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Yosemite Welcomes Back Visitors After Coronavirus Closure

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02:16 min | 2 years ago

Yosemite Welcomes Back Visitors After Coronavirus Closure

"Joe Seventy National Park has been closed for nearly three months because of stay at home orders but today the park is reopening in a limited way Cap Radios Ezra. David Romero reports that the closure has had a huge effect on nearby businesses. On the way into Yosemite National Park from Fresno sits the Yosemite Sugar Pine Mountain Railroad, which shut down with the rest of California in March Scott. mcghee runs the operation. We lost every single tour group and school group that we had coming up here. Yosemite is opening with a lot of restrictions. Only about half of the average June visitors are allowed in, and they must make online reservation for each car in advance, Jamie Richards Yosemite spokesperson. We're going to be monitoring condition daily. We're GONNA make adjustments as needed and we're going to work to maintain safe conditions for visitors. Only two campgrounds are open in the larger one. One is operating at just fifty percent of capacity. Other campsites are closed due to staffing Richard says she's interested in seeing how the animals in the park respond again the people we've seen a lot of bears out in active we will see when the park reopens. How the animals continue to reopen adapt to visitors coming back last year, visitors spent more than one point seven billion dollars in the four California counties that surround the Park Brooke. Smith with visit Yosemite Madera. County says that could drop by as much as half this year between fires in government shutdowns. This is definitely the longest we've ever gone with you Ashleigh. Up when she first heard, the park was opening Amy George and her husband Kyle Mon- Holland from Davis. California rushed to book a few day passes. I was drinking coffee I'm like I'm just GonNa. See and says I go. July twenty second has day passes Great. That's our twentieth anniversary. The pair of teachers spent their honeymoon in Yosemite. George has visited the park since childhood and the reservation system has long term effects. Maybe this'll lessen the impact that humans have had on the environment on Yosemite. George hopes unlimited spaces. Don't discourage people from trying to make it to the park. She wants everyone to enjoy Yosemite like she always has for NPR. News I'm as David Romero in

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