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"yukon zurich" Discussed on Monocle 24: Midori House

Monocle 24: Midori House

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"yukon zurich" Discussed on Monocle 24: Midori House

"Good morning we're live in Zurich and you're listening to Monaco on Saturday coming up. Japan is warned that is not doing enough to halt the spread of cove nineteen. Meanwhile even the most conservative companies are rethinking ways to do business in a country that has been reluctant to embrace the idea of working from home. We'll hear from articles bureau chief in Tokyo. Fiona Wilson will also be in Hong Kong where bars and pubs have been ordered to close for two weeks. All that had plus a roundup of the day's papers it Saturday. The fourth of April live from due for ninety here in Zurich. This article on Saturday. Good morning we are live in Zurich. You're listening to Monaco on Saturday with me. Toddler lay and just a couple of things across our going to be going to Japan. We're going to be talking to are are few and a Wilson of being Hong Kong. Of course a little bit later As well it's the fears waking up right now. It's Saturday the fourth of April. We are live in Zurich and this is monocle on Saturday just before we move on with of course our our guests and a couple of other topics. Let's just look at what's happening around the world. China has observed a three minute silence to mourn the victims of the country's corona virus outbreak. The White House has been accused of sending mixed messages over weather at the. Us public should wear face masks. Police robot is patrolling the streets of the Tunisian capital Tunis to ensure that residents are observing the lockdown. We have a great lineup. Say we're going to be talking to Wilson to James Chambers in Hong Kong as well but I'm happy to say that Juliet Lindley is here Pity interesting start. Don't know what happened at control base back in London but anyway let your good morning very nice to see you. Good Morning. Good to see you again. Tyler how are you? I'm very well so since you were last year. Which was just six days ago. We've now got you in on a Saturday. Why we just talk about the week because I guess you must be somewhat happy that Easter holidays here. So you're you're out of what has been almost three weeks of four weeks of home schooling. Now it's two weeks two weeks of home schooling and yes. I have to admit it is a bit of a relief Yes don't need to open up all those Ipads and get the kids online and time for their online registration and all that but that said like so many parents around the world as Easter break approaches. Everybody is wondering well. What are we going to do with the kids? How much online yoga can you have them doing? In the living room How many sprints can you have them doing on the terrorists? If you're lucky enough to have a little garden maybe you can have them go out. Maybe even do an Easter egg hunt. Who knows the other that? Yeah so it's a bit of a bitter sweet moment With that though of course. There's there's been a lot of discussion In Switzerland we can't threatening noises but as we were saying the last hour There there's been certainly the federal council's with Minnesota. Okay anyway don't do what you want. But of course we're not going to prevent you and this is a time of year that normally around Easter time people had south. If you're if you're a new surname if you're in Zurich if you're in Basel people tend to head down to Chino Which of course is the Italian part of this country at an area which has been particularly hard hit. We've seen a lot of stories right now is saying that. Of course they haven't quite reached the peak. They think that probably the next four or five days is going to be very critical time. The last thing they need is then the north of Switzerland descending on on the region. What does that mean Juliet for people who are here in Zurich because I think that there is there is obviously a huge fear with good weather that That things might might unravel a little bit. That is indeed the fear. Isn't it tyler? We are seeing news that the interior ministry saying they're going to increase police presence To indeed avoid people from rushing down to the south to have their resort to end their middle winds in teaching and honestly. That's not on the Yukon Zurich. Is it a police presence and you never see police cars in the city? I've never seen the cops in Zurich spending. That's that's nice gray boxes and cameras which do at a very efficient job as we know yes so so interior minister ambassador is indeed urging people not to head south saying indeed to the peak hasn't been reached yet but we are seeing more people out and about the weather is great. I have to say ever. Since the Dan was announced mid-march it's never been Sunnier or warmer in the city. Has it so it's GONNA be tough to keep people in and as as you were saying there hasn't a clear demarcation of what exactly is locked down in terms of in relation to say Italy where you absolutely are not allowed to go up and so people sort of well? Can I just go for a walk on my own? Yes you can but if we all go for walks on our own and we all go down to the lake all of a sudden you're not just three people maximum five Do do we want to maybe start with The papers We can do this at a leisurely pace today. There's there's no great no great rush but where do you WANNA start? Let me start with the tacky targets on targets on tiger. Okay which again for our listeners. Who are not familiar with the with the target. The target is one of the newspapers of record in in Zurich and German speaking Switzerland. It is of course You know they're in line with with with the ends Ed Zad but one would say not as widely read beyond the borders Switzerland. It's much it's almost feels exericse paper in a way where the wash is like. Okay so what are what have you found well now. Of course they're headlining. This is double the emergency loans program to forty billion francs to stave off insolvencies. And I mean as we know in just one week companies here have taken out. Fourteen billion francs in state backed loans now. Finance Minister really matters saying that. Four hundred thousand small companies as struggling and most of those companies employ less than ten people and businesses. Just just as background. Businesses can borrow up to twenty million francs tyler at a lower interest and they have five years to repay their debt. But that said in the target. They're saying how the government blocks plan by Interior Minister Bissett to inject one hundred million francs into creating more. Kinder- clipper into more daycare centers. Because as we've talked about before on air and off air for working parents having your children at home online schooling coupled with everything else like cooking housework all of that is is is debilitating in a way a lot. Parents are really sort of demanding. That aren't they maybe they are. I mean I that I thought over the into the heart of the kindergartens. Wh when you walk around I mean compared to other and say well lightening compared to other cities around the world. It is quite interesting That that here there really seems to be already enough of a safe to. I know it might be going to territory here right now. Of course it's what's in. Everything costs a lot here. Prohibitive for a lot of of of let's say so. So you're you're upset that Mr Bell that he he blocked this hundred million set and another thing. That upsets me is on page. Twelve of the target of tiger. They're looking at the issue of alcoholism. And Are we drinking more under lockdown Apparently yes one is drinking. More under lockdown no bars no pubs but at home and perhaps one tends to drink even more when one is within the four walls of one's own home so anyway so they're looking at At numbers they said. They don't have statistics as yet of a spike in perhaps violence linked to alcohol. But that is what some are concerned about and perhaps expecting and then there's a little I wanted to do you think there's too much attention right now on. It's almost domestic. Violence is the only other mental health story that we're time on because you you see the World Health Organization talking about it and it sort of like other sort of parallel issue which of course it is serious but I don't think that enough of a light is being shown on many other aspects that are going on as well as health or mental health. It's like I don't I don't see a lot on that for example And even the the mental health of small business owners were everyone sort of concerned about domestic. Violence were Lotta people living in the same four walls for a long time. They can still. They can still go out so I I think we need to be expanding this beyond the notion of of course. There is violence in the household. You have a point. I mean Y I. I haven't seen any statistics but I'm expecting to see Numbers for let's say even suicide of of small business owners. I mean I think in Italy there have been some Some bad news coming out on that front so Yes domestic violence. Isn't the only thing out there. But it is an issue in your Locked up and locked down absolutely. Let's go back to the story though that they're running about this. The potential alcoholism. I was just going to wrap it up by saying that on the front on the front page. They have a little cartoon that you're delivering your daily deliveries arriving quite soon course. There is a boom in online retailers. That's for sure. No the cartoon just has a has a gentleman who's clearly a shop that selling alcohol and he's on the phone saying Yep all the movies gone more or less and then behind him. There is a pile of corona beers untouched. Right well you start. They're also stopping production of krona beer as well. We can do this and other day to get to the bottom of why. It's even called Corona virus. I never well well. Covert nineteen or why? It's not called Wuhan virus and many other things so I do I do I. Have you read that story? I don't I haven't seen that story the krona story. So maybe that's at the deep investigation that we that we need to look at on the topic units very good segue because tomorrow morning on Our Sunday program we have Chandra. Kurt here In the spirit of maybe having a drink at home. Chandra Kurt of course is a Swiss wine expert and she will be telling our listeners telling us What is tasted have around the table across Easter And certainly at ten o'clock on Sunday morning Which I think is also completely acceptable as this of course the global show. So it's it's after five o'clock somewhere in the world thought the world so that's GonNa be tomorrow morning from ten o'clock Zurich time here on Monocle twenty-four are we done with the with the papers sake. Yes but I would like to point out. I think we we touched on it..

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