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"Twenty twenty one Between june tenth and august third with yvo twenty twenty one a happening on august sixth through eighth and the thirteenth And this to me at least in the mitchell obvious on his. Maybe a little bit more to the scene. Correct me if i'm wrong. This feels like sort of one of the first signs. I've seen a playstation really like getting in onto what is an and since this acquisition really like elevating their place within really making a big deal out of it like obviously just announcing details right now but the skills like the first stop in that journey. Yeah and i talked about this last time. When was on here talk. Hey this is my video. Last time i was on here talking about ego. Sony is very connected to this. The scene they do a challenger series of like Mortal kombat tournaments pretty regularly. I always get like notifications about it. Whenever i put up my my place because i play a lot more to combat So this this felt like a really natural kind of first. Step for for that partnership between yvo and sony so yeah so i i i think it makes no sense and it kind of is at first sign of the the sony sony ownership of ebo. Yeah it's It's definitely exciting to see them really. Lean into this. It's one of those things where these partnerships that haven't been studio acquisitions like this or discord. Like i'm very interested from business. Level of how much they lean into it and makeup artist the playstation culture. Because right now it. It feels like that's a way that they're pivoting in a way that hasn't been xbox has been focusing on on the studio acquisitions on the content side for its a subscription services whereas playstation seems to be taking a different approach as part of the wider sony corporation. So i'm curious to see where this goes. You can find all those details on the playstation blog and on as well above before we wrapped up for this week. I did want to talk a little bit about what we've been playing in addition to power-wash stimulator. Of course mark. I i will start with you. Because i know there was something that you did a little bit of content for and while it's not on station just it will be in the future. Yeah so the game's called lawn mowing simulator. Yes no it's something Me and mitchell played it was kinda we got to exclusively kind of show it off and It was announced part of watchdogs legions. Four point five up a which is is relevant to playstation fans. I also have another video on this for the game has a performance now so now runs at sixty frames a second. If that's what you prefer. But this they you're seeing on screen is called watchdogs. Legion of the dead. Which is a a one four player co op survival mode for watchdogs. And you're you're you're going through the watchdogs legion map of london. And you're hacking your way through and just trying to. You're you're getting supply packages and then you're reaching an extraction point and at first. I was like why. Why does on these coming to watchdog. What the heck and so me. Mitchell and two other members on our team sell on ronnie both of. Yeah we all for just in and my gut reaction because it is an alpha and it's on pc a gut reaction was. Wow this is awful. And then and then then mitchell goes i don't know god i kinda like it. Now that you mention you put it that way. I guess i kinda like the whole like i. Ten to fifteen minutes of playing. This is how to deal with with selling complaining about how bad i'm having fun here is only when it comes to watch this guy hacking still got all that is. I'm really watching legions. Since last year. So you go into this. And the only things i know how to do our walk and chew. I don't know how to hack anymore. I don't know any of those so even happen with you guys you mitchell. Ronnie were playing on controller. They played the first half of this video. Not having any clue sprint. Because you hold the are two to sprint in that game. And so i think that's that's where a lot of the frustration came from. I was like. I don't know i don't remember how to play this game. I should have played watchdogs. Legion before jumping into this But you know after three attempts we ended up having a pretty good time with it. So it's it's yeah. You just dropped on the map. You get the supplies and the new extract. It can lead to some pretty epic moments because while you try to stay together you're very underpowered. Ursus kind of a rogue light the more you play the more powerful you get We ended up getting separated from mitchell and it was completely like a natural thing to happen. Like you make noise masami get design be hordes like it attracted to it and Ended up creating this wall where mitchell just couldn't get to us so then he looks like finding his own way. We we're able to extracted so me stehlin ronnie we get to the end and mitchell just on the other side of the map like trying to fight his way through. We can't see what he's doing and so we just hear him on headset. You.

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EVO 2020 was cancelled

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EVO 2020 was cancelled

"Yvo Twenty twenty has been canceled due to various sexual abuse allegations. Yvo Is the biggest annual fighting game tournament in the world, and even with the covid nineteen issues plaguing everyone on the planet. The tournament was soldiering on with plans to make it fully online. Earlier this week, however that all fell apart, and in order to learn more about it, I called on Imran Khan to explain everything Imron. Come into the gaming ride home show again for having me Yvo was canceled. And I just want you to give me the full story. What happened? Why was it canceled? Everything start from the beginning, so ego is the biggest fighting tournament in America Kinda the biggest in the world. There's like some discussion about that at this point, but ego is basically where fighting games have been aspiring to for the last twenty thirty years and listening started in the ninety S. This year, obviously because of covid kit have their usual Mandalay Bay Las Vegas big gathering of fighting game players. So this year they ended up canceling I place. Eve Online Eve online was a different thing where the. Mainly, got games together with like Netco like mortal Kombat eleven and them fighting her indie game that was originally based on my little pony, but basically it was A. It has to evolve brand that could stay around despite not being the big mass gathering tournament that they expect over the last couple of weeks. There's been a bigger. industry-wide movement to out sexual predators in gaming and the gaming industry, and some companies have been hit harder than that are with that bubis off for example, but for the most part it's. It's not a huge thing within the FTC. Because the FTC's always kind of had a reputation of like. Being a bit more open with their sexual harassment and it's always like. It's never been to a level of. A mass critical mass. Joey quilter this past week yesterday in for yesterday in fact was outed by a player. Named He's just does mikey. He goes online and is after the tag is crack. Peron but George Taylor. Who is the head of the current? President Vivo who founded it with Tommy Tony Kanaan. was outed for experiences when he was. Close, to twenty, where they were southern golf land, which is an amusement park in l. a.. That mikey accused him of basically. Paying money to young kids to take their shirts. Germany polls mikey related experience where he said quarter. Paid him twenty dollars to see his genitals inside a restroom and bought him pornography so. It's IT'S A. It's a larger thing that when you look at it from the perspective of not a child who just thinks they're having fun. It's real creepy, but what is conditions came out. Other people's Front, also coming out of the woodwork, saying like more finding old chaser people were talking about doing these things, but not naming names, and now that it's out. The floodgates are broken out. Yvonne immediately went. No, WE'RE GONNA put on administrative leave and check this out, so I mentioned Tom. Tony Kennedy before their more famous like they are obviously co-founders of ego, but there are more famous right now for being developers of Product L. at riot games so. They had to step in for this and go okay. We're looking at this right now. We're investigating and seeing what happens. It did not take very long before nether realm. I believe the first one like say. Are Involved with ego involvement in that sense means we don't WanNA game there. We're not going to earn any money towards prize pools. We're not doing any advertising which is fairly big deal. Arguably moral combat was like the lead game for that tournament. Right for the online tournament. Yes, Merle come at usually has a hard time with like the in person tournament. Fighting community hasn't really take to that game too well, but as an online net code game like for example, smash brothers was canceled for Eve online because the net code. Isn't that good, so this is more time to shine. The actual like really arguably was streetfighter as it is every year. This year. Are Not meeting her, but a little bit. After another canceled COP CANCELED IN ONCE CAPCOM cancels gets away from ego. Then that's that's the ballgame lets. Everything goes away soon after main sex developers of them biting heard who this is their big chance to become A. Kind of a household name and if I didn't need community, they cancelled. Bay Namco canceled and ran into that ego are the canons came out with a message from as ego saying? Hey, we were cutting for joy color. He is not president anymore. In the future, he will have zero involvement with the organization this not he's going to not be on. He's going to be on the board, or he'll be the FCC or he'll still kind of tournaments. They're cutting it off completely. Shortly after that they also that announced, we can't under these circumstances and this change in organization also do evil online in a couple of weeks in August. A month or in August? I. Know that screws over a lot of people, but. It seems like honestly the best. Call right now of. You'RE GONNA have to go through with work. That joy has done or you're going to have to. Try It's from scratch. Cobble together in event that takes at least a year to actually set up and try to get together in a couple of weeks. Yeah, I mean they just they basically. Got Rid of the boss in the most public way, possible right I mean it's it's you can't just like recover from that in a matter of weeks. Really Yeah, it's. It is one of those things of a lot of this is. Probably high time for the funding community insert reckoning with a lot of these things, because it's an issue for a number of years, it was I. I don't know if you recall but a about eight years ago, there was a street fight across capcom across Tekken. Show online, and it ended up ending as a result of some sexual harassment claims, and those a big divide in the community about like whether sexual harassment was a just a part of the culture or not and. Stuff like this doesn't help that argument. No I mean I like you, said earlier I mean like. Feels like the right call to elevate it, and as disappointing as it is for Yvo to be cancelled like it's a big flag for like we need to address. This is if we're going to cancel this event because we need to look at ourselves internally and I think I. Mean Hope the hope is that they come out better on the other side. I mean it seems like this is one of those things where. I. Hesitate to say Covid kind of save them but. If. This were an actual in person things still at Mandalay Bay then they wouldn't be able to cancer that quickly an online tournament. Shuttered a lot more easily. The bigger question now is what happens next year.

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"Smash brothers melee proved that it was a competitor for audience out at Yvo twenty eighteen having one of the largest live audiences outside of street, fighter but just on the horizon on. December seventh will see the release of super smash brothers storm onto the, scene how it's going to end up impacting sports remains to be. Seen but Nintendo held a direct conference this week announcing new, characters Stages and even some new features they announce Everybody's saying they announced, so, much announced every sitting here thinking like oh, we're going to get that last character. Announcement women that one. Last one last care last? Character Nintendo goes how. About five more care why this is ridiculous so the announcement, of Simon and Richter Belmont, joining the cast.

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