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"zach gawronski" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Battle discount bins away from Zach Gawronski. Draws the penalty. Blackhawks won for three in the game Friday night power play goals and eight of the nine games up to this point. They start to the right hand side of MERS Leekens. Dylan, Strome, Andrew Shop, Patrick Kane, Kubelik and Duncan Keith, The Power play unit out there for Jeremy Collison Kubelik, six points over his last six games, two goals and four assists, but he hasn't scored in five games. So Maybe Tonight's the night we'll see in behind the heart Net. Kevin Lincoln and got the puck after Gabbert coffin, spun it up the left side boards and down Mike and gives the puck to Keith passing ahead. The cane. A behind the back pass across the rink, the Shah jacket line right wing. This is broken up with the pope checked by gabber cough. Sense it back in the Bihac zone came with a pass ahead. Kubelik to Shawn for the jacket line down the right wing. Get off the glass back in the net around the cane beside the left wing circle. That's it back to the left point to Keith down to cane and the left wing circle floats a pass across to the right point now to Strom. Strom entering the right circle, pressured immediately by the jacket's got into Kubelik, right point to keep top of the left circle guns a shot toward the net and murders leak and stopped it but didn't know where it Woz. Pushed out of there by gathering cop Keith now on the deep slot. Let it rip Pat save made here. Strong behind the net, took Kubelik right circle. He shoots that's blocked at the defense. He's got a great point. King closing into the left circle. He shoots man that hit a body Cain got it back in behind the net came to the left circle. Kubelik, a sharp angle shot and murders. Leekens with a scrambling saved. Ends up diving on the pot with the glove to the left of the crease and holding it there. Whistle stopping play 46 seconds on the Hawks. First power play. They got some good chances there. Love the puck movement for.

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