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"yuka elway" Discussed on The Hull Show ? 1310 KFKA

"Facebook and more importantly. Thursday, night special. Oh coming back very excited. Very excited. I'm six and four. We're getting that record back. It's all back. It's going to be great, but tonight still more summer camp. He got the rockies taken on Texas again tonight six. Oh five mountain I don't know if that is. Don't believe it could be on at and T. Sports Net. It was on MLB network last night. The game on MLB network tonight will be Minnesota at Chicago tonight that we five five mountain tomorrow, though baseball begins the rocky start on Friday, but we will have several major league baseball. Games on a Thursday that we can get excited about start really breaking into so. I can't wait in fact I. Was Just two games tomorrow, but they're all on. ESPN so you got New, York and Washington and you got. You Got US in West, Game San Francisco and the dodgers. Thursday night eight o'clock. Nine baseball there Thursday night of baseball cannot wait. Finally here it's going to be. It was strange last night. It's going to be strange. You know watching these games, but I was laughing and Dan. The Dan Patrick show yesterday they took a poll and they said twenty to thirty percent of the people voting said that you know if there's not going to fans in the stands. They don't even want sports to start at all. So you'd rather zero sports then. You. See that's at all or nothing mentality that I'm so frustrated with. You know you can't have. You can't get to all if you don't start somewhere and you know we get were getting. Those guy you know goes people on our facebook page. Colfax keep commenting. No sports until the economy starts well. This is part of that. This is how you started back. This is how you start it. Yes, if we could all just say virus, go away everything back to normal. We would all take that. I think a lot of us are wanting that right most of us are, but we can't. So we're going to take it and how they adjust this thing you know. The NBA has got to do a bubble. Baseball's gotTa do no fans in the stands. Football they're not? They're not doing a preseason. NHL's some similar right as as NBA so we. Were at this point. Where if you WANNA get to all? You gotTa start having a little bit of it. You know and that's that's where we are, and that's part of that economy that you're talking about. All right that's going to do it for us. What Fun Show today? Thanks to mark Johnson, the voice of the Colorado Buffaloes Steve Fairchild the coach talk and drew lock with us, and Colfax is saying maybe trump Yuka elway. For drew lock. He at least has the path to get. It's got the path so if he fails then he's going to be breezy. Up say a plumber. It's a safe pick, and that's the whole against their most going forgettable quarterback, so it's crazy. We'll be back out on a Thursday good night northern Colorado. KF K..

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