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"yvonne myers" Discussed on Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

"Didn't have a chance to get to this piece Yesterday but some good news as state health officials according to a piece by pat farrier out of the colorado and state house officials finding no evidence of that highly contagious uk corona virus variant at north shore health and rehabilitation center on monday now. The state tested four samples to from residents to from staff this after a large spike in covid nineteen cases at the loveland nursing. Home yvonne myers director of health systems for columbine help which by the way owns shore said the colorado department of public health and environment had no explanation for the precipitous jump in positive covid cases at the center which went from thirty eight to one hundred and ten within the span of a few days. I can only hope. They're taking a pretty hard look at that. Because for syphilis jump yeah i would say that fits the definition from thirty eight cases to one hundred and ten within a very short period of time. Now of the one hundred ten cases seventy five were staff members more information perhaps in order to Track and trace where. This outbreak began only four positive results. Were being tested for the additional variant with the presumption if that if the variant is present in those tests. It will be in the rest. Due to the high number of cases among north shore povich negative patients were moved to nearby columbine west or center avenue facilities for care again. That uk variant. I identified obviously in the united kingdom showed up and the united states in late december. Yes in elbert county colorado nine news reporting that Additional cases were found last week. Two of them. The third confirmed case was discovered at the veterans community living center at fitzsimmons this is operated by the colorado department of human services. Now while not more than the disease and that's an important distinction. That's an important point to be made here this. Uk variant is not more deadly than the strain of covid nineteen that has spread across the nation. Variant is considered to be more contagious than previously identified strains seven twenty five now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten k. of k. a. dot com researchers announcing monday..

monday Two nineteen cases Yesterday last week third thirty eight cases late december one hundred thirty eight elbert pat farrier nine news ten cases columbine thirteen ten k. colorado four positive results uk thirteen ten