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"zaari ryan" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

"But low island is very reserved when you compare it to show like ex on the beach so Haley as the resident expert, can you give us a comparison of the UK how the US addition stacks up against the UK edition. As much as in love, the US addition. It doesn't compare to the UK version of show. It's a lot crazier. It's a lot more compelling. I'd say more fighting's a lot more into horsing. Like, I said like you see the intercourse la- gets a lot. It's just very give it doesn't different five. But that's just British shows. Yeah. That's interesting. I think I'm okay with the US version, especially for Bod guesting, but I'm a professional. We'll get through it. So Brian Liz Bonk, I think was more in side. She said, I watched the first episode was bored out of my mind, a get any better. So you the first episode had no further interest. Haley went to ask you I wash all three episodes. And I definitely wanted to keep watching it. What brings you back beyond the first episode? I just truly feel like this show was created for me and for me alone. But also, probably you Allie. It has love it has fighting. It has people from all these other trashy reality shows that I've watched truly cannot be better. I don't have to get reintroduced to peoper introduced to people. So I don't feel like I'm coming to show with like my foot in the door already. Like doesn't have quite as big of a barrier to entry as some other shows. I enjoy the heck out of it. It's fun. It's trash. It's probably worse show on television. Right now. Just kidding heard. The mask singer is on a fish late. So it's not as bad as rapidly. But it's just a fun dumb show that the world's so terrible right now that it's like God just getting some excellent beach of not thinking about my own terrible world right now. I'm thinking about the mistakes these people are making. Yeah. If that's not enough of a pitch tube. Ryan, we'll be pitching throughout the show, and you can dodge. But I will say the first episode of. The reboot of temptation island is available on demand and online USA. So this is. Hollywood for the quickest second ever. I got an advanced greener of temptation. Capacity as a podcast. I guess so you just came to my Email. I watched yet I'm going to. But I was like what the hell how how how did this happen? How are you? Say I'm the wanna watch today. I'm the one who brought it up on air. Where's my screener? Not that I need it. Because I watched it in the way that you make it available to everyone. But. There's nothing that sounds been saying you gotta screener of somebody that seems like the most professional thing in the world. Temptation island. You say anything screener is on to- tation island. Okay. The remote of time teaching island Zaari Ryan. Would you have liked ex on the beach more? If it was presented in a screener would commit my life to any show that semi screeners. That's like the greatest accepted. There are for sure listeners who can make that happen. I can make Molly block make that any. We will own you. The DVD's, and it's like four only Brian Cohen says like on the on the show do not duplicate this for your purposes, only you have me for life. Can I ask you a controversial question? Amy, get the same screener your illustrious co host. I don't think so. But any also doesn't make herself as available as you say. You can probably pretty easily find. My Email address my social insurance number might realize there's a role easier than I like, but you know, you wanna take with the bad and that is people stopping me and beginning murder which hasn't happened yet. Knock on what the Bros. Screaming temptation island. There's a world where I like prank. Is you guys know I pray together. So hard early Ray. There's a world where I pray Brian by sending all of my friends who have even remote ties to like media to send him screeners over and over. And then it tears us apart as podcast co host because I somehow get jealous about it. Even is set it up..

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