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President, Kim Jong and San Antonio discussed on Michael Berry

Michael Berry

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President, Kim Jong and San Antonio discussed on Michael Berry

"On the west, side of. Town highway one fifty one at Luke four. Ten construction there has the exit ramp blocked off crackle you used, the. New temporary entrance ramp to get onto southbound four ten I'm Zach Babb NewsRadio twelve. Hundred w low a. I from the roofing dot com. Weather center seasonably hot weather expected into the weekend overnight low, drops down to the mid seventies a mainly. Clear sky moving in sunshine and clouds mixed on Friday a high in the upper nineties might meteorologist Mark sibito from the Weather Channel on San. Antonio's, official, weather station NewsRadio twelve hundred w away I Just one day after the proposal came up at work session city council today approved an ordinance that prohibits dog and cat owners from leaving their animals outside without. Shade councilman Manny belie is animal control gets thousands of calls during the hot summer months that dogs are chained in backyards. Or fenced, in areas without any shade violators. Could be fined the pets could be taken away city council now can either vote to approve a law requiring, that all. Private employers in the city provide paid sick. Leave for their full-time employees or place it on the ballot for, the. November election but the issue got plenty of opposition rachana s with the San Antonio. Manufacturers Association says it's not the government's business to tell. Companies how to compensate employees businesses within San Antonio who have, established sickly policies already on the books they. Cannot afford to do this paid sick leave ordinance one company owner said when he was required as a military, contractor, to provide paid sick. Leave Suddenly there were a lot of sick people. In the. Plant Megan Bishop NewsRadio twelve hundred w away I it turns out and training exercise a led to reports of an active shooter at Wright Patterson. Air force base close. To Dayton Ohio today Wright Patterson issued a statement saying there was no active shooting incident and all base personnel are safe as scheduled training was taking place and I know person call nine one one to report an active shooter President. Trump's thinking North Korean leader Kim Jong. UN for returning what's believed to be American m, I a remains from the Korean war in a tweet today the president said Kim kept his word he also said he received a nice letter from the North Korean leader at president added he. Looks forward to seeing him again soon the two leaders held a summit in Singapore in June Defense Bill headed to the president takes a. Big step in cybersecurity the Bill sets up cyber institutes at senior military colleges such as. Texas Senator John Cornyn says they'll, train the next generation of soldiers who will tackle troubling issues like cyber espionage and cyber theft, we know, that, Russia was able to. Use, cyber intrusion to gain access to information that it then us on social media and part. Of their propaganda operation leading up to, the election. In, two thousand sixteen.

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