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"young ladyman" Discussed on Over the Shoulder

"With installation music the boards. You see what i'm saying. Oh man it's another week another day another dollar the dollar and we got another fastest woman on the planet. Kara security schick. Gary richardson pointing at the at the time clock. Washy running looking square like photo. Joe on t. sales right right warns air. Love said pave ducks as short. That's the thing to like. I was watching. I was watching the watching some of the recap situation. you know. they don't watch track all the time. Shit angle not at all some washington recap and i'm listening to the announced talk about it and they're saying oh she she's never going to win coming out the gate because he's just little lacey short. He's five one everybody's got these long lazy situation But they say what makes her great. Is that somewhere around. The sixty meter mark on one hundred meters is his switches. Everybody guide and that's that's that's what is the lowest grabbing and right. Just juke matt. Would you say the runningback running back pain relief. Because i think her mom pass away literally last week or the week and fly a logical. Mother passed away man. Raise what else you guys like. Isiah thomas when his his when his sister passed like you ballin from a whole 'nother place. That's real oh that's true though people like fifty of them. Yeah he did. Try is eight thomas. Not not zeke non zealand. How's ignasi chauffeur show. What else you know about young ladyman. Once he wants to raise his stance grandmothers earn a gremlin of a very strong relationship like figuring life grandmother to be Crc was amazing. And you know everybody's hosting about rights that we saw clint. I guess my documentary or some sort of video sort of her mentality. where so many people doubted her role. Like what for people like your parents can teach. You didn't think he would be sitting out saw but she said every step away got lsu. Everybody was like nah your freshman going to take a minute for you to get here. This guy third seems like that. Like mister that lord subjectively impart. That will put that on these right. You know what i'm saying. So it's the fact that he has that with everything he does not. He's bound from greatness because she's not just listening to people are number setting for her sister her own levels that's right not respect for those most definitely as she's pointing at the clock and that and that now infamous shot at this point. What she said is that she is yelling. Stop fucking player with me. Stop playing with me. I got i got we talking about it. I got yeah me too me. Too bumps bro man. Playing it would be like she was mad at the track bro. Amanda detractors matt my competitors mad at all you let me just want everybody got this fighting against the same birthday club and amy bercy. Lock my soap. The wash documentary this a whole different animal right here. She's another piece but the same animal at the same time right. I right back. Kobe marketing and we just cheer excess. When it comes to olympia is loving. Simone biles course small manual to some old mayo like stanford stanford girl black flags right you talking about north carolina tracking others made into the olympics man saudi rio bags as earrings pool. May forget what her name is but that was amazing to. That's right that's right. We got a lot of black davor now. Light skinned dude. I can't remember his name. But i saw him on instagram. This morning. olympia k. D's joining the basketball team. Okay year. katie opted kate. I'm chris paul booker to be. Why deano because almost saying. I really like for the sons to at least pull ups clippers restraining. I don't wanna see the copa sixteen time. Tyrod lubo lines right. I do fuck with tyronn. Lue personally tooth laker. But you know what i'm saying. Form visit to air with jordan richard hamilton. That backward sells through that we got three. Three brothers turn coaches in semi semifinals in an nba championship. Disapora blacklist era addictiveness wants the plot. But and i forgot what out. Knocking mcmillan from orlando monty williams. Monte you can meet so. Don't think you're going to have that very good very good very good. We're very excited about blackness. You know what is is the olympics like the most patriotic time for black folks. I would say yes. Assess because of our physical and sports dominance like won't win when it's olympic time and like one of our people is doing their thing like you think about it. Like what is it. The ninety six olympics when michael johnson a gold chain. That's right in back. Like the both to dream team's i'm trying to think of who else Carl lewis back in the day. Dominique dawes will shortly. That was cheating. Marian jones doug jones was out yet. Oh oh joe joe out you. Just can't jesse owens saying you beat the stereotypes in germany. You feel nightline started right. That's right Tommy smith boys right. Tommy smith carlos carlos luis smith carlos smith. There you go there. You go black olympics out here man. Maybe we right. Maybe maybe the olympics is the most patriotic time to black person because they just seeing that like like said like seeing that. Excellence on display so beautiful thing because we every day we go through these obstacles or have these different trials and tribulations just to see other. Black people flourishing. It just does something inside speaking of Witnessing black excellence we want to welcome to the over. The shoulder podcasts. This is your chance to draw. On through professional creatives as we discussed the sources happenings. And inspirations from the industry from film to production to buzek to coach join us each week as we push the envelope on. The possibilities of the creative industries are hosts for this week. Of course jemaine man. You may may twenty grand right here. Should be moran was up. And then you gotta tom-tom ak.

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