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Tribeca Film Festival 2021 Wrap-up Feat I Carry You With Me

Why Watch That Radio

02:05 min | 1 d ago

Tribeca Film Festival 2021 Wrap-up Feat I Carry You With Me

"Critic. What i carry you with me. Oh no that's the name of the movie we're gonna be reviewing don't it djabel. Komiya a may know me go see. Now here's the deal. This is peak. We got a chance to check it out. We being the critic and this is going to come to us in the question is are you really going to go out and you know i don't know but let let us tell you about it and you can make a decision for yourself. Heidi ewing wrote it and she directed at with alan page and it is. I have a feeling a movie that we're going to have to be looking at the bottom of our screen and keeping up you know Meaning subtitles so why reviewing this tell us about it and are we going out now. Well we're reviewing it. Because i got to see this at af. I fast last year new. So now it's time to do the full on review and you know we'll we'll get down to the business of this rather quickly everybody. So here's what's happening in this movie. It's really two distinct time periods. They're separated by many years. And you'll see what that means when you watch this. So there are two main characters yvonne and geraldo and these two are living in mexico and yvonne. He has a young child He has an axe who has the child with wise at the case. Why they together. He's a wonderful father but he comes to meet route dope and heraldo catches his eye. Yes they fall in love now. This is a problem. This is in the ninety s in mexico now. Ronaldo is more out open friends with all kinds of people free on the streets. Is that

Komiya Heidi Ewing Alan Page Yvonne Geraldo Heraldo Mexico Ronaldo
Sue Thorne: The Woman Keeping David Thorne's Case for Innocence Alive

Murder In Alliance

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Sue Thorne: The Woman Keeping David Thorne's Case for Innocence Alive

"This truly could be the rest of david's life. Because as i mentioned david doesn't have a lawyer anymore and he ran out of money and all of his first appeals and he's had a difficult time finding someone pro bono to take his case and that's been a battle in itself because nobody wants to do anything without money. You know russian. That i've learned the hard way outta sight outta mind but he hasn't lost all hope and that's because he's had sue on his side. Davis dog caja. You'd be here. Sue is david longtime advocate and knows more about the case than anyone. I feel pretty confident saying that. She has sent e every document interview. Transcript audio recording. You name it that. She has available in this case including her own reports. So how is he. David's dog did he have him in prison prison. Kerr way to be part of it because these kind of lifestyle real central so he would just kind of buddy after the guys who had dodged for the dog program so that he can hang out with the dog today. Sue is more than david's advocate. She's also his wife. They got married in two thousand eight and she goes by sue glass thorn now but before she got involved in david's case she was a family friend remember. She worked at the post office and was friends with david grandparent's and she couldn't believe what had happened to david guy. I knew that came into the post office that true hanaway and granddaughter time and you just license guy ever. I thought no. This can't be in her gut. She just believed in his innocence. She didn't know his supposed accomplice. Joe wilkes the young friend who told police. David had hired him to kill yvonne for three hundred dollars so nathan. I can't understand. there's got to be more. And when she started doing her own digging she did find more.

David SUE Bono Sue Glass David Grandparent Davis Kerr David Guy Hanaway Buddy Joe Wilkes Yvonne Nathan
WTF is The Beauty Sandwich?

Breaking Beauty Podcast

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WTF is The Beauty Sandwich?

"Welcome to breaking beauty. Podcast yvonne first things. First w t f as a beauty sandwich. I have to now suits the perfect beauty bites. It is carb free filled with collagen elastic. And all the things that make you tight and right so I developed pd sandwich. Have been in the beauty industry for over twenty years now as a makeup artist worked in. You know for a lot of the top cosmetic companies as global spokesperson. And when i started in cosmetic dermatology. I really saw a need or you know. There is really not a true noninvasive. Unitive to the botox fillers the lasers at the time. When i when i made the switch a lot of my my clients that were models that i did their makeup. They're like what do you mean. There's no treatment i can do and you know. Be more camera ready you know. I'm not ready for botox and the models weren't the only ones. So you know joint very prominent practice in south florida and that was also what i kept hearing from from sixty women a day. Sixty to seventy women would come in. They'd say you know. I'm here for botox. But i'm terrified. So that's the beauty sandwich is it's a noninvasive. All natural alternative to bow talks fillers and okay and so that's what you mean by the sandwich there's show attack yes it stocked like a sandwich. I stack radiofrequency like a sandwich. So it uses three different types of radio frequency technology to help build collagen alaskan firm titan and lift the appearance official contours and also help with wrinkle reduction.

Yvonne South Florida
Who Killed Yvonne Layne?

Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan

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Who Killed Yvonne Layne?

"April first. One thousand nine hundred nine twenty. Six year old of on lane was found with her throat. Slashed dead in her home in alliance. Ohio twenty six year old. Yvonne lane a beautiful vivacious woman rebound in a pool of her own blood. Her throat slashed. While her children's slap she was discovered by her mother who had arrived to take her six year old grandchild to kindergarten of was a mother to five kids. David thorne was the father of one of the children although he and a von. We're not together anymore. The murder of a mother of five in her own home stunt the small town of alliance ohio. David had recently been ordered to pay child support and in his confession. Joe said that he was hired by david thorne to kill von so we didn't have to pay the father of one of the children. The motive child support thorne was ordered to pay to the untrained listener. This seems like a pretty clear cut case someone confessing in a good motive but when you start digging and talking to people and going through documents the more complicated things get and it seems like everyone around. A yvonne had a motive to kill her. I i came across the case on the website injustice anywhere which has since become a staple for my research into lesser known conviction cases for my other podcast unjust unsolved. I covered an episode a week telling the stories of people who believed were wrongfully convicted. David was one of them. One of the incredible things to me about. David's case is that it actually unknown there had been other media coverage before the attack grabbed headlines as police hunt for a killer. Dwayne poelman who you just heard in. The previous clips is an investigative journalist. Who looked into the case for three years and at the center of his investigation. Very serious question. Did the system convict the wrong man. However that was over a decade ago. And there's been no movement since i said in david's episode of unjust unsolved that this case deserves its own long-form investigation nachos twenty minutes or forty minutes. So here we are.

Yvonne Lane David Thorne David Thorne Ohio Yvonne JOE Dwayne Poelman
Epic Games, Apple Close Out Final Day of Courtroom Battle Over Monopoly Claims

Bloomberg Law

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Epic Games, Apple Close Out Final Day of Courtroom Battle Over Monopoly Claims

"Pitches to a federal judge. After a three week trial. Epic Ass Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers to curb the marketplace of the APP store while the iPhone make her asked her to leave its marketplace for two million APS undisturbed. Big suit Apple in August after the iPhone maker remove fortnight from its APP store because the gaming company created a work around so it wouldn't have to continue paying a 30% fee on customers in APP purchases. Joining me is antitrust

Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers App Store Apple
Tim Cook's Bad Day in Epic vs Apple

The Vergecast

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Tim Cook's Bad Day in Epic vs Apple

"All about the apple versus epic trial epic versus apple. It's i i was safe backwards. Epic versus apple epics the planet literally the testimony portion of the trial wrapped up minutes ago from you and i are talking. There is sort of fake version of closing arguments on monday where both layers are. Just gonna get asked questions. Bu the judge from what. I understand which is probably going to be way more fun than normal closing arguments probably way more fun also the term. Everyone is using for that. Closing argument is a hot tub ing which is very funny. Laporta will be in the courtroom for the hot tub ing but the actual testimony all the witnesses on the stand all the presentations of evidence wrapped up today. This week saw phil schiller craig. Federici tim cook on the stand. There's a lot to talk about their but wish to start with what just happened. Because the absolute end of the testimony portion of the trial with tim cook on the stand was fireworks. It just went sideways. There was very boring for a week. Lots of experts that we're not even talking about because they were so boring and then the judge kind of just in the tim cook. What happened at he. Yeah so you. A judge yvonne gonzalez rogers who is gonna be writing the opinion on the case and who occasionally interjects with some usually pretty interesting but very short questions. They more or less finished examining tim cook. And then judge rogers two steps in with a question and she's like okay. Well it seems like most of the revenue in the app store comes from games. So what's wrong with telling people that they can go and making purchases elsewhere. And then that just kicks off this ten minute long discussion where she and tim cook this like surprisingly testy exchange over whether it makes sense that once apple put like once a developer put something in the store apple brings enough value that it should get a cut of like whatever happens in that out forever. Yeah and to me. This is kind of the central question at the heart of this. Trial is who is in control of your phone in apple's answer kind of nakedly. Throughout his win we are in control of your phone

Apple Tim Cook Phil Schiller Craig Federici Tim Cook Laporta Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers Judge Rogers App Store
Environmental Concerns Arise Over Energy Needed To Mine Bitcoin

Environment: NPR

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Environmental Concerns Arise Over Energy Needed To Mine Bitcoin

"Making or mining. Bitcoin requires a lot of energy which can mean burning more fossil fuels now at the same time states are making a push for clean energy. So does something here have to give. Here's von golden from member station w. skg in new york's finger lakes about one hundred. People are walking down the shoulder of a highway overlooking seneca lake. They're heading down to the greenwich generation. Power plant the natural gas-fired facility generates some electricity. Oh what's gotten. The attention of. The activists is their generation of bitcoin. They're protesting today. Because greenwich is looking to expand. Its bitcoin mining. That would probably mean burning. More natural gas emitting more greenhouse gases. Yvonne taylor is vice. President of seneca lake guardian and is leading the opposition to greenwich. We simply cannot allow this ludicrous scheme of burning fossil fuels to make fake money in the midst of climate generating or mining. Cryptocurrency is complicated. there's no actual mining the gist. Is that a whole lot of computers. Do a whole lot of calculations to create digital currency that requires a ton of energy which can mean burning more fossil fuels. And that's the case with greenwich. The plant isn't always producing electricity for the grid so a few years ago. They figured out they could make a profit by using excess power to mind bitcoin. Dale irwin manages. The plant came up to that. It was a very good business solution for irwin. Won't say exactly how much more the plant will emit with its expansion. Only that it'll be in compliance with its

SKG Yvonne Taylor Seneca Lake Guardian Seneca Lake Greenwich New York Dale Irwin Irwin
Down to Brash Tax: Colombias Protests Grow

The Economist: The Intelligence

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Down to Brash Tax: Colombias Protests Grow

"Protests in columbia continued overnight after more than a week of clashes rioters looted shops burned buses and police stations and blocked major roads leading to shortages of medicines and groceries in cali colombia's third largest city. The government has responded violently. Deploying the army against them. Dozens of people are dead or missing. Hundreds more have been injured president. Yvonne duquet has said he will listen to the protesters concerns but their fury with him seems only to be growing and gustavo. Petro a hard left senator. Who's leading polls to be mr duquet successor. In next year's election is encouraging people to demonstrate. Thousands have come up to the streets in opposition to tax reform. Bill that the government to congress and mid april that's what triggered the protests. Mariana polo about for the economist. But as of last few days they've come to include a broader set of shoes mostly about the economy. But there's also a lot of resentment against president of on duke will. Let's start with tax reform. That kicked things off what was in that. Legislation sought to increase tax revenue for the government. So what would have done a lot of things that economists have long pleaded the government to do for example it would remove many vat exemptions which mostly benefit the rich it would increase the number of people paying income tax. It would have even taxed pensions which aren't tax right now. In columbia

Yvonne Duquet Mr Duquet Mariana Polo Cali Colombia Gustavo Petro Columbia Army Government Congress Bill
Apple, Epic Games' Antitrust Trial to Begin Monday

Daily Tech News Show

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Apple, Epic Games' Antitrust Trial to Begin Monday

"Of apple versus epic games. We've been talking about it. All year finally begins monday monday. Monday third presided over by judge. Yvonne gonzalez rogers of the united states district court for the northern district of california. The case was brought by epoch after it tried to offer an alternative way of paying for in game purchases in fortnight earlier this year apple removed the game from the app store. The case will evaluate whether the sherman act's definition of a monopoly in the united states applies to an operating systems app store. Epic would like the right to offer. Its own app store on us as well as also be able to offer alternative payment methods within its apps distributed through. Apple's app store if epic. Were to win this case that would lead developers offer their own in app payment systems and possibly force apple to allow side loaded apps or even alternative app stores now in the case. Here's some of the arguments to be on the lookout for apple's going to argue that competition is and should be among devices not within the os and apple's going to argue that. The app store is an integral part of its operating system and that changing that would make the device worse which is not the aim of antitrust law and that making it offer alternate app stores would be like forcing it to sell iphones with chips other than its own a series or something like that epochs going to point to the mac which has an app store but also allows for other ways of buying and selling software and say. Why is it so integral on the phone and not integral on your laptop. Apple's going to point to game consoles like the playstation and the xbox which have a thirty percent commission and don't offer alternate stores and say that's the industry standard. We're just doing what they do.

App Store Apple Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers United States District Court California United States
Health Literacy and Improving the Health Care Sytem With Tamvoes

Fading Memories: Alzheimer's Caregiver Support

02:18 min | 2 months ago

Health Literacy and Improving the Health Care Sytem With Tamvoes

"The podcast. I have rukia and madison. They are from a platform called tam booze and they're here to discuss what it is why we should pay attention to it and all the exciting things that are coming up soon. Thanks for joining me guys. Thanks for having. You're welcome so. These guys are in canada for my canadian listeners. I have a lot in california and you have a lot in canada as well. So how where would you like to start. The history of how taboos came about is probably a good place to start out. Go for madison. My name is madison. I'm one of the co founders of taboos. And i'm actually university students so from my perspective i i'm in health however i've never really dealt myself with An illness a chronic illness acute illness. Anything in between. I did have the pleasure of working alongside to individual Who really inspired the story behind. Tampa us And their their names are tina jamming and yvonne deduce which really makes up the name. Tam bruce And the reasoning behind the story. They really had such struggles within the healthcare system Tina struggled with honor. Cancer almonds will congestive heart failure and The difficulties that i watched them go through in terms of communicating with their family members About the difficulties that they were having information they were being tossed from one healthcare provider to the next one hospital to another really takes a toll on not only your mental halls to have to continually repeat your story over and over again But also your physical health in your family members as well who were kind of china Journey than so. That is really the idea behind him. Loses to help individuals going through similar situations And giving them the tools that they need in order to communicate better with their family members as well with their professional team that being the healthcare providers almond Eliminating that repetition where you're continually having to go through this whole on a depressing story of where where you are now in how you got to where you

Madison Chronic Illness Acute Illness Rukia Tina Jamming Yvonne Deduce Tam Bruce Canada California Congestive Heart Failure Tampa Tina Cancer China
Attendance Will Be Limited at the Epic v. Apple Case

Mac OS Ken

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Attendance Will Be Limited at the Epic v. Apple Case

"The epic epic via apple case goes a little over a month and by order of the judge. The court will not be packed. Macrumors says u s district judge yvonne gonzalez rogers will limit attendance due to the dreaded disease that said she still wants person trial not one. That goes zoom. According to the report she believes that the case is significant enough that the court should hear it in person. She has also said in the past that apple and epic games. Witnesses in the case will be less likely to lie when sworn in in physical courtroom. That said it won't be like past cases according to macrumors again at a games and apple will be limited to six people in the courtroom at a time and the press on the public will not be able to attend in person but live audio will be provided old testifying. Witnesses will be given a clear masks so the judge is able to clearly see responses and legal teams will be able to wear cordless microphones to make them easy to hear. Also lawyers for each side may be able to use rooms not in using the courthouse for meetings. That's not certain though so. She suggested they rent office. Space across the street in case they need at

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers Apple Macrumors
Health Experts Fear COVID-19 Surge as States Lift Restrictions

World News This Week

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Health Experts Fear COVID-19 Surge as States Lift Restrictions

"To growing evidence. The uk very could also be deadlier still twenty states moving to lift restrictions in the last two weeks oklahoma to drop its remaining mask requirement texas after lifting. Its statewide mask. Mandate suing the city of for keeping the mask rule in place but health officials urging restraint but despite caution from health officials the cdc's guidelines for fully vaccinated. Americans are allowing for some big first steps. Abc's andrew denver has more americans eager to restart their lives inch closer to normalcy. The cdc issuing new guidelines for people who are fully vaccinated suggesting americans who have received the full dose if covid nineteen vaccines can get together indoors in small groups with family and friends without masks or social distancing. They say if grandparents are fully vaccinated they can visit an even hug family members who aren't vaccinated as long as no one is high risk. The cdc is still advising against travel. Abc sherry preston breaks down the guidelines with one health expert. Cdc says fully vaccinated people can visit with other fully vaccinated people and healthy unvaccinated people as well however doctors are still warning against unnecessary travel for now infectious disease expert dr yvonne maldonado with more on why we are still concerned about variants that may be occurring around the world and we don't want to bring those home we already have enough here and we want to keep the transmission down as low as possible when you're out in public the guidelines still hold. Keep the masks on and socially distance again to keep transmission as low lowest possible sherry preston. Abc news abc's. George

CDC Andrew Denver ABC Sherry Preston Oklahoma UK Texas Dr Yvonne Maldonado Infectious Disease George
Can Men Express Emotion

Say What Needs Saying

05:47 min | 4 months ago

Can Men Express Emotion

"Back to say what needs sank. Zach now brandon and today. We are here with ben and jason from the threads. Podcast life unfiltered ben jason. Thanks for joining us guys. Thanks for the opportunity us. Thank you so much. This is kind of weird for us because usually wearing your seat and we're in viewing the guests we just got done with the podcast legit. I'm gonna tell you right now. Legit i cried because the lady prayed for us. We're we're christians and churches been shitty right now because of covid and i don't know it was amazing like literally five minutes ago ben in our bolts gearing up or like holy shit. We got a report on somebody. Else's i know and ben ben has ever been on anyone else's podcasts. Have you yes. Oh you have who eric sane. I'll that one doesn't count. He was he we were. We were on his show as paid sponsor through. That's right but anyways i've been on a few shows But never been in is duo. So i'm excited for this here. For the dynamic duo experience yes you got it so so yeah we. We've been recently. We've been bringing on some podcasters to to talk about issues that are important to them to say what needs saying to talk about the things that are often ignored in not talked about. So we we want to bring this platform to people where people feel comfortable talking about whatever it is that they need to say and not feel afraid of being condemned for their thoughts or their views or what they are deciding to talk about. You know things like that and so we get into some of these sensitive subjects and source objects. That people don't like talking about so. I want you guys to kind of bring us into speed immigrants. So what we're going to be focusing on. Today's men suck taking care of their mental health. A let it slide. And they look after their families if they're married or they look after their significant others or whatever the case may be men for whatever reason by nature are horrible when it comes to taking care of their mental health. And what do i mean by mental health. I would say the thoughts that go on in their head about who they are what their role is in the world That they may be carrying around with them. Perhaps there's even some depression all these things. Doubts fears anxieties tuition. We live in a world. That's that men are just supposed to suck it up and show up and make it happen and never deal with that stuff. And i'm fed up about it. You know yeah. I completely agree. I mean there's so many times where these the my community. I hear a lot of people say you know. Just people like people express their you know their perspective as means now and i saw one. That says a personal say. I'm good until they're in a dark place a depression. But are you are you okay. I'm good no matter what it is you know. You said you're not supposed to be crying. Your man are you out of your mind. What type of hostile. What level of hostility mrs harbor. Or you know what level of detriment comes from harboring this level of emotional expressionist being. What's your jason. Yeah i mean. I have to. You know i saw brandon. Real quick and brandon is black. And so i know in the black community. Mental health is worse in the community. So that being said. I'm kind of flip the question on you. Have you experienced that a little bit member. We're we're fellow podcast sir. So we're gonna flip it and you experienced that kind in. Do you feel like it's like that and in the black community. I'll give you this. I recently because this valentine's day coming up this sunday. yup. I saw post that Why are men now. This is from the communities from other african americans or other black they said why are men nachos yvonne times day is for women and i quote that this gay that is specifically for women and that term alienates any feminine or even you know quote unquote especially your insider liking hours of wanting chocolate or one. You can care for wanting a gift on the day. They express his love for a couple chastised to have this. Like you know. I'm about to get a gift for the first time from ivonne signs. They should i not. Should you take more money in the flowers back. There's always the joke to the serious side of really such a pivotal point because it affects. How people even correlate love and responsibility to their kids and to their why into their spouse and men not even being emotionally available for me to be you know. Do they even get so point of marriage or are they even able to sustain a real relationship with their kids so you can follow us really. Show love to the show. A love should look like you know what i mean. I think. I think they can show love to their daughters. They struggled showing love to their son's. Yes just because all. You're a man your boy. You're not so sure. Show those feelings going back to the gift of valentine's i mean yeah. Do i want flowers for my wife. I wouldn't be like oh this. Is you know you had said like. Oh this is gay which is bad to say anyways. But i wouldn't say that. I wouldn't be like oh that's weird but it wouldn't be like uncomfortable for me.

Ben Jason Ben Ben Brandon BEN Jason Zach Mrs Harbor Depression Eric Yvonne Times Valentine Ivonne
Did Bill Gates Seriously Short TSLA Stock

Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

05:37 min | 4 months ago

Did Bill Gates Seriously Short TSLA Stock

"Robbed our here and today we're going to be talking about bill gates response to on musk's claims the oregon podcast a couple of weeks. Back that get heard. That bill gates had been shorting stock. We've also got some news on the broader electric vehicle automotive market an interesting response from yvonne on an article from the washington post. And of course. We've gotta talk about tesla stock. It's about wild couple of days. We had the interview yesterday with alex rotter so we didn't get a chance to talk about it. But of course yesterday. Tuesday february twenty. Third tesla dropped to a low of six hundred nineteen dollars per share. That was down more than thirteen percent from the prior. Close then of course. We saw us swift recovery in the market. And from tesla tesla finishing down just two percent yesterday on the biggest volume day that we've seen in over a month and a half with sixty six million shares trading hands yesterday. So i talked about on monday and we briefly talked about yesterday in the interview as well. A lot of this is tied to expectation on interest rates. So yesterday fed chairman. Jerome powell made comments to congress. Indicating the current monetary policy is expected to continue for some time as economic uncertainty remains so not to get too deep into that. We've talked about that. Of course in the past but as far as tussles yesterday certainly was not isolated to tesla. Those sort of concerns were broadly extended to high growth. Stocks tussle obviously falls in that category. And i think the volatility there serves as a nice quarterly reminder that you have to be very very careful with stop losses on a volatile stock like tussle as for today tesla continue to rebound finishing up six point two percent to seven hundred and forty dollars two cents. That compared to the nasdaq up one percent. All right so i up today. I want to continue a conversation that we began a couple of weeks back after yvonne. Musk went on joe. Rogan's podcast for the third time and said that he had heard from people he believes would know that bill gates had shorted tesla. Yvonne brought that up in response to a question from joe rogan on the tesla semi citing that bill gates in a blog. Post a few months back had said that eighteen wheel electric semi is probably would never work so allen's claim here understand. We drawing a lot of attention not the first time something like this has happened between musk and gates last year. He did by his first electric vehicle. The porsche ticon. Which at the time. Maybe it wasn't so clear why he didn't by ordering vehicle up until that point. Well now we might have a better answer for that. But he talked about the decision in an interview with marquez brownlee and it seemed to be a relatively tepid endorsement of electric vehicles gatesville right up ranging anxiety as a problem and elon. Musk responded to that interview. Not necessarily gives purchase of tycoon but those comments in general by saying that quote my conversations with gates have been underwhelming to be honest and so that catches us up to today and then we have launched claiming that he heard gates which tesla now in the last week. We've had both cnbc and bloomberg asked gates directly about that claim. I think gates tone is important these responses so i will play the actual clip. The i wanna hear from andrew. Ross sorkin cnbc asking gates so so you're not sure tesla's stock were clear. Yeah i'm not. I don't talk about my investment. But i think he should be very proud of what he's done. Okay so technically there. He did say yeah. I'm not but it sounded like he was more starting a sentence of saying yeah. I'm not going to talk about my investments not yet. I'm not sure tesla because he interrupts himself and says i don't want to talk about my investments so to me. That's a no comment. Rather than a denial. What's interesting here is his reason saying he doesn't wanna talk about his investments but in the exact same interview. He talks about his investments multiple times. He says quote when i invested in impossible foods or beyond me or quantum scape. I was doing that just to help their own climate. Now it looks like those three will be very successful companies. And so i'll have more money to put into the tough areas a climate like cement and steel and quote. Okay so he says he doesn't want to talk about his investments but then he in response to another question talks about his investments in impossible foods beyond me quantum scape and then how does investments are doing and that i'll have more money to then go on an invest in other stuff. I mean how much more could you talk about your investments. And he uses the first person tense. You're saying i invested. He's asked about bitcoin and he says quote. I don't own bitcoin. I'm not short bitcoin. So i've taken a neutral view and quote so for bitcoin. Perfectly fine to say i'm not short bitcoin. Same question for tesla. oh. I don't want to talk about my investments that we just spent a bunch of time talking about. If you're not going to answer the question at least come up with a better non answer. That doesn't immediately contradict yourself. He has to have known that he'll be asked about that and yet seems completely content guard answer so that was last week if there was any doubt left after that because he did start off. By saying yeah. I'm not before interrupting himself as we said. Here's gates on bloomberg yesterday so we had five days to think about this answering the same question from emily. Chang yuan has in the past claimed you shorted tesla and i wonder if there's any truth to that Well you know i think. Test us on amazed seen company I wish you know own. Been more on the long side. But i it's it's great And you know i have. Lots of relatives won't tassels Helped by for them. So you know nothing. But positive thoughts about tesla role. Okay so if the answer to the cnbc question was a bit of a flood. There was a clear opportunity to just say. Hey i'm not sure. Tesla was jor tesla and again gates passes and he sure doesn't look comfortable to me answering the question. Belief is that it looks pretty clear. That bill gates was short. Tesla who knows if he's still is it'd be surprised but come on. How are you going to be all about climate change and then short the one company that's doing more than any other company on earth to combat it. If you don't think it's a good investment you think it's overvalued you can just not invest in it. No one has any problem with that but too short it push the stock price down. Make it more difficult for tesla to raise capital. That's something else entirely.

Tesla Bill Gates Gates Alex Rotter Tesla Tesla Jerome Powell Musk Yvonne Ticon Marquez Brownlee Ross Sorkin The Washington Post Joe Rogan Rogan
Greg Elfrink - How To Create And Sell Your Own Media Empire

The Hustle & Flowchart Podcast

07:37 min | 4 months ago

Greg Elfrink - How To Create And Sell Your Own Media Empire

"So when you're when you're seeing someone 'biocyte. I'm kind of curious because he's probably pointed to the seller. Sometimes it's a more of an advance or sorry. The buyer felt like an fbi site because they see the opportunity. Someone did all the hard work of creating the website finding the products. Maybe figuring out what's working what's selling what's not like. What are some things that you're seeing sellers do with a website that on empire flippers. Like are there certain things that they're looking for. Is it like that. where they're like. Oh they did all the work for me. I'm gonna pay for that because they can saved me years of work in heartache to figure all this out like can you know prep yourself for that in a way as a seller. Yeah you're asking. What can i do to help. A buyer seed at their web site. Is that shortcut. Yeah that in the motivations of a buyer yes so they can kind of sync up in the right spot and you know get the valuation yet. This is a very good question. Because i i always Both buyers and sellers so if you ask a seller like why are you selling your business like almost one hundred percent. The fans like i want money vic big vol but that's usually not the real answer right there. That's the superficial answer. Then you dig deeper. They're like oh. I want to do other projects and like okay. Let's dig deeper. You peeling back the onion a bit. eventually filed like. Well i want to focus on other projects. Take less than my time. Because i'm moving to this new house and selling this Business allows me to make this down baby in the house for my new family. And now you're getting to the emotional reason right. So whenever a talk to buyers and sellers say dig deep find out who the buyer seller is copywriting. One we all do like everyone listening to this podcast of the market price familiar with copywriting right but for some reason when you go to buy or sell busy like take the copywriting Just like throw it in the trash like. I don't need that anymore. Businesses success but like the buyer seller. Is your customer right like that is your customer. You need to think about their own motivation. So when it comes through selling thinking about a buyer we recommend Or at least i recommend the seller jagger our buyer persona content. So there's about six of them and they all very different motivations for example a newbie norm. If you've you know you're seller dealing with someone who is a newbie norm. Someone's brand new to the space like that doesn't necessarily mean they don't have business document or money they're just new to online business acquisition. They're probably going not have as much confidence. And so you're going to have to hold their hand a little bit more and that's okay For the seller. Payoff like yes. You might have to hold their hand a little bit more but when you give them a quality business you might have. Effectively changed their entire trajectory of their life in a positive way. Because like maybe knows just starting out and that's always going to be the biggest pool buyers talking to because there's always more people coming in right versus say like a investor yvonne who that would be more of your brand aggregate or someone who's raised millions of dollars to acquire businesses. Obviously their motivations going to be a lot different. And if you're a seller like say you're a amazon. Fda entrepreneurs does example works really well with And you have a one product business. So one hundred percent revenue comes from a single ecommerce product on amazon. Most buyers don't like that look at that and they're like darris seems soup. Exactly right like whoa. Because it's a two hundred thousand dollars of single skew like But an investor ivan. Not risky at all to them. They don't care. They'll buy one product businesses all day long because they raise millions of dollars. A your five hundred thousand dollar eight hundred thousand dollar. Even three million dollar one product business one hundred k. to them as long as it meets their other strict criteria cousin to them is not as risky. Because of all acquisitions are doing right. So this is these are important things to know as a seller going into who am i dealing with For things you can do before you ever sell is ask yourself like would i buy this business like just be honest with yourself would i like. Does this seem like a good deal. Why why does it seem like good deal. You start interrogating yourself. And if you're really honest with yourself There will probably be some answers. The actually seems like not a good deal away. Now i know. How do i fix it. Like how do i make this a good deal for myself right so you always like sellers are obsessed with evaluation for obvious reasons. There's a second. Part of selling a business called attractiveness so some sellers they'll be like Like say you're running this huge media site this You know michigan. Thirty thousand dollars a month affiliates. I and you have this bad ass team writers. Va's as all this all these systems and processes set up in the first thing the so as things like andrei increase my valuation by firing. My old team get rid of that expense. That's valuation boost right. But then the buyer cousin sees all the work that has to be done to maintain this business. He sees you working seventy hours a week. He's just going to discount. You're like hey. I'm going to eat iot. I'm going to hire a team. So i need this for a lower price because the net profit is going to be lower right so you almost get like no benefit for doing that. I always tell sellers like yes valuations imporant that think about. How can i make this business attractive as well. Now right now would you. Would you recommend people go and start a site from scratchers now. A good time to go. Try to find like a site that needs a little bit of love by the site. Flip it and make your multiple. Like what sort of path are you kind of recommending people. Go down if they want to get into this world. Yes so if you're just starting out. I probably wouldn't recommend buying I think it's good to get your feet wet with building. That is a long game. So you don't you don't need to build something until it's profitable. You should be building something to where you're comfortable with the system. So that's the important thing i always like. If you wanna go fast always recommend buying something and if you have some skills. I think it's really good to buy something. That doesn't look great on the outside or even on the inside right like you want to buy other people's problems it's very similar to real estate investing right like if you if i buy a house. That only has like cosmetic issues and smells terrible. No one wants to go in it right. I basically get the smell of discount by the south thirty thousand dollars. I painted to cover smell or whatever and now it's worse as sixty eighty thousand dollars. I just built all this equity for very little right so you. When you're buying it online business you want to look at it in the same way especially once you have skills now if your brand new buying online business. I probably wouldn't recommend buying too many problems because he probably don't have solve them if you're brand new to buy dot go like get this amazing deal because there's a site with us google penalty that's been banned from all its affiliate programs. Like you know you don't want to hunt for like the deal. You're almost always going to be better off buying a high quality business for fair value. Like that's always going to be better at least until you get some skills then you can look at doing this like discount. I call it by business. A discount right. You're looking for these problem of businesses problems like But that's what i recommend. So you wanna go fast. Buying is one hundred percent way faster than building because you already have all the data and you can do all this. Low hanging fruit stuff like cro on page optimization new content taking advantage of the high domain rating on the website. Right all of. You can't do your first starting out site ray like if you put The split testing software. Vw show up on your your ten page affiliates. I was one visitor. Burma like you're not going to change. You know you don't have a lot to work with yet. so

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Colombia Grants Legal Status to 1.7 Million Venezuelan Migrants

Marketplace Morning Report with David Brancaccio

02:00 min | 4 months ago

Colombia Grants Legal Status to 1.7 Million Venezuelan Migrants

"Has granted legal status to almost one million undocumented. Venezuelan migrants a move. The head of the united nations refugee agency has described as historic at a joint news conference with the colombian president. The u n high commissioner for refugees. Filipo 'grande said the move was the most important humanitarian gesture in the region in nearly four decades protection. Temporal the temporary protected status will make a crucial difference in their undocumented lives it will also allow them to fully participate in colombian society. This decision now. Means those who fled an economic crisis in venezuela will be able to work and seek permanent residency rennie venezuelan migrant working as delivery driver in columbia is thankful for the change donald. What a lack of documents being here illegally. We're not taken into account when it comes to work things like that and coming here at least for me. I've come for work. And if i'm given opportunity it would be a great home. Columbia's president evonne duquet has also appealed for better international support with the situation and reversed a policy barring undocumented venezuelans from participating in his country's upcoming cove nineteen vaccination. Drive the bbc's will leonardo has more estimated to be one point seven million venezuelans in columbia free moments. Two million do not have legal status the economic and social collapse in venezuela pushing the migrants to cross the border show few signs of improvement speaking alongside the un's refugee chief. President yvonne duke. The new temporary status lasting ten years allow the government to identify those living in columbia. Now able to work and eventually seek permanent residency. The huge influx of migrants is strained public services. President duquet sparked controversy in december by government wouldn't include undocumented venezuelans in his corona virus vaccination program that led his venezuelan counterpart nicolas madura to describe him as a nazi. That's the bbc's will leonardo reporting there

Filipo Evonne Duquet Venezuela Columbia Grande United Nations Rennie Donald Trump Yvonne Duke Leonardo BBC President Duquet UN Nicolas Madura
City of Dallas partners with Methodist Dallas Medical Center for COVID-19 vaccine distribution

News and Information with Dave Williams and Amy Chodroff

00:35 sec | 4 months ago

City of Dallas partners with Methodist Dallas Medical Center for COVID-19 vaccine distribution

"City of Dallas and Methodist Hospital in Oak Cliff for teaming up to vaccinate eligible North Texans. Dallas is splitting its weekly shipment of vaccine doses between the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center and Methodist Hospital, which is now administering the shots. Mayor Eric Johnson says the partnership with Methodist is a good fit. They had the expertise Emergency management coordinator Rock Yvonne's dressing that all sites or pulling names from the Dallas County registration website. If they're not on that list, there's no way for us to schedule an applause. Had been for them, according to Mayor Johnson, Things are running smoothly at both Kay Bailey

Methodist Hospital North Texans Kay Bailey Hutchison Conventio Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson Oak Cliff Rock Yvonne Dallas County Mayor Johnson Kay Bailey
"yvonne  " Discussed on Women Making Waves Podcast

Women Making Waves Podcast

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"yvonne " Discussed on Women Making Waves Podcast

"Are you able to continue these walks in during this terrible time. We're having how does that work count. The walls have been growing radio. Weather sings mark so we did one just before dome involved and then the coop walks and we have to stop them because of the lockdown. So what we started. We re stopped during the august time so afraid from london did a group walk for family reunion and we have always in the end of all this and then the teacher came in on the cicero. Repeat it came in. So what i did for the national get outside the event as a guitar side. M champion with ordnance survey. I decided. i'm gonna go ahead and With the group walk of life. This is my second year really want to get off with their so lead is conducted. The rangers very supportive always working partnership dp district rangers. And we decided we're going to have five groups of six and it work so we had a ranger and about markelle leading a group of force of four four participant in each group. Some volunteer ranger somewhere. You know paid ranges and it work. And i'm in the group with another champion then toward the champion. They're the group and bama and it was one of the best event has done. Despite the circumstances it was a lovely sunny day so there are things that may indicate people from eighteen out. Our some people decided not coming because thought but we can still out as long as we need to the guidelines uninsured that we are social distancing and everything that is required of those. There are green spaces around the city. The people are no finding during the lockdown so migrants based on my doorstep is my second home for running walking. You know when. I want to get outta my own. And he's really were a people in that goes out there in some places on the exploring and get you out and be able to do something. They're not able to do it as a still going. Look enough the will be getting octave just enjoying nature. You know you yourself. What sort of challenges did you find from starting this that you didn't anticipate the beginning. When i started the journey as a champion a i stopped the madrid iraq. I'm going to go walking. I want to learn to read them. And i am a leader. I'm a bond leader. And i am a people person unimak community person and i am really passionate about working groups in terms of introducing to different things introducing the new places so i am always doing what work are open. The cognitive are in my local church and a lack organizing events from me together. People get out. That was a challenge. I am sprinkler the news. I am into sharing information. Well why didn't want busy. Co is a lot of the things that i have done because the opportunities that people see people have heard of me are seeing what i do to recognize and knowledge. I mean me unto be pot of different projects and unto do different things for example before i became the chair of mosaic. I the national awkward. Invite me to represent the french champions to be a part of different steering. Group are to be a part of the the consultations on the management plan. Different people have asked me to come and speak for example they every year. They celebrate the much trespass because there was a trespass you know acid in the countryside which started in a national park and i was invited to speak in manchester and seems like those. You know i've been expecting landau so happen. It's having the passion to be able to recognize..

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Overcoming Sin Through the Power of God (Genesis 20:6)

Pray the Word with David Platt

05:16 min | 5 months ago

Overcoming Sin Through the Power of God (Genesis 20:6)

"Genesis. Chapter twenty verse. Six then god said to him in the dream yes. I know that you have done this. And the integrity of your heart and it was i who kept you from sinning against me therefore i did not let you touch her. There's a ton wicked talk about in this chapter when abraham journeys into the territory of a Lack the king of dharar. He takes sarah. And there's a lot that goes on here. That abraham does that obama does the whole point in this verse. That i just read it when i want to draw attention to as we pray is god's saying to Malek i know you've done this integrity of your heart in other words. Not defiled abraham's wife and it was. I god says who kept you from sending against me and the picture here as chapter twenty verse. Six is what we see all over the bible. The only way you and i can resist. Sin and overcome. Temptation is by the power of god. This is why jesus teaches us to pray lead us not into station but deliver us from evil because he knows that laugh to ourselves we will wander left to ourselves. We will send left to ourselves. We will turn from. God's good ways to own evil and wicked ways and yvonne wicked is the right word anything apart. From god's good ways is evil and wicked and this is what we are all prone to do in our sinfulness which is why we need god's mercy not just at one point in our life when when we put our faith in jesus and we ask him to forgive us of our sins we enter into relationship with him through faith. But it's not just that moment when we needed mercy we need his mercy at every single moment in the beauty is god promises to give us numeracy every single morning every single day all day long every moment and so this is the christian life a life of moment by moment dependence on the merc- and power grace strength love and help of god. Who said that one more time. This is the christian life. Moment by moment dependence on the mercy and grace and strength and power and help of god and the beauty is he has put a spirit inside of us to give us all those things and every moment as we look to him lean on him and trust in him not just at that point previously in our lives but as we trust in him moment by moment all throughout the day. So god we look to you. Now we lean upon you now and all day long today as rely our heads on our pillows at night as we wake up the next morning. We need your new mercy every morning. We need your numeracy every moment. God we confess right now that none of us can stand against sin and temptation on our own. None of us can experience the good life the abundant life that you have created us to live designed us to live called us to live we are aw prone to turn from your ways to our own ways so god we pray for your help right now and repre- that you would help us to be cognizant of our need for your help and your mercy and your power at every moment all day long today tonight tomorrow all that we do we say based on your word and john fifteen five jesus weekend do nothing without you it is you who keep us from sending it is you who keep us in us so we pray keep us close in every way we need you and every moment we trust in the help and the mercy and the power and the grace in love and the strength all these things that you promised to provide for us through the presence of your spirit in us.

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"yvonne  " Discussed on Behind The Wheel Podcast

Behind The Wheel Podcast

04:17 min | 7 months ago

"yvonne " Discussed on Behind The Wheel Podcast


"yvonne  " Discussed on Behind The Wheel Podcast

Behind The Wheel Podcast

07:47 min | 7 months ago

"yvonne " Discussed on Behind The Wheel Podcast

"A cup of coffee hoffy. So shutouts Toya sean tait. Sold inspired kimberly hall and kim isaiah good morning and welcome back to another episode behind the wheel on your whole derek d. rocky livingstone behind. We're here today with a very special guest all the way from the u. k. You know i don't know how we got connected. I think someone say you should interact with. This lady was like they came by. Drop some pixie dust and we've been following each other. Ever since she gets up in the morning and does this morning show. Thomas like two o'clock in the afternoon we hear behind wheel to pleasure to have evolved michelle wilkinson show. Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you so excited. I was like. I bought popcorn but the reason bagel before we go any further. Usually do this routine here. Dunkin or five books in that this is. I don't know if you have a starbucks in your location. So i wanna know. Are you a coffee or tea. Lady lady earl grey no l. grazing popular in the uk. It's lemon and ginger lemon and ginger. Yes my mom used to own. Drink earl he sounds like a individual. I dunno i see a black white soup quite let me know grace nights eleven and ginger is better okay. So so those people who don't know you and be familiar with you. Tell them about yourself. How you got started in this industry podcasting in voice coaching etcetera. Well i am a speaker. International speaker i am a business in life coach and i'm a singer a harmony singer festival foremost. I was a finalist on. Britain's got talent along with quiet iran for ten years. We went on re tools all over the world. And yes so i just use what i have the skills that i which is rainier out the voice how to project how to speak and i create a create businesses from that. Exactly what i do. And i teach other people to do the same attuned sometimes in the morning. I'm like y'all she's up like this is not early early but i guess it's it's it's early then i'd like i'd like to root team like the schedule like the the artwork is put together and said i. I don't have the radio on the show to find out more about some looking through. And i say that you you've done some work with domestic abuse survivors. Yes i have. I have indeed helping them to find therefore is helping them to overcome the trauma of of abuse and so sometimes with abuse what it easy that the patents are created in the mind something that we live through over and over and over again and so i've studied new linguistic programming to start the of excellence starting out the brain works and so through that i've been able to help with predominantly repacked. And how they think so that they can create new stories for themselves so they can go on and live a normal successful life and so how how how people been receptive to whole idea and not in counseling in coaching. Well i think it's slower in the uk. The water is in the states. I think the states are bit more progressive in that way. Not say that we're not but we're somewhat behind but it works. And i think most people look at things and see what the results are and if the results are good then they're more likely to get involved in it try and see if it would work for them so with nlp and coaching with to worked for me and as a result of it working from me. I then decided that. I will and to do the same thing on all about transformation of all about people taking whole taking stock of their lives taken kim's percent responsibility creating the change that they want in their lives. You know i. I had a guy a young guy on a show. He's coach adam possibly got like a pas parce cars adam and he just kind of added positively together so butcher the to positively is his name and just just looking at an oak. And how people of us that you know this is on. This might be something to consider. Now how did you get started in it. Well i how started is i was sick and tired of being sick and tired really in terms of business everything everything worked but i still wasn't fulfilled with myself in a in a situation my found in three domestic abuse myself up into lots and lots of different types of trauma like he was my children and so i was like i felt like oh my back was against the wall. Just wanted something different. Tony robbins actually was coming to the uk. And i had seen him and the funny thing about a tiny robbins. This i had seen him for years years and years and years from probably twenty five years ago and often his infomercials and thought. That's not for me because there's nobody looks like me on. There was nobody of color on on his videos at all so i would watch him early in the uk. It'd be early in the morning. You watch him. And i would just like not life i want. I want to change my life. I want to do this. Wanted to that. But there's no opportunity and then you know fast forward like twenty odd years. He's coming to the uk so make a phone call and they're saying yes we you know we'd love you to come to is copies conference blah blah blah. So the person that really trying to sell it. And i'm like how much is it ready to. And they're not telling me how much obviously it was a lot of money to sits them look. This is a situation. I need to see my life. This is how much money i have. Can you make it work for me. I mean we'll say no. No it's gonna cost this. And i'm like this is what god and she was like. Well this it'll be worth. And i said yeah i know but this money odds go the extra is to feed my children and as far as i'm concerned they come i. This is my life too. I need for me. So can you do something and she says you know what i'm going to give you a deal. And she gave me two for the price of one so that lady said god bless you do not mean or gave her lesson. I've read live. And i spoke to my cousin myself. My cousin went for five days to.

Toya sean tait kimberly hall kim isaiah rocky livingstone michelle wilkinson Drink earl uk earl grey Dunkin derek starbucks Thomas adam iran Britain Tony robbins kim
"yvonne  " Discussed on Behind The Wheel Podcast

Behind The Wheel Podcast

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"yvonne " Discussed on Behind The Wheel Podcast

"Let's see i got him in. Should be good to go. So i gotta ask you because the practice is behind the wheel. Are you always behind the wheel lessons in baltimore in the inner city. I was present. When the freddie gray riot occurred actually earth city in america. Sue come up with a essentially legal way too thin african americans property ownership within white residential areas mission is to sided marketplace very introduced artisanal merging a browns mainly snack grounds.

"yvonne  " Discussed on Good One: A Podcast About Jokes

Good One: A Podcast About Jokes

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"yvonne " Discussed on Good One: A Podcast About Jokes

"So? That's on means it's time for our final segment which is laughing round. It's like a lightning round, but because it's comedy, it's a round. So short questions later questions I promise, you Do you ever favorite? Joke like a street. A favorite joke. Chris Rock. says. Excuse me I was wondering. Is it possible? Everytime yeah. Do you have a joke that you kept on trying, but never worked, and but you think maybe the audience was wrong, and you'll always think it's funny. You South Ryan. man if I did I had it out of my memory, actually no way there was a joke that I thought was funny, and it was it was. It was not and actually use it one time at a request from a friend and the audience. Let me know like no. You lied to me I thought it was funny I've. Never again I won't say. I wouldn't use that dope again. Won't even say what it is. Not? Even. At the top of the season of insecure, my colleague harassed ranked every man on insecure for those who haven't read it. Number one was L-, Thug Yoda number two was jared number three years Andrew, and in last place beyond Scott Foley as a slave owner du Nord was dro. Did you see this list? What what do you think about? What did you think about it? What do you think about it? I saw this list was. Comic. Gold at it's fine I was just like who is this magical humid that has gone through the trouble of breaking all of them and I love the criteria and then was like. Let me go back on his one criteria because also. We had this one guy in the scene. Yeah no I saw I saw I think, but Yoda is perfect, because the as number one he is, he's he's been consistent throughout all four seasons. He is like I. Think this visa. I'm not afraid to be myself I will never use. Words. He's great. And how do you feel about you? Drill being last place, Josephine. Eve. Joe's definitely be the last lady I am. I agree She gets the award for getting right absolutely. She'll be very pleased. There's a last question which is barely a question which is this interview is taking place before the finale of insecure has aired, but we'll. The interview will come out after it has aired so without telling me what happens. What is your answer to how you felt about what you learned? What happens does that make? Way What. Reverse psychology or trying to tell you what happened. Yes all right, so let me try explained against. This interview as you know, it's happening before the finale airs and press has not seen it, but the interview will come out after the finale aired so everyone listening will have watched the finale, so to those people these future us. What do you, WanNa say about the finale? What would your reaction to be? What do you feel like? You want to communicate to these people I will say we needed everything that happen. This season in order to get us to this moment. Perfect! Perfect. Perfect bag to this. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you so much for answers. Is this was fantastic? Thank you. God, bless you.

Chris Rock. Joe Scott Foley Josephine du Nord jared Andrew
"yvonne  " Discussed on Good One: A Podcast About Jokes

Good One: A Podcast About Jokes

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"yvonne " Discussed on Good One: A Podcast About Jokes

"Hopefully your credit score will match that level of confidence in your your bill paying. Suave nece in general when you're putting it all together, and you talked about how it was a pretty short time line to sort of make thing between different projects you had. How do you think about how these things are ordered? How do you sort of approach it as a single set? Yes, well for me I, knew that the beginning like I kinda wanted to move from like. getting to know me so like this is me. This is my world. This is the Nigerian. This've it lie before I go into. Other aspects of me, I gotta lay the foundation with like who I am, and what this means so that you can understand my perspective on all these other jokes right, so it was very much like. Let me introduce you to my world. And then it was like is what Nigerians do. This is my purview, my perspective, being both Nigerian and American, and so I'm going to look at things. you know with this kind of bird's eye view even if it's like what it looks like for the plate taboo, what it looks like you know for Nigerians with education, and like why you know jobs, specifically that group of people are so. So like gun-ho of being that those lawyers and engineers 'cause like my Momma won't even let me play with somebody who doesn't make straight as you know, and like we're only in third grade, so it's kind of like. Let you giving you a little bit of like insight into your. Like Herman's head backdated. was that show like giving a little bit of insight into my world, and then on my all right? Let's have some fun you know. Hopefully it's fun all the way, but it's just like education over Now. Let's apply everything we just learned to like playing games. With different groups of people going on dates, you know. Make a vision board. And then I knew that like the setup of like haggling in the beginning was like my call back to you know if I got kidnapped and my parents, and knowing that like I would enter my set with being you know the single woman, and what that looks like culturally you know spiritually et Cetera, and then knowing that like I. I would take you from one place that you thought I. Left you and apply it back to the other thing because the reality is I, can't stop being all of these things that I just told you I was yeah. We talked about it before. which is part of that? Is You mix in this documentary footage of visiting your family in France and Nigeria. You explain at the top of the special why you wanted to do which is sort of no way I could do a special about my life without showing you my life and I wanted to ask a little bit more about that you know what one what do you think it does for the home audience you know? What does it offer them? But even beyond that it's like you know. Why did you want the audience like? Why do you want the audience to know more of you? Why? What about yourself? As an artist? You're like there's a deeper understanding they can get if I do this. And why is that important for you? You know I think that. Most comedians you can tell like. What you're going to get from a Dave, but actually maybe maybe you can't ever tell what you're gonNA, give Dave develop though, but you know that you're GonNa get brilliant. Watched his. A forty six they came out and it was so impassioned. I don't even know can call it a comedy special. I think it's like extended tedtalk a very necessary, but it's like, but it's exactly what we needed but you know that Dave is going to see the world from like turning it on its head like you've had enough experience with him to know that he has his very like. Incredibly dark, but also like funny sense of humor. And Awful, not even dark but like. Inquisitive. He will make you think he's never gonNA. Give you a joke like open-handed. You're going to have to come to come up to his level You know that you know Trevor Noah is going to like apply being South African as well as being like like understanding the political. Movements of both in South Africa and in America. You know you without a comic letting. You know that they're teaching you about them. You're learning about them with every show you go to, and so for me it I recognize that a lot of people came to know me through a character I play Mali on insecure. But I was doing comedy long before I was molly, and so this was kind of music having to reintroduce a fan base. Who didn't know me as this and so. Before I before I get into my groove. It's like it's like when you come to school the first day you're like. Hey, class, you know. We're GONNA, take role by the way my name is. Professor Orgy. Couple of these know about me that that syllabus this year. We're going to get quizzed on the thirteenth in. Any questions gray, and now we can get into the lesson plan right, and so it was kind of like that way of me. Saying like Oh. This is who I this. Who Yvonne is and I know you love Molly, maybe not this season, but you Rockwood Yvonne Yvonne Pretty Dope in her own way. Let me show you and that was and but at the same time it's like. Going back home and showing my parents, that was my way of being like I'm going to have the Mike for an hour. I know that you all don't get the opportunity to to have a say you know you just use. Listen to me. You may shake. Your hand does not through. You know like you know or I have an issue with that or whatever so I'm like. Let me give my parents the time that they deserve to to to air their grievances to cosign or not and those are some of the most special moments for me in this project because it was like Oh. I get to show the world like who I am through my parents. Because they helped. Make me this way. and you know for the most are we all have whatever relationship we have with our parents, whether it's tumultuous whether it's loving whether it's tender whether they're moments of like highs and lows in, it's like yeah, that's that's also relatable number across a seven seas, and all the continents. You understand this Mon, these moments that I'm having with my parents, and they're having with me, We'll be right back with.

Dave Yvonne Yvonne Molly Trevor Noah Herman France South Africa Professor Mali America Mike Nigeria
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It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

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"yvonne " Discussed on It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

"Comedy gives you a microphone and maybe one light and you the now is everybody who has everything on the inside of you make the entire room at the same time lapse is true. And it's like you are on the hook for all of it for that entire set like on a show. Your lines aren't the entire half hour is a little bit of it and it's like you don't have to carry the whole thing. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah no for sure. It's like you'll see molly in a twenty eight minute episode for like fifty. You keep movie. Let's talk about molly bid. If you're with that let's do it. Let's do it. This has been a season I WanNa talk about the really big fight between your character molly and the character. Isa On the show. They have been best friends since the start and now we find ourselves in the situation season for where they've had this big humongous fight. That could mean the end of their friendship. It surprised me to see the fight. Did it surprise you to see it in the script? I mean this. All season surprise me like eastern genuine love each other like in real life so we knew. Cr CHARACTERS I fighting A. It'll be friends this so five. You know any town where onset you know. The energy is off. Because we're NASA be friends but then also were not onset at the same time this season specifically because she had a dull in her world. Her world was existing without highly. And so it was kind of so. I'm not GonNa see you and then when I do see you we be hard you know. It was kind of hard and then we'll get to that moment. It's kind of like. Oh I don't like the fights the first one that really rocked me was episode seven of season one as the funding molly beaches in public places to have beef with ease. Do do that. Y'All really do do that. And it's it's it's a look. It's not a good but it is a look. It's just a look. Yeah so see that one was the one that rocked me because it was like the first dramatic really really dramatic moment for us like the earlier fights. I would and the scene and be like. I'm sorry that y'all wrote this. I'm like I love you this one. I think this season was also a lot for a lot of people because we've all had friendships that break up and I know personally I'd say East on my man. I'm reaching into the well of friendships. Daddy's gone to to play channel other friendships ending to really important scene. Yeah no that Fi will probably things I would've wanted to say to people could never say the people so it was it was like I don't like this but I get this. How many takes did it take you all to get that scene right? Oh man it's a couple and each time he was silent. I remember it is being silent in between the takes because it was very media was very much like we. Don't this is the moment where she says. I don't like that led to her saying I don't F- Ahmad Anymore and I remember that. This particular fight scenes feeling very different feeling like who it has. The heavy have gone too far. Yeah it felt like it was going too far and and like I. I mean you know you get invested in these relationships in the show I was like like taken aback watching it. What do you think watching? This whole thing is going to do for fans of insecure. Like what are you? Want them to take from this season in this fight. What is the lesson in it for folks and also than the for you use your words? The lesson is use your words because we get them aboard it so much of this. If we just talked somebody like we talked to Thanksgiving. We could have avoided this if we talked after the Grocery store we like if we talked during the lunch that canola invaded. We probably couldn't have gotten to a better place but now is just like yeah. Goodness also all about timing. There were multiple moments. Where one of. Y'All was ready for the conversation and the other one was not and it's so important to have these critical conversations when both people are in a place where they can have them and often that is just as much of a challenge is having the right words to say for sure for sure like I think and sometimes you don't know the word but you know the feeling if that makes sense like I don't know what to say necessarily but I'd feel molly's like I feel used and east is like I feel like you're stupid but it's basically I feel down is what he's A. You know you supposed to be my writer die and I feel like you're now my die and not my ride so yeah for sure. Find the right words the right time. It's all miss adulting is hard. They don't teach it in kindergarten. They tell you to take time for another break when we come back. How Yvonne Orgy was bamboozled? That is right bamboozled by God bamboozled into the Dream Life. She has now. She'll explain the support for this. Podcast comes from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation helping NPR advanced journalistic excellence in the digital age. There's no getting around it. The Corona virus pandemic has upended everything and daily decisions made by the White House and Congress will radically impact the human and economic toll to keep up with the latest join us on the NPR politics. Podcast cut through the noise and let you know what decisions are being made and how they affect you. I want to ask you questions. Can about your upcoming book sore. Okay I mean. I'm so intrigued by the title. It is called bamboozled by Jesus. How God tricked me into the life of my dreams. I'm a new right now. To give me one example before this book is even out of at least one trick. That guy played on you. Turn INTO A dream. Please tell me. Doesn't Dan Booze laying me my whole life? He bengals my parents with me because I was born my mother's Iud And it was shows like oh I promise you in nineteen eighty three in late in pawtucket Nigeria. I came out clutching the thing that was supposed to prevent my conception and I was like y'all keeping take that US so I think I was like oh I was at her off on a path from birth and so he'd been boosted my mom dad and then would be like. I know you US going to be a doctor that you you you but don't worry about eight years For you to make an is going to be long. It's GONNA be rough but hey stick with me. Kid actually works like nobody would choose. Who's old but you keep going. He just keeps saying yes. You just keep trusting and believing and having faith and then you get to the promised. Land you like Jesus knew what he was doing Iraq with Jesus here new talk about this what I find really interesting and probably really hard to do for like people who are looking to a higher power for guidance. You know when. Say to yourself. I'm going to let God trick me. You have to admit to things you have to admit that you think. Oughta SMARTER THAN YOU and knows more than you do in that. You aren't the smartest and you have to kind of say I'm not in control either and those can be too hard things to do it. It sounds like you've been listening to guide. And letting him bamboozle you for awhile. Was it always that way for you? Were there moments where you didn't WanNa listen where you just did not wall? I were Catholic and when I got to college I became a born again Christian and I remember being like so. Let me get this straight. We can have a personal relationship with God like we can talk to him. But he's the home Kupa clear. Yeah well this is pretty. You know if I input output and I think I enough to take us take his word and like well I mean either. He's right and I'm wrong or the opposite and I think he's been doing this longer than me. So I'M GONNA go with 'em being right. I know personally when I'm not in the sweet spot we got like it's like that's what I go back into our tub whereas like ooh my beds. You left your time ago. Talk to me again. Yeah how have your conversations with guide in the BATHTUB CHANGED? Since the pandemic it almost think they. I think they've gotten more frequent. Because I was saying here where we were outside. We were too busy forgot. It's like Oh yeah you get like you know my heart surgery. You know that you see how busy I am. Okay Google. I'm just sat down outside so I can get you attention. I've also found like just not even just in prayer but just like in life. This is the last few weeks the last month of lockdown. You sit still quiet enough in your own house. You start to just like also hear your past a lot more. I think so much of our life. Pre Corona was like. What is today? What is happening right? Now what is on my calendar today and something about the last few weeks where we're just out and about less. I Dunno you start to hear. Go from your pass and have to grapple with that in a new way and you have more stuff to talk to God about in terms of all that old stuff. Is You know my friend Debbie Brown Who's doing a lot of work with Deepak Chopra? She was saying that this is a divine time out and she called it like our times like excavate thing in us and I was like ooh excavations you dig it heavily. Several violent act business. Get the several this coming day. We got time for being we. We've let things Kinda simmer for far too long and this guy's not playing games with us. No more is we got. You gotta get excavate it yeah. I am curious Because I was raised pentecostal slash apostolic. How born again are you like? What kind of church do you talking about like tongue talking shouting in church kind of stuff like tell me speaking times paid you know.

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"yvonne  " Discussed on It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

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"yvonne " Discussed on It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

"We've all found different ways to deal with this pandemic different ways to practice self care in these unprecedented times for some. It's been baking for others like me. It's been binging. Tv shows so many TV shows. I think I'm almost out of TV shows but for my guest today. It's been something else man sitting in itself for three hours this morning. Re hours take off that. I think that's in the back. I listened to album. Yeah my fingers are just now coming back from being Bailey. The most the thing about this like you candles and then there's a window but I like to keep it dark. You've been think like you can just I think really well with water and like no one else around so it helps me. Just light reset. Okay do you write jokes in the better? Oh I read your shot. Joe Is definitely shower. -Cause I'm like explain okay. So it's yeah vibe okay. Different Bob Sauer jokes are funny and then you can act out so like I'm in the where's the tell tug is like. I'm your God. I like you know what you're listening to been a minute from. Npr. I'm Sam Sanders and my guest. Today is actress. Comedian and lover of Bath Yvonne. Orgy you probably know evonne is molly. Bff TO ISA raise character on. Hbo Show Insecure. That show is in its fourth season and finds molly and Isa's friendship pushed to a breaking point later on. We'll talk about a fight. Those characters had on the show and lessons. That fight can teach us all about knowing how to maintain or win to in a relationship. Yvonne also has a new stand up special coming out in June. It's called Mama. I made it in this special. She talks about her strict family and Julian American bringing a whole bunch of other stuff. We'll get into all of that and more in this interview including what kind of stuff you hear from God in the top okay. Let's get into it. Get the water running. Light those candles fine those essential oils and enjoy chat with the hilarious bemoaned orgy watching you on insecure. The past few seasons I would bet a lot of folks given that role. Were not maybe right of the BAT. See you as a comic but you are well. The funny thing is I started. Think comedy so I was a comedian frozen actress and that's how east the person met me as a comedian yet and so. I think it's going to be funny to re introduce people to who I have always been now if I recall correctly from my reading up on you you. I did comedy as a talent during a patent. You're in that is correct. Miss Nigeria in America pageant. Oh my God I need you to tell the whole story. Play back weddings detail by detail. Because I'm just like this is goal. I mean I can't even imagine someone getting their comedy debut and a mysterious pageant. I love it already. Tell us the whole story well so I didn't clearly read the rules because I was in the middle of getting my masters and I was just busy tired and two weeks before they were like. Hey we after application. Were very excited. But you didn't list your talent and I was like because I ain't got one. What are we isn't the Badgen just like calm? Do A Walk Change outfits a couple of times and answer a question about how you would change the world given out like I got this come on give it s maiden suit in world peace. That's it. Yeah so she was like yeah. No you need a talent and out and that was so bad was like this is a pageant for Nigerians right. Because they know the only towns your tab are to like excel at school how we do that on stage like I will take the. I'll set on stayed. I was like you asked me any question. About cobain bonds. I got this like come on and so I was literally. I had nothing else to do. When I tell you. Sam I went to my room and prayed I was like God. I'm not about to look fool in front of all these people because Nigerians the toughest you I mean you know how I saw you know as a comedian you have different groups of friends that you can bring out to shows right you can have like. Your wife is super supportive no matter what it's like. Hey guys we're GONNA laugh. Clap we really just. Hey guys we're just here to support your black likes. She better be funny. Is this like out of the sheet. How funny you know and the Nigerians are like issues. Not Funny we go bit. Says it's like the Societa with this grant line just and so there's so much riding on this moment and if it doesn't work out is going to be a problem so I rehearsed my joke. Sound like I was like an actress like I did not leave any rule for laughter because I didn't know there would be so you know I my script answers like you. Just get through your copy. It was a model. I felt like it was a woman audition. Let me but Zuma's people were laughing and that was kind of mad. Because I was like messed me. He got the last was annoying to you. The last wild the did not know the INS and out of comedy. Tell me one of the jokes that you said. Oh my gosh. One of the joads joke about how African parents specialized in the two day. Delay backhand slap. And you gotTA UNDERSTAND. 'cause like they won't You'll do something and they won't immediately discipline you. They'll wait to you least expect it. They'll look at you in the light. Look you and then like where you're at the grocery store and they're like you have me degrees the grades it and then as you're reaching for the grades you gotTa Beckoned Slap. You like the head have asked you to do something like this. I found that my mother growing up she would love to save a spanking or whatever she would love to save it for public aid. She was like she was like wherever you show out. Dass around going show out and like I'll never forget. It was in sixth grade. Everyone in class had been cutting up so we all got pink slips and my mother was determined to give me my spanking in class in the non had to like. You can't do that Ma'am it's you have to go home my mom. I remember the most gangs. Their discipline was when she showed up in class and I was like talking to a boy by the lacquer and didn't realize he ended waiting in the car for like twenty minutes after working a full shift Bay Bay. She came in. Oh this is not going to end well for me. It's like hey you don't see me tomorrow Daddy I love it. I love it. It's also before we move onto other stuff. I totally forgot to ask you when one praise to God asking for a talent portion for Nigerian pageant when God says do comedy how does God say it? What were the words that were delivered to you from high the exact words? It wasn't even a full sentence. It was I always know when something's God versus me because it don't make sense like is when it's me I like yeah got all. The answer is probably slowdown when his got. I'm like so you're doing this on purpose. You're strategically not giving me all the answers. So I come back to you and I know you're always going to need me. You're always going to need me with this comedy thing because it wasn't your idea and I'm just like he's actually pretty smart getting on heaped pulling back time for a break coming up. We chat about insecure and the fight. You know what I'm talking about. This message comes from. Npr sponsor. Better help the online counselling service dedicated to connecting you with a licensed counselor to help you. Overcome whatever stands in the way of your happiness. Fill out a questionnaire and get matched with professional tailored to your needs. And if you aren't satisfied with your counselor you can request a new one at any time. Free OF CHARGE VISIT BETTER. Help DOT COM slash minute to get ten percent off your first month. Get the help you deserve with better help. Let's close our eyes. Take a deep breath. Let it out and listen to. Npr's all songs considered it's music podcast but it's also a good friend and guide to find joy in troubled times here. All songs considered with new episodes every Tuesday and Friday. Wherever you listen to podcasts. You know thinking more about your mother who just seems like I duNno I. I WanNa meet her. She seems delightful and how various she's kind of into the life. You've chosen in the career. You've chosen a bit more now than she was before you know there's the whole immigrant parent be a doctor lawyer but you say now she'll tell folks home box office you're on HBO. She's proud of that like has she accepted. Yvonne the comedian and the actress. She has in a way that what most immigrant parents like wants to do. They WANNA be able to know what their child does and be proud at like. Share it with the community right. It's like if your child is surging. This thing he just did surgery on at twins and they separated the hats. You knows like wow. That's important like heartbeats were separating. How do you do this day? It's a wake rest of Brag right But when I say Oman I tell jokes for a living like so. You're a clown you're just like. What does that mean like? I can't brag about this. I don't even know what to tell my friends. And I think now that like at the her friends or like we just saw Yvonne on X. Y. Z. It's just like Oh wait. Other people are seeing my daughter. Other people approve of this situation. Let me think deeper look at. This community has received it. I think they can now receive it as like. Oh Yeah we are proud. We were to about that. We are proud the community because it's all out in the open. Everyone's good everyone's happy. Yeah they want the bragging rights. That's really what parents want it really. Is it really really really is? Which is harder for you? Stand up comedy. You're acting stand up comedy. Why acting someone else's writing these lines you know. You've got a whole group of writers who are creating the character you have everything working for you got lighting. You got gaffer's you gotta see partner. You know all of these things that are working.

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"Brand bay is the focus is on the real ale get you get fined for speaking on your mobile phone there's no jukebox no games machines no TV the whole idea of the prices to carry things in guiding conversations sort of outcomes I save the the tables are built to a high seven when you're sitting in the more standing in the year was on everything rather than having low tide was much easier to watch someone you look at him in the face for gentleman his sitting around this table drinking that bad as why did you come here this call to see the but is this a particular droll as hell to imagine it being in bad condition he could well he knows what is the I should point out that these three because I'm sick man inside I wouldn't of non Yvonne comes at a cost if you can do this you know just by decision to check out the photos it was stay home and there is no gentleman laying purely from actually being able to talk to them yeah where is this other pops up into the house he is never made any contact with anyone that that is because from the point about the because of the business model he is a community any business you know you need to get across the road the quality of the products you're trying to sell and set off a good service in this place hit so within this lots of rooms and things in it mine.

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"Like the cold. <Speech_Music_Female> But I am coming <SpeakerChange> into <Speech_Music_Female> the frigid <Speech_Music_Female> temperatures <Speech_Music_Male> of the Mid <Speech_Music_Female> West. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> Even go <Speech_Female> to Lovey <Speech_Female> lovey. I hope <SpeakerChange> you'll listen to this <Speech_Male> because I'm coming to your <Speech_Female> city. I need you to ring <Speech_Female> the alarm. Ring <Speech_Female> the alarm okay. <Speech_Female> We all say <Speech_Female> style ringgits <Speech_Female> invites <Speech_Female> everybody from <Speech_Female> you. Know the <Speech_Male> south loop the north north. <Speech_Female> Move whatever <Speech_Male> loop <Speech_Male> over to <Speech_Male> be performing <Speech_Male> so you can come to <Speech_Music_Male> think okay. <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> So <Speech_Female> I'm going to be bringing <Speech_Female> the heat as <Speech_Female> spice breath <Speech_Female> you know. Just <Speech_Female> get you feel nice <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> and <Speech_Female> a lot of special <Speech_Male> announcements <Speech_Male> was original announcement. <Speech_Music_Male> y'All ready ready <Speech_Music_Male> ready. <Speech_Female> ooh I tell <Speech_Female> them I wanted to tell him. <Speech_Female> But I don't know I don't know if <Speech_Female> the Iran deal or not <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> okay <Speech_Female> ready or not <Speech_Female> say yeah <Speech_Female> I call. Hey you <Speech_Music_Female> can't okay I'm <Speech_Music_Male> dispirited <Speech_Music_Female> <SpeakerChange> Hill. got into <Speech_Music_Female> <Laughter> new <Speech_Music_Female> announcements <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Detroit's <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> ready ready <Speech_Music_Male> ready. <Speech_Female> ooh I tell <Speech_Female> them I wanted to tell him. <Speech_Female> But I don't know I don't know if <Speech_Female> the Iran deal or not <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> okay <Speech_Female> ready or not <Speech_Female> say yeah <Speech_Female> I call. Hey you <Speech_Music_Female> can't okay I'm <Speech_Music_Male> dispirited <Speech_Music_Female> <SpeakerChange> Hill. got into <Speech_Music_Female> <Laughter> new <Speech_Music_Female> announcements <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Detroit's <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> you people. Just <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> marry <Speech_Male> me anyhow <Speech_Male> abusing me <Speech_Male> and so you don't want to <Speech_Male> throw it <Speech_Male> to you <Speech_Male> last <Speech_Female> yours <Speech_Female> because guess what <Laughter> I just added <Speech_Music_Male> Detroit to <Speech_Music_Female> my <Speech_Music_Male> tour schedule Joie <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> so <Speech_Female> yes you can see what <Speech_Music_Female> they did is by going to even <Speech_Music_Female> rg <Speech_Music_Female> dot com <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> buy <Speech_Female> your ticket. So Detroit <Speech_Female> Ogden knows that you <Speech_Music_Female> are making if <Speech_Music_Female> I don't see the bills <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> just clinically <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> me. I'm coming for you. I <Speech_Female> will respond to everybody <Speech_Female> that told me to come to Detroit. <Speech_Female> Best <Speech_Music_Female> Best <Speech_Music_Female> <SpeakerChange> Best. <Speech_Female> Best Rally <Speech_Female> Our retail our <Speech_Female> response you personally. <Speech_Female> Iran's <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> won't be nice I will <Speech_Female> I will adopt the <Speech_Female> guy <Speech_Female> of levesque. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> You know. 'cause you don't ages <Speech_Female> love a nicer <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> one. I'm I'm just really <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> nice really <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> past <SpeakerChange> the five <Speech_Male> by <Speech_Male> Roy lobby confidence. <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> I will come to <Speech_Music_Female> us by. So if Detroit's <Speech_Music_Female> all meet <Speech_Female> Hoo Hoo <Speech_Female> Hoo

us Detroit Iran Hill. Roy levesque Ogden
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"Yvonne. You do. if you guys heard about this. We'll get a toy drive happening for a.

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"She also met Anthony Quinn who told her he wanted her to stand on a literal pedestal, quote where I can wash you hour after hour and she met sterling Hayden to whom Yvonne seriously considered losing her virginity. But Hayden advised waits for the right guy. She was ready to make Jimmy Stewart the right guy, but at the end of their first dinner date, she was embarrassed to invite him into the tiny apartment. She shared with her mother. They didn't have another date and the right guy soon came along, and he wasn't famous Yvonne later recalled I was so fed up with my virginity that I was glad to be rid of it. Clarinetist and bandleader Artie Shaw who also took a liking to Yvonne wasn't the right guy. He would prove to be definite, Mr. wrong who would go through wives as fast as reads, but Shah, according to Yvonne was merely a supportive friend to her a very, supportive friend. He told her he would pay her a salary for one month, if she quit her nightclub job and dedicated herself to trying to break into movies. Yvonne took the offer. And before the month was out. She did land her first film role a one line walk on. And that was it with no other rules coming in. She was forced to go back to nightclub dancing. But slowly bit parts started to filter in in the summer of nineteen forty two just bef-. Four. She turned twenty Yvonne was signed to a contract at paramount. She paid her dues playing mostly background roles and posing for pinup and publicity photos hanging around the lot attempting to gain purchase as a contract starlets. Yvonne began a relationship with Billy wilder it didn't last long and the great writer director didn't cast her in any of his films, but decarlo would nonetheless call him the first big love of my life. He would also introduce her to Ernst Lubitsch who became a close platonic friend. But these friendships didn't lead to job security. Eventually, Yvonne was informed that exotic types like her were no longer in fashion and paramount was dropping her car. Contract. Exotic types never went out of fashion over the hill at universal a decade and a half had passed. Since Dracula had given that studio both a defining John rea- horror and business model franchises and formula to rally around. More than ever the house that car Leme Lee had built kept afloat by cranking out low cost John r- films. They began the nineteen forties by trying to make lawn. Cheney junior happen and updates of the nineteen thirties horror formula, like the wolf man and son of Dracula and they began looking for ways to adapt this type of formulaic production to others genres in nineteen forty two independent producer, Walter Wayne. Jer made the by graphical aviation adventure eagle squadron the first of fourteen films that he'd produced from within the auspices of universal eagles squadron, which waner was able to produce relatively cheaply by taking advantage of Universal's contract players and other resources was enormously profitable. And. Danger followed it up with another picture at the studio Arabian nights, which was Universal's first film shot in three strip technicolor Arabian nights. Invented a new universal formula, the exotic read mildly racist romance. This wasn't really new in fact, one of wagers earlier successes had been the Hetty Lamar vehicle algae RDS itself. A remake of the French film. Pepe lem Oko, which was still innovative within Hollywood in that it relied on a foreign location largely unfamiliar to American audiences to add for sewn to a fairly conventional love story..

Yvonne sterling Hayden Universal Shah Artie Shaw John rea universal eagles squadron decarlo Pepe lem Oko Jimmy Stewart Hetty Lamar Anthony Quinn Billy wilder paramount Ernst Lubitsch Hollywood Cheney Jer Leme Lee
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"Yvonne. Maybe maybe umbrella maybe for the last time. Maybe another one. His better if you will. Mama. The bidding. Over the limit. I don't play when it comes to my heart. Right here. To the top. been at Bruno Mars Instagram lately, you might want to check it out this week. It's Bruno Mars he recorded eighty. Video backstage at one of his shows with a secret special co star. I don't want to reveal who it is. But it is one of the funniest videos. I've seen backstage concert a long time. It's is on Instagram. Bruno Mars check that out sometime today. Got a baby. So. Drop it. Right. Julio sound. If you got it. If you. Just..

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"Podcast with yvonne orgy my girl we will almost called the to go queens so enjoy and subscribe was going everybody should girl yvonne or g hayes love you and together we have do you no they were calling us jesus but she love the things we love the most we can do you love so i part cast our new cast is called this and we are hoping join us for every episode won't be talking about yvan ever seen everything under the sun i mean if you're advocating you you can relate if you wanna be advocate you can really because now it's cool to be forgotten hey walk on the block france what happened what is really west uganda was ever got you know so we it's about time we did something together so join us we will be talking about life things all things being nigerian being african being artists being foolish goats in fact where the most foolish i'm awfully good join us of scribe on apple podcast and everywhere else that podcast are and talking about things would be like things we don't like that make us we invite you you don't have to be african to listen to those on your love you just have to be lovers of all things african incorrect on car right now you wanted to be black i'm black was wearing already black he's okay is enough enough hey those on you'll breath us is enough love yeah this is hashtag it's okay this is flu follow us on all social media i'm at yvonne mortgage that's why the oh and e o r j i get your mind and i'm at lovey l u v e all of the interwebs correct confirmed welcome to wherever offer plates all right so good hope you subscribe to jesus angelov wherever you get your podcast end up onto my guests interview boom amanda welcome to random randomness hella we did it we made it happy yo very proud of us from tax to actually make it happen because look to people who are constantly on the move all the time trying to nail down trying to pin down a cloud yes exactly because we'd be moving we'd be moving is but let me give let me give people use epic bio of yours so comedian actress writer producer a more amanda seal doesn't just make you laugh she makes change with on kenny net for serious topics with for taking sears topics with humor making them reliable interesting she combines intellectual exuberance still in this i love exuberance your bio in a pop culture obsession to create her unique style of smart funny content for the state and screens along with performing stand up across the globe and torn colleges doing comedic lectures on everything from sexism to diversity to black pop culture she's a series regular tiffany on hbo insecure and has performed standup on late night with seth meyers and open for chris rock she is the creator in host of hit comedy show smart funny and black as she speaks truth to change your wildly popular instagram weekly podcast small doses yes okay slight work you guess you guess so when i read all of that hour i'm always curious what did you want to do when you were growing up when i was growing up i really just wanted to do it's funny that you ask it in that way because that's literally i just wanted to do things and nothing has changed when people ask me like oh what's like your ultimate goals to be oprah you know is its own a network you know is it to live on a remote island and teach yoga it's like no my ultimate goal is is options so it could be all of the above you know what i'm saying i just love the idea of having the freedom to let my creativity run wild and i have so many ideas you know all the time and it's just like you just wanna be able to execute and make things that make people better and they make the world better for people in the best in the biggest way possible right so i wanted to originally it was like oh i wanna be a pediatrician and then it was like oh i want to be the first female president of the united states of america obviously and then i was like i wanna be actress and that was it.

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"yvonne " Discussed on Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

"Yvonne easier vogel which group pete no up a new jewish no admits rats as now something interesting that i read be say the route this record and a lot of your early work was that because you had come to music as a dj you're basically unconcerned with songs structure traditional songs structure like an ally deal with some structural was the song was actually be created by accident i wrote another song called be speeds anam a decided not to make that record does it i would have to sell muscle to the devil will to make this record to be a star does that's what he told me it was will happen so on the way to the studio and i i can't make this record so when i got to the studio change i race the beatson different beatson fill the whole it away up a different beats the programming will still there but the beach for different and that a change the tempo sped up a little bit and then i'm the route came from different records that that i was riding that the weren't complete so it's like three different songs and made this wrecks of listen to this record is really messed up we none of the versus matched by one of the versus light pierre minutes are also shiny egypt evening overs give me a freaky can connects with don't they don't match the known as the volcker on the egyptian lara sanksi just three different total songs south up imp to myself i'm doing like a mega makes and when defending limit finish i said you know it sounds a good dj record but i know it was going to be a big records do is good for me dijon and jams are right you may that record yourself i mean you put it out on your own rewritable but i'm mole record label and distributed.

Yvonne pete vogel egypt
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"yvonne " Discussed on No Laying Up

"Yvonne it i really appreciate of the things that kv had to say about just the way we cover tiger and the people on the ground and how i i wasn't watching his 75 or his poor round on saturday but reading on twitter made it sound like you can shoot 85 and like people people just lost perspective on what was actually happening and it was it's kind of like man all right so but he didn't even like lose much ground the rest of the field struggled on this day and we were freaking out yet tiger struggling and i dunno so it's going to be it's going to be it's going to be ugly it's it's the part of the of covering and watching tiger that i don't enjoy and i'm not i'm not turn act like i am the master take guy on tiger but it's just it's mazes me how fast people lose their perspective on it and you can throw that bacne whenever i say tigers back when he birdied effort at all it's at torrey salads now i i think largely it's this time at this time last year light i think i think we were all actually not not as optimistic you know come as we are now but like back nine to right it's it's har it's easy to forget that lied when he played pretty well at the her own 2016 as well and like you know granted the swindon waters good you know he didn't he he still took he was kind of you know dealing with some kind of pain and all that but you know they're they're they're was there was optimism back there and to and then you know sure enough you know he he ends up coming up with that ridiculous schedule plan that he put together for himself where he would you know where he would play taurean you would fly over to the middle east and then you know he was going to play i believe something he was gonna play revenues and he was playing like four four tournaments in like a sixweek stretch just off a back surgery and like you know it's it's easy to kinda visit a ton of forget that now in in this in this you know as this new era of uncluttered enthusiasm.

Yvonne twitter swindon sixweek
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"yvonne " Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"Yvonne van made or twelve rounds it never stopped i could not contain them i couldn't measure and he gave me no chance to sets because i was the guy with skill to flip and to be cooler lip and never give me a chance rushed me he just kept on rushing and that is the blueprint that could beat him it is some very unlikely that he would follow this blueprint because he would have been training in the way he's been training and you can actually change your plan a doesn't work their way of keeping treatment particular way you will follow what you can do it you have to be a nutcase you have to be a map ma'am and i would say this also pads it would not be farfetched to say this to you i could be likened to the mayweather in 1995 okay and you can liken steve collins while two mcgregor in 1995 while there was no way this guy had a chance of beating me he just didn't have the talent the ability to skill the punching power because of that goes like spirit he was able to do the impossible ireland rejoice for months is i mean for months it was really something is that still wound that you possess i bet you is that still a wound the call and yes as though there is now no them snow if you're at peace a peace with a triumph.

Yvonne van mayweather steve collins mcgregor