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"yvonne whatcom" Discussed on The Stuttering John Podcast

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"yvonne whatcom" Discussed on The Stuttering John Podcast

"Baby. Welcome to the world. Famous starting, John podcast, hope everyone's having a wonderful day as I am, just got out of the shower which explains the flop, sweat. I always swam after I get out of the shower, I don't know why. But it happens and now say goodbye to the beer on the balcony set and we'll go right into La where you all know and love me during the Regular Show. Well, let's pull the green screen in a little bit. And here we go. There we go. Let me just say hi to everybody before I bring in the great Gregg Rolie are to the program. He hasn't been hearing a song. I miss Greg, the death, as he knows what is this Obe, what is your schmeckle over here? There we go. I'm going to get some new t-shirts. Anyway, Nicky be off tonight with the badge. Oh, that's so nice. So apparently I was missing Stuttering. John so much yesterday that I got online at 3 then realized wrong day. That's awesome. Then he logo with the badge. Cat is here. All you have is now one. All right. Just in case with the badge, all of that name juice. Vinson, we have staged, dog. My mom is here. Adrian McCready from Facebook, we have Nancy Cox with the Benchmark, be with the beds, Yvonne Whatcom, JM vanity, with the badge Cardiff electric. There's the length to donate PayPal. John Melendez Inc. Ma'am. Arlene. Martin. Hello from Iowa Garage, Sullivan. Chess, chess flexor, just in case, thanks for the DC fund for the $2. Martha Salinas, although I told you guys Congress was off until September 10th, and as usual without fail, Somebody calls me right when I started this show. So, hold on meat. Let me decline on that. Go there. All right, and I'll put it in airplane mode. All right. Now, back to the program. Some Marty is here. Anyway. I hope I didn't forget anybody. Kinky streets is here. I am Brasil b. R o d. Baba Booey to you.

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