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"yuba yeah chico" Discussed on Locations Unknown

"But it's north of Sacramento and directly west of the national forest. Thank you very much. No that's good information honestly because especially for people that aren't are in California for looking it up on a map you you can find a little bit easier so essentially because there are a lot of them live with their parents still their clothes have been laid out in the evening of the twenty fourth before they left for Chico so they're excited about getting back to this basketball game so right away. That's important formation no too because you always wonder. Is there an aspect of them purposefully not returning. They had a fun thing plan that they're gonNA do on the weekend. They went to basketball game before their own tournament weekend. They had their clothes laid out before they left. They played for it was is difficult. Vocational Rehabilitation Center is where they played basketball so that was their team gateway gators and the team Ted. We're had asked his mother to wash his new wight high top sneakers for the term insane. We got a big game Saturday. Don't you let me oversleep so they specifically. They're excited about this. You know it was a big basketball. We can for these guys. They're really early days. Before I phone alarms. I know right so when the Group failed to return Yuba city their families became concerned immediately and call the police lease so again. This is where if it's a bunch of adults that don't really have an issue there plywood raise too many alarms that they went to a college basketball game and didn't come back the next stay. I mean what are your thoughts immediately. If just a normal group of guys they probably went out drinking got a hotel and stayed the night but they were expected to be home home to start this this this tournament so immediately. The sheriff's department began searching for him so just a recap they went from Cuba to Chico for in college basketball game. They stopped at a convenience store on their way back. The game ended about ten so they would have got back probably around midnight you know if they're a little later twelve thirty one. AM and they had a very important basketball tournament. They're playing in over the weekend that they're supposed to be a part of Sheriff's department start searching so we're gonNA fast fast for the weren't anymore. UPDATES till Tuesday February twenty eighth. This is when a forest ranger found Jack Madrid's car abandoned so this is a forest stranger in the national forest. The vehicle was a turquoise and white nineteen sixty nine mercury MONTALTO. It was on an unpaved road near Oroville in the Rogers cow camp area past elk retreat at an elevation of four thousand five hundred feet so this is in the national forest I and it was located around a two and a half hour drive from Chico in the opposite direction of the route. They're supposed to drive home and way up in the mountains in the Plumas National Forest Mike. I know you looked at a map. I think Chico's north correct north of Yuba Yeah Chico's north a little a bit north. I'd say north and slightly West took so I mean they even city they had it's in the freeway. There is a straight south drive. Yeah that would went so they went even farther north twice the distance essentially in the wrong direction up in the mountains and then abandoned in their car was abandoned. It's pretty incredible like they drove twice a distance in the wrong direction so the Plumas National Force against one point five million Acre acre national forest we talked about that. It's unique the locations you because if you look at you on the map it is south of Chico both on the same highway anyway so again. It's extremely easy to get back and forth. It's basically you get on the highway and go all the way and you get off the city so getting back on the highway to head south it'd be it'd make more sense if they got lost somewhere on the way south because the highway doesn't continue the way they went during the investigation. The police did not find anything that would make someone think foul play occurred so the car was unlocked. One Window is down in the keys. Were missing the candy rappers from the things they bought the milk. Cartons and basketball programs were in the car and maps were left in the glove compartment. They did have maps and the directions to get to and from their destination and where they wanted to go home so there's no obvious damage to the car which was a big deal because they said the road they they were on was super bumpy in unmade so basically it was a road that you should be driving in a four wheel or four wheel drive vehicle on like taping type of thing so they must have been driving slow or something because they would have expected there to be damage on the car that was noted in the police report so obviously the road was bad enough that they were surprised at this Mercury Taegu made it as far as it did with no bumps anything essentially they had a quarter tank of gas and they were not stuck in the snow. Basically what confused investigators is that the driver either use astonishingly honestly amount of care precision our new the road well enough to anticipate every single rut. It's pretty incredible and then they had gas they weren't stuck so they're high up enough and there was some snow avail on the ground. They essentially abandoned fully functional car is what they're really looking AETNA and that's kind of what confused them. It's like you have this car of guys there either lost or something and they left a car that had gas that wasn't stuck that wasn't damaged yeah so very very very confusing to investigators working on this so now we have a big gap. Were basically a search churches occurring. They didn't have any updates so from February twenty eighth to March third. We're going to be talking about Rangers. Search the area for five days found on no trace of the men to make things worse soon after the search started a severe blizzard moved into the area and they got nine inches of snow that dropped in the upper mountain so this is an obviously hinder any of the search efforts that they had the search teams had so many issues that they stated that they nearly lost men themselves two days later they had these things called snow cats that were having issues these like the boxy vehicles with tank tracks for snow and I'm trying to think of the do you remember the movie Goldeneye. Can I the James Bond movie I do. It's it's do you remember those things that they had when they earn like Siberia Yup. That's what they're talking about so they had these snow cats. He's things things that could basically navigate all so they're really bringing out some of the right equipment and they they knew the area well enough that they're gonNA get a decent search and even though they had the blizzard going on so as the news the disappearance spread Joseph Scans contacted the police say he had seen the men between eleven pm am and twelve pm on that Friday so we now also have a guy that saw the news comments said you know hey I actually saw these guys from eleven to noon news that would also fall in line with the timeframe of the drive somewhat after they left that that shop so they saw them eleven pm to twelve. Am Yeah Yeah I did say five PM. I meant okay but he saw them in that window and he estimated that time 'cause we're talking. It's it's a week or two later when he calls after he sees the news so he was driving up gravel road to his cabin when his car became stuck in the snow and unfortunately while trying trying to push his car out he suffered a heart attack so this is this is where this is where the and this is why. I don't want to say like the story but this is what really got me see for this story so the Rub for this is there are two different versions of the story both of which are weird and somewhat creepy alright it version one and they come from this guy who suffered a heart attack and did he die from a heart attack. He did not die from the heart attack and so this yes I guess yeah he told the story he told the story but still it's. It's this is going to blow your mind cause. I know you didn't read this yet. In one version while Joe I was laying in his car suffering from his apparent heart attack he saw two sets of headlights coming up behind him was a car and the other was a pickup truck he he got out of his car to flag them down obviously because he's having medical issues. The two vehicles both stopped what he said about twenty feet from him. The passengers passengers got out then left together in one car. Joe Spent the rest of the night in his car before walking back down the mountain in the morning so oh this so okay. Let's recap version one Joe Johns having a heart attack now remember Joe Johns. Is this guy who contacted police saying he saw the group so he's not part of the moon. I'm going to try and keep recapping as much as possible because there's a lot of actors in this story Joe Get stuck on this road again. This is the road where the this group of five that are developmentally disabled drove up with no issue. This guy has a cabin here and had issues driving up this road. He got stuck in the snow. He he was trying to push his car out of being stuck. When he suffered heart attack? He's laying in his car having a heart attack apparently when he sees headlights come up thinking thinking he's got some sort of salvation. He's going to get help. He flags them down. Both cars. Stop the people exit the cars all enter into one car just simply drive away which means they left the pickup truck there apparently then this guy who's having a heart attack spent the night having his heart attack in his car car in walked out to get help and survived so that's version.

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