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"yuki lozano" Discussed on ESPN FC

"Happy moment right here. Tricky luciano scoring against manner lawyer in school kirk. You were inside the steady. Ask me what i was doing. All right what were you doing. At the moment. I was trying to ignore sebastian. Salazar whose to my rights singing and chanting the game. I was trying to remind them where they're on work. Were enrolled like z. Leads what sevi- doing the chant trukey. louis des. The game itself was a strange game. It was it was good to see. It was a lot of fun but it wasn't so much fun for me being in the stands with all the mexican fans at not. Because you know it was a bad experience just because they all recognize us they all they all. They all knew who you were and it was beer flying. You being grabbed your being asked questions. You almost couldn't concentrate on the game. And the yuki lozano goal happens and it's pandemonium. There's no dome there's no roof on this but if there was it would have blown it off. What a moment. what a moment. We were there in that stadium together. I was going crazy. I mean the emotions of it right. You just didn't see mexico. Winning that game tuckey scores. And then the really for me. What is always the story with watching the mexican national team. Maybe this is just every fans experiences. The tension and mexico has been head against better teams at world cups a lot over the last twenty four twenty eight years including germany back in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and there was a sense throughout that game like is germany going to get the equaliser. Are they going to to kind of steal this moment away from mexico to mexico. Hold on in that moment. And at and at that point remember germany's the defending world cup champions they're loaded with thomson and so all of a sudden you go from mexico to get out of this group to literally. Is mexico gonna win this tournament. Is mexico going to get to the semi-finals like forget the partido. What can this team be capable of so it was. It's one of those rare wins that really just for a moment. It obviously didn't happen but changed what you believed. The trajectory of the national team could be. Now here's why and specially the world are very cruel. I remember joining you. Guys later in rostov and then for two matches against south korea and sweden and when when when i got russia i remember being all this hype because mexico be germany. Like seven said. This is the time this is the woke up keen to partido hugh we go and then mexico beat south korea and his yes is reaffirmation. This team is really good. Ed and then at brookeville saudi happened. Do you remember the fans chanting and does name also after two games and the moment was so bitter sweet after the game against sweden because we thought well now we have to face brazil in the round of sixteen and we all knew what was going to happen. Well we had to face brazil. We're in that stadium. As well for that sweden game and i have never felt a more somber in my life and any sporting event and then what happened happened. I mean it is what it is but definitely okay. Let me start with you here. This or that. Which win was more impressive. Natural versus mexico for.

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