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Boys and Body Image

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Boys and Body Image

"Hello and welcome to Ambroise real talk about parenting teaching and reaching tomorrow's men. The podcast that explorers an explains boy behavior where your co host Jennifer L. W. Fink Anjanette. Join us as we discuss some of the most compelling issues facing boys today. Our goal is to equip you with the information and support. You need to help. Today's boys grow into healthy happy men. Are. You worried about your teens mental health. We've talked a lot about mental health concerns here on boys. We've talked about anxiety. Depression suicide prevention. It's real. These things are happening. If you think that your team might benefit from some professional support, I haven't option for you. Go to Tina counseling dot. com slash teen boys. Teen counseling will connect your thirteen to nineteen old with a licensed professional counselor, and all of the counseling sessions are done via video, conferencing or phone, and your team can text to if they need extra support. The best part with teen counseling you have access to expertise that might not be available locally. You can choose a gate therapist for instance or a person of color. On boys listeners get ten percent off their first month. Sign up at team counseling dot. com slash. Teen Boys. Almost one third of boys are trying to gain weight or bulk. That stat is from a recent New York Times article by Lisa, Lewis a freelance journalist and mother of a team. For years, body image concerns were kind of thought of as a female thing. Girls were the ones who worried about how they look an as moms. Most of us are acutely aware of the images that we are immersed in in the media, super thin, super busty just. Using sex all over the place image that we sort of internalizing think we should look like that. Will. Today's boys base a lot of that pressure as well think about it. Superhero costumes for toddler boys now come equipped with built in muscles. To in three year, old boys are have built in muscles in their Halloween costumes. Popular Teen TV shows such as Outer Banks on Netflix rate now have twenty actors with Chisel faces an avs playing sixteen year, old boys, creating utterly unrealistic expectations for our boys in the girls who are looking at our actual sixteen year old boy. Instagram and fitness magazines highlight well muscled bodies and every single high school coach I know is pushing his athletes to spend time in the weight room. Perhaps. It's no wonder then that a twenty nineteen study found that two percent of young men ages eighteen to twenty, four had an eating disorder due to a desire to enhance muscles. If you have a son, you must be aware of the pressure. Your son faces to look a certain way, and you need to know the signs and symptoms of disordered eating body dismore Fiat. It's Angkor Boys just as it is for girls so that you can intervene if there's a problem. Joining us, today is Lisa, Lewis. She is the author of that new. York Times article when teen boys use supplements welcome Lisa. Thank you for having me. So, you started that article with your college, age son telling you. He was cutting. And in this context, this means drastically reducing calories temporarily as part of a bulk up plan, which will include on bulking up via weightlifting and Supplement Yusen. You mentioned protein powder you mentioned creating. Tell us about that. My son just finished his freshman. Year of college and ended up coming home for the spring quarter as All of our students were sort of called home due to the pandemic, so he had already been using supplements sort of often on throughout high school because he played football, so that was really where this whole process started in for him in our family. I have two kids, teens, ones, boy, Wednesday, girl, he said they developed an interest in playing football. When he got to high school, he played flag before that, but this was a brand new thing for our family and right away it was exactly as you mentioned time in the weight room was a huge part of it, and what I found, too was he enjoyed it, but it also became a social things for him. Times. Even after the season was over after school, he'd go to the. He'd be meeting a friend there that it really was was sort of heart of what he did. So when football ended, he still enjoyed that They're going to the Gym June gym weights social part of it. When he started needed another focus or is no longer for football. Football was not something he was going to be continuing with when he decided well, maybe I will look into doing audibility with that as his new focus, it did kind of shift a little bit his use of the supplements in so that. When he did that, he was cutting. You know my first thought was self harm because. Might, you know. Anyone at tournaments in, so he explained to me. No cutting means actually sort of cutting weight losing weight so that you can show up those muscles. It was concerning because when you talk about deliberately trying to lose weight. Yeah that was when so for me, it was a little bit of a Oh I need to find out more about this and really kind of stay on top of this and continue to stay on top of it really. Interesting that were cutting. A you know, of course we all go to the the widely recognized term of cutting, but it's just speculating me like boys would not choose the term dieting because that's likely what their mothers have done so that they are going to use that turn so i. you know that's a bit of an aside, but I just think that's interesting. That voice would choose a different word that's kind of dramatic, and also as you're talking like lifting weights is not a bad thing. It's a social thing as you said and yet it's like this whole conversation. Today is about monitoring the. Extremes that your that your son is taking it too so not to say that you know going to the gym. We don't want to discourage that. That's a good thing, but watching and am curious to hear all the ways that we should be watching. I'm curious about that, too. Because you know so often starts in a really good place. Your son joins football. He wants to be the best athlete. He can be fantastic. Go for a kid. Eight on trying to watch and figure out when something goes too far. How much is too much? That's a question that most of us parents have and we don't have the expertise to know the answers to those questions I love that you're a journalist, so of course your your curiosity in your professional sales led you to make some phone calls and writing article for the New York Times with. Might you learn? Yes. My kids are used to that by now dead generally when I find out about something there that that concerns me or that I feel like I need more information about I do end up talking to the experts, and and that helps a lot, because then when I come back. I am armed with information and studies because a lot of times his precise. When you know about this, I mean not that that's Hope. They don't necessarily want to listen to their parents. right away, so it really helps to be able to. Talk about it in a at a fuller way to be able to to their continuing as you were mentioning, some of this is good, but it's all sort of where you are along that continuum and hands ear into dangerous behaviors. The supplement use itself is not ideal, but it's. It's widely John and sort of acknowledging that it is so easy for them to start taking supplements. A friends during the cultures are recommending that they all have so sort of acknowledging that and. Coming add coming at the topic from that standpoint as opposed to just don't do it because I. Think we've seen just say no. I mean in so many contexts really doesn't work. Let's talk about these supplements. I've not even sure. I, know what's all out there? And what teen boys are using protein powder is a big thing, and you can buy the stuff you know anywhere Amazon GNC created, what is out there? And what are boys reaching for using? Will actually protein powder is by far the one that is the most widely used, and that is a my son was using primarily as well and You know the study that I saw thirty eight percent of high school boys. who had been surveyed, said they had used protein powder coaching cheeks within the past year, so that's a huge percentage, and also just as an aside, girls do us some some of these supplements, but not nearly to the same degree because. Some of these, they're using for reforms, but a lot of it. When it comes to boys, it is about appearance. It is about bulking up in. That isn't necessarily the goal for girls when they're. S- approaching powdered by far the most widely used creates he now also fairly widely used. It was the monitoring features survey which is done on regular basis most recent results. It was almost seventeen percent of high school. Senior boys had been had used creating, and that was also one that my son had used, but I would say protein powder was the one that he was using on a more regular basis. Okay I gotta ask what's creating. Why should we be worried about it? Create team. It's A. A supplement that can help boost what they call short term performance, so it's not gonNA help for endurance and can help them increase muscle mass, but what's interesting when I talked to some extras about it does that by increased water uptake into the muscles, so a lot of that is war appearance in? It's one of the physicians you said. It's modern, and that's not necessarily what boys are going. And also they mentioned that is a an aspect of it. Some people are considered responders to create team versus non responders based on how much creating you already have in your body, so it's one of those things doesn't even work for everybody. It's generally considered safe. The big caveat I kept hearing was it really hasn't been studying studied in team, so it's generally considered in adults bought. They don't really have the same level of research having been done and the teenage. So? That was sort of a note of caution. I can't hear him. And didn't at things. These days to my kids bring home energy drinks that they pick up the corner store. I think it was bang was the energy drink they had, and it has creating added to it. Well and that's the other thing is looking at the label for whatever these products are a lot of times. It's not just a single element like protein, powder, or light, creating it some sort of a bland and those are the supplements that really are considered far more worrisome. It is a blend of all sorts of things and the real concern is contamination adulteration because there may be things in there that aren't even on the label, and that was sort of one of the scariest things that I found out. When I was talking to some of these experts, part of the issue is it gets back to the these classified as dietary supplements, and the FDA does not actually test those before they go out in hit shelves, which idea in until I exactly started talking about this. There is a law. EAT, four in basically prohibits them from screening. So thinks get out there on the shelf. Super widely available. When there's a problem that gets brought to bear tension. You know they'll issue involuntary recall, but that's voluntary, and that's after the fact, so that is absolutely concerned when you look at the continuum of what's considered safest protein and create team on the safer end of the continue not hundred percent say I mean not nothing is one hundred days Caffeine's another one that you'll see in these caffeine but of course he. As. We're as we hold up our cups of coffee. but that's the issue is that there can be all sorts of things in some of these supplements in no for instance, caffeine can be in a lot of these. Sometimes, it's unlabeled. Sometimes you don't know how much so if you take that and you drink a cup of coffee, and then you go work out that can be actually a real issue and analysis is something that's been called out and throw in an energy drink to absolutely and so the ones that are considered an energy drinks high levels of caffeine, so you you do have to. Encourage, kids when it comes caffeine to be tracking the level of caffeine, because you can easily have too much in that can. That can be an issue elaborate on that a little bit can be an issue how what can happen. What do we need to let? Our kids know they feel invincible. They do and they sort of wanted the quick fix so I think that the the real issue, even more than caffeine is some of the other things that can be in some of these supplements. Testosterone Lake. Supplements can be in there, and that's something that you don't really want additional levels of testosterone in your body. That's you know when they talk about the anabolic steroids, those are essentially a form of that in those vans, and they've had other untested drugs. That can be there. Essentially, the pre workout lands in the muscle building glands are the ones that were flagged as generally more worrisome in terms of what they contain one of the experts. I talked with Dr Peter Cohen. He's done extensive research into dietary supplements in really analysts in what's in. one of the studies. He found that some of them had something similar to Ephedra would stimulate your heart, so those are really not the kind of things you want your body right before you go, do heart workouts, and as you said because these things are not carefully controlled by the FDA. You really don't know what's in it, or how much of what's in an even what it says on the label is not necessarily that Thomas is is in it a couple of points about that. The I is one of the. The things that was recommended. It is giving the current climate one way that you can actually have a better sense of what's in the label is if it's been tested by third party, so there's a group. There called Ns in NSF for Sport Logo. If you see that on supplement that means that it has gone through their rigorous testing and in fact, they're testing is recognized the US anti doping. Agency as good that on the label. That is actually a good indicator that in fact it has been vetted beyond. Just sort of you know formulated in there on the shelves, but the other thing is, there is in fact a movements. To try and better regulate these two laws that were recently introduced one in Massachusetts, one in New York that would essentially forbid stores from selling these two people under the age of eighteen, and require them to be on the counter or in a locked case. In that really is because you know. These are so widely available right now. They're marketed in a way. That really does appeal to teens. Audience what you're talking about those. The body ideals that they see these people with A. Completely ripped with the full on six economic mat an. Teens going. Oh I! Just I this I'm GonNa look like that well. No deceptive marketing practices I talked to someone at the Harvard School of Public Health Dr Brian Austin about because she's actually been advocating for these kind of a regulations for quite a while and worked with legislators in Massachusetts craft this in New, York law is very similar proposed lauch say she was recently introduced in Massachusetts and so there is this movement afoot to try and help curtail the wide availability of these. Two teams. It reminds me so much of the e cigarettes and vaping right like it. It got out there and attractive to our kids and wants it everywhere. Then people are like. Oh, we should probably make some laws. Meanwhile we hear answer in the middle of trying to deal with this exactly exactly, and that's where it gets back to try to help kids understand. The different levels of risk in. Just sort of acknowledging that kids. are going to be curious are going to try. Some of these and their friends are using it. Coaches are using as we are recommending it. As as we talked, so then help them understand the different levels of risk that if they are going to WanNa try supplement, something like protein or creating is a better option, something like a pre workout plans or muscle-building not a good option and explaining to them about why. I think that really helps to as opposed to just don't do it because they are. As as I've mentioned that that just generally is not an effective approach. And, it seems like a place where the conversation needs to be. Happening is at the coach level. Yes, well, so that gets to sort of what are some of the better approaches for these teams who do want to bulk up and a big piece of that is training. So that was one of the things that I also heard. You know you really do need to focus on the basics -at's. Nutrition in sleep, and so when it comes to the coach of the trainer. Ideally you want somebody who's certified so ideally. It's about training. It isn't just talking to a supplement is a quick fix. These are not magic potions. Nothing's GonNa happen overnight but being there and putting in the work over the long haul. That's what it takes. It's so American to want the quick fix though and we see with us as the adults right I mean there's a much bigger market or cholesterol meds than there is were healthy eating and exercise. Actually it's not nearly as appealing to think about you have to do this for the long haul. And I as somebody who's been living with t for the last lot of years, and still has many go. I feel like. Nutrition and sleep art constant points where as a former nurse as a health writer. As a parent on my these things are important for everything, and they feel like they are again utterly invincible. I don't need sleep and I can live on Takis of energy drinks. Absolutely and clearly that's not the best approach, and that's also where a good trainer is going to be emphasizing the nutrition aspects as well. The sleep aspects when it comes to nutrition, having enough protein is important that being said you can usually get an approaching through food, sources, and the other thing you know these are supplements. These are meant to replace healthy eating. If anything, this can be in addition if you simply aren't. Getting enough protein through your daily. Diet and you want to ask relevant more. That's one thing if you're replacing it, you know this is not instead of being healthy meal, but the other piece that I found interesting is the timing of when you have approaching actually can help, too. And I don't know how widely known that is among our teens, but it has to do with the post workout face the recovery phase that during that timeframe I spoke to Dr. Michele Lebron. She says physician who is actually read officer on the clinical report that the American Academy of Pediatrics put out a couple of years on using these performance enhancing substances. and which she said is in that post workout phase that for teens to aim to eat at about twenty to thirty grams of protein every few hours, and before bed that during that post workout phase, which she described it as sort of a synergy between the working out and adjusting the protein that really helps with building new muscle, and that's something that I. Think is is sort of an easy message to help kids understand is it's not just the amount, but it's also went so it gives them something to focus. And it's kind of way that you as a parent or a coach can show that you understand a respect what their goals are right. If I'm not saying, don't do it. I'm saying hey, here's information. That's going to help you do this even more efficiently absolutely and again with the caveat, even with the protein powders, there is still the risk of contamination. To be aware of that, and to be aware you know the different brands out there looking for that label and recognizing nothing is risk free, but if they are going to be using some sort of a supplement, that is definitely safer. End August So, let's talk about sleep. Yes leap another topic that is actually one that I am very very interested in so I was sort of delighted to hear it. Come up when I talked to these experts, it's it's essential for human beings I mean. Nobody can go without sleep. Even go without food longer than you can go sleep, but that's also a huge thing in the recovery is that's when your muscles? Muscles are rebuilding and that's also important prior to the workout early. You are never going to find a coach. Who's going to say you know? Oh, go out the night before stay out all night. Nobody ever would be given that kind of advice, but it isn't something that kids necessarily WanNa hear. You know they should be getting eight to ten hours of sleep a night. And he's that you know. Some of them are GonNa roll their eyes at you because they're not getting close to that amount in again, sleep is not an easy fix. It's kind of boring to be told you gotta go to bed on vk. Right. You have really dug into the issue of sleep. I know that you have written about the fact that teens and frankly teachers would benefit from later start times so this is a huge topic of interest of yours. During the pandemic, so many of us have seen our teams adjusted their sleep schedule without having to get up in the morning. They are definitely staying up later, but they have that freedom to sleep later as as well I'm really curious what your thoughts are on that. How absolutely and I've seen that in my own house? Lot I'm guessing so many parents around the country have seen that to. The basic issue is that teens have a different sleep schedule than the scheduled? That tends to be imposed upon them by the school schedule in the recent for that really is biology that when kids hit adolescence. Here's a shift in their body. and. Their Circadian Rhythms are not the same as when they were young children, and so they are naturally. Inclined to stay up later at night because they're just not sleeping, they're not able to sleep until closer to eleven at night. Well if they are falling asleep, believing night, nurse US beginning eight to ten hours a night, and then school starting at a seven thirty, which is when our local high school starts. There's no way they can get enough sleep. So that's a really really huge topic and that's one that has been called out that specifically schools should started at eight thirty or later so that kids teens can get the amount of sleep in. Schools with suitably middle and high schools, because that's the age range when kids have hit puberty when the Circadian Rhythm Shift has kicked in, and when they just can't all asleep early, and unfortunately, that's also when school stint tend to start the earliest so vindication hot on both ends. I know that as my kids hit puberty if A switch goes off the end. They start coming alive at nine PM at night. You know. You can't really interact very meaningfully with them before they even have a conversation, but it's always after nine pm. If they want to engage, it's going to be then. Doesn't necessarily go with their mother. Sleep cycle you know I to. Yeah and to your point earlier without the school schedules. They're able to do that. They're able to stay up later. Go to bed at a time. That feels more natural or them and not have to get up at five thirty or six, or whenever time they have to get to get to school on time and that. Know, really just seeing them revert to what's more of a natural seat scheduled really just reinforced for me. What a mismatch! It is with our current situation, you know I mention our seven thirty high school start time, which to me was just incredibly early. It's not all that unusual. The It's recommended is eight thirties. I mentioned the most recent statistics from the two thousand seventeen, two thousand eighteen school year showed that seventeen point five percent public high schools started at eight thirty or later, while all the rest of the kids are starting much much earlier and our schools that are starting at seven am. which in just to keep in mind, they're required to be in their seats. This is not Oh, you can show late. Be. At your desk on time Ns. Adults generally speaking, don't tend to have that. Be There at seven or seven thirty or else or else, you'll be mark through Bruins or something. Just, not allowing them to get to sleep they. You know there is a tendency of parents, especially because we have all responsibilities that we have that our minds go to this place that our kids are being lazy because they are still in bed in the morning and I think it's helpful for all of us to pay attention to what you said a little bit ago at for one, this is actually a biological imperative. This is how they are wired. And the fact that we're pretty much all right now. Seeing our teens revert to the schedule. It probably means it's a thing with teens. It's not I'm screwing up and you screwed up and you screwed up. We're not doing something wrong. Our kids actually the first time at the freedom to live according to their interior biological clock. Absolutely, and there is indeed a movement afoot to get schools to start later. That's something I was very involved with here. In California, the first state to pass a law goes into effect July of Twenty, twenty, two to require public middle and high schools to start writer. There are so many districts around the country that are already doing this, but again. When you look at those numbers, you can see each still really a drop in the bucket. Kids, they absolutely could use the later school schedules and right now they don't have so. This has been a nice break from that. In the midst of all the other you know chaotic changes going on, it has been a bit of a silver lining, but at least he's able to. Get more sleep. In, a circle back to just kind of wrap up our conversation here to circle back to the question around. What do we watch for with our boys? I mean we're seeing you know if they're asking for supplements. We have an idea now that that's going on. But what? What other signs should we watch for in our tweens and teens around their body image? When should we be worried? When can we just kind of you know maybe right the ship, a little bit and point them in in a more healthy direction, but when does apparent? Call the doctor or Get really serious about. Body Shaping That's that's a very good question. I think the advice that I would give. And certainly this is what I heard from. The experts is really staying in in fairly close contact with your teen about what's going on being able to have these sort of open non-judgmental conversation. See here aware of what supplements they're using NY in my case. My son said he was starting to cut that immediately. Put me on higher alert to sort of be marching a little more tricky because he was away at college about, aren't he? Then came home, which made it easier to monitor those kinds of things. But there is a point where one of the risks is that using? Some of these supplements in fact can be a gateway to other. Far More. Dangerous seems like anabolic steroid use later on, but in terms of weight embodiments, dance also concern was we talked to him. Boys have so much pressure in terms of what they look like. They're Camby appoint. They have the muscle dismore fia where they feel like you know you look at them. You see that they're big. There must go, but they think they are not muscular enough, and that's a term that they sort of reverse anorexia or bigger Xia, so that's absolutely something to watch for in just the I think it's all in terms of degrees of intensity to the restricted eating when it starts to tip over so that it is more of an obsession. Where it's tends to be much more taking over their lives, any of those things also feel like it's apparent when you see things where it sort of seems like it's tipping into something. That's less healthy best probably time to consult the pediatrician healthcare. Out It's because I think it's you mentioned. When we started the program for girls, it's far more widely known you know. Girls can be at risk for eating disorders, the body image concerns, but always absolutely have that too, and those are not often recognized as quickly and recognizing it means therefore being able to start treatment of it that much sooner than an excellent point I want to reiterate. Follow your got if your gut is I feel funny about this. Err on the side of talking to your kid. Reach out to your healthcare provider rate. Your healthcare provider can be an objective third party at the same time. Be aware that not all healthcare providers yet recognize that body image and muscles this more. Keen be issues for boys as well there is much more awareness even within the medical community of these issues and eating disorders in girls, and not as much yet in boys so definitely start with your healthcare provider, but if you do not feel satisfied with the response that you get, or you don't feel like they're taking you seriously. Keep Looking, and you may want to specifically Google online research like a body image, boys, eating disorder boys and see if there's a local place. Near you. That has an expertise in boys. Absolutely am and I would just add that. One of the experts experts I spoke to Dr. Jason. Nakada he's at UCSF and his focus really is on Adolescent. Eating disorders and what he said is, it is generally unrecognised, but also you know using the sucker. It's something to be monitoring, because it's not necessarily a direct line, but when teams are using the supplements, they are more likely down the road to exhibit some of these what turned the disordered eating behaviors and the compulsive exercise so just just sort of be aware and to be monitoring. Monitoring that is really key. There's a couple of things I just wanted to bring up. Because this is where a parent also may want to keep in mind in some cases with boys. They're turning to the supplements. They want to to be bigger. They WANNA look bigger if they haven't yet started puberty. That's really going to be difficult for them. There's just no substitute for puberty so. They may be trying these and they're just not going to be seeing the results. Sometimes a little patience. It's what's needed and that's. That's a hard message for parents to have to give their yard, but it really is a factor that needs to be taken into account. It's you have a seventh grade boy who looks like a fourth grade boy, and he has other kids in his class. Who Look like they could be graduating from high school. That's just where they're at right now. Supplements are not going to change that. Air Not and they don't WanNa hear that, but it is all. You know the sad truth. The other thing, too I would say is being able to provide on kids with some resources. They can look at in one. That was recommended to me from the US. Anti Doping Agency website actually is they have a nutrition guide which outline. What kind of things to eat are to help fuel performance because that's really what is teens after and they also have on their site. Something else talks about all. Be Supplements so that. A helpful resource for them, too. So you know, maybe you just give them the URL. Maybe bill actually looking at maybe they want, but it is a good resource that was recommended to me I did want to be sure to pass gap long as well I'M GONNA make sure to put that in the show notes so that you can just click on that and share it with your kid. Sometimes I print things out, I know it sounds old fashioned, but if I printed out and lay it on the kitchen table. They can't miss it I mean while they can't but. But I try or glue it to the back of their cereal box, you know we used to read cereal boxes and all sorts of education you know on their. Thank you so much Lisa. This has been so informative and I think it really just highlights what I say. All the time is that you have to have these conversations with your kids and they have to start earlier than you might think they do. It's that reassurance of that seventh grader, but if he's heard it all along for theft. Yeah, your body's growing at a different rate than your classmates and. It will grow, and there is reassurance there you will you will. Have Muscles at some point and everybody has different. Body. Shapes absolutely. I think that's important for for all of our teens too early for all of us to just to keep in mind what you see in the media and what you see in terms of body image. Doesn't always correspond with reality. Are you worried about your teens mental health. We have talked a lot here on boys. Well Mental Health Concerns, anxiety depression suicide prevention. If you think your team might benefit from professional support. To teen, COUNSELING DOT COM slash team boys. Team counseling connects your thirteen to nineteen year old with a licensed professional counselor and all counseling sessions are done via video conferencing or the phone on boys. Listeners can get. Off Their first month. Sign up at team counseling dot com slash team boys. Thanks for joining on boys real talk about parenting teaching and reaching tomorrow's men.

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It's Apple Picking Time!

"Tuesday on Tuesday as great the days to stay you know when that day Tuesday Tuesday I had a big juicy steak last night I got pregnant and author is I began with Olivia and I my craving yeah not cold I hot steak and potatoes will actually is a breakfast a steak and potatoes breakfast is is that's a great breakfast chicken strips and fries you bet no problem spaghetti yeah yeah for me for rare red meat was so intense that we drive past some cows and a field and I would be like all the real thing a burger there are times where it is nine forty five or ten o'clock in the morning and I'm on the highway somewhere and I just don't feel like an egg mcmuffin would like to eat for breakfast that sometimes it's frowned apply and the most popular answer is chocolate cake about eighty two up my pickles I'm not interested in putting a bunch of crap in there Bob I don't think I would eat meat at all if I lived alone through an airport especially if it's a big airport and maybe has some international connections you look around at some of the people who are eating percent of people said yeah chocolate cake for breakfast is a problem with that at all that sounds really good we we did this on the show not too long ago and you say to yourself Dang good you're throwing a beer down on he and how can you do that I'm not saying I've never had a bloody Mary around that time we used to happy to have you tried it I like it I barely like burgers that really brought to me is a brown warm coaster to hold it suffer pain for the rest of her life because she ate that that one Burrito with pork in it you know who's going to suffer for the quarter pound of pickles 'cause at my house I get all the pickles I want when she put some lunch put some cheddar cheese infused than it was some onions chop them combines broadcasting from the palatial Bob and Sheri Studios on this Tuesday Common Sherri you know when you but it seems a little easier to put that down beer thank you and vegetables in there sometimes but of course if it's international airport people thing that she thought was Vegan there's no meat in it right and so she ate it but actually there was some pork in it and she said that she was now going to you know I remember we've been together long enough that I remember when you Ra- Vegetarians fetched her for many many many men and then all of a sudden you came in one morning and you said what you know anti Vegan I think it's wonderful but anyway this woman was working in an office and she's a Vegan and somebody gave her some sort of a Burrito oh eggs there was there was a new story the other day that over and decided she wasn't ready to be a Vegan there is a new story the other day about a Vegan and I sure that you're allergic to Avocados yes people eat how many eat homemade night usually really yeah but fancy one well I mean only fancying that I know what the meat is picked it out myself in touch no but I mean did you infuse it with something with cheese and about a it's not cool you know I got the feeling they did and that is not cool poor tide is allergic to Avocados and no one believes him I would like to have a burger and you cannot get them you know I can never eat a burger for breakfast you couldn't think well you don't eat them anyway right not very well I don't eat fast food burgers at all oh I don't think that's the reason people are doing they're doing because it tastes delicious Number two is a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich which you know I could eat that in the morning it's not some Louis are you ready grape flavored things are unique to America is that right great popsicles grape candy some nutritionist person said that you should eat dessert for breakfast if you're going to eat dessert that's wrong member because you're going to burn off yeah there you go could be flying all night long their body clocks off or they just have a desire for odor of our business none of our business right got this story about things that p surgically Avocados and then they try to slip and things with Avocado in the race to watch him swell up like a puffer fish that is not are you that's just that's too much chicken curry in the boarding that's too strong issue thank I couldn't Sushi in the morning definitely not a cheeseburger Louis if you become a Vegan do you know what Vegan is she's like of course I know what veganism I said a Vegan is no meat no dairy no fish rest of their days her co workers having to hear about the time she had the meat infused to do that on purpose I don't know self for the torrent of hey this go flow my way I've never understood why anybody would choose the great flavored anything and I like grapes and we grow drinks you're kidding it is unique to America how can be I don't know and this is probably going to be controversial in some just gonNa Brace Kamya said to me is Jeremy was vegetarian for six weeks that did not last then the other day she said to me mom would you support me if I became Vegan I said I will support you juice but a great popsicle or a grape laffy taffy or grape kool aid you're not gonNA get flamed for that that's Oh no you'll be good luck to you I I like Crepe I mean it's not my first choice let's just take popsicles with popsicles I'm going with Cherry I write green I if I l. not shows in the morning a hot dog I don't think I want that and this is one I definitely do not want chicken curry of us are ever stranded in locked up overnight in a supermarket we ain't going to be fighting over the line popsicles we're like a perfect match you'll be this is America what there's a group of people that there's an entice lobby of grape flavored fanatics that are going to come for me you're probably right has glit- grape flavored treats you would think Japan right you would say you know one of the European countries would would catch onto that for no red and then I guess I'm GonNa get flame for this root beer popsicle that's all that's more scarce as it is casino that is so weird you why like sour things so I want lemon or lime things before so lime first and then read and there it was insane how much I craved it now but I don't live with people that will favoring can be passed off or ingests yeah that's true I mean it's the purple that tells us that it's great that's exactly right you know come to think of it when you think Ed GNC or you dot com that's GNC the number four the letter U Dot Com live. Well here's Bob and Sheri so curve you will hear on the show the Bob and Sheri hot cast on the Bob and Cherry I learned something that I thought was pretty mind of soft drinks you don't think of that many grape soft drinks they are out there there's a ton of orange right when I was a kid man I loved Welsh's grape it's funny how you will drink and you will drink Yusen red wine oh yeah like a great popsicle gray but just a brief time and this is the other thing that I learned artificial grape flavoring was found in products in Austria and in Germany but they marketed see how she's feeling and she saying it's getting kind of tough and I just I just sit back and listen to her and you know it's until something is right upon me this is why I'm not GonNa flay you for your attack your ugly and hateful and irrational attack on lime and lemon popsicles 'cause if the two I want to be sure you're taking the right vitamins gets personalized daily vitamin pack delivered each month with GNC for you get started I sometimes don't really take in that it's reality then all of the things that it means whereas Mary the day after landing announced that she was pregnant Harte's wind and then maybe grape or yet crate before line oh definitely I don't even want the lime oh my girl's crazy with calls they busy lives and let's face it and kind of self absorbed but I've been calling her a whole lot more lately just as how second time moms are different from first time moms and if you're a father out there and you observed your wife or if you're a mama there this this will I might take orange grape I don't even want the line and the length the lemon I wouldn't use it to clean out my toilet Mary was out buying you know the kid close to take the college so like me she's totally different but you know I'm into it now and we have we have some of the gifts that we're going to be bringing to Chicago and we got our plane tickets all set to go blah Blah Blah and so I'm I'm reading articles about call my daughter Landon she's three weeks away from delivering roughly three weeks away just to check in on her I called her again yesterday and I try not to just like I'm just going to let that go I'm just going to let back Oh God thank you Europe should be non we'll ask my ex as or ingests because they knew they couldn't sell grape that's how anti grape those people are well and what does it tell you that artificial grape all Probably strike a chord second time moms realize you don't need every possible gadget you just don't arms which normally you know I may or may not you know read and this one was about and I thought you would like this second time moms how juice just different different variety yeah that's right yeah loved it and we never had kids that was that was rich definite GonNa do something terrible they're going they're going to spill something they're going to stay in something it's okay if you can't do it all speak to that as a mother what you can so you just can't say it's cookie cutter does that make sense to you did you experience that as a dad yeah definitely definitely besides you and here's why because if the two of us are ever doing it just can't bet it does I am surprised how many things just looks her kids bedroom everything the kitchen everything's always flawless bright while she recently did a thing where she showed you the picture and then she showed you all the that's probably the most important thing because you you just can't control everything with the kid they're like they're like crazed animals you know you just have to kind of go there you can have the ones you want will then have the wind I want to break into the supermarket and get that done are you just shocked at no other country in the world I agree with him ask for help when you need it the hard moments pass talked that yeah they the they last like that night where one of my kids okay if you're eating apologize one of my kids when she's little are you ready one of my kids we we might know that you're doing something right right you've got a little experience in their go with the flow or you will go crazy o'clock that night I woke up to to find that she was standing next to my bed throwing up on my pillow where my head was uh who has a family to really small children's husband the works and her instagram her home is gorgeous and everything about it Mike Demons had been in there she threw up on the bed the lamp the floor the table yeah I didn't even know where to be you don't some of them you won't even you won't even use Each kid is totally different so followed their lead you know each kid has a different personality everyone has the stomach flu and the entire family is vomiting simultaneously that night will feel like it lasts a thousand years but then you'll look back on it juice that to me was like that is a treat is a Christmas we're having Welsh's grape juice 'cause it was expensive turns out that as I grew up I continued to love and you'll be you'll laugh and hope it never ever happens again the harm the hard moment stupid-ass except for colic which is around for just about eleven months one hi chicken Parmesan and unbeknownst to me you know little kids come down with something when they're sick really fast four o'clock in the afternoon they're like not that stressful I don't know about that one boy at first you just so nervous so focused I the first one but even the second one is everything that took me awhile and finally babies really don't need shoes now and site tucked underneath the counters on the floor all the dirty dishes and pans and cereal box that she got out of the way wept out of the way to prepare sir he removed that Tattoo using cheese grater bloody you must really want that job how that workout for them it's got twelve foot ceilings everything is white and it's perfect overlooking the ocean next one trust your gut even if not everybody agrees having the best life ever and at eleven o'clock that night you don't know whether or not you should have them airlifted to a hospital so we had chicken Parmesan for dinner and could buy that it was already done he did not realize that rubbing metal F- against his skin give him a problem Oh so a twenty one year old man in Argentina wanted to get a job with the airport police and when he looked at the application ghastly scholar Mazer removal laser not cheese grater no they sound similar but they're different all right let's go to Manhattan or life is like it's a man I know it is that is what your life for the most part is Lord Yeah but then you see something in the movies you know and the kitchen is he realized that he would not be allowed to have any visible tattoos and he had a fairly big tattoo on his arm and there would be no way to hide it so four three seven and we will send this one directly to your phone is an example of you have to correct something and you do a percent of those things you'll use once or not at all this was saying I know you don't need every tool gets you a stroller and like monitor breast pump stuff as you didn't see in the picture so here's picture A. and it's this gorgeous kitchen every surface spotless and shining picture be just out of it and anyone that like on instagram acting like they are doing it all right is curated and lies lies lies in fact I just saw there's an interior designer in Australia and that was terrifying and then I said honey honey on issues like open row and I went up and her room looked like doc Chelsea piers in Manhattan is like an amusement pier with lots of high-end things you can do including a seventy five mile an hour career my right thigh ricocheted my testicle and I fell down in agony worst pain on a scale of one end goal he said I was on Oxycontin for seven days because of the pain and the urologist said there's a chance that not only will you peter meanwhile the owner of Mending Tattoo in Buenos Aires tells the media quote it is risky to remove a tattoo with cheese building up his skill level so that he could go to the seventy five mile an hour cage Chelsea piers so the deal is for people who batting cage the Balser well we had to go get a tetanus shot he said quote it hurt and it bled a lot and I had to bandage it a lot ten billion it was unimaginable he was not wearing a cop because he didn't think he needed to be wearing cop discreeter go and we all agree Moron two eight eight two six two seven coming at you at different speeds at different cages seventy five miles an hour probably ten miles fifteen miles per hour under major adding cage well a lawyer named Ethan Records Fifty Two said he practiced all summer in slower batting cages. This is true very true they don't want peace I swear we we're going through this with Andrew Kevin's oldest his wife the baby registering ninety. It's the tetanus shot and then a week later I had to go get a tetanus shot my favorite thing that he said was quote my family disagreed with this decision be infertile now on that side could it's GonNa shrivel up and atrophy well you think he's going to sue already that one more time steps into the seventy five mile an hour batting cage for the first time and he feels confident he's been practicing here's what he said woke pickup I mean Allie was more into sports than landon ones from when my were babies that they were completely right right right be more confident as apparent because you India up yet they never do that in the afternoon they only do that in the middle hanging on every parent has spent the past being with a newborn is daylight your health goals your lifestyle all of that helps you sort out what you need to be like super healthy and awesome and then of when we discovered it you go to take care of dot com they have a really killer little fun online quiz that just takes a few mass your diet and your it makes it so convenient care of delivers daily vitamins and supplement packs all customized for you so that you're only taking what you really need the has been a lawyer in New York City for Twenty Nine Years Hey Ethan nine launched I've been hitting balls hundreds of times over the summer I knew how long it would take there is a flooding mechanism he handles employment businesses securities law. He's common for you because you're bobby sherry listener so I protein powders available in individual packets for on the go all personalized to your fitness goals and dietary preferences and depending on your personalized care of plan you either get daily vitamin packs and or protein powders sent right to your door the packets you can grab it on your way out you probably have figured out how we are really really good intentions lots and lots of enthusiasm very poor follow through this is applied to every aspect of our lives they had to rush him by ambulance tournament urgency room ultrasound was performed he hadn't turtled leading in his leg. So here's what you do for twenty five percent off your first care of order go to take care of dot com and enter Sherry that's take care and take it in the car when you get to work right it's a packet and it has everything you need on it including an inspiration a little thought to get you through the day I listen to this care of now hello five seconds between when he inserted the coins and when the ball was launched he said they should give you longer time before the ball is the bat take a step feel really good when all of a sudden I was blindsided by a seventy five mile an hour ball that hit the Interior Rub Dot com and enter Sherry back to the podcast right now for people with Heart Disease Asthma and cancer the flu can hit hard if you're not feeling well take your temperature free what happens to the rest of US sometimes when we get an aggressive lawyer is he gonNA do as soon as he was able to unclench his teeth and then you travel the travel you want to bring all those bottles and then the next thing you know you're completely run off the plan this is why we jumped on care picking Pumpkin carving and other fall asleep here ago autumn is officially autumn is officially upon us and that means one he started laughing I mean I don't want him to I don't want him to suffer and wonder what happened was I guess the machine just mel the Maritimes Berge in of the onion it's a satire new site Nova Scotia New Brunswick like one of the headlines on the current issue of the manatee dot net is Hunter has local hunter has love affair with Moose thing for boyfriends all across the maritimes they'll soon if they haven't already be asked to go pick apples carve pumpkins and share their cozier sweaters with their girlfriend uh-huh seventy major league it'd be around ninety plus yeah okay so it's still pretty fast so ethan who's an attorney let me remind the one new Glasgow Boyfriend Aaron would burn said he doesn't mind apple picking in general but his irritated by his girlfriend's groundless enthusiasm for the activity aren't things and we would do pretty good for what do you think about two weeks and then you just go I don't know which one do I take what do I do running late and so you skip it a day concluding vitamins link the two of us would read an article about you know how important vitamins are and we would go to the vitamin store and we would get like a dozen bottles of heart rate Persian of what you should be doing which would be to go to a plastic surgeon or something like that but you end up spending even more and he's going to have she has most of their outfits already planned for the couple's autumnal adventure quote full fashioned is as important as all activities themselves Asher explained thanks so I'm getting I'm going to share with Y'all gonna read this to you from the maritimes The headline is local boyfriends gear up to go apple were casual and fun but also hot mostly hot really dartmouth boyfriend drew Norman said his girlfriend Andy McDonald purchased several Pumpkins last evening we need to look like we belong together without being too matchy matchy so I've chosen a form-fitting plaid button up for myself with leggings wool socks and my best hugs I'm getting it quote I like fall as much as the next guy but I don't feel like wasting an afternoon driving to an orchard depict like twenty apples and paying fifteen bucks for the pleasure goats morons in the news next it's Bob and Sheri we've got him to win it individuals with Bob and Sheri a more it's morons in the news this hayride that last year she wanted me to physically go to a farm to choose the pumpkins weather so I'm counting by Hashtag blessings she says currently with the extra temporal scanner responding cherry dive laughing over this new website that we found it's called the manatee dot net and it is this is so right on the money Norman said that his girlfriend is also fond of going for walks to take pictures of the leaves and filtering them for social media adding cute Hash in Prince Edward Island in eastern eastern part of Canada right above man and so when you go to the manatee dot net it looks like the onion but it's very Canada focus and asked him to clear the weekend for carving them quote she also wants us to decorate our apartment for Halloween and by the way it's barely October and our apartment gets at most tags such as Hashtag autumn loves or Hashtag falling for fall quote Steven wants me to rake our yard so we can take pictures of US doing that as a couple especially dreading fall TV programming as romantic melodramas such as grey's anatomy are resuming for the season quote at Fannie starts watching Grey's I'm drawing the Line Brag Norman I'll just close the bathroom door draw bathroom in Nice pumpkin spice spice bathroom and create my own little oasis just one trick or treater I tried so true I tried to talk her out of a started going on about boyfriends sweater underwear the beige cable knit sweater I gave them less Christmas with dark blue jeans and Doc Martens we'll bring his camera and take enough photos for facebook and instagram that people believe and a year after year after year and you can't complain because you're really an ogre if you do that so I thought it was all behind me and a long the house already smells like dead leaves and synthetic cookie dough from the fall Senate candle she burns I can't escape it boyfriends all across Atlantic Canada Gamut now she's got me doing it that's that's hysterical I remember doing that with my kids and it was just something up we have to do it we're going up to the pump one very interesting conversation at a farmer's market the man was selling honey and and I said where's the honey from because you know depending on what the bees this berry and we we went back to the same pumpkin pat up I absolutely live didn't farm you get in the wagon and you go out and then you get the pumpkins and then maybe go through the maze right you buy some CIDER and they go back is market I love it but I don't want to go and just by green beans I wanNA look at every singer thing and talk to the people like I had and now the phrase dumpster honey which sounds like it will be a good name for my rock band dumpster honey my all girl rock band now the in just a moment I want to tell everybody my favorite story that I will bring to you probably this year this is the most amazing store last year they brought it in the pantry because just didn't actually have any plans for them after taking out taking this is so true what Burns Girlfriend Jessica Asher said right highly changes taste the honey he said this mountain sour would honey and it is delicious I'm like absolutely I'll have some he said you gotta be careful 'cause we go to farmers markets and roadside fruit stands and Pumpkin patches. I love I mean I could see the farmers it is Tuesday town that's where they are now for this Tuesday we understand -able if you're a woman and me and the reason I know about it is because of my daughter Alley Okay forever twenty one has filed for sorry I don't know this guy but I want to meet him and I'll tell you about him and what he did in just a moment here but I I have two jokes okay the I joke is really only craftsy great now wears Madison supposed to buy a sequined bodysuit an eight inch Soweto's for under ten dollars to tell me where you buy your city honey you're getting dumpster honey you don't know where those have been and it's just like a year ago talking trash about city -unny that's what I think about like Oh man implying that the bees would fly around and go into like some trashy area and get little infected that way we're just you know they're not like do not pure the new bottom cherry on the free Bob and Sheri App I went through forever twenty one several years ago I was with Alli for the weekend and I forget where we were but they were in Charleston and She said can I go in here and say what are the forever twenty one it was I've never seen women's store like it it was enormous and all the clothes look flash save this man and when they pulled him into the boat and said you're okay we Gotcha what happened he said he was moving percent of US adults say they have not read a book in the past year it's more proof that the Kardashians truly are influencers fire department dropped him off on the shore and they say he was quote strongly encouraged to make other transportation arrangements is to report a guy who was floating down the Mississippi River on a big log the fire department sent out their rescue boat this week on the Bob and Sheri off air podcast called the cast it's Bob and Sheri Radio's biggest live in a world where a man can't travel log I don't but I do wanna live in a country where a man could get on the Greyhound but it doesn't if he was in his right mind and not wasted and he was looking the youngster he was riding along Mississippi River you can't do that presenting circa yeah I'm thinking snow you think of the great the great frontier settlers think of I mean this is probably the same guy that would have tied the air balloons to the Jewish exactly right that's his cousin in California thank God he's Okay I'll be you all right now my favorite story somebody called nine one one in Rock Island Illinois a few days ago another four towns down they're going to call again outcomes the fire department outcome the boats it costs money you can't do that there is some things you just should out and that's about it anyway they're all of the country and the they filed for bankruptcy. Now here's the joke that everyone will get a new survey found twenty seven it's not a criminal but you can't put yourself in that kind of danger the it's called the mighty Mississippi in your straddling a log do you want from Illinois to Kentucky and he thought he travelled there via log I read that he kind of danger to himself or others why can't he travel by log because you're putting yourself at peril people see you there's a man on log on the Mississippi I mean I guess maybe it's not you know optimally safe to travel deals dog of corruption not be able to do and that's one just I could see that you disagree I disagree I think that you should you should have really looks right along to Kentucky gene and will be green of reading cold yes yeah they're real words Yeah Ed v Log it's not that it's not a crime somehow got a great big log he wrapped his legs around ended any headed Jenny belongings with him on the law you know this doesn't say I guess he was carrying some things the Fire Department here's your favorite part the early fairly quiet and you can just hang around the house I'd like that very much I know parties to go to snow not for of the Stove I had some comfort food just last night Mary made a big pot of Mac and cheese and you know what I did after I was sure that up and take a nap together nothing compared to a home cooked fish that you've made it enjoyed together while lapping in the heat from the twenty minutes relaxing at home most of your invites will come nearer to Christmas so this is the time of the year when the social scene is one cozy nights in nothing like snuggling up under deve in bed or on the couch while the weather outside is cold or maybe even while you and your side on like a cold blustery night when you have a fire pit outside fireplace the blanket over with a blanket Lewis and Clark Peck Tom Sawyer look if Real Paxton Todd do you think a man should be allowed to trump by log I don't know triple lounge wear one at home you can wear pajamas so you're slouch IUS close because no one will ever know last year I went out and I bought myself losers get it with the Free Bob and Sheri the Bob Injury website or wherever you get your podcast careers Bobby Sheriff this year's what they were selling cashmere lounging jammies and what is sexier than having the person you're with turn to you and say look I have a food baby that's what happens after you eat everywhere in the country but in many places and what's more relaxing than watching snow falling from the sky and the warmth of your home especially if the snow has the Good Hampton had enough I said I'll clean up and I took that right over this sink and eat right out of the pot you know I need some need some fluffy cotton towels and I think I'm going to stop over by bed bath and beyond and use one of the coupons they sent him my phone every yeah and a Martini to write last yeah here's another one comfort food a hearty meal of carbs mix you WanNa curler look forward to in the form in Monterey would you like to hear some couples so these are very yes or couples number that's pretty cute in his scarf at or Glove Combo he tells you the same thing that means fresh cotton bedding it's time one set of sheets I washed them but they got real thin the idea of going out GonNa do vase at every Christmas that's true that's very true open fires will you be covered that pretty much about hot baths and fluffy cotton towels Some pajamas not they're not really pajamas through thin kind of workout pants but they're very loose and I got a loose like t shirt for the top I bought a couple of them because they were on sale I mostly do not like Kinda crazy looking for jobs of course I just don't like that at all I don't want partner enjoy a nice movie toasty tokes aren't what's really romantic is to be out yeah TV and something that no exaggeration costs more than my wedding dress pants were two hundred sense the fall on like a Friday or Saturday night you don't have to drive in it the next day that's exactly right wearing things on them now why I think it all goes back to one experience that I had a few years ago Mary has a friend and they're friends of mine now but not clothing slippers house Lucci goes yeah but the one thing I don't like is pajamas if you're a guy with whimsical your yearly Christmas to Vase Todd I got my new yearly Christmas Vase that what do you think I a grown woman I'm not sleeping under a nice comforter Christmas guys that do you know when I was single like in my twenties I had about the cozy things that couples can do now that autumn is here whether it's getting a lot cooler earth like you know cuddling under a new survey or fires or certain types of and They used to work together and he is still single she has remarried but unlike some couples where experience when I went over yard friend's house on Christmas morning and what they were wearing jammie can I tell the audience that interest close to me she's closer to them so the the guy and his wife got a divorce they have a boy and a girl right so the guy is Mary's friend some crazy looking snowman walking around there's an ad on my instagram and it was of course this very beautiful woman looking incredibly cozy and comfortable and here's what you never talk again or nobody's together every Christmas on Christmas Eve they get together and her guy friends the two kids of his his ex wife and his ex wife's new husband all spend the night in his house you know the filled your yearly ritual purchasing new Christmas Deve said to get you in the mood for the upcoming vested does that different ones depending on their personality I don't like that I want mine to be like solid gray pants that could actually go outside and get the paper with with me written sixty five got a million dollars to do whatever you want accessories know your partner Oh okay and then all of a sudden I watched coming down the stairs Dave. He's put the pajamas back on his Christmas is Christmas Pajamas Becca and it's fun And then I noticed his pajamas had these large dice these big dice like in Vegas and the words quite a crowd and so having a bloody Mary and I'm looking around and the the new husband who slept upstairs with her friends X. Right he's not there and I said where's I forget his name Dave and Dave's taking a shower upstairs Dan fresh pajamas Christmas. PJ's come out of hiding as your excitement and for the president period I just don't want this speech as Madison and they're going to have a little spread a little drop in spread you know I don't know ham pineapples and all that stuff and and some blood it is fantastic there's no aluminum in it so it's not going to harm you in any way it really really works and the censor fantastic Mary loves the cucumber. It I couldn't get the Yes out fast enough so we we go over there we've got Hampton just cute to the character things on my PJ's at all and I don't have any well you also wouldn't continue to do so Mary said they They stay in their pajamas all day and Christmas Day in Mary said we're GONNA drop by just for a minute I want and you know me not oil which is a natural anti microbial and shea butter and Tapioca starch that absorbs wetness never any animal testing always free shipping and are you kidding honestly the thing I've never heard of getting a new debate curse that's just a bunch of crap coach Sherri at checkout that's native Deodorant Dot Com Promo Code S. H. E. R. I it's simple it's natural it's effective turns and we have a great offer for you to try native Deodorant you can take twenty percent off your first purchase at native Deodorant Dot Com just use the Promo I was walking in hey how are you so everybody's here now you know me I think it's an unusual situation it's not a situation that I would be in but also happy and they get along so well in everything you have other things like you have whimsical pants but you're not into whimsical jam no that's right that's right and meant I ordered the unscented unscented and they sent us that and you know what if you use that I use the Bob and Sheri Discount Coat and it really really awesome we get over there and I'm Oh in the the mother-in-laws there too I don't know where she slept with one of the kids but the mother laws they're two thirds lucky would love maybe not wear those medications tell you I might have gone with the snow around you really need to do so I was turned onto it by my daughter landon she's been using it forever then my wife Mary found out about it and she's been ordering it and I got it to and man or the Christmas tree slur was the whole scene together for me man I just said or you're taking the right vitamins get personalized daily Vitamin Patch delivered each month with GNC for you get started at GNC or you dot com with over eight thousand five star reviews native Deodorant Dot Com Promo Code Sherry for twenty percent off your first order and now back to the show one of the the truth bobs we dove wave fearlessly just belted out that song about the leaves bottom leaves leaves jess you just went for it yeah is to since you these hush went away the dramatic by today's growing Works are going to get money knocked off for a great product with native deodorant there's no aluminum no parabens no tax filled with ingredients that you find in nature like cocoa it and soon maybe a dark blue cotton t shirt long t shirts and if it could come from Benin public you know what I think happened to me did I ever tell you the by Bob Swing Arto fetch I used to love that song it was by Roger Williams your college no no no that was named after great American Patriot yeah that's the NC the number four the letter u dot com GMC live. Well here's Bob and Sheri Hey before we move on I just want to tell you I'm super impressed by the WHO who wants their son burnt has how do you want me kissing your tender Sunbury hand you know it's still a frequent still looking at a if you haven't tried native him he started strong and then you've got kind of todd printed out he went and found the lyrics can I have an can I have a Redo you WanNa Redo it is it all right then art and I don't know any so here we always knows the words took this this is a big setup for a ten couples his name cheesy piano player and I it's just one of my parents songs they just happen to know except I blew the lyrics son I you you evil that's Johnny Mercer right isn't Johnny Mercer the songwriter from Savannah there's only one Johnny Mercer's new you know what it could be it could actually was a French song originally it was and Oh and the translation it if you actually take the title of which I can't pronounce it's the deadly yeah I think that's the reason I don't like the free Bob and Sheri instantly get the podcast the cast and Bob and Sheri so if you're just joining us we were a few minutes ago talking leaves are you kidding it's not the autumn low I don't like that the deadliest bed in the sunburned hand is terrible I would have put a French accent on it if I don't have the volume a bad line I mean this is this is one of what do they call them straight American I'm looking at it he printed it right out this is Vermont you once you holding her sunburned hand because no sooner do you pick it up and here comes the lecture about Sunscreen or you're talking about me personally I would notice someone's house in your jammies someone came to your house you wouldn't be in you're GonNa go the whole scene I just couldn't do it's not my thing in its there and it off when a star to fall very ooh swine no autumn start I know woman on earth who has over at Johnny Mercer's House and Frank is pissed off about something really pissed off and Mercer has just received a large a biography of Frank Sinatra frank would go off the reservation crazy especially on alcohol once in a while and he and mercer were friends and they're all oh yeah yeah Johnny Mercer's Big Deal in Savannah and I only know that because of the book I know one Johnny Mercer Store you want to hear it because I read into the kitchen got a knife and slice it up what a thug I'm sorry what and then the next they sent him Zhou Portrait of himself and it was painted by Norman Rockwell Sinatra got so pissed off at whatever he went I'll want Messina's on my pants the whole family gets every I know with and they have things like Santa's on the pants and stuff like everybody's everybody gets out of the sunburned hand the Sun Kissed Him Oh so much better mature hand I used to hey wait wait what is worst sunburn what are you singing about the DNC your lips the summer kisses and says the sunburn hand I used the hold uh well good round of applause for you on your excellent singing and you're not wrong about changing that lyric because anybody holding their sunburn his his music because then they didn't know or there was some there was some darwinism workers edge of lambis waited what's up handy no suntanned hand named Johnny Mercer wrote Johnny Mercer was one of the greatest lyricist of all time you wrote for Sinatra Midnight Garden of good we got like this I see the summer kisses the sunburn hand. You need to use sunscreen by the way because that can get cancer right and wrinkles Johnny Mercer's from Savannah that's out there you go how did you know that guy's been dead for obsessed with the book in the Garden Sir can you please to do it because I consider turning on the Mike you know one of the really important parts of our job and put on screen it's listen the new Bob in Cherry Twenty four seven Bob and Sheri Dot Com I wanted to because if we don't turn on the mics well this is what it sounds like turn your mic off Brooklyn three times to say that I really just read what I read and I you know Sinatra was in my house as a kid my parents always had that's what it sounds like and that's not good oh sure some folks might hang with us who have been with for years soon the song burned you so I know you do so much for everybody somebody do this for me please I never when was the last time I ask anybody for any I'll start turning on your might turn on my mind aw ruin the entire night the entire moment before can't store on looking for stick to turn on my partners microphone we have an entire section of that right over there it happens all the time on gaining traction and he just sold it to Kellogg's for six hundred million dollars no yes and he started I was GonNa tell you about the guy that invented the our expert this blew my mind so hard I personally love the Rx bar type Granola bar type foods 'cause I live in cars I love this our expert I didn't know anything about how it came to be so the guy that a very valuable painting to replace it but it wasn't an Iraq low orchard fogy do when I was reading that book I had to read it extolled oh he's thirty three years old six hundred and today he lives on an island he lives in a mansion doc thank you think that would be really nice because look at all the things I do for you that you don't have to worry about because I do them and pushing that button is just something I can't seem to mess thought well she knew me before I had the money she's not here for the money they got married in July of last year they got divorced six months later spire because there's only a handful of ingredients you know exactly what you're getting it's like dates and almonds and coconut or depending on the flavour whatever and I eat a lot of energy yeah oh well I'm sure it wasn't because she didn't like the house now costing and it's filled with Goo that we can do better yeah so in Peter Hall he's The guy that started it in his mom's kitchen they start at making these tackler breathtaking the island there's One island that is only accessible I think by boat I think there's only a few I actually I think trump has containers to the container store and get a stick I do so much can you tell me that's fine it's a bit of a reach for me I'll get a stick I bet you can find Nicole Kellogg sale went through before he became this six hundred million guy he proposed the woman he'd been dating because he on an island near Miami Beach and island with a guardhouse in a gigantic house all by himself specs Rx Bars Oh no candy sold them it's they started out selling them to cross fit gyms in Chicago and Indiana then all around the Midwest and then it began love about this story I love that the partners from first grade and that it was put together in the in the mom's kitchen what a story listen to this before he bought the house by the way he bought it fully furnished for nine hundred million dollars last May he drives a Ferrari I mean they're not sure but a lot of celebrities lived there and it's just so expensive and he's he's got six hundred million dollars Lord tentative got together with his friend they've been friends since first grade Oh no kidding in two thousand twelve they were both like their from Chicago what's happening and chances are good if you don't you have no idea this creature even exists okay I'm talking about the great spotted lantern fly people of Pennsylvania are at war with it why because it is threatening eighteen billion dollars worth of I believe this is Bob and cherries believed this is one of those stories that is all consuming if you live where oh you guys about why can I turn my mic. Well it's only been twenty years maximum Mike because step which is a large flying insect native to Southeast Asia it doesn't look real describe it it looks like a cartoon it's a white and Emmy sunburned hand just jaw well can't be the key the sun eight of some kind and what it does is it sucks the sap out of living trees it's destroying vineyards in Pennsylvania and ago they're both like big cross fit you know business guys so in two thousand twelve they look at the energy bar market and they're like all this stuff tastes to Scott Article I read it once and then you read it again had a Philly this one woman said that she and her husband have killed absolutely thousands they she said we wake up every single day to a nightmare it's like black spotted like a Dalmatian winged butterfly moth creature with a furry body a black and white striped like center part of its body and as it flies it rains clear sticky sugary waist which the nickname for that is honeydew on decks and driveways and pools one man who owns a vineyard said that if this continues we're going to lose the battle we're going to be out of business tag I've never heard of this until you brought it up and to red and black polkadot it smaller wings it looks like something out of a Disney creation it's huge it's beautiful and the it's impossible at this point according to an expert at Penn state people have been swarmed by these things in Phoenixville this is about thirty miles outside she and cheap and and didn't cost much and I said what's brand I say what's up with this place and she says well you don't really add to your wardrobe here you wear this a couple of times Pennsylvania's state officials are encouraging citizens to get out there right now while females are laying their eggs and scrape the mud like no fear of people they'll fly right in your face the land on your skin crawl down the back of your shirt nasty they're beginning to expand in New Jersey Delaware and Virginia masses from trees cars lawn furniture grills other surfaces because if we don't get them now we're not gonna get them listen to what happened to this man agriculture in Pennsylvania you know it it got to Pennsylvania from Southeast Asia about five years ago we assume God here in like a container show in people is it all over Pennsylvania or it's it's action cuts down Pennsylvania's really getting hammered by okay and they fly Jones yeah there are some insults prefer that sound that's true I love that show yeah the USDA is trying to contain and suppress it they're trying to eradicate them but controlling them at the population level is almost just a forty thousand this year and killed there are some days I just wanted to quit because I come out and get four or five hundred thousand in one day and the next day there's hundreds arrogance sm- I do want to ask the question how did you go about counting that man I I know that was the first thing that came to my mind to one guy one guy he just he is living this absolute rich person can order prenup no mention that in the on and the any goes up and he sucks lantern flies into a nylon stocking he said he patrols at least once turn his wet dry Vac shop vac he attached he turned it into on lantern fly assault device that smart attached a piece of plastic bottle to the end of a war spoke twitter instagram wherever you go and thank you again for listening so you know people are reading it and it's like you're guilt-tripping them for not doing something for you or your brought them down because they were having a good day and now they have to confront this you know what I mean you're looking for it's not just something bad happens you know and I hope you'll keep me in your is such an unusual state it's a big state and it has big cities especially philly but it also has vast areas that are rural unquote we for one would like to welcome our new insect overlords. You're hearing about this for the first time right yeah doesn't it Kinda blow your mind dangerous in lots of different ways but I wonder if they're looking at getting some sort of a pesticide that can be sprayed to rid the area Pennsylvania police ball team will they do spray but but they said that's one that's why the Penn state experts said we can't control them that way we need the people around it's called sad fishing do you know about sad fishing sad fishing is when somebody posts about a personal issue on social the civil war where they have people you remember the civil war documentary dear prudence fear I shall not make it home yes media looking for attention Mary sees this all the time and my wife is the sweetest can be but she says Oh my God why are they doing this she they just want everybody to say Oh you poor thing sometimes people are the they I mean they're not getting any legs love or support or compassion anywhere prayers it's it's really kind of looking for people to say oh I just WanNa go on and on I just I wish I could take your pain on you know is the Philadelphia police said that while lantern flies are a nuisance they're not a matter for law enforcement and then they tweet it this is the Philadelphia Police Department I have said we need you to stop calling nine one one but they're getting philly police as far south as far away as Philly they're getting nine one one calls about Leonard that's farmland so this this is very very bad this is Pennsylvania Dutch kind yeah they I I hate to say it but they need to spray these things there's a minor league gosh yeah nobody you don't have anyone in your life that can give you some guests are solace yeah I know it is sad but when you put it out there you're hearing about this for the first time when eighteen billion dollars worth of agriculture is under threat exactly I mean Pennsylvania is self it is wild it's a monetary fund's size podcast sharable taste of the show and it drops every Thursday this week net flicks is tracking Jeff Dunham's personal account Somebody in that part of the world made an APP where you track how many squishing kill it's crazy time I'm gonNA post all of this on our facebook so that you can see these bad boys for us elston their life so they turn to facebook or instagram sue that said and that's why I I see I see that and I think all my exactly it's all Sepia tone today of talking about the lantern flies away it's funny in a way but not in another way that's good luck to those folks that is just horrific there there's a minor league ball team in Allentown an and they are creating a fake movie trailer that looks like Ken Burns documents what does it say about I mean this is the thing with social media like we're social creatures and we really want other people to look at us and pay attention to it then the other side of the scale look at my fabulous life I I've got this vacation going my kids are doing this in school my dining room has just been redone listen we want to look at other people and pay attention to them but look at this look at the difference in the scale they're sad fishing over here on the one side of the scale sorry for her boyfriend because if he's not the target of her thinly-veiled how facebook posts I don't know who is it's hard to think it isn't this viewing habits of the Jeff Dunham comedy special get it with three Bob and Sheri APP the Baba Cherry website or wherever you get your podcast here's Baden Sherry so there is a new term that is floating Oh you know new dish where it's at least the sad stuff feels true yeah you know you're right you know you're exactly right sad stuff probably is true then lot of the stuff that's post-season like someone post something I've been there's a a somebody on facebook who shows up my news feed a lot and I I feel him like if you're going to post something like when a man tells you he loves you think twice before you believe him oh I'll just by well you know we used to be carefree on the weekends but not so much anymore no in and slick frost this this is very very bad news for Peyton your boyfriend's right that kind of stuff that's you know that's the social media version a you pick up a couple of your your friends with and they get in the car you're going to go to the movies together or whatever and they're having a fight and you can tell tonight be over because there's this there's this heaviness this cloud that's going to be with you all night long and if you go out to dinner Oh and then for someone like you who you're is there in the back seat it's uncomfortable and you want to cancel whatever your plans were and do a drive through Wendy's gets them home just take him back automatically go into tap dancing enter gender mode can't stand that awful heaviness I'm good at you knew who I go for I in that situation so you're more if Dan didn't complain so much about having to stay home the worst that is the worst for Jack in the box break it up tried to bring something positive handstand you went to see your sister in New York how is that you're going to see a play in a Oh I did go see my sister Bob let's say it's the woman who's doing that go right for her and I try to change the way whoever the aggressive go for the aggressive just the I people think their significant others bad with money and I don't I really didn't want to bring that up because I was bored by the article except for the last two things which I thought was both sad and the interesting one in eight Americans in relationships have hidden a secret purchase from their partner in the last six in at least the sad stumps real you might be ready for colon she's a part of your kids infants and young children have a good chance of getting the flu check for fevers with the temporal scanner here's Provin Sherry so I read this article about one months and also one eight have a secret bank account and secret credit card one in eleven have a secret retirement account and one fourteen have a secret life insurance policy and about six percent of us have a secret will will I have to tell you if you've got that stuff going on you are a little evil and your relationship is not not a good one or a stable or you have been so badly burned and hurt in the past that you can never trust again then you shouldn't get into some it's a it's an X.'s and her husband was a little dicey and I knew for a fact then but to do it secretly yeah the secret thing is interesting if you ever known anybody who's done that I have I mean my grandmom had a slush fund grandma's yeah grandma sort of you you know what if you get if you've been burned in the past and you get into a new relationship say to the other person I've been burned in the past and oh I have a separate retirement fund that's not GonNa have anything to do with you and if I were to pass it's going to go to my kids or I'm GonNa live off of it later because who knows what could the person I was with a saying my mother literally has maxwell cans dug up in the backyard stuffed odds money old school hundreds and hundreds of dollars and and and her husband he's workings off in a fast grandma grandma she got the money somewhere you don't know about you that's all grandma's just certain types because I don't want to say the one I'm I'm thinking of because she liked to spend money on things that didn't make sense to him so he was career navy he spent his entire life serving his country and victory right he's doing swing shift and everything else and she she would she would put her hand up when he'd come home on Fridays and she takes the check and then risking being killed in action and my grandma was squirrel in money away to go get her Tarot cards read and to go see like the divvy it up and put a little bit in the Maxwell House every week my grandma had a slush fund not because she was ever GonNa leave my Papa Tom Jones at the casino or whatever and pass he knew instinctively that my pop-up wouldn't understand this no and she's gotta live right she's got a lear arrangement is that she was a stay at home mother and she's taking the kids and you and everybody and all but she it's called runaway money yeah that's completely different dynamic exactly because if this guy gets I don't know physical gets really mean or whatever he's gotta live right I don't have a problem with that but it's the ones where the secret retirement the secret will the secret account yeah that's a different level now if you are in an abusive relationship that's fat stiff all the rules to all the rules change and it's it's not called squirreling away money got to have a little money in the Maxwell House the pay for a lawyer to go to a hotel right so you know that I'm all about like true crime like all the TV I watch all the podcasts listen to there's always some you know it's always the spouse it's the husband or the wife for the boyfriend or girlfriend and this is all I watch and when I'm having like a really stressed out Out For Kevin he comes into the kitchen and he said which working on sweetmeat I said I am getting a big life insurance policy on you tag a letter in the mail from Temple University where I did my undergraduate degree and it was addressed to all temple alumni and it was this thing where you who as a temple and your family could get this incredible smoking hut deal on life insurance so I have life insurance some fill in if it all there's no amount of money justifies you know murder of course way to take the high road Ms Lynch you know stuff we watch like data these people kill each other for the life insurance and honestly not that there's any price that justifies it but tag but Max you watch this stuff and you listen to this stuff too are you not blown away by what crimes people will commit for the tiniest amount of money the they'll have somebody murdered they'll spend ten thousand dollars or five thousand dollars to have somebody murdered to get forty thousand dollars now forty thousand dollars is a lot of money but really it's not ah if you're killing your husband for sixteen thousand dollars you're an amateur singer really are funny he's not GonNa go very far change your life Kevin come to me and it would be like I found something real murderer for you on WanNa go watch it so the other day I get a letter it's beautiful he knows me so well so the the blood drained fended did and he's like are you unhappy is this something I need to know because all the night it's not going to take you for the next ten years I saw dateline where he often wife for like fifteen grand chief you can't even go to carbon and get a vending machine it's it's like buying a small car every year that's year yeah so don't kill each other for any reason nor any dollar amount and don't think we're uppity are for that and I know I know come on fifteen thousand dollars that's what you that's what the average family pays for health insurance now a family of four pages version of IT and British Corey users were posting about what American food they just don't understand anything it's disgusting and it was interesting because I learned a couple of things like for example root beer root beer is an American thing I did not won't here on the show the Bob and Sheri odd cast on the Bob and Sheri App get it now in itunes store or Google play the core website is one of my guilty pleasure aw and then the hive mind response and there's all sorts of it's like it's like read it there's a core for everything there's a it isn't acquired too I think you're either a root beer person or you're not a root beer person I saw sign you can hang in your house little cute sanded said root beer a really terrible a good grits they're great if you get amateurish grits or watery grits not so great bad grits are not worth the calories good grits are heaven right nonfat milk a single lists ended up on snapped dateline you don't want you don't WanNa be the person that maximum talking about and and if you if you are hiding maxwell I it's basically like somebody will post a question and then the what Website Quarter Q. U. O. Ara so somebody will post a question or a thumb grits which surprised me because gruel and porridge are in all your British fairy tales that's right that's right so much better but one one of the one of the guys who posted on it said if it wasn't brown I would use it to clean the floor I what is it like they find the taste so we're I know it get me started on spray cheese completely mystified I'm with them I sprayed I am with them the spray

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Paralelo20 Hoteles burbuja, vivir en transparente

"They fear correlates eastward. People komo this more celebres interferon. Gamma la habra boo boo his mustache. Rash of continuous lowest. They'll call me blue pause boudoir. Same ponding lubyanka story stickers. The galaxy tab. Louis seen sally of knows doing talk radio comparable auto being more doubt. They'll tell secret molestation quijano. Lonzo tilles boo michael. Your shows immemorially in nevada who has no ceo leader. Noise dada mean simplemente. Total will not experience nursing contest mothers. Alabama abraham blokhin western stabbed on digital directly style leader moshe better losses three amir's jama those who has component boudoir orcas on komo team. Does they come. Press parents our stop. But i'll know saipa landau almost putting the photos in lettuce. Australia's are where but doggone lower as much amount. Laura stole common throwing fronts. The korean this year stop at end up. Ought to my -nificant gerardo this. These are theam in notre spices in hispania. The nimmo's by your city of of the most historical is boo castlemed. Yours dollars boudoir galen better solder yeah colorado in short classes able to hack yusen ask so cosco shoe salone rather also why yours go. No one knows gay siempre extensively those embarrassed not rallies follow hamas. Still being gives us insight. You're not route through. Not the company up at all. They come on told the lou haughtily is reasonable conglomerate daewoo and hispania immature intern gotta yang galley theon. Nacional gyasi game. Making okoro intolerable hamburger. You're gonna get those this as mazda plastic goal. Your mask lama yell crystal. Musk kazakh is. They can get them in their lobby. Salary you star in sean. As they must steal lou lou saw star in migos. Yom boston toledo komo most real l'hotel star. Mbr moshe three alba issue the got. Are you north america. The lago by newlands okay. I don't have golden boot us getting solemn audio evenue include audra. How going to miss stein andrea boudoir canoe salang star cone. Jim an all year getting supreme athena's orientale or a. Yeah those k. Delaborde wuhan not three anonymous almost out now hemp today. La allowed to the last of the nasa star hotel. I the about of ask is more You're gonna be paid out. Ambient contrast shown gooby under mutuelles premieres. Daily send you either architecture and amigo. She will scuttle humane as one rodeo history. They list grew cbo into the now. She knew that those are social telephoned. Reality breath your show. Dora unitel boudoir dot friendly. 'cause you miss a to katha say no muslim come a media controller to tall they lost period in galicia la popularity as their son sing so the initial still up ladies. Get a mere start in rooney on. Let me let me if that is buha. Anghelis donovan muccio Sustainably irresponsible show on radio. I'm being premature. Low steelers sealaska yet shown those. Musk glands that planet as total paralyzation of two three yes pushing canarios. Nobody unfiled tyrod. Taylor's voice in you're gonna join anything but a hambro and grand guardian rock a new blow in friendly one. The nettie fay in arizona shoelace as la. She usually the part of their theories. He lost money theaters. Money seems are the amass. This i got on board without the steelers. Three yellow governor thing last not chase. Okay mutuals mass yoga than gwenda. You wanna mean. Taylor said we see us. Go free thing said with your complimentary or komo thanasis crew ciba's see jackou by the paralysis. Map la forma on this will be to boot. Which is shown me delo cabbie and toward interact the amish modell dealers that she is panic has not not push your mass rallies. United mashalu show in orca. I'll keep anything is does if he goes kissed. All the laws dealers booed hot pushing effect on komo most the job but i sort of plan colombia. I sold the al duda to apple entitled and muslims com

quijano Lonzo tilles abraham blokhin saipa landau hispania yang galley Nacional gyasi Musk kazakh Yom boston toledo stein andrea boudoir nimmo gerardo amir cosco lou lou Dora unitel nevada daewoo Alabama Louis
Gear - Silvertip Vs LBO Pyramid Style Backpacking Tents

Seek Outside Podcast

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Gear - Silvertip Vs LBO Pyramid Style Backpacking Tents

"Let's talk about the silver tip versus elbow and we might jump from the elbow versus the Cimarron and vice versa But let's talk about the silver tip versus the O B O and in those differences between the two well. The silver tip is a small pyramid shelter so it is a dedicated footprint shelter It is a one person. Hot Tent is a two person ultralight. Ten in the summer The elbow is a modular system. So you have an elbow base. You can add a tart and another base to it and sleep four people with a stove. Let's let's talk about. Let's cover the base real fast and a lot of people have questions but the base is a basis to a three-sided baked tarp So it's open faced And there's a zipper on that face. So that's where the modulated comes from. You can zip in interchangeable parts to make this thing longer or shorter so we have a three piece. Vestibule that just turns the the base into a three piece based or three part vestibule in base and that is a a one one person hot tent. You can really squeeze to in there with so but it's of tight to partial and be probably be the most direct kind of similarity to the silver tip. They'll be obese in vestibule. They'll obeys invest Compares directly with the silver tip the basin vestibule will be touched taller than the silver tip so it is a little bit roomier. But in my opinion. If you don't need the module Larry of the elbow then I would probably lean toward the silver tip I think the silver tip is a touch quieter in heavy wind because the elbow bake wool fabric will overlap a bit and you can get some wind slap and really heavy win there You're also paying a premium for the modular the modular abilities of the obio system So as a dedicated one person hot tent. And that's all you're gonNA use it for would lean toward the silver tip as a dedicated. One person hot tent that you also want to extend and due to people with a stove or four people with a stove all in the same system. I'm going to point you to the show for sure and make your greedy friends by the rest of the pieces of the Obio. And that's it. That's the thing we get that a lot. You know to hunting buddies who hunt together. A lot will buy different parts of the system and then they can combine them for a base camp or they can separate them in each go. You know scout a different area So it really is extremely flexible. Let's let's talk a little bit about the elbow. And how it compares to the Cimarron and how someone can make the choice between the two if that's what they're looking at. Well I'd say the most direct comparison in the system with the Cimarron is probably an elbow plus a connecting tarp which extends the length and then a vestibule on the end So that that system we call it. The base tart vestibule is going to sleep to people with a stove and gear and do that pretty pretty darn well The CIMARRON is again a dedicated footprint. Size shape it is what it is. It's not going to change Whereas the bill was very flexible The CIMARRON will be a bigger taller shelter and probably more comfortable because it is taller People tend to like heights in their shelters. Especially in bad weather. You hate being cooped up So again if your main usage is two guys will the stove and that's all it's going to be Cimarron it. Well sometimes two guys with stove and sometimes one and I wanna go as light as possible with one then. The elbow makes a lot of sense read. You can also move your Stove Jack Placement around on the elbow which I really like Can really make it your own set up there depending on however you WanNa sleep where you wanNA sleep the number of people you have and how you want to get in and out of the shelter so I really liked that. That's one of the problems that we have in explaining the product is there. There's a lot of education that has to happen for people to understand it fully And I'll run through the the variance. Here you can have a three-sided open faced tarp for Summer Scouting Yusen fairweather. You can add vestibule and you got a one to two person that will handle extremely bad conditions and be very whether worthy you can add a tarp a connecting tarp and vestibule and you've got a two person hot tint You can do a base tarp base at second base to the tarp and will sleep four with a stove and stove placement in that variant would be in the in the connecting targeted be center the shelter in obey start vestibule. The stove would likely be in the vestibule. So it'd be in the end and then another variant is you can pitch to bases together and that makes basically a pyramid shaper square square ish shape In that case if you wanted to run that as a hot tend you need a Stove Jack? In one of the bases I think There's also the ability to keep on building. I am seeing a customer submitted photos to us that they did a motorcycle trip from the Lower. Forty eight all the way in through the Arctic and stuff and they actually connected to tarps with two bases so they can store the motorcycles under the tarps as well No let's talk about some of the Assad about some of the direct competition to the silver tip and the elbow and really how they stand out from that competition. Well I I don't really think you'll be oh has direct competition when when we introduced it it was very unique in its modular approach It still does stand out as very unique. Although there have been a couple of smaller companies that have attempted similar concepts. But I mean literally you can have two guys as Nathan alluded to they can each have a base investable and it's their personal turned and that they have a shared tarp and when they go hunting together they bring the tarp in their basis. Right and then it's star base camp. The silver tip is going to have more direct comparisons. Because it's a small pyramid teepee type thing. There's there's quite a few of those out. There was really designed with an eye on severe winds and being quiet and severe winds. And that was really kind of what it was for in a very small footprint So hot or possibly to person summer As far as direct competition with both of them. I mean really kind of comes down to a lot of the same things We're really good at sewing And construction and we use really premium materials. That have stood the test of time we get tencent still of now had six seven years of use on them and we might have to replace something like a Zipper pull on him. And but outside of that I mean fabrics. The great and the rest of the tent looks fabulous and the customers that have been using them. No not a few nights a year. They've been using them weeks to months per year right. We have some customers that just spent an insane amount of time out in the field. So that's really the differences and how they compare.

O B O tencent Obio Arctic Nathan Assad six seven years
A.I. and Machine-Learning: Jobs that Pay Big Bucks

WSJ Your Money Briefing

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A.I. and Machine-Learning: Jobs that Pay Big Bucks

"With your money briefing, im chair Waylon the Wall Street Journal in New York. There's nothing official about the salaries being offered for artificial intelligence and machine learning jobs. In fact, they're up there with chief information officers and chief technology officers will break down the numbers in a moment. I these money and market stories. You should know. Here's a way to measure the power of Amazon, the online retail giant is asking consumer goods companies to create brands exclusively to sell on the site. Turns out it's too expensive and time consuming for Amazon to do it on its own among the companies getting on board or equal brands sweeteners and the nutrition brand GNC and mattress maker tuft and needle recently created a new brand called nod exclusively for Amazon in many cases companies are launching products through an accelerator program Amazon launched last year to outsource the work Amazon's been growing the number of its in house brands in recent years to more than one hundred. Including names, you probably know like Amazon basics. Happy Billy food, and mama bear baby products and having made too much of the progress and impact of crypto currencies and blockchain while analysts J P Morgan Chase seem to think so they write in a report that while progress has been made to move blockchain adoption beyond experimentation and Yusen payments development has been largely confined to use cases. Like smart contracts record keeping and decentralized applications rather than an institutionalized approach now the analyst to say that with blockchain there have been numerous developments that show that the technology can make a significant impact for banks, but transformative real world applications are still at the work in progress stage, and they see widespread blockchain adoption would scalable solutions at least three to five years away. Are you looking for a new job with the market is hot for artificial intelligence machine? Learning professionals how hot people in those fields are expected to earn some of the highest salaries for IT jobs over the next year and Wall Street Journal reporter Angus Loton who writes Rossiya journal is your details. So Angus as you point out in your story in the field some could make upwards of two hundred thousand dollars a year puts them in some pretty good company. It does just a few years ago, they they wouldn't have even broken the top ten of salaries in the tech field. Artificial intelligence engine engineers and developers are now in the top ten machine. Learning. Engineers are action the top eleven what has pushed these salaries higher and move these jobs higher in the ranks in such a small amount of time. It's demand for a we've been seeing for years. It's it goes hand in hand with companies digitally transforming their operations getting into cloud computing. And what they've got now is just a treasure trove of day. Data that they've been sitting on their picking it up in just about any industry. Censors the internet of things phone data at mobile network online stuff. So it's it's a matter of getting some pros in there to sort through that data and see what kind of value they're sitting on in terms of their business, and what kinds of sectors make use of the a professionals the most if you can imagine last year, the the general unemployment rate for in in all professions was at about three point nine four three point four percent it in for tech that was about half of that about two percent. So I mean, there's just a lot of demand and all industries were seeing particularly retail season to see how they can use customer facing data to try to improve services that they're banking certainly is is another front runner Belsen manufacturing any any kind of officiency. They can get on the production line. They can get that through a smart applications and all the rhythms. And then people coming in being able to take this data the. Companies are sitting on and put it to good use the whole idea of machine learning and AI can help accompany reduce costs pretty significantly. It can I mean, it's still early days. But as I say just about an every industry there's ways that you can eek out officiency is would some just fine tuning production processes in in different ways. I think what you're seeing why that demand is going up is because this isn't just theoretical. I mean, there was certainly a lot of hype around technologies like blockchain there was a lot of companies jumping on board. And then realizing they couldn't quite get the business value, or at least not immediately out of some of these other technologies with artificial intelligence. You can see these values coming up almost immediately. So somebody wants to get in on the marketplaces or a specific training that they should pursue that might best serve them. There is but it might take a little while because some of these higher end salaries and again these are averages. So when you're looking at some big tech companies they could be making in the millions and they're right up there with chief information officers and chief technology officers in the in the. Sweet who are who are making on average upwards through two thousand. So I mean it. Yeah. It's great. It's a nice lucrative position to have. But for those high salaries what you're what they're looking for. At least employers are looking for are some some folks that are very steeped in math and stats. We're looking at PHD's that's for the higher end stuff. The lower end stuff is, you know, developers that specialize in these in these areas, and there's just not that many of them out there. So if you're young enough, and you wanna get started. Now's the time because this this technology will be around for a while. And this is a real shortage of these professionals and a lot of these companies are hiring people on a temporary basis or they're really scrambling to find someone who who could fill a fulltime slot. They are they really are. They've there's some different strategies to to finding the right people combing through white papers, and and analysts report looking for people who know what they're talking about. There's also Hakan's the other bottom end of that folks coming out of university. They've really got their work cut out for them or. All right. That is Wall Street Journal reporter Angus Loton joining us here in our studios Angus snacks for softened by thank you. And that's your money briefing, im JR Whalen in New York for the Wall Street Journal.

Wall Street Journal Amazon Angus Loton New York analyst reporter official GNC Belsen manufacturing Rossiya journal Hakan Billy food J P Morgan Chase JR Whalen AI
Kisah 01: Lintas Jurusan, Kenapa Enggak? bareng Alissa Namira Syahla

Kisah Alumni

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Kisah 01: Lintas Jurusan, Kenapa Enggak? bareng Alissa Namira Syahla

"Hello indiana has leeann shelia you feel with russia than or fee then gummy that he a alemi deka and messy houdini. He's all nia megabyte. When usa netherlands unique hand. How do i ask love. Let them the episode of foot guests ski saw. How do you need are some daniel world when the john than dot linda's yusen beach out i on bosnia shafiullah anew eat by puppy memili. Judo san Trans oziel the universitas indonesia. Now more towel process noor then. Kitale massacre topic send dong the industrial loosen Begin qassim can then asked if you could not getting what yeah house along hallo Shaluah unique malyan echinacea got up all messy. Why you feel simple. A hundred weapon relaxed karate. Judo sanity illnesses plans. Assia got off my thought on phnom. Like you see wolf practical a an uncle yet. Unforgettable muir are gonna see through apple do get amina uncovered in vietnam near omaha common through your reporting Markle like these start-up business get the well to ideological sedan de do vote you up by Nobile the woah fishing indra industry. That can be any a He then left. I shouldn't but i'm blanking though Against got on a muscle from that valley now union to scuttle stanton of human autographs as awful sm. I don't cut as men on the bed. Will san eat by bass eight nikolaidis. The yet gonna do so. I will wait for s. Then i hope one. Nearly it's ask people delay case suffocates whole lot while yes in india. I bought them. Candy yemeni. I'm almost magnon equal hollered. Wet towel worn the identity. Be done if not get the unique skin. Ohio's can be lasts. All fell off among outside. Go among the Up i ended the but cut me eat fox and unique by a big Sudan poplin alcorn opening up a little hold i get with declare yoga touted judo Dislike audio will give you day at the investor ma Patton up to apple swoon. Got an enormous call in honor of yet awful. Maui yellow that fast one. Finally you need some invest you to set up phya but affect up mellanby eureka past cosma. Bless akwa unable to get you'd sermon. Duck our get the c. d. by the ls wisconsin designated alabama. voted allah. I'd alanya the by avenue in our passing for be what thou you end with obama auditor then minimum wage. I put down on your thought escanaba to see. Okay gun book monumental van hutton. See call. Yeah that'd be Krizan de blasio. A a long shot stories among billy hadn't chris log my knee Again actually my beauties like jonquil a lot. We don't follow fairly had been bid humor Give the new you've got a nasa among. Yeah afire flavorful on rebel a whole Love what he was lying on the line. Then the sba these will sign a number of indian handgun. Full sablan can do a full of a either The pataudi allied judo sonya emery alaska nitrates data tabby fast around full circle. The difficulty do good. If the alkyl hawking beside me off with getting blend could work full then. I had a our. Sim hope an end. Medical casaus kinship. Through the thaw. Two devi identity. You've got the sun then. yeah so much. Mamiya amnesty audio Nomadic call one on both the pop up on Then called ongoing among epoch on the going to pick out of my own down a hold the iota a feeling ideal. I am bending. Think you see. You wouldn't go anywhere on the condom delicious in your a. Get them meyer. Investigators it's still Gone through the senate bill up via a style lagging the now x three wrecks. I don imanol at the yeomanry dilemmas. new said giving this while in each noah daddy autumn Long you ought to do is awesome winds. Us scientific wonder. If i get the the ozk policy mukasa watermelon la kandar be up by novi among them in line. Young kresa among Lonzo setting guys. He will end the kennedy society But i got the level to keep baggage barring a greta in forgotten Fast knee yet by So black leggings Yeah a whole investigator saddened gift for you. Look aside nato. Kalian investors underlie About any bottle long enough. I need a yellow illness also consign negative but you get fish senior but in particular with our officiant devout feeling idea but any i don't i'm good taught Cup cotton nudity. Passion give advocate you to see friend. We'll have to get your near. My soka process. Academia massacre was obviously held. Open being been house meeting at south Judas who got an severna doodo significant a guitar on budgeting now that any kick Visited it not malone metareum fast. It'll mendonca One of the Job we office capable of. I thought the new start with. Why did he. Why edward out. We'll stay up in the industrial resemble opposite retarded. You go up a god. Jerusalem brings bell of nieces. Why been fishing. Give us assignment dickey thorne. And how will the foul molly doodles on a to prophecy bannon female come. We'll hidden and the lifespan couple jacob. Oh i'd opening Manila novel cardoni. Bill governor i get get slow system panini given when safari little buddy or can eat. Farm in oregon would have prophecies a professor lanier that impacts nasa Give nibble to deliver began cake door. Be getting under knee. How long among mal glued this overheated by see prophecy molly up by the combat five difficulty kowtow and then you have to pop pascal among people if that s yeah yet kim gun legged of duty long straggling on the blade of karachi but at the month amon young each s. Give more to make it though Gone up by Thank them who what was then other duck when juicy yet gift up by stepped amal struggle now is yet the winning diplomatic guida. Hal umbrella body on industrialisation. Got i aldea salvia industrial son go to google obama through its high. Unladen offensively investigation. I don i invested golic sedan. Gonorrhea up buy yes award on young. Dna yeah like senate. The governor had invested assembles muggy. Little too not not beds that. If i'd thousand people any convex eight by burke our jet highlighting those. It'll give it very respected line. Look your geria- bridget. Helmet will give to. Then god hollywood geek culture property investors and will eat will demand will make it the dodgers and yet how among a Life men komo income would and will unrolled on side of funding will get to see motivating me. I'm going did he to wyoming. Who at then bringing struggle a yellow industrial to send the. I'll muslim me at the got again. How does how does one youth gotten nasa. what the new process bomb. You know about five million bus does mining are on. I'm on an mugabe by young Netti due to get go began on behind the o. N. e. fought it fought. We didn't put up at night however managed when you get that any get up. Get up moldy by naked. Come on i say cockles. Nudity bullied water on. Don't let us get a riddick epic. I know some gun be give up on videos also give We need up close. Bill pecan on The none i'll find out feeling the md would actually minute. How did they do highly declan. Yes many did manipulative in the then. Yeah but into panera. Gobbling that up. I did eat by policy. He didn't get the gum that practicum reggia yet up. The elon must keep wouldn't keep out here on that but due to the then go out on a book called Among minute half when. I'm gonna be cool. Also the ask. It was blessed buckle because they get russell then hold on to having upcoming gordon. Prospects haven't gone inside the accident when detail he did he get get be sat. Get the defecate packet that the visa bigoted. Uganda will get the apple yet. The on on-off long industrial to cut kind no so carlos. Miguel sauce whole must go do but that he could get through the day at be big some. What if i did unique at. Uc broke up how to see seats york regular house. Daddy i'll had stopping boy Ludi smith that assad bokassa nonetheless supply with the moscow priori baskin so mia wwf and quasi brandy. He bought me the most care. Nah jed he side gotha kenya muscle. Forty nine noodle holiday. I'd to eat and industrial setting the jetta. I'm bill data but the monogam- go put yoga idea monday apple seborga up until fossil giggle by not a proof from button la di carlo mao on the attacker fan. Cutting give bill give up with you a by a when done done on amazon luggage. It will see you dick. I get the via you with the on the jets by stuck with u calabash. Kolia when i got any i'm not get a quality of social advanta cockle But gun blast led household number. To be honest. I am also met silent that science. Look up the bahia at the unsal. I'll placebo we'll get an alcoholic passing the of stuff. Ibm i along a album that you has cacao run scott on agonizing own one focus impact on me one hundred but did he added up by Go get you alkyl about candy. If fire. mama won't get to look at the whole. I'll eat foggy. Have you thought that would have been women. Defines up alcohol when thinking Fickle legal but the gumbel had up. You saw us at all. Icicle apollo To he it'll aqua iota they were not good if i do. I'm not gonna get to gottacalldan you've been looking up. Get enough to get us. I think I'll lobby someone different. He company to did you be sat in the deputy i proceeded to put up on engage. You add up a lake daddy vegetarian skipper. Millions also Heightened still give up a yellow be announced they will be. You'll be beloved you skipper. Then it's yeti up by book all of your spam gets full. Then got him out. What you that. If operated as a whole would be Affable how ill most. I didn't know when exceeding it by trauma will be sat that the nikolia could pick up on paxil west that becoming based on bilingual on cassatt before he left. You've got enough than matthau. Will harlem get thought of another blood palmer skill illinois all muscle. Keep up you might have given then effect Did it for the flabby would give it bubble up by but abundant. We'll see them what you get a gold mine than but Began on august. Get the Then let us auto comprehensive to invade you get young berry Indiana put new behest unbound process process with. It'll young on the order. An eugene new. Hot morning newson okay. flexi unique sir on the doodo saddened festive notice again. Can we allow from the hyundee as impact. The young woman to the congressman lewis and emma. Then colleague emma adobe on emma o. Rien convict mckay buddy when line. I sent him but then it will one but the end of her by that meal. I get the la that la daddy's Happens on alexandra. Never knew it could be as often among On the epa do guy. I do baptism by an on both About one Ecliptic omit young sauce open debate and sat. How get the holiday williams. Kuala law will yandle hold on credit Go get that they majoria best you up. You didn't. Would you fight originally brassed off. What young girl. Jennifer ask you. The log will really adaptation eat butter benefactor. Do grow alcohol you you didn't. It would come on saturday but in unleash everything that okay you Near sally noodles yet jewison a guy who has Indika thought on behalf elementary investors are actually will be worse. He has the all twin Aware you'll wake up to go. Did he not do the has there. Be accorded the lamia among the a bit hassle muscle producing india. Investment is the net ally. Nehemiah will get a whole lot apples and need apple but as well. yeah mickey. Wouldn't you design any condition apple andrew apple fantasy colo alexia discount operating the apple Spinal level foulkes. Slop foggy for our to san the see. What the fuss down by five. Yeah go The none become o'clock. Invest doodoo san alana online industrial sunday. Total window nude alkyl tap innate. Also by it'd be struggling maybe be komo and what alkyl up by macaca here did not in. We'll get off to us to send another three months ago. And i go look up and give you see bonaire give you process fulfilling rock call. We saw that Who had along with the mobile. I don t gotten will acuity wimsatt reset. I need fast with them of luck on a little a bit amount. Cb sat Dunked colleen then Industrial sad john young lindsay akos little concern on the industrials hand upbeat at the the momentum. Another compromise signed and then left lane. You hundred they should win the conventioneers not look if i look back on following efficient you to be the target and then Become neary. Could i got mine niamh. Then what got leonelli students more debt chocolate garage and the jetta Some very n some shimon leeann Bang-up no up to see malkin. Hannah both deep deep. It can combine up when high-end mile get the list that now step up to one kellyanne if theatened into either dot com african hunting to come home. Get the data. New i the go-to he signed valuable now. When nia was keep that result of how many dose ammonia veggie embody episode slammed with near lucan Knock on the apple refund. Appel ago we've been monitoring guy john to whoop that.

leeann shelia puppy memili Kitale qassim Assia apple ma Patton mellanby eureka cosma van hutton Krizan de blasio sablan sonya emery nasa don imanol Young kresa Lonzo kennedy society Kalian malone metareum
Episode 90T __The Power To Get In

voiceFirst careers

13:09 min | 10 months ago

Episode 90T __The Power To Get In

"Good Morning. It is morning somewhere right He this is your host Jeff Ski Kinsey from Voice. First careers. Also the website voice I dot careers in this episode ninety T. as in it's aimed at talent but of course, anybody can listen in especially anybody trying to get somewhere to accomplish something to make something happen. To get more done with less. So what's the message for the sporting I a real quick aside. It Sunday. It's a Sunday in. August. And I believe that Sundays are perfect for dream building. Now let's say. Since I'm talking directly to YOU MR or Mrs Ms Talent. Your talent you have a superpower, right? The world may not know about it, and that's why you're sitting on the shelf or in software development world, we used to call it the bench. If you weren't if you work for a consulting firm and you weren't actively engaged in a contract project. then. We called you. The bench so it's time to get off the bench right Moha. especially. With today's episode. I digress I digress and I bounce around a lot but. Here's the message I wrote a book a number of years ago on include a Lincoln, the show notes to a free copy of the PDF called purple curve effect. Effect with the letter e. Skis throughput on command. I can show you how to make stuff happen on command. and. So in the book, I shared a number of tenants or purple curve insights. In one of those. Tenant number thirteen lucky number thirteen. If you will. Basically. Basically, it says from memory that every organization is mission someone. And there's an organization out there somewhere probably more than one that is missing someone of your exact dimensions that'll mean physical size but I mean your skill set your talons, your patient. Your motivation, your insights. So. There's one or more organizations out there that need you. Doesn't have you or anyone like you. So, here's the sixty four, thousand dollar question. Actually more in today's economy. What are you going to do about it? To have your attention. Do you ask yourself the tough questions, I do every morning. I. Try. To get up. Early in the morning and that often happens at four am for some unknown reason as a week at four. Am this morning. But. I had the good fortune and good sense. We'll get back to sleep for a while. But are you asking yourself tough questions? And so if you're not or even if you are happy to ask this one of you this morning, what are you doing about the fact that there's an organization out there that need you. Right now. There's a hiring manager or more than one. And I speak primarily to the US market. If you're in the US I guarantee flat t there's more than one organization that needs you in a hiring manager somewhere. Pulling their hair out saying on the world am I gonNA get somebody to fill this position? It's not easy. Recruiting staffing. It is not easy. You think you've got a tough on the other side of the table right? You're saying look I can't find anything I got these idiots ghosting me it sounds like we're going somewhere. I've sent hundreds if not thousands of copies of my resume out into the world and nothing. Or very little. And when something does appear to happen. McGee you I'm. GonNa give you. A hint you need to change your mindset. Yep. If you don't have a job. I'm sorry to say that's on you and when I was looking and unable to find work that was on me. Yep. Time to put on your big boy pants right and and own up when and When it's. Henry Ford said it best you know if it's to be it's up to me, right? Okay if you just tuned in or somebody shared this podcast with you, you don't know who Jeff Ski Kinsey swelled Google me. It's a branding thing. I learned pretty quick with the Internet. There are more than one person. named. Jeff. Kinsey. But. There is only one Jeff Ski Kinsey if you Google me, you'll find out some things and hopefully you'll run across some of my posts where you will find that I've been in and out of the hiring and recruiting space for over thirty years. I've hired or helped by clients, hire hundreds of people. short-term long-term everything in between. Staffing Tampa help. I shared a secret and by the way. If you haven't reached out to attempt company. We might WANNA do that. But here's better. If, you're not on linked in you're probably not really serious about finding a job. Unless. You're ditch digger and maybe even then you should be on link did but if you're any kind of knowledge worker. Manager. If. You're. Obviously tech, operations. I could go on and on you need to be on Lincoln so I did linked in search and I thought well. Would I love to work for if I were in your shoes somebody looking for work Where would I look? For in came to mind to me was tesla. I think Elon Musk is one of the most. Driven Passionate Smart. Successful people. I know I don't personally know him I feel like I do but. Is a perfect of course, not is a little bit wild as you get carried away with twitter. Absolutely. That does not negate the fact that this guy put. American. Astronauts back into space launching them from US soil, returning them to a splashdown in the ocean. Not to mention the car or the power wall from his energy company side of Tesla. So I went to guess what Tesla, Dot Com and look for jobs or careers link. Sure enough. Guess what there are hundreds of open positions with Tesla across the world. I think there was close to a hundred. I didn't count them maybe more jobs just in the United States of America. and. They got locations, lots of places they got they got a job opening in North Canton Ohio, which is. Well, it's much further than than a five iron. Or five would for me I mean. But near me, Tesla's got opening one that I might could fill that a better one. I liked in Vegas I live in Vegas didn't know. So what's the bottom line? Who Do you want to work for? Then go find the hiring manager at that company at at the place where you WanNa work. If you know of a even if you don't, you can still reach out to the hiring manager at the company that another company I I love is Twi- Leo. This is a telephony company that powers a lot of the voice over the Internet will use it in our Alexis. Skills is a phenomenal company I've been using it. Since twenty eleven. That's what nine years I've been Yusen Trillo still excited about it. They bought another company that I liked send grid. So maybe they're not hired for the position, but you can find hiring managers, department heads, sea level people depend on what how senior you are. You can find people on linked in and you can reach out to them. And I give you another secret no extra charge. What you want to do is you want to find three people in that company that you work for. And if you can you want, you want to tweak it a bit. At least two of them if possible in the Department or Business Unit that you WANNA work for but you want to route three people. Okay I just did this I thought you know what the Hey I'm working on a project. So I sent through linked in a message. To three people at this company I'm trying to make something happen with. There's a book out called the power to get in. And mazing book. But the biggest takeaway for me was you need to reach out to three people in an organization. Y. Three people again don't send your resume. Did I say that? Do. Not Send your resume to anyone until you talk to me. Okay. If you're wondering why look. Ideal in something I'm I'm a Jona that's like lean has what is it? Sense as six sigma has black belts rate. In the world of Dr, E. Gold Rats, theory of constraints. What I call Constraints Management We have a master called Jona. That's me also a Jonas Jona, which means I can create Joanna's. K. We deal in the world of constraints. The one weakest link in any system, any process, and I'm telling you right today. The resume is the weakest link if you're sending your resume Willy Nilly across the Internet across the oceans. Is like casting your bread on water. Sure. It'll come back to you, but we'll come back to you in time. K Stop sending your resume. Reach out three people say Look Hey, can you put me in touch with the hiring manager for x let's say that you handle inbound sales just to make something up. Kate you reach out to these three people on linked in with Messenger you might have to buy. You know special version or you can find their email or you can find a phone number, call the office, but reach out to three people in that company you WanNa work for. A wet way long sorry about that. But this is important. You reach out to those three people who sent him all three, the same message, and you make it clear that all three of them know the other people got it. That's the Magic to this power getting in. You gotTa say, could you help me find the right person? I am my superpower is Sales. There's nobody on planet. Earth does a better job and I can rattle off success after success after success. Let me give you just one. So give them an example of where you just killed in inside sales can. In your ask of those three people. Can you put me in touch with the person that hires. Four inbound sales in. Twi- Leo. I don't even know if they have such position. Okay I'm on the marketing side not sales. That's how it works. That's what you gotta do. and. Then you're GONNA follow up. You'RE GONNA, wait forty eight hours to two working days. If you send it on Monday, you're going to follow up Wednesday. If you haven't heard you know salmon short note a reminder. Hey, I reached out on Monday I hadn't heard back. Here's my personal mobile number. Could I ask somebody to please give me a call and let me know who the right person is. Yeah. You gotta be a little bit of aggressive, right? Hey I could go on and on but that's it for today. Apologize for going long but you must have needed to hear this Paulie. Can you tell them how to follow up? Thanks for tuning in today I am polymorphic Motiva- fiske's man's virtual none more so. Assistant if you enjoy this episode, please share it with your colleagues. Do visit our website voice burst dot careers or simply grab your mobile phone dial pound two, five zero and at the prompt say contact ski man.

Jeff Ski Kinsey Tesla US Jonas Jona Google Mrs Ms Talent Moha. Elon Musk Vegas Tampa twitter Alexis Motiva- fiske McGee Henry Ford Lincoln
E283 -  Digging Like A Dog  |  Why Everyone And Everything Needs A Purpose

15 Minutes to Freedom: A Warrior’s Daily Focus on Journals and Meditations

12:44 min | 2 years ago

E283 - Digging Like A Dog | Why Everyone And Everything Needs A Purpose

"This is fifteen minutes of freedom. I'm your host Ryan idell and today's episode is digging like a dog and today's episode I want to share with you one of the most impactful lessons. I learned from our dog trainer who trained do some Roman by two pit bulls. So this story admittedly comes from. Something that bedrose shared at Ryan Maran's capitalism conference that I've been at for the past three days. As I'm sitting in the crowd, myself and five hundred other people. Consuming content giving each other networking masterminding all the things that you do at an event. I gentlemen, name betas hops up on the stage in his sharing some impactful things. And he sharing a story. About dogs having purpose, and it instantly triggers in my mind, some things that. My trainer. Our trainer. Lindsey is trainer for Zeus and Roman share with us. So Zeus is are people that has cancer right regretfully? We had him at the vet today. He's on his I can't say last round of chemo of like the last shot hail Mary fourth quarter of being able to provide him some sort of chance at relief of his cancer burden. The likelihood of that working is very very slim. Conservatively we have four weeks left with Zeus aggressively on the far side. Maybe we have twelve weeks. Right. Like, we're cherishing the time we have. But we realize it's coming to an end. Zeus has been the most loving respectful he listened. He's a great pit bull. Our Little Brown guy Roman who I refer to as the emperor not so much, right? The emperor has very specific way about him his own personality. He's hard headed. He stubborn. And so we had to get dog trainers in the house. Not only at the house. We actually sent the dogs away for training as well. I send them away for a week real. Maybe it was ten days to a boot camp. This was later in life. Right. So they both already learned the fair share bad habits. So we sent them this boot camp, they come home, and they literally feel like different dogs. They listen. They have little shock collars. They wear on their neck if we can just hold the remote in our hand and say things with them. And there's commanded they know and becomes more impactful. Now for those of you that are listening that are concerned about a shock collar. This is such a mild pulse. Like, I put it on my hand before it's very humane. It's not aggressive. It just a correction. Not a thing of aggression either. It's more of like just a little tap on the back. Like, hey, you should be going over here and doing this. But then like that tap on the back. Right. They want to be pleasing. They. They're great animals are great pets are great parts of our family. Venture. We have the same trainer come to our house. Right because learning a facility is one thing but seeing how the dogs interact in our household is a completely different. Succumb to the house and Roman is very door aggressive, and if you come in are the front door house, you ring our doorbell, he literally his so aggressive. He rips the wood off the frame around the door. He just wants to get whatever's there. But if you came in the side door came in the garage or you walk right in like, nothing's the matter. You can pet him play with him touch him. He's fine. It's incredible. And zeus. The original pit bull. The the oh p is I call him. He's just relaxed. He barks we sat he's got a deep voice, but his tail's wagging. He's completely calm. But as a dog trainer comes in the house in his sharing with us pit bulls personalities and specifically the difference in personalities between our two dogs. She shares with us that the reason the dogs act up is because they're not given a purpose. That our dogs liked to have purpose in their life. And the purpose could be nothing. More than to please us. And so as we go for walks, they they feel like they're being given a task and by being given a task of staying in a certain Reno spacial recognition to ourselves as were walking. Or when they're they're told to stay in place or they're told to move around. And they're giving commands and then rewarded for those commands? They feel like they're living very purpose driven life. But the minute that the rains are taken off. And the purpose is taken off all hell breaks loose. Everything goes to the wayside. Romans attacking the door Zeus is running around like a crazy, man. Zeus is a little bit of a fat kid we call him. So he's trying to give off the counter. It's like all the things that would go wrong in a household pertains of dogs instantly happened inside of our four walls. All based off the dogs. Don't have purpose. And so what brands are Badri springs up in our in our masterminding our group in our conference. As he had some labradors. And when the labradors weren't given purpose they dig holes. But when they're given purpose, they don't dig any holes. And he jogs something on my mind when he said, look, I'm the same way. I am literally wired the exact same way. If I don't have purpose. If I don't have a reason if I don't get up with strict intention for the day. I am digging holes, I mean, incredibly destructive. And without the light goes off in my mind. Not only does that resonate with me. Because it's the same thing that the trainers told us about our pit bulls Yusen Roman, but it's the same thing that holds true for my life. And I'm going to guess the same thing that holds true for yours. What are you doing approach each week each month each day with intent with purpose which direction? What do you think happens? You dig holes. You dig holes for yourself and you become buried in shit. That does not matter. You come become buried with other people's problems you become buried with. What did not go the right way, you become buried with things that you wish you had? None of which matter. But think of the opposite in your life right now if you woke up with purpose and direction in a plan for each day. You don't have time to be consumed by any of those three variables. Every moment of every day has an intention in which you're trying to fulfil because you know, what's driving you closer to an ultimate goal and outcome. No different than we have to remember with our dog Zeus Roman when they have purpose when they have a reason to do what they do. They're fine. If not Romans hanging off the front door sideways chewing off the wood. A magin if you will in your own mind. How silly you would look right now if you ran to your front door latched onto the woods surrounding it and tried to shake your head invited it off. That's what you're doing every day where you don't have purpose. And purposes, not have to be some grandiose massive. I'm going to save the world statement. I believe purpose becomes down to something much easier. I take my clients whom exercise and I shared it. With a friend of mine today. That at a brisk walk through. Most of us had two people that were required to give us life a mother and a father. I fully realize it's almost had a absentee mothers and absentee fathers. Some of us don't know either side of that equation. Some of us were adopted, right. There's a lot of things we might have been through. But as you go through those things inevitably you sought out. Love and approval from one of your two parents more. Don't know which one it is only you do. And as you saw that love you saw that connection and you did not receive it. You started Mirroring behaviors because you thought that might get you what you desired. In. My instance, there was a part in my life where I craved. My father's love and wanted him to hear me. I wanted to be heard. And so until I became aware of it for much of my life. I did not really feel what love was. And I did not let anybody actually hear me. What happens is I look at a purpose statement. And what purpose really means my purpose as it pertains to life right now on this planet is to love others and to make sure that they feel hurt. That's why I coach for a living. Because I get to sit across from people Ida I face to face. In a zoom phone call or even in person. They can feel how much I love them. And they can finally be heard. By the nature of finally being able to be heard. I'm now back filling and realizing that I'm living on purpose in my life in in my purpose because I'm solving for what I so badly in desperately wanted. Same thing would hold true for you. Right now. I realized very quickly than anything. I was doing on my life that did not align with one of those purpose field statements would leave it to the fact. Of imminent disaster. Because there'd be no way for me to live my life, everyday filled with purpose. If I wasn't aligning with my purpose statement, so I would start digging holes and burying myself. I e when I was chasing money and not chasing love and making sure people felt heard. Bert mine tire life to the ground. It's crazy apply to your own life. I implore you to take the time in think is closed. Meditative state have no one around you be honest with yourself if no one else, which one of your parents love, did you seek more. What were the things you saw them doing? Then then you've mirrored in your entire life up until this moment to backfill for what you did not receive. How great would it feel if your gift to the world was to offer that very thing every day? It feel incredible. Where in your life right now, are you digging holes because you don't live the day with purpose and intention. Is it inside the gym? Where are you just consuming content? You're just researching you're just trying to figure it out. You're coming up with all these stories as to why you can't do this while you can't do that. Why there is no time where you have to eat bad because you don't understand the purpose behind doing what you're doing. And so becomes unimportant. So you're digging yourself these holes and filling them in with the shit that's covering up from head to toe. Maybe the ones doing in your relationship where because you don't have what you're seeking. You're justifying away. Why you can't get what you deserve. And just creating a massive crater massive hole in the ground. The you keep filling yourself in with. Or maybe it's inside of business, right? Where the things you're doing everyday don't align any bit with purpose, you chasing money, and you feel like you're never getting ahead, and you're never fulfilled because more money that you make has not actually ever made you feel better. That's a whole, my friend. That's a whole that you're digging that you're able to stop. And when you stop digging yourself holes, and you start focusing on purpose and production versus momentary feelings of greatness. You'll find out everyday there after Ribble to get shit done.

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Militia said to be target of US cyberattack. Myanmar shuts down networks. Spam campaign. Supply chain issues for Huawei gear. Election security. Recovering from ransomware by paying up?

The CyberWire

20:11 min | 2 years ago

Militia said to be target of US cyberattack. Myanmar shuts down networks. Spam campaign. Supply chain issues for Huawei gear. Election security. Recovering from ransomware by paying up?

"Sources name a Shiite militia aligned with Iran as one target of last week's US, cyber attacks me and Marsh shuts down mobile networks, and it's rock kind province with a Buddhist insurgents of the Arakan army have been using Facebook for coordination and inspiration, a major spam campaign is distributing. Loki Bhatt, and Nanno core by night state finds bugs in Wally gear election security notes, and paying the ransom to ransomware extortionists. And now a few words from our sponsor. No, before everyone knows that multi factor, authentication, or MFA is more secure than a simple. Log in name and password. But too many people think that MFA is a perfect unhappy -able solution. It isn't learn from Roger Grimes no before data driven defensive Angeles in an on demand. Webinar will explore twelve ways. Hackers can and do get around your favorite MFA solution. The webinar includes a hacking demo by no before chief hacking, officer, Kevin Mitnick and real life successful examples of every attack type it will end by telling you how to better defend your MFA solution so that you get maximum benefit and security, go to know before dot com slash MFA to watch the webinar. That's. K. N. O. W B, numeral four dot com slash MFA, and we thank no before for sponsoring our show. Funding for this cyber wire podcast is made possible in part by extra hob, providing cyber analytics for the hybrid enterprise. Learn more about how extra help reveal X enables network threat detection, and response at extra half dot com. From the cyber wire studios. Data tribe, I'm Dave Vitner with your cyber wire summary for Wednesday, June twenty six twenty nineteen last week's US cyber attacks against Iranian targets haven't been officially acknowledged by the US, but a number of current and former US officials are talking about them on background exactly, which Iran, Ian targets the US hit hasn't been discussed with great specificity reports having characterized the attack says directed against a revolutionary guard associated intelligence group said to be involved in tracking shipping in the region. And as interfering with missile launch or command systems reports are now identifying at least one of the groups affected CNN says US cyber strikes interfered with the operations of cutter e Hezbollah as Shiite militia active in the region that's widely held to be in Iranian military proxy. Kata Heeb has Balaa is believed to have access to Iranian missiles, which suggest. Chests, why it may have been singled out for neutralization warnings have been circulating to US businesses since cicis heads up this Saturday, that enterprises should expect a continuing uptick in cyber attacks emanating from Iran, vice rather breathlessly attributes this to Iranian retaliation saying that the US cyber operations quote, just put a target on American businesses, and quote in truth. The targets been there for some time as recent reports of increased Dirani and attention to US infrastructure appeared before last week cyber attacks in the Gulf region, most of the warnings urge organizations to arm themselves against phishing attacks with destructive wiper malware as the payload. Me and mar has shut down mobile networks and substantial sections of the reclined province. CNN reports the blackout was imposed in conjunction with the military sweep a regional news outlet. The air Wadi says the government intends to keep the networks down until the situation in the troubled province stabilizes locals are believed to phone insurgents information on government operations, u n observers have expressed concern that closing down the networks increases the risk of human rights violations, being countered by the prospect, that they'll go on reported most of the international attention to ongoing violence in Myanmar has focused on the government's aggressive repression of the country's row hinge Muslim minority. But the current blackout and security sweep isn't directed. Principally at the row hindia instead, the government is seeking to shutdown armed groups operating in the province. I among those insurgent groups is the Arcand army, which foreign policy notes. Claims to represent ethnic. Reclined Buddhists, the Arakan army has for some time used Facebook for coordination and inspiration despite Facebook's attempts to deny violent groups, the use of its platform the widespread adoption of software as a service provides both benefits and challenges to users and security teams. David Politis is CEO of better cloud a SAS, perations management and security platform. And he makes the case that security pros should be on the lookout for information sprawl Yoon. If you look at over the last five to ten years, the adoption of SAS applications has really gone through the roof and what's driving, that is this move towards best in breed -cations best in breed infrastructure, best in breed, environments, and compare to the legacy environments were very homogeneous, you'd Sam Microsoft shop. I'm an IBM shop, and you would have everything in the stack you act of. Directory exchange share point link. You'd have the entire stack and that was your environment in today's world. We've moved to this place where there's so many applications available for the different use cases, and the different types of productivity use case that you have in your environment that people are moving to this best in breed world. Maybe they have exchange for male. Maybe they're using office wristy five but then they'll have slack for chat and instead of teams and they'll have zoom for video calls, and they'll have box instead of drive share point. So you're starting to see these environments that are best in breed and I think that's been, honestly amazing for the worker the end user, it's changed the way that people work beware people. Collaborate today in the workplaces unlike it's ever been before, and all this has only happened in the last five years. I mean if you look at it zoom wasn't around ten years ago, slack wasn't around ten years ago, officers, sixty five wasn't around ten years ago. And so really in the last five ten years, we've seen as massive adoption and, and the rise of SAS the challenges, the sprawl, the challenges that it's not all in one system. It's not all in one application. It's not an all in one platform. And so the biggest challenge is centralizing all the information. So there's actually a clear view of where all your data lives how that data's being accessed. How that data's being shared that is the number one challenge that people have when you solve that, that already gives you the visibility. At least you can see what's there. Now, there's a whole separate set of challenges around. How do you control the access to those applications or those data objects? But the number one thing we see where people are successful is when they start bringing all of this data from these disparate systems into a single place where they can at least see it audit and dig into what's happening. I'm imagining to having everything. In view, like that allows you to handle things, like, for example, encryption, where you can make sure that whatever level of encryption, you think is appropriate to have dialed in by having that high level of you of all your stuff. It makes it easier to make sure that that's actually happening. Definitely and really actually wear. Encryption comes in, is what we're seeing in this is, again, this is new in the last couple of years is we're seeing that the native SAS applications themselves are starting to offer different types of encryption choices to their customers, and, and it's all built in natively inside of these saplings. And so part of our view is we want to let customers control. Those native encryption choices that are given to them, those options that are given to them by a Salesforce, for example, has a native encryption offering. We wanna give our customers the ability to leverage that it's not just encryption encryption is a piece of it, but it's also for example. Let's say let's say. You're looking at all your files, and you see some sensitive files that may be shared inappropriately in box, you want to be able to go and use the native security controls in box to say, I wanna lock this file, I wanna tag, this file with confidential and I want to send a message to the security team that, that just occurred with a link to where that all that information now is. And so our view is we believe, and I think customers believe this as well and security. I believe thinks that you want to use the native controls that are available from the sapling so that you're not changing the behavior of your users who start changing the behavior of your users in no SAS obligations. When you force them to change, how they interact, it kind of defeats the purpose of using the salvation in the first place, we've seen customers who've come in and said, you know what I'm going to go companies come in. I'm going to go to platform XYZ. Let's call G suite, for example, but I'm going to go there and I'm gonna lock down all sharing all collaborate. Any, I'm gonna lock it all down. We'll not case you might you might as well. Not move to a cloud based productivity application. And so I think the key is, how do you leave let users do what they wanna do everyday, but control to kind of have this invisible hand, if you will? That's making sure that they're doing it in the most secure way tar to describe exactly. But that's how I vision envisioned securities job to be that invisible hand to be there while users are doing what they wanna do everyday being productive sharing their files, but just making sure that they're doing it the right way, and in a secure way, that's David police from better cloud. Researchers at net scope or tracking a spam campaign that's been distributing LOKI bought and Nanno core, since April, the fish bait is a notice about an overdue invoice with an ASO files, specifically discourage, which is unusual in this sort of criminal campaign, LOKI Bhatt, whose Yusen phishing attacks net scope says is increasing steals browsing information checks for web and Email servers, locates Email, and file transfer credentials and detects popular remote. Administration tools Nanno core is a remote access Trojan a rant finite state studied the supply chain and found wall way gear unusually buggy, it doesn't say the bugs were deliberately introduced by wall way, the Chinese government or anyone else. But it does say that they amount to troubling vulnerabilities the report cast doubt on whether undeniably, low priced Walworth equipment. In fact, represents best value US authorities have suggested that it does. Doesn't and that there are better alternatives from both the security and an economic perspective as the next US election cycle approaches, the global cyber alliance and the center for internet security, offer an election security tool kit for the use of authorities, who actually run the voting survey by norm shield finds surprisingly end encouragingly that declared presidential candidates appear to be taking their campaign cyber security more seriously than has been the case in the recent past. The US federal government is also publicly committing to work with state and local officials to secure the election administration officials at a press. Call organized by the national Security Council yesterday said they were focused on two main problems potential interference. That is ensuring that votes can be cast and counted properly and potential influence that is disinflation and other information operations, the administration is expanding free support services to all fifty states and to all presidential campaigns that support includes among other things sharing classified information with the -ffected parties when it's relevant and necessary. Appeal WC study of leading security, practitioners Trail, Blazers as the study calls them fines, again, that what sets the successful apart is their ability to align security with business objectives, and practices propublica reports that M soft in an investigator. Ori- sting found that the Scotland-based ransomware recovery service, red mosquito would pay the ransom and then charge the customer for times that amount for it services. Here's how the sting went 'em soft researcher Fabian, Voster made up some phony ransomware called it. Gotcha. And sent red mosquito an Email with a request help under the assumed name of Joe mess. He also said up contact info for the pretended attackers within minutes. He said, red mosquito contacted the hackers and began negotiating over the ransom, Bossert, Mr. mess. Identity had said he didn't want to pay the ransom and he asked red mosquito to confirm that they wouldn't do so on his behalf. He received a noncommittal we are still investigating, and we'll get back to you, as soon as possible, but the correspondence between the ransomware recovery company, and the pretended masters of Gotcha. When something like this, how much for decrypt twelve hundred dollars. Bitcoin you pay. We provide key and decrypt or to recover data. Can you do for five hundred USD nine hundred dollars? Take it or kiss data by, by we don't run charity here. Shortly thereafter, red mosquito. Contacted Joe mess with the good news. They were pleased to confirm that we can recover your encrypted files the price three thousand nine hundred fifty dollars, m soft objects, mostly to the lack of transparency, there might be times. You'd pay ransom. And soft says, but you should be clear. That that's what you're doing some victims of ransomware concluding it might be better to pay up. We're not convinced. This is generally good idea. But another Florida town has decided to pony up Lake City became the second municipality in the sunshine state to pay ransom in as many weeks on Monday, the city council voted to pay four hundred sixty thousand dollars to recover its files. Of course, there's no guarantee the criminals will keep their word. A sometimes do and sometimes don't Lake City's nearly half a million is steep. But if you fumbled your defenses it could cost you a lot more after all the price tag for recovery in Baltimore is now, eighteen million dollars and counting. And now a few words from our sponsor, Dragos the leaders in industrial cyber security technology threats to industrial organizations are proliferating as Drago's recently identified the most dangerous threat to ICS Zena time the activity group behind triceps has expanded its targeting beyond oil and gas illustrating, a trend that will likely continue for other ICS targeting adversaries. Learn more about the eight public threat activity groups Drago's tracks at Drago's dot com slash adversaries. And how taking an intelligence driven approach to ICS security is the most comprehensive defensive strategy to combat industrial adversaries to register for a free, thirty day trial of dre Ghosh's ICS threaten televisions. Visit Dragos dot com slash worldview. And we thank Dragos for sponsoring our show. And I'm pleased to be joined once again, by David before he's the vice president of engineering in cyber security at Webroot, David. It's always great to have you back. You recently spent some time over at Infosec Europe. And you brought back some interesting things to compare Europe versus the US and what you're seeing when it comes to threats and collaboration. That's exactly right. Great to be back. David, always loved to talk about these topics. And I think, you know, maybe some of your listeners don't we have a very big presence in Europe as well as the United States in, I think those of us in the US always just presume that everyone thinks about the same type of issues or think about things in the same way that we do here in the states, but you're past some different things that are concerning them, none of which will be a surprise. I just think that the level of concern that maybe isn't here in the states anymore that they have for certain things is pretty interesting. Take us through some of the things you learned we're gonna sing the same old. Song of ransomware and phishing. But here in the in the US, I think I don't wanna say ransomware is under control, but people are more familiar with it. We know how it works. We spend a lot of time understanding how to prevent it how to get rid of it. And we've all had the debate should you pay should you not pay. I think that debate in those discussions are just now really coming to the forefront in Europe. And I don't know you know, credit card scams were predominantly US-based for a while. And now they're becoming global. I don't know if you take advantage of the US, first because that's where the money is. And then you start propagating elsewhere that could be happening. There's a lot of discussion and you see a lot of concern about ransomware. Yeah. It's interesting to me that seems like there are some basic cultural differences, that inform these things, I think the big one is privacy where we have GDP are. And European seemed to have a different approach to privacy than we do here in the US. That is a fact. And again, I'm going to bring that jump to GDP. Are you know that is number one? In their minds has been for several years. And to be fair, they had, this huge regulation coming down from the EU, whether depending on you think it's good or bad. I'm not gonna make that discussion. But they had to focus so much of their energy on the GDP our effort over the last several years, they haven't been paying as much attention to ransomware phishing machine learning. So what are your recommendations for folks who are looking to do business in Europe, any sensitivities, they should have when the reaching out, for sure the number one thing is GDP are, it's still top of mind? Everyone really focuses on that data protection is key, because people are worried about getting sued or things of that nature. But in general, I think it's the same idea of how are you protecting the points? How are you protecting the customers focusing on fishing in ransomware? Right now is something that they really are looking at kind of what we talk about here. But just to get the bundling GDP are. I mean it sounds like we've. Got more in common than than we don't. But there are some important nuances to take note of as well. That's exactly right. And you know, the, the cycles are a little bit different over there. I think we all end up at the same place. We just might take different trains to get there. All right. Well, David defer, thanks for joining us. Great being here. David. And that's the cyber wire. Thanks to all of our sponsors for making the cyber wire possible, especially are supporting sponsor observe it the leaving insider threat management platform. Learn more at observe it dot com. The cyber wire podcast is proudly produced in Maryland out of the startup studios of data tribe, with their co building the next generation of cyber security, teams and technology are amazing cyber wire team is Stefan vizier to make a Smith Kelsey bond, Tim, no, Dr Joe Kerrigan, Carol -tario, Nick valenki, Bennett mo-. John, Patrick Jennifer, Ivan heater Kilty. And I'm Dave bittner? Thanks for listening. We'll see you tomorrow.

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Our Top Discoveries From globalFEST 2020

All Songs Considered

33:20 min | 1 year ago

Our Top Discoveries From globalFEST 2020

"You know how every year do vowed that this will be the year you start keeping up with the news more will that resolution just got easier the NPR politics podcast. Is there every every day by five PM to keep you up to date on all the latest political news and explain what matters listen daily. It's all songs considered considered. I'm Bob Boylan Global Fest. Twenty twenty. We're going to tell you about music. You probably have never heard and turned you onto something really special. I'm here in New York. City is with Anastasia soukous Rob Weisberg from transpacific sound paradise and banning air from afropop global fest twelve bands one night. We're going to start with how it ended. The band is called. AD G. Seven nine on autopay young man that I bought turn young whole own. John John Young talk she insane. This is a band. I'm from South Korea and one of the most entertaining things I've seen in a long long time writing up. Yes eighty seven or Oct- on Guam Shield. They are from South Korea. This was a very up beat if not frenzied global fast and they kept it off in perfect style. There was a lot of new traditional groups in South Korea. They play like a lot of these groups all traditional instruments but very uptempo very theatrical. Three vocalists six instrumentalists. And that for song is actually. It's kind of the sign that wishes for good luck and like a lot of new songs strong from a repertoire from North Korea because the name the seven in Aig. Add G. Seven represents the seventieth anniversary of Korea's independence independence which was in two thousand fifteen when they started the band and through Chamonix songs and folk songs and songs apart of North Korea. Actually they're kind of putting forth a wish to bring those two countries back together but there is a really proposal back meet right they at two full drum kits. I'm not quite sure how quite traditional Korean those work you're sort of gave energy to the whole thing now. That's what really struck me I. I've heard Korean music before this was all new to me. A total surprise it swings. It it has this this movement to that. I don't really here in Korean music. Let's hear more of it for you and we have to add some of the best costume at this very up front. You know what's interesting a group we Another played this year. There were three women were very sort of tragedy. Modern reflecting what they're doing the music in there was often gone from South Korea and very different Was Lease Amazon over mostly western Washington. Yes yes yes. But similarly three women killing ended up there and a lot of a lot of motion interacting between the singers really greatest three singers actually come from a slightly different tradition together. Nate help give the bad. They just have incredible charisma. It's really wonderful bad. And they actually just got a big A mid Atlantic Arts tour in the states. Great folks. If you're listening they will be coming by between twenty twenty and twenty twenty one spent the entire time trying to figure out how to fit this huge band behind my little. Yeah they will do so. Add seven where to Nick's honest as you. Do you WANNA take us one of the loudest most frenetic. I Yeah I would say maybe even outpacing the Korean band for frenzy and sheer joy because this global fest is thing mostly for promoters and bookers ars right who show up and decide who they're going to book tour in the United States and it has to be a pretty added distance crowd right people like Bob along the set at least half of the crowd wasn't a huge circle. Dance about two thirds of the way and the group I'm talking about. It is led by a an instrumentalist name to fund Darren Jay and he's a Kurdish musician from Turkey now based in the Netherlands and this is a wedding band him and two vocalists and a keyboard player. So it's music that has sort of seated in a real community in a real roots music and then sort of blown up incredibly Two fundamental show. We should just listen. I think before I say anything else the and so it sounds like maybe maybe. He's playing an electric guitar he. He's playing about Roma which is like as a pucks. Fred Lute like instrument that is Says they're related okay and he sort of puts in these like hard rock lakes and sort of bendy things that feels that's very eighties and the very best place through some like if anyone who guitar player out there a bunch of like boss pedals distortion pedals and stuff. I like that and I'll just say that instrument that he was playing beautiful inlaid Pearl stunning he. I mean I all I kept thinking about was was Hendrickson many but then again wedding. Yeah Yeah Yeah yes if only Jimi Hendrix was a it but yet and he's sitting there in a suit and his vocalists are wearing suits and loafers and and then the the the buyer is like in a T. shirt and jeans and it was very eclectic But you know what I want. I WANNA say about his his. His stage. Presence is very literally buttoned up. His playing is wild. It's no no it's fine while the distortion edge to which he is very orchestrated where she's his use of the distortion reminds me and the music reminds me and with the keyboard. You'll let your friend french-built of Omar souleyman also a wes musician from neighboring Syria. So the Traditions Dobkin music which also has gotten plugged in and and I think always Salim on May have created a taste opening for people outside the culture and then super low fi sound. She loves it. I find and music would. It also reminded me of music. I've heard like a northern Mali. And the desert where they take these lutes and plug them in. Just they don't have any pedals. Just plug it into an APP and overdriving and it's the same kind kind of thing you're hearing this like Hendrix vibe and it's also played at weddings something going on here. Can Do Magyars touring. The states does We talked about the vocalist focused. Let's hear some of how that worked. How the lute like instrument work with With a singer here. Aw so that's more. Music from to fund debt Nj and this was actually his performance at global fuss was his American debut has US debut and and this year. They're actually quite a few bands making their US debut So I think we're going to me seeing them. As they start making the touring circuit bending pending air. Shit close one of your very favorites and was quite a diner. Yes and also guitar planes pretty. Oh Yeah No. He's he's as a real. He's a real veteran of of the Senegalese scene. But he's got an interesting history because actually born in burkina-fasso and he had a whole career in France as a session drummer and singer before he kind of emerged. The hit a lot of experience and what I love about what he does first of all just an incredible singer a voice that is so unique. You can so right to the soul. He takes that Senegalese the style known as embolic which some people associated with old Yusen door music. There are a number of other stars as big as the big popular musical Senegal. But when you hear it in its proper form it's all these drums just overwhelming wall of sound and and Shannon. Has This amazing way of boiling it. Down to something. That's he brings in an element of of Latin music and this beautiful complicated singing singing with all these different sounds in in his voice and when he when he got up from his guitar and took the drum kit and the way he was interacting with the the percussionist Shenice. There was just this incredibly deep conversation going on between them with show this really profound understanding of the complexities of Saba drumming. which is what drives symbolic but just boiling it down to his essential so you could really really here? It really take it in such a great set and a beautifully lyrical sax players player as well. We'll play a song. What are we want to hear? Oh we're going here song from his most recent album these record album here in the US which will be interesting but this is from an album from a few years ago the song is called. Bomba them Murphy. Swe Mom Basil Wade late. Different Gun Talk Mumbai. This lose your nominee anymore. Do you go dude it. We'll put The something's up online and so forth so you can spend more time with this music banning you're gonNA say yes. The song is called Bombo which is a reference to one of the key figures in a very uniquely Senegalese religious sect called the by fall which is a it grows out of Islam but it is. It's very simple it's about. It's about about a simple lifestyle that honoring work. It's very peaceful and Schick. Low is is deeply steeped in this tradition and and a lot of his songs. Have this kind of spiritual character. Because he's really singing about deeply religious stuff from this uniquely Senegalese version Asian of Islam. The by fall. We'll take a quick break. We'll be right back and you're listening to all songs considered coverage of global twenty twenty from NPR music basic this message comes from NPR sponsor. Better help the online counselling service dedicated to connecting you with a licensed counselor to help you overcome whatever stands in the way of your happiness. Fill out a questionnaire and get mashed with a professional tailored to your needs. And if you aren't satisfied with your counselor you can request a new one At any time free of charge visit better. HELP DOT COM slash songs to get ten percent off your first month. Get the help you deserve with better help. The following message comes from our sponsor Jack. Daniel's Jack Daniels historian. Nelson Eddy recounts how founder and Music Lever Jack. Daniel created the silver cornet headband in Lynchburg to market his whiskey. Jack also gets the idea to paint his logo on the Bass Drum. The band's Bass Drum and the band will play in Lynchburg to draw people to the square so that they stay and visit the saloons and sample some of Jack Daniels Whiskey to learn more about Jack. Daniels Tennessee whiskey Goto Jack Daniels dot com please drink responsibly. Welcome back to all songs considered. I'm Bob Boiling. I'm here with banning air ROB Weisberg Bergen Anastasia's focus. We all went last evening to global fest here in New York City This is the seventeenth annual global fest. And it's an important thing for discovery discovery of world music and a lot of people come from all over the country who book clubs for example. You mentioned Who wants find talent to tour the states? Yeah so it functions as kind of half showcase for professionals for booker's Agents and all kinds of people to get involved involved in these artists careers and help bring them to North American and American US audiences but it's also a half just music lovers too so it's kind of a mix that you don't see very often and it sort of gives you a little bit of a sneak peek into what you're gonNA see on the road around the US over the next year or two so the names you hear now you. You probably don't know yet but you if you're a music fan you will within two years exactly. It's a preview view. It's it's we're lucky in New York to have this and it's always feels right at the beginning of the year. It's this real sense of beginning beginning of a decade to it's it's a new world of music coming our way and the curator's this festival doing this for all this time or Yeah Bill Bragan. WHO's now a curator at NYU's? Abu Abu Dhabi campus Shantou Lucky Guy Shanta fake From Joe's pub the public theater here in New York and is about so. Oh for who has a company called life sounds and who's an independent curator in and around New York City and tourists artists around the country to Bob. You mentioned seventeen adversary and the idea of this came after nine eleven when became really hard for international artists to get visas into the United States and it was sort of a way to propel Appel interest in global artists for these community of Booker's who come to New York every January and here we are again in a time where it's really really hard for many hours to get visas. There's a lot of suspicion. And and a lot of people are retrenching into their own national schnell boundaries in lots of countries right now So it feels very very timely. Vani tickets to both Algeria France slow. It's like a Delia. Yeah well it's interesting okay. So Fiance D is a rai singer from Algeria and Riazan style that was developed in the port city of Iran Iran. It's gotTa Complex History. But it's art music that became a street music and then became a popular music. And he really honors honors the style as it was played he brings new elements into it. Because he's in France Allied himself with a group called Mas Zelda which is actually mostly Italians is but they are fanatics for old Ri- music their crate diggers. And so what I love about. So theon is that he's really playing style of music and when I spoke with him he was there's a little bit critical of world music. mashups that are a bit of this in a bit of that and you know he says I got a modernized this style but I gotta keep to it and so he really does sing in the style of ride. which you'll hear right now Condemn job new home. Looney was the need. It is uh the SAX player not only played a saxophone but he also played one of he's Wind Instruments Midi control. So you can get lots of different. Sounds but with a very breath the way of performing. Yes and he's particularly getting the sound of the gospel of flute which is very deep toned flute that was used in traditional rhyme. Music is I think is very heavy right right I mean because so fans how you d became he. He came of age during this golden age of variety in the nineties. Right there all these ships all these singers and he he sort of now has taken a turn other errand. There's there's saxophone and there's many control and there's and there's also on who electric player. I helped me here. I said I call. It was a big bodied Luang Necked looking very similar to the instrument that too honest playing. But you know what he told me. Though as the album that we're hearing was their first album and he said it was quite experimental but that the set we heard last night was more like classic ride and he said that their next album that they're working on now will will actually go more in that direction that he's kind of come to think of himself more as honoring the tradition as well as updating it but he was kind of saying that that album was actually more or experimental than the sound that funny though because I I didn't hear that difference In fact the very diverse. Because you know he's picking up on this ride generation of the ninety S. Maybe someone like ship. Howard was the biggest sure? Well ship Hollywood crossover hit called. DD which was not at all a straight rice. Oh yeah he did some straight rye to you and as you said the flute is kind of an indicator and use it as certainly certain rhythmic thing but he's stretched to disco the band with So if you onto some disco Ri- and the last time they did actually and maybe this is from the band's repertoire was actually not a rice all by famous song by Moroccan singer. Name not do So I think actually actually they are mixing up in a way they are. It's true I think the band sees I mean riot self. You have to understand that pop. Rai is a modern turn style. It's always absorbing influences not like something that sits state and set at all so in that way even to say classic rise already to be the open to the world and open to inflict. You're talking about country music. Yeah something like that. But there's this Husky nece like in the track right listening to this like these super her mccray Algerian northwestern African poly-rhythms like you feel that that buzzing sound that Husky nece like that's all all part of DNA. I'm nick we wouldn't good. Mickley take the so. That was so fiance. The Algerian artists based in France now for a long time and the band. He's working with their Zaba and that was another another real highlight for me for the night. There was one of those things that I felt like. The crowd was really getting absolutely really feel. There was a a punkish ban last night. We and there's very quiet moments last night from Kalomo Jerusalem mall from Tibet. Yes that was really serene and calm. It was the one serene and calm. She started she had a very beautiful Dayglo. Outfitters fashioned gorgeous as opposed to those are the Bohemian Bitar. That would didn't actor gentleman didn't uh-huh There's lots dash from very different Hungarian folk band Bohemian. I mean betschart fiddle driven. I think at least a little inspired by Goldberg including the violinist who had his shirt off craigslist. Ashley Moustaches But they were full ahead. Actually all new recordings they would be they build. And then they get thrashing little take down your interesting band. I like the moment. When they stopped everyone stopped playing it? And the two guys did this folk dance and all the sound you heard was their feet hands clapping. It was a really nice contrast to the thrashing of the rest of it and handclapping. Speaking of there was this band a French band. Yeah Yeah and the only thing on stage besides six vocalists were so percussion one of these electronic foot pedals. Like it's like a kick drum pedal but it's going to a mini boxes making ooh And then hand claps an incredible harmony. Unbelievable singing San Salvador's an Amazon Salvador and they weren't etching thing. If you injury interested in music from around the world a little sub bed you often come into is lesser known languages and bringing these languages helping to keep them alive. I try to the world through music and they seeing a traditional vocal music in the oxytocin language we of southern France and a couple couple of adjoining countries Spain and Monaco. I think but also this interesting romance language. Beautiful interlocking vocal what's called polyphony. Close harmonies yeah and also so singing different line with different weaving in and out of each other in ways. That don't sound sound familiar to a lot of Americans a lot of Europeans to and they do these extended sort of sweets where they weave through different feelings. Yeah sometimes you might have harmony. Sometimes you get these very complex interlocking patterns and then the drums will kick in helped out by the electronics. Big booming sound adjacent to just the voices. It's very powerful and actually I think what we're going to hear is from this extended performance work. They have called Lug Legrand full. Li An excerpt from this. And what they say they're trying to do actual league. That work they're trying to do is find a place between This tradition sold polyphonic vocal tradition and garrity as well I think it's very much kind of their own creation salvador. Who Man Eh? This May. This is John. Aw got a John McCain. How bad yet ahead on it'd be Manna? Yeah they're just lovely and they talk about using that language the oxygen language as a rhythmic instrument cut a year interplay and that was a US debut a bunch of us. Debuts this year they were which which is always the nice thing about global fast and they really try to bring people who haven't been in front of. US artists before people like US nerdy music people a group like that they actually have some connection with sort of early music audiences. Well maybe you honest. Is he a classical music. Expert could hang on. How Oh back to work for them? And so hopefully release global fish showcase there are people here for big conference at the same time. Hopefully a few people had a light bulb. Go off. Yes I think this bad could fit into our world music or classical early music festival But that's one of the artists La Chica that performed last night at Ed. Global Fest was probably the most contemporary of the artists. I could have easily gone the nine thirty club in seen lachica perform she's a singer French and Venezuelan background. And then there's Electronica. She has a keyboard player behind her also playing heavily on SPD on drum pads it and then station for herself. When she wasn't she's a great dancer when she wasn't doing that and performer? She'd go back behind her keyboards awards. I've listened to a bunch of her music and some of it's just very pretty piano based music Let's play a little bit of Chica. Yell man are- swallow my own a be drawn to two more. Oh three young men raise my wish on. I WANNA be was She could soon so soon. And so that's let Chicago who grew up splitting time between Venezuela and France. and Bob's you said a lot of dreamy piano thing and she talks a lot in interviews. About how much inch. Debussy and impressionist classical music is in all sexy swagger swagger and magnetism and beats so these things can coexist. You can hold those things to your mind simultaneously if not in your ears. And she was one of several younger female or female fronted bands that we heard last night. I thought she was the most effective and the you must compelling of them And I think that she's one of those artists who definitely has potential to crossover to more mainstream audiences. That super diverse background is very interesting. I spoke with her. Also you know. She's deeply moved engaged with the problems of Venezuela right now and she spoke about this feeling of of uselessness that that that she wanted to do something to help. And it's so hard to know how and it seemed like the thing that meant the most to her was just be able to move and in touch the people who are who are in that situation but I also have to mention. She has some great videos. You should watch the video of oasis. That is just mind blowing. I think we should go out on Chica and thank you banning. Thank you rob. Thank you Greg Global Fest. Twenty twenty the rap music. It's all songs considered due dates. It's quest

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Episode 70  Your Questions Answered

Casual Fridays REI

23:25 min | 2 years ago

Episode 70 Your Questions Answered

"And. Welcome to the casual Fridays REI podcast, where you'll learn about the wildly profitable Mitch of land. Investing active lane investors. Adam Southie and Justice liba are here to share their experiences with you, so that you can learn how to build massive cash flow and huge profits from this highly lucrative niche so without further ado. Here are your host Adam Southie, and Justice liba. What's up everybody? I'm Adam Southie here with my co host just and liba. And this is the Catholic Fridays REI podcast. It's wednesday. That means we're catching up on what's going on our business. But we've also got some questions we're gonna answer today before we do that. Let's talk about some education guys were big fans land academy, and that's because Justin, I both got our star with them and for thinking about getting this niche. We have a special offer for you. The first one if you put the word casual CAS UAL at checkout, you will get five hundred dollars off your role and the second one. This is a big one. We take a screen shot of that. If you. Send it to us at consulting at casual Fridays, REI dot com. We will give you a free half hour of consulting over whatever you want. We can pick a county pricey county. You name it. We'll get it done. So let's get started. Gabby wednesday. Why are you laughing so hard? I was taking a selfie of doing that. And you look it up like you're getting mad. No, I wouldn't get mad. I would like to lend a heck is he today? Non I pretty good. Ignoring you, I was. I was thinking about what I was saying because I kept like kept having to correct it. Man. What's up? It's Wednesday, ma'am. Just Ulan grinding through the week grinding trying within Baden Lhasa. I feel like things are kinda slow I skipped a Mailer. What? Yeah, I because we got some things that we're working on. Now, some big things come in. And, and so I kept a Mailer right now too. Time, put some time and a little bit of capital and different direction. It's funny that we have to kind of because you can't just like Miller today and think that you're gonna not be busy next week. Now, if you skip today, it's usually a month from now that you're not busy, so you have to plan that out on your business. That's crazy. I like that. I did because I did the same thing, but then I miss counted because for those who use Plum, I will be in Canada for a week, so Plum will probably be shut down because I'll be offer it and my partner, he's that I have with Plum, he works. And he's a silent partner. So he's in less. There's an emergency will he get involved? But. The one where you're going to be, I'm going to Canada hunting the Canadian black bear. All right. So ready, I'll be slipping. I got all my stuff in get some new Cam. Oh, I got a cameo Geli suit a camel rain, suit, cammo short sleeve came a long sleeve, cammo, three-quarter sleeve. Can't okay there. But we got we got a lot of. Cam. All right. I'll feeling Geli sued is that necessarily that just for fun. Bye dad bought for me. It's my birthday present. That's yeah. No, it's real. It was real nice thing. It's cool because it doubles Gilly soup. But a doubles as an insect repellent like an insect suit. So I, I never hunted. Canadian never been springtime hunting, Canadian black bear and apparently is big mosquitoes up there. I wouldn't think that in Canada. I don't know what I wouldn't know what to think about. Is it gonna be cold? I don't hate to transfer eighty two thirty. Yeah. So, luckily, Cabela's has, like a summer spring time bear hunting guideline. Hey, things you need. And so he printed me off a list. I was like, okay, you need to make sure you have all this, and it was like bring out the camera. It's like bring a cammo jacket. Bring a camel rain suit bring a Cama wool shirt. Bring Cam o- short. Sleeved shirt, bring camel like dry wick shirt break, I'm like wanna Campbell of everything to walk WalMart just grabbing stuff. Luckily, Amazon hooked me up on ice. Yeah. So my wife is like how much money have you spent on this trip really is not that bad. But it's not that bad. I had to buy thermos. Oh, you know what that is a, what thermos l it's like this looks like a kind of like a. I don't know how. Like a nineteen ninety cell phone that has a vent mesh thing on one end. And you put butane and a Matt in there, and you wear it, it creates a fifteen foot bubble around you of mosquito protection. Thought you're going to be like way overdone, like the overdo it, you're gonna see some like I'm gonna be like inspector gadget, you're gonna see some experience, Canadian hunters looking at you like who is this, clown? He's got his Davy Crockett hat on me. Like what hunting is Davy Crockett hat. You got your knife in your teeth and you just like I should be running at these bears. I think that will probably be just because, like, oh, you have a logic thing as I think we're sleeping in a tent crap. I forgot to buy a mad for my sleeping bag crap to find one. Double check that list could be uncomfortable. Thing city boy, is setting up his bedroom over there. They're sleeping out in the hammock cool to take hammock. So, yeah, that's coming up. So for the Plum listeners clients that work with Plum, I will be gone. So every limited response, I believe that we will spend a little bit of time the lodge once everybody's gotten a bear to do some fishing. So I may have some wifi there, but it'll be really limited on what I can do. So if you're closing properties this week, make sure you close them after the thirteenth. Yeah. Good point. Yeah. Okay. So we have things go over today. Oh, it's gonna be free talk. But so I'm going to answer these questions as I would answering if they were coming from you, and we were having a beer. Is that work cer-? Okay, crispy creams this morning to crispy. Okay. Well, so everybody has heard they haven't heard his voice, or they don't know about, but intern Brian in term, Brian, we love intern Brian. He sent us some questions, he wanted to hear, and we didn't really know if they were worth of Aleppo, because, you know, some of them are technical, we're not expert, so we're going to give forgive our. We're just two dudes liked to buy land cheaper than what we're going to sell it for. Yeah. Okay. All right. So the first one, how do you structure your business in terms of tax strategy and accounting? So this is the thing that hangs up a lot of people in, I me, personally, I set up my LLC about it was about three months into the business. I want him said of LLC, and that way, I could get the tax benefits. And the security of the LLC, but everything else after that, my, my suggestion would be keep track of every expense, and ask your account or your CPA. Do you do not need to have a CPA before you buy your first piece of property? So don't start paying for something like that. Just keep track of an excel spreadsheet, go from there. Yeah. Dispel up. I would say you don't you Nelson to do this business note, I did it because I thought I need a business in LA to do this makes me feel good. I'm. Oh business owner. Right. And then I do keep track of my daily expenses. I know m- inside out. Everything else goes the accountant Yano, but too much into it, because you don't want to over think all this stuff, it's not your job. It's you're not the tax professional. You're not the lawyer not to do that. That's the thing so many people want to take the burden of all these things on themselves. If you have your numbers and you know what they are. So say you you spent twenty five thousand dollars on property, you sold it for fifty thousand dollars. So you have twenty five thousand in profit, and then you right off the expenses for whatever else is in there. You're count knows what to do. And then hopefully, they're saving you money. And they find that you only you lost five thousand dollars at here. Even though you really put twenty five grand in your pocket. Okay. Next question, do you have any liability insurance or other protections for your business? I, I don't the LLC protects my personal stuff from it because it separate the liability insurance. I did look at that with a couple of different insurance agents, and we talked about doing a, a blanket policy in since I had some other property houses we did a. A one million dollar blanket policy just to kind of cover me for the stuff that I do. Yeah. For the insurance for me. I've been thinking about it. But as anything I mean, if somebody says, hey, just look at your property, great long as you know, you're doing it at your own risk, just kind of liability, and you can put away in there, if you want, and then you, you know, the hold harmless agreements in a lot of your, your contracts, you should have some kind of hold harmless clause in either your advertising or your contracts. And so those those tend to help you. I next one how much research do you do on county before mailing? It's funny. So like, I'm like, I go by state, and we've talked about high price and Pitt counties. So I pick a state and I'm like okay, and then I start scrolling because I'm sure ching, I priced by margin and price that I want to spend what I'm gonna pay for it, and what I'm going to sell it for. And then I look for the prettiest pictures, and then from there, I usually do a quick check to make sure there's a metropolitan area within two hundred miles. Yeah. I don't how much research do you do? I wouldn't say a lot. I mean I don't I do enough to look for the things that I'm looking for, and that's about it. I don't steer away from a now paralysis by now. I do checks if parcel fact. Yeah. I do check to see if I can get the assessors information one thing, I'm gonna have to add that I never had to worry about getting the deeds. I found a county that I couldn't get in and that, that bothered me here recently. Yeah. Kind of look, whereas it somewhere, I wanna be does it have a good county website, and I get on parcel fact, I like pricing consistency. If I'm gonna mail the entire county, one price. Yeah it's not a not a ton. All right. Do you have a buyer's list and wholesale list? And if so, how to use it I had a few people, I know that work in certain areas than out reach out to on stuff. But if you're listening to this and you ever see a property, I have listed, it's for wholesale two. I mean you just call me and reach out, so no. But as for a list, we started actually capturing stuff with casual Friday, our Email list here, and then, you'll we started building our list out there just for people that have been visiting him we send out three times a month. We send out a deal that we offer maybe five thousand dollars off the property or it may be, you know, some property that we have picked up pretty cheap. You know four five hundred bucks. Yeah, I have a bias clicked everyone's Email as ever responded to me off Craigslist ads off of lands websites. Whatever just keep that Email list, San for me. If you see a property, there's probably a good chance of also a wholesale price on it. And yeah, we'll mail the people, but also use the land, motos lists. We do use his as well. Yeah. And I get like I get. On that all the time you do. I haven't I've gotten to one lead off that damn thing. I don't know. Man. It's so weird because I get sales from land Moto and Craigslist. And I hear other people saying that they don't I don't. I don't know if I've ever sold anything not on those two and advertise everywhere. Yeah. It's funny. It's funny. There's not one way. There's not one right way. Yeah. Do you ever run a sales like you ever run a sale for your properties? If so, how do you do it? Everything's on sale. Yeah. Like I'll do I'll do cash special prices, and she's usually it's the title of the ad that I have out there. I may put another adult out. And then just change a title up a little bit and change. The picture try to drive more traffic, especially if someone's getting a little older stale. I will do that. Yeah. I'll pick a holiday. It'd be like memorial. We can sail, no dock fee and five hundred off. Okay. Cool. That's, that's probably about it. Yeah. Let's it I thought we had something else. But no, that's it. Those are good questions. I think I think they're great questions. It's the technical stuff that everybody seems to get hung up on, you know, and that's I think the difference between like new investor that becomes a little more seasoned. And they get like probably you a me are, and I and I can speak for a lot of guys that just kind of have that. Yeah. We'll figure it out. If it comes up kind of integrity, we are willing to take that kind of blind faith jump and say, hey, I'm not gonna worry about what my counts gonna say right now my count, pay to fix it. It's kind of like an attorney you pay your turn to fix the problem, not to enlist. You're going for advice prior to, but it's not to give you vice after the fact. Hey, no. I messed up and fix it. What do I need to do because there's always a corrective way. Yeah. People ask me questions. I just said, I'm just like I figured I'm want to happen. I don't know if that's like the smart because it's kind of odd for my personality, because everything is, like very set and measured and. I don't know about that. Is that what you me twice a day, I do not twice a day do going that would mean that I saw twice at least one day that, that doesn't happen. Yeah. There's just like so many things that if you get hung up on you're going to not do deals or you're not going to do something, because you're so worried about the technical aspects and a lot of interest in your own head because they don't really matter. I need my business car out of my cannot send a Mailer until I have a business card. I mean that's valid point though. You know if you can't talk about it, if you're not being. Is that right? Are you gotta be about to talk about it? Don't talk about the about it. But if you're not being about you can't talk can't talk about. So you gotta be about it on that business card. Or your website or. Yeah, I don't I think one of the. Biggest flips profit lies that we've ever heard some guide and have a website period, because one that we've consultant or a part of was bought for three hundred sold for five hundred twenty five thousand dollars day. One on the market was to twenty-five profit to twenty-five clear profit in his own. I land deal. No website, no by site. No sell side. No, no nothing. No. And then he still he bought three in that county. 'cause we does pricing and did everything in that county. And he bought three. And I think that county in painting close at three hundred and fifty back so that'll get you hooked. Yeah. Yeah, he sits. He's pretty aggressive on pricing. Now, he's, he's a statistician guy. So he's like pretty pretty aggressive. And he talked to him yesterday. And he was like, man. These guys I've gotten on back but it's with him. He's so like anxious all the time about doing a deal that he's, but he's, then he's probably only way, ten days or hasn't been fourteen or fifteen days. It's always crap. It's crap. And then and I'm like, what else are you doing? Well, I'm looking at these thirteen it came in there, all joke, though. They're all junk, and you're like, whatever man because I think he sent twenty one thousand mailers out on houses while so far this year. Patience is virtue here. Jackie doing deals. So what's going on with you? Well, I I'm working on some. We'll wait. We are council bigger stuff, but I wish I had a whole lot more to talk about my land business. It's just a I bought a bunch of stuff last month. It's all closed, and it's in the marketing pipeline, and that's it. I'm really happy with the properties about last month like all of them are really stellar and it's things are good. But now I skipped a Mailer, and we're working on our stuff my, my property guy that said, on a piece of property that shouldn't show up to closing. He had paperwork told me was gonna sign it and everything that we can't find him still. So he's got a deadline of what we saw it'd be yesterday that we're closing extra escrow, if he doesn't answer. So the cool thing was is like in this business happens is, you know, I still had mail out there. I bought three more properties while sitting there. And so, like I had about a sixty acre this week, a twelve acre this week and a twenty year this week. Yes. So the buy side still looking really good sell side has a couple of contracts out, and then I had four this weekend, you know, there were finalizing negotiate to get them up listed. I've got I think ten or twelve properties, with people out on them this weekend are this past weekend, as well in so since we record on recording Saturday this week, you know by now I should know. So either I'll be getting on the plane to Canada filling good with money in the Bank for the last half of the year or be killing a bear a spite. Yeah. You know, actually just think something that I was doing what is going to bring us up talk to you. But. So when I first got into like the owner financing stuff I didn't really know what I was doing. I'll just go on with it. Right. And so I didn't tell people that they couldn't get on the proper like they couldn't live on the property. And so some of my very first owner financed five acre deals, two of them that people emailed me this last week for contracts because trying to get permits to build on it. And this should be almost done. No off now. Six year notes and yeah. Yeah. Okay. So at least they're getting permanents will the parents would have to be in my name because I it's a I've got one lives out on one of mine. I've got one that put a cabin out on one had one had a house on it. Remember, an Oklahoma, mccartan county, the family lived in their RV up there on the weekends every down from south Texas, moved up there on the weekends. And when she saw I had an old house. Yes. If you could fix old house up. I said, Sears, it comes with it, and they rebuilt the house, and they're living in the house. So you're okay with all that. At this point. I'm I'm money ahead. I just smile about it and laugh. That's and that's the point of why we set up some of our terms businesses, what would be some people are like, oh, you got to babysit them. You gotta chase them down. They don't want him to build if you get your money back on the first side, you know, you keep going, you could get that litigation. Later with them if you need to. But I just get your money back as fast as possible rewards. Now, they're they have a vested interest in it. Yeah. But so I don't let now days I tell the can't live on it permanently so you can enjoy your land treat lane. Do whatever you want, don't building permanent. So you're paying it off. I didn't do that. I put no primary residency clause in it. But I didn't when I got started. And so now I'm now going back and forth, like I haven't emailed him back, yet kind of it. So I'm trying to figure out what say they're gonna mortgage you. They're going to build it cash out of pocket. Don't know. Okay. I mean worst case scenario, they improve it. Yeah, I guess so because then you go foreclose on it. Right. And you get everything. It's just one of those things we're going to have to learn one day. Yeah. So you either write it off. Showed us business loss. Thank you, Mr. tax. I don't think that that will. I don't think I think that they're good payers, which is why I'm like plane just like yeah. Okay. Whatever if need a permit let me know. Because I've only one of them has been late. And he was at one time, and he was emailing me like, Stu, sorry. Sorry payments coming paints coming. So I gotta. Yeah. So I gotta trust them, but you never know you build a house on it. And they're like. I don't need this or you know, I've got the house on it now. What's it gonna do? Stop paying for it. Yeah. Go to Milan and use my tractor bulldoze. I thought about it too. What have you just show up the bulldozer? Like, hey, I'm Adam you bought. This for me. You quit paying his my land mine my kingdom. Yeah. Oh man. Well, you got anything else. No started getting to summer so that no, the parents are getting a little bit distracted. I have been at home because I work from a home office and have in Jackson and Jordan and case and he's found my office, and so that, if you follow me on social media seat carefully his picture of him at my office door, and he just he's likes to come up to it and beat on it to turn around and smiles, and I'm just like man. It's so cute. Just because the other night, I was like she said, did you did you figure figure that out? And I was like figure, what that office away from here is only two hundred dollars a month. We work. I did. And she's like no. That's not what I'm talking about. You're not leaving me here with these hell on. Twins are active man. They and they tag team you and they don't stop there. Winless. Kind of switch, you said following on social media. And so. Eighteen years ago, the resulting that got me excited like in real estate was when flip this house. Started on any. Did you watch when it came out very watched? Okay. Do you remember, do you remember like Armando Montelongo? Yeah. Guy from San Antonio. Yeah. Hey, followed me on Instagram yesterday. Did he really it's probably about? It's probably probably is. And I know that because I, I understand how that works, but I was like, this is the reason that got me into it, and the other, it's him or they followed me. And so I didn't follow back because once you follow back the Bill. So I just kept it after seven days they lead for right now. I'm like, yeah. He's got the blue blue check next to his name. Man, verify. Especially you don't have to check next year. Right. Like listened to a podcast, the other day, it's not difficult. You just gotta turn Adam Southie, on Facebook into Adam Southie, business page, and then it'll verify so that's not what I heard. That's what I read googled it. I remember I told you about Schick member? I tell you about the guy that went to a million followers real follows in thirty days he explained it. It's a tied to media. Okay. So it's still not that hard. You get like a, a media to publish something you said. And then you submit it, and then if that's not enough, maybe then go somewhere else, and you get like someone else to quote, you casual Fridays media, bro. Like a like a big time media thing, I think we're pretty big town. Well, I think we are too, but we're not like New York Times time. Big see me said, no because I see some people that are verified date. That's what I'm telling you that this, this dude, got a million followers, and thirty days. And this is this is what he said. Well, if you're one of these big news publications it wants to sit down and talk to us, we were more than welcome. Sit down because we want to get atoms check, I think the way you get that Yusen them stuff. And if they like it, they quote it, and then you send it to Instagram, and say, well, look, they quoted me we're going to find us immediately. And I think because we are. I think we are you could see our stuff is real. It's raw. It's fun. And I mean we're here, we're happy. I'm I'm stoked, because when you read the numbers last week to me that, what are tracker trajectory is we're like five times over what we thought our yearly goal was, when we started this thing we sat down and said, hey, this is what our goal is. And it six months five times at yes. So you're talking about podcast, growth and download, Yep. So we had a what we thought was a pretty reasonable goal. And we're we're sitting so high above that, and it's. I'm really happy because it says that, like people are listening, but it says that they keep listening, which hopefully means that we're putting out stuff. They like and, and it's value driven. Yeah. And on top of that more people are coming, and so, because you don't see Jerry unless you add more listeners. And so that means we're, we're being able to touch a few more people every time and it's not there's not paid advertising behind this. There's not like the secret mobile advertising company. This running advertise Ega listen to casual Fridays. No, it's, it's organic growth because like you said, hopefully we're providing some sort of value in content for our listeners. So we thank you offer that because that's how it starts. And if you like us show us, go to Facebook, Instagram. Give us a like an Apollo and then go to I go to Stitcher go to wherever else into us like review and subscribe to the show means a lot to us. We love you. We'll see you Friday. Do you have a good day?

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Ep. 34: Usapang Michael V In The Place To Be!

Punchline with Alex Calleja!

34:46 min | 2 months ago

Ep. 34: Usapang Michael V In The Place To Be!

"Even watch line with alex. Clear is brought to you by podcast. Network asia and pod metrics now exclusively on spotify another episode the punchline with alex scalia shampoo and hosted by alex cassia. All italy. Didn't go back ila game. You tell feinstein with alex. Scalia is still hosted by alex. Scalia major excited wholly-owned isla. Anybody idle idle talk. I'll get excited. I'll ask my whole separate. Socking is among Bure comedy on the market. So why don't you. About on the michael batali on alex alamogordo on. I'm barbara maximum goose omaha at the on nine hundred eighty s Nagla bossy and modern. Eco neglible down in and down the whole career apartment on easter up. air bottom bharadia rapper. Everything the almaden. Somebody's on snow. Parts of montana is nobody between orford ammonia tabas. Baba's none dignam allama guy this wrapping in other possession. Now go home in terms of of course babu gone. And what happened. from negra pca now how might neon andrew andrew who i don't transformation going at. It was very evident than someone Rap goes among now go out go out and actually stomach upset. Music industry known only getting ballot ear. So you not even woman on password. Right classical big on ice pool german-polish gonna pest to that. You've pena planned career path land since the books and opportunities for wrapping Not i took the opportunity in guna opposite because eventually where the shift into by near not ballots. W want better nickelsville moineau eight. I would say into owning a shift. Got your shift yari. During the eighty s on nasa ready get set go because they may all worse than may show. Nevada get set go It's a game show with marano. Portion arabia in sketch pattern in a sketch manner posthumously. Gua In mail made us so young. Recommend ronald ron paul. Batali yeah yes. I'm don't do. Ba assigned our done by augie because they automobile any early on national prop. was directed barbosa. Would you know it was just coming from being right there. Hey hey i'm a comedy fan. I'm also already. I'm a i'm a musical comedy and movie find elegant between as i say you want you want you want payroll showbusiness. Indeed a latin want in a basis on baio say see. I'm not in without the nitty gritty or the mama. Now greg set gocha to get set go and also known toronto. Be a billion artiste. I'm actually a between bologna. I would say anything without your movies. Bridge known rapper any media. oh bill. And i'm also passed also show business the. It programmer lost his oxygen hall. Bureau now discovered on nagato nagano. One examiner also workshop. Better home homecoming by an apostle abc cbs. Also been putting given right. there are elam's creative process. You cannot be nobody by perceptual business on gum. American of come no no. Nah no ideas no matter the echo of course signed a board alamo might be songo. Personable nasa me An unions three tests was expert avenue avenue on young people who are known about them bunker on my grandpa baba's betsy go off. I'm not here to them on the basis now on television guy mitch baumgarten. I've gotta us ease. It's michael visa. I'm gonna jump in how successful because our babu gone and at all right. They're going to someone alone. Won't pigs say it'd be. I mean i'd say you create a eight to be able to to make what you're you're right montesano. My television is berry realized materialize. No similar as an alum. Come on come on highland the buck off gum nominate on create the psychopathic ruin your noontime. But coming from channel five throbbing room to bubble gone. Jamie savvy bobble janka because i'm honestly yes assignments about rapist moby dick with it in a way. Yes or supreme nato imitation stones. Pro ideas were feeling goal. Fella does not checks in walking down and louis dot com bubble gang right away in radio and in idea neon formato and up to the state actually latest blog labus Long march by alex. Gonna wahlberg podcast part of that part of the dictating and oh by nine indian nine to anyway but not nothing latest now on the worse. Do john goes latest blog. I think it's that. I'm up before story number. Four and the up then parodies. Our and union unison aside. Because they ain't gonna right away gustavo. It proved global work during the fire. You in translation english songs. I logged abundant now. Because he's not moving writer. Stay among show business with sunday lung. Mugging modern family gustav muggy unlike boban dana barros up into old old guidance means. Poke go out on an escape right. On obama snow at doumanian interpretation on direct or in our easter interpretation and or international go orlando. More women have by. I'm baby more banana motors. 'cause at the scene stories about not providing and i don not our i odd damning. Happy especially messiah you also. I'm bob dip hopefully not just in terms of creating bama try you get to manipulate everything and everyone in your script hosting knee or pop gallon. Abe have peace dan. I go in say endorser. Because ed saturday you can get also scoop rehearsal. Skinny content is more than family citing the modern media maga brooklyn nine nine this hypoc. Oh my god this is the this. Is it audio ideal world. that's agony not gonna writers must up and say oh. We of course. Comedian jonathan mustang. It also now you were able to to express what you wanna say union corpus in a bucket that would say you're very private person nikki. And it was up on the lucky. I learned how to tamales alarm binding the doctor. But i'm gonna go some bobbling about goma joel amid joel metal. Major connecticut batali bestow cindy batory lagging bob. Because it's only comedy matic more for right. But i hope i n empty. Rcb so assam experienced elegant so Don't like combining where in where the barrows with the network i always thought to the executives and network and the oil spill and the always remind us go anywhere they're in and Intention collages state to push the boundaries. But for me. Not the panova joey de leon stomach. Where the labus. Yeah oh i. With one mundane example. In the example. I think of willing Impact gonna supposedly message by this group. Wouldn't partied in alabama. I c vs on them throwing yawkey tanya zero see you in elegant donilon expressing bugging supposedly bustos in racked up a bubble gang may limitation so build them up wedding. Go in india where they go. There was a man on nagoya means. Linda suggestions happen and fight song. The music video again. Go on sagging stop-loss angola ending madam apple cigna putting some things among la so major ski ski guiding you so May shotsie powell. Luna warner blender saga. Logan got us. I've been len that was Later on some malani lennox elsie. So this'll thought rule at alyssa milano. Superhero own a superhero luther. Nine prime time through twenty three all right there on ahead write that thomas bull shah bull kabul's now global aero accessible. I'm on ankle at the mesa. Allah who on uproar rahmani this movie howard stern Getting howard stern. You wish you gave mitzner up where the You fill in the blanks. Not be show so madam. Up on you now feeling the blance blank morn billion aluminum about the buzzer buzzers news app. Okay on me on out there. Only gonna muscleman alabama's mtc going it because we make an cul de paul saying that the kabul it one way but more so on on either nominated for a couple of years for a couple of years ten years ago so i never going to go similar to donate. See them on. I've been on your muscles it in a word you you'll be able from the yeah. I don't that bridge was based on key key. None up down otten and give me sock monster. Non thought appraised will go not gonna imported villanueva finding a key. Non-uk bill is. I on a bill one screen unwillingness alone again and again the warriors also see By knapp open liba band. Have an apple you. May you know. I have a con- i have to. I got you over your device bomb on an another young mom. Greg lemond speaking badmin- doing around the all saints are on the median call. My mom is zippy concerned. Speech impediment making fun of the here in delaware billion bound. If you're a comedian or or call me. d nice. Not number bossa restructure. If you're also getting the though. I'm getting going again. An imminent may may proceed and go on and marry not so i let momentum coming the known for years you know go on to lee up a sputtering. After after my five or six years tacoma disco bringing npr cbw. You'll see the Both Policy bala that madame damning roach number. I don't get no crystal suspect can be laughing now. So then the knee machine crystal balls or the longest night for seven years and dina benzenes ordinary finally in the american army and some crystal ball atlanta. Nobody by our. Don't big joe on you. You wanna noon. Peterman the lotto. When i was wondering under the denials at mossy. I'm not in a whole saddam. Not initiate will undoubtedly the opportunity to go. We're not gonna the symbol dining bargo so some also additional lug it nope segment with cbs espn ghana project. With when was just another just like you just also online online. Not by design by. Groups cassandra by not on liners because got more more about the east side union pattern. Disappointment merimee arm in the youtube channel. Scutt command merimee mcgeen subscribers keith and Million millions of used. I i. I don't know the guy on the house an oil house. And i'll hang in there more. May pride is all within that and we wanted to be some. I call it go. Easy comedy is going to be. The is gonna is it. What an only bowel using a religious back in the non-food savviness story. It's the low hanging fruit now along. I own a monopoly on the braga tonight than you might expect normal. Oh i don genuine as the indio. Not any while alibaba. Who is alan auto. Ottawa does begin more on the order. Us because i was designed as i was spoon-fed maasai talk about san jose. Alex store get beginning. In april one was at andrea but one thousand new goal behind more not internet also on the order began our doppler paid people who are been years go on on me then down even and even now no one day make We have to after the ad. Adjust your ligament shootin annan. Some osama He up now you might. Locations got out of ordering a strain snap on in the depot. Ionian village so you know what i mean you went to quintal in instead of doing one of dean new snuff story burst. Episode columbo up long short stories for episode. Bottom out. almost you must wear mugs. Shoot italian. And i'm always my view less questions. Go san monarch demand namib gonna. I'm an eleven michael synonymous success. Animal couple couple. So armee de is michael. Be better modesty aside. Alex an elegant is heaping essays into gruesome log on the hill taliban Gone been made. Now the i look at us right now doing this online thing nine. Nothing now go before the nevada and komiya pickup you at that point apparently not not going deba- as at the battle between you're such a private person more hidden ama- and the moment jewel. I know third florida number. Joe newman bojan pa me years ago. I london. I thought i was gonna with the arkansas. If i'm not mistaken and a million were just you your your job. I'll using do the bone on so you're such ib personal deco alumna. Among abraham what. I did person you were able to separate or private and public life a little while ago and nail naked eye tomorrow youtube youtube on him adding laurels smog laurel center on its red choice career and family all correct correct correct i get. I don't create the processing bubble. Gung god maguelonne episode normally seen else brainstorming. A guys include a familiar going to go to someone. The a topic for for this episode got theme was happening luna lamma writers. Me about on our where. The normal but on the table about buzzer in creative director Seen assad big on a new potential at walla dapo indianapo- percents creative director It has to be a group consensus. Jillian term. The bubble gang in the nuggets. Amini malik borders indeed On on the nike venue when he didn't create the it should be a bottom hormone consensus of stop at number one group or hate them I don't sketch or Afternoon may insult broaden right. There's an aggressive in the lagaan. Hindi pop or click saves them soon. Union in china improves. Elegant only improving. Monica's today today on but indiana magan inspire. Now you're talking about as spero's are He might be done at a young man. I don't wanna by deng. Nine gustav one then gula surprisingly pricing mary. My god montauk borrowing vice versa and vice versa. I the messiah Elommal fossil outlets easy coming up. The thing is an osce. you wait my locking me. Nothing on ta brad pitt. Save in tipped only gun but must a girl non-communist reselling on this five naturally ready. Kobe satisfied vinnie anime. Dylan only one mainly by tommy. In around in your. They're going to negotiate. May brad pitt. Say oh no say may show originally online marts twenty six donka say genuine threatening bugging create. The packaging could have ryan young par basketball player and coach now plate of word. Besides court were say. But because home bobby all Alumni jamie jamie. Abc been wrong about mark in alborz. Go of course guessing. How does night animal with alicja bear novel and all that long. Nah i don't hear is our goto panties by michael be stolen. Abc being back made by jimmy at elite but more on my show more sun. Tung metro but at barrett allah can osama mommy dante and economic data. Bucket them in october. Say you know can be done. Indiana avenue by john fund is the new poggi mayor nabil mesa funds in the final or fans number by colonel indecent proposal. Say the major not mta when you more about the familial not contemplate on number one eleven. I'm better at barrett at this point. Kosei who take what we're talking about shows snaps existing chose on bubble gang strange animal anonymously bungling choice. I said the garlics. Abc hauling go on sale. Now really go someone. Networks actually in the indiana who restore new network i in the hidden against idea exclusivity but again with the movement are succeeding He needed about metabolism network. Yeah whole I i have a contract. I have a show on track with the gm. Seven battle nila network on on that show so Under buddy belief gonna. I should be allowed to do things outside of a the network Which i did before making a whole weather. Abc five taylor are joining time making an assisting in bubble gang. beat them on the vocal and either member. Then knipling away bitching rivalry. Abs doing radio set go a chocolate all bunk room and gm for bubble gum ongoing by ready get set go own barn pardonable you know getting the area and Well to answer your question. A public gardens of for me Being about easiest delegating. Alamo billy moran nah nah nah more exclusive merimee monopoly on july. Now maganga of its beauty is i don mcgann don cumberland magan. Deng artiste undocking mcadam. Vulne indian maximus. I says scientology digest network at hopefully at don't bandera knickknack to luna marie-lise nola johnny googlers do not think marguerite build number not the numb industry. And i think it's about time that we reconsider those things about him. Biogra- nap in like a movie alabama dossier i. I think it's a start. And i hope that it may may lay down at the i n lumber producer in eleven the network yusen allen lebanon by backing gallagher numb networks so on a career not scott. It's necessary battle It's also an option wrong. I allow lombardo. India egypt my online catalogue adding in. We're all going to be toyota's. Wsh go. chris. Evans run games. I was there's nothing wrong in trying say is just a message message over. It's a. It's a template that message. Monday after lebron james maranello aimed at lone avengers green working. Sim sport saucy saucy robert dog. The lebron james. Now michael be robinson ramona touchable number on game one on one game. Those games on people. I talked to okay. I'll come back to you leaders. i'll be over you. I also know that. I know. And i'm gonna muir so also the first public person or at least having bid nineteen it makes us a little bit more Mike will be there. Condemn scrap metal. Knock on thing by bypass i. I'm we can beat this because life goes on for or you're not behind lying in on the moi's You're always a an idol. And the one. I look up and miami's gone algorithm message. Game one pm oppose. I was shocked. I told my friends mcmullen dependencies to handle title. We made the is is happening. Michael be in the place to be one of and your hands in the air as to mind when they cross the line. Give them the punchline then michael.

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Ep. 142  Smart COVID data on the blockchain  insights from HealthTrends.ai


31:48 min | 5 months ago

Ep. 142 Smart COVID data on the blockchain insights from HealthTrends.ai

"And hello hello hello. Welcome to insure blocks. Your dedicated parkhouse to block chain in industries and institutions. All around the world. I'm will lead all scuff. Your host for this podcast. We will be discussing smart. Cova data on the blockchain with special insights from hells trans dot ai. I'm very pleased to have returning to intra blogs susan joseph. Ceo and co founder of health. Trans- dot ai. Susan thank you for joining us today for those listeners. Who haven't heard you in our previous podcast. Could you please give them a quick introduction on yourself and on health trends dot ai. Thank you lolly. I certainly will thank you for inviting me back. It's great to be here and be back on again. Last time we spoke it was about innovation in the insurance industry. I went to point out in addition to that area. I'm both a consultant and attorney with startups in enterprises in a variety of settings including financial services daily use espn digital assets. One thing i'm doing is consortium adviser for the mining and metals industry blockchain initiative which concerns itself with sustainability. I sit on a few boards including diversity in blockchain but one of the most exciting things. I'm doing right now. Is leading a ceo. Health trans accompany. I co-founded at the beginning of the pandemic. we are trusted. Third party delivering ongoing authoritative health. Data that's independently audible and has legal weight. Where the trusted data source that spans legacy and cutting edge technology solutions allowing innovative organizations to access. Both we've been up and running. Since march march ninth. First responders have permission yusen anyone interested in use commercially or otherwise should contact us directly. Great great no. Thank you very much for that susan. And as you recall from our first podcasts. He know the first question we always ask to our listeners. Is what is gin and height works and i love for you to give me your definition of it but additionally i'm very curious to see if your definition has changed since the last time we saw you on the show especially due to the work you now. How has that informed or changed your definition of blockchain. I love this question so yes. My destination has shifted a little bit. But it's also some of the things hold true particularly when you're talking about data. I view blockchain as a communications network layer on the internet that allows direct peer to peer transactions to accomplish it. It requires cryptography. Incentives such as game theory another economic incentives and certainly computing power it can be applied to a wide range of transactions from anything that's currency like or to data usage which is where health trends jumps in it has wide ranging implications for commerce society and behavior and i think it's not simply software it software with a lot of implications across over different areas of life so my definition changed a bit was a bit more technical last time. Now i see it as a much more Social political economic in computing tool. It's really because. I'm starting to see a pattern between guests have had in the Let's say early. To mid two thousand eighteen. Their definitions were indeed more of the technical type and then when hide him back in the show towards the end of nineteen or throughout twenty twenty Was a lot more than just technically was well. What is the meaning of this technology. What impacted house. So it's it's fascinating to hear you know you confirming That trend what. I'd like to know now a little bit because you know health dot works in the us health sector like for you perhaps to try and explain to us some of the challenges. You've you've observed in the us health sector regarding the collection industry regional health data. Where rate is the most needed. So i really appreciate this question question. i start off with the view that public health is everybody's health meaning that we use his public health information both of for commercial designs and health designs. And it's incredibly important information that sort of gets shoved to the background until all of a sudden it becomes really important. I think we have now shown a light on how important that is. It's especially critical when you have a pandemic the first defense that you really have in the beginning is the quality of the information that you can collect an act upon and the current pandemic has shown us in the us. I believe the way that we capture public health data. It's been a stress test on every aspect of our healthcare system. In our ability to source and disseminate high quality data needed to make decisions until health trends dot a came along that type of data while published is not easy to access sorta because of that. It's really hard to make decisions with it in a timely matter in its current published form. Why why why is it so difficult to get access to that data because if it is published you know wh what is it in your opinion that that is the the barrier to accessing it. Is it a question of. It's not in a in a readable format. Wh-what is the issue so the issue really is very messy data data standardization problem. So every state is charged. You know much like in the insurance world states have a lot of power here and in the us. Every state is charged with issuing out the public health information and publishing it but they're not told how to publish it in what form to make it available. They just put it up on their website and so accessibility becomes how you access the website. Sure you can pull it up and look at it. That's unstructured data. But how do you download the active data that you need in a timely fashion. It's not like there's easy. Dashboard dated download. It's not like it's Easily aggregated or every state has their own choice about how to do this. There isn't a standard. So i mean i can tell you for instance when we first started collecting data way back in the beginning. The only data that was available was in public announcements from the media. That were governor official announcements stating number. So there weren't even charts down. We started to go to different states and states were understandably swamped and they put things up. There like charge that were adapted from other subject areas like vaping statistics in there. So it's not like every state has the same format it's far from it and so it's it's some white daunting to think about how to collect all of this data and make some sense out of it so i i know that i really i wanna point out here. A couple of is this deed that the states are doing and are publishing has legal weight. The states themselves have not been the recipient of a lot of infrastructure funds. They do the best that they can with what they have. So i'm not giving a knock onto the states. And i specifically like to give a shout out to the data nerds and public. Health officials who in some ways are very much unsung heroes. Collating and getting the state are available in published out every single day since the beginning of this pandemic regardless of if there's holidays or whatever in a pandemic with no hold barred. The public health needs to be supported and we see how transit upgrading the data layer by empowering organizations to use our data make decisions and in some ways we architect how healthcare and data infrastructure in the world. And that's also in foreshadow sort of of why we chose to use both legacy and blockchain tools. So i'll be quiet for a minute okay. Okay so i mean. I want what i want before we go into solution. I'm curious to know in this problem. Obviously existed before the pandemic in the pandemic has just i guess a light on it on how how big of a problem it is but up to now has these challenges been addressed and how successful have been addressing them or not. I guess i don't know necessarily know how It comes to light without a pandemic showing sort of the fractures in the system. People estimate people data off at their leisure Or the In a lot of ways there some estimating going on. And i just don't think it's necessarily been at the forefront to say that this is a big problem that we need to solve right writes that the how because you. There hasn't been an urgency. You can go to each state in the united states and territory and look on their page for their public health page and you can look at the data each day and see what they update in capture. There's a lot of data on these websites about different health conditions. That are reported. I mean what people also don't know the Interaction between the cdc the center for disease control and the states. The cdc is a federal agency and in the united states. The states are the ones who rule on authoritative level of the data. So the states provide the cdc with data. But it's Voluntary us sometimes carried in a stack. But it's a voluntary of providing data. So while the cdc at rand out round up all of this data They don't necessarily get all of it and they don't necessarily get it all in a timely fashion and you know without stepping into anything. I just like to say that we're an independent third party and we don't we choose data that's legally available so there really isn't anybody who's doing what we're doing and i think that's because it's hard of course of course so i love you know not to spend a bit more time on actually health transferred because obviously in our last podcast you introduce you as an independent principal blockchain and legal consultant at now. You know you're of course you're the ceo and co founder of health transport. So i'd like to hear a bit more about you. Know what is what is your mission. And how are you addressing those challenges in an effective manner so our mission is to help any organization turn health data into something actionable that they can use and base their decisions upon when we created corona virus api Which is the part that of the trends dot. Ai that is running the coronavirus statistics. It was a free tool to support first responders who specifically used data to convert trends assess risks for noncompliance and create predictions to help manage their populations similarly this type of data is used in insurance economic artistic. Productions supply chain logistics health equity for shore. Academics are big users of our data. So we we understand that. There's definitely a need for this. And we're developing the commercial products to accommodate. That need so in the moment. Are you focused. Only on the us market or you're planning to to to offer to other jurisdictions initially we focus on the us but the way that we've constructed are digitally native technology agnostic solution and Platform would apply to any country also would apply to any type of technology. Great great so. Let's talk a little bit in our by the platform itself. Because you mentioned you're you're you're you're using blockchain and smart contracts and i want to understand you know. How are you using those two key piece of technologies to addressing the challenges regarding the data. Point that we've been discussing. So i've us as a bridge. We have both legacy and blockchain parts into our solutions. We currently hash the data to the athenian public blockchain versus via smart contract which us specifically to detective any data. There's been changes made post the data being published. His if you remember i say. The states the data every day at if they've had to adjust the data not necessarily for nefarious reasons. But maybe more information you will at least have an understanding of what. The data was at that point in time when perhaps legislation or some other decision prediction was made upon that. So that's We could hash to any blockchain. We are blocked agnostic in that way. Could beat any public or private blockchain on vats the use of the blockchain on that side of things were building a chain link node which i know we talk about later to afford certain data access within the smart contract environment because just throwing data up onto a blockchain does not in particular give you the ability to use it in the way that you might need for eddie sorta smart contracting and do you. I mean you said you're blockchain agnostic. But yet you started with earm- i is there a reason for it. Well partly it was. We joined hackathon okay. Yes each consensus hackathon. And yes we put the information up there but honestly could go anywhere. it's a similar process. You put the date you hash it. Yes mark object up to a blockchain okay. Okay and you said you know that you work in conjunction with legacy systems so what kind of integration and do you do you have in terms working with legacy systems so our team has worked with legacy much more than they work with blockchain and they can handle the they've done lot of integration with different systems We have some database people in helping us design out from the beginning how can interact with most legacy systems. We have advice from insurance and financial professionals who have run databases before and constructive them before. So they're designed with that in mind To to work in sort of enhanced whatever existing tools that you have but so. So you've done you know from the from the database also standpoint but I'm assuming there's ten stage role of api's is or we would consider streaming as well. Okay okay so obviously you know each of the states. You know work in their own manner in terms of how the data distributed does no some kind of federal approach to it. Does this means that. Also the data can come in different formats or different standards. And if that's the case you know. I'm assuming you're you you have to deal with. Data centers ation challenges. Yes so one thing. I want to emphasize not changing. What the states are providing. We're providing a standard so the inputs are all messy. They come from a variety of different sources. If you look at any particular state at a time they're collecting medical records from for for this in this particular pandemic conduct. They're collecting medical records from a variety of sources could be a electronically generated could be phoned in faxed in The it's literally probably of nightmare for the people who are collecting and parsing it. Back out a. We are not helping them on that side. that is truly the state function. What we're doing though is taking the data that shows up and putting it in a standard form so yes it's a messy problem but there are standards on electronic health records for the way that people collect data so we're not collecting apples and oranges and then putting them in a new format. That part has been solved before. At least a good part of that has been solved so wild the mechanisms for collecting. It are all over the place that type of data. It's pretty standard. You get a set of statistics on a case report that everybody has agreed are. These are the data fields that we're going to use and that's not the part that we're solving were solving the part that says okay. Here's the stuff that's published. But nobody else could really use it unless you're just gonna pull it down from our website from time to time It's funny because you know you mentioned insurance a few times already in this podcast and you know the challenges regarding. Let's say the data standpoint that we just discussed for the health sector has some eerie samaritans to what we see in insurance in general Would you agree with that statement. Having worked in insurance. I absolutely and you know it's it's been interesting to watch how the data collection has gone on so you seem from the beginning that there are other sources of people pulling data that are quoted other universities and media have pulled together their own list of cases and reporting in staffs in all sorts of statistics for this and they use a lot of ways they use the more crowd source version which has its role in the beginning of any sort of horrendous wide event like pandemic because the more information the better but then sorting through and what did know what information can you act on without liability that has to be illegal information so sources that data that include tertiary data are useful for one type of role but if i was a financial services provider insurance provider or somebody dot medical provider who had liability because my numbers needed to have some justification i would want to use the legally authoritative detail so very similar to the way insurance when they view perhaps hurricane date or something they wanna make sure that there are external data is agreed upon and valid in the same for everybody else. You're not fighting over in court. It's a similar type of of the issue and wondering you know is just talking out loud here that you're collecting your facility in the collection and distribution of a lot of health data. Surely that kind of information can also be very useful to ensures for example if they want to understand what is at risk exposures in according stern geographies they could potentially get that from from your data no absolutely so i. It was a life insurance. Long-term care anybody with that sort of interest. Certainly be interested in this data but more than that on the commercial side. The logistics anybody ensuring supply chain anybody wondering about commercial properties. And how they're going to fare business interruption insurance exactly while becomes something that this data really is a linchpin for a lot of businesses. Exactly exactly so. We've covered a number of challenges. You have to to to face and could you tell us about some of the other ones for example. Did you have to deal with a -cational ones regarding what is blockchain or do you basically don't even need to mention block to just describe the benefits that you're from providing you just grab the data from the different state providers mistreatment in some ways. Yes so we do not dwell on the fact that we're using blockchain. We use it as an additive for for the reasons. I stated earlier by when blockchain does come up. It is the very typical question that i've been answering since i entered this industry in two thousand. Which is you mean bitcoin. Yes i wait for that question. Every time they see. And there's of course a lot of attention right now. On crypto currency with all the agents going on so people are curious and you know good for them they should be curious and i'm happy to answer that question but i do get that question a lot. Where are we can. Now start to see though is when you start to use blockchain in conjunction with a data usage or trying to push this in towards those smart contract environment you start to see enterprise. Customers will work a lot in the enterprise sector. You start to see them. See the light turn on and not. There's a usage for the way that this technology is that. It's not just hype. It's not vaporware that there is something that can be done that's can add value to their business so as you is you know. We had a surrogate zero. Ceo chain link on our on our podcast recently. And as you mentioned earlier on in your introduction you mentioned that you recently launched a link node could you. Could you tell us a little bit about it. And why have you chosen chain link for that so certainly more the process of watching the chain link just to be clear about that. So we chain link. Because it's the most widely used oracle solution in the market oracle being third party data for those of you who i mean i just wanna make sure. My terms are defined so We are data is third party data on so we need a way to import that into an environment where they only have data that exists in that environment so we picked chainlink because they're pretty meticulous about their data quality and we think they're the best opportunity to offer that they're certainly the largest and the most active so there they provide. Api access through. Different i don't wanna get so technical speech. What's really important here is that they allowed the data from the external world to be piped into a smart contract environment. Yes and so. That's why you know why we pick them in why we're really excited about this. We're the first ones to do this. Typically in the smart contracts market right now. There is a lot of data about cryptocurrency prices. And there's some other extra data. Pandemic data has not been available to four. We are the first ones to to do this. Great great so no building on your Chainlink known launch. You know what plans do you have for for twenty twenty one which is just around the corner your cell we have An accelerator in the works and we have a test environment in the works. We've got some a. and m. l. coming on we're working on search tools. Were finding our smart contract. And of course we are continually upgrading. The legacy side of the business it with particular in chain link. We expect to expand our node to as sort of a solution that involves zero knowledge proofs when that comes online when they bring that that part of their solution online which basically allows you to keep your data private and we think that's going to be really important for the smart contract world going to open that marketplace up. A one of the things that i think is really interesting trend that i read this last week is that there was an article stating that a on was seeing demand search for paramedic transfer and you think like largely that's been done in drought in drought type insurance or even in health type of union weather type insurance her hurricane another risk there are certainly been a demand for that parametric. Meaning you know you have a something occur when something occurs an automatic payout in in the way that it's encoded in south up. We think that you know it might be interesting to find out. If there's that law is there is certainly a low level of parametric insurance that could happen in a pandemic meaning if you have cases at a certain level or deaths at a certain level with that trigger or shutdown orders at a certain level with that trigger business interruption insurance at a certain level. Could you do something like parametric in that forum. Certainly in a smart contract market you could test that. And i guess that's where the importance of having authoritative data that is delivered for example through a chainlink makes it so so critical to parametric and a smart contract right. That's exactly at because otherwise it could be anybody's quality mean you need these things to be operating on something where the agreeing that the legal standard is adhered to exactly so again thinking out loud here the vaccine is coming out and hopefully by the end of twenty twenty one would have been rolled out across most of the world. How do you see your solution. You know evolving potentially pivoting because obviously it's not limited just to to cova a it can be used for all kinds of health data. That's exactly right. So we say the solution pivoting to any kind of published government information Because it's it's set up to to handle that sell. If you think of new problems that could come online or new opportunities. I mean for instance. We certainly have a cannabis market. That's going to be opening up in the us at some point that will be generating statistics. We have all sorts of other health. Statistics that people may now go back and collect. After they've seen the health equity issues that showed up in the pandemic. You certainly could apply this to flu cancer. Any other certain data set that exists and there are other things that you can add in to this other public statistics set you can add in census data economic. Data's there are other things that you can add in to figure out what any sort of predictive analytics might be right. In addition to that we also will always have maintained the fact that we have the original data at the outset of the pandemic and when people with back to sort of look at the nineteen eighteen flu and they're looking at old data. A lot of that data was lost. We have it available in sort of i would call it in our archival form and it won't be lost great great and again thinking because i think there's an opportunity here you know for maybe layer use use the word. Let's say consortium between all of those state providers to work more closely with you to have this kind of data standard across all the states for the sharing of information because serious must be value in the states being able to to share data in a clear transparent way for themselves but also for providers whether it's health providers whether it's ensures or any other third parties. Do you see potentially that happening. That would be on my wishlist. Christmas is gonna have to go back and ground center but seriously let's say it was on your wishlist. How would you approach that. So you'd have to have this states want to participate Which they're getting their of being the demands are on them are such that we can make it easier for them with a standard way to approach it than this would be something really interesting to them. You see states already acting regionally. Meaning they'll look at their border states and act together and so this is just the next step of how would we create that infrastructure. The i'd say the hardest thing about blockchain is saying trying to apply a network solution. Where a network has to be built in this instance we haven a network per se meaning. It is the states and the states are already starting behaviorally to act together so that part of the foundation is done so the technology is just the next up that has to be built at it would be really interesting to start to work with a number of states to build up this infrastructure at certainly would make them much more Agile in being able to handle any sort of data requested in the future yet. Because it's interesting because you know when we saw in new york. When york came out of the first wave 'cause he had suffered a lot at the beginning they kind of created this kind of zone. Wiz its border states around it. He knows so that was free movement in a way between there so we have seen that kind of collaboration. But i guess my final question to you is if there is going to be this kind of collaboration between the state's using it would come from the state level or you think it will come from the industry pushing it or the industry doing it without the state it has to come as a partnership between those okay One can't do it without the other. We can show the way with what we're doing but we can't we need them to participate To truly get it to be that vision of and they pay similarly can't use you know blockchain is one of those things that when you say team sport you really mean. It goes across borders and it is a team sport. And this is one of those instances where this could be really helpful. Perfect perfect well. Listen susan. I'm gonna thank you very much you know for sharing with us your insights on smart cova data on the blockchain introducing us to to trans dot. Ai i think we're going to have to to book a podcast around this time next year to see if our predictions in our about your wishlist comes true that there is the beginning of a statewide industry. Wide consortium around the data but this wraps up. This insured blocks podcast. We hope you've enjoyed this episode if you like what you've heard this week. Don't forget ascribe podcasts. And leave us radio review. Itunes susan i look forward to having you back on the show. Hopefully you're much better conditions now and then then now and towards the end of two thousand and twenty one thank you. It's been a pleasure at i agree. I hope when. I come back that it is much better condition.

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399 | Link Building and Website Flipping with Craig Campbell

Edge of the Web

34:02 min | 3 months ago

399 | Link Building and Website Flipping with Craig Campbell

"Are there black hat and white hat. Seo practices anymore. We're talking gray hat. Seo with craig campbell. Today on the edge your weekly digital marketing trends with industry trendsetting guests powered by your digital marketing. Pioneers strategic. this week's featured guest is great campbell. affiliate marketing extraordinaire of great campbell. Seo now here's your host erin. Sparks well the back to the edge in part two of our interview with craig campbell Be sure to listen to the first part of our interview where we talked about when to leave and agency as as either an owner or an employee to consultant career. So check that out We certainly have a good time with that conversation. Just to introduce our guest to you again if you hadn't caught the first interview craig. Campbell is a well-known seo experts from glasgow uk He is eighteen years of experience. Seo consulting and digital marketing. he's also regular on rush as a webinar host and seo trainer and speaker and since craig has been helping over one hundred hundred businesses actually decided to start flipping websites for profit as well. So he's he's also agency trainer providing some great information to agencies to step up their game in seo so welcome back Craig thanks for joining us on the second part. Move money's being votes yeah fantastic We certainly appreciate the conversation that we had and just talking about the challenges of running an agency in a digital marketing agency. And some times you have to call it and the star going a different direction especially if you're if you're wanting to build a brand and build a career and sometimes the agency path isn't there for everyone so we certainly appreciate your candor there and some frankness so I wanted to get into some seo and start Get a lot of lobbyism concepts at she and start talking about the things that you're most famous for right. So let's talk about the concept of black hat and white hat. We've heard black hat for years. Gone by and we were talking in back in the paint. Pre penguin impre- panda panday's of efforts and tactics that would absolutely garden you garner you top rankings. And yeah they were a bit spammy. They were a bit manipulative for those of you. Who don't know what black hat. Seo just search at you're gonna find plenty of information about that is still a concept black hat white hat in today's seo environment. I mean obviously the what thing all black cotton sue stone throwing up a massively by people have our I'm people leaving themselves. Wait hav lot child so i'll give you my national peres works so you know what you said before blackout issue was spammy. Scape sleep box a dreamer all of the be social marketing on automation than eight lessons on automation always dobbins that once and plea condon penguins So that what by being also bugle caught onto get slum bought it with the the the quality bar hostage release and flush or regard his ainsley so by what more people thanks black high as you stella's is so people's on okay so your dodgy black bomb it or whatever and you know. I wouldn't consider them do that. Dobbins what you'll whoop there is potentially by links by by the meetings in. Do you one read today. Do your light belgian widow. Buying who budget gays portion you through the spam at the gate ports. The post websites. And because cnn it's basically the power who's that they can take that level of spam and not pebbles in points the my website a bunch of stopping initiated switch as hotlinks You can buy him. You'll lynch the conseil debates hasn't really changed your content legs obviously you take limited finances and colton but it's guoping getting the links by or maybe have been. Your content may be seen as unscrupulous. We can sometimes cheap You know asking for example. Something's done in the past as you get audits as safety to me as soon as the published in. Us your poster able to coping in peace that very quickly put in my website sinton index an index stealing content or expired. The means the machine stealing all the content of despite the means what we're always looking to cut corners whether it's for pbs. Whether it's far. Whatever those always i cannot cheat and if you lay in some of those tactics used and the places fading away but you you're not going to be stealing contained Mean website midnights. The hate stupidity as black had done with a bit more respect. Which is we take into the fray. Seo people saying things like don't buy links don't do this don't do you need the ryan clear. What are you doing just on peach not gonna cut it and the wanna compared to the market on all know hand on heart that went on an important rankin pfizer. Un's new that you'll for me. White hot is a is a taylor. Agencies tend to use or people used to make the doing something else it's more of a was ploy that the claim to be white hot and were still by lengths. Because after a win quaid's that no one knows behind it autos and the way the weight buying links stan idle by linked you will link evidence to the contrary what people practice and what people please a video in two different things and as a newbie. You'd would you can get confusing Wasn't likely guy because everything he talks about seems to be a bit you she the whatever and of course often some shady stuff we all have a little bot- f. It's mon website mon brand than others names. Do you stolen content by with you. Just pay the right rian and do the things so the statement of police for all. I think you have to go up gideon the whether the not very go anybody who's been in. Seo for fifteen twenty years right certainly different pieces of manipulation. I mean at one point in time we. There was a content spinner that we utilize to be able to churn up and spin contest that we were breaking strings and characters so would throw off the bought. So you'd ashland oil the bus but the indexing to be able to have Duplicate content multiple pages of content across the web. I mean these things were the coin of the realm at a particular point in time and and they're still they're still machinations of that. There's still some automation that you can actually do. That doesn't hearken back to spam it's more tactical manipulation for lack of a better description right. Yeah i mean a lot of these things you see you've been the stole. People have been massive success when my speech bill does is just a strategy. The used to make that work. The sequence of events have hanged out. That makes it what you can't just go out and lawsuit twenty thousand. Pg's with my and expected to what you don't giggles clever would know what clever and that was before third but you gain is how you use these on the strategy that you implement. Can you get away with my speech. Boever those be still very much to this. Day is all implement implemented properly. And it's not done as a push-button sides where as you're lashing these things it would probably fit and meter appeal more natural and that's the game as to meet things. Look as natural natural and avoid leave any lazy footprints when you're doing this stuff That's really the big game of aco. Who's who's based key to bring to do these things without getting caught. Gotcha and you talk about. Pb ends in in the marketplace there. If there wasn't a need for them that marketplace wouldn't exist right. Yeah exactly so evidently and if you want to expand on pbs for the for our listeners that don't know what that is you wanted to share with us real quick. What the concept of pbs are so for me in our private blog. Networks is what eastern fork right. You've got to takes one way to guide just by hundreds of the main named chuck all sorts of copy content likes to hundreds of thousands of websites blah blah blah blah blah sales the black market stereo cleaner that stop. It's just affective other guys have got websites the via's affiliate wave the rankings chaffee can actually pass foul so these are made worker websites that are really unplaced. Pass linked value however these are websites that have good matrix be do traffic the be do have rankings theory websites Plant flee there. Have them in definite personas. Different holsten all of that stuff so essentially. Google couldn't tell you about zipped and the not because get traffic the army websites and is a difference between a good and a pbs. Don't buy you don't link from from a guy who selling them on five or whatever when you look at the extreme new links on those websites you see the leslie phase of links and think of it this week. Fm is pointing to your website. And whatever perreault bad's gonna pass is distributed two hundred fifty thousand other websites like what value you actually get no not many skew so so we the money now. He's left. he wants so again. This is the clever side of things. cl- closed pbs. And so so. It's the. The value may be there in more of a narrow form as opposed to that type of global content bush which literally is should have gone the way of the dodo. It's still out there and it's still supporting those types of tactics but more and more google's clamping down on those and it certainly is throwing up demerits de de index seeing some of those sites on a regular basis. So i mean that's part of what russia's network of links are fourteen trillion links or something like that is that there. There's a constant scrutiny of the community reviewing those in those links that are coming up and that's why you have an entire matrix of understanding malicious content. That the inside of them rush. So i mean you got the community s actually sharing evaluating that content That's out there. But there are some other clever linking strategies. And that's a real tough thing. Is that google pushes out. They're not giving any value to guest. Blogging right There's certainly value out there if it's not spun for linked pursuit but actually authentic communication into a particular trade or a blog environment where you can actually contribute good information. It's not about the link it's about the value that you're contributing into that space. The link convertible come along with it but as much more organic than finding your your link on that particular blog for now. Fifty different references in their header or footer. Or what have you right. I mean there's still a play there Contributing into the marketplace authentic real content. Right andre saying something everyone should be doing is what can norden. Pr tape say things. Obviously open your brand. You're helping the community trust. You're going to get that link value you will. Fu have a blog post. We've bought Some crappy piece of spun content. It doesn't get indexed or whatever you know whatever check these guys have played on you doing in four years just like game a complete waste of money. So take your tainted. You don't time gate links in the right place. well Engine john lou. Or whether it's coming on he'd and talking and often vow unit vase the those weeks to get links yusen your knowledge in ilya vocabulary enough to exact on's it doesn't always have to be spun garbage so again people. Sc was ruined. Everything they clump could clamp down on the old direct links in the social bookmark in and all the other junk that was A rank and file are helped you right back in the day. Oh the stumble upon days though you know looking at the rest of can't be passing by renewable we'll have to learn something else and that's relevance and quality and you may treats and an even more people argue. You're only want light from websites. Actually ryan can have traffic. Which is why. I've seen both. Pbs no have evolved in that actually we websites so people have a lot more and an and that something law people don't want to do you know. S you pain and abides. He'd it's not rocket science. It's all hogwash. Gained for an is getting harder out of the picture buttoning. Just you'll dominy evidence sadly but not get any anymore so the pr. Say the things as something. I think massively important. Not only from a link perspective. Brian then an also all ties are tend to your knowledge panel and an all of that stuff is way because obviously you need to be ordained top top websites for your knowledge pinal and stuff like that too. So didn't these goods lengths from different sources is going to help with all of that stuff. Is we also all goes hand in hand to the whole thing really an so. I think it'll go down. One route of gas police or p beings of amazon dot is just decided she. Mx upi creative on what called. That's and diversify right and your building out there regardless of whether or not google says they don't appreciate guest blog. I mean certainly authority out there. And you're building your entity of information. We're talking about entities and relationship of different concepts and that's what google is paying attention to whether or not you got that link certainly have that information out there. That is being pulled by by. They gotta be able to plant that out there on a regular basis so a relationships you talking about featured expert round ups and getting your information out there into these different ways. What have you. It's all part of the same mix. He just happened. Mix it up. Have a disciplined continually pushing out there. Right yeah very good very good. Well you're i. I wanted to shift gears here. Because the last thing on on on list that i wanted to really bring to the table is you are your stellar at buying and selling websites. How does an seo with skill jump into this particular market. So i'll tell you a funny story. Actually i was doing work for a dentist guy undead. Five practices in the abstain. Wanted to many former upsets me. Something to talk to you have a way to meet a million cage retiring. I'm going to save up. All the practices of beneath an offer am just basically bela in spain. Taking my family right about to have you seen a good. What then for you with a new owner blah blah blah of one piece of basis. If you're the stupid diane and he said you have go really good schedule really good at what you do. You have to stop making me marines pains and you get paid a very small percentage ought and that king the june. What is rate So i had to think what you said to me. Need to see something. I don't have disable that unique. You're not the if you're have tied the communist way in the past lake e cigs of women's kolden of tight honestly. I've tried so many times with in degrees of success. But one thing that i think the awards good. That was aco money. So that's where. I was looking at affiliate market and buying websites and stuff like that now. Basically have worked says. I'll look for guys who not that good the. Aco guys are trying to do affiliate marketing. They will take amazon. As an example dice can steal away. Say up to get those in but someone amazon relatively easy we just had to content. Go after who bunch. Along the key words job done the destructive to they gave up to any more than that know me embedded in that website is if you get them on facebook look she can go to flex by you can go to anywhere you guys with the default love with it because he can't get past those in bucks a so. That's what i we're pen. I add my own my own beliefs from issue contract moonlight boden strategy blah blah blah up and skill that wakes up to ceiling five grand a month just as an example the websites at the moment sale for four tetons the monthly revenue. So if i take a website. That's a one on one off a guy that it's before thousand dollars no f. I get out to five thousand pounds a month with an afford or five or six month periods. I can flip out one for fourteen teens. That five gallons us and new. I recently spoke named corn last week cannabis given some peace. These stuff they typically. I gave a case study. We are. I had paid the for website. It wasn't a huge amount of money so it was three thousand dollars and a spontaneous landing contained. What just doing on page and everything was get after a long tails that website short rate up and they had a whole bunch of bike lengths. Anybody and the guy had done anything lately. Due to the on page within five or six months. I spent thirteen thousand pounds overall in this website and i flipped it for one hundred. Eighty six thousand so how the sas absolutely him so what. I'm basically doing my vote. Jump looking for people who copy. Seo are some ricky. That's pulled the heart and soul into contact. You just don't know how to do research on h. Link building and essentially take these opportunities and skill them up. No you don. I'm good you. i'm good skill. No i have a team of people who work for me and it's not definite. We always compete as different from real estate. Exactly you're looking. For properties below market value properties occasionally get damaged roofs you dampness and the host or whatever and gates for fifty lands. Then he'll spend twenty gland. You know you fix up and sell it for one. Hundred and fifty. You know whatever you know what. I'm seeing profit margins about high handed that you in real estate market the margins really album. I you know what you're doing is amazing by the hell would you be doing. What for client. You'll be able to tell me that your agency see has taken people from twin gland demand for two hundred nine months in venus definite and figures. You know you're probably had people you went from a million to five million and so on jer. Why don't you do not for yourself. That's what you have to ask yourself as someone who does believe race. Use a new another example of that says amazon appease the louis form of commission so the paint something like you're focusing in the moment on the sales me by amazon affiliate website and simply just changing the monetization of away from amazon overfed private affiliate who piece ten percent. Basically you just absolutely. Yeah absolutely dr. Triple the amount by dot website for the twenty glantz overnight from st louis. What one hundred. So these are very common sense things that you can do or you know. You can buy amazon affiliate. Tom com store atop the so many things you can do. And you know y y you buying salem websites and for me. The easiest thing for me is to take a website. It's just not been that way and skill and optus it liberal and inflict permanent that boone went and by websites a million pounds and flipped up to five million. That's probably quite rusty. But i'm very very confident that i can take away from small to mid road and then an investor king community gamble at that point so a lot of people see to me. Why did you always walk at the end of the scale to beg by sage that meet blades and borrow money to say to meet money. I'm more interested. That's his car. Pro you know by the host doing up and flipping on through the same again so for me. Able to scale from one session pence to fight those depends a month is easy trying to skew something from ten to fifteen to twenty a slightly hard. Because and i'll get about the committee whom you back your back there and you're fucked so so say biden. Sailing website's is something totally enjoys way. It'll be also leads me diving adaption nikki's and understand things and you have a land a law. You know things things to do with affiliate marketing lake. Why the we asi affiliate market is a purely investment for me. So when i pay for content rate atari page. Why would they get that. Contrary to how products or not. Page that for twenty bucks when i could be selling products at two hundred bucks why into markets that are seasonal a golf website before and it sold really really good for eight months of a year and but for four months the year. Abc's dave is a dodo. So waste up upping by new zealand. Website's phone the law of these canola or quirky fans lower further. hit avoid certain websites as wailing. You'll y y sales Wet and you'll be peanuts for it because that page the lengths that go to that page at cost of money. So i want to go after those. Yeah absolutely and you're thinking to more quality products as well so our our lessons learned and you've been you've been doing this. How many years now. Probably the last five of two thousand fifteen stop doing that. Stuff so sexiest. How many websites off. Just off the cuff to have you. Have you done this deal. Probably between seventeen hundred a loss. There's there it is right there guys and you're not talking about major. Seo overhaul you're just bringing best practices best on page best technical structural seo to the table right. You're bringing your skills of knowledge of link building and indifferent inbound factors. And you just. I don't say just because it sounds very easy to say that but you bring it all those skills that you've learned and then it's not very difficult with those practice behaviors to be able to screw the cap on that thing and turn it into a moneymaker overnight. Right exactly all. I'm doing basic properly simple as that. Nothing spatial no. Fancy stuff just engaged in money that we look at it as you get clients only get five hundred bucks a month and stuff like that and it away to buy content for that. But we're not by something quite happy. This painting landing content things. Just move that. that's all. Its fuel for the engine. That's what you're doing right. That just fell an up with these are few. And you're off you cop and that starts exactly what off the so. Where do you find some of these expire domains aura of the sites to be able to purchase. If you wanna give our listeners. A couple tips. So you go a number of please go to od. Yes dot cc. Bats up premium aged demean and done for your cellular website place marketplace. You can go to websites. Those are basement code flip a flipping websites just by and you see those guys on your ceiling website and stuff. I'd seen amazon in some some bulbs bro. You can also look at empire flippers dot com or flecha and their empire. Slippers is probably you. What's in base fitting forty fifty grand a way of saying innocent below dot detain them ranger wherever you're going to need Going broker on if you want to not do that. What's whence lately waste. Od y as dot. Cc is a marketplace where you can buy any demean and then use them for to contain startegy onto that needs which is pride spillover powerful by wings it always these demeans are spam chait 'checked and not the usual expired. The means you may be defamed on spy openings. Dot nee are y- on day it's a good idea because absolutely Given trail of potential spam. Any of these domains have and we also know just knowing google that even if that domain does change hands. There's still it's almost like a criminal record behind ya point being is that you're you're going to be in the spam jail for a long time and you have to know that history right you have to be able to also scan those yourself and and certainly great tools to be able to see a kind of a link history and the build up over time as well all right. Well that's great information and what a great opportunity to be able to invest your seo skills and be able to dial that in so we certainly appreciate those websites and the insight there. Hey i wanna wrap up this segment with a couple of quick questions. What bugs you about right now. And just just like every away cup. You know the people say and talk garbage to me. We try and be salutes. One thing it really irritates me. See when you get those facebook macy's and someone that ajay. And then did you see high head. While you're blah blah blah blah blah joined by some links so bloody annoying. I get like hundred d not just in my face but my instagram but twitter. Mail are honestly is really. What the editing. On the thought really gates money of just new mobinil didn't as of spam and sleazy sue sned over at lincoln it's their right lengthen certainly being abused while conversely. What excites you about your industry. Right now exceeds batches. Thank you know. Doesn't st geek lopo for anyone to get entry of any age saves me just everyday. There's definite opportunity east angles doesn't lease the meat money online whether that be agency affiliate by new zealand website during reputation management. Say audits the really as a good career choice for you. Someone doesn't know maybe go to university of doesn't tell me doctor so good a could either. Not worried saves me. She's things changing. You've got e i can and those whose communicate beata i think quite an satan and taste lend district in general and an long me that continue you know. Just amazing stuff in automating things and all that stuff. Just give me a massive throw in being able to like. I'm cheating by volta mission. Sitting things is just throw swallow very good very good. Well we certainly want to give you a moment to get some final thoughts to our digital marketing Audience a good deal are interested in. Seo and advance seo but what would be your final thoughts A guidance in the seo. Realm i mean. I would see as don't take into everyone says as gospel you'll have you don't thoughts and opinions do taste things because as something works. Don't believe it like going taste it And you can see very very quickly Who know you people to did a state we stay wheat from the chaff chief or whatever you want to call it and i think there's a lot of that unless understand when i was landing a look. Different people followed them. Thought they were telling the truth nor me a by allies ebbs so be careful who you follow do not follow tain gooders probably fall a handful time lamb much as you can and then potentially move on tele- guy so but tastes than is the the one thing that you have to do even some of the older tactics. What ago didn't walk are no something starting to work again. So bad tasting is really important and yeah just don't believe everything after stays in that includes go in the the guys occasi- statements saying that gays postal worker. That doesn't walk. That doesn't work because then what does it mean. It doesn't walk through stop so just be careful mankins. There's just so much misinformation arrogant very well. We're gonna promote your youtube channel where we find you on youtube. Because you're tearing it up there man and even keith campbell as you'll end to youtube I've got over five hundred twenty on. I'm do weekly cuny's or nia Title answer stuff to the community. People will common pecker planes f- guests almo podcast near so say hopefully an insatiable please the goal if you wanna liam atmore and you've also cultivated really good breakdown of Seo lessons Kind of seo one. Oh one as well in your playlists. So kudos there. There's a lot of times people don't get back in and customize their youtube channel that type of effort so You're doing a great job. There certainly wanna listen to this to go. Check greg out on youtube barkley. Certainly thank you for your time today. We're going to wrap up We wanna make sure our listeners. Follow you on On twitter craig campbell. O-3 on facebook cra- craig campbell. Seo three Lynton craig campbell. Oh three oh two. And instagram's craig campbell. Seo so you've got all the all. The lanes covered there and You're you've been tearing it for a long time and we wish you all the best of luck in the future. It's an honor to be able to speak with you today. Absolute player more the while more than welcome all right now. That's the web brought to you by site. Strategic certainly want to check out a title sponsor here and day their if their services are something. You're interested in go. Give them a call. Eight seven seven seven three six four nine three two. Don't forget to like subscribe to edge the web on youtube And if you really feeling up to today we certainly appreciate a review on i tunes and that's how we do a little bit of our own marketing and thank you to our sponsors sites. Received the show. Make sure you check out all the videos over it. Edge of the web. Radio dot com. That's the web radio dot com. You know from all of us over here. Jacob any final thoughts before we send off today none present prepared for that. Evidently you're on stick them all right so for all of us over the edge and be saved v well and do not be a piece of driftwood. We're talking next week bye bye.

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The Entrepreneurs - Vollebak

Monocle 24: The Entrepreneurs

30:31 min | 1 year ago

The Entrepreneurs - Vollebak

"From transport and medicine to farming energy and education the preoccupation running across most industries. Today is simple. What does the future look like? Think and how are we going to set ourselves and humankind up for success in twenty fifty or say five Hundred Years Investment and advancement and new. You've technologies runs underneath all of this of course as we work every day on creating happier healthier and more prosperous places to live but as we look forward who is stuck in the past asked how about fashion and clothing. Brands are very on board with being leaders in impact and sustainable practice. is anyone thinking about what clothes might look like in the future or in creating pieces. That will outlast their owners or those that will help defend us and make us stronger against our surroundings. The most exciting brand and a clear leader in innovation in this space is the men's outerwear brand fullback company was launched in two thousand fifteen by twin brothers. Nick and Steve Tidball brand and they dreamed up while running ultramarathons all around the world pushing clothing beyond its limits the most extreme conditions today leaning heavily on science and technology their team creates pieces from materials most have never thought to use including from a graphing jacket that can absorb heat and keep you warm to solar chart running kit and iridescent jacket incorporating blasphemers to reflect light for high visibility and even a puffer jacket made from dyneema billed as the world's strongest fiber Bert. You're listening to the entrepreneurs with me Daniel. H for this week show. I sat down with Steve Tit Bolton company's CEO and Co founder to hear the story of fullback. It's really funny. In the early days of the brand we used to fill it. We can't tell a really tight story was really precise that people could could understand and then as the brand if over time we actually got more uncomfortable telling them on we got more into okay. Why do we actually start in the reality of not because the reality he is quite messy on a lot of bronze Tila story come up with is like really PR rable stuff? And the fact is we were racing around the world. We'd raced across the Alps helps race across the Amazon raced across in the desert and one of the things. We saw a series of physical and psychological challenges that essentially weren't being addressed and in our minds. No one possibly thought that clothing could be the solution to them. You might think like nutrition the solution you might think reading a book about like your psychology. It would be the solution and we essentially got this idea. But you know the one thing you're guaranteed to take on any adventurous closing when you have to go naked across the Amazon across the Arctic take and so the question we started asking ourselves but very very messily at the start is could clothing solve these challenges and so I think one of the sort of two key moments events in how we started the idea of the company as opposed to the chart the business and one of them was in the Namibian desert and we were preparing to raise the twenty four hour ultra awesome across the desert in the next day was going to be a plus forty degrees. JACKALS turn out to be hunting us at night. Like this really like quite fun stuff to be off against and so the one thing you want to go into that race you'll be well trained. You want to be good nutrition because somebody well slept on the reality. Here's like we were sleeping in tents in the middle of the desert. Hardly anyone could sleep because you're so nervous and you like it's cool down dissipate response right. You're so wired about what's going to happen the next day slip flip you go into the biggest race of your life wanting to be really well rested and you might have got half an hour sleep and we just went in with. This is absolutely crazy so that was one of the first challenges we ever actually faced before that like a done. Lots of sports as a kid by never put my life on the line where you go okay. If this goes wrong you could actually die. You know like big wave surfers or free divers and that was was the first moment we've done that and it was the first moment. It hit me like a kate while. I wonder how you could actually solve this challenge advertising time so we're always thinking. How do you solve an idea like this is a problem? How do you solve it and so we just wanted piece of clothing could solve a sort of what we did in a minute and then the other challenge faced with when I actually did nearly die in race wasn't allowed to go onto the next race in the Amazon but my brother went on my teammates went home and this was a sort of six day? Ultra through the Amazon and at the end of it. You know your your clothes covered in blood and feces ants and WASPS and all sorts of like really gross stuff at the end of the race. All the people competing put their kitten upon them burnt. It and I remember thinking at the time when I heard this story. This is just completely insane like you're going to this week like crazy place. Legs of this very ecologically special. You'll place and you're holding a bomb for much of western basically having a bonfire South America and there's only thirty some impacts not going to be huge but it's real nonetheless and those two things combined have like it's incredibly messy star but like could we start to come up with solutions for these which feels kind of really both stupid Americans because we have no background in clothing everything but in the end the first piece of clothing we ever designed was like a Hoodie designed to chill you out of the reality is you wouldn't actually take the Hoodie. Redesigned to mix. It's too hot because zips up over your face but the principle remains of like okay. Could you use color theory. Could use body position in order to encourage someone to chill out and then with we took us probably actually the the best part of three and a half years to solve the. Please don't burn your clothes solution and earlier this summer. We've mentioned like T shirt made entirely auto plants and I'll be grown in forest forest bio reactors. And when you off finish with the t shirts at last as long as you want lost any connotation but when you're finished with it it's never been any chemical process it's never had any dies. It's incredibly low resource usage tons of heights constructed. You can just buried in the ground and it'll turn into warm freon twelve weeks so one solution with the sort of relaxation. We came up with incredibly fast. Like probably within the space week we kind of come without by did and then the the other one the the the technology and the partners we needed took a sort of four years is to actually find and evolve so we always start with really curious ideas that quite strange and people don't think clothing is the solution to and in doing that. Use of you start to operate on timescales certificate. Astle Mike wouldn't because you rush yourself. You go okay Wendy window out. She had the solution society. You talked about the control the narrative of a lot of companies and being former. Admen when you started to play around with this first product. How soon did you WANNA on a titan that narrative or was it more of what it's sounding like I think in that you sort of willing to see where it was going to take you and we'll come onto to the other products like the biodegradable t shirt and things like that and solutions? You're trying to solve but how how early were you trying to sort of. Tighten that narrative of what you guys could be. We'll out the stalled. It's not that much. We're very fascinated by the idea that if NASA made close what would they make. I'm fascinated by the idea of L.. Barely famous Spanish restaurant Labor. To make close what would they make. If you combine those two things. What would that look like so we certainly came in with a starting principal? All of his way. We're going to approach making close. But I don't think we came in with controlled narrative in the sense that we want people to perceive us in a certain way. Because I think it's always quite dangerous as a company to come into a market and go we want people think X. because very likely people aren't good fig in the more you try to control the the often the hardware commit come I think one of the things we always remain open to is is the most unlikely sources can help you shop on your brand so originally when we created the pink Hoodie. We'd call it something complicated. The Bay Camilla pink relaxation because the original collar was named Baker Miller. Pink comb the original psychology experiments. And this is one we saw on Jimmy Fallon us right and then and then Jon Glaser. The comedian happened to take it onto Jimmy Fallon completely on organized by us and those guys started referring to the real as the relaxation had he. Lets like oh well. It's way better name something. You have like a really famous. US comedian during branding for you. So this is what I talk about in terms of like. You've got to have that flexibility. So we could have. We could written them a letter and say please refer to the correct name or you could just go. That's a better name. We're GONNA I use that and say forevermore is renamed it the relaxation Hoodie. And I think that's what we always think about in terms of like you can try and control the narrative but then a really famous. US comedian. So you don't know can rename one of your products and you can go with it and so I think that's the kind of like we try to think flexibly like that when you're coming up with creative problem solving because because you're not always going to crack it like if you're apple like those different right you've got thousands of people making sure when something goes to market. It's absolutely perfect. A lot of our stuff in the early days especially it was really quite experimental her so it's very hard to go to marketing. This is the perfect duration. Maybe it's not maybe it's just starting point on one of the things we've always tried to encourage is like a direct relationship with our customers we. We're not a huge bombed with big shops like we only sell online channel. These guys personally if they come up with an idea. We'll run with it so that's one kind of idea. We've carried through the Brown from the very start to where we are today which is being a lot more receptive to feedback and ideas than other light. Lodge clothing brands might be we. TRY AND BUILD I. It looks to me in the way you presented as well that you're you're trying to show. Oh people the entire life cycle of products in something that the market really hasn't done and I know a lot of brands now are talking up sustainability and how they can have less of an impact act but the big way that can do that is to buy less and to wear closed longer. I guess in the products that you've you've made I think you have a little bit of both A.. T. T. shirt biodegrade and jacket. That's GonNa last five thousand years so I guess that's where you're coming out this from right as the whole life cycle of what these these things can be. Yeah we've we've approached the idea of life cycle from two different angles. So I definitely agree that we I mean there's no denying we lived like an incredibly consumers culture and social matrons. Stephanie encourages them. I think there's also the economic realities that inform which is while they're all sorts of discrepancies around the world and how much people paid. You'RE THE BIG CLEVELAND. Browns will always be able to find cheap labor in countries. And if you as long as you can find cheap labor you can produce cheap clothing. We looked at it from the completely opposite end. which is is will what if we just made close with more ambition so I suppose that the two pieces that really resonate most on the all the plants and our T. shirt which integrates wants you finish with it and we have our hundred year closing range which is like it's a it's inevitably immune rights very very difficult to devise testing design? If if something is going to last exactly hundred years for everybody who possibly was it but simply by setting ourselves challenge. We can't look commercially available materials barrels. We have to work with mills. who kind of have completely different time missions we have to look at a completely different subset of materials? We have to think outside of materials that are typically used for clothing thing and so a lot of it is about setting ourselves ambitious goals that you can't possibly follow what the market is doing and then setting it from two ends of the spectrum. So does he say like the the t shirt that biodegrade like. That's like it's really funny. Like cotton collapsed ages. You still have close leftover from Egyptians two thousand in two years ago. There's just some together close loss. Were really really long time but I think one of the things that people aren't necessarily aware of how long they can lost than so as you have sort of transient transient fashion. People think about closing different diverted from ways if you think about it as a status symbol the thing that keeps you status or do I look cool today. This week might not necessarily society work in two years time and so one of the things we try to do with like even the way we named close is make you think about it in different ways if we call it a pair of hundred-year pumps you're gonNA think think differently. You're not going to be thinking what pants by next year. And if we think about like one of the things you wanted to do with the plant and algae Teasha we've been so kind of like bullish on what you should do it. Is We think that reality of you know when someone's finished with it and they buried in the garden. You're not gonNA forget that you're not GonNa Forget the day you buried your t-shirt because it's just so it's so outside of what you would normally do and so we think about on a very minute perspective even from a naming strategy of like if we call it part and argue t shirt and then we make video as we did have like. Here's what happens when worms eater. That's quite hard to forget and so it kind of falls into marketing as well like there's a lot there's a lot of brands at the moment. That's okay sort of like talking about sustainability. But you've got to do it in a way that people find relevant and interesting and so yeah. We've approached it from those two different angles. Maybe the this piece of clothing a lot last year and maybe this piece of clothing will be eaten by worms. And it's quite hard to forget those t- things so that's the way we've thought about it. As opposed to the way the browns heard if a purchasing challenge are the target customers. Who Do you work for but because it seems to be military strength you're talking about space you're talking about all these things? So who do you actually make this stuff for what was really interesting is we never actually set out with the target customer in mind. We always set out with what happens if we make the world's most interesting clothing and the reality is it's been a a magnet for some really really interesting people so within their you obviously get sort of you know military. He gets explorers. You get adventurous. You extreme sports athletes but at the same time we draw a lot the people who are very attracted to the future so we get a lot of doctors lots of scientists venture capital and so essentially anyone who's kind of interested in where the world is going to go his kind of automatically drawn to our brand. We never set out to design for particular archetype. I think one of the things we always really conscious of is our focus was always going going to be on what. What's the future of clothing to look like the most interesting sort of Lens? I a shootout through is adventure sports because the reality is these are people putting in their lives on the line. And that's when it's actually tomato so if you make this a fashion brand you don't actually have to make the future because there's nothing resting on it but if you know that this is going to be worn by by someone who's going into one of the most hostile environments on earth or has to be self sufficient for month well. This stuff already has to work. That's when it moves from. It's a cool story to you. This is real functioning kitten and so that was one of the things we really sort of strong on when we first started the brand. which is it's got to be the future but it's also also work in really interesting ways? What are the most interesting exercises we ever did was this jacket? Made from at least one side is coated in. graphing Ruffy nanoparticles and we literally put it out as an experiment. We said one side's coach graphene which which has the capability. It has nothing. Really all houses it can store distribute heat and the kind of what like a radiator nobody even materials very thin but in our positioning in the way we say look. We've done this. We think it can do these things. Please gotten fantastic for us. You kind of power in a really interesting way and that does does does tend to attract a certain type of person like if you want the latest like architects jacket. That's been put through this exact testing and you know it's worked these people. The less cool does not quite the Brown. We're making we're much more interested in you know maybe this thing we've made is ninety. Eighty five percent of the way there. Will you tell. Stop final five percent. Will you got to be our lab when you're not a huge company if you don't have the benefit of thousands of people working for you you can at least turned your customers and what you help us. And that's the thing that we've found has resonated really well and people have been very receptive to and we build the brand without customers which is kind of like a real thing to save it. In in our case they ate does sort of function like an art department which is like a really interesting thing for us. Tell tell me about where you started to look back to nature as well where things already work. You've you've done these amazing pieces with bio mimicry. Tell me where you started to think about that. One of the things you think about as a designer is actually if you look out into nature and your designer you just you have just a wild inferiority complex because the systems out there it just it's GonNa take his thousands of thousands of years to replicate and so one of the things. We started looking at actually driven sporting experiences again. We were racing through the Alps. Called the ultra blunk. That's a pretty tough race. It's like one hundred and twenty miles over the Alps. You got about forty eight hours and during the year we racing the visibility was Not Zero but you had five meters and you might be on a mountain peak and you start to think quite a lot about. Can I see anyone see me. And so that's where we I started to think about visibility and soon as you start to think about visibility in a way that doesn't involve batteries hall technology because you often when you're racing you're in quite remote environments where you don't want to be relying on stuff like that we started to think okay. What what are the systems in nature that we could make randomly? I think we started to look at firefly's laugh. Flies this kind of like this glow in the dark stuff and we just got really fascinated by could this possibly be replicated the piece of Bio Mimicry clothing. We ever created what we call the solar charge jacket which is essentially a very very lightweight. Running jacket made out of materials. That can store and rimet sunlight archie any lightly. You can put your iphone torch on it and stuff right. NFL Yvonne it and this was the first product became sort of like really fascinated by okay. What what could the capabilities of clothing be in sort of keeping you safe invisible versus just a normal sort of stuff? You might see as you write about town. She's very shiny. And that led us to look further. We we ended up working with quite a lot of gloss we created rated. The most visible creature on earth is called blue more for butterfly. And you can see it from like five kilometers away in the jungle because they're basically has iridescent wings so basically micra structures on its wings reflect light back in a very crazy way and we saw what we call to make a jacket like that Jack will the blue morphos jacket based on the butterfly. which is kind of like a relatively dull blue during the day but as light strikes it? It's basically kicks all back so we became really interested in these concepts. Now the thing we're starting to do do now is we're starting to work with kind of scientific institutions who okay. How far can this go? Because ultimately the reality is if you're going to copy nature you move towards squid so the ultimate Smith example of they can they can make themselves practically invisible against their environments. They can sort of radiate these crazy colors patterns across their body and so as soon soon as you make nature. You're sort of guide where he can do. The kind of possibilities are endless. And so we we try to do that as much as possible. The reality is this this huge limitation still stephen few hot tina hundreds of millions of pounds. Like it's still very very hard to crack some of these things we look for what we're interested in is kind of really fascinating interim solutions. Does that lead US onto the way. Too much. Bigger breakthroughs like you know like visibility crazy stuff that might be. You know two decades three decades away from we're interested in taking the first steps the way we look at someone's got to and when you look around I couldn't really see anyone doing and so you think okay will we. The people talk rocket laws and by Mimic. He's one of the most challenging things. We've taken on today. Tell me about the mimicry in the cockroach that you've done with his amazing puffer jacket which I'm seeing a lot of these days. It's incredible because you've worked with metal and I think it weighs something like four. Thousand Grams is quite the high tech jacket quite heavy jacket as well. We should say yes so. It's not quite made out of metal yet. We're working on something about this. One is made out of material die. I NEMA which was sort of invented late sixties absolutely wasn't invented for closing and it was found by accident light. Lots of really good materials found accident the approach for this. It was really simple. which is the thing? That's most likely to end up in. Landfill quickest is your puffy jacket and given it's like one of the most expensive things you can buy and given the many of them are made in not massively environmentally. Sound ways we all. This is really crazy that these are getting ripped I and so the first thing we look ties. Well why why Weipa jackets getting destroyed so quickly and the reality is because it is kind of absolute prioritization of lightweight nece which is absent like if you also pheno climbing a mountain you really performing some kind of extreme activity like witnesses absolutely king. If you're if you're walking on the street is not necessarily figures. Go to make or break and so we. We looked where the industry was going was towards really lightweight. Jackets folder down and we went was the opposite way to go. Because I don't necessarily think these the cracks in to do having looked down. We thought there's got to be a better solution like if you came to the problem of how do you keep a human being warmed from scratch. I don't think you're instant solution is going to be less. pull the feathers out of the neck of the stock. That's not like the obvious things that you will go to and the same with if you ought to make a coat that's going to be really quite expensive. Let's not make it out of a really lightweight. Ripple material says a really interesting example of the industry has gone so far one way that. It's almost unquestioned where it's gone to. And so as soon as you run in the opposite direction action you get some really quite interesting announces so ended up filling our jackets with recycled plastic bottles. which had been mechanically pulverized not not not even chemical incites in terms? uh-huh of how that plastic becomes a thing that acts like down to insulate you. So that's where we started so no ducts involved because that wasn't really what we wanted to do and then the the second thing is like okay. What's the housing for this? If you're going to sell a jacket for thousand dollars you probably want it to last beyond the ski season and so we sent you went on the hunt for the strongest material. Enough laugh thing we found was dyneema which is fifteen times stronger than steel weight for weight which is very funny because you can hold it in your hands and you can bend it like any normal material Yusen shipping where it actually started off with in shipping ropes joint container ships in places like the Arctic that will get frozen and de pice. That's we really need ropes to work. If it doesn't that you've got you've got a real problem. It also started off in the pummeling on tanks in order to stop like physically bombs and in bulletproof armor. And we're like we if the material is used in all of these things what if you could use it enclosing so we found a special version of it called dyneema black and as soon as we found lots of people saying this wasn't necessarily the best thing to putting clothing we thought. Oh this is a really interesting day because the factory had two very special types of needles could be used to work with this because because it's just not a normal material. The industry is not set up necessarily to work in the most interesting and innovative ways. As often when you do start these processes you often have to sort of battle through traditional setups. Say We'll know the puffy jacket has to be like we use these ten materials and says you bring this thing and you get fifteen times stronger than steel. See if you can make AAC something with it. Then you get some quite interesting conversations if we look at that jacket we we should point out and you do point out on the website. It doesn't actually stop bullets. Maybe it will in the future but someday well let's say you won't snag it. It's not gonNA rip. You could take a knife to the jacket will be absolutely fine you talking about the future of clothing what that might look like. I'm curious about the people who are interested in the brand you've already brought up government military. VC's people that are very curious. Where are they positioned around the company? You guys are still very very small brand. And how curious are they about the progress the process. What you guys are coming out with? And how do you work with people that way while still trying to I guess maintain the integrity of what you guys do but I think the reality is that people are fascinated. And I I think simply because we've taken such a different approach I think if we'd try to fit into that standard model of basically being really commercial from day one absolutely it would have come out with a brisk jacket and a red ski jacket for. That was never the thing we interested. And so we don't tend to attract the types of people who would behave in more than ways. I guess this is the way we had two people who are little more sort of like forward thinking. The level of interaction is kind of enormous. Like it was one of the things that I was really really passionate about. From the moment we started the business of like I want a chance to everyone on whose part of this company and so one of the things we did as a Tony. Shay he started a company called Zap Austin essentially sold eventually but he built it around. Let's is just the most amazing customer service in the world and there's there's all sorts of tales about things that that customer service like agents went on to do for people like chatting for six hours sending UNAC- someone a free pizza. Just really really silly stuff and I always thought. Wouldn't it be amazing to start a company. That's both futuristic but really friendly and it's a very simple way of thinking about it. Ah I think one of the things that people tend to think about the features. It's kind of like really Baram Blade runner and it's Mad Max and they'll talk to each other anymore and we. We thought it'd be really really really nice to align to values which is worn of like we try and do the most futuristic stuff as possible but we talked to people about it and we really nicely and say one of the things I've always wanted to do is charts the people in the most friendly as possible so if lake we did a we did a really silly thing recently over the idea of these clothing but the marketing may be is we launch the first piece of clothing that we designed for space. Let's go to deep sleep. Cocoon and the idea is designed to help you sleep in the most inhospitable places on earth also inhospitable places in space and we decided one of the funny ways to advertise. This would be build or creative. A fake asteroid mining company because in the future and fifty s time. That's what we're going to be doing in space that there's going to be people mining asteroids and then we decided to front recruitment campaign for that Asteroid Mining Company in the New York Times. They like. It's it's a silly idea on top of a silly idea right but then the reaction to this was absolutely amazing like we had. We had so many people apply for this job and the starting date was twenty. Eight thousand four and so we are all these people apply apply like they'd never heard about us and they're applying for this job in the New York Times and they. They knew a joke room but they were applying for this job and every single one we back to tell us more about your CV. What kind of experience do you avenue? We just carried on playing this story with them and I think that's not something that was ever going to make you famous but it is something that makes me really proud to run a company that behaves in this kind of ridicule. His way like does not necessarily the best way to make money but it is a really really interesting way to make a company because it makes people think in quite interesting profound ways about about the future so they might not otherwise be thinking about and I think it's really interesting because you could have run a full-page out in the Times go we've invented closest face or you can do really interesting that kind of drives kind of curiosity to go back to your original question dot trucks a certain type of person. It attracts kind of like people with very playful. Curious minds have very interested in the future now they might be across. All sorts of jobs will have rocket scientists brain surgeons adventurous but then more united by mindset than they all by that job more by the geography on. That's what's been most interesting and it's able to start to become a global brand. New sounds sounds forty grand but a brand that sells to every country on earth. Almost from week one because you will find lots of people like that around the world and it doesn't really matter certain Switzerland Hong Kong all New York. They're going to be thinking in the kind of ways you're thinking on they're going to be drawn to you very well said in such as you say with the curiosity that you guys guys have and going forward what else might you be working on. What could you tell us today about some of the things you might have in in the works so I'm really interested in going like quite right? Deep the science they one of the things we've done so far that I've been really fascinated by is not being too worried about timescales and so I think in that vein we're starting a series Ariza partnerships with entities much larger than us in space and biotech and some very interesting areas. Where it's more just taking the first step and so we're getting a lot deeper into the science so so far we've been very interested in the materiality of how stuff is made but what we're increasingly fascinated by is the level of interaction? You can have between your clothing and your body because I think one of the things that you're guaranteed to do is you're always going to be wearing clothes so I I think one of the most fascinating case studies overseen is to Google Gloss which was an amazing amazing. Sort of like a scientific breakthrough it required a real change in behavior require require everyone to get up and go. I'M GONNA put a headset on today. And people aren't quite ready for that yet whereas what I find particularly fascinating about closing is you are going to put it on today it. It doesn't matter if you're wearing a blue during a gray shirt. It could have been pajamas. But you definitely going to west something and the way we start to think about that is capable. If it's going to be on your body. What could it become in space oversee? Your clothing becomes your breathing system. I think on earth. It's going to become the system. The delivers medicine to you. I think it's going to become come. You'll doctor I think if we look skeletons it's going to become source of strength. I think it's going to start to also your sensory perception and so the where we're headed is we're starting to make those first steps into what is clothing to become because ultimately I think that's what someone has to do and if everyone continues to think about out clothing as what color do people like or what am I going to be wearing. The season clothing is never going to become the solution to problems. But if we start to ask it it much harder questions which is starting to do last year. This year onwards he stopped to ask it much harder. Questions it's likely to become much more involved in the future than otherwise would be if you think about where we will be headed in ten twenty thirty years especially a space becomes a reality. I said you start to think of areas of second skins in south east thoughts. Think various where the medicalisation of clothing. I think we're really really curious. Point where we actually know remarkable about ourselves and yet the something touching your skin all the time that could be receiving and processing an enormous amount of information so we are taking what might be called bold or stupid steps the future Sir by asking clothing to do things not before muscles. Next Steve Tidball Co founder and CEO of fullback. My thanks to see for coming in to share his story and Christie Evans who mixed and edited this program. I'm Daniel h thank you so much for listening and goodbye

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Best of the Brookings Cafeteria podcast in 2020

The Brookings Cafeteria

40:52 min | 5 months ago

Best of the Brookings Cafeteria podcast in 2020

"Welcome to the brookings cafeteria the podcast about ideas and the experts who have them. I'm fred dues well. Twenty twenty has been an extraordinary year to say the least the house of representatives impeached president. Donald trump a novel coronavirus pandemic swept the world. the vaccine being approved december. Protesters demanded racial justice. After the murder of george floyd joe biden wanted divisive presidential election over president trump. In which more. Americans voted than ever before the which at the time of this taping. The incumbent has continued to contest through it. All brookings experts offered coach analysis and solutions related to these major events and also for a wide range of other important policy issues facing our nation and the world in twenty twenty. I've had the great opportunity to host on the brookings cafeteria over one hundred experts in almost seventy episodes on many of these policy areas. And today i'm pleased to present just a sample of some of the conversations. I or guests have had this year. You can follow the brookings podcast number on twitter at policy podcasts. To get information about and links to all our shows including dollar and sense the brookings trade podcast. The current and our events podcast. Let's start with a look at covid. Nineteen in its disparate impacts on women and people of color in the united states senior fellow richard rees in a piece but tiffany ford wrote that the trope is that covid nineteen doesn't discriminate turns out as reeves explained. It was partly a reaction that tiffany and had the line was going around. Which was that. The virus doesn't discriminate. And i think the idea behind that was we're all together. Everyone should do that part. And of course that's true but it seemed to us to stand in stark contrast to the way in which the virus was affecting different people very differently and so to that extent of ours. Absolutely does discriminate it discriminates certainly on the base of your age discriminates on the basis of your health condition and it also discriminates on the base of saks whether you're male or female and so there are various ways in which the virus is really differentially affecting people for very different reasons. It has to be said and so that was something that kind of motivated the work. We've done now both on differences by sex and by race in terms of the way that the covid nineteen pandemic is played out. And i think in some ways it sacked something like the flash x ray bulb exposing fractures of one kind or another vulnerabilities of one kind or another in our society. And so it's been revelatory in that sense and the question then is what do we learn from that process from this very very difficult time. The way going through the could be useful as we move forward of the many grave impacts we've witnessed with the coronavirus pandemic the damage to the us economy and its workers has been one of the most severe and in particular the impact on the us hospitality industry in recurring audio segment. Call metro lens. Tracy hadn't low a fellow with the anti in robert center for transforming place making at the brookings institution explained how covid nineteen harm the hospitality industry and its workers. No sector of the economy makes this more obvious than leisure and hospitality. A real vacation cannot occur via zoom the hospitality sector relies on group social environments and in person interaction so is the pandemic has morphed from a temporary break from normal into a drawn-out struggle to make it. No industry has been more impacted than leisure and hospitality. This sector includes some really big players. The biggest one percent of hospitality businesses like global hotel chains. Make up thirty nine percent of the sector employment that said ninety nine percent of leisure and hospitality businesses small like local arts venues an independent restaurants and bars and these small businesses still make up the majority of hospitality employment sixty one percent. These business owners and workers are mostly women and people of color they own sixty four percent accommodation and food services businesses and the most quarter of hospitality workers are hispanic latino that they make up less than eighteen percent of the us population. These businesses and workers have been seriously disrupted by pandemic related shutdowns. The pain has not been spread evenly around the country places that are travel destinations and local governments that depend on tourism events for revenue or taking a hard hit the so far the federal government response to balance that out has been majorly inadequate. Just a handful of us. Metros are highly exposed in the hospitality sector beach communities like atlantic city ocean city. Myrtle beach maui. Have over. A quarter of their workforce in the sector. As does las vegas but of the hundred and twenty one. Us counties that have more than effect of their workforce in hospitality eighty nine or actually in rural areas. This is places like the upper peninsula of michigan and the western counties that surround national park and arches. These areas have few alternative employment options. This pandemic isn't easy for anybody but if we want to come out with a functioning economy we need to understand the impacts are far worse for some than others there. People businesses in places struggling. Not because they are weak but because the time when we'll need their strength and recovery has not yet come will recover faster and stronger if we have a set of policies to carry us all through the next two years that includes everyone the next two voices you'll hear from scholars whose work puts a sharp focus on the crisis of racial equity in a range of areas including the economy. Business neighborhood home values in criminal justice in this clip andrea perry a fellow in the metropolitan policy program in rashawn on ray david rubenstein fellow governance studies program laid out their case reparations for black americans in a country where the average white family has about ten times. The amount of wealth is the average black family. The reparations case is aimed at creating wealth building opportunities that address key racial disparities in education housing and business ownership. Here's andre perry followed by racial andrei reparations in oh it's a moral debt so part of this is not necessarily what will happen in the future. I'm sure if reparation hold and we address the structural inequality that currently exist. We're not going there right now but you certainly have to do both but this is what is oh. This is necessarily in earnest of trying to achieve. ultimate goal. is what is owed with that. Said i do believe once you cut the check you provide. Educational services provides housing services deals the raising of the quality of life over time. But for me this is something we have a moral and financial legal obligation to do not because we want some outcome. But it's something we should do because right it certainly said we acknowledge that we did an unbelievable harm two million. This is about a tony for pass wrong if someone is murdered in eight years later one of the reasons why we don't have a statute of limitation on murder. It is the person who did that. Crime is convicted. We don't judge whether or not that successful based on how well the family of the person who was murdered does it doesn't work like that. This is about a toning for a pass wrong and again it was important is that black. Americans are only two have been systematically discriminated against by the federal government with not received reparations. japanese-americans receive reparations. native americans receive reparations. Of course we have a european example where there are people who are jewish. America's united states. Who are still receiving reparations from the holocaust we have these example. Your germans and i spent time in germany quite a substantial amount of time. You don't hear germany's going around saying oh i didn't have anything to do with the holocaust i wasn't around eric's juiston steel beginning money. What world is that exist. Black americans the only group that we use these divisive needs to try to justify it and unfortunately as audrey was saying that deals on one hand with anti blackness and it also deals fact that white supremacy is still firmly embedded in our country. I mean we see this from the fact that black men are getting stopped at the interest of stores for wearing a mask and white men with kkk. who are allowed to go in in purchase. Apple's so we'll see how these sort of things play out today and we have a long pattern of history to try to do. Is the author of the book. No your price. Valuing black lives and property in america's black cities published by brookings institution. Press this year in available wherever you like to buy. Twenty twenty was a milestone year for many events. Most notably for the centennial of the nineteenth amendment which prohibited deny nine the right of us citizens to vote on account sex to commemorate the storm event. Brookings launched a series of papers in a new gender equality series to explore how the right was imperfectly implemented and how gender equality has evolved since the amendment's passage in one cafeteria episode in august. I asked brookings scholars and staff to reflect on gender equality in the nineteen th amendment at one hundred. Here's stephanie aaronson. Vice president and director of economic studies at brookings with her perspective to indulge in a little history to suffer just movement grew out of women's activists and in the abolition movement and it was linked to movement working for child welfare or play safety and moral. Where for an after the right to vote was one women black and brown women especially were active in the civil rights movement out of which crew the second wave feminist movement and more recently we have seen women playing a key role in our ongoing efforts to expand civil and economic rights including at this moment in black lives matter in fact the struggle for the right to vote itself was into one time battle. Black and brown women have had to fight to exercise that right since the passage of the nineteen th amendment and even today franchises nada short in practice regardless of what the law says the suffrage movement also holds lessons for us today although women from a of backgrounds fought for suffrage an inclusive multiracial multiethnic non-racist movement. I say this not to hold our mothers to today's standards but to acknowledge their weaknesses and learn from their shortcomings of that movement. So i can improve my own work for economic and political equality today since the nineteen th amendment passed women have made huge strides in their efforts to be full political and economic participants in our country. Of course. I've been very excited by the nomination of kamla harris to be vice president only the fourth woman and first woman of color to be nominated for one of the two highest positions in our government nonetheless. A lot of work remains to be done. But when i looked to a more perfect future rather than any very specific goals i think about what i want for both my children one girl and one boy and for all children which is that they can become who they are meant to be who they want to be without limitations imposed by their gender race ethnicity sexual orientation or physical ability for this future to come true. All children need a solid economic foundation to secure their success and this necessity helps motivate me in my work as an economist. Just because the anniversary of the nineteen th minute has passed as the issues. It raises for gender equality. Gender discrimination or settled visit brookings dot edu slash nineteen a to read the essays and learn more brookings and outside experts on drug policy collaborated for over a year in a multidisciplinary project to examine the opioid crisis. In america developed new policies to reduce demand provide treatment and implement better law enforcement mechanisms to control the supply of illicit drugs. I interviewed six of the projects experts in one cafeteria episode in which discuss their research in recommendations. Here's part of that. Special episode on opioids in america in which senior fellow vonda fell bat. Brown describes the rise of synthetic opioids like sentinel and the problem of the week global regulatory regime control their manufacturer use an import when sympathy opioid started emerging about a decade ago or started emerging new production techniques that made them very easily could use of the obama and trump administration spent a lot of time trying to get china to tighten its regulation. Why will stand. Because many of the sympathetic. It's would be classified as illegal illegal without special licensing in the united states but not in china so you had several years of effort focused supply policy on trying to get china to so-called schedule fend tunnel and sentani analogs felt about brown explains no has legal uses including surgery or intimating covid nineteen patients that require special licensing for yusen. Import did not have such regulations until very recently moreover there are also many analogues similar at the molecular level. The federal many do not have legal uses overlong unregulated in china these kinds of regulations longtime did not exist in china where production was essentially unregulated and law enforcement made no effort to stop sales into the united states even though david causing massive station in the united states so in the let the pod with the obama and trump administration's spent a lot of effort trying to get china to classify centennial and precursor agents for potential in the same way the united states classifies them to be used the amount of production facilities and amount of diversion. That finally happened. In april of twenty nine thousand nine china announced. It will now doing. What the united states as one of so many great moments in the brookings cafeteria this year one of them was being part of a production team on a special five part. Podcast series called our nation of immigrants in the series senior fellow. John hudek explored the facts and tackled the myths that underpinned the immigration policy debate along the way he spoke with a range of people who share their insights and experiences on the issues including elected leaders at the national state and local levels immigrants and children of immigrants policy experts and advocates for better immigration policy. And he discovered significant common ground to craft a smarter immigration policy. the clip. you're about to hear comes from unil- yomas then a student at the university of nevada. Las vegas who shared her experience of being the daughter of undocumented immigrants in her fear about what would happen to her and her younger brothers if their parents had been deported. It's definitely very scary. Hearing all of the rhetoric surrounding immigration again on twitter. I saw tweet. I can't remember who wrote it. But it did say if immigrants just come here her handouts widest is always raid workplaces. And while that's funny it's also scary to think by your parents go to work one day and not come back. I am the oldest of three siblings. Both of my brothers are still teenagers. One of my brothers is in middle school. The other one is sixteen. He's a junior in high school when all of the ice rates were happening i was already developing a plan. What would i do if my parents were deported. I am twenty two years old. I'm a full time student. And i'm doing my best to work as much as i can. But make enough to make a mortgage payment. I don't make enough to support myself in two teenage boys. So i've gotten as far as i have because my family has been very supportive of education but had my parents been deported. I'm in the arts college as i mentioned. I got a pretty good l. Set score avenir perfect gpa. And i'll be going to law school on a fluoride. I would've had to give all that up. I was seriously considering dropping out of school and getting a fulltime job. Should my parents deported. Which looking back now. It was a very scary time but at the time. I just thought this was what needs to be done because to uproot them. I mean what else would have been left us. We could a go to mexico with my parents which. I don't see what good that would have done anyone because my brothers can't even speak spanish version. Well on top of that. They haven't graduated high school so they would sensually being going to another country without any credentials. I just don't see a future for them. Especially when they built all their lives here they would be going to a country where they can't even communicate very well. I would have had to become the head of the family again. I'm glad that those worries behind me because my parents are legal residents now and it's a significant weight has been lifted off my shoulders but list is something that has only happened three months ago so before three months ago it was sitting down with my parents went off. The ice rates were happening. They were over twitter. I literally sat my parents my brothers down and i said to them. These are your rights. Don't open the door to any strangers. Don't answer any questions if anyone comes to the door call me and i will figure things out. Luckily i have made some connections in the criminal justice faculty. i know if you lawyers so. I was already made contingency plan. But i think what about all the people that don't have those connections. That literally would not know what to do if their parents didn't come home one day. I wouldn't really know what to do if my parents didn't come home one day when i moved with my family in california what i stay here. One thing's for certain. Though i would not have had the chance to focus on my school or focus on my elsa or focused on las obligations if i had to be a single mom to two teenage boys Download and listen to the episode's in our nation of podcast series and brookings dot edu slash immigration podcast the research brookings scholars spans not only policy challenges here in the united states but across the globe as well every january for the past nine years. The africa growth initiative at brookings has released and multi author report. The aims to help policymakers africa-watchers stay ahead of the trends and developments impacting the continent at the start of twenty twenty. I interviewed then a ti director. Brahima sangha pfoa hula bali about the twenty twenty report which focused on challenges and opportunities for africa's next decade the report notes that never before has africa been better primed for trade investment and mutually beneficial partnerships. What i ask are some of the factors in africa right now. They're making this possible. Why so i think the first factor to not really is the overall economic environment is very positive we've seen economic growth has been really strong. It'll go back to the year two thousand and you look at productions through twenty twenty four you would have had like one third of the african countries growing at a rate of five percent or higher. So that's a quarter century of a really solid economic growth going into the next five years. Seven of the ten fastest growing economies will be on the continent so that's a positive comic environment but we also seeing a lot of improvements in terms of governance. We're seeing improvement of business. Environments is very often the most african countries you would notice. I d top. Ten best performers in terms of doing business tended to be an african continent half of the top ten performance. You also noticed that there's a lot of enthusiasm and progress toward regional integration. Where now they're gonna knock down barriers to trade and then facilitate free movement of people as well as the transport linkages so all about provides willie gutless for africa again to tap into potential kuta. Bali recently became vice president and director of the global economy development program at brookings. I look forward to interviewing the new director of the africa growth initiative lewis che or do about the twenty twenty one edition of foresight africa in the new year continuing the focus on global issues. I have another wonderful collaboration on a special episode featuring a range of voices this time. It was with patrick han jenny perlman robinson from the center for universal education. One of the leading policy centers focused on universal quality education around the developing world. Han is director of the millions learning project and he interviewed six education leaders from around the world who are part of the real time scaling labs that collaborate with the center perlman robinson is a senior fellow in the center and his co author of the millions learning report and this clip from the special episode. She explains what the real time scaling labs are all about during research conducted for the millions learning for we had the chance to meet with many education leaders around the world alcee makers ngo and community leaders and many others despite coming from different parts of the world these education leader shared several scaling related challenges for example these include pursuing growth in a linear fashion instead of allowing for the necessary experimentation and based data and insights an over emphasis on the technical design of initiative rather than considerations of the broader enabling environment from the start and finally feeling of working in isolation these education leaders express. They wanted more opportunities to exchange insights and lessons learned with others working on similar scaling related endeavors and education based on these insights. We at the center for universal education began looking into how we might create a participatory action. Research approach that responded to these shared challenges and provided a structured space for collective learning appeared appear engagement among key stakeholders as a scaling process unfolds. In real time this was how the idea of the real time scaling labs came about the scaling. Roms have been operating for about two years and we're continuing to learn about scaling together with lab partners in several locations around the world. The ultimate goal is to support these initiatives as they scale while simultaneously sharing deeper insights and lessons as to how policy makers civil society and the private sector can most effectively work together to bring about large scale. Transformation in the quality of children's learning and development real time scaling labs are currently operating in botswana cote d'ivoire jordan the philippines tanzania with a new lobbying explored that spans three countries in the middle east. The approach is also being adapted as we work with a new set of partners that are part of the knowledge and innovation exchange which is a joint endeavor between the global partnership for education and canada's international development research centre this past june. I published a report along with patrick and our colleague. Molly curtis detailing emerging findings key insights from the initial work of a real time. Scaling this fall. Brookings launched the center for sustainable development. Whose mission is to pursue research and insights to advance global sustainable development and to implement the u. n. sustainable development goals across all countries in november. I interviewed the center's inaugural director senior fellow. John macarthur talked about the goals of the new center. Why sustainable development remained so critical in these times and why he's passionate about the work. I've gone through my own journey on this Over the past years. And i remember the first time someone told me. In twenty twelve there was an intergovernmental agreement to set these things called sustainable development goals and i member in a very cheeky way. Us senior official. Time said i love sustainable development. I just don't know what it needs. And i've spent a lot of time thinking what it means and international policy debates have really come a long ways to define what it means. Let me give you a big picture. Conceptual answer and that a little more. What would be the jargon. And then third how i would boil it down so the big picture conceptual answer it actually goes back to someone named gro harlem brundtland who led something called the brundtland commission back in the eighties. Choose norwegian prime minister very famous world leader had a. Who going into the first earth summit really a long long time ago. They came up with this definition of advancing. The current generations wellbeing without sacrificing. Any of the future generations while being kind of of it. So we do well. But we don't inhibit our future generations and leads to do well and to support the planet over time. It's been refined especially as this notion of goals came to be. What does this really mean. And their three pillars that economic prosperity the the people and the environmental the planet surly consented people prosperity and planet. And they need to work together. Now in jargon things why combating inequality within and between countries preserving the planet creating inclusive and sustainable economic growth fostering social inclusion of these things. That are i would say in a certain sense buzzwords but also can core concepts but the key thing is no country has yet solved all of them together so even the united states or canada very wealthy countries on average have a lot of people getting left behind and when these goals were set in two thousand fifteen after a few years of the world's most inclusive negotiations are public input that the world's ever seen the one sentence that all the negotiators from hundred ninety three countries kept coming back to saying over an organ was we will leave no one behind. And if anything we will support the furthest behind i and so this notion of people getting left behind has been central to this and in the global sense the first among equals of the challenges a stable development is radically aiding extreme poverty. 'cause those are the people who've been most left behind most excluded from life opportunity in the most basic sense but it also goes to these questions of relative poverty within countries and within communities and who's getting left behind and then against into deeper questions of all great if you have high averaging comes what if carbon emissions are going up great if you have high average incomes but it's only the top one percents getting the gains and then if we look at countries like the. Us we see. Well gosh average. Life expectancy is coming down in several the past most recent years on average for the country even while incomes in going up. That can't be right. And so i boil it down in the simplest sense to every country in the world is trying to solve three basic problems and i call it recoupling de-coupling and we coupling turning out issues. International relations and global security. China was the topic of many episodes of the brookings cafeteria. Podcast this year. One reason is that. A handover the microphones seven times to lindsay. Ford david m rubenstein fellow in foreign policy for her interviews with other scholars global china project the two year initiative to assess china's growing role in the world in the final episode of the special podcast series. Which actually started in two thousand seventeen ford interview project. Co-directors rush goshi in ryan haas about what they learned from the global china series about china's ambitions in with the u. s. china relationship might look like in the future. Here's ryan haas taking on that question from wool. I've really walked away from this exercise with three takeaways. I think the first one is that taken as a whole the papers pretty good of highlighting the global scale china's ambitions. My reading. the papers leads me to the conclusion that china's not seeking to consolidate a leadership position asia. And then use that as a springboard toward assume a greater leadership role on global fairs. It's trying to do both at the same time. It's trying to strengthen its global position at the same time. It strengthens its position in asia. The second big take had his. The economic incentives and disincentives appear to be china's tool of first resort as it seeks to expand his influencing gain acceptance of its ambitions whether we're looking in central asia or the pacific islands or the middle east africa latin america. The storyline seems to ryan about china using economic muscle to advance. Its interests and military. Hard power has been an important aspect of the story as well. I think josh white paper in particular does a good job of talking about how china's trying to strengthen its military position in the indian ocean region. But it's not always at least not yet at the foreground of china's efforts to expand its influence. Outside of its immediate periphery and then the third. Take way i have is that it's not a foregone conclusion that china strategies went to deliver on all of its aspirations collectively. I don't think the papers fall one side of this debate. Or the other. There's sort of scattered across the spectrum. But i don't leave a reading of all these papers with a strong conviction that china's glide path towards achieving all that stated ambitions. I think it's clear through the papers. China's power and influence and reach is growing rapidly in some areas but so too are some of the concerns about the impacts in invocations of china taking on a greater role in different parts of the world whether it's really elite capture or environmental issues or labor issues etc. a special thanks for me to lindsay forward for her series of excellent interviews in the global china series staying on the topic of international relations and foreign policy challenges as well as hang the mike off to a colleague. I was pleased to present interview with wolfgang center. Germany's former ambassador to the united states. Former deputy foreign minister of his country author the recent brookings press title world endanger germany in europe in an uncertain time. My colleague bill. Fine director of the brookings institution press asked ambassador Germany view the election of joe biden has next president of the united states. I give you as two pods. I if you look at the german or generally the european media reaction the political classes react. It's overwhelmingly positive of course overwhelmingly. So that's great. The second part of my answer is and that's my personal view. I warn against too much euphoria. Because i believe i am aware of the facc that even if he wanted to. The next president of the united states will have serious constraints. He will have not a totally free run because he will. Predictably maybe not enjoy the full support of both houses of congress. They will be seventy million american voters. Who voted for the second. Time for donald trump. And how will this play out in the coming years where you have. The next election cycle is only two years from that. You have elections coming up so i wanna against too much euphoria and i tried to tell my fellow germans. The worst thing we could do is to lean back and say now. Transatlantic paradise will happen because joe biden and kamala harris will be such nice people and they will onto work with your etcetera. No we need to do our homework. We need to be forthcoming on such issues. As military budget on trade issues on how we could conceivably coordinate on china which i think will be one of the big big big issues for transatlantic friction over transatlantic cooperation. So we need to do our homework. We should wait. For joe biden to bring us the goodies. We should offer brought. These corporation world endangered by wolfgang is singer is available on the website. Or wherever you like to get it said you should save the best. For last. i think all the ripping scott career interview clips included in. This episode are terrific. So i won't say this. Final clip is the best. But i also say it isn't in the episode from which this clip comes. Brookings president john r allen interviewed senior fellow fiona hill about the role that public servants and expertise have during a time of crisis. I publish this episode march twentieth at the end of the first full week in which brookings scholars and staff worked from home in the midst of the cascading coronavirus pandemic fiona hill served as deputy assistant to the president of the united states in senior director for european and russian affairs on the national security council for two thousand seventeen to twenty nineteen. You may recall that. She testified before the house of representatives in late. Twenty nineteen during the trump impeachment hearings. Here's john are allen with the on a hill given the experience if you had of late but over your long career including recently in government and the national security council. Do you still believe. In some of these quintessential characterizations that we maintain a better america about selling our country absolutely john. And i think what we're experiencing right now. The difficulties that you alluded to at the very beginning when all of his Sequestered home working from home Oh communities around Remarkable strain as a result of the responses through quiet for containing the corona virus. This comes into very stock relief. We are seeing now. How much independent analysis data driven information on funky long experience and deep expertise in dealing with epidemic sons with infectious. Disease is essential at this moment. We've seen dr fauci Many of his colleagues standing up the president's and appearing on our tv screens on a regular basis and providing the information that they know also providing an unvarnished monitor expanding what they don't know which is equally important at the time like this and how much they need everyone else to pull behind them who respond and that to me. What america has always been about as well which is communal response. Communities stepping up america has been founded on the basis of communities pioneering communities people to pull together as they were setting up new laments from scratch veto the priory during the homestead period. On your on the first colonies. The pioneers who i set up cans town and move beyond virginia and what sam is can hits to stop a settlements across the nation. They all required a great deal of communal at individuals to establishing themselves but people who knew that survival over the longer term depended on close cooperation on people's experiences. They built it up about dealing with a new environment and what they learned about this and for me. What's always been extraordinarily important about america. Is this idea that people could pull together to build something. New america saw so many people outside has been a beacon of hope and inspiration of technological innovation. And its idea of rugged individualism coming together in new community. But we're really fogging ahead. In difficult circumstances. I have a lot of people to thank here at the end of another extraordinary year for the cafeteria. Podcast perhaps the most extraordinary. I want to thank you. The listeners who tune into the show. Every week i hope you continue to learn about the boss challenges and solutions that matter to you by sincere thanks of all the scholars guest host. Who made brookings cafeteria possible this year. I've learned so much from talking and listening to you all a deepest. Thanks to my colleagues in the office of communications. You make the brookings cafeteria. Podcast happen every week and sometimes more than once a week. Gaston roberto audio engineer. And even though we are not in our professional grade studio in downtown washington dc. He still can make me in our guests. Sound better. I think it's also tour audio insurance this year. Ryen jacobs and amelia. Hames both of them students at the excellent audio program american university and also to ten maddin colin cruickshank who filled in for gaston from time to time. Also thank you to my colleagues and communications. He's collaboration makes podcasting. Happen including chris mckenna on a pita we welcome and brookings press director. Bill fining does the book interviews and much. Thanks to our communications entering in this fall. Olivia tran who worked with me. On this episode and on other projects and finally my thanks to camilla ramirez leads the podcast team at brookings and to andrea risotto in emily one for their leadership have communications this year. The brookings cafeteria is brought to you by the brookings podcast network which also produces dollar and cents the current and our events podcasts. Email questions or comments to me at bcp at brookings dot edu if you have a question for a scholar include an audio file. And i'll play it in the answer on the air. Follow us on twitter at policy podcasts. You can listen to the brookings cafeteria. All usual places visit us online at brookings dot. Edu happy new year may twenty twenty one. Be better in every way. I'm fred dues.

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#16: Schwarzwald Trilogie - Teil 01 - ein Reise-Podcast von Peter von Stamm

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#16: Schwarzwald Trilogie - Teil 01 - ein Reise-Podcast von Peter von Stamm

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What are the challenges we face as a profession, what are the skills we need & what do we need to change for the future with MANDY TURNER

Cyber Security Café

44:23 min | 1 year ago

What are the challenges we face as a profession, what are the skills we need & what do we need to change for the future with MANDY TURNER

"Hi Welcome to the cyber-security cafe podcast. This is Louisa in beverly. Bring you the experts. The stories and the research impact seem the cybersecurity professional. Louisa hey going on there. Hello Beverly, so it's pretty exciting because we are recording this episode with you in Australia and May in Nashville in the USA, so this is the first time we have done this separately. In completely different countries so exciting times now Louisa. You've done some research. Apparently of course I have so we have focused this podcast on human security. And so far we've talked about consumers, says employees small business. We've talked boards, but beverly one of the aims of the podcast was always that we talk about the human within our profession, so that includes showcasing the wonderful talent. We have in this obscure profession, but also to talk about some of the key issues. From a workplace environment. Angle, so I did a bit of research. And I found a report that came out in May one, thousand, nine hundred, and we'll put the link. In the show nights, but it was a global survey of cybersecurity professionals, and it asks them about what are the issues in the profession in terms of things that cause stress, and when I looked at the top four, those stressful parts of the job, really about working with the business and working with employees, which I thought was quite interesting, so those top four causes of stress with things like finding out about projects after they'd happened with no security included and. Educating users on cyber risk and I think part of that is that. As painstaking as it can be for some papal. Who can very elegantly talk about lots of technical data hell if you can't in unpack that in a business context. That's stressful. You know because you've got to explain what happened and why? It happened especially to executives, and that is actually. On that list of ten things that tell you that you're not suited to cyber. That's pretty match up the top that if you struggle with being able to communicate outside your own sphere. That's pretty stressful right now. One of the people in our industry that is clearly suited to create in our profession is Mandy. Turner and we should probably acknowledge that. Since we recorded this interview. She's won the I, saw service professional of the year. She's had slightly going to need a new mantelpiece in a house to. House Olis' recent recognition for her valuable contribution to the cybersecurity industry. She is one of those incredible people in our industry. That gives so much back. She was also acknowledged as a fellow of the Australian Information Security Association and that was the very first trunch fillets. Ice has acknowledged happily into that it is yep. She must be sorry delighted especially since she's Bane A. Branch chair for quite some time and you and I both know I from a previous volunteering that it is just lovely to be acknowledged is not absolutely. Yes, it is hey, so let's go to the chat. Mandy, Tanna, a very warm welcome to the cybersecurity cafe. Thanks, so is there. It's really good to talk to you. We saw excited. You could join us in the cafe. You are also sets invite security excellence professional of the year this year, and simply congratulations that and following on from the twenty eighteen win. It was troy hunt, so it's fantastic to see your name affair where it belongs. Yeah, it was very cool. That was exciting. We had to collect the award Mandy No of course not I'd I'd I'd I? An award I don't go to the conferences. Sent a video of my cat instead to talk about crime. Well, you such positive president`shall social media Mandy W I love seeing your inspiring every day, and so thank you for those I really do. Help might divide people. And just encouraged that positively, which is which is great. I would love to start by asking you how you landed in cybersecurity. I. It's very convoluted story really because I was no intention. It wasn't an intentional thing to do I actually. Muffins. Qualification is I have a degree in music performance. I was a musician and taught music to children. Had Lenny difficulties for ages? You. Going into cyber wasn't really I. Think I. Don't have any degrees about five but I worked for the government for a long time and kind of fell into roles in it, security and fraud, prevention, digital forensics and then Sabra commentary. And I, really like computers and technology in have done I was really little. My uncle worked for IBM a very long time ago and I remember the punch cards and things he had which intrigued me and I used to make robots out of Lagarde kid and I still do, but now I have a raspberry Pi, tonight and Wack. I just really liked technology, and it's something I can do get paid full. Sorry, it works for me wonderful, so it's it's your I. Guess you'll fascination and curiosity around the technology that that. Drives you to stay in cybersecurity or other elements so that that you that keep you here in this industry well number one paid for it, so if you to get paid for something, you know it's an easy way of getting money. I that the future is digital. and my interest, the more about cybercrime in contravention. Sorry if crime is now going to landscape that is digital. We need to work together to to stop cybercrime. Sorry, the more people are aware of what's happening in a digital landscape and how criminals using modern technology to commit crimes the better so if we have ability to help people in these in professional wick, spices or a volunteer workspaces, or at home with people we noy. We are hardening at community against the threat of CYBERCRIME. That's a really great point and and hates cleaning your passion. CYBERCRIME is strong because I understand you actually writing a book about that right, yes. I've been researching for a couple of years I. Really wasn't really intending to write a book. It was because I was researching for my benefit, which is often what I do, and then I realized the things I'm staying. Maybe should be collected for other people so I'm working on a book on that and it's going to be talking about demystifying cybercrime. What I see a lot of ease media talking about hackers, sharp peaches of Woody's in deep web and scare people. What we really need to do is Shari though melody of it that it's just crime just in a different spice, the history of because cybercrime guys back a long way before the word was even coined. And too shy people that it's not really a modern thing. It's using technology to do something bad. But it's just crime. And how do we protect ourselves from crime? So I WANNA demystify. It'll people that would be great I think we definitely need more of that. And as you said, kind of not not scaring people, but giving them the knowledge to understand, it is absolutely critical. I just wanted to go back to the point. You mentioned you had look at history of cybercrime hadn't gotten example. C- could share without giving away before it's loaned, but anything you can share with us, will yes, there was some. When mckearney was showing how you can transmit messages. He was actually hacked. Because someone wanted to prove he was at she fake in. They hacked him. So that was a very very long time ago. When that happened, it was a nineteenth century. Site said that would be cybercrime. It's just that we didn't call it. Hacking will cybercrime in those days, mckanie. Suffered from the first hacker really. And? And then if we look back in the nine hundred seventy S. It was a Trojan horse created nineteen seventy five. Sorry guys back away. Yeah, absolutely and I was actually looking at survey set jaw our previous guest talk too Jessica Parker had done into the woods cyber, yes. Its origins that was really fascinating. Because, she's of traced back to ancient Greece and into the Romans. Fool. That was the words cyber netting, which was so yeah, I think we often say that cyber is a new word. When in fact it's, it's been around for a while, so it's interesting to hear that cybercrime has also been been around for much longer than we might. Yet and I think it's important that we demystified will be. If people escape as soon as I saw, but I start getting scared. I think it's all technical. It's something we can't understand. We need to make it very simple, so people protect their houses by locking their doors. We need to teach people that cybercrime is different. You just need to look your digital doors as it were to protect yourself from Safa Con. We need to demystify Mike it. Normal people understand rise away in its change culture. Yeah, absolutely agree with that and I think. I did a little bit of research into this. Humans have been able to understand physical risk for millions of years. You know we have that idea of how to protect ourselves physically so. Being able to translate that into the into the virtue in the cyber world and I think then people will be much and that prepared vigil. Absolutely absolutely semi amphibious book now Days A. Non Naira. which is November, novel writing month than you x amount of woods day. Sorry, it's supposed to be about a novel that I am going to be one of the. Roy. Rebels and UC's talk to actually the first draft of my book. Fabulous while I personally can't wait to read this book I now. It's going to be extremely well researched written with patches. And look forward to. It's releasing a we looking at next year or he? Also published if I decide to publish, if if I start to start publish, put on a pdf and send it to you, but yet probably early next year. Wonderful look forward to that. Now I would love to move on to where you are today. In terms of I guess a little bit about your day job. What you can share what you're doing today, and then we'll move onto your volunteer work because there's a lot of that, I would like to talk about as well. It stopped with Your Day Job Wendy I K will I am recently left? The come with government and I work for a university I. Am the manager of the Saab security operations in in Queensland. And I have an amazing team that some support me to harden the constituency. Have here against Congress office security. Find it really challenging because the cohort that we are protecting, it's very very diverse, and it's really interesting job. And what have I? What can you share with us? Some of the challenges that diverse cohort presents in terms of the work that you do every day is at. Yet I'll let you talk to that anyway. What? We will because as university. We have students to start with, and we can't necessarily control what they do. They have access to networks, we can't. We don't have absolute control. We can't tell them that. You need to abide by these robot by that. They basically going to do what students are going to do. we also have to support the fact that universities. Share information that's whole idea, sharing and learning. That is a challenge if you're trying to. Protect security of information because. We want to look things down, but a teaching area wants to share so you've got that kind of idea as well. And then university also has the professional that that think one way that policies the things that I want to abide by certain policy, but that policy may not actually work. Operationally for people who are working in a more academic field, so it's balancing, the whole business needs with your constituents what they need to do with the actual security requirements start h. area has different requirement in a different nate and different security risk said, that's what makes it extremely challenging and really really rewarding to work. Yeah, yeah, I think for those people that have not worked by the weeds or within universities in the insecurity context. They may be done. appreciation, which is quite how complex that environment is yet. Yeah, an an just wanted to go back to the students there and and I guess there that attitudes, but more specifically whether you think that is a generational view, or whether that is just I guess their state of mind as students. You have a view on that. Look, it wouldn't be all of them I can't generalize, but I was at the bus stop few weeks ago. are in a young lady was obviously a student. Here had a post night on her laptop with a user ID and password on it. Sorry Obviously. It makes it easier for her. But, that is a pretty scary thing for security. I. Don't know if it's general general. Thing, we we the generation I. Don't know if it's a student. Thing I haven't really looked into the psychology of it, but. Maybe, it's just that they brought up with the Internet. That's what that's what they NI-. They have maybe a false sense of security with it. Might be just so busy because students, these days are expected to work and studies. May Be so busy that they don't have time to think about the security aspect dot I really know, but it certainly is a concern with car. Who Yeah. I think it definitely sounds like him I'm sure there is someone out by. This may be done some research that we can tap into, but I guess I'm just curious about when those as we cool them. Digital natives come into work for. What. What is it? We can expect so actually. There was a great tool by Jess Williams I think she wakes alcorn group now She spoke recently at one of ice meetings about her generation. Which I think is Jen said I'm not sure but talking bad. The because she is a child of the intimate basically and just talking about the the way by work, and how they think about technology I might catch with her and find out what she thinks about the security aspect. That would be great so bacterial. Your team Mandy in the security operations center the Iran and other any myths. You want to bust for us about. The. Who Work in those kind of centers in what they takes to economic environment and a yeah, it would be great to get your title. One of the things I have found. A spike in people who who want to get into security, and they go on, but I'm not a car. And I'll explain to them that. is develop a WHO is a secure environment. It's more about the security and investigation and finding out why things happen. You don't have to be sitting there. As a corridor with you, you can have soft drink and united on to weakness. OP security space. You have to have a natural curiosity. You have to have the the want to look further into things, and you have to have an understanding of human nature because you have to work out. Why did among Click a link oh? Why isn't Wayne Waking because is now fully solution to cybersecurity. Sorry, the people that Wikus OPPA security space they may not be people that are highly technical. They may be highly technical they. Are. They are expected to be able to present on awareness things, says they not inarticulate people who sit on TAT forms, and I have noticed that there is this really weird perception that that's the kind of people that work in a security operation center, and they're not. They're extremely intelligent. Streaming articulate. They may kite on. They may not Kurt. It doesn't matter. And they have a an incisive curiosity as to why people get CONVI- crime how cyber attacks happen and look further into how to get resolution mitigations. What do you think's driving that perception around? You know what it takes to work in a security. Bryson said tuneup description. You mentioned Elia around. A can of soft drink. The Not Shit. What's driving that? Cat Tunes of doing cartoons for years of that kind of thing in television show. Is that use it for satire will Hema. It's I think it's just the perceptions of people that don't really on a directly wick this environment. That's what they believe. We will allow Montiel away. Confrontations on Friday Start I could be one of those people myself. Card and I'm a Guy Mouse I. Frankly I'm a stereotype but I think people outside of it. That's what they say. They will your side therefore you'll this type of person. I have once been told by chief wants been told by someone. You'll really articulate. Accomplish Consob well. That's Kinda Weird 'cause. Everyone I've worked weeding cyber. All extremely articulate people. So that perception, that stereotype is driven from something, and I think it's more about how it's shown on television, and how its shining in books so. Public Media. Yet yet, agree with I had a had similar experiences where I. Often found myself talking to taxi driver about what I do, and they kind of look at me, and you don't look like you can cyber security, and you kind of guy yet. The point it's it's stereotype. I guess it's. Down to ask working the industry today to to plays. In Lice stereotypes in get out there and share one is due in who we also. Being podcast is taught that. Thank humanity. Now I would like to move on to the subject that I know is extremely close to your heart. And that is all the volunteer work that you do. Is just it's. It's amazing, the wacky demand and with Saraki to have you in this industry, but I'd like to start waves. Why volunteer wack is so important to you if you would mind? I K will There's a reason that I volunteer that drives me volunteer, and that's because about twenty odd years guard now i. Escaped domestic violence situation and I was helped by people who volunteer. I wanted to give back, but I can't give back to that community because it hurts me too much to I feel little cowardly in that that. I actually help that community, but what I can do is use the skills I. Do have to volunteer in the community in in the way I can which is to promote Sabir conaway innocence support people in the industry. Thank you for sharing that story Mandy Income I. Just say I don't think it's cowardly asshole and the fact that you'll you'll experiences is shows a great deal of courage and then view use. That experience to help others in a in a different way is just incredible. Thank you for that, and maybe we could talk a little bit about what you do in the Cyber Security Community I now. You'll branche executive at the Brisbane branch of the Australian Information Security Association. So, what does that entail? What kind of culture you driving well? of being of Bena volunteered isotopic some time and in twenty. Sixteen I think it was. and. I tried to promote a culture of of real diversity in support. A local area. So, when I talk about diversity I. Don't talk about gender on talking about trae diversity of everything coach, a becker skills knowledge age everything and I wanted ice members to feel supported. To to feel that they are in a Saif area. That any presentations we cater to all different people and to promote people who may want to get into presentations, but don't feel that they have the experience. To actually come and present to gripe site that they can get an idea of how to present their in front of friendly group who will be supportive and for them to gain confidence, so my aim has always been to to help change culture of people in information, security and help make them stronger most supportive unit. And how do you think we're doing today? Mandy just in general about A. I guess How welcoming is the cybersecurity culture to? Outsiders today. What more can we do about that? I'd love to get your thoughts on that I think it is improving. But there's one thing that I find is is still an issue, and it's driven by some people that believe their legend I think with a look down on people inside they knocked. Take they not technical in take. and that worries me, but I think we're doing a lot to to change things so Jackie `less style with security network I know Jackie cannot lot women in technology, so these people looking about breaking various women, which is excellent. I think it will stay making Assad career more more. viable accessible to all sorts of people. I was reading a blog post by a blind developer. Recently, it just intrigued me because I know how he does it. That I think we are becoming more accessible because we're. Awareness is being raised by more people, so we're learning to be more welcoming in in being. Less discriminatory hiring people I think sorry I believe we are. Getting better at this. I! Emphasis is this the right way that euro side doing with the with the Ranch Brisbane make sure that those kind of environment saw a welcoming place as in. That's fantastic. Thank you for doing that. I also wanted to talk about the fact that you've established as century mentoring it. And if you could tell us a little bit about what that is, what that means to you and also feel free to shot any help that you might need with that organization. Okay, we'll say the history that is. It goes back late last year when. A? Colleague and friend of Mine Lana Tosic from New Zealand. And I were discussing that there needs to be some kind of initiative to help. People find mentors and help support was in the information security industry whether you're a security person. Carter, a developer where consob a crime waking intelligence can place whatever. Or, you're a student that one two weeks. They want change grease and we were saying it's difficult to find good mentors, and it's difficult for people to approach someone to ask him into, so we decided we'd Ludwick out something to help that and so establish the this association and what we do is we asked to interest from people wish to be mental zone. We just have a look at what they do and find out about their reputation community. If we feel that they satisfactory will add them to out database as many tools and then people who is three mental approach us, and we will map some up to that mentor and do an email introduction. We also monitor things. Sorry, if the person has been mentor doesn't feel it's working. All the person doing mentoring feels isn't working. We can intervene and guy looked his someone else that that may be better suited for the situation, and we also look at providing support to the people being meant toward as well like this is what you should expect from the mentoring, and we support the mental is with providing information on on how they can support the people that mentor and also support themselves. And what do you think it takes to be a good mental I? Am I know a lot of people will kind of era mental people? What does that mean to actually be ineffective mental I think he needs to be flexible, because each situation is different, sorry Congar. A mental is deceased, because it depends on what the personate, so the first thing you need to be very adaptable. You need to also really listen, so you can understand what the person is wanting. Because sometimes people recite I. Want something, but that isn't really what I need as well. See an HBO to look at what they're actually saying what it actually means. She needs to be perforated. Listen. And you also need to be someone who can look at it. The Mentor Situation subjectively not objectively because you need to distance yourself from it, because it's not about you as a mentor. It's about the person you're looking after. And you also have to assess. What is it they really need. Do they want to beep networks? So do they WANNA make people? Is it that they want to develop themselves their behaviors? Is it that they WANNA learn more skills? Is it that they're looking to understand held a skills transferred to a place? So you have to look at things as well so I think the prime pot. Being a mental is being very very adaptable to situation urine. That's Great Advice Mandy thank you I. Think some people will. Will sort of getting into mentoring because I, think they should, but I think it's also important that they recognize what what's required of them and assess whether is the right thing for them as well and think some people can be great coaches officials doing doing mentoring, so I've seen some fantastic coach is out there in the industry and so yeah, there is a I guess difference in that skill set as well. Yeah, I believe there is because mentoring tomase particular situation. It's more you're looking at your protege. You're helping them in in this job. You're helping them. Look for jobs. Your you'll supporting them. They Guidi you. Because something about the industry's upset them all night. Feel that they have the confidence, or they also share the success with you. Whereas the car is more about what can you do, have we plot? Had We make it better? But a mentor is more personal thing so while you remain kind of outside of it, so you don't get too involved yourself. You are actually supporting them on more of a personal level as well. Yep, that's a really good point and clarification as well. Site Mandy you also justice of the peace. Hud Love to hear more about how that came out. And what made you do that would entails as well. I case my husband had to get the qualifications for his wet place, and because I have insatiable curiosity, and always need to learn I decided I was to sign up to be just as the pay. I signed up and paid for the online training myself. And set these am and registered as justice with pace. Sorry. A justice of the peace in Queensland mine lays us to to sign. Copies or to sign stat and things like that they will say Ken an issue warrants if the playoffs from to. Say they have caught a responsibility. In the community that's great so being a justice of the peso also able to contribute to the community. In that way, which is which is fantastic, I guess also looking after the integrity of information. We might say yes, absolutely, absolutely, which which we know desperately links back to to the cybersecurity well. I, I would. Also love to hear because I know that you have an opinion on this around cyber security recruiting. Painted though the skills show tae jr whether we got one. We have an so yeah. What? What's your view on that one I? This is probably controversial to a Lotta people, but I don't believe we necessarily have cyber skills shortage. I think there's an issue reads hell we recruit. And what we're looking for when we advertise, sorry, the position at the moment for example really loved the job in a Saint Doing I K-. My team haven't meet needle. But the job advocate itself Astra, certifications that I do not have. Sorry I have seen a lot of advocates. On whether it's in the newspaper online web with recruiters, so it's recruiting firms, and maybe Hijau Areas Audit, who tight these, but they ask for so many skills that you'd have to be like a hundred and eighty to have done at all. The asking for the impossible. They're asking for Unicorns the also expecting you to have so many certifications that you'd have to be a millionaire to afford. So I, think I need to be looking at behaviors. When you're in attain, you can be told certain things, but it's really hard to change a person's night behaviors, so what we're looking for a people that that can understand things. People are adept with people who are ticket. People who are curious about environment and want to help. They are that's ideal characteristics of a person that we cannot in our industry. So instead of going, we're looking for people that can cried. Every single languages ever been invented and has every certification from every industry and has been developed for twenty years and what did security facility? And you know it instead should be looking at the hives. You can take things in every job you go to. It's going to be new systems that you've never used before. If you have the ability to transfer your knowledge to that. That is success, so there has been many studies where it's is that women are less likely to apply for a job with icon teak. Even if one box copied that went apply. my husband also will not if he feels he, he misses just one thing out of at least of eighty. He will not apply because you. Can't do that? So I think people, when when recruiting advancements written to think about that stuff of asking for ridiculous impossible things and stop thinking about the top of people they want to work. What kind of skills do they want to bring to the job? Do they want them to be at a Rodwell? Do they want them to speak well? Do they want them to be able to understand information? What is it they want from the person. The the other knowledge will come, but they need to actually get the right people for the jobs and a need to ask them for transferable skills, not expect them to have every certification and degrees and things like that. Yeah, I'm wondering you know. There was research done by security in depth. Recently in Australia. Am I think they had eighteen hundred respondents. An of those sixty three percent had no dedicated cyber-security AB specialists on staff, and so I'm wondering if when they do finally, get that budget to go highest on what? The their cyber security. They've got better over the line. They just asking for everything because they've literally got one headcount. Wondering that could be driving it. They could do I. Guess Beta a lack of understanding from an HR. Aw, sort of perspective as to what a security professional needs to have a, but also we've knife. You think this is still happening that we're also a cybersecurity professionals writing job descriptions in our own image. Listening skills wing have in the says we have. Do you think that's still happening I? Do I do still happening absolutely? It's it's tightly. It's like a unconscious bias in a way, but I think that's happening. Instead of looking at what is the job? What does the job night? That they just cleaning themselves, so yes, I do think that's happening still. Yes, there's a few areas. To be worth thinking that spice. And I guess if if we look to the future Not, just in terms of recruiting in the skills that we need, but where do you see us in as far ahead as you care to to? Where do you see as the future what he thinks? Who will look like as an industry I, think that unless we self-employed without technology that that things will be further technologically driven. We having tonight of things, everything is interconnected. I wanted to play my switch console the other night and upgrade the console family and upgrade my game way because everything's maybe so fast so I think in the future that is going to be so many things driven by technology I mean. It's bad enough now when you go to check out in the. Cash Register isn't working. Because of whatever reason m people have trouble working at change because they saw reliant on technology. I think people are going to become even more reliant on technology is going to be more emphasis on crime driven by technology. And I think it's going to be by exciting and scary. World and D think we've passed the point of no return when it comes to. Disconnecting we often hear that as I am, I'm talking more specifically around. I have heard it said and I've got. On My my my dad doesn't use the Internet well, not on the Internet. ICON ICON experience any any bad stuff. which which I think. In hindsight you know. He also has to rely on my mom. Who is a internet? And then there was also the example of was listening to smashing security couple of weeks back in a chatroom dot. mcdonagh's covered a story about a runaway. He Tina's state in the US and they actually unplugged. In response to that ransomware is not going to be an option feature. I'm not sure because I think that everything is going to be so connected. That isn't something that can be done. A, my husband sometimes joins that. We're going to be come home. It's GonNa live in a cave, but everything is connected now. Everything is just. Think there is there will be a way that we can just plug yet and I guess then. How proficient aligns to that? And whether or not there is a skill shortage today. But when we look to the future, and what will need to be doing? Do. We should be focusing our efforts on enabling people outside of Cybersecurity to build security into their everyday lives in some way, or should we be focusing on? Bringing more professionals into the industry, yeah, I think because everything is digital. Everyone has to use it. I believe that we should be supporting. Everyone knows that two token to on my team this morning about my views on. We should be teaching kids from infancy about good Saba. Health Online Yusen not either sharing just as we do from infancy about how he crossed the Rhine and how we ate, and how he why? Hans because the future is going to be digital and we to. Ensure that we've enabled people in generations to come to US online and technology safely, so it's not just about focusing on a state in lump of people who are really into take, but it's facing on the whole generations to come, and how they can be supported using technology. Yeah and I think that's the only way we're going to be ready for that. That Future As well is just if if everybody has some knowledge. To be able to to make decisions about their online risk in what they do, and what they share what they don't shared have about their business securely there in yet. We're going to be busy enough the cyber. This. That's the minimum vice lime. We're GONNA need to. at fully interconnected future absolutely so I'm Mandy. Any other cool outs, you WANNA share with the cyber security community anything. We need to be doing more of anything. We need to do less off or what we she keep doing I think we should be collaborating more I know that there's issues with collaboration. Three could be legislation that stops. It will policies in businesses, but where we can share I believe we should one of the things I do in my twitter account for example is cybercrime information whether it's something that I think that we should be doing or whether I'm sharing it from someone else. a US mature account, a look for cybercrime awareness I believe we should be collaborating. Annoyed that my colleagues Everett also do a lot of that. They actually have public blog with. I talk about a security issue and how to people's to anyone can say that that have to be members. And, annoyed. That the government's doing with joint top security centers, they're encouraging more industry collaboration, but I think collaboration mates be done by localized level and further feather field because criminals collaborate. With families than waiting so if we ever want to get anywhere in this fought, we need to collaborate more. That's a great shout out Mandy and yeah. I couldn't agree more about that has been some great work done as you mentioned the JCS's an an as you mentioned the circle that does, but yet we definitely definitely need more bath. Monday seis at the chats already come to coming to an end, and how can people follow ye meant to twitter account. You pretty active on their. Had we find you on twitter? Yes, I'm in perspective on twitter. Easy to find. I'm. Louisa, who is her cell phones. And find me as one of followers. Love that. What about any other ways to get in touch? Do you want these people that you accepting teams from people you know or you have to accept unlinked in on happiest will accept. People have done a check on them have looked at my consoles to see what they are who they say are. Also if they come recommended from somebody else, so just demanded Jane on Lincoln with little flower next my name to Tron Stop bots contacted. Positive when I say that Co name in the. Site keep up the awesome way with that mandate. It's been an absolute joy CHESSINGTON Thank you so much for joining us in this obscurity security cafe, and hopefully once he published a book. We would love to get you back in and he more about that. Absolutely Louis will thanks for thanks for having me. It was great talking to you. Thanks bye-bye. Mandy Turner I had no idea the the amazing contribution that she has made to probation exactly. Yeah, and it's so great to see that she's been recognized I. think that's that's absolutely fantastic. I think it also raises a really important point in that we do have so many people volunteering our profession actually and beverly a any thoughts or anything. You wanted to say about that thing that certainly in my time in cybersecurity. Eighties Very Generous Profession people are incredibly generous with time they're in it to. They're in it to do good to help. People and helping people stay safe online and have a positive digital experience. Is what people are really trying to help. Get Society to do was also interested in a book, can you? Just unpack that a little bit for me. It's just crime. Say That cyber in front of it is. Can Be misleading in a way. I thought the bit about the history of cybercrime. The fact that it's been around for a lot longer than I expected was A. Really interesting point, and and beverly you and I have chatted about this. When we've talked about. A feature podcasts we'd like to do. Just in terms of the fact, that technology has always enabled crime, and we've had telephones for a long time and people who've used telephones to to scam people, and now we have so much more technology and so much more reach for those criminals. Not Going to say cybercriminals to utilize so yeah, fascinating subject, and we definitely need to unpack that in a feature podcast the flip side of course, is that as as we know with? Kane gambles discussion that the challenge with Cybercrime, catching them the digital footprint. Is Saimaa Hoddle, and unless we years both potent normal policing techniques. And digital footprint that is the challenge. Is that yet? It's absolutely the same crime and we shouldn't be glorifying it the reality is they much harder to catch and they much hotter to put away and retrieve your money, and all those sorts of things. That's all we've got time for today and thanks for listening and don't forget to give us your feedback. We have had lots of. Of Great suggestions from you about what you'd like on the past, and we're going to bring those to life for you, so please don't hesitate to give us suggestions because this is your show and it was will be thanks for listening to the Cybersecurity Cafe podcasts oil subscribed for future episodes, and for more information visit, slobby security cafe, dot, com Dodi, you and find us on twitter at. ACC cafe.

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Harvey, Imelda, and The Restoration Team

Your Why: A Chapelwood Podcast

39:46 min | 1 year ago

Harvey, Imelda, and The Restoration Team

"I should say weird. It'd be a sponsor later. Welcome to your podcast. Is Our third episode joining me today as semi co-host we didn't really do interview today German at high. You want to introduce yourself trevor. Sure my name is Trevor Burnett. I am the director of the the restoration team awesome. So Trevor. How should we be? I wish I could say good but I got into a little fender bender on my way here and last week you know. I've had better weeks but it's coming around telling Monday that's given to take you advocate. You bad married though I get married in a little over two weeks no little over a week and a half to Sarah Patillo Hassoun to be served by that but yeah yeah yeah. It is exciting so not I can give me down. I guess so there as well. We have a special episode today. Free we all we. It's a little different than the past. Says down almost format of an interview. It's more a considerate discussion than I wouldn't necessarily everywhere we're asking questions. It's about a specific person We Trevor has brought in. You WanNa introduce who you brought in so Carson Tucker who is the volunteer coordinator with the restoration team. He has been with us for about a year now and I some great insights into to service emissions and then Dave Luther. Dave Luther long-term trouble with member but a great volunteer great servant. It's a great conversation about about What we've been doing what we've been working on building for the last year and a half two years and and how things kind of look now as we move a new weathering events in Houston guiding ready. We're talking about the restoration teams. We're talking about Harvey we're talking about. melda were only less than two weeks time of this recording removed from talking about the response onto that and so I'm super savvy to hear more about that because I think a lot of people even in Houston that are directly affected by these storms. I don't realize all that's going on and I'm hoping that whenever you listen to this that you will be able to get a little bit more of an insight. It's hard in sure time that happening but you can understand a little bit more actually. Yeah hopefully we kinda shut. Shed got a little bit of light onto it. I've been talking about it non stop but that doesn't mean people have been hearing me. I was excited to do this recording and I'm glad that really opportunities. Yes we so we're GONNA go ahead and jump into that discussion interview. Whatever you WANNA call it so yeah join we are here now with everyone and we're gonna be talking about Harvey Imelda Restoration team? Everything in between but yeah. Why don't y'all introduce yourselves for everyone? Everybody my name is Carson Tucker the volunteer coordinator with the restoration team. I've been at this for about a year here in Houston Working with the team and excited to see where it takes us. And I'm Dave Luther Ama- Chapel member and I've been ain't chapel with for over twenty years and a lot of my experience has been in mission trips overseas and then I got involved in the Harvey recovering and I got me hooked away with that now. That is awesome. I think for the viewer or listener. That maybe he doesn't know what the restoration team is what it does and how it operates. That's something we love to dive into two on this podcast. Is You know we wanted the why of the organization. I'd love to hear that from y'all in you know what that what that means to you. All shirt so the restoration team was founded not quite two years ago but pretty close I currently serving as the director when when I first came on board To Chapel would I was hired as a BIS project manager Harvey Relief which nobody knew exactly what that meant and I don't think I knew really what that men But I've had this desire in me to have an organization be a part of an organization or create orgnization that is dedicated to serving people that are on the verge of losing their home or in some sort of need of home repair from a ministry perspective in the way that the local church coach or even outside churches can come in and serve those communities and I hadn't found a group like that specifically from a faith based organization in Houston Really a a lot of areas The organization we worked with I worked for and college. APPALACHIA service project does. Does that was rural home repair and and helps people but from an urban standpoint from a Houston perspective and there's a couple of organizations out there so the restoration team is the reason we came up with that name two years ago as soon. We're sitting around the table with people from Chapel. Would people from Saint Luke's United Methodist Saint Paul's Methodist Methodist and Westbury United Methodist and we didn't think it was right to specifically either continually use for those names because that's a mouthful or to pick one one church in particular because we kinda were pulling our resources and and all supporting this this longer term effort as we are moving into long term recovery or mid term recovery at that point and so One of us believe it was denise. It was Denise Snyder I think who came up with the name. The restoration team who at the time was with Saint Luke's you see. And then we kinda came together and said yeah that sounds like a great name when we did some quick ogling and realized the only other organization or entity by that name has some weird. I shouldn't say weird It'd be a sponsor the answer later. It's a doctor who fan club. I don't know I don't know I'm not a doctor who fan. We'd love Ivanka anyway. So we chose that name and then over the next few months and now since then we moved into into filing with the with the state and the government to become a nonprofit five zero one three organization which is currently pending but uh-huh by the IRS but Our goal is to be to be able to respond to engage churches and responding to natural disasters in Houston and the surrounding area. I think that's our mission. I think that's our mission statement But we're really really about connecting the local churches with long term recovery efforts Harvey is going to be our main focus for a long time time. But we've already seen that. There are other events that we will have to respond to part of that plan. We're not just a disaster response response organization right. Now let's see what we're funded for by our granddaughter's folk were seeking additional funding from viewers. Like you and and To to support us in and and not just a disaster repair but there are hundreds of families in this city. weren't affected by Harvey but are on the verge of losing their home or having a home that is not safe to live in. And that's what we're focused on is finding those those members of our community That need just just a little bit of assistance whether their elderly disabled Our young families or I just don't know who to reach out to a need assistance to get their home into a livable safe condition. But they can then move from there to to improve their lives. One one of the other things restoration team does quite well We found this out with Harvey when we first started out was there was no preemptive Review Review of a lot of the people that were having claims and problems so we just first come first serve and we're finding that a lot of them probably didn't fit the niche that we were trying to work in what restorations in now work with quite a bit as they pre interview a lot of the people that are needing Ed help and qualified in also rank it in allows us. Volunteers be able feel like where we're going is the right place that we need to spend our talent effort although the things volunteer that it's done for me it's given me vessel vehicle by which I can volunteer my time. My efforts mitalent to bring it to somebody and stayed. Put me to work. Where do you think I best sit? And it's a very well coordinated organization that allows you to that talent talent and shirt and not only shared but teaching. That's the other thing with the restoration. Group is not only we volunteered working. But we've got volunteers. Ears are coming from others. That have no idea what to do. How do I swing a hammer? What do I do with a rich? Where's Nelga what do I do with that? We've got people people. Now that are teaching others how to use the equipment how to use it safely improperly and that's been a big influence on the lot the volunteers that have never picked Pam. It's important to know that you know everyone did something for the first time at one point and so you you know you can have a volunteer. Come in and say you know I. I don't know how to use a circus. Are What have you so while at someone else do it Well you know what maybe this is your color you know everyone. Everyone is good for something In whether that is coming out and learning learning some skills whether it's coming out in Lebanon the family We can use you and so when you say you know. What is the restoration team? Will you are the restoration team Like a sound bite. But we're happy to use any kind of volunteers like Dave said you know we've got folks coming in from all over the country which is really wonderful Here in to be a part of and you know we have a ton of hosts Yusen. Houston it'll come and welcome open arms and give them some hostility in teaching them. How to bilby skills relate to people I'd love for each one you ought to share about what God has brought you to this? What that journey is looked like? Maybe what the pro-lifers offers look like for people to realize how you felt called. Come and serve in this way so once it starts off on that my I got hooked. Many many years back I realized there was a portion in my life where I just felt like I needed to do something more to help. But they didn't have the vessel by which I do it and what happened was that Friend invited me to a mission of repair area that we were getting into and I started doing repairs and one of the things that struck me. As was the way people responded to you and have good. You fell about giving back even though I I didn't think I had the skills at the time. Where the equipment to do it The missionary the volunteer work that we do here provide the light of that and that had inspired me. I started off. I'd say we're a lot of people do in high school mission trips I can think shot at Spring Valley and Methodist in Dallas Texas. For taking a sign that we would go up in the mountains of APPALACHIA and every summer. You're to volunteer at the edge service project. I'm doing a home repair ministry mission trips up there decided I really liked that avenue and that serving element and so I went to work with them For a summer job during college and then after school I went on to work with them fulltime for their year round program Coordinaton volunteer home repair up there. After that year in West Virginia and I went over to another year in Kentucky serving the Americorps with with an organization called the Housing Development Alliance wall out there. That's where I met Mr Barnett. Our fearless leader. He was volunteering while I was working out there and I met him there mm-hmm we got to talk in. You know we're both from Texas Both like this kind of work. He went back. He went back home to Houston. Houston once Harvey happened to start this. I spent another year at in Kentucky. And then after my time in there and give them a call and said hey trevor. I see you're doing this in Houston I in is probably a lot of work to be done D need help and right after that. Kind of God's diamond was pretty perfect with that because he was awarded a grant from the Red Cross to hire staff under him So you know God's providence right there of when and that happened in where you know. My gifts could be used at the same time that this happened into back. Home in Texas axis was was perfect Like like Carson. I got started with missions at a young age in high school and realized that that was a very tangible way to practice faith and and Kinda put our faith into a practical real manner manner of of actually serving others and being committed to to helping other people so having having experience of about ten years and youth ministry prior to Harvey Experience on on mission trips leading missions and I and knowing that there are churches that want to be involved in what to do stuff. They just don't have the time of the resources to be able to to manage it so so Harvey presented itself in in a very unique fashion and It's worked out to where we're able to provide opportunities for service to the community. That's that's desperately need. The the interesting thing was also with you mentioned having the experience in the background As a member of Kappa one of the challenges we have a lot of us. Don't know we have talents until we get put in a position where we we can practice so The biggest challenge we have is trying to get members to come out and volunteer. And they're afraid they don't have the resources with the power of the knowledge or experience be able to get into it. And that's one of the things that Trevor Carson Carson. You do the same thing you entice people by giving them the skills and talents they quit. Mitha go out practice fate. Exactly just like David saying you know. So we're all figuring this out together and a lot of us didn't really know we had the capability to do it. Houston wasn't expecting a harvey at least not to this magnitude and so once it happened. You know we're all just kind of look at each other and saying what can we do. What do you know how do you do this And so we got a lot of people you know putting their heads together. We got a lot of smart people and a lot of good people figuring things out different organizations and so you you know. There's a lot to go but it's really been. It's been pretty cool to see city. Just come come together like that and use each other's towns. I think the really cool thing about all this is the call to action that Harvey Harvey brought. It was something that demanded a response and weather. That response was doing nothing or doing something that like Houston had to respond spots some way and even for people that weren't in Houston called them to come down in ways and bad and I think it's cool hearing hearing you know just a little bit here and there wasn't like this was a new thought especially for you trevor and Carson. This is now what you're doing as a job job working got prepared path before you whether you've seen it or not a new one it was leading to at the moment. God was going on mission trips. Giving you you those experiences that would equip you for whenever this happened. which I think's a cool thing for people that don't realize that the experiences of what they're going join through in the moment might not? They might not understand why they're doing them or they might not see. The DOTS are connecting. Because we don't know down by what has yeah. Yeah that's one of the great things. It took me a while. I was about a year into being here. Chapel would being on staff uh and working on Harvey Stuff At least six months into it realizing that the last ten years of my life had been kind of guiding me and preparing four. This opportunity in ways that I didn't understand or didn't know And the same too is true with chapel. Would last actually in this room. It was to shoot a video of Joseph Clam and Stephen Simmons to talk about how The summit experience with the troubled students group has led up to an and was able to prepare chop wood to respond to harvey away that they that was Kinda unique. The restoration team has about nine other church partners owners currently and we're looking for more But CHAPA would really came out swinging the hardest because summit had already developed that structure for a way to respond to Harvey Very quickly from a manpower perspective from experienced volunteer allante perspective and from having tools and resources the physical resources available to let it made me a little bit as when Harvey hit There's a variety of different entities. And he's within chapel with that all volunteer that serve different functions. You Got Different mission teams. You got the summit and so forth when Harvey hit it was amazing in how well everybody just came together. Say We know we need to do something how we do it. We didn't know exactly how to do it. So we were learning on that first. Couple of month's Haldar structures house had to bring the resources together find out what was needed but the desire from the people that church was there it it was a passion to go out now and that's continually impressed me. I wasn't here present at trouble. Would when when Harvey ahead and and in that first month of response I I wasn't a part of that but I I knew and learned quickly. Just how all how well and how that surge of of desire to serve and really be the hands and feet of Christ and and let talk about Holy Spirit Shining and empower people. It was really impressive and really great. The other thing that happened is that there was a variety of different different needs. It wasn't necessarily being physically there and having a mock outhouse or rescue a person it was people that were bringing items in there was people. There were volunteer bringing food and sandwiches. So when you look at it was told Church that was reacting to harvey in some way some Fashion Chan. Somebody was always volunteering and helping. That was the nice thing to see but the hardest problem was that was the first month or two then as time lagged on that that passion sort of dissipated because people kept on thinking. Well Harvey's gone no was still around and we were just going through the cleanup up phase and then all of a sudden there was a rebuild phase relocation phases so for so interesting point of whenever you talk about Harvey and a automatically think to the construction efforts rebuilding houses all that. But there's so much more that goes into than that and there are so many more more gifts and talents that are needed and different types of people that just the people who go out and say okay. We can muck out this house. There are people who are needed that Kim donate money money because if we don't have money we can't really do you know when you people donate supplies when people who can come and just be a friend who listening to these people who are going through our time and I think that's such a cool component of all. This is that I think you really get to see the body of Christ at work in moments like this because it's not it's not you just need this type of person. We need a variety of people to respond to events like this. Yeah we have a lot of great experts Breath in this community in the chapel community which is Great And they came out strong And since since then things have waned trained in there there is still a great need the two year anniversary and his most recent flooding I think was a big indicator of how much pain there still is is in the community when you when you talk to people you know there is that that level of PTSD to a sense and people don't know how to talk about that. I think that's one of the big things that that we kinda Miss And some from a restoration team perspective you know for the last year. I've been trying to figure out how to how to tap into that into that that spiritual and mental health care piece so that we can assist families that are that are suffering there may be back in their homes homes but every time it floods they worry is is. Is it going to come in from the back door again. Is it going to come up from the floorboards of instill families that that aren't art repaired yet. Because they didn't know where to go or they they didn't weren't able to to manage resources Efficiently and I think one of the big things that we miss in this community. You drive by a lot of houses and you think Oh. That House looks great the lawns taken care of and and the House House looks cleaned from the outside. But inside there's still a lot of bear studs We did a kind of a drive by an evaluation of homes About two months ago uh-huh and and I've been canvassing homes over the last six months And there are still dozens of families up and down memorial drive that are displaced on the home. Not for sale the homes not but it's not livable and it's not functioning as a home. There's a lot of families that Still need need assistance. Don't know either don't know we exist or they haven't been able to reach out to. I think that was one thing that surprised me. Here is two years after Harvey and you'd sent me over to a home to start work on realizing she was an elderly person. That's over seventy five. This is sir only piece of property. This is the only value she really add and she'd been living with friends. Neighbors Families for all this time and she's still not get into her home and that's that's the thing that sometimes we forget. People are still being outplayed and still trying to get back into the original homes. So now we're GONNA move into this last We're we're going to talk about MELDA. Were what we can out from melted happening and Obviously that along with it and also just talking talking about we're two years out harvey and there's a lot. There's a watch me doesn't I was up in York summer of Twenty eight not a post Hurricane Sandy. Six years after seeing that blew my mind that were six years Athens hurricane. It still didn't work either so people that are in their house yet There will you drive down the street in their houses. I is their new city codes. Were on your house jacked up a certain amount of feet Bhuvaneswari rat usually run API. There were houses that were jacked up and The floating in air. We just need money. And that's we're Ashworth was and so that blew my mind to give me a real eye opening. That comes to natural disasters like this that just because you're not hearing about it in the news anymore or guests faded from memory of the rest of the nation doesn't mean that there isn't a lot of at work still be a lot of people still needing help so your thoughts on that. That's a big topic. Yeah yeah well. So when when Harvey hit an after that assessment I mean we had over two hundred thousand family housing units single family housing units affected by the flooding in Harris County And we've come a long way since then I think a displaced over a million people in the twenty three or however many county area was And so that's what we've been working on since red is helping parse down and find the people that are still in need of this is they're still hundreds of families On on our roles that are that are in his case management that are in need of of assistance. We are our goals for the next twelve months Yes through October of of next year I believe as of twenty twenty is to work on another hundred twenty homes for that that timeframe and we only have funding for about half of that so trying to trying to cruise that Imelda Kind of like what we talked about earlier. Imelda showed us how far we have yet to go before. We're really ready for another storm. Part of what. The restoration team also focuses on is that preparedness factor helping our congregations. Our Church family members. be prepared to respond Ambi prepared on an individual basis for that next flood We saw aw here locally dozens of families up in Spring Branch Whose water whose whose homes had water from MELDA coming so we're talking just ten days ago By the time the series maybe a month Just getting two weeks and you know that caught US caught us off guard because all the all the meteorologists were saying by Wednesday. Oh it looks like the worst is gone and then Thursday as we know was was really that that just completely Torrential downpour where up in new CANEY It just you know an hour. North of us. solver forty inches of rain when you move to the east to Orange Beaumont Biter Winning got thirty eighty forty plus inches of rain. Again in those areas saw hills to fifty inches of rain during Harvey so The the initial reports that we've you've been seeing were reported late last week. About eighty percent of the people were impacted by Imelda Tesla eighty percent of them had flooded during Harvey and some people had been able to to rebuild their house and get flood insurance But a lot of people you know one of the families that we worked for this this past weekend she was set to be to move into her house for the first time in two years the the week after that Imelda choose supposed to move home and our home is torn apart again Because it's let it again yeah We've we've been getting daily. DATA UPDATES FROM IMELDA SURVEY DOT COM which is put together by Harvey Home Connect which is one. The long-term Relief Committee partners that that restoration teams part of the Harris County long-term Relief Committee Harvey home connect is is also a member of that and so they they're great about collecting data As of this morning At about eight am. I got the the report To date we have over eleven. Hundred Families That had water entered their home again because of available And so you know. We're no shortage of of families to assist but We have been a shortage of volunteers to send to assistant as families. Yes so and that's just in Harris County Harris County. Tony is the the best reporting But wasn't the heaviest impacted but we ever fifteen hundred families that have reported damage. What we know hardly anybody from Beaumont from fighter From Winnie have have reported in the because they had four or five feet of water in their home. So they're not they're not looking at their phones or the Internet They just know that they you know they were damaged. So a lot of damage was done again Even though we we didn't see it directly I know a lot of a lot of families. Lost vehicles Actually you lost your vehicle. Because of the moment it's a huge thing that we can't just gloss over over and not not respond. I think the other thing that respiration team it coordinates with a lot of other volunteer organization. So one of the things we've done in Harvey Irby was everybody showed up the same house then also yet forty fifty people working in one household right next door. Somebody else needed no so with a a common effort of all these other organizations we've been able to allocate what locations we go into so we split up a team so they are able to hit a lot more people in short period of time now In the in the world of you know disaster covering home repair in Houston Harris. Candy is good off of Organizations that all work together. We're all in the same meetings while learn from each other Sitting Senate each other volunteers in each other Projects to work on sharing resources sharing data sharing best practices. So just like you said so. You know we're we're all in this together and it's very exciting so as rundown the interview I was at the end to say you know give. VH1 of Y'all know meant to address audience in seminary lamb. You WanNa sleep fine if you do. Yeah you know what happened to be here So again like I said given the circumstances you know it's one of those things where I certainly do not expect to be in the in the position of what I'm doing Four years ago as an advertising major You know I say that I'm still advertising but just for a much bigger client Expecting to and you know I didn't expect to be up in West Virginia and Kentucky Shutout Britain West Virginia Hazard Kentucky in Turkey Doing affordable housing home repair And I certainly didn't expect to live in Houston being the Good Dallas for the hang on But I'm grateful that I'm here and I'm grateful for everyone that this helped me along the way and all the volunteers that we had seen interact with all the homeowners that Welcome us into their home. Because that's another thing you know. We are guests in their home and it takes a lot to Welcome in that and so very fortunate for everyone that we've gotten to interact with and I'm excited to see Where where this goes on with the restoration team as you develop start up with Lord asper? He's an ex. I guess if I want to leave a message it's to those. That are out that they have a passionate WANNA give. But don't know how to do. I would open your heart follow words leading and don't be afraid to go out and volunteer and do something never done before because have a lot of people that'll support you but you're gonNA find out that you're gonNA get so much in return for giving of yourself to help others. I didn't see myself myself in this role a few years ago. Been Houston for six years. I avoided it as long as I possibly could. God called me and I I couldn't figure out why and And and here we are so. I think there's a kind of like what they've said don't be afraid to do something just Our faith in the Lord pray about it. And but don't get stuck in the inaction get get up and do something about it and try so I well thank you all for coming on. It's been a really great talking really super example here. Great thank you all right. We're back man. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. It was just a conversation about this before on this podcast. But you've got to take that step of faith wherever God's call you And sometimes times that is you know. Starting from the ground up organization net is now being. I mean you novel number and the people like causses. Helen families work with now. We have impacted nearly or just over two hundred families That we've helped serve. I mean it's such a I mean incredible story of just how this has come to be what those stories from your story to Carson Story. Even Dave me here at the church and now had been so heavily involved with it like thank. You gives me excitement. Think about the future that you don't know where gots career you to what is in full through I in the name of this podcast is your why so why. Why do oh you do what we do? And and I think the three of us this week Each had different wise. That kind of brings us to the same conclusion I would imagine says way. There's a lot of the people that you you talked to through. This podcast is really comes back to that relationship with Christ and how we are able to serve Christ in so many different ways is an. He's uniquely prepared us for that. So you travel you want to talk about it at the end. Maybe how can people get more directly involved with this all that as with restoration team where the needs are right now and even talk a little bit about rebuild fast. Yeah so as we interact Tober. We're entering into a period of October rebuild vest but it's not just limited to October. We're extending it it just kind of a relaunch When we when we started this this idea of kind of a marketing and and and reengaging volunteers didn't know Imelda was going to happen? So that's kind of gave us so some natural runway but Trying to get the word out. Get people to understand that there's still so much need because of Harvey And now there's so much more need because of the Melda so you can go to the restoration team Dot Org O. R. G. You can visit us on facebook at the restoration. Deeming falls on Instagram at the restoration You can also find us at chapel dot org slash Harvey or trouble dot org slash Imelda both of those you can learn about how Charlwood has responded to each of those storms and how as a as kind of the founding founding partner of the restoration team We're able to continue those. Those efforts long-term with other partners at check those out Also check us out on our social media's Chapel of UNC serving. We have a local and global page on facebook. INSTAGRAM twitter We post every timely uploaded uploaded episode. We Post on there. Also be at e Mary in the H. R. I. N. G. AT CHAPEL DOT ORG An email tell me we'd love to hear what your thoughts on the podcasts. WAS YOU WANNA get involved. They to assist the future. Our Call to action this week comes from verse Carthy and Twelve Talk About the body of Christ and how we are you know. How can that head turn to the feet and say you were useless in the same way we as the body of Christ design? Hi and I think we hit on this a few times on this episode of your gifts your passions your up up calling in life. You're Y that is different. It's easy to you because we each play off each other and one is not more importantly portly other even though it might seem like it is you might look up and say the person the pastor on stations giving the sermon every week man. He is so much more important than me sitting in the Pew. It's not true it is so much more important than realize you're worth that. We all think worth of Christ. And that we we do what we're designed to be done and that come realize that comes from for the militia with Christ hopefully through listening to podcasts or hearing how that look further people. So you're calling nationalist BusinessWeek deepen that relationship to further understand who got as signs. You make sure to tune in next time you hear Betty and Taylor here on the podcast. We'll be talking about year round. Trevor be your thank you for having us all week but

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