i was very critical not critical but apprehensive that the new head coach at texas steve sarkisian could put in the time and bring to the table. A game plan appropriate for the national championship. It's hard to run both right on offense for that magnitude of a game in a program and try to start to build a program at texas. I will say this. He did it masterfully better than i've ever seen done. He absolutely owned the defense defense. He schemed up ways to get devante smith. The ball there was no stopping. That kid from touching the football and i thought it was very stubborn and very. I don't know it lack of experience. I guess at the coordinator position to not have a better plan for defending this defense. I mean they. Ohio state went in and did what they did all year. Which by the way didn't work that well against teams that were decent. So i mean alabama to schemed ways device with the ball. You saw it a lot in the low red zone. They'd motion in. Because they knew it was gonna be man coverage they do all kinds of motions to to get the corner seven banks a couple of times. Sean wait a couple of times. When that guy motions across the formation the corner has to go behind the linebacker's why because if they snap the ball when that receiver is in the backfield and the corners in front of linebackers and they run the ball. You're going to have a car wreck right. Linebackers are going to hit the coroner as they try to fill gaps in the run game. So you can't do it. You have to go behind when he starts to go behind they simply return motion. The guy devante smith back out and they couldn't adjust they couldn't get there the only way to stop. That is two things you play zone coverage so you don't have to travel anyone or you rock and roll right as that guy goes in motion. The corner start seven banks. Whoever the corner is starts to go back and play safety the safety starts to roll down to cover him and when he returned motions they just roll back. And you have leverage on your man that in reality is what they should have gone to in. The game is a rock and roll. I mean it's not that hard sean wade had a couple of plays. That effort wasn't great. The secondary was just. They were poorly coached. And they really haven't been developed in jeff half left and so that's that's where i'm at right now. Where is this team going to go. Because they just lost who was going to be a first rounder. Who knows what he's going to be now he's still could be but they aren't going to be more talented corner Mike the game was the three corners. Play well sean. Wait seven marcus williamson had to play. Well they graded out twenty first twenty fourth and twenty fifth on defense fifty seven percent for. Sean weighed forty four percent for seven banks. Thirty nine percent. For marcus williams. You can't win the game. That was my number one key to the game but you look at why right howard ohio state get there right so we go. And i'm gonna tell you how they didn't recruit quarters. They didn't do a good job. Recruiting quarters graziano. Had this hard on for tall long corners and only wanted to recruit the top two corners in the country they swung and missed and so the annual corners they have guys. They converted a corner. Guys that are stuck playing corner. In my opinion sean weight is dominant nickel and a safety. He is tyron matthew with length. That is what he is what he should have been but he was forced to play outside due to need not due to his skill. Set due to need. Sean wade is a first round player. Just he wasn't in the proper position at ohio state. You go back twenty eighteen. They signed seven banks. Who i think's a really good player. He's going to be a great corner before it's all said and done. Twenty one thousand nine recruiting class. They signed to safeties ronnie hickman and bryson shaw the two thousand twenty recruiting class. Who were freshman right so you can't really say that they should have been an impact player. They signed legend and then cameron martinez is a projection. Probably a safety if you ask me but it's a projection right so they didn't sign any corners. That's how we got here. That's why shawn was forced to play out of position. That's why cameron brown got hurt seven. It was seven banks. Sean weight and that was it. You had no other options and cameron brown. I told the story i recruited. I signed him as a receiver. Because i knew he could play perceive or corner at that level and urban fell in love with them and wanted them carried. Didn't want him graciano. Didn't want them until really until they started missing on other corners than they were like. Oh this kid's probably better than these other kids we're going to recruit but the reality it is right. That's that's what happened. That's how the secondary got where it got and guys they missed on. Just let's just talk guys in my area in my recruiting area. That that florida that ohio. They didn't really recruit tried to recruit him. But there's three guys missed on kyler elam who starting at florida. He's the best corner and he's a really good player would have been really good at ohio state shared jones for the seven five seven. Virginia beach area starts at clemson jalen simpson from the fredrika academy who i started recruiting when he was a freshman started at auburn. That's three off the top of my head. then then there's two thousand eighteen. Mrs pat 'certain who just watched it bama the best corner of the country. We recruited him harder than anyone could ever ask. Tyson campbell starter georgia. Those are the top two corners in the country all from the same high school. I don't know that we could got either but carrie combs left for the titans job so there was no way we were getting them when they didn't have a position coach other guys. We missed on bradley highs hiles at oklahoma the number forty four saw off safety said he was too short. He was a dominant player as a strong safety. Asante samuel junior at fsu. He was too short to play corner. According to gratiot allah blades. Junior at miami rejected and then seven banks we took in two thousand eighteen. So that's what happened. It was a mismanagement recruiting. That's why i say recruiting can always predict future success or failures right. They were going to be thin and down at corner because they didn't have the guys. You need ten guys to find two three first rounders. You can't have three. Expect them all three to be first rounders especially not right now. I mean cameron brown and seven banks might be first round corners. They just weren't yet. That's okay. there should've been other guys there to play and let them rotate in and have an impact where they were they could. But that's what happened. That's what happened in the secondary simple as that the other position that that really is a head scratcher for me for two years. Is the linebacker position in the top. Four guys justin hill. Your barron browning actually just announced. He's leaving so tough borland. Pete warner all gone so it's going to be a whole new look at the linebacker position in two thousand twenty one but when you look at how much they play. Justin hillier played fifty six snaps. The least of the four even though he was the best of the four riddle me that i don't know why i don't have an answer. I know urban would fire me. If i did that when i was on staff. But justin who you're fifty six snaps barron browning sixty two snaps. Tough borland sixty seven snaps. And pete warner seventy-five snaps. Then you look at the young guys to roger mitchell. Ten snaps dallas eight snaps cave on pope. One snap the lack of development at linebacker or the balls to play linebackers. Were an issue. They were like why. In god's name we thought we had an athletic enough linebacking group to have four on the field versus the athleticism. Obama is mind blowing. I guess it was the run game. This scared us with only eight quarterback pressures the blitzes were not existed. I mean shit you saw one blitz right. I mean they ran a couple of blitzes but the one impact play the game on defense when they finally book blitz bear and browning off the sack fumble recovery. It was glorious. And i mean no other than that. It was almost like they were didn't wanna blitz mack jones. I kind of get it. Bama's protection was outstanding but eight total. Qb pressures on the eight barron browning pass rush five times one of those was sack fumble. Talk about but screw it. Let's just roll with the defense right. It was a failure schematic failure. No creativity or versatility. Jon cooper zach harrison seventy five snaps pass rush only six total pressures. And i thought. I jon cooper played pretty well but they just didn't get home that much. Jonathan cooper was was making an impact but when devante smith goes out and doesn't play the entire second half and ohio state. Still couldn't even slow down this offense. It was not going to be a good. A good outcome for. The buckeyes wasn't simple. As that offensively it was lacklustre. Justin feels didn't look one hundred percent healthy he would throw on unimpeded and the ball would flutter when he slid it was awkward offensive line played. Okay but stage. Didn't throw the ball worth a shit at all. Chris lava got involved in the fourth. Quarter of a blowout. Didn't take many shots. And when you look at the stat line chris. Alavi was not a factor not due to his own incompetence but they just didn't get him the ball rucker. Jeremy record was targeted. One time in the game for thirty six game the biggest gain of the game and never again. The core of the coverage in alabama was their weakness and nothing happened to attack it. I think Losing trace sermon was a big loss. But you can't blame that like it was some two thousand six epitome or you're going to. You knew what was going to happen. Like when ted ginn got hurt master teague is a ball didn't have great vision and it was just a failure and recruiting at the running back position. Which is now being rectified. I mean the number one quarter running back in the country is coming in and he is dynamic watched film yesterday so anyways lackluster game plan didn't run fields at all which i thought they needed to. Its last game of his career and he partially because he was injured zero creativity. Compared to sox game plan. It was outmatched outcoached outperforms it was at another negatively positive vibes ryan day group. He's recruiting at sabin levels. He needs he needs an answer from the defensive staff which he will and you'll never see a game like that again simple as that there you have it. That's my recap on the national championship game. Just my thoughts didn't want to get to analytical because it's in the past water under the bridge game over but i'm also going to get into still for subscribers by projected lineup for the twenty twenty one ohio state buckeyes which is ever changing. It's fluid is to talk about the guys that are opting out leaving where i see them getting drafted and then also gonna talk about my all buckeye team two thousand twelve till now twenty eleven till now. The last ten year period who. I would pick it every position. If i could just create a roster right now from those players and try to rival this alabama team that was put together in one year so anyways those for subscribers go check it out patron dot com forward slash menace to sports. It's two dollars ninety nine cents a month. It's going to be worth it in the off season. Promise but thank you for tuning it thinking. You're listening hope. You enjoyed it. Hope you were entertained. Hope you killed forty five minutes on your drive to work drive home from work. Sit at home. whatever. I guess people work from home now but i hope you enjoyed it. And if you didn't go fuck yourself. San diego and you by phoenix be pleased to know this last time on hosting by. Don't care anymore. i'm joking. I never did. Sevilla's doing position to elect the public about anything. Nothing about the real world. He'll run it after the tampa. Fifteen twenty twenty-five thirty thirty five forty forty five fifty forty football guide to me depressed. Combatant speaking they are. We thought they were picked up by michigan state. Jalen watts jackson eighty stars. Get the fuck outta here them.

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HR 1: No College Football

Mason & Ireland

49:50 min | 11 months ago

HR 1: No College Football

"SPROUL Ramona, let's go. Oh. Do, we have a lot of stuff to get to. Yes. What where do we start? John. All. Right. Well, I don't know if you and I can off. Under sell or I mean this college football news? Is Gigantic if you're out driving around work and do whatever you're doing. The Big Ten and the PAC twelve canceled for the fall. Football for Ohio State. For Michigan for Penn. State. For USC FOR UCLA FOR STANFORD FOR CAL for Oregon for Washington all of it gone and Ramon and not just. For football but for the thousand hundred, twenty calendar year, which means Arizona. Basketball Ucla basketball now, who in November no hoop in December and reaction is coming fast and furious other conferences are not necessarily following suit the ACC came out and said, we're not prepared to cancel our season. We think we might be able to pull it off the SEC which includes Alabama and Lsu, and the best football teams in the country they have yet to cancel. They say they're still talking to doctors and they think they might be able to pull it off. So many branches on this tree. So ramone, let me start with this. Did the PAC twelve in the big ten make the right decision. Yes. Why I'm just going to say, yes, I think it's the right decision because. When you're dealing with the public health crisis and you don't have. The leadership infrastructure the unity to pull all of this together. If something is giving you pause then you turn around and I'm going to use a baseball analogy that my coach always used to tell me when you know when we were talking about base running, right like if you're rounding second. and. You look out there outfielder and think I. Can I go to make its third right? If you hesitate for one second? Usually. Go back to second base if there's any doubt in your mind if there's like a I really don't know if this is GonNa work I feel I feel nervous about this I'm not quite on board with this just go back because that second of hesitation is your instinct, but it also is the moment when you probably going to get yourself thrown out like just taking that second is going to get is GonNa, make it not work, and I think for those I think for those two conferences, the big ten, the pack twelve, they were hearing medical experts talk about what coronavirus can do to their heart your heart. The conditions that it can cause and they just could not sleep at night and live with that and did not feel like they had the protocols in place. At all of their schools to keep the athletes ace if the and the ACC play football this fall and they pull it off. Yeah. Doesn't that make the big ten and the PAC twelve. A incredibly negligent for cutting off the careers and cutting off the finances for athletic programs. Maybe. Forever. Ramon. You. Softball. For people who don't know. Him Basketball, pay for the other sports. I mean, we could I could lay it out for you in a spreadsheet, but that's the basic sentence. Yeah. Football and basketball pay for all the other sports. What you're going to see now is what you saw out of Stanford where Ramona went to school about a month ago. Stanford, saw this coming and they said were getting rid of eleven sports. Including stuff like men's volleyball that was in Oakland which is. Think about if you're a kid that's on scholarship to Stanford. For men's volleyball or for incoming freshmen and you have a scholarship to play volleyball Stanford and they tell you oh, it's a club sport. Now you're scholarships no longer there I mean that's that's crippling and so. If the ACC and the play. Are we going to see a whole bunch of people in the big ten in the pack twelve get fired. Yet I think you're GONNA see a lot of furloughs either furloughs or firings, and here's how this works. Okay. So the scholarship money is not actually where I think a lot of the cost is because most of that comes from endowments it's it's it's the coaches salaries that costs a lot of money. and. It's also the. It's also the just travel expenses. It's taking guys, different teams, all the all that all the infrastructure that supports these programs. So I think what you're going to see is probably the only sports that have a chance of being played this year, our football and men's basketball I don't see how any of the other non revenue sports will play like. I mean I just don't see how you can justify the expense because the scholarships are GonNa come out of the endowment. That's that's. You know documents workers when they they ask you to send in one hundred dollars a year or whatever you send you know and I tried to send a little bit more than they invite me to the fancy dinners. You know if I send a five hundred, I get on a different lists than if I said one hundred, right? That's important. And I like going to the fancy generous because then I get to talk to the athletic director, you know things like that right but. That's stuff that money. That's what endows the scholarships but the overall athletic department operating budget like let's say you're, let's say you're a chemistry professor or science or or geology professor you're Oranje looking at the coaches salaries and the and the infrastructure that. Has Compared to the research grants you get or the the research assistants that you get your only looking at them side. You're already say, why do we need all these all this money for athletes? We shouldn't be funding cancer research. We shouldn't be funding research on Cova. Ramona once you open that door. Yeah. There's no going back I now I, mean think about this. Okay. So talking about a lot of branches on the Tree Yeah You're keyed in Slovak's the quarterback at USC or your Dorian Thomson Robinson, the quarterback at UCLA. What's to stop you from saying? Okay, they're playing in the ACC. They're playing in the SEC. I'm going to if you're keeping slow I'm going to go to Mississippi State and play for Lane, Kiffin. I'm not throwing away my goal of becoming a professional football player and sitting here while the PAC twelve. If that's why this. College. Football. Desperately. Needs Commissioner. One person at the top because this is anarchy with the with the. Ten and the PAC twelve saying we're out. What do you do if Keane Slava's comes to you if you're Clay Hilton? And Keaton slowest comes to you and says, coach I had a really good season last year they're offering me the starting job at Mississippi state I gotta go. I gotta go play. Yeah. Well, I mean chance going is going to be different this year you've got to let those guys transfer if they do and what's going to happen is if it's postponed till the you know they say they're saying right now we're gonNA postpone until the spring What's your level of confidence that they're actually going to play in this spring? Well, and how about this? So let's say your in NFL prospect you're on Mel. Kiper be our why would you play in the spring now? You wouldn't. You're basically going to water down the season for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who aren't good enough to be considered draft prospects. You'RE NOT GONNA have seniors out there because if you're an NFL draft prospect you you can't play in the season. So close to when the NFL draft is risk injury, not have that training town I'm like I mean you may see a few but for the vast majority of players just going to be different and I think this is where we all have to get over ourselves and say, you know who? who was the first one who had this quote I think it was the relief. Pitcher for the for the nationals who said this like sports, the reward of a functioning society right? You know and I've been hearing all summer. If you want college football in the fall, put your mask on. Now I, mean, we just haven't done that in this country we just have not controlled virus enough to where sports get to be our reward and I think I'm really to be honest you know what I feel I feel really sad today because I, think a lot of sports are never coming back. I agree with you and I also think a lot of top athletes in the twelve are Outta here. I think they're going to leave and particularly if the ACC in the SEC play. Maybe. Seem, they could power through but I'm not confident that they're going to be able to get through the season either I mean I think they have a chance if they create bubble like environments if they have to the only reason, I have a little faith in that is it sounds like they have. The resources to do the type of testing that you would need to do and. To keep everybody healthy or at least. Look what we've seen in baseball. You know every time people have traveled or just gone out partying the Indians had a pitcher the other day who who just went out to dinner with friends in Chicago and they said sorry you're GonNa you're Corentin for four days. You have to drive home to Cleveland from Chicago because you broke our protocols like you don't think that's happening all the time on college campuses with these football teams are going to be. Of course. It depends on you know do they have? People. They have other students on campus. Are they living in a secluded bubble like NBA or shell are? I'm not confidence they're going to be able to get through this this season I think they're going to try and I think they have a lot of testing, but you're going to see the same kinds of cancellations and issues that we've seen in baseball for schools trying to play football this year. This is stunning. News me. You don't Ramona they've been playing big ten and PAC twelve football a hundred years. And this is the first time. They're not going to have a season. Yeah, and I think that it, it's GonNa the. Nations are going to stretch far and wide and now. The SEC and the ACC if they play. They play it is going to be crazy what happens to these conferences that decided not to and I'm not so sure. That, the PAC twelve in the big ten aren't doing the right thing I, think there are so many unanswerable questions. Every adage down the problem is. If you're competing, for national, Championships with teams in the ACC and the SEC and they're not playing by the same rules you are. It distorts the whole paradigm. You can't. That's why you need a college football czar you need one person in charge at the top and because you don't have that now you're going to have some parts of the country playing college football and other parts of the country not and. I. I mean the the amount of money. That Ohio State Michigan and UC making football would blow you away. And now, all that money goes away and what happens to water polo and Women's rowing and all the other sports I think. Yeah, I. Think you're right I. think they all go away. Yeah. Here's at least for this year and I remember I called a bunch of my. One of my teammates, she's the head coach at Stanford now, and when they cancelled the season in the in the spring and it was very abrupt like they were just getting getting ready for postseason tournament. You know they were just they were right in the middle of their season. They're getting ready to go to NCAA's and hosted regionals and stuff and I called her and I was like Gosh how how the girls taking this out? How has the team taking it and she goes she had a really good attitude about it. She goes you know if this is the worst. Thing that happened to them in their life. You know they consider themselves lucky right and it's a good attitude and I think people will find that attitude on some level. But what gets hard John is having to have that attitude for a year and a half like remember when we had salute to seniors have seniors from UC Irvine and you know cal State Northridge or whatever. You know local colleges that do that the season ended or they didn't get to play in the tournaments and stuff that was nice. But we all kind of assumed that was a one time thing. then. You assume that that was this was this year and then kind of in the fall there'd be some issues that maybe you would mostly get back to normal by by winter and spring. I don't know. I feel really sorry for those for those those athletes because I think. It's going to change their whole careers. I don't think they're going to have normal college careers for for this whole next season at least right. Based on. All of our social media feeds, you guys all want to react to this the new that there will be no football and the shocking thing Ramon is they kneecapped basketball for the Fremont's. So no basketball in November and December for the PAC twelve no ucla, no USC Zona. Will let you react to it. Next did the PAC twelve and the big ten make the right decision or did they just cripple athletics forever because if the ACC and the SEC play? In the PAC twelve who is constantly a follower they very rarely lead the pack twelve even follower in this that Bruce Feldman was on this yesterday said he didn't want to go first. Yeah. Waited for the big ten and then the PAC twelve jumped in. What happens to that conference? Now Eight, seven, seven, seven, ten, years pin eight, seven, seven, seven, ten, three, seven, seven, six will take some of your phone calls next, we're going to talk later this hour Tim may who covers Ohio State Ohio state is the biggest. Bully on the block Ramona, they make more money at Ohio from football than any school. In the PAC twelve or the big ten they're more affected by this financially and really. Economically, around the state as Lindsay will tell you, she's from there. The idea of Ohio state not playing football is going to be just deafening in Ohio I. Mean I don't know how High School Football Ohio is gigantic who do kids were committed to Ohio State? Keep those commitments or do they go now? I want to go play with with the conference with actually GONNA play. Let you guys react next eight, seven, seven, seven, spn Ramon Information I'm John Ireland Mason and Ireland seven, ten espn. Today it's Momo and Ireland Ramona Shelburne as who is on another pandemic vacation leads the league. And the Big Story Today College football in the big ten in the pack twelve is no more. They canceled it today shockingly because it's it's hundreds of millions of dollars, hundreds of millions at the bottom of the hour we're going to have a guy. That means three thirty Lindsey bottom of the hour. Guy. Who Covers Ohio state and he'll he'll help explain. Just, what they gave up today. When the big ten canceled football. But in the meantime, we want you guys have a chance to react to this. Here's Chris, in L. A. ON LINE ONE. Hey Chris you're on seventeen. ESPN. High. And get no love love listening to you guys. You know this isn't going to be a popular take I'm sure. But I'm a big college football fan but understand why they canceled this and I think you know it's horrible that the kids aren't going to be able to play but think about all the high school kids who miss their graduation who missed their prom you know first of the family graduate that wasn't been able to be seen by the families. You know this is a pandemic. Optional like, Hey, little finkbeiner were daily the pandemic. So if these kids have to sacrifice as we all soccer feisty having to work from home and. The list goes on and on it's understandable to me that in a college athlete has to sacrifices. Well, it's horrible. But in the big picture, I understand it and me I look at the the the president or like the parents and the student athletes are like the children it will be horrible and you would never sacrifice one of your five kids three kids to get sick. Because well, let's just see how it works works out. You wouldn't do that. I mean it's irresponsible. So I completely understand it I hope the SEC makes it through without any issues, but I wouldn't bet on it. I have to college kids and you know you have to keep them home in my opinion because they will go out and do things when they're on campus. So. With, all right Chris Thank you for the phone call Ramona. Let me ask you a really hard question who fast forward. Seventeen eighteen years. Your son Daniel. To now, right Almost. Almost two. Wants to play football he's on scholarship. To, play football at an SEC school and he says, mom I, want to go play. What do you say? Do you let them? Mouth not letting him play football in the first place. One of those, he can play soccer and he can play baseball though. Okay. Basketball player. I mean you know what I'm saying, Aska. Yeah. Probably not going to be tall enough but okay, he would teach him to shoot. The you know. Yeah a little played I. my view of Parenting News that you train your you know you raise your kids to where they're strong enough to make their own choices right and and what the level of risk is. But I think that you know the I liked what the caller said there where it's. Look, this is a pandemic in the sense that I was I've been trying to read up on what happened during World War Two World War One. What happened to all these college sports and there were just some years that everything got postponed. Just. Got Cancelled or something you know they just didn't have a season or they didn't. The difference now is that we have so much money tied up in. There's such a huge economy in around it but. They should just do what they did in the spring which they give everybody else another year like you don't lose your eligibility and. So the vast majority of athletes who are going to be affected by this. If if we're able to get things under control and they can come back in the spring. That'll be okay. It's like you're playing. Don't always go exactly how the how you expect them to. It's just going to affect this year's draft class. Affect everything I mean. If you. Think you're an NFL team and yet you're. Your Justin, Herbert was the chargers first-round pick they took him with the fifth or sixth pick overall. Yeah. If he doesn't play his last year, they still take him. Might have been the number one pick actually. A blade is way out of the number one. Part of it too. Yeah. Let's go to Terry in Northridge on line three hair, you're on seven ten ESPN. John. Thanks for taking my call Terry Jodi yet. Just had a question the congress that that that are going to play football are the players signing waivers. So if they get ill blood clots or the have amputated and good to you. As, the School GonNa be responsible for that or what? Would have to have him signed some type of waiver just to protect. Yeah I think that you already signed something that says if you get hurt they have to cover you right like it's a it's a like an insurance like I got hurt playing softball like I don't have pay for my surgery I'm not something I health insurance or my parents it's the Stanford would pay for that right so I think it's similar to that like if you've got the virus and something happened to you the the schools athletic insurance is GonNa. Pay For all that. But I don't know if you sign a liability waiver that says you can you won't sue them if you get the virus playing. Because If you did that like you should be able to. Decide not to sign it to to opt out of signing it to say like I'm not I wanNA play, but I'm not gonna I'm not GonNa sign a liability waiver. Can't force you to sign that. Let's go to nick in Laguna Hey. Nick you're on seven hundred, ten, Espn Hi. Ramona shelburne working twice as hard for half the money I love you. We gotta get you some. Stephen. Any money prop you up you work in to Hi Ramona. Job. If you can give me some Stephen Money just you know send it all over the proposal right now. You'll do it. You'll get. A historic day today anyway hey, listen. We got the some Z. greatest scientific minds in the world. Time working right now at Stanford at cal at Ucla in particular those three K. Nobel prize level. So, it's not surprising that they cancelled. If you're going to react you to overreact the kids health is number one at issue. John Console Water Polo at Yuka like about twenty years ago I was. I was there I was there when they managed a club sport, they did it in the eight. I mean, they won national championships they'll get through it. Sports isn't the most important but listen if our country took the advice of the people and the culture that gives us the SEC at Fidel moments in our history like let's say the civil war reformation, Jim, crow, the civil rights are right now we would have a totally different country. Okay Let. WanNa go have ESI Football Games those stadiums with one hundred, thousand people. Still let them have that because this is a regional pandemic and what happened in Georgia and Mississippi and Louisiana when they just opened the bars two months ago and you're reaping the. Benefits of it or the death of it. Now, that's what's going to happen. Okay and their kids who are going to get it who are going to end up having their legs amputated they're gonNA end up having. Cardiovascular problems for the rest of their lives they. Yeah. They may have a lower mortality rates. They're also going to read it and I'll tell you what I got an eight year old and her elementary school is not a. Ten year old and hidden middle schooling opening. So we should go back to sports except in the South that those idiots want to. In till the elementary schools are babies are back in school when our babies are back in school then we can start thinking about having sports but until then who many people are dying if you don't understand that you're not wearing a mask and you should be wearing a mask Ramona, I love John Your dream. Job. Ever. Nick thank you for calling and boy great energy in that call. The. But I hope he's wrong. I, hope that the the people in the south that when they try and play I hope they don't have any of those the described, but it's certainly possible it certainly. I was listening to somebody I think it was one of the points at Trevor Lawrence was making. Either on twitter's interviews at that that he was doing you know they all are abiding by social distancing and mask-wearing and stuff like that. Right now because they think there's a chance they can play but you know court according to Trevor he goes if we don't have a season I, don't think that people will. And in other words, they're safer being in this controlled environment where everybody's tried to abide by the rules and stay safe than they would be. If they went back into the general population, it's an interesting argument. It's also a fairly sad one because it should be the same the dinner population like if we all as a country with just observe. Commonsense where mass keep your distance you don't do. Real risky. They don't have a big house party with fifty people you know whatever whatever people are doing just. I if we would all do that, then we could then we could have some of these sports. We could bring down our numbers, but we're, but we're clearly not. It is. Such a hard decision such our decision are coming up next we're GONNA. Go to Ohio and talked to a guy who covers Ohio state. And find out what happens next for all these great players state since more people than the NFL. More people to the NFL that almost any school in the country what are those kids do now also get into the Lakers Kyle. Coups made a game winner last night and right now there are a bunch of games going on. That will have a say in who the Lakers play in the first round that are affecting the playing tournament in the eighth seed we'll get to all that coming up Ramon. Information. I'm John Ireland seven ten. ESPN. Mason and Ireland. We are Covering, a lot of different stories today the big one is college football. We're going to get into the Lakers coming up here in a minute. But the big one is the big ten in the pack twelve have postponed. All Fall sports all of them. Not GonNA play. And whereas it is airing Ramona on the side of caution. It looks incredibly weird compared to the fact that the ACC an SEC came out today and said, for most part they're going to try and play. So there's a huge disconnect at least right now in college sports it all could change and kind of fall in line here in a month or two. But for now, you got half the country saying we're in and half the country saying we're out. And you know I don't think there's a coincidence about which half the countries in whichever country is. That you know generally speaking the the the people in our country who you know of done the states that have shut down right like California's down and The. York. In the Midwest like Chicago, a lot of those states essentially said. They. Shut down early and implemented mask wearing you know as a as a as a mandate. By the way I find that interesting that. Financially this what's surprising the most is if you gonNA, make a list of all the schools that canceled fall sports to to. Some of the biggest programs, some of the biggest revenue generators in the history of college. Athletics. Are On. That list and none is bigger than Ohio state. Ohio state football is as big of an economic driver in that you keep in mind they have the browns and the bengals yeah as their NFL teams in that State Ohio States the biggest football team in the state and Tim, may who writes for Lederman row has been covering Ohio State? Football. Since I was in college since one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty four, and is nice enough to join us now tim thank you for coming on and let me start with this. Did, it surprise you that Ohio? State. was on board with the big ten canceling fall sports or were they as far as you know? No. I think he had a I think he had a faction pushing. FACTION PUSHING To postpone just postponed and see how things go over the next several weeks. The leader of that faction in the big ten would have been Ohio state probably Michigan Right here with them for sure Penn State. So you know you, it said Oh line. You know you go in as individuals but you come out as a group you know like a jury. Or whatever in the obvious Jerry didn't have to have a unanimous decision. So you know they've g Smith said the right things as far as you know being accomplished members concern but he also you know is let it be known. He was you know he was disappointed the sense that they wait all the options, etc Ohio State holiday was doing. probably, if not, the best is good a job as anybody else in the country in terms of dealing with their players, the testing the distancing keeping everybody quote unquote safe at least when they were really auspices of the football team and You know it's but majority rules and no one knows right now I haven't seen a number and now be after the way the numbers of it bannered about bandied about the last several days. I probably wouldn't even believe. In number except that, there was some kind of majority vote that the big ten would not play football this fall. But yeah, I mean last they wanted to play Ryan they may democratic You know yesterday in an interview with ESPN two at the end of the day and you know made him fabric with us and stop we were standing here. We just watched him walk out you. WanNa. You WanNa talk to any reporters, but he's walked out of his. Office is just tweeted a picture of its. Longest Day coaching career so far. Is there a chance that Elias take to go rogue? Could they just say, okay, we don't care about the conference games. If you guys don't WanNa play, that's fine. But we'll go play some of the ACC teams that WanNa. Play or the SEC teams that WANNA play. The. Jinx Map basically indicated today that that's not really. The way they would think you know you you. You Know Ryan Day said, you know there yesterday that they're up for anything as far as he's concerned about possible about possibly having a season I think the only way that could happen would be if the other three power fives. All. Cancel the fall season, and then you have several teams like Brassica Scott Frost is. Obviously pointed out that they would be willing to play anywhere anytime. So to speak and But that would take a lot of organization in a short amount of time, and if anything has been proven over the last couple of weeks in major college football organization, it's not at the top of the list. We're talking to Tim. May Covers Ohio state for? Lederman row. Tim What. Ramona. Played softball at Stanford I was at Ucla in the eighties. We both think that this is going to probably wreck all the other sports. Do you buy that? Do you think that by cancelling football it's such a revenue generator for Ohio State does it does it trickle down to probably canceling a majority of the other sports? I think I think the. Department the last time I saw budget figures or some- somewhere in a two hundred and two hundred, twenty, million dollar range per year football generates you know based on the figures I've seen roughly half or a little bit more of that. You know a little bit more of that figure. Yeah. Is it gotTa have a trickle down effect on the Olympic sports as they call them this is going to have a an elevator. Elevator with a broken with a broken on effect I do believe in especially for some colleges. Now, the thing about state is unlike almost all every all of his brethren in the power five leagues, US, eight, thirty, six, Varsity sports you know Alabama all these other schools don't come anywhere close to that. Texas even but yeah. There's GonNa be there's GonNa be more fall. Jean Smith. Is is is definitely step forward and the director stay step forward and prevented that from happening thus far but there's going to be Forget about you know the Asterisk by the football season, there's going to be a financial void black home for one of another term left from this tall. That's going to take probably a decade or two to make up when you really think about it. Yeah. So what happens do they cut sports or do they do they furlough employees coaches a do they cut scholarships in general? I think what Stanford Cut. There's eleven sports about a month ago that they do. It would only like if you were still there then you're going to play this year if depending on their playing at all they're still on scholarship, you would lose your scholarship but in the future. They just won't find new scholarships how that affect the rest of the athletic department. I don't know I mean 'cause I'm not even going to I'm not even going to Put forth, an answer there because most of the scholarships that allow state or funded by fundraising in. which like it's not, it's not necessarily relying on income from like for for example, the football I'm talking about the scholarships but he's talking about millions, tens you know tens, times, tens of millions of dollars of coaches, salaries, etc. that are you know obviously in jeopardy you would think at this point and other things like that. But you know. So I don't really have an answer for you because they haven't gone down that that path yet they haven't revealed anything like that Tim May who covers Ohio state for Letterman row is with us. He's been covering Ohio State for thirty years and Tim. I live I'll just use justin fields as an example just fields. A quarterback at Ohio state is a top pro prospect. He's projected to go in the first round of the draft. Next year is, is there a chance that kids like that kids that you know they're going to get an opportunity to play at the next level if Ohio state and USC and Ucla don't play this fall but the ACC and the SEC do play I think they're going to have to let those kids transfer. They'RE GONNA have to change the rules in the transfer portal would kid like Justin fields leave has he said anything about that? Number, one I don't think you're going to change those rules. I don't see how that's going to happen because you know that would just create chaos and then number two. What do you do with the school that they supposedly would transfer to? You know I mean. You let them have one hundred twenty scholarships this year just Transfer. Maybe. will feel if they if they hate tim if they play in the spring, why would feel play? He's going to the NFL. I was going to get to that. But what I'm trying to say is what your premise was. You know. Necessarily be eligible to. Sean Lee who came back for his fourth year it allows data highly decorated howdy thought of cornerback You know he's already graduated Barron Browning linebackers already graduated you know whether or not they now would be eligible I. think he would be probably the transfer in possibly play immediately somewhere that's what you got. That's what we're all watching here over the next several weeks There would be some of those guys that you know might decide to do that. But you know you have to make room at the other place to you know I mean so that would be really It'd be really interesting to watch that dynamic play out but yeah spring football season the idea of that I think the team that is state would end up fielding would just be. a shadow. One, there was a number two team in the Country Watch watch the most of the players walk out today from the Woody Hays Flake Center with their heads down gummy some big time players, Wyatt Davis Josh Meyers too big time. Lineman. They're Zach, Harrison tough borland three time captain three, your own sick of three time captain in Ohio State History all these great players walk out gear Wilson and it's it's hard to believe they're gonNA turn around and possibly try to play a spring season if in SPEC. Some of those guys opt out you know that right could be eligible for the draft in the in the spring is you know the other thing is what's going to happen with with the play and the SEC ACC big twelve and all that I mean there are all kinds of not naming that are going to be in play here in the next several weeks Tim. Thank you for doing this. This was very helpful. I know it's been a crazy day back there for you guys appreciate you coming on with us. Oh anytime and I enjoyed it. All right. There's a there's to me and Ramona I. It's just a mess I mean from top to bottom right let's. Let's talk about something else just to get our minds off this I'm like depress after all this. All I'm doing is thinking about all the the kids who are just knock. It'd be able to play sports this year next year maybe ever again, all these programs that are gonNA lay coaches off. And and I don't know who you blame for. It is a pandemic. This has happened in our world before but. The reality that we've all been kind of dreading finally come to bear. All right. Next the Lakers last night hit a game winner. Not from Lebron. Not for Anthony. Davis. But. From Kyle Kuzma and it's a play that Frank Vogel drew up specifically for coups. We'll get into that coming up next Mason in Ireland Ramani information. ESPN. Alright NBA news the Lakers are closely watching the bubble game today because Ramona this. Have already won the sons are up by ten with about four and a half minutes to go and the grizzlies are losing, which means how the Lakers GonNa play the eight seed in the first round of the playoffs. It means that all four of those teams Memphis Portland San Antonio and Phoenix will decide who goes into the play in tournament on the final days of the seating games. Yes on Thursday and Friday this is awesome. Well I think they're going to keep it passed this year it worked out so good. Oh, so cool I. Think they're gonNA keep it moving forward and you know what's great is. The only reason the sons are in the bubble there's two reasons veteran. About thereabouts go seven. Oh. The sons are in the bubble because the NBA needed to create the opportunity for the eight nine game to happen in both conferences and in the Eastern Conference the closest teams of eighth spot was Washington and they were six games back out of. Out of the eighths five. So they said, well, if we're going to justify Washington being in the bubble, we've got to have the same threshold for the for the Western Conference. So the sons who are five and a half back, just barely made it, they wouldn't have been in otherwise they would have just on the four western conference scenes that were. Within four and a half games I think it was the the Pelicans Kings, the trail blazers, and and the Spurs they would've just on those four. Twenty team playoff but the the sons who were. Like. When you get married and you have like one hundred person wedding and you have a list of like, okay one. Jewish, people start giving us our nose I do. These guys are seven and. You did you watch the end of the LAKER game last? I. Did but I did not get to hear your call of it and I have been. You know I usually listen to you on the radio when I'm driving around but I don't go anywhere these days so i. Hear it. Let's play, end the game four seconds remaining balls into Anthony Davis looks like Davis Hanson ta-chou's three for the win. Got It. Does hit the three. Point four remaining in the game unless the nuggets for Miracle Kyle Kuzma just beat them. Twenty three in that game for coups and what a night for him. That like that but Ramona. The the weirdest thing is and I love this I think was brilliant. Is that they drew that play for coups. Here's why loved that so much. I Frank Vogel Smart Guy I think he knew. Okay we're not actually admitted this after the game we're not going to show anybody whatever our favorite or best game play is but if I somehow could drop a play for coups, any hits it now they have to defend coups in the playoffs right? They can't. They can't leave him wide open now because he's got the confidence that he can hit that shot. Did, you hear what COO said after the game. I play the quote about Jesus here's a coups math to the game I think Jesus could be in front of me. I'll probably does you Don't really matter me. got a open look. So play that we kinda ran. Practice a few times. No prior to the restart and no coach Dave, this call number and I Paid off. Kevin Durant tweeted today one line. I got Jesus getting the Stop. Line you some stuff out after game about. Was Interesting I liked what Vogel had said in the Post. Game Zoom. When he basically said I stole that play for Mike Budweiser who used to run it when they were Lana, he would run it for cal Korver and they would have Paul millsap set the screen, and in this scenario they had Anthony Davis had the past and they went to Lebron Lebron basically drew two guys away from the ball. He was like this decoy and got two guys to follow him. So coups had this open shot and I was like that was a great outta out play. That was great ato where'd you get it? Why did you guys run it and Vogel said? That they had run, they'd practice in they had done it in practice a couple times and he hit it. And then he kind of laughs because really glad he made it. went to overtime. They were just going to sit everybody like they weren't going to let the Lebron. Eighty. Let me ask you this station's resident. homer. I. I was very happy that the Lakers win that game. The had great games from coups from Lebron from a d. all north of twenty five points. and. Here's what I'm worried about. They didn't the Lakers didn't stop Denver's backups. Backups were keeping him in that game. So if you're a Laker Fan, what's your takeaway from that game that they got it together offensively that they hit all their threes that's what I'm tending to look at it. I kind of go to the school. To that. As long as they have Lebron and they're going to be favored to win any series. So I'm I'm happy about that game. I've heard from a of Laker fan saying yeah. But those are the nuggets backups. Should you worry if you're a Laker fan that that Denver stayed in that game without their stars? On. No look. I think Lebron just I think the fact that Lebron came out and said after the game if we're GONNA win Ku's has to be our third best player. That's the most declarative statement I've heard him make about Kyle Kuzma along. Since he's been here really I mean these. Are All year we've done the show saying who's the Lakers third best player and this year I would probably argue it's been Casey p right the kind of things I would say he's been coups been really up and down he's he started hard to count on nights night he's been injured. But. The one thing that I thought coups did that we're not that nobody's GonNa talk about is he pretty good defense? I mean he had he had three steals again. Like you had a good little staff there that was seven steals in his last three games and the entire season the fifty four games before that he had had forty one steals that was like he's he's really stepped it up defensively and I think Kuzina has realized that if he wants to be on the court and be the Lakers third best player, he's got to work his butt off defensive. He's gotta be the perimeter defender that they were out there. All Yours to your point when Franceville and funches you have this when Frank Vogel was asked after the game if Kyle Kuzma going to remain a starter. Probably not an ask for defensive reasons do you have that French I? Got It good and play? I think it's unlikely that we keep ministry lineup is something I wanna look at you know something we have available with. What massive we're looking at you know and we're likely going to need to quick arts the the way most of these teams. That we could be facing It's a small ball league. So we'll need speaks defensive speed on the perimeter. So Casey P. and Danny is likely to starting lineup but you know again you get in different massive you know their three is six ten. and Michael Porter Jr. Salami it'd be get any to match up against. where it gets another team that is big like this that could be an option for us. So it's just another part of the trial and error and evaluation of of looking at different things during these seating games and one thing I learned from Phil Jackson Ramona's doesn't really matter who's out there at the beginning of the game is more important who's out there at the end remember how? Upset Lamar Odom was when Phil wanted to make him a man and then out in one sixth man of the year, and it's because when he would bring Lamar into the game, he'd be playing against the other teams backups and he would just eat them alive and then he ended the Game Libra Lamar was always in finishing lineup and I think that could be something coups could look at he could. Bring him in with seven eight minutes to go in the first quarter. Seven or eight minutes gone in the first quarter, and then have him out there at the end and to your point about that play at the end. If. You look at Mason plumlee. He didn't know what to do. He was the guy guarding. Kuzma but Lebron inbounded the ball to Anthony Davis and then Lebron ran right to the basket. And everybody in Mason Plumlee saw Lebron rundown there and he said, Oh, I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to stay here they're gonNA try and give the bottle Lebron and Kouzmin just just ran the picket fence behind Anthony Davis and had a wide open shot. And so that that was so smart for the Lakers to do that last night because now the it's on tape, the other teams have to defend it. Yep and if you look at miles or a mason plumlee when he is standing in the middle of the key, he looks at Lebron he goes I can't leave I can't leave here the bronze here and then he realized kouzmines going to shoot it, and by the time Bowl Bowl gets out to coups it's too late. Well what was there was another quote and I'm always one of these. I have that ear now John where I listened for like hints that let you in on what somebody's really thinking right and how they really feel about it. There was a there was another quote the cow coups gave about this asked him if it was didn't he play extra hard because his mom was one of the virtual fans you see Kerry Kuzina sitting in the stands. You know she was home in Michigan on the virtual. On. The virtual fan thing and And he goes and one agreement. Right he's at something about well, I had to because I was starting and. Then he says, you know everybody knows I'd be starting on any other team in this league but on the Lakers, we got two of the best guys out there. So I come off the bench. which was Lamar Odom? Well, no coups no what I'm saying that's. Lamar Odom never started and it was when COO said that I mean, that's sort the window into his soul, right? Like he believes that he is a starter he believes he should be a starter he. He has accepted this role but I don't think he loves this role. And good light a fire under him and I remember I remember when Lamar was in that position like he didn't like it either Phil talked into it I remember genie bus would sit there whenever the Mar we'd get up off this was this was a genie bus Linda Rambus thing they sit you now they sit in the second row there when Lamar would get up off the bench. To come into game for the first time, they've made a big show about standing up and cheering for him when he would come into the game as a bench player because I guess Phil had told them like Lamar's really upset about this and he's really down about not being starter. So you show them some love when he gets some gets comes in when it comes into the game. I mean it's funny that think about like the things that we just consider small issues like starting or how much that means `to guy. But I do think that bothers coups more than he lets on just after games like. Say something he was in a good mood last night. All right. Coming up next the scoop all the things we haven't talked about yet. We'll get into that next Ramon information. I'm John Ireland seven ten ESPN.

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Episode #048  Sloppy Fields and Tommys Headache

Menace 2 Society Podcast

44:26 min | 1 year ago

Episode #048 Sloppy Fields and Tommys Headache

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Offer just log into mybookie DOT AG and make make your first deposit with Promo Code Menace and mybookie will match your deposit dollar for dollar to jumpstart your bankroll and that's on top of the risk. Free Bet let me repeat. That's guaranteed indeed deposit match and risk free. Bet For this week only so if you're a true football fan you do not want to let this opportunity pass you by. You simply can't lose. Make sure you do your part to support your team this season hop on the gravy train and get in on the action with my bookie it. is Monday November. Twenty fifth Thanksgiving Week a lot to be thankful info four really fired up about this week in just the weekend and what happened and everything that went on and What a great game between? Ohio state and Penn State is sloppy game but a great game and really want to thank everybody that showed up and turned out for the for the first tailgate. I think it was awesome. I mean the the response I we all got was excellent. And it's definitely it was awesome. I event and it's only going to get better. I'm so excited to do it again. We're going to do for the spring game and we're trying to figure out if we're we're GONNA do it for every home game or select home games next fall De GonNa look at doing some remote tailgates some away games and then we're eventually eventually going to expand into some other other schools. Because I know this is a you know. We have a national listener base. And if we learned one thing Saturday we can put on a decent party but I do want to thank Buckeye Vodka who ran out of Buckeye Vodka. We had to go make a run. So people loved their Buckeye Vodka and then north I- Brewing Company in Rhode Brewery for providing beer and then giant eagle. The food was outstanding giant eagle shade on the canal the wings were ridiculous and then also reverie tavern who made the most ridiculous cheesy potatoes `tatoes and then Nashville hot chicken dip or something like that and then catching daily for the awesome desserts. It was a ridiculous spread. I think the people did a great job trying to keep the food as warm as as possible considering how cold it was and But anyways it was a great great event and really fired up about it and thank you thankful for everyone. The showed up at awesome conversation loved interacting with everyone. And if you didn't didn't catch it makes you come check out the one at the spring game and We're GONNA look into doing maybe one for a bowl game or big ten championship or something anyways just wanted to get that out of the way and really thank everyone for coming and if you missed it come check it out but Let's get to the show right or do you do what everybody else does. Create some shit on the wall and see what sticks Sir what I see where we added citing on forty when my time on earth is gone at my activities activities here are fast I want. They bury the upside down like critics been kissed by. Well go to episode forty eight minutes to sports really fired up about this episode is really all four episodes this week. We have some awesome. Some stuff we're going to break down. Ohio State Penn state in this episode Talk a little bit about that game kind. Of what what I saw when I watched it yesterday and then also in the next couple website ruined. We're GONNA do an entire episode centered around the game the greatest rivalry and all sport and we have some awesome guest coming on for that episode. So make sure you stay stay tuned in and look out for that one. It's going to be one of my favorite episodes. I think we've ever done really excited about it. But let's talk about some of the current events. The most I guess. HILARIOUS current event was Tom Herman. Getting his team Jack Up headbutting. The shit out one of his de tackles or something like that and get I am fired up to take a twenty four to ten gray ass whooping at the courtesy of the Baylor bears. Wow was that embarrassing so funny story worry about that Tom. Herman used to do that. Every before. Every game at Ohio state and I was in the locker room and it was It was his way to kind of put himself at center stage and make a spectacle of himself. Ah had used the headbutts. Korey Lindsey our center and he. He just worked down the line of who we would head butt and it was funny because Mike rebel are in two thousand twelve was like after I saw it. He was like this talking to me in a side conversation he was like. That's some soft shit like you WanNa be a real tough guy like you. Don't position the helmet perfectly and hit the plastic with your head so that it's like it doesn't hurt you. He was like you want to be a real tough guy. You grab the facemask slam face. I just laugh so hard. And then before the Michigan game a AH variable was so amped I mean so jacked and ready for the game. Tom Did his cute little headbutt thing and variable push that you pussy. Here's how you fucking do it and grab grab Corey. Lansley by the face mask and headbutted the shit out of his face mask. I mean his head instantly burst open blood everywhere. If you look go back and look at the pictures. Rachel had abandoned end a bandage on his head. The whole game because he he screwed himself up bad but I just thought it was so funny seeing that charade that Tom Herman did before the game and the watching I'm just get their ass handed to him and it it begs the question like at what point are Texas faithful to get real sick and tired of Tom. Herman I think they are already and Anything that I can do to help push that movement along because he's an absolute clown of a person and he was a good football coach. I don't know what the problem is. I mean he's relying on that. Tim Beck offense or really the the Tom. Herman offensive. Just run the quarterback throws Shitty shitty pass plays and hope for the best and run trick plays every now and then catch them off guard. But it's definitely a bad time to be a Texas Longhorn and I read a funny of funny insider message board deal about a big time. Prominent boosters posters trying to raise the funds because he thinks that he can get urban Meyer to come to Texas and I was like. Oh my God here we go. Florida state Texas USC the Notre Dame they're talking about they might fire. Brian Kelly for Urban Meyer. Meyer might catch five bodies this off season people trying to fire their coach to try to get him and and ultimately I. I don't think it's going to happen and I was asked that at the tailgate. A number of times like do you think urban actually comes back and coach coaches again and and I know on a pre we season I said I think he would. I thought I had some insider info about the job and I do. I think he would have flirted with that job. He would've I thought about taking that job problem being and here's why. I think that he needs that fix. He needs that Adrenalin. He needs that competition. He he's he's he's insane in a good way he's that competitive and I really think that he's getting that fixed right now. You Watch him the pre-game or before for the game when they had fox big noon kickoff had outdoor setup. I mean they're really going after Game Day right now in in and I saw that spark when he was talking about his show being there there and he said the big ten networks here that other shows here and then Fox big noon kickoff. Is We set up right outside the art back. He wouldn't even say their name like there. The rivalry it's like that's it's the new. This is new fix is he goes on the show and he wants to just go after. ESPN and that's what he's doing right now he he is going after. ESPN and I don't think he gets back and coaching. Because I think think he's getting the adrenaline rush right now kicking. ESPN'S ASS and he loves it he loves it. So that's what I see. That's what I see in his future. I don't think he gets into coaching so hopefully flee healthy too. Many coaches don't fired in the pursuit of urban because I think urban is now a TV personality an analyst. He is no longer going to be a football coach. Another weird thing that came up. I don't know if people saw this. But Larry Johnson the D. Line coach state. His son tweeted out. One thing I do hate is my talented then. Gifted father wasting his talents for Ryan. Day without my father. He would be another sharecropper there will come a time where my father knows. He's an Israelite that's bizarre to say. The least I one thing I would tell you is Larry. Johnson is extremely. How's it one of the best coaches in the country? That's such an odd thing to tweet I did. He's a Penn State Grad. Maybe it was mad at his dad helped beat Penn state or something but His father's an Israelite He. If you WANNA follow him he has some bizarre Kazaa tweets sometimes and I think he tries to be like really woke but really interesting to go after his dad. His Dad's career choices. I mean he he props his dad add up says he's talented and gifted. I don't think it's a shot at his dad but I think his dad could leave if he wanted to. I don't think he's wasting his talents for Ryan and I certainly don't. I think Ryan would be another sharecropper not really sure what that means. But I don't think that Larry Johnson is the reason Ryan as having success. I think he's obviously an asset. But the trust me Greg. Madison's a phenomenal defensive line coach. If Larry was not to be there someone else could get chase young to play really well. That's a discount will Larry Larry's the best in the business but but I just thought that was really bizarre one other thing I want to talk about before we get to the house. They Penn state game was just. I was reflecting on Sunday. Just after after watching the game and watching some of those players just Chris Alavi making big plays K J hill making big plays and watching some kids yesterday the NFL. Like Terry McClure made a huge catch on third and five from Dwayne Haskins to set up the game winning field goal for for the redskins and it got me thinking about recruiting and just our our crews worked what it was like to recruit those kids. And what you really look for in recruiting in my experience my experiences you you want want to get players that that love to grind and all those kids I just mentioned they love to grind. I think about my experience with guys like Paris. Campbell Terry maclaurin in Austin Mac. Chris Alavi all very underrated recruits and I loved it because I evaluated them. I saw the talent there and I saw that. These recruiting services were missing missing on them. I mean Austin Mac we we ended up getting bumped in recruiting because he committed to a so early and we really push these services to help get him in the army game and all this other stuff so that does happen case people were wondering but those kids they had that non unranked under ranked or or under recruited did or or underrated. No bullshit attitude of just go to work screw everything else just go to work just grind just work and those kids became look at Terry maclaurin. He's the best rookie receiver in the NFL. And this kid was sitting in urban Meyer's often office. He came to camp. I loved him. Urban didn't watch watch him. We we came into our meeting. I think I mentioned before I told urban I wanted to offer him and he almost fired me. He was like what who that. There's no kid out. There's no receiver out there the complaint Ohio State. What's wrong with you? Anyone after me and I was a coach. I'm telling you this kid is has a chance to be really good. He's raw it's GonNa take some work but he has. He has a chance and he can really run and he's a great kid I can. I mean I got to know him. I could tell he was a hard worker. That's what coaches want. If you recruit if you know a recruit or if you even ever talked to a recruit a high school kid you're just grind just grind love the game be passionate about the game commit to the game. I even think about really highly recruited kids that had that mentality the bosses Garrett Wilson Ray Kwan McMillan jalen homes to Raj Mitchell will be on a great player at Ohio state in the future. Those kids are committed to the grind. They don't believe all the hype and Bullshit. They don't transfer six times in in Flip Schools Twenty Times. It doesn't happen because they get it. They know that recruiting rankings and stars and all that it's cool and on you and you need to enjoy but you need to grind commit because I five stars. I've seen just be average players and they were so talented. Compare that to the three stars that I am not just me. Other coaches have had identified and said man. This kid is a grinder he league. He's got that it factor. He loves football. He's GonNa work and they they end up leaving a first round draft pick a great player. Whatever like J. T. Barrett isn't great example? Very under recruited underrated. One of the better better quarterbacks in the history of Pasta I mean. That's what coaches want. That's what coaches look for grinders. They love the game of football and are going to commit to becoming a great player. Because I don't care who you are. You're not going to be a great player. In this you commit to maximizing yourself and some of these kids. I'm washing their house. And that's how does better than anyone. I think. Ohio State Alabama. They maximize their players. That ain't clemson talented players. I don't think they maximize their players like Ohio state. It does like Alabama. Does I really don't in so I had to get that off my chest a little little recruiting rant to start the day because I think it's so important for people to I know people to hear those kids grind. Michael Thomas was three star. Receiver out of. La Didn't offer any California schools. Ohio state. Before I got there. They signed him and they put him in prep school because they didn't think they thought he was more of a project but he came in and grinded. I mean grinded worked. He worked harder than any player of ever seen. And now you watch him. He's the best receiver in the national. Football League. Just signed a contract for one hundred million dollars. Think about that. Did he went from three star to the best at what he does why because he worked and he committed to maximising himself if I asked him to do something he did more than I asked him to do. In every respect of coaching if I asked him to go hard he went to hard. If I asked I mean it was it's funny because Jeff Ireland was I think he's the player personnel guy for the saints. or he was he said Sean Payton they both were at our office and they said Michael. Thomas goes so hard and walk throughs. They often don't put them in because they get in trouble. It's like a practice. One Time Sean Payton said he went up to simulate press man and Michael. Thomas almost threw him on the ground almost broke his arm. Because he's that intense and I just think about how that applies to all walks of life like if you have a profession if you have a career and you apply that same mentality like I wanNA maximize myself in my profession. I WanNa work harder than anyone else in. The world works at my profession. How successful would you be? That's what I'm trying to do right now. I'm trying to apply it to to business and entrepreneurship. I'm trying to apply that Michael Thomas Mentality to it like I'm going to go so hard at this podcast or this platform or the other businesses that I'm a part of. I'm GonNa go so hard at that that I have to succeed. I can't feel if you if you put that much investment into it all right enough of my rant. I just had a had to talk about that because I just really I mean I'm just watching some of these kids making millions of dollars and it's like that is so earned you don't realize it. They earned that money and they're just realizing their dreams because of the work they put in But anyway let let's. Let's get this Ohio state. Penn state game Go quick break From one of our sponsors I get a message. Let's you know about one of our supporters and then we'll dive into the Penn state game right back after this breaking news this important. 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Ten matchup big big win for the Buckeyes and it really have to really two game season left gotTa beat the team up north in this rivalry game this weekend and then win the big ten and then they're off to play off land but it was oh man was in an awesome game and it was exactly what I thought it would be. I said in the pre show the whole tailgate I was people. Were asking what I thought and it was. My message has always been the same the in that game. If they turn the ball over it would be closer than it should have been. And that's exactly what happened. Three turnovers Kept Penn state in it and then it really shitty third corner quarter three series really a seventeen point run and then also there in a dogfight still win by eleven but it was cold cold. It wasn't too bad it was a little chilly. And they're just the light rain. It wasn't like downpour but it was a light rain and everyone outside. Uh Not our tailgate. We recovered but like the Varsity club and everyone walking down the street. They're just drenched. Even though it was a light rain it was a consistent light rain and so it was. It was rough. It was a rough atmosphere. That is been those atmospheres have been Ohio state in the ass so many times that just if I'm a Buckeye Fan. I'm thankful that it didn't happen again. But here's the stat. You need to know everyone talked about it at the tailgate. Everyone knows my passion it is. I think it's one hundred percent of the year if you win the tackle battle you win the game period point blank game over so here it is Ohio state. Seven missed tackles on the day in the rain. That's excellent. I mean it's harder to bring guys down. People are slippery. Seven tackles that's it. The Penn state thirteen missed tackles its undefeated ladies and gentlemen undefeated Penn.. State missed more tackles than Ohio State State Ohio state wins. I mean I could stop there. I think from now on when I analyze game. I'm just GONNA do missed tackles and then shut the show off. Shut it off. What else matters and you know it was really impressive? I mentioned the pre-game Show Penn State had twice as many jobs are more than twice as many drops into Ohio state. Caja Hamblur had as many drops as Ohio. Ohio State's team as a whole pets only had one drop ball in the entire game in Ohio state only had two and in the rain that three drops a B- between both teams. That's impressive. I mean what a great job. AH BY BRIAN. heartline in the Penn state staff. We're getting there guys ready to catch wet balls granted. Neither team threw the ball a lot. So that probably played into it a little bit but this is an outstanding receiving effort across the board. And here's what this was. This was an eleven point win against a top ten team after coughing up the ball all three times. Ten points off those turnovers and one and the other turnover negating a touchdown as field just a field goal in the end zone. That is a self inflicted seventeen point disadvantage and still a double digit win in reality. This should have been minimally a three touchdown win and I think my analysis before the game was if they don't turn the ball over and if it's if it's nice out this is a twenty one point victory for Ohio state and that's exactly what it was. That's how they played after jumping out to a twenty one hundred lead needle. How state shot themselves in the foot over and over and over and allowed Penn state to crawl back in the game going on a seventeen point? Run in the third quarter just took four minutes four minutes off the game clock in seventeen points on the board just like that it was unbelievable. And here's what's crazy. I've been in games like that. We're we're someone just I mean hits a crazy stride hits momentum you shoot it yourself in the foot a couple of times and all of a sudden you're like shit man we're in a game now and we'll momentum shifts like this. I used to tell my guys all the time. Somebody has to make a play flay not just a play a big play. One of those plays that completely stops their momentum flips the script and gets that train rolling back in your direction. Somebody has to do it. Somebody has to ignite the match to light the fire and I used to challenge. WHO's IT GONNA be? Which one do you want to win the game so bad that you're going to be the one that changes this entire momentum's shift and on Saturday that someone was true? Sophomore Chris Alavi making a ridiculous contested catch catch in the right corner of the end zone. That was the play of the game. You can talk about any other play but that play the late throw by Justin fields to make an open. Open Chris Alavi tested covered crystal ave and for him to climb the ladder. Go Up and make that play. That was the play the game that play shifted back momentum and Got Ohio state back on track. It was everything it was the entire game. One play you WanNa talk about a performance ornaments. Though that Ohio state defense was suffocating. The first half was one of the finest half's of defensive football that I've seen Penn State had ten yards rushing shing and three yards passing at half three yards passing and ten yards rushing. It's ridiculous what this defense did at the end of the game. Under one hundred yards rushing two point seven five yards per rush five sacks thirty five percent on third and fourth down complete dominance imminence John Clifford before you got knocked out of the game in the third quarter. He threw the ball over ten yards twice two times over ten yards. That is defensive. Football right there. He was one for two over ten yards. Everything was short. That is insane. The lowest graded offensive player on Penn.. State was John Clifford thirty three percent. I think that's the lowest I've seen from a starter all year. Let alone the quarterback really bad the point where when Clifford went out of the game. We'll we'll leave us comes in and provided a spark and threw up seventeen points for well. How state was able to handle anything? Get their hands on it. After the Game James James Franklin even said Clifford Coulda went back in the game but they made the decision to keep him on the sideline to try to provide a spark. That's a hell of a risk and a hell of a task to ask for your first time playing significant minutes. Be It on the road against the number two team and the absolute best this defense in the country half on will see what you got. But let's talk about the silver bullet defense the highest graded player on defense and this. This one made me so happy for a kid because this kid is awesome. Awesome kid a talented kid. And he's been through so much injury adversity. The the highest rated player on defense was Justin Hilliard. Now you only played seven snaps on defense seven but he had one of the biggest plays in really the the game aim sealing interception at the end. He graded out ninety five percent on seven snaps. It's not a huge impact but to be in seven snaps great out that high and make that definitive played played. End The game. Just so so happy for Justin Hilliard and then the second highest grade the Comeback Kid back. He's back the Predator chase young ninety percent great out he played dominant man. He played dominant. They could not block him. They had to hold him. I mean tackle him they were just. I mean it got to the point where I felt bad for the line. They weren't throwing flags when he was getting just absolutely molested. Because I guess they just felt like what are you what are you. What do you want? The tackled tackled. Do they can't block that kid. The Best Series on defense that I saw after watching it was after just fields fumble thinking about it up by seven. Penn endstate trotted on the field with a fourteen point run and all the momentum lining up in Ohio states thirty-five sudden change so we talk about critical down to distances sudden and change. That is the critical defense on. Third Down can you get teams off the field in sudden change. Can you blow up. And and and not let a team score after a turnover after a long punt. Return after something like that with that defense did on that drive was just demoralized pen stay. I stopped their momentum on offense right then and there. The defense noted up only allowed eleven yards on eight plays ending the drive on chase young. Jay Sean Cornell's sack. And they had to kick a field goal. It took all momentum that Penn State had all the wind out of their sails gone. It was the most critical defensive series of the season and and they boat up now. We'll say this. I've heard a number of people calling Pete Warner reliability and coverage and. I don't think people realize what he did in this game and I didn't. Ah at the tailgate. I didn't I I watched the game but you know I was in conversation. It was hard to really see what was going on. I saw some replays into here and there so I had to go back and really watched the film yesterday. And and I don't think people realize what Pete Warner was asked to do. The defensive staff locked him up on Pat Fryer move. Who's one of the better tight ends in the country? Country and Penn State's game plan was to try to take advantage of that matchup and that matchup went. Pete Warner's way more than it didn't Pete was in coverage twenty eight snaps targeted. Ten Times only allowed six catches for forty yards. He finished that they would nine tackles and an assist. I think Pete Warner might be the player of the game but he's up there. He played excellent. I mean they flex a tight end out and try to get one on one with with WH- against Pete Warner that was her game plan get this liability and coverage and attack him and it didn't work. That was their entire game plan for Penn State. Get isolation's on Pete Warner an attack him with their tight end. It did not work. Pete was ready and he played exceptional. When you get targeted in a game plan like that you're going to give up a player to but six catches forty eight yards on the entire day twenty-eight snaps and coverage he played really well? I mean granted. He could've played better. He could allow zero or three a year four but I think he played extremely well overall. I think the defense was lights out. I think sometimes when People Watch football games they see like a completed needed passes like a complete failure. And there's someone to blame like Maliki Harrison twenty aches snaps and coverage he was targeted and coverage. Four times for four catches people would say man that's awful. He didn't play well on those four catches penn state got six total yards. That's exceptional that's excellent and look at the secondary play decent Damon Ornette. Had I feel like he he talks. Sometimes it distracts him from being a good player but as zero catches on three targets. It was a great job Okuda lead up at two catches that I remember for minimal yard. I think it was thirty. Two yards total The guy that really played well to me was Jordan Fuller though Jordan Fuller played extremely. Well just managing the middle of the field. He didn't do a lot. I mean they didn't get targeted it in in the past game. He only had two tackles which is really a testament to the front seven. The ball did never get to him but I think he did a great job of just just being the general running the defense. From that post safety position it was excellent The defense align as always played phenomenal. Jay Sean Cornell is a stud and people continue to under appreciate him he was dominant. BB Landers was excellent in the middle. And then obviously chase young was was a freak off the edge and really played well was barren browning bear and Brian. Healy had. Yeah I think what the hit three quarterback pressures he had four or five tackles Even but he was ridiculous. I mean make place in the Backfield I know he lost a shoe on one and did a little crawl afterwards really intimidating. But I think the guy that I've really didn't feel an impact from was tyreek Smith and he he could've played better. They need him to play. Better they need need. They need that other defensive position to be really good to free up chase young otherwise all attention already going to go to him but they need that other defensive even save an position to to take over if people are doubling chipping and doing all this stuff all this attention on the best player in college football. The other side has to get off has to Zach Harrison. I need they need more production out of these other defensive end. I didn't think they played bad but I think they could have done done a better job. Needless to say but the defense was excellent. I mean you give up under hundred yards rushing and get after the quarterback like that and really outside of four minutes they played complete. Dominant it football and the offense really put in bad field position on some of those turnovers. Just really can't do that to your defense but all in all great defensive performance Want to flip it to the other side of the ball Talk about a little bit of Ohio. State's offense Penn State's defense kind of how that went but real quick. We'll take a break and be right back after this this. Are you tired of paying your book every weekend because your lock of the week is as reliable as a Jim Harbaugh game plan. 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VIP Pass for free no strings attached no. Bs Trust me and try it out you little. I have nothing to lose. If you want to sign up for the remainder of the season you can use code menace fifty the number five zero for fifty percents off any package. Don't let another losing weekend get the best to your wallet. Head to pro. P R O mathematics dot com to start winning. Today I welcome back. Let's stop about this Buckeye offense offense and Justin fields and I the the rain did not help. Let's let's start with that but it wasn't that bad. I mean I was out there. It rained it was wet it but it wasn't a downpour. What happened with how they got the job done? But it wasn't an easy task against the nation's best rush defense. It wasn't easy simple as that. Sixty sixty one rushing attempts in the rain average. Three point seven five yards per carry their season low in almost half of their season average. It was not a good day running the football football simple simple as that I mean it was. Jk had a decent day. We'll get into that in a minute but justin fields. I think it was a tale of two Justin Jason Fields Really. It was by far his worst performance of the year by far his lowest grade of the season at fifty eight percent. He fumbled the ball three times. Only we lost two of them. But you can't fumble the ball once let alone three times and especially when you're going in the end zone like if you fumble the ball on the fifty it's like all right. We just gotTa go play defense. We were you know we might upon it anyways but as you're going in the end zone that's when you gotta come say clench the ball tighter. 'cause you always need hold it tight but you can't do that. That's seven points off the board on on just a lapse in decision making and how to hold the football you when you watch a guy carrying the football that it needs to be tied to his body. His elbow locked down to his body. As you say wrist above elbow or we say chin-chin the point to the sky. The minute that point gets lower. You see that arm dropped down a little bit. That's when it's easy to knock the ball out especially when it's wet so the ball security by Justin feels when he was running was terrible terrible in the pocket. Three fumbles can't do it. Sixteen to twenty two hundred eighty eight yards in two touchdowns to four on deep balls. He threw the ball really well especially considering the elements. They just didn't ask him to do a lot. He threw the ball. Seventy three percent completion. Eighty two percent comp- adjusted completion percentage with two drops but Ryan. I didn't ask him to do much with his arm. Simply the most interesting thing he did was run him and ran the shit out of him early early in the game. It felt like Tim Beck was back in Columbus and urban was yelling at him over the headset to run JT. I was having flashbacks to the first two quarters of my God. Get this to get this kid out and put a put. JK It quarterback but twenty one carries for your only quarterback that can win a football game on your entire roster. That's a lot but it is that time of year. It's time to win at all costs. You can't protect and hold back. Such a dynamic athlete all year and expect to hoist the National Championship trophy and January. You can't do it you. You have to cut him loose at some point at some point you have to let him go run. Some zone. Reads run some quarterback draws run some things that are just so devastating to to a defense. I mean if you don't if you employ some form of quarterback run game you were giving up the most lethal thing that an offense has that's called equating numbers. Think about it if the quarterback is the one carrying the ball. Ten guys are blocking for him. That means it's a one on one and just fields. We'll win that one on one. It's simple math right. If you do a direct hand in hand it to the running back you now have quarterback doing nothing so that takes one guy out of the equation. Now you have nine guys blocking eleven. Now it's one onto they can out gap you can plus you and there's ways to run the ball still running away from guys and things like that but to run the quarterback back the best acquainted numbers situation and they did it so they had to do it. At some point. At some point Justin fields was going to get cut loose and it evident that that the point the leash came off. Starting this past Saturday and now watch out. That kid is going to put up some insane stats especially actually when let them throw the Baltimore because he threw it. I mean awesome. I've really had one or two misthrows that I saw the whole game. And here's what was really. Here's what's really cool looking. Forward the top three graded players on offense for Ohio State. Number One. Chris Alavi Number Two K.. J. Hill number three three Garrett Wilson on only twenty eight snaps. How about that? Needless to say was number one the future of zone six is really bright not to mention the ridiculous class. Last heartline has been putting together to supplement the loss of K J Ben Victor Austin Mac. But the future's really bright and I mentioned before the show. That's what this his team needs. They Need Chris O.. Lavi making big plays he certainly capable. They need those explosions Downfield K.. J. Hill with an unbelievable touchdown on Saturday big play the future is bright zone six in with his offense if they let just throw the ball and a Penn.. State's defense they played. They played really. Well Mike Parsons my God. He played outstanding. He is great. A guy on defense eighty-eight percent. I will tell you this. The lowest to graded players players on offense. Were the two tackles at Ohio State There Mumford and Brandon Bowen. And when I watched the game I thought they played poor simples that poor. I knew this pass rush would be an issue you for for the line. They didn't have a chase young but they had a very effective pass. Rush going into the game but both tackle tackles grading out that low. That is problematic attic and concerning for this coming week and the hopeful playoff run because Michigan's defense is salty fair Mumford. Had A really rough day. He was the lowest graded player on offense. Fifty four point nine percent small caveat that was double Penn State's sharp starting quarterback great if y but here's his issue when I watch their play and I was talking about it to a couple of guys at the tailgate. He is very athletic. He has the potential to be very good but he is fundamentally very depor. He doesn't move his feet well and he's a waste bender. You'll see it every time. He loses impasse Bro. He gets lazy with his feet. Waistbands bends at the waist east and gets his hands swiped or get counter back inside and loses. He is not he does not play with a good. What I what we used to call football position a good bend like a reverse arc in your back like imagine squatting down and then sticking your chest out? That's the position you play football in not hunchback waste bending you bend at the ankles is the hips and the knees. And that's what he doesn't do well. He gets very top heavy at times but the two tackles they allowed five pressures combined and in a low passing contest and edge protectors are showing up as the greatest weaknesses of this team. The Achilles heel of Ohio state right now if you may for this Buckeye team is the tackles the pillars on the edge. The interior line has really developed an improved. I'm impressed I was critical the entire office line beginning of the year. I think the interior. Three reliant have really improved. Josh Meyers has probably should probably be the most improved player on the team. That's how much better. He's playing only allowed one pressure the entire day and they played really really well in the run game. The offense definitely showed some sparks. They made some huge place but it was a very sloppy and inefficient all day third down was very concerning the execution in the run. Game on third down was awful third and mediums so third and three to six that should be Ohio states dominant situation relation. That's where you are a great third-down team and really a great offense because you're good on first and second you get to third and four and you convert like a knife through butter on that third in medium. That's what I always looked at and said on third and medium. How good is a team? Because that'll tell you how drives we're GONNA go. They keep drives alive and on Saturday it was really concerning the execution. The run game was awful third and medium. There were six attempts thirty three percent to of six with their conversions. It's coming on a Justin feels designed run and a master t grinding it out a first down on four. Those are the two conversions on third and medium. The I think the reality is master. artigue needs to be the third down back. He's better impasse bro the JK. His ball skills aren't as good as jk but he's that bigger body back it can go get you four four yards. Jk Dobbins had his number called six out of the thirteen third downs on Saturday. Almost half he only converted one on third into one of six now. Jacob had a an outstanding overall performance which was much needed to grind. This went went out for sure. Much like was needed and delivered versus Wisconsin. A couple of weeks ago. A hundred seventy six yards is respectable. But don't look at that stat line and and look at one cute run and say that was a dominant performance. It wasn't it was more of a stats by volume day carrying the ball thirty six times. That's twenty more orca carries than jk's average going into the game of sixteen thirty three percent more than his previous season high. The most he ever carried the ball all year is twenty four times now. He carried it thirty six. I don't know I don't have the stat in front of me. But that's what around four yards a carry. That's not dominant when you run the ball. All Sixty one times like they did on Saturday. It's evident of a couple of things and it could be a combination of any or a conglomerate reason number one the weather and confidence in winning a physical battle those. That's the first point it's rainy. It's sloppy we're confident. Wouldn't that we can win a toe to toe slug match and so you go for it. Let's take distinct ground. The second point of contention is lack of confidence throwing the bowl and protecting the quarterback. Sometimes it's not that you don't have faith in the quarterback throwing in the receivers catching it. It's that you don't know how well you're going going to protect the quarterback and especially if your quarterback is the only quarterback on your roster that can win a game. You really gotta be careful. Even if he's peyton manning. Tom Brady back there. You got to be careful because if he gets hit once the wrong way. Yikes that's a bad bad deal and the third thing is the desire or to shorten the game and just wear the clock out. Which have state did that game was over and done? I think it was three and a half hours or something. Something like that and it was. It was by design. They were GonNa Short net clock and get out of there with a win but like I said at the beginning all this was not a close game it seemed close for a minute when they they put up seventeen points but you win by eleven after turning it over three times in the rain shitty weather. You're gonNA take that all day every day if you think you're the best his team in the country. I mean you're playing a top. Ten team is supposed to be a close game. You Win by eleven and you play like Shit Kinda. That's A. That's a hell of a deal that if that is playing like shit winning by eleven boy Oy people are going to be really happy and Buckeye nation but it was a big win goodwin looking forward to the next episode tomorrow. I Really WanNa talk about really the the huge upset on the West Coast Arizona State Beaten Oregon leaving Utah really to be the lone lone chance at a playoff berth. Persona talk about that game. I want to talk about. Lsu Arkansas fifty six to twenty another great offense performance but giving up twenty points. Arkansas granted late in the game. So I wanNA talk about that kind of what it means for. LSU also gonNA detail old Texas. Tom The the flight attendant man in his big loss to the future Penn state coach Matt Rule in the Baylor Bears Twenty four to ten going to break that game. Also want to talk about Georgia and they're six point victory. I guess against Texas A. and M. and they're just complete disgusting offense so we're GONNA break that down in the next episode. Appreciate you guys joining us. I appreciate everybody who came out to the tailgate. Really had a blast. I know you guys did to stay tuned. This week's going to be awesome really excited. These are probably my favorite episodes that we've had to date starting with this one. I I love really that a game analyzing it with the tailgate and everything but as always if you're interested in sponsorship or advertising reach out Zack at Minnesota Psyche PODCASTS DOT COM and looking forward to I think December first we're GONNA try to launch our expanded version of this platform so stay tuned have a great Thanksgiving Week. Short week. Shouldn't shouldn't you didn't have to work all week. Right should have at least Thursday Friday off. So let's let's enjoy the weekend. Be Thankful thank you for tuning in. Thank you for listening. I hope you're educated and entertained. paned bring this one back as we always say. If you weren't go fuck yourself San Diego Now or do you do what everybody else does. Create some shit on the wall and see what sticks which what I see happening. Everywhere where we had signed five unforced when my time on earth is gone activities here are fast. Once they vary a young side down in my critics kissed by.

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Episode #140  It Is Time!  Alabama vs. Ohio State

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Episode #140 It Is Time! Alabama vs. Ohio State

"National championship game day january eleventh tonight at eight o'clock or whatever time kickoff is the ohio state buckeyes take on nick sabin and the crimson tide. In what will be an epa game. I mean this is going to be a game that we will remember for a long time. Because i think it's going to be a very close game. I think it's a great matchup really for both teams. I think the strengths matchup with weaknesses. I think the game plans are going to be outstanding to watch. And if you're interested we're going to live stream on youtube not to start promo already but youtube dot com slash menaces sports i'm here live streaming all game give you my reaction as an analysis as the game goes on so make sure you check that out we will be running it and i am fired up to not only you know. Be a part of this witness it but also give you my insight into what is going on play by play in real time or slightly real time streaming has a little bit of a delay but this is going to be big time man. This time. it's time to play the game. All the shit we dealt with covid kevin warren all the stuff we've talked about on this show all the setbacks all the adversity that not only teams went through players went through the landscape went through. But also you went through. I mean the quarantines the masks social distancing everything that everyone is done is been. The effects on mental. Health has been out outrageous. It's been immense. It's been enormous and tonight for a couple of hours. We get to turn on the tv and forget it all and watched the best two teams in college football battle it out to hoist a trophy a big gold trophy heaviest shit by the way and one of these teams is going to be etched into the history of college football. Not only as a national champion but also as the team that survived adversity the most adverse year in probably a hundred years whether it is alabama who played a full slate of twelve games or it is ohio state who only played six had cova issues run rampant through the program through the big ten conference through the midwest one of these teams will be crowned possibly the greatest national champion ever because of the adversity that was added. You can make you can make claims. That state wins. They didn't play a full schedule. You can make claims that alabama didn't have to play a full landscape an ohio state team that had a full season to develop and grow regardless of your thoughts and your own personal opinions. The team that wins this game will be unlike any champion that has ever been crowned in college football history. So real quick. We're going to get to one of our sponsors are loyal sponsor. I would appreciate it if you check them out. 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But i'm gonna be honest. I don't know how long this show is going to be. Because i'm not gonna talk about anything but this game because i don't really care about any current events or anything else. They'll be a show later in the week for that but this is the show. We've all been waiting for the preview of the national championship game. Ohio state alabama number. One number three all the chips on the table. Let's get to the show. You got cuba batman phoenix. You'll be pleased to know this last time on hosting by. Don't care anymore. i'm joking. I never did villers in no position to lecture the public about anything you knew nothing about the real world running after the ten fifteen twenty twenty-five thirty thirty five forty forty five fifty five assists the football lucky for me. The press combatant speaking but they are we thought they were well as trouble with michigan stakes. Jalen watch said love. Get the fuck outta here. Okay see you gotta love game day as a college football player college football coach or college football fan. It doesn't matter which one you are. It's just different on game day. I know you woke up today a monday. A case of the mondays right to quote office space. You didn't have it. Because tonight you get to watch the buckeyes and the crimson tide. And i wanted to just talk about what game day is like on the inside all the way from up. If you saw the video this morning we'll have state put out. It is energy and a buzz. Like you've never felt in your life. The hairs on my arms are standing up now thinking about it. I'm getting chills because those players wake up first of all coaches go through the hallways and they wake the players up ice awake all my players up and pound on the door. Get their juices flowing. Get their energy and at a new level. Get their heart pumping you wake them up and they come down the elevator and then they go outside. They all go through a tunnel of support staff getting them juiced up getting them fired up get out and then you drink at ohio state. Mickey muratti has drink championship. Just a glass of water to anyone else. But to those buckeyes that water means something when it hits your lips and goes down your throat. That just starts your day game day. It's begins at all once you crush that water to start your team game day. Hydration than the team collects. And you're gonna team walk just to get your legs loose. Get your blood flowing. Go on about probably one hundred two hundred yard walk and just kind of get. Get your juices going. Get your blood flow and get your heart pumping then you go. Get your your your morning breakfast to kind of start. Your your your nutrition for the day and it's all planned out with nutritionists. I'm not going to go through what the menu is. Who gives a shit. But you eat your. Everyone has a routine. I always had players. that didn't like to eat. I had players that eight specific things in a specific order because being a great player a great coach and a great team comes down to one thing outside of hard work and ethics. And that is routine if you have an elite routine your performance will be elite and so they. Everyone had their different routine every coach every player. Some coaches went through tip sheets. Some coaches let their players get in their own zone. It was. it's a beautiful thing but one thing is for sure as much chaos as much fun as much noise as much chatter and clutter is in the air leading up to this game when you go in that game day breakfast it is silence. It is focus. It is confidence being built. It is a team on a mission to go win it all. It's different than when you play wisconsin. It's different than the big ten championship game. You wake up and realize you are the show. Everyone in the country is going to be watching you. All eyes on you and it feels different. Then you go through your walk. Special teams walk offense through defense. Walk through whatever you have to go through. And once you're done with all that you go up in your room and get a chance to just decompress because the tensions are already high. It's already your blood's your heart's already pumping through your chest. So you go relax in your room for a couple hours. Kick your feet up watch. Espn or fox. Sports whatever you wanna watch hopefully fox sports and then you come back down and you maybe have one more walk through. And then it's time for pre game meal you talk about silence. You talk about focus as focused as breakfast was that pregame meal is complete locked in energy. And you go upstairs put on what they call. Dress a shirt and tie put on your suit. Everyone uniform black coat. Red tie white shirt dressed for a business trip. And then you come down and you're going to go into the pregame. Highlight where ohio state is is second to none with their video content to get players inspired. You watch the three four five minute. Pregame highlight ryan day. Probe we'll talk to the team and then you go to clap drill which is simply a focused drill just to get your mind right and then you load the bus and the bus is the highest intensity that you get of the day prior to the field you sit there and guys have headphones on. Guys are getting in their zone. You can't hear anything but music through the beats headphones. Most of the players have. It'll be a long ride to this stadium down in miami but it will be a focused one and then you get to the stadium. Get off the bus and certainly there will be media. They'll be families you start to feel the aura of the stadium. You walk in and every player as different routine how they get dressed the order they get dressed how they tape their wrists how they take their ankles do they take their their ankles. Do they tape their wrists. Do they take their fingers. Every players different every some coaches will walk the field with their guys. Some guys let players get ready for the game. The buzz is in a game like this. When you take the field prior to fans getting in there you can feel the energy that this is the national championship of college football. You've worked for your whole lives some of these kids. Have i mean this this ohio state team. None of them have ever played in this game. They thought about it dreamt about it. Worked for it sweated for it and now they walk out on the field and they feel it. They're moment has arrived and it is time to go. Lay it all on the line to try to win a championship. Once you come back in the locker room you get a game speech from your head coach. And then you load up in the tunnel and you can feel the energy overflowing the cup and then you hit the field fireworks go off and the game is about to begin. It is time as mickey muratti says. So let's talk about this matchup this epoch. Matchup between number one alabama number three ohio state pro football focus is number one and number three graded teams in the country. Alabama and ninety five point four percent overall grade ohio state and ninety four point nine percent. The only not named alabama with a higher team grade than this year squad in the past ten years was the twenty nineteen ohio state team. Believe it or not you. Offense is on pro. Football focus bama a ninety seven percent grade just ridiculous number one in the country. Obviously well how state ninety four percent on defense bam a ninety one percent. Oh issues and ninety one point four. We'll have state fourth bama seventh. You look at miss tackles. There's no you everyone knows. My feeling on missed tackles. There's no secret to why these two teams are playing for it. All both teams average single digit missed tackles on the year nine per game. Alabama's twenty one point five qb pressures per game and three sacks per game ohio state averaging twenty six qb pressures in two point six sacks per game. These defenses are probably the weakness in the game. This should be an offensive firepower game. You look at alabama's defense. Their strength at corner joss jovian and patrick's retain. Their weakness are the linebackers and safeties and tackling on ohio. State side of the ball. Their strength is upfront. Larry johnson defensive line has been excellent. Haven't gotten home to the quarterback as much as usual but they've been phenomenal specifically the interior d. line and i've heard tommy. Tokyo is tested negative and will play. That's huge for the interior d. Line dot tommy. Tokyo and garett are the best tandem. Defensive tackles in the united states of america honestly in years obviously the weakness that will have state is in the secondary specifically the corners which will talk about in a minute. But i'm gonna talk about this from an ohio state perspective one because of my background too because the majority of you or state fans but even if you're not you'll understand and get a glimpse of what i think this game will play out and how it will go the first thing when you look at alabama's offense a big thing to note is steve. Sarkisian is is the head coach at texas. that is not to be forgotten. That is not that will have an impact in the game. You think about the last time office. Coordinator got a job from ohio state from alabama and not the last mike mike loxley did but lane. Kiffin was office coordinator. And after the semi-final game he had taken the job. After the semi-final game he essentially got fired by nick sabin because of the lack of focus and how hard it is to manage being a head coach of another school in a coordinator of offense and alabama. Why that's important. is you think about it. I've been around guys like tom. Herman dan mullen that got head. Coaching jobs as offensive coordinators. While we were on a national championship run difference. Being urban. meyer is an offensive coach. So he could step in and help. Nick saban defensive coach. He needs a strong focused head coach of the offense on that side of the ball. So i think this is going to be a huge huge piece of the pie. How locked in and how. Well the steve sarkisian due with the distraction of now being a head coach at texas. For god's sake it's not fau. it's texas. I think that's going to be huge. But when you look at alabama upfront people are say. Oh it starts with mac jones devante smith. I don't know it all starts with the remington award winner land in dickerson. The all american center and this offensive line there the best offense line in the country after watching the film. They're better than notre dame. They're better than ohio state. It's the best offense line in the country and it's why guys like nausea harris are able to play so well it's why mack jones has the time and the purse the ability to just pick apart defenses. He's a third highest rated player on the team. He's the highest rated player. Not named mack jones devante smith. He is the key to the to the castle at alabama and as he goes offense goes simple as that. But let's let's take a look at the first team. All american quarterback matt jones. He has been outstanding obviously. He's the number two in america when kept clean. Number one is actually just feels. He's eighth in america versus pressure. He only has been sacked eleven percent of the time that he's been pressured so when he's pressured he only takes eleven percent sacks compare that to justin fields who takes twenty nine percent sacks when he's pressured that that is a huge stat. He gets rid of the ball. He evades pressure and he doesn't take sacks that's huge he gets the ball out two and a half seconds snap to throw compared to fields two point eight seconds point. Three seconds is a lifetime for a tackle to pass block a defensive end or blitz. he's more. Here's the real thing that makes me nervous for ohio state about mack jones. He's more effective versus blitz partially because their line and pass pro are so good but he's eighty two percent adjusted completion percentage versus base defense and eighty six percent adjusted completion percentage versus blitz surprisingly while justin fields receives a three point one percent bump in production when throwing plaques impacts pass mack. Jones actually has a one point seven percent decrease. What does that mean. let's back that up. When alabama runs drop back pass mac jones's one point seven percent better than when they play action. Pass why he's the type of quarterback that likes to drop back see the field and execute when he turns his eyes in head away from the defense and has to run fake. He is not as good so expect dropback pass and that's what they've done all year sixteen of thirty six times. We're on deep balls. Forty four percent of his touchdowns were on shots. Major point for house they. They cannot get beat deep. They have to. We'll get to it later but they have to play softer coverage. Get over it. They're going to give up some underneath. Rose if they don't get beat deep they're going to win the game now. His wide receiver core has been phenomenal. I mean his receivers his every player on offense in the past game the only have six drops in twelve games. Comparatively ohio state has nine drops in six games so three more drops in half as many games. They've been outstanding. Part of it is ball. Placement and part of it is just ball reception. So here's the tendency report on mack. Jones where's this weakness right first team. All american has looked outstanding. When you watch the film and look at the analytics. He is has a heavy middle of the field. Focus usually when you breakdown. Qb's throws about half of their throws are in the middle of the field and and a quarter outside either hash. That's about normal right. Seventy percent of his throws completions and yards are in the middle of the field. That is a big deal especially for this ohio state team to take away the middle of the field if they can force him to live outside they got a chance and if their corners can step up. They're going to win the game. Simple as that quarterbacks to throw in the middle of the field shorter throws they can see it better. They don't have to turn their body head as much to make the throws think about it. If i drop back as a quarterback everything is pointed to throw it to the middle of the field right. it's way easier. It's ideal and steve. Sarkisian has done a great job. Giving mack jones middle of field is options and mack. Jones has lived there. So that's that's mac jones in a nutshell and now get to the run game before we get to the heisman winner. Ninety harris the first team all american running back has been outstanding a lot a lot of the reason because that offense a has been outstanding. But here's where the what the analytic say. And here's where. Ohio state needs to contain him. Six hundred eleven of his thirteen hundred and eighty five yards were runs perimeter runs. That's forty four percent of his yards outside. Compare that to try sermon. Who's twenty nine percent of his yards are outside runs. He nausea harris has been the most effective on the perimeter. He's number one. In america with forty four runs over ten yards. One out of every five carries is over ten yards. That's phenomenal trace. Urban actually is one for every four so just comparatively. He's actually been more explosive in those those ten yard increments as has the second. Most avoided tackles in america. Sixty six so state has the number to rush defense. That's the matchup they got to stop the run and then limit the mac jones devante smith matchup. They have the number to rush. Defense america so you would think based on stats that that should be a great matchup for ohio state but don't let the stats to save you number one rush defense in america's georgia and nausea harris. Went off for one hundred and fifty two yards and a touchdown on thirty one carries. That is not a point of contention. It's it's not. I wouldn't say buckeyes that rush defense has to show up because this offense can run the ball against anybody now nausea. here's is a little bit one dimensional. They don't utilize them throw game much so his game is in handoffs and screens occasionally. But i think the biggest challenge for state is the receiver core. Paul finebaum has has mentioned that jalen waddell will play in this game that has yet to be seen and if he does it'll it'll really interesting to see is he the same jalen wattle because my last year and early in the season he was the best receiver on this team and this team had another receiver. Just with the frigate heisman trophy for the first time in thirty years. Devante smith is the key to this offense. Thirty six percent of all passes are caught by the heisman winner. Thirty nine percent of all yards. Fifty four percent over half of all passing touchdowns are to this single player now. He has a weakness. Of course he does right right. His right eye. Dominance is a huge factor in his performance. When you look at his catches over ten yards when when really when you're i hand dominance matter the most right if you catch the ball five yards your eye. Hand dominance. don't matter that much because you have to get your both. Is you have to turn your your body to the quarterback right. It's less impactful but over ten yards is where now it's an angular throw and you're going to have one. I see the ball better than the other. His right eye. Dominance is huge because over ten yards the left side of the field in middle of field. There's a seventy three percent. Completion percentage on the right side of the field. He only catches thirty percent of mack. Jones throws that's huge. His right is blinded by his nose not to get too complicated but he's not as good on the right side of the field and i hope ohio state knows that if they can get him on the right side of the field and check coverages. When he's on the right side of the field they will be able to flood his his dominant locations and alignments he is he is small. He's not a make you miss receiver. He doesn't catch the ball. Make you miss. What he does is run away from people with all this talk of this loaded. Bam pass game assuming jalen water water either doesn't play or he's not as one hundred percent self. Alabama only has one wide receiver grading over seventy one percent on the team and its devante smith. John michie is a solid player. But he isn't anything to write home back about a fun fact about msci mack jones has not thrown a single interception yet when he targeted it. So he's at least not allowed a bad play happen. Devante smith is i think aloud to this. Alabama offense is one of the best offenses. I've seen in a while. And we'll get to the keys to the victory at the end of the show but it's loaded the three headed monster with a phenomenon. You're talking about the best quarterback in the country based on all american status right an all american running back and all american receiver on all american left. Tackle an all american center. I mean this is an nfl. Built offense is what it is. It's going to be a huge tall task for. Kerry combs larry johnson greg madison and our washington. It really ryan day. He flipped the other side of the ball. And look at bama's defense. I saw college football. Xm radio i think. Put out j. book if you don't follow them on twitter i saw he put it out. Alabama's one hundred and twenty seventh in america. The tight end. They've allowed fifty receptions over six hundred yards and thirty six first down conversions. That's huge especially with what. Ohio state did against clemson involving the tight ends in the throw game. That's going to be a key point here coming up at the end of the show when you look at this defense. It is a solid defense. Not a great defense. The strength is in their secondary specifically their corners. The weaknesses in their linebacking duo in the past game. They're they're good and run defense but you always the linebacking core are the obvious. Glaring weakness in the past game starts with christian harris number eight. If you wanna keep an eye on him. He's the fish of the defense. He's allowed four hundred eighty five yards and three touchdowns on the year with a seventy four percent. completion percentage. Hey state has to find a way to isolate he and dylan moses. Because in all the linebacking duo of harrison moses have given up seven hundred fifty seven yards between the two of them to players have almost given up a thousand yards. That's huge and ohio. State has to go at them. They're very strong at cornerback with the number one quarterback on pretty much every. Nfl draft board in patrick's 'certain junior and josh job been playing extremely well this year. Forty two percent and forty four percent completion percentages respectively between the two only three touchdowns giving up through twelve games between them. If you want look at the other side of the ball sean wade. At seven banks give up sixty seven percent and forty eight percent completion percentage and have given up seven touchdowns in half as many games if you doubled it. They would just statistically they would have given up fourteen touchdowns compared to the duo alabama. Who's giving up three in twelve games but the secondary is not all glittering gold. They have weaknesses. They're there to weaknesses in pass coverage start with their third corner malachi more sixty three percent. Completion percentage four hundred forty five yards and one touchdown. he he takes risks. He's he's a really good player. He has three interceptions. So he's not like he he's he's a bad player. And he's only given up one touchdown but he's the most targeted player overall on the team teams. Don't target him for no reason. Sixty seven targets through twelve games. The other guys jordan battle. He's a an ohio. State was a recruit. I recruited seventy two percent. Completion percentage for hundred ninety yards and two touchdowns he is a weakness in coverage if they have one bama le. And here's the alabama loves to play man coverage so the battle will really be can chris o. Lavi or garrett wilson get the best of pat 'certain or josh job or your will the third option against a weaker cover guy. Be the difference in the past game jordan battle. Dan you're daniel right. Who if you don't know him. He's the brother of florida. Gator great major right. Have been very sloppy tackling. Twenty six missed tackles between the pair. That's a quarter quarter of alabama's missed tackles. This year are between the two starting safeties and the question is how can ohio state isolate the safeties in the run. Game and space trae sermon versus jordan battle or dan. You're right with space. Equals advantage buckeyes alabama relies on pass rush and pressures to blanket there inefficiencies in pass coverage. They have two hundred and fifty eight said that right two hundred and fifty eight quarterback pressures and thirty four sacks on year. That will be problematic for ohio state because past has been. I don't even wanna call it. It's been it's been awful. They've allowed the one hundred. And i most sacks in the country almost three per game that's bad and their interior. Oh line needs to pass pro better when you look at ohio state on offense justin field specifically different than most elite quarterbacks. He is the number one quarterback in america when he's kept clean almost ninety percent completion percentage when he's not pressured but the moral story is alabama needs to and we'll try to pressure justin fields. Expect blitzes like crazy. Expect twists spidey line like crazy because one ohio state struggled in pass pro and two. He's just too damn good. When he's not pressured under pressure he has a thirty eight percent. Completion percentage that's a forty four percent. Drop off from. When he's not pressured he is a three to four touchdown to interception ratio. When he's under pressure compare that to eighteen to two ratio when he's kept clean he's just simply a different player when he's allowed time eight of justin's twenty one touchdowns on deep balls and but the other thing to note that i've that i've found as as i studied was eighty. Two percent of his throws are to their his right or middle the field as he moves left to right in throws his effectively goes way down when it comes to touchdowns interceptions to his left six touchdowns zero picks in the middle ten touchdowns two picks to the right five touchdowns four picks. It's just something that you what it is. Something that bama knows something that they know make him throw to the right. He already wants to throw to his right. He's not as good to his right. Teams have been trying to force that all year staying on the past game. And you look at chris olavi. Who's one of the best receivers in the country. But his his one weakness has the same as last year. it didn't get developed. Didn't get fixed and the off season and that's a shame. He six for seven middle of field and left throws on deep balls and one for four to the right so six or seven on deep balls to the left the middle of field and one for four to the right same as last year. His right side is not as effective as his left. And middle of the field is dominance right. he's right eye dominant and he can't see the balls while on the right and and and it just didn't get developed or the reality is they just need to not put them over there. He's actually perfect on the entire left side of the field. You talk about. Deep behind line of scrimmage every throw to the left side of the field he has a one hundred percent reception rate compared to fifty eight perception fifty eight percent reception rate over ten yards to the right side of the field. So it's almost half as likely he catches the ball on the right compared to the left. that is problematic. The other thing is pressures we'll have state has allowed forty five pressures in six games. Twenty seven of those have been interior pressures. Why davis josh meyers. And whoever starts at left guard. Harry miller matt jones or why it should be as parents johnson. And we'll tell you why you look at their. pf grades which is just. That's an analytic you can use it. I watched the film. And just see what i see. Their overall grades. Harry miller fifty one percent matt jones. Seventy eight percent peres johnson. Eighty-eight percent pass game grades. Harry miller forty percent matt jones thirty three percent paris johnson. Seventy eight percent and then run game grades. Harry miller fifty four percent matt. Jones eighty-five percent peres johnson. Eighty nine percent. The reality is this best. Overall candidate left guard is paris johnson. He's almost twice as good a pass blocker and a little bit. Better run blocker. Matt jones has been an outstanding run blocker in his games. When harry miller was out but he was just piss poor and pass pro. And harry miller has been below average at both paris. Johnson should be the left guard right now. But i'll just sit mitee over here and watch it eight o'clock and see who plays that's just the reality of it in the run game. One other thing i wanted to note is trey. Sermon has fifty three percent over. Half of his yards are on fifteen plus yard runs. He is an explosive back. We know that. I've been preaching all year that he needs to be and they need to give a shot. It'll be interesting to see how tony alford employs him with master teague back and healthy will trae servants. Still be the workhorse. Will he be the guy that carries the load when you look at ohio state defense. It is simple. The corners need to show up the top. Three targeted defensive players in the throw game should never be all three of your starting corners and they are to have st john. Wade seven banks. Marcus williamson a hundred and twenty three targets. Seventy nine catches one thousand. Sixty five yards for eight touchdowns in six games. Mind you and three interceptions. The corners have the corner play in. Buckeye nation has diminished this year. Simple as that. And i know they lost two first rounders but sean weight is as talented as anybody. The trio has not played like the trio last year. And i've already harped on that. I think sean wade is playing better and needs to step up his game and have his first round moment. That's what has to happen. The other thing that happened is jonathan. Cooper needs to have a career day. The defensive end needs to have his best game of his career. Especially gets all american. Alex leatherwood zach harrison needs to flash show us that number one player in america production and then ohio state needs pressures from somewhere outside of the interior d. line. They need blitzes they need. They need edge pressures. Linebacker pressures have been nonexistent through eleven games. Pete warner has eleven bear browning has five tough borland s four and justin hilliard Has to qb pressures. Now that's not saks. The other thing that's happened from last year to this year is the nickle slash safety. Whatever you wanna call it. That fourth d if they're playing for production has disappeared. Compared to sean weighed in the slot who was dominant. So that is kind of both sides of the ball. How i see it what i noticed on film and my my prediction or projection. What i see and the weaknesses and strengths of each team. But i wanna talk about the keys to victory. I starting with ohio. State's defense the number one thing they have to do is force mack jones to live outside the hashes he is. It used to living out there. They need to play zone coverage as much as you don't want them to. They need to twist up front and on passing downs to try to create pressures. Try to try to get this align off of levels. Matt jones is going to have a good game. They just can't let him have a career game they need overload the middle of the field zones and force outside throws when they do force them. The corners need to show up today and make plays on the outside. They have to the number. Two thing they have to do is force najji harris to run it. Osu strength the interior d. line. That's where ohio state is strong. They need to use edge pressures and wide alignments by the ends to not only bottle up. Nause harris enforce in between the tackles but help guys like tough borland play in a funnel instead of in space if they can box in this offense and make them play between the tackles. Ohio state has the advantage number. Three they obviously have to limit devante smith in the middle of the field and left hash and tackle him. He will get production. It's the best player in the united states of america. He's gonna have catches he's gonna make plays but they can't let him run after the catch. He's not a make. You miss receiver as i said before. He's only nine avoided tackles on the year through twelve games doesn't make guys miss he is just a burner that runs away from people. He's fluid he silky smooth zone coverage will be huge in this game and the silver bullets need to be aware of where devante smith is at all times rally to him and get him on the ground. Don't let him run after the catch. The last thing. I've said three times i'll say it. One more time the critical stat or key point or key to the game is the corners need to show up kerry combs as a coordinator isn't near as valuable as carrie. Combs the cornerback developer. This game will rest heavily on. Sean weighed seven banks. And marcus williamson. Bottling up the heisman winner and a healthy jalen wa will be a tall task. If that was out there maybe impossible. But so was stopping. Amari cooper and derrick henry in two thousand fourteen antija yeldan. For that matter this will be the defining matchup for twenty twenty and it will be the defining moment in kerry combs early impression as the defensive coordinator in columbus. Those are the four keys. To victory for the buckeyes defense when you switch the other side of the ball ohio states keys. The victory offense are simple number. One they gotta get the tight ends involved again like they did against clemson they need to attack the linebackers and safeties throw game. The third options in this game will win the game. Obviously big plays by chris. Lava or garrett. Wilson will be icing on the cake or further. Ignite the offense but the game will be one in the throw game with those third options. Whether it's luke feral. Whether it's jeremy record whether it's jamison williams jackson smith jig but trae sermon and screens. That third option will win this game. The second thing they need to do is get trae sermon. Open space as i said it was screens or perimeter runs. They still aren't running. Perimeter runs specifically. If they can get trae sermon on those safeties jordan. Battling daniel right. That is big chunk yards for the buckeyes. Big chalk yards and big. Scores are how they're going to win this game. The third and probably the most important thing is. They have to protect justin fields. Give him time and he will win this game for the buckeyes who plays at left guard and how they play will be a huge contention point if ohio state has to go to seven. Ma'am pass pro leaving three guys in routes. It's gonna be a long day that's hard. There's nowhere to go with the ball a lot of times because they have seven six guys in coverage cover three guys. They need to be able to protect justin fields. If they don't they won't win as that. The fourth and final things offense has to do and cannot do. They cannot give this alabama offense extra processions. No turnovers in. This game equals a win for ryan. Day in the buckeyes. This offense is too good to give extra possessions. They're going to get the ball. Let's say nine times if you let them have it eleven. That's two more chances and to more probable scores. If we're being honest in my opinion this game will be a high scoring shootout. I think that if i don't know what the over under set i think it was sixty. I don't remember i'm not even thrown out there. You are on our picks platform if you really want it. If the game goes over. I think ohio state wins. Something like forty two thirty eight if the game stays under. That means ohio state couldn't score with obama and alabama wins. What an epic matchup. This'll be what a game this is gonna be like. I mentioned before. I'm live street. There's going to be an episode a lot of this content out on youtube here about two and a half hours and then in tonight. At eight o'clock we're livestream and come join us. I'm telling you won't regret it. Youtube dot com slash minister sports. I'm livestream in the game on jump on patriots we're going to have a q. And a. either after the game or tomorrow morning. I haven't decided yet but let you guys ask some questions. It's really cool. I did it for a semi-final game. And i will do it for every game forever. Because it was awesome people loved it. I interacted with everyone as much as i could. I think it's like seven thousand views. Now people that jumped on that livestream so check it out. Let me know what you think. And i will see their big day man national championship. Monday buckeyes crimson tide. Nick sabin ryan day for their first matchup in what could be several matchups. Nick sabin doesn't retire so anyways. Thank you for tuning in. Thank you for listening as always. I appreciate your hope. Hope you learn something. I spent a lot of time studying film. Give you my thoughts. I was spot on the semi final game. So let's see how spot on i am for the championship game tuning. Thank you for listening as always. I appreciate you if you hope. Hope you found this entertaining. Hope found this educational. Hope you enjoyed it if nothing else. I hope this juiced up and geared up for the national championship of college football. And as i say if it didn't go fuck yourself san diego you barbecue back and you by felix. You'll be pleased to know this last time. Find hosted by. Don't care anymore. I'm joking i never did. Sevilla's you're not position to lecture the public about anything you know nothing about the real world around it after the ten fifteen twenty twenty-five thirty thirty five forty forty five fifty five. Lucky to me depressed combatant speaking this thought. They were trouble with michigan. State's genuine watts. Jack said get the fuck out of here.

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Episode 135  Harbaugh Cancels OSU Title

Menace 2 Society Podcast

40:42 min | 6 months ago

Episode 135 Harbaugh Cancels OSU Title

"It is tuesday december eight twenty twenty with a somber mood in studio today as actually recorded the show and had to go back and going to have to edit some stuff and re record because the game. The greatest rivalry in all sports has been canceled announced. Michigan was going to be without forty-five players are some ungodly number. Which i wish there was a way to verify that. Because i'm calling bullshit but to all the naysayers or people that said that this game was going to be played. I've talked about it for over a week. Since they announced that they had one cova case that there is no way in hell. Michigan was going to play this game. But we're going to get to that once we get to the show. We're going to talk about the buckeyes michigan state game. What i saw and really what a masterful job. By larry johnson ryan day also kind of setting it all up. But what a win for. Larry johnson in his debut as a head coach at the ohio. It wasn't his debut but it was the first time ever. A black man was the head coach at ohio state. And i. there's none more deserving. The larry johnson. I'm gonna talk about that. A little bit kind of speak to him as a person one of the finest men i've ever been around and just awesome win and you're gonna want to talk about that game on talk about the landscape of college. Football also wanna talk about kind of the playoff picture. The bowl picture. What we're looking at right now. And i want to talk about the fact that how state might be left out the big ten championship game and possibly the playoffs because of kevin warned. Don't you forget but recapping the weekend we wanted to twelve hundred hot streak with our minister picks. Here's the thing about a gambling man. We we have a great formula and process that to how we do things and so i want to challenge you to check it out because we'll go we. Obviously we'll have a bad day. We'll have a bad two days. We'll have a bad game but overall we end up up money at the end of the month at the end of the week we win. That's just what we do winners win. More than on his excellence. No we but we win and so we went on a twelve game hot streak over the weekend just crushed it so i encourage you to check it out. It's on twitter at metz picks or on patriot at www dot patriots. Dot com forward slash picks. So real quick word from one of our sponsors. We'll be right back to the show started and talk about the madness that's going on in this world. We'll be right back after word from my bookie ever. Since i started out people have been asking me for advice on all kinds of things but in covering sports. It's usually about who's going to win. And what team they should bet on. You got the ravens or steelers this week. Browns are titans. Well the best piece of advice. I can give the anyone is where you're betting is just as important as who you're betting on. Its way i always tell people to visit mybookie. They've got deposit matches free bets and huge cash prize contests free to take advantage of all season long. Nfl action check college ball check plus they have a mobile friendly website and top of the line customer service making their platform a one stop shop for all your betting needs mybookie offers action on everything from championship futures to nfl in game. Live betting making sure you're covered every step of the way congrats if you're one of the ones to cash in on the generous early season odds on the lakers to win the nba championship. Sign up at mybookie today and when you use our promo code. Menace emmy a c. To claim a deposit match dollar for dollar all the way up to a thousand bucks. It's a bonus designed to help you give you a little help and a head start on your winning season. That's promo code. Menace for you to claim your bonus when you make your first deposit stack cards presidential bets all the major sports and more await you sign up today to begin your winning season exclusively at my brother you have it we give you the picks you pick them with your free money using promo code menace and we all get rich and go buy an island. That's what we're going do but anyways. Oh man i'm gonna talk a little bit about texas texas tom. Herman and urban meyer turning down the texas job. Going to talk about the like i said. The ohio state michigan state game and how phenomenal of a coaching job was but enough about previews. let's get to the show. Lord you got begin by by seeing. You'll be pleased to know this. The last time i'm hosting i don't care anymore on joking. I never did in no position to lecture the public about anything you know nothing about the real world. He'll run it after the ten fifteen twenty five thirty thirty five forty forty five fifty forty five talk football lucky for me. The press combatant speaking but they are thought they were five michigan state. Jalen watts said get the fuck out of here. Okay all right but no. There's no no positively this show. We're gonna start off a lot like the sunday show. If you're not a subscriber unpatriotic. I have a ranch show every sunday just kind of what i saw in college football not a lot of politics and so the first part of the show is going to be along those lines because just announced moments ago. I was waiting for this. I mentioned a preview show. Before i put the episode out i was. I wanted to make sure that this game you didn't. You didn't get canceled because i heard it was about to get cancelled so sure enough here. We are the for the first time in one hundred and god knows how many years ohio state will not play in game. The greatest rivalry in all sports. They will not be playing michigan this year. This game has been played through. Two world wars the smallpox pandemic. It's been played through everything it's never been cancelled in the history of all the shit that's went on and over one hundred years and here we are the fucking covid. Excuse my language. The covid got us. We can no longer play the greatest rivalry and all sports. This game has lost its luster. I hate to break into a house state fans. The old schoolhouse state fans will call bullshit. They'll say no can never it's the game. There's too much riding on it. But i hate to break it to you. What has gone on michigan. What jim harbaugh has done. Not only that. But the state of michigan football. The state of the big ten football is changing the identity of this game back in the nineties. Even when michigan was winning and you called it the game the greatest rivalry in all sports people in other parts of the country respected. That when i was at florida in two thousand six people respected that ohio state was different. We'll have state michigan. The rivalry was different that was nationally respected. It's no longer nationally respected now. Granted we have a recent bias in the world. I get it but what is going on right now. The fact that we that we are allowing these teachers time. I'll just think about this now two weeks ago. Almost two weeks ago michigan announced. They had one case they wanted to cancel the game To be cautious because they felt like they had an outbreak on their hands. They were setting the table. They were giving you the nuggets. They were letting you see the foreshadowing right. It's like the movie you go to the movie theater. And you see the foreshadowing building up to that. Final reveal then. That's what we just had michigan's been giving us little nuggets that they were gonna do this for over a week. We knew this was coming anybody that it wasn't was an idiot. I been saying it for a week and a half. you knew it. i knew it. We all knew this was gonna happen. But the audacity for jim harbaugh and the university of michigan did not only cancel the game right with. We don't know any details we'll never know. Details might have five cases they might have fifty cases. We'll never know because they don't have to report. Thanks kevin warning. Thanks kevin warrant for that one. But the audacity to be openly and publicly in contract negotiation. What is rivalry week. You don't freaking contract rivalry week. Is this guy for real. Jim harbaugh so office damn rocker. It's time to go. Why are you know. Michigan fans are live right. I mean. I'm sure you're happy. You don't have to play ohio state but you have to be livid with jim. Harbaugh contract negotiations. This is just a joke. Does anyone at michigan have a clue what is going on. The game has lost. Its respect that rivalry game. There's no longer a mutual respect michigan's running their mouth mouth revenge tour. They're they're They're to handle business. They're gonna win. they're going to do that. How they jim harbaugh tells his team. Shut the hell up and play football and win a game. This is a tragic travesty. For for midwest the brand of midwest football and that's my mission. I've found in life now in this stage of my life is i'm passionate about the midwest brand of football grew up in it love it. I mean have been a part of it my whole life and it just makes me live to watch the mid west brand of football diminish right before my very eyes and no one seems to give a shit that we're allowing these teams to do this. I know that's probably a little overreaction but this is just absurd for the first time in over a hundred years. We're not gonna have a rivalry game so the question is what happens now. Right the big data rule which we know the big ten in their rules their sticklers about their rules that you have to play a minimum six games to make the big ten championship now state has five five regular season over as it stands today. They are ineligible for the big ten championship game. So i guess that means to tell me how much logic this has. They can play someone else that weekend. Though like the number two team. Probably be like wisconsin or something. So we'll play wisconsin next weekend. That's this one model. One thing that can happen right then. The question is does six in ohio. State team get in the playoffs. We'll circle back to that in a minute. The other thing that can happen they shuffle the schedule around right. Let ohio state reschedule maryland. Play maryland this weekend. They're eligible if they beat maryland. Then they get to go play in the big ten championship game. Let's let that happen right. You could shuffle. Some games around. We just watched the acc do it. And we're gonna talk about that for a minute. The acc just randomly shuffled schedules around changed. Who was playing. Who gave a couple of games gave clemson dame a bi week before the championship game. Because they saw their matchup. They knew what they wanted right. Clemson beat miami. Notre dame was undefeated. They found their conference champions. So they shuffled everyone. Around cancelled clemson and notre dame's last game and said let's go. Let's get two teams in the playoffs. That's their goal. What is the big ten's goal to get one team in the playoff because they've already screwed that up royally this is a joke but back to the acc. Can you imagine. I talked about this on the ranch. Show and i'm gonna talk about it again. I would be so furious if i was miami because any year. You're a program that's building. He's trying to build a program the amount of momentum he would get from going to acc championship game in any other. Given year my miami would have won their division clemson would have won the other division and they would have met in the conference championship game. But because the acc gave notre dame of free pass to come join the acc. Now miami's out. How is that fair. They didn't even play notre dame like at least let them play notre dame. They lost clemson so they should be having a rematch against clemson. Their conference teams right. Notre dame's not a conference team. There is this this pretty girl that acc invited over for friday night party. It's a joke. I would be pissed if i was miami. So miami stopped. Do blanked them. They just let andy get in if they kept the atlantic coastal divisions miami would win the coastal. But here we are twenty twenty so anyways. Why does the big ten do that. Preserve your patriarch. Right your champion. Your school the buckeyes preserve their ability to go. Try to win it all and bring a national championship back to your conference. That's what they should do. Why won't they or will they. Will they shuffle the schedule. We know the answer right. We know the answer. Kevin warning shuffling schedule. He doesn't have balls like the. Acc commissioner or the sec commissioner. They could shuffle. The games get. Oh how their six game to get them in the back door of the big ten championship get them to seven or no got a decent. They're going to make the playoffs and then let them let them control their own destiny. They won't and question is. Where's kevin warren. Where paging kevin warren. Where are you cav-. Where's kevin warren. Have you seen a statement from recently. I haven't who i have. I've seen statements for barry alvarez left and right and is he is he the commissioner now because he should be if he's not just unbelievable. Unbelievable that the big ten allowing this to happen and they're letting teams this. This goes all the way back to the maryland game. Why was it allowed to cancel. They didn't surpass any threshold. They didn't have too many cases. You let notre dame control. How states are notre dame. You let maryland control ohio states discount. That's bullshit there should be some repercussions right. That's a forfeiture. Give house to win. Now they can go or don't make the stupid six-game rule in the first place. But here's the issue right. Here's the question for you. Let's say they don't play. Don't win the big ten state. Plays a constellation big ten game next weekend against wisconsin. Let's say or someone like that now. They're six in. Oh does a six at ohio state. Get in over an eight and one texas. Am do they or do they get in over a florida. And and or alabama florida were upset alabama. I'm going to be honest. i don't think they do. I don't think they should to no fault of theirs. Buckeye fans are probably about the hit. Stop on this podcast but think about it. Ohio state would have more than likely lost obama early in the season. We watch that defense. They probably would have lost back when they had devante smith and j waddell come on. Let's be realistic. They probably would've lost that game. Are they better than am. They haven't beaten a team as good as florida. Granted they haven't played one. They haven't played team as good as bama so am has played two pretty legitimate teams. That would beat anyone in ohio state schedule right now pretty handily. So does ohio state deserve get in. I'm a buckeye. Homer grew up here. My whole life work there. No the coaches the players. Obviously i want ohio state to be there. So take this with great assault. Should they be there. Should they get in over a an now. I believe they deserve to be there. But i don't believe they should get in because of what the big ten did now. Hopefully we don't have to worry about that. Hopefully we get this all worked out. Hopefully ohio state is in the playoffs. Because that's what i want. That's what you should want. Anyone in the mid west should want that. But the reality is i mean they. They're not out in the country doesn't oh the big ten or the midwest anything they've been laughing at us the whole time and how big of a joke this was and they pretty much put out there when they put up the rankings and put clemson head of state that sorry. You're commissioner in. Your president screwed this up not us. Don't blame us blame them. So until the mid west until these fan bases it specifically ohio state point the finger were fingers. Belong pointed at kevin. Warren and the president's who voted no at jim butcher's and the medical staff that put these outrageous stipulations twenty. One day rules all this stuff point the finger where it belongs. Don't get pissed at the playoff committee. The playoff committees hand was forced by these people. Make sure you hold them accountable. If you wanna bitch bitch kevin. Warren bitch at the president's voted note. Cancel the season. They voted voted to postpone. The season then voted for the delayed. Start point fingers at the medical professionals that put together these stipulations. That are far worse than any other league at any other level. I mean my son's baseball team played through the pandemic with not even close to these restrictions. So i just absurd but onto the national landscape i. I'm still holding out hope. That ohio state finds a way in the playoff. I think they will but they shouldn't. That's just my opinion. I don't think they're gonna play this weekend just so we're clear. My prediction is game. This weekend maybe wisconsin next weekend and then we'll see if the playoffs committee put them in. They're not going to be big ten chance or berry. Alvarez gets the job done and removes the restriction and ohio state gets to play for the big ten championship. Those are the two options in my opinion of what will happen. So i've always said what are the greatest predictors of a national championship is elite. Nfl talent right. Always you look at the osu team for twenty fourteen. That i was a part of talent everywhere. Nfl watched sunday's you'll see almost any game. You'll see a kid that was on that team right talent everywhere. You look at the twenty nine hundred. Lsu team justin. Jefferson is doing clyde edwards. Helaire joe burrow. Just look at what those players are either on the defense side patrick quick so these just studs everywhere that twenty nine hundred. Lsu team right always. The greatest predictor of a national championship. Always and so. I looked at wanted to look. I said all right. Let's go to the current pro. Football focus mock draft. Let's look at the top fifty prospects and who has what so alabama leads out of the four probable playoff teams. Who i would put in. The playoffs bama clemson ohio state. Notre dame bama has seven top fifty players clemson s three ohio state s four. Notre dame has to write projected. First rounders obama has five jailer. Waddell devante smith pat. 'certain alex leatherwood and mack. Jones is a late first round. Pick now granted jalen waddles not playing right now. So he's not on the field but five first rounders to outside of the first round in christian bar more dylan moses. Ohio state has four three first rounders four overall justin fields. Sean wade davis sean. Wade davis or late. First round picks chris alive as projected a second round pick is based on pro football focus grades right clemson s three trevor lawrence darin kendrick travis at notre dame only has two one in the first round one outside woo carmo with. I'm sorry the linebacker and then liam aiken berg is projected. Just outside the first round. Tackle that i love that. I've talked about all year. You'll get top. One hundred players bama has nine top one hundred players clemson state six notre dame to have said all along notre dame is the fourth of the bunch when it comes to talent now. They're playing outstanding they're tackling. Well the run games ridiculous. Their offense lines ridiculous but that is the greatest predictor of a national championship. Nfl talent. you can look at any other analytic you want. That's the greatest predictor right. There i told you so. Obama has thirty three percent. Chance better chance than clemson state of winning the national championship. They got thirty three percent. More top tier. Nfl players and people. Say what about gary wilson. There's young guys everyone is young guys. Trust me bama has young guys. that'll be first rounders. I promise next year in a year in two years so that that's the greatest predictor you look at the espn fbi chance to make the playoffs. Bam sitting at ninety eight percent likelihood. I don't know what the other one percent would be. I guess they lose this weekend and lose the florida. Maybe i don't know Obama's at ninety eight percent state is the second highest odds to make the playoffs at eighty five percent notre dame sixty one percent clemson forty nine and a half percent a enam thirty seven percent. Cincinnati twenty two percent. How about this. Indiana seventeen percent florida thirteen percent and then the undefeated usc trojans at twelve percent. Those are the only teams that double digit double digital. It's funny of note that right. Now the analytic say. Indiana has a better chance of making the playoffs in the florida. Gators very interesting right a side note though clemson has twice as good of a chance at winning it all as notre dame based on espn fbi. Clemson has a ten point three percent chance to win. The national title and notre dame has a five point two percent. It just goes to show you that the analytics don't always rely on head to head wins and losses. Because i mean they have a twice a chance. That's wild so i think the playoffs will be as follows. Obviously barring some bullshit. I think the rosebowl be ohio. State notre dame the dream of all dreams the sugarbowl obama clemson. And you talk about. I mean this is a rematch. The the regional i guess. Blue buds and legends legendary teams notre dame ohio state. Play in the rose bowl. Bama clemson in the sugar bowl winner plays in south beach for the natty. Ohio state alabama is my prediction. But i was looking through the the bull matchups. And there's some interesting matchup projections right one of the projections. I saw have had a peach bowl. Cincinnati georgia would be an awesome bowl. Game down elena. The orange bowl miami florida you talk about a a heated heated game going back to week zero when i went down with the big three. Roll up down to orlando at their tailgate. I might have to check that out again. Shut big three. Roll up miami florida and the orange bowl. Fiesta bowl indiana indiana. Usc could be a huge game for tom. Allen the hoosiers the cotton bowl iowa state texas and could be at a small constellation. A chance for matt campbell to really stamp his legacy and really his his hot item ticket as him as the next big head coach if that were to play out and then my favorite in the cheese at bowl texas. nc state. Tom hermit goes to the cheese at bowl. I wonder if they're gonna watch with velcro. Watch that you get a cracker. Jack prize but in the bowl projections. I was looking at six. Big ten teams projected. No game for michigan and penn state. Yikes a big yikes right there but That's kind of the national landscape kind of bold predictions and really painting. No game this weekend and it'd be interesting to see what the big ten does. Let's see the leadership. Step up what do you think leadership is gonna step up. Any takers any idea. I'm going to vote no but enough about that. I want to talk about what. I saw in the ohio state versus michigan state. Game on saturday well. First of all the shoutout larry johnson. I a big big win. And i mean you saw. The players dumped gatorade on him. I will just speak to the man. That i know larry johnson and i know him very well One of the finest human beings. I've been around by four one of the finest football coaches. I've been around. And i posted it on facebook to to everyone's dismay that Penn state royally fucked up and twenty twelve. Not hiring larry. Johnson is the head coach to get him out of the mess. That jerry sandusky mess. There's no better person as far as character as far as leadership as far as football coach than they johnson and he should have been the head coach at penn state in two thousand twelve and just unfortunate but lucky for buckeye fans that they didn't even give him an interview if i right and so he decided you know what i'm gonna go to columbus and beat your ass then and he did so really awesome win for him. He did a phenomenal job. Filling in excellent job by ryan day getting the team prepared from a distance. I mean some of the stuff that they were doing not having meetings with players. Doing zoom meetings. How the staff's worked while. Some people were quarantined. It's just unbelievable to have staff meetings over zoom. I think about those you're talking about. Those are five six our staff meeting over zoom or you shitting me. I don't know how they got that done. But this game was unbelievable and the impact people of the game. I wanna talk about in the first guy i'm gonna talk about is offensive. Line coach gregg stood row wa. Coach stud was unbelievable what he did to get three young guys to go in that game. I know michigan state stinks. Appoint max ray. Dewan jones matt jones. The three highest graded lineman. Were those three. I wonder i just wonder how many early morning walk throughs and things he was doing over the last two weeks to get those three ready to play coach. Doug needs to you got you guys got to get off his back buckeye fans. I mean he what he did with. Those three was phenomenal. Amazing barron browning defensive. I don't know if he he player the game but he was the best game. He's played as a buckeye. How about that. We got him a middle linebacker and athletic guy. There how about that. The defense looked worldly. Better didn't it. Who the hell would have thought Barron brownie with the best game buckeye and then justin fields. Wow is all you could say about that. Wow justin feels most impressive thing to me was. It was very j. T. barrett esque keeping plays alive always second and six not second ten. And then the effort on the touchdown sealing block on trade sermons. long run. I mean just. It's just a window into the soul of that kid. The effort that he gave to give a little chip blocked to make sure that trae sermon didn't get tackled from behind. It was unbelievable and it also reminded us all of the justice field. Probably the fastest player on the field when he every time he steps on it unbelievable but as far as offense obviously the first thing. You shouldn't even have to point out. But harry miller struggled struggled with the snaps. It was a major issue. He also struggled outside of the snaps mean at twenty five percent grade and at twelve percent. Grade impasse bro. And it reminds me of a story. That i told on the rancho but mike pouncey. All pro center phenomenal player. His brother marquees were twin. They are twins not word they are. Twins marquees played center. Mike pouncey played guard at florida when marquees got drafted in the first round. Mike slid in at center to try to win the remington increases stock and be a high draft pick which he did but his first game out. I remember i watched it. I was at marshall. The time i just left and he had like a bad snap after bad snap and i am just want to remind everyone how difficult it is to play center when you haven't done it right. Harry miller has certainly has taken like any other any good old line. Coach stud has slipped him in center randomly to get him those reps team situations so he's worked at playing center but without spring ball. A young guy who really had this just submerse himself in the guard spot to get ready to be a starter to then. Slide him at center making the apex in having making calls it was. It's not on the kid right. Mike pouncey is an all pro center and he was terrible snapping the ball his first game at center. So just give the kid. A break is my point. Not that you wouldn't anyways. But he struggled really struggled but but justin fields picked it up first of all like i said he handled bad snaps. Made positive. Plays out of those bad snaps. You'd see exchange issues in the run game and he would take off get four five six yards seven yards a couple of times. You'd see it in the past game where he dropped. The ball is bad. Snap on the ground. Pick it up and scramble around. That is so important to a drive. You think about the difference between second and twelve and second six just thinking about the percentages that you get that first down and keep the chains moving phenomenal job. I just fields now. The scheme helped him out a lot. And it really. Kudos to corey. Dennis ryan day. They put the scheme together in just in fields was by himself in that stadium. Utah about man in the arena. He had no coach. No coach's position coach was gone. The head coach who coaches. Who used to coach coach's position is gone. I mean he had a receiver coach and a tight end coach. Kevin kevin wilson's brilliant. I mean he. He can coach him up. He's worked with quarterbacks his whole career. I'm not saying he didn't have any advisement. But you gotta give. Justin feels some credit here. He just played without his position coach without his head coach. Who was his position coach right and he did phenomenal. They did a great job setting up. The scheme was excellent. He averaged just over two point. Six seconds getting the ball out of which is almost three tenths of a second on average faster than he has all year so he consciously knew he had to get the ball out of his hands. They had three linemen right. He couldn't hang out to dry like he does. At times with the veteran group they also ran a lot. Four more quick. Quick game than i've ever seen. I mean just running slant flat quick out in a fade. Just some quick game stuff to get just the ball out of his hands. Get the ball to crystal ave or garrett wilson and get them out get get the ball sands and the other thing they did was. They broke it down. I usually want be about fifty fifty run to pass. They were more like thirty. Three sixty seven forty eight russia temps and twenty four pass attempts greater there was thirty. Three passes called. Who some scrambles because the snap issues etc but they made a game plan. We're going to go in and run the ball control the clock lennar line come off the rock this subpar defense justice going to throw the ball. Get it out of the sand and we're gonna get out of here and get a win. And justin did an outstanding job helping the line awareness. He's a pro man. He's a pro. The other thing we saw is trey freaking sermon. Man finally one hundred twelve yards. Eleven point two yards per carry. He was a much more dynamic. Option in the backfield for tony alford on saturday. It's what we've been waiting to see. I would expect his snap to increase and overtake masters down. The homestretch great. He played two more snaps master. I think but he should be getting three quarters of the snaps. Now because he's showing us that he's a dominant or not dominant take that back. Like whoa nellie hold the horses. He's showing us that he has a potential to be explosive. Right master average. Three point three yards per carry trae average eleven point to master thirty snaps fifty four percent grade trae. Thirty two snaps eighty six percent grade. You're talking to thirty. Two percent increase in positive performance. Never mind the dynamic aspect and zone six. I'm going to be honest. It was sloppy game for the receivers top ends were sloppy ball reception with sloppy ball security very very loose with the ball. And i'm not just talking about chris. Alavi two fumbles. I just mean. In general they're loose with the ball. They need to tighten it up could provide an issue. I hate foreshadowing. But let's hope this doesn't foreshadow some fumble issues a game coming up it's also still a two man. Show jason jason williams. Their third option at receiver had zero targets. As did the entire tight end group. I'm telling you this is problematic. You'll see in the long run granted. This wasn't a typical ryan game plan. Obviously right the minimal usage of the tight ends and wide receiver not name wilson will only hinder kristin garrett and justin feels down this final lap of the season especially when they face a better defense. I've talked about it with florida right. Kyle pits and canaries. Tony that's great. They're phenomenal just like the they're not like but they're phenomenal options. If you don't have a third and fourth those two can be limited. Garrett wilson chris oh lavi we're gonna have a hard time producing it this clip. If they don't have some help. And i don't think it's the lack of talent. I think we just don't use them. I mean those tight ends we have to. Nfl tight ends. We don't use them but all in all good game. Good game for the buckeyes. I mean great. Win on offense really productive win. Justin was phenomenal. Cj stroud how about that leading the team in yards per attempt right now probably didn't even look it up but one run for forty nine yards just athletic dude. Man future's bright at the quarterback position. Him and jack miller and then the guy's coming in really really going to be interesting to see who. The quarterback is who is the heir apparent for justin fields. That's the question and that's going to be a big hot topic next spring but we got a season to worry about. I then on defense. I will say this. It was the best defense performance of the year. I complete game. Four quarters of defense. Baron is a much much better than tough at mike linebacker. He was highest greater defensive player. As i predicted he would be. And i think two things happened here right one is they had a covert by week where they could of correct things right. Some things get together as a staff. Do what they wanted to do in a more efficient manner right. They corrected things in that covert by week that two week period the other thing. That is of note. I'm not saying this is what happened but it looked like at times you had two captains driving different wheels trying to control a ship right ships going down one captain. Turner right dealer cabinet stern left. They're trying to sync up simultaneously. Sheer. the ship. steered the ship on saturday. Greg madison's not their carry combs free rein to run the defense calling calling all the shots doing everything much smoother production. Let's call it that much smoother defensive performance and i'm not blaming it on that i think most of it is the covert by week. But you can't have to. Ceo's you can have a ceo and a vice president or a coo. You've got to handle your job right. So other is excellent. Excellent see. We needed to see ohio state. Put away a bad team too. Many of these these below average teams have crept back in the second half and ohio state finally did it. They played tough in the second. Half dominant on third down rocky. Lombardi ended up going out of the game. Peyton thord came in and couldn't do anything i actually liked. Peyton thorn he. He kind of exposed ohio state's defense to an extent scrambling around the run game was non existent for michigan state. Ohio state shut that down haskell garrett and tommy toby absolute monsters led by larry johnson's rush when the interim head coach for the week his the top four players zach harrison ninety two percent haskell garrett tommy toby tyreek smith i mean that's that's what you want your winning up front. You're winning games. Zach here is still cannot find the quarterback and get a sack but other ninety four pressure so outstanding gave up front haskell garrett's pick out of you call it a pick six. It is but he caught in the end zone so you didn't have to run anywhere. Has shared with the big pick six. He's just dominant dominant bouncing back from that gunshot wound and playing the way he's playing just phenomenal phenomenal. And then probably the best game of the secondary. Sean wade played extremely well. Incredible diving pick on that errant throw on the slant route but wildly athletic play. Ronnie hickman stepped in and played. Well i thought he he. He's a star in the making he. He looked really good and marcus. Williams is the source of the defense right now struggled and he he's that's been a regular occurrence. He struggled pretty consistently throughout the year. So i mean all in all win for the buckeye. Right buckeyes right. I mean it was not a formidable opponent. Not a great opponent but ohio state has struggled a little bit with the maryland. Not maryland's with the indiana thirty five seven and they let them battle back. You know some of these teams rutgers. My gosh that was ugly second-half so some of these teams that ohio state hasn't put away. They finally put one away and so kudos hats off to the staff and the players for handling adversity the way they handled it. Just excellent game really good to see. Now it's gonna come down to kind of things. That ohio state doesn't control who they play when they play him. And what's the reality of the future the prospect of this season. It's really depressing. But great win for the bucks and really happy. For larry johnson getting that w as the interim head coach one final topic to talk about before we get up outta here on his fine tuesday. I i'm blown away by and you know everyone listened to show knows my feelings on tom. Herman i'm certainly the furthest thing from tom. Herman apologised right Ever there's no one that could be claimed to to be that less than me right but what's mind blowing to me is the way that texas is going about what they're doing right. They didn't publicly offer. Urban meyer job. They didn't publicly say they were talking to him. But urban meyer came out and basically said he turned down texas finally after courting or considering their offer right it was reported by every media outlet urban meyer thought about it and decided to pull out of the texas job and it made me think about like what is that. What is texas do now. I mean they have an active employed head coach. The guy you have a head coach like running a team right now and you're actively out there not to discreetly discussing with another coach. Come take the job. How tom herman supposed to lead the team have respect from the players recruit anyone. I mean back when it was just rumors that urban was coming. That was that. Tom was being a little petulant baby and complaining but now like urban coming out and saying i decided not to take the job. It's like wait a minute. Turn not to take what job. There's no job open. it's just crazy that does happening. I'm not saying it's not deserved especially after now. I'm hearing from my sources that tom's been having an affair with billionaire. Jewelry mogul her name. But he's having an affair with some billionaire. jewelry mogul. it's just like yeah. This guy is a clown deserves get fired but to be fair to him. Texas administration. Chris del conte. They're not doing them any favors here. I mean you're going to actively pursue urban meyer just and now what now arben said no. Now what do you do. I'll tell you what they're not gonna fire him because there's no big name out there that they feel like they can get. That could make that a smart decision. So they're going to ride it out with tom. Herman all the while his team and players know they didn't want him to be the head coach anymore his recruits know trying to get a different head coach like who is signing up to play at texas no matter who the coaches right now. If with an athletic program did that to the head coach. I'm telling you right now. You have both arms tied behind your back in a in a gunfight like good luck i mean. It's absurd that that they would do that. And i mean i don't feel bad for tom. Karma's bitch he's getting what he deserves but that was not the way to operate. I mean if you're going to do that you better keep an extremely discreet. So no one finds out. Keep it between trace armstrong and maybe even a third party. And i mean don't make it so public that everyone can track and know that you're having these conversations and then the fact that urban had to come out and pull out of it just criminal to texas fans it's criminal to in the players the texas players texas fans the way this whole thing's been handled is absolutely criminal. So wanna bring that up. Just throw it out there not a whole lot to talk about because there were a lot of great games this past weekend and now we got covid hitting so. I'm gonna. i'm working on a little something special hopefully to replace the game We'll see what it is. I'm working on it. We'll see if i can get it done but anyways thank you for tuning in. Thanks for listening as always i appreciate you. Hope you educated entertained and or at least enjoyed my rants on this fine tuesday if you didn't if you didn't like it if you don't like me go fuck yourself san diego zone and you love me. Oh be pleased to know the last time. I don't care anymore joking. I never did truck sevilla's in position to lecture the public about anything you know. Nothing about the real world after the ten fifteen twenty twenty-five thirty thirty five forty forty five fifty forty five. He's got a football guy. Lucky to me the press can band speaking trouble. Free five michigan state genuine watts. Get the fuck outta here seal.

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Recruiting Recap with Brandon Huffman

The Solid Verbal: Living College Football

1:10:59 hr | 2 years ago

Recruiting Recap with Brandon Huffman

"Navy federal is proud to serve over eight million members and is open to active duty military, the DOD veterans and their family members receive a lifetime of membership benefits like a credit card APR average that is four percent lower than the industry's member. Only exclusive rates and more. Visit navyfederal dot org. For more information or call one eight eight eight four to six three two eight or download the navy Federal Credit Union app today. Message and data rates may apply. Visit navyfederal dot org. For more information. Welcome to the solid. Verbal. For me. I'm a man on forty. I've heard so many players they why wanna be happy you want to be happy for day to stake won't blue. Down and tie. Welcome back to the solid. Verbal boys and girls, my name is Tai Hildenbrand joining me as always over there in beautiful and snowy and wintry all New York City. My man, the new father, Dan, Rubenstein, sir. How are you? Big Zillow day for me Hilo big red Finnan Zillow day. I'm not moving. I have no plans to Mola will will will hold on hit me. Yeah. Red fin was in the news this past week because of a house in Pennsylvania. Is that the house he we're looking at with the sex dungeon? Yes. Right. Is it maple Glen something like that? Yeah. Fifty shades of maple Glen. Right. Yeah. The house set up really nicely in the first thirty pictures, then picture thirty one like oh chains. Great awesome. I love that. They're so confident that there is full on S and M play is living your best life, man. Put it out there. See what happens now I made reference to it because it's just disgusting out. And I'm cooped up in an apartment because I have a almost three week old. And all of the sudden as you can imagine living in New York City apartment with a three week call like, oh, this is not an acceptable way to live a lot smaller. Right. It has gotten much smaller. But the good news is we finally get to go to our recruiting shore annual recruiting show. Oh with Brandon Huffman. Now that the season has finally the cherry on top for me, obviously was a lump time, Florida state, commit de committing. And I think going to Maryland if you saw that today like the last major, no right or that, listen, Willie Taggart and having commitment issues who could have seen nine anything happening along those issues along those lines, but. Very excited to have Brandon Huffman on from twenty four seven sports. He is they're big dog that covers everything nationally based on the west coast. So obviously, I enjoy a lot of the insight that he has about the Pac twelve in their schools, but we're going to go across the entire country. Lot of interesting classes movement up and down and around new coaches, and how they've affected things on the recruiting trail. So this is legitimately one of my very favorite shows because Brandon is built from head to toe with recruiting information. He is he is an encyclopedia. And I say this in earnest because addin brisket, I should add Bresser risk it there to to be fair. Yeah. I I like to think that on all of our off season interview shows, I learned something new from our guests each time, we talk to them. But it's especially true whenever we talked to Brandon about recruiting because I don't know. I mean, I guess we're doing a college football podcast and to some degree. Sure, I pay more attention to recruiting. The maybe the maybe the average college football fan. Okay. But I still feel like a come away so much more enriched with college football and recruiting knowledge every time we talked to him. I just can't follow it. Nobody can follow it as closely as he does nobody has that level of detail that I expect that we're going to hear momentarily from Mr. Hoffman again from twenty four seven sports. So I'm excited to learn more from Brandon we would also encourage you don't you check them out at twenty four seven sports dot com. Also, check out the fine work. He's doing for the Avery Huffman defeat DIP foundation. We talked about his foundation and his plight against the IP g a couple years ago. But Brandon is doing God's work with his foundation. Check it out at Avery, strong DP G dot org. If you'd like more information on the good work that they're doing. Yeah. The same awful the situation that took Chad Carr if you remember loitering ours grandson a little while ago. So they do fantastic events on the west coast. So yeah. It's Avery strong D, I P G dot org. That is correct. All right. So we are going to get into it here. With Brandon Huffman and talk all things recruiting as we said on last week's show. We gave it some time to percolate to fester to really set into the cast iron Skillet. And now here we are. I don't know why I went cast iron with that. Maybe cause early got your head. You got your head on cast iron. Sorry, we've seasoned the pan now with all things recruiting and it's time to evaluate with our good friend. Mr. Brandon Hoffman have Elissa. All right, Dan, joining us yet again being so we just made it through a recruiting cycle. It is a long standing tradition. Unlike any other here on the solid verbal we bring on our friend. Brandon Huffman the national recruiting editor from twenty four seven sports to talk through all things recruiting, sir. How are you Dan ties? I now to like this recruiting cycle is complete hearing your voices lets me know at the end of a recruiting class and ready to start this madness all over again. The last time we talked to you Dan was childless. And now he is in we need some first month advice for him. Oh, man. You know, the whole thing about fleet being over rated at truly is you're you're not gonna sleep. You're not gonna sleep at all. Anyway for the next. So I don't know eighteen twenty years. So don't try to sneak in those nap that they're not going to make a difference. You're still going to get woken up in the middle of the night without. Any kind of warning and it's going to ruin your whole day. But then you hold that little guy or a little girl, and you're just super excited that the sleep can be meaningless. And because it usually is and it's a good way to get into this. Because I agree. I tried to take a nap today while the little man was napping. Don't feel any better just feel like my day continued. This is a good way though to continue on because you probably near the end of the cycle pretty worn out. It's a tiring thing, although it split up little which might make it a little bit easier. So we'll start here. What what are your impressions of the way that things are split up now with the early signing period with the now more traditional signing periods. Still existing at the beginning of February. How has it affected things after a couple of years? Well, I think it's starting to trend to more and more guys deciding in December, and I think with more kids getting offers earlier in their high school career, they're down at the recruiting process. There's no. To drag it out. So you're seeing a lot more early commitment. You're seeing far more early enrollments. Remember there was a Thailand it was just quarterback that would try to early enroll. Now, it's everybody you you're seeing you know, half a recruiting class trying to enroll in time for January so they can be a part of spring football. And I think you're going to end up seeing it become a lot like the NCAA basketball recruiting cycle where you have the November signing period. And then there's a few guys that will sign an April after maybe coaches move around after guys declared for the NBA, but with the way the recruiting period now is in December, and it's only a six week gap. I think we're guys are going to trend towards signing in December. They'll still be guys that'll have to wait until February for a variety of reasons whether that's official visits or whatnot. Or they just wanna see what potential coaching changes could happen or guys are leading position where maybe they're being recruited, and they wanna see what the depth chart looks like. But I think more often than not December is going to become kind of the key recruiting signing period. More than February has we've heard more about. The transfer portal. The so called transfer portal over the last couple weeks and months than I can ever remember in the previous ten years of doing this show. What do you make of the prominence now of the transfer portal? I guess the prominence the growing number of transfers high profile transfers that we see how does that affect recruiting? Why I think it's going to a made it bring up questions when you have one school that has more guys it they probably were expected to be in the port. I think Penn State at had somewhere near double digit schools players in the portal, I think when you see schools that had multiple guys lead to speak to things they already have a lot of traffic there on the depth chart or wire guys look into leave the program by also not there's anything to question them, stating. They've had a good run under jeans fake just using. That example, is that going to be used as a negative recruiting tool against goals? You're also going to see a why are increasing amounts of players at a certain today. Visteon leading and consistently leaving after this first year. We'll start to see new cycles, and maybe one school keeps losing young quarterbacks or whatever it may be. That could hurt them retreating that position down the line. And I think what it is. It's going to, you know, leave a lot of questions to be asked to the coaches. Why are so many guys getting to your school? And after a year wanted to enter the transplant Puerto and wanted to leave what's going on. What are the promises that are being made when they are being recruited that are not being kept when they're freshmen that is making them wanna leave. So I I think that's going to be something that coaches are going to have to take a part of. And I also think it's going to have to be one of those things that they now have to start weighing in when it comes to recruiting the players that they're trying to replace them with these guys in the portal more often than not they wanna leave. They want to get out here. So now we've got to start recruiting Midi an extra player at that position. And we all you're going to bring in to see was maybe. But now we gotta receiver. That's leaving now mid we have to bring in three just to help our numbers. So in the middle of the cycle, and especially. Later in the season. When it seems like guys are going to want to be entering the boroughs when they figure out during the season, they're not playing it may cost them reshuffling of the deck little bit for positional groups, and how you recruiting specific position. With the way of the numbers are out you mentioned quarterbacks enrolling early. And also with the transfer portal, the Domino's of various positions, and obviously no position more domino focus than quarterback because only one guy can be on the field at the same time. And so this year's quarterback class, even before JT Daniels enrolled early at USC was not seen as particularly strong or deep. So at the top or even beyond the top who are some I guess upside guys both both based on their their own talents. And the the team situations in which they might find themselves. Why I think he can you know, the first when you would look at probably be Jaden Daniels in Arizona state. You know, he was the number two dual threat quarterback in the country in this class and air those kind of came out of nowhere to. Get in he had been leaning towards playing either Cal you sillier Utah. And it really look at UCLA you come out for him. But then he sees the season that Manny Wilkins has. He obviously sees what her members able to do in year one. And the fact that there really wasn't any kind of income in there at the quarterback position. They had you know, some younger quarterbacks that had come in. But they already had to herbals in the two thousand mentioned class and Jaden dangles made it third because he's the most similar too many Wilkins. And what if you has done offensively? I think you know, obviously, even with Joey Yellen who was under four star quarterback gotta mission viejo, and then he's been long a three star quarterback out of Oregon. They clearly wanted Jaden dangle. So I think that that gets him the edge in terms of being the guy for Aaron on state down the line. He's already enrolled working spring practice. But then you also speaking of their Zona Spencer rattler outta their zone. I would have thought he had a chance to come into spring and maybe earned the starting job, or at least, you know, give himself shot starting. Obviously, he's a true freshman. There's gonna be other quarterbacks there, but with Jalen hurts grad transferring, maybe that's a a nice way for rather to ease into the role without being thrown into the fire right away of playing for the quarterback whisper in Lincoln Riley. You know, you expect Jalen hurts to have a big season. And then route lurk and probably be the guy that takes over for him or decorative Exeter there. Maybe they battle for it. But I I think you know, rattler will still have a chance to compete for the starting role. I also think that Jane Dan mean those two guys are kind of intertwined and that they're the top quarterback at tro style and dual threat out west, and you know, Arizona state because they couldn't keep this kid in Phoenix. They had to go after gene Daniels. And I think they both factor in heavily, let's out west. But also not really stay out west since it's a national story, California. Got completely rated and Jaden Daniels, obviously goes to Arizona state, but you look up and down the west coast, Oregon and Washington succeeded in California USC and UCLA with unexpectedly down recruit. Classes even with the the lack of stability or new coaching staffs at USC and UCLA, but even beyond that whether it was Texas coming in and getting a couple of big playmakers, even Clemson doing really, well, Oklahoma, Michigan a lot of schools really came in to to the Golden State and plucked really high level talent. Why is that you know, I think the combination of a couple of things obviously you season. It'd be a lot of disarray on Monday lose quip king vary after three weeks or so he spent on campus. There was the questions about Klay health. His job any have chip Kelly who kinda has an unorthodox and unconventional recruiting style. That didn't seem to really emphasize recruiting until it was too late. So you take those two times. Plus, he take the general feeling for the last fifteen twenty years that west coast kids apply the most open to leading their region than any the country so schools. No, they can recruit and they really try to focus on a kid out west. He's easier to convince to leave home then. Maybe kid in the mid west in the southeast are. So then you take the fact that you've got brew McCoy who, you know, these southern California where Tom Herman's from one of three Texas commits or signings that USC had targeted. They already had a commitment from to Gabriel Floyd before he ended up flipping to Texas blues enrolled, and then he puts types been Chris out of Mora out of Nacer high school. They had often before his junior year. He also went to Texas, Tom Herman is going to be a presence in southern California. Which is his former home Chris Steele top ten player from southern California going to Florida Henry Todo the top player in northern California. He goes the Tennessee act charbonnet, the top running back in California. He goes to Michigan. And Joe Nagata who I think, you know, even though he was the number nine player. I think he more than anybody. Besides grew McCoy kind of speaks to the success of what you know dabbles doing. But also how hard it is to keep those kids. Local. He goes all the way across the country to Clemson dabble, come to California. To get him. Here's a kid who comes from a school that produced Washington's for your starting quarterback. Not only that. But he's older brother, Ariel is a linebacker Washington. In Washington never really seemed to be in the mix for him. So that's, you know, five of the top nine players in California, leaving the Pac twelve footprint, and that is going to get into the players in Arizona or Colorado that also left the Pac twelve footprint to go to other schools into other conferences, and then you have to players in southern California, Mikhail right cave on that Oregon comes in and pluck. So you're not just dealing with national programs. But now, you're dealing with the Pac twelve schools coming into your backyard taking these guys so since you mentioned, Tom Herman. I have to ask about this. Obviously, we're going to get to number one Alabama and number two Georgia in the final twenty four seven composite rankings. But at three you've got the Texas longhorns. Followed by Texas am the aggies at number four this jumped off the page. To me if only because I'm desperate to ask. This question. Are we now setting up a biggie slash to pox style. Rap battle on the recruiting trail between Texas and Texas am I think so and I don't think that, you know, Tom Herman. We'll we'll back down from trying to raise the ire of Aggie fans in the state and to try to you know, remedies having to fly recruit against JIMBO Fisher. So yeah, I absolutely think we're in that because both are going to be entrenched there for a while this is different than, you know, Kevin something came into an and that was the back end and Mack Brown's career war. It was him recruiting gives Charlie shown I think we now have a front row seat to what's going to be a absolutely fascinating recruiting battle between those two. And with now social media. There's gonna be a lot of shade being thrown subtly and pretty obviously between those two and their coaching staff, and the recruits and the players so it's going to be very popcorn ready to watch those too because they both could recruit they both have show. That they can coach and develop. And now they're battling into stay JIMBO just has that little advantage where he's got the state of Florida where he's got experience, whereas Tom Herman has California. So now, it becomes you know, what's state is more open to leave the forty kids. Go into an end the play for Herman for for Bisher or the California kids going free to leave California and going play for hermit Texas above them, though. Of course is Alabama at one Georgia at two you look through the classes the thing that jumps out at me. At least on the Georgia side is how heavy they went on defense Nolan Smith, of course, the number one overall player nico- by dean, tyreek, Stevenson all. These guys are loaded for bear on the defensive side of the ball. It is apparent to me that that had to be strategy by Kirby smart. There's no question. And then you throw in guys like Trevan Walker who you know, we one of the new features on twenty four seven was our five stars weeks named our top player. I thought long Walker was the top player that Georgia's signed in his class. Even though I do. Love Nolan Smith Trevan Walker six five hundred five so he did it at each level. It was on the defensive line. He got good linebackers. He got good DVD's. And I think it's very clear that Kirby is offering Justice filthy of the defense in terms of the talent level there that would ala Bama has and the ability to not just go to Georgia and to play for him. But then turn around and get drafted highly. And I think that's what you know. Really makes what he's doing there. So quickly really help with getting this recruiting really rolling. Like, it's been a last couple of classes. He's now shown to this three or four years. He's going to Georgia the player development, the player the way the players come in in when he came in and a Mark Rick. But then he got two or three years of phone their turning into first round picks in guys are there. They see that Nicole d was the guy that Obama coveted majorly, he decided to go to Georgia, you had known Smith Alabama was trying to flip way he'd been a long time commitment, and I think that's a great group print follow, you know. So now, it's a matter of seats on adding that. That on the office aside the ball keep developing that talent on the outside goff's of side of the ball. And they got that when they put George picking to been a long time commits Auburn on signing day kind of a shock one of the big shots of the day. Was here he was a two year. Commits Auburn out of Alabama and he announces for Georgia. That's how you quickly pass Alabama. And they're not doing it yet. But that's how you position yourself to pass Alabama is you're not just adding the defense. But you're adding that talent on offense because we know Nick state of doing that especially these last few years when you look at Alabama Brandon. Do you look at this class and say, okay, they they addressed a need. I understand why they did this or are they literally just showing off at this point collecting the talent that they are. I it's funny because there are two players on signing day that they thought they were going to be able to get. Well, let's Chris Bogle who had been committed them announcing the all American bowl. And then the Florida and then Henry though out a Bill cell goes the Tennessee Alabama at Alabama fans were bemoan. The fact. That they didn't land those two all that would have done with the gap even wider between them in Georgia him recruiting class. Andy, Justin such a job of recruiting and evaluating and developing that, you could lose guys are top tier three players at that position that you think you have and you still have by far the best class in the country. And that's just what's scary for Alabama that even when they lose the player here or there. They still have a Rolodex in each position of just top level players that the rest of the country one. Whether it's on the office the side of the ball. Whether it's you know, the office a lion. Getting Pierce quick never knew whether it's Antonio fauna who actually finished his twenty percent sports is number one overall player. You know, he was overshadowed at tons by Noah Smith is accuracy by cave on the Bill by Trevan Walker, and he'll funneled comes down to San Antonio in dominates all week to move into the number one spot. And that's what ala Bama does. Even the guys that maybe are a little bit more off the grid under the raiders a little bit. They go to a national debt and absolutely dominate. And then they get the Alabama. They do the same thing there. So it's just it's uncanny. What Nick Sabin has been able to do. And the fact that he's been able to add so much talent on the office of the ball these last four or five cycles for for guidance been known for all the great defensive players. I think that's just becoming a problem that we still haven't been able to see anybody completely figure out outside of Clemson these last couple years and one of the things that Nick Sabin. Did it looks like three of the top six players from Florida ended up going to Tuscaloosa, and it was certainly a down year outside of the Gators for recruiting in state among those powers in the sunshine state. But Dan Mullen in his first full cycle is Florida's coach he finished his very well at this class. They get into the top ten how do you feel about? I guess the gator class overall and looking forward, do you imagine the state's powers will do a better job of keeping the very top end of the state's talent at home, especially now with Miami looking a little bit more. Table. Yeah. With miami. If they can recruit the state like they recruited the transfer wire this season, they're going to be in good shape moving forward. I think Manny Diaz is the guy that you know, is going to connect with a lot of these recruits. And he's a reason that a lot of these recruits are filling the key especially going into the two thousand twenty class. So that you then stability with somebody who's a little bit more. And you know, obviously, Mark Rick was a stable coach George was there a long time. And you know, he brought that maturity to Miami. But you know, with Manny Diaz you've got a guy who's just going to get after it was going to bring that energy to to match against the Willie Taggart to match against download or at least gonna try to to do. He can. But then you throw in with Molins done. And I mean, I think he showed immediately what kind of a he could have on recruits in this class. Not just from the state of Florida, but really in the southeast region. You know, we'll eat tagger get figured out. That's the good question. That's the million dollar question. I mean, he's had about as bad a first year. Is possible on the field and off the field. So he, you know, I think that's gonna make that seat that much warmer for him. If he does get figured out quick because Miami starting to take a lot more of the headlines in the attention back with the hiring Manny Diaz with these transfer to have coming in. And then obviously, Dan Mullen did a fantastic job recruiting wise with this class. And then showed a lot of really good promise in the first year head coach with the New Year's near six bowl win. We've talked about some of the top five top ten classes. I'm curious in your mind who put together a class, maybe outside of the top fifteen twenty twenty-five that just that major antennas buzz a little bit. Maybe in the way, they like PJ flick did a year last year the year before where you know, he recruits Georgia, well, the IMG academy well where he's put together like who has put together. I I guess that top thirty or forty ish class with a lot of those high upside three star guys. Yeah. I think you know, they did land some of panel of four stars. But I think the class that. Definitely is the one that makes you stick out because you're not used to seeing him as Purdue and finished at number twenty five in the country. Obviously all the talk about Jeff Ron lead to go to Louisville and then him staying at Purdue. I think that showed that you know, he's going to be there for a little while longer. He was able to sperm the all the modern to stay there. And I think that that helps with recruiting not just in this class, but even moving forward because now guys will see when a coach says, I'm not looking to leave. I'm not looking to go anywhere, and he turns down his alma mater, who's kind of at their breaking point and desperate. He is willing to stay. We're in match what he says. And so, you know, holding onto a guy like George carline this as a result of him. Really? You know, staying at Purdue he was a top fifty top hundred player nationally was heavily recruited by everybody and decided to stay at home. And he's going to Purdue David bell, another big time receiver prospect out of Indianapolis. Big physical kid, you know, he had plenty of options. Elsewhere see standing going to produce Milton right here that I got to see at the Polynesia ball. And I absolutely loved watching play. Another big dismal six three two hundred pounds. Interestingly enough, he was from Louisville. So when I talked to the pawn reasonable he said he was really watching to see what Brom did because he wanted to play for him. Maybe that would have been in his backyard. But when Brahms said he was stick with producer, right? Stuck with produce? So you get a couple of those guys at the top end type players. Those are obviously guys that you want to really build your class around. But then you got Kyle -bility who played in both the ele- Merican, Anna Polynesian bowl out of Virginia coming in. And you guys like that that maybe, you know, they're they're coming from different conferences different conference footprints going out at Tennessee going at a Texas going in to Virginia. I think that showing that you know, Braun is willing to try to recruit against anybody. And this class was really evident of the recruiting efforts that he put on both in-state and outside the state. Let's stay in the region. Michigan made a big leap arguably to an area of the rankings that they should normally be is that strictly a numbers thing that they could take. More guys this year or did something I guess changed strategically with the top of their class coming from very clearly a wide wide national net that just kind of goes back to what Harbaugh knows what he could do when he was at Stanford. He recruited nationally sanfer wisdom school that just because they're in California. We're going to only recruit California, they were going to recruit nationally, and I think, you know, Harbaugh finally really had a lot of success out west where he has some good ties, but he really recruited coast to coast. And I think part of it was he didn't necessarily get himself into spotlight as much this off season in this recruiting cycle. Like, he gave maybe previous years where you know, two years ago is all about Nashi Harris and trying to be a part of the satellite and the year before it was going into Alabama taking shirt off. I think he just kind of laid low, and and just really recruited this year instead of making it about PR and constant going viral. This year was just about getting out there and doing it the old fashioned way and recruiting window Hieaux. You know, you got Eric. He got. Mazi Smith to stay home in Michigan. He went down to Georgia to get Jalen Perry as well as Kristin who is the son of the former NFL star. But then went out west to get his quarterback and cave Nakamura out in Nevada that charbonnet who was a top five running back nationally went to oaks Christian to get him. Got Giles Jackson, the kind of the electric do everything guy out of the bay area went and got him. He would up into Connecticut went down went down to Florida. I went to annoy and really kinda covered all four pointers of the country and then everything in between. But did it kind of in a more subtle way this year, which I think kind of maybe saved the negative recruiting from schools that probably were doing a better job of doing that the previous three years when he seemed to be in the headlines on time, you mentioned the state of Ohio, obviously, some news with Ryan day taking over for urban Meyer. And if you look at the recruiting rankings for what they're worth, Ohio State all the way down at number fourteen, which of course, is a spot that I'm sure a lot of other teams around the country. Would love to have. But for Ohio State. It represents a bit of a drop off there. Perennially in the top five certainly in the top ten in most seasons looking at their recruiting class. How do you think this plays out now moving forward under Ryan day? Well, for one thing I mean, they're class is small. I mean, I it's not from a lack of Kelly. They just were the only class even in a top twenty five that didn't have more than twenty players side. They only had seventeen I think the next closest class was at twenty one. So just from pure numbers standpoint in may not add up to being a top ten class. But you look at the talent that they pulled in. They weren't they're bringing in three five star players. One of them was a guy who'd spent time at number one in the country. Zach Harrison who's kind of a physical freak more of a basketball player. Six five hundred fifty three Pounder who still trying to figure out the game of football. But it has such great athleticism. And this is the guy that many people were pegging to go to Michigan and a house. It ultimately pulled him in after Ryan day was hired. Then you've got Garrett Wilson a five. Star receiver out of Austin, Texas, who basically set the entire summer on fire by committing to Texas. I'm sorry spurning, Texas because he's an often commend Ohio State and set off World War three between Ohio State and Texas in the Twitter war there. But then also going down to Georgia getting Harry Miller Jameson when he was at a zuri. So the players that they got are still tough. And he's been if you look at where they're sitting in two thousand and twenty they'd got a class. It's already got seven commitments, and if the top by class at this point, and I think now with they're going we go obviously with the summer last year with urban being suspended for the first three games of the uncertainty is gonna retire is not gonna retire. Now Ryan day and his staff had into a full recruiting cycle. They'll head into the spring. They headed into January really knowing that he there for the long haul. So that takes away a lot of the uncertainty. Now, you're gonna see a house that I think back to that by class got from just a number standpoint. But now because there's stability in place once and for all Ryan day. Of course, not the only. New coach in college football. And I know we ask you this question every year. But among some of the other names, Brandon who impressed you with their ability to come on campus and make an early impact on the recruiting trail. Well, I think it's gonna be interesting because you look at their class. It wasn't that highly ranked, but I kind of like what Mel Tucker did over at Colorado and part of that because I think that you know, you look at the the success that he had as an assistant coach at Georgia. Just kinda he's been everywhere. He's been in the NFL. He's been in the collegiate ranks. But you know, he kinda comes into a region that he's not a similar with. And that's always the one gamble. You take. When you hire a guy who doesn't have a lot of ties to specific region. Where's his connection is going to come from candy convince the kids that come from where his main Pori ventured for has been to go through this new region? Weipa Colorado did in this class. It was only ranked ninth. But considering there are a lot of players that decommitted when Mike McIntyre left what he was able to bring in he'd brought in the bunt. They should all. Who's the younger Brenner Labasa Chenault who Agassi was a star for Colorado. This last season they got Joshua Ellen to stay on board. He was one of the Tom Juku linebackers in the country originally from Oregon and played at Arizona, western they were able to seep Tariq lucky who actually didn't sign in December looked like he may end up going elsewhere, Oregon and USC were pushing for him, but he decided to stick with Colorado. So I I like not only who melt Tucker really held onto in this class. But then also being able to go in and get some guys, and I think that he gets his feet under himself. They've already gotten a commitment from two thousand twenty in Colorado, the big t for Mel Tucker is going to be more than anything is when there's that elite count. This is setting up to be the best high school class in Colorado in a long time. If he can really prioritize the state of Colorado, Kirby smart, did right. When he got the Georgia. Then I think that Tucker can do that that's going to give him an advantage because then he could then use his guys that had been there as their. Backyard then he can go back into the southeast and really get Colorado back up to where I think people are age are used to seeing them where they were it wouldn't even the big eight the big twelve early on. So let's follow this string. Who else is? It doesn't have to be a new coach could be a coach who has shifted things, but whose strategy is not noticeably different from what they've done or perhaps what coaches before then have done you talked about Michigan in Jim Harbaugh. Sort of you know, being a little bit more low key this year in terms of putting the Michigan brand out there who else is said, okay. We've usually zig now we're going to zag we've we've usually stayed local. Now, we're going national we've usually national now we're going local who has shifted the way they've done things. I would say you feel it, and it's not been in a great way. But it's been very different. I mean, it was one of those things that at one point where you could cannot how many players had an offer that was committed from UCLA on one hand. There are a lot of players that claimed offers from UCLA from Jim Moore. And his staff, and then chip Kelly came in and basically said, yes, your offer still can't know your offer doesn't count and they're just never seemed to be an emphasis on recruiting during the spring and really into the summer and they wanted to season came around you couple that with a three nine he the night you have no momentum on the field. And so we were used to seeing UCLA finish with top twenty classes. You know, what do they finish like that on the field that was another story, but they were recruiting well, they're recruiting aggressively off a lot of players in. And then they kind of go against that complete rain with chip Kelly, and it ends up being a, you know, by what we've been used to seeing it pretty unimpressive class pretty mad class as far as UCLA's concerned. But you know, we'll see if the work they they decided to try this new strategy about bring guys the eighth day of the month. They offered twenty guys on Friday. It seemed to be more players. They offered on Friday, and they did in the entire two thousand nineteen cycle. So we'll see the strategy to take of the peso that more works from chip Kelly. But when you see how you recruit. It under Jim Mora. Now, see how it is been under Kelly. It definitely was one of those moments where I think people in the Pac twelve just going like what the heck are they doing what's going on? There is this a matter of chip Kelly having the cachet to say these are the guys I want for my program, and I'm not changing how I do things. One thousand percent. Yes. I it's chip Kelly Sanders helmet to do it. And if you don't like it, then look somewhere else, but you know, can that strategy that maybe worked at Oregon in two thousand eight or two thousand nine or two thousand ten eleven and twelve work in two thousand nineteen into age of recruiting with social media in the age of, you know, making yourself visible making yourself have bud. Look at the other schools in the Pac twelve that. When they go on and unofficial visit or observe when he comes in an unofficial visit. Or when the coaches go out during the period, everybody in the world knows that either that kids on campus, or those coaches are on that kids campus UCLA everything's so under the radar, and it was it had been by design had to be the way. Chimp wanted to do it. But can that work in two thousand nineteen when so much about recruiting about biz ability and the social media aspect of it. All right, Dan, hit the pause button done. I need to know. Are you sick and tired of paying high interest rates on all your credit cards? I'm done with the tie a half to be do you want to consolidate multiple credit card payments down to just one payment at a lower rate? This seems to make sense to my brain. If so light stream is a no brainer. You can refinance a credit card balances with a credit card consolidation loan from her friends over at livestream and get rate as low as six point one four APR with auto pay the rates fixed. It's not going to go up there zero fees involved. 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So you can start investing at any level it simple. It's intuitive. It's easy. It's fun for newcomers. Check out Robin Hood, you can also view things like stock collections one hundred most popular stocks. If you're looking for a. Quick way to get started. You can learn how to invest in the market as you build your portfolio right now. They're going to give listeners of our show a free free. Stuck like apple like Ford like sprint to help you build your portfolio. It's good deal. Check it out solid dot robinhood dot com or more time that is solid SOL ID dot Robin, Hood dot com, who are the schools that how they did on this in this year cycle Mathu thousand nineteen cycle stand out to you as okay, this is who they are from now on either in a really good or bad wag outside of UCLA. So who is that team who really made the jump that you expect to stay up pretty high in who is a team that has fallen, and you don't really see a way that they can get back up. I would say or I mean, we we know that Oregon has been able to recruit pad years they've brought in elite players like the Thomas, and Eric Armstead who took you to beaters. The through this of which they recruited this year. I mean that that's the tributed largely to the pros. Mario Cristobal took this year as the head coach. And I think you look back to his time at Alabama where he was once the national recruiter of the year. He was an SEC recruiter of the year. He understands the importance of the head coach getting involved in recruiting. But he also understands the importance of empowering, and enabling his staff to get out and be aggressive recruiters. And you talk to kids would take their unofficial visit. They say man the second. I got off the elevator. There thirty coaches and staffers cheering and yelling and screaming for me when I got off and that left an impression on me. And so that comes down from the top. And I think you're gonna see Oregon be school. I mean, they're offering a lot of players they they probably offer more players than any Pac twelve school does. But they're also hitting on a large rate of the guys that they really really want. There was a great article Sports Illustrated last week about the offers that are committed level and that are uncondonable. But I I think you know, a lot of schools do this kind of offers. But also think that when Oregon really kind of sets their sights on a kid. Especially in the two thousand nineteen class Basie the success of that with getting that kids commitment, and ultimately inciting. So they ended up at the top class in the Pac twelve and I think, you know, Oregon has a brand is enough of these kids that today in two thousand sixteen was an anomaly that was the exception to the rule in their minds Oregon has been the prime team in the west coast and the tax role for the last eight and ten years. This was a team that a lot of these kids grew up watching. So these southern California kids weren't necessarily a plane for SC like scenic Orphee, you feel like you think they were juvenile plan for Oregon, and you saw that in this class with how they recruited southern California. So I think that's a school that absolutely. He's going to be a top ten pot twelve type recruiting program over the next couple years as long as Mario Cristobal there because he's just got a completely different approach in chip Kelly Marquel. Pitch did in that he wants to be visible. He understands recruiting is the lifeblood of the program. So he's going to continue to get out there. I I would say that they're probably that one that you kinda. To look at it and say, all right? They're going to be around. They're going to be factor. They're going to be a problem for some schools to deal with not just in the Pac twelve but nationally, and then as far as on the flip side, I mean is Florida state at eighteen is going to be the norm. He and Willie Taggart get this thing figured out. We're not used to seeing Florida state down that low. We're used to seeing them being a top ten teen and usually top five team in recruiting, you know, but they're they are at eighteen is this gonna speak is speaking to a larger issue, and if it is a larger issue, how long does this issue go on because all the buzz now in the state of Florida has gone to Manny DEA, it's going to Dan Mullen, and Florida state, which is always seemingly had the most buzz of any school and certainly over the last decade now they're running third. And then you still have the, you know, not that they're losing guys readily at UCF, but even UCS getting a lot more buzz than them. So willy Taggart's got to get that fixed quick, otherwise they may be cop fifteen to twenty twenty which most schools would be happy about but not afford to stay not when you're stood on a gold. Mine of talent like they are. Well, since you did Oregon we gotta do Notre Dame. Brit riddle me this Brandon about Notre Dame. Brian Kelly has the Irish to a point where pretty consistently they're turning in very strong, recruiting classes recruiting is not so much the issue at Notre Dame. But then came along that playoff semi final matchup against Clemson. Now, they ran into a buzzsaw granted. But there are a lot of fans out there asking they're looking at the recruiting class in. They're saying what did Notre Dame due to make up that talent gap? What did Notre Dame due to make themselves better and more competitive against the top echelon of college football? Is there a tell in this class how they got better? I mean, I feel they got better in the trenches. Now, whether that's going to make a difference next year or two thousand twenty that quickly. Probably not I think they're gonna see their bigger recruiting bump going into the two thousand twenty class. Because a lot of these kids minds were already made up before Notre Dame even plays in the playoff game before the season even started. So I. They're really going to see whether they can close that gap. Start to happen with two thousand twenty class. When those kids had a full year of recruiting and now in Notre Dame walks in in the spring during the evaluation period, you know, kids remember they still did go to a playoff game. They may have been a blow, but I'll of Emma confident, I guess if there's one good thing that happened to. Notre Dane is that damage beat even worse in the national championship game. So people are just gonna look at do crimson was on a different level. What I think Notre Dame did really well this year, though, they did a great job on the often for blind ended defensive line really in just the in the trenches. And that's where I think a lot of schools have had the advantage on the engine the years passes that they've been able to beat them up front, and which is different because we're used to see Notre Dame having good line. But I think that you know, they've recruited even better lining. They still got some you know, key players at the skill positions coming in. But I really think moving forward in two thousand twenty is going to be the year where that gap really starts to get closer. And I mean, there's some guy. In this in class that that I really high on. I love the offense allowance guys equal point Carol. I out of Minnesota how Minnesota respectively. They got a really good defense lineman Texas in nano supplements. A they went out west got a couple of really good players from northern California. Isaiah rutherford. Who was a Cal legacies? Dad was a former starting running back four Cal. He spurned a lot of west coast schools to admit her name, and then Isaiah Foschi who was one of the top tight end recruits out west and then Notre Dame turn it on. Then me think you're going to be any league defensive end, and he became open to the defensive line idea and the Irish got him to announce on signing day. But then the best player in this is my opinion is kind of Hamilton. You know, here's a guy that was under the radar. He goes to the opening finals last summer and was fantastic. And then goes to the American bowl this year and really just shines from beginning to end in. Here's the guy who wasn't even talk to seven going into his junior year. He finishes as the number one safety in the country by twenty four seven sports and talked to team player nationally out of it Lanta and a guy that I think that's the kind of player you need to sign a lot of to really be able to compete with. The Clemson and the Alabama tide programs year in year out to be clear tie. He did mention Brandon mentioned Oregon doing well in establishing itself as a potential regional national power with Mario Cristobal, but did not go through the class, right? In terms of where Oregon's class ended up as a top what six seven eight class in the country. And I think they're somewhere around ten eleven twelve in terms of talent level in an average grade for these players who are the names that you believe to be not necessarily instant impact guys. But you are confident will leave a Mark in the Pac twelve in the years to come obviously, cave on Fidel. He was the number two player in the in. The composite ranking the number one player in the state of California. The highest rated player that Oregon his has signed in the modern era. A defensive Angie is going to come in and play right away. He's got that ability where he's not just going to compete playing time. It's going to be a matter of how many snacks does he get? He's going to be starting. You know? Can't he just a matter? Does he put on the way this offseason because he's got speed? He's got the quickness he's got the weather system to be an impact just it'd be a little bit of way to handle those often lamb and college, but she's obviously the crown jewel this poss. But then there's other guys like Mikhail, right? A elite corner top fifty player nationally out of southern California. Join a ta new out of harbor city Narbonne highest which another school bag USC has recruited well out of these last couple years taught ten off the line in nationally, Mike Pittman, who's one of my favorite football players in this class a Calabasas Coyote for you, Dan. So I know you'll be rooting for him the son of former NFL running back, Michael Pittman younger brother of that seemed to see her Michael Pittman junior. Mica may not have the the physical traits that some of the other receivers have in this class, the sixty six three guys, but he's just whitening bother who such a physical. Just you just got a lot of dog and him and he gets out and he makes plays happen. And he's another guy that I really like in this class, and then touch a Kerber news, the younger brother, Justin Herbert. He was the number one player in the state. Of Oregon really didn't see need to look anywhere else. He committed Oregon very early on. He's a top ten tight end nationally. So, you know, they only signed one player from the state of Oregon, but they made account in strum Eugene, and it was the brother of their quarterback in was that enough to maybe he just in school year. He knows I know that was something that was talked about my both of them someday would both like to pursued. If you're an organ fan, you'll just hanging out on the fact that maybe that was the tipping point for him to keep him there. So they get a really good job in California. They did a good job in Oregon. But then they did recruit. Nationally went down to forty got a couple of kids. They got a top five Juku player a six hundred hundred forty five pound lineman out of Texas from the Juku ranks. So they get a really good job of recruiting the whole country, which is what they've been able to do these last couple years, but really made California kind of be the home basis season two teams that really did a great job, and you mentioned this with Notre Dame and how they were absolutely a playoff team and have translated that this year moving forward into recruiting success two teams, though, Oklahoma and. Washington have both steadily grown they're recruiting footprints and the level of talent they're bringing in in Washington, a very good job along the lines and Oklahoma brought him what appears to be the best receiver class in the country. Do you feel like this this level of talent for these schools in his depth of talent is the new normal for the Sooners and the huskies there's no question. I think with the hiring Alex Grange there's going to be a renewed effort to get big time defensive players for Oklahoma because often hasn't been their problem. But if you're having a hard time tackling teams, and you have a hard time stopping teams you'd better be able to score. So what do they do they go get the two of the top three receivers in the country, including one of them being from Georgia in jail. His he was the number one receiver in the country. They keep the as in the mix, and then they go get the top quarterback in the country and Spencer, rather, so they doubted better talent to an already talented offense at depth chart. So that gives them continued are a weapon on their offense of arsenal. But. Defensively. That's where they really are going to probably see a focus over these next couple of classes, there's still some good players on the defense side of the ball. Don't get me wrong. But I think this class was really highlighted by their offense of talent, which makes sense 'cause Lincoln Riley is an offense of drew. But now, I think with the with the presence about screens. There's going to be even more renewed effort to improve the defense and this class was a good start toward that. And they continue to be really bring in top and deep at the town could go with this special elite talent Oklahoma's not going anywhere for awhile Washington on the other hand, you know, you look at what's been different than some of the games that they've lost the last couple of years on a national scale. It's been usually upfront. It's banned. Not just the skill positions. They'd had the skill position. But it's been the offense aligned to defensive line. And they bring in arguably the best defense the line class attack. Ten his seen. In fact, twelve seen in probably a decade. They got four big time defensive tackles. They got two or three really good defensive end. A great linebacking core a great defensive back for and then authencity they were able to bring in five really content often for linemen some that are already on campus, and it'll be a part of spree football. They've got a four star quarterback who is a four year starter down in grand Washington and Dylan Morris, and then they signed the probably the best addition to the class late was getting a decision from Putin. The Kula who is the Utah player of the year. The point even football player of the year. The all American off the player of the year over two thousand yards receive and had been commit to USC. But then when didn't sign in December when clip teams very left, look like he was going to be an Oregon Washington battle and he signed with Washington yesterday announced on Sunday nine so that just gave them a another threat offensively where they did really well on the line they could've used one more pass catcher. And they got one in one of the best in the west and acted. You're gonna continue to see Chris Peterson and his staff recruit at a high level. Now that they've got just this plethora talent coming in. But then also going out and getting drafted high clemson's. Never in these conversations of teams that are finishing top two top three top four. But they're clearly one of the two teams that are in college. Football's top tier is are they just better at a valuating. Are they better at developing are they better at just keeping guys from transferring what what is it about Clemson in how they recruit that is uniquely successful. Why better at developing than probably just about anyone I'm easily these guys to come in that maybe aren't as highly touted in the Nate leave, and they said all kinds of records. They've been multi your starters with they've gotten a lot of bang for their buck on the top rated guy. They have brought it obviously Mitch high a four year started who was in outstanding recruit when he came out Trevor Lawrence, you know, one of the best quarterbacks I think in the history of recruiting comes in and win the next championship. So not only have they gonna good job developing. But they got that impacts from those high level players in a sport where you see a higher bus ratio. Maybe do in college basketball from your highly rated players there. Getting everything that they expect out of those highly rated players, and when they lose a guy like one hundred Johnson or Kelly Bryant because you've got a generational talent at quarterback like they with Trevor Lawrence. So you look at this class, and you really can't say, there's a weakness anywhere. And you look at some of the guys they have misclass- that maybe aren't as highly ranked as others. And because they do such a good job in development because they have so much stability in that coaching staff that allows us players to develop in be a impact player for whether earlier in their career. But like you said they do a big seeming to better job with the exception of quarterback of keeping those guys from leaving. And is being understand understanding if you gotta wait your turn, you're gonna get your shot. And when you get your shot, you're gonna make the most of it as we know coaches that are coaching G five schools if they're successful. They become coaches coaching at power five schools, so in the G five sphere who put together a class in which coach stands out as that recruiter. That I guess made your I've been using this phrase for whatever reason made your intent as buzz Mike Petra buzzing, but law because of what Brian Hartson did it Boise state, and you know, they really have made themselves a presence as probably the best group of five program over the last fifteen years on the field, and recruiting I think CF is is closing the gap. They've had a nice run these last four or five years with two worth the BCS bowl. And then two years six bulls. But obviously, Josh hypol-, you know, is he going to be able to continue to maintain this program. It sure seems to do they have good recruiting class. They actually went back into flood into Hawaii to get their quarterback. And doing Gabriel comes from the same. High school MacKenzie Milton. Does Gabriel hat offers from Georgia annual ac- lay and then sided sign with UCF. So that's the kind of recruiting battle that you want to keep winning when you're a group of five go set, and you can go up against the traditional power power, five schools and beat them. But then you look at what Boise state did I mean? They had three four stars. Not just in the twenty four seven sports composite and six and a twenty four seven rankings. You look at their quarterback that they got Hank Bachmar. He was a record setting quarterback in California through for over ten thousand yards. He had offers from numerous power five schools. Stuck with Z state when other schools will lose their quarterback. They would try to make a run at him. He stuck with what he stay. And I think that that shows you what this program is doing where they're not losing players that want those are five offers like they did years ago when they were still kind of the BCS busters and BCS schools would come around, and it can be the best team in BCS conference. But those kids wanted to play and beats the conference I think Chris Peterson and now Brian Harrison and dump that the good job a developing players showing that they can shine at that level and be drafted in a high Ray and a high level that these kids are looking at Boise state as a destination programs. So it's no surprise that drive. The two most successful group of five schools over the last ten fifteen years are the two schools that did the best job recruiting wise this year. All right. Brandon Hoffman from twenty four seven sports are resident encyclopedia on all things recruiting. I've got two more for you. And then I promise we'll let you outta here. The first is of course, we have to talk about Mack Brown and less miles coming back into the college football sphere after a long layover away from the game. How did how would you evaluate how both those guys did now back on the recruiting trail trying to build up their respective programs? Well, I wanna look at see what the safeties North Carolina's breeding 'cause I wanna see how good of quarterbacks Bill be when they leave. In the meantime, I think the votes have classes that, you know, considering the later start that they both got you North Carolina finished in the top thirty five class now before they were in the top twenty, but you know, considering how late in the game that they kind of had to get in with this class. They're able to flip Sam how who'd been a long time for nitsa Ford state. He was a quarterback was committed had a really good week at the all American bowl and had a good showing in the game. He's a top three dual threat quarterback nationally to flip him from Florida state to North Carolina, obviously was big, you know, they ramble to get some of these guys like Jeanne Asante who really seemed to be kind of the one of the hot names during the the January signing period because he didn't announce in December and decided to use Janus. So he kind of getting poached by everybody and everybody was trying to get him. So for them to be able to sign him on signing day. I think that that just shows you, you know, what macaroni can do in a quick. Two three month window. That's what he and his staff are going to be able to do over the course of the next year and then with Kansas. I mean, obviously with less miles. There's not gonna be short on attention about the Kansas program. And I think it's different than, you know, maybe win Charlie rice was there because less is the guy the media loves, and I think fans of college football just love seeing what he's gonna do next. And he really used that to his advantage and Kansas ended up being able to get a four star defensive lineman on signing day out of Texas. Stephen Parker six four two hundred twenty pound counter who's a fantastic pass rusher. Those the kind of battle that I think list miles is gonna find himself getting involved in a little more. You know, they only got one four star in this class. But I think you're going to see them at two or three or four every year for these next couple of years because less most had a slave in the living room with the families. He knows how to aggressively recruit in he's still well thought of in a lot of major regions on the country. So that's going to allow him to go into those schools. And even though he's a. Not at all anymore because people genuinely love less miles, and has some coaches love him in a lot of coaches in certain parts of the country where he wants to treat. Love him. That's going to open the door for him. Finally, and most importantly on this show, my favorite name of the twenty nineteen class. He's an offensive tackle. He goes by the name of Pierce quick. And I love it because it's got a little John oxymoronic quality to it. I know you are someone with a keen interest in names, such as these Brandon if not Pierce quick than who in this class was your favorite name, man. I mean, it's hard to top Pierce quick. There was one kid in Oregon's class, and I'm gonna try and I'm really usually good at Polynesian names. But this one because of all the valves, and it still has floored me, and I've just like stopped trying to name it. I it's more or less. Fella on EBay logging. And just because of all it's like a wheel of fortune gold mine with all the valves and there, and then he's six seven three hundred and forty five pounds on top of that. So it makes sense that one of the biggest players in this class has one of the biggest and longest names. But you know, we were kinda robbed of the the seat Brown's family this year with them no longer than any other children Nomar equity MIA'S, no more of Cyrus, no more almond Roz. So, you know, I'm I'm having to go with the long multi hyphenated names as the the ones that really kind of wet the whistle. This year, we're working towards general Budi in twenty twenty one in Texas. We're working towards general Budi, and I believe, and maybe you can take a stab at this for next year. When we do our show the number one quarterback in the twenty twenty class. His name is pronounced day. One LA you on Galela. Okay. That's okay. That's easier than I thought it was gonna be tie. You are going to struggle. God his parents for naming him DJ. Oh, the best because he's becoming. A two letter name a, you know, we just owned by his first name and thank you, Mr. Missolonghi clearly for for doing that. But I've now figured out how to spell it without having to go back and copy and paste than I can still that thing masterfully, so good luck to orbit or Clemson right now because of the two schools leading for him mood look to their P announcers, and they're radio play by play for having to start might as well start practicing. Those names now the DJ you era. I think is what it's going to be. I like it. Again, Brandon Huffman truly an encyclopedia for all things recruiting. Brandon. Can't thank you enough, man. Thanks for stopping by again. He's are kinda guy. He's an okay. Gee, thanks for having me on guys. Always enjoy it. All righty, Dan. There you go. That is Brandon Huffman longtime friend of the podcast. I can't even count the number of times we've had him on this show over the last decade. But I've said it time and again in encyclopedia a wealth of recruiting knowledge. I always feel like I learned something I did in this case as well. And I'm guessing you did too. I did. And you know, it's one of those things where we could have easily done the three hour show. And I'm sure somebody's gonna listen to this show and say, you know, why don't we talk more about the job? You know? Jeremy Pruitt did at Tennessee after disappointing season. They bring in like twelve or thirteen blue chip guys. Or why don't we talk more about Auburn? Why don't we talk about Penn State the job? They did. I think they finished second in the big ten. Yeah. The reason is there are so many teams there are so many teams to talk about. So we just want to present him with a question where his mind goes with the question is where it goes. But certainly, and we mentioned this before after the early signing period. Nebraska did a good job. After they finished the season in an encouraging way. I think they've finished with the top twenty class Stanford normally finishes a bit higher. They don't take huge classes. Obviously having academic restrictions. But they still finished in the top twenty five ole miss after a pretty terrible year. Matt Luke did a decent job on the recruiting trail Arkansas, you know, they will offer playing time because after not winning a game in the SEC. It's all Miller, man. It's hard to be one Wisconsin actually with a pretty decent class finishing in the top thirty Miami falls. And it couldn't have helped that Mark richt left when he did which was after the early signing period lead that may point to how much that staff was engaged with everything near the end when things seem to fall apart for for the hurricanes and US good question about about less miles in Mack Brown, North Carolina, especially with that quarterback pull that Brandon Huffman talked about in the name of Sam howl from Florida state, they finish in an interesting way as they try to get out of the bottom of the ACC. See there's definitely a Gulf. It seems between Texas Oklahoma and the rest of the big twelve. Yeah. Big the top of the big ten looks like it kind of should USC a disappointment in the Pac twelve but whenever things do eventually, and they will stabilize in LA, I expect USC to challenge for top five spots once again, but an interesting year nonetheless on the recruiting trail LSU with a I will only speak for myself. I was surprised that they were as successful as they were with the schedule that they had this past season and for them to finish with a top five class in keep that momentum super impressive. But yeah, interesting to see especially Alabama just now hold on to that top spot. Even with losing the coaches, they did that. That's why I said to him or the Shan off at this point. And I don't mean to be flipping. I don't mean to dismiss a now strong effort by Alabama. Clearly there is some strategy at play with the guys are going after. But at some point. In that point was long ago, the Alabama program hit critical mass under Nick Sabin. Where it really would Jim Italy started recruiting itself. Yeah. And now it's an embarrassment of riches clemson's getting there it looks like Georgia's getting there as well. So we will certainly have to see how all this plays out on the field. But again recruiting is the lifeblood we did a great show on recruiting. I sing rate on proud of the show. He did a year ago. Go back and look at how recruiting works. Yes. Show that we did we reported out how the process goes down. If you are a top level recruit. If you're a coach if you're a media member we can post a link to that show if you're interested in the description of this one. Yeah. In the meantime, Dan, Schorr, we are going to continue with our conference. Autopsy rulings? We've done two of them thus far. We've got a bunch more that we've got in the in the works here. So stay tuned for that will continue doing, Hugh and a and we've got. A bunch of big stuff in the works. Couple weeks and months, so I'm very excited about what twenty nineteen has in store, as you know, if you've been listening for wile, or if you just found us out there on the interwebs we're going to be with you all off season. We're gonna be talking college football all off season. We'll do our best to make it as fun as possible and hold you over until the games actually start up in the I guess August September timeframe later on this year. So we appreciate you standing by here. You can always post a review if you're going out to apple I dot com slash solid. Verbal or really wherever you can find your podcasts. Any review is always, very helpful. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And of course, visit the red at the sub read it at red dot com slash are slash solid. Verbal let's say sub started by footballers. Former ballers, okay. My my final outright here is you used an analogy. Seasoning cast iron with something knowledge. Did you season your cast iron pan a dead? Yeah. Of course, did you use to season at lard shortening while you could use a bunch of different stuff? Right. I have been using mostly avocado oil the trick. I'm told oh interesting is to use an oil with a high smoke point. Right. So you can heat it up and it won't smoke quite as easily, but I've kind of mixed and matched. I've used a little bit of olive oil, which you're not supposed to. But you can I've used some coconut oil coconut oil seems toward soon. Audie tied. You're not supposed to. But you can't. I know you can do whatever you wanted to free country. No, exactly. So when you originally got it though, you're supposed to season it by you wipe it down with something. And then put it in the oven for like an hour. They claim however the instruction other varying schools of thought I would love to have a sponsorship from lodge cast iron pans, but we do not. So this is a free plug. Now, they send it with instructions that say you cook an egg on it. When you get it wash. It obviously rinse it off. But cook an egg on it first. And then start from that point. So that's what I did cooked Aiglon and cli- it's gotten progressively less thicky and I continue to season it every time. I or after every time I use it. So today, for example, cook my breakfast on it, which just to makes, you know, cry some scrambled eggs, some fried eggs and put some avocado oil on it. Threw it in the oven to I said it in with that. And yeah, so we're we're enjoying that cast iron life. Dan. Great to hear any questions for me. This is your chance I promise that the show is going to get bad. Once we started talking about him be having a newborn, so I'm gonna follow through. Yeah. No. I mean, I I wanna know all about the conception. But I don't know if you have time to do it. So I of stretching with bands Takei, right right, hand, not stress that enough get really at the blood flowing full. Let me ask you this. Then so okay because we are running low on time here. And it's you know, it's the. The end I built up. I'm not kidding you. I won't show this to a Google, doc. A Google bother hotels us, we have to have a pregnancy. Childbirth care with the stupidest man alive me episode at some point a non a non college football, so related to we will do I guess maybe kids and college football. We will do that in a buzz how they watch an attend. Listen. I had you have been catching me off guard for the better part of the last decade. Yep. This is my one opportunity to shrike on you. Okay. I am preparing for this accordingly. Okay. You know, how I get when I prepare for something. Yeah. That's true. You are thorough. Okay. We're working something out. I will keep this very easy though. Because I'm sure there are folks out there who are nearing the end of their commute to work or the run on the treadmill or I don't know where you are in the country. Maybe even Mon the one. But this is this is hashtag relatable content. Absolutely. Yeah. I need you said he's almost three weeks. Three weeks. So we're posting this. What on Wednesday? Yeah. He'll be three weeks. Tomorrow. What is your three week fatherhood advice for anyone out there? We actually got a question similar to this in the inbox Sullivan algae, meal dot com. That's right. So I would say because you're going to be down on sleep because your schedule is going to be different. Because cure a new parents. You're not going to know what you're doing. I definitely don't know what I'm doing. I would say something that has helped me immensely from a just a mindset point of view is they're crying because their newborns. Not crying. 'cause the hate ya. They're not crying because they feel like they're dying or something like that. That's just what they do. So just like, our I speak sarcastically to my son. So when I'm changing his diaper, and he's wailing like, okay. Yeah. Poor you, you're being wait. So I just I make it a conversation offline I write out yet. I don't get upset. I don't get. Scourged by wailing tears. It's just it's now a back and forth that we have what will be. Yeah. Go ahead. Go ahead. I would also recommend it's going to be a one way conversation, obviously. But if you're if you're feeding him or her with a bottle or you're just trying to sue them to sleep or your changing diapers. You just hanging out with them on a chair or couch or something like that. I'm just trying to give my son information for life. Yeah. So I've gone through where to eat Nell. A I've gone through a just a very stern talking to about respecting women. I've gone through tips for navigating the New York subway system, and it's just obviously he has no idea what I'm saying. But there is something soothing about talking to him in a non baby voice that I think is like, oh, this is this is the gentleman who's going to try to keep me alive. Cool. I get the cadence of his voice, and it's it just it makes you feel like a human being will will you go the same route as our friend, Stephen Godfrey from podcast. Played nobody and play our podcast in hopes that it puts your child to sleep because of worked wonders for him. Is that what he told like did we really help with his was the only reason that he downloaded us. That's fine. Again, we've said this before we're not picky. If you throw download were grateful do with it once once it's yours. You can do whatever you want with it. So yeah, I haven't really played music or podcasts for him yet as a way to get him to sleep. But I'm open to it. So far, he's a good sleeper. So far as long as he's rocked and danced with we we listened to a lot of Chuck Berry today danced around to help. But I think the podcasting thing is going to be smart. I use baseball podcast default asleep. So good. I would be a hypocrite. If I said that podcasts aren't a great way to soothe yourself to sleep. So I it will probably work for him as well. All right. Well, we will check back in in a week. Thank you again to our friend. Brandon Huffman from seven sports checkout Avery, strong, DIP G dot. Org for more info on his great foundation. Daniela I will talk to you in about seven days. Right. Let's do it. I'm ready for that. Go there. Dan Rubenstein for myself. Ty, Hildebrandt can't show a week. Enjoy your week enjoy your weekend until next time. They saw. Pretty.

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Top 10 Fantasy Football MVPs for 2020 - Fantasy Football Podcast for 9/2

The Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast

1:03:10 hr | 10 months ago

Top 10 Fantasy Football MVPs for 2020 - Fantasy Football Podcast for 9/2

"I clan. Listener League draft is tonight, and if you're drafting tonight or through this upcoming week and you need the ultimate draft kit and guess what it's going to help more than your fantasy team one dollar from every ud goes to support Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital. If you've got a draft coming up, make sure you check it out at ultimate draft kit, dot com. We're all of looking for a bright spot right now. AREN'T WE JASON? I've got one for you. There's a hilarious new series on Apple TV plus starring Jason's Today Ted Lasso about an American football coach who has the England to take a shot and managing one of the world's most competitive professional socrates. If you like show with big laughs, a lot of heart this is the one for you look. It's Jason's Today. I mean. That's good enough and read watch Ted Lasso, now on the apple TV APP subscription required for Apple TV plus. Welcome to the fantasy footballers podcast with your hose, any Holloway Jason More and my grade. Our. Yeah that was extra juice today. Welcome into the show I've been told that there are. Listeners out there that try to time up my welcome in. And I thought you've just been taken the David Blaine experience. Mike Fantasy Headman. Jay. Talking About Idea Oh David Blaine is up in the air like you know up. The House up of balloons. Do you mean mentally or physically no David Blaine up in the levitating like right now right now. I did not know that explains holding onto A. Whole Bunch of balloons and he's flying across the road right now. Wait. Wait David Blake. Yes he's. He's okay. I've so many questions Mike. Can do a whole holding onto a bar like I had that was that was the first one was holding I believe he's strapped in even David Blaine has his limits Dave. On me right now because this is all breaking news I mean the show has changed the it was going to be an MVP show. Lots of industry experts is going to be a great show. It Brooks. Okay. Did you know about this David Blaine thing and you didn't bring it out I did not it's called ascension. So wait now he is floating across the United States. There is a chance that we're talking about this in the podcast comes out and he could have plummeted or something no not David Blaine. True. If he probably will he'll plummet and then you'll hit the GRANDPA. He'll just turn to a bunch of feathers. Able to find him and then he's in China. Then they go. Here I. Am I watched him catch a bullet in his mouth. Just seem like a bad idea as well David. Blaine is a wizard. The local wizard Gandalf the White Yeah Okay David Blaine David. Okay We're GONNA get. Back on track. Welcome to the show. This is the fantasy MVP episode for twenty twenty all three of us we have our fantasy football MVP that we'll be revealing on the show today we've also invited seven additional. Colleagues from the fantasy football community to bring their. Fantasy football MVP picks. I will say shadow to JJ's. Zacharias Zach Harrison. Who last year he made the Lamar Jackson call right here on the show what I like about this show. Intentions of being right here. Sure is like we were these are these are our friends. These are people we respect their opinions and it's always. Most, of course, and it's always wild where you know we get it we have differing opinions but then you reach out to some of our friends and you're like, Whoa, that's a really different opinion or different take than what I've had social. It's interesting to perspective. Perspective exam, and do we have David Blaine Zombie PPAC? I believe he chose himself. I believe you're right. I want to let the listeners know where is he? Wouldn't. Yeah, he would be a decent free agent pickup right now signed with Jacksonville. I want to let people know the in season schedule for the show because the NFL season is kicking off next week Oh. Yeah. Breaking News. and. Obviously. We're five days a week throughout the season But our editor chief Kyle thought it would be a good idea. Let new listeners know what what to expect for the NC schedule. Monday shows we do I. Rewind of what happened in the weekend normally some. Spectacular puns are featured. But I'll studs and stinkers on Mondays Tuesdays. That's the waiver show. That's also when we pick our streaming quarterbacks for the upcoming week so that you know ahead of time who to grab off of waivers. Wednesday it kind of depends on the week we do keep trade we do snap count discussions, trade talk mailbag Wednesdays kind of it's it's a wild day. It's the Potpourri Day. Yeah. Thank you Mike Thursday that's starts of the week, and we begin the matchup previews for the upcoming weekend games Friday, more matchup preview we do in and out and we do a new segment this year called profit like it's hot. Talking about and player props. Look this before on, you know we we always say you don't win your championship at the draft. This is where you win the championship, your start sitting decisions, your trade decisions, your waiver wire pickups, your roster from September tenth through the rest of the season. That's when you actually take home a championship. So stick with US I was I. Did a an Ama yesterday someone asked what is the number one thing that you believe? Gets you into the playoffs and my answer was basically activity especially towards the very back end of the week if you're more active if you're listening if you're making those. Two or three weeks there is in fantasy football. I hate to say it. There's there's some luck involved guess guess what this breaking news there's luck in life. Yeah. Yeah. It's true but I think activity just be doing one or two more things. Than the opponents in your league. That makes a huge difference. Season Sell. Buy or sell presented by Pristine Auction. Buyer sell Browns Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry one thousand receiving yards who for the twenty twenty season he's done it in three of the last six seasons. He's twenty seven years old. And as I read all of this I realized that drivers Landry is in my mind somehow some way the most boring player to draft or think about in fantasy football and I don't that is they're so disrespectful to drive his landry player but he really really is in my mind way meanwhile, he's just been top tiny got every year is really good. He's he's great. He's he's Robert Woods Light. He will be drafted later than he finished as the worst insult you've ever given anybody off how dare you because it's it's a man that's already undervalued, and then you said he's a light version of disrespected player. So, Jarvis's super disrespected. The reason he's super disrespected is because We who see that and recognize it also disrespect how many times have you drafted. Jarvis Landry so far mock draft real drafts this year zero several times. Oh, you have in mock drafts. I don't have him on any of my real team. But when I'm you know if I start with a couple of star running backs if I end up getting a tight end and I need someone that's playing and scoring in the mid later rounds I, I looked Jarvis's way. So to answer the question zero for me as well. Are you buying one thousand receiving yards last year? He had eleven hundred yards. Yeah. So here's what's tough about this year like there's there's a lot of different things. Robert Woods, Jarvis Landry light because Jarvis Landry finished ahead of robber woods last year. Here's the thing. Here's my case against Jarvis Landry for the thousand yards of things are very different for the Cleveland browns a new coach new offense of scheme I do believe in the bounceback of Odell Beckham Junior I. Believe he was hurt the entire year watching him on the field, his production he will be back and on top of that Jarvis Landry is. Great player but his he's a short short reception type of player. You know ten yards, a catch, eight yards he had a series of eight point, eight yards per catch, and in Cleveland, twelve yards for his first year, and then over fourteen I, think that is an outlier sees of Jarvis lender. That's they hit on a bunch of big plays I. Think the big plays we'll take a regress back to what he normally does. He will still be an excellent player. So I think going with the thousand yards is actually harder to to say if I think he can hit it by herself because if you say eleven hundred yards, I'll sell that I don't think he's going to get there i. think he will finish. Right around a thousand I'm going to sell I'M GONNA I'm GonNa take just underneath the thousand yard threshold. Well, if he doesn't get to thousand, then it will be just underneath we talk about. Well, he's finished their three of the last six years. Yeah. Well, you know he's He's played for six years. So one of those was his rookie season, the only two years he. Hasn't gotten there. He was at nine hundred and eighty, seven yards and nine hundred, seventy, six, I'm buying. He's he's thousand yard receiver pretty much every year. So I will buy that he is over that threshold, but it's a it's a good line in the sand because it's a matter of what do you believe about the offense about hooper about Odell Beckham but the reality is. Very good wide. Receiver. I'M GONNA sell it with the Beckham Resurgence Hooper and the passing volume going down also I. I'm watching David Blaine now. He's he's in Arizona he's in Arizona there's a chance that. Be Right, above him come right through the roof ways David. Blaine here guys go. Lane is everywhere. So yeah. So good stuff and I looked at my projections Jarvis Landry nine hundred and eighty yards. So that was one of those the gut check does actually line up with the projection. All right. That was by herself from Pristine auction you can use the code ballers at Christie's auction dot Com you get a ten dollar credit I wanted to double check mind one, thousand, twenty, three. Yeah, that's right. That's it's GonNa be tight. It's GonNa be close. All right. Let's Talk News. News notes from around. The League. Gentlemen. Joe mixon assigned signed a four year forty, eight, million dollars. Now. Now is the time you can let it all out Eddie. What was it starting to feel like? When he was Joe my green there. Oh golly those migraines just not showing up to practice. What is going on with Joe Mix and I mean it certainly feels like he's not practicing because they're working on a deal you don't want to go out there. have an injury right before he signed a contract. Are you? How are you feeling the? What I'm saying overjoyed. Where are you starting to get the get wet fi? Yeah if Look Our entire objective here is to help you when your fantasy league. We take more pride in that than our own leagues. Right we want the vice we see on the show to be good. We also do not want to pivot from a my guy we we were planting our flag, and then you know when two days later they end up in a walking boot or they end up twisting ankle or they end up with migraines. Yes, not a good feeling but he has signed I mean the the bengals invested. In, Joe Mix a four year deal forty, eight, million dollars. This is great news for a team that I think has a real opportunity to be. I think. Look. At last cardinals, the record might not reflect. The fantasy football success, and opportunity on the field. Last year the cardinals were five, ten and one, but you started to see. You know what? This offense could bring to the table Kenyan drake at the end of the year Kyle Murray in his fantasy value and I think that could be the bengals season this year. I also think this is ironically enough good news for album. Chimera, it's another running back kind of helping to set the market. This was a somewhat team friendly deal compared to Christian McCaffrey. He's. A little less than than Derek. Because that's the other big news here. Is the ongoing raise the up and down quick news rollercoaster that has been Alvin Kamara over the last twenty four hours if you haven't followed along it was you know? We were reporting yesterday that he had been out for three unexcused absences. It was contract related migrants. Exactly. Well, I did have that thought of like you know right before the contract got landed mixing was gone for a little while and now am Chimera is stepping aside and you know maybe they land on a contract here then there was. The saints are open to Trading Chimera the report, ca came out and lots of people back that up at said, yeah my sources say they are open to it's announced like who is going to be traded is associating in public. It's very nice. That's exactly what it is and and I think the end result here is the saints would like to sign him. There is a gap in what Kamera wants versus what the saints want. The saints aren't going to bend to Christian McCaffrey level at all and they would rather trade him then signed him to something like that but I do think that they get a deal done here and he's in. But in all of that, there was another piece of news. Kind. Of lost among the contract discussion. Yeah and that is that while he wasn't out just for contract reasons, it was because he had an epidural in the spine. That's where you get him. That is that I mean I guess that's fair. That's where you get them but that's not good news. The reason that Alvin Kamara was eight or nine in my rankings all off season had to do with. The injury problems last year concussion problems the year before the fact that this team has invested in, you know Latavius marine the counterpoint to that being he's always had somebody else in the backfield and he's always ended up in the top five or six range but it's what you want in that top pick it wasn't meant to be. To where he could finish, it's meant to be what do I want in my top pick and feeling slightly less confident in Alvin Kamara this was this was news to me though this epidurals this was something that you should be paying attention to in your league. If you're making a decision because everybody's doing that I'm picking four, five six do I want Derrick Henry do I want? To. I Want Alvin Cook do I want Alvin Kamara does this actually concern you heading into the season the contract issue concerns we more than that but but that but darryl information that can't just be thrown out what it means is it means he's dealing with back pain and the normal less aggressive methods of dealing with that had obviously been ineffective and so he got this it's not outlandish or or you know an uncommon thing for a player to get an injection to relieve pain. So don't over blow this The Nice thing is they work as well. So he might hit the season feeling real real. Nice. But it is worth noting that his body's a little hurting right now I honestly didn't know that was available to me. Oh Yeah. I got perils in the back. You come on down I'll give them. I'll give them. Yeah. Preventative walking boot exact. Don't want you administering that to me in my spine. That's exactly what I want. J. Move Pause you move. All Right Leonard Fournette cleared waivers he is a free agent. I'M GONNA. I'm GONNA bring up one rumor because entertains me because of Mike NFL reporter for Fan cited tweeted that the chiefs have potential interest potential interest in Leonard Fournette. Now that he has cleared waivers, why can't we just have nice things like it we just have these top draft picks be like you're locked and loaded your healthy. Your contract is good. You've got no competition come on. Now Mike was Quick in the studio to dismiss this with no real concern for for fantasy purposes let's say Kansas City doesn't affect signed Leonard Fournette I will care zero dot zero percents. Number it doesn't really make sense the the reason why shady made sense last year is Andy. Reid had coached him before like they. They had a professional relationship. It's. Let's see if this player who was great for me before let's see if he has anything laughed which Andy redetermined that he ultimately did not. Leonard Fournette. He who he doesn't take snaps away from Clyde Edwards Allaire as much as you know I'm all in I am absolutely one hundred percent all in on Edwards Allaire. But you also know that when you have the number one guy for Kansas City, you aren't getting Christian McCaffrey Ninety percent snap counts. You aren't getting that type of a workload you're getting a guy who's on the field. Maybe sixty percent of the time, but it doesn't matter because of the value of the snaps, the values of he's going to have so many receptions, touchdown opportunity he's a better player than der Williams he could he could demand a slightly larger. Timeshare Chunk then Sarah will. See H. Blinders on. If you think that them signing Leonard, fournette would not have an impact on the amount of carries and you know high -tunities that he'll receive. That's not to say he wouldn't be the lead guy or good, but it definitely would have an impact I mean you you wouldn't. You wouldn't bring in an extra body to not give him the ball at all and. He is better than Daryl. Williams. I know we mock Leonard for now about his efficiency numbers but keep in mind they hand the ball to Leonard Fournette, left right and centre with Gardner Mantua six round roof like what was the? What was the defense trying to do or not will faced six man fronts in Kansas City on his opportunities as well for your I mean, we've had what? Damian Williams. Yeah. Exactly that you. have besmirched the talent but loved the fantasy so I mean, here's the deal. He's not going there I. Don't think they have the Cap Room I. Don't think the fit makes sense. I will be interested to see where he lands, but he's not of himself going to be a value. He's just going direct someone else. Yeah. You wouldn't be interested in forget in that situation or would you know I? Don't think so I mean I'm I'm interested as a dynasty owner fornet praying he goes somewhere. Of Dynasty manager of fornet. So yeah I I I'm interested but I think that it will be more a matter of I. Think you would have to draft him if he was in Kansas City you'd have to draft him because the upside of him taking over in an injury or that situation would be just too great. Sure. We have an update David. Blaine is over twenty, three, thousand feet in the. So. This is good I'm glad we're play by playing this on a podcast excuses. I'm afraid for him right now. Spectacular. He actually just dropped. He's parachuting. Is He oh okay. Got You got a little quicker to the parachute he released it twenty, five thousand feet. I have no frame of has the parachute opened perchance not yet. Okay keep us posted al.. Cliff Kingsbury said Kenyan drake is close to returning. To practice in full Jason, your thoughts I, think that is. Great. But obviously, I see this as I still see this as bad news. Is just a matter of glass half full glass half empty I want him healthy and whenever you say you're close that means you're not healthy almost there. Right but it is funny the perspective difference you have on certain players, right? Like this is bad news. When Kenyan drake is almost ready it's bad news. We're talking about a Amari cooper is just doing individual drills. He hasn't been with the team, but it's it's been good news that AJ Brown has been back to individual drill where he's still not practicing with the team in full. So a matter of the parachute has opened. Which? is similar to how I felt falling with Joe Mixing in until the contract was the parachute opening tyrone Williams wide receiver for the raiders injured reserve torn labrum season is over. Pay Attention O'Brien at the back of your draft that was asked yesterday outside of the big rookie judy regular. Lamb these guys, Jefferson should you pay attention anybody at the back of your draft? Sound the alarm for Brian. Edwards have more volume. Then Henry Rugs, you maybe pay more attention to henry rugs to you. In our family family league, you dropped Jalen, rigor to pick up Brian Edwards I did I did I want to see how that works first few weeks of the year I'm not going to be waiting. I don't WanNa. Maybe attached with a late round pick in terms of like when they get back when you talk about buying the injury dip like Mike. Williams, I don't want to think maybe he works with tyrod Taylor four weeks into the season If somebody's coming back, I wanted to be deibel. I wanted to be somebody I know we'll be when they come back. and then the athletic is reporting. We talked about yesterday tyrod Taylor. We'll start most if not all of the Games in twenty twenty this I, it's interesting because. Like. The Cam Newton has been the guy I've been targeting as my late round quarterback because late round guys, you want them to have the rushing upside because that is just the difference maker. Tie, that's part of tyrod Taylor game he becomes He becomes more interesting now that. That there is actual like a groundswell whispers from the bushes that tyrod might be the guy for the vast majority of the season. So to me that turns into a guy that you could draft I don't know off the top of my head who the chargers play the first couple. The first week is really tough. They played the number one pick from last year the Cincinnati Bengals. So the sarcastically sarcasm Oh, tyrod tyrod should be a little bit and play when you've got a mobile quarterback that runs the ball we've talked about this. That's the cheat code He he will put up large fantasy let performance. Let me just illustrate. Though from his career because I looked into an early this morning, you know this is a player that's GonNa. Throw for around three thousand yards is a player that has never thrown I think twenty touchdowns is career high on a season. The majority of his full work was you know fifteen seventeen, twenty range that's what you should expect the air he's had rushing seasons in the five hundred range I haven't projected in the four hundred range at this stage in his career but you're right I mean when you can run the football that could lead to rushing touchdowns at the quarterback position he's ranked ahead of drew lock in my rankings so. You know that's not saying very much. For where that is but bengals week one Kansas City week to you probably don't want. And then Carolina Week three so I mean. I don't know. Yeah. You might want to look at before we jump into the fantasy MVP's. Look for clan you've heard talk about them. For years now but just in case there are some of you who haven't been paying attention WanNa tell you not hip with the Times. Yeah you gotta be a coup. Yeah Checkout sleeper. This is where you need to be playing your fantasy football. They are a revolutionary company they started. You know it was news and they were getting you the news faster than everybody and they said, well, let's take this up a notch. GonNa Make Leagues, and that is now where we are playing were Andy talked about our listener league draft. It's happening today on sleeper. The. Sleeper Ball that we've that we did over the weekend they are. They're always innovating. They're always making things better including they've just added voice chat. So we're doing things online right now you're drafting online we'll slippers got you covered with voice chat. No just taking all the time to text each other look you can actually just talk to people so you really got to check it out. You can download it from the the APP store. We can't recommend sleeper enough check him out on I. Liked it. They're always there one of the platforms looking at the game every year and making tweaks and adjustments in improving it, and we are kind of particular about that stuff like we weren't recommending sleeper as a platform until last year when they had made all those strides and now they just continue to improve all right also. We want to thank today sponsor we're talking about navy federal. Credit? Union. Did you know what? The cash rewards credit card from Navy Federal Credit Union you can earn one point five percent cash back on every purchase. Your rewards won't expire while your account is opening. You can redeem them as soon as they are earned because we all love cash back. It's nice. I liked cast Joe Mixon. especially. Oh speaking of rewards you can get a navy federal auto loan and reward yourself with a new car applying is easy. You can do so on their mobile APP online or by phone it's super fast. You get a decision in seconds and the rates right now are as low as one point seven, nine, percent ap are you get an estimate on your monthly payments with their? Online auto loan calculator before as well and navy federal. There met their members are the mission they're open to all armed forces, the DOD veterans, and their families they are insured by the NCUA and credit and collateral are subject to approval rates subject to change and are based on credit worthiness rate available for new vehicles message and data rates may apply visit navyfederal dot. Org for more information. You guys ready yeah. Who's your fantasy MVP? Right. Fantasy football mvp time David Blaine safe just wanting to know you. Could have that worked I could feel I could feel the pressure building I could feel the worry that concern he's safe was an unexpected, right? I didn't expect to go on. He was on this morning. When David Blaine a ride were all on. Through. Do you remember his underwater one. That was the one that freaked me out. Okay. Sorry. Back to the point, you didn't always he is one of six Toplitz. So we're almost out, it's a real prestige or out of Out of David planes. All right. We're going to listen in to some of our colleagues and their fantasy football. MVP. Picks for twenty twenty. We'll weigh in on on our thoughts and then we will share our fantasy MVP picks to close out the show. We're going to start with Al. Smit's my friends partnered twitch streamer works with ESPN good friend of the podcast. See what Smith has to say, Hey, for clan, how's it going? It's Al on the fantasy football is approached me and asked who my venison MVP was going to be in twenty twenty did not take me long to arrive at Jonathan Taylor with his mid third round eighty P and extremely conservative projections right now based on the situation that he's in with Marlin Mac being the incumbent with hines possibly being the passing down back. But they didn't spend the draft capital they did on Jonathan Taylor to let him sit and rot they're going to give this kid the ball early and often, and he may get two hundred fifty touches as opposed to the two hundred to two, hundred and fifteen that most people are projecting for. Let's take a quick look at some facts we've got improve quarterback play going from to Kobe set to Philip rivers. This season is running behind arguably the best offensive line in the NFL and they've got the six easiest strength of schedule. Four of those games coming into the Texans and Jaguars individuation division project to be God awful. Give me the rookie from Wisconsin is my fantasy. MVP with the upside of possibly top six or seven are being drafted as the twentieth twenty-second running back off the board. Top six top seven that is, I don't know why he had to bring facts into the equation. Facts are really. I you know we all know Mike Likes Jonathan Taylor. He just had him as what was that the on a breakout show yeah and and. A huge fan a full believer in the talent. If he were to get two hundred and fifty carries I agree he would be a top ten running back. The question that people wonder is, will he do that? How much will Marlin Mac way in but when you're talking about a fantasy piece someone that's actually going to win the League for you you're talking about someone who you're drafting in the twenties running back who finishes in the top ten running back. Those are people who actually win you league. So the floor Ford Jonathan Taylor is probably a usable but disappointing asset lower than where you're drafting right but not completely unusable whereas the ceiling is super high. Did he sway you andy? I've always seen the path it's it's just the probability factor I will say this Jonathan Taylor is incredibly enticing. If you are in a league where you know you're staring down a starting running back decision and his Jonathan Taylor or it's Even someone like Ronald Jones do who wanna put it in my line of what's the actual ceiling for a player like that that is enticing and I do see the Path is there his his point about the draft capital and not sitting there to rot? It makes sense the offensive line is tremendous. The Path is there and it just depends on what he represents to your team and whether you can afford to not play in week one or can you put them right in there? Mike and I'll I'll say this because this happened to me last year. I've mentioned I'm all in on Jonathan Taylor. But you know there's there still is risk there like last year. I'm sorry heading into this year we all love miles, sanders. He was a league winning running back. He was incredible. Guess what Mile Sanders did for the whole first half of the season. He's always sucked for fantasy football. It was really really bad and he was a fourth round pick. So while I'm I'm still in on Jonathan Taylor, I you have to admit to yourself when you're drafting there there definitely is risk but I believe Wykes ms by the end of the year Johnson. Taylor is a League winning guy you read my mind though because my question to you was if I promise you Mile Sanders rookie season for Jonathan Taylor in actuality, the exact numbers does he belong in the third round of fantasy drafts or not? Third round is a little bit rich but. So we're bringing this up to saying like Ronald Jones is a great example of make sure you're grabbing somebody like that where Jonathan Taylor. You may not be able to play him week one even though you have to pay the higher draft capital, get him to get him meanwhile grab one of these later running backs you know we'll be. Getting touches those first couple weeks while you can evaluate what's going on with Taylor are we're GONNA go to the host of the NFL's fantasy football podcast good friend Marcus grant with his MVP pick what's up everybody marcus grant here from fell fantasy live on the NFL network and we're talking MVP's this year I'm GonNa go and Christian McCaffrey I mean know it sounds like low hanging fruit but you know what I'll tell you what low hanging fruit is just as good as fruit at the top of the tree and you don't have to reach as high for it. I. Mean we haven't seen a one man offense in the NFL but CMC last year was the closest we may ever get. Laid. Ninety three percent of the snaps at about half of the teams total touches a ton of teams total yard in about having the teams touchdowns I don't expect much to change for him in twenty twenty. Maybe there's a slightly better supporting cast I think he gets an upgraded quarterback teddy bridgewater but this is still an offense that functions primarily through Christian McCaffrey getting the football. There's a reason he's going off the board at one dot one in pretty much every fantasy draft and yes even if he has stepped back, even if there is some regression, they're still going to be plenty of work there for C. M. C. and I think he's going to double up as your fantasy MVP twenty twenty. Well I. mean this low hanging fruit you do have to retie for one. If you didn't get the first pick, you don't get to play with Chris, I feel like this is this is marcus saying we have another Lt. this is marcus saying there's a player that we do you know repeating at any of these positions is number one. That's a tough situation we've talked about okay I'll be happy with any of the top three. Of An opinion. But CMC could be. Separated from the rest somebody asked me yesterday is he in a tier of his own? Do I believe he's in a terrorism? Yeah. The this is marcus saying if you get to pick your draft spot, right, it is worth sacrificing the value that you might get later to say I'm GonNa take the WanNa one and get Christian McCaffrey even though I get the latest second round pick and I I don't blame them. I mean we've picked our draft SPA. It's been the one on one because it seems see but I don't think we need to commence anybody here that. He good. Just when you're when you're at the one, oh one and you grab Christian McCaffrey. Hold on like. You need to be careful with your draft. The example bringing up here Jason we did a mock draft last week. I. Believe and you were the one you took Christian McCaffrey and even through those first three picks you're. Seeing all these really these players that you wanted to draft. You were concerned about how your team was looking and then by round six like, wow, my team is really freaking good. Oh Yeah. I have Christian McCaffrey on top of that. You don't really have a team with Christian McCaffrey within you go I can't win right? David. Taken off again. For, let no, I'm just. There was one balloon is. And he's launched. He's now standing on a jet fighter on the moon. Alright. Hold onto something strap yourself in. Fading Noises Brad Evans has his fantasy and VP for us. It's going to be I think is going to be high intensity on this. What else clan? It's Brad Evans from F. T. FANTASY DOT COM and boy do I have a tale to tell you evil villain lurking deep and chilly talk waters of puget sound. Of Fantasy Leviathan all backers should fish for this mythical beasts rex defenses with hard-charging runs steady one hundred or performances and abundant touchdowns. Draft Tim Adiel pull the competition down to Davy Jones's locker. His name is Chris Carson available typically in around three to four of fantasy drafts. The Seattle smasher is distant for another thirteen, hundred total yards and eight to ten touchdowns. Release Sir. Cracking Eddie are about to score championship trophy. Brad Brad we love you Brad I what I like about this one I. Mean He tied in Seattle? Just got the cracking right they do hockey team. So Brad's you know on the up and up with the the sports and I liked that he framed his This tale you know this is a is a radio drama. Yeah, and he made sure it sounded like he was calling in from an am radio. I didn't know you could call in through the radio. Definitely. Did he found a way this way Brad? Yes. I love the pick. Value has been there throughout the offseason. Top. Chris Carson's better than where he's being drafted and there's going to be true through the rest of the drafts this week last year Chris Carson is way better than where he's being drafted I. Mean last year Chris Carson was one of those league winning high upside guys in the sleeper bowl we talked about how well we we missed last year. Doodoo Smith Schuster. In the first round. But part of the reason we were able to win the championship is because we got Chris Carson added value and now the next year he's pretty much at about the same value might be going a little higher than he did last year but certainly not where he finished and I you know I like grabbing Chris Carson if I'm in that of All of those, he's he's mixed with the Melvin, Gordon's Todd Gurley and all these running backs who have been better but changed teams and have a bunch of question marks. Chris Carson is on a great offense where he was good this past season and he's still the guy. So a lot less variables. If you'RE GONNA go running back there he's the guy if Chris Carson is there I frequently start running back running back running back because it's too hard for me to pass Chris. Cars Yeah Third Yeah. Yeah I've seen. You do it. You're not lying. All right. Great friend of the show analysts extraordinaire from Yahoo Fantasy Lives Lozo with NBC. I know fantasy managers tremble at the idea of roistering patriots running back but do not feared the multiple skill set that Damian Harris offers instead embrace it. Sure New England's third round pick from a year ago has a playing style that's more dependable than extra. But that's on brand for New England listen Sony Michelle has a bad foot and was far from effective or efficient last year averaging three point six true yards for carry, Lamar? Miller the other guy they just added Oh come on. Don't ask me with that because he missed all of twenty, nine, thousand nine due to a torn ACL. Meanwhile, Harris has been lighting it up in camp receiving praise as a pure rusher, a route runner and a pass blocker. His Thirteenth Round Thirteenth Round Eighty also carries zero risk to just go ahead and lean into all of that upside because I'm telling you a breakout is looming. Damian Harris. Is. Interest you know I'm in but I was asked yesterday backfield's avoiding in I couldn't help but think of New England. Because I you, she told me not to be afraid I can't listen. I can't listen to that I. I, love the Skillset I was one of the Damian Harris Truth or you're last year. And because I think he is a really talented running back. So it makes complete sense to me that he would win this job. The question is what will that job be worth without Tom Brady and with Cam Newton with a guy who has long bolstered goal-line touchdowns and if he and he's not going to be even though he's got the skill set to be a three down back James White is not disappearing. So for me while the value is there if he ends up the pit because of the value, if he ends up being a good running back this year, he could be a fantasy and BP because it costs you nothing and if you have the chance with your last round to get a weekly started running back, that's a fantasy MVP. But I I have a hard time. Seeing, it actually happened even though the talent is there. All right. It's time for Adam left code. Now, a good friend of the show we just joined him on the bleacher report PODCAST, the left coast show. And he also hosts NBA on TNT. Tuesday's. Let's hear Adam. Left goes fantasy MVP. Hello This is Adam left goes MVP for fantasy footballers drinking. The MVP that I am picking is not the person that's going to score the most points. My MVP is not the one that may even lead his position but holding the guy that you're gonNA get. So late, this draft that people are GonNa look at you and ask how the Hell did you do that he's not a young guy. He's not a middle age. That's the freeze. He's one of the oldest guys the NFL. Philip rivers is my MVP. Never has Philip played behind an offensive line. This good. He is surrounded by weapons everywhere you look and he's playing for coach that lead one of his most successful seasons with Sandiego Frank Reich in a urine. WICHITA GONNA come down to the communication between the quarterback in the coach and the quarterback offense. There's familiarity bay did and I think we're a little bit used to seeing these last few years with one of the worst offensive lines that we may be judging them. Harshly, Philo rivers get them late. Let them bake. I thought that was going to Ryan that it didn't. MVP, p.. Oh no Jason talking to you. ballers. Lurk. Creepy. Thank you Adam I'll say this Philip rivers was in early. Value Pick and are unique K. We did eventually remove him because we didn't feel like the actual ceiling and upside was there. Rivers has the best situation he's had in a while. But really reach MVP. Levels. On Your Team Jason. Your blow certainly can't on my team. He is. You know we we get the question every years or somebody who's just off, you're bored or someone that. Burn you in the past, and so you won't draft him I I usually don't have an answer for that because I don't but it's it's P. River he's he will not be on my team. And the reality is I. Don't think this is the best situation he's had because, okay. He's got lots of weapons. He's got T. Y. Hilton he's got. I don't know baby hands Jack Doyle maybe Paris Hilton as a thing maybe rookie. Me, you know Michael Pay. Paris who know what did he say? What did I say? Did you say Paris Hilton? So Oh my gosh did here's can't. To check the tape on that one. My? Point. Would hurt it. Yeah. I didn't get my it in his head. Even. Happen. Maybe I was thinking. But we'll find out very relevant. Is that passing core actually better than Austin cler Keenan Allen Hunter. Henry Mike Williams. No is the office of line better. Yeah. But he these are all brand new weapons for him. Also like is a lot better for him. Yes Frank Reich is better but Frank Reich also knows that the strength to this team with that offensive line is running the ball and they're going to be able to do them with. The tuchus out. Of Philip Rivers. I'm not talking you out. I'm talking the foot clan out I will make an effort to stream P. River against you in my leagues. He will dominate that we. All right. It's Jj journey rain on you. Guys at your boy Jj Zachary's in here you know the guy who on this very show last year told you that Lamar Jackson was going to be the fantasy football MVP NBD. Regression says I'M GONNA with on this year's pick though but I'm going to go with TJ Hopkinson. We know he has the overall profile to be a potential study that position, but he also fits the mold of a breakout tight end. Really really. Well, I did a study this offseason on spotting breakout tight ends, and what was clear was that breakout tight ends are generally. Tied to good quarterback play, they're usually very very athletic and they're often year two or year three players. There are a lot of late round tight ends to like target this year but Hopkinson is my favorite I. Don't think anyone should be shocked if he's a top five tight end this year and he emerges the next round tight end for twenty, twenty one and beyond. All right bold words top-five Tgi. Hodkinson upside. He was last year's week one darlie watts of FABS spent on TJ Hopkinson after week ones dominating performance. Believe it was two touchdowns against Arizona wasn't two touchdowns. It felt like it because it was a lot of fantasy points and he disappeared and he dropped the ball in the end zone multiple times last year, and he's doing it again in camp this year but the profile fits the profile you look you're attached to Matthew Stafford. There aren't a ton of other weapons they're outside. You know it's Golic as Jones a talk lease. Do. We have the blinders on due to the rookie disappointment after the free agency signing I don't have the blinders on I can see the pathway I mean I pick no offense as my breakout candidate this year for a lot of the reasons he just laid out you know he's a very athletic year too tight end that is was drafted to be a star. So I totally see the pathway I'm choosing to go fanta overhaul kitson. If you go Hodgkinson over fan. That's I like talks in as a prospect more than fan coming out last season Hodgson does have the better quarterback play the only caveat that I throw in and really the true reason why I am fans over Hopkinson is just an ankle the injury that apparently he still has not fully healed from he's out he's playing. So he is quote unquote healthy but the reports are saying he's he's still dealing with some of that issue and I know when that injury happened. There were rumors or worries that it was a much more significant injury and so now a year later that he's still dealing with this I. You know that's the tiebreaker for me for fan but Hopkinson. I hope dominates he he could be a great tight end. All right we've got one more before we reveal our fantasy football MVP's. Jamie. Izenberg from CBS sports with his pick the facie MVP for twenty twenty season this is a running back wide receiver, not even quarterback the fancy MVP for the twenty twenty season is Dave Caldwell. Doug marrone and the Jacksonville. Jaguars you know what they did for you. They saved you the headache of reaching for Leonard Fournette in maybe the third round technically the fourth around. But that headache is gone you'll have to worry about that anymore. You don't have to sit there and. Say Look was last year look what he can do this year with all this were we've been telling you are podcasting was plugged at CBS sports this fantastic podcasts, the fancy footballers, anybody who's been paying attention to told you don't draft. Leonard. Fournette the Jaguars they removed the headache for you. So they call well, you're the guy, you're the fancy envy for the twenty twenty season for the busiest draft weekend in fancy you took away the headache aware for net by. Thank you. Up. Also John. So he made the case that this I feel about the leadership in Cincinnati, by the way thank you for making things easier on me with Joe Mixon. Leonard Fournette if if you haven't drafted yet. But then he throws him Blake John Yeah leaves look when you're riding on foul core. There's room for two. You know there's room for A. Big Dog The Dog Dragon what is he? Exactly? He's his own thing. The Dog Dragon. Wait you said that like a factual statement? Though Dog Dragon he's GonNa he's GONNA dog face. Scales like Dragon, any I I don't know but. But. But Jamie is one hundred percent correct that Blake Darwin will be a fantasy MVP this year large white dragon now roughly. Wait. Look Google says it's a large white dragon. So your dog fake with a dog face. All right. I will say this though Jamie is is is right in the sense that he's helping on taking out he is helping. Listeners not make that mistake but could you argue that that is bad because we weren't gonNA draft him which someone else was. That's true. Yeah. That's a fair point and we don't get the validation of the fact that his season would have. Come to a screeching halt regardless of whether he was on the team. So we got the validation or any. This is a true victory lap. Okay. It's our turn. Volunteers to go first with fantasy football and be here I mean I'm I'm happy to go first because my picture not be surprising to anyone who's been following the podcast at all over the summer or since the draft. It's Antonio Gibson running back out of Washington the rookie I look you WanNa have. You feeling down in the dumps you wanNA bring some joining life pull up in Tonio. Gibson highlights on Youtube and see what the potential is. This guy was scoring a touchdown basically every single time he touched the ball at. MEMPHIS. Here's the path that Antonio. Gibson took. He had to go to Juku because of greats there as a running back he led his team in receiving it goes to Memphis once he finally gets his shot because he was playing behind two NFL running backs I don't blame Memphis for not getting on the field. But as a senior, he was second on the team in receiving. At the running back position, I want my running backs to catch the ball. I care more about that than I care about them being to down grinder Giza dominant kick returner. We've seen high correlation with players who have that skill set that means you're a good NFL player that means get them the ball in space the senior bowl matters for college. In the senior bowl he was the leading rusher of the game eleven for sixty eight on the ground that proving that he can't get it done on the ground. Washington. Used their second pick on him. Yeah. It was a third rounder, but it was actually their second pick in the draft. He's one of the few players where the backfield is very murky. Yes. I- I readily admit I think Adrian Peterson is the starter at the beginning of the season but this is absolutely a situation where the talent rise to the top the best running back. I believe we'll be the. Guy And I believe that the best player for the team is Antonio Gibson the the three skillset is there he's been tearing up training camp. He has been running with the ones we're talking about well, is Bryce love going to be the start on this team Bryce love is running with the twos. There are beat reporters make you projections that Bryce love might be the one who gets left off the roster Antonio. Gibson. I know the the the draft cost has gone up eighth ninth round, but that's still in the range of that's. On the guy that you think can win your league and to me that is Antonio Gibson. I will say one thing that has encouraged me about the chance of Antonio Gibson making a big impact is the fact that team seems very committed to him as a running back in camp a lot of talk about the hybrid weapon Wide Receiver Room Kick Returns From, what I understand around camp, he's being treated as a running back. Yes. Primarily I mean he's in that room. He's with the running backs day to day, which gives him just a higher chance of being that breakout type of candidate and my final point here is okay. Let's say and where you draft him yeah. Let's say okay the the carriers just aren't there Antonio Gibson he's around the hundred carry mark, which is it would be a little bit disappointing but. It is a possibility that Interior Gibson is already the best second pass catcher on this team behind tear maclaurin, it's not just the running backs that are nebulous. It's also the wide receiver records. They have a weapon problem on that team and in Tonio Gibson is a lethal weapon how the football field how dare you? Steven. Sims is amazing no I agree with you and you've brought this up before but I think it's worth repeating. Jonah. The Taylor a freak of nature. That's why he's someone else's fantasy mvp this episode that's what he is. You know when you're two hundred and twenty five pounds and you run sub for four. You succeed like the history of those guys succeeds. That's Gibson Gibson is the same exact thing ran the. Four nine right Yep yeah I if he gets the opportunity of running back. He should take advantage of it is the expectation. All right. I'm going to bring you my fantasy football and BP well, let Jason Close it out. Mine is about what makes a fantasy football MVP? and to me, that is having a difference maker at a specific position that you acquire later in the draft that has been the definition for fancy football MVP. For the past few years. Specifically for this position, I'm not singing a new song here it's Kyla Mary Tyler Moore is my pick as the fantasy football mvp I when you look at Carla Marie listen to Daniel Jeremiah talk about cuyler Murray like I said, he's a popular breakout pick for a reason. The pass the passing ability of Camrys why he went number one overall Dana. Jeremiah said if you if you took this draft class last year's draft class in the year before and you put all those quarterbacks available into the pot that includes the mark. Jackson Daniel Jeremiah would take kyla Murray number one overall over Lamar Jackson because of that passing upside. I think he has the best chance of being a weekly difference maker for your fantasy team relative to the draft value is entering. Gentlemen to Jordan here do his year twenty-three season. When Patrick this thing, it's kind of a thing when Patrick mahomes entity, it was his year twenty-three season when he made the leap to League MVP FANTASY MVP tenth round selection that year Lamar Jackson Year twenty, two going into that year twenty-three season made the leap league EP. Fantasy MVP was an eighth round selection and here's cuyler going from your twenty two year twenty three, he is a sixth round pick now you're starting to. Catch on as to what can happen in fantasy football draft. But if he's a six round draft pick, you already have a hit rate in those rounds. That is that is difficult. You're not hitting every pick in that round yet the upside of hitting Kylie is so tremendous. He is the only other Cam Newton's the only other rookie quarterback to hit that thirty, five, hundred passing five, hundred rushing yard mark in the history of the NFL and the real case about Kayla Marie, that can be easily made statistically is the touchdown percentage that positive regression last year Carla Murray had a three point seven percent touchdown percentage. Last year Lamar Jackson in the miracle you're a nine percent Tiso you're saying, oh no, I'm not. But what if? But really pattern homes in his super year. It was eight point six. Those are outliers on the other extreme from the three point seven. But let's say he gets to five five and a half percent a very reasonable achievable normalized above average. Yes. That's what the five and a year above average but not outlandish outlaw you gotta you gotTa Gardner last year four, point five percent in his rookie. Season cuyler three, point seven he's going to throw the ball at least five, hundred, Fifty Times in twenty nineteen. They've added. De'andre, Hopkins to the offense. Let's see. He doesn't make that outlier leap six, seventy percent, but he gets the five and a half. Well five and a half is thirty touchdowns thirty to thirty one touchdowns in this offense. You add de'andre Hopkins to the equation. You got five hundred yards rushing minimum on the ground over the course of the season. And the thing about Carla Murray when you look at what he did last year, he did not throw the ball deep a lot in that offense. In quantity. But. He when he did throw it deep, he was very, very successful doing. So seventh most yards on those throws do you think the Andre Hopkins helps you with your average up the target and your sixty I would say, so yes, you going into a second year of a burner like Andy Isabella big playability a healthy Christian Kirk Dan. Arnold. What he brought touchdowns over the last four weeks we were GONNA have to fight if you didn't bring up the postman fifth name that you can bring up now. First ballot. Hall of Famers who's looks really good and camp again, Murray's put on some weight. Here's what I'm saying if you wait to the surrounding, you draft Kylie Murray you have an outside shot at the number one overall fantasy quarterback for twenty twenty Adam that chance with the predictability of breakouts at the quarterback position it's worth that pick and it's worth that pick over anybody else you can get in that surround. I, you get the high weekly baseline number with the rushing totals. the NFL Jordan year leap is coming for Cuyler, we also saw the year one to your to leap for Carson Wentz. So we've seen this now three times where that guy becomes the fantasy football mvp look at the draft cost goes up to the third fourth round. Sorry. No get out but six billion column really that's my that's my fantasy MVP. Yes i. like it, and sometimes I play a game where when you remind me that the cardinals have the Andre Agassi, I try not to smile I. saw you smirking, is that all it was? A warm fuzzy feeling and all that. So Nice. You know who else brings me warm fuzzy feelings. WHO's that wide receiver one for my leave record team. Aj Round. That's my fantasy MVP this year and the reason why he's my fantasy MVP is because he's going to be a fantasy mvp he's phenomenal. He's not good. He's He was other worldly his rookie year he had the ninth best rookie wide receiver season since the year two, thousand he was dominant and we left last season worried that he was going to be like this top six wide receiver pick in fantasy this year because of how dominant he was how dominant was he? Well, once Ryan Tannehill took over he was the wide receiver three. But from their bye week on, there was a major shift in the titans offense. Okay. Before the by week AJ Brown average fifty, nine percent of snaps after their by week he averaged eighty five percent of the stamps he went from being a wide receiver on the team to being, Oh, this is this a starting wide receiver on pretty much every passing down. He was the wide receiver one from that not all wide receiver one he was ahead of Michael Thomas during that stretch. Now, we had a ton of touchdowns. She had these big breakaway place things that are outlined rich, but he finished his rookie season as the wide receiver fifteen he's currently being drafted as the wide receiver eighteen. He's being drafted past what I believe is his floor that was his rookie year when he wasn't playing all the snaps, he's coming into camp as the clear number one He has the potential, the body type, the ability to finish as a wide receiver top five this season, and you're getting them in the fourth round looking at the names of people who have finished within a point per game where he finished his rookie I'm GonNa. Read you these names tell me if they're good or bad. Not One by one just as a whole. Beckham Junior Anquan Boldin Michael Thomas Mike Evans Dear Michael Clayton Mike Williams Kelvin Benjamin Keenan Allen Markey's Colston Eddie Royal A. J. Green Amari Cooper Calvin. Ritalin. Julio Jones. Now, you've got a couple names in their. New Couples. In their up saying here's a couple of those Mike Clayton is that that movie you like, Brooks? Right? That's good one. Yeah. Exactly. The Phenomenon Clooney. Shorts Clooney but I had no idea. The vast majority of those players are superstars, career-long superstars, and that's what Aj Brown I believe is I don't see any reason talent. Wise. He you know he was drafted to be that he went ahead of decay metcalf, his own team mate from college in the NFL draft. So to me, I think he should be a top ten wide receiver fancy. He's being drafted where so what if he doesn't break further out but I think he will he's my fancy MVP for twenty. Twenty. I love it, and he he's one of those players to that you root for to have all the opportunities. You saw last year because you know what he's capable of you want those players to be. It's like the rest cook situation you want to see Aj Brown unleashed and they might start doubling him. Oh, wait. No they. They're going to need a stack the box. That's I forgot. There's Derrick Henry behind their opening things up. So I love it I watched them, Derrick Henry highlighted. Don't we close segments with the same job opening. Try that. This has been a see m the A. Gibson. David blinds. Okay. Is that what we we've established that? Look guys. The right description something to tell you. I. Know. It's been a wild ride. Hope you enjoyed the podcast enjoyed the show. Make sure you grab the ultimate draft could have you don't have it already and Listener League draft tonight tomorrow goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast join our fantasy football community on joined the foot dot Com and follow us on twitter at the F. F. ballers. Hey, for thanks for listening to that episode, remember you can get a navy federal auto loan and reward yourself with a new car right now, rates are as low as one point, seven, nine percent APR plus you can get estimate. You can estimate your monthly payments with their online loan calculator before you apply and navy federal their members are the mission insured by NCUA credit and collateral subject to approval rates subject to change and are based on credit worthiness rate available for new vehicles message and data rates may apply visit navyfederal dot org for more information.

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GSMC Football Podcast Episode 760: What is a Salary Cap?

GSMC Football Podcast

1:50:25 hr | 3 months ago

GSMC Football Podcast Episode 760: What is a Salary Cap?

"Keep yourself in the loop of everything football on the golden state media concept's football podcast. Latest news on and off the field be at college football ten. Sec big twelve pac. Twelve acc to the nfl with got you covered. Listen to golden state media concepts football. Podcast A thank you for tuning the gmc. Football podcast brought to you by the gmc. Football podcast network. I am your hopes. Dj young's good morning good afternoon. Good evening this is a podcast that you can access at anytime anyplace anywhere so want to make sure i covered all -tations so greetings. Happy to be here for another episode lab. Seoul was technically. I guess my first episode This will be my second. I want to properly reach deuce myself. My name is dj aons. I'm from missouri takes which is a suburb on the south west. End of houston texas Playing basketball football baseball ran track. You name it could do. I was into it. I loved having former friends plant sports. I went on up to go to taxonomy university on academic scholarship there. I do dug deeper into moss. Boards love learning. The business and things of that nature are outside of my everyday. Work life in doing this podcast. Of course. I like this traveling. I'm so into going to new places. Domestically and internationally fell in love with that a few years back when i got to go out of the country for the first time also alleges having game nights watching movies anime in obviously watching sports talking about sports. Play sports sports guy into swamp so excited to be your host for this year on this. Show our plan to really inform you. Keep you updated on a day to day. League activity league news lee rumors. Hopefully teach you a few things that you may not know about gannett. She may have known about the game and Most definitely give you some insider perspective. That i have. This would be a podcast that you don't wanna miss. Oh definitely tune in with that being said. Here's a quick rundown hottest shows go today today. and for all my pockets. I'm really gonna stop calling news simple. But that's what it's called new so but we this absurd. The previous episode Discussed what. I didn't get to talk about last time. Or what has happened in between the two episodes Things things talked about. Of course like. I just mentioned rumors. Talk some streets of what's going on in football world next segment i will talk about. How the contracts in salary caps actually worked for players and teams because this is something. I know that he would just hear about encounters like you know not pay too much attention. You may see a number and be like. oh wow. that's a lot of money. But i really just wanna make it clear on what they're all talking about when they say oh. This affects the cap this way or they have to release them Things of that nature knicks. We're going to go into the top college programs with look like to next season and of course the people are leaving those programs that are going into the nfl discuss below further last. But not least. I'm gonna discuss free agents. Who are available. Because of course things are changing as time goes on right now We're doing with this off season between these few days. Just want let you know who's available. What the words were the ranks nature so You know we're going to get into is gonna be a great show In if you need a break pause book definitely come back. You don't wanna miss it. Start off news. What's happening in the football world right. Now what's going on with her. We've been hearing about Understand won't get to that but first the first thing i want to do is march is women's history month so i just wanna to take a quick second to recognize the women that are doing big things on football field because you know this year in would really just the past two years of band big for women in the nfl Specifically out there and just wanted to notoriety. You may have heard. Asami may have not but just to talk about Quick starting off with sarah thomas you know of course the first full time. Nfl a official as you may have seen She was hiding in two thousand fifteen in their program continued to break barriers. She star from the bottom. If you didn't know which means he actually started off with little kids games worked away up through high school through the collegiate level. All the way to the nfl so she did the right way. This was not a handout. Do not think there was like some type of old diversity. Hired is no. She earned this position she started off. working nfl. Officiate at the new orleans saints. Training camp got fulltime regular scheduled this past year and was a part of the super bowl fifty five crew this just last month so salute stare. Thomas leading the way because of her you have people like Mayor chaka who was the first female that was hired in two thousand fifteen as well. But she's the first african american female official. That is starting a officiate these. Nfl games coming up this season. So that was big news. That just came out recently Of course if there's probably a sierra there may have been a my So salute to meyer going over to the actual coaching staffs. We may have not heard of. You may have heard of cantors mitts. She was actually the first female assistant coach in the nfl. And that was back in twenty sixteen with the buffalo bills I do not believe she's in that position more but again. That's just the start to what happen. Moving forward for other women you know. Moving things outweigh speed. Bumps out the way So that people can see that it's all worth it. Someone else i wanna give to. His jennifer king is assistant running back coach for the washington football team. And how just talked about. Sarah thomas like this that these things are just given to these individuals She worked away up between e. eighteen. A jennifer king was a intern wide receiver coach for the carolina panthers dan. She moved to assistant receiver coach. Special teams coach for the arizona has shot okay came back to the carolina panthers twenty nineteen as the inter running back coach She became office assistant at dartmouth college. Then that's what she got in twenty twenty her full time. Coaching internship With washington football team assistant running back coach. Now and that's just a great thing to see happy to see it Story you know. She was actually coaching at a school nearby. Awed panthers facility look through the fencing and watch the practices. She happened to be at a conference that she runs. A ron rivera told her story. He actually gave her app. Tunde which is really cool. Really though Out to him for doing that. Which is why she started with the panthers now. The washington football team as she is coaching long him. I'm pretty sure you know he's leading the way Mentor her. You know definitely happy to see that happen a few more women. I want to acknowledge you have lori. Lacoste who is assistant offensive line coach for the current super bowl champion tampa bay buccaneers as well as this on that team mara. She's assistant strength and conditioning coach. Also on that team christie barlett. She's a strength conditioning. Coach for the tennessee. Titans kelly bronson is the chief of staff for cleveland browns and she has a really cool rap sheet She actually played eight seasons as a safety running back and slot receiver for the dc divas of women's football alliance. She is five-time captain. Four time all star. She has a two gold medals with the takes the team. Usa women's football team. I didn't even know this thing excited to look up in watch some highlights Watch in the next match up in the olympic games She was giving her chance you know as she became an intern a for the buffalo bills and twenty nineteen and then got her full-time position that she is currently in now with the browns so shout out to her last but not least chelsea romero is a strict condition coach with la rams so shots autos ladies. If it's not obvious what this shows is one who with all truth. Conditioning coaches that clearly they know would do to keep up. All of us healthy strong and fit to compete. You know which is very important but outside of that you know they just earned it all most of these teams of all. These teams are playing contenders. A super bowl. Champion stays in nature You know the. I'm glad they got this opportunity Love to see more of that. Okay moving on from that going into the big news that come out such on everything so. Jj watt yes. I think speak on a lhasa apso but jj wise to the cardinals announced it by just posting a simple tweet saying the source. Mia picture him do some squats with arizona cardinals shirt on I'm not gonna lie. The reagan white looks. Pretty good on him He did agree to a thirty one. Million dollar deal with twenty three million guaranteed. Okay this is a two year term Is very exciting. Very exciting there. What are we seeing here. I mean literally you have. Jj watt come from houston texas. Right gonna meet up again partner. Backup with old teammate. Deondraye hopkins. He also tweeted afternoon. Said life is good. Arizona recently chandler. Jones had released a tweet. Dmz him in jj shared of he was saying man if you came to the come to carolina than our cook whatever you want. So he he made up on that and said what you wanna eat. Because he's got to feed them for doing that but Think about that chiller jones. Jj watt on the same line. I don't know who gonna double team. That's a wrecking crew to deal with right there. You know carolina defense been on the move We've been seeing that for at least the past two seasons. You know i'm talking about defended here. Not even just the office dago. Eight missed the playoffs this year. But they definitely had some good stats. They will tie for fourth for saks. So that's already saying that. Their defense is getting to the quarterback and they just added a top defensive player that is known for to quarterback. So it's only going to get better. It's only up from here having both of them on that team. I'm excited to see where they will go now. Overall defensive wise for yards per game they fail right in the middle Nothing too crazy. As far as what entailed like them leading or fallen back too far they have room for improvement. Don't get me wrong. I like. I said the team did go. Eight hundred eight. So we'll see what this upcoming season looks like Nothing but excitement like i said Next up we have the dak prescott sign he signed is no longer on the franchise. Tag ladies and gentlemen for after two years of repeated debate back and forth between the organization jerry jones dak prescott team. They have come to a four year. A hundred and sixty million dollar contract include a hundred sixty one hundred. Twenty six million guaranteed. Okay like this big I'm not a cowboys fan. But i'm happy to see this. Because i'm someone that believe that prescott deserted i unfortunately had to sit in college at takes university. Watch him at mississippi state. Come in destroyers That's actually how. I was introduced to this guy but to see income. As far as he did have the rookie season he did in dallas in now finally get the paycheck that he deserves is happy to see he Like i said the beginning the top show that i will definitely be going into more detail on what is actually looks like. What is this actually look like to the team house. Broken down in as house fars house. Paid out definitely give you those details so that that'll be clear. Maybe you know like. I said you'll need to learn something or you'll note you'll already know it but have more d more details on okay. I did this catch some of the conference conference today And you know you know he was. He seems excited. Jerry seemed accelerated They axed dako by health. He said he's ready to go. He said he he wanted to basically come out running jump on the stage but he didn't basically wanna to do too much scare everybody or anything like that which i understand that i. I don't know. I advise i would hate that. Ms at happened just because he wanted to show now this real quick before. I know i'm gonna talk about it in more detail in the next segment but sixty six million of that contract is guarantee is is is his highest is it science signing bonus art signing bonus. So that's cool. Because he is the highest paid he has the highest paid signing bonus of any in anybody in nfl history. Okay you dead. Press guide with six six million russell wilson sixty five million air rodgers. Fifty seven point five million. Matthew stafford fifty million league at matt ryan joe flacco in aaron down aaron donald highest nine quarterback position signing bonus And again like. I said i'm going to tell you more details on what a signing bonus actually is come soon now looking at the cowboys. What does this mean for. The cowboys will thankfully they have a good offensive squad. That is locked in for a little while. Okay we're going into the twenty twenty one season. The cowboys have cd lamb. Signed through twenty twenty. Three blake jarwin signed through twenty twenty three dak prescott now scientists. Twenty twenty four amari cooper through twenty twenty four and zeke. Elliott is through two thousand twenty. Six okay so they're all together that means is only gonna get better. It should not get worse we saw. The beginning of the season was looking like they're putting up some big points. They were fighting. Unfortunately it was a struggle steel because the defense the team's pretty much keeping up. It was close games almost too close too close for comfort. I'm sure i'm pretty sure. That's how the organization filled appreciate dead. Prescott failed This is why him you know going down in things that were coming about with so tough for him in the team. Because i'm sure that they knew that they had a fighting chance and they just were trying to get that turner else trying to do everything. It took to get to that point where it was. Naturally you know naturally come out and win with no trouble. Because i mean if we're being honest they were. Nfc least only east. Sorry they have much competition with a lot of struggles in that division In everybody feel like anybody looked at anything on paper could tell that the cowboys were the best option. Best chance of taken that division so They did get rid of the defensive coordinator. Mike nolan of his bassey. All season and dan. Quayle dan quinn From you know the good old days of seahawks legion of boom but you know that was a while ago but they got big hopes for. I'm hoping to see he does something. Well there Just want to see good football. I'm a dimension that top here. But i mentioned last episode that i don't have a team. Nfl guys. i'm not biased. I i'm i'm very fair. I'm i just like watching football. I like seeing good ball. I'm a fan just like everyone has listened right now so i know if you have a team you may not like the cowboys because i feel like ninety percent of teams even if you're not in the division you don't like cowboys because of media for reasons a lot of reasons i hear being that is mainly because i don't know but i just like good also that's my take on that we'll see i don't feel like there's too much pressure on daycare. I think doctors has the honest. Just go on and do what he's been doing He's been resting because his injury in surgery. I'm but i believe that. He was much so focused on getting back to the team Donated what it takes mentally studying things that nature so if he goes in there believe that we all seem to be these past few years. They're going in the right direction so that was a good job dallas. Good job jerry Y'all made the right choice. I believe on that in In other news russell wilson was left out of a letter to the season ticket holders. Wise this big news where is mostly because you know everybody's reading into stuff a little these days We do have you know a lot on the line right now for individuals Team wise especially quarterbacks. It was mentioned that russell went to stay with the seahawks but he did have a few other options. That you wanna go to one of being the cowboys which i guess off the table now for teams he wanted to go to but you know his his intent was definitely stay with the seahawks Is been talked about on all the sports networks throughout the week. Just because all this been going on the different things being said but nothing is coming from russ so you could take style whatever way you want to but just to give you perspective on this letter on while the big deal. It's like a letter came in mentioned decay. Metcalf tyler lockett. You know shots them. Even the new offense coordinator sean waldron in the running back coordinator andy dickerson talks about all these people. Tell them that they just wanna bring them a super bowl and things of that nature but nothing about russell wilson especially being a maybe with all question right now. You might want to help ensure russell wilson nine russell wilson but quarterbacks in the league are possibly the number one reason you have bodies in the seats so you definitely want to give them. I guess at least reassurance would everything that's going on right now right also i would think so at the the day i mean. I would like him to stay there. I think that's a good team. Form like what he's been doing with the team Definitely was a big fan of the russell To decay connections this season Like to see more of that Like i said it's just kind of something that people want to talk about isn't that i don't really know it's real news. It's just could be a rumor. Tampa bay buccaneers are definitely bringing back in recital. Linebacker levante david for two years. Twenty five million dollars deal. This is big because this was a huge aspect. He was a huge aspect to their defense. you know. He's a star linebacker. Who hundred seventeen tackles of the only person to do better to him was devon white in next up underneath was someone with ninety four tackles so that kinda shows you where he at on the spectrum get near. He had fourteen tackles for loss which is also second on the team. This was a big thing you know. He's a super bowl winner. He deserves that position He's only gonna get better too happy to see that. They made that decision What's the news. The second other things unfortunately might change on a team but We'll stay close to unoccupied performed on everything that's happening with the suba champions. The tennessee titans have agreed to trade offensive. Line as ahah wilson for first round. Pick okay the miami. Dolphins are the people that they are trading him to and really. I believe it's the titans who have destroyed. The you know with the young man Unfortunately it had a downfall he's been arrested for. Dui is in a lot of other issues. Have come about but Wilson did go to the same high school as head coach brian flores for the dolphins saw. There's that one that connection that. Brian floor is believed he can have with him. You know connect with as well as One of their starting guard. Solomon kinley also played with wilson at georgia. He's very big talent. You know he's acted First round so i'm sorry. He was drafted yet. Drive the first round So yeah the official. Trade is the title san the seventh round. Pick for twenty. Twenty two and wilson to miami for their seventh round to complete that deal so looking forward to that but depre- allowing backer from the steelers They did not decided not to franchise tag so he'd be released into free agency He was their first round. Pick a few years ago. And i guess between injuries They feel like the might have been a slight decrease in his effort or lisa. Success there on the team but yeah that that's something that is going to go the long way someone's definitely going to go pick him up. That guy is a beast coming off that line. I've seen some mean hit. You definitely will look at some crucial hits from a depre- online in kinda idea. What they're dealing with their big news in the ncwa less miles is done. Being the head coach at kansas university of this came out of basically reports may have a deal with the accusations of inappropriate behavior that he had with female students at while he was lsu so both Less and the administration agreed to part ways If you don't know who let's miles. Is he began his head coaching at oklahoma state where he coached from two thousand one to two thousand and four following that he used lsu from two thousand and five to twenty sixteen while he was there. They got the national title in two thousand seven in competed for the title in twenty eleven. Okay so you know he was a big deal in we already know. Lsu's of being a big program in part of the reason for that is because less miles. Give them credit for sure however his after he left. Lsu twenty sixteen. He had some time off from coaching and kansas hurt him. In twenty nineteen maoz was three and eighteen in his two seasons at kansas including a zero nine record this past season. Kansas hasn't won more than three games in a season since two thousand nine. So i don't know who's gans is. I don't know if it's less could definitely been a combination but at the end of the day is probably best Will while then Also news came out today. After deliberation Is being coming out that you know. We all knew that the nfl cap was going to be affected after covid. Nineteen in everything that happened. This past season Between the nfl and the players association They were trying to decide. Nfl deliver knows now. Going to be below hundred eighty million. But we didn't know until today when they release that the season will season salary. Cap was reported to be hundred. Eighty two point five million which is quite a bit down from last year's hundred ninety eight point two million twenty twenty two Dan i'm going to get more into that in my next segment just so you can understand what that means would it. Looks like specifically for the teams Last i got for you guys right now in this segment is that the seat fell in. The xfl are in talks about partnership which would be pretty cool. You know candidate football lead. Xfl is the team that. If you haven't heard dwayne the rock. Johnson just purchased They're doing some collaboration. Yet announced that they were going to relaunch at twenty twenty two so appreciate had some things they have to get an order. But what the hell from the cfl. I'm pretty out. Move things along a little faster so we'll be keeping you close and keeping up with that okay all right. That's everything i got for news of next discuss on how set up for the players what they look like Specifically between the salary was guaranteed was not guaranteed What a salary cap is and how it said over. Team wide exists From there we'll go to one on collegiate league collegiate football teams kids going into the draft and then free agency alright. This is mc football podcast. stay tuned. Are you looking for help for your fantasy. Football team checkout. Gsm see fantasy football. Podcast get ten east best advice on how to start who to sit even who. You should draft from sleeper picks. A red hot lineups got it all covered for you. That's gmc podcasts. Dot com backslash fantasy dash football dash cast we'll cover traditionally dynasty. Feuchy are even impede leads when you need fantasy. Hope there's just one showed up. Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Gs mc podcasts dot com for more info Made me all right. Welcome back into. Gmc football podcast with your host dj. Young's recap of the last segment. I was given out news rumors information on what's happened recently within the nfl. Ncwa mainly big news. It is the off season so is nothing too crazy. It's really finding out. What teams are doing to restructure themselves for the upcoming season This new segment. I will be describing in explaining the best way possible that i can on. How a contract in salary cap works Basically what is the salary cap Wide exist and how it affects. These deals that we're seeing her later on. Stay tuned in. We're going to get into some college sports What to look for in the draft in free agency. Okay all right so segments. Let's talk money. let's break this down. We'll start with the salary cap because again it starts off with salad capital. How everything else comes into play right so it kind of q here. I'm doing my best to keep this pretty basic explanation. One because since this is audio and not Visual it's not like can really show a lot of things Hurt so we have to use our imagination. And i wanna make sure everyone's able to keep up with me and to it's so much more that goes into it like you know how it is you might as well be a lawyer to really get down to everything but i wanna give you the basic so that you can kind of understand so salary cap is. It's a cap on the salaries. It's a limit on the amount of money teams are able to use to spend on players okay. now they started in nineteen ninety. Four are in. The mount has definitely pretty much increased almost every year now Did start at thirty four million winning. Start off in ninety four and as i just mentioned in the last segment it just came out today that for the upcoming season the salary cap is going to be one hundred. Eighty two point five million per team. This is about eight percent down from the hundred one hundred ninety eight point two million that it was in the previous season. Now why is that. What is a salary cap based off of so the salary cap is based off of the revenues of the league. Okay so we know that clearly players have a big big big big big impact. Clearly that on the money that the league receives They are the reason people coming to watch. And buying tickets they are the reason people of pay for streaming services are The reason that the network tv networks wanna make the deals that they have exclusive rights to air certain games as well as you know simple stuff as merchandise so you know bobbleheads and jerseys and everything of that nation. Okay so what. They came up with that. We're gonna take all that money that is made throughout the season and basically distribute that balance that out amongst the teams and that's why it's been increasing because of course with all different technology for different business ventures that have come about within these past years It only the money only goes up. We know football itself is like a billion trillion dollar business You know. I know you've heard all the statistics that happened with. Ncwa were because they don't have to pay their players. How much of a big money. Revenue that businesses. So in the nfl. They actually pan their player. So it's a little different. Okay now why you know. Is there a cap on. Why not just pay everybody as much as they clearly want right would with that is. Different teams are value. Different day make different amounts of money. Let's be i mean be. Is you know saumur in an area or a city that actually just you know maybe Populated more right. That's a simple way. But at the same time there's a lot of industrious in a bigger money market Or have a bigger brand awareness longer brand awareness because some teams are newer than others. But i mean just a big one. That i know is a well known. Is that the dallas code. Cowboys are literally like the highest valued brand in sports. Okay So just in twenty Just in twenty twenty. I believe they were valued at five point. Seven billion dollars so with them at five point seven billion dollars in. Let's see looking at buffalo bills valued at two billion. That's a big money difference. Okay first of all one billion dollars is a big money difference. Okay now this is over three and if they could just use the money that they came about or what they valued as in just pay whoever they want to. Don't you think that everybody would be there. You know everybody you know that. They want that they can pay pay whatever they want to they would make them move to whatever teams they want that they wanna make super teams and all be paid what they want to be paid. These type of things could happen and what that will do is take the competitive advantage away from the league. might not be too interesting anymore might be a little Leaned onto one size especially if they're become one team or a couple cities that people want to gravitate to more so this this is put into place to keep things a little fair now again. The cat is just for the players based off the salaries paid salaries. It doesn't go to coaches a staff trainers any other personnel. At all and each year each season all teams combined was averaged ninety five percent of the cap for the salaries of the year. So it isn't like oh. I'm going to sit here in not pay anybody and just bombed this year. Save all this money. And then you know i'll use it later on because the the money does rollover you do get if you don't use all your cap whatever you don't use it does roll over to the next season so to prevent that type of thing happening they have put in place that you have to Average ninety five percent of that right. okay so Going back to the bigger side of the salary cap. Where's the money coming from now. A percentage of this before it is distributed to become a cap all the revenue. All the money that is brought in by the league it believe it's forty eight percent of that is what goes to the players. I love the fifty twos. Two owners Among that forty percent you take a fit. The data way to go tour player benefits. They're held bid affiliates in a long turn social security things of that nature now with the rest of it. That's where it split up for the cap okay. So that's why it's averaged in calculated courses much longer deeper calculation that they have that brings them to number but that's typically what's going on on the highest level to see how to get there so that's why kegs is that's how it works now looking at the players contracts and how they affect the cap. Now there's different parts to it Which is why you know it. They you see that they are structured. So different you hear that. This is the signing bonus. This is the salary this is. You know the browser. They have all these different things because they affect cap in different ways so salaries obviously the base salary. Data players paid in a year of directly affects that salary. Cap that year a A not too many players have like a regular salad. They gave played like one million dollar this year. They started this year's it's usually a different range in its typically increasing because what owners are trying to do with the Teams trying to do usually have the players take a smaller salary in the beginning at large later on because they you know one have a chance of if they're not there in those later years they won't have to pay that now you might ask. Why would player decide to do that. Why would they take the chance of you. Know making one million year one and then having the option to make twenty million a year four but they can be released by the will. That's what comes with the signing bonus the signing bonus is literally like. This is the money. I will pay you to sign. This deal is why those are literally the ones that get higher and higher every Every signing okay the guaranteed money always gets hired too. Because that's something else that locks them in all right so Also that make any reason that they can make these big signing bonuses to guarantee them the the security that they're looking for is because even though d- hey this is what are paying you sign this today. It doesn't get split up amongst those years. Okay so let's say you had a a four million dollar signing bonus on a four year contract you get that for a million dollars. All four million dollars of it no matter what base salaries but the way that it affects. The salary cap for your team is that that four million is going to be split up amongst those four years and they're only going to take a one million dollar hit for each year all right and if they were to release you before the four years upward up. So let's say they release you in year after year to which means two years pass by one million one million. There's too many less than that. Means they take a two million dollar hit on that upcoming season instead of just the one that they originally would have all right now. That kind of gives you to salute like again. I'm going into more detail. But i just trying to slowly break it down all right That's the way Signing bonus works the way the base salary is like i said it typically increases and goes directly to what whatever it is directly. Hit that year. something else that are usually in these contracts are roster bonuses which says hey if you were still on team at this date when the season of starts or usually before when started when the operation stars usually In march actually. So they're usually in this month and then you will get this bonus okay and so. That's that's to help longevity and then the other bonus they typically get it's just a A workout bonus. Basically it's like hey if you come to all the season trains off season workout. This is how much will pay now. Those two things do not Get split up those do affect those years that they are used the in which is why they are typically usually later on as well. Of course it's not like a. Hey if you still on his team next year they will pay. This is typically on deals that are four plus years in is in year. three or four five are That's how that is working now. I wanna give a couple examples just so that you can maybe follow a little bit better on what i'm trying to say here so let let's start with dak prescott you know. He's the big money. Man just came through big news on his end. He agreed to four year. Hundred and sixty million dollar contract included. Hydrogen twenty six million dollars guaranteed. It does have you know an extra year extension possible option So that is to help. Basically with their salary cap in a spread out that a bonus which the bone is the signing bonuses sixty six million the highest. Nfl history with a record of seventy five million due in year. One you're gonna act wise. Tell you okay. The first three years of the deal he has to. He's averaging about forty two million per year which makes him a the second highest paid player in the league. Rabbi say just quarterbacks but honestly. No one's getting paid more than these quarterbacks Him honestly just patrick mahomes. Patrick mahomes is getting paid around. Forty five million. You got prescott. Forty million watts in currently for the houston takes thirty nine million russell wilson with the off thirty five million Rogers in jared goff Thirty three point five million. So it's kinda in the again that's about the average salary per year on what they're making based off of the bonus Any incentives and their base salary right. Now let me tell you how this really affected the cowboys salary cap. So widad chris guys base salary for year one being nine million dollars and that sixty six million signing bonus is split up between the five years like i said it's a four year deal with the five option to help them spread that out that breaks be breaking up that sixty six million. You get thirteen point two million a year now. Thirteen point two. Ed nine put together twenty two point two. So that is what would hit the cowboy salary cap in this. Upcoming season were originally. If they were to franchise tag him again. Give him the average of the top five quarterbacks in the league that was going to be thirty. Seven point seven million dollars. They are saving fifteen point five million dollars against the cap this year. Which is wouldn't they almost had no choice but to do because we all know that the pandemic hit. And that's why there is this decrease in the salary cap. It has been decreased. Because there were no fans in the stands. If there were fans at certain stadiums they were very very limited. Okay so they had to. You know decrease because the money that they are typically used to getting every year was not there Look at all if not limited. Okay now gabe ways. I don't believe or really even though worst case scenario for the salary cap i've definitely whereas now they are paying quite a bit of their players this upcoming year. So that is what you know would take effect They are paying z. The are paying the receivers and now they're paying deck so that them combined i believe With zeke end with zeke. Anne cooper and dr spending about three hundred fifty mil Well that's that's what they spent over the last three offseasons so again. Like i said that that it gonna decrease because now they're not paying dak that franchise tag helps a lot okay so going backwards into the breakdown of dark prescott situation now. I mentioned that a hundred. Twenty six mil guaranteed. Now that's looking at. He has the salary he has the the sixty six and then he has a signing bonus. I mean he has a roster bonus Are coming year four of five million dollars that's incentive and he has basically that's increasing each year so it goes from nine million and to the twenty two seasons going to be twenty million twenty two twenty three seasons going to be thirty one million twenty twenty four seasons going to be twenty nine million dollars. Okay dad that's why these are increased so much so that means the cap is going be increased their still averaging thirteen point two million each year for the cap space though so in year. He's there year twenty twenty four. He's gonna hit the cap for forty seven point two million dollars now. If they were to release him he still guaranteed that one. Twenty six a million that you should have collected the previous years and doubt saved them. The twenty nine million dollars for the hit that year Plus the five million on the roster bonus in your twenty four okay. The only hit the the they will take that year is for the the two years will bar was that the the twenty six point four so go from forty seven to twenty six point. Four million on the hit. And that's the decision that they'll just have to make Later on which. I mean i think that has a pretty good setup. I think he'll be fine He'll make it happen a possibly Hope for his longevity so we should be able to see that kind of paid out moving onto another example. Real quick will look at. Jj watt contract. You know he has a two year twenty million dollar signing bonus of twelve million. Okay split that up between it's between the years and Fourteen million dollar average salary. He's guaranteed twenty three million are now with. Jj he's he's actually not just bid up into two years for the signing bonus signing bonus is split up for years over five with two money's options of as you can tell that to but it it He will begin a base salary of two point. Five million this season and jumps up to eleven point two five eleven point. Your point. Two five million Next season of with a roster bonus of the say of two point two five million all right so this year being his signing bonus split up is gonna be two point four million this year busted two point five salary. He's only hitting the cap for four point nine million whereas next year when his salary jumps up to eleven point two five. It'll be hidden the cap for fifteen point nine million now. This is just kind of like. I said kinda give you an idea. Of what is going on with their contracts now when it comes to the extension they add those when you hear about all the green bay packers air. Rogers agreed to contract extension. They kind of go back in Restructure few things in. Let's say you got two years left on in on your original contract and they get unit venture for a five year deal now. What they do is whatever that bonuses whatever's left plus the new one they get divide up on seven years which is typically going to be smaller. Hit to the cap. That's what i like doing those. If they believe that this is their franchise quarterback and that they can save money as far as the cat per year more room for more players. That's what they do. Now what is the franchise tag. You heard me mention a couple times with dak prescott A little bit of it. But it's really there's some negative connotation on the franchise tag mainly through players because they feel like a solo controlling on this is where you see that the ownership and the agents of the players or ended players having trouble come into agreement. They haven't decided on what they wanna do. Long-term after the rookie deals coming up do and they have to make a decision on either keeping this player or getting or they're going to be gone into the free agent market but a lot of tom. They don't wanna do that because they know they work. Ages one of a somehow figure out agree so what they say is hey franchise tag meaning. Hey hey you. In this one year you stay for one year while we figure this out and i'll pay to average on five on these five positions which non ten. I can't really think of a position that that is a problem and quarterbacking like i said dax would have been. He would have been paid thirty. Seven point seven million for one year. Okay that's still pretty good pay-wise i wouldn't argue with the personally but we're living in two different tax brackets. But that's typically what they do. I know it's happened to as is that as low as something you know around the kickers. I know pat mcafee. Said he got franchise tagged once and when he was with the colts and add looked at about two million right. And i'm pretty sure that was more than what he was getting paid because they haven't made him a new deal yet so he took But the problem with this. Is you want longevity. That's as a player. You want to have some security like. Hey i things happen for a dangerous spore. i don't wanna just have this one year deal than some pushed to the side. I wanna be able to be here for a long time in you know. Play the game. I love and support my family. So that's where the franchise that comes into problem now. Why is it that money. Continue to go up as far in these deals. Still while the main yes. The cap is going up. But why do players like the quarterbacks. Keep literally breaking the barrier on highest paid quarterback highest paid player in the league each time. There's one side well this kind of plays into the nfl player association. Have you know a finger in. And they're just there to you know have the collective bargaining agreements with the nfl. And make sure that the players are Compensated appropriately for you know. Make sure that the league is taking advantage of them taking all the wages that are being made through these players so they had made the plan that every time. You're up to have a deal so if you're you know dak prescott was up. I mean of course. He couldn't pass his lawyer pam homes. Because that's because pat homes pam home see ex super bowl champion You know baby goat on his way to being possibly passing. Tom brady is a lot of people who like to talk about. We're not really sure what's going to happen but we'll see but what's happening. There is that these people can pay more because if it ever comes that become stagnant or someone gets paid lower. They decided to pay these players lower than eventually. The ownership is gonna be taken advantage of the players. They are going to be making more money. Be with increase on the cap that i spoke about earlier than increase on the revenue So you have to make sure they keep moving that meters long as the league moving at meter long and making it a fair compensation for around the lead by just make sure you handle your business and make the right deal on your team individually okay but in all in all Dad is my quick small overview of what the standard cafes wide exists. What's gone on how these deals affect the player. The league wotton you know things of that. Nature are definitely will be talking more about this. I'm sure as the rest of the offseason goes on because we'll hear about the players that are going to be franchise tag will hear about more deals that come along and i'll do my best to continue to learn more about these and give you all. The information needed alright. That's all i have for that segment. Stay tuned up next. we're gonna be talking about some. Ncwa again stuff. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Nell listen close and huge this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here nothing less than podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast coverage from news sports music fashion cooking dinner table fantasy football and so much more so stop blurted around and go straight how to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed filled. That podcast is whatever it may be visit us at. Www dot mc podcast dot com. Follow us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and google play. Welcome back you are listening to. Jesus mc football podcast on. Gmc podcast network I'm your host again the yangs Recap last segment on described with salary cap is about it how it takes a faked onto the deals and contracts that players get next up. We're gonna be discussing the up college football teams going into next with looking like what the top teams have gone on. Who who they have now. Why is still relevant and they were gonna finish up next on last segment. Just talk about free agency. Who's available as of right now you know. What are they worth. Some teams that could possibly looking at getting them things of that nature so moving on Of course we're going to start where it matters. Okay across star right at the university It's exam did go nine one this season which is great because they have not been doing that are nine one their only laws. Let me say though is to bama who was undefeated bentley university and they finished in the ap poll number four. Okay just missed the playoffs. Last season it dan Definitely made a statement piece in orange bowl That they were in defeating university of north carolina by two touchdowns all right now. The biggest thing is who's going to play quarterback next year are a longtime tenured quarterback that has been there for the past. Few years is leaving. But this is this is the definitely of beyond the clouds. Okay we are takes. A hit on still has ray back isaiah speller and Okay as well as the running back receiver. Jack of all trades. Anaya smith if you weren't paying attention. The duo of isaiah's filler. In devante cheney is basically what it was like to have mark ingram and almond going blank on the saints Did the off one second. How kamerhe on the wire win. Blake on mir. Yeah it was like having them to marking our chimera in the backfield for the saints. Two seasons ago right can have explicit them out That's basically what the the aggies had man Really they weren't even using divine a cheney as much as they are believed they should Colleague of mine of he actually was talking about him. Why because he coached at that guys high school in. I got to watch a couple times. He is amazing college. What he did in orange belong he didn't come into the second half anyone. Mvp and if you see the highlights know why are magnificent Nice smith he gets things done good with his hands. Getting around get open. He's great runner of they had keeping those skill. Players vary very impressive right now Jimbo does have in at quarterback hanes king. He was the number three dual quarterback Coming out in two thousand twenty in the two thousand twenty class all right the number. Three dual threat quarterback So that's a big deal. You also signed. Alas hours was number five dual threat quarterback in to win class. So he'll be coming out this year. Okay these two big signs signs In both probably had the what the team is going to bring much needed and look forward to coming into this season. Those are the big offensive differences though But just keep in mind. Where do they rank with their prospects. Okay so taxonomy with the projected. Espn through hundred prospects of the top. Three hundred On the twin twenty one roster so coming back they'll have thirty nine for those guys okay. Thirty five of them are from the tweet. Nineteen to twenty twenty one class alone are so those are the future talents of the whole league of the nc double a. And there will be there. Bergen has it for to release signed. cuban sec a team that has more prospects but still taking a tough hit on some of their stars coming back us. Florida so florida gators With the top. Three hundred have forty two of the of the top. Three hundred prospects on the twenty roster are They will be losing key players as a quarterback. Kyle trask the number one tied in some argue number one receiver period pits receiver. Trayvon grimes safety brad. Stuart defensive lineman Curry campbell a few others. So it's it's quite a number of them They finished and four. I lost to lsu exam alabama oklahoma this past season but they would definitely in the sec championship. It was It was a good season for the team. Okay at what they have. They do have a two quarterbacks in espn Released a former this. That is a former ones. They have a jalen katina. Katina four star in the twenty twenty one class All is well as carlos del rio. Okay emery jones anthony. Richardson on the roster already signed. I mean those those were former. Espn three hundred. That helps on those individuals They also brought back running back. The market's bound bowman. Who is the number twenty three ranked recruit in the twenty twenty class in originally signed with clemson. But now with florida. The defense coaches signed eighteen of the top three hundred defensive recruits from between nineteen to twenty twenty one time period so they got a lot of great people moving in there to make a difference alright when their biggest ones was jason marshall the number one ranked corner of the twenty one class and corey caller is number three safety and both should eventually be no bigger tribute to that team going into this upcoming season after they get high school. We'll definitely see what they will be up to okay again. Keeping it in the sec are due on a katiba Because these these are the number one team that everyone's watching right. These are the ones that people tended to so Moving over to lsu. This team is in right. Okay weren't rang. Finished firefighters a deadly every year for them To go from being on top number one to not ranked temperature I dunno if no one expected them to win. Back after losing joe win and everyone but They still matter okay They'll have you know a veteran quarterback in miles bringing back. Boma johnson could also get a look. I guess we'll find out closer her much on that but as you know we get close to the season. They'll definitely report. Who starters are things of that nature But the project. Espn three hundred prospects. Top three hundred On a twenty twenty one roster. Lsu have forty three forty three players that is really good so Yeah but they still need quite a bit. You know needs to be replacing you know. They have receiver terrence. Marsha junior tight in wreak gilbert who had transfer linebacker bureau cox safety jacoby stevens leaving but the But they have. You know. Like i said quarterbacks do there that's a big part Y receiver ca sean boat. A who led the team in receiving yards. Basheer had five touchdowns he will be returning. That's good to hear all right now. I know you're probably wondering what about chase a race car chases as actually was chilling sitting out sort of he can get the for the draft Which he's definitely like the number one choice for receiver going in this year Looking forward see where he go. Rumor has it at all. I won't say rumor. Has it but people have project people. Will you know. Give their opinions give. What they think is going to happen season. What's going to happen. A coming teams with. They're gonna do what they need A team that is anita received at they believe jomar tastes will fit in well is the rates and i find that really cool just because i mean think about that. Do you think about me. You've already got hollywood brown there right You ask somebody else in there end oxidative even get need to get tight end as will Andrews good but it'll just be more diverse Having lamar jackson though to the march hayes would be like it'd be it'd be crazy it'd be great It'd be prime time. It'd be electrifying. you'll be able to watch some pretty good games. All around when they play other great duos than they pay the three weeks in mahomes when he played Metcalfe's in wilson's shoot. Even the cuyler. You know. Karl and his squad that he's about to have possibly they think they might even get someone to help them on the receiving end because i think it has not been said layer fitzgerald is going to be leaving or not But at the today in my opinion they still have the number one receiver in a home or going blank on names. Okay sorry so Design hopkins ullmark goodness. I don't know what's going on about that of. But i like to keep this very transparent. As as if it's alive radio show so you will hear me make mistakes bear with me. You know indefinitely. Leave your feedback. I'll get better. But the dow that'd be exciting team to see play get together but let me let me know what you think about that. Aright moving on to another top team. We're gonna go over clemson. Clemson has been top to neither like gloves in as one of the top two programs in the league for quite some time now It's been very impressive. What they've been doing their due. Trevor lawrence is not gonna be there we all pretty much expect him and as i said in the last episode in if he's not then something's wrong but he's supposed to be done more in picking the draft going to the jaguars makes a lotta sense. They do need assistance. They do need a quarterback. Someone definitely a franchise quarterback. I cannot Really say when the last time the jacksonville jaguars a franchise quarterback so hopefully. Trevor lawrence could be that person. Hopefully the shawn watson stay in that division and we are able to see that fight between those quarterbacks in that division because you have now a to clinton alumni going attitude. Young is to gunslingers in trevor lawrence. Show watson but also you have of carson wentz who got over there you know so i think you know. He's trying to make his statement on his end as well Be very interesting to see so but getting back to clemson Drivers team in He's gonna be back. I mean he's not suit. Nothing in your But still expected to have a good season you know. They've been recruited They have the the backup quarterback for clemson's display I don't you know this year. I didn't even say. I know. I said it wrong. I apologize i'm recalling. Dj dj so my boy dj. He digs to start. Those two games with lawrence had to sit out and he didn't good So he'll be there. Is you know with justin. Ross being healthy you know who just missed his past season You know they have a good chance okay. that'll be exciting. Still the will more than likely still be in the running as they have been these past few years The next team. Wanna get over to ohio state so They are averaging opponent. I said how many practice the prospect number for clinton clinton has a fifty three top three hundred kids on the roster going into the next season. So that's good now. A little bit higher them is ohio state with fifty seven prospects on on the top three hundred lists going into twenty one okay. The average of about five point four which is pretty impressive for the average class ranking Giving that you know we've had some liar because of the past year They they they had the number. Sixteen class Tough year of which is pretty good that coincided or reminders retirement Introduced the this past year a wide. Receiver gary wilson team secondary second leading receiver with seven hundred. Twenty three yards and six touchdowns was very impressive Five star defensive ends zach. Harrison also made an impact. You'll be back outside that There are a lot of younger. They'll be developing they'll be doing too big danger with a nuclear new head coach. Ryan days excited for him. Say some good things few good kids but you know just with that will see the field like i said move on just championship Recently but Some teams that could be going to discredit feeling. Everyone's kind of want that quarterback that can be mobile have a good arm all in one swoop of being very oppressive leader on a team in there are few quarter of few teams. That really need need. That and i know will be going for that. Draft our Someplace they i think i've heard speak of. It is probably the carolina. Panthers pretty decent. I pick The see them going with justin field. You know we we kinda their style you know come in like the ron rivera era and having cam there then they just had teddy teddy's just not getting done but i'm pretty sure you know that you know. Maybe they'll get just in bring back care. Who's a free agent. Just a mentor. Him and moved from there. But i don't think the relationship is honestly good enough. I don't know if campbell go back to the panthers Maybe more. But i mean they'll also have that option of possibly matt jones from alabama. Which is where. I'm going next are moving on to hell. Bama number one undefeated alabama on my only team to be the treacherous executive university banal. They went thirteen notice. Bad season number one team in the final people one championship because they had the heisman winner. smith was unstoppable Shooting events on stop all season but that game their mind. Goodness just wasn't your fair Also won't have she hairs anymore. Star running back. Both of those kids are possible. First round picks so that that's Obama always produces You know some great talent that always end up But you know it's funny alabama's like oh. They're losing all his talent. But would you not understand is that they got talent piled up over there. Okay they got nick stadium and they have all these recruits that they have topped. The boars with recruiting for decades almost feels like now and of course they are leading the way with seventy players going to be on their roster in top. Three hundred said sandy means they can make three different offense three different defenses of top recruits. Okay that that Impressive but despite delegates said Them for five star quarterback bryce young who become become the next quarterback the aftermath jones of since. He's leaving there. I'm pretty sure her the mentioned him that you know everybody. 'cause will end up being with alabama. They usually have great kids colleges. You know getting better in the background until it's their turn and he's one of those guys. So that's why i say that over the past. Five recruiting classes of alabama's had the number one class three times in a number three class once the lowest rank. It is lows ranking was recruiting. Class is six thousand twenty eight t are right so they have too much to worry about their bright like. I said i mentioned bracy on. He was a number one. Dual threat quarterback For twenty twenty class. They'll be looking running back. I mean they'll lose road ryan bag ninety like Hairs jalen waddell As well as a multiple liming all right but when it comes to the offensive line since twenty eight seen. They've had they've recruited five five-star offense liner recruits. Okay name a few edvin. Neil pierce quick. Tommy brock meyer. Jc let let them so. That won't be a problem I think the only one that's counting questioned on who's going to be the starter for this position is a running back position to replace hairs. They have three running backs to contain a bryan robson. Junior jason mclennan in trae sanders off all on this roster competing for that job Apparently they even signed in the upcoming graduation class. Top recruit of in the top. Three hundred Kamara wheaton so That one's gonna be interesting to see who makes their way up there and Wednesday job Now just to touch on one more team in the acc Wages and did talk about ohio state. But a georgia also gioja also has a great comeback for their prospects of for their kids With kirby smart they have sixty one of the top three hundred coming up the play on Season going to be excited to see Again might lose a couple players But from twenty nineteen to twenty one. Georgia sign twenty nine of the top one hundred Recruits including five stars of nolan smith. Klay web keely of ringo roger jones. Jalen carter in smell. Okay so i definitely think that this is going to be a year that they get the turnaround you know they got a lot of recruits stayed in terrible season shares is just that i think some things will be a little differently. Went eight to this past season. It was the number finished number seven on the. Ap poll quarterbacks their quarterback rain back in receivers are Top receivers are among people. That will be returning Saw will see. It'd be definitely back. Said an exciting game to watch. But that's just a low take on a few of the top programs who's leaving who will be back Who is what are some of the top prospects looking like on into the league where they might go Diflucan this offseason world be talking about this multiple times for the next few months till the season is beginning. So i'll give more information on all of that very soon on the next episode. Get updates. You may hear that some people are moving. Some people transferring that have his offseason when it comes to the nc double a. q. Is like to go to school together opportunities especially if they didn't win the winning job okay so again we got one more segment stay tuned. I'll be right back. The is your alternate stop for everything. Sports the golden state media concepts sports podcast. Should i say more from the nfl. Mel beat the nba. 'em it's all in here. Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen now Welcome back welcome back. Thanks for sticking around august Mc football podcast. I'm your host. Dj yangs We've been talking about multiple things. Give you the news of the day. The news of the week given that information. What's been said run a league what's been happening. Nc double a. Moved into me teaching guys a few things about what a salary cap is how to fix. The deals how the contracts are put together for the players And then got into the anti a little bit more learning more about what the top to injure looking like who live in Who was still standing tall. Who's coming back in where some of those top players leaving those top programs with might be going Next i'll be going and leaning into the free agency market as of today. Today is march tenth. You guys will be here in this as tomorrow. March eleven but with things like we'll have heard about yet but Almost start off with you know some people that may not be of big names as far as we're where they're going i did. I make my way up to who would be very valuable. So i try to go from lease viable to most wipe. But don't give me wrong. When i say the word valuable. These are all still great players included. Nfl and i wouldn't even be talking the name if they were just like irrelevant is just more of a who make the biggest impact elsewhere right so the one i wanna talk about here and i don't remember if i talked about it in. The last episode is rob gronkowski. And i know you're like wait. I thought you were started. Know the reason. I'm talking about. Rob rob year deal with tampa bay right. He came back at a time. It came there Won the championship with tom. Got him some Touchdowns in the super bowl in everything right. So he only signed one year deal. We haven't really heard anything else. Come about but one thing. I know that he has said that. I don't see any reason why he would tell a story about this. But it's that as long as he plays in the national football. Iki will only play for tom with tom. Brady is the only person that he will catch. A ball from so rob gronkowski isn't going anywhere. He's technically neither for age and they're retiring or going to go running back again with tom Which i'm pretty sure that will be the case. They just haven't released what's going to happen. moving along another top receiver. Golden tate He was just on the new york. Giants had an okay experience. There i didn't do too much of course the team itself into much. Nfc east you know how that goes. He will be turned thirty three seasons so he still has a little bit more gas tank. I believed to make a difference. Release one more team if he goes somewhere else or if the giants decide to resign him Just haven't heard news on what exactly is going to happen. There yet are another seager Adam humphreys just on tennessee titans He did have to injuries shortage season. Unfortunately with the tines in They ended up releasing him Last month In eighteen games humphry managing few receptions yards and touchdowns that he compiled in the final season with the buccaneers and twenty eighteen It's worth noting that Patriots may be priscilla him You know how to curiosity hoping that he can help. Bring some talent over their way because they've been missing it now to my boy camp campfires thirty two this year cam. Newton was a super bowl quarterback cam newton ways a league. Mvp easily this past year. I wanna able disappointing. It just wasn't what cam or any of us really expected. I guess We understand that's why he's no longer with the patriots they sound for one year They will looking for that turnaround immediately. That was going to happen. Comparable bill checks making moves currently to get that rumor. Has it that you know. He may be trying to get his boy. Jimmy g. pag wouldn't be surprised if he makes some type of trade in order to get jimmy. I doubt they'd wanna rely on a new guy rookie coming in the draft. So definitely think they'll be getting someone else a quiet reliable the free agency or either the trade Back to cam newton He finished the season with a four point one. Qbr was number thirty. Out of thirty two quarterbacks who qualified for the final rankings. He was one of two players on the list. Who threw more interceptions than touchdowns. The only had eight touchdowns his ten interceptions But he's still cam newton you know used to. I don't think we're gonna give up on yet. I think at least one more chance somewhere Again it's plenty of quarterbacks in the market is a good handful great quarterbacks coming into the draft so i don't know for a fact what is going to happen But hope that he gets more more chance okay. Another quarterback is andy dalton. Everybody forgot about poor. Andy dalton especially after doctors got signed is big deal so we know who's going to be a starting quarterback for the cowboys now but nonetheless After everything that happened to him this season which you know you try to continue on to lead the cowboys. who Why he started he. Just let him to three and three record through ten minutes Team touchdown sorry in foreign exceptions raking him number fifteen in qbr So i mean but he still was a long time starting quarterback while he was there in. Cincinnati I think again someone else that deserves the right opportunity. I believe he's gonna end up being possibly. Somebody's backup though like he was for dag. Just now I don't know if the cowboys are gonna wanna keep him as backup because after seeing their three. Four backups. down this past season. Who knows what's going to happen for them. But they difficulties might come behind deck. That's for sure that's perfect. Okay today cloudy reason. I say like that is because had some interesting times in the league. You know he came in as i guess we'd lot of people want to see as the next. Jj wide You know aaron. Donald like just defensive lineman foresee a plays a Needs good when he was with the seahawks recorded three sacks thirteen games and that was in twenty nineteen But any struggle to reach you know agreement last spring The signing with the titans and didn't record a single sack in eight games before you got a knee injury to season right now. Cloudy does bring pressure on about eleven percent of his russia's I guess that makes good enough number ten in the league in that position doing that. So he's still relevant No reason to believe that this is the end. Is you know people always going to want those deed. I'm after like Deland with that. Create that type of pressure which gets quarterback are like literally top-three commodity in league You know you're gonna quarterback you want a pressure creator disruptor on your d. line and then next up you're looking for a playmaker in a receiver ran back I believe that's how most of the league would see it. That's how i see it Moving on another age a important edge. Rusher is melvin ingram with the los angeles chargers play with Guide the free agency. He's gonna turn thirty two okay so again. Someone is still might have a little time but with the loss of this past season. is countered on the downside. He didn't do as well as usual. Which is why. I guess he didn't sign again with the chargers But he has easy great. Pass rusher in just in general is. There's always a reason that you know you don't necessarily hold back on moving forward on it. A player like this. He has a few more years left and he'll be again. There's teams out there. That i know are in the market for pass. Rushers of buffalo been went. So the two people i mentioned in ingram in cloudy you know i could definitely see buffalo. Who's just went to their. Afc championship who lack with a personal quarterbacks. Definitely giving these guys a call talk to at least one train with them seeing what they could possibly give the team all right. Let's talk. Richard sherman real quick richard sherman who played for the san francisco. Forty niners getting up there turning thirty three this year. Probably in that you know going to be doing that year year with teams as they see what they where he is and if he's keeping up with everything Living game stint of injury of you know injured reserve this past season Because his calf injury so he also kind of looks a little beat up but Definitely a veteran. I believe have a little more time like i said. But that's why said. I think it'd be more of a year to year type deal. I don't think you'll guinea big long term contracts anymore He data great cover skills. So that's something that i'm pretty sure. A lot of teams coaches administration. Everybody is looking at to add to their team Moving onto a ymca to dobie wazir. Cornerback for dallas cowboys. Now i personally think who's. Ea is a solid player on. I think you know the despite the struggles of the cowboys defense he. He was a play. He has been in been growing to become a playmaker. Now they did you know get digs a young cornerback recently and i believe there's rumor that they might be looking into getting another cornerback upcoming in the next draft but woozy a Guidance a lot of interceptions. He gets his hand on the ball ye disrupts he Knocks balls down and things of that nature quarter total of only you know four interceptions in forty nine career games and miss half of the twenty twenty season because his hamstring. But i think that gives the opportunity to make a comeback. He's only twenty six years old. He has a lot to you know. Move forward for a lot to do To add to a team okay. Anthony hairs is a safety came out of minnesota played him in his past year. Just twenty nine years of age He he was a surprise. That the franchise tag you know. They could possibly be franchise tag after six interceptions in a twenty nineteen season. So they put him on the franchise tag making it a one year deal By the rest of the vikings defense He did not match his previous year. Because they just kinda took live and we didn't see that coming. We differ. I thought the vikings would been wanna teams that would have been in the top after their performances between nineteen season. But that wasn't the case They defends itself finished. Know harris in company had zero interceptions Definitely wanna be able to get those turnovers for your team. That helps win games. you know. But he's still smart he still has great Is and been able to be wary. Needs to be on the field A positive player note. No disruptive things in locker room so i'd say he'd be top twenty five players available especially if you need yourself. A safety are eight another cornerback. Patrick peterson who Entering the market after being with the arizona cardinals just turned thirty. One played better. Of course we know like he's made a name for before twenty season. But i think a lot of people have to understand. And i hope a lot of organizations teams and coaches understand. That twenty twenty wasn't a normal year for anyone you know in yours as it was definitely a lot different. I don't know. I'm pretty sure some cases there might have been an advantage Where you know you might be able to succeed because of certain people not being that that opted out or not being healthy because there were plenty of injuries as to unfortunately or you know it was tougher because the same reason right so You know just give him some. Statistics pro football focus calculated that quarterbacks had a ninety six point two passer rating when throwing his direction which is crazy. So you know your dad's person that's probably bad look You probably don't want anything to do with that. But at the same time they are rarely. You know a few other quarterbacks available in free agency market that are going to give you something better He's again he's patrick. Peterson i think a lot of people were just adjusting in trying to use to some things you know In this upcoming season next a receiver. That i believe is kind of raided. Kanda highs will fuller mitchell unless episode. And i don't wanna say overrated but with the injuries he's had over all these years and I haven't seen a from Make the because you've got to shine watts and making plays he might have some bake touchdowns and stuff that get them open but like willfuller never played a sixteen game season. he's twenty seven games over the spent. You know over his What is five years. Yeah over the five years. He's been in league and went on the field. You know he does. He's been one of the tab deep threats. Like i said but you know. His his average is now point. Three yard gain a target which ranks a month top ten in the nfl Among qualify receivers who of the past five seasons but like i said Feel like that was more on what the recipe was doing. This came with D- being there. You know dumbed up putting more pressure on him in shawn watson extending the play. This is what got will fuller to probably make a name for himself again. I'm not trying to take anything away from. Because i mean i. I played receiver. I know a catch. The ball and making plays is your job and you want to be the best at it. And i'm pretty sure he does. But as far as being to the top three has many receivers that are in this this pool of agents of free agency Still i believe a lot to choose from one. Being curtis samuel firs has been playing with the carolina panthers. He's only twenty five He said his career high reception. So seventy seven in yards eight hundred fifty one in this past season while excuse me he also played multiples it. Multiple positions got forty one carries of you know because the four different positions jet sweeps at the end nature He rushed for two hundred yards and two touchdowns Wok converted to ten for while converting ten first downs. And he would be you know one of the top guys out say in this pool of free agents okay especially in the receivers like eat. He's on his way like listen to me. Wherever team he goes to if they put him in the right scheme Definitely going to make a difference for them now the one. I think that a lot of people were speaking about the number one receiver that a lot of people would like to say is a juju smith. Schuster drew a coming off pittsburgh Only twenty four. He didn't show up. Like i think a lot of people thought he would after a abiola Which was obvious. Because hey if you're not the number one day clearly it's a little bit easier to get open so not he was a number one. I'm pretty sure things with different. That was controversy about him. Doing dancing and stuff like that But you know playing with the steelers a short pass game. He caught ninety. Seven passes night most in the nfl averaged eight point six yards per catch. That was the third lowest among the wide receivers. Who caught at least fifty passing twenty. Twenty The performance was more of a change of perspective on what he could possibly do a long term for them. So i think that's why we haven't heard anything as far as if anyone's going to get him or if the Steelers want to resign them. i think he's definitely talented but i believe that he's a talent that needs to be around other receivers and that they can all be on each other. You know kind of like how. The browns are But we will see what happens there. aj green from cincinnati bengals. Another free agent of the guy who's been doing for a long time He's a seven time. Pro bowler played in all sixteen games last season after he missed. Twenty nineteen season in seven games in two thousand eighteen On on the bad side he had the least productive year of his career With forty seven receptions for twenty three yards in two touchdowns Him with no. I guess you know. Good old buddy doll and being gone. I guess they didn't have the same type of deal. George joe burrow came in. He got injured so definitely had to work with. I guess what you call the skeleton crews properties best. But it didn't go as planned. Okay joke donnie. From the new new england patriots. Young guy The patriots used a franchise tag on Twenty twenty got another sixteen games outta them in He hasn't missed the star since the patriots made him a third round draft. Pick in two thousand sixteen. So you'd think they'd hold highly but News came out about what they're gonna do. A the patriots are pretty. Sure they're gonna do right bomb. They're gonna keep him I don't think he will be technically free agent for long. Okay now one of our favorites here. That his do it. Did you know that they disting- Recently is corey davis. Okay he is definitely you know done is beat the number one receiver for the titans In in the four years he has caught a total of eleven touchdowns while actually the back. So i would admit what is that he became. He was a number wayne. Definitely become number two recently after Eighty brown's performance these series only in the past four years. The only car eleven touchdown passes while you know never have that one thousand yard season Granted the titans Our our foc- run focus. Type would open up to play ascot. Play action get receivers like aj. Brown open So the titans end up declining their fifth year option for him in. He'll look for a change of scenery is hoping to go somewhere else. make some big plays hopefully Against somebody else that. I think will do well if he gets complimentary receivers on his side. Okay Shaquille baert big shock tampa bay. I mentioned earlier In twenty nineteen produce thousand nine point five sacks his eight sack season twenty twenty. I made clear that you know. He remains of a decent pass rusher. It just wasn't gonna meet his past standards so i'm pretty sure that he'll be picked up. I don't know who's gonna go get him but someone else again like. I mentioned earlier that different needs. You know people to get back there and destroy things. The miami dolphins New york jets need a little bit. Everybody teams that aaron jones. I believe is number one running back and free agency. Green bay packers released him but he had a gray season issue air. Rogers like it was the aaron and aaron show and i don't know green bay wasn't watching that but he was making a place for them Only twenty six came in that twenty seventeen dynamic class with dalvin cook album chimera christian. Mccaffrey tariq Cohen joe mixing like the whole gang of people in everyone. He number two in rushing yards. Only behind dalvin cook so to get him out there. Man make that guy the guy he already pretty much there. You've got to get them the rest of the way all right Last person i wanna touch on is someone. I mentioned earlier. That didn't get the franchise tag from the steelers which is bud dupree Since it started in two thousand nineteen would steelers. He had nineteen points Sacks that year Which is still good enough to be in the top eight. It you know these passengers will. It's a he says the thirteen nineteen debris has more sex nineteen point five then all but seven players. That's what i mean by being top eight. Okay and that's despite missing even the final hub games after he stories. Acl this year. So i mean some might be a little hesitant on the injury but you got to understand the type of damage that this guy can't commit out there He deserves a contract to get on another. You know a pass rushing team needed team That clearly there are plenty out there. You know if you can disrupt quarterback they going continue to make the plays that needs to be made in. Be chew when it when it hurts. You know when the games in the beginning of games Let them get away too far. But we'll see. That is a all i got right now for all of the free agents that this past season i mean this as of right now i don't know what's going on free agents as of right now and Difficult keep up with it all again. Some of the things we talked about today earlier segments that you're going to be hearing a lot more about Moving forward just the free agency. But what's going on is the top teams other recruits who's going to be starting positions because some of them have to compete What is the salary cap What and how does it work going to be got decided cap day that was announced earlier today salary cap for the nfl. Been a one hundred eighty to one hundred. Eighty two point five million But you know contracts are going to be signed soon. A lot of people with their in talks of Free agency man but yet thanks tune in the thank you for listening to the gmc. Football podcast brought to you by the gmc. Podcast network. i would like to ask you to please remember to subscribe. You know give comments. I know look. I'm just i'm learning I'm gonna get better. I'm bringing it up to you. But i love to also give feedback in general some things. Maybe you want to hear about. Maybe we wanna talk about The podcast lows getting that type of information. Please follow us on facebook twitter and instagram Gmc underscore football. Thank you and once again. Good night good afternoon good evening. Good morning thank you. You've been listening to the golden steep media concepts football podcast. Part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot jesus mc podcast dot com download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and google. Play this type in gs mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concept's podcast network from movies to music from sports entertainment and even weird news. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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Episode #126  ALL Buckeye Preview

Menace 2 Society Podcast

1:04:21 hr | 8 months ago

Episode #126 ALL Buckeye Preview

"It is Thursday October twenty second we are forty eight hours away from an Ohio State football game big ten football games, the addition of another conference, and also in another a number of other Great Vault College Football Games, and the way the two, thousand twenty shaking out. There's no game that you could be like that. There's not an and that's not a good game. What do you mean? Florida State beat beat North Carolina wasn't supposed to be a good game but a sure was. So, expect the unexpected and twenty twenty. Forty eight hours away man who is who's excited. I got something for you. Today to I spent fifteen years coach in college football. I loved it certain aspects of it. I loved more than others and so today what I'm GonNa do it's been two years since I spoke to a position group, which was my favorite thing. I love the position group I loved my guys. I loved a lot of other aspects and hated a lot of other aspects. But I just love my unit. Right, but my my collection of players, and so I'm GonNa give you some what my message to my players would have been on what is a perfect Thursday and we'll talk about that in a minute but we are two days away from a Buckeye football game. So I guess we'll switch it a promo mode come hang out with braxton Miller night We are having watched party the point on Lane right next to Varsity club it's going to be big time we have buckeye vodka. Screw screw screwball peanut butter whiskey is making two different signature drinks. One is a pudding shot with peanut butter Whiskey. The other is like a chocolate I'm sorry it might be a peanut butter jelly with truly and then maybe a chocolate beer with peanut butter with whatever we're going to have a couple of drinks. Buckeye Vodka and then we're going to have we have. What else do we truly sam? Adams beer some domestic options a ton of drinks a shade on the Canal Wayne's which are freaking ridiculous. If you came last year, you had them and then revelry tavern is going to be giving us a bunch of food and then also who am I forget Oh Kegs Deli is given us. Awesome. Dessert option so tons. Of Food tons of drinks. Some hot bartenders you name it and I'll be out there braxton out. There were doing a live show. We're we're going to welcome here a minute Stephanie Odi if you don't know where she's all over podcasts and and and really social media right now her youtube channel and she was on ABC six, the fever I believe it's called. For for the last year or two, anyway she's GonNa come out and do and do the live pregame show. So this game is going to be preview the Buckeyes that's the point of this show and but on Saturday the live preview show, you're going to be able to check it out on instagram live at menace to sports, and we're going to have the full on detail preview for you Saturday morning at about ten forty five. So make sure you check out that look for that but anyways. Lane come hang out with us. We're going to give you a discount code right now for our listeners because you know how it is Braxton tweeted out and you've got a bunch of Buckeye. Fans that maybe don't know about the show. So I wanted to take care of my listeners. I already took care Patriot and gave away a bunch of free tickets screwball bought for. Our subscribers now I'll give you thirty percent off COO. cooed code with the Promo Code Menace. You go to our website minutes, sports, dot com go to the ace on lane, pick your tickets Promo code menace and we'll give you thirty percent off come hang out with us and then will. Have a great time. Watch the game little analysis little fine little food little drinks. It'd be a great time in real quick. 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Every team truly has a chance to win and you do too game spreads championship futures and player. Prop bets. It's never too late to get in on the action and start turning your sports knowledge into actual cash in your wallet. Sign up at my bookie. When you do use our promo code menace to claim a deposit match dollar for dollar all the way up to a thousand bucks it's a bonus designed to give you a little help and head start on your winning season. That's. Promo code menace for you to claim your bonus. When you make your deposit stack, UFC cards, presidential bets, all the major sports and more sign up today to begin your winning season exclusively at mybookie there you have it get free money when win a lot of money give us a good good plan for life. Give me free money. Let me win a lot of money and we're GONNA use. PICKS PATRIOT DOT com four slash picks to get our gambling advice, and then we're GONNA win money in be rich. But about that man, I can't wait to get to this show. So we're going to back to it with our new intro. Are Buckeye themed intro because it is Buckeye kick off week we're going to give your new intro and then we're coming straight off of it with a little Thursday speech and then I'll I'll explain what Thursday is. All right. So let's get to. I. Did this service. Let's get to the show. Johnston fields. The. Laura is still. Looking grow. Tat at the freshman of were. CAST by. The. Seven. Get the fuck out of here. Okay. Well, it is perfect. Thursday. For everyone across country place on Saturday and perfect. Thursdays, this this is the day where you just walk in a facility. It feels different. It's no pads. You're only going against the scout team and it's a much shorter practice and this kind of that that moment where you get to just sharpen your game plan. Fine. Tune it like get the details ready and I. talked to a couple of coaches last night and it's crazy. They just closed today or yesterday forty practices. They had forty practices that's not counting the workouts. They did forty practices usually do twenty, twenty, eight or twenty nine. Usually. It's like twenty, nine, twenty, eight they did forty practices before they're gonNA play a game and they have another one today. Forty. That's absurd. But Thursday's that all that preparation work and you get to walk in and just fine tune it man just just cleaned it up a couple of mistakes you need to fix before the game. This is where you get to visualize the entire game that was my message always on a Thursday, was this visualization day when you run this play against the scout team player with no pads on, he's told not to make a play on the ball you are supposed you are there to get that game rep and visualize yourself making that play in two days so that when that play comes up, you have that visual in your mind. And you already made that play in your dreams and in your in your preparation. So when the ball is snapped on Saturday, it's easy. You've already made that play. I want to give you what my message would be. If I was still the receiver coach at Ohio State or just a position coach at Ohio state right now, this would be my message to the team. Today is the day that you sharp it and fine tune. Everything you to do on Saturday we ended last year with a bitter taste in our mouth. You can blame the rest blame the committee for dropping in the polls blamed J. K. blame Chris Lavi. You don't blame anything you want but the reality is this. We should Iran clemson off the field if every man did their job if every man had intense focus and relentless effort on every play, the buckeyes would have a shot would have had a shot at Joe Borough and Lsu but you didn't we didn't we went home and then And then. We started grinding started working started building brick by brick day by day with Mick in the weight room with your coaches in the indoor in the classroom, you started sharpening the tools in your toolbox started strengthening your mind through studies strengthening your body through blood sweat tears. and. Then if you didn't have enough adversity, they took this all away. Made it even harder on you know more Mickey. Muratti. No. More position coaches just you the men in the arena were all alone. Isolated. no-one, watching. They say that's when you find the two character of a man of a warrior. In the off season only yourself to hold accountability all alone. And what did you do? What the fuck did you do you pushed harder? You grind it harder. You took that adversity and employed it to fuel you. Took push you to be elite. Now here we are forty eight hours away ten months of anger ten months of pain ten months of pent up. For Revenge. and. Forty eight hours from now someone else's going to receive the wrath of a pissed off bad motherfucker who's here to show the world not this time not this team we will leave no doubt this time you will respect us this time. You will feel us this time. You will not deny us someone is going to feel our pain in forty eight hours, and that someone is the Nebraska cornhuskers. We didn't schedule this game. It's not our fault. They invited them to the horseshoe. This bitch doesn't have to be close you come out of that tunnel fans. No fans who gives a fuck when you play fast you play hard and you put your fucking foot on the throat and we don't stop until we say it's over it's our time. It's time to unleash a fury that's been growing for ten months and it's time to make a run at something legendary. Now. Let's get to work fellas. That would've been my message kind of got myself going there I apologize. That would have been my message to my guys. The situation is what it is and it's time to use the situation and everything that's transpired for ten months to fuel them. Right. You're always looking for motivation anything that happens Tim Kite who worked with the team used to always talk about e plus articles Oh. You don't control the eve the events you don't control quarantine covid twenty twenty cancellation of the season or the bring back or who's on the schedule. You don't control any of that. You control the your reaction and so if you don't, if they're not using and I know they are if they're not using everything that's happened thus far. To motivate motivating fuel them. Then that's a crime. That's what everyone should do. Right. Everything. That happens is what I did. I went through a fucking trainwreck tragedy that ended my coaching career. So I two choices I could bitch about it and just fuck it become nobody or I could use that to fuel me and motivate me to do something bigger deuce bounce back higher, and that's what I'm trying to do. I'm certainly haven't yet but I'm working on it and it motivates me every day the adversity that I've been through motivates me every day. So I know this football team is going to do the same. So I want to. Bring. Stephanie. In and we're GONNA talk about offense talk a little bit about the defense and like I said the more in depth breakdowns going to be the live show on Saturday. So make sure you check that out on Instagram live you have on your ipad or phone while you're watching the big noon kickoff just check us out see what we're talking about. But anyways, let's get here. Let's get was Stephanie. Buckeyes. So we have Stephanie Oda here who she's been on everything I, don't even know what to give her. Social her she's been on ABC six on the Fever Fox twenty eight bucks. I've seen her all over the place so it's nice to have you. Thanks, for having me, he's just adding it to the Evan been on your yet. Be here, I'm very selective with my guests and usually my guests are very selective with going on here. So I'm excited to have you though because as someone who's covered the Buckeyes and we're GonNa talk about it a little bit later you've covered way more than just the buckeyes right? You're not just a buck I'd die hard rock, right? You've you've done more and and have done bigger things but I'm excited to get your perspective obviously on the media side of things. I'm like a weird spot I don't know what I am. I'm certainly not media I'm obviously not a coach anymore. So I don't know what I am an analyst, maybe an analyst that's a good way to put it an analyst I can I can live with that title. But I I just to get your opinion on on twenty twenty and the Ohio state journey that has led us to what is almost game week. Like I. Just made a big sigh like it's just been exhausting especially off of how they finished third last game in Arizona. Was it ended tragically there is something they could control things they couldn't control as to why they lost the fiesta bowl to Clemson and so that they really wanted to avenge themselves, and then that was pulled away from them and then it came back. and. There was just his issues and it was super stressful on the guys and but I think that the Culture Ohio state thrived in I think that the coaching staff and athletic director just collectively with their families they were protesting really showed how dedicated they were and how unified they were. It was a true testament to how collective this team has been. No doubt I've said it. Talking to Randy weight and even some of the coaches it's such a strong statement that you have guys like Jim Chase said Lsu Mica Parsons at Penn State, all these big time players cross country opting out of the season, and then you guys like Shaun Wade fighting to have a season like Sean is going to be first round draft pick he could have opted out. Like a Lotta, these players US covert as an excuse to not play just get out of here and go make some money. He could have done that and made a lot and he's fighting to play just goes to show the culture they habit of state right now really does not a single person on the Ohio state rousers opted out they came back. You know you look. At other programs in whether they have their own concerns healthwise or whatever. But Ohio state clearly has trust in their their system, their staff, each other they're really bought in and I think that when you have guys that are completely dedicated, it helps show the younger guys and it's a big all hands on deck and coach has talked a lot about okay. The depth charts. Going to be key here, you never know when someone's going to go out. So yeah, you're stars but you can definitely expect everyone to be going in at rotations and things like that. Just because if you're out, you're pretty much half the season. So you need sure that you have spots that you can fill guys are moving around they're trying out new spots new scheme so. It's it's going to be a big trial I think to see how guys can adjust but so far. It's looked good especially on especially in the running back position you saw injuries and so they had extra time in master was one who said that extra time did benefit him. So I mean there's pros and cons coach definitely watching other teams play and looking out for certain things to work on tackling mainly, and so using this delay to apply it to his team. Might give them an edge in this crazier of twenty twenty but it's it's crazy to say the least. Oh craziest almost an understatement. It's always crazy obviously analyzing every week, the national landscape and I've become an SEC analyst just by circumstance I certainly don't want to do that. But with no big ten if nothing else going on up here, it's like well I guess I'll watch Alabama but. To speak to what you just talked about tackling and just those fundamentals that when you lose Spring Ball, you lose summer in this wild times you see a defense a team like nick. Saban's defensive unit year in year out is the most fundamentally sound I mean they're they're like obsessive about hand placement on a breastplate and thumbs up thumbs mean everything has to be so perfect and they go out to Ole Miss and Miss Twenty one tackles and it's you just sit there and you're like this is setup was our year and so I think that's a huge. The huge question mark for Ohio State is how they managed this insanity and will they be able to be? Crisp when they had to take the field I think they're better than everyone in the big ten certainly. So I think they'll be able to make some mistakes, but it's going to be interesting because this has been a wild year. Yeah and tackling a huge one they only have three weeks in pads and so coach does have them practicing on Saturdays in the shoe without fans trying out music he's very dedicated to giving them the feeling of what Game Day will actually look like a year like this that is an advantage that the big ten was given in this delay. So again, learning from other programs, defenses have been struggling elsewhere especially with the talking like you said but. Yeah. That's that's been the focus and they've looked at fundamentals in lots of lots of film watching when they were distancing but. It all be tested here in especially with. The defensive line. At the edge have depth but tackle that's a big concern and so maybe they'll move guys around if if some guys can't come back so there's and then when you think of the The Lai, the linebackers they're going to be moving around a lot. We saw some guys play different positions as well. So lots of movements but death is huge this year huge and it's funny because defenses can get away with a lot. I mean there's multiple different ways you can get guys in positions that if you have a if you're down in a position, not only covid related, but I've been so many places where interior delighted or not great or maybe we don't have four Great D. Lineman and you find a way in a three down structure to still play for down with a linebacker walked up like there's so many things defense can do to compensate from a position group. That's maybe Some positive tests or maybe not as good as you need them to be. So now you play more nickel because your linebacker a little down or you know there's so many things on offense. There's five. Oh linemen no matter how you cut it like if you have an issue at line whether you stay locked loaded if you stink or if you all have covert you. Got Problems you can get away with it on defense offense is where it's going to be, and that's what I want to kind of start focusing on and talking about here is kind of how it looks on the offensive side of the ball, and normally I would start with Justin feels because it does start and end with Justin fields, but I want to end with him. I WANNA start up front because I. think there's two lines in a country Notre Dame and Ohio state who I think have the best. Align in America run game pass game. I'm really excited to see this group come together excited watch Davis now that he's coming back and I'm excited to watch some of these new guys like who's GonNa play right tackle. I know there's a lot of people that that have opinions on who it's going to be but that can change with performance right? You have no one that's taken a snap at tackle other than a starting snap at tackle other than they are Mumford and so I'm excited to. See who plays right tackle and how they play whether it's nick petite or so on I'm curious what what you've taken away from from all the media coverage that you've done this training camp if you want to call it that I don't know what you call preseason. Yeah we have unlimited. We were granted one practice for like fifteen minutes where they were stretching insert. A whole lot. You don't WanNa talk about the quarterbacks without. To me and seeing who who is. Throwing the passes and things and stuff like there. But I think one key feature on the offensive line is Harry Miller. He he talked about them a lot. We get to see a lot more of him now on. He was great at center now he's moving over. So that'll be a good move, but you have so much experience there and I think that having guys moving in won't be too bad when you just think of the unit as a whole. So. Solid top guys NFL potential there so. I I think if you're weak on one in one spot, you'll move it around annual mega. Guys, they have talent and I love Stud People Buckeye fans are critical of coach Stud, but I think he's phenomenal and I've said that before I mean they they look at things that a lot of times people don't understand like saks when they don't look at how long the quarterback held the ball or was he on the launch point? There's so many things that go into a sack that they WANNA get on. The old line about. So many things but. I'm excited about line I wanted to start there I want to move to running backs. Now because I've been extremely critical, not critical of master teak, he's solid big ten back. He's never never shown me anything that says he's anything higher than that which which is why I think trae sermon coming in was so huge because you got a guy that showed. In the big twelve albeit but showed that he can be that explosive game changing back and talking to Tony Alford he's. He's like wait. I talked to him. I must've been three weeks ago he he was like, Zach Way to see this kid this some bitch is a monster. Yeah. We talked to their running backs last week, and that was a huge edition and Tony offered recruited him strongly in his high school days and Trae even said that he already had built in chemistry there. They left on a good note they kept in touch and this was a perfect fit for both sides and they just picked up right where they left off. He also has chemistry with Justin, fields they had trained together before. So it works well, master said it helps him. Can you know the competition and the running back room measured? T I guess a lot of criticism I just he worked so hard, oh there's no there's not a better can't in the world not a harder worker and he's going to be a solid back one. He's going to be a key piece because he's a big thick back heel he can pass pro, he can get you to yards on. Warren. Oklahoma no doubt. I just. He's great. He's going to be a critical piece. In my opinion, a critical piece. He's going to be a really solid football player. I don't think he's a game changer, but he's GonNa be. He's everything you want in a guy he had a big opportunities and you're just hoping to see something big from him. You just saw the relentlessness from JK Dobbins and you know the records that he broke. So you wanted it for master but. I. Don't know I. Think it's all about comparisons but I think the running back room we'll be a committee there. Guys will go in again the pandemic year. So just keep saying that over and over. Guys are going to be coming in and out. I do think tracer will be the running back but master teague is he the way he recovered from this injury? I mean he was in pads after six months and It's just crazy. He stayed back in Columbus that's where he recovered. I mean he was so dedicated I. I spoke to his dad and that's why he fought so hard for master because of his recovery journey and things like that. So I, I'm hoping that we get like an explosive year out of him just because of that just because of all the emotions that went into the off season and. In preparing for the field this year. So in he also spoke a lot about the competition it within the runningback room. So I think he always knew he was behind Jay Kay. Now it's more of like Ara I could be the guy I've gotta fight for now especially with trae here, a wide open door, wide open door, and what's cool is you watch development of a player and I've talked about. Dozens of players on my show in the last year, and a half JK is one of my favorites because I've always seen. J. K. through a realistic lens when Buckeye fans a Lotta Times see a guy run for eighteen hundred yards and they think he's the best running back ever. I watched the film sucked impacts. Now going his last year he was terrible impasse. Bro He in the open field. And couldn't run away from guys. He just was playing on such a dominant team that he benefited, and so I was critical of him going into last year and my question was, could he be any leap back and he became one like he started showing things that he'd never shown hitting a hole and hit and accelerating where where then he would take away angles and he would explode for seventy yards Short well, he did never got credit especially with Jonathan Taylor. The whole time you know the week leading up to the Wisconsin game they wrote taunting him both master teague Angie Outran drawing the Taylor not I Wisconsin Games. So I mean it was you know he always has chips shorter after every game. You know he plays phenomenally and then he's like. Well, I needed to be better. He's so you self critiques himself all the time. So it's Definitely hard on himself. I'm I'm excited to watch trey trey sermon and we'll see. And like you said, master is such. A great kid is such a hard worker. I hope he proves I don't WanNa say proves me wrong I hope he takes that next step and can show that he can be one of those backs that can explode and go sixty because I haven't seen it yet that can change like jk. I can totally expect some explosive plays from trae sermon I want to have more. With mass routine, right? He's like your little brothers on the team. You're like, please man I just want you to be great so bad. Here's a question I have for you kind of in the in the inner circle of media I know how I know how it works. I was on the other side of it but I could see like you all talk. There's like all that. Kind of sharing information is not like rumors but you guys figure shit out. When maybe it's not made public and it comes from you hear a little bit. This guy, here's a little bit. This girl here's a little bit and you all put it all together and you get the peace right you get to painting painted, and so I'm curious what what's the buzz around? What will have seats GonNa do on offense when it comes down to tell me receivers are on the field how many tight ends are on the field? WHO's GonNa like, how are they going to? kind of roll out the offense what what is the feeling around these young receivers around just the receiver position in general I'm really curious your thoughts. So loaded at receiver, I know and not to get into tight ends but everyone always asks, when will they get the ball? How how can you give them all this many receivers are so I expect huge ears out of crystal lobbying Garrett Wilson on, and then you'll, and then you'll get to see the freshmen come in as well. But Yeah I definitely think there's again going to be the rotation seen them come in I. I think it's between Garrett Wilson and Chris Lobby who they're expecting to be the main one I, don't know I think in a yearly. You spread the ball out. They're going to need at least two. Yeah. I broke down the CLEMSON Miami game. This is kind of to put perspective on my opinion on how you coach a receiver group which I've done I don't know forever but Clemson right now is playing four corners and four safety they're playing eight guys, thirty five snaps game, all of them because they're confident in all of them. So what they have is a a nice rotation, right whether series by series every five plays they're rolling guys, and what happens is those guys are really really fresh as you take a talented guy and make him fresh and if. He's GonNa play seventy snaps. CLEMSON's to fresh corners even if alive as a little bit better than them by the end of the game, they're going to be just as good or better than love because you have to have depth and you have to play your death and so. I'm really apprehensive I. Costa, position for a long time and you I could show you a hundred of the most talented freshman receivers in the country and honest to God. There's maybe one guy I've ever seen be kinda dominant as a freshman and that was Julio Jones when when I was in Florida and he was in Alabama outside of that, I mean I've seen first round draft picks top fifteen picks I bet as freshman they're just they're just not quite mature enough in ready yet and everyone Buckeye. Fans are going be like. Gin Flaming I've seen him I saw him when he was sixteen. No, he looks like a grown man, but he still freshman. and. So I'll give you my prediction. What I think's going to happen I think it's going to put to tight on ends on the field a lot because I think luke feral is going to be one of the better on the line tight ends in a country and Jeremy Rucker is a bigger receiver. He reminds me kind of some of these NFL receivers barely get attached maybe block every now and then, and I. Just see a lot of experience. there. Where they can help help those young receivers, get some game experience kind of grow and mature because you already know when Scott Jillian Fleming and those kids those kids go and horseshoe fans are not in a real game for the first time I. Mean you're going to be like wide eyed pissing their pants like kickoff. Oh, all of it they game big game I game like it's not. It's not Miami of Ohio, they don't have those preseason games so. I'm really interested to see what they do on offense and I know I know they have big plans for too tight end package and It's going to be cool to watch these freshmen receivers grow and you hit the nail on the head Garrett Wilson. Chris Lavi are going to be one of the best tandems in college football and it's a matter of who is that third guy. I mean I'm very biased but a kid that I recruit camera Bab who's finally getting back off a three injuries. Is Hope. He's that guy I really do is just such a tragedy and how how much I talked to his mom you know who? was involved with the the protests and things like that. Gosh it's sad how an injury? Over and over could could derail this but I think again in a year like this, he could. Have the opportunity to make for some of that. So yeah, I I WANNA see it from him to but I do think that the spread it out I don't I don't know if they'll have a main backup or anything like that I. Think it's just going to be at a relation. It's gotta be rotation especially This Day and age with covert you don't know. I mean, God forbid knock on Wood Garrett Wilson Chris lava get a positive test. You better have a freshman with game experience ready to go in because Julian. Fleming doesn't play the first three games and one of those kids pops a positive test and now you're looking at him like you got to be the guy good luck and you don't have those Matt Games or. Go anymore. So it's Maybe, it's a good thing so that if they get sick down there, they got the you know the game stay. Out of the way at first but. Yeah, there's no wiggle room none none none. Brings me to to the man the man in Columbus Right Justin fields not only him and I'm GonNa talk a little bit about what kind of my end of the year analysis of him last year because he's a freak talent, he's got a freaky arm. He's one of the top three quarterbacks in the country right now with Mac Jones at Alabama and Trevor Lawrence at Clemson I. Don't see anyone playing at that level other than just fields in in the united, states of America. But before we talk about him, I'm curious what the buzzes around who may have to take snap if there is no justin fields I'm not gonNA say anything more than that might not be this year maybe next year whenever there is no just feels that they could snap who is going to be the guy a quarterback I think it's going to be situational. Michigan game when he had to go out for a little bit on the medical tent So if if it's a situation like that, you'll help I assume you know talking with other media outlets and stuff all speculation would lead to going in just temporary older more veteran guy, right. All right. Now what happens when there? Is Not just a medical tent. Yes. So if if there's a positive test. It also depends on what? What part of the season there in who's the opponent but I I would say that they would take a freshman to go in there get get the reps in now. So most talented guy go in and if it's early in the season, that's could be your guy. So get him in there now but yeah, it'll be situational and. It's still a battle between the two freshmen. But if if it is short term, it'll be gone our hope bad. If it's early on something longer term for just in fields arrive with future freshman, you have to right Now talking about Justin fields and I'll tell you he's he's freaky talented I know this much. He's he had so much growth that needed to happen from last year to this year just from understanding offensive football understanding how to read through progressions like when you watch the film he was so. He was very I. Don't want to say remedial because he wasn't he was just at an average quarterback operational level. If that makes sense like going through progressions, timing things like that getting the ball out of his hands I did a lot I talked a lot about it. Him Jalen hurts where the two worst in the country last year at getting the ball out of their hands. which stood in his align at all. So he had so much to improve on and I know from talking to Corey Dennis. He's just been grinding like crazy and I know you guys have have have interviewed him. You guys have been privy to what's been going on, tell me about Justin fields and his offseason and what what the rumor is or what the story is out there. Kiss. So internally, motivated he you kind of alluded to it that he would. You do what you're told. You know follow coach but now he wants to know why not only just. Following the plan but now understanding it reading defenses better understanding why coaches calling that play he wants to understand it just the way that the coaches do so that he can predict it when when he sees it on the field so I think the depth of all that he a lot of people talking about how he went Vegan and so he and he's talking about how that's made feel better. But I think the way he's completely dialed in how much he's studying. I, it's twenty, four, twenty, four, seven with him and he's talking to coach all the time you know asking why? This? Why that? So it's a big. He definitely dove into the playbook and studied up and then asked all the questions to figure out why the game plan is. The way it is. That's a big thing when kids understand why there's. So much better at executing, and that's not just the quarterback position quarterback position needs to understand why in a much deeper sense. But a receiver needs to know why they need to take a certain split right? Why they need to run around at a certain depth. They'd understand why so they do it to be honest with you because when you understand why The big picture of why you line up on the numbers or lineup to yards outside the Hash as a receiver you you'll never not do it because you know why you need to be there instinct. Have you sit there and try to memorize like the numbers like if he sits there and they call spread or whatever play the the they want to call if you just memorize his progression and his. Read he's not going to know the play as well as he understands why they call that play why it's a good play against this defense has definitely one of the biggest things he he's got to do, and that'll speed up his time to get the ball out. That's the biggest thing for me. If he gets I don't have I should have brought. This had the stats he had. He was twenty percent. Better quarterback when he released the ball under two and a half seconds, you imagine if you if you could live in that world. Getting the ball out of his hands on time, it would be win the heisman trophy. This is reality if there was anything he needed to work on, it was getting rid of the ball sooner for sure. So I think diving deeper and seeing it from this point of view will help him speed that up. Oh it definitely will it definitely will I'm I'm excited to not only see Justin fields and see kind of this new enhanced the new model right. The new model came out of just feels I'm excited to watch it and I'm really excited to see Corrie Denison is i. This is his first opportunity to show the world. He had what probably the second best quarterback in the country last year, and then course dentist gets the full-time. GIG, and now he's responsible to make him and the best I mean. It's like handed a Guy Maserati when they turn sixteen and it's like don't wreck. So I'm excited for him. He's come a long way that's for sure and he will do a fantastic job with Ryan. Of course, Ryan Ryan will never not be involved the quarterback development, but it's going to be exciting to watch this offense come together in in I would if I say. A prediction I. Think we're GONNA see a lot of two tight ends at to start the year to get those receivers in the flow in the groove get him some game experience you have to excellent outside receivers and outside of that a bunch of guys that have played it all basically. So it's going to be a year of getting experience on the perimeter, and if if you had to say there's a question mark on offense. What is it? That's a good question I feel pretty. You know this is if I had to choose something, it would probably be just the injuries at running back. And that's just a net peg. Right the coaches seemed very confident but I just think how hard it is overcoming Achilles injury and said. tracer sermon did have knee surgery November. It's been about a year from now so that you know he he needs game reps and things like that. So So if if I had to nitpick it would be running back just because of the injuries they've done with but. The confidence is coming from coaches from from they've said. Who I think they're all going to be confident. They showed they telling everywhere I mean stupid stupid down. Did they are Well I. Wanna I WANNA tradition from that I, wanted to I want to just have a conversation about the twenty twenty schedule not not only the opponents but. I've talked about the Big Ten and Kevin Warren at exhaustion. So I don't really care to talk about it anymore unless you'd like to But I'm excited. I'm a I'm interested in your perspective on where we're at now. Right I've already been very public about how the big ten could not failed miserably than they did and now in the light in the light of what's happening at Florida. Nineteen positive cases postponed their game nick. Sabin has covered like it seems like everyone of the world is getting covid. We have an eight game schedule with no by weeks, and so that could easily happen to any of these teams. Right Twenty people test positive. Now, you're talking about postponed that game maybe the next thing we can't. Well, I'm sorry you can't postpone it postponed it to win is canceled. So now you're from eight game season two, six or five game season and you're sitting there like Whoa this playoff committee is going to have a lot of ammo already played for exactly right? That is. That's a scary thing to me and I don't like to speculate either. But when when the Bay ten finally came out with the schedule like, okay they gave the people what they want but it's almost like they did that to prove like it's not gonNa work out and almost justify their original decision. So if you're GONNA play okay. You're going to play by these rules and that just will prove to you that you couldn't have gotten through it so. It it is scary and I think that Ohio State is a team that I'm not nervous about just you know I cover them specifically. But also because I know the culture there I know how bought in there they are there and they believe that they win the national championship other big ten programs right? The concern. What do you mean Rucker said House Party and had like thirty cases or something crazy. Yeah. Back in the summer. That's the issue. Right? There's an opponent would be the concern I have I don't I don't think how stay even if we talked about depth, even if we do I think that coach day is going to done a good job preparing for that but it's the opponents who Probably, aren't as bad in I mean, what are they playing for? No one's going to beat Ohio state. So you know if if that's your opponent. All right we can live the college that week right? Right. Well, I'm curious. So we had a conversation before we started recording just about some of the things that you know that have gone on in the program to I. Guess There's no no way to guarantee Cova negatively but. Just the the measures that are being taken like Ryan Day you mentioned wasn't even staying at home and when he was, he had a mask on all the things that you've heard that are going on within the program to. Have the best chance to play yeah. When we have our press conferences, they're all virtual, and if you're someone needs to be brought into a room, Jerry emig he he make sure like, okay you can't be in this room you can't be in that room. So even players within the team are designated to certain spaces. So it's very, very strict. No families can come into the building or anything I mean the Woody Hays Authentic Center is completely locked down and you're getting tested daily. So Coach Day said, you are more comfortable there when you're playing because you know everyone there isn't. was tested negative. So that is a comfortability being tested every single day. So you know that all right, you know everyone around. Good. So even so you have all these strict policies and on top of that, it's a place where people who've already tested negative. So it's a comfortability there again, what are other schools doing I know that they're you know the protocols are supposed to be throughout the conference but within Ohio state at least you know designating rooms coaches not staying with their families. That's like an extra step that Ohio state has taken just because of how dedicated they are not oh I don't know if that's the case at other schools no-doubt. So side note. My son who you just met. He plays baseball and football, and my daughter plays softball against Larry. Johnson's grandkids. So I've seen Larry. Probably I don't know ten times in the last two months and always we always talk at a distance. No one freak out. It's really cool to watch Larry's. We've been a youth sports because one. Larry and I know each other really well and to my kids his grand kids same age. So we've been at youth sports all design. Ohio, state coaches at the. Oh. Yeah. From, Oh, it's great and Larry's Larry. Son Tony Johnson whose. His grandson's father obviously. Play Penn State. He's out there coaching eight year old softball I. Mean it's awesome. But it's cool to watch because he comes with his wife and they sit way the hell away like he and I'll talk. But from a good distance, you know what I mean and he's always messed up. It's cool to see because most people. They just come sit down they kind of try to stay six feet away. There's no masks and it's just cool to see someone that has committed to something so much greater and with such a different Lens than the rest of normal pal Ohio I guess. And it's it's reassuring I. Guess like you said, they have a lot to play for and they're being so careful. But back to the schedule you said, no, one's going to beat Ohio state. If you had to pick one Ohio state loses one regular season game, who did they lose to? Recent years I'm always going to Penn state that game doesn't look the same this year no fans and happy valley. They've lost some players. So I think I feel good but you know there could be hiccups but that would be that's probably the biggest one on the schedule, and that game looks a lot different than they don't have the advantages they did because of covid so that that's where it does work in Ohio states favor. Right. I. Think Their defense is going to be. It's GonNa be interesting to see what they do on Defense Penn State's not. They're not how states level, but they're not far off they recruited a really high level. So I, think a lot of these. The blinders of being a Buckeye fantasy and tackle. We're going to be great. What do you mean? We have Larry Johnson we'll penn state's thinking the same thing about their their deficiencies are question marks right and they return their quarterback they returned they're running back. They return a big time tight end like I. Think they got a lot going for them if their defense can. Be Solid right but you mentioned it no Fayez in a white out. That's a huge loss I've coached in that I don't know three times. It's the most electric atmosphere I've ever seen. I haven't been to that game yet how I 'cause I've only covered Ohio state one year, and then I worked behind the scenes another year four years ago. So that was one I was looking forward to this year I did get to go to the big house. And side note they tried to restrict the media there but I always finagle my way onto the field. So I went all the way twenty. I. Heard that about you. I. Heard you get things done. You make interviews happen. You get where that is kind of my name around here. I. Heard that I'm not all talk I get it done venue about that. Like I 'cause I was supposed to only home games and I'm like, no, no no I'm GonNa go to a week games too. So it made that happen and then when I got to the big house, they were only supposed to have photographers on you I'd have a penny on I'm holding my microphone and I'm walking down the tunnel which was awesome to go to. But I go down there and I'm looking at the security guard I just walk right on by and my camera guys like. No we can't. We can't, and I'm like shade. I have four stand ups we're going to do and there's no room on the Michigan's there's space there. JT. Bear. Go was it wasn't your camera guy? Was it no cow J. T. Barrett. I I was, and then we have a whole our whole ban there. So Mike Shade, my photographer, we're getting this done and so and then my studio set like in Columbus I'll text him on my guys guys have coming my hands are like none of them like okay. I'm going to get it done and the security guy walks over to me and he goes miss I'm sorry it's only photographers and you just got to kill him kindness and so we we got it done. But no one expected a reporter to be at the Big House and I'm like, no no no, I will. I will do it. I have I told you. I have heard that about you. You kind of get stuff done even when you're not allowed to get it done. The sweet talk Jerry Gallacher's. Jerry. I'm not GonNa talk we can talk about Jerry? I Love Jerry On the field this year, right? Right. You need them to bypass de Winds. So the pets they gain, that's when you got circled. Yeah how how does this Nebraska game going to be one because as I mentioned on episode yesterday the Ace on Lane check it out sports dot com. We're going to invite staffed to come down and hang out especially if she doesn't finagle her way on the field but who knows she might be on the fifty you might do the coin toss we'll look out there and she's doing the coin toss on Saturday. But we're going to bite her to come to it. So we're excited about that excited because this is the game right? This is the big ten with throwing a big middle finger at Nebraska, like you wanted to play so bad you wanted to sue us you got the Buckeyes game one tough schedule altogether all got tough schedule back guys rough rough deal. Well I, I look at the schedule and I think that you're right penn state game is going to be a challenge. You there's another game on their. Indiana's the second toughest game. They have I really do I mean it's Michigan State is horrible and I've talked about this at ad. NAUSEAM. It's A. Train wreck last year they have a new coach and Mel. Tucker, they have three guys on offense three guys on defense coming back on top of all of that. If you look at what's happening with Florida state right now, you bring a new program that needs to change a bad culture and then you take away spring ball meetings and everything for the whole off-season. Good luck. It's going to be a train wreck in Michigan State. I talked. About that culture is going to be tested like no other year and so when you have continuity like you do, at Ohio state then. Built in culture and people are brought in. But when you have like things changing around, you guys coming in the that makes it harder especially when you were distance and you had these calls over Zoom, how do you build camaraderie like that? So? Having guys lockdown on and off the field even. In a situation, like that is going to be tough this year in particular. So we really tough really tough. So I WANNA talk about starting the divas right now I think the biggest question marks are you and I already talked about a D. tackle. I'm not completely sold on how the linebackers are. GonNa play. But I think the biggest question that a lot of people are going to have is, I. Want to talk about his carry combs comes back home to the great state of Ohio to Buckeye nation to not only develop first round corners again. But to run the show, call a defense, I'm just curious your insight and thoughts. Being in the media circle and zoom calls with Carrie and just what your thoughts on Kyrie combs the DC. Yeah. So I think. You know the talk around has been after losing Jordan Fuller. As, high safety in carry combs is used to having to safeties. That's something that's in question We don't know specifically what he's GonNa do yet but we have been looking at what corners we'll go in. We obviously have Sean Wade back, which is a huge help and seeing what they do. They're my. Makeup decision there because the safeties are. We haven't seen too much from the ones that we have. Now just yet I think that during the fuller us just so reliable and consistent I. Don't think he got as much praise as he probably should've I said it all year. Yeah I'm telling you all year I watched the film like they do not an nfl of course didn't either they drink she had as he's a scholar like scholar I'd like he's so good. Uh. Studying film in he has such a high football IQ that as a safety that's so important and we don't. We don't know much about the safety that we have Josh proctor. We've you know we've had hype around him like we're waiting to see him shine. So I think we'll see that but. Losing, Jordan Fuller to the NFL was tough after having him start for three years. So Carrie combs we'll be able to play around with that and as we sh we shared last week that you know rotating players is going to be a huge factor in the pandemic year but that's something that carry combs is. More accustomed to for sure. So that's something that will work well in the secondary for coaches who's used to that and so So yeah, I, I think that you lose some guys on defense but with what they have in place with the they've had guys you know practice. So many different spots that they're they're preparing wall for it just sure. I. Think I think you're going to see more to safeties from from just what I've heard in and I don't think it's going to be split safety look. I think the defense is going to be very similar to what it was last year a predominant one high defense a little bit of man a lot of zone. But I think you're gonNA see a instead of a nickel in Sean wait I think you're gonNA see a drop down safety marcus hooker or Josh. PROCTOR Marquez. Hooker are to the two guys that I'm most excited about the entire team because I saw both of them as a freshman I saw both on a basketball court i. saw both of mean you talk about freaks of nature absolute freaks of nature and and and proctor reminds me of a longer taller skinnier version of me hooker so much that it's going to be fun to watch and that's weird because Marcus is brother, but it's just the ball skills are outstanding. So I'm really excited about both of them I think the corner position is. Somewhat a question Mark Cameron `Bout Brown came in the Clemson game and played phenomenal kate he played in the big ten championship game. He didn't. He came in the big ten championship game played phenomenal barely played against Clemson? So I know he's a guy that really excited about and obviously Sean Wade coming back will be huge, but it is still a question mark. People, don't want to talk about the fact that the kid played slot corner he played the nickel is different plan on the outside you know what I mean. So he's going to he's going to have to answer some questions to this whole reason. He came back to answer those questions and then I love seven banks those are the three that I love and. Because I think that's he's going to be the main one coming in. An opposite of Sharm weighed. You also about Sean Wade coming back in with the NFL agents I've spoken to you know leaving for the draft. Doesn't provide as much benefit as it does film and especially with Sean who wanted to move and show what else he can do in the secondary is huge. So having him being able to move will help his draft stock you know granted he he plays well, which we can certainly expect but having him be able to show that on film all will definitely help as well. Note, and I think what people don't what people sometimes failed understand is Sean Wade was. When he was playing in the slot, he was playing a lot of zone coverage in the slot and he was playing some played man. He was great man as well but it's just different living on the outside. It's really different and he's practiced that it will be good to see him have an opportunity to execute it right to do it and games and and I know that's why he came back. Right? He needed to do that my biggest question mark. On defense is on the defensive line and I know that people will act like I'm crazy Jonathan coober coming back is a huge huge deal. Right but I think that there's a lot of unproven. Talent on the line. So I'm curious just Kinda your thoughts on. The defensive line in general like who, what is the buzz around Larry Johnson and his crew. Larry Johnson spoke very highly of the defensive ends. He says, that will five could probably start anywhere in the right now. So I mean defensive I think you're good with debt especially again, going back to this year and But I think tackle is a is probably the biggest concern, the whole team of depths. Especially, when Haskell Garyk shot in the face yeah and was like a freak accident which and coach days that. We don't really know the time line, but we should be expecting him back same. Attaran Vincent says who who's going through some injuries well, two guys that you definitely want to see back hopefully they get there I I don't know their status yet. We don't know that yet but. If they come in. Then we can get some breathing room but right now we don't have that the two potential starters reality. You didn't know for sure but Toronto Vincent. Garrett and you throw in Tommy Toga the be the three main st staples on the inside and you're talking about two of them might be out. In a in a position group that was a question. If Tommy gets something happens to him. Then who's left. Really, to see how they feel about that group and I know Larry's none better and I've seen guys like John Cage who showed flashes of the ability just have never put it all together and and Antoine Jackson. Comes in from junior college whatever two years ago. Now he's got some ability but I I'm with you there's a lot of questions to be answered on the Interior D. Line and I'm I'll take Larry's word for it because if there's any coach of the country I have confidence in and developing guys Larry Johnson. But the are not exactly that experience Tyron Smith played a lot Zach Harrison played sparingly right? And then. You have. To the Cooper I mean, that's that's that's what you're looking at it the end right now and you don't have the chase young both were us like. Jury that we've been having, but I don't think that takes away like these are still quality guys like the those they're still NFL. Caliber. But we? I think Ohio state fans are just have grown used to having guys like that but people need to understand Sean Nick Bosa joyous. Those guys are once in a lifetime to have them not back to back to back is just to have them within the family is wild but. There is a consistency there and it is Larry Johnson. He knows how to develop players, and so I do think that when he says he's got five guys. He is super excited about in confident that that speaks highly to what these guys are capable of. So I I'm not as nervous there at all but that yeah, tackle especially three tech tackle is the big question mark huge huge my my other question mark that that you probably won't agree most people don't agree but I don't care. A huge question mark for me is the linebacker. Position. It really is and it's been bike huge question mark and they've yet to prove me wrong. They've yet to come out and just be the best linebackers in the country. The last two seasons they've proven me right. But everyone seems to like this group and I don't dislike them I'm not throwing shade. Pete Boys, but I love Pete Warner I think he's really athletic I think he is the the staple on this this linebacker getting crew bear and Browning's the most talented guy maybe to come through the linebacker room since Ryan Shazier but he hasn't played like it. He's very inconsistent and then tough Borland is is just a very average try hard leader tough guy that's what he is and I made the comment last year or last week. On on scarlet great podcast tough. Borland. Is The J. T. Barrett of this defense. He's a solid player solid every the best leader in the world highest character Mickey Muratti. Loves him. But at the end of the day I, don't think he's the best guy he's not allowed on the field. Not but you know I I think that you can rely on him I I believe in tough I he doesn't get much love, and so you're you're you're you're not helping. But I when I think of Pete Werner Oh my gosh I think that there's so much versatility there that yes. It's going to be awesome and so two that bearing Brownie moving over to position. He's more comfortable with I think. Maybe we'll see more consistency there. So. I feel good about the linebackers and especially with how they've been practicing moving around different spots. Interested to see how they do set up the defense but with with the versatility that they have their. I feel good about it and I think that the leadership there you got veteran guys there guys with experience that'll help too though that will definitely help I mean that is the one thing they have. They have experience like they have played a lot of football sometimes they didn't play that well, but they played a lot which is really important especially having that senior leadership and it'll be huge for guys like, Dallas Gant Toronto Mitchell who I think are two guys cave on pope that should be studs and the guy that I really WanNa see is Craig young rooted out of Fort Wayne Austin Max boy. One of the FREAKY EST athletes I've ever seen in camp ten, nine, hundred meter in a linebacker just stupid but he was very wrong. So I'm excited to see if he can get on the field a little bit so talented and they bring Justin Hill your back the guy who's been through it. All right. He's been through like seventeen injuries I think this is year seven or eight for him. I mean. Just a lot of interesting characters in the room. What's your feeling on the defensive staff and carry combs calling the defense is there been much discussion in the media coverage on how a work or Trying to how their philosophy on WHO's calling the defense, how they're calling it anything like that I definitely think the two coordinators it's GonNa be you know I think it's going to be completely fifty fifty I think it'll be. I think they'll share share it. Well, I think. The these guys are kind of used to having new new coach coming in so. Going tough is one who is be able to stay consistent even through the coaching changes. So I, think the guys who are veterans are able to work with that and overcome that and I think that the the veterans and the leadership there will help with a new coach but he also has coached before he's yeah. I I it's hard to even classified as a new Co.. He's like. Maybe to like two classes, he's a new coach to the older guys. It's like care coach Cognac he's back. Sure. See I think that there's comfortability there and so with. No you guys coming in younger guys and then this year I think that will I feel like we'll see like different types of scheme just because you're not the play around with things and plan for the unexpected so. I'm expecting the unexpected. So. Fair Twenty four hundred, twenty, twenty. That's a fair thing to do expect the unexpected. Well, it's going to be it's GONNA. Be a big year for Kerry because he's never called a defense and he's been a football coach forever So I'm excited to see it I shared my my experiences with him. One of the best fundamental coaches and motivational coaches I've ever been around not exactly the. Wasn't always known as a great scheme guy So it'll be interesting to see if he's the one call in it or if someone else's calling it and he's just providing the leadership for the defense that the biggest question Mark on defense outside of what we already talked about is, how is that staff going to call the defense on third and seven who is making the decision to? Who to blitz to play coverage? That's that's critical. Now, Luke Figel was excellent at having a feel for the game knowing when to call a blitz just dial something up at the perfect time. That's something that before you've ever done it, you don't know if you like Kerry combs right now doesn't know if he's good at that because no one does you gotta get in the game and all of a sudden like you get I don't know if it's hard to explain. You kind of get a groove and you kind of see the game well, and you start dialing it out rhythm. and. Moving from NFL back to two big ten play But but at least he's got, you know he's got to go co defensive coordinator with him. No doubt and that's that's the reality right? Going to be most of this stuff into no doubt and most of the stuff is so. Overly discussed by your staff on third seven to ten, what are you like? What do you call? What is everyone like everyone gives opinions so he has plenty help, but I'm excited to see excited to see him thrive as the Dee Gordon is not a better man in the world. Then carry combs that's all I do know. But I appreciate you coming back for the defensive wrap up I wouldn't felt right doing it without you. So we will hopefully look forward to seeing you on Saturday the point at the point on lane. Point, that's it. Yeah. Make sure I'm sending people to the right place. Well, thank you for joining US I. Appreciate it. Thank you had and make sure telephone where they can find you. All social media, give it to them. All Your Info my name at Steph Odi S. T. E. P. H. O. T. E. Y. on pretty much every platform there is out there. So Yup, follow me there finder twitter. Instagram facebook definitely youtube she's got awesome youtube content. So make sure you follow Steph and. Keep up with all the stuff she got going on because it's entertaining. Great content. I appreciate it. Thank you. All right. All right. There you have it. There's little. Buckeye. A really cool to get the media perspective from Steph. And giving us kind of what she's heard in the media circles always great insight. Really excited to have her on Saturday for the online. Make sure you check it out at medicine sports dot com come hang out with us like I. told you thirty percent off with Promo code menace on our website minutes to sports. That's really it. That's all I got for. You also make sure you go right now right when you get off the show, go to instagram follow at Minister Sports. So you can get the live I g live of our show on Saturday morning around ten forty five. We'll be out there talking buckeyes a little more in depth with a little more my style of in-depth. Analytics of this team and what I'm excited to see and what I expect out of the Buckeyes and just to college football Saturday. So thank you for tuning and thank you for listening as always I appreciate you hope you're entertain. Hope you're educated. Hope you. Took something away from it. Hope you just killed about an hour and five minutes with us here menaces sports. Hope you enjoyed it and as I say if you didn't go fuck yourself San Diego. Johnston fields. One. giving. Shot. At Lord's is still We're. GonNa Throw. Rose. Tattoo. Believable of the cast by the. Test. Serving. Food. Get, the Fuck Outta here.

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"Mini-Cher" - The Power Trip [FULL SHOW]

The Power Trip

2:27:20 hr | 1 year ago

"Mini-Cher" - The Power Trip [FULL SHOW]

"The Fan. LISTEN OUT! The ratings just came in for last month. We are number one. We just grabbed every key demographic. Nice. Go Neto. Good News. Is already the Eighth Day of June twenty twenty. My name is Chris Hockey so glad to be back in the studio this morning. A regular Monday show would been lieber coming in at seven. I know each of us has been learning as we go over the last what five months and change of the year two thousand twenty, but if the last week has taught me anything, it has taught me that life changes on a dime. We all sort of know that, but when you blink your eye, and there's a major life changing event you. You really realize how grateful you are for regular old sunny days and beautiful rainy nights, so look around and be grateful this morning. If you can keep pushing, keep doing the right thing and they are continuing to listen to the morning. Show are comedians. Today, Greg Warren and the Great Brian Regan I in a lot of awkward situations in the elevator at the hotel. It was just me and this other guy, and I didn't know. And there's one of those awkward silences, and he looked at me and he goes rock and roll, man. I never know what to say to that gun. Smooth jazz man. News talk traffic and weather on the tests. Says Rock and roll man. You know exactly who you're dealing with. Oh okay. Guy Does drugs now? Lives in his mom's basement. Somewhere he has a girlfriend, though exactly like Tom Petty. I woke up this morning in the hotel and I couldn't figure out how to work the shower. That's humiliating to stay on their naked views. Finally. Just give up a take a bath. There's no reason a grown man should be taken aback. Every time I take somebody's GONNA walk in and be like Oh. Greg decided to kill himself. Aren't you GonNa try and stop me. Know your home into. Things must be pretty bad. I went to my nephew's high school graduation. I don't think I've ever been more disappointed in the human species. In, my life I'm in the stands. This woman gets on the microphone. She tried she tried so hard. Ladies and gentlemen. We have a wonderful day here with all these graduate. We're GONNA. Ask you in advance to please not applaud. Or Cheer? Would your individual child or friend is called because we have way too many graduates, and it would not be fair to the people at the end of the alphabet. An opportunity at the end of the ceremony to give a big simultaneous round of applause for everyone, but please when your individual child or family member is called. Please don't applaud at that time. Okay, thank you advance for understanding. Okay. Here we go. Let's get started with our first graduate. Aaron. Anson. With a smarter species we're. We're top of the food chain. I so wish while he was yelling that a clamp would have descended. From the darkness of the ceiling like one of those claw games. Just right above him and then just clamped onto his ribs. And just pull them up. A whooping and Hollering Alexa flail, and just pull them up into the darkness. I don't want him to die. I just never want to see him again. The power trip morning show Monday June eighth of twenty twenty. Welcome back. Chris Thank you so much so glad to be here. By Sauce Abe, how are you great? How are you? I'm a+, Great Alverson Zeros. Hi Corey. He looked great today. Sauce looking at center there, thank you. Here today Nice, looking shirt may look great. Dude, thank you look great. TURTLENECK. That's the weirdest thing do like why it's so warm outside the reason that I'm wearing a turtle that is because when I get up in the morning. It's like sixty four I've I've adopted the crime. Carry more yet breezy. Turtleneck on you like. It's going to be ninety four degree. Where you live, but you're at the studio with us here at the fan, I know, but when I get up to leave, it's freezing whole. Oh, I see! Your nipples are very hard. You'RE WELCOME, yeah! I got my hooters i. kind of do yeah. Taller honestly. Have you gotten taller? You look tired. Why don't we go back to back? Zach figure out WHO's taller sauce. Hey, got. To my back here. Hold on now, man who's taller. Close still taller. I'm more. that. Should we hog. No tell you though your asses lineup perfectly with each other, so it's weird. Your torso must be taller than historic sauce I like your blue shirt. Corey This is black you must be. Sorry we're? Yeah! I've lost it well. Together. It's great to see you guys. Feeder of something. Stupid. Comeback now glad to do thanks. Thanks great to see you, thank you. I'm glad to be here, man. It's been a tumultuous few days. That's for damn sure. And I'm glad everything's calmed down a little bit and. It looks like We we out of the woods, which is cool thing I wasn't expecting that. So My, my dad had a What they call a cerebral hemorrhage I guess. And he Like on Friday, so this is a week ago, Freddie Corey Yup I've talked to them on the on the facetime. And he and mom sitting on the couch. We were discussing what we're going to watch. And then they hung up. Apparently they went out in the backyard and my dad's sister. My Mom Heya my legs gone. And she's like. He's joking. He wasn't joking and obviously. Obvious to legs. He no knows there. Like there's obviously something going on, so she's taking it hospital before she could do that, he he was laying on the ground, so they called the ambulance stimulus in Greenville. And then they care flighted him to Dayton to my hospital. And they said they put him in cat. SCAN! Bleeding on the brain, apparently bloods very toxic to the brain like really bad like if if. It can kill parts of the brain. I guess I don't know. I'm just telling you what I know. So, they started fixing him. Give a medicine and stuff like that and they had the blame. The brain bleeds stop and apparently there's some you can give them to make the blood dissolves. You don't have to actually drill into the brain, because apparently they don't WanNa drill into the brain if they don't. WanNa do that. Now that does not sound. Like option one yeah, so he but he was, so he was improving greatly and Tuesday. We did this show I went home. Everything was cool. and. Actually they were planning on transferring him to a Rehab Center on what would have been Wednesday so this was Tuesday and they were going to transfer him to a Rehab Center and get started on trying to get better because he's having some trouble. Controlling is his right side of his body. You know that Kinda. Thing happens, but and then out of nowhere. He! He went to sleep and he wouldn't wake up. So that's where my mom called me. And that's when I got in the car and I'm like this is this literally may be a drive home to say goodbye to my dad, you know. A minute ago, everything's was cool and now now it's no longer cool, you know. And I drove home. Which is about twelve thirteen hour drive, but I needed to drive I needed to kind of figure out what the Hell's going on, and what the Hell is going to deal with it, you know. Like somebody, weird things, and then so they did the they did the surgery they. Like Put a hole in his head and put a tube, and so that the blood would drain out. Miss It. You know it's all you know we'll see what happens. It could happen that if they if we drain the blood, then he'll come back around. Everything would be good and. Took a little more than twenty four hours, but on Wednesday then. He started moving his hand, and then he started gradually coming back around, so he's he's still here. He's still with us. Every day gets low battery so the tube in his head, but. They're going to. Today to find out if they can now transfer them to the Rehab Center and get to work on trying to regain all his faculties. Surely the brain is like even part of his brain like the controls. Right side is like damaged. I guess your brain like rewires itself and can reanimate itself if you do the Rehab at work, so I don't know but I do know that he's live today and a week ago tomorrow I thought it was going home and say goodbye thome so man just like that. Seven o'clock was fine. Seven forty five is like a car crash, you know. craziest so drop of a hat. Yeah so so thanks for. I mean I was glad I was able to just drop it and run home, and and it turned out much better than I thought it was going on that dry as long drive, and that's the good news, but on a must. Then you gotta twelve thirteen hour drive, and like you said a daunting Dr. Driving defined right right, what are you jam to? When you got that much on your mind right well, I'd. What did you do I? Listen to a book on tape for a long long time. I didn't really jam there was there. What Much Tamin going on? No jamming a twelve hour. Ex. Did you stop at Toma for gas. Did you have to of course geographic? A lot of had to get some little. Debbie's yeah, no, I gained about seventy four pounds. In the and the you know twelve hour trip from here, look great. Look very then again. I I started like turn on your nine. No, are you wearing that? But Yeah, no but I. I've been listening to scrap book on tape. In the main characters from Prague, so I've got I've got the prog accent like. Pretty good I'm bringing out at some point. We would have been in there this fall I know. Where to go cova and way to go. Yeah so that's my story. I did some fun things. Did Not so fun things and then made it back. Your got sunburn like lobster. way too hot outside. We'll be mid nineties today. I think. Today then it starts to bottom out a little bit, and I mean a little bit because I think it's supposed to be down to like eighty tomorrow and high seventies the week or something. That's a ballpark estimate. As. The scorcher I got motorcycling today I didn't see the Tesla. Where did you park? Parked on the second level Oh that's. Get, new, More steps in. Then I mean I'll be honest with you. That's the reason I wore the turtlenecks so I could sweat some of my. Out Understood Dude. You went to the second floor. Why don't you get the the underground parking with the important people? Let's go I. Don't think I'm important and in normal situations I can park anywhere I want because we're like one of five people there, but today I thought I'm GonNa Park on the second level, and and get the extra steps in like it. Man Yeah. Good Job Hey. You guys want Coffee Ben is getting some coffee sauce coffee. Yeah, I'd like an American. Yeah I'd like some. Good. What's the. Alarm Whatever the largest. Yeah, but I'll take that. That would be very nice. Thank you. Ben I'll see about an hour. Yeah, yeah, he'll be happy said he can't wait. Feed the turtle. It looks good on me. Thank you. Yeah. Cool! Well. But What has happened, we have a high school graduate amongst. Thank you thank you so much. I was so confused. On was sack of a weekend for me. What how did you crash a graduation? Seems a little weird. Zach is actually broadcasting from his house today yeah. So. We can't really see them right now if it seems a little awkward. show you my cap and gown here still where you're still. Describe it to us, so we can. Since. We can't see it's it's black, and it's on top of my head, and it's a square shape. And I'm wearing a gown covering. Most of my private parts got it. So can you tell us so? You graduated from White Bear Lake High School. Yes, finally in twenty, twenty, two, twenty twenty. What year were you supposed to graduate thirteen thirteen and you didn't I was as half credit. HALF SHORT YEP and So they didn't let me walk and one of the organizers for the twenty twenty graduation. Great Chiaba Great Guys Zach's awesome and they were thinking that we needed to Recognize Zach, Halvorsen. As a white bear lake, high school graduates, such a twin cities I know that you needed a special. The Congress unity to walk. Yes, hockey so. They announced by name, and I got I mean the picture. In the class at twenty twenty picture. was funny like. Weird when you are when you're graduating, and if somebody from class or two before you? Had A real rough. Sixteen seventeen eighteen and they walk in one thousand nine hundred twenty years old. It is like they have leprosy. Go ahead of what's wrong with that person. Even though it's again, they still finish it right. It's important that man. Done who cares, but it is, it is like an absolute like I. Don't know like Wolf in sheep's clothing like this person. Sneak in here. You're seven years later. You know every high school kids. That's just some creepy twenty five year not. Here, many other high school. I'm a big deal on white bear I gotTA. Look out. School look out. We got an icon from white bear. Honored to have me. No one was walk like halverson did did any of the? Class, of twenty be actual graduates. Did they seem to care? They were I got a huge round of applause. Hurt though sit, brag media, plus yes, old man walking down the aisle here. I, the only thing was weird. Was at least for me was when they they? They took the picture you now and they're like how. I I wouldn't want to be in the picture and I'm in the picture for. Weird twenty. Eight again is forty twenty thirty years, and now he's going to look back at their graduation photo and go man I remember all these kids. These are the greatest days in my life. I don't remember this. GRIMACE! High School career was interrupted by World War Two and That you are prove of time travel. Is that Jim. War. That's true of. Time travel is possible there temporary or technically could be time. Travelers amongst US could be. Maybe you're the one. Peter Griffin who the hell is that guy? That's Lydia. Made some changes right before graduation everybody. Everybody's fine with. US. Letting. It's okay, it's a personal choice. Five twenty twenty was weird. Brain! When did you notice? We're going to happen? And why in the sweet hell did you not tell us? I knew I had a I was going to speak. At the graduate just as a honorary, yes, celebrity speaker celebrity. Workout elaborating. The wolves are. GonNa ask agreed their new player. Building we. Nice. Sure I. Laugh. At home so shocked. Massive base. So anyway, you have a speech. Where's that audio? I hope somebody. Recreate. Can get written out somebody, has it? audio is mostly like on twitter separation and you're serious pong. Do you talk a? Few minutes really yeah, so it wasn't anything major. That go though well, and you know have cracks in white bear inside jokes and. It's important. To hear that. Shocked busy Saturday I thought it was over actually right. Everybody's name so I got to read the names as they walked across you, you did that were renamed. John King Hockey, hair Okay. Kidding that guy was the emcee, but then I read the names and stuff, and so it was really cool. I am. A Coma Right now. Makes it? He said sneakily. That's the scariest part. Yeah, you can get up there and talk before five minutes. You're comfortable with the microphone about that moment for those kids. That's their graduation moment. You got to pronounce the God Dang Name Correct. Emails wanted to make sure that was right, and I gotTA pronunciation guide for their for Muslim couple of they didn't get that I did my best. I was more worried about like. It's a long list of names I'm like worried about missing one or something. I was I was very nervous. I've been in a while I wasn't nervous about the the speech or anything. Never spot getting. Those kids moment. Then some weird guy that's graduating with them as well. We didn't know that yet so i. read through the thing. And everything was good with that was over, and then they all of a sudden bring out in a cap and a fake diploma, and they tell everybody the story, and they announced my name and I. Go up there and grab it and everybody's clapping for me. If we have to get your speech, we have to get that. I gotta here four or five minutes of knowledge and inspiration out of. EPA TWENTY-FIVE DOT com you. Twenty five I'm twenty five. Yeah. That's really great. I Bet your mom and dad were like happy that you did that right where my mom was very angry that she didn't know this was happening, she watched the video. Tell. Your horrible, Ma i WanNa told her okay now you're. Italian Hurry Michael Landon I'm sorry. Sorry Al Pacino will graduate and all of a sudden. You've become split personality you. Sauce I know it's weird because Zach, not and you are, but you guys are talking over each other. It's so weird, because Zach. If you're gonNA bring back home, yeah, come on Dude! Look at you, Bro, you graduated. Thank, you, thank you. Your mom got to watch it on TV. White Bear Lake Public Access Calculus Electric. That was part of the story to is so I worked for the cable access. Bear so when they told me I couldn't walk. I ended up running the camera on the floor. Then what am I increase? All my classmates as kid, so everybody was like. Why is that kid not graduating with this class so? I. Couldn't but I was still on the floor, and I was look the principle that entire time and say. You couldn't keep me out of this building right. Can I have one more time? Because I'm so fascinated by I'm hearing right now, okay? which which were you deficient in? What did you flunk math MACC half credits short? and You you took care of that in summer school I'm going to guess a three week. Program was done within three days right right. I'm surprised you. Thank you big step for us. Huge. Great another guy with a high school diploma a massive ego. Got To on this show. You've high school diploma, but Chris and I have college degrees. College degree don't Yes I. Do know you don't yes, I, do you? College. Yes, I do not. Ways and you didn't finish. Yes, I did the first time I finished. Adulation! Q.. Somebody tweeted the graduation at you hockey. I've seen the video of him getting his diploma just. Fake I I really thought that he was. He was like joking. I had no idea what in the sweet how I want to speech. I don't want to see him. Walk Up, grabbed a diploma. That's I've had enough of that. Need this beach. Front page sports is next band lever about an hour from now. I got to tell you about the. Corner that you guys put me in on Friday. ooh, type, Vegas. Movie that the whole rest of the world saw last year, but I watched this weekend. We can talk about that. To get to between now and nine o'clock, this is the power. Our radio station. Good morning everybody. This morning. It's Monday June eighth. At six three. Can Be a beautiful day out there if you're like at. A Beautiful Morning Noman. Copied softball myself. Zach Harrison Checking, in from rapid city more Zach the morning crisis beautiful out here I'm glad you like it. Hey, one key question. We didn't ask at first segment about the white bear lake, graduation. was sanctioned by the school or an unsanctioned, so this was row. Yeah, this was in the. City. Yeah. Did every kid show up What percentage of the actual grudge graduates attended probably one out of five. Oh. Really Yeah. Oh man eighty seventy eighty of them. So. Well no wonder they let you speak Yeah Oh. That's that's kind of a shot warranted, but it's kind of a shot I wa I. Feel like you sold us a bill of goods. There I thought this sanctuary. It celery, buddy anything. You saw videos multiple video. T shirts of same congratulations. Zach and I was signing him. On, March table Sylvia CDs of a one hour. Stand up special you did. By the way Cold Kingdom with their cover of times like these. Pretty good. There's one thing I've missed the amount of sports. You know I haven't had enough works. Good news is time. There's not a lot page sports presented by Ryan Dec- Criminal Defense You Ryan Segalla. Feel like I've been saying that for about three months straight. There's not a lot of sports that hey well is not but. We keep inching closer right maybe a month and a half. For? We actually have sports sports sports. Maybe maybe. Safar some of this news is not been good including. I can't wait to talk to her about this. Because Lebron was his teammate, but former NFL wide receiver Shea Caldwell was shot and killed on Saturday. He was forty one years old. His mother told TMZ. He was ambushed by a group of people who jumped out of the bushes in an attempted robbery. was shot in the chest, and the leg died on the way to the hospital, right? Second Round, pick out a Florida in two thousand and two by these San Diego. chargers so wrapped with Lieber. We'll ask him about reshaped caldwell when he gets here at seven. That's accent. Horn hit some weird legal issues, the last five or six years as well that I didn't remember at all. Not Related necessarily I don't think he's I. Don't think it's related I. Don't think it's like a payback thing, but. Illegal gambling in two thousand fourteen. What what is that I? Don't know says like Van Drug Possession was sentenced to twenty seven months in prison and three years. Probation sounds like this year pled guilty to conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud. Oh so hadn't had a good run in the last five or six years with a couple of legal issues but May Have nothing to do with what I just said. Shot and killed on Saturday it sucks and. CONOR McGregor announce he's retiring. Again. Seems to do this every two or three weeks, but he did it again said he's lost the excitement for the sport quote. The game just doesn't excite me and that's that. Also kind of took a shot. At the up and coming group. In UFC, basically said he looked around and was like. Yeah, but you know there isn't a guy that he really I. GotTa beat that Guy's ass? It's one of those just. I don't WanNa. Fight anybody. No one's exciting. Forget it out so weird. I thought we just. Announced, he was going to do a fight. That right didn't didn't accept a fight with. BIEBER whatever. Some great back I duNNo. Awful. Think that this is that he's just doing this for attention and a lot of people do not believe him like the people that would know in May or whatever you want back. Here's the weird news though. White Bear Lake gave him a A graduation ceremony allowed him to walk with the kids. Crazy, I'm he did. He spoke. Your in an alley behind a cowboy Jack. He was selling. People showed great. Gloves. Zach did make a five minute speech dumpster. Good for him good for Zach. Graduation speech is all over your. Backyards and Allie crazy all right. Gambling's the best right. It's pretty great well, somebody bet a million dollars on a mandate. Noon is a Nunez. Amanda Nunes a million bucks to beat Felicia Spencer at UFC two fifty and Nunez did win by unanimous decision, so the person that bet one million dollars. What did they win? A. Two hundred dollars. Honey a Mackie's gift cards. Your actual guest two hundred. That's one of the worst guesses of all time. If that's a real guest. Okay, fine mean. It's ethically bad, they won. Four hundred thousand. Zach. Do the math you've graduated now. Were they odds? I didn't tell you I'll. Probably one sauces guests is atrocious. I don't know maybe. Eight, hundred thousand. Take a shot three million dollars Corey She was the heavy favourite so. Hundred and sixty six thousand dollars aggressive the one million dollar Bet William. Hill said it was the largest bet. It's ever taken on an MMA fight. That? That is the fifth UFC events since the layoff because a corona virus put the first since the Vegas sportsbook physically reopened in man videos just kept pouring in over the weekend. Vegas looks. Like it's always looked. It's back. Thousands of people let none of them are wearing masks. All of them look like they're having the time of their lives and I thought about this over the weekend. If you are a gal in Vegas and you're like I'm all in girls weekend. Let's go. And you're dressed to the nines right high heels Super Low cut sexy top. You're not putting a mask on. Right you can do your makeup for six hours to put a mask on. This is Vegas. Why would you that would ruin the whole look? Man. It's alive and well, Las Vegas, the Strip is packed. The casinos are packed. Did you see the video of Aria. It's just a thousand thousands and thousands of people just wandering through area. There's like one mascot I can't wait. I'm GonNa tell you. From here. Once I got into Wisconsin on down through. Iowa and you know hang left. Head. That way saw maybe four masks. It was like It's like World War Two ended, and we won and everybody's stout celebrating It! It. Could be tough. Things could get tough. Here but maybe not I, don't know either way. Let's Party for some people are just going to continue to panic and they're going to discontinue to meltdown. Right when they see videos like Las Vegas throw massive fits right. You stay home right. Don't go to Las Vegas stay home yeah. I don't know they're going to get the rest of us and. It's GONNA be Dicey. Personal Responsibility. Do you want to? You don't want to go to vegas fine. Don't go to Vegas Vegas I do. I'm going to try to go as quickly as possible. I would have been there in three days without stupid. Ask ovid. I would have been there on Thursday. Yeah, dammit, you would have been up by Friday. Oh. Yeah, no, for sure. waffle fries yeah. Ben Out, day one. Yeah. And, then just eating my sorrows away for the next seventy two hours right, and if you need inspiration, call that that some Bitch Zach Man 'cause. He gave a speech. Twenty twenty class. You won't believe this. Speaking to her beliefs stops at the planet. Hollywood sports book a week from Tuesday. Is that right this? He's not scheduled to speak in front of anyone and he's just GonNa Talk to whoever? Will listen so great. WHO's tired of eating at? Earl Sandwich. Over here atomised beach, the speeches to earl of Sandwich. Just favorite just get some business cards and go click click click as people walk. took the click and. See if anybody once I got a little box of stand on. Congratulations that'll do it for for sports. That's all yeah basic harvick won. About that. Care Man. Now one was very boring horns pretty. Really, yeah, you know. But, that's okay. Let's get. On today show, Ben will be here, right. Mrs Face. Plateau you. Can I tell you how you guys got me in trouble over the weekend? When we get back? F, course, I can't wait. I think so. Yeah, somehow everything's my fault. Over time you realize it though. That's next on the power to morning. Show on the fan. Good morning everybody. Morning Show thank you to the end. Saint Louis Park Minnesota Broadcasting all over the world a very warm day out there beautiful. Yeah right Marnie. What the hell do we do to you this weekend? So remember on Friday was the three hundred and eleven game initials right? Yeah, initials game three eleven listened to it I very disappointed knowledge and you guys. Did something very nice for me. You surprise me with the lead singer of three eleven. Doing this? Hey, what's up, it's. Him from three eleven welcome to initials game number three eleven on the power trip. Congratulations Corey. In a win on, you did a little. Sweet Super Cool Right. Let me walk you through. What happened the last couple of weeks? Obviously I saw that game. Three eleven was right around the corner, so I tried to. What can I do for game three eleven, but ultimately decided. especially with the initials Jackpot here, I got to be careful. I could not giving away. An obvious Combo. Sometimes I'm going to do that sometimes. I've not been on my job and I'm not. GOING TO COMBO themed for three eleven, but I got to do something. That I changed my mind because I thought about doing exactly what you guys did. I'm like maybe I'll have nick do a cameo and just lead into it, and then I'm like hundred and fifty bucks I. Don't know if it's worth it and you get paid anywhere. which was awesome? It was super cool. The SUPERFUND, surprise My wife does not listen to this show. She hates it. Doesn't find any INTERESTING She doesn't need to hire a part time inspirational coach she doesn't. Right exactly she does. She just won't admit it probably does. So she got this secondhand, but I get a text about eight thirty on Friday. My, fault of course. This was my fault, not your fault. Not This is not Zach's bowl. Who My Colt that I didn't tell her. That somebody got me A. Nick Exim Cameo. For the show. And the reason why she was mad because I was supposed to tell her because the night before. She got one for me for father's Day. Burn. Horry why would you let her do that, right? Why would I let her do that? What are you thinking? Is My question. So Thursday night she does this. and gets the bit from from Heck's him as well Friday morning. You guys surprise me. I was somehow supposed to know this before she booked Thursday night. You guys were going to do this Friday morning. and. It was my fault, not yours not sauces. With her, not the world, it was my fault. I did retailer that you guys. We're going to surprise me. I tried to explain to her what a surprise meant! Way To go, yeah. So needless to say, I need a motivational speaker. You really want to Bear Lake High School. You should, you should see the text message I got from her I literally can't read it on the air. She was so mad that we that no older right, she doesn't understand how. were. So now, she said you have to act surprised when you get this on Father's Day Mike I'm not GonNa Act surprised I'm going to be appreciative. Awesome, but you had the idea right? A surprised at Zach's mom was graduated. Right. This is. This is gonNA sound like I'm complimenting myself, but it's going to turn quickly into how apparently of pain in the ass? I wear the same thing every day. Eight eat the same foods all the time. I am a guy that likes patterns. Not a huge guy when it comes to change just I. Just get in. My cycle induced go. I don't buy a lot of stuff. I don't ask for anything. Birthdays Christmas anniversary I don't want anything right and. Nj doesn't work I do so technically. She always feels guilty. If. She buys me something. You'd buy it with my money. Anyway and I'm like I. Don't look at it like that, but she does. She just feels weird about things like that. So she's like you're impossible to buy for. No I'm easy to I don't need anything and I told her all I've ever wanted in this whole marriage. Guilt Free Poker. Let me play for a day or six days without the look. Great Point Great I. Just don't need. Thank you. I just don't. You'RE PLAYING AGAINST YEAH! Yeah while you're going to lose again. I don't. WanNa. Feel it. Button bar. Roller Coaster. Burn. I know there's nine billion people in the state that are better poker than me. I don't give a rat's ass I. Like Goin'. Small talk with them, and then giving them my money and going home and Bitch into my dad on the phone on the drive home. That's what I do. This weird world recurring limited. You'd love to just lose and go home. Just play, yeah! That's what I want now for father's Day, I doubt that's GonNa work as? Poker rooms aren't really open yet. For the most part. And I don't I. Don't know what the Poker Room Situation in Vegas is but again. I've been told that they're going to be about the last thing the open if anybody is betting in Vegas in the last week since they cracked open knows. Right yeah, we said. What's what's open? And what is and how? How's it working? I'm very curious. Anyway so, where did you guys my fault? I. Wish you guys would have told me about the surprise. Warren we thought about it but. But, then it would you know ruin the surprise? This is that I mean right. So for anybody for the future future reference. Surprise me, please tell me I so I can run my wife. Hates you yeah! I'm surprised that she admits you're the father. That's the most surprising thing about shocks. Forget bothers day you WanNa hear you want to try an on air production meeting. Sure. Okay, so I came up with a really dirty bit. Cirque dirty that actually probably belongs more on the after party, but I'm not sure we're doing that today I don't know. And I WANNA. Try something, so it's A. It's a version of fill in the blank, okay? This is GonNa take a moment to explain and it's really dirty. Admitted that what you're about to hear is filthy. But I was driving I don't know if you guys noticed. And I drove a long way, and it started seeing. All the signs you know at the exits for you know, get off here. There's a McDonald's in the subway and I am Arby's Toma. Right and I was thinking about Porno and Shot Right Dr was asked Putin Porno where your thoughts never thinking of. Ways of changing fast food joint restaurant names. And all business names and the porno title. Because people take like. They take mission impossible to change it to missionary possible. So I. Don't think anybody's done this. and. So I thought I would read to you guys. A description of the film. And then have you guess what the title of the film was going to be and then tell you what the actual title would be. I know this is really hard again. On their discussion. Just break rolling through. Ready. Yeah! This is really dirty. Dirty. This is the story. Of Young Man. WHO works at a sandwich shop. Where they do five dollars for law. And He's surfing the Internet at work one day. and He sees a type. Of Brazilian porn, he did not know existed. And he is now the star of a film called. Jeez I'm trying to get this right right. And maybe if I give you the answer, this'll help you with the next answer so he's a he works at a at a sandwich shop finds a Brazilian type of point he didn't know existed realized this thing. Porno is. Sub Way into face. Parts. Speed. Sub while way interface for somewhere. Okay, okay. Sandwich shop. Right A- right. I was trying to replace the. Or the way I didn't realize. The genius, little twist by that title, writer right. Yeah right? That's good. Okay, all right. All subway ones. Here's a guy. Who Works at a car rental company, right? All through. A. Careful. Sounds like you have lied on. The company you're. going. And you know his whole life. He's been undecided about which way he's going. and. Then he meets the man of his dreams. We're all cool with that. That's awesome, congratulations. And they lock eyes one night at at the car rental company. And things happen without anybody experiencing that, but they weren't fared. They didn't have everything they needed. Guesses. To. Schemes impossible that I still love it. I just think the rental car company is going to be hurt. We have behind. The rest of it's going to be. Careful hot, you're right. You had half point for you. Okay? Okay, it's called. HURTS WITHOUT LUBE Without losing brilliant. Give another one. couple. Other what here's one for you now? This might be too easy. Gentleman works in electric store. Where you can also. Buy CDs and Video Games In fact, he heard that this very store. A major radio personality used to work at this one. And he's working there one night. And the chick. He's been crushing on forever. Kinda gives them the green light. He knows it's going to. But he's missing one thing. What's the name of this? Go through that again, Guy Works. A major electric store they used to work at. Yeah. And he's been crushing on this hot babe, and and he finally feels like he's starting to make some headway. In fact, she's giving the old thumbs up. But! He's missing one thing. WHAT FOR NAME THIS PORNO? Best buy a condom. It's best buy yourself conned. Again you. GotTa. Get Your Life Story. Would you like another? Getting worse. Now I may be wrong on the sandwiches with Porno version of before and. We're building the Blake. which by the way? That we gotta go back and check this from last week, somebody on twitter said last week stolen the blank. Did Not contain a question had a blank. Like Hans and Franz put on which one. Guess Somebody claimed none of the five questions actually included a blank which is. which is the most edible enamored whatever it was? That was one of them. Just the most edible minero like fate, the best at most yeah, the one that everybody eats. It was something like that. It wasn't a fill in the blank. Trust me. Okay! Maybe it was because that is still in the. Never, mind! going. By It's the turtle. It's choking you're. Afraid, Dye Works in the sporting goods store, okay. You. Yeah, so he's working there and the girl comes and with the hottest. Rear end he's ever seen now. Realize! You wore the wrong pants that day. What is the name of their? The second showing. A. Dick's sporting in erection. Really. New Game I love it. You got anymore is the last one last one for now? Thank you. All right. Yeah, thank you. What really matters is next Bentley, twenty five minutes amount to power. The Fan. One. Virginia Man Lost His hand. After reportedly trying to make a homemade explosive. Federal prosecutors say twenty three year old Colt Carini showed up at a rich ones clinic with a missing hand missing fingers. In shrapnel wounds to his neck. Carini told staffed injuries from a lawnmower. However investigators say they discovered evidence of a recent explosion along supplies and pieces of his flesh. Also letter was found, said to be written by Carini which detailed is planned inspired by themselves to blow up hot cheerleaders. Now the hotline. Yeah? The man has been charged with making false statements to law enforcement. He blew off his own arm. So that worked out well I would prefer that. He blows off his own arm to him blowing up. One hundred percent I think we need the world needs more hot cheerleaders unless his hand and arm and elbow probably his mind. Yeah it's too bad. More damage wasn't done. Well. I. Don't know if you've seen the mugshot but Pretty. Progressive. Looks a lot like you'd expect a person with look after they blew their hand on. interruptus! Sauce hold up your hand per second. Yeah! Please don't talk. Just as good thanks speaking of that quickly, over the weekend I watched the. There's a Ted Kaczynski documentary. About obviously blowing things up holy smokes. Was that Guy Freaky I didn't realize how bad that was. That's all I got. Where was the documentary? It's on Netflix. What's it called the USTA bomber something the unibond of bomber something. Okay. Yeah sweet. It's Kinda scary. Did we watch, it? We did. Why? You name Chris. Is Do you do so you'll wait. You'll tell crispy. You won't tell me what her name is. You, can tell him he can. Why won't you tell Corey? Hockey you know it. Yes, you told me I did right. Oh Yeah I did it's Francine Ford Coppola. That's correct. She's related to Nicholas Cage. That's right. She were subway and. Go we can't afford. We had gone down that Yup, but Yeah, we. We did watch. Watched it Yep Whatever her name is. Very happy for you to. Corey ecstatic. Sure, that'd be great. What really matters is brought to you by our friends at cultivated CBD cultivated. Thank you cultivated CBD for helping me sleep well, and for helping me deal with anxiety and check them out of cultivated CBD. Dot Com find out how it could help you fix cultivated. The Golden. State Warriors have an awful record, but they do have steph curry and Klay Thompson Draymond Green. They still have a really really good core of course when everybody's healthy. They just weren't all healthy this year. Well, the rumor is now. Is that if they do win? The NBA Lottery They would keep it in. Take Anthony Edwards not. Gilbert from revenge the NERDS. But one of the theories about the warriors they would use that number one picking land. Somebody else. That's already established. Hot is the opposite that they know who they want in their keeping it. I when I said over the weekend I always thought they were gonNA trade it for attended CUCO. That's what I thought they were doing. But. What do I know right if you truly wants out of Milwaukee? Would Well Marlin garlic there. Yeah, they do. Oh, by the way it was Marlena Lars Mom's birthday on July fourth. Leave. It's not July yet by the way, sorry June fourth. I mean we missed technically last year as well. We didn't celebrate. Mrs Gar Lar-. She's still alive, sorry. No my condolences per missing her birthday. My. Birthday July. Four Not June. Absurd. White, out. Hey a million glossary section for A. Lady friend I just left it blank because I didn't know what her name was. I would leave it blank. What are you typing Chris? GARN MARLA. Tapper over there. Hold on, let me turn that chapter here we go. I'M GONNA. Does here. Sauces girlfriend. Secret? Entity. revealed. It is. Andrea Byford. Offer Moon is full name. Great my good friend Andrea. I'd get it. I'm going to start guessing what her name me too good. Blanche, it's Oh. I don't think. Wa. No, it's not blanche to Blah the rick. Out Rick is Prince Amukamara. How do you know who that is? Are we getting closer, not Italian? Dorthy door. DOROTHEA ZIG manouvre slender. Mark Rosen's mom's name Dorothea. None of those now so fear. No, that's gotTa be close. What about pat? Jams in. How did you know dating chants? Wow Great. You could just tell us her name and. A psychological thriller up in this Joint Yeah. It's like if we have the name then we'll know who it is. Oh, it's Julie. Dr Steven meet. Stephen. Whose Dr Steven Mead. Your girlfriend, yeah, Question Mark No! It's Jeff Smith. What really matters go? Is this right? Oh by the way Corey we got you. The word goodbye actually shortened. From the phrase God be with you. By God. Be With You well, it's. been good by me using the phrase goodbye from now on. It's Z. later now by sauce when you're leaving. Pajamas Amon. Say to her. Probably Goodbye. Or permanent. Up to her. Or sorry, that's up to PAT. Kick the bit. We can tell okay Conor McGregor announced. He is retiring from FEMA again, but he's also done this a thousand times, but he said quote. The game just doesn't excite me and that's that. So. The game. Yeah. Initials. is his boring to him. Straight wins all the time nobody else can. I still can't believe none of you got. Redemption saw yeah. Would you have known Red Skull? Even to this moment I I wouldn't have known that okay, so before the game started, I mentioned to Aj in perish I said. There's a couple of today that I. Don't know if you guys are going to get. Those are the two that I was thinking and neither one of them. Was Gotten Right. But it was still fair. All of you had an equal shot at, and that's all I try to do. Sometimes, it's a little unfair, because if it's a basketball player that's played in the last one hundred years. Mark, perish has no chance at it or hockey unlike. Every other time I've ever played the initials while listening on the radio. I wasn't good this time. I didn't just nail him one after the other. Hartson but I. Figured you do. I've got one. Too by the way I got to tell you. I don't know why you would ever make the Strip. But if anybody's ever made the trip where you have to go through Chicago. Indiana or any part that. Michigan, yeah, go around, Chicago they go on the way home I went down through Iowa and then over because I didn't want to deal with Chicago traffic, but on the way back I just WanNa. Get this over with maybe I'll get lucky and won't, be in Chicago traffic. On so it'd be ninety ninety four. You know if you go straight through Chicago right there. Without taking the to ninety four or anything like that and I kid you not and forgive me. Law Enforcement Officers I was just going traffic. All of us every lane right by the sears tower. Near Ninety the whole, the whole group of us, there was no not only. was there no traffic? Everybody was full lion. Through downtown Chicago, it's unbelievable. It was like watching fast and furious or something, and it was in the middle of the daytime I there was no I. Guess 'cause the covert stuff like that I have no idea. Traffic I can't believe how fast we're going. Of course just like always I'm in the Middle Lane not there's like six lanes. One of the middle lanes and a guy and a corvette wants me to go. One hundred ten I'm going ninety and you're in the middle in the middle. Round me sweet corvette, and all the go around me. Anyway That was super crazy man i. literally it's like playing a video game. I can't believe how fast growing the whole time. I'm doing it I'm like I. There's got to be a cop somewhere. Sure not. Then you get into Wisconsin, every three inches there's. Always. Dead deer and police officers God the amount of debt. It's unbecoming Janis do is drink and kill the ear with their cars, and their four wheelers and snowmobiles. Oh my goodness, yeah! I don't know how there's any deer laugh, I know I, don't know. And I I saw, and you know. I wouldn't want to do this job song grateful to people who do, but I saw two different crews of people picking up that deers, the side of the road and you know. That's the kind of job. You're having a face mask. Even if there's not cova going on I don't WANNA have to clean dead deer side of the road. I tweeted about this. A couple of years to. Go way back from the Shawn Mendez show. And he said West I wouldn't kill was dot to pick up some roadkill every once in a while and so that was that Wisconsin transportation. They responded to me. They were like work with private vendors and law enforcement. You could visit this link on how to report the car killed here. Reported I don't need to report it. Just drive drive. Heavy road and there's plenty of it to pick. I'm part of your graduation speech, yeah! Just throwing this out there sauce. Wisdom girlfriend's name. No Art. No, but that's the targeted. He puts on her forehead. Afford. A tracer bullet. Corier funny today you are Just I'm so happy to see you Paul. You look great can I mentioned. Thank you look on this week and you can tell looks so pretty. Thanks did man. Have you seen this video? The inside of the New Vegas Stadium yet no looks just like US Bank stadium. I've just seeing the outside and it looks sick. Outside's awesome the doors. They open That's cool man and seen this before and Las Vegas locally. That website has pictures and video of inside the US. Whatever that stadiums allegiant stadium Lee. Sounds right it's. Goodbye to ever get to a Wurley matters. Goodbye Oh, that's right. Like five minutes. Time breaking. Lever joins next and we'll do the news. This is the power to morning show. Question Okay, hold on. Hey Good morning, everybody. It's your power morning, so thank you for tuning in. We're live at seven. Zero one on Monday morning. See! It's Monday at seven a one. That must mean former Viking, great and current sideline reporter for your Minnesota Viking Radio, network and Fox sports and and multiple reporting. The, great then Lieber High Ban. Good Morning. I didn't realize that I was going to get an introduction like that I. Did I say guys? We're talking? I tried to stretch. You. Face to see you look great. You look grade is all that's untrue. Shutting weight, or if you just have slamming, he looked great Thank you. It just might be a shirt because I'm not intentionally cutting away. Yeah, you should cut some dude. COME ON, yeah! Quarantine got away from me a little I've mentioned how much cheese I've eaten I feel. In two months. Times. Really Terrible? So, no, not intentionally It's probably just a jerk. Thank you Diane Looks Good Looks. Good Saucy, and Corey and I are here. Zach Broadcasting Live from somewhere. I don't even know where he's at. Rennie's driving around Willy Nilly. Probably just sling more speeches. Yeah. Did you hear that he graduated on Saturday but relations? You might call Mama. Let her know she had million. And he gave a speech and read the names of the graduates. Job Zach. Thank you. We're trying to find the out of your speech because Zach doesn't have. So, didn't he? Didn't you guys post something? But it wasn't the video only like five second. We seem gaining the diploma. We want the speech and he gave a four five minute speech about you know, go out and chase your dreams and whatnot. Can't wait to hear it. Well, he's turning into you. He's a big deal in white bear lake now he realized. I told her I said. I'm a big deal at white bear. Lake sounds like you talking about Minnetonka though. A pretty big deal. Graduate from High School Yeah I did. Quite that's a legitimate. And you look great by the way it's good to see you. It's good to see you. Yeah I've told the story thousand times I. Myself was also like a credit. Maybe a half credit, maybe two credits short whatever it was, and they told me I could walk, but I had to go to summer school. To Summer School for an hour because no one else showed up in the lady luckily was like. Yeah, you're fine. You can go home. I'll pass you, so she signed off that I win every day. And it was great I graduated I got my diploma like two weeks or three weeks later. So in that situation. Does she have to ship? Keep showing up. No I think that was part of it. Every day, one kid. So I showed up for an hour. Did some remedial math and she's like? Okay, that's enough you can go home. Thanks for showing up. She showed up expecting to guys to be obsessed with Texas chainsaw Massacre Courtney Thorne Smith sitting in the front row, but that wasn't the case. It was just meter. Oh summer! School Summers was. was there raise their? It a thought when you walked in and it was just you in just her. You. Guys would make a summer school film. On No, because I don't think hockey would. Oh hockey would. I like girls A lot. Can leave it at that especially ones that are educated. He said he doesn't think. I don't know why he said. That's the meanest thing. I was nice to you. Yeah, good point. Yeah, I probably would back then yeah, it was hideous. Teeth were at full Wendy's Napkin. They looked like summer teat summer here summer there I was hideous batboy. Dating floor at the time or whatever. Yup I wasn't dating floor at the in surnames. You won't say what it is is her name. Cristobal. No. Is it cinnamon arrays. It'd be great if it was about Shasta. Shasta, is it? No it's not fantasy watermelon sugar. No great though. Wales. Is it a stripper name? Notice a stripper. Does she strip? Bambi Niamey bubbles nope. Is it like to names like the gray like care, array or something Jerry. A serial killer. Forgotten stripper name the name Yeah Yeah! What about? What about? Oh I think I might have it. As, you mentioned this a few times. Is it Steve, Harvey? These Steve Harvey or her. Steve Harvey either or I. Mean I. Guess I didn't think about the first option. No, that's not right. I'M GONNA. Keep going until you tell us. We're forced to guess okay. That's fine. I don't know why her name matters so much. Maybe he doesn't bothers. have. You forgotten that. Did you like? Is it is too far into the relationship now for you to ask? Her name is one of those things like. You've you've known her too long? It's uncomfortable for you to say you know what I really don't know your name x question. Saas, how? All probably hockey's height. So four two. For! What you do for work. That'll give it away. Oh, so her name her job. My Gosh. Is it Wendy. Had to wait till Dave moved in. Four to right? Four can ask you a question. Is it little debbie? Is She hot and juicy. Yes I knew. All, right, let me go, Earl. Sandra Sandra. Well. I can't wait to meet her. I can't either mess. You seems Nice. US Nice. Nickname, when she go by governor walls. How did you know? All ready for the news sure am. Stupidity Seized Kfi News with Chris. Presented by by Your Flight Credit Union. Base firefly, thank you glad to be back in. Thank you, fire flood. Governor Tim walls is easing more Minnesota coronavirus restrictions this week starting Wednesday pools, movie, theaters, gems and spas can reopen along with indoor dining and restaurants under walls. New Order venues can hold more than two hundred and fifty people churches salons restaurants can only reopen to fifty percent capacity while bowling alleys, gyms and movie theaters must standard twenty-five. Let me Let me walk you through a complaint that I have about the twenty five percent now fifty percent salon factor. got a haircut on Friday. Can you tell got? It looks great core. Trying to quit trying to touch on external. tried go on a great clips. Did use the on LINEAPP right and it's like one hundred eighty minutes some three our garbage, then they wouldn't even let me sign in I'm on my way to target. And all of a sudden and the great clips APP says one forty nine times going down, and then it let me sign so my sweet. I swang by there. And I was like hey. Is this accurate like do I really have to wait one hundred and forty nine minutes. How close just so? I can know when I come back? Like how close is this? And the gals like probably two and a half hours. You should be fine, so I went home. Came back. About two hours later, and I timed it out. Super Lucky I one at the top of the list I walked right in. Super, Nice, timing fairly convenient, not not not a problem at all. Here's what I don't get you into a great clips before right. Everyone's wearing a mask. And they have those flags. As like accidental shield, right every little station six feet apart, and they have dividers. So I don't understand why somebody six feet down at the next chair. Why the whole place can't be full I get! Hey, we'll all wait in the parking lot. Nobody's GonNa weed I eliminating waiting room. We'll check in online. We'll wait outside until we're called taxi whatever you WANNA. Do they had like a gal at station outside the door? Organizing it, so nobody was waiting inside. I totally understand that. Once you get in there. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE QUESTION? There are dividers. I can't sneeze any anybody. It's more than six feet away. What is the twenty five percent or fifty percent now if you are a salon where it's, there isn't anything in between probably I. GET IT I. Get this is I'm talking specifically for great clips, but if you are if you are a salon that has dividers. Your stations are more than six feet apart. Why can't be Max capacity? I also think maybe they don't want people in the waiting room. That's fine, though yeah, that's eliminate the waiting room. I totally get that I. do think that there's to be a little bit of personal oversight in that they they should put the stipulation that if you can safely. Joe, six feet apart and do these things you can be as as full as you want to be right, and if you're not saying right if you if you don't have those yet guidelines, then you're going to have to be at fifty percent until. Then fine! I don't understand it. Some some of these things are just fallen through the cracks and I get you have to have an umbrella kind of policy, but some of it lacks a little common sense, then because there ever situations differ, every situation is different. For the for the lawmakers to how do we do this? My Mom's salon had to go through I. Mean They had? To go through all like all the people do here there although the US, and then they had to figure out the times, when because we can only have a certain amount of stylists in there to time, even though like you, said Corey, they have their station six feet apart or separate. But they can only get that twenty twenty-five weird arbitrary capacity thing. But yeah. I guess there's got to be guidelines. Right and meanwhile I went and got. Takeout at your favorites, even though you've never been there. Hawk Malone's and Maple Grove the other day. And their patio was packed. Everybody in Arbor Lakes everything I drove past all the PATIOS are jam. To hear jammed. This chant and is it swaying? said. Swung Swing Swang I. Don't think I've ever heard Swang swung by. Swung. It's fine either way either way, yeah! Rip You. But it's not like you know the right answer any way. Why so mean to me? I can see it in your eyes. How mad you are! Just. Can I see how sorry I'm? Look right into my eyes. What do you re trying to hypnotize us all into forgiving him Amanda? Is that her name. Is Is it Amandas. Hoeger Handa is it Pandora No. spotify wait a minute. I think I got something I tunes. Poker Right Amanda Poker. No. Is there. Is there first name Anita here all right at show? Guys hold on. Storm See. Just, what is her name? You don't need to know why, because it, you. Will you tell me her name when you introduced me? Yeah. A way. Well played! Is She famous? No. She's famous to me. I'M GONNA KISS S. Sauce and doing the same old garbage? To me isn't Malone. Is it e norma? US There I believe it's Stitz. You. Gave Away yes we all. Birthday shout out last July. So now we know where she works you right? Right right? There's a lot of stuff that's pretty serious, but obviously. I'm. GonNa. Move on by the hey about this. The twin cities could be impacted by tropical storm Cristobal later this week, according to the National Weather Service storms move from south to north through Minnesota. Starting on Tuesday afternoon dump close to two inches of rain in the twin cities, Thursday by Thursday night no way. And the most rain expected tomorrow night. If you. Have a chance and go on the twitter machine. I encourage every tweeted at a couple of times, but law enforcement in Saint Paul, offering five thousand dollars for information that leads to the rest of a DOUCHEBAG believed to a set multiple buildings on fire reports say the suspect said fires had Gordon Parks. High School, and several businesses in the city. Anybody with information is asked to call the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and explosives. There's video and there's still shots everywhere of this. Somebody somewhere got to know who he is. A quick question is the reason why they're singling. This person out is because there's video I think. He actually is admitting that he did it because. Since the riots, of course, lots of buildings were set on fire. They're never going to press charges. Because how you GONNA WE'RE GONNA prove. That somebody did I guess I was curious why they have this one singled out in terms of the. We know he did it. We have footage admissions or whatever the deal is we? Track this guy down I get it I didn't know why they were singling them out. I think it's and I've seen the video, but I didn't hear the audio, but think maybe a situation where he's literally whoever's filming in walking by? He's telling them I started that fire over there that kind of thing. And I'm probably probably have other footage. There's cameras everywhere. I saw the the tweet that you sent out. That faces cliche it's. Hidden face with somebody knows that is. must he's from out of town and. It's just not circulating enough on twitter right right. the border between the United States and candidates that to reopen in two weeks. No word on what restrictions might remain in place. Is Your New Lady Friend Canadian? No, she's not okay well. We're now this down. You're getting real. Close Atlantis Morris, said. Give it away. Bryan Adams! Sherry Mental. Shots Tom Green. Michael J.. Michael J. Fox. He's from Canada. Levy Robin Thicke. That's gross. Anita, thick? Be Normal. So that is. My my news, there's lots more more serious news in the world, but I just don't have the Hartford today. So here's sports. Golf returns this weekend with the Charles Schwab challenge down the first Gulf event in a while. Rory is plus eight hundred Jon Rahm is plus one thousand Justin. Thomas Sixteen hundred. The reason I'm telling you is because I think we should bet on it. The other news out of that golf tournament is. Thousand fans will be allowed a day which is about twenty percent of the normal amount of fans that can be at this golf tournament, but they will have live spectators at this event more importantly since you just went through some odds twenty two minutes ago, power best tweeted out current odds for the name of sauces, New Lady Friend Oh. The favorite is Jessica plus six hundred. ooh, Cheryl's plus seven hundred Ashley Plus Seven. Hundred Steve is plus seven fifty. Amanda plus eight hundred Jennifer plus. Nine Hundred Bailey plus one thousand I will kill you. She's underage tie plus fifteen hundred. Sarah Plus Sixteen hundred. Stephanie plus. Sixteen hundred Nicole Sixteen Hundred Britney two thousand. Plus Two thousand and the Long Shot at plus twenty five hundred. Tina. Like. My Jordan. We're doing that I. Don't know where I go on this one either. I don't like Steve At plus seven fifty. Yeah I'm Kinda hot on todd. Though yeah, you are valued at. It'd be the greatest irony of all time if he dated or married todd. Hating Todd's be real weird. Chuck Todd I've had definitely, but she goes by Steph. Michael Jordan Jordan, brand or donated one hundred million dollars. Matter, over the next ten years Conor McGregor announce that he's retiring from fighting. He's a two time champion. Cares Ben you tweeted about this former. NFL Wide Receiver Donald Caldwell was getting ready to take his girlfriend out on a date when he went back inside to his home, and he was ambushed by a couple of people who jumped out of the Bushes, trying to rob him, he passed away. Did. Anybody ever called him, Don. No, we all. He was known as re Shea It Sad, because well first of all. I I don't know if I believe that story I mean that might have been the action that took place. There is a I'm sure a bigger motivation behind I'm sure there was some sort of connection I was told. The last couple years when he retired from the NFL that he really had a hard time. You know you struggled to kind of like assimilate back into normal life. and I'd heard he gotten mixed up into into drugs again, and at least in that game, and that world and I'm guessing that this is some sort of gangs connected on some sort of thing connected on some sort level so mean. Nonetheless, it's extremely sad he was, he was a really nice guy and and I. We're same draft class like we were were the same age man. It's crazy, so he was second or third yeah. Those Quentin Jammer re Shea Oh jammer was. And then I think Tony Noti was he was a second round pick as well. And then me I remember at Florida. You super superheated. Florida was good player. He played with a war full right. Maybe I don't remember the overland Lastly when the summer gone as Sosa, mcgwire documentary airs this Sunday on ESPN. They'd be watched. The Bruce Lee thing last night. No, no! Water, I forgot I have a DVR. I will watch. I'm actually really interested in that. I need to go back and DVR that or. I don't know. Is it a biography or something like that I? It's a thirty thirty. That for sure. Interesting and it's not even close. It's I. Don't even know what second-place would be because again eighty seven and ninety one. I was seven and eleven in sports, but didn't live or die sports at that point, the ninety eight, the summer of ninety eight in Sosa mcgwire was the most fun I've had watching baseball. Maybe top, three or four. Seasons of sports ever it was just so much fun I used to take breaks from going outside and playing. Plane was eight ninety eighteen years old, but like. But you. Going out on recess every. Day when you're down the pots and fruits. No but I would come in from outside just because I about every hour or so. I assumed it was Sosas Turner Maguire's turned a bat football on Wgn and Hope you time it right and you just watch them. Launch home runs all season, and it felt like even though it wasn't reality, but in my mind. Almost every swing I saw was a home run i. just all I remember as he did it again, Dad put like a thousand times, even those seventy, and what Sosa hit like sixty, eight or sixty seven. I forget what sixty six maybe. I forget what he ended up at but. Just every time they swing went over the fence and he was the craziest homerun race ever so much. Fun so much, and you knew you were witnessing history. You knew that it was going to be special and you knew you were going to be. You know however many years later here and talking about right away. How often does that happen? It was the coolest also worked out because they played in the same division, so you'd see them play against each other all the. The time as opposed to one being in the NFL and the other one being in the Al New imagine the ratings. Wgn got that saw God. I can't even imagine just printing money. Yeah, ESPN would just chime in with their at bats, no matter. What were they break in with Sosas up next boom over the, and that's right. That's right. It was the best. Jobs House thanks. Aren't a quick movie review when we come back and movie that everybody but me saw until I watched it on Saturday good. That's. I think all of you have seen this. That's Nice Power Jonathan. Rules. Twenty eight welcome back to the morning show Vikings News, coming up in a few moments with the great then weaver in studio Monday. Paul Emery Cory cove myself. Zach out on the town driving around right now. Just taking in the sights of the beautiful beautiful Monday morning. Warm author! Today. Sauce you and Ben. Wearing similar colored shirts looks like they fit about the same. You guys both agree you look like twins today Oh. Thank you Corey I. Like your outfit, Bank you a great. Your eyes are beautiful. Thank you, yeah, thank you know. We're although talk. He didn't say anything about your shirt being slimming. I don't know what that means. Damning. That's five. Yeah can't wear slim fit. Feel Great. Sussex ask you a question of course Monday. It's Workday as Sharon up yet. Sharon Peters. Your girlfriend. Mean right not. That's my close. Maybe. A, hottest entertainment real quick. She wear a non sorry, not hot sauce. Does to to go to bed for her count. Is it like a down? Drescher is it? like a Jersey question is like Hockey Jersey. T shirt like the lady and Happy Gilmore. Breakfast would not. I always laugh because. It's mom. Oh. Yeah. It's his mom jokes that only the sons make Ryan. Its. Lead track me out because it's like. Yes, what did she what's? Is it a Vikings Jersey. It's an old. Earth Jersey. She get that from him firsthand. That, she liked going under center. It's a great question can ask you one follow up questions beginning of going under center. Yeah! Does she have all ten fingers? Specifically the two on the end? The thumbs the other end all yeah. Yeah, So you're saying this is there right now. Say. Well. I'm not at home. I'm in studio. Nobody she their. Color you are can see your ear color on. You color or do you color Miss Verse Busey? Confident. Does. Do a quick movie review Oh. Yes marriage how quickly I forgot! Better than like a nine month delay for a major motion picture review right, but I felt like it was a somewhat big deal in a polarizing. Debate seven eight nine months ago, so I was late to the party as I tend to be but I watched a movie on Saturday that the world went crazy for last. I think our guest. Didn't like right at the one. No. All right I'm pretty sure you loved it as well. Okay. Shocking saw was. So over the top in love with his movie. I think you saw it twice sauce I think. Can I guess yeah? Was it the one night in Hollywood. No. I've never seen that I love Them I love that movie. Speaking of Bruce Lee Right. Yeah. I saw joker. Of course you did. Yeah, yes I saw twice in twenty four hours. And what did you say again? I thought it's the greatest acting performance by an individual I've ever seen. What'd you think of the movie itself? I thought the movie was A. Good. Movie was good best performance of all time, yes. Would you think Chris? I liked it very much I thought the acting was fantastic. I thought the movie was good. I Echo what he said Ben. I'll go slightly better I thought the acting was incredible and I had heard a lot of people didn't like the movie itself, but just liked his performance. I I thought the movie itself was really good. I thought it was like great. I thought the whole thing. Zach I still haven't seen it. Waiting high schools is right can't wait till I. Get to hike. Camp I'm in I thought the movie was just. Like. If you just step back and look at the actual plot. Super Formulaic Pretty Standard Pretty simple. He obviously steals every scene. He's in every scene. That's why I Still Lean Ledger. Because I think the trick was. He was on screen every fifteen twenty minutes, and when Heath Ledger popped up. It was like Whoa jokers back right? It's like jaws popping out of the water. Joaquin's in every single scene so if the element of surprise wasn't there for me, I thought he was terrific. I definitely thought he deserved an Oscar nomination or in his case a win. Keep. Definitely can't say it's the best performance I've ever seen. I thought Ledgers Joker was better. Let alone other actors in the past. Yeah I don't know I couldn't relate to him because the guy just had straight up mental problems. Right like ledger ledgers joker was. kind of genius, he as Michael Caines, said just wanted to watch the world burn. It right Michael Cain knows. But Smart Guy, just like chaos just wanted to wreak havoc, just wanted to burn the system to the ground. This guy doesn't know where he is half the time so a very different joker i. just like Ledgers version better both in the way it was written, and the way was performed. You know. There were some really interesting things I still confused about a few things like what really happened and what didn't happen, but I think it's almost unfair to. To to call them the same character. You know what I mean because the different takes heath ledgers, joker lived in a superhero world, and his joker lived in the world If you know what I mean sir, those were real real world problems and you're right. He's crazy. He has issue has mental issues. Men jokers guy just he was a cartoon care the seemed more real to me I I think that's really well put because I would agree with you. The reason why I thought it was so disturbing was because of simple. You know it's like wow. This actually happened like this sort of upbringing actually happens abusive mom or dad, or the you know your your your parents. Young Age may be have mental issues, so you grew up around it and you develop it yourself and it's like. This actually is very real real like. And I thought and I thought because. The story was about him. He had the steal every scene of everything that he was in every shot. Whereas whereas ledger, it wasn't so much about him. He was just a car. He was playing a part in the overall world. But, this particular movie was all about development from start to finish of why the joker was the joke. You've always said that the dark knight is a bad movie. Except for Ledger, yeah see I go the other way. I think the dark. Knight. The movie is significantly better as a movie than joker. If you WANNA if you WANNA debate performance, if you like walking better than ledger clearly I would listen to that argument to but I think the dark knight was way more fun in a better film. Than Joe Gulf Fun is. I don't think the joker. Out Well. It's not one of those movies where I think you're on the edge of your seat, and it's a psych. You need to see a big theater. No, it definitely works fine at home and. And I know a lot of people that saw nine months ago. told me this always kind of ready for this, but I thought the first half was very slow moving. It clearly picked up at the end I our through my man. This is really slow going here. I'm not I'm not loving the pace here. It picked up. So you kind of flipped the switch a little bit since it's fresh in your mind without spoilers, but who cares you know? How much of a do you think really having? You think he was ever out of the hospital? I don't know I didn't care. I'll really okay, so you know what I'm saying I'm sure I didn't care if if it was all in his mind or none of it was his mind I mean clearly some of it was in his mind. I left with multiple different scenarios in my mind and I'm still unsure of. This. Is you think he imagined most I'm not sure he was ever out of the hospital I. Think the same thing now it starts off stories in the doctor's office and then at the Andes in a different doctor's office, but they're similar. I wonder if imagine the whole thing. I mean it's certainly possible. Is there a sequel planned. I, don't think so. Yeah, Oh, there I mean billion dollars so I mean it's hard to pass A. An opportunity billion dollars. What direction they take that and if there's yeah. Yeah I. Don't know if you get Batman involved because, isn't it? The Guy from? The movies were there where wolves and all that I. Don't think having they're separate, yes. If you could make I. Don't think they'd allow Batman to beginning because they're making a different one right and I be surprised if Batman exists in this jokers well. That's what I was. GonNa bring up his of what you said Hawk I think you're one hundred percent correct like this. The the dark knight was much more of a fantasy comic book. And this is real life. Like. How do you bridge that gap? To make it believable in the joker world. Right where it's more reliable. And again I guess if you have one superheroes, they could live in the real world. It'd be Batman because he's not necessarily a superhero. He's not A. Bunch of wonderful toy, which is, he's always been my favorite comic book character anyways. He's. Always like that man over spider man superman ironman all that garbage. BIKING's news is next leader here this the power of morning Joe. Believers appearance on the fan this morning presented by Douglas Dodge Small Batch Bourbon. The power trip. On the fan the fan. Seven forty five pounds or morning Sean on Monday. June eighth. Since studio. So I, think Corey and myself. We're all here. is is so hard to. Just outside of the White Bear Lake High School gloating about this. Honorary degree. Giving speeches, anybody might come by. Something your afraid to say. then. Yes. Sir Is June. The eighth. Regular year. We'd be looking forward to training camp, just being around the corner. minicamp camp would probably maybe be happening pretty soon, right? Yeah, so we would be, we'd be right. In the middle of OTA's in mini. Camp would be probably officially in about. Two weeks. And then you always usually get the last week off into the fourth of July. And then you check in around the twenty fifth July. I'm GonNa hit this. Time four, Vikings News. presented. Right. Pro Scoring thank you. Very much. Have you heard any updates while I was gone about what is going on down winterpark, the allowed to coaches, and yet or anything like that yet. You by. Their rumors that there. Do they officially let coaches in. Scott and go ahead. What their pictures over the weekend of Kevin's Pantano? It's not winter park, but Kevin Stefanski and the Cleveland Browns they were in their facility in wasn't the rumor that now you're allowed to have a hundred people or less in your team facilities. That was happening. Well I thought that was non. Football, related Oh, so you know I thought like business. The business side of football can have the employees back in, but I feel like the school lines down Egan but no one else. Around and Chris loves this I. Do like those guys a lot? They're good people. They seem nice they are. The NFL, saying, they are projecting to start on time with fans in the stands. Right? Who knows if that happened, but they're saying we're going to have fans in the stands. If, they don't. Let's hypothetical. Let's say they have to start the season empty stadium at least for the time being, but on time on time empty stadium. What is the pre-game look like clearly in the last week or so especially post drew brees. People have been debating. Is everybody going to kneel our players that don't Neo GonNa get singled out is not being a part of the movement like what? What is the NFL's policy going to be? What are we doing with the kneeling? What is the pre-game look like? If it's empty stands. Do we have a national anthem? Do we have? What does what does that process going to be? If there's nobody in the stadium, I I think that the NFL. They would be dumb to go back to pre. What two thousand nine or whatever and have the players in the locker rooms during the national anthem? I think if they if they went back to that. There would be an uproar like I think that they have to do a national anthem. It's it's going to be made for TV. and I think that there's GonNa. Be This this thought that if you wanted to take a knee that the NFL support that, and so I think you're gonNA see more of it You'RE GONNA. See more solidarity and there's GonNa. Be You know there's there's always going to be guys that that just stand and have their hands over their chest, and that's your own personal preference, but I think you're gonNA. See a lot more guys. Relaxed about it a lot. More organizations relaxed about it. Not feel like they're going to get blackballed if they want to silently protest. I think they're going to be allowed to do so I. Guess what I'm asking is. Are we almost GONNA see the opposite right back? In the day? It was a news story when pay these three players were. The three who neil don't think it's going to be an individual. Call out. I think it's going to be maybe mentioned by the broadcasters. That as you can see, there's especially early on. It's GonNa. Be Like as you can see. There's a layer supporting the movement and all those stuff and I don't think anybody's GonNa. Come out against it. But I'm saying, let's say drew brees stands is going to be the opposite from five years ago or whatever when cap started it, and it's Oh drew. BREES is the one not taking a knee. Is it going to be a statement now to not take a knee ninety percent of the players? Possibly and I think that's probably a conversation that every locker rooms going to have to have individually the players get together say. How do we want this to look you know? Even, from A union. Excuse me a union deal when I was a part of the Union. It was the saints game. In we came out. In a show solidarity after the end of the national anthem in all, put her fist in the air, like all both sides to show that were standing in solidarity with the players were against the NFL. That was a conversation that we all had together, and we made a decision I'M GONNA! Guess that's that's GonNa. Be the same thing in every locker all right. Are we all going to be on the knee or all going to be up. Is there a moment where we're going to do something to show our support? I can't imagine that guys are going to be looked at odd if they don't do that now. You know I I. Don't know that's asking interesting to see if there's a reverse reaction there. But I'M GONNA. Guess that there's GonNa be a heavy conversation within the locker room and the team, and that'll get brought up, but guys like drew brees in Jake From and these guys that have been in the news for anything in the last week like they almost half to have cameras in is on. It's going to be whether it whether. Regardless of where they stand on its what Jake Do, what a drew do stand. Did he raise a fast and he put his arm. It's going to be a story and it's going to get annoying, but that's going to be the story for the first handful of weeks if we have some kind of normalcy in the. Yeah, be weird. It's GonNa. Be a nice. It's a good question You Know I. Don't know I guess I. Don't know what they're gonNA do I. Don't know you know. It's like the same thing, but the NBA NHL Major League Baseball. What are they GONNA do? There's no fans in the stands. PRE-GAME WELL NASCAR's had not had. They still do a national anthem usually actually have like a singer from their home. Do it and. Yeah I Assume. National Anthem. They do really. Did Not know that as well so we'll see her. They've probably in the stadium. It'll be probably like made made for TV event, and they will not especially NFL of any late NFL not skip the national anthem or anything like that it'll be. Yeah, no I think it's going to be full on. Like. They always have done just to make it. Look good for TV. I'm I'm curious. Obviously Chris I'm curious like what what is our Rogan? Yeah I mean I mean selfishly, of course. It's like what we do for a living so I I WANNA know I. Know I know they're going to play the game of football and know obviously what their roles are going to be. But what is our role I can. CAN WE BE? There are going to be allowed to be at the stadium. We're GONNA have to do. You have to call it off the TV for radio. I I don't know I would. Unless things change in a major way to have a hard time believing that allow you to be on the sidelines mixing with the players. Well I could see. I mean obviously we're in some sort of face mask and keeping my distance. There is an ass. Cardio the the long. Stick Mike thing. You know standing six feet away F- After. Do Something Hokey like that I? Guess I have to do something like that. And if there's fans in the stands, I think all bets are off because I've been if the fans are. All going to be this if there's no fans in the stands up I, still think. They have to figure out a way to broadcast Oh. Yeah, yeah! Is that baseball at gone with their? Are they one of their plans? As they were going to have the home games at the actual stadiums, I would assume the local radio group would be able to be there. For a home game, will they let us travel with the team and what was? Your brain. We're not even just talking about being in the booth. We're talking about sidelines. Spend Marnie Gilmore's concern for three. Days. Baseball NBA comeback. Do I even have a job even if they're playing games. That's tough because you would think again, even if the players are all following protocol if you have one rogue reporter, who isn't in your infecting players. People are going to get pissed. I. Don't I don't know that make again. We're watching the world. Just go for Right Vegas. Lakers ozarks like. Right, everybody's just saying we're done. We're moving on. But so far major corporations and sports leagues just haven't said we're not willing from a liability perspective to pull that trigger on multimillion dollar athletes and we're not risking it yet. We'll see if that changes by September my My sources say that the the Westwood one for the National Broadcast. They're preparing to call it off a monitors. At least from a national? Maybe they'll be differ for local maybe too old by the time we get. So, what have you heard about that? Then where they put the bring the broadcast crews together in one centralized location in New York there from what I've been told her. There's trying to figure it out, but they're saying that they. They're preparing that. There are the idea is going to be. They will not be able to be in the venues themselves. That's ridiculous. That's. You guys hockey. You're all those booths are. Thousands of feet away, but again I'll say it again. I, think. Are they going to let us on the plane with them? You know I mean. For Away Games I don't know, maybe get a fly commercial. The Aspen Mad I think that'd be that'd be worse would think as long as. Players here and we can't go in the locker room and such. Right That's interesting I. Don't know yeah well. We're obviously going to know a lot more. Because now that these states are opening up Vegas Opening Wisconsin's been open for what a week or two now We're going to see what the trends are, and what the numbers are and like. What really this? The the infection rates going to be I mean that's the crazy thing is. There's been a couple of people in in in and around where I live. That have gotten it like I know one like one of my buddies actually had it. None of his family got You know the way this thing works as so bizarre. We don't really really know we're taking a lot of major precautions. Has It's it's viral and it's a you know obviously microscopic level but why? Why is it that like one guy in a household? I know two people any Dina, that the the DADS got it and nobody else in the family got. Wife didn't get kids didn't get mom. You know it's like what they're in close proximity. Sure, and then they then they end up getting sick. Why is it but yet we? We have to do all these major precautions in these other closed spaces. Like how does the singularly travel around? And how's IT really effective? Well I hear something I. Read Practice Morning, Corey May. We're about to bring this up, but they're thinking that it affects people with blood type, a more than affects people with other blood types. I mean every day that goes by. They're figuring things up, but may be something as as. Specific as the type of blood, you have as to how badly it affects you and then I heard then I heard another rumor and again these are all I. Don't know that feel like they're all kind of rumors. No matter where they come from. Because it's it's also politicized now. It's got some sort of slant or whatever but. They're saying at one point in time. They thought people of Asian descent. We're going to get worse and now they've come to find out because they think that. The viruses mutated a little bit from. China to the United States when it when a hit New York and New Jersey that twenty percent of Asians actually have a gene that fights it better. This new mutated virus better than the rest of the population, so if you are Asian so like my mom's freaked out about this Fisher and and I sent her this link. Whatever I'm like well. There's a twenty percent chance that you actually may have this gene that. You had like the superpower that. Just fights it off faster than anybody else. Not Fair Yeah I want then gene. I duNNo. Mattress bump will. Go Vegas okay. I'll go tomorrow old. Okay not tomorrow. Can wait till were not on the air yeah you. Look great today. Thank you. Eight o'clock hour of the morning show we have headlines to get to later. This is the power tim on. Eight or three? Thanks for tuning in to the powerpoint your wife Committee from Saint Louis Park Minnesota. Jimmy! Been Lever Korea, myself and softening Zach. But there's a guy. In Hospital in. Assam India. He's thirty. Had A big problem been I don't know if you've ever had this problem, but probably He swallowed. Is Phone charging? Court was stuck in his stomach. Doctors being. You know wanting to help. being smart folks are. They checked him out they did find the cord, but here's the thing then. It, wasn't an his stomach. It was in his bladder. So they know, something's up here. How? How how did how the Hell Did. You Swab the court and again in your letter. That doesn't make any sense and he said well. Here's the thing, so I actually. I'm good level with you guys. I shoved it up my research. Skin, He jammed the whole thing up. There If if you're unfamiliar with what the your? Ladies and gentlemen, it's a whole. Technical term your whole. Big. To hear any with. You gotTa have it be. Putting things in their understand when you're older. Here. I understand where he was. It is a fun parlor trick. Is it really yeah because? Because if you leave about, you know I. Don't know six seven inches of at hanging out at this kind of fun. Yeah like charge your phones. I got party party. It's party trick. I like what you're thinking. Yeah, Hey, guys, look at this and you just kind of whip it around. Do. PENIS TASSELS RIGHT RIGHT? on doctor says they were able to safely remove it the guys recovering and his phone charging so good. So Sturdy, Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention? I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story now. So there's a forty one year old gal in London. Back in April. She broke quarantine visit her twenty eight-year-old ex-boyfriends so a forty one year old gal. Year old guy. Vickers. Wow wrong. Curly. So? ex-boyfriends twenty-eight. She shows up at his house with a bottle of wine. Isn't that his? And he says all right fine. Just come in. Then, she made A. Here he he made a huge mistake saying he made a huge mistake probably leading. Somewhat crazy ex girlfriend to the house, but he made an even bigger mistake. Before the bottle of wine that she brought. into tumblers instead of wine, glass. DASS ity you don't pour wine editor tumblers instead of wine glasses. How does the why she was super pissed? She slapped a bunch of times the Yes. Please his roommate with a belt. His roommate. I, got you? So far, this wouldn't be a news story. Though, right, this is just. Tragic. Slaps the guy a bunch of times hits his roommate with a belt, and then she pooped on his doorstep. All Mad. He was found guilty of criminal damage assault. I wonder why he dumped her. Dwight calls the second date. She dumped him. Are. We sure that the slapping and the hitting with the belt and the POOP are related. I don't know I mean. We've all been in that spot where you're like. I've got to go and I've got to go now and I'm mad I'm super angry. I taught myself. And my belts already off because I've been smack can do with it. I'm just GonNa Trout and let her role. Literal Wall. All of it is a very appropriate response for what happened with the wind. Don't don't do that. Put wine in the Tumbler, but you got to be pretty hardcore wine free to care. And I know there's some kind of science between or behind. Wine glasses I i. if you don't care much for why not just put in a class I'll drink it out of tumbler. Opt Out of a frigging Coffee Cup care. It's wine. I'm not one of those smell it i. Say! Sauce doesn't know. I ain't doing it. Drink it. OUT OF ANYTHING Give me shot glass. Shots wine. Who Cares? Sauce I feel like you're the type of guy when you get out of your Tesla Air. Right your red wine. You do seem like yours. I wouldn't care but yeah. The only reason people care as because you need air rate, and that's what the wine glasses, but if you're that big of a Snob, you deserve deb, your deck poop. POOP! Roommate. Though what did he have to loved it? That was part of their Playa del role playing scam. That's what I think, too. It's pretty good. Billy Madison. Mattison you guys don't have any idea. How Big Boy George and Culture Club was at one point I mean they weren't a joke. They were legitimately giant band early these right? Yeah, I mean I can I was thirteen fourteen years old right in there, and they were enormous, maybe a little younger than maybe eleven or twelve, but like Casey Kasem top. Forty countdown on the weekend. It was boy, George and Duran, Duran and men at work just. Getting it. What a great song I want a great voice I mean really. And what a great scene, but. That's the thing I think about. Right, that's ever done here the song I only think about that movie in that same. Sounds like something out of. Saint, Mary Right. This is set up our Monica. I think it's a faker Monica. Did might be a real one hundred a cinch. Monica. Yes. Asia. Thank you? Thank you. CONOR. McGregor announced his retirement from m. m a is that he doesn't have any excitement left for the sport. No, excitement. What I don't like to beat people off anymore. You know somebody, cleanse on your. Door I got. I'm just sick of beaten. Guys off me. What. Do you do now counter now that you're not doing that figure, just you know. I mean. Don't get me wrong from walking down the street. And I'd Guy Jumps on me I'm going to be off me. You know if a guy's on top of your Yadda me. Am I right been. You're one hundred percent right, thank you. Are you going to act? What are you? GonNa do though now? You have an alcohol of some kind, right? I? Believe it's a Tequila, but I can't remember. Maybe it is. Maybe it's whiskey makes more sense. The proper twelve to proper twelve threat is yeah, proper twelve. Okay, which is you know, probably actually prop- before we all exaggerate a little. You know what I'm saying. Would you be like the next Jason Statham could be? I could beat him off me. There's no doubt you. WanNa. Time I pay to see that. I'm going to be the newly singer of Culture Club. It's going to be great. About the cranberry. You really want to hurt me. See I'm auditioning. That's crazy. I do a little bit. I like to watch it I don't. I wouldn't say a follow us so Amanda Nunez Right one again. She beat Felicia. Spencer at UFC to fifty. Some dude, bet a million dollars on Amanda Win and one hundred and sixty six thousand dollars when she did, he won by unanimous decision. William Hill said it was the largest bet ever taken on an m a fight. But I bring up a man Nunez because I saw somebody sportscenter say. She's a legitimate problem for the MMA or for UFC Mutt because there's nobody even close right now to challenging her. And they were saying. If you're an up and comer, you'd almost be dumb. To fighter. because. She's GonNa destroy you and it might push your career back a year or two or three like it might actually derail your career taking a shot now because you. Basically, there's no one that can beat her, so they're saying she's a problem because there's nobody that's GonNa give her a good outclassing the outclassing so many people that there's there's no one. That can get a draw of her and so I. I don't know I. Don't know what you do. Is You know what there's? People have their run. And then somebody comes along certain Ronda Rousey. Let in, absolutely that's exactly right. Brock looked unbeatable. Buster Douglas Right. Mr Douglas Buster Douglas. CONOR McGregor looked unbeatable. Well sauces girlfriend well. Yeah. I'm sorry, casing already official girlfriend, categories or dislike dating I. Don't know, do we have? Are you dating Stacey Right now? Is this friends with benefits this? Thing where we add sauce I think it's an official thing. It's an official food. She thinks that I think so. Have you met her parents? Yeah, direct family, no! Thanks. Right! Knew it. You're on fire. Since. You've met her parents made me giggle more. She's met my. Now what your appearance think of her. Yeah, she's lovely You introduce died yet. Yeah? That, go well. He's like training to be like an iron. Not like the comic book character, but like the running swimming and biking thing, and he's in really good shape and he. Comes running swimming and Viking. Standard Skull Chan for. He's very good at it. Darts away better version of me. But he likes insane. Clown posse so. that. Cancels every, so you're nervous to introduce you to die because you thought. Maybe she's GonNa like diaw. More I think everyone likes does by like day? You guys. Brighter. Watched, joker on Saturday and your life is more disturbing than ours. Now it's funny to see in person though I know. I love watching your mouth. Shake like that. Do. Own. Name Zag. What's last if st nine? Brilliant off the top of your. Stomach. Did you, take the Improv class wants. One of US had to I paid for. Brilliant What about? This what maybe two? Is Woman doing okay today. What's your first name Wilma? I don't know what you lasting finger do. To Hell. was. Before you got it. Played along. I didn't WANNA be. Headlines next. Power, Jim wanting to on the fan. We're back our morning. Show live at eight twenty one June eighth. A hot Monday on a beautiful day in the twin cities. Been Lebron James. And Corey Myself Zach. Congratulations against regulation. Thank you so much. A hidden treasure in the rocky mountains has been found. The creator of the treasure hunt. Tourist thin. made the announcement on his website on Sunday the eighty nine year old antiquities collector. So the treasure had not moved in the ten years since he hit it. But the poem he wrote leading treasure hunter to the precise spot. Clues were placed in eight twenty four line poem published in two thousand ten autobiography, the thrill of the chase. The treasure, consisting of gold, rubies, diamonds and emeralds. Is valued at over a million dollars. And Dude found it. Gets to keep it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's his. The Sky said he wanted people to get out and explore the outdoors. So He. Put a million dollars literally in a treasure chest and hit it, and then gave clues to ten years with somebody found it. But sweet. Be Kind of fun. Super Frustrating not to. I don't know if I would like to stress yeah. I'd probably quit faster themselves. Yeah I'd be the first to quit anytime. The tough gets going I quit. Well, I mean, if step one was. We have to read this poem. Step to we have to actually be nice to fall. You've quit. Right That'd be part of the treasure it's. It's a weird thing. All right here we go. Now? Learns. Today is national best friend's Day. Kansas celebrate that with anyone here. Ben Nicer Best Friend Day. That's awesome. Someone returned a lost wallet a Walmart in British Columbia, candidate with more than five thousand dollars cash inside. Walking around money by, K. in cash wallet I just left Casino again. Or the casino must a good weekend. The casino. Wrong. I'm not smart you lose. That's correct. A new procedure could fix cauliflower ears. The kind that wrestlers in boxers developed with an injection. Wow okay, yeah, there's those those painful to be man. Yeah! I always wear the headgear I did not want our ear. That's not good. Yeah for that news. Good news off! Look it's. It unless unless it's just really really bad I to think that they kind of like it. Oh, yeah, it's like a badge I'm. Sure what was. SCAR. The UFC fighter forrest Gregg I believe is Griffin Griffin Force Griffin Force. Greg, was the head football coach. Yeah. Yeah, he he had cauliflower still, doesn't that? Yeah when it's so bad that it's in. Your your ear hole. That's what I would probably get the, but it's just on the outside. This is a kick, ASS card. Coup a man in Wisconsin got five years in prison after he was arrested for drunk driving for the fifteenth time. The mayor of Oakland Wisconsin called that amateur hour. Direct quo wild. You is. Cool. Robot in the first time. Wild out of nowhere was trying to kill. Was Thinking. That is a wild number. That's a wild story. Joining us on Monday he was. Is it? For God. It's my fault I. Love Kevin I'm sure he's very upset and I'm sorry. This weekend he's waiting on hold. Jovan our to watch a kids movie by himself and windowless van again. Not Windowless van he doesn't have. A guy in candidate was busted for smuggling marijuana into the US by taking a submarine across the Detroit River Alar Stranger. That was the. Opens the hatch. Ships, Goggin. Can't imagine how foster folk would be a submarine. I just couldn't those the twenty thousand leagues under the Sea Ride or whatever? At disneyworld. I'm not a CLAUSTROPHOBIC person. Being underwater submarines are kind of intimidating. Yeah I'm not a huge fan I. Absolutely BIS literally. It is the. Terrified. Corey is in a real submarine. They don't have windows that look out true true. Right Oh cool to. Shoot. A woman in California. Maybe you guess video we're going to. California yelled at a mom for letting her son. Dr. Toy car without a license. I've got your video. Videos craze. Two or three kids sitting in power wheels. And they're driving three miles an hour and this lady's pissed on grass and a park park. Listen to this. Played. Ever saw. Apparently out of my father is admiral. Driver's license he's used to. You're not with them. It's not a real car. I just can't. Again social media is so bad and somebody levels, but I'm so glad when I see stuff like this, so their idiocy has pointed out and you see like. Did you guys read about the I? Forget I can't even remember what he did, but he and his wife didn't know. facebook live was on, and they were just. Just fill Floren, filth. In, words! This about Asians this that and the other just and they had no idea there facebook live was on. But everybody else did. Were yes. Yeah right? Yeah, people are stupid. I know. A police chief in Louisiana announced his own arrest on social media for stealing four thousand dollars of cash. It was supposed to be evidence. Winner often that happens. To some cash around. We recovered. Five hundred. Dollars Evidence why not for my pocket recovered thirty five hundred dollars? For evidence. The Golden Gate Bridge makes a singing noise now after a project to strengthen and stabilize it. You got to hear it. Again you could hear this three miles away. Guys. That's annoying. Yeah, when the wind is really blowing, this is how it sounds. That's awful. Really loud. An alien ship foreign if the wind gets above. Fifty miles per hour. It sounds like this. kind of cool. Yeah. This, rather what happens if the wind gets up to one hundred miles an hour hockey. Shot. Actually believe if it goes under fifty miles an hour. The bus blows up. I think that's how that works. The mathworks drunk and mass had like this one. A drunk guy in Massachusetts broke into a zoo because he wanted to quote. Look